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because the old one is dead and buried and people still are commenting on it. Start up again here!
>>8381945 old thread

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Because you didn't call this CoF or closet of frills it won't come up when people search the catalog. Just fyi. Prepare for duplicates.

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sauce on shoes

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I hate the lighting on her pictures. But at least this coord isn't a disaster.

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Vivienne Westwood.

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Ahh this one is very nice. A stark contrast with all the disasters she's posted.
Can't believe she went from really good old school & goth to such a brand ita lately. She can clearly still do it right, she's proven this right here.
She looks great in Moitie.
Me too.

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When people type out 'closet of', I'm pretty sure it'll come up.

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I knew that but which ones specifically?

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I love this coord but the shoelace is making her ankles look like hams

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I don't understand how she can be an ambassador.

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I'd switch out the tights for something else. Who even is she, and where is she an ambassador of?
How does the whole ambassador thing work anyway? Seems like it only exists in countries that have fuckhuge communities.

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Is this supposed to be "ero?"

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Oh jesus, is wearing underwear as ero a trend now, copycatting that girl who wore it to a con and got asspats because it was so ~special and unique~

No, you're wearing your underwear as clothes. It's as stupid as wearing bloomers as pants.

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so sexy

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Elevated Gillies.

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Seriously do these girls really walk around in public like this? It's embarrassing. They're literally wearing underwear.

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I'm gonna take a wild guess, that cardigan was buttoned up before and after that picture was taken.

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This just makes it obvious that the skirt is too tight for her and makes her look fat. If she'd just worn a blouse this would be an alright coord

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Considering she posted it online for the world to see, I wouldn't put it past her to go out in public without the cardigan buttoned up since apparently this is ero.

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lol anyone screen cap the let's be super polite princesses essay post that was instantly deleted?

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I got u

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>"If the admins have a problem with this post, then redirect it or remove it"
>"Guys I am so mad right now I posted this to Closet of Frills and they took it down"


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Caps of replies???

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I bet she #loveslace

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This. CoF isn't a fucking discussion place anyway.

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You guys she just reposted it to rufflechat here we go

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What is she even asking? Does anyone else experience this? What, criticism? No shit. It's a fact of life. Grow a pair. No one was even that mean to that girl who attempted ero.

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Annnnddd, it's gone

>> No.8396267

Annndd it's gone

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Here's the CoF thread before it was deleted.
>Green is OP
>Red is Admin
>Grey is misc girls

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Here you go

She's still going

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I'd argue this is the takiest thing to ever come from CoF

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oops, here's the expanded comment

>Sorry, yea, I probably should have mentioned that it's a very common topic and has kind of been discussed to death, like the whole replica topic. I thought maybe you were going to re-write your post to be more open-ended and conducive to discussion, so I didn't think to say anything. If you're interested in what people have to say on the matter, you could do a search in RC for some keywords and whatnot to look at past discussions.

>It can just be frustrating when people bring up the same topics over and over, so if there was any hostility that's probably where it came from.

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annnd it's hivemind

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came here for this.

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it's like she said herself. this fashion is not for the faint of heart.

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Well, obviously she didn't expect anyone to disagree with her enlightened views. I mean. How could we? Her though-provoking post is perfect for a group page dedicated to showing off your outfit snaps. Anyone who doesn't agree must be barbaric bullies.

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How new are you? Hivemind isn't inherently an insult

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Sad how she's not even fat but is wearing a skirt so tight it gives her a muffin top. You know, I bet if she wore a loliable blouse the bagginess would have hid that.

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My google-fu is shit-tier and can't find the page. Can anyone help?

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>facebook dot com
>Closet of Frills: Daily Lolita

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Maybe because she is an absolute sweetheart who does a lot for the community ? Like a real ambassador.

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She tried, but it looks cluttered.

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She never looks good in lolita, it never looks natural on her.

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Thank you kind Anon

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>mfw i really like this

>> No.8398003

>not even posting yfw

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I rather like this one!

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looks fine

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I'm not fond of the boots, I think they look too chunky and the coord would improve overall with some TPs but that's just me. Also I don't think the lipstick goes with this, it makes it feel clownish, especially with the intense blush. I think a more toned-down pink color would work better. Beyond that though I think it's cute.

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Vendetta? I>>8398034
only see a cute outfit?

>> No.8398040

Agreed! The boots and the lipstick really ruin it . Otherwise it's really cute.

>> No.8398041

I agree anon is being salty, but the coord is too busy. She's got way too many colours and it makes it unbalanced. Should either replace the blouse with a pink one, or the shoes with lavender ones. Then toss out the bag(too busy for this) because right now she has
>pink, lavender, black, blue, peach, and white
going on.
Cut it down to 3

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Forgive me, this might be a dumb question but sauce on the dress?
>accidentally typed "salt on the dress" at first

>> No.8398055

I just think it's unfair to say she look bad in lolita. It's not the best coord but she looks happy and cute!

>> No.8398058

Is this a hug box now?????

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No salt, not vendetta. Just honest concrit. I've seen worse, this just has too much going on.

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The dress itself is poorly designed too

>> No.8398160

wonder party, AP.

>> No.8398195

refreshing and colorful in my opinion, only the bag and boots bother me.

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show me one western girl that looks "natural" in lolita! she looks as good or bad as any too tall too chubby non asian girl.

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>vertical stripes
>horizontal stripes
>diamond pattern
Just no, this is a mess.

>> No.8398206

this had the chance to look elegant, but the fuckugly boots just drag it all down.

>> No.8398208

the vertical and horizontal stripes are APs fault, the whole fucked up rest is her's

>one of APs worst sets
>but she made it WORSE

>> No.8398220

she looks so proud and happy about her shitty coord... just sad.

>feels actual pitty
>how can somebody be so blind?
>if she were a beginner ok ok...

>> No.8398239

There's an AP orgy on her body and everyone's invited

>> No.8398243

jeez I wish I had AP...

>> No.8398245

I LIKE it! so shame one me?

>> No.8398256

It's summer.

>> No.8398258

so...we are NICE in summer?
>goes offline in that case

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>Hurr only azns look gudbin lolita xD
As an asian girl let me tell you this is completely false. There are many asians that arent kawaii petite photoshooped nihongo/korean grills like you have no idea. Have you ever been even in Japan? Most of the girls were very average looking to err..."ugly"? in the streets. I saw some cute lolitas but some had a awful face. Some were thin and pretty or average weight/slightly chub and cute but most were thin/average/chub with a very meh face. Same for europeans and westerners not all of them are supah kawaii dorrus. So yeah saying it looks more natural on a certain race is bullshit

>> No.8398263

no sorry. only asians can wear lolita and look good/doll like. that valkyrie up there is the living example.

>> No.8398266

Don't feed the trolls

>> No.8398275

according to her website (Laurandotco m)
>Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Elevated Gillies in Black

She has a lot of VM stuff which is kind of unsurprising given how long she's been into lolita. I sometimes forget how VM was a big deal back when egl was active.

>> No.8398414

Nope. Wonder Cookie. To the anon asking, please check Hello Lace or Lolibrary in the future.

>> No.8398428

Chill, anon just got the names mixed up

>> No.8398446

Would have looked better with the pink colorway of that bag.

(I secretly feel the pain of trying to coordinate that bag except mine is the navy).

>> No.8398480

VM is not VW

>> No.8398509

Holy crap. Talk about offensive to the eye.

>> No.8398658

If she'd changed the boots, wore a different-colored blouse (something about it seems to clash, even though I know it's the same color - maybe it's the cut of the blouse but something at the neckline of the JSK just looks off here) got rid of most of her accessories, thereby toning down the busy-ness of this coord, it would be adorable. That wig shade (or real hair...?) totally suits her skin-tone, and she looks happy. But the boots seem to hit an unfortunate area with those socks, and the print's so busy anyway, it's best to keep all coordinates with it toned down imo.

I don't know. I don't like the print myself, so.

>> No.8398671

Actually it's not the same color. The blouse is lavender(to match the bag I assume) and the boots are pink

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I really like this dress!

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She's cute and I like the outfit too.

>> No.8400447

This is a cute coord. I could do without the massive wig but the color works nicely.

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I agree that the wig looks weird - almost crooked? - but the rest of the coord looks pretty nice.

>> No.8400472

Yeah, it looks like the clipped the twintails way up high and at an angle sort of like a sidepart. I get where she was going with it, just not to my tastes personally.

>> No.8400473

Because black, pretty black, and simple classic coord

>> No.8400480

bitches need to stop with the fucking gal hair.

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File: 103 KB, 720x960, 11218612_10155694720475722_4574315281274428805_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God, I feel bad because this girl looks so sweet, but I hate this coord. It's like a heap of trendiness with no actual substance.

>That shitty broken scepter
>Mismatched blouse and underskirt
>Long-ass underskirt
>Cheap costume crown
>Casual boots with OTT

>> No.8400682

The crown and scepter thing needs to stop. All this cringing is going to age me prematurely.

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I am laughing so hard right now because I scrolled down and didn't see the "view more comments" bit so it looks like the comment is a reaction to her outfit

>> No.8400693

Makeup is pretty shit.
outfit is meh, not ita, not super cute, could have been better mainly the blouse and hair accessory
This isn't even lolita, it's literally a lolita dressed and nothing else lolita

>> No.8400706

Oh look, a self post

>> No.8400709

This isn't lolita at all....

>> No.8400712


>> No.8400724

Why does this bitch ruins everything she wears? All her outfits seems mediocre at best. Brand Ita

>> No.8400736

>because for once it's an attractive black girl wearing something pretty
It has nothing to do with the outfit being lolita, which it isn't. It's people desperately liking a rare occurrence and clinging to it.

>> No.8400774

No? Just adding things to the thread

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Am I the only one that is focused about the bent staff. My OCD is cringing

>> No.8401010

but this outfit is lolita are you blind or a newfag?

>> No.8401016

Aw, I'm proud of Chanel, this is nice.

>> No.8401045

okay vendetta chan

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Her face is a bit unfortunate, but I think this is nice otherwise.

>> No.8401118

...which one? Neither has an unfortunate face but the coord on the left is a bit more interesting/thought out.

>> No.8401120

It's okay anon, the bent staff bothers me too.

>> No.8401127

I think the girl on the left is the one who posted it, that's who I mean. She's not terrible though.

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File: 211 KB, 1024x512, chill.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Neither of these girls have 'unfortunate' faces.

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File: 155 KB, 960x960, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This was super adorable.

>> No.8401182

At best it's vintage. Nothing about it is lolita. Do you care to elaborate why you think it is?
>wearing an a-line petticoat underneath a dress =/= lolita

>> No.8401487

why are the accessories on the right not even in either of the co-ords?

>> No.8401490

I'm sure that this has been gone over before, but is there something... Wrong with Chanel?

>> No.8401495


>> No.8401504

It's a lolita dressed styled completely not lolita.

>> No.8401510

I'm sorry, but i can't get past the lazy eye and the boobloaf.
why does her face always look like it's melting off?

>> No.8401513

She looks really cute, anon, what are you on about?

Gosh can you imagine the smell coming off her?

>> No.8401606

It was to the person who asked, not the one who said the wrong print name. I think you need to chill if you reply incorrectly to a perfectly calm post.

>> No.8401611

Why do people insist on dragging around these full legnth scepters? Especially at cons. You're already on your feet most of the day; it is silly to add extra weight and unnecessary baggage.

Also, I will be so glad when this ill fitting full legnth underskirt trend completely disappears. Shit looks dumb.

>> No.8401657

Agreed. Cute as button.

>> No.8401690

Is that a replica of AATP Midsummer Night's Dream?

>> No.8401761

Oh man, I can't believe anyone would prise this
>that boobloaf
>full length underskirt with a midi dress
>white blouse that matches nothing
>crown worn with the bonnet
>(broken) full size scepter
>gold on scepter/crown doesn't match the gold on the handbag at all (I'm not normally all matchy-matchy, but this just looks bad)
>no wig (I don't mind natural hair as long as it's styled well, this isn't)
>also a total lack of neck (I know she can't help it but still)
I'd say this is lesser ita/major nitpick, either way terribad

>> No.8401785

I don't see how people could consider this lolita and not just an antebellum-inspired outfit.

The only "lolita" aspect about this is that she's wearing a petticoat. If you took away the lace on the bodice this would be a simple, A-line dress with a waist bow. The heels are not lolita, the hairstyle is not lolita; this is just a nice Sunday outfit. Are we really so thirsty for anyone remotely attractive in a clean, fashionable outfit?

This is just a disaster.
Also, while I sympathize as I am a short girl myself, underskirts/tea length look really frumpy on us.

>> No.8401835

I think they are, the fan just isn't. She's got OTKs and what looks like a bracelet on. It's just hard to see details in a full body picture.

>> No.8402012
File: 74 KB, 540x960, 11406864_871829482853740_3841581826887453250_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like this one. Her hair looks a bit unkempt but overall this is nice.

>tfw even after I lose all this weight my linebacker shoulders will never go away and I will never be able to wear these OPs

She always wears those ugly stilettos. They clash.

>> No.8402320
File: 43 KB, 540x960, 10489979_10205476123796885_4864255365066789248_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This girl looks really cute and cuddly

>> No.8402368

That mushed up crown on her head is disgusting.

>> No.8402378
File: 100 KB, 314x944, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Same dress!

>> No.8402386
File: 30 KB, 240x240, 3268766337_173b878d93.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think it's cute but it's not to everyone's tastes

>> No.8402426


that's one way of putting it anon

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File: 73 KB, 960x640, 11401139_10204555000491274_1417613500086906034_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>133 replies
>24 images

I feel like these threads used to have a lot more pictures in them

>> No.8402436

Someone please make a "who wore it better" thread? I would but I'm busy because reasons.

>> No.8402571

For you.

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File: 1.43 MB, 999x850, hweg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why can't/don't people who hand make dresses choose nice fabrics and colours?
Every single time it's cheap looking cotton with meh tailoring.

>> No.8403039
File: 238 KB, 645x1280, frill1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The dress and wig are really really cute with her face but I can't stop looking at how the flower crown colors don't match the rest.

>> No.8403139

She's actually pretty annoying in person, so don't feel bad. She is delusional about her size.

>> No.8403143

I thought the same thing, but I just saw her on tumblr and it looks like it matches a lot better in the pictures there? Huh

>> No.8403147

The two shapes for lolita dresses are as follows:
Aline dresses require A-line petticoats you filthy heathen.

>> No.8403161


They aren't always available. Someone posted a relatively nice fox print in the sewing thread and someone was like "lol u shud just liek get a fox border print, that would be way moar kawaii." Um that shit don't exist.

Also the tailoring looks fine on that dress, if a little plain.

>> No.8403164

It's not hard to find nicer non-print fabric

>> No.8403184

Hi there! Thanks for posting my dress. While the color palettes you posted are beautiful I stand by the choices I made and I think the colors I chose look nice together. It's not always easy to find perfect matches for blouses (the one I'm wearing is IW).

The tailoring is meh, because I am a meh tailor.

>> No.8403190

I liked the idea you went for and the melting chocolate pieces look very nice, it's jusst I really don't think the fabric is doing it favors, and the colour (especiallu the mian bits) are too orange for the theme.
My comments aren't aimed at the dress, not so much the coord.

>> No.8403206

As far as your tailoring goes, I think It just needs cleaned up a wee bit, perfect the fit of your bodices and it lookslike you need to clip, iron, and topstitch the bottom of the apron. The drips are a little too small in my opinion, but that's just my preference.
I like the color combo, it makes me think of salted caramel chocolates, though I do wish the drippy parts were darker to match your blouse, beret, and shoes. I don't like the paisely that anon shooped in, but a plain cotton sateen would be perfect, right now it looks like stiff quilting cotton. Ideally, you might be able to use a sateen for the drips and a poplin or broadcloth for the body of the dress. I think adding the trim and buttons would be a good idea as well, details are important.

>> No.8403216

Your color choices are ok, but please use better quality material. Cheap cotton will always look like crap in photos.

>> No.8403224

Judging by the comment shown there, maybe it broke midway?

>> No.8403225


Thanks for the constructive criticism!

>> No.8403230

*are aimed at the dress not the coord
something is wrong with me today

>> No.8403304

I think the flower crown was vintage so it might be difficult to get the exact matching flowers, but i see the way it clashes

>> No.8403311

Honestly I can appreciate the creativity especially in the shoes so I'm willing to give this one a pass.

>> No.8403331

I meant to post on the FB post earlier, but my phone died; Anyway, anon, I love it. The warm colour makes me think more of caramel or giga puddi than chocolate.

It looks like the melty part is an over-skirt? That may be what's making the bodice seem a little puckered - But bodice fitting can be a pain in the ass to get the hang of, and this is still much nicer than the tubes you see floating around.

I love the drape of the main skirt, though. Is it pleated underneath, or also a circle?
A-and if you don't mind, how full is it?
>I want to make a skirt with this exact shape and I'm trying to think of the most fabric-economic way to do so.
>Maybe a full circle out of four corners, which would only take 2 meters? Idk mang.

>> No.8403335

I can see it working because the pinks match the tone of the actual dress, if not the flowers on it. A tiny little purple accent on the white bow would even it out properly.

Those fucking shoes, though. They are everything that I want in life.

>> No.8403349

>perfect matches for blouses

But it doesn't match...

>> No.8403370

>all a-line dresses are lolita

>> No.8403376
File: 105 KB, 960x960, af-no.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why in the unholy name of Fucklord hasn't this monstrosity been posted yet?

>> No.8403385

If it's made well enough, you could just use it as a walking stick.

>> No.8403396

God I HATE the shirring bust on this it looks so crap. She looks like the michelin man.

>> No.8403403
File: 498 KB, 500x400, tumblr_m1sfu4Nalg1qats3w.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That thing on her head is so disgusting.

>> No.8403426

I hate all of her wigs. They just don't suit her at all.

>> No.8403454

I have this same dress in a different color and I promise you it looks much better if you have a larger bust/waist difference.

>> No.8403782

I keep accidentally saying 'Closet of Thrills' when referring to the FB group.

What have you done to me

>> No.8403792

Aw, I feel bad for her. That Quasimodo look she got going is making me want to stroke her head and tell her she will dress better one day.

>> No.8403794

The crown looks like a puckered asshole

>> No.8403806

That's actually the exact look I was going for

>> No.8403896
File: 113 KB, 960x960, gudetamacoord.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really love this coord.

Complain all you want, but we all like cute things from Japan and Gudetama is one of them.

>> No.8403898

Loved it too, thought this was really cute!

>> No.8403923

spoiler alert: we all like it

>> No.8404414

This is so cute.

>> No.8404419

I think the dress is really ugly

>> No.8404422

her wardrobe is one of my favorites!

>> No.8404460
File: 104 KB, 960x960, 11058270_10153043468270345_3233765656202980894_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Those shoes
>That choker
>Still hasn't cut those bangs

>> No.8404474

Those shoes look atrocious in lolita

>> No.8404476

This looks awful what the fuck

>> No.8404477

That make-up

Srsly, she should re-learn how to make-up big time. It doesn't help her facial profile at all.

>> No.8404483

I don't think this is too bad. Sure, it's got some non-lolita points that everyone is going to bitch about (the shoes) but at least it all looks alright. The only things bothering me are how dark her makeup is compared to the rest of her coord and the really bad hair accessories, but overall this isn't painful to look at at all.

>> No.8404496

looks kinda hime gyaru.very pretty and elegant though.

>> No.8404500

I'm just like damn though, way to wear a wig on vacation even though it's probably way hot and you have hair underneath? Has anyone ever seen her real hair besides this shitty wig that she wears all the time?

>> No.8404503

Someone mentioned in the last thread that she has alopecia (?) So I get that, but that doesn't really excuse the shit wig

>> No.8404509


>> No.8404528

Cute, but not lolita. Would be nice for some kind of formal event like a fancy dinner, graduation, attending a wedding, etc. This a good example of how to incorporate lolita pieces into normie fashion

>> No.8404538

That might explain the dark eye make up as well. If she does have alopecia, (which I've never heard that) the disease also affects eyelashes, she may be trying to cover it.

Personally I like the outfit, everyone just loves to hate that girl for no real reason. The shoes are ugly but reminiscent of old school street style. I won't say I like them, but I understand why she wore them, and I'll give her a point for doing something different. Lolita gets homogenous really quickly, so I appreciate people who don't conform to all the 'rules' even if it doesn't always end up looking perfect.

>> No.8404544

This, people are quick to find a flaw in everything hoot does. I think it's cute.

>> No.8404547

I wish more people weren't afraid to break rules like that. IMO she looks fine, I can see why people complain but it's something new and is therefor much preferable for me to look at than the same damn cookie-cutter outfit day in and day out. People are too damn afraid of criticism and keep to the same boring shit constantly.

>> No.8404560

Lolita can only evolve as a fashion if people continue to break the rules like this and try new things. Agree with the whole cookie-cutter thing, FFS try something new once and awhile guys.

>> No.8404566

god her makeup is so cringe worthy. how does she not know that a red lip obviously doesn't go with that dress?

>> No.8404567

I wouldn't call platform shoes and a choker new

>> No.8404568

that lip looks pink to me, not red

>> No.8404573

I don't mind the shoes too much but it looks fucking stupid on the sand, im surprised she didn't break a foot.
Everything on her hair/wig/whatever looks like it's falling out and and her make-up is for going clubbing, not for a day at the beach...

I wish to understand wtf is happening with the hair/wig
Does she have an updo and like a random large glob of hair on one side with some shit hanging off of it??

>> No.8404577

Some people like to wear heavier make up. Deal with it.

I'm pretty sure it's a braid crown.

>> No.8404583

Would you even be able to do a braid crown with a wig.
And it still doesnt explain that glob of hair with a scrunchie or someshit sliding off of it.

And I think her heavy makeup looks bad. Deal With It.

>> No.8404585

It's not, but people here get bent out of shape over fucking ballet bae shoes and it's like calm down, as long as they match, it's not actually super awful.

>> No.8404586

Why does everyone lose their shit when GH does anything on the internet, did I miss something here

>> No.8404589

My problem with the shoes is that she's on the beach so they seem really out of place. I think they would look fine used differently.

>> No.8404590

I fucking love chunky shoes, but maybe she didn't have any others that matched?

>> No.8404598

I feel like intention should count, like if you bought some big ass platforms for the coord, but if you just grabbed some last minute? Try harder and learn your lesson from being called ita.

>> No.8404603

So your problem is that her shoes doesn't match the surroundings?

News everyone! Now your coord doesn't just have to match in color but also where you are!
Want to wear that cute chocolate dress? Too bad, you can't because we're going to a museum today.

>> No.8404604

She seems to rock the flower crown a lot and cgl hates that shit with a passion cause muh tumblr boogeyman

>> No.8404610

Yeah this logic is retarded, cgl just has a hateboner for girlyhoot, spoiler alert for all your summerfags

>> No.8404614

>I think her makeup looks bad
>omg everyone losing their shit!!!11!

She posted a coord to CoF, and this is a CoF thread. That's why it's here. People always have nitpicks about coords in these threads and she's no exception. Lots of people don't like that coord upthread that got like 700 something likes but it doesn't mean people are losing their shit over it

>> No.8404617

oh i like this a lot. good use of Whyteleafe. who is she? im not on fb sorry

>> No.8404618

Yeah, flip flops would be sooo much better!

>> No.8404624 [DELETED] 

>lose their shit

>> No.8404635

fucking top kek

>> No.8404640

Apparently she wore marine theme flip flops check the comments

>> No.8404646

I don't mind her makeup so much, but the choker and shoes just ruin it. She has a cute look going on and then you reach the shoes and they're just not fitting with lolita at all since they look like tennis shoes with platforms?? You could say "oh but she's on vacation" but don't tell me that shit would be comfortable in the sand.

Basically, The outfit is cute but falls short and just overall has a lot of stuff that doesn't fit. It's not "trying something new" imo, just a lot of bad little choices that add up to look bad.

>> No.8404647
File: 53 KB, 839x960, 11412156_10153043600765345_4099057864755644632_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8404654
File: 120 KB, 960x783, 11220788_10204564715694148_3265759012227903353_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would like this more if the underskirt had 2 less ruffles

Did a janitor seriously delete this post, wtf

>> No.8404655
File: 24 KB, 421x399, meh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw i actually do like this better

>> No.8404671

yes! also she should smile way more! it would be so much cuter for coord shots if she just fucking smiled

>> No.8404697

Yep, WAY better. She looks like she's having a good time.

>> No.8404701


So I can wear flip flops to meetups now and people will still think I look good?

>> No.8404705

>wearing brand to the beach
Cool concept due to the print on the dress, but sounds like an unfun nightmare.

>> No.8404706

Is your meet on the beach? Are your flip flops cute and your feet groomed? If no to any of these, then no, no you can't.
They said this looks better, still room for improvement.

>> No.8404710


Are you at a meet in that picture? I assumed it was like a casual date or something.

>> No.8404711

All of that salt will keep your colors from running at least.

>> No.8404724

Matching your environment has always been a thing since people started to wear more than one set of clothing. You're going to look stupid wearing a short sleeved light sailor coord in a dusty history museum and you're going to look stupid wearing a classic OTT underskirts and veil coord to a sunny boat trip. It's not an exclusively lolita concept.

>> No.8404730

>that pun

>> No.8404734

No, unless your meetup is at the beach or somewhere where it would make sense. Quit your sass

>> No.8404750

Christ on a cock. I'm not usually aboard the Kate Hate Train but god she looks terrible here. Even the accessories that DO match are sloppy because of the wind. She should've either gone for a simple, comfy look that one could actually wear to the beach, or posted this kind of semi-OTT coord once she had actually put it together in a setting with less weather.

This looks SO much better, at least flip flops make sense to wear on the beach, and she's adorable when she relaxes and smiles. like c'mon girl you can wear casual every so often just like the rest of us, love your damn self

>> No.8404762

>sandy blonde wig
>dark reddish brown eyebrows


Hate the underskirt, would lose it altogether, but damn she has pretty eyes.

>> No.8404798

Thanks!!! I'll be posting!

>> No.8404808

such pretty eyes!!!

>> No.8404941
File: 85 KB, 578x771, 11407177_10207026543608434_9219783932898433017_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it hurts

>> No.8404944

If I was on a honeymoon, I would spend more time with my married partner instead of posing and posting on CoF. Seriously, 2 posts on your honeymoon???

>> No.8404953

Shit, that's her honeymoon? If that was me, posting coords on sns would be the last thing on my mind.

>> No.8404957

Yeah. She has become a full blown narcissist. I wished she could stop spending so much time on the internet when someone is starting drama on her or someone is wrong. It's really counter productive.

She would learn a thing or two from Chris' posts about weaning yourself from the internet.

>> No.8404968

wth is that hair

>> No.8404969


As someone who hates sweet...what makes this worse than any other sweet coord?

The preface was an admission that I fully don't know what I'm talking about because pastels and candy blind me. I'm genuinely curious.

>> No.8404970

>no money for rent
>no money for sick cat
Urgh, I hate myself for giving this attention vampire attention.

>> No.8405011

Where can I see this Chris post

>> No.8405022

I like it! Old school decora loli!

>> No.8405033

Nothing. OTT is just out of fashion. Four years ago this would have been ok.

>> No.8405045

Don't like her? Make a secret.

>> No.8405049

What's next, "ero-ouji" where people just straight up wear bloomers as pants?

>> No.8405054

It's getting old!

>> No.8405056


Oh ok, thanks!

>> No.8405059
File: 31 KB, 456x810, 11137132_10153300947850097_4949950685041265550_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Somebody already did that shit.

>> No.8405085

The butthurt is strong

>> No.8405093
File: 76 KB, 960x719, 11401517_10207281753422331_8396008170510200901_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hope you guys aren't tired of this Drake joke yet

>> No.8405095

Clean your mirror.

>> No.8405114

this has potential to be okay but that wig is just awful

If she got a natural wig or a pastel wig that matches and got rid of the flower accessories it could be cute

>> No.8405123

Gotta LOVE that wig!

>> No.8405139
File: 217 KB, 960x960, 11406412_10206848179030957_2474793380367846684_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This has a cute color scheme going on but the plain tights are throwing me off.

>> No.8405144

That lip color is wayyy too dark to look nice in that coord.

>> No.8405150

You seriously want patterns over patterns?
Why do you guys do this?

>> No.8405164

The plain tights are fine. The headdress, however...

>> No.8405166

ita if she did nitpick if she don't, no winning in the game Closet of Thrills

>> No.8405176

I heard someone did that to a gym once.

>> No.8405178

No.. I see people go apeshit over coord that are nothing but patterns over patterns.
I'm starting to not trust the taste of this board.

>> No.8405182

Didn't do it. Asked if it was a good idea to wear bloomers, a corset, and heels to the gym.

Fuckin' unseelie, man. She was a source of neverending laughter and rage in equal parts.

>> No.8405195

I really like her coordinate here and she looks really cute on the right. I wish she would stop covering her face in photos.

>> No.8405196

Oh my god, I remember that.

>> No.8405224

holy shit, that's what her face looks like? she can keep covering it..

>> No.8405239

girl is qt as hell, get your eyes checked

>> No.8405253


>> No.8405256

The samefag is strong with these Fahr and Voldie coords. If you guys are going to post at least make it less obvious and give some time between posts.

>> No.8405328
File: 61 KB, 720x720, 11230105_10206407483682053_1756740505148721671_n[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

someone got their misty sky already

>> No.8405331

Agreed, especially if it's going to be fucking Drake.

>> No.8405333

would've been much cuter without the plushie gudetama tacked onto the side

>> No.8405343

I wish she didn't use the same hair accessories for every coord.

>> No.8405348
File: 100 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1434395239883.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is a mess.

>> No.8405350

>Making a quick 'excitement' coord to see what your new piece looks like on you.
Sure, okay.
>Taking a photo and posting it to CoF.
Trying too hard to be a show-off because "Teehee, I got it first!"

>> No.8405351

I don't like the good shoes with the silver details. But she wears this dress well.

>> No.8405355

I don't get cof. Why do so many shit coords get a ton of likes but a really good one gets a handful? I've saw one today that was awesome and had like less than 50 likes. But fahr and gh get a crapton wtf

>> No.8405359

Looks fine to me. Stop being salty anon.
I don't think there's anything wrong with the wig. Just the overuse of accessories.

>> No.8405439

Chunlichan hate?

2013 called, Chicago doesn't want drama. Get out.

>> No.8405453

this is barely worth attention, it's fine
maybe this vendettachan is cancerchan. there's really not that many people left who still want drama in chicago. our comm has been so chill for years since she got her scamming ass out.

>> No.8405457

that probably took like no time lol
she dresses up in lolita or cute otome shit almost every day anyway.

>> No.8405458

She's white and has round face. That's never good.

>> No.8405470

She told the comm that she has some sort of mental issue. If don't remember her exact wording and her post was deleted soon after.

Sauce: Am part of comm

>> No.8405472

The only notable thing I'd even change on this is the shoes, but seriously. Not nearly as bad as some of the shit on CoF.

>> No.8405474

You're kidding right?

>> No.8405483

Lowest common denominator.

>> No.8405487

I literally don't understand either. I post on CoF and don't get a lot of attention but I almost think that is a good thing considering the general taste.

>> No.8405531

I kinda like staying off the radar. Whenever one of my posts starts to get a lot of likes, I worry I'll end up posted here. Hasn't happened yet, though, haha.

>> No.8405572

I'm asian and no, I'm not.

>> No.8405578

White girls with round faces are cute as long as they're not fat. Also I never asked what race you are, I'm not sure why you think it matters.

>> No.8405583

I'd rather take a chance and learn how to improve from it than hide in mediocrity. I like posting on CoF because it's a way to learn; criticism isn't anything to fear.

>> No.8405666


It's great to see lolitas develop over time this way. If anything, being posted on cgl will get you concrit. I almost never receive concrit from CoF but on cgl people are more nitpicky and more willing to point out details that should be changed.

>> No.8405676

cuz azns r superior, anon. duh.

>> No.8405693

unpopular opinion here, i actually really like the wig and the shit-ton of hair accessories, i think it works with such a busy sweet coord.
the only thing i really dislike is actually that bag, it's just a completely different shade of blue/lilac than the rest and the diamond pattern sticks out like a sore thumb

>> No.8405707

not op, and saying it's a mess is a bit extreme, but i agree this is a very meh coord. every single accessory looks slightly out of place, i've never seen anything like this.

>> No.8405708

the gold shoes look shoehorned

>> No.8405831

Voldie reminds me of Arya for some reason.

>> No.8405847

lol chinks

>> No.8406145
File: 82 KB, 447x960, 11391090_377458712443130_4287172086829367278_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is weird

>> No.8406184

I very rarely comment here but over the months I've kinda got the impression that for some reason, /cgl/ standards are so much higher / intensely nitpicky in the COF threads compared to any other lolita related ones.

What is it about COF anons?

>> No.8406188

Because outside of cgl, even if you see something you don't like about an outfit, you're less likely to say something to avoid any type of backlash.
It's the anon protection.
Here, we're more free to say things we don't like about an outfit without that person taking it more personally than it could actually be.

Also, in CoF, most of the time people don't ask for concrit. So most no one says anything.

>> No.8406214

All the brand in the world can't fix that unfortunate face.

>> No.8406242

This is true but even compared to the other lolita threads here where outfit pics are posted, they don't seem to get anywhere near as much intense scrutiny as in the COF threads.

>> No.8406249

cgl just hates CoF, anon.
it's mentioned a lot that the place is full of white knights and people with feeling too fragile for any plane of existence.

>> No.8406263

Personally I think even the anon factor is bullshit. People here do comment just to comment, and they nitpick just for the sake of it. There definitely is more honesty in here than other places, but I feel like there's also dishonesty in here due to people just wanting to be salty and say shit just to say shit.

>> No.8406324

I post to CoF fairly regularly and ask for con-crit. I'm not bad enough for the ita threads, nor good/interesting enough for the CoF threads it seems.
I've self-posted here once or twice and still not gotten any crit, but CoF is definitely way worse and won't offer crit even when asked sometimes.

>> No.8406350

tf anon, tf.

If I ever get OP's I'm probably just going to get dream dresses that I'll never sell so I can alter the shoulders without feeling bad.

Also this girl is super cute

>> No.8406372

What shoes are those? Do they come with the flowers or is that something she added herself?

>> No.8406419

looks like rocking horse shoes and she added the flowers on there herself

>> No.8406524

The dramatic pose is strong with that one lol
I like the yellow+green combo, we don't see it often done well.

>> No.8406542

Shit, I think she's in my comm. She's got a really sneaky small face, big fringes do not suit her

>> No.8406552

She's in her honeymoon trip, wearing beach-appropriate shoes on the beach. Not a meet. Cut her some slack.

>> No.8406614

I wonder who you are then, no one in our comm bitches about each other on cgl

>> No.8406641

i think there are a few things you could criticize - some big nonos, some nitpicky things, but overall i think it's aesthetically pleasing to look at taken all together

i like it more than any of the other coords i've seen from her in a while

>> No.8406650

My problem with the shoes is that they are too chunky for the delicateness of the rest of the coord. Otherwise I rather like this.

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