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Good 'ol fashion horror stories thread. Post your personal experiences or favorite achieves. Lolita, cosplay, convention experiences- post 'em all. Crazy obsessive itas, obnoxious homestucks and their plague of grey paint, stalker stories, let's hear them.

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Did that anon ever post the messages from K?

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I don't think she did. I know that she still comes on /cgl/, though.

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>be lone lolita
>live in college dorm
>roommate politely curious about my weird clothes at first
>then she joins sorority, has personality change
>her "sisters" hang in our dorm common area (shared with many other students) but by mutual agreement don't come into our bedroom
>by mid-semester, roommate starts going, "oh wow anon, you're wearing that again?" when i wear lolita out
>acts super sweet in front of sorority chicks but i hear her giggling and acting embarrassed about me when i'm not in the room
>no big deal, just a bit annoying and fake
>early November
>mentions her sorority is putting together a charity calendar
>asks to borrow a few things of mine, specifies cute pillows i got from taobao, for a photoshoot
>agree, they were cheap and i didn't like em much when they arrived
>go home for a family event one Saturday/Sunday
>return early Monday
>my makeup is all over the bathroom and half gone
>my side of the closet has been ransacked, brand dresses clearly used
>brown stain on white JSK
>shoes scuffed, waist ties missing, bows look like they were left in the rain and dried in the sun
>freak out, confront roommate
>"anon, you said i could borrow your cute Asian things for the calendar!"
>shows me phone pictures she took of the shoot
>sorority looking cheap, tacky, ita as fuck in MY clothes
>also holding paper fans and doing borderline racist shit, eating instant ramen with badly held plastic hair chopsticks (source of brown stain)
>calendar theme was "Beauty around the world" lol
>calm down, ask her to send me the photos
>she does, seems grateful that i calmed down
>when she leaves, i take photos of the damage
>take that shit to the campus police
>i cry when frustrated so i bawl my eyes out at how these girls had stolen and ruined the special, expensive gifts my grandma got for me
>they make sorority to pay for damages
>use brand websites and Lolibrary for "cost" of items, though i buy 2nd hand
>end result: new roommate and new brand

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Fuck yeah, anon. I'm so glad you got reparations. I hate reading about anons who don't document anything and turn into doormats when their dresses get fucked up.

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Pics or it didnt happen

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> met a few dmmd cosplayers
> decide to go and compliment on cosplay
> everyone telling their age, one wouldn't
> asked if she was jailbait
> she got insulted and pissed at me
> said that she was uncomfortable with my language and got her weeby friends to back her up
> mfw dmmd is scarier then the homestucks

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>back in highschool
>plan crossplay for con (Azu-nyan)
>practice makeup, hip padding, etc.
>not that passable but enough to not look fug and awkward
>dad is super conservative and traditional, so hide all this from him
>Thursday before con
>friends come to pick me up for road trip to con
>they're late
>dad not supposed to be home when they arrive but they're pushing it close
>already in full cosplay with makeup since there are Thursday events
>consider taking it all off but friends arrive
>out the door before they even call to say they're here
>friends help me load my shit into car
>realize i left my housekeys on kitchen counter, ask friends to finish packing my stuff into car while i grab the keys
>they were late so it's the least they could do right?
>i come back out, they're bullshitting with the trunk open
>really anxious now, it's past 5 and dad will be home any minute
>stuff gets packed and dad's car rolls up while one bitch friend is being passive-aggressive about seating
>i urge everyone to get in before shit gets awkward, we can swap seats at rest stop
>dad is parking car
>we finally work out seating
>dad gets out of car while i am climbing into ours
>his eyes meet mine
>he smiles really fake-ly
>duck into car and try to hide
>anxious for a while but eventually relax and enjoy con
>come home Sunday night, wearing normal clothes, hiding all my moeshit swag and cosplay in bags in my luggage
>dad: "so anon, did you have fun? who was the girl?"
>think he means one of my friends, say, "dad that was X, you met her before."
>"no not that dyke, the one with the black pigtails."
>wtf, is he making fun of me?
>"if i were younger i'd be on that ass so hard, anon, she wouldn't know what hit her."
>he laughs, goes back to what he was doing
>i go to my room and reevaluate my life choices

For weeks after, every time I'd try to fap I'd just remember my dad announcing he'd wreck my ass if he was younger and my boner would be kill.

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rofl anon

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oh my GOD. This is too good.

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Oh God
I'm FUCKING dying
My sides

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definitely a time to rethink crossplay

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Even if this isn't true, bravo anon. Bravo.

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Top kek

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On the bright side, you could take this as proof that you're good at crossplay. :^)

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Posted before but i'm sure ppl would get a kick out of it

>Going to con with bro as per the usual
>Dudes a weeb but you gotta stick with your bros
>fangirls over every fem cosplay
>Like hardcore "OMG SO KUTE" etc.
>Walking around convention and all he does is whine about wanting a girlfriend into anime etc.
>Decide we're gonna get drunk that night to shut him up/hope he gets laid
>FF to bar time
>He's calmed down alot now
>Probably nervous idk
>He gets talking to a girl about anime
>She's into the same stuff as him
>I get talking to a friend whos at the bar so as not to cockblock
>He texts me to say don't wait up
>Ok bro be safe
>Spend the evening at bar and then roll back to room
>Bro comes back like 1am
>Dude looks pale as fuck
>Make whitewalker joke
>He doesn't laugh
>Something terrible has happened
>Still pretty drunk so keep giggling at my whitewalker joke (Think I just yelled "FUCKING WHITEWALKERS")
>"So we got to her room to talk and stuff."
>"Her bed had some weird sheet on but I figured she was into squirting and stuff."
>"So we're kissing and shit and getting down"
>So far so good.
>"She wanted to put a rope in my ass."
>Begin laughing hysterically at this.
>"Sorry bro. Carry on."
>Bro looks pissed but carries on
>"Felt weird but I didn't mind."
>"Getting dirty and shit and I'm getting close so is she."
>"Going hard and fast now"
>"She fucking pulled the rope out and I shit everywhere."
>I freeze with a disgusted look
>"Didn't know what to do so I yelled and got in the shower to clean up"
>"Bro that would be everyones first thought. Why are you so scared about it?"
>"Anon. That wasn't the worst part."
>"What did you shit in the shower?"
>"No.... I walked out and apologised..."
>"She's fucking on the bed rolling around in the shit and wiping it on her tits and finger banging herself."
>Am dead. tears of laughter

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These fake stories are beginning to really streatch it.

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stretch* Whooops.

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>be friends with another person for a long ass time
>we go to cons, add on more friends
>all of us in undergraduate, I'm doing biochem, my friend is doing some programming thing and everyone is at art school
>be poorfags together when we go to cons, but it's fun
>all graduate
>my best friend and I go to graduate school, other friends get full time jobs at Joanns
>bestie and I still poorfags, other friends appear to no longer be poorfags
>go to dragon*con with group the first time
>my parents pay for mine and my bestie's share of the hotel because it is expensive and my parents feel bad that all I do is study and be poor
>we all get to hotel, other friends who supposedly have money are like, can you just pay for the hotel, Nonnie, we'll pay you back tomorrow or after the con
>I do have a credit card for emergencies, but I don't tell them this
>Tell them no, ask them why the fuck they have full time jobs and didn't bring in hotel money
>Nonnie, we don't get paid until tomorrow
>You literally have no money right now?
>They broke as fuq
>Tell them bestie and I have no money either
>One of them so fucking reluctantly busts out her credit card and practically demands the others to sign in blood that they'll pay her back the next day
>we get to room, everyone unpacks, wants to go to mellow mushroom for pizza
>uh, I thought you bitches were broke
>oh, we'll just put it on our credit cards
>friend who put their share of the room on her card is pissed
>I'm pissed at all of them
>we go to mellow mushroom and eat, everyone is mellowing out
>bill comes, bestie pays for the pizza she and I split, angry friend pays for her own, the others pay for theirs
>waiter comes back, aside bestie and angry friend, all the cards are declined.
>they look at us
>we tell them to have fun washing dishes
>they pissed but manage to scrape together enough cash to just barely pay and leave no tip
>FF to Saturday night at the con-

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>Angry friend cannot find her badge anywhere
>Bestie, fat friend, emo friend and I tear the room apart looking for it.
>Can't find it
>We don't search purses because bro code, no one is going to take it pfft
>We figure it's lost, whatever, we're just going to drink and walk around in costume anyway
>We get down to the con floor
>Angry friend, who drove Fat and Emo wants to go howe. NOW.
>Angry friend lives 8 hours away.
>Everyone is drunk
>Fat friend is sobbing, calling her dad, trying to figure out how to pay for a train home
>Emo friend is broke, no family and just emo
>This shit goes on until morning
>Angry friend passes out, when she wakes up, she decides she wants to leave that night instead of Monday, now
>Bestie and I are nervous until they find out room is non-refundable.
>They leave and we have a great, drama free Sunday night.
>Monday morning, wake up to texts from Emo and Fat.
>Angry friend's purse fell over in the car on the way home and her badge fell out
>She'd purposefully hidden her badge so she could go home early
>They ran out of money constantly on the way home and had to beg for gas and food
>Graduate that year, am a nurse anesthetist, my friend now works for Apple doing some tech thing in Cali.
>No longer poorfags
>Angry, fat and emo still work at Joann
>So, Nonnie, are we all rooming together this year? We didn't get a room and everything is sold out?
>Bestie and I got a Marriott the first day it opened
>Nope, sorry. Drama free room this year.

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First mistake.

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>So there's Carousel-chan, who is maybe trying to be a lolita, but who knows really. She's in a tutu thing with a plastic corset and a carousel money box fixed to her wig. Pudgy and smelling overwhelmingly of hairspray, I guess because her over-teased wig was rock hard.
>I meet her through a male friend of ours.
>Don't notice the warning message in his eyes as I say 'can we wait with you guys?'.
>Carousel-chan talks about her amazing nipple piercings and how the cold 'makes her boobs feel weird'.
>We go for food. Eat outside in the sun. She eats all of male friend's food despite saying she was on a diet and not hungry. He is too nice to tell her to fuck off, genuinely worried she has no food. Mutual cancels on con because of sudden work obligatons, so we allow her to stay with us until she can find other friends as we eat.
>"If anyone doesn't want the rest of theirs I'll totally have it! Are you gonna finish that? Are you gonna finish that? Hey! ...areyougonnaeatthat?"
>We're teasing friend about finding her a girlfriend, because she said a Sailor Moon cosplayer was seriously cute. Carousel-chan lights the fuck up.
>Friend is going to cosplay Tuxedo Mask the next day and wants a Sailor Moon to shoot with etc.
>”OMG Tuxedo Mask! I have a Sailor Moon cosplay, we should totally do a photoshoot!”
>Tuxedo Maskette was not thinking of someone like Carousel-chan in this fantasy, but she's nice and up for cosplaying with anyone, so agrees.
>The rest of the night is Carousel-chan making an ass of herself as she gets drunk, and tries to convince everyone, Tuxedo Maskette especially, to go out to a club. She is more tolerable the drunker we are, and eventually totters off with some other friends she finds to, presumably, go clubbing with.

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>>We're all dressed and heading out.
>>In the hotel foyer is Carousel-chan. She has on a decently constructed Sailor Scout outfit, with a wig that was clearly once beautiful but now deteriorating fast. I felt so bad for whichever commissioner had spent time working on it just to have it manhandled.
>>Myself and our other group photographer offer to get photos of them both.
>>Carousel-chan super happy now that all attention is on her. Vaguely pleasant to interact with. I brush her wig twintails so they look less horrific, turn her so the various grass stains aren't visible, and despite being too big for her costume, she's looking okay.
>>She's getting a bit too close to Tuxedo Maskette but we all think it's hilarious to see her uncomfortable, and she would definitely be laughing if any of us were in her place, so we watch her awkwardly manuever Carousel-chan away from more intimate positions.
>>Loud noises incoming.
>>A group of girls descend and there's just yelling and anger everywhere. Our group is very confused. Carousel-chan is yelling and crying.
>>New girls calling us thieves and other weird shit.
>>Finally work out that Carousel-chan's cosplay is not, in fact, hers. She's stolen it from a friend's room and worn it without permission.
>>”You don't understand! I had to wear it so that I could meet my true love and we could be together!” -Turns out she'd 'had a dream since childhood' that she would meet her 'prince' and that she was Sailor Moon and he was Tuxedo Mask.
>>Had to make sure they got married to save the world or something?
>>She's begging Tuxedo Maskette to marry her and help her save the universe. Tuxedo Maskette no longer finds any of this funny and tells her that she never should have stolen anything, and of course they weren't getting married because they'd met only yesterday.
>>Girls march her to their hotel and get her to change. Carousel-chan has just gone very quiet and sobs softly, walking without incident.

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>first year at con
>be 15 and alone because friends ???
>go play some doujin games upstairs because why not
>some american tourist sits down and plays with me
>we talk all friendly
>say i have to go
>he says bye
>I get up and he follows me
>I go downstairs to the corner store to buy candy
>he's there waiting
>asks "oh you want to buy something."
>"no, just waiting for you"
>he follows me to a few panels
>don't really mind, but he smells weird
>his parents call him and say he has to go
>but before he asks for a picture together
>"oh yeah, why not"
>take picture
>he gives me a peck on cheek and leave
>be scared for rest of night.
To be fair, I was young.
This isn't a horror story for everyone, but I was scared and it was spoopy.

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>We see the girls again a few hours later and ask for an update
>Apparently in the hotel bathroom she used wig scissors to cut up the costume so badly it could never again be worn, threw all her stuff in a bag and stomped out of the room to the car park to wait for her mom.
>We are now shaky friends with this new group of girls and see them at cons. Carousel-chan is now a lolita fully apparently. She bought her first replica. For a while she thought it was real brand, but she quickly got told otherwise by some people online when she tried to sell it (hopefully that was you guys).
>The fun continues indefinitely it seems.

I was reminded of Carousel Chan by the Anon in the last horror thread that had their Zelda cosplay taken. I'd slap a bitch if they did that to me.

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>Mellow Mushroom
>everyone is at art school
SCAD kids? Should have been your first clue to avoid them.

>> No.8373134

Noo they lived a ways away, Maryland, I think.

>> No.8373158

Nah,you got crept on.
What country was the con in?

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>my dad announcing he'd wreck my ass

Sounds like

Oedipus Wreck'd

>> No.8374728

Mfw I would have lost my shit at her lol. Poor Tuxedo Maskette. I can just sense the levels of crazy in people and call shit before it happens and it almost always happens.

>> No.8374744


I lol'd/10

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or was back in highschool...

>tfw test increases into 20s
>tfw hairy manbeast mode activated

>> No.8375254

I've heard more believable stories on /b/.

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Congrats, peacockfeather is claiming this story as her own

>> No.8378071

She even kept the 'anon' in there.

>> No.8378075

oh my god????? so she's possibly on cgl right now as we speak. i'm dying

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what the fuck...?

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The fucking whiteknight in the comments, holy shit

>> No.8378225

wow top kek

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>mfw im going to scad next year

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I don't see anything about her claiming it's her own, I think she's just reposting it like how people constantly throw around Tumblr screenshots and junk. Though two seconds on her Facebook page and I couldn't handle the cringe. I also feel...Pity? Like seriously sorry for her because she looks like she might have a mental handicap.

>> No.8378454

This has been discussed so much holy fuck summerfags are annoying.
she is physically disabled, but mentally is all there. she's known as Peacockfeather and is a huge creep/stalker in the con community. I get it, you're new, but literally all it takes is a google search.

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This is like the 3rd time I've seen summer lurkers try to defend her because they think she's retarded, it's really annoying me. Just because a person looks mentally handicapped doesn't mean they deserve special treatment. If anything, it's super fucked up to assume someone's mental status based on how they look.

>> No.8378475 [DELETED] 


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I've been here for years. Sorry I don't know every pathetic person you guys rip on.

>> No.8378661

That's my story... What the fuck, I can't stop laughing. Holy shit. Someone cap the responses for me please.

>> No.8378673

nvm, found her page.

Still laughing. My face and side hurt.

>> No.8378679

Saying someone looks retarded based on their Facebook page means more than their outward appearance. It's their posts and their writing, etc. Also seriously, she just copied it she didn't add anything stating it was hers. I don't know this bitch but it's not defending her to say it doesn't look like she's claiming it as her own. It's an observation anon. Come back in Fall if you're so upset.

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>> No.8378814

what am i looking at

>> No.8378818

Peacockfeather's youtube
by the looks of it

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>> No.8378862


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A little on the mild side but here we go.
>go to con, dressed up with friend
>friend does sex work as her job, no big deal, also brings more money than me
>friends assumes because I bought her lunch once I'm her sugar momma now, assumes I'm buying the rest of our meals or helping her with purchases because she can't manage her money I guess?
>don't think much of it because she's my friend and I thought she was kind of cute
>after many months later and multiple sources with experience w/ this person, come to realize she's manipulative and pulls this with other people
>feel really stupid for not seeing the signs
>we are no longer friends

>> No.8379385

i think a lot of her drama happened around 2011, including fucking nudes.
>I'm not posting them

>> No.8379423

she's stolen people's cosplay pics and claimed them as her own handiwork in the past, I wouldn't put it past her

>> No.8379432

It does if the greentext story is essentially in first person with no source given. She was seeking sympathy.

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Fuck guys, how can you guys make fun of her... this is depressing as fuck. Her videos dont make sense, she cant talk? and she clearly has a disability. I may have laughed at her in an ita thread, and yeah she might read cgl... but her videos/typing doesnt make any sense if shes native english speaker...

>> No.8382776

I think she's mentally retarded or something I feel really sorry for her.

>> No.8383204

See >>8378454 and >>8378465
Summer has come in full force hasn't it?

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Are you a boy or a girl?

>> No.8383295

post the pics from the photoshoot

>> No.8383304

best story I've read all week anon holy shit

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i'm terrified that she might possibly browse here

>> No.8383308

As a Lolita who is in a sorority, this makes me fuckin ashamed

>> No.8383321

I'm watching her videos… does she talk?
wheres the proof she's mentally stable/not retarded?

al signs are pointing to her at least having aspergers.

>> No.8383335

Why do all of her videos have like 30 seconds of her smirking and staring into space from a profile?

>> No.8383390

You can't look at her writing and tell me she doesn't have a handicap. I don't care how much this had been discussed in the past. Maybe she has a clear mind but there is something off about her and I don't mean her appearance. Look at her cosplay posts, no able minded person would think that looks good besides incredibly young kids. Look at her videos. Stop blaming it on "summer fags".

>> No.8383603

I take back everything I said about her being mentally all there. She's complete bonkers.

>> No.8383830

she's thinking about kara

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Holy shit.

>> No.8385027

>on news about handciop peolpe can't kids alone .


>> No.8385258

Annnd this has been discussed. so many times.
It has been confirmed by multiple people who have been friends with her and who have talked to her that mentally she's 100% fine. Her physical handicap causes her body to spasm a lot, thus typing and taking pictures isn't easy for her. Also her fucked up mouth makes it difficult for her to speak but she is 100% able to.
so sick of summer already.

>> No.8385473

Didn't know who you were talking about til you mentioned these

>> No.8385527

Even if someone saw that on her FB and was unaware it came from here, one could tell she copypasta'd it because it's actual legible English.

>> No.8387339

>6 years ago
>be clueless teenage weeb
>also be colossal furry faggot
>go to small shitty convention wearing furry ears and tail
>want to "lose my ears" at convention
>hit on cute guys twice my age
>they're all lolno
>getting desperate
>meet Soubi cosplayer in line for shitty expensive con food
>he's chubby with shitty cosplay, don't care, I have no standards or filter
>flirt my heart out
>he responds positively, buys me food, offers me alcohol if I go back to his hotel room
>fuck yes, score!
>his hotel is a mile from convention center
>cling to him as we walk, he pushes me off, i think this is totally tsundere, nya~
>middle of summer, hot and humid
>get to shitty roomstuffed motel room that smells like cigarettes
>offers me lukewarm beer from opened can he was "saving"
>drink it and pretend to like it
>2 other people in room, he kicks them out
>we start making out among the open duffel bags, dirty closet cosplays, sleeping bags, and fast food wrappers
>clothes sticky from humidity
>not perfect but dammit if I'm not getting laid becore con is over
>grab for his crotch
>nothing there
>fumble awkwardly while he's trying to get my clothes off
>completely turned off, where's his fucking genitals
>tipsy from beer and still an awkward filterless faggot, start yelling at him, "dude you have no dick, this is fraud"
>he ignores me, keeps trying to underdress me, I resist
>he pins me on floor, see up his shirt
>flabby sweaty chest flattened with duct tape
>skin around tape looks red and chafed
>reality of situation hits me, I knee her in the crotch
>start screaming "FIRE FIRE" because someone told me once that's what to yell during rape
>she rolls off me and I get up to flee
>she grabs me by my tail, it snaps off in her hand like a gecko's
>I get out the door, race past her roommates who are also chubby genderless-looking freaks
>get lost on way back to convention center
>realize I lost not only my tail but my ears in Soubi's room
>still virgin to this day

>> No.8387918

>she grabs me by my tail, it snaps off in her hand like a gecko's

Oh god. I'm so glad you got out of there.

>> No.8387941 [DELETED] 


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God damn Anon.

>> No.8387969

You should have been able to figure it out if not by the face, body shape, or voice, then by the fact that they were cosplaying from a yaoi series.
I don't know any gay men who like yaoishit like Loveless.

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>purchase wishlist dress from french lolita
>she tries to invoice me in euros, thus overcharging
>lmao no I bid in USD
>correct her, she corrects the invoice
>dress arrives today
>crumped in a wad
>can't iron it out all the way, needs to be steamed

I can't tell if it's retaliation for calling her out on overcharging me but I'm so mad

pic related, that's untouched/unwrapped fresh out of crumpled bag

>> No.8387980

to be fair, some do it to get laid, same reason why they go to Ycon.

>> No.8387989

mail horror count?

>misses out on dream dress on release
>ends up being really popular
>favorite colourway doesn't show up ever
>suddenly, anon selling desired cut/colourway
>kind anon decides to sell to me
>elated and overjoyed
>waiting anxiously for package
>package is marked as delivered
>... in the WRONG CITY.
>seller shows proof of shipping, labelled it correctly
>try to find possible addresses in wrong city
>nothing remotely similar to mine
>local post insists it was delivered properly
>package never found
>seller never gets a return package
>dress gone forever
>tfw some ghetto random got my dress and wont return it
>tfw cant even imagine what they're doing with it

its been months and i still feel utterly crushed. oh well. i want to imagine my post man likes frilly dresses and decided to rehome it to a better place.

>> No.8387993


>> No.8388007

That's so shitty. I'm sorry anon.

>> No.8388201

Wait, do you know who your package got delivered to? Because opening someone else's mail is illegal and you could charge that person.

>> No.8388941
File: 31 KB, 300x360, 1383288245457.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>first time on /cgl/
>first thread
>read this
Thank you anon.

>> No.8389081

Retaliation or not, that is completely unacceptable.

>> No.8389101

it's not just spelling or grammar that she fucks up she's entirely unable to form coherent sentences. what about that is 'all there'?

>> No.8389165

Yeah, because she can't type easily. Once her writing gets close enough to comprehensible, I'm sure she says "Fuck it, people get what I mean" and leaves it at that. Ever try to type with cold hands or while drunk? You reach a point where you consider barely legible a proud achievement.

>> No.8389205

Why is this so true, I'm so glad my bf has rich parents.

>> No.8391720

>Go one day to con strictly for lolita events
>Overly humid and muggy day and raining off and on
>Wear classic with low twin braids
>Dont really have anything to do for 6 hours so i just wander around
>weather has gotten drastically worse and the AC in the building is doing little for everyone
>I need to remove this dress asap
>i have shorts on under my clothes but my blouse is sheer and so is my bra.
>buy anime tshirt solely for changing
>walking around in black tshirt, neon teal and yellow roxy shorts that dont mach at all and brown teaparties hair still in braids but falsies ripped off and makeup untouched since 2pm
>hanging out by con exit with friend
>greasiest sweatiest oldest spergy neckbeard with terrible teeth comes up to my friend "CAN I GET A PICTURE WITH HER!"
>shoves phone at friend
>awkwardly take photo with him, despite clearly not wanting to, and having no idea why he wants a photo with me
>Stand confused at why he only asked my friend and then suddenly disgusted at what happened.

I probably couldve shortened this....

>> No.8391940

>Be 13
>Quite new to cosplaying, don't have a lot of friends in the community.
>City art gallery is having a expo on cosplay, including cosplay competition.
>Mention it to friend (T) who is into art and anime.
>We decide to meet up at the a gallery
>Neither of us want to enter the competition, but everyone who cosplays gets free entry to the other expos for the day
>Decide to go as the riddler
>Pretty standard beginner costume
>Green shirt with black question marks, black dress pants, black bowler hat with green question marks and black suspenders.

The day of the expo comes and we decide to meet at 11 outside the doors. I should probably mention at this age I was pretty heavily bullied and as an only child, my parents were very overprotective and didn't let me out on my own often. As a result I had little experience with social situations and got very easily nervous.

>Parents drop me off at gallery a little late.
>Text T that I'm going to be about 10 minutes late
>She texts me back saying she will be too
>Tells me she's inviting 2 other friends to cosplay sailor moon characters with her
>That's fine. More people for me to hang out with
>About 20 minutes pass
>Call T how much longer shes going to be
>Tells me to just go in without her, she might be a while.
>Don’t really want to be alone but it beats sitting in the heat.
>As I hang up, someone plonks down next to me.
>Bench rattles, something sweaty slides over my arm.

>> No.8391965


>”Hey, I overheard your conversation. Sorry your friends aren’t coming.”
>Turn to see voice belongs to 6 foot tall approximately 30 year old
>Immediately my stomach drops
>Is sweaty, has neckbeard, the whole hog.
>”Uhh, they’re still coming.”
>I get up to go inside, he follows.
>”Well I’ll come with you meanwhile.”
>Alarms sounding in my nervous 13 year old brain
>Too fucking beta to say anything

We go into the expo. I get free entry and am allowed straight in but he’s not in cosplay and has to pay. This buys me time and I manage to hide in the crowd. Being short in a sea of cosplayers is for once a good thing.
>End up meeting someone I’ve talked to online before
>Nice guy, there with a couple of other friends
>End up spending a lot of time around them. They’re still older than me but not much
>Well socially adjusted unlike myself
>Don’t see Sweaty for another couple of hours. T still hasn’t shown up.
>Making new friends, getting cool pictures.
>All things considered, I’m having a good time.
>Talking with new friends when suddenly my eyes make contact with Sweaty’s across the room.

>> No.8392292

Were you planning on finishing this?

>> No.8392394

Wow, what a twat.

>> No.8392524

What dress is this?

>> No.8393189

>10 years ago
>be young guy going through some shit
>join a LiveJournal community for guys who have been abused, first one I found I didn't feel unwanted in because of my gender (most abuse survivor groups are female-only)
>not long after joining, someone posts a story that sounds... off
>check their profile
>it's a fucking roleplay account
>the owner is a regular girl with "soulbonds" aka OC versions of vidya/animu characters that "live in her head"
>her character continues talking about fake bs, gets sympathy and advice
>it's so obviously a fake account, I wonder if I joined an RP comm by accident
>investigate other members
>some seem legit, but many are soulbonds, fictionkin, alters, or RP accounts
>they present themselves as real when posting to the community
>but half the comments on their own journal entries are from other fake people with bishounen user icons
>get friend request from one of them, who comments that we seem to have a lot in common
>wtf, the survivor community is not for things you pretend happened, or for acting out your OC's make-believe trauma
>afraid calling them out would call hostile attention to myself
>have weird dissociative tendencies and magical thinking patterns myself, feel crippling self-doubt about confronting others who might need help not scorn
>don't want to discount real cases of multiple identities, I am not convinced anyone has a single enduring "self"
>talk myself out of telling others about the fake accounts that are using the struggles of real human beings for entertainment
>leave the community and LJ thinking I wasn't well enough to handle any of this bizarro world shit

I'm so disgusted at people who won't differentiate between real trauma and romanticized drama. It was like going to group therapy with an audience who were masterbating to your stories. They're more out in the open now after migrating to Tumblr. It's the single most harmful type of weaboo/chuuni bullshit and I hope it's more obvious now what they are.

>> No.8395978
File: 1.61 MB, 350x242, 1433903996690.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

don't die yet

/cgl/ has more horror to share, i'm sure of it.

>> No.8396031
File: 6 KB, 200x127, 11033177_1583737651843542_6171587819316249390_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I work at scad. A lot of my friends were students. SWJ haven. Called a rape apologist for saying that stare rape is ridiculous. Boyfriend called rapist on FB for disagreeing with hags. Had my 'victim card' revoked because I didn't feel like man hating with a bitch who later said "lol jk i lied, no hard feelings right?", cows still felt it was necessary to spread my personal information though. I could write a book with the shit that these fucks flung around. Luckily the craziest of the shit stayed in small circles. Thats what you get for being around a liberal arts school.

>> No.8396045

Well, it's a repost but I got bad touched at a con rave.

It was my first con and rave and I was pretty excited. I'm ok with people wanting to get close when dancing but this guy was pretty much dry humping me from behind. Nope nope nope. Try to push him off, he clings to me super tight. Had to get a male friend to peel him off me. Other people in the area were just watching and not doing anything about it.

>> No.8396220

>my first con ever
>13 or 14 years old, shitty closet cosplay, spray painted hair, generally looked a mess
>there is a formal ball-type dance before the rave
>middle aged man asks me to dance, I can't see my dad anywhere, too afraid to say no
Nothing really awful happened, and I ran and found my dad after, but as a 13-year-old it was the most terrifying 2-3 minutes of my life.

>> No.8396640

Please finish

>> No.8398881

When I red >>8370861, I assumed it was going to be a "be a cosplayer and anon took my suit without asking" kind of stories

>> No.8399091

I used to know two people who went there. But then they came out as Tumblr Feminazis who cosplay shit characaters...for shame....

>> No.8399176

I know a scad person who came up with the "short and sweet" sexuality label of "bisensual gray asexual".

Christ. Those people are scary.

>> No.8399188

>planning to go to SCAD
>but in HK

SJW's aren't in HK are they??

>> No.8399208

That's fucking disgusting. I wish there were more safe communities for abused men, it's appalling how many people don't take it seriously. I'm sorry that had to happen to you.

>> No.8399218

I'm talking about the one in Georgia, no clue.

>> No.8399261

Bit of a weird one from a long time back. Wasn't so horror for me as it was for the younger girls involved I'm sure.

>back in ye olde days of suncoast anime day
>no cons in area so this is pretty popular event
>fucking freezing january and I decided to cosplay Seras like an idiot so come in regular clothes and change in bathroom
>two normalfag younger girls in school uniforms hanging around sink for some reason
>go in stall to change
>can hear girls talking about some creepy guy that was following them
>one of em says something about him also bothering "those cartoon people" too
>well today is just going to be great
>get all set up and head to suncoast with no further incidents
>since this is a free mall event we're about 50/50 actual cosplay and closet shit thats barely if at all recognizable
>because of this it took a while to notice the one guy not really cosplaying at all
>tall but slouching terribly, a severely jacked up set of teeth, and wearing a weird mix of military surplus and random occult imagery
>in short order he zeros in on the tiniest miniskirt in the group
>this would be me
>(to be fair the Hellsing uniform is pretty much military surplus and random occult imagery so)
>he is entranced as fuck by the patches and whatnot
>keeps asking the meaning
>I'm stuck in line for contest so just bullshit at him for a while
>after about 10 minutes of terrible lisping he notices my fake fangs

>> No.8399279

>gets so excited he starts wiggling (i can't make this shit up)
>he starts giving me story about how he's a werewolf
>points out his teeth and gets into detail about how they morph and shit
>spend entire time in line listening to in-depth explanation of his pack dynamics
>fucking Luigi cosplayer next to me eating his mustache to not laugh
>thanks man you're really helping
>finally have my turn, do my poses, get some pictures and scurry out while werewolf fucker is still messing with the camera on his phone
>change and strip off wig and head back to hear results
>hang out by counter while I wait cus they're pretty bro (and one might have been hot)
>notice werewolf guy looking around in confusion
>asking people where the "nazi werewolf lady"
>contest over, results called, I was either first or second idk I got a gift card, thats all I remember
>despite them making me pose with card guy has not yet put together that I am "nazi werewolf" lady
>well good to know he apparently didn't look me in the face that whole time
eventually he did get chased off when he started macking on a 14 year old Misa

>> No.8399357

Jesus, I hope this is b8

>> No.8399376

>fucking Luigi cosplayer next to me eating his mustache to not laugh

Oh god this is gold!

>> No.8399388 [DELETED] 
File: 85 KB, 244x268, sailor v curious.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

absolutelyhorrifying/10, and /cgl/ knows it, so, this board doesn't seem bad (and I don't want to shit it up with trolling and foolery, which I'm often inclined to do on the internet)


>> No.8399405

I hate summer

>> No.8399409 [DELETED] 

My horror story:

>spend $300+ on clothes
>they arrive, but don't look the way they should
>not unsalvagable, but definitely very frustrating

I'm going to have to modify the clothes I ordered if I want them to look right. I'm sure it can be done, but I really may as well make my own clothes.

>> No.8399412 [DELETED] 

I hate summer too.

>> No.8399423 [DELETED] 

Sigh... my whole life.

>> No.8399439 [DELETED] 
File: 747 KB, 1280x720, ^_^.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think I see the similarity. She's this weird loner. Beyond the first impression, she stops resembling me.

Anyways, I think this is a horror story, I'm lurking on this board. But, I'm just passing through.

>tfw I thought I was bad, but there are actually worse people than me

>> No.8399449

holds up spork

>> No.8399456 [DELETED] 

Does it make you angry that I learned to eat with chopsticks and read books about how computers work when I was a teenager?

>> No.8399460

More like turned on
got skype? ;)

>> No.8399461
File: 32 KB, 570x428, il_570xN.245124566.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please leave.

>> No.8399462 [DELETED] 
File: 13 KB, 382x147, the internet protects my eyes from your stupidity.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I knew someone who joked around like that and I joked around with them like that, but..

>that friend was goth
>and mentally unstable, boys trolled her to suicide a bunch of times

..then, idiots pretending that jokes were serious. I may as well have killed people for how much everybody just randomly hates me, throughout my entire life.

>tfw not deformed or anything, but was never not the new kid anywhere

I will never have friends.

You know what? I happily will leave. I don't want to talk to filth like you.

>> No.8399464

post your skype so we can erp already
I know you're into bully-play ;^)

>> No.8399465 [DELETED] 

No, but at least I'm not a wrinkley old bitch like some of the whores who have aggressed against me probably are.

>> No.8399469 [DELETED] 

You guessed absolutely wrong.

>> No.8399472 [DELETED] 

>tfw really look 14 or 15 at age 27

I think I should be happy.

>> No.8399477 [DELETED] 

>what triggered half of this is
>someone in another thread said the first name of someone who tried to stop you from learning things

She actually has a whiteknight fetish.

>> No.8399479 [DELETED] 

This board wasn't even pissing me off but now we're making a horror story for it ITT.

>tfw middle school is what really drove me insane

>> No.8399481 [DELETED] 

>tfw we couldn't have been alive at the same time


>> No.8399487 [DELETED] 

We'd have gone columbine and then killed ourselves together. (you seem to like me for pretty much the reasons I could not function as a girl in this society)

>> No.8399488 [DELETED] 

Yeah, probably. lol

>> No.8399489 [DELETED] 

>no sarcasm, just laughing at the hypothetical situation

You lost WW2 and then your girlfriend broke up with you. Of course you hate everything.

>> No.8399490 [DELETED] 

Yeah, that's how it is.

>> No.8399491
File: 496 KB, 640x2232, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What's goin on in this thr-


>> No.8399492 [DELETED] 


Okay, we need to never post on this board again. It was funny these two times, but I don't really want to piss off everyone on this board on a regular basis. /pol/ was fun to make mad. /g/ might or might not have deserved it.

>> No.8399495 [DELETED] 


>> No.8399497

Fuckin summer.

>> No.8399502 [DELETED] 

We are known insane trolls from another board. Sorry, it was too funny not to.

>> No.8399503 [DELETED] 

<3 /posting lol

>> No.8399506
File: 48 KB, 499x290, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shamefur dispray

>> No.8399507 [DELETED] 

I was drunk and it was hilarious.

>> No.8399511 [DELETED] 


>> No.8399760

Did retard camp let out already?

>> No.8399768

Tl, dr

European blood, haha.

>> No.8399939

katniss.. like.. the hunger games katniss?
how even...

>> No.8399976

>tfw janitor takes out the garbage

Thanks. It actually got worse in a non-cgl-relatex way on the next site I tried to join (off LJ). A little after I joined there was a big scandal, where several users were revealed to have fabricated their life histories, and had been using the site as fetish fuel, sometimes with multiple accounts. I had the feeling even some who weren't caught or who did not confess were also making shit up for fap material, but the site announced they would be requiring users to register with their full legal name, to deter fetishists... Which I was not willing to do, so I left.

Every time I see people cosplaying certain fandoms where fanon involves a lot of rapey scenarios (even if the canon don't romanticize abuse) I get suspicious and want to avoid them. I pretty much keep my history to myself until I know the other person isn't one to glamorize, fetishize, or devalue abuse and trauma.

Reading the behavior of people in many threads like this makes me think fandoms draw people who might have violent or abusive tendencies, and through hyperactive fandom normalize their horrible behavior.

>> No.8399979

Excuse typos and rambling, no time to proofread

>> No.8400004
File: 360 KB, 848x480, 1253495447736.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>start yelling at him, "dude you have no dick, this is fraud"

>> No.8400246

how is this hilarious. fuck off asshole.

>> No.8400971

>nazi werewolf lady

Holy shit, I'm dying, this is too amazing anon!

>> No.8401018

The dmmd fandom is mostly gross whale-chan fakebois anyway

>> No.8401167
File: 272 KB, 365x480, 1337885352895.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sorry if i fuck this up, my hands are so shaky right now and its like 4 am
>be 12
>first con
>mom wants to come along too, nbd
>wants to bring along autistic 8 year old sister, also nbd, it's not a big con so it won't be too crowded
>want a costume for sister too, but wigs and bulky costumes are a no-go
>watch OHSHC
>oh my senpai, sister would make cutest haruhi EBER!!1!!
>get mom to make a haruhi costume
>get to con
>wander around in dazed awe at all of the costumes, kinda high off of japanese candy, mom and sister in tow
>at some point we pause by the vendors, mom heads to bathroom
>just chilling
>suddenly i hear it
>tamaki suoh cosplayer running full charge at sister
>cosplayer proceeds to pick ssiter up, spin her around
>sister freaking out bc strange overweight 16 year old girl in a suit is spinning her around
>"please put my sister down she's autistic"
>"YOU'RE autistic"
>sister proceeds to bite the shit out of tamaki
>tamaki drops her on her ass, sister is freaking out bad
>tamaki calls me a bitch and leaves

yeah basically it went shitty
con security gave me a free bottle of ramune, though, which was cool

>> No.8401171


I am now mad for your sister. Fucking glompers!

>> No.8401178

That one story where the fat weeb cut a seagull's throat was pretty horrifying. I think some "doctor" on /r9k/ decided that it was done by self-harm, but I'm not sure. Does seem a bit too straight.

>> No.8401199

>reasons I don't like people talking to me in character

>> No.8401200

What did your mom say/do? I think your situation could have called for some serious repercussions on the glomper's end. Glad I learned it was not ok to act that way around strangers by the time I was 14. But then again I'd been keeping my power level low and contained in public anyway.

>> No.8401205

honestly though. i straight up refuse to do in character stuff now because of that. it might be rude, but i ignore anyone trying to talk to me as the character they're cosplaying.

>> No.8401206

mom went ballistic, which was understandable - i was pretty pissed too. we called the con security and complained, but they couldn't find the cosplayer after that. they probably ditched. either way, my mom didn't bring my sister along to any convention after that, even now.

>> No.8401220

I'm so glad your sister bit the shit out of the cosplayer. The cosplayer deserved those bites to get infected afterwards as well. Who the fuck randomly picks up a kid they don't know?

>> No.8401226

Am student in scad hk, been here all my years, took a summer in savannah and people there have way more sass in the us than hk;;
Since we are in asia i feel like our campus is a tad bit more conservative, and we have less crazies (if there are crazies, they hide their powerlevels)

Also most of the foregien students are here for a quarter or two, but there are some that stay for all their years too. Most of the student body is asian.

Also campus is understaffed, professors are overworked which sucks. Overall though i had a life changing experience with my particular professor and i learnt a lot more about the industry that i thought i would have been taught and i enjoy my time here!

>> No.8401233

How Autistic is your sister on a scale of basically normal-basically a vegetable. I've worked with Autistic kids before, I can imagine how unpleased your sister must have been/

>> No.8401237
File: 51 KB, 577x436, 1409720586333.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

whas that now?

>> No.8401257

uh, on a 1-10 scale, she's 6ish? she isn't super bad, just delayed a few years back and can't handle larger crowds or touching unless it's from someone she knows. at age ten she was about 7ish mentally, give or take.

>> No.8402772
File: 277 KB, 500x375, 1342655247363.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Was going through the archives and found an old experience I had forgotten that I had posted about back in 2012 so I figured it's high time I reposted it?

Backstory: I knew these people for several years and in fact they were the ones to get me into anime. I had never heard of it before or even watched anything aside from Digimon (which I thought was an American cartoon) until I met them and got into Sailor Moon and all the other stuff. At the time the only anime people I knew were them so needless to say, everything I look back on and cringe about now I thought was normal back then. They were seasoned convention goers and unlike them, I had yet to go to one until several years later when they invited me along and I thought I couldn't go. Sadly for me, it turns out I could.

>> No.8402774

My family wanted to go shopping in the city that day so I persuaded them to drop me off at the convention that Saturday and pick me up on their way back. I had never been to a convention, had no idea what to expect and didn't even know people dressed up in costume. All day I had tried to call my friends to remind them that I was on my way and to figure out where to meet them at the hotel. Despite dialing all four of their numbers, no one picked up their phone.

None the less I told my parents I'd be fine and that I'd find my friends without any trouble because I knew what they looked like and they traveled in a group so it shouldn't be too hard. I ended up spending six hours on my own wandering the halls and trying to find them and calling their phones. No one ever picked up and I never saw them. I was too shy to talk to any strangers and completely out of my depth so I was relieved to finally get out of there and pretty much had a terrible time.

What had happened to my friends? Apparently, despite the four of them being over 18, one of them had brought along his mother as chaperon and she had become upset at their lack of ability to answer the phone when she would hourly call on them to check in so she had confiscated their phones and instead ushered them around the convention like children so they couldn't leave her sight until she had gotten bored and gone back to the hotel room, taking them with her for the rest of the day.

When the convention rolled around the next year, to make up for the previous year, I was invited to join their group for the weekend. As bad as I thought my first convention was, the second would only get worse.

>> No.8402779

The night before the convention I stayed with the twins of the group, Amy and Bree. Amy and Bree were... well, they were complete weeaboos but on opposite sides.

Amy was obsessed with ninjas. Her room was covered in Naruto posters and it wasn't unusual for her to always have an authentic ninja dagger on her along with any other sort of sharp objects and she didn't think twice about pulling one out if someone pissed her off. This had gotten her in trouble in school and had her suspended to the point where she had been expelled from the school we both attended with her twin, Bree.

Bree was a fanfiction addict. She would regularly print out entire fanfic series for Yu-Gi-Oh to read while in school. She wrote her own fanfiction to several fandoms, all with OCs or the most random pairings. She was the bossy one of the group and pretty much had a holier than thou attitude. Despite being twins, Bree and Amy didn't get along too well most of the time.

While staying at their home I was given a crash course in the weeaboo lifestyle. For dinner we had ramen with chopsticks. I had never used chopsticks and was told I couldn't have a fork instead, I would just have to learn how to use the chopsticks. Needless to say, I didn't get to eat much of my dinner and when I finally gave up, Amy swooped in and all but snatched the bowl from me to finish eating it.

>> No.8402785

Bree didn't want me staying in her room, which we barely got along anyhow so I didn't mind, but that meant I had to stay with Amy. Amy's room was an utter mess that she didn't even seem to notice and everything stunk of a mixture of cat smells and heavy incense. I'm allergic to cats and even I could see the cat hair that covered her bed and the mattress on the floor that I was sleeping on. Despite having to drive up to the convention in the morning, Amy insisted on staying up to watch Naruto and her blaring TV was enough to insure that I didn't get to sleep before she did.

When we finally got up in the morning my eyes were puffy, my nose stuffed, and my throat irritated from my allergies. I felt like utter shit and debated just going home but decided to stick with it and go to the convention. I even had a costume and wig, just a generic school uniform and a nice pink wig to go with it, and I was excited to wear it.

What I hadn't planned on was the three of us driving over to another friend's house and adding an extra group member.

Chris was a friend of Amy and Bree's and I had only met him a few times. He was strictly religious and usually pretty quiet and respectful. I didn't know much else about him aside from that and thought he was a little odd because of his strict religious beliefs but I soon realized that his mother pretty much dominated his life.

>> No.8402793

At the time, I was 17 and the twins were 19 and Chris was 20. Three out of four of us were legal adults with drivers licenses. Despite this, Chris' mother was driving us the hour to the hotel and once again putting herself in charge of the group as if she were a babysitter. From the moment we met I don't think Chris' mother liked me. I was polite the way I am with any parent of a friend but she acted very cold towards me and would side-eye me every time I tried to make conversation with Chris. Apparently she knew the twins enough to know they wouldn't threaten her precious son's purity but I, as a barely known female, was a threat.

When we got into the car, I was forced to sit up front beside Chris' mother as she drove despite that she could have just as easily made Chris sit up front instead. I learned about ten minutes into the drive that this was done on purpose for the sole intent of grilling me about my life. Who were my parents, what did they do, how old was I, did I have a boyfriend, how long had I known Chris, why hadn't I ever been introduced to her before now?

I'm not ashamed of who I am but I know better than to answer "Do you have a boyfriend?" with "I'm a lesbian." so I simply said no, I didn't have one. It was a lose/lose situation either way when it came down to it and the rest of the drive was spent in awkward silence.

>> No.8402796

When we got to the convention, I found out we had booked two hotel rooms. The hotel fee I thought i was paying was a low amount, since I had been told that all five of us were going to stay in the same room. However it was sprung when we got to the lobby that no, two rooms had been booked because Chris's mother didn't want him staying in a room with females (despite her being in the same room at all times) so she had gotten a room for just them... and we had to chip in for it. I had a set budget and ended up having to fork over my food money just to cover part of what I was told I suddenly owed her. I was short by $20 and Chris' mother acted all snotty towards me and rolled her eyes and told me that I would just have to pay her back and she would cover the $20 I owed her.

So now not only am I already being the awkward "Why are you even here?" wheel, I'm completely broke and can't afford food until I get home Sunday if I run out of snacks that I had brought for myself.

I figure at least I have cosplay to look forward to and we had arrived early enough Friday that we still could unpack and head back down to the convention. I was so proud of my Bodyline school uniform and the wig I had gotten from Cosplaycom so I didn't waste any time changing.

Bree didn't cosplay at all but instead walked around in raver pants and those fishnet glove/arm things with her sketchpad and just sat in random spots and drew anime characters, mostly her OCs.

Chris was cosplaying Inuyasha minus the wig and in a red satin outfit that looked... well, absolutely terrible. Instead of the actual sword he had one of those wooden ones and he wore sneakers under his pants. I never did ask where he got the costume from but I guess his mom might have sewn it for him since I don't think a commissioner would have made something that bad.

>> No.8402798

Amy however was the biggest cosplayer in the group, as in enthusiasm. She had hopped on the Sexy no Jutsu bandwagon and had picked Orichimaru. Tiny black shorts, a barely hanging on her shoulders brown potato sack looking top with a black bikini top underneath and a purple scarf tied around her waist. She didn't bother with a wig but instead sprayed her hair black with the canned spray you use on Halloween.

When Chris' mother came to see us before she left, I thought she might get on Amy's case for her low cut top because you could clearly see the bikini top and cleavage but instead she got on my case for my school girl outfit. She told me a young girl my age shouldn't be inviting men to be looking at me dressed like a fetish girl. I was told to change and I was so embarrassed that I agreed to. Amy however, in an attempt to cheer me up, said I could cosplay with her. I had a pink wig so I could be Sakura.

While I was in the bathroom changing back into my normal jeans and tanktop, Amy took it upon herself to take my long (mid-back) length pink wig and hack away at it to fit Sakura's just below chin-length style without informing me. When I came out and saw that over half of my wig was down in the trash I was upset and lost my temper at her. Amy didn't understand what she had done was wrong and even blamed me for it, saying that I had wanted to be Sakura and Sakura didn't have hair that long. As if she was doing me a favor by cutting my wig that I had paid so much for.

In the end I knew I couldn't call up my parents and ask them to come get me, especially after I had paid money to be there so I put the wig on and watched Amy slather on Halloween white facepaint onto her face before going down to the convention.

>> No.8402802

We were under strict orders to call in every hour and tell where we were to Chris' mom. I figured it wouldn't be necessary since we'd all stick together but it was like the moment we hit the con floor, Chris was off to the gaming room, Bree was headed in another direction to do who knew what, and Amy was bolting down the hall towards a group of Naruto cosplayers leaving me to follow after her.

I didn't know much about Naruto. Just enough to know who a few of the main characters were but out of the large swarm of cosplayers, I only recognized maybe half of them, only because they were doubles and triples of the characters I already knew. Some how we had managed to find ourselves in the middle of a migration to a photoshoot area and I was being dragged along by Amy who had grabbed onto my wrist when I managed to locate her in the crowd.

I really didn't want to be in the photoshoot with my butchered wig and my jeans and tshirt so I kept out of the way until cries of fanservice went up. I had no idea at the time what this meant but Amy was completely hyped up for it and grabbed me by my wrists to drag me up in front of the cameras as she began throwing her arms around me and sticking out her tongue towards my face trying to be like Orichimaru. I knew she was straight, completely and utterly straight, so I having her quickly beginning to grope me in front of people I didn't know, especially ones with cameras, was the last straw. I didn't even think before I shoved her away and just bolted for it.

>> No.8402805

At the time I didn't have a cellphone. I didn't get one until I was 18 so I since I wasn't with Amy and I had no idea where Bree and Chris were (I didn't think he was still in the game room) so when it came time to call in for the hourly check-in, I couldn't exactly call in.

I had a room key and the hotel wasn't that big so I assumed that they wouldn't think I was dead or something considering Amy had just been with me an hour ago and my things weren't gone from the room. I ended up wandering the convention on my own for a bit until I realized it was late afternoon and I should probably go back and check-in with Chris' mom (if she was in the hotel room still) and eat some of my snacks.

When I got to the room it was empty and when I checked the door that connected our room to Chris and his mother's, it was empty as well. I wrote a note saying I was fine and ate some of my snacks, putting the rest on the hotel room desk next to my things to go through later and ration out. I really didn't want to ask my friends to help pay for me and I REALLY didn't want to ask Chris' mother for some of my money back to get dinner either.

>> No.8402807

Figuring I might have a chance of finding one of the group I went back downstairs (after ditching my ruined wig in the room) and wandered around for a bit. I ended up standing in line for an autograph of a Sailor Moon actress I liked and chatted a bit with a guy behind me in line. His name was Derek and was a little older than me but it was fine with me since my friends were and he was pretty nice and we bonded over both of us being 'out of the closet'. By the time we had made it through the autograph session we decided to hang out since the friends he had come with were there for the gaming (big Magic the Gathering fans) and mine were all too eager to just act as if I wasn't there.

We found a quiet place to sit and chat, the empty phone room off to the side of the convention area. Derek phoned his friends and told them where to meet us before asking if I wanted pizza, his treat. I felt bad for accepting but he didn't want to take no for an answer so an hour later I found myself sitting on the floor in the phone room with Derek and his two male friends eating pizza and watching them play cards.

I ended up using one of the hotel payphones to call and check in and I really wish I hadn't. Bree (the first number I dialed off the top of my head because hers was an easy to remember number) told me that they were in the car coming back for dinner and had gone without me because I didn't have a phone for them to tell me they were leaving. Chris' mom came on the line next, completely furious, telling me I was supposed to check in every hour and they weren't bringing me anything back because I hadn't been there when they were leaving to go eat.

Part 10/16 (since I forgot that I should be numbering these)

>> No.8402808

She knew I didn't have a phone and wasn't with anyone in the group and yet somehow despite leaving a note, it was my fault. I told her politely that if I had known a set time we were going to dinner that I would have been there and she completely ignored that and demanded to know where I was. I told her my location in the hotel's phone room before she hung up on me.

I didn't think too much of it and instead decided I'd be back to the hotel room by 9pm to just call it an early night and hope the next day would be better. What I hadn't expected however was for Chris' mom to show up half an hour later in the phone room. I was still in there with Derek and his two male friends, being taught how to play Yu-Gi-Oh and leaning against Derek with our heads close together so he could look at my cards and quietly point out which ones to play as we teamed up against his two friends.

However from Chris' mother's point of view I might as well have been in Derek's lap with my tongue down his throat while his two friends hailed Satan across from us. I was told to go back to the hotel room immediately, we were turning in for the night even though it wasn't even 8pm yet. Reluctantly I said goodbye and promised to meet up with Derek the next day (Saturday) for a panel at a certain time.


>> No.8402811

The only good luck of the night came when I was the first one to get a shower in the room. After mine, Bree was next while Amy took up the last. In hindsight, it probably wasn't a good idea to let her take a shower at all. If you all remember, Amy cosplayed Sexy no Jutsu Orichimaru and used can spray to turn her hair black and cheap Halloween paint to cover her face. By the time she got out of the shower her face was all but rubbed raw from trying to get the paint off. However, unlike the paint, the spray in her hair came off easily due to her naturally oily hair but along with her stained skin... so was the tub.

There were watery grey puddles on the bathroom tiles from where she hadn't washed all of the color out and the towel around her head was already turning grey in areas as well. The tub however was like the scene out of a black and white horror film. Instead of taking a shower like we had, she had taken a bath leaving the color to sit there in the water until a ring of faded black was stained onto the porcelain.

Bree and I knew we were in trouble but Amy didn't seem as if she cared, acting as if we were drama queens for fussing over it. We didn't have any cleaning supplies on hand, we couldn't get rid of the stains and the hotel was going to charge for it. Bree ended up going over to Chris' room and informing his mother who promptly flipped her shit over it and blamed us. All of us. She told us either we got the stain out or all three of us would be paying the bill the hotel was going to force on her for it.


>> No.8402813

Generally, I'm a nice person. I try to be polite, especially to my friend's parents and people that I'm pretty much relying on to get me home safely. This however was my breaking point. Even calling my parents and asking them to drive an hour to come get was better than being charged for something I didn't do.

I told his mother firmly that I hadn't used the colored hair spray and I had taken the first shower and the tub had been perfectly clean when I had finished so I wasn't going to pay for any additional costs. I told her I had already paid for an extra room that I wasn't even using and had absolutely no money left so even if she tried to make me pay, she wouldn't get anything else from me.

As good as it felt to finally tell her to fuck off (politely of course) it didn't help things. I was told in plain terms that either I helped clean the tub or I was out of the hotel room if I didn't pay for the damages. It was Friday night, where did she think I was going to go for the rest of the weekend? I told her I would try to help clean the tub but we didn't have any cleaning supplies and I wasn't going to pay for it because it wasn't my mess. I had paid for my share of the room and part of hers so I had every right to be in there.

The entire time Chris, Amy and Bree said nothing. The twins were in the bathroom trying to clean the tub and Chris hadn't even come out of the next room. I couldn't imagine staying another day and another night with that woman and I told her that I would either call home or find somewhere else to stay.


>> No.8402816

Even though I had told her that either my parents would come get me or I'd find another hotel room to stay in, I really didn't think she would ask me for my room key and tell me to get my bags right then and there. I was a minor and it was my second year at the convention. I didn't know anyone aside from my friends and just meeting Derek and his.

I was completely in a state of shock and just went along with it. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do or what she'd do if I tried to stay in the room. Would she forcefully pull me out or call security? I wasn't sure if she could even do that or if I had any rights with the hotel staff for them to force her to let me back into the room since it wasn't my booked room, I just happened to pay for part of it.

I ended up downstairs in the convention lobby with my backpack and my rolling bag. I figured I should call my parents and tell them to come get me despite it already being late at night so I headed for the phone room to dial them. I didn't expect to find Derek and his friends still there but apparently they hadn't bothered to go back to the hotel room yet. I was practically in tears as I told Derek what had happened and that I needed to tell my parents to come pick me up. Derek however offered up the couch in his hotel room if I didn't mind sharing with three guys and told me I could call my parents in the morning instead.

I really didn't want to barge into their space but I really didn't have any other options aside from curling up somewhere in the convention for the night and not getting any sleep. The guys were really nice and even got me an extra blanket from the front desk for me and despite how utterly shitty the day had gone, I was cheered up a lot as we hung out in the room for the rest of the night.


>> No.8402818

Really didn't think the story would be this long. Sorry! There's one more part after this.

In the end the twins and Chris didn't manage to get the tub cleaned and used up most of the soap and shampoo in the bathroom trying. When I came back to the hotel room to get the rest of my things, mostly my stuff from the bathroom and my snacks off the desk (which I found eaten), Chris' mother was there to let me in and the room had been billed.

Chris, Amy and Bree had already forked out their spending money to try and cover the costs but his mother seemed to think a night out of the hotel room would persuade me and I had come back to pay my share of the bill. I told her I had just come back for my stuff and I wasn't paying it. She informed me that I wasn't staying in the room and she also told me unless I paid that she wasn't driving me back from the convention.

I told her that it was fine because I had found a room to stay in with friends I had met and that I had already called my parents and they were picking me up that afternoon. Apparently telling her just where I had stayed would be my undoing because if not bowing to her superiority hadn't convinced her I was a devil child then room with three men was.


>> No.8402822

She went into complete rant mode, telling me I needed to find Jesus and how dare I come to a convention with her and her son just to find sex with complete strangers and participate in orgies. I wasn't to go anywhere near her son ever again and I was banned from attending any convention or event with them ever again. To be honest I wasn't even offended and didn't even bother telling her I was a lesbian because it was just so ridiculous that I was trying my best not to just burst out laughing.

I ended up swapping contact info with Derek before my parents got me and I didn't bother saying goodbye to Amy, Bree or Chris before I left. I found out later that Chris' mother had told Chris to avoid me and Amy and Bree were told not to be friends with me because I was a whore who she had caught outright having an orgy with three men and I had stayed with them Friday night in exchange for sex. The sad thing is that Bree seemed to believe it while Amy seemed more jealous than anything else. Either way our friendship pretty much ended at that convention and I don't regret any of it aside from going with them in the first place.

16/16 so the end?

If I didn't completely kill the thread I'd be happy to type up some more adventures from over the years and my run ins with them.

>> No.8402831

Holy shit, what an ordeal. I'm pretty used to awful children fucking up conventions, it's always an extra cringey treat whenever an adult actually does so. What a terrible woman. I'm definitely interested in hearing about your other run-ins, they sound like a consistent source of lulz. Are you still friends with Derek?

>> No.8402879

Derek and I were really good friends up until he moved across country and we lost touch soon after. I still see his friends at conventions here but I wasn't really close to them so we just casually talk whenever we see each other when they're not in the gaming rooms.

Chris' mom continued to 'babysit' them for a couple years after that until I think she finally figured out that the twins were the only friends he had and just let him go with them without supervision. Which, probably looking back on it now, she wishes she hadn't because then he got independent and started ruining her life with his choices. I'll write about that next.

>> No.8402912

I work basically on top of the dorms, I see shitty cosplay all the time. Homefucks smearing shit everywhere, barely considered cosplay closet stuff, then people cover themselves in fake blood for HVZ and throw that everywhere, thats on top of the normies doing whatever weird shit they do. The most recent being finding the treasure trove of trash they shoved down into the narrow spaces of the hive cushions for lol's. These kids are going on to graduate and join the workforce. Working on a college campus has made me a cynic.

>> No.8402923

Isn't like a story very similar to this where the weird girl "role plays" her gore/loli shit and stabs or almost kills the op from the story?

>> No.8402936

holy shit, write about it please.
I wanna know.

>> No.8402965
File: 219 KB, 1536x2048, 11212590_998414383502606_6870089053781230586_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be dating cute lolita boyfriend who has brand
>never been into lolita before but always wanted to be
>mtf so really self conscious, think I'll look like a gross man with a fetish (all his shit is sweet, but hes ftm with really femme body so pulls it off extremely well)
>finally convinces me to try it casually while hanging out in his bedroom
>okay fine it's like a lifelong dream and I really want to and no one will see
>look /okay/ but not great
>I'm in sax sugary carnival, he's in jewelry jelly I think
>decide it would be fun to smoke hookah and get pics smoking in brand
>try to make sure to be really careful because lit coals will ruin the dresses
>hovering over coal, holding it with tongs and blowing on it to get it lit properly
>coal breaks, sparks go everywhere
>land all over the bottom of the dress
>tiny black holes scattered everywhere
>not even mad
>promise I'll repay him, keep apologizing
>apologizing makes it worse so he's like look don't worry about it most of my shit has coffee stains the way it is and I can try to get the burns out the best I can
>says none of them are large holes, most are really really small and practically unnoticeable more than a few feet away so it's still wearable
>still feel like shit about it, holes/blackness can't really be removed
>we both still wear the dress, no fucks given
>end up splitting the cost of a pink original release sugary carnival
>twin despite both of them having damages

This happened almost a year ago now but I still feel horrible about it and still apologize for it, still wanna buy a replacement sax SC but we live together now and we're both poorfags

pic related this is the dress I fucked up

>> No.8403111

shit wait no i totally remember this

>> No.8403141

... do you have anything on the HK campus? I'm going there (hopefully)

>> No.8403619

>tfw no qt trap lolita gf to ruin my things

why live

>> No.8403715

Fresh off the metrocon tumblr tag, I don't know the context but I REALLY DON'T want to know


>> No.8403750

This is really sad. I wish her parents could have given her bracers.

>> No.8403996

She has Leigh's Disease

>> No.8404041

please write it, anon.

>> No.8404053

This is amazing.

>> No.8404061

Anon, you accepting that is not going to get you your dress back.
You need to march your frilly ass down to the district post office and complain directly to the people with the power to do something about it.
Bring in all the evidence you have, everything, and don't let yourself be turned away.

>> No.8404071

There are weirdos in every walk of life anon, /cgl/ related wierdos are just easier to spot.

>> No.8404072

Trufax. I roomed with one of them at ACen. Was an autistic time all around.

Honestly I've been contemplating writing that whole story down in this thread, but I'm not sure if I should include everything and let it be super long or only write the worst parts.

>> No.8404129

Seconding, please share!

>> No.8404137
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>> No.8404147

Mfw I can imagine that happening. Id probably cry laughing if I watched that go down though.

>> No.8404224


That's fantastic.

>> No.8404261


Oh that poor girl. What state is she in? I'm just hoping she's not in my community or anywhere near me now, lol

>> No.8404302


>> No.8404321
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Sorry for the delay. Sure, I'll try to type as I go for this one.

This happened a couple years after the last story when I was 20 and everyone else was 22-23.

To recap:

>Amy and Bree: Twin sisters. Grew up in a trailer park with a bunch of animals. Were left to do whatever they wanted by trucker dad who was gone a lot once they were legal and could take care of the house themselves.

>Amy was a Narutard of the highest degree. She'd been into anime for years but behaved as if she were a 12 year old and Naruto was her gateway into anime. Had a temper and got suspended a lot for fighting until she got expelled and didn't graduate.

>Bree was more of an introvert in the way that she kept to herself and read/write fanfic and draw OC fanart. She posted a LOT of stuff on Fanfictionnet with her OCs, especially in Sailor Moon universe. She and Amy fought a lot because they were both dominant personalities and both trying to run a household together.

>Chris was strictly religious but very nice and polite. Had a very submissive personality because his divorced mother dominated his life 100% even when he was legal. His mother also chaperoned conventions with them well into their 20s and made everyone chip in for two hotel rooms, the twins in one and her and Chris in another. And by chip in I mean the twins and Chris had to pay for both rooms.

Well, when the three of them were finally able to start going to conventions by themselves, Chris finally came out of his shell in a big way despite still living with his mother. He couldn't get away with things at home but at conventions were a whole other story, which is what this story will be about.

>> No.8404341

Wait, how do you still know what happened to them afterwards since you weren't really friends anymore. Small town or what?

>> No.8404345

After the shit that had gone down the one and only time I roomed with my ex-school friends, I had started to room with Derek for the local convention. He made sure he always found a room for the two of us and even once or twice had also had swooped in and pulled me out of uncomfortable chance meetings with my ex-friends.

For the first year after that disaster of a convention my ex-friends hadn't even acknowledged my presence if we bumped into each other at the convention because they still were under the assumption that what Chris' mother had said about me was true, that I was a horrible girl and that I had slept with guys because how else could I have gotten a room to stay the night in at a convention I'd never been to when I had no friends other than them?

Well, the year before this story, they had seemed to change their tune. They caught me while I was waiting in line for my badge and acted like nothing had ever happened and chatted with me like we were still friends, despite how clearly suspicious I was about their sudden 180 in attitude. I found out that Chris' mother had finally stopped coming to the conventions with them and they were actually all sharing a room now to save on money, though the twins got one bed and Chris got the other. I thought they had seemed mellowed out and they genuinely did seem like they wanted to just be friends again but I didn't see them much in the convention after that, which was fine with me since I hung out with Derek and a few familiar faces I only saw at conventions.

When I got home, I had received Facebook friend requests from Amy, Bree, and Chris and I had accepted. Bree had seemed to switch tracks from OC fanart to trying to write novels and being an Artist Alley seller. Amy was still posting a ton of WIP costumes and her whole feed was anime. Chris didn't post much and it was still religious stuff and stuff tagged by his mother, who was a friend on FB of his but not the twins.

>> No.8404353
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Yes, very small town out in the country where I mostly heard about them through friends-of-friends and through the anime community grapevine. They did friend me on FB after two years though. The story takes place the third year after the first story.

>> No.8404381

During Year 2 and Year 3 is when Derek moved across country to get into modeling. He had been pretty good looking and had gotten some contracts for local ads in the big city in our state but he also had gotten accepted to an arts school across country so that sealed the deal. We stayed in touch as best we could but the distance and his schedule pretty much downgraded us to talking on the phone daily to just being FB friends that liked each others statuses and commented on them sometimes.

Since I roomed primarily with Derek and whatever room he secured, this was my first year of rooming by myself at the local convention even though I'd been going there for several years by then. I posted on FB about it to see if anyone had room and it turned out someone did.. Chris. Well, it was cheap because it would be the four of us in the room. I had thought since the twins had one bed and Chris had the other that I would be on the floor with a pillow and blanket so I was pretty much expecting that when I showed up to the room since no one had told me anything else.

Well, when I got to the room I was surprised to find that it wasn't the sleeping arrangement I had thought. I would be sharing a bed with Bree and Chris and Amy were sharing a bed. I didn't really think too much of it, I assumed they were being nice and Amy wasn't comfortable with sharing a bed with a guy because in the time I had known her, I had never seen her date anyone while Amy just couldn't get a date at all even though she tried her hardest with 'sexy' outfits.

Amy wasn't exactly infamous at our small local convention but everyone sort of knew her when they brought up "That was Sexy no Jutsu ___" because that's all she wore. She made Sexy no Jutsu versions of Naruto characters and then when Bleach got big, she even made Sexy no Jutsu versions of them which were just the black uniforms they wore cut up to flash her assets.

>> No.8404409

Chris had gotten big into Bleach as well because it was basically just a black version of his old Inuyasha costume that he had finally had to retire because it was just so worn out. Finally Amy had someone to do private photoshoots with, making Bree be the camera person when she wasn't behind her Artist Alley table selling her Sailor Moon and OC drawings that had all been sketched on drawing paper and then printed copies of since she never made the switch to a drawing tablet.

Chris and Amy seemed to have no issue doing fanservice and fight scenes, especially the fight scenes. Amy and Chris had both brought two of Amy's Japanese wooden swords and had gone into the park across the street to take photos and 'live action' films which were just the two of them trying to whack each other with the swords and Amy always got way too into it and would strike super hard so the swords made a loud crack as they hit each other. I kept expecting her to seriously hurt Chris but he didn't seem to care one bit.

In fact Chris seemed to have no issue letting Amy bully him around and lead him around on a collar and leash as part of their cosplay since Amy was cosplaying a sexy version of one of the Bleach villains (can't remember the name, blue hair?) and Chris was dressed as Ichigo. He even bought her a yaoi paddle in the dealers room and let her use that as a prop and she'd smack him with it for photos and giggle obnoxiously.

It was almost like they were dating in a way but none of them had posted on FB about it or brought it up so I just shrugged it off and broke away from the two of them since by then I had been reduced to basically holding their stuff while they took photos while they dropped mine on the floor at their feet when I got stopped and Amy kept trying to jump in the photos with me and pose with me even though I was dressed as Kingdom Hearts and it had nothing to do with her costume.

>> No.8404440

I ended up going out with some convention friends for dinner so I didn't see the twins and Chris until when I came back to the room to change out of my costume and get ready for the rave. When I got there both the twins and Chris were already there. Bree was already changed for the rave in pretty much stereotypical Hot Topic gear with those bead bracelets up to her elbows and was headed out. Chris was just sitting on the bed in his costume texting on his phone and Amy was in the bathroom, taking a shower since I heard the water running.

I needed to change clothes but Chris was in the room and Amy was in the bathroom so I tried knocking on the door and was going to open it to ask if Amy minded me coming in and changing real quick since she'd never had a problem with her body and there would be a shower curtain between us anyway if she was worried about me trying to sneak a look, which I wouldn't because Amy was definitely not my type of girl.

When I tried the door it was locked shut so I tried knocking again and calling her name to see when she'd be done so I could have the bathroom. I didn't hear her reply but I heard the water shut off and then the sound of a flushing toilet so I assumed maybe she had used the bathroom before getting in the shower or even had turned the shower on to mask the sounds of her using the bathroom because the hotel did have pretty thin walls and who wants to take a piss with two people unable to not hear it just a few feet away?

Well, after that the water started up yet again for another minute or two before it shut off and then the sound of a flushing toilet again. By then I was just tired of waiting and went to the closet and pushed the door open so it was sticking straight out and formed a barrier between me and Chris, who had yet to move or see anything odd with this situation. I changed as quick as I could and put my costume up and left.

>> No.8404455

this is a horror-comedy story. to me at least.

>browsing /cgl/ just now
>have headache
>at friend's house, we just went antiquing for loliable shit
>she needs to go somewhere with her mom but tells me i can stay at her house till headache wanes
>friend's elderly Jewish mother who lives nearby comes over to pick friend up
>friend goes upstairs to get ready
>her mom sees me making a face, asks if i am okay
>tell her i have a headache
>she says she will clear my aura
>stands in front of me and begins chanting in Japanese, making weird hand motions
>she's Jewish but raised my friend SGI (cultish Buddhist sect, like Japanese Scientology)
>friend was traumatized by it and is not religious anymore
>hope she doesn't come down and see her mom chanting and gesticulating over me
>remember SGI threads on /cgl/ started by that one paranoid Japanese woman
>try not to laugh
>friend's mom goes on chanting for a long time
>feel disrespectful but it is hard to keep a straight face
>situation too awkward
>keep thinking about yukapon and all the drama that one woman brought to /cgl/ for a day
>friend's mom finally finishes and nods, then says "you will feel better soon, anon-san."
>i thank her cause i guess she means well
>that "anon-san," tho
>friend comes downstairs
>thank Mana-sama she didn't see the ritual or whatever it was
>would have caused an argument between her and her mother
>they leave
>i go back to my phone

that lady had to have seen me fighting back a grin. i would feel bad about it if my friend weren't so disturbed by all that SGI bullshit she went through.

still have a headache but maybe won't mention it around my friend's mom again.

>> No.8404457

I didn't stay long at the rave because it was insanely crowded from non-convention people buying up day passes just to get in after word spread that there was a rave going on because the convention had been posted about in the news because it had gotten bigger in the past year, even if it was still a little convention of just a few thousand.

I got back to the room way before the rave ended and just wanted to call it an early night while it was still relatively quiet since Bree was at the rave and I assumed Chris and Amy had gone as well. When I got to the room, it was relatively dark but I could hear voices so I assumed that I had just woken someone up. I could see a little from the hallway light coming in and the glow of the TV in the corner so I went and grabbed my pajamas off the top of my suitcase and went to the bathroom as quietly as I could and waited until I had the door shut to hit the light switch in the bathroom.

The whole time I could still hear noises and rustling sheets and figured whoever I had woken up was laying back down and trying to get comfortable. When the voices started up again, only loud enough to come out as intelligible murmurs through the door, I figured they weren't going back to sleep after all and were getting up or at least awake enough to where I didn't feel bad opening the bathroom door with the light on long enough where I could see the path to the bed I shared with Bree.

When I opened the door, which was right across from the beds, the first thing I spotted was not one but two heads in the bed beside mine. Which, my first reaction was simply that oh, I woke up Amy and Chris. What I noticed extremely quick after that was that the sheet was kicked down to about waist area and that nope, no clothing about waist level. None.

>> No.8404491

The two of them were spooning in the bed with Chris plastered against Amy's back and his face near her neck with his hands grabbing at her chest while Amy didn't even looked surprised to see me, much less embarrassed that they had been caught at least groping each other while topless since I really wasn't sure whether or not they were naked.

I seriously considered just walking right back into the bathroom and staying there until I managed to forget what I'd just seen but I wasn't about to have another incident where I needed to leave my hotel room again and I wasn't interested in either of them (especially not Chris) so I just flipped the light off and went to my bed, sealing my fate of awkwardly trying to sleep on the side closest to their bed. At least I had packed my iPod so I could put in my headphones and drown out what came after Amy's giggles and Chris' comments about how they probably should have gotten dressed, which Amy was quick to tell him that if I had cared then I would have said something and clearly didn't mind.

I don't think they ever saw me putting in my headphones since it was pretty dark even with the TV going in the far corner on my side of the room, and the two of them had their backs to me. I didn't even bother to correct them that no, I absolutely did mind that they probably'd had sex in the bed beside me while they were alone, but I didn't want to start drama or talk to them. I just drowned them out with my music and tried to sleep.

Though, I really wish I had said something because with Amy, it seems that if you don't bother to deny something then it makes whatever she thinks about you true. Especially with a girl 'of my reputation', which I thought they had forgotten but I soon found out that they hadn't.

To be continued once I'm done with dinner.

>> No.8404511

>To be continued once I'm done with dinner.

All right George R. R. Martin, if you could edit your prose down to a readable, concise, and enjoyable level that would be great.

Otherwise someone please give a tl;dr summary if it's worth it. I tried reading several times but got bored.

>> No.8404531
File: 53 KB, 504x378, 1342653627331.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess I could finish it in a tl;dr way for you.

>had bad experience rooming with school friends
>barely saw them next few years
>suddenly they want to reconnect
>room with them the next year
>two friends are having a secret friends with benefits relationship
>walk in on them having sex
>they still think past bad experience with one's mom was true
>friends try to get me in on their arrangement
>cut all ties with friends

>> No.8404595

this is bugging me. what was up with the shower and toilet bit?

>> No.8404623
File: 149 KB, 220x263, 1342650920884.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, that was coming up in the later parts. Apparently they were having kinky sex including uh... in the back door... and Amy had brought her hose attachment from home to hook up to the hotel bath to insure extra cleanliness before they did it. I had no idea what it was when I got up to shower in the morning and it was still in the bathtub until I asked her.

>> No.8404661

Could you please finish this in the regular, long format? I love reading this.

>> No.8404719

I already spoiled the rest of the story so I don't really think it's worth the effort. I guess if there's enough complaints about the tl;dr version not being enough then I'll rewrite it the long way.

>> No.8404733

I might be the only one here but please finish the story the way you were originally telling it

>> No.8404739

>I'll post the story if you give me praises and attention!
yeah nah

>> No.8404740

I think the spoiling will ruin the suprises, but goddamn, I like me some juicy details.

>> No.8404741

Write the long one. Shits good.

>> No.8404775


Even if she saw you smiling, she probably would have been encouraged by it, thinking something like "Wow, it's working, she looks happier already."

>> No.8404812

I like you attention to detail in your story and the first one gave me the feels + I'm bored as fuck at work so please continue

>> No.8404865

wait wtf? i've never heard this story

>> No.8404945

You're a dumb fucking faggot, are you really that retarded that you can't take the time and attention to read a story above 500 words? JFC just go kill yourself, you detriment to society.

>> No.8404949

Also, you're a splendid story teller, anon, and I would love to read more.

>> No.8404958


Anon, your lesbian is showing!

>> No.8404960

>/cgl/ confirmed for having low writing standards

Not a surprise considering how often people defend bad spelling instead of correcting it when it's pointed out. But it is surprising that you don't care to acknowledge lame storytelling when the board is full of outfit and cosplay nitpicks.

>> No.8404963

>they were having kinky sex including uh... in the back door...

you can say "ass" on 4chan. it's not actually a Christian board, that's just a meme.

>> No.8405052

Holy shit

>> No.8405064

cgl is a cosplay and fashion board
it's not a storytelling and writing board
that's why there are outfit and cosplay nitpicks

>> No.8405099

I used to work at a cheap motel down the road from a hotel that hosted a lot of anime/gaming cons. Usually, all of the younger people would stay there instead of at the hotel because it was much cheaper. I worked at the front desk.

>be first day of con
>group of six or seven teenagers comes in followed by a beleaguered mom
>you have to be over 18 to pay for a room, so mom pays and then says goodbye
>group of teenagers has since parked themselves in the tiny lobby
>ask them politely to leave, since other people are trying to get in
>they get huffy and leave
>don't hear anything from them until they check out
>apparently they asked the maid not to clean their room
>after they leave the cleaning lady comes into the office crying
>they left half-eaten containers of cookies and chips everywhere
>spilled juice on the sheets
>since it is the middle of summer, ants have gotten in and swarmed the room
>there is days old puke in the small garbage can by the desk
>helped her clean because holy shit, one person can't handle that
I have plenty of other stories if anyone wants to hear them

>> No.8405109


Oh my god, fuck rude teenagers jesus. Youre a saint. Share more please

>> No.8405124


seconding, more stories pls

>> No.8405130

As a guy I'm curious, what did she say and do to let you know she was jealous in thinking that you had an orgy?

The mother probably saw those Magic cards lying around as to Christians playing Magic is worshipping the devil in which thinking it lead to a Satanic orgy wasn't far off as funny as that idea would be.

>> No.8405132

replying to

>> No.8405161

Alright, here's another one:

>group of four hambeastettes comes in for an anime con
>not even halfway through the first night, one of them comes to the office to complain that the beds are too small
>she's probably about 5'4, 250 lb and is by far the smallest of the group
>tell her there's nothing we can do about it, but tell her there's an extra cot in the room closet if she wants it
>she complains that it's bad for her back
>apparently they got a double twin room so they could save $$
>hambeasts tried to spoon to no avail
>the next night another one of the hambeasts from the group comes down to "shoot the shit", as she phrased it
>she said that she felt sorry for me, since I must have been lonely down in the office
>she also started talking about queer theory for some reason? (I am female and have short hair, so she made some assumptions)
>all the while, i'm choking on the scent of BO and cheap Bath and Bodyworks perfume
>there is no way to politely tell her to gtfo
>She goes from sitting in the plastic lobby chairs to leaning against the desk
>desk groans under her weight
>she asks if I'm single
>I lie and tell her no in desperation
>"Well your lover must not be great if they left you all alone to work here all night, huh?"
>She tries to lean in closer to me and licks her lips
>It's the end, tell my cat I loved her
>Suddenly desk snaps in half and hambeast falls to the floor
>She lay there stunned for a moment, then got up and waddled away as fast as she could
>I should have gone after her and asked her if she was hurt, but right after she left I started laughing my ass off
>She must have heard me, because when she and her friends checked out, she glared at me the entire time
>My uncle (who owned the place) was so horrified by the story that he got a new metal front desk, "in case it ever happened again"
I have to think of some other stories

>> No.8405440


>> No.8405502

>board full of outfit and cosplay nitpicks
>board meant for outfit and cosplay nitpicks


>> No.8405548


take a chill pill man, jesus

>> No.8405691
File: 146 KB, 550x524, im going to use.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please tell us more.
These stories are entertaining.

>> No.8405720

Holy shit I'm so sorry for you!

>> No.8406019

>>My uncle (who owned the place) was so horrified by the story that he got a new metal front desk, "in case it ever happened again"

>> No.8406247

please finish story, I need details

>> No.8406313

>I didn't stay long at the rave because it was insanely crowded from non-convention people buying up day passes just to get in after word spread that there was a rave going on because the convention had been posted about in the news because it had gotten bigger in the past year, even if it was still a little convention of just a few thousand.

Wait a sec, were you attending Animazement?

>> No.8406326

North Carolina? No, I'm further west. This one had registration sell out because of non-convention ravers buying up all the passes. So people showed up to buy Saturday passes and were turned away because attendance cap had been reached Friday night. It was just a little 2-3k attendance con that fizzled out soon after because of bad management.

>> No.8406376
File: 99 KB, 500x281, 0184948329482.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit, you're adorable!!! Also, poorfag here, you both need to learn to take better of those dresses

>> No.8406386

Hitomi chan. That's enough of a horror story for anyone

>> No.8406744

thanks, anon
we need to get them, along with some other dresses steamed. I try to be the responsible one though and not just throw them on the floor when we're done wearing them, but I'm guilty of it too.

>> No.8406821


>night of con rave, about 3am
>group of KH cosplayers stumble through the parking lot, obviously drunk/high
>one of them decides that now is a good time to take a piss
>goes 3 steps ahead of groups and pisses on the sidewalk
>sora keeps walking, then sees the pisser and tries to stop before they walked into the piss stream
>trips and falls into piss

>got a noise complaint in the middle of the night
>went to investigate
>knocked on door and yelled to keep it down
>door was unlocked and swung open
>saw group of chicks in neon-colored bowl cut wigs dry-humping a guy in a fur suit and moaning

>a lot of teenage dudes sperged when trying to check in/out
>one fat neckbeard stared at my tits while I took his credit card
>card was maxed out
>He winked but he spasmed a little bit so he closed both his eyes
>"Is there any...other way I could pay?"
>Yes, we take cash, debit, and checks
>He teared up a little and left
>Left his duffel bad behind
>Ten minutes later came in still crying to get it while another neckbeard screamed his ass off at him

Cons were actually my favorite time of year because the cleaning lady and I liked to make fun of all of the awkward people. I don't think I ever saw someone with a halfway decent cosplay stay at the motel.

>> No.8406859
File: 11 KB, 300x300, IMG_19899854507829..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These are great,Anon keep em coming!

>> No.8406893

Oh god anon how did you keep sane? These are horrifying and hilarious. My mother worked house cleaning and she never tells me these kinds of things.

Though I always cringe when I see people sperging out because I always consider the hotel staff. I'd probably clean my room myself if I had the tools on hand.

>> No.8406986

Late but, Idk why people don't believe this story as it's a terribly common yet uncommon fetish.

>> No.8407019
File: 10 KB, 200x200, 1434486961257..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8407200

I worked night shift most of the time (8pm-6am) so I never really had to deal with the weirdos, since most of them would be asleep.

>small local gaming con, known for lots of neckbeards, BO, and magic: the gathering buttcracks
>mother and two ten year olds in Minecraft shirts come in on Saturday to pay for their rooms
>mother comes back with the kids about two hours later
>thousand-yard stare on her face
>"We won't be needing the room anymore."

>come in for a shift one evening
>cops surrounding the motel
>in the office, other front desk manager is laughing her ass off
>go over to the other end of the building, where the cops are circled
>guy is screaming his head off
>he has glasses on, but they're broken and dangling from his face
>shirt is ripped up
>girl in Miku wig is sitting in a police car, sobbing
>apparently the girl told the guy that they would rp vocaloid sex after the con, but the guy came without his costume
>miku refused to fuck him, so he started screaming at her
>escalated and the police were called

>Working in the office during the day
>heard noises outside
>Looked out the window to see a group of hetalia cosplayers
>Two were making out right against the door
>it was a professional photoshoot with two dudes taking pictures
>I found them online a few months later
>in a few, you could see me through the window staring at the cosplayers/camera
It was the most awkward thing ever. I think they took them down, because I can't find the photos anymore.

I'll rack my brain and try to find more later.

>> No.8407356

>>in a few, you could see me through the window staring at the cosplayers/camera

great stories, anon.

also *wrack not rack

>> No.8407610

Do you have nice tits? You know because the neck beard was staring and all. Need to know for the sake of the story.

>> No.8407739
File: 458 KB, 792x574, Captain_America_I_Understand_That_Reference.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice choice of image

>> No.8407839

Not really. B-cup at most. I might have been wearing a tank top that day, though, because it was summer. I think he was just a thirsty weaboo.

>> No.8407966

>dude you have no dick, this is fraud
oh my god hahaha

>nazi werewolf lady

Ugh, your poor sister, that's horrible
Rest in fucking pieces, glompers

>> No.8408137

>Go to local convention advertised on facebook
>See it's hosted in town hall
>"Wtf that place is tiny"
>Get into convention
>Pay entrance fee and go into first room
>Ghetto as fuck stalls with old toys and local vendors not related to con stuff
>"Oh well I guess the next room will be a bit more lively"
>Next room is fucking cramped as shit room with stage taking up half of it and all the shitty local cosplayers trying to get onto the stage to take part in the contest.
>Rest of room is taken up by more stalls.
>Dude selling ancient comics, usual geekery stalls of times past and a few indie sellers selling pixel charms and some shitty cosplayers selling prints (Not well known)
>Try to get to stall to buy something but everyones just stood in the aisles watching the shitty costumes and wont get out the way
>End up buying something closer to the exit and just leaving
>elitist star wars group end up slagging off the convention and packing up early
>Event ends with all the cosplayers in the middle of hick town posing for photos
>News reports it as "Step in the right direction for town. Geeks will inherit the earth."
>TFW a cramped overpriced market gets called a convention.

>> No.8408270

> Paternal grandparents are dutch
> came here after the war
> ticket was like a dollar
> and Europe sucked
> anyway
> Grandpa in dutch is Opa
> Oh-pah
> set up complete
>on with the story
> be in lolita
> essentially a lifestyler
> yes I know
> hanging out with Opa
> he's in town
> I'm the only family member not at work
> reverse babysitter
> walking down the street together
> weird glares
> used to it
> Opa don't care
> random stranger approaches
> brace for impact
> "You're so cute I like your cosplay!"
> could've been worse
> "Thank you!"
> k politeness achieved
> timetogo
> "What's Cosplay Anon-shka?"
> fuck
> "It's like costumes Opa, people dressing up"
> "He can't be your brother lol!"
> wut
> "I'm sorry?"
> "You're not saying it right, it means brother"
> "What does?"
> "Oppa"
> "That's not what I said, I was speaking dutch"
> "That was definitely Korean! I know I speak Korean, my boyfriend's Korean!"
> your imaginary one maybe
> Opa speaks fluent english
> but he's a little deaf these days
> "What's she saying Anon-shka? I'm not Asian"
> "I know Opa"
> "You said it again! It means 'Brother'! I listen to K-pop, I know what you're saying and you're saying it wrong!"
> Oh dear god
> I'd heard of them
> but never in my life did I think to meet one
> a Koreaboo
> Mana preserve me
> timetogo
> again
> nope
> Opa taking things into his own hand
> he doesn't know
> there's no reasoning with their kind
> "I'm not from Asia, I'm Dutch; from the Netherlands"
> no Opa nooo
> Koreaboo looks blank then huffy
> "I know what Oppa means! I know about Korea, my boyfriends Korean and this is insulting! You're stealing his culture!"
> and you're doing what exactly?
> "You shouldn't speak in languages you don't know, it's appropriation"
> and you're so triggered right now
> Koreaboo Tumblrina isn't stopping
> we're scum
> we're racists
> Opa probably murdered Korean babies in the Korean War
> Okay we're going
> for real this time
> "Come on Opa"
> hightail it outta there

>> No.8408338

I died a little inside reading this. I hate people.

>> No.8408361

You should have punched her and then tell her to google the Dutch word for grandpa.

>> No.8408422

Shoulda cunt punted her make sure she don't reproduce

>> No.8408633

i remember that, there was also one where a fat weeb apparently bit somebodypretty badly, but the general consensus on that one is that it was stage makeup

>> No.8408711

This happened like 12 years ago. I went to this con with 3 friends and I was the one keeping everyone's plane tickets as I was the one who organized the trip.
I was staying at my then boyfriend's while two other friends were in a hotel together. The remaining friend had no money for dunno wat reason so I had lend him money for the room and stuff.
Con morning, it was free entrance upon being in cosplay. I went to the cosplay queue, which was way faster than the non cosplay one, and I didn't move from the entrance for the next 2-3 hours to wait for my then boyfriend. As soon as he got in, however, he just left with his friends leaving me there.
The worst part came when we were in the airport waiting to check in to come back home. The check in stand closed right after the guy in front of us was done checking in. There was no way they would let us check in, and since I was the one with everyone's plane tickets (and I arrived later cause I stayed further than the others) I was stuck in the airport and forced to pay for new tickets for my friend and I, and two other train tickets for others.
I was grounded after that even though it wasn't my fault they wouldn't let us check in despite being perfectly in time.
fucking shit.

>> No.8408760

>friend who runs decent con rents huge party house cheap rooms
>figure if he can keep his shit together to run a con he should be okay roommate
>live in house of 10+ cosplayers and con staff in our 20s except guy running the show who is in his 30s
>actually a pretty okay house except for occasional drama whatever
>guy insists on being referred to as "head of household" kind of an overbearing prick but hey the rent was cheap
>has weekly cosplay jams and leaves shit everywhere starts changing locks being crazy and shady
>kicks me out of my kitchen and declares it his
>cannot call him on bullshit without guy immediately railroading you about HIS ANXIETY YOU ABLEIST SCUM
>nothing is his fault it's his ILLNESS
>guy will literally talk in circles for hours to exhaust ppl who question him
>shitty but hey whatever im barely home he's prob stressed
>benefit of the doubt/don't wanna get on guys bad side
>lots more shit but basically just a textbook dick head narcissist liar
>bills slowly increasing
>no one brings it up with him because he is so volatile
>bills keep going up
>not worth it
>i eventually move out but keep hearing thing
>he dumps his gf buys last min plane ticket to fanime takes his name off all the bills
>guy starts snorting tonnes of cocaine daily
>roommates left sound legit stockholm
>so glad I got out
>hear eventually utilities are shut off
>guy skips town to go to fanime and never returns
>old roommates left to clean up his mess
>they find out guy has been overcharging all from the beginning- has not paid bills or rent in months, has been scamming to buy drugs and vacations
>refuses to admit wwhen confronted will not show face anywhere
>staff report that convention he runs is bankrupt and falling apart cause of his reputation
>still announcing guests and acting like everything is fine
>being sued by old guests he never paid

>> No.8408797

Name and shame

>> No.8408834

Mfw my niece calls my dad Bampy and my mom Oma since my moms German.
I would have punched that stupid cunt.

>> No.8408858

What kind of retard keeps going even after you clarify your nationality? I'd have asked her to dial up her totally Korean boyfriend. Then cue the nervous excuse that he can't talk at the moment.

>> No.8410229

Which con does he run?

>> No.8410317

Newcon PDX

If you're in the Portland con scene you know who he is and have probably already heard all about it. Guy who runs it is a sycophantic scam artist. His lies finally caught up with him and he's so spineless he's just gone into hiding.

>> No.8410394

>Be Freshman in college
>Room mate by the end of the year has proven to be a total cunt
>One night while I'm at my friends appartment she texts me
>"Hey Anon, Obnoxious dude 1 and semi tolerable dude 2 want to know if they can wear your weird skirts to the dance as a joke"
>She's talking about my Meta and BTSSB skirts
>Uh no, nonononononononono
>"You're no fun"
>Get back the next day to find my skirts/dresses/and wigs on my chair
>"Uh okay why is my shit on my chair?"
>" Well they were looking at them and trying them on before I texted you

I just cant get over the fact that she allowed people I don't know or like to go through my stuff and try it on. not to mention my expensive clothing.
She previously in the semester got pissed off because my friend used her dorm chair when we were hanging out and didn't speak to me for a week.

>> No.8410452


...kill her.

>> No.8410454


>> No.8410580

Someone pulled something similar on my grandma, cept they kept screaming about her stealing their heritage cus grandma goes by a local native term instead of 'grandma' normally. She's half, but if you didn't see the rest of the family you could definitely think she's just white. Funnily enough the accuser was someone she didn't know, which I mean when you're talking less than 200 of even just half-mix descendents left (most of which are related and live in the same area), if you've got enough to pull 'muh heritage' you should be recognizable yknow?

>> No.8411096

I had similar shit happen to me over a tattoo.
I found the best way to deal with it is to yell louder then them while calling them the ignorant racists.

Also helps you have a huge Maori cousin to back you up.

>> No.8411126

I refer to my grandfather as GG because it's something we used to use for my younger cousins etc. when they were babies.

Anyways after a con he wrote on my wall to say him and my nan wished us all well and loved the photos of my costume and ended it with "gg"

Someone who added me after the con commented on the post asking why an old man was saying GG to me and if he knew what it meant.

Why are weebs so determined to prove "no that is our word do you know what that means?"

>> No.8411220

What the fuck is wrong with these children?

>> No.8411943

>be me
>work as a janitor
>doing deep cleaning during summer with a group of 8 people
>have a guy that works with us
>250lbs + 5'7"
>sweats and smells godawful
>can tell he showers before work but nothing compares to how bad he smells just an hour into work
>does silent but deadly farts
>couple that with his B.O. and it's a disaster
>Asks me about video games one day
>we talk and get into cosplay
>tells me he wants to cosplay Spike spiegel
>try to be polite and ask him what other series he likes or characters
>keeps going back to spike


>working late one day
>tells us he can't stay too late since his adhd meds are wearing off
>told me today that he wanted to try and pick up girls at a con
>hopes that by wearing a cosplay he'll get a girl's number

I..just..don't know what to say.

>> No.8412074

When did you guys fug?

>> No.8412189

Persist anon! I had an overweight and quite unattractive supervisor who was /co/ incarnate and wanted suggestions for characters he could cosplay. I suggested Eggman (both bald) and he got huffy because he didn't want to be a villain. But I didn't give up and kept pushing him go for characters his "build". Do not let him become another embarrassment/laughing stock of a cosplayer.

>> No.8412274

that's kinda sad :(

>> No.8412284

Poor kid

>> No.8412289

>cosplaying Lucas from Mother 3
>sat down at table on my own waiting for friend (cosplaying claus) to get her food from a stall
>I'm approached by a man in a kigurumi mask and skin colour morph suit. As he gets closer, the heat and smell of sweat hits me.
>I keep a straight face and say hello.
>he gestures as if he wants to write something
>I am rather dull so I hand him my mobile to let him write what he wants to say
>after an agonizing 5 minutes, he hands the phone back
>"Can I watch your dead brother fuck you?"
>I... uh..
>I'm too embarrassed to say anything so I get the phone back off him to then write
>"No thank you"
>He then shrugs and walks off
>Me and my friend head back for the night
>we see the kigurumi mask guy
>he follows us all the way back to our hotel lobby then walks back out

About 2 days after I come home from the convention, I receive a friend request from the same guy. He is wearing the mask in his profile picture. I willingly decline, to then get added again. He's blocked now.

>> No.8412565
File: 3.57 MB, 5312x2988, 20150618_220855.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is partially /cgl/ related because its awkward and involves pokemon plushes, but allow me to set up the story:

>Be veteran
>had a beat to shit little red gameboy flip thst i played pokemon on
>Chinooks, C-130s, cramped as fuck ASV turrets, i was trying to be the very best.
>Even now i watch that shit every morning because Chespin is my bro
>skip forward to a few days ago and i see the gamestop is selling Chespin plushies
>despite my single braid beard and stink eye i stalk in to try and snatch one up before anyone sees
>wife happened to follow me in and blows my cover by loudly exclaiming "Pokemon eh?!"
>qt3.14 cashier chick and the nurglite neck beard helper look up
>cashier goes *awwww* while the neck beard starts spouting DONT YOU TOUCH MY CHI-something, but i was holding a pancham while looking for the chespin
>he is now staring right into me while talking excitedly about pokemon
>wife is nudging me in the ribs while murmuring "one of ussssss" to me
>im fucking horrible with people so im fumbling in this box and silently cursing evee for getting in my way
>grab correct plush
>go to check out and female cashier tries to make small talk about anime
>beastie boy chimes in hes planning a "gai-jank-ah" cosplay of pancham
>280lbs of greasy pony tail in a panda suit pollute my mind
>quickly finish the transaction and beat feet out of there

Pic related. May go back for that evee though....

>> No.8412589

Panhellenic? I always thought I was the only one...

>> No.8412624

I can't remember all the details but I can post the basic gist of the story

>anon was a female cosplayer with a boyfriend who cosplayed too
>meet hamplanet weeb through mutual friend(?)
>hamplanet weeb falls in love with boyfriend
>weeb gets all stalker-y and creepy
>anon, bf, and weeb end up at house party together
>everyone getting hella hammered inside, anon goes outside for a breath of fresh air
>weeb follows anon outside
>bf drama ensues
>weeb pulls out a knife and cuts anon
>anon is super drunk and can't fight back
>weeb manages to actually cut anon's throat in an attempt to slit it but is unsuccessful and cuts only the skin
>blood, blood everywhere
>emergency services get called
>anon gets carted off to the hospital, weeb gets arrested

>> No.8412825

I have seen this one

Supposedly this anon got really fucking lucky (just missed an artery) and was also found quite quickly by her bf (who realised something was wrong when weeb returned)

>> No.8412831

first time seeing this and holy shit

>> No.8412839

I remember reading this one!

>> No.8412962

Kia Ora cuz
Kiwifag too

>> No.8412968

I think it happened in the kitchen?

>> No.8412988

>It was the hamplanet, in the kitchen, with the knife!

>> No.8412992

I thought you meant a bird seagull not a human

>> No.8414515


>> No.8414606

Sorry if any typos, browsing on mobile

>be me a couple of years ago, huge ita weeb
>decide to have a slumberparty with friends; spend night in my bedroom watching movies, playing games, etc...
>one of best friends asks if she can handle my animu figures
>tell her that i dont like to take them out of the glass case, a bit obsessed about getting dust or grease prints on them
>she's slightly butthurt about it but soon lets it go
>night progresses as you would expect, we eventually go to sleep.
>like half an hour later i wake up with urge to pee
>wobble my half-asleep ass down the corridor to the bathroom, turn light on
>bestie is there, takes me a couple of secs to register whats going on
>she's crouched on the floor with my Barnaby Brooks figure half shoved into her vag, only my dearest husbando's legs visible
>go aspies, my reaction is to turn light off and go back to bed
>hear her follow and pretend to be asleep even if only like 10 secs have past

Rinsed down the figure in the garden next day and sold it on myfigurecollection asap

>> No.8414629

holy FUCK. i hope you don't talk to her anymore. that's crazy.

>> No.8414631

That's not the story about the handicapped anon who got seriously cut because the hamplanet was trying to discover if she could feel pain in the legs?

Sorry for poor english.

>> No.8414641

Name and shame.

>> No.8414649

Oh you're talking about the Hipster Ariel cosplayer?

Yeah, some whiny hamplanet didn't believe her and kept making passive aggressive comments to whole weekend about "oh I hate seeing someone so helpless" then stabbed her in the leg with a fork.

>> No.8414659

She had an asian boyfriend who got assaulted by a hambeast, wasn't she? I may be mixing the storys up.
I also remember something about the girl making a tattoo simillar to the anon.

>> No.8414689
File: 988 KB, 500x281, 1434768272938.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd have exposed her and forced her to pay for it. But jeeeeez.

>> No.8414733

Fuck, I wanted to go that con. :(

Is it possible that more competent staff members could take it over and make it better/more legitimate?

>> No.8414751

top kek omg
I'm so sorry anon, holy shit. Seriously though you if you're still in contact with her her, why

>> No.8414759
File: 37 KB, 243x289, bitch please.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I know exactly who you're talking about and while I didn't know about the recent coke stuff I'm completely unsurprised.

Also completely unsurprised that he's getting sued by guests, though I watched him pay Dante Basco in cash so idk who he didn't pay. He fucked up the WCS bookings (he may not have even made them in the first place) and blamed it all on the treasurer, who just recently quit. Wish I could do the same but I don't have the heart to inflict the running of my department onto some poor unsuspecting soul.

>> No.8414877

No, the tattoo/Asian bf thing is a different story.

>> No.8414881

dude you're talking of the first story posted on the thread...

No, we're talking about the classic one with the wheelchair hipster Ariel cosplayer and the passive aggressive weeb that stabbed her with a fork to see is she felt something for the waist down (she didn't)

>> No.8414888

anon that's the story in the op you're thinking of

>> No.8414889

I want the deets on this. :^)

>> No.8414896
File: 739 KB, 1258x2984, dcEI5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Today's story is called;
"I don't give a Fork" Ft. Hipster Ariel and Mandy-chan
-There you go Anons-

>> No.8415130


Oh god sometimes I wish I wasn't Korean...
Well at least I get to teach Koreaboos how to say "I'm eat shit" whenever they ask me how to say anything.

>> No.8415199

Hahahaha you're a good man or women Anon. We need more people like you.

>> No.8415226
File: 8 KB, 250x200, 1409027358265s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good news for you.
Some of my other Korean friends do the same thing.
We sometimes "verify" our grammar with each other to convince the Koreaboos.

Me: Hey [Friend], this guy wants to say "What's up" in Korean, it's "나는 똥 먹고" right?

Friend: Let me think about that, we don't exactly have a way to say it... but that sounds right.

Koreaboo: "Nay noohn dong moe go!"
Me & Friend: Close enough...

>> No.8415261

I used to watch English speakers do that to asian students at school when i was a kid.
i thought they were cunts. Like spit-in-somebody's-food type of cunts.
i guess when you have the power to make someone look like an asshole you can't ever let that chance go by can ya?
Of course not, you're a cunt.

>> No.8415306 [DELETED] 

Hmmm, someone is maaaaaad~
What's the matter, did someone made you say "I eat dicks" on Korean or what?

>> No.8415309

Hmm, someone is maaaaad~

>> No.8415321

Tbh you sound like a weeb yourself

>> No.8415495

Does anyone know how the court case turned out?

>> No.8415543

Don't twist your panties over nothing, dear.

>> No.8415851


Well, asian students are learning english to communicate with the population at large and are making an effort to blend in.

Koreaboos really just want to speak a few select phrases of Korean to show off or otherwise act like a ponce.

>> No.8415952

And also, they make people feel like circus attractions. Is denigrating when someone treats you like an mere pet or accessory; "omg my friends are going to be so jealous"

>> No.8415969

This guy gets it.

I didn't add all this extra detail because it'd just end up as a long uninteresting post, but since this small tangent has spawned til the next horror story.. TIME FOR SOME FAGGOT TO DEFEND HIMSELF ON THE INTERNET! *YAY*

If someone does have simple curiosity e.g. What flavor is this snack supposed to be? What's with the whole "Koreans eat dogs" thing? Is it true [Insert Idol here] had plastic surgery? So Kimchi is rotten vegetables? I answer truthfully.

But when some jackhole or koreaboo asks for a n out of context translation so they can look cool e.g. "Yo how do you say 'Fuck you bitch!'", "How do you say 'I love KOREA!'" "If I go to Korea what are my chances of picking up cute Korean girls, they're everywhere right?" That's when I spout complete bullshit.

Never had an unsatisfied customer because for all they know, I wasn't lying... and they forget how to say it 10 seconds later (some even come back asking for the same damn phrase).

>> No.8416295

Eh I've had black women who get very angry that my mostly white/asian salon has a sign out offering 'weaves'. It actually says 'foil weaves" as in highlights....

>> No.8416316

yeah if people are actually interested then it would be cunty but if its just idiots who want to seem more ~cultured~ or just being asses they deserve it. I've had people ask me for German phrases to say and I swear half the time its from some douche who just finished yelling 'schnitzel' in a bad accent. Mostly I just name random things near me though cus I"m uncreative.

>they asked for "Suck my giant dick baby"
>they got "bus stop garage bakery cat"

>> No.8416745

Underrated post

>> No.8417388

Current buzz is that he borrowed (tons) of money from a friend to reserve the hotel for next year, but the lender has heard about all this and is going to get his money back from the hotel.

I'm mostly just curious to see who is going to associate with him now that he's a known crook.

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