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I know this had occurred before. Are you attracted to other lolitas? Have you gone on a date with another lolita? Is your SO lolita in the same comm as you or another comm far away? If you married another lolita, you would wear lolita for the wedding?

Pic related.

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Lolita is such a niche fashion, given the numbers, its rather bullshit that there would be so many lesbian lolitas that arent faking it

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>Are you attracted to other lolitas?
I only have some crush like feelings for my senpais.
>If you married another lolita, you would wear lolita for the wedding?
God no. Maybe something tea length or knee-length but simple. I think the sort of princessy knee length dresses I've seen many people wear always look like a hooker's wedding dress to me.

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There's one chick in my comm I would love to get in the pants of. I'd love to be friends with benefits. Nothing serious as I'm already married (we're swingers). Unfortunately I'm too much of a pussy to ever say anything lol.

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I'm as straight as you can get, but I'd love to try out some lesbian BDSM stuff with a modelesque girl like Choke.

I'd never date a girl though, as I don't feel emotionally attracted to them.

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>I'm as straight as you can get!
>I'd love to try out some lesbian stuff!
Then you're not as straight as you can get.

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Sexual curiosity doesn't make me gay, anon. There is more to attraction than just that.

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I didn't say that makes you gay. I just said you are not as straight as you can get. A person "as straight as you can get" would not even consider having kinky lesbian sex.

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I'm bisexual and more attracted to females than males. However, I'm married to an amazing husband and we are monogamous so acting out any weird lolita fantasy that I may have is out of the question. But, I still let my eyes wander at meets. I can't help it! I just think women are so beautiful and there are too many gorgeous girls in this fashion

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I'm not into girls unless they're lolitas idgi

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It's funny, I've heard a handful of lolitas mention being bi or admit to having crushes on another lolita or jfashion person.

I dunno if the fashion is more likely to attract these kinda people, or if seeing "holy crap look at this gorgeous woman and her dress" online and offline constantly eventually can cause you to get some tingles.

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I'm pansexual and would love to have a lolita girlfriend. Unfortunately, I'm a lone lita so this is just a dream that I know will never come true.

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Date me, anon. Please date me

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no please date me. I'm pansexual too and I just want to kiss another girl and lift up her skirt so bad.

Brolitas too are part of my fantasy, especially if they're all submissive and weak underneath.

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No, I bet she is. All women like to tease in this manner for whatever reason. And they always seem to want 10/10 model type women, too, even of they aren't that great themselves.

She's probably never actually do it, I've cornered many girls like this and they never actually want to do anything. And they'll never actually get someone outside of normie scale hotness, so they just say things like this.

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Ew, you like attention whores?

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No.All I want is a very close friend who also loves lolita and is okay with a lot of affection without misunderstanding it.

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Yeah? I'm a lesbian and a lolita and while I've met plenty of younger girls in the fashion "experimenting" with their sexuality, I've also met a LOT of full-blown lesbos. This is a niche alternative fashion and we gays are often attracted to niche, alternative things.

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yeah, i'm a lesbian and so is my girlfriend. we started dating after we met through different interests and found out we were both lolitas. she's part of a toronto coord and i'm an MI one, though.

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shit, i mean comm

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What is self selection?

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Ugh, I want a story like this some day.

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Sometimes attention whores are better than the people who play modest but get buttmad when they don't get the attention they want/feel they deserve. At least the attention whores are honest.

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It's my dream to have a lolita gf. Like a couple other anons have said, I also happen to be pan and nothing else would make me happier then a lolita gf

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I know what you mean, but I think we're thinking of two different kinds of attention whores.
Brolitas are known for being annoying and getting all in everyone's business and not caring about the fashion but more so just wanting to dress up as a pretty girl. That shit isn't honest at all. it's just trashy.

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A study proved that all womens are a tiny bit bisexual, at least.
They showed a movie where you could see nakey women and men... to some womens and some men, some were gay/lesbians/.. and some were straight.
During the part where you could see female breasts and such, the guys or lesbian girls pupils dilated (or something like that) which indicate attraction, but the straight girls pupils ALSO dilated.

Ain't nothing wrong with being a little gay my friends
no homo though.

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Aren't you certain you're not talking about sissies? The brolitas I know personally are fine; it's the sissies who tend not to care about it as a fashion and it's reflected in both their dress choices and disregard for makeup.

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you obviously don't know have any cool brolita friends at all. not all of them are like that, especially by your description. what you're talking about are sissies which are different than true brolitas.

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I wouldn't date a lolita, but I would like to sleep with one, just for the experience. Unfortunately I don't think I'm kawaii enough. People in this thread seem to have high standards. I'm also too shy to join a comm, so I guess I'll make do with fantasies.

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I fully believe that all women are attracted to other women, even when they deny it under certain circumstances. However, I feel like most, even some bisexual girls won't act on it, or try to act on it, and then back out at some point.

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Yeah, i think some wouldn't go ther err...full way.
But i'm 99% ALL women have an attraction to other women somehow. It's beautiful when you think about it though. I just think women together are so hng, and women bodies are art to me, with so many pretty differents possible curves and colors and... yeah i'm getting carried away but it's amazing when you think about it.

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There are two girls in my comm who I know are bi/queer and who I think are really, really cute. If I were single, I would hit them up. But instead, I sit at meetups and think about nonsexy things, like global warming and gym socks.

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I'm a gay lolita, though I don't advertise it at all. I'm only out to my immediate family and close friends. My comm doesn't know, mostly because they're all straight girls and I feel like if I told them they'd become uncomfortable around me. It makes me a little sad, but I'm used to it.

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My dream is qt lolita gf who doesn't mind me being bi.
>mfw not even unfaithful
>mfw not even ugly
>mfw when people stay away "just in case"
Accepting lolita gf would be like the holy grail for me. Oh I'd treat her like the princess she is

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I have been attracted to a couple of lolitas and q had a crush on my closest lolita friend. (She also seemed to have a crush on me). We are both straight and have long term SOs so it was never going to go anywhere. I've always been slightly curious about women but don't think I'll ever act on it even if was single.

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This thread has convinced me that every girl in my comm secretly wants to bang me, too.

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I hope that's how it is in my area...

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I get crushes easily on girls that wear classic Lolita. Unluckily for me, all my Lolita friends wear classic.... And all of them have boyfriends.
>forever a cuck

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I have a boyfriend. I love my boyfriend. I just want a romantic relationship with a lolita where we kiss, cuddle and maybe share a bed together occasionally. Perhaps a bit of affectionate stroking and maybe some boob squishes once in a while but generally all PG-13 type stuff.

Clearly I want to live out a mild yuri fantasy that is in no way unrealistic or related to spending too much time on 4chan - someone else must want this too...right?

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That's pretty much all I want too. I'm afraid my bf wouldn't be on board as I've done the open relationship thing before and I didn't like it but mostly because the girl I dated was married. If I had my own side piece so to speak, I feel like I'd enjoy it more.. but my bf doesn't want that at all and I'm afraid to even ask for a threesome cause I don't want to seem wishy washy.

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Same though

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Unless there is copious alcohol. Liquid Lesbians, my friend.

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I don't get this at all. How can you only be attracted to men emotionally? What if they have a vagina/they identify as female and you had no idea? It's like only being attracted to a certain type of personality that's common in men. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.
I've only been attracted sexually to one girl in my comm. In the lolita community, I feel there's lots of feelings of hate, lust, hatelust, jealousy, admiration, and emotional attraction. It happens in the real world, too, but the egl community is so circle-jerky that it just incubates all these feelings.

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I'm a tested true bisexual, I'd totally go for a lolita gf if it were in the cards, and if I wasn't such a complete spaghetti monster spaz.
Not big on men or go betweens even though I've been with my man for over 6 years- literally the only man I can stand- very masculine, and adorable. You'd think this was a weird oxymoronic relationship, but it's not.
I routinely go after the most effeminate girls I can find, goes to show why I'd want to have a lolita gf in the first place, but it seems like the father along someone is on that scale, the less likely they'll be interested.
I can understand why, it's just frustrating. And my taste is fucking frustrating too.
I had three women all over me at a camping trip party, ended up the four of us fucking each other on the beach, but they were all such skanks I literally couldn't bring myself to be 100% invested in any of it. I came out of it with wet fingers, soppy clothes and a newfound disgust for liquid lesbian dramu bs.

I just want a quiet girl, someone that likes dressing cute, staying in, and loves delicious kinky sex and doesn't mind some crass humor with her afternoon tea. My guy refrains that I can have this, but I'd have to drop him to keep someone around. He's not conventionally attractive, but god, what I wouldn't give for someone to finally see him the way I do, and to have that perfect triumvirate.
Every time I've gotten close, or have made advances, it fails spectacularly.
TLDR: melancholy.

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>being surprised that ppl in alternative fashion are also more likely to be "alternative" in their dating preferences

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It's like liking modern art. It's meaningless to you, but it looks pretty and goes with your furniture.

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its called attention whoring

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All I have for standards is that you respect yourself enough to work with what you've got, and you aren't throwing yourself on spears and complaining about how bad you've got it.
>mfw this is still pretty fucking hard to find

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Goddamn fetishist!

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I'm a trans female dating a trans male, both of us are into lolita. He actually got me into it but I was always secretly interested before we dated.

We go on dates together wearing it occasionally but I don't like the attention from normies.

We're in the same comm but its small and we don't go to meets often. I was also under the assumption people in our comm thought I was just a cis brolita and it made me really uncomfortable.

We wanna get married once we have the money and I'd like to have a modest jfash/lolita themed wedding. Idk if he would wanna wear sweet ouji or if we'd both wanna do the bridal coord thing but I'm definitely doing that myself.

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or maybe y'know, they just tend to have less hangups about sexual identity in general.

I'm not saying that ultra-conservative, 'between a man and a woman' types don't follow alt fashion, but when was the last time you saw a seapunk-lolita wiccan fawn make a post on tumblr or some shit about how homosexuality is an abomination?

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tumblr is shit, no thank you to that special snowflake brand of tramp.

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Same anon here.

This thread is making me sad and melancholic.
>mfw I have a spy appointment in a few hours.
>this is not gonna end well.

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>can't help that i'm a gay
>may as well be into any loud looking fashion i want

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Don't reply to trolls

>> No.8435739

>I was also under the assumption people in our comm thought I was just a cis brolita and it made me really uncomfortable.
Aww, that sucks.
Your wedding plans sound cool tho!

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I am into girls and having a lolita girlfriend would be so incredible. Unfortunately no girls are ever interested in me... I have only kissed one girl once and I am 23...

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>brolitas too are part of my fantasy

How about you date me instead

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somehow you sound like a Nice Guy

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Yikes I hope I don't come across that way to other girls.

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Thanks! Idk how it'll work out though because unsurprisingly, not everyone is into j-fash
I wouldn't care if people wore bodyline but I'd prefer not to have steampunks and shitty tumblr fashion

As far as the comm goes, it isn't really avoidable. I pass pretty well in normalfag shit but at the time my makeup was bad and a lot of stuff I wore just wasn't flattering. I also have huge feet.

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I'm practically married to my boyfriend. Live together, share finances/bank accounts, etc. But as many mentioned in this thread, I'd love to date another lolita or at least have one as a best friend and be able to share touches sometimes.

My bf would probably leave me if I even mentioned it, though

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My partner and I are both lolitas, and we twin regularly. Most of my comm is queer in some way or another, which is wonderful.

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>My bf would probably leave me if I even mentioned it, though
I feel like mine would just shoot it down immeadiately. Or do the age old "do I get another girlfriend too" which is not what I want to get into.

Shit is so complicated. Why can't I just cuddle a cute girl?

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Would you ever "share" her if she was okay with it? My taste in women is so different from my bf that i don't know if I'd get jealous/insecure over that aspect. Unfortunately, it's partially because he isn't very sexual.

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>so complicated
not really? if you're practically married why would you want to cheat on him?

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If it were a situation where he liked her too, but I feel like I would just go look for someone similar to me because I already have your average relationship where we have stuff in common but not main interests. However, we go together very well - our personalities get a long perfectly type thing. That's how I am with most of my friends actually, I have very few people that I have a main interest in common with me which is why I'm getting into Lolita because I found something I like that has a community for it.

But anyway - idk? I feel like if we had rules it might work. But I've had guys in the past go "oh yeah, I'm down for that, but I want to date other girls as well" which is not what I want. I do not want both of us to have side pieces.

What I want seems near impossible though. Like just one girl for us both but more for me than for him. Seems unfair, right?

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Omg me too. My fiance is very jealous and i'm not going to cheat on him. I would like a cute lolita girlfriend to cuddle and dress up and watch anime with and do some hanky panky with. He's okay with the idea, I would never let him touch her and I'm not interested in threesomes. Ideal type is about 5"0 - 5"3 girl under 120lbs with cute aesthetic. She would be about my size and we could twin as well. Asian or Caucasian is ok.

Eh it's not cheating. I think it's more about having skinship and sharing a cute yuri relationship with a cute girl. I don't want to fuck and get married or anything. Think Maria-sama ga miteru or Sakura and Tomoe.

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I'm not that other anon.
^Those are mine

I would not consider myself practically married to my boyfriend, as the concept of marriage is not something I'm too fond of.

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>I don't want to fuck
This is why it's gonna be hard to ever find the perfect lolita girlfriend.
Really feminine women don't seem to like sex all that much. And I don't really care for fucking masculine women when I could just fuck a guy.

>> No.8436176

Oh I'm totally down for fingering and eating pussy and toys. I should have said "I don't /only/ want to fuck". It would be something sweet that we could build up to, like sit around in fluffy lolita and eat sweets and watch hentai and make out and then what have you. However my fiance would be pretty jelly if he didn't get to watch and I don't want to share my lolita girlfriend with him.

>just one girl for us both but more for me than for him
I get you. No way would I ever let him date another girl. I just want to have a cutesy ecchi girls only time.

Last time we had this convo on here it turned out I was flirting with Rosaire. pls don't be rosaire

>> No.8436187

you sound like terrible selfish cunts
I'm gay and I wouldn't touch you bitches with a ten-foot pole

>> No.8436189

I'm really attracted to this one girl in my comm but I can't suss out if she's into women or just likes being kabedon'd by oujis. There are a fuck ton of 'fake lesbians' (girls who take super homoerotic photoshoots together, crack jokes about having orgies together at meets, but have boyfriends of 5+ years) in my comm and it's really frustrating. I've casually mentioned a few times that I have//had a girlfriend or whatever and it's always just met with a prim smile or 'oh that's nice' but yet there's so many gay jokes flying around the room it makes ME, A CERTIFIED GAY, uncomfortable. Feels bad man.

>> No.8436192


omg jealous what comm/area

>> No.8436198

I hope your boyfriend cheats on you and then justifies it with the girl being so different from you, he just really wanted that kind of non-frilly experience.

>> No.8436223

Fucking this.
Jesus fucking christ it's like I walked into a ice cream shop in Britain.
Vanilla, vanilla, vanilla.

>> No.8436296

> nonsexy things
> global warming and gym socks

I'm sorry, I just found that really funny for some reason.

>> No.8436299

same tbh

>> No.8436325

There are a few girls in my comm who are definitely not straight (despite having boyfriends at the moment). I like both guys and girls (bi? pan? I don't even know anymore), and my own boyfriend is well aware of me crushing on some of them. He doesn't mind at all. Those girls in my comm are just so cute nnnngh

>> No.8436338

I actually don't think I've been attracted to any lolitas I've met, but I'm also in a relationship, and don't usually like girls who are exactly like me.

>> No.8436428

Not who you were replying to, but my ex cheated on me, and it didn't change my opinion on being open to polyamorous relationships.
If anything it just made me paranoid.
adultery doesn't really benefit anyone involved. Like, it's not gonna some how teach them a lesson.

>> No.8436432

You're a lesbian, yeah? You probably don't understand what it's like to have a relationship with a guy outside of friendship, right?

>> No.8436453

As a lesbian, fuck off. Be serious and leave your guy if you want to live this fantasy, do the messy business of working out a real poly relationship, or stay with him if you really love him.

Nothing is worse than getting with someone who's just "kind of gay". I don't mean bi or straight leaning even. Just that person who's like "I'd love to fuck a girl, but relatioship? Eh." Commit to it or don't.

I have known plenty of girls who have gotten with other women, only to have been used by some girl who probably listened to Katy Perry's "I kissed a girl" song and thought they'd be a cute toy. Girls have feelings and aren't just something for you to boob squish then run home to your husband and dick him. You're not ready to be with a girl in any form if the extent of it is "mild yuri fantasies". Sorry. You're the female equivalent to a guy that just wants to mess with a girl and doesn't care about her other than her frilly aesthetic and the fact she has a vagina.

>> No.8436457

The person i'm seeing is in my comm but we're straight. dudes who take the fashion seriously and arent creepy/ man itas are so hard to find, i'm lucky i guess :')

>> No.8436490

Maybe you could bring them together one meet and let them know it makes you uncomfortable? If their decent people they should hear you out

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Now you step it back for one moment. Hetero and homos can find other interests outside their relationships too, just because you can have interest in both doesn't mean you can get a free pass to whine about how you can't have both. Its people like you that give bisexuals a bad name.

>> No.8436603

I think you're getting your personal grievances tied up with this relatively innocent comment. They didn't say they intended to do anything, whether or not their boyfriend would be ok with it (which they might be), or if they were going to be completely upfront about want they wanted from a 'kind of gay' relationship as you put it. Several anons have already admitted to wanting the same thing


A relationship like this doesn't seem beyond the realms of possibility, fantasy or not, as long as everyone involved is honest and knows what they are signing up for. It's kinda astonishing that you got 'anon wants to be a using shithead' from someone simply being honest about how they have romantic feelings towards women. If the anon in question is a lolita then it doesn't seem too ridiculous either that they would want to share that aspect of themselves with someone who feels the same way.

>> No.8436629

SAME except I'm just breaking into the fashion so it's hard to approach any local lolita. At the very least I'd want a good lolita friend to go with to get bubble tea or ice cream and get advice for lots coords and talk shit about lolita drama. At this point it's getting too idyllic to think I can have a rori fwb.

>> No.8436635

I'm gonna have to agree with this anon.

Couldn't have said it any better.

This is the reason why I get worried unless the girl is a lesbian, since there's the chance she's only using me to satisfy a temporary girl craving or experimenting to fulfill a fantasy then runs off to the other side.

And of course it's cheating if they're already committed to another person.

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There are two frilly friends of mine who are gay, they're so adorable but very shy. I wish they would open up a little bit more. They are gorgeous friends and I cherish them a lot but it's 100% platonic and I'm fine with that. It's cute to think about though.

>> No.8436662

>ITT: straight people to avoid

>> No.8436689

It sucks when people use others as a form of experimentation, entirely for their own entertainment or personal fantasies. That's just shitty behaviour in general and of course is not limited to the bi-curious or whatever. Those kind of shitty people exit right across the spectrum - men, women, straight, gay, bi - whatever.

There are people out there that are not gay or 'strictly bi' and I don't have a problem with anyone being honest about or expressing those feelings, in the form of head in the clouds unrealistic fantasy, or real-life exploration with absolute all-cards-on-the-table consent with everyone involved.

Must this always turn into some kind of lesbians and bisxuals vs 'lol girls are sooo hot, blah blah Katy Perry' shit(?).

I understand concerns about being taken advantage of, I really do but this doesn’t always have to become some polarisation, 'true vs imposter' game.

Even back in the 1940s Alfred Kinsey realised that many people did not fall simply at either end of the spectrum, and that bisexuality didn't necessarily mean being attracted to both genders equally.

Maybe all the 'somewhat bi' lolitas should just form a support group and hang out together or something, so they can just do their thing and avoid getting chastised by certain hetros, bisexuals and lesbians.

>> No.8436694

Similar situation here. We're in a long term relationship and I had crushed on my lolita senpai, but believing her to be completely out of my league, I never tried to take things further. I always worried that any signals she gave me would just be warped wishful thinking. Then my boyfriend *also* developed a crush and I briefly considered the possibilities, but literally the day after he confronted me saying 'she is definitely into you, have you never noticed?' she announced she was in a relationship. They are both just perfect together so I'm happy for them and understand it is not a good idea to be in a relationshio with someone you feel constantly inferior/insecure around. My bf would also never have had the guts to proposition her in a million years. Hell, I had to literally turn up on his doorstep and not leave or he would have just ran away scared.

>> No.8436696

I can see why you'd find it cute and all if he was submissive but that's as questionable and cringe as sissies getting off on pretending to be oh so weak and girly

>> No.8436701

I'm a lesbian and joined a comm late last year. Only out to close friends but beta af - don't want to scare the other girls that are straight. No crushes as of yet.
> not fall for the pretty straight girl

>> No.8436705

>Not cheating.
>'Hanky panky.'
>You'd be upset if he wanted to date another girl.

What the fuck is wrong with you people? Why can't you into monogamy?

>> No.8436709


I think no one is 100% straight and we're all on some sort of scale but

A) Lesbianism and bisexuality are fetishized by men so considered 'ok' more often

B) Women are sexualized/fetishized more often in general. Regardless of gender or orientation we are trained to associate the female form, any flesh exposed or even just a female voiceover in an ad with some level of sexual suggestibility

C) Men seem more preoccupied with their attraction to the opposite sex correlating with their perceived masculinity and therefore self worth. The butch lesbian stereotypes do exist but most other women and men are less likely to ostracize a woman who isn't straight (unless they're one of those guys who blame feminism on lesbians and it is 'their job' to have short hair and fuck all the women) Women seem to generally be more open to fluidity in identity and orientation

Personally I don't understand anyone who isn't pansexual. When I think of all the factors that make up a person, something like gender seems like an afterthough. Arbitrary...

>> No.8436728

I love your second paragraph description of your perfect girl. If I am going to screw around with a girl I'm going to have to be emotionally invested... I believe in having multiple partners but I don't agree with casual sex with no feelings even if I was single. My bf is also not conventionally attractive- however I fucking adore this man and would love to have a girlfriend around who could also keep him company when I'm not available (we have spent most of our relationship nearly 200 miles apart) He is a social recluse and afraid of women. He has run home, flustered, to tell me about a girl hitting on him once or twice (he wasn't sure how to react) but it would be great for both of us if a girl we both liked got to know him for who he is and could prove to him what a great person he is.

>> No.8436736

I'm sorry but you can't have all the fun and not share. It will not work if you only care about your own pleasure. There will just be jealousy and bitterness.

>I thought it was cute walking in to my bf and my crush spooning
>Spent the rest of the day fantasizing about us teaming up to spoil him in bed

>> No.8436778

I'm (mostly) straight and married, but goddamn lolitas are cute. Pretty sure I'm developing a crush on one girl in my comm. It'd never happen in a million years, though.

I once had a "mild yuri fantasy" type thing going on, but it ended really poorly. We would watch anime and cuddle and the cuddling got progressively closer and more familiar but when it came down to really turning into something I freaked out (had a boyfriend at the time) and bailed. She was pretty pissed about it for a while but we're still really good friends. If you guys REALLY want to do something like that, everyone needs to be upfront about their expectations, otherwise someone is going to get hurt.

>> No.8436870

that's good, because neither of us would be looking for a committed relationship with a girl. we'd be looking for a girl like us that just wants to have cuddles and a little more.

do you not think that people can have relationships based on the physical aspect? and i would be totally fine with my bf introducing another girl into the mix if it was physical only. i'd be fine with him touching her as long as i can jump in...

yeah, that does seem unfair. guess it doesn't matter since it's just a fantasy.

actually, being cheated on has made me more open to polyamory. i used to hate it, and it made me super insecure, but now i'd try it.

>> No.8436877
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>> No.8436900

Oh man, the feels in this thread. I'm bi (equally attracted to men and women) but I didn't come out until I was already in a long term relationship with my bf. I really wish I had come out way sooner and actually dated other girls, I just worried that it would affect my friendships negatively. My best friend in high school came out as bi and said she had a crush on me, and her super conservative parents banned her from seeing me, so yeah, it was a bit of a sensitive subject after that point. Anyway, there are definitely some girls in my comm who are super cute and my type, but I don't want to creep on them since I'm in a relationship and all. My boyfriend has said he's ok with an open relationship if I wanted to date other women, but I would still feel wrong about it, plus I'm kinda awkward and the whole poly thing would be a weird situation to try and navigate.

>> No.8436902
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Different anon but I feel the same way. Like I can be somewhat sexually attracted to women (we're soft and we smell nice and I like boobies) and I can be close friends with a woman but I've never felt anything remotely romantic towards any woman in my life. I think if I was attracted to a man and he turned out to have a vagina I'd stop being attracted to him, but someone with a penis who identifies as a woman would be okay.
I don't even fucking know, man. Maybe I'm just really not into vaginas? I don't think it's internalized homophobia or anything like that because literally all my closest friends are gay but idk.

>tfw no qt bi lolita who has her own boyfriend to just cuddle and be soft and girly and share cute clothes with

>> No.8436913

Are you me anon? This is almost exactly what happened to me.

>> No.8436974

>Are you attracted to other lolitas?
Kind of? Similar interests are always a nice thing to have with your partner but I'm not attracted in an age play way
If the question meant specifics, there's this girl I've been friends with for almost 3 years but we haven't met up yet and we would probably be going out but she's too far away and I love her so much.

>Have you gone on a date with another lolita?
Planning to go on a lolita date with that girl when we meet up for the first time! We'd probably twin but something really casual though and also go for (cold) bubble tea and macarons
> tfw overly idealistic view of first meeting

>Is your SO lolita in the same comm as you or another comm far away?
Same country, other side.

>If you married another lolita, you would wear lolita for the wedding?
Kek we aren't actually ever going to get married but we planned what we would wear. She would wear Sweetie Chandelier OP and I would wear Blooming Fairy Doll OP but she wanted me to wear the Kuragehime BTSSB OP but nah

I hope the person this is about sees this bc they'll know its them straight away and ilysm bae

>> No.8437237

Holy shit, this.

>> No.8437252

Oh my god, thank you for this.

My old roommate wanted to "experiment" with me or so she said. Any time we got close however, she'd immediately get on her phone and start texting all her guy friends to tell them "guess what we're doing!" which was annoying as all hell and I moved out as fast as I could.
Those type of people do exist but I've found they're fairly obvious.

I also dated a married polyamorous woman, whose husband was well aware that we were dating and was fine with it. At the time I was friends with him as well, and we'd all hang out together but I'd only cuddle/have sex with her. Never him. Turns out we didn't have much in common as I thought we did, and we broke up but we're all still friends and she dates other people now as well as still being married. Her husband also dates other people.

Experimenting is not to be seen as the same thing as dating. Just because you date someone and it doesn't work out does not mean they're a fake lesbian.

I'm the person in this thread that was talking about having a boyfriend while wanting to go back to an open relationship but just with other women. In the gay community I've been told by other gay friends that this is called being a unicorn? Because supposedly girls like me don't really exist. Most poly women want to date other men and women, not just women.

Because of that, and because of the height in popularity of polyamory in my area, I feel like it's hard to convince most men that I only wish to date one guy, and then other women.

The reason I don't want my boyfriend to also date other women, would be that's how things get complicated. Most poly couples I know have a string of people involved and it gets hard to keep track of, which you have to if you're all having sex. All the more reason to be more honest and upfront with each other.
However I think I would be okay with sharing one girl with my boyfriend but it's hard to find that one person for two people.

>> No.8437671

I'm pansexual, but I would love to try to hang out with another lolita. It would be a nice thing to have in common, since it's a huge part of my life.

>> No.8437759

This is very sweet and I wish you the best. Long distance can work. All it took was meeting my friend (I wasn't into Lolita yet, we had other similar interests and we're just friends) and I fell head over heels for her. I moved across country to be with her and it has worked out very well. Wishing you the best!

>> No.8437933

"I'm not gay but I'd love to have a lolita girlfriend but also I have a boyfriend" blah blah blah

>> No.8437977

Other pansexual lolita here
I'm here for you

>> No.8438051

Different anon but I think it's pretty common

>tfw just really want a female best friend who also shares my love of lolita.
Hugging friends is normal and nonsexual, but lately I don't have many close friends and so physical contact is something I only have with my boyfriend.
I miss having sleepovers with a best friend, braiding each others hair, sharing clothes and holding hands whilst laughing until our bellies ache from laughter.
A boyfriend can be a best friend but they are still no substitute for a best girl friend, I feel so lonely.

>> No.8438148

"i have a boyfriend and i know he wouldn't like it, but i would also never let him touch her lol, i get so jealous. i want a cute frilly silly relationship like in all teh yuri mangas, cuz that's how relationships totally work! i promise i'm not a weird yuri-type fujoshit."

>> No.8438183

The unicorn thing isn't that you're necessarily THAT rare, it's that the ratio of you vs "we are a hetero couple looking to add another girl" is SUPER skewed with a shitload of the latter.

That and there's a lot of couples like that where it's more his idea and he just wants a threesome. Not really to set up a relationship. Which scares a lot of people off

>> No.8438503

i watch porn with straight couples but usually watch it for the girls, however i'm not attracted to them and am usually just turned on because i imagine the things being done to the girl are being done to me? i'm not bi at all

>> No.8438542

>tfw I live in the middle of nowhere.
I can't believe I have more success ITT than in my entire life.

>> No.8438549

I've kissed a cute girl who had dressed in lolita before but unfortunately nothing happened since then? Oh I wish she was my girlfriend.

>> No.8438582

I feel like this thread is bait because I was literally just talking to the BF of the lolita I have a crush on.

>> No.8438599

This is me so much. I thought I was the only one who felt this way

>> No.8438700

My boyfriend actually wears lolita so i guess in a way I'm dating a lolita. I definitely am attracted to other lolitas who are female and would consider fucking one if i had the chance. (Me and my bf have this weird thing where we're both okay with each other fucking people of our own genders but someone of the opposite and we get jealous. I know. It's weird.) Also i would definitely get married in some sort of OTT hime style coord. I would rather buy a dress that i can wear multiple times than spend an asston on a dress that I'll only get to wear once.

>> No.8438721

That's not what bait means on this board.

>> No.8438727

One of my closest friends is a lolita. We have very similar interests, personalities and dreams. She also has had a lot of similar experience as me and comes from a similar background. She's like the sister I've never had and we even look similar (often people confuse us for each other). We even have similar measurements so twinning, shopping together and buying each other lolita gifts works well. There was one stage where I had a small crush on her but we both have loving long term partners and are straight. I think the truth is she's a brilliant, beautiful person who is so likeminded to myself and whom I love dearly and that's that. I'm just lucky to have her in my life.

A lot of lolitas are attractive but I've never had a crush on any other lolita.

>> No.8438731

>The unicorn thing isn't that you're necessarily THAT rare
It was just something a gay friend of mine said and he seemed kind of shocked about my preference, as did other people at the party.

>> No.8438832
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>tfw chill, sweet, and incredibly well-dressed brolita from nearby comm asks me out

this is amazing holy shit

>> No.8438894
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Wish there was another (hopefully western) Canadian female lolita who is into girls...
None of the girls in my or nearby comms have ever reacted to my flirting and I wonder if I am bad at flirting or if these girls are oblivious? (Or not just not into me....)

>> No.8439061

Apparently only you'd try polygamy, but your boyfriend may not. Which isn't polygamy.

>> No.8439091

Really though, a unicorn is rare as shit to find. Speaking from the perspective of a chick with a guy that wants another girl involved. What you describe from yourself though, isn't a unicorn. We're talking straight up a third in a relationship in which all three are invested in one another.

>> No.8439107

All these bitches throwing around 'pansexual'
I remember when it was hotly debated which one, pan or omni, included 'lovin' animals, but both were short hand for 'anything with a heartbeat...and then some.
good fucking times.

>> No.8439150

Wut is Lolita

Newf-word here, first time ever on /cgl/

>> No.8439152

Also what's "comm"

>> No.8439161

Have you ever heard of this wonderful tool that people use that grants them instant access to pretty much anything they want to learn about? It's called Google. All you have to do is type "lolita fashion" into the search bar, and there you go! :') /s

tl;dr Please do some goddamn research first before you further embarrass yourself on this board.

>> No.8439173

Thanks ;__;

>> No.8439187

I had a high school friend want me and we started doing things together at her house. Holy shit, stupidest thing I ever did. My parents were ultra conservative and hers weren't. We were found out at her place, but thankfully her parents never told mine. The only one that ever got in trouble was her.

It kind of wrecked me and made me realize how unacceptable homosexual relationships were in society. It made me never want to introduce "unacceptable" partnerships to my parents ever again. They acted like cool parents, but the moment it happened to them in their family, homophobia flared up. We no longer talk and honestly I wish we never did anything. Her parents sent her to her grandma's to "discuss how it was a phase". I can't believe I got away with no consequence and the "open minded" parents sent her to her grandma's to kind of counseling to set her back to straight. Weird times.

>> No.8439237

Not every parents are like that. Mine accepted me as who I am. They know I loved girls and boys and they don't care as long as I am happy and don't do stupid things like unprotected sex.

>> No.8439305

I'm pretty homo but I would never date a lolita holy shit. I can already see the constant tantrums and highschool-tier bullshit. Plus she'd probably expect me to buy her brand. No thanks, I'll stick to women with dateable personalities.

>> No.8439310

You sure you're not a beta male, anon?

>> No.8439317

Last I checked I was female, I just like to date adult women with something other than fluff and envy between their ears. IE, not lolitas. Seriously the worst possible dating pool, it's like walking into a dog pen where all the dogs are constantly ripping each other to shreds and howling and then going 'yep, this looks like a great place to find the puppy of my dreams!;

>> No.8439320

So you come to the lolita thread to complain about it? You're probably some scrawny, disheveled lesbian who wears hoodies all the time anyway. More qt lolitas for me.

>> No.8439323

I'm waiting to go out and I'm bored, might as well shitpost.

>> No.8439340

Don't tar us all with the same brush. Some of us are intelligent and discerning with hobbies outside of the lolita. I'm not interested in drama, cattiness or being completely vapid and obsessed with makeup or having all the burando. Some of us aren't bigots either but we keep it quiet to avoid being told to go back to Tumblr

>> No.8439343

It's not about the gender it's the fact you were caught 'doing things' at all. I'm glad my parents still don't know I'm bi at 22 because it was rare even for them to let me have female friends around. The only boy 0-18 years that has ever set foot in my house was my cousin on two occasions and we were never allowed to be alone.

>> No.8439347
File: 2.52 MB, 250x201, 1434611171709.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Some of us are intelligent

>> No.8439350

Same. Like I wouldn't turn a lolita down for a bit of fun, but I'd be extremely wary of any potential drama.

Not that there's any actual lolitas where I live, they're all itas. And I'm moving to Ireland, where bitches ain't cute at all.

>> No.8439354

My boyfriend and I were just platonic friends chatting online for 3 years before we met up IRL. I used to do a 6-12 hour round trip to his house until he moved to my city last year and we've been together 3 years as of May 2nd. It can work!

>> No.8439357

Are you anywhere near London anon? Seriously

>> No.8439362

Normally I'd agree with you, but I think it was definitely homophobia. Her parents weren't quite like yours and let her date boys if she wanted, especially after me. She told me about some of her dates towards the end of our friendship. If I were the man, I think I'd being the one in trouble in our old situation. Because it was female/female, that led to her parents trying to reform her "back to being straight" at grandma's which maybe "worked". She dated men openly, but I think she's possibly a closeted lesbian now.

I still think it's kind of funny in retrospect. I feel like parents should almost want their kids to be gay sometimes, especially if they're overprotective. STD's? Not high for girl/girl relationships. Pregnancy? None. It's just the fact she caught us doing some minor sexual activity together and we were girls. It's almost like they never fathomed their daughter could possibly like other women, despite being "open minded".

>> No.8439363

I'm actually more disturbed by the idea of being able to have a sexual relationship with no feelings involved. (I don't understand how people are ok with singles having one night stands but not affairs where people actually care about who'm they get their kicks from. I'm no prude, though) If my bf actually has sex with her, I'd like to know he saw her as more than just a vagina and I'd have to feel the same way about her. If I ever got cheated on I'd be way more mad if the relationship was jeopardized over 'just a bit of fun' rather than actual feelings, too.

>> No.8439505

>become bffs with new QT lolita in comm, similar style to me, hang out all the time, tell each other everything
>she breaks up with her shitty bf
>we hang out together for the day, twinning BtssB print together
>invites me back to her place
>on laptop reading secrets in her lounge room when she asks "so are we going to do it or what?"
>drags me into her bedroom
>make out while stripping down to lingerie
>so hot, she's practically dripping
>suddenly she stops and says she feels guilty about her ex ?????
>awkwardly put layers of clothes back on

We ended up messing around a couple other times but she ended up being really flaky, meeting another guy and suddenly disappeared for a while, quit lolita, contacted me sporadically over a few months, moved away and then I never heard from her again.

>> No.8439510

I used to be like this, then I realised it's fucking hypocritical about the gender thing. So now we're both ok to fuck other people of either gender, because the real thing is emotional intimacy, physical is just physical.

>> No.8439955

I know the feel anon

>> No.8440133 [DELETED] 

That anon here. Chill man, I already said it was an unrealistic fantasy. I'm fully aware real life doesn’t work like that and I certainly would never, ever string anyone along under the pretence of having a 'a bit of fun'. I also wouldn't cheat on my boyfriend.

The romantic feelings towards women thing is absolutely genuine though and not something I can will away. If I was forced to put a label on myself it would probably be something hideously tumblr sounding such as 'bi-romantic' (which is a term I never use for what it's worth).

I am a lolita though so hanging out with a fellow lolita would be pretty sweet, I'd be more than happy to do the kind of things described here >>8438051 and in the very unlikely event someone wanted to do the whole bi-romantic/ whatever the bugger you call it thing with me, (with the consent of my boyfriend and full disclosure from the start) then that would be sweet as. I'm not holding out for it however.

>> No.8440173

That anon here. Chill man, I said it was an unrealistic fantasy, although my attempt at tongue-in-cheek maybe fell a bit flat.

I'm fully aware real life doesn’t work like that and I certainly would never, ever string anyone along under the pretence of having a monogamous lesbian relationship or for 'a bit of fun'. I also wouldn't cheat on my boyfriend.

The romantic feelings towards women thing is absolutely genuine though and not something I can will away. If I was forced to put a label on myself it would probably be something hideously tumblr sounding such as 'bi-romantic' (a term I can never bring myself to use for what it's worth).

I am a lolita though so hanging out with a fellow lolita would be pretty sweet, I'd be more than happy to do the kind of things described here >>8438051 and in the very unlikely event someone wanted to do the whole bi-romantic/ whatever the bugger you call it thing with me, (with the consent of my boyfriend and full disclosure to all from the start) then that would be sweet as. I'm not holding out for it however.

>> No.8440474

Any lolitas hate crushing on someone? There was a thread on the topic a while back and I'd love to know what became of OP and her hate crush.

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