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Last thread is on autosage >>8362652.

Post relevant lolita discussions, questions, and whatnot here.

To that effect: AP just announced a rerelease of Misty Sky. How many firstborns and virgins will you be sacrificing, or not, for a chance to win the legendary cloud print?

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I submitted an order to chibitenshi already, just waiting for her email now... What's everyone getting?

>> No.8371271

None, but if this isn't an MTO I'll be watching the bloodbath. This might be better entertainment than the DDC threads were. Good luck gulls~

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I wonder how butthurt wonderfinch is, her set *really* isn't going to be worth what she was asking.

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I wish they would have done better cuts, though I wouldn't get it anyway.

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With releases like these I spare myself the stress and not bank on getting anything unless it becomes a mto. I don't have it good with any SS for them to give me priority. Good luck to you, anon.

They should just make it mto. This would be the third release, right? I mean, they proved they can make multiple orders of the same print. They're milking this one in particular because they realized what a cash cow it has become.

I have zero sympathy for scalpers.

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I just want AatP to rerelease Elizabeth Bride of Death or End of Immortal Eden

I guess AP could also rerelease Holy Lantern, I'd be all over that
Misty Sky is such a generic print, even commercially available fabric can be very similar

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Has AatP done re-releases before? I haven't heard of any.

>> No.8371307

Thanks anon, this is my first time using her so hopefully it goes well? I used Tokyo Pirates before but she's on vacation...

>> No.8371310

Midsummer night's dream got a rerelease, didn't it?

>> No.8371315

>tfw I hope I beat some of the rush to Chibitenshi because I submitted an order literally seconds after anon posted the announcement.

getting it in pink, of course

>> No.8371320

AatP has rereleased a couple things. Midsummer got a couple runs on it's initial release, so did Masquerade Theater I believe. Midsummer was also rereleased as a special anniversary promotion after being voted for. Masquerade also got a limited black JSK rerelease a year or so ago.

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Oh, and Vampire Requiem got one as well, fairly soon after the initial run. Merrymaking in the Ghost Town also had reservations reopened.

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I really want them to do a Holy Lantern rerelease.

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why the fuck are there two generals

get your shit together, gulls

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everyone is too fucking excited for Misty Sky rerelease, that's why

>> No.8371356

I had a good feeling about June, even if I didn't know what for

glad I was proven right anyhow

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Quick question on selling rereleases: should I price them like the original, or cheaper, I have a rereleased VR in red I'm thinking about selling but have no idea how to price.

>> No.8371377

so anons with Baby's tiara - whats the best way to wear it for it to stay on and also not be a miserable piece of metal boring into your skull?

>> No.8371396

VR's popularity has declined overall, I'm not sure if which release it is plays into the pricing much these days. Maybe throw it up on LM for 250-300 and see if there are any takers?

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Fuck, anyone know any SS with open slots for this? I so desperately need it but I feel like I'm too slow for the website release and now too slow to talk to get any SS. God damn it, this cloud dress might actually kill me.

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How long does tenshishop take to reply usually? I'm probably just being an impatient fuck but it's midday there so I didn't think it would take her more than an hour to reply...

>> No.8371427

I will literally kill a bitch to get the OP from this release. I contacted 2 in-store shopping services already, what else can I do?

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Anybody knows which dress is this? I tried to search it in Google but nothing appeared, oh and sorry for the noob question.

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Midday is the busiest time for normal people who work and/or study, anon.

>> No.8371495

Thanks for the reassurance, anon. I was just being impatient after all. I think I'll go have a cup of tea to calm down.

Good luck to everyone who's put in an order by the way!

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I wonder how people who bought Misty Sky for seriously crazy prices are feeling now

>> No.8371509

Surely they must be thinking "kill me"
I don't blame them

>> No.8371518

Im gonna be so damn pist if you asked for the Navy OP Anon

>> No.8371520

not the first time it's happened, calm down.

>> No.8371521


Long Ears and Sharp Ears. Search for their facebook, it's a preview for an upcoming release.

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File: 115 KB, 592x592, 1743638_1583721825223837_4991071953765390314_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Long Ears and Sharp Ears' Starry Jewelry print

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If everyone emails AP, they will probably do a Made to Order. Everyone should do it, whether you get one during the release or not.

>> No.8371589

The way I see it is, when you buy a dress for a crazy high price, you better be deciding right then and there that this price is worth it to you even if you don't get close that amount back should you decide to sell.

If you buy things just hoping to sell them for the same amount you paid later, this is the wrong hobby to be in.

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File: 329 KB, 330x490, 1371053899540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seconding this, Im emailing them rn.

>> No.8371614

The entire Chinese (lolita) population is emailing them. I don't think they'll do a MTO because it's currently their most iconic and desired print. They have these stupid "exclusivity" policies. I hope they do tho, lots of girls will def. get every color every cut.

I'm so upset they didn't do the first release JSK cut, the second release cut is just so saggy tits looking.

>> No.8371621


I just realized

>ILD is June 6th

>> No.8371627

Seriously, no kidding. I had both this and the cosmic jsk. The boobs look like saggy pancakes if you don't fit the bust perfectly. I had to actually stuff to fill it out, which looked ridiculous, so I had to sell both.

>Got my money back and then some with auctions so it wasn't too bad, but very sad I couldn't wear them without stuffing my damn bra

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For everyone in north america it's June 5th night, which isn't that bad. Asia time sucks but hey no plans here.

>> No.8371633


When I bought Dream Marine for a ridiculous price on yahoo auctions after I missed out on the initial release, I didn't care or even consider the possibility of a MTO. It was my new dream dress and I wanted it, so I paid the money. Do I regret it when there was an MTO? No. Because I wanted the damn thing to wear, not to resell and I thought it was worth every penny.

>> No.8371636

it'll probably suck for everyone trying to get enough sleep before ILD though, kek

>> No.8371637

misty sky isn't even that cute.....????????

>> No.8371639

Are IW happy packs worth it?

>> No.8371640

>not understanding the OBVIOUS CUTENESS of misty sky. misty sky is CUTE INCARNATED. misty sky is what lolitas everywhere will FIGHT TO THE DEATH FOR.

>> No.8371643

hahaha I guess. Dat AP release adrenaline rush.

oh you and every other goddamned hipster. "But xx isn't even cute/it's so ugly/ it's so generic/I'll never understand its appeal" in specific threads about the prints. fuck off already


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FUCK FUCK FUCK Tenshi has no slots available, the one friggin night I failed to check the internet obsessively this had to happen, I'm so upset words can't describe.

>> No.8371659

God AP don't do this to me, I want a Holy Latern re-release pls.

>> No.8371662

$240 for a jsk an op a skirt and an accessory seems worth it. Past years there has been a dud here and there but never more than one in the same pack.

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The one fuckin evening I don't check the comm obsessively dream dress get released and no shopping services have slots available.
Words cannot describe my frustration.

>> No.8371664

You may get things that don't match anything you have (I even got two non-lolita dresses once) but you're getting much more than what you're paying for

>> No.8371665

look on the AP sales group on facebook, a girl named Delphine Gabrault in Japan is advertising shopping services for Misty Sky.

>> No.8371670

I'm just starting out, so I need to expand my wardrobe anyway. Sounds good! Thanks!

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File: 621 KB, 500x281, tumblr_m6s3vi5pkh1r3g5iu.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A thousand times thank you anon, I just contacted her and hopefully still has slots available, I can't sleep until she confirms.

>> No.8371684

Same here anon! Lets hope we get good stuff!

More experienced gulls, when do they get shipped out?

>> No.8371693

I'll be free on Saturday morning and am willing to SS for one person/main piece.

I wish they had released the original cuts, not the re-release ones.
The old JSK was so much cuter.

>> No.8371694

Depends how well you fit IW as a general rule, how much you like their more meh stuff like sweet prints and plain pieces, and how easily you can sell off the stuff you don't like/that doesn't fit.

>> No.8371698


Now, if we can only get the entire Chiness lolita population to email them about Holy Lantern.....

>> No.8371700

I recently bought a couple IW dresses secondhand and they fit me like a glove. I love their look and the fact that they fit me well are probably making them my favorite brand right now.Definitely hoping for some of their simpler stuff, since my tastes run a little on the plainer side, so fingers crossed!

I thought I would yolo solo but thankfully I'm not! Good luck!!

>> No.8371709

so since there will be 3 goddamn releases now, does this mean the secondhand prices will finally go down to a reasonable number? (like, $300-400 instead of $500-600)
I won't have the money for this release/have never done an AP release before so I'm scared to even try. do you think I have any hopes of trying to get something secondhand in the future for a price under $500?

>> No.8371710

you may be in luck, last year all I got were plain pieces and printed socks that matched nothing but hey... maybe one day I'll get into black x pink

>> No.8371714

PMd you

>> No.8371726

People keep saying this but it still sells for $400+ regularly

>> No.8371727

Doubtful, considering there's still so much thirst that will go unsatisfied this weekend. Sorry anon.

>> No.8371731

When your comm is doing a taobao group order and this one girl is buying nothing but a load of replicas -_-

>> No.8371739

you could always try AP USA about two weeks after, provided they get the same rerelease. they typically get everything from japan about two weeks after though, iirc.

>> No.8371742

Dont forget shit sells faster than ice cream in hell.

>> No.8371750

hey, it doesn't hurt to try

>> No.8371760

dont judge

>> No.8371770

Isn't this a re-re-release?

>> No.8371783

yeah, but it's easier to say just "rerelease"

>> No.8371791

There are rumours going around that this will be a MTO. Not sure if it will be, but lets do our best in spamming AP's mailbox begging for one.

>> No.8371803

oh, you sweet summer child

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>my opinion isn't the same as other peoples'
fuck off back to tumblr

>> No.8371831

How much does shipping usually end up being on Happy packs to the US? I might cave.

>> No.8371833

people were losing their minds over shadow dream carnival so where are all the worn pics??

>> No.8371850

No you

>> No.8371852


Me too anon. But they don't do re-releases very often. Which is pretty dumb cause that's more money for them you know.
I also wished they'd re-release Gloria.

>> No.8371856


Depends on the colour and cut. The short corset jsk in Lavender is the most popular I think?
I often see it on wishlists too.

>> No.8371857


Yes, even more if you are in a country that doesn't charge you customs taxes.
You do get a lot in these happy packs and they are certainly worth the price.

>> No.8371904

to SS or to try AP-online shop alone?

time is ticking...

>> No.8371910

I managed to snag a couple popular prints on the US site, so it doesn't hurt to check.

>> No.8371912

dubs meanybutt

>> No.8371920

We all might fail, but if we all send emails to AP asking to start orders to-be-made, maybe we can convince AP.

>> No.8371930


I haven't uploaded. Sorry, anon.

It's a gorgeous dress though.

>> No.8371978


I have a mighty need for VR in lavender short jsk) I looks cheap in red even though I love red white and black- it just look like the print has been poorly colored in.

Why is Misty Sky worth so much? There's nothing lolita-specific about the cut or print. Couldn't you just get some tumblr dress with a cloudy sky to go with all that galaxy print. How is the price tag justified. When it is not particularly unique or complex or as undeniably lolita as more old school dresses

>> No.8371987

This, please...

>> No.8371988

Me too. I got into lolita from gothic fashion but also love me some sweet influences. I know people will tell me bittersweet is not a thing but Holy Lantern in lavender is the perfect embodiment of how I see bittersweet. Ll dat black lace and flocking, gawfick chandelier shit but still looking so damn cute. Fuck it I want it in every colorway even if the cuts are awkward (the special set jsk was nice). I woud love the miniskirt in lavender for casual wear too but can't justify the cost when it admittedly looks like something from Hot Topic

>> No.8371993

Same here anon, the red op colourway is my dream dress...Heck, it's even up on fuckin y!auctions but at a lovely $1564AUS I can't justify it. $600? $700? Yeah maybe but yea nah at 1.5k.

Hell if AP did re-release Holy Lantern, I will definitely drop money for all OP colourways. Do you hear that AP? My wallet is ready for you.

>im going to go beg AP for a re-release.

>> No.8371999

why is no SS replying?

>> No.8372041

Because it's about 9:30 at night? And there are so many people rushing to get this release that they're all probably backlogged with emails and messages.

>> No.8372050

I'm one of those that never saw the appeal of Misty Sky, but I understand the intense crazy wants all too well, so just passing by to wish everyone the best of luck :)

>> No.8372052

When you email them, is it alright to be in English or should I put it through a translator or idk if there's a contact for the AP USA?

>> No.8372177

Chibi tenshi answered me at 1am EST

>> No.8372183

Jus emai them in English, to the main AP (Japan), not USA, because Japan is who makes them.

I have done that in the past and they always answer something like "We appreciate the opinion of Our costumers and we will let know Our Production Office", or something like that.

If after Friday you didn't got it, in the same page of the dress you are interested in, while logged in Your account, there is a button in gray (I believe it has a star or something).

Then you can send a Message from the AP online shop page, saying something like "I would like to order to be made this dress, I hope is possible".

>> No.8372187


sent her a Message. Do you think she looks trustworthy?
I'm planning to do SS and online shopping at the same time.

Embrace yourselves...

>> No.8372199

sorry for lame English. This computer corrects and I'm nervous about this release

>> No.8372207


I will be emailing them form now too

>> No.8372245

I know I'm dragging this a bit OT from the Misty Sky kerfuffle, but does the Harajuku Hearts webpage give anyone else major shit?
Whenever I try to buy something it suddenly crashes?

>> No.8372281

I've never used an SS and since none seem to have slots open should I just wait for the release in the US? (even though that will be a bloodbath too)

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File: 240 KB, 424x630, 1433222051180.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love her, but what video/who is she parodying in her lolita basics vide?

>> No.8372290

Has anyone had an issue with paypal lately? I sold two pieces, sent out invoices, both buyers paid immediately, but only one payment showed up in my paypal balance. Anyone ever had something like this happen?

>> No.8372303

Does anyone have advice on how to be a shopping service for an AP release? I have a friend visiting Japan and I want to beg them to help me out but they're new to lolita shopping.

>> No.8372371

check your email, sometimes if you or them have a new account, the money could have been frozen in transit for a day or something to make sure it's safe? and check paypal on desktop rather than mobile, it gives more info that way.

>> No.8372427

haha, I know that feel anon, I'm on the same boat with you.

>> No.8372443
File: 20 KB, 320x240, why no snoop dogg tho.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh my god you guys who gives a shit about some ugly cheap looking dress, lets fucking talk about MOITIE-ITA DISCOVERED BLINGEE

>> No.8372453

Blingee still exists?

>> No.8372487

How long on average does it seem to take Innocent World pieces to sell out? AP sells out instantaneously on some prints, then I go to IW's site and the same stuff you can get for a while.

>> No.8372527

I catched the news too late (thank you timezones) and every SS is full.
At least I'm not that salty because they didn't rerelease the royal blue colorway which is my favorite..

>> No.8372529

It varies greatly. Some things almost sell out before they even reach normal/non-gold member reservation (the tea jsk in navy only had a few left for regular reserves, for example), while others end up going 70% off.

>> No.8372554
File: 106 KB, 660x784, 1404415402305.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Something strange happened to me.
I'm a closetchild customer since 2008 and it never happened to me that I buy something of their online shop, which is sold out in their physical store. WTF?!

Please tell me I'm not the only one with this incident.

>> No.8372560

My New Years one was ¥4700 for shipping to Canada.

>> No.8372590
File: 46 KB, 419x604, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

......if you didn't know they sell the same items in their online shop as their physical shop that means you've never read their terms of sale. I highly doubt you've bought stuff from them for 7 years without knowing this...

>> No.8372593

I was in charge of one and refused to let anyone do replicas. Not even just because of morals, but I don't want to buy illegal stuff with my account.

>> No.8372602

Why would they have learned about this if they never read the sales, never had it happen to them and never read about it here or wherever?

>> No.8372605

*read the terms of sale

>> No.8372613

wasn't the royal blue the least popular colorway in Japan and the US? at least you can maybe expect price drops on that one when it comes to the secondhand market

>> No.8372615

I think what Anon meant was that they hadn't ever personally bought something that had been sold in shop first, not that they didn't know it could happen.

>> No.8372619

Replicas shouldn't be allowed in group orders - if the order is stopped by customs and on the off-chance any items are recognized as brand name ripoffs, the whole order could be sent back.

>> No.8372629

>always thought of this print as an "I like it, but not for $800" item
>did the currency conversion for the re-release into my currency and since the yen is so weak it's really not an excessive price at all
>usually I buy higher-end Taobao but dang I've bought offband coats more expensive than this coveted dress
>probably going to try to get it even though I'm not in love with it, since the price is reasonable
>even though I don't like babydoll cuts and short dresses I know if I try it and don't like it I can sell it
>also I know a girl who would love the black OP but could never afford it herself; if I do snag it I'm tempted to get together with her family members to make it a present from us to her
>either way since I wouldn't kill my firstborn for it, I'm not going to be traumatized if I miss out but it'll be nice if I manage it

>> No.8372631
File: 160 KB, 375x500, the origin of bittersweet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pls stop

>> No.8372647


Gothic and sweet is a thing

No point denying cutie brands are releasing darker themed items that are still sweet.

Too gothic for sweet lolitas and too sweet for gothic lolitas. It's a thing, sorry you hate change.

>> No.8372650

Gothic and sweet have been a thing since forever. It's not new, it's not "change". There's no need to label every single slight crossover trend in lolita. It's clothes and fashion. Black and gothic themes in sweet are just sweet.

>> No.8372662

If it is lolita replicas, that will never happen. Western brands it can be a concern though.

>> No.8372666

But what time exactly???

>> No.8372671

>>also I know a girl who would love the black OP but could never afford it herself; if I do snag it I'm tempted to get together with her family members to make it a present from us to her
whether you do this or not you are an angel for even considering that, anon
>tfw you wish you had friends this amazing

>> No.8372678

They gave so little notice about the re-release, I mean really, four days? It would have been nice to at least have it the weekend after.

>> No.8372681

Holy shit, someone's trying to sell Milanoo on Lacemarket.


And here I was feeling bad for trying to get a dress that I liked but didn't love, thus potentially taking it away from hundreds of girls who'd kill their firstborn for it.

>> No.8372693

Does anyone have any worn photos of the Misty Sky re-release JSK? I'm busty (95 cm) and am wondering if at last this is an empire waisted cut that won't look awful on me since all the tiny girls are saying it looked weird on them.

>> No.8372696

How to do gothic in summer? Short sleeved blouses look a bit odd, and short socks look even worse in it imo.

>> No.8372709

Will the skirt sell out quickly? I'm not interested in babydoll cute but I've got my heart set on the skirt in sax.

>> No.8372710

Misty sky on ebay $600

>> No.8372723

Skirts dont sell nearly half as fast as ops and jsks so basically you wont be in the middle of the war zone.

>> No.8372730

Short sleeved OPs, blouseless jsk with a bolero on top, three quarter sleeves and elegant sandals with bare legs ?

>> No.8372736

considering the date and the extreme popularity of this coveted series I wouldn't be surprised if they're doing this as a nod to ILD, tbh

>> No.8372738

>which color/cut tho

>> No.8372741

It's $650 now. Second release JSK, sax.

>> No.8372754

>misty sky
lol that's not going to work

>> No.8372782

Thanks anon, I was getting worked up over it already. It's been my dream skirt for ages.

>> No.8372808

>JSK's bust measurements: 86-106 cm
>95 is right in the middle of min and max

Scrape the sand out of your genitals.

>> No.8372813

Its not supposed to be tight. It's a tent.

>> No.8372814

>2nd release jsk

>> No.8372823
File: 33 KB, 345x437, 151916-m-01-dl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay, has anyone dealt with a product being recalled by a brand before?
I bought the Violin Pochette from IW for 11,800 yen along with other items.
A couple weeks later they emailed me that they were recalling it, so I mailed it back to them as instructed. I didn't request a cancellation.

"Dear Ms. X,
We are very sorry to inform you that we are recalling "151916 Violin pochette" released on April 24, 2015, due to a defective zipper is soon broken after use.
Please stop using it immediately for your safety even if there is no problem with it so far.
Please return the item to the address below.


Returning is due on June 30th.
Please enclose a note with your name and date you placed the order.
(*Please let us know in cases where you can not return the item by June 30th.)
We also accept cancellations if you would like a full refund(including the product price, delivery cost and insurance).
*Re-releasing the item will be around mid-June.
We deeply apologize again for causing the inconvenience."

After I sent it back I got the following email:
"Dear Ms. X,

We confirmed the receipt of the returned item today.
We will refund you with the cost of shipping included on paypal during today.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you again."

Later though they refunded me only 15,194 yen out of my original purchase transaction.
It cost me almost $60 to ship it back to them (shipping overseas from the US costs a fortune), so if they were refunding the price of the bag and the shipping I paid they'd owe me around 18,000 yen. Instead it looks like they just refunded the cost of the bag and whatever portion of the original shipping from Japan it cost. I'm really confused. I don't even know if they're going to send me a new bag eventually or what because the wording is kinda of vague. I'll probably email them, but I'm just wondering if this is typical or what.

>> No.8372828

Just because your boobs can fit in it doesn't mean it'll look good. Bag dresses look good on the people they're designed for: smaller, flat-chested Asian girls.

>> No.8372834

not that anon but
>being this dense

>> No.8372837
File: 28 KB, 270x354, dear-celine-middle-hime-sleeves-chiffon-lolita-blouse-dc-36_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

3 quarter sleeves would be good, especially hime sleeves since I'm really uncomfortable with showing my upper arms. I had totally forgot about them, thanks anon!
>if only i could find pic related in black

>> No.8372845

you seem really mad.
no one's saying she can't wear the dress. it's just that it's not recommended.

rather than not contributing to the conversation at all you could offer a counter opinion as to why anon should get the dress.

>> No.8372906

Thank you very much!

>> No.8372996

I'm not sure as I never looked for any other colorway but royal blue. I saw a set ( barette +jsk) going for about 480$ on lacemarket once. Still salty about missing it. I hope you are right in the price drop of that colorway though.

>> No.8373344

It's ridiculously short , I'm 88cm bust and 165cm tall and it was about mid-thigh on me even after moving the buttons to make the straps longer. Your bust can probably fit but it'll pull up the dress and make it even shorter.

>> No.8373443

As someone who is really thin and shortish (5'3"), I have to say this cut looked hideous on me and I had to sell mine. Bust wise, I would say anything over OR under 86-88cm wouldn't look good.

>> No.8373633

If I'm just buying one dress, which one should I select?
Also, what time will Misty Sky be going up for central time (or Japanese time)? It'll be on a Friday in the US, right?
Thanks, this is my first time using Tenso, I'm very nervous ;;

>> No.8373638
File: 72 KB, 742x364, Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 7.46.32 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry, forgot pic

>> No.8373670

I'm pretty sure AP doesn't accept Tenso, since they know it's an SS. Might be wrong though.

>> No.8373674

You should always select the first option to pay all at once (it's basically asking if you want layaway).
Online releases are usually at noon Japan time.

>> No.8373675

Agreed, I've only seen 3 pics of it worn and two of them were the ones I posted in previous threads

>> No.8373678

They've changed their policy since doing away with the international store and very specifically recommend using Tenso.

>> No.8373682

so would that be 12pm in Japan? So 10pm in central US?
Also, is there any way to have AP save my credit card? I know they'll do it if you make a purchase but there's nothing I want to buy rn.
Thanks for your help!

>> No.8373722

I am glad that someone dug up a picture of the idiot who started "bittersweet". Rustles my jimmies.

>> No.8373730

Yes, 10pm Central.
And as far as I know, there's no way to save your credit card info without purchasing, sorry...

>> No.8373737

can you buy from AP's Japan site with an american credit card?

>> No.8373740

People rushed to buy it but are assembling the rest of the coord now.
This is one of those prints that would be pretty difficult to coordinate with given the texture and look of the main piece. I'd love to see people attempt to successfully match accessories with it that weren't directly from the set.

>> No.8373746

Nope. It hurts me too, anon.
AP USA does but I hate paying their prices, and that's even if their shitty website doesn't crash for releases and everything gets sold out.

>> No.8373750

goddammit, why can't AP Japan make this easier on us?
>no american credit cards
>no paypal
>forced to use SS

>> No.8373766

Do cards like 28 degrees work for AP? (aus)

>> No.8373769

You can buy from AP Japan directly with a credit card, you just have to use Tenso for the shipping.

>> No.8373772

It must only be for specific credit cards, because they didn't accept mine and I buy through tenso (Discover card here).

>> No.8373776

You can, but I recommend calling your bank/credit card company ahead of time so the purchase isn't suspected to be fraudulent and blocked.

>> No.8373781

Try calling your card provider, the first time I tried buying from them the transaction was repeatedly auto-blocked by the card's fraud prevention thing because it was a large transaction with a foreign website.

>> No.8373794

You have renewed my confidence in AP. Thank you, anons
>tfw will also definitely note that, hell, I've had my US card blocked just by using it in another state at a con

>> No.8373810
File: 40 KB, 712x200, Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 8.41.10 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the difference between 'in stock' and 'stock your'? Gonna buy some socks so that AP stores my credit card info.
Just to clarify, the item isn't yours until you're completely done with checkout, correct? So you can still risk losing it while you're entering your credit card info?
>gonna be at a-kon during release
>wifi will be slow bc con hotel

>> No.8373814

I mean that AP themselves declined my card. What kind of credit card do you have? I think they only accept VISAs/Mastercards. My bank card is a VISA so they accept that.

>> No.8373815

>"stock your"
isn't the non-pink button the one that means in-store stock only, so you'd have to request to find out if it's still in stock in store?

>> No.8373823
File: 29 KB, 720x480, image:.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy hell who's this cutey???

>> No.8373862

Midori Fukasawa

>> No.8373894

They take mine (Chase/Visa here)

>> No.8373907

I'm a little irritated because my account is a few years old and the buyer claims to have done a few transactions on theirs already. Guess I'll just have to call. Thank you!

>> No.8373943

Something similar happened when Meta sent me the wrong item, but they covered shipping for me when I let them know how much it cost.

>> No.8373979

>I don't think they'll do a MTO because it's currently their most iconic and desired print.

IMO, I think they have more desired prints. I see way more people going gaga over Holy Lantern over this print for example.

>> No.8374362

Anon, I have this NWT in black. I purchased it long time ago and never worn. It's also size XL.

>> No.8374458
File: 379 KB, 523x740, mook10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know when Q-Pot will release their sea shell collection?

>> No.8374484
File: 52 KB, 995x398, error error.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First time trying to buy frm AP online this shit happens, I have no idea what the hell to do and google chrome's translation is useless.
I'm using a tenso account

>> No.8374489

Not the anon you were talking to, but what's the sizing on the XL and your price?

>> No.8374509

It's telling you that you can't order in stock items and "search for in a physical store" items at the same time. You can't do the latter with Tenso anyway, because it requires COD payment.

>> No.8374522

Thanks a lot

>> No.8374561

not the anon who initially asked this, but I was under the impression that it would be good for busty girls since an anon earlier in the thread said that she had to stuff her bra to make it look good.

>> No.8374568
File: 61 KB, 1046x485, error error.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is wrong now?

>> No.8374575

>"Single payment"
The other options are to pay in installments. Apparently this is a very common thing in Japan. I was buying 1000 yen items while in Japan and got asked every single time without fail, "Would you like to make a single payment [or more]?"

>> No.8374579

Thank you and what about what appears uder my credit card number?

>> No.8374591

I don't really remember. Fits 97 cm bust with no problems. I think I paid for it around $70.
I own this shirt in cream and it's my favorite lolita shirt. It's definitely brand quality, with soft lace and good quality chiffon. Also it has a good cut, which is really flattering.

>> No.8374606

When you buy from AP, and you want to use a debit card, what do you choose?

Pageant net bank settlement... or?

>> No.8374620

It's a note to enter your card number in regular (half-width) type (instead of full-width common with Japanese input), followed by a sample credit card number.

>> No.8374622

does it have a normal credit card logo like visa or mastercard? if so it will just process as a regular credit card.

>> No.8374632


Needs to be a credit card or a debit card with a credit logo.
And pageant settlement is the correct one yep

>> No.8374643

Goddamn Baby just release the new coppelia/pinocchio series!
Let me throw my wallet at you! God!

>> No.8374691

Does anyone know what the waist measurements are like on Atelier Boz's OPs that are listed with an 88cm bust? I'm drooling over the new Sigurd OP, and have no idea if it would fit. I have a couple of dresses from Boz, but the sizing is just so inconsistant!

>> No.8374920
File: 366 KB, 1038x519, you tried.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am I the only one not excited about the Fee d'une fleur rerelease?

The release looks like a cheap chinese replica tbh, it's missing all the good details. Especially the ruffles look simplified on the rerelease, like they are trying to save money and time on detailing and fabric, the corset lacing will also be simplified. The rerelease is also going to be more expensive than the original one (the original one did cost about 45000-50000 yen iirc and the rerelease will cost 60000 yen). Do you gulls think it's worth buying that price, I honestly do not think so.

>> No.8374944

I love the idea of bittersweet as a concept but hate how 90% of examoles are executed. I'm not talking about sugary carnival-esque prints in black or swear words and eyeballs plastered all over everything to be edgy-desu. I mean a nice mix of sweet and gotic colr palettes, themes and motifs that aren't as 'mature' as full on gothic, but not so rainbow cutesy vomit as full sweet. Yes, a mix of pastels and back but in a balanced way that doesn't make tenoasels look washed out and weird. Bats, chandeliers, gothic castles, coffins, lavender colorways, cute bows and animals. Again- Holy Lantern (especially in Lavender) ticks all the boxes for me in the sweet and slightly gawfick department.

>> No.8374964

it's very amusing to see people freaking out on the FB forums about how much they NEED this.

>> No.8374988

Question: What is a swap meet?

>> No.8375024

A swap meet is a meetup where you bring items/clothes you want to trade or sell. It's a thing outside of lolita, but it's common for lolita meets to have a swap meet aspect to them because it allows you to get rid of your old stuff/find new clothes without paying shipping fees, and sometimes you can try the dresses on as well.

>> No.8375032

Nope. Including the general Asian markets Misty Sky is like 2-3x more popular than Holy Lantern. Holy Lantern is only more popular or as popular in the West.

Don't be so sandy. It will fit 95cm just fine. Wear a binder and it will look nicer. Dream Sky looks waaaay worse on fatties. Unless you have big shoulders and fat legs. Then it will look like shit.

>tfw carry fat in torso and upper thighs
>tfw AP highwaist hides everything I dislike

>> No.8375034

Can someone make their dream/ideal holy lantern bittersweet coord? I'm really curious. It doesn't read that way for me but I'd like to see how it would look.

>> No.8375041

urgh it looks so ugly from that magazine pic. didn't even realize it was the same dress. I hope it's not as washed out as the pic makes it to be and will def. remove the front lacing.

>> No.8375117

Does anyone know an SS around Tokyo who does in-store services? I wish Chibi-tenshi was around that area, but she isn't. ;_;

>> No.8375131

I personally find that people who are busty look infinitely better in a dress that has a defined waistline. It doesn't matter if a busty girl can fit a sack dress, she's still going to look "off" in some way.

Then again, we don't know all of anon's measurements, so we can't say for sure, but I'm just saying that there are only a few people who look good in sack dresses, and busty girls aren't one of them. But eh, to each their own.

>> No.8375193

Link please? I tried to look for info in their webstore.

>> No.8375217

JetJ's quality is seriously going to hell. I can't really justify paying their prices anymore.

>> No.8375237

Original anon here. I've got the worst bust to waist ratio for Lolita (95-68) so I usually bind but I was hoping to snag the JSK for more casual wear and not have to bind. I'll probably get the skirt instead.

>> No.8375249

>tfw same measurements
I feel...

>> No.8375256

Is Sugary Carnival, Milky Planet, and Cotton Candy shop as popular in Japan as it is in the west?

>> No.8375267

How long is a good time to let someone pay for their item before you tell them you'll relist it if they don't pay?

It's been only four days, but in the 15 or so items I've sold, she's taken the longest to pay so far.

>> No.8375280

People usually say within a week. I'll never understand this though, like unless I won an auction automatically overnight or something I always pay a couple minutes after purchase/receipt of invoice. An hour tops.

>> No.8375292

Yes, logo!
Thanks a lot!

>> No.8375307

You should consider what you think is acceptable and put that in your terms of sale. I've seen some people say 24 hours and that's just a little too short but 3 days or a week are fine. If someone happened to be unable to press the pay button for a week, they probably have bigger issues than you canceling a purchase.

>> No.8375312
File: 73 KB, 720x960, 11401069_10152801029762046_5103447517030908260_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>A little wrinkled
Just a little.

>> No.8375328


I've messaged her yesterday just asking her what's up, but she hasn't replied to that either.

I should definitely put something about payment deadlines in my terms and conditions next time. What I don't understand is that it wasn't a cheap item either - if I were to hit the pay button, I'd make sure I'd have the money on hand or message the seller to see if they're okay with waiting (which I understand, and I have done before).

Ah well, lessons learned. Thanks for the advice!

>> No.8375419

I'm pretty sure Anon is talking about the cute guy

>> No.8375427

>cotton candy shop

>> No.8375435

Original anon here. Left my email, let me know what you're looking to sell it for and postage etc!

>> No.8375458

what cute guy? the only cutie in the photo is midori.

>> No.8375482

another anon who asked before was told the bag was released in a mook.

>> No.8375496

Does anyone know how long Peppermint Fox takes to ship orders? I ordered last Thursday, but haven't received anything other than my confirmation.

>> No.8375745

God, you and me both. Especially a new cut for the holy lantern jsk...

>> No.8375788

I too would drop money on at least three of the four color ways. Lavender isn't for me but I might end up buying it anyway

>> No.8375816

I'm bummed that this skirt is done in the re-release style with white lace, I prefer the 2012 release with matching lace so much more. Hopefully the price on the 2012 navy skirt drops after the rerelease?

>> No.8375916

PersonalshopperJ does it but it's sorta expensive

>> No.8375976

Anon...same here! Lavender looks gross on me.
I'm hoping to get the Misky Sky Skirt... I won't have to fight to the death for it will I?

>> No.8376020

damn, I ordered a blouse from lady sloth a couple weeks ago, anyone know what her current make time is/was? should I just message her and check up on it? I was hoping to get it before the 13th.

>> No.8376086

i looked in my look book and oddly enough, there isn't a listed date of release for mint soda lagoon. sorry anon! i can at least give you prices for specific items if you want that?

>> No.8376089

Alright, going to sound like a nervous nancy but on sunday i purchased a shadow dream carnival dress off of AP US and it's wednesday and still haven't shipped my order.
Usually they ship next day but it still says processing.
is it time to panic

>> No.8376123

welp, looks like I'll have to fight the thousands of other thirsty lolitas for Misty Sky on AP's site. I wanted the pink OP and apparently that was the most popular color? I thought it was the least popular. should I bother with that colorway at all?

>> No.8376133

Same here anon.

>> No.8376136

Last time I ordered (a while ago) it took them more than a week to ship my order. I think it just varies depending how busy they are.

>> No.8376142

Okay, I was just wondering. Because the last two times they shipped right away. I guess with Castle Mirage just coming out they've been busy.

>> No.8376246

I wish that AP would put an English option for their international site already. I don't understand why they didn't in the first place

>> No.8376314

anon, the pink OP and JSK were so rare they were literal unicorns iirc, meaning if they ever showed up secondhand pre-rerelease they'd probably go for 1k+. take from that what you will

not that you shouldn't try anyhow, best to try now while you still can so you don't have to pay scalped 1k+ in the future

>> No.8376335
File: 199 KB, 700x1200, l570-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone bought this? Does it look as nice in RL as it does in the pics?

>> No.8376346


>> No.8376352
File: 185 KB, 1406x439, ss+(2015-06-03+at+08.03.42).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how do you think this person feels right now

>> No.8376357


>> No.8376360

Who has the best unboxing videos on youtube? I'm looking for some shopping inspiration .

>> No.8376363
File: 113 KB, 610x607, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I took these just for you anon. It's a very pretty dress.

>> No.8376365

i think tori time is super cute, and misslilith also has some nice unboxing videos
girlonsunday (or girlsonsunday??) has a few, but i don't like how she does them

>> No.8376397

Tori Time is really cute! Thanks anon I'll check the rest of them out.

>> No.8376413

that seller is laughing all the way to the bank

>> No.8376426

and using it to buy five more brand dresses probably

>> No.8376438

Buyer wanted to pay five times what the dress is physically worth just to feel special with the flavor of the month? A fool is soon parted from her money. Everyone should shun outrageous scalpers, not encourage them.

>> No.8376556

probably buying more misty skies to sell on mbok/y!auctions

>the cycle begins

>> No.8376566

what if someone made 10k+ from reselling misty skies

>> No.8376572

bruh and then they buy more to resell

>if only there that many Holy Lanterns flying around

>> No.8376610

sad to hear! thank you for the heads up. I think I'll stay at work late tomorrow for the release, because my work place has a faster connection than at home. I'll try my best to get it

>> No.8376617


someone kick this asshole off of LM

>> No.8376623
File: 150 KB, 540x485, tumblr_npe9htdrWz1r6rai4o1_540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck her face is the stuff of nightmares.

>> No.8376630

report the listing maybe?

>> No.8376650

I like vanilla bear's unboxing videos, especially the big taobao one.
Her unboxing videos make me really uncomfortable. I don't like how she always gets her friend to do it with her, I can always detect a hint of sadness and jealousy when her friend takes out a particularly pretty dress. I keep waiting for girlonsunday to bring out one dress, and say, "Oh, this is actually for you, friend." I've only watched two haul videos(a normal one and the one broken down into many parts for god knows what reason) so she may have done that in her other videos, but I'm honestly too turned off to check.

>> No.8376685

Anon ILY <3

Wow, how did I miss that, thanks!

>> No.8376788
File: 34 KB, 956x628, error error.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what does this want from me this is my 5th try and this always happens after I click submit on the last step of payment.
Could my card be blocked by my bank?
This happened when I try paying for something on Closet Child. I called and asked them to unblock it but I didn't think this could happen EVERY time I buy overseas.

>> No.8376814

i've looked around for a review on grimoire tights, but does anyone have anything specific on the vitrail tights? nobody really mentions anything about the fit or the measurements

i'm 5' 4" and weigh 128lbs, so i'm concerned about whether i'd be able to wear them or not

>> No.8376836

Yeah, call your bank, I always have to call prior to using my card on overseas sites (repeated failures lead to them freezing my account altogether, as I discovered the hard way).

>> No.8376844

Thanks for the heads-up anon!

>> No.8376855
File: 27 KB, 420x630, PID6450_02_LRG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have these tights (can't remember the name) as most j-fashion clothing pieces they're made with the asian body framework in mind.
being 5'6" and 123 myself they barely fit me comfortably and they stretch so much that the image kinda fades.

>> No.8376863

oh damn, i'm asian but not thin so i guess i'll wait til i lose some weight off my legs before buying them
thanks anon!

>> No.8376867


The stained glass window ones? I own them and fit in them okay, 163cm and 65kg here.

However, they're printed black on white, so they grey out when stretched, I don't think I've ever seen worn photos of them not looking grey, even on girls much thinner than me. Avoid matching them with black, I rarely wear mine for that reason.

>> No.8376875

I'm just here to whine about how I don't have Dream Marine

>> No.8376883

I've watched all her unboxing videos, and nope, that's definitely never happened. It's so awkward and rambly to watch her open things and her fatty-chan friend can only say 'oh, yeah, it's so pretty...'
Her more recent videos on keeping/selling her wardrobe pieces is so much more infuriating tho, she claims to be sooo ready to move on from lolita/tone it down but she keeps everything in her closet except for like 5 pieces (and even then it's for 'feeler' selling lmao)

>> No.8376886

Which cut and color are you searching for? I have a friend who will be putting hers up for sale probably tonight or tomorrow.

>> No.8376894

jsk in white *-*

>> No.8376898

She's got the JSK in sax if you'd settle for that one!

>> No.8376901

I'm so picky :( One day I will have my dream dress.

Thank you for letting me know though :)

>> No.8376904

Try posting it in the dream dress thread; kind anons found me my DD there.

>> No.8376912

Interested :0 LM? I'll keep an eye out!!

>> No.8376914



There it is, should be public so you can comment for it. She usually posts to LSE, waits a couple days, and then goes to LM.

>> No.8376922

>posts on LSE

Im still so damn salty over that damn facebook group. I've tried over five times and I still havent been accepted. Can someone within that group tell the mods to become mods and start accepting people? jfc

>> No.8376975

Just connect your bank account to paypal tbh. Have to worry less about calling your bank about everything

>> No.8377191

Shit i cant find the thread where it was mentioned but what SS can do Y! auctions with under 24 hours left?

>> No.8377194

You could do it yourself with Buyee if you have a Tenso set up already.

>> No.8377199

Buyee, fromjapan, noppin

>> No.8377226


>ce frapponaise

>> No.8377232
File: 60 KB, 341x353, 1421105178705.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

son you dont need a tenso acct with buyee! they ship it straight to your paypal address sucka.... they literally say in their FAQ that they don't ship to japanese addresses anyway! whoever told you that you need this was lying to your face

>> No.8377269

kind of a stupid question but does it charge the 1k yen fee just for bidding even if you lose? Im confused

>> No.8377286
File: 51 KB, 250x375, dickskirt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's a real gem from Meta on CC right now

>> No.8377308

I didn't manage to get one, but I plan to secondhand after the resale value tanks

>inb4 "Misty Sky is too popular for the resale value to be effected!" said someone at every rerelease ever

>> No.8377312

Pink is always the least popular colorways for almost every release. Pink is "rare" in that it wasn't in the 2nd release so there are less dresses, but it's the least sought after.

>> No.8377331

Not that anon but no. You don't pay anything if you don't win the auction

>> No.8377374


That doesn't really apply for the Angelic Pretty online shop, though. Unless I'm missunderstanding you?

>> No.8377379


>mfw I also want the pink version

>> No.8377380

It is, it really is.

>> No.8377409
File: 7 KB, 225x224, 1432753371898.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>expecting seagulls not to judge replicafags

>> No.8377449

No, you won't pay anything if you lose the auction.

>> No.8377453

So are we going to be able to buy multiple cuts/colorways for the Misty Sky release? For new prints, AP tends to limit the items to one dress and one of each accessory per person or they'll cancel their order. Does this apply for Misty Sky?

>> No.8377545


>> No.8377549

hey gulls, a CDC OP set in lavender missing the choker in 2 condition is up for sale on closet child right now for 43,800 yen, since i don't have the money at the moment, thought i'd share and let someone else snap it up

>> No.8377554

Yeah. I couldn't remember if you needed to verify your info with Buyee unless you linked your Tenso. I shouldn't have mentioned it.

>> No.8377671

>contacted in-store SS about a thing several months ago
>"It hasn't been released in my city yet, maybe tomorrow or the next day?"
>No contact after that
>Reengage SS after about a month
>"Still hasn't been released yet, sorry! I'll be in touch!"
>Another month has passed
>Thing has been sold out on the website for weeks

...I'm really confused. I've never had an issue with this SS before and I don't want to name/shame, but is it really normal for AP to delay the in-store release of an item like this? It's not an item that had a big, scheduled release or anything...I just contacted the SS when the photos showed up on yaplog. I'm at a loss, really...it feels more like she's stringing me along but I've never known this particular SS to do anything like that.

>> No.8377673

Also no, her messages haven't been going to my spam. I check it religiously.

>> No.8377718

I hope you guys are flooding APs email now and after the release for misty sky. A made to order of this would be glorious, and I think it has pretty good chance of happening.

This is one of those series I'd want in multiple colors and cuts, but fuck scalper prices and paying more than $300 for anything secondhand.

>> No.8377744

They were lying to you, likely they forgot and it passed so they tried to just say it was not released. They dont release it online until around or a bit after it is done in stores, and they are release it to all stores around the same time.

>> No.8377746

is it just me or has there been an influx of noobs lately? i've noticed a lot of obvious newbies asking dumb questions or making dumb posts in sales groups

>> No.8377791

Same. I'm stuck with getting one colorway since I want some matching accessories and I want to have my order completed ASAP instead of dilly dallying and losing the entire order. I like every color except lavender for this print so I need to buckle down and decide on which colorway to get before the release tomorrow.

>> No.8377839

It's called summer

>> No.8377841

Sold! Did a seagull end up getting it?

>> No.8377851
File: 3 KB, 95x125, sendhelp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just curious Gulls, how much do you think the rerelease of Misty Sky will range for on the second hand market when it hits? I sadly am a poorfag until I get my first internship paycheck, so I'll miss the release.

>> No.8377859


Lav and sax 300-400
Pink and black 400-500

>> No.8378005

Why do they appear in summer, though ? It's the season I want to wear lolita the least, it's too fucking hot.

>> No.8378074

All the kids get out from school and have a lot of free time on their hands.

>> No.8378212
File: 8 KB, 320x320, 371100-cand.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8378224

Huh, I watch jahr's unboxing vids and I've never gotten that vibe from her friend? In fact her friend always seems really disinterested in her lolita stuff, lol.

She's definitely rambly in them though, and though she seems nice and genuine she gives off a bit of a naively silver spoon vibe, lol.

>> No.8378775

She's lying. What SS?

>> No.8379122

That's what I figured, I just didn't want to jump to conclusions without a second opinion.

>> No.8379411

so which page should i refresh for the misy sky op? should i just stay on the general OP page and then refresh when it's time?

>> No.8381533

Yeah, just stay there

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