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Sweet lolita thread! Favorite sweet lolita coords, where you think the style is heading, pet peeves etc.

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I personally am not a fan of the different colored show trend, even in OTT sweet. I actually like OTT sweet when it's done correctly, but the west seems to misunderstand it and wears shit like kandi with it
Pic not related. Just some old school sweet

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Hey anon, i didn't know your dad was on here!

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I love it when people manage to make OTT sweet AP prints look mature and sophisticated like this. Is there a general formula for achieving this sort of look? Anything essential? Pieces to avoid?

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No wig (or natural color extension/hairpiece, looks like she might have an add on, but it matches her natural hair) and not having a million plastic shapes dangling off you helps. Light natural makeup, dressy but not full on lolita shoes.

As much as cgl hates it, this is very matchy matchy, but I also think that helps achieve a more normalized look. Pink and black is common color combo, and they aren't the craziest colors.

I think casual lolita is really simple, and it's probably my favorite way to wear most of my pieces outside of big special events. Mot of the lolita world is too caught up on ott though, so if you dress like the pic here, it's sadly seen as boring.

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Heeled shoes, thighs, simple Headress, less and simple accesoirs and subdued colors.
It's pretty easy if the dress has a simple cut.

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Requesting any pics of pumpkin cats "whales with bulbous heads are not delicious" or whatever it's called?
It's the only dress that's made me wish I could wear sweet.

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It's the dress that got me to start wearing lolita! I'd self-post, but I have no good pics of me wearing it. I got it in navy.

Here's someone else wearing the lavender version!

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And here is someone with the navy. I can't find much else, though.

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I am loving this blouse anyone know where it's from?

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Thanks anon!
They only have lavender or light blue left in my size so I'm trying to think of mature ways to coord it.

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Requesting more pink and blue coords please!

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This is the only one I have

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>different colored show trend
not sure what you mean, like sweet dresses in jewel-toned color ways?

sage for no contribute, my hard drive died and all my pics with it

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>/cgl/ - Cosplay & EGL

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I've noticed that coording a pastel and a darker color (like she does with pink and black here) is a good first step towards maturing a sweet coord. Also the best ones usually have up-dos for hairstyles instead of long, extravagant wigs, which helps make the look more mature too. Subdued accessories, skip wrist cuffs, etc.

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This girl owns both the navy and lavender versions and she's coordinated them both a couple of different ways

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oh fuck i hate mismatched shoes too, i can't believe that trend is catching on. it's so dumb.

requesting sweet looks in navy or other deep colors, please and thank you kind anons

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Worn photo

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last one from this girl

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This one's great!

Pattern on pattern killed it for me.

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I like it because of the light-colored shoes. They tie in the blouse nicely and kept the coord from looking too bottom-heavy

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doge chan! She's so pretty!
I love Sea themed dresses, it's so cute especially in navy, I didn't think it would be very popular but it's so adorable
I'd love some more (diff anon)

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Meant mismatched shoes. Like one is pink and the other is blue or something.

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Requesting non-OTT Daydream Carnival coords!

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I'm sorry, did you mean to say that this
is casual lolita? I'm really confused because I don't think it's that at all.

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She did well, I'm just picky about too much pattern.

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By todays standards, yes, this is casual and anything less is considered unfinished.

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Ah, to each their own!

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that blouse is to die for. anyone know the source? (or anything similar)

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>those bedroom eyes

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Wow, that fuzzy bow completely kills this coordinate

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>trend catching on

What? Mismatched shoes were more of a thing when OTT sweet reigned supreme - not OTT classic. This is not a "trend" by any means.

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self posting - sorry about the unfinished hat!

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I agree honestly.

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That's super cute. I'm assuming you're going to put flowers on the hat to match the bag?

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Forgot to resize fuck

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And yup! Surprisingly I found some nice lace at Joann's to edge the ribbon band. I also bought some narrower ribbon, because the ribbon that's in the pictures is going to be too thick once it has the lace edging.

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Everything about this coord I love.

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File: 446 KB, 700x1049, https%3A%2F%2F41.media.tumblr.com%2F4d956375e6b60702c88c7398c86c6a27%2Ftumblr_np5he67HnL1tykkceo4_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Meant different colored shoes, typos sorry
Fuck off
also contributing with a simpler coord I like

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That's not lolita

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File: 437 KB, 1000x1498, https%3A%2F%2F40.media.tumblr.com%2F7002e930a03c5859eebc4ade66ba2f50%2Ftumblr_nqpthzwYXw1sd87t7o2_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is one of the few examples of a black sweet coord I love. Normally I hate them because they can go wrong so easily but I adore this
Attached is some sweet blue. I love sax, it's slightly sweet and versatile
Before someone asks for sauce
Unfortunately this print name has "nymphet" in it but it's still cute. perfect for summer

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Yes it is. The skirt might be a tad on the shorter side but it works serviceably well as a lolita coord.

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No it doesn't.

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/r/ing sweet-flavored sailor?

Getting that Dear Celine sailor dress in a few days and I'm clueless, I usually go gothic and it's sweet af.

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Lurk more newfag

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r-ing more toned down sweet like this, not necessarily OTT prints.

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File: 1.92 MB, 984x1512, https%3A%2F%2F41.media.tumblr.com%2Fe7ffd1f8ed648b8c764a2b451f778e27%2Ftumblr_npk512rIEV1ry7du0o1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You mean like fairy marine?

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I assume you also think this is lolita then?

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Seconding. I'll post what I have but it's mostly old school/old-school-ish

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First coord had socks, hat, more details/lace/ ruffles on the blouse and dress, and a petti. They're nothing alike, dumbass.

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Angelic Pretty

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Anything more specific than that like the name or the series it was from?

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A bit off topic, but you might know better.
What is the best way to buy from Pumpkin Cat?
I have seen their dresses in Glitzywonderland, but I wonder if is cheaper to buy using a Taobao agent (I have never used one)

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If not straight from taobao my-Lolita-dress can middleman for you. Linda is best for getting one or two dresses at a time. As long as that's what you want.
Doing a full TB order will probably give you the most bang for your buck.

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Nice. I like that this has a cute, almost classic vibe that isn't too childish yet doesn't take itself too seriously, either

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The one on the left? I'd say white tights (or ankle socks, depending on the weather), red shoes, a cute barrette and call it a day

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If you think that both are the same, I'd suggest researching some more.

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end of blue/pink dump (can't tell if the dress is mint or sax in this photo)

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I've only got a bit

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'Scepter' with Bodyline just seems odd even if it's really only a home-made fancy dowel stick shoved up a bunny's ass.

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the stuff others have mentioned, in addition to mastering the 'cute yet baddass / fierce' face paired with a more mature hairstyle. Make-up more in the larme kinda style can help too.

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Really? Last time it was posted people were surprised at how much they liked the scepter despite it being so simple/crude.

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Not sure if this one counts

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Last one

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I don't remember the name but I own the same cutsew. I think it was released around 2009? You can try looking for it on Lolibrary.

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I love this, it also shows how a block of color (only on the dress or OP itself) can work beautifully sometimes - it really adds to the dreamy cloud appearance in this instance.

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Anybody have a source on that blouse/cutsew?

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Damn, these dresses are so cute. Teddy bear prints are really starting to grow on me.

>> No.8440116

Besides the fact that picture in OP has a necklace and wristcuffs, they are wearing the same amount of items, and the girl in OP is from what I can tell not wearing a wig or at least using some kind of hair piece at most. Would girl in OP be considered "casual" then too? Because she just looks like normal lolita to me.

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It depends on if you want to just get a few things or a ton of things, basically. If you can jump into a group order or you have enough money sitting around to justify a large order yourself, go through taobao. Otherwise check between glitzy, my-lolita-dress, qtland and clobba and see which of the resellers has the dress you want for the cheapest price/shipping.

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I love this kind of look for casual Lolita honestly.

>> No.8440572

Reminds me of Chanel and her weird hunch.

>> No.8440793

Thank you anyway!

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It's also from Pumpkin Cat, but it's been around since last spring/summer so it looks like they only have the light blue in small left in stock.

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Requesting solid blocks of color like pic related?

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I love how she added the pink here, it's so well done.

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Ahhh I love it! It's so unusual to see the print on the blouse/socks only instead of the dress, very cool.

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Not sure if it's quite what you're looking for, but this one is nice.

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Ooooh, what OP is this? It's beautiful

>> No.8446256

Stella OP by AP

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Bumping with my new dream dress.

I wish she'd take more worn pictures like this.

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Requesting some salopette coordinates?

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Wow this is so adorable! I love how the blouse is patterned. The simplicity of this is lovely!

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I am a newfag here and I wondered if this is considered sweet or a mix between Kei and sweet. I am not sure how the new clasifications really work. (●´ω`●)ゞ

>> No.8450122

i think thats OTT *over the top* Sweet.

>> No.8450508

It's just OTT sweet. Pastel puke chic.

>> No.8450560

Is there a thread anyone can link me to that tells me these things, honestly I wanna get into the fashion but I don't have any teachers and cgl is all I have lawl.

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kei? what kind of kei? kei just means style/look/fashion, there's visual kei, cult party kei, fairy kei, dolly kei, etc

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I meant fairy, and yeah like I said I have no clue what I am talking about mostly.

>> No.8454618

just go to fyeahlolita's blog and read her posts about the fashion. there's also a lolita guidebook somewhere on tumblr that someone can link you to.

the best thing to do is just lurk cgl and read as much as you can

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