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Autosage >>8329172

So mates, who are the hot contenders for winning the comps?

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ed milliband

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If there isn't anyone dressed as any of the politicians, i'm never going to MCM again.

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Old Thread: >>8329172

So people can refer to the old if they need to.

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Can we stop calling these UK threads? The UK makes it harder to find when you're looking for it in the catalogue as "uk" appears in so many other terms. "brit" tends to have fewer hits and makes it quicker to find the thread.

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she's signing them now

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She was signing them before. Is she selling them or just handing them out? I was told she only sold around 10 of them from her shop, kek

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I know woodgrain makeup is hard to get right, but this just looks like he dragged a brown eyeliner down his face. And what was he thinking with the eyes. I usually love Ross' cosplay, but he's right to think he needs to change.

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I think just handing them out to her 'fans' ?
how can one lolcow be so deluded

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Eevee is good to her fans unlike most of the other big UK cosplayers who are just interested in fame.

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Fuck off, Eevee, nobody cares about you except for laughing about how terrible and deluded you are.

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Do you mean the 10k+of bought, empty likes?

Has anyone seen/spoken to JNig? I've been told my friends she's been laying low.

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Ranger cosplayers at the Bandai stand

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/fa/ boys are on the grass


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come clash shout out r9k cant fuk wd /fa/ cgl is scared we out on the grass

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all guys?
where about's me and a few cgl gals are bored

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come we're about novotel corner of the grass

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p.s all dressed in black ^_^

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wearing literal raf simons and rick owens tbh

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ok i think i see you guys
is there a short guy in a hood and guy in pink?

>> No.8347366

yh g

>> No.8347371

come over we'll see whos short
>when u get skenged

>> No.8347376

how are you not embarrassed to go out of the house looking like that, you look so cringeworthy... your poor mother lol

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allow u fat bird

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Quality costumes from Jazzhands

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Where u @ gril

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Come over to the tree
im dressed as batgirl

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what tree? tbh

>> No.8347405

1st for inopportune glassings

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This thread has gone really /soc/ all of a sudden.

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come 2 trees say hi

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I'm organising a BIG Caramelldansen dance party on the green at 5.30 so spread the word and tell any big video togs so they can come and film it.

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sounds gay as fuck

>> No.8347449

we're in the trees tbh

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What u dressed as?

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Go toward the stage

>> No.8347463

literally no bat girls here tbh

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Fuck off this isn't 2009

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whts your numbr ill fone u bb

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cgl grls at mcm ring 07713969802 to link with /fa/ gang

>> No.8347500

Bunch of us will be there and know a guy who will film it for his YouTube channel.

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ring us u weebs we famous

>> No.8347511

U ave my number, I'm waitin

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JNig sucked me off in the toilets of the MCM Novotel once

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Lol sure you fucking wish she did

>> No.8347632

U still outside?

>> No.8347635

Trust, I'll post pics when I get proper WiFi
She wasn't very good tbh

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I really want anon to deliver, but it ain't gonna happen.

>> No.8347643

Why not?

>> No.8347647

if anon delivers i will donate £100 to charity

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So I just saw a girl in the MCM group "cosplaying" "Air".
As in the rollercoster at alton towers.

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i rode a toothless cosplayer today

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Turns out we couldn't go into the main doors today, even with wristbands.

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Who got the euro place?

>> No.8347892

A Tenth Doctor Crossplay won the euro place. There were quite a few boos when it was announced

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I think we can all agree that is kinda really awful.

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>A pinstripe suit, beige jacket, and 3-d glasses now counts as award-winning cosplay

>> No.8347936

That is nowhere near even the best tenth Doctor I saw today. Hell, on my way up I saw a guy probably ten times better in every way - even had the swaggering attitude down, in a good way.

>> No.8347938

Is this seriously the costume that qualified? This must be a joke.

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So what kind of social groups are involved in the British conventions? I always make a fairly serious attempt at a costume every MCM, but I've never been part of any "scene"...is there even one? And is it worth my time/sanity interacting with the people in it, if so?

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I was confused when it was announced as I didn't think it was the winner of the European championships.

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Is MCM Manchester worth it lads? I've always wanted to do the whole con experience (travelling/hotels etc) but never bothered cos I live right near the Excel Centre

>> No.8347972

fucking abysmal organisation at times, but generally a vaguely okay con. I'm off for the full weekend since I'm quite local but not much clue if it's worth it travelling all that way

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Well that was a fun day out, though it sure ended quickly enough.

Now for the post-con blues to sink in until HyperJapan.

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I've been told that Manticore is here this weekend.
Does anyone know what he's cosplaying as?

>> No.8348122

Nobody cares

>> No.8348126

I care

>> No.8348130

If you care so much fucking check his cosplay page and stop shitting up the good drama with your pointless and stupid questions

>> No.8348133

What are you a navy seal? Fucking meet me outside Foxes cheeky Nando's style

>> No.8348137

Wtf mate I will knock you out

>> No.8348138

Cmon then pal

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If anyone is looking for a new screensaver

>> No.8348141

I'm waiting, you yellow bellied no good chicken licking sea lion

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Show your moves

>> No.8348260


I watched people do so

Weekend only though

>> No.8348347

Winner of euro was lich king cosplayer joint with his GF as sylvanas, but lich king was chosen as rep

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Keep that shit out of my face.

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When was the last time MCM May didn't bloody rain on the Saturday? I didn't get as many clips of cosplay that I wanted since it was so hectic indoors.

>> No.8349463

It rained yesterday? Fuck, I shouldn't have spent all day browsing the stalls like I did. Didn't get to show off my cosplay too much either

>> No.8349470

It was at around 1 PM, that was when I planned to venture outside for filming some cosplay. The last few years I've only ever gone to MCM London on the Saturday, but that was before I decided to get into filming the con. Now that it's become so fucking huge, I'm going to have to full weekend it with a close hotel room. The couple with suits made out of Pokémon energy cards were the coolest that I saw.

>> No.8349476

I wish I knew other people who would be interested in a full weekend expedition. The friends I got to take with me enjoyed it for the day, but pull their face everytime I suggest making it a 2-3 day thing next time. There really isn't enough time to do everything in one day.

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A single day is fine for casuals, but for anyone interested in panels and cosplay, two days or more is a must. It's just a shame that the cost to do so would be equivalent to a week long stay in Japan at its cheapest.

Here's a cool LEGO Batman suit I saw too.

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>Be on DLR in wa lolita and two Japanese tourists decide to sit directly opposite me the whole time

Too scared to look up to see if they are just curious, amused or horribly offended

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Moosefixe's jasper cosplay is caputz, guess we won't be "blessed" by her today.

>> No.8349596

>Thinking wa lolita is a good thing to wear
Get some taste ita

>> No.8349804

To be fair, it was only briefly this year.

>> No.8349844

2013. Literally 2 years ago.

>> No.8349850

Did anybody else catch the guy at 3pm who drank 1 liter of vodka and had to get an ambulance called out? That shit was funny as fuck.

Also, who was outside last night watching the fight?

>> No.8349863

Wanting deets on the fight

>> No.8349867

Calling it a fight isn't really the best way to describe it. idk how to describe it though.

It was basically an entire group of people in a ring. There was one guy being a ref who would pick volunteers and they would fight to get each other to the ground.

It went on for about an hour and a half. Staff didn't even bother to stop it.

But there was a thing that happened on the boat that was legit though.

>> No.8349882

If you have never been to mcm, there is this really expensive yacht hotel. Me and a couple of people were hanging around outside when one of them just pointed out some guys on the boats roof running around.

They climb down the ladder onto an upper deck and they just start beating up this one guy and kicking him (they were high up enough that you couldn't see the guy on the floor but you could see what was happening in the most basic sense).

There were about 6 guys all in suits doing this. One guy got on the phone and the others just walked inside.

Me and the other guys there were just confused as fuck because for all we knew some guy just died. We just assume it's no big deal and carry on hanging around.

About 20 minutes later there's about 3 police officers on the upper deck and we instantly realize shit went down. We wait and the police officers walk off the boat.

Me and another guy walk over to about 5 officers at the entrance and ask what happened.

Apparently one guy was going to jump off and the guys in suits stopped him and tackled him to the ground.

idk why you would jump off a boat like that, because it's not high enough to kill you. Jump off the novotel at least.

>> No.8350003

Anyone else see the wrestling

I was the shit teir assassins creed 3 Conner who got his ass handed to him by 2 differant crazy black and a literal Viking

>> No.8350006

I was cheering for you. Those black guys were fucking strong and fast as fuck. As for that viking, nobody could stand a chance against him.

I was that dude in that stupid hoodie that was done up all the way cause it was getting cold and my hair looked like shit.

>> No.8350061


> stupid hoodie
> hair looked like shit

To be fair, that could have been almost anyone not in cosplay at expo.

>> No.8350064

I was in the fight with the pikachu guy

>> No.8350090

I saw a guy get escorted out of the expo hall on a stretcher, didn't know if it was the guy who inhaled a fucking bottle of vodka at once though.

>> No.8350098

I heard about some guy who got pissed in the hall.

The guy I was talking about was outside with a bunch of friends and two police officers walk by and this girls gets their attention and they move people out the way and you just see this dude on the floor flopping around, nose running and slurring his words.

Fucking idiot. He looked like he was at most 17. Probably fucked his liver up now.

The thing I can imagine they will do in October is if anybody is caught with alcohol they get kicked off the premises which ruins it for anybody who wants to be responsible and have fun.

>> No.8350102

Apparently he got into a huge argument

>> No.8350105

I'm wondering something about MCM. There must have been at least 1000 people there who were outside who hadn't bought a ticket, that's a lot of money for the convention committee and they aren't getting anything.

I'm surprised they haven't tried to do anything. Surely they could easily say that with the huge number of people there, they need adequate facilities (toilets and whatever) which people obviously don't have.

Or have they tried shit like that in the past?

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second year for me, went last year in october and didn't go as anything then, first time cosplay, went as misty.

really good fun, lots of people compliment and take your pic.

>> No.8350337

Was this on saturday?
If so I spoke to one of his friends, it was a legal high apparently

>> No.8350349

Yeah, at like 3 or 4pm.

everyone said he drank 1 liter of vodka so I just assumed it was

>> No.8350355

Nah, I spoke to his friend, it was a girl who was holding the keyblade.
She said he did some legal high, and that his drink was 'spiked', but i doubt the spiking thing though.

>> No.8350371

that sucks I guess.

bit of an idiot to think it's a good idea anyway. Do legal highs in a safe enclosed environment, not a fucking grassy area outside

>> No.8350375


>> No.8350386

Look, I'm not going to debate the for and against of legal highs or the ethics or stuff like that.

They can work 90% of the time with no problems. That's why they sell because they have such a high rate of working completely fine.

But things can go wrong. It's not about doing it safely (obvs don't take it with other drugs) but it's a matter of taking something with a risk do it in a safe place.

Being at a convention with staff around who may be able to help but at the end of the day they can just phone the police and an ambulance isn't much better than being in a room with friends who can just do the same thing as staff.

The only difference is one is in a enclosed space with something like a sofa or a bed and the other is surrounded by a crowd of people taking photos.

It's called doing shit responsibly. That includes being in a responsible environment.

>> No.8350463

Got to London today for a night. Don't follow cons but I would've gone if I knew earlier.

When's the next decent uk con?

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there was a sick-nasty old dude who sped around on a push scooter

>> No.8350470


>> No.8350553

Really? Damn.
I only noticed because of all the cosplayers in my Travelodge.

>> No.8350555

A Lich King cosplayer won the qualifier


>> No.8350559

There's Manchester mcm in July and Blackpool mcm in September but I can already tell the one in Blackpool is going to be absolutely shite

>> No.8350580

Do you know who won the competition today? The prize was a trip to Japan right?

>> No.8350599

Felixize and Emzone, she just posted about it on her page. They recycled their FFVI WCS costumes to get a free return trip to Japan, no effort required on their part other than a skit idea and rehearsing it. Alright for some. Shit of MCM to announce such a big prize so late, unfair on people who entered Eurocosplay and got a prize that wasn't as good by comparison.

>> No.8350611


First costume, made in two weeks, gets £800 prize and Eurocosplay place. What a joke. The pictures and video in that article of the costume look shit. Was there nothing better? Or maybe nobody gives a shit about Eurocosplay anymore.

>> No.8350678 [DELETED] 


You're ignoring MCM London October, why?

>> No.8350681

You're ignoring MCM London October, why?

>> No.8350699

I'm already booked, MCM is fucking glorious, instead of pushing through the groups of fat sweating BOd people and they god damn cancerous people doing le carameldansen.
Get anything good?
>tfw vanquish signed by gideon emry

>> No.8350702

Disappointed I missed all this I was lurking around stalls at that time.

>> No.8350707

They did final fantasy for wcs? Aren't you confusing them with 2013?

>> No.8350732

You look like a faggot.

Did anyone else see the insanely obese guy on the wheelchair.

>> No.8350735

I did, that was fucking disgusting, did you see the Waluigi and his kart?

>> No.8350741

I know that Felixize put a ton of work into improving her costume for this so they didn't totally recycle their costumes. Also made some stage props I think, so some effort was put into it.
I can't really fault them for going for it, MCM announced it super late so it's not like they had time to make new costumes just for this. Then again, I'm personal friends with one of them and I'm just super excited for them.
But I agree, fuck MCM for announcing it so late.

2014 team made FF costumes too, just not for the main performance.

>> No.8350804

Haven't been to the Manchester MCM since it first started. When did it become a weekend thing?

>> No.8350838

Oh, I'm not knocking them at all, hell, if I had a costume lying around that I'd made really good and finished to a high standard for WCS I'd fucking enter it and make up some semblance of a skit to win that free trip. MCM entry rules are so lax you can get away with shit like that. I wouldn't be surprised if they planned to enter the actual Cup thing all along and this was just an unexpected cool bonus thing. Which is all the more fuck MCM for organising that shit so late. They've been to Japons already, let someone else have a go :( makes Eurocosplay seem really shit too, you get a weekend at October MCM and £800, whoopeedoo. Meanwhile they get to go to abroad for the actual C4 comp and Japan too.

>> No.8350886

It's hardly the winners fault that you consider their prize more worthwhile. Some people would take the 800 pounds frankly.
People entered eurocosplay knowing that would be the prize - they entered to be the euro rep not the cccc reps. They're two different competitions.

Also the comment about them going before - lots of people have been before, more than you'd expect - I don't see why that should exclude them from the right to enter.

Tldr- all this mad because some people entered a competition that - let's be honest - very few people bothered to attempt.

>> No.8351016

I agree - it's a bit of a flaws argument to say "let someone else have a go" when.... Literally anyone else is welcome to try. It's not a private club, anyone can enter and have their fair go.

Additionally, those two have only entered and won prelims for one other event, I wouldn't say that they're hogging anything or doing anything over eager. They last entered a competition in 2013, it's a year and a half later, I think that's enough time to let other people "have a go".

>> No.8351689

Last year. It's gotten better over the years as more people found out about it.

>> No.8351862

They went for WCS and then got a paid trip back through TIFF the same year, so they got to go to Japan twice for free in 2014. Its cool that the prize was so good but it reeks of "let's throw on some old costumes and win another free holiday" to me.

Their costumes looked good and I'm sure their performance was too but I can understand the salt here.

>> No.8351951

But they didn't know that was the prize. That's the point. MCM announced all this extra shit fucking two weeks before the show - and you're only able to win it if you've actually gone for the comp place, and because of the performance element it's not 'oh anyone can try'. Mind you if some bloke who Worbla an entire costume in two weeks can win this shit maybe they can. I dunno. I'm salty, damn right. I have a costume I've spent a long time on, I could have entered and gotten some massive fucking cash prize or whatever. But I wasn't there this year, I couldn't go, so that's shit.

>> No.8351957

You say that. They only started working on fixing their costumes and applied ONCE the Japan trip was announced.

Both of them were paying their own way to go to AnimeCon anyway. Felixize at least said she wasn't planning on entering C4 weeks before the Japan prize was added. They literally only entered to win a trip to Japan.

>> No.8351968
File: 156 KB, 852x640, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8351972

Ah I dunno, I only follow their pages and they don't update them that much. I'm not really pissed at them tbh, they organised themselves enough to actually enter. I'm pissed at MCM for announcing it so fucking late that it was totally prohibitive for anyone to consider a last minute entry unless they were already going to the event.

>> No.8352048

top kek
I hope this becomes a regular thing, shit was hilarious

>> No.8352087

God forbid someone enters a competition to try and win a prize.
This is their second competition - so what if they revamped some costumes? They're perfectly eligible to do so and they still made them in the first place.

Did you even watch their performance? It was a clear win, they deserved it.

>> No.8352099


Don't be angry son

>> No.8352109
File: 1.69 MB, 2322x4128, TssLmvg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ayyy saw this big fella

>> No.8352110
File: 184 KB, 224x296, 3d8fae7f60b62a26ccafb76578ab7a2b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"I never asked for this"

>> No.8352177

Right? Like ya'll do know the point of competitions is to get the prize right?

>> No.8352192

MCM have tried to make outside a ticketed area only. If you happen to be staying onsite but haven't bought a ticket, you have to stay in your hotel room and not go anywhere near the train station.

>> No.8352201

What about Hyper Japan in July?

>> No.8352242

It didn't really work though as people have every right to use the station and walk through so I don't think I saw a single person get taken off premises for no wristband

>> No.8352264


i was helping close a stall and had a chat with him before he left on sunday evening, one of my favorites for the weekend for sure.

>> No.8352274
File: 11 KB, 145x158, 1431834621659.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh jesus, I wasn't even sure what I was looking at there. A part of me was hoping that it was some kind of really talented cosplay but deep down I knew that it wasn't.

>> No.8352286

A few years ago, I was crouched down just outside the main entrance sorting out some part of the boots on my cosplay before I went in and bought my ticket. A member of security came over, tapped me with his foot and told me to leave, as I had no wristband. I explained that I was about to go in and buy a ticket, he replied "Yeah, sure, that's what they all say, now get off the premises." I got up to go inside, and he stopped me.

Ended up having to wait 15 minutes outside before I could go in and get my fucking ticket.

>> No.8352336

Man I hate this monday after MCM weekend when I have to pack my bags and get the train home. So depressing.

Hopefully i will be less lazy between now and October and actually get a new cosplay together instead of just doing Psycho pass again.

>> No.8352377

>Going home on Monday
>Not Sunday

>> No.8352460

>Not Sunday
Bank Holiday Monday today. Massive exception to that rule.

>> No.8352501

You seem confused. It is quite literally a case of "anyone can try". If you say these girls only entered when they found out what the prize was, what stopped anyone else from entering and getting their shit together in the same amount of time?

There seems to be a big hang up about them using "wcs" costumes, but they only worse then for one parade - it's like going to a normal con in a costume, anyone could have recycled one of their old costumes and slapped a performance together, but these two were the only ones who actually did.

>> No.8352563
File: 673 KB, 602x675, 1431363812072.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The days after con
New to the whole con business. Do you eventually stop feeling the emptiness in the days following each con, or does it always strike?

>> No.8352569

What is it with cosplayers at MCM and their stupid excuses? They seem like a whiney bunch of dumb bitches and you offer to help them by offering to shoot them for no charge and just ask for a little bit of their precious time attention whoring to go to the best locations with the best lighting and they don't want to know because of some retarded reason they are "too busy". They don't realise that it's because people like me shoot their dumb outfits that they are where they are! Sorry rant over. Just fed up of these amateur girls wasting my time and not getting the shots I had planned.

>> No.8352585

I didn't even see him the whole weekend, hoped to meet him.

>> No.8352590

First time feels like shit after, just got back from my second one and all I feel is hype for the next one, gonna try and get a decent cosplay together, not that cheap online brought shit.
>follow me through this massive group of people that could take up to 10 mins of squeezing though fat sweaty neckbeards for a picture
>get annoyed because you never got your image of a cosplayer with decent lighting even though stands were doing it for free anyway with professional gear

They are trying to enjoy the event, not follow some ugly autist spewing spagetti everywhere.
Just fucking take a picture of them there and then.

>> No.8352591

For me, it's not just a general after-con feeling, it's just the comedown after having a good time. Always happens no matter what I do, you kind of get used to it eventually.

>> No.8352611

I actually like going somewhere else for photos, especially outside. You always get some idiot doing dumb shit in the frame and it annoys me to hell.

>> No.8352638

QQ more.

>> No.8352642

>getting pissy because things aren't going your way
Why does it matter if people are in the frame, unless of course your using these images to fap to, are you that autistic? Cry some more

>> No.8352770

Hi lucas

>> No.8352938

May have to pop round this year then, I remember it being incredibly small and cramped. The fact that it's right in the middle of summer didn't help either.

>> No.8352975

Hyper Japan
10-12th July
O2 London

26/06 -28/06
Pullman Lodge, Sunderland
VIP Plus sold out, VIP available online

MCM Manchester
25/07 - 28-07
Manchester Central
Tickets online

31/07 - 2/08
Hilton Birmingham Metropole
Now full, waiting list closed

14/08 - 17/08
Boyd Memorial Campsite, Bedfordshire
Tickets available online

Auto Assembly
21/08 - 23/08
Hilton Birmingham Metropole
Tickets available online

2nd - 4th October
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Chibi Sunny
8th November
Pullman Lodge, Sunderland
Entry is free

>> No.8353007

Different anon, I don't think they mean just general people in the frame, I think they mean the assholes who are deliberately standing doing stupid shit to ruin your photos. Had a photographer give up taking a photo of me because some drunk homestuckers were behind me making dumb ass faces at the camera. Politely asked them to move and they started swearing at me and getting aggressive for no reason. Moved to somewhere else, they followed me because they thought it was funny, so photographer gave up, apologised and just left.

>> No.8353018

>not reporting to le troll patrol
In all seriousness, it shouldn't matter what people are doing in the background, fair enough if they jump in between you and the photographer, I always waited or walked around people taking pictures.
And plus thats a rare scenario I took around 500ish pictures whilst there and only got one epic photobomber, plus security is always a thing too.

>> No.8353061

Had fun, got recognised as the character I was playing, which is a good sign, and response to said character was as polarising as I'd expected, ranging from "Hey, you're here as Kenny from the Walking Dead right? Fuck yeah! FUCK Kenny!" to guys running over yellying "Kenny!" and hugging me.
Now torn between trying to do a better job of the character or trying something more ambitious.

>> No.8353107

Fucker almost ran over my little sister. Realtalk.

>> No.8353136

No I totally get this. I used to model but still can be quite awkward in front of the camera and worry (as a videographer) that the photographer is getting fed up or impatient with the model's lack of awareness regarding lighting, angles, composition etc (or aggressively insisting on doing their signature pose in every shot) I tagged along on a shoot last minute and was feeling the poor guy's frustration/tiredness radiating off of him whilst the other girl was comparatively oblivious. At the same time I wish I was less self conscious/paranoid/overanalyzing things so I coul give him more to work with. Happy medium?

Then some idiot kept coming up to the photographer to make out like he was licking him then making thrusting motions to get his attention. Honey, no, that is not how you get someone to stop the shoot they are on to take your picture.

>> No.8353298

Anyone else going to Hyper Japan? I'm trying to talk some of my friends into going but none of them seem interested and I'm not sure I like the idea of going all on my own.

>> No.8353366

I was wanting to go and to enter the cosplay contest. But I might just be being super thick abut this but I'm confused on what ticket I need for the Saturday in order to be able to enter the contest.
Anyone know how it works with events/sessions?

>> No.8353374

Requesting Nigri deets. Heard she was wearing another costume made by Lisa Lou Who. Seriously, why are cons still inviting her when she's evidently not even trying anymore.

I understand completely.

>> No.8353391

I've gone to every con in the past few years on my own. I can't be bothered to cosplay anymore.

>> No.8353476

He took it off because no one paid attention to the big ole cock sucker

>> No.8353714

Any of you lot had the chance to look through Eevee Cosplays pics from the weekend?
I noticed something- she only got pics with her in them with the mediocre/shit tier cosplayers and the better cosplayers she took pictures of she isn't in the photos with. Was this like a vain attempt to try to look better? Like how mediocre girls hang out with ugly chicks to make themselves appear hotter?

>> No.8353728
File: 40 KB, 480x640, 11351243_10206103421971785_683398493964994978_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


What do you use to go through pics? The only one I know is the expo fb group

>> No.8353785

Anyone going Toko?

>> No.8353840
File: 287 KB, 1000x669, DSC05003-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why do you care?
These threads are so boring.

Here, a view of Friday. Anyone else notice how dead it was?
Saturday was bearable, which was a nice surprise. Sunday was relatively busy though. Almost uncomfortably.

Great organisation on MCM's part though. I wonder what made them get their act together?

>> No.8353842
File: 345 KB, 900x602, DSC05177-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And this was Sunday. Got pretty busy. I was surprised.

>> No.8353921


>> No.8354521

gonna be my first toko this year, pretty hype though since the bf has been going for ten years

>> No.8355046

I got to see her in real life, boy that was a treat.

>> No.8355057

Tried to say hello to her as she added me after the last expo.

Just walked off without saying something and then walked off with a major creeper tog.....

>> No.8355108
File: 476 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_nox8s3RN9O1r3x5j9o3_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>i forget how rude the uk cosplay community is

Well since moosefix is lurking apparently I'll give her props for thinking showing up in a lacefront wig is "cosplay". If you're reading this, you dumb bitch, don't ever cosplay jasper again. You'd be lucky if you even got close to looking like her. Stick to peridot or lapiz like I told you, because you know, you're a girl.

>> No.8355339

She pays to be at MCM she isn't invited

>> No.8355442

She uploaded an album to her facebook page.

Because she's a huge fucking lolcow. Simple as. You're on /CGL/ now, mate.

Jesus, what a fucking cow. Suppose it's what you get when you have a parade of white knights following your every move online ready to draw their keyboard swords at the slightest bit of crit. Her ego is quite obviously already inflated to the size of a small planet.

>> No.8355454
File: 150 KB, 1280x960, FB_IMG_1432642415253.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rob Murray, stop. No one is going to love you.

>> No.8355479

Lol jealous much??

>> No.8355491

Of a guy in his late 20's working on the front line of MacDonalds.

>> No.8355494

LOL salt on those fries?

>> No.8355512

I love him

>> No.8355522
File: 544 KB, 500x652, Thisassholeagain.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The most insecure baby bitch.

>> No.8355557

Eevee is very popular outside of 4chan which has so much jealousy towards her. It is pretty weird the obsession. She is the most talked about on here and is getting invited to guest at cons and do shoots and page likes keep going up and up and everyone on here is getting mad about it.

>> No.8355565

Like I don't follow her page (Not that it matters with her fucking posting everywhere) but she added me lol...

>> No.8355566

No. She's just another cosplayer.

Why don't you lot start an Eevee thread instead of shitting up the Britfag threads with this rubbish? 'But muh cgl drama' is getting old when the worst thing she's done is go to a con (god forbid).

When you've seen real lolcows, 'mate', you'll understand why this drama is boring.

>> No.8355580

nobody knows who she is outside of 4chan... i dont remember seeing togs flocking to photograph her.

>> No.8355635
File: 413 KB, 1417x2048, 11187408_679871828784723_2900103641744129926_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


yes. you're right. i'm so jealous of this. i wish i had a party wig and satin cosplay from ebay. i heard she's lucas's next big obsession. even kelly jean loves her.

>> No.8355649

Lots of vidya this year. I liked the Dragon Age and LOL groups.

Luigi in the car was a cool idea outside, but really fucking annoying inside.

Good organisation for once? Queueing under cover, entrance and exit without giant lines/bottlenecks to get in, could actually move through the main corridor. Finally MCM manage something other events do yearly with no trouble.

Jnig was around. That was a thing I guess.

Boombox weebs still annoying. Trees still full of photogs. Less Homestucks than usual...or was that just me?

MCM still worth it (just about) for fun with friends, showing off a big costume, and getting sloshed in the evenings. I had a good weekend.

>> No.8355669
File: 23 KB, 460x276, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

are they related?? Those chins.....

>> No.8355697

I was there all three days as Zechs Marquise. Got recognized a few times and only got glomped twice and the second one was cute as hell anyway

Con was way better than last year too.

>> No.8355751

Anyone catch the guy getting wrestled off the roof of the boat by security?

>> No.8355767
File: 2.97 MB, 576x432, 1407180950608.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Scroll up. If you have pictures/video, post that shit 'cause I fucking love Wrestling.

>> No.8356049

how was the after party? was it as big a sausage fest as I imagined?

>> No.8356069

Tempted to do an issei hyodou cosplay (High school dxd) next time I go to an McM

How many people do you think would recognise it

>> No.8356075


>> No.8356108

lol say that to her face. i've seen her punch glued on fake teeth out of a guy's mouth

>> No.8356109


>> No.8356117

You mean the easy to remove teeth, where she threw a shit punch yeah?

>> No.8356132 [DELETED] 

Kudos Eevee, most people can't do any simple LED work and yet here you are, with a wig and a costume made out of them completely

>> No.8356138

you can big moosefix up all you want but at the end of the day she's fucked half the cosplay community and she aint good at it either (Y) learn to wash yourself

>> No.8356147

Hey Anna

>> No.8356159

I don't even blame her, I probably would too if I looked like that! Prettiest face I've seen on here in a long time. I like muscular girls though, so probably biased...

>> No.8356160

I don't know who she is or what she did but I just checked her tumblr and daamn is she foine and looks like she could rip a phone book in half

>> No.8356171

They've been steadily extending the ticketed area. The first time few times I went you only needed a ticket to enter the actual expo. People realised there's a lot more space in the Excel hall itself and outside, so if you're there primarily to enjoy the cosplay and atmosphere, there's no point in getting a ticket. They can't really make outside a ticketed area though. The place has a direct link to the train station that services loads of hotels. Besides, if they blocked off custom house, people would just congregate at the prince regent end. It would be ultimately fruitless.

There are probably tonnes of people who buy tickets and spend most of their time outside anyway. The halls can't handle that many people at once.

>> No.8356173
File: 6 KB, 795x80, moosecunt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She fucked up in a lolcow thread too

>> No.8356183
File: 25 KB, 400x300, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tbf her arms are pretty damn amazing

>> No.8356186

How??? Her arms are average

>> No.8356194
File: 27 KB, 320x240, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's not Brock Lesnar but there is nothing average about this.

>> No.8356196

To be honest that doesn't prove anything, anyone can slap a name on and pretend to be samefagging, same as anyone can take their name off and pretend not to be.

Anyway, not your personal army, fuck off. Anyone hear about the Dreamy Bows theft drama? Apparently someone made off with £170 of Listen Flavor from their MCM stall.

>> No.8356197

>implying that's not any more average than any other woman that lifts 1-2 times a week

>> No.8356198

Most women who lift don't pack on muscle like that, I certainly never did. Most female cosplayers who do slutty cosplays lift, and they don't look like that. Seriously fuck off back to lolcow with your vendetta, this thread is nothing but vendettas lately.

>> No.8356223

This is boring bring on more horrible mcm cosplay photos

>> No.8356477
File: 880 KB, 604x1260, 05220106[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I shall violate thee thread with I AM GROOT.

>> No.8356592

Anyone go to MCM Glasgow last year? Was it shit or not?

>> No.8356708

Yeah, it was fine, just the usual problems with any event in the SECC - shit food provision and nowhere to hang out

>> No.8356748

You have to be a pretty shit person to do this tbh, its not like stealing a crappy gachapon

>> No.8356766

Might be cause I know a lot of folks there but I had a great time. Great atmosphere. But yeah. Awkward for food. Pack sandwiches if you get hungry in the day.

>> No.8356782

my friend decided to sneak into the boat and take photos, I'll see if he'll send them to me/post them

>> No.8357853

That's good then. I was thinking of bringing my own food anyway because food at cons is usually not great and over-priced.

>> No.8357855

Aw shit I missed you. I'd have loved to have seen that!

>> No.8357857

Who the hell is this girl and why should we care

>> No.8357884

Some bench girl someone has a vendetta against and is trying to stir up shit just because she is pretty and wore a wig.

>> No.8357886


>> No.8357991

What do people think of the CSPLYeu Kickstarter?

>> No.8358017
File: 445 KB, 1199x1200, 1366398353836.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Almost £7 for a fucking burger and bottle of soft drink.
They're lucky it turned out to be a fucking good burger.

>> No.8358049

If all 50 cosplayers paid €150 for their shoot, they'd have the €7500 they're asking for. The tog running it is expecting to turn a profit so you could even look at it as a deposit. The reason he's running a kickstater is because he knows no one wants a book of egotistical asshats playing dress up, unless he puts a spin on it and makes it out to be a big magical project that is somehow going to turn all EU cosplayers into jnig. Does anyone enjoy cosplaying anymore or is it all about fame and money?

>> No.8358098
File: 2.69 MB, 853x480, 1409671786646.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8358139

Lucas tried this scam a while ago to fly sexy cosplay girls to his house but asked for double that for a cheap calendar. At least it is for a nice looking book but I doubt it will raise the money. There just isn't enough interest and people who want an expensive coffee table book of Cosplay photos. Photographers get very deluded that they are creating these historic and iconic images but a great deal of their audience is just looking for fap material

>> No.8358205

mfw it's like 40 mins to 5guys and it's the same price

I'm going to insist we all go there for dinner one MCM. Super sick of ordering pizza.

>> No.8358225

I always get pizza on the first night. Because when the closest Dominos run an offer for 50% off if you spend £15+ over con weekend, it feels like a waste not to make use of it.

>> No.8358233
File: 1.95 MB, 320x240, comonson.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>One hour twenty minutes to get an over priced slightly above average burger.
>mfw using "mfw" without posting a face
Get your shit together

>> No.8358410

Thank god they have one at the O2 now, used to have to go to Covent Garden just for a Five Guys before

>> No.8358665

Rob Murray is my favourite person

>> No.8358673

He looks like he lost a lot of weight. Actually, so does redhead Poison girl. Does PT infect all her friends with tapeworms or something? Her friends seem to get skinny really fast.

>> No.8358683

Dunno, but it's a shame they don't have more videos on MFC

>> No.8358751

They have videos on MFC? Holy shit anon, share with the class.

>> No.8358864

When I was at Birmingham, my friend and I were standing chatting with some randoms we met, because we were all cosplaying characters from league. She came over and tried to talk to us and was basically trying to brag about how many of the characters she's cosplayed and that we could go see them on her page. One of the girls then asked her why she was making such a big deal out of it, so she stormed off in the huff. She's as much of a narcissist in real life as she is on Facebook.

>> No.8358926

It's called networking dumbass!

>> No.8359008

Honestly if I were friends with Toaster I would lose weight so I didn't feel like such a heffer. Her waist was/is crazy tiny (Not seen her in like two year)
Dunno who the other two are really so can't comment, post before/after?

>> No.8359023

I don't know them well enough to have pictures of them or anything, I've just seen the group at cons a few times.

>> No.8359425

I fucking hate all the sad attention whores on the MCM Facebook group but I can't fucking leave.

I just want to be able to honestly critique costumes without getting shit on. Especially when someone talks about cutting, growing or dyeing their hair for cosplay. Or another fucking "who should I cosplay" thread from fucking attention whores wanting to be told they look like a kawaii anime.

>> No.8359525
File: 39 KB, 500x295, 29632187486453.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wonder who she could be talking about

>> No.8359562

Well who's got there tits out recently who hasn't before?

>> No.8360244

Tabitha gets her tits out all the time for streams now but she was never talented

>> No.8360444

Bit hypocritical

>> No.8360472

Anon I have no face. It's a very upsetting condition. Check your face privilege.

No but seriously. You don't go in just for the burger - London is a great place, so once you have your burger you go and get totally sloshed on crazy cocktails away from all the teenage weebs. Or see a show. Or find an underground jazz club.

The O2 is great because you can stay there and have a drink and stuff.
The chinese and chicken places over the DLR bridge by Custom House (is that an Ibis Styles or something now?) are pretty cheap. A fiver for a 'good' meal. I just find myself feeling pretty shitty eating food like that for a whole weekend.

Dominos is kind of part of MCM culture now. It's almost a tradition. Although anyone remember last year when they ran out of cheese or something and people were waiting upwards of four hours for pizza? That was not a fun night.

>> No.8360543

Stacey really needs to stop trying to give advice and taking digs at people if they try and be sexy. It's extremely hypocritical and she has no right to critiscise people for this. She seems to think when she does it it is classy and everyone else is being trashy.

>> No.8360554

Only other one is Kelly Jean. And she has zero talent.

>> No.8360565

Stacey is completely covered up in her stream with gaming t shirts on and almost zero make up, wouldn't really call that hypocritical

>> No.8360578

Stacey has used her body to get her fame and attention. Wearing a t shirt on her stream doesn't give her pass to take shots at others.

>> No.8360583
File: 2.29 MB, 1600x2400, poisonivy-8_original.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, real classy.

>> No.8360614


Dat ass tho

>> No.8360615

This makes me so angry.

>> No.8360622


SR actually has some talent too though, KJ can't make a good costume for shit. Showing T&A and being nothing but T&A are different things.

>> No.8360628

>replying to a picture of a girl in her underwear with photoshopped leaves

>> No.8360669
File: 89 KB, 640x960, 15620_658431610935227_1542885535526148109_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


pic related.

>> No.8360685

Talent & Ass

>> No.8360697

Stacey tries to act like she is above everyone and doesn't care about fame but you can tell she is really very jealous and competitive and the twitch thing seems to bring out her nasty bitter passive aggressive side that loves to big herself up and slag and shame others.

>> No.8360701

>when you're so lazy and starved for praise you don't even attach leaves to your underwear

Can we just start calling this cosporn so that when people google this weird cosplay thing theyheard of shit like this doesn't pop up?

>> No.8360718

I didn't even realise they were shopped on at first. Goddamn lazy talentless attention whore.

Fuck I'm so mad.

>> No.8360732

I think people need to stop slagging each other off in the cos community (number of times this has been said.. I'VE LOST COUNT!).

Focus on your own shit and if you don't like what other people are doing, ignore it and move on. What's the point when all you'll receive is backlash? Waste of time if you ask me.

Stacey is incredibly talented and should keep doing her thing. Don't believe me, check out the cosplays she creates!

Kelly - not so much but she knows how to get her audience. And if that's how she wants to be, leave her to it. She's doing no harm to anyone.


>> No.8360737

Stacey's point was against "people who have talent resorting to getting their tits out", even though her Ivy directly contradicts that.

She does use her body for fame and attention, and there's nothing wrong with that. But attacking others just because she streams in t shirts is beyond batshit.

>> No.8360749

Her comment was about twitch streaming though not cosplay, two different things

>> No.8360760

Guys, it's only boobs. Chill.

>> No.8360776

But it is just as hypocritical. It doesn't matter whether it's twitch or cosplay.

>> No.8360915


This. Stacey can post nearly naked pictures of her on FB and Kelly can show off her rack on Twitch, there's nothing wrong with either but they shouldn't be judging eachother.

Also Stacey's stream is the most boring thing I've ever watched in my life. At least Kelly has a bit of life and Tabitha sets herself apart with the prop streams.

>> No.8360962

Looks pretty shooped.

>> No.8361040

Her ass isn't photoshopped but the ivy is badly. I think it is just a lingerie photo she did ages ago that the photographer turned more into a Cosplay so it's not really much to do with her but she has been selling prints of it for years and good for her. She has a great ass but like others have said with all the photos she has done like this to promote and sell herself she has no right to critiscise others for doing the same thing.

>> No.8361157

>At least Kelly has a bit of life
I mean she does jiggle more which might count for you but she's boring as fuck to me. I tried to watch three times and each time it was the same shit. She barely interacts with her chat other than to tell them that whatever they're talking about is stupid and two of the three times I watched she ignored her stream entirely to make a skype call. At least Tabs and Stacey don't ignore their own streams.

>> No.8361167
File: 69 KB, 750x363, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck off Adam. You're a smug neckbeard who works in a comic shop and bring nothing to "the table" other than your pseudo intellectual boasts about you and your girlfriend which are just designed to belittle others. You're nothing special and however you want to dress it up Stacey has used all the same tricks to get cosfamous as everyone you take the piss out of and look down on.

>> No.8361180
File: 732 KB, 1300x417, 1425613912820.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Adam the Grumpy Cosplay Boyfriend
Jesus what a faggot. I hope he gets hit by a car.

>> No.8361182


shut the fuck up Eevee

>> No.8361198

Isn't his point exactly what everyone here is always saying though? I don't know the guy so maybe he's a complete dickweed, but I think the statement itself is on point.

>> No.8361210

He's just bashing KJ again

>> No.8361232

This fucker.
>complains about cosplay kickstarter/go fund me.
>Wasn't complaining when Stacey got her followers to give her money which paid for a trip to NYCC for both of them.

>> No.8361239

...like we do literally every thread?

>> No.8361245

KJ is ours to bash on. Other well known cosplayers coming for her publicly is low.

>> No.8361251


I'm referring to her spirit, enthusiasm and how she's genuinely happy to be there (Stacey doesn't really get that, hence why she hasn't been nearly as successful). The "jiggling" can only get you so far. On very rare occasion have I seen her take Skype calls. In my experience she'll interact so long as she's not in game, can't fault her for that. But each to their own, people are entertained by different things!

>> No.8361294

Half these 'well known cosplayers' are probably anon on here anyway, that's been the case for years.

>> No.8361336

Ours to bash on? That's...kinda weird dude. ONLY IM ALLOWED TO BE MEAN TO THIS GIRL GOLLY

>> No.8361398

dafuq, this woman didn't even GO to this MCM
fyi: i know cause i have her on facebook, apparently she pissed off to edinburgh. Get yo facts straight cgl

>> No.8361495

I've never heard of him but he seems like the biggest white knight I've ever seen. I don't really care about what he says.

>> No.8361981

So how did she end up winning the competition then?

>> No.8361995

It's not whiteknighting when you're actually boning the girl in question.

Not gonna defend his actual comments though.
Dude is way up himself.
He knows he is punching above his weight with Stacey so of course he turns a blind eye to anything she does while criticising other people for doing the same thing and acts all high and mighty about it.

When you define yourself by who you're dating and what their hobby is you gotta recognise how much of a sadsack desperate neckbeard you are.

If Stacey ever dumps him he's gonna be wrecked.

>> No.8362941

I know who you're thinking of.
And it isnt them.
>get yo facts straight

>> No.8362983

She didn't.

>> No.8362991
File: 78 KB, 400x533, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I thought these guys won?

>> No.8363181

Adam The Smug Neckbeard is a more fitting name. Stacey seems to have absorbed his same shitty attitude

>> No.8363651

actually bout Sands aka Laura Sindall who posted a progress photo in her bra. I was shocked seems SR was too

>> No.8363720

Sands and SR are good friends. I think you're barking up the wrong tree there.

>> No.8363722

She posted that last night Stacey posted that status days ago...

>> No.8363736

desperate move from Sands guess shes finally realised if you can't beat em join em

>> No.8363750

Christ you people are desperate she's been posting pics of her beading for weeks, one photo of her progress amongst hundreds of other images of her work and you're all ready to start tearing people apart

>> No.8363760

This is 4chan what do you expect?

>> No.8363776
File: 20 KB, 580x326, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But we are classy British fellows

>> No.8363994

This is 4chan where classy British fellows give in to their ugly yellow teeth troll habits because no one can see them.

>> No.8364260

>in her bra
>endless, furious schlicking

>> No.8364357
File: 246 KB, 1000x1500, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Speaking of desperate - what do you think about felixize giving up cosplay to be a costog instead?
Since being cosplay famous didn't work out for her maybe she thinks this will make her popular

>> No.8364410

>starting a new discussion
>in an already saging thread

>> No.8364428

Takes photo of friend
omg she must be quitting cosplay.

>> No.8364917

She's never taken cosplay seriously. She just does what she enjoys.

>> No.8365393

She's done shoots for friends in the past so this isn't a new thing?
Clearly you missed that she qualified for CCCC this month... Just because someone doesn't show their arse or try to become an idoru doesn't mean they've given up cosplay

>> No.8365506

Clearly you missed her getting buttmad on Twitter about it, trash talking people who wouldn't let her take their photo - she's gonna be like the new Lucas tbh

>> No.8365520

Raping women?

>> No.8365561

Sneaky and Shades On vids are up.

>> No.8365659

why release your video the same time as SZ???

>> No.8365703

how were they supposed to know?

>> No.8365726

arent they friends irl?

>> No.8365753

Shades On vid is just soooo slooooowwww aaaannndd boooorrriiinnnggg

Sneaky Zebra video was ok but looked dingy in parts and disjointed but had some cool moments

>> No.8365779

felixize says and does whatever suits the moment and serves her interest best

>> No.8365788

Slow? Have you not seen their previous work? This one is actually a really good pace

>> No.8365795

It's slow and dull and their last video was too

>> No.8365813

Shades on posted theirs first though

>> No.8365822


Shades On once again creating a video which is decent but matching songs terribly. Next time they need something a bit more fast paced.

I like SZ bringing in more effects.

>> No.8366029

I really loved the new SZ video I never felt bored. It was different.
But I get what you mean by dingy, I always see with SZ the camera work is pretty shitty, but the editing makes it work and makes it more fun. The little film parts where really great and different, and it was good to see more of the cosplay details. I just wish they would learn how to use a camera correctly and frame up a decent shot more than 50% of the time.

The special effects were a nice additon as well, and they didn't overuse them.

>> No.8366159

So no nigri, is it because she thinks shes too famous to be filmed or photographed by anyone in the UK? Come to think about it, she doesn't even leave her desk in cosplay and actually let people take photos of her at all. She just cares about the money she gets from prints when shes here.

>> No.8366171

She pays to be there so she is there to sell prints. But she could not take any prints and dick around with togs all day in the car park and hold poses while they swirl around her and make no money.

>> No.8366300

I didn't like Shades On's video. The music is so boring.

>> No.8366316

It's so generic and all the footage is slowed down. Their stuff is getting boring af

>> No.8366342

did you actually watch this one? they sped some clips up.

>> No.8366349

Sounds like you have dirt - care to share?

>> No.8366366

No Nigri because she has KJ glued to her hip and since KJ won't do videos with the people who want her and isn't wanted by anybody else that makes Nigri off-limits too.

>> No.8366397

What, so KJ doesn't want to be in any videos? What kind of rule is that. Whats wrong being in a cosplay video??

>> No.8366456

It's more that none of the big videographers will work with Kelly. Everyone has cut ties.

>> No.8366536

I'm pretty sure you're Kyle.

Watched it once and that was enough. It was boring and the slo mo is so overused and just makes it drag.

>> No.8366540

No she asked not to be in their videos

>> No.8366620
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>> No.8366626

Organisation can be horrifying at times, as shown last year with the fucking four hour queue (had two hours to enjoy the con). But it's a rather decent con, if it gets better at organisation this year then thats a bonus but it needs more cons around the area to take the load off of it because everyone and their mothers going to it.

>> No.8367353

Eevee is a guest and has a table at MCM Manchester and I think she is judging too.

>> No.8367406

I find it funny, on one hand shes coswhoring attention seeking, on the other doesn't want to be filmed by i SZ. Definatley something going on. Why wouldnt you want the attention.

>> No.8367431

That's crap, she is not judging at Manchester. Stop making shit up.

>> No.8367469


Whats going on between SZ and KJ?

>> No.8367474

Nick is part of the circle jerk who all bitch about her

>> No.8367478

I think she does ok without being in their videos

>> No.8367481

She's not on the guest list dumbass

>> No.8367485

she must know some of the organisers if she is a guest. I would go to her panel

>> No.8367496

Anyone know who Eevee's cosplaying? Is Jnig going to MCM Manchester or does she only go to the bigger ones.

>> No.8367632

She posed in a video for them then demanded they remove the shot saying she didn't give consent despite the fact you can see her clearly posing in it and bitched about them.
Hence SZ not involving her anymore

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