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Let's get a twins thread going.

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What unfortunate looking girls :c

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They're brolitas.

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tbh I would not be surprised if they were brolitas.

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I'm so jealous of people who twin successfully. It's so hard to find someone who has a similar body type and taste that would want to twin.

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Unfff I wanna post but friends don't post friends

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Post friends. as long as their coords are good.

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>Tfw planning on twinning with my best friend but she's way better looking than me so I'll look extra bad in comparison

a-at least our coords will be cute

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only retards think that.

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Put a thing on your faces if you're worried

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Twinned with one of my friends last year at RC. Wish I had a better photo.

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Any kuro-shiro?

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What JSK is this?

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i miss the days of sae and her lolita friends. whatever happened to sae and takulu? their blogs havent been updated in years (well atleast sae's hasnt)

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>want to twin with bestie
>she got flat feet so all her shoes are flats, all mine are heels
>she got beautiful natural kinky hair, i got limp straight white girl hair
>that feel when you can never be true twin sisters with your bff

It's still nice to wear the same prints together. I feel like twinning is making a resurgence, there have been a lot of twin themed meetups and a lot of people I know are making purchasing decisions based on what their friends already own with the intent to twin.

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Does anyone have any idea the source for their heart purses? Those three colors together would really go with a lot of stuff in my wardrobe, and they look really 80s which I'm into for some reason. I've never seen multi-color heart bags before anywhere.

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My friend and I twinned at a con a few years back. She wanted to try out lolita, and I happened to already have black and white versions of this coord, so I got her to twin with me.

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Just get cheap teaparties and the same wig for both of you?

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My friend and I twinned at a con a few years back. She wanted to try out lolita, and I happened to already have black and white versions of this coord, so I got her to twin with me.

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Why those headbows?
Why those capes??

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That's so cute ;_; you've lived my dream, anon.

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You two look absolutely perfect. Stark black and white coords have always been my favorite, and this is straight adorable.

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Can't tell if they are male or female..

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"Come play with us"

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Are those Piano's shoes?

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Posted this in the (now dead) comm thread too but this seems more relevant anyways. Me and my friends for ILD!

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Most of them moved social media platforms. Takulu is active on twitter and recently won best dressed at the AP tea party back in December.

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where is that lovely bolero from I've seen it in many coordinates but have no idea where it's from.

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I've had a small obsession with twins my whole life
My biggest wish is to have a lolita bff to twin with
>tfw when friendly with everyone in the comm, but terrible at getting close to people

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Innocent World, it's called the Millefeuille bolero and they have it often in stock. Black, Brown and Beige are all on Yahoo auctions right now if you search with on Innocent World (イノセントワールド)

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>tfw you'll never see twins twining

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i'm assuming by their hands and big feet that they're men.

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There is a pair of identical twins in my comm. I am guessing they don't want to twin (I don't blame them), but it would be so kickass if they did.

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my twin brother would never agree to twin with me in lolita
>mfw he looks prettier than you in lolita

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Thanks anon! You're the best!

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Y'all are just wearing the same print, it's hardly tripletting.

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I love these coords but does this really count as twinning? They don't even seem to be wearing the same main piece...

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And same socks, and 2/3 same headbow... Really only the blouses and shoes are different, but yknow

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And different hair, and different accessories... And as you stated different blouses and shoes, but yknow

Totes triplets.

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I definitely count it, you don't have to be wearing the same colorway to be twinning

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Thank you triplet police, your work here has been outstanding

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That would be so cute if you guys at least had matching blouses, shoes and hair.

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Just got my headbow today. Still pissed it didnt come in time. I need to step up my blouse game and then we should do it again. I really love this release.

Question for tge twin police: i thought tge term for identical twinning was refered to as cloning? At least i don't see anyone bitching about >>8393640 having different hair or shoes, or one not even having headwear like the other?

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Now that im looking, there are 6 other photos that have different cuts, hair, accessories, and/or shoes so totally not twinning gaiz right?

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Like >>8396284 said, it doesn't really feel like tripleting. The JSK and socks are the same, but it feels like there's not enough matching components? Like same head wear, blouse or shoes would have really brought it together more. I think the two on the sides look closer to twinning, due to blouse sleeve length, and matching head bows.
It's not a bad coord, it just isn't really twinning/tripleting.

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Well thats kinda my bad. Not tge one that posted, but I'm inn the middle. My bow didnt come in time. It actually just arrived today. And it gets hot as balls so i dont own many long sleeve blouses so i improvise since i didn't have the bow anyways

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Thank you! Was pretty happy with how the outfits came together, and that I had luckily already bought musical note socks months before just because I wanted some to match the white ones.

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Do even any pictures of identical twins twinning exist? Photoshopping an extra you like that one person did on EGL last time it was a theme doesn't count.

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but is it the same main piece?

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This is adorable! I remember when musical note themed items were a thing.

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I'm >>8396667, and thanks for replying to me.
I suggest all opting for short sleeves, or trying to follow a single color scheme for accessories to seem more coherent? It honestly sucks that your headbow didn't come in time- but at the very least it gives you an excuse (not that you need one) to twin again?
For example, from the new information about your headbow and the previous posted picture.
> Mint/Sax blouse that matches JSk so all are wearing matching blouse to JSK colors.
> Similar hair styles- All braids brought to the front, pulled up in buns, etc. are a small detail that makes things cohesive and cute.
> Short sleeves + arm accessory, even different blouses and accessories, just generally looks better.
> As a bonus, maybe do a fun crafting project together? Like a brooch to pin on your waists. It would be a perfect finishing touch for just the three of you.

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Thank you for the ideas! I've already told pink we need to twin again since my headbow is here now. Id love to be able to triplet again in the future!
>Mainly because any excuse to wear lac des cygnus is a good excuse. It's so comfy and super cute.

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My friend and I did a sort of twinning shoot, we only had the same main piece, but it was a lot of fun~ I really wanna twin a complete coord with somebody

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My friend and I twinned for ild

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Not a fan of the gold under your eyes, it looks really messy/out of place. HOWEVER, I totally dig the forearm tat on the girl in white. Close up?

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Did the best I could. In the tub sorry

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sweet ink.
Also, it's difficult to do good kuro/shiro coords that really stand out as TWINNING. these are beautiful, nice job.

>> No.8398924

Thank you so much! we worked really hard that's for sure

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That tattoo is ungodly. I'm sorry for your poor life choices

>> No.8399552

I thought this was mr.yan

>> No.8399986

I've seen twins twinning.
It was okay.

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The ends would be fine as twins but whatever that mess is in the middle needs to gtfo. Why gothic shoes?? WHY

>> No.8402052

If they share their wardrobe it might be too expensive for them to own the same dress, blouse, shoes and socks twice when you just get the same outfit in return.

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... but wearing the same print is all that's required for it to be called twinning, you don't have to be wearing the same exact outfit. In eight years in lolita this is literally the first time I've ever seen someone say otherwise and I see coords that only have the print in common called twinning all the time.

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Please stop samefagging. No one cares about how long you're been in lolita or your excuses. You're the middle one, right, and the least twinning of the group. Is that why you're so pissed off? Or did you lose your twin and third wheel on these girls at the last minute and are trying to justify your shitty coord?

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>lac des cygnus
Did you even try

>> No.8403195

>Vampire Hunter D tat
Don't worry about those haters, that tat is really nice and looks like the watercolor/ink in the original.

Also I really dig the horned headdresses.

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MILK heart bags.

just assume every heart bag you see is MILK
because usually it is

>> No.8403221

What is it a reference of?
I watched Vampire Hunter D a while ago so maybe that's why it didn't bring up any memories

>> No.8403305

Is milk the one that makes the backpack kind?

>> No.8403323

It's one of Amano's original watercolors of vampire hunter d.
I have a collection of the art books

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Thank you so much! That's very kind if you. The tattooist was very talented and my fiancée blew the horns for us

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My comm had a twin meet recently too and from about 15 pairs only one were identical twinning and maybe two wore the same coord in a different colorway. Lets not blow the apparent rules for twinning out of proportion for something you do for fun with friends.

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Great. That doesn't change her commenting on a long dead post a week after it was posted. She drew attention back to that picture for a reason because she's upset about the critique. Get over it. If she hadn't rought it up again no one would be talking about it. But she had to same fag all over about it because she feels slighted. She looks like shit in between those two girls that are almost actually close. Stop whiteknighting bullshit.

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So cute!

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Evil Live

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It's quite amusing how ridiculously mad you are over this. I'm the very last one on the list you quoted and that was my first post in this entire thread. It's pretty impressive how you're so full of yourself that seven people disagreeing with you just have to all be the girl in that pic samefagging.

Like I said, this is literally the first time I've heard someone say twinning has to be clone coords. Either post something that backs up the existence of this rule and prove you didn't just make it up, or douche out the several buckets of sand that have made their way into your vagina.

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You are way too mad about this. I'm the very last one on the list you quoted and that was my first post in this entire thread. It's pretty impressive how you're so full of yourself that multiple people disagreeing with you just have to all be the girl in that pic samefagging.

Like I said, this is literally the first time I've heard someone say twinning has to be clone coords. Either post something that backs up the existence of this rule and prove you didn't just make it up, or douche out the several buckets of sand that have made their way into your vagina.

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Those cheap cosplay crowns are ruining the entire coord

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Ugh I just want someone to twin everything piece for piece with me like this.

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I'm hating the image captcha.

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kek, I want you to convince him

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Couldn't not post.

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I am fawning over these photos. All I want is a QT lolita girlfriend to twin with.

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Guro twins <3333

>> No.8405625

Yeah that's not really a rule, or at least it's only a rule for people who believe that there is nothing good on /cgl/, which is absolutely not the case. Post if they are good, otherwise don't.
>I've been posted by friends
>I've posted friends
>no body really cares

Its all about intent anon.

>> No.8405641

Me too anon, Me too.
One day... I hope to have a close friendship like this, hopefully with a lolita so we can share our interests and love for the style.

And one day... We will twin.

>crying on the inside

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Beat me too it. This is one of my favorites. Have to admit, its probably because I'm in love with Little Bears Cafe to the end of eternity.

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An oldie but still great. This pic really made me start adoring white gothic pieces, they are just so elegant.

>> No.8406244

Wow, you really proved your point there. Now it's official that twinning actually means cloning.

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I can't find a beating the dead horse gif, so just imagine it

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You do realize that >>8404764 is a different person than >>8402194 right? Keep up on your rampage though. Also, found you a gif bud >>8407848

>> No.8407999

mm's farutteto

>> No.8409533

Not sure what you mean, anon. The shoes are Naya Jadas in teal. They don't make them anymore, but you can find them on ebay sometime.

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