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CoF Thread, old one saged and disappeared.

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She reminds me of cardigan-chan

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This kills my wishes for those shoes

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Yeah I almost thought it was her too before I expanded the photo.

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cut those nappy baaaangs

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it was ok until the giant cheap dollar store flowers

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This scepter shit needs to end. Like before it even started. It cheapens the coord. It's nice just throw away the scepter. You are not a queen.

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those gloves look so out of place to me.

and the dress just fits like shit. actually, i hate everything about this.

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This bellossom gijinka has really weird color choices.

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I wana fuck her in front of her mother. As her mother watches and is impressed by how I am fucking her she will become seducded too. So next thing you know I'm fucking bitches with their mom, their mom doing all the dirty stuff like licking both our asses making us bagels etc. Also I love pissing into a mothers face while her daughter eats her cunt.

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>their mom doing all the dirty stuff like licking both our asses making us bagels etc

All at once?!

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I feel to see whats unclear. I want to fuck her in front of her mother thus turning us all into an incestous three way relationship. The mother will make us bagels, lick the assholes, eat the shit, but she will become a treasured part of the relationship, Any real man knows that fucking a woman in front of her mother is the way to create a better stronger relationship.

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I literally blame Baby. They started it.

>> No.8454149

Ah sorry I get it now

>> No.8454150

It really only strengthens the relationship if her father is ramming his cock up your ass at the same time. You need to balance.

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The dress is very well made. But that print though! What a horrible idea for a lolita dress.

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Is it bad that I thought the JSK was one of Meta's more out there prints before clicking into the thumbnail? Though to be honest I wouldn't be surprised if they did pull shit like this.

It's sad too because it would've looked so nice in a solid black with a bit of border lace.

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I will try this as feeling all the members of a family at once should only bring me closer to Jesus. The things that with brothers I usally dress up as a woman try and seduce them after I get them very drunk.I try and make sure the sister is watching as this does happen and the mother is of course nearby prepping me up a bagel. A bagel speaks wonders as my cross dressed ass gets pounded out and I become a family member and the favorite son all at once. The only thing is that I can only be with families sexually.

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That and does she really need 4 of those bows down the middle? They're not even the right shade of green.

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Ugh if you are 3x bigger than the person next to you...maybe don't post that pic? Her coord is okay I guess. Dress looks stretched to the max though and wig bangs need to be cut.

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Nah Dramatic Rose came with those. Not to say they're not a bad decision, but this one's not on her.

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>uncut wig bangs
>3 fucking star clips
>those ugly frames
I feel so bad for Kimura. And that Meta dress.

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She looks so much better here. Glad she finally saw reason and got a dress altered instead of shoving herself into it.

>> No.8454260

Really? Pardon me then.

Wtf, designer?

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There's a reason why this print didn't sell even at 70% off during the winter sale.

>> No.8454274

Nah those seams are still fucking screaming. I don't know how that dress zips...

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She really needs to rethink...basically everything. That wig is crap, she needs to find a dress that fits, WEAR SOME GOD DAMN MAKEUP FUCKING HELL, and yeah, don't post pictures like that.

>fuck you and your closet full of brand you don't deserve it

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How does she think those shoes go with that dress/coord at all? Bag too, honestly. Everything else is cute though.


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There's nothing wrong with scepters. But only plebs make theirs.

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Yeah I agree first thing I noticed off about it was the gloves. and those fucking face stickers.

>> No.8454405

It looks like she has a pair of panties on her head

>> No.8454423

holy shit now that you mention it

>> No.8454430

At least her boobs are in the bodice this time, though.

>> No.8454432

>fuck you and your closet full of brand you don't deserve it

I agree that she looks a hot mess but comments like these make you look like a bitter poorfag anon

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I like how she ripped off Batty's coord almost completely

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I can't fucking stand the way she's posing

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>gothic coord
>diamond tights
>coffin purse
Yeah obvious ripoff, no one else ever does this

>> No.8454474

Shoes and bag look fine. What are you even going on about?

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This! I think the home-made scepters look so cheap and bad. It's like carrying a stuffed animal 'because Usakumya is a stuffie'.

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I actually really like this one but the pose is really weird, especially how she's holding the bag.

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>same gold/black socks
>very similar blouse, especially in the sleeves
>same dress/colorway as Batty
>same stupid pose Batty always does

I don't even like Batty but that's bullshit

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The whole quilting wall at Joann's and this is what she pulls out? What ever happened to a nice goddamn floral pastel? Now really...

>> No.8454503

Barely. This just looks...bad.

>> No.8454508

Looking that bad in brand is its own punishment, Anon, don't cry. Brand itas are the worst itas.

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Be still my beating heart

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this dude needs to get blouses that actually fit him.

>> No.8454532

This doesn't look like a ripoff at all, anon. What did you want her to do? Buy a different colorway, pick less fitting colors for the socks, go with a H&M blouse? And the pose it not all that close aside from a raised arm holding something. Also I like how you left out the much more glaring differences.

>> No.8454537

I think I remember seeing him posting in either one of the ouji or coord help threads. Glad to see he listened to their advice.

>TFW no qt3.14 well groomed aristo boyfriendo

>> No.8454545


Sometimes I look at fabric like that and think "haha wouldn't it be funny to make a dress out of this" but then I realize that the cheap laughs will never be worth the cost of the fabric or the effort that goes into actually making a dress out of it. And then you're stuck with a dumb joke dress
Just say no to ugly gag fabrics.

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There are enough differences that it's not a copycat. Except for the shoes, I like this much better too. It's less costumey.

>> No.8454574

Another 2 for the thinspiration folder. I'm not going to make fun of them but I admit that I do use a slideshow of photos like these as emergency motivation not to eat that donut.

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I like this coord, and I'm interested to see his further improvements. The comments on his posts are always disgusting though. If it was a bunch of dudes slobbering over a female poster you know there'd be outrage.

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Maybe it's the weird-ass lighting in this pic but I swear Batty's socks are blue/gold, not black/gold.

Otherwise, that's a different version of the JSK, those big-ass princess sleeves are "in" right now, and her headwear and her shoes are totally different than Batty's.

I don't even like either coord why am I typing this

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Not lolita but I get the reference anon! I can't believe it but yes best diet I took watching her on yt

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The blouse just works clearly. Also I can't find it but isn't the picture in the ad similar?

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Found it!

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I'm a B cup and struggle to squeeze my tits into some outfits. I'm baffled as to how ham beasts fit into their dresses.

>> No.8454647

Someone mentioned thinspiration let's just say a lot of her viewers have started using her for that.

>> No.8454650

Yes everyone's pretty much copying this so I don't get why people think Batty came up with the coord herself

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>Also if everyone could keep it in their pants this time around, that would be great.
So do you just have to be a guy for them to wet themselves.. or?

>> No.8454750

Apparently lolitas are thirsty as fuck.

>> No.8454760

he's so cute, too bad his girlfriend is a solid 4/10 due to her chubbiness and odd face.

>> No.8454767

Op is a cutie and it's a nice first post. She dresses like a few girls in my comm perhaps they're friends.

>> No.8454770

I thought it was the jelly talking but I looked and you are right. He could get a total babe if he wanted to. I'm sure she must be a great person and wonderful to be around then.

>> No.8454774

They look totally different. Bugger off.
>batty gets mad that this coord is getting attention because it's done better and is less costumey

>> No.8454779

Isn't his gf a seagull?

>> No.8454783

Maybe he likes her because she isn't a raging jelly cunt like you two
But who would like a woman for something other than her looks, am I right?

>> No.8454792

>I'm sure she must be a great person and wonderful to be around then.
learn to read

>> No.8454799

You are so jealous it hurts

>> No.8454806

If you have the 'fun fabric' urge, you could always make a simple, gathered underskirt. I have a plain overskirt with an opening so I've been tempted to make a fabric underskirt out of a novelty fabric just for grins but then wear it as a normalfag skirt otherwise where it wouldn't even get much comment.

>> No.8454827


Well... I think these answered this question

>> No.8454828

It's total circumference measurement that matters, not just cup size. Not that they look GOOD doing it. Also it's often the shorties who manage it best. A fatty at 5'0 will look just as fat but actually be a smaller measurement than a 5'8 fatty who looks similar but is bigger around. Also some people just compress more, they are squishier so they can do some kind of secret body origami and fit stuff they look like they can't. Again, ymmv with how nice it actually looks. Fat is mysterious, be it boob fat or otherwise.

>> No.8454832

Lolitas are fucking creeps.

>> No.8454833

What about it that doesn't fit? I feel like you are going to point to the sleeve but it seems to fine on the arm that hangs down. Its better than the blouse he had last time that didnt even reach his wrist.

You could make bloomers with it, they are not hard to make and can be hidden once the novelty is used up.

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This so much. I'm so full of secondhand embarrassment. I'm a lesbian and I don't hit on every cute girl that posts to CoF, or post memes, or make all sorts of dirty jokes... because that would be rude and creepy as fuck.

I feel like I just walked into some ita weeb con hotel room, and it's not a good feeling.

>> No.8454923

>hubba hubba
I cringed so hard

>> No.8454930


THIS. Agree with all of you guys. I hate this shit, it's so disgusting.

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She tried

>> No.8455056

Thank you for this post. This is exactly why I cringe.
>girls be thirsty as fuck for any guy who dresses decently

>> No.8455069

God, fat people are so gross. Look at those chins.

>> No.8455083

I agree with the comments being gross but I'm sure he loves the thought of all the girls who want to jump on his dick

>> No.8455116

Also breast placement, distance from shoulder to tip of bust. ribcage circumference, torso length, can make all the difference in the world. Also size of arms and legs can add to making you look huge or just make you look like a normal sized girl with big tits. I'm a DD with a shallow bust. right now I'm sadly 20lbs overweight (fml) but I manage to look smaller with different techniques mostly because it's not stored as much in my arms and legs. You can really only tell from my bust and my face that I've put on weight. But I don't have the appearance of oozing out of my dresses even if I'm maxing out the shirring on some of them now. (again, fml)

>> No.8455163

In what way do cabriole leg shoes go with a sailor themed coord? Also, the wine accessories shoehorned into an otherwise navy/white coordinate. There's no wine anywhere else in the outfit.

>> No.8455176

Most guys think those kinds of comments are creepy too, from random Anon intrernet chicks.

>> No.8455185

i bet you think catcalls are compliments too

>> No.8455188

Red goes really well with navy Wtf anon.
Not everything has to be matchy matchy as Fuck. You are allowed to introduce other colors you know that right?

>> No.8455192

Sure you are, but the colors should appear in the coord in a balanced manner, not 'I don't have a matching bag or shoes so let's toss these in'. Something else within the middle area of the outfit should tie into the tertiary color, if you're going to bring it in.

God, does anyone on cgl know how to make a balanced coordinate?

>> No.8455214

The reds don't match and she doesn't bring a 3rd red piece above the waist to balance it. And no blouse. Nope. She's pretty though.

>> No.8455270

It's for the 4th of july. Calm your tits. The coord is fine. You sound like you have absolutely no style whatsoever

>> No.8455296

What the fuck is wrong with straight lolitas. I fucking hate you hetero harpies. It's okay, but he definitely doesn't fit this style. In fact, he looks jarringly out of place in it. His face is alright, but this prince look with his facial hair doesn't suit him.

>> No.8455305

His shoulders are too broad for that shirt- it's stretching tight around his upper arm and shoulder. The line where the sleeve and the bodice meets should be further out. The sleeve length should be a little longer too.
Just because it's better than the last time, doesn't make this one perfect. Good to see he's improving though.

>> No.8455362

Straight lolita here who agrees (and thinks cute girls look much better in ouji!)

>> No.8455369

Most of us aren't even looking at his outfit, only the face.

>> No.8455375

He's okay but his hair and/or douchey expression just kind of kills the whole thing imo.

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File: 2.88 MB, 667x4433, censored hubba hubba.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

CoF right now

>> No.8455397


Someone earlier mentioned that he has posted on cof before. Did they have the same reaction back then?

>> No.8455425

Her hair looks greasier than a pizza

>> No.8455427

Isn't he the same guy that wore a blue-black coord to match his girlfriends AP Crystal dream Carnival???? I can't find the pic. Give me a moment

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File: 869 KB, 500x281, korra and bolin are amused.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8455454

So much dapper. I'm slightly embarrassed to have ever used that word now.

>> No.8455455 [DELETED] 
File: 377 KB, 1104x658, mfw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mfw all of this shit

>> No.8455456

He would look way better in aristo, IMO. Something about ouji doesn't suit him.

>> No.8455459

the beard

he's like 5'2 the beard makes no sense

>> No.8455461

Her heart hand sign kinda looks like a butt...

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File: 119 KB, 720x1540, FB_IMG_1436154795200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't even begin to describe how much I love this

>> No.8455465

Beards are my weakness although I prefere them with a more mature style like aristocrat.
Anyways, he is indeed handsome.

>> No.8455471

Why do so many people struggle so hard with this??

>> No.8455474

Nah, it looks more like a face crying in agony.

>> No.8455476

Get these girls some damn water Jesus

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File: 140 KB, 750x750, 1427897262762.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ech....is that two skirts sewn together or one super maxed out?

>> No.8455478
File: 656 KB, 634x555, mfw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8455479

Bitch paired a rifle to her coord. The next level of OTT has been set.

>> No.8455487

Suddenly he's not that handsome anymore

>> No.8455498

Isn't that the Bodyline 6L or 8L print?
I knew no good would come of that.

>> No.8455499

The comments are creepy, but I agree. It seems like all the alternative-fashion-enthusiast straight boys I know are either total manwhores or at least enjoy hanging out only with girls that would jump on their dick at any second. Not to make any assumptions, but it's highly likely.
Especially back when I was in high school and hanging out at the mall and stuff. A lot of the scene straight boys thought girls who looked like hot topic would be super easy, and I guess they were right a lot of the time.
I know it's kind of insignificant, but things like this lead these guys to think that all alternative-fashion girls are into them and they won't let up, and that put me into lots of uncomfortable situations.

>> No.8455501

I wish that would be the new trend I could probably out-rifle anyone with my boyfriends rifles.

>> No.8455504

>still taller than me so I don't care.

>> No.8455517

Lmao I am 7 inches taller than him.

>> No.8455521

8 inches here. I'd still peg him though.

>> No.8455523

I am in love with this girl honestly.

>> No.8455532

He isn't even 5'2" where are people getting their measurements from

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What is going on with her other leg?

>> No.8455539

Is this Hospital Doll-anon? I'm starting to love her wardrobe.

>> No.8455542

Yes, that's attentionwhore-chan. Her wardrobe is gorgeous

>> No.8455549

That...that is disturbing.
Well, I'll just look and laugh at the hilariously awful proportions of that skirt girth to the bow. So small.

>> No.8455552

Aw, he's a little leprechaun.

>> No.8455558

He's average out of ten. And his coord isn't anything special. Jesus what is wrong with CoF. This is downright creepy

>> No.8455561

he's clearly a dwarf

>> No.8455569

Yooo that hat... Anyone know where it's from?

>> No.8455570

broken apparently

>> No.8455572 [DELETED] 

Looks like a communist Russia military uniform
Also link to hospitality doll-chan's social media please

>> No.8455574

Creepier still, many CoF girls are underage. Ugh.

>> No.8455583

Yes, that's Cinderella Bunny and it goes to 6L. And the bow is not small on the normal size skirt photos either. She's just very big. Idk what the biggest Burando dress is but this will forever be the Bodyline fatty chan print.

>> No.8455587
File: 28 KB, 650x486, бескСФ-01_enl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a Soviet bezkozyrka

>> No.8455627

Ah! She's gorgeous and I am in love with this coord!

>> No.8455631

That's how AatP coordinated it though. Neither are unique

>> No.8455641

I almost choked on my coffee when I saw this, same guy posted on /soc/ awhile back in some crossdressing thread, confirmed for micropenis.

>> No.8455660

If you're implying I'm her, I'm not. It's just silly hearing a girl say he could 'do so much better' without even knowing the person in question and only assuming so based on her appearance then turning around and BAWWing when someone she's fucking doesn't care about her fee-fees

>> No.8455677

He looks like one of those hipsters who are so full of themselves

>> No.8455678

caps or it didn't happen

>> No.8455682

11 inches taller here. Can confirm, would loli-force him into submission.

>> No.8455711

give us a timeframe, I will search through archives for this just cause I wanna see

>> No.8455716

confirmed for hipster douchebag

he owns thick black rimmed glasses with no prescription and carries a guitar around at college while barely knowing how to play it

>> No.8455729

And the collective lady boner has died.

>> No.8455730

Yes, completely.
/cgl/ was equally as bad when he posted in the draw thread, this isn't limited to CoF.

I appreciate that he's quick to mention he has a girlfriend, though. But this shit happens every time a cis guy posts on CoF, jesus.

>> No.8455848

Oh holy shit. I can't believe this.

Okay, so I grew up with this person until they moved to a different city. Except she was Allison back then. I don't know when she transitioned, but it must have been pretty early because she passes so hard. I didn't realize it until now, seeing her (him?) in clothes like this. I've seen her post on /soc/ and /r9k/ too. I guess even if you're a super skinny, awkward looking girl you can't even flesh that out with hormones. You can still see the defined waist and hips. Damn this is surreal.

>> No.8455851


>> No.8455856

i think i am in love

>> No.8455876

So which is it? Trans, micropenis, or both? And is there any proof or not?

>> No.8455944

I don't think so. He purposely posts his pictures in a female-heavy group knowing he'll get attention like that, and has done it multiple times. He even self-posts on /cgl/ pretty regularly.

Besides, a lot of girls post picture where they know dudes will compliment them too. It's a lot more solicited than cat-calling.

>> No.8456007

>you sir are very attractive
>you sir are dope dapper dick
this is like reverse m'lady

And I know you're going to call me bitter but he looks like a tosser in that outfit with his poopy pants and side hat and shitty haircut. His face is not what I'm personally into but definitely attractive to many.

>> No.8456024

Plot twist: intersex attention whore who welcomes all compliments!

>> No.8456049

>lolita fashion
what group related to this is not female heavy? or is his sole interest female attention to begin with?

>> No.8456080
File: 10 KB, 214x86, Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 7.31.09 pm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>person dresses like this and takes a picture to post in an outfit sharing group
>gets sexual comments
>it's ok, he is asking for it!
Pic related is the most recent comment set. You can't seriously think that this is acceptable behaviour in a group for OUTFIT sharing.

Also, he looks like he is wearing a diaper full of shit.

>> No.8456113

She did, and she did pretty well. Could do with better hairstyling and tucking the blouse in a bit better but overall that's a decent, if plain, coord.

>> No.8456126

No one cares about dudes getting sexually harassed online, anon

>> No.8456167

Okay, the CD post I can believe but this one just sounds like someone jumping on the bandwagon. You can go on CoF and look at his FB profile - I really don't think he's a trans man. He looks like a regular cis guy with the occasional effeminate feature brought out by ouji...

>> No.8456183

I care about fellow Lolitas being asses. Chicks would screech like harpies if this situation were reversed. It's embarassing.

>> No.8456311

Except dudes don't actually care because they aren't whingy pissbabies who get mad when other people tell them they are attractive.

>> No.8456339

He is totally asking for it. Like most of us he is into the fashion because of the attention. I'm sure he got a good jack out of it.

>> No.8456497


>> No.8456517

I think the majority of guys look stupid in Ouji. Aristocrat maybe but not Ouji.

Anyway this guy would be hot if he wore a t-shirt and jeans but in that outfit no way.

>> No.8456521

i don't know which is worse, the thirsty bitches on CoF or the sandy vaginas on /cgl/.

>> No.8456533


>> No.8456586


This was for a Fourth of July thing and even if it weren't it still looks good.

>> No.8456587

Check his other photos. Not so hot, I'm thinking.
But I think only certain girls look good in ouji and rarely any men do at all.

>> No.8456591

Both are pretty bad. Although even this level of salt is surprising me. It's funny how the second other people start showing interest in a person, /cgl/ collectively loses its shit and starts a borderline smear campaign.

>he's 5'2
>omg micropenis
>I went to school with him! He's actually an ftm
>I bet he only dresses like this because he thinks lolitas are easy

Like, goddamn, girls. All this because of the thirsty bitches on CoF?

>> No.8456639
File: 299 KB, 445x450, hazukashi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

CGL is being more embarrassing about it than CoF at this point.

>> No.8456642

/cgl/ takes a collective dump on anything that gets "too much attention." they have to match the over-the-top praise with over-the-top rejection. it's fairly predictable tbh.

>> No.8456647

I think I have a crush on this, not ashamed

>> No.8456648
File: 108 KB, 960x960, 11698518_540671652740278_1414339069372309954_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why does she always look like she just smelled a fart?

>> No.8456661

Nevermind, just saw the panty destroyer comment. I take it back.

>> No.8456672
File: 162 KB, 960x960, 11220854_10153097017120345_2805418942190426495_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to snatch that ratty ass wig off of her damn head

>> No.8456677

she's in my local comm
annoying af and super fucking annoying

>> No.8456679

So do you find her annoying, anon? Your comment wasn't really clear.

>> No.8456681

Why does Kate always look like she has to take a shi----oh.

>> No.8456682

Top kek

>> No.8456683

I think it looks tacky, and not just because it's on Kate, it's just that cut and print are kind of ugly.

>> No.8456686

Is that a sleep mask, worn as a head accessory?

>> No.8456687

I love how 4th of July/America coords are all popping up and this one just stepped in like, Bam, Soviet Union.

>> No.8456692

That's the brand head accessory released with the set. It's meant to be worn that way. Still completely fucking retarded, but that's what AP intended.

>> No.8456694

agreed, if lolitas take copious amounts of time and effort to make their hair and face look presentable and fitting for the fashion (eg. no hooker makeup, bigger eyes etc) then it should translate to ouji too
grooming is key

>> No.8456695

Since she browses here I hope she reads this and takes into consideration getting a more militaristic shoe or boot next time. Or at least adding a gold or red accent to the otherwise underwhelming legwear.
(This is styled more like pinup sailor instead of lolita but I'm not about to open that can of worms)

>> No.8456698

lmao sorry i didnt realize i repeated myself i was distracted
what i meant to say was shes annoying af and super fucking ugly

>> No.8456700

B-but proper grooming is gayyyyy

>> No.8456704

I still want to know why she is annoying

>> No.8456712

IA. I think people are getting really bored with how the traditional lolita silhouette is stylized so anything remotely different is getting a lot of attention when otherwise nobody would have cared.
>hijab lolita
>unshaved ouji man
>pinup russian sailor girl
>Choke's weird j-fash getup with bad hair

>> No.8456716

Kate struck me as annoying when she was up Rinrins ass at that party. And to the surprise of no one thst was the majority of who she was in pictures with on her blog. "Look at me!! I met Rinrin!! Are you impressed by this seven picture photoset of me?? With Rinrin????"

>> No.8456717

yeah same! I cant find a reason to dislike her aside from LACE and the blatant lies about hate, but idk, Ive still not made my mind up after the shitstorm that was LACE

>> No.8456718

I think the only thing really pinup about this is her makeup/face, everything else is pretty by-the-books military styled, but it's hard to not seem insta-pinup when trying to mix sailor and military.

>> No.8456720


nvm your comment just reminded me why I dislike her

>> No.8456722

Don't most lolitas have that reaction to meeting one of the Japanese models, though?

>> No.8456723

That's because a-line dresses are very common in pin up. The only factors that would make military lolita distinct are the longer conservative sleeves, petticoat, and the opaque tights. The retro makeup style doesn't help the distinction.

>> No.8456727

Has anyone ever even seen her real hair?

>> No.8456737

That's funny! I wonder if they released it that way just to see who would really wear it?

>> No.8456747

Probably not. It's a business after all.

>> No.8456749

closest I've seen was her makeup tutorial, I think she was wearing a wigcap though?
Doesn't she have alopecia?

>> No.8456755

They can afford a little joke now and again. Plenty would have bought it on sale and used it as a sleep-mask. Just a thought.

>> No.8456759

I'm not sure. I was just curious, not hating on her.

>> No.8456760

>japanese business people

>> No.8456762

no, no, same. I've heard the alopecia thing thrown about here and there
but on her instagram her hairdresser styles her wigs for her, so I think it must be true and not just cgl being nasty

>> No.8456765

maybe it was a lazy stab at hikikokei or whatever
I know sleep masks have been seen in fairy kei etc
I don't like it with lolita though as it kind of looks cheap and unfinished. Like wearing pyjama bottoms under your skirt

>> No.8456766

yeah, it would look plain on an average sized girl, it doesn't help that she's ugly and obese as fuck

>> No.8456772

>Bampire Romance
>Bodyline Yan pillow, backwards prints
>Engrish printed on stuff

>> No.8456773

I just went and looked at the transformation video someone else mentioned and her hair does look really thin under the wig cap, but it could just be wig cap weirdness.

>> No.8456775

you probably think sweet shouldn't be worn past age 20 too

>> No.8456777

She has a red bow pin on the collar, so she knew she had to bring in the color three times. It's not the most perfect coord in thw world, but it's cute, it matches the theme and I honestly think two jewel tones always go great together.

>> No.8456779

You mean how every girl acted at the tea party? Everyone was fucking pumped that a model was there get over yourself

>> No.8456782
File: 246 KB, 267x200, 1533324.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not ironing your clothes

>> No.8456787

Anyone got a blog link for this chick? I'm in love with this coord and too chickenshit to ask on CoF.

>> No.8456790

Nope, I just think men generally look better in Aristo. Personal opinion, not saying he shouldn't wear it if he enjoys it.

>> No.8456793

Agreed. And has anyone else noticed how short it is? This is like Holy Lantern short, my god.

>> No.8456794

he's just the boyfriend of a Toronto lolita, the fuck? he's not trans or on /soc/ he's a normie hetero straight dude

>> No.8456798

How tall is she? It does look short.

>> No.8456803

She's got a Tumblr, but I can't remember the name and I don't think she posts much, anyways. I'll look for it and get back to you on it, but I'm pretty sure that's the only place social media/blog she has.

>> No.8456809
File: 50 KB, 642x877, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eww. There are dresses I can't zip up at a 90cm bust and a 73cm waist. I don't understand how these girls squirm and squish their way into these dresses until the material is literally SCREAMING. But of course it's her kawaii uguu dureemu doresu *~~*desu*~~*.

>> No.8456810
File: 30 KB, 642x877, 11700874_10206765299641185_8928450847421709405_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit this is the mother of all boobloaf. How did she even get into it???

>> No.8456814

Damn you just barely beat me. But also:
>Dress: AP (Dreaming of Macarons *screams!!!!*)
Yes, yes it is screaming. RIP burando.

>> No.8456819

Knew without even looking - food print. :^)

>> No.8456824

she has massive boobloaf but who cares, her coord is cute, god forbid a fat girl wear a fully shirred dress???? stay classy /cgl/

>> No.8456826

Yup /cgl is full of jealous sandy bitches who can't stand anyone getting more attention than them.

>> No.8456827

God forbid a fat girl actually wear figure flattering clothing that fits. There are options now. She doesn't have to squish herself into burando and look like a sausage.

>> No.8456829

Her tumblr is things-we-never-did

>> No.8456831

Get an underskirt girl!

>> No.8456832

Oh come on! That's shirring abuse, admit it. It was never meant to stretch like that.

>> No.8456842

This anon speaks truth, let's be honest. The elastics are pulled so tight its bisecting her tiddy and its really unflattering.

>> No.8456844

It very, VERY clearly doesn't fit. Come on. Surely you can see that.

>> No.8456846

I have this OP and love it but the fully shirred top is pretty unflattering. It makes even the smallest chest a little boobloafy, you have to essentially be flat to wear it without that happening.

>> No.8456848

I'm not sure tbh. Either she's too tall or that dress is too short. It just doesn't fit correctly in that pic.

>> No.8456849

Thanks! I knew I had seen it somewhere.

>> No.8456853

We all know fully shirred things tend to do that but above pic related is also a terribly unflattering extreme.

>> No.8456857

Isn't she like 5'8" or 5'9"?

>> No.8456859

Her coord is really not great. Like what is going on with her petticoat and why the random red beret when you have no other accessories to tie it in? What is with that random hot pink cheap bracelet? Also why can't a fat girl actually get something that fits? Honestly it doesn't look good in ANY fashion when someone is wearing something clearly too small for them.

>> No.8456865

Hi Kate. No one was nearly up Rinrins anus as you and it was pretty apparent. You wanted to "interview her", and literally all of your recap from the event in photos or video were centered around you and her.

>> No.8456867

She doesn't have a blog. Just a Tumblr.

>> No.8456869

I guess it's one of those dresses that look better with a cardigan

>> No.8456873

Not Kate but if you paying attention at all then you would have know that she had a press pass. So it was kind of her job to interview her. Man when you just going to gtfo salty Pittsbrugh-chan. Everyone else in this comm is so chill, but you are always lusting over everything Kate does

>> No.8456883

Thank you both!

>> No.8456888
File: 10 KB, 220x212, fat girl laughing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I'm a fattie fattie fat but I wear dresses that fit and hide my fat parts so well that nobody has ever commented negatively on it, even on cgl
>mfw even had some rando anon whiteknight me about being posted in the plus size thread once

But yeah, anyway, there's zero excuse for >>8456809. That bodice looks bad and so does the wig.

>> No.8456890

Yeah so she uses the interview to further her LACE shit because "see Rinrin is against bullying so she's for LACE!".
Kate is fucking annoying and self centered. You don't have to be salty to see that. Also I am pretty sure you have me mixed up with someone else.

>> No.8456891

Maybe if she wasn't up the model's asses (wasn't she doing the same at AM? ) and was less self centered, no one would give two fucks.

>> No.8456893

I am a chubby girl (probably not at fat level) and no one has ever said anything either because like you I wear things that actually fit and compliment my body type instead of sqeezing into burando that was clearly made for petite girls.

>> No.8456894


Please stop tying like tumblr

>> No.8456897

It came out with Cinema Doll.

>> No.8456905

What press/media was she actually representing? Anything legit?

>> No.8456910

That makes more sense, it fits in better with that print's motifs. Still can't decide if I think it's cute or not as accessory though.

>> No.8456919

I thought this was a literal maxipad headdress...

>> No.8456920

10/10 anon, i love you

>> No.8457014


>> No.8457033


>> No.8457068


Pretty sure this person doesn't use female pronouns

>> No.8457070


>> No.8457073

No one gives a shit

>> No.8457074

ah, beat me to it

>> No.8457081

dress like a girl, get called a girl. i

>> No.8457093
File: 436 KB, 400x563, 1382407042516.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not gonna comment on the individual but am I the only one who thinks it looks ridiculous to have a long/3-quarter sleeve, gloves, trouser socks, and heeled shoes on at the beach?! And then bare legs? Like I'm getting swamp ass just looking at this picture. If you're going to bring Lolita to the beach, for a photoshoot...call me cliche but wear something semi-appropriate for the beach!!

>> No.8457110

Kate did wear an outfit that was more on the beach, which I think got hated on for that exact reason too. She can never win.

It was for her actual honeymoon though, so not just a photoshoot but her staying there for a week or so.

>> No.8457111

So when I, a woman, wear trousers and a tee-shirt, I should be referred to as he?

I'm not about correcting strangers about other strangers' pronouns but you're rapidly approaching some stupid territory.

>> No.8457118

Right, I did know she was on her honeymoon, not just there for a photoshoot. I guess that's more why I'm confused, you're gonna take up space in your suitcase for a vacation with a dress you probably can't wear outside for more than an hour without sweating in? I only ever see this outfit get posted, so I haven't see her get much hate for any other beach photos but I'll keep an eye out.

>> No.8457121

if you're wearing a fucking dress that is designed for women, by women, wearing a long wig and doing your makeup as any other woman would YEAH IM GOING TO CALL YOU A FUCKING GIRL.

If you're dressed in pants and a tee shirt and have a buzzed hair cut and stick a fake beard on i'll probably call you a dude, you fucking dunce

>> No.8457130

Not this shit again

>> No.8457145

She wore Dream Marine in other photos she took by the beach, but the fact still stands that she's wearing warm ass clothing in a hot humid climate. I'm sweating just thinking about wearing 3/4th length sleeves in the Carribean.

>> No.8457147

Is no one else bothered that she used a fucking eyemask as a headdress?

>> No.8457152

She's been on her honeymoon for like two months lmao

>> No.8457184

dont even

>> No.8457185

see >>8456692

>> No.8457187

read the fucking thread

>> No.8457188

What? I'm just trying to respect their wishes

>> No.8457219

Chiffon dresses take up almost no room in a suitcase, cotton ones are more bulky. Likely she just wanted to take shots with her current faves while in such a pretty place.

>> No.8457220

Ok then he has the grand-daddy of all butt-chests and he needs to wear a binder to tame his Chester Chesticles and wear a bigger dress that actually fits him. Happy?

>> No.8457230

Get the fuck out of our comm.

>> No.8457243

i dont know bout her personality
but she can dress well and have nice coords, all dramu aside.

>> No.8457245

She is basically wearing a set. When she doesn't wear a set, she looks like a mess.

>> No.8457282

I kinda like it

>> No.8457284

"Greetings round brown being. Please learn to dress thyself in an appropriately non sausage-shaped manner. Thank you."

>> No.8457300


>> No.8457323

She looks really pretty, fuck all of you, it's true that she can never win here.

>> No.8457345

I guess what you mean is that you're not quite obese, but if you're overweight enough to notice then you're fat.

>> No.8457350

It's fucking gross. "Reverse m'lady" is a great way of thinking about it.

Like, being a total sperg-berger creep online is gross and shitty behavior for people of ANY sex.

Fucking ew.

>> No.8457357

I'm the one who posted her here. I didn't say anything about her coord or her face, just that her wig is ratty. Because it is. It's nasty.

>> No.8457367

ugh i hate this length of dress so much, it makes everyone look bad.

Is Kate really tall, or did she get her Dreamy Girl Room altered? I thought this OP was longer-than-average for AP. I like it a lot more hitting at thigh-level like this.

She needs a haircut though. And I'm pretty over this overdrawn eyebrow thing in lolita.

>> No.8457372

Agreed. Sometimes she's a dumn fuck, and LACE is pointless, but here she's pretty.
The wig is natural enough looking, the eyemask thing pops up in Japanese photos all the time and she looks cute. I don't know what everyone's bitching about.

>> No.8457384

>obvious uncut wig bangs pinned to the side
>natural looking

>> No.8457398
File: 71 KB, 576x767, FB_IMG_1436213802687.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God these are some awful pictures. Also, why the fuck are you wearing a literal toy carousel?

>> No.8457411

>the animal legs under her skirt

>> No.8457417

She "cant win" if she doesn't bother to fix her ratty wigs or learn how to do makeup properly. Otherwise she will continue to get called out on it.

>> No.8457432

Her beady eyes are staring into my soul.

>> No.8457453

Eh I would say more along the lines of I am not skinny but still within the average range. Like I have a BMI of 21 which means because I carry a lot of weight in my breasts and stomach/waist I can't fit into some brand but most people wouldn't call me fat.
Overall I am actively trying to lose weight though.

>> No.8457467

why does she have a pair of human legs and a pair of cat legs? Daniken was right about everything

>> No.8457475

shut up kate

>> No.8457480

This is /cgl/. No one wins.

>> No.8457483

I admit, the eyelash thing bugs me.

>> No.8457614

Kate's pretty tall, i would say she's 5'8

>> No.8457621

Dude, calm down. The original comment even said the outfit was mostly cute, but be real. The shoes really don't go at all.

Holy shit, is that Kyandi?

This girl looks really familiar... Is she from the Baltimore area?

>> No.8457688

hi Dina lol

>> No.8457708
File: 766 KB, 1724x1300, idkillforsomefiji.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow girl get your shit together.

>> No.8457710
File: 9 KB, 472x62, fuckingew.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

On that ouji post, fucking disgusting. Took the mods forever to decide to actually do something about it, too.

>> No.8457723

Please tell me someone got caps of all the comments before it got cleaned up

>> No.8457726

She looked a lot better Sunday at the teaparty, even got picked for having the best outfit at her table and she was seated with some good looking girls. The hat or headdress she made for that purple coordinate was really nice but i'm not a fan of this look for her.

>> No.8457733

Kate we all know the reason you're "girlyhoot" is because you look like a retarded fucking owl
get out of MY comm, your coords are shit and your hair is nasty

>> No.8457735

This is a good summary. >>8455382
It was all generally along those lines.

>> No.8457741

A lot of the cringiest comments are still there, the "hubba hubba" one is sitting at 5 likes rn

>> No.8457744

Yeah she just deleted the really overt ones.

>> No.8457774

Whats with the new comment clarifying that "son refers to anyone of any gender"?
Did someone get upset?
Also I noticed that lesbianlolita is "she" again.

>> No.8457783

She doesn't want to get crucified by tumblrinas who don't understand jokes, I imagine.

>> No.8457785

I didn't see anyone comment, and I've got notifications on. Maybe she's just covering her ass before someone goes all Tumblr on her.
Didn't that happen a while back?

>> No.8457808

> bodyline 15L

>> No.8457810

Yes it did, that was my first introduction to tumblrinas.

>> No.8457873
File: 20 KB, 500x373, tootirl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8458167

I really like how she coords, but I just don't like the legth of the dress, it makes her look smaller

>> No.8458364

Wow, look Kate!! It's your best coord!

>> No.8458365

There's a literal goddamn baby on CoF right now.

>> No.8458367
File: 169 KB, 364x563, cof1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8458369

ew is right

>> No.8458377


Fucking ageplayer, I bet she wears diapers.

>> No.8458385

>"I just like to show off my cute baby"

Go do it on your own page then.

>> No.8458432


Please have this shit deleted ASAP; no one gives any fucks about your goddamn kid

>> No.8458449
File: 82 KB, 371x529, screenshot-www.facebook.com 2015-07-07 03-16-48.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These fucking comments.

>> No.8458472

Moving this to a non-saging thread, because this shit is about to get stupid.

>> No.8458679

I wouln't know what to do with a boy as tall as me.

>> No.8458706
File: 1.20 MB, 1121x851, img.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

don't be a brat just because you didn't bother to read the rules

>> No.8459160

Because she who always smelt it, always dealt it.

>> No.8463519


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