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Any lolitas who have had stalkers care to share their stories? I've been thirsty for stalker stories ever since this incident.

>friend is one of most popular girls in comm due to being cute as fuck and having quite the excessive wardrobe
>other super popular girl in comm hates her, friend just doesn't like her, but doesn't put any energy into thinking of her
>girl who hates friend leaves her laptop at a tea party
>I take it to give back to her and decide to look trough it because I'm that kind of person
>over 60 pictures of friend saved, she trash talks her in almost every FB and Skype conversation she has with someone in the comm, and she visits all her social media multiple times a day
>no idea if I should tell anyone or just never speak a word

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At least tell your friend so she can block the stalker/increase her privacy settings.

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Spill it. Particularly if it happened with others in the comm. Your friend has a right to know. Your friend also has a right to know if and how others in the comm were humoring the trash talk.

But, yeah, at the same time I gotta comment that snooping through her Skype, let alone her computer.

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Cgl is the dumbest board on 4chan.

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"anyone lolitas had stalkers?"
>decide to look through her laptop when she leaves it at house

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How is that stalking? If you don't want your pictures to be saved, don't post them. If you don't want your social media sites to be seen, don't make them public. What you did was much more of an invasion of privacy.

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I wouldn't call that stalkerish, just nosy as fuck and totally over-stepping boundaries.
There's a difference between saving someone's pictures because you like them and having 60+ photos of someone you talk shit bout every day. I agree that it's definitely less and invasion of privacy than what OP did, but at the same time, it's much creepier. Also, if you want to use the logic "If you don't want your pictures to be saved, don't post them" you could easily say "If you don't want someone looking through your computer, then have a password".

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Oh man anon, you missed an opportunity. If this girl was out to ruin my friend's reputation, I'd have no qualms about taking the opportunity to destroy hers by installing some malware to grab her social media passwords.

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some kind of weird hatecrush!?

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>looks through someone's computer
>makes them out to be a stalker with a crush

you know, after reading about your morally bankrupt behavior, i have a hard time trusting your characterization of others.

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>if you want to use the logic "If you don't want your pictures to be saved, don't post them" you could easily say "If you don't want someone looking through your computer, then have a password"
I disagree. Posting pictures online is an invitation for others to view them (that is, if they're posted publicly, of course) and more often than not also an invitation to like/comment/reblog etc. Should you decide to share them with the world, you should also acknowledge that a 57 year old male in a rural town in the Netherlands might use them for masturbation purposes; these are just the rules of the game — once you make yourself visible you're open to both positive and negative attention. I don't think that's victim blaming, just common sense.
Is saving 60+ pictures of someone you hate creepy? It's a bit unusual, but I see no actual harm in it. To call the girl who did that a stalker is to sensationalize the entire situation.

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Not that anon but it is common sense to password lock your computer. I think it's hard for the average person to resist poking around a little, and if stalker girl had left Skype and a file viewer open then it wouldn't have taken much snooping to get the info OP did, just a cursory glance at the desktop.

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What's the story with Milkyfawn? Didn't she have a stalker too?

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I'm not arguing that, protect yourself, by all means. Don't leave your car unlocked just because it's wrong for anyone to steal it. What rubbed me the wrong way was the liberal use of the word "stalker". It's like complaining that you have a stalker based on the fact that some greasy neckbeard commented on two of your bikini pics on facebook and then urging people to like, rate, comment, subscribe and share with a friend in the same breath.

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what about girlypoot? Does anyone believe her story about having a stalker who needed police intervention etc?

or is it just more 'bawww u realised I started LACE over a poo, so I'm telling lies.'

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it's a stalker now? I thought it was death threats.

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Protective measures (passwords etc) should be used, but if the girl had no password then it's kind of her own fault. If OP asked to use her computer and the girl said yes, she obviously either didn't care who knew about her hateboner or she had faith that OP wouldn't dick around her files.

Good going OP, tell your friend

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It's very possible. She puts herself out there so much and has done things in the past to get kneejerk reactions from others. Beyond that, she's not conventionally pretty (I do find her pretty though, but that's my opinion). There are all types of people in the world, and a lot of salt and sand in this community. The more you put yourself out there the more you are opening yourself up to things like that happening. So I don't doubt it being very possible.

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>He’s seen me receive death threats twice a week for months. People telling me to kill myself, wishing I would die from my illnesses, saying that my illnesses aren’t real. Trying to find my mother’s phone number and address, threatening to mail her explosives. That I’m worthless, ugly, and recently that my attempt to change the lolita community is futile, a selfish attempt at e-fame, and stupid.

>This is the first time I have openly discussed what I experienced. i have been stalked at my university, I have had to have police involvement, I have had people take pictures of me in public, in class, at the grocery store, and send them to me on tumblr with death threats attached.

>These things are very real. I have been stalked, slandered, and dealt with cruel, disturbing behavior in this community for years.

Nah, death threats and a stalker, what a terrible inonvenience

Idk why she'd have death threats before LACE though, what was she even doing that was so bad? She only got famous after causing a stir with LACE

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this is all highly doubtful.

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Wait what? The only (barely) subversive thing I know she's done before LACE is dare to wear glasses and that side fringe. Hardly death threat material. I know the internet is a shitty place but I can't think that we should believe that someone wanted to mail her mother explosives just because of the way she looks.

Lor's considered WAY 'uglier' (though I think she's pretty, I'd even argue that Kate is conventionally pretty) and I can't imagine anyone sending her legitimate death threats.

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Why does this seem like a pathetic attempt to make bullying seem like a more pressing matter than it actually is?

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Well thanks for mentioning Kate, now the thread is going to be deleted.

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>my attempt to change the lolita community is futile, a selfish attempt at e-fame, and stupid
it's not all lies i guess

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actual bullying IS a pressing matter. whether Kate has encountered this first hand is a different matter altogether. There are people saying she's a bully and a scammer, but without concrete proof it's hard to pin anything down.

Doing this anonymously would have made LACE way more believable, but that's another matter for another day.

Was Milkyfawn's stalker an actual thing, or did that girl just buy all her dresses and sell them saying 'MILKYFAWN WORE THESE XD'

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Yeah sorry, I did think that was a risk.
Just no one talk about her personal life, that's all. Keep it on topic and we might escape deletion this time.

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I don't put myself out there much at all, but I've had my fair share of crazies in this community. People will blow up at anything for the smallest reasons possible.

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>I think it's hard for the average person to resist poking around a little
what the fuck, seriously? even looking into someone's social media accounts?

do you wear underwear someone leaves at your house, too? use their comb or makeup?

this justified my paranoia about my devices around people. i would expect a thief to rifle through something i left but i hope my friends would have more decency.

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Most of that isn't bullying. Most of the 'bullying' isn't bullying. Most of it is non-existent or just petty comments taken too seriously.

Most of this shit isn't serious and the only reason people take it so seriously is because they take themselves too seriously.

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trolling/snark is not bullying. it needs to be targeted and persistent to be bullying.

watch this thread get nuked while coswhore bait threads stay up.

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Sauce on this pls, I really miss Milkyfawn

>> No.8343597

see >>8343572
>did that girl just buy all her dresses and sell them saying 'MILKYFAWN WORE THESE XD'

i think rabid fans and jelly bitches was the jist of it.

lolita can bring out the worst of non-criminal humanity in people.

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Didn't she actually try selling it for more than she bought it for, saying "worn by THE Milkyfawn"

Pic related from the archives. This was a couple months after.

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>I have been stalked, slandered, and dealt with cruel, disturbing behavior in this community for years.
But no one's had ever heard about her until last summer/fall so if she's been going through this "for years" then it's not a lolita thing it's an individual being a creepy fuck. No need to paint the Lolita comm as a whole in a bad light for her own gain.

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Aaaand the incident.

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actually i feel the opposite. i think lolita brings out the worst criminally.

why is bullying and hurt fee fees and fake social justice more important than scammers and shit? why do people like that fat bitch from boston comm or maiko dolly continue to wear lolita comfortably because it was 'just a mistake'? they're never brought to justice and they sit around thinking that they can steal and lie and do whatever without anyone saying anything? i'm from boston and the dumb cunt was at the japanese festival talking to people and no one said a damn thing. why? and when i mentioned it someone said 'we don't talk about that' that shit isn't okay.

someone steals, lies and then whines about it, off scott free, someone calls a girls coord fugly, and it's a witch hunt.

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Yeah I deffo think there should be more stigma around scamming
Criminals should be publicly humiliated

>> No.8343633

I wish someone had saved the comments from this post, the OP was trying to argue against a bunch of girls who said it was creepy. Another MF-stalker-chan jumped in to defend the OP and they had a chat about how ~omg amaziiiiing~ MF was. I remember it well because the OP said somethingn along the lines of "I kept messaging her but I know she was so busy and couldn't chat much!"
>bitch naw she just didn't want to talk with yo' creepy obsessive ass

>> No.8343635

who is the girl from the boston comm? And why had I never heard of either incident before?
People seem to snap up drama as soon as it occurs, going on and on about stupid things like LACE and how ugly they think other lolitas are, but there are actual criminals

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From RBT.

>> No.8343639

kai narita, or whatever.

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how tall is Kate? I thought she was short bc she usually fits brand well, but sugary carnival looked so short on her

>> No.8343646

I think Kate is 5'7 or so. I remember some girls that saw her at a con said she's a lot taller than they expected.

>> No.8343647

what does this have to do with the thread topic

>> No.8343649

just wondered, should have saged it sorry
I'm 5"11 so sugary carnival is a definite no no for me, damn it

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girl called laura on fb who is a complete bitch stalked and harassed milkyfawn online and then bought her dresses just to resell because her precious senpai wore them

>> No.8343654

Hope this isn't off topic, but has anyone come into contact with someone as crazy as princess drama chan?

>> No.8343655

you should look up the maiko dolly incident but i'll green text it, the lady kai one was just a copycat of that
>maikodolly is rich bitch from cali
>buys tons of shit from stores and sellers alike
>suddenly chargebacks to sellers and stores like AP and Baby
>thousands of dollars taken from people on EGL
>tens of thosands to AP and Baby
>people freaking the fuck out over this shit
>maikodolly appears, claims to have no clue what's happened but will happily pay people back
>repayments get charged back as well
>wonderbitch comes along and makes light of the situation
>claims to have 'talked to police'
>actually tells people not to take action
>most people actually don't
>some do including a few here on /cgl/
>maiko has 'friend' pay people back
>these get charged back yet again
>wonderbitch still claims nothing is wrong
>maiko is banned from sales and apparently AP/Baby
>maiko disappears
>no idea who got paid back
>no police action taken
>nothing heard about it since

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>actually i feel the opposite. i think lolita brings out the worst criminally.
scamming sucks but is hardly "the worst" criminally.

maybe a bettet way to put it is lolita brings out the worst people can be capable of without shattering their self-image. someone might not murder for a dress, but they'd scam others out of having one. someone might not snoop around another person's private belongings normally, but they would excuse it if it's on behalf of a friend.

girls who have no power against people who can hurt them IRL will gladly estalk and post every bit of detail they can find about the lolcow of the month and seek approval from others as they do so.

no one's gone and raped anyone's baby cousin, is what i'm saying. they go as far as they can excuse themselves, though, and usually find a way to defend themselved or post about it to get asspats.

>> No.8343661

uh, i don't mean the worst literal thing possible, i mean the worst of the bullshit is criminal shit like scamming.

the shit you're talking about is just petty personal drama that has more to do with being a bitch in general than it does lolita.

lolita might bring out peoples' bitchiness, but it doesn't cause it. it was already there to begin with, it just needed a catalyst.

>> No.8343662

>no one's gone and raped anyone's baby cousin, is what i'm saying.
*over lolita. idk what people get up to in their own time, i'm talking about bad behavior brought out by lolita shit.

>> No.8343667

ah, i meant the worst literally possible without being a criminal. the same girls who shitpost on the farm don't likely give others in their life outside of lolita the same treatment.

how often has OP gone through someone's private belongings? care to share the other times it happened that didn't end up with you discovering someone was talking shit about your friend on social media?

>implying the story as told was true in the first place

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Maybe anon wants to know how tall/short she is so anon knows how much of her legs she needs to cut off to be just liek her idoru~ ÕwÕ

>> No.8343701

OP I personally wouldn't outright tell anyone what happened because I'm a pussy and wouldn't want people to think of me as "that snooping bitch". Instead I would have a chat with some of the girls you saw her talking shit to and figure out how they feel about the whole thing. Maybe bring it up when you have a small group of them together. Then it should become obvious that the girl in question is sandy and obsessed enough to talk shit to everyone she knows, and that it's really quite excessive.

>> No.8343707

wonderbitch aka wonderfinch or is there actually someone called wonderbitch

>> No.8343712

yea wonderfinch.

YES, the mod of one of the only online lolita sales communities at the time told people who were out thousands of dollars that it was just a mistake and to not do anything about it.

>> No.8343738

Anons pls stop bullying :^(

>> No.8343743

u lacist !!!1!

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i love you guys so much.

>> No.8343779

This is why I'm too scared to buy from other lolitas
Aside from the trolls saying 'I FUCKED MY BF IN AP AND I WEAR DIAPERS UNDER MY SKIRTS HEHE' I just don't feel like my money is safe in the hands of others when stuff like this happens.

>> No.8343830

>comparing an autographed picture to "this dress is worth more because even though hundreds of other girls have the exact same dress, this e-famous girl wore it and sweated in it so it's better"

Jesus, that's honestly really creepy. I'd be terrified to sell my shit if I were e-famous.

>> No.8343867

I'm a lolita and I've been stalked but it has never had anything to do with the clothes I wear... I just attract crazy scary men...

>> No.8343884

>She only got famous after causing a stir with LACE

damn it must be summer

>> No.8343917

Sniffing panties and wearing makeup are different from looking at someone's messages

The former is creepy, the latter is just rude.

>> No.8343921

I'd rather a guy sniff my panties. I'd feel less violated than if he looked through my messages.

>> No.8343922

no I just don't stalk her is all
I'm aware of the glasses incident, but other than that I was under the impression she wasn't exactly efamous, and now she's acting like top lolita

instead of being salty, you could explain

>> No.8343923

the latter is creepy to me, just as creepy as wearing someone else's underwear and as gross as going through someone else's trash.

maybe my boundaries are weird but the idea of someone i know peeking in on my private correspondence is deeply disturbing.

>> No.8343924

has anyone had people stalk them during the course of a day in lolita? Like someone seeing you and being visibly intrigued/confused/amused or whatever, and then pretending not to follow you?

>> No.8343926

What have you got to hide of you feel 'violated'?
I look through my bf's messages all the time, I don't see what the big deal is
>inb4 but muh trust!
I don't trust anyone but my parents and neither should you, if you're too stupid to lock your shit you practically deserve it

>> No.8343935

let's be realistic, saving 60+ pictures of the same person is more than a little "unusual"
maybe that's your norm but for most other people that's weird as fuck, especially if you hate them
normally if you hate someone you wouldn't be saving their pics on your computer for any reason

>> No.8343940

hardly deserving. I don't have a lock on my computer because I'm the only one who uses it, and my last computer was affected by a virus/hacker/idk that changed the passwords (and yes, my antiviruses were all up to date) so there's little point for me.

If she didn't think someone was going to be sneaking onto her laptop, it's not really her fault, bitch or not. This line of discussion is dry now anyway

>> No.8343943

IDK. I've been stalked before over some petty things. I mean some really creepy stuff. Some people really can get out of line when they carry a vendetta for whatever reason. I've seen more people stalked by someone who hated them than by someone imagining a kind of relationship.

>> No.8343946

Do you feel the same way about theft, assault and rape?

>> No.8343950

Because physically harming someone or stealing their property is the same thing, am I right? What are you gonna do next, call me Literally Hitler?

>> No.8343955

When someone becomes a common and repetitive target of "trolling," then it has become bullying.

>> No.8343969

Except it is the same logic that you are using. You said that if someone doesn't put a password on their devices then they deserve to get violated. This is the same argument used by those trying to blame a rape victim by saying that they are somehow asking for it.

"If you leave your devices without a password, then you are asking to get your privacy invaded."

"If you leave the door open, you are asking to get robbed."

"If you wear slutty clothes than you are asking to get raped."

While they may be degrees of severity, the fault lies in the perpetrator and not in the victim. People lock doors, not walk alone at night, put passwords on their stuff, and etc... but as preventatives against shitty people. Why? Because shitty people do that shit, and the fault lies with the shitty people, but not in the victim.

If you have that kind of logic, I wouldn't put it past you to be a thief or assaulter, because you obviously have a shittastic moral compass that points directly towards "BE A DOUCHE."

>> No.8343976

You just sound like those retards who spout shit like 'if you're gay you must also be a pedophile!'

>> No.8343977

Well, by poking around a little I meant "opening a laptop and seeing what is up on the screen" not necessarily going to any extreme measures to look around.

>> No.8343979

But you realize that the only times people don't say that -is- for rape.

Yes, the person doing it is the one at fault, but there are ways to prevent things from happening. Someone who's crazy is going to act the same whether you carry a gun or not, someone who wants to rape you will may even if you're not dressed a certain way or drunk, while these things could have possibly helped, the point isn't that the victim was at fault because they didn't do them, but that people in the future may use the info to be more careful.

It's not a solid fix but preventative measures are important, and honestly, anyone who tries to baww about this victim blaming shit is worse than people who do it because being against preventative measures is worse than bitching about someone's feels.

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but if it wouldn't bother anon to have their own shit read behind their back, it shouldn't bother anyone else, either!

>mfw that anon has no ability to empathize
>mfw that anon feels justified in whatever she does
>mfw that anon has no compunctions about violating someone's boundaries as it suits her own intetests
>mfw that anon could be in my comm, waiting for an excuse to do god knows what to whoever "deserves" it

>> No.8343989

This, and the girl already knew she had a vendetta against the friend anyway so it's not like she would do it to just anyone

>> No.8343991


thread about stalking
not about rape/victim blaming

>> No.8343993

Seriously, I hate when people act like preventative things are the same as saying cause and effect. It's not. No one is saying that and if they are, I agree they're stupid, but making that blanket accusation is just as stupid.

>> No.8343994


>mfw that anon has no ability to empathize
>mfw that anon feels justified in whatever she does
And you know this how? Judging by a person's response on an anonymous llama enthusiast image board?

>> No.8343995


>> No.8344001

>projecting this hard

>> No.8344002

all we know is she was sure to use her friend's supposed victimization as an excuse for shitty behavior that was, itself, stalkery.

snooping on someone's shit is one tactic of many that stalkers use, ffs.

it's like complaining about someone who had their eyes open during a moment of prayer/silence... the only way you'd have that info is if you were also engaged in impolite behavior.

>> No.8344009

MF herself confirmed she left the online lolita community because of being stalked and harassed by some girl named Laura B. The incident people are referring to where she made a big deal about a dress she was selling once belonging to MF is hardly the worst of it.

>> No.8344016

Why are you jumping to conclusions this hard
Are you aware that many people in your comm would probably say the same things about you for only browsing /cgl/?

No, there is no correlation between this and someone being a stalker. It's what stalkers do as well sure, but it's not unique to them. A person consuming alcohol is not necessarily an alcoholic.

>> No.8344024

I've had somebody follow me about halfway home from a coffee shop a couple of blocks away, but once I turned around and gave him a good long stare he backed off.

>> No.8344048

all right, forget metaphors and comparisons and degrees of criminality for a minute.

it is wrong to snoop. it is creepy, and it is a violation of boundaries.

anyone arguing otherwise just blows my mind.

anyone complaining about behavior they discovered by violating a social boundary deserves skepticism, at best, for admitting to hypocrisy right off the bat.

>i was going through someone's files and chat logs without their permission and look at all these creepy photos i found!

OP even says she's "that kind of person," so if the story is true she's fucking creepy and knows it.

>> No.8344057

then there's this gem:

>I look through my bf's messages all the time, I don't see what the big deal is
>I don't trust anyone but my parents and neither should you

if this is not a troll or hyperbole, anon here was spoilt and/or brainwashed. who the fuck thinks nobody but their own parents should be trusted? what kind of twisted brain can think it's okay to violate anyone's boundaries--anyone's! everyone's!--except for your parents, who are totally perfect and can do no wrong?

>> No.8344063

It was an obvious hyperbole.
>it is wrong to snoop
Absolutely. In this case however, I wouldn't say so.
>it is creepy
Depending on the nature of snooping it may or may not be
>it is a violation of boundaries
Absolutely. But if someone was dragging your name through the mud you'd probably want proof that you aren't what that person says you are and evidence that they were shit talking you
>blah blah bf's messages
He knows and lets me, just as I let him look through mine. It's an agreement between us, so let's put that to rest.

>> No.8344074

Oh man were you in the old friendenemy thread too?

>> No.8344110
File: 60 KB, 341x353, 1430879862895.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's it? I mean its a little odd that she used a person as a selling point, but this not creepy

>> No.8344121

no, there's more.
it's in the thread, apparently this girl had been harrassing her and stalking her.

>> No.8344132

>no one's gone and raped anyone's baby cousin
Actually wasn't their a lolita in Argentina that was charged for molesting a mentally disabled 10 year old and possession of CP?

I remember someone talking about it in a previous thread.

>> No.8344148

Yeah because we all believe Milky Fawn. No caps = no story She's all about that e fame

>> No.8344149

Seriously thats all there is. All of that drama for nothing.

>> No.8344155

She overpriced it big deal, don't see what the big deal is beside that. She mentions her name and wow you call that controversy?

>> No.8344157

yeah, that's why i clarified: >>8343662

>> No.8344159

IIRC there was also a brolita who was accused of sexually assaulting another lolita a while back, not to mentiont he myriad of sissy creeps we have already.

>> No.8344161

wait what? links please anon.

>> No.8344175


who even cares whether it's true or not? if you don't know the people involved, it does not affect you. you will never have proof one way or the other. why does it matter?

this thread is about being stalked by lolitas and literally no one has a story of themselves being stalked BY a fellow lolita so they gossip about other people or unrelated topics.

to sum up, so far the stories have been:

>"i looked through someone's computer, files, chatlogs, and social media to confirm my suspicion she was stalking a third party"
>"so-and-so efamous lolita was/wasn't stalked"
>"do you have more details to feed my obsessive curiosity abouy whether or not that efamous lolita was stalked??"
>"i got followed by a random person while i was wearing lolita"
>"i've been stalked but not by a lolita"

>> No.8344180

have you personally been affected by such people, or are you going off of hearsay/being triggered by the presence of a sissy who does nothing specifically to you?

>> No.8344183

okay, OP didn't specify "by a lolita" so some of that was not offtopic.

but mostly this thread is pointless gossip and speculation.

>> No.8344190

I've not had a stalker but I've had people who knew me in the past try to dig up all they could about me because they were morbidly curious and wanted to know what I'm doing now
I don't have any social network accounts or blogs anymore for that reason, if you googled me you probably couldn't find me

Thank god I was active when social networks were still in the MySpace/vampirefreaks phase

>> No.8344198

anything that anyone does affects me, this has piqued my curiosity so it's affecting me. if you don't care about it, don't devalue my interest.

>> No.8344200

Go cry about it on your tumblr blog

>> No.8344209

lmao, the only one being tumblr here is you
tumblr is the first place to baww about how you shouldn't care about what someone else is doing cause it's shaming them or some bullshit cause ~it's not hurting you~. you're acting like one of those 'let people do whatever they want' babbys

>> No.8344247

you're speaking like one of those "let me do whatever i want" babies which makes it all that much dumber

>> No.8344248
File: 999 KB, 250x251, WeJustDontKnowGIF.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have too many pictures of Gropey the Clown.

>> No.8344275

Jfc it's summer.

They're talking about Melissa.

Look that name up the archives.

>> No.8344279

yea nah. people should be allowed to do whatever they want including commenting on others. fuck that whole 'fear of being judged' shit i will judge and be judged. fite me.

>> No.8344299

>She's all about that e fame
Right. That's why she doesn't have any public social networks anymore besides a blogspot that hasn't been updated since 2014.

>> No.8344302

i know who melissa the sissy is. that name wasn't mentioned in that anon's post.

so far the thread is mostly gossip and posturing with comparitively little content or personal experience.

>> No.8344306

>yea nah

please be using actual old english and not be one of those idiots who think yea and yeah are phonetically interchangeable

>> No.8344333

He never sexuality assaulted anyone. He threatened to punch someone in the face over social media, and screamed at them calling them a fucking whore. But he never molested anyone.

>> No.8344351 [DELETED] 


>> No.8344358


>> No.8344360

then don't cry when people put you back in your place.

>> No.8344379

Nah I'm not talking about Melissa. There was a secret made a while back about one of the lesser known ones, I'll try to find it if it's still up.

>> No.8344411

yeah, becuase someone who cares that much about e-fame would've left so suddenly making hide nor hair of where she went. (seriously, if she was that into her online presence she wouldn't have left so easily and quickly and definitely would have made a much bigger deal about leaving - probably also would've left all her pages up. as far as i'm concerned the only thing that's left her blog that hasn't been updated in a year anyway.)

>> No.8344413

i think you need to chill

>> No.8344414

She's even changed all the names of her accounts. She most definitely tried really hard to break away from her lolita fame and go back to a more normal life with her friends.

>> No.8344420
File: 29 KB, 477x260, 07.24.2014_22.12.13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I understand where she's coming from tbqh. I look at pictures of my normie former classmates and they all have instagrams, take pictures of their life and just have fun. Whereas I not only have to hide my identity from everyone for fear of getting fired for wearing 'strange clothes' or whatever, I also have to deal with petty drama and actively dodge attempts of people trying to pull me into it and getting me to take sides. I can't imagine what it's like for someone truly efamous, she's just lucky she wasn't a weird weeb in college and had actually managed to make friends not in the fashion.

>> No.8344425

>I look at pictures of my normie former classmates and they all have instagrams, take pictures of their life and just have fun. Whereas I not only have to hide my identity from everyone for fear of getting fired for wearing 'strange clothes' or whatever, I also have to deal with petty drama and actively dodge attempts of people trying to pull me into it and getting me to take sides.

iktf, anon. for me there are stalkerish people involved, but they are the crazy religious type not the lolita type. that combined with lolita is why i'm anon in the first place and try to keep my identity offline.

would not want efame for any reason.

>> No.8344432

... where the fuck do you work where you would get fired for posting pics of yourself in weird clothes on your own time?

This over all, though. I'm not quite at the level MF was, but I definitely am what you would call e-famous and it's not as awesome as most people think it is. Yeah, it's really cool to have countless people adoring your coords and wanting to be your friend, but no matter how sweet and conflict-free you try to be, there will always be people who hate you for whatever the fuck reason. For every ten girls lusting after your closet, there's going to be at least one sandy bitch going on about how gross it is that you spend so much money on clothes when there are children starving in Africa or whatever other thing that can find wrong with what you're doing.

>> No.8344434

>crazy religious type
Do tell

>> No.8344437

I also have stalkers, though more in the 'celebrity gossip magazine' sense rather than 'obsessed hatecrush' or something. There's these girls from fucking primary school that have always treated me as their local free range lolcow, they even went to the same secondary/high school as me, followed me into university even (small country, everyone knows everyone). I just envy those people so much, having someone who's interested in their lives without wanting to destroy it. I'll never have normie friends nor an instagram.

>> No.8344439

My Mary Sue would be an ultra kawaii brolita trap stalker.

>> No.8344440

a big reason people have irrational hatred toward popular people is they can't into math.

>efamous person has a buttload of people wanting to befriend them
>cannot be friends with everyone without breaking the laws of physics
>"omg what a snob!!"

they are also hipsters.

>efamous person gets a lot of likes or reblogs on coord
>"what's so great about that coord, you only like it because it's the 'in' thing to do, my coord with less likes is much deeper and truer to the lolita feeling"

finally, haters gonna hate. the more someone is liked, reblogged, reposted, or talked about, the more visible they are. the more visible they are, the more likely they are to piss off some sandy cunt.

>> No.8344442
File: 17 KB, 498x320, waitwhatwait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8344445

i left a religion, and instead of shunning me or whatever a bunch of people want to follow my every move so they can pray for me and pass that info on to shitty abusive relatives.

lolita drama has got nothing on paranoid church drama, lol. at least if i'm posted here it's because i dressed badly, not because i am going to hell and aggrieving my blood relations along the way.

i also know a woman from a certain middle eastern country who is atheist, getting a PhD in robotics, and publishes under a pseudonym so she won't bring shame to her family back home. she also can't so that instagram thing.

>tl;dr lolita will never be as crazy as religion when it comes to stalking and gossipping

>> No.8344447

*can't do that instagram thing

>> No.8344448

lolita isn't going to be as crazy as most things when it comes to stalking, dramu and gossip. people just make a big deal over things when they have no other community hobbies. they don't know what other communites are like and so they assume lolita is super horrible while all the others are drama free, when the reality is that we have less drama than a lot.

>> No.8344451

For the mentally handicapped:
>people are physically incapable of being friends with everyone
>that includes efamous lolitas
>people who aren't friends with them or accidentally get ignored are butthurt about it and call efamous lolitas snobbish

>efamous person takes picture of coord
>many people like it
>some people say the only reason they like it is because they're efamous, and that their own coords are better

how difficult was that to grasp?

>> No.8344452

that entire post has absolutely nothing to do with anything ever

>> No.8344453

>when the reality is that we have less drama than a lot
other communities don't have an anonymous 4chan board

>> No.8344455

how high are you right now? honestly.

>> No.8344456

the person they replied to mentioned being efamous and that it's not all it's cracked up to be. lrn2read

>> No.8344458

samefag harder

>> No.8344459

it has to do with why efame makes people hate you for no logical reason, which has to do with why people get harassed by fellow lolitas, which everything to do with this thread.

>> No.8344460

Not that anon but I was. Requesting hate-crush lolita fanfics asap

>> No.8344463

It isn't a pissing contest. Online vendettas can still hurt people, some have gotten fired over dealing with crazy anons messaging their employers or whatever.

>> No.8344464

i did read they just worded it like a retard trying to be funny.

sure it's not all it's cracked up to be but it has fuckall to do with lolitas wanting all efamous lolis to be friends with them. people get jelly, try to be asslickers and get butthurt when it doesn't happen. what you said was retarded.

>> No.8344470

not saying that but people get worked up over it like lolita is the only dramatic gossipy community ever and no, it's not.

>> No.8344474

well sure, nothing is.

>> No.8344475

not trying to compete.

though i'd be curious to know about the lolita who was fired because of anon messages to her employer. from what i've seen usually the drama in lolita communities hasn't gone that far.

>> No.8344482

yeah, gossip and drama happens on all levels of society, from the nuclear family up through politics and between nations.

lolitas are lucky to have /cgl/ to scapegoat. still, most of what is shared here is hearsay and posturing. the real stuff isn't shared with the community because the real stuff fucking hurts, so lolitas exaggerate the small shit and spread rumors to excite the dramatic imagination and keep lolita feeling like Serious Business.

>> No.8344485

now this isn't really true though, lolita still does have serious dramus, like all groups, and no one really makes petty shit srsbzns except for people bawwing about bullies. though, i agree /cgl/ is a scapegoat.

>> No.8344488

I live in a fairly conservative place and my employer saw some pictures that some other girl tagged me in from a tea party abroad. He thought that I don't suit the company's image.

The other girls I was talking about don't really message me or contact me in any way but whenever someone comes close to me they always mention my weeaboo years and how embarrassing I 'really' am and sometimes they post bad things on facebook but they are always careful not to go too far so I haven't got anything I could actually sue them for or anything like that

I don't even want to know what'd happen if people in my hometown found out, or if it spread further than it did so far. So I try to hide it.

>> No.8344509

a little while ago I mentioned this when the guy who stalked me came up on lolita general. but I'm thinking of finally talking out against him, so here we go

>be 17 year old me, almost 6 years ago now
>get facebook friend request 40 year old fat triple chin dude in my area.
>then sends 10 more friend requests until facebook asks if i want to permanantly block him from sending me friend requests.
>sends messages about how interested him and his wife are in the fashion, but only he ever contacts me.
>suddenly get follows and friend requests on twitter, tumblr, lookbook, and pretty much everywhere else I had an account from him
>he made a tumblr to follow my blog
>freak the fuck out
>he starts sending me asks if I'm going to certain meetups and what i'll be wearing
>start deleting all of my extra social media accounts like twitter and lookbook.
>report him to tumblr and facebook and both told me to grow thicker skin and fuck off.
>freaking out no one believes me or will listen to me about this dude.
>put up an event, friends only, for a small party, not even lolita related at my house
>dude is somehow able to see it, rsvps and gets a hold of my address.
> delete event immediately. tell him if he doesn't fuck off I'll call the cops
>tells me not to be so uptight and that he was only trying to contact me "because his wife was interested in the fashion"
>fucking liar.
>see him last year at a big meetup I planned staring at me and other attendees from 10 ft away.
>got really close at one point. I wanted to cry.
>he's on CoF too
>just made my first post and he liked it.
>guess he's in a lot of big comms like CoF now.
>I kind of wish he would die.

I've thought on it and I think I'm going to report him to the CoF mods. because he really makes me uncomfortable.

>> No.8344511

i guess to me, most of what has been shared in this thread--aside from stuff like certain lolitas possibly having to quit the scene because of harassment, or the scammers getting away with theft--doesn't seem too serious. i suspect the real serious drama within the community isn't shared, because it's scary and painful and best handled without drawing a lot of attention to it.

to me, most of the "lolita drama" that is discussed and encouraged on this board, as well as the whining about being bullied on social media, is exaggerated and unimportant. people seem to need drama to exist in order for the hobby to feel significant, so then RC:Uncensored and seagull gossip threads and the cow farm and BtB are born.

again, in this thread, very little personal experience with worrisome lolita drama has been posted, and it's a thread MADE for personal experiences. instead there's a lot of talking about what may or may not have happened to others.

>> No.8344513

do it. you didn't save screencaps of his messages, did you? it would help your case.

>> No.8344518

nobody said it was serious, but it's still unpleasant and something normal people don't have to deal with.
>inb4 normal people have drama TOO!
not drama that'll get them fired for wearing weird clothes, sorry.

>worrisome lolita drama
>Any lolitas who have had stalkers care to share their stories?
Nobody is saying 'you've got to have THIS MUCH drama to post'

>> No.8344520

Eh. The fact that she's waving around milkyfawn's name is annoying but tbh the commenter pestering her about it seems even more annoying.

>> No.8344521

you're replying to an Australian.

>> No.8344523

i suppose, but to me /cgl/ just likes drama, we don't need it. i feel like the real drama mongers are those who are the most 'against' it. people with LACE and those types blow things out of proportion and make small issues into big ones. those people are the ones who get posted here because it's hilarious to watch them jump through hoops to raise a point. they also feed on drama because it validates them rather than because it's funny. i personally take pleasure in watching others struggle with their own stupidities.

>> No.8344526

I hate how lax cof is about who they let in. I've had sissies like my posts before.

>> No.8344527

how'd you guess, sis?

>> No.8344532

Tell us his name.

>> No.8344534

Someone post the story about the sneaker fetish guy who bothered the SF baby employee. That's a classic.

Also: more actual stalker stories onegai.

>> No.8344535

Milkyfawn left lolita?
I just started watching the Deer Stalker's youtube page. That's too bad. I liked her.

>> No.8344544

>nobody said it was serious
i'm so confused

>lolita still does have serious dramus
yep, someone, maybe even you, did say it was serious.

my only point is lolitas expend a lot of energy on circulating "drama" that does not affect them, while people who are having serious problems tend not to gab about it online.

>> No.8344550

that actually makes a lot of sense.

though tbh, to me there's not much difference in the end result between facilitating drama for lulz and facilitating it for validation.

>> No.8344551

i had the same reaction recently, anon.

at least we still have senor arpakasso.

>> No.8344559

Are you from Australia?

>> No.8344561

>maybe even you

>> No.8344562

no, just new to lolita videos on youtube and fawning over Deerstalker Pictures.

>> No.8344564

I think I replied to your post in a previous thread but please anon, talk to the mods about him. he needs to be known and girls should be warned about him. there's a chance that you aren't the only one he's bothered either. whether you are able to provide substantial screenshots or not either (i think you also mentioned having lost them due to old computers?) it's still something you need to mention to the moderators (again, chances are he may have messaged someone else and someone else can even back you up?)

I know they probably get a lot of requests but regardless CoF needs to be more vigilant about who they let in.

>> No.8344570

because yeah nah is aussie!

>> No.8344573

What is cof? I'm new. I think it stands for closet of thrills but I can't find the website.

>> No.8344575

They have the good old stuff up on their old youtube too classic youtube.com/user/thalionrin

>> No.8344577

"yeah nah" is nigh universal.

"yea nah" would be pronounced "yay nah" and would sound retarted to most of the English-speaking world.

>> No.8344581

>closet of thrills

how did you get that from CoF, newfriend?

>sissy fetishist detected

>> No.8344582

can you please fuck off with your grammar shit
you argue like a 12 year old

>> No.8344584

Sorry I meant closet of frills. Is that what it stands for?

>> No.8344589

not sure if troll or just dumb.

it stands for Cunt or Frump. do your own fucking research.

>misquotes a post having nothing to do with CoF
>quotes a post about sissy stalker
>asks what Closet of Thrills is
>comes up with Closet of Frills somehow
>"Is that what it stands for?"

yeah you seem legit, i am totally motivated to help you.

>> No.8344590

I was a real pussy when I was 17. I was so desperate to put the situation behind me, that i didn't think to screencap along the way. I was naive enough to think I wouldn't ever see him around again. regardless it's been 6 years and I've switched computers and have had crashes and memory loss so even if I had something then, I wouldn't have it now. I know better now, but I feel feel so stupid about letting it all happen and not being more active about telling him to shove off at the time. but I guess I just didn't want to make a big deal out of it.

I'd rather not air that too much. his initials are DG, but I'd rather just have it dealt with quietly than make a scene about him.

thanks anon. I thought about it a lot since it was talked about it in that general thread. and even though I said i didn't want to say anything, I don't think i'm comfortable just leaving it that. I don't want a guy like that in the lolita comms. so I think I'm going to say something.

>> No.8344596

>obviously never heard an aussie say yea nah.

>> No.8344597

>I feel feel so stupid about letting it all happen and not being more active about telling him to shove off at the time.
unfortunately that's how creepers get away with it. i think a lot will target someone they think is less inclined to fight back. sorry you were chosen but it's not on you, hardly anyone knows how to handle that kind of shit until after it happens.

I'd rather not air that too much. his initials are DG, but I'd rather just have it dealt with quietly than make a scene about him.
it's not hard to track down someone by their initials, you sure you want to handle it quietly? cause unless there's a bunch of dudes with those initials you're either outing him right now or casting doubts on others with those initials.

unless there's 20+ sketchy-looking dudes on Cunt or Frump with those same initials it sort of seems like you're asking cgl for help in a sneaky passive way.

>> No.8344599

greentext fail

>I'd rather not air that too much. his initials are DG, but I'd rather just have it dealt with quietly than make a scene about him.

should be quoted, herpaderp

>> No.8344613

I don't know man. I want to beat the shit out of him but I'm also so embarrassed at how poorly I felt i handled it when I was 17 that I don't even want to air it at all.

yeah if i had to think about it, I probably want the help I never got when it was happening. but at the same time, I really wish I hadn't posted that just now. I don't want people to know this happened to me. I've only ever told 2 people besides my parents. I don't really want people to know it's me at all because I'm embarrassed and scared of what people would think. and the way I act about this is nothing like how I usually am.

I'm sorry I'm dumb as rocks.

>> No.8344639

i'm sorry anon. that sucks.

if it's the DG who calls the first lady Moochelle Obama i hope you fry him. seriously, if it's the same guy can't he be kicked for posting publicly racist shit?

if that's not him oh well, i just got annoyed at a random CoF D.G.

>> No.8344702

Can you please give the state he is from at least?
>mfw getting a bit creeped on by a guy interested in the fashion and wondering if it is him

>> No.8344723

You fuckin what mate?

>> No.8344751

yea and yeah are different words, what is hard to understand?

apparently australians don't say "yeah," they say "yea" which is... odd but w/e, regional differences, etc. at least the old english lives on somewhere, since other places have abandoned "yea" except in formal usage or performances.

>> No.8344817

Yeah nah it's just different ways of typing it because people get fucking lazy and just type yea. I'm Australia and we def don't say yea hey.

>> No.8344826

mate just stop embarrassing yourself yeah?

>> No.8344842

Too lazy to type an h? No, they're just illiterate.
>>8344596 tried to imply the pronounciation was indeed different, to justify the retarded spelling.

Illiterate kids like to spell "yeah" without an H because they don't know "yea" is a word. It's especially cringe-worthy when they slap the H in "whoa" at the end... It's nothing to do with laziness, and everything to do with a lack of literacy.

>> No.8344843

>be me in Japanese class
>girl comes in wearing a super cute casual coord
>strike up a conversation about lolita
>become friends
>one day gain a new follower on tumblr
>it's her
>huh i don't remember telling her my tumblr url
>get a follower on instagram
>it's also her
>uh i don't think i told her my instagram and it's not on my tumblr either
>"hey anon your boyfriend is cute wanna introduce me?"
>"hey anon your normalfag hoodie is so cute i wanna get the same one. where'd you get it?"
>"hey anon what shampoo do you use? your hair smells nice"
>"hey anon hey anon hey anon"
>next class: "hey anon i love your tumblr it's so cool can you teach me how to have a cool tumblr too?"
>say not now, we're in class
>she goes on a smear campaign saying that I'm a bitch who told her tumblr was shit within 5 minutes of me saying "not now"
>finds my mutuals and writes them essays about why they should unfollow me (???)
>tells me i'll never be a "good lolita" (???) like her
>tells me my boyfriend (who is sensitive about his weight despite being 160 lbs after losing 20+ lbs) that he's ugly, retarded, and a pedophile (???)
>dump and block her so fast that even Sonic the Hedgehog was impressed

>> No.8344851

>>she goes on a smear campaign saying that I'm a bitch who told her tumblr was shit within 5 minutes of me saying "not now"
like, posting about it during class?

>> No.8344856

yep. it was during class too. her asspatting followers were like "wow what a bitch. let's report her ass to tumblr for hurting your little fee fees. :("

>> No.8344863

>reporting IRL behavior to tumblr

>> No.8344870

yea nah

>> No.8344886

You're fucked cunt. Get over Internet abbreviations.

>> No.8344898

For someone arguing about grammar and spelling you typed an h you fuckwit.

>> No.8344937

hi everyone, >>8344509 here.

I got up the courage to contact a CoF mod. kinda stressed writing it, but she was really nice and helpful. she said she would go through the process of banning him, and would talk to the other mods (and keep me anonymous) about the issue and keeping CoF safe. I'm really glad I decided to mention it.

I wanted to thank those that commented on what I said. I know CGL isn't known for its niceness, but it really helped to talk about it on anon. thanks guys.

I kinda doubt it's the same person. and I don't want to really give away my location. the meetup I saw him at was a very large con with people from all over, so i don't know if he's even in my area anymore. and it's been almost 6 years since he was stalking me.

>> No.8344971

yea nah

>> No.8345016

Hi Laura/Adele

>> No.8345028

Not that anon/Laura/Pringle. I always felt MF was pretty shitty and I'm eyerolling to infinity she's 4chan's goddess now.

>> No.8345096

My comm had a sissy who flashed his underwear at people and cozied up to an emotionally unstable underage girl. He didn't do anything to me, though, so I guess I should have tolerated him?

>> No.8345240

Sorry not her. I just get sick of cgl switching sides like this especailly for someone they all didn't like at one point. If this were any non e fame lolita we'd be asking for caps. Actually if it were Kate you'd be asking for caps.

>> No.8345243

This! And if she didn't care for the e fame why even bother getting involved? And doing so without backing up what's shes saying

>> No.8345245

Yeah right now, but clearly she's missing her e fame to stir this shit up without any proof. I'm just getting sick of hearing about this.

>> No.8345252

so not shittalking her means she's 4chan's 'goddess'?
stay jelly and mad

>> No.8345257

This is clearly made up. If it wasn't you wouldn't post it to /cgl/ since all parties involved would know who's who

>> No.8345265

Of course it's fake but it's still fun

>> No.8345276

I feel you, similar incident happened to me but the guy managed to me and steal my wigs and who knows what else. Now he's moved to my state and somehow become very close to my friends and random lolita acquaintances and isolated me from them.

>> No.8345277

I'm pretty convinced a lot of the posts in the thread are selfposts and/or her friends.

>> No.8345280

huhuhu yes

>> No.8345290

well done, anon. glad to have helped.

>> No.8345292

>I just get sick of cgl switching sides like this
you have a warped view of this website if you seriously think seagulls have a hive mind. have you even read the petty shit people have disagreed on ITT alone?

>> No.8345295

>thinking cgl has only 1 collective opinion

kek. This isn't fucking tumblr

>> No.8345309
File: 24 KB, 313x312, I tell ya.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Honestly I've never heard anyone say anything SUPER shitty about MF, only Deerstalker (as in "it's not funny" or "it's too cringy"). It really seems like people only stated having a problem with her after she deiced to leave the online scene. After the whole drama with Laura where she spoke up about her experiences I haven't heard or seen her post at all.

>Cgl likes her better because she not as annoying as Kate

>> No.8345313

... have you ever considered moving? Unless you have major shit keeping you stuck there, like a sick relative or something, there's really no reason to put up with that kind of mindset. I've never even heard of someone being at risk of getting fired for wearing lolita because no one around here gives a flying fuck.

>> No.8345318

Anon pls wearing a diaper is better than freely pooping, have some perspective you bully

>> No.8345319

Moving where? Getting out of the country isn't very easy, you need all kinds of paperwork and to find a job and a place to live in a new country that may not want to rent out to foreigners. I've got to finish college here, besides.

>> No.8345324

Yeah, Laura is creepy, but in that specific situation, the girl commenting was the annoying one.

>you were both being pretty hostile with me when I was just trying to let you know it's a weird thing to do, so I'm done

lolwut. Where the fuck in that entire convo is Laura being hostile?

>> No.8345326

Are you baiting or just retarded?

>> No.8345329

Oh, I assumed you were just in a particularly conservative area of a country, like the Southern US or something like that. I didn't realize that you were in a country that was just straight up like that and would have to immigrate to avoid it. Where do you live, out of curiosity?

>> No.8345332

Take screencaps of everything, and also maybe get a friend to photograph him if he's next at an event where you are, a discreet friend that isn't going to post it online though. Gather everything that you could use to show Mods on CoF and otherwise; unfortunately if you contact mods they will tell their friends and it will become public knowledge and you may then have to suffer backlash from either the stalker himself or any of his friends. Stay strong.
Whether or not the Police will help probably depends on your area, some places the police are super on it and in others they don't give a fuck unless someone has already physically assaulted you.

It is good to have scary messages from him to cap, but to be honest when I had a stalker I just found it was better to ignore and delete his messages rather than to reply to get something 'scary' out of him. I blocked him at every chance I could, didn't even open messages he sent to me from suspicious newly-created accounts or otherwise. I didn't give him any form of acknowledgement and eventually he went away.
This was an easier situation though, because even though he had managed to roughly pinpoint where I lived from Google maps and he had my mobile number he also lived 8 hours away, so there was no real risk of him showing up to an event.

You will get through this anon.

>> No.8345333

>thread contains derailment about Aussie spelling
>thread contains extra-long debate/defense of MF

moot was right.

>> No.8345334

>Where do you live, out of curiosity?
Europe. Our total population is about the same as that of a largish city in the UK.

>> No.8345336

>unfortunately if you contact mods
read thread before responding pls

not bad advice for anyone in a similar situation but thread the read, anon.

>> No.8345338

Whoops wrote this before seeing >>8344937
Just saw that anon, my bad

>> No.8345437

I know everyone really has it out for Girlyhoot, but I do actually believe this could have some truth to it. Isn't it possible to be thirsty for fame and still get awful people? Being thirsty invites these people in. She has no filter, from what I've read and heard, so it could even be a comm member if it was on campus. All it takes is one really mentally ill person with some totally psychotic level of hate to ruin someone's life.

>> No.8345445

Whether it does or not, the fact that it's coming out after LACE coupled with the fact that she never mentioned it while starting LACE or while writing her essay on why the poop joke was the worst grievance against her seems really stupid and almost too convenient.

You could also argue that since she's so thirsty she'd make up anything to back her cause. But, I digress. I don't know and I don't care either way, I just know that she's blitheringly stupid.

>> No.8345459

I really, really recommend you make a "fun" Facebook for lolita fashion. Convert your real Facebook to a totally professional profile and clean it of any hobbies, if this is that much of a threat to you. I've known multiple lolitas and cosplayers who do this.

>> No.8345960

I don't know why everyone raved about her so much? Like don't get me wrong, I liked her, but she was only in a few videos, I know the secret life of the lolita blew up but she barely spoke in that. Her blog didn't seem super super famous like choke's or cadney...idk

>> No.8345981

When she ends LACE I really want her to put out a notice that reads: "This shit has gone on long enough."

>> No.8345985

wait am I just dumb but could you explain what you mean by 'she has no filter'
like she just says shit without thinking or ......?

>> No.8345989

I guess it doesn't dispel the fact that she literally started LACE over a shit though....

>> No.8346074

I really hate to hear this when people actually believe this. We had such a creep as well who also was targeting young girls. I hated to that people ignored their complaints about him that should have been taken seriously with ''Oh, but to me he is nice!'', ''He's never harassed me, so I believe him over half the comm!''.

>> No.8346089

if you witnessed it, it affected you and would be sort of almost on topic for the thread. who cares whether other people think you should tolerate a sex offender? no one in this thread has even suggested that.

it's just not on topic to talk about what happened to other people.

>Any lolitas who have had stalkers care to share their stories?

not that this thread has done a good job of staying on topic.

mad props to that one anon who got the courage to come forward about her creep. except for a couple with direct experience, mostly everyone else is gossipping, though. a whole thread full of hot air.

>> No.8346092

was anything ever done about him? is he still in the comm?

did you know him/the victims personally? did you speak on their behalf? if so, what did you do when no one listened?

was there any specific behavior you witnessed that you could warn other anons about, or can you at least tell an entertaining story about it?

>> No.8346326

Okay its not a lolita related stalker...or maybe just a creep, but its more on topic then half this thread.

>back almost two years
>working dumb cashier job
>I'm known for being pretty happy and nice to everyone
>normal day checking out people, wishing them a good day
>one of them is some guy
>he looks a little odd, thick glasses, his mouth seems to be stuck in a slightly open way, with his top front teeth showing
>but whatever, treats him like everyone else, gotta be nice to my customers.
>I had never seen this guy before this, but I start seeing him more after that
>sums it up to'eh I just haven't seen him before, it happens'
>when he comes through my line we small talk about video games
>still normal for me, heck I talk to kids about pokemon.

>we have a subway in our store, all the cashiers chill in there on their break
>so one day i'm on break sitting in subway,on my phone
>he spots me
>he comes and sits across from me without evening asking
>wtf man?
>makes me uncomfortable, but still try to be nice, he is still a customer and I don't want him to file a complaint about me being rude or something.
>make small talk but he starts dropping hints that he wants to date me
>tell him i'm note interested in dating and if I was going to, it be someone I was very close to
>im 22, find out he is 32 and jobless
>he keeps pressing about dating and getting my facebook (I dont have one)
>break is over, tfg, later

>next time I see him, he seems to have gotten the hint
>back to normal chat, not pressing about dating anymore
>thank god
>but then he starts staying after I was done checking his items out.
>like I would start helping the next person and he would just stand there or a little bit over and keep talking
>try to ignore him and shoo him off by giving the other customer all of my attention and asking stuff like 'how are you doing today? do you want your milk in a bag?'
>eventually he leaves without a word. whew
>he does this several times

>> No.8346331

>holidays roll around
>he has start bothering me to see me outside of work 'as friends'
>he asks me if I want something for christmas
>no thank you
>my coworker/close friend of several years tell me that he asked her 'what should I get her for christmas?'
>he wanted to by me a present
>she pretty much went 'lol I dont know, maybe a card'
>I don't even know this guy's name, I never even wanted to ask or know

>closer to christmas
>he comes up to me and tries to give me an envelope, while I was at work
>bullshit a 'I can't take this, we aren't aloud to take gifts" which is partly true
>he wont accept this answer
>tells him to leave it up front with customer service
>he does and lurks around afterwards, being extra creepy today
>luckily I don't get off work for another hour

>goes to pick up the card
>I'm on edge still, kinda scared of what I will find in the card
>tell a different coworker to read it first
>two of them read at the same time.
>their faces were pure 'wtf'
>one of them that read it, I don't even know him, pretty much told me 'its fucked'
>finally reads the card myself
>its full of shit of 'you're my only friend. I don't know why i'm so attracted to you "it might be your eyes".
>its leads off to his personal stuff about his mental health problems
>ends with him saying 'I cant wait to see you out side of work'
>starts freaking out, what if he is waiting for me outside, its dark out and the store is empty
>tell my boss that 'hey I think that guy that dropped off the card is creepy, what do.'
>she tells me I'm over reacting and he just likes me.
>calls my mom '..mom..will you come pick me up?.. don't use the front door. I'm going to try and leave through auto'
>gets to the auto doors, they are locked, of course they are fucking locked, no one is here
>fuck again, still a little freaked out
>tries to man the fuck up and go out the front doors
>..he isn't there, no one is there

>> No.8346336

>my mom pulls up 'sorry, anon, the other doors were closed'
>get in and tell my mom a little bit
>she freaks out too
>but she is a mom, just freaking out about her baby having a creeper
>I refuse to let her read the card
>it will just freak her out more

>he comes by again a few days later, he is with..family?? I think? like a brother?
>I stop him 'hey we need to talk'
>'oh am I in trouble?' he dragged out the word trouble and made this weird fake mopey face
>'you can't talk to me ever again'
>he doesn't say anything, he looks stunned, I walk away, watching to see how he reacts from afar
>mostly because I'm worried he going to do something crazy
>he is just completely slumped in posture and really mopey
>like someone told him his dog died
>he leaves the store
>I don't see him for a week or two

>I still see him in the store now and again
>and i'm not upset that he is, I mean, we are the only big store for miles
>what bothers me, is that,
>when he does sees me, he'll just stand there, staring me down with his fake looking mopey face
>I start trying to avoid him and pretending not to see him

>all is well for like three months
>but lord behold, he must of regrown his balls over this time
>he comes through my line
>i'm at the far end of the store away from any other coworkers
>mother fucker
>he is back to his small talk
>he talks about what he has been doing
>he got a job at the same store in a different town
>why the fuck are you shopping here then
>luckily he hasn't been coming around near as often this time
>practically forgets about him, though it still unnerves me when he does come around

>when its just me and him, no other customers, I don't talk to him, just stare him down with an angry face, hoping he will take the hint.
>most I get out of him is making that mopey face and sighing, asking why I'm mad
>just continue to glare at him till he leaves

>once he told me 'I haven't seen you around in awhile! I look for you when I'm here!"

>> No.8346341

>this goes on for like a year, all together I had been putting up with his bullshit for almost two years
>then last year, right before the 2015 new year
>so this fucker comes through my line once again
>'so anon! what are you doing for new years?'
>'nothing, I work and then i'm probably going home for the night'
>'Oh, well do you want to come with me to blah blah blah thing that night?'
>'no, I don't, I've told you before, I don't want to go out with you'
>'Oh haha I know, but its just a game to me now'
>are you fucking serious
>this guy thinks making me super uncomfortable and being atleast boarder line stalker is a damn game

>next time I see him I am done with his shit
>tell him, he needs to go to a different cashier, I will not help him
> 'but what, whhyyyyy?'
>because of what you said 'about me being a "game"'
>'b-but anon! It wouldn't be a game if you said yes! I would take it seriously!"
>I forget all i said because I was so damn mad
>may of told him he was a creep
>'Don't ever come though my line again, or I will call security to have you removed from the store'
>kind of bullshit, but he doesn't know that
>he leaves without another word

And I haven't seen him since.

there was one point where he started playing d&d after he found out I played. turns out he was playing with some guys I knew. not people I talk to more then a "oh hi, how have you been?" but close enough I considered weaseling my way into a session, just to threaten him where I wouldn't be fired.

>> No.8346430

this sounds fake

>> No.8346436

>its not a lolita related stalker


>> No.8346472

I meant she let's in everyone to get famous. I've heard stories she doesn't really choose the tumblr's she follows or friends she makes on Facebook carefully. She does it more for who will prop her up and give her fame. Supposedly the core group of LACE are all a lot of "lolita famous" types. But does she really know any of them? I have no doubt there's probably gulls, bullies, and maybe even stalkers if she lets in anyone.

>> No.8346480

Now that's just nitpicking.
People don't usually pick followers on tumblr, there's so many here who complain about sjws on their dash and installing tumblr saviour so as not to lose followers, not that its a wise thing to do but complaining about that is just ridiculous

And she follows efamous girls probably for the same reason everyone else does

I think Kate is over exaggerating many things but you're just looking for things to shit on her about

>> No.8346491

Adding my story to the mix. This began around late February of this year.

>Wear otome to college for the first time that semester (a light blue printed ETC OP, socks, and teaparties)
>Studying in one of our dining halls right before math test
>A guy who takes the same math class with me walks up, introduces himself, and asks to study with me (he had seen me in there before)
>He looks older like he's in his early 30's (later find out he's like 34), but he seems nice enough and I missed a lot of notes so I agree. Older students at my school are not uncommon
>After the test, he starts sitting by me in math class regularly, we exchange numbers to tell each other assignments if we're absent
>It's fine at first until a week or so later, I was drawing on my laptop when he walks up
>"Oh anon, my friend draws too, let me show you his FB!"
>Before I knew it, he had swiveled the laptop towards himself and was on FB, pulling up the page
>People who touch my phone/laptop make me nervous, but I figured what could happen?
>He shows me his friend's page, then quickly types his name in the search bars and sends himself a friend request (I was logged in)
>Felt a little sneaky? I guess, but w/e
>He starts liking/commenting on super old photos which means he was snooping
>Texts me the next day he is getting me a present for my birthday which he found through FB (probably checking my age)
>Tell him no thanks, I can't expect someone who doesn't know me well to gift me
>He insists on it, so I ignore his texts for the day
>A few days go by and he doesn't give me one to my relief
>Starts sending me stickers and emoticons out of the blue through FB pm, acts really cutesy and un-characteristic of a grown man. I never respond
>He doesn't act that way irl
>One day he randomly texts me and asks me what I think of him
>Get that feeling when you know someone is about to ask you out/tell you they like you
>nope.jpg, gotta shut this down


>> No.8346497

Anon, you're too nice. I would've sliced him open the first few times. I'd do something to scare him like threatening a restraining order or honestly even doing it. I had a con friend who did this to a creepy photographer guy and it worked just fine. He is not going to go away until you show him you have teeth.

>> No.8346509

why would anyone post anything anywhere, anon?

>> No.8346518


I forgot to mention that I found out he had been to Japan and taught English there a few years btw

>Boyfriend is free during the class period so ask him to stop by the classroom to give me his calculator
>I'm actually just trying to get (let's call him John) to meet my bf before I'm subjected to a confession
>After that, John slows down on sending cutesy stickers
>Things are fine for a week or two
>He texts me "I actually have to tell you something. I've had a crush on you but I didn't want to say anything because you have a bf."
>I was right and weirded out. I had only seen this guy in person 6 times (class 2x a week for 3 weeks) and he was older than me
>Reply "sorry" (what else do you say to that?)
>He responds that's he still wants to study for math tests/be friends or w/e
>A month goes by without any weird behavior until one day in class he tells me he saw people wearing clothes like the day he met me in Japan
>I was wearing the teaparties again with very casual pink jfash
>He points to my shoes and asks if I bought them when I was in Japan
>I say yes and he says that his female coworker couldn't fit the shoes there so I was lucky, etc. etc. Pretty harmless conversation
>I get a FB pm from him a few days later asking me if I thought it was odd why he noticed my shoes
>Tell him no, ask what he means


>> No.8346557


>He tells me outright that he likes womens shoes
>Alarm bells ringing at this point, have I just met a sissy?
>Carefully ask him if he means crossdressing. He responds no, just the shoes
>Don't respond at all, freaked out that it's a fetish
>Next time I see him in person, he says he hope that didn't scare me
>I completely change the subject
>A few days later he fucking sends me a picture of his calves down wearing some cheap, ugly-ass pink lolita platforms and asks me what I think
>I immediately respond "Please don't send me stuff like this."
>He feigns confusion, asking "what he did wrong?"
>At this point, it's obvious that he gets off on it
>I ignore him until the next day in person
>Can't outright accuse him of oversharing his fetish in public, so I tell him a made-up story about how a "friend" was sent pics like this online and stalking her and him doing it to me made me uncomfortable
>Asks me if I told anyone and I said yeah, my bf
>He says he doesn't want to make me uncomfortable so he won't send anymore. (I think he was scared I'd tell others besides my bf lol)
>Stops talking to me almost altogether except occasionally asks for notes
>Everything is fine until he sees me talking to a female friend one day
>Randomly texts me saying "I hope one day you can introduce me to someone and vouch for my character. uwu"
>This guy has no shame
>Say sorry I'm the worst person to ask, I don't have many friends (lol)
>Haven't heard from him since the semester ended

It's mostly my fault for being so non-confrontational. I couldn't tell him when I first met to fuck off based on appearances alone and before I knew it, he weaseled his way in. I tried sitting in different seats or seats with no empty spots next to them but he'd always find a way, usually sitting in a row in front and turning around, etc. It got out of control so quickly I didn't know how to handle it. Next time I'll go with my gut and try to be more vocal.

>> No.8346589

Shut up, that was a good story

>> No.8346609

Not middle east but I get you. My old church had

- A sort of highschool clique with the pastors wife and her friends from the choir.

They were somewhat racist and extremely arrogant. There was one woman in particular in the group that was one of the worst and what happened to her was hilarious. She worked in the church doing someshit and was fired (Can't remember why) and as it turned out, was cheating on her husband with her BEST FRIENDS husband.

-Our youth pastor and his wife were shit at actually being "youth pastors" His wife ended up cheating on him as well with....you guessed it. Her best friends husband.

-The youth pastor after them (they left) turned out to be a pedophile and the church hadn't done abackground test on him and he molested a couple boys. He had just gotten married as well with a baby on the way.

There's a whole lot more. It was retarded the pettiness and backstabbing and just wow.

>> No.8346616

Not a stalker, but the shoes reminded me of a thing that really freaked me out recently.
>don't wear lolita a ton, but usually put effort into cute clothes
> know a guy, let's call him m
>have a class with him
> used to talk more
> get message out of the blue from him
>hey anon are you ready for the final
> talk about summer plans for a short time
>hey anon, sorry if this is a wierd question, but does it get uncomfortable wearing heels all the time?
> haha nah, they're not bad, I'm used to it
>says something about trusting me
>yeah I notice these things because I have a foot fetish
> no idea how to respond
>this dude knows I'm gay, so he's probably not hitting on me
>is that wierd anon?
> I guess not, I'm just not sure why you'd tell me of all people
> no I've told other people too
> oh uh okay
> apparently foot fetishists like nice shoes, especially if your foot hangs out?
> asks me what shoes I own
> uh sorry dude don't wanna answer that
> okay sorry it won't happen again
At least he was respectful once I stopped being a pussy and told him to stop.

>> No.8346646

TBH if you have the energy for it I would have a discussion with him about how inappropriate his questions are when considering the fact that he sees feet as sexual objects. Compare them to breasts - would he consider it socially acceptable to ask a woman about her bra? To talk to acquaintances about how he finds breasts attractive and thus enjoys bras and bikini tops that they hang out of a little? Anyone being spoken to like that would probably be pretty freaked out, and justifiably. Foot fetishists think they get a free pass to be creepy because most people don't see feet as a sexual body part, and it's obnoxious as hell.

>> No.8347251

Seconding this for sure, if they are the kind of person to understand this once you explain it then you could be saving other girls from future awkward situations. Maybe mention that they look online for a community that shares his interest rather than trying to impose it on innocent, daily people.

The anime community is so amused by 'teehee X character has X fetish', and tumblr is so big on 'not kinkshaming' I'm surprised this sort of situation isn't more common than the standard feet obsessed photographers at cons that get girls to remove their shoes.

>> No.8347254

Thanks anons. I'm so oblivious that I honestly didn't even think it was creepy at first, but once I caught on it was too late. In the end he was super respectful about it, so I don't really want to drag it up, but if he does bring it up again I'll definitely do that.

>> No.8347258

Not the same and pretty mild, but once in a nightclub a guy asked me if I like lolita, I was wearing a flared dress with otks and platform Maryjanes so I can see where he was coming from, and so I talked with him about that for a bit before he told me he was into socks. I think it was meant as a pick-up line.
He was pretty chill and left me alone when he got that I wasn't interested, it just made me wonder if there was a reputation for lolitas to be into sock fetishists.
It kind of makes sense, "baby please buy me the chocolate rosette otks for my coord and I'll model them for you".

>> No.8347362

underrated post

>> No.8348360

Weird. I guess that lolitas do care more about socks than most? Or maybe it's just the fact that lolitas show socks more than regular people. At least he was nice about it.

>> No.8348499

I think its just that lolitas are associated with having high socks on. Just about every sexualized version of a lolita outfit seems to focus on the tall socks. There's also the occasional sock/panty selling thing that pops up on here every now and then that I think might be giving us a reputation.

>> No.8348536

Somewhat related, my friend was accused of kinkshaming IRL.
>at ren faire
>friend buys a whip (like a cat-o-nine-tails? I don't into bdsm)
>doesn't wanna carry it in a bag all day so loops the whip around the sword on her back
>a while later we are stopped by someone who wants a picture of our outfits
>one of their group has no fucking personal boundaries and is grabbing at our props while we're talking
>he spots the whip and just fucking pulls it off and starts playing with it
>slapping himself and his gf with it
>friend freaks out and yells at him
>he keeps saying he wants to show her how it works or something
>he's drunk and is practically falling over with how much force he's using
>friend and the person with this guy who stopped us in the first place finally end up wrestling it out of his hands
>he's screaming assault, kinkshaming, censorship
>it was like one of those memes making fun of sjws but in real fucking like

>> No.8348544

This is dumb but there's several lolitas, some former, some still active I have a bunch of pictures of saved. I feel like a creep and a stalker for it, but I just really like their cords and photos and save them for inspo. It isn't like I have every single picture any of them ever put out saved but I still feel creepy or having so many.

I fucking love socks, which it took me years to realize was weird for most people. I don't mean in a fetish way though I just mean socks are one of my favorite accessories. But that started waaaay before I got into Lolita fashion.
I had something I was going to say about this but I sort of forgot it, sorry. I'll come back if I remember.

>> No.8348593

Same. I love socks-not in a sexual way, it's just that I love wearing them and the right socks make any outfit 10x cuter. It's gotten to the point that not wearing socks feels bare and somewhat scandalous.

>> No.8348756

Thigh highs for life. I feel naked if I'm outside with my knees showing.

>> No.8348900

Agreed. It was good. Reminded me of a couple guys who used to bother me at work. (shudders)

>> No.8348932

I made the mistake and added this Pete person on FB once. Though harmless, slightly annoying and bit creepy, he would comment excessively on all my photos and posts about the randomest things and so I unfriended him.
Then he goes a pm my friends bugging them why I unfriended him and it was just so awkward.
Later found out he does that to everyone.

>> No.8349053

Had a guy stalk me online for a while. It was really scary for a while, the only reason I ever felt safe was that he was in a different country and couldn't get a visa because of being on probation.

>belong to unrelated forum (this was long ago but I think it was adventure roleplay)
>there's a bit of a hierarchy system on there and I am in bottom level cus new
>this was back in ye old days of MSN/AIM and most people had theirs listed on profiles
>get an IM from an unfamiliar name
>its from a senior member
>he saw me mention lolita in a chat thread and is interested
>am cautious at first but he seems to know a lot about actual brands and styles and seems genuinely interested in the fashion rather than fetish
>says he even owns some Atelier Boz aristo stuff
>seems like an ok guy and likes some other stuff I do so we chat for a while
>after a while I notice he sends me a message almost immediately after I log on
>seems put off on days that I don't go online
>he's joining a lot of the same roleplays I'm in and asks me to join the ones he's in
>m-maybe he just really likes playing with me?
>one day I mention that I've always wanted to visit his country (my great grandparents came from there)
>he gets a little too enthusiastic about that and starts sending me stuff to visit every day
>one day he sends me a link to a fetish club near him
>he says he knows I'm into it and might be interested in going
>tbh i am but never brought it up with him?
>he says he found some of my old posts about it
>they're from over a year before we started talking, in an off topic thread for a rp that wasn't even public
>apparently me confirming it was opening the floodgates
>he confesses he has a kink for what he calls 'gentleman and princess'
>like weird victorian ageplay bondage? I have no idea if this is a thing but it was his thing and he was alllllll about it
>plus thigh high sock/bloomer fetish because of fucking course

>> No.8349094

>politely tell him I'm not interested and try to reign it back
>i really should have blocked him but at the time I was having a lot of outside stuff happen and really needed the rp board as a center
>every time he IMed me I just gave basic disinterested answers to everything
>every time he brought up travel I said I just had too much going on to think about it
>flat out ignored any fetish stuff, or played dumb
>a month or two after this he started popping up on other sites I was on
>at first just the ones I had the same username on
>then ones I used the same email on (which wasn't public so I guess he was buddies with a mod)
>then I started getting notifications for things I hadn't been on in forever, like my long dead Myspace and fucking GaiaOnline
>he would IM me about the contents of old dating site profiles
>asking how many guys I had met through them or why he had never seen certain pictures of me
>tells me all the stuff he'd do if I came to visit him
>told me once very insistently that I had to come visit him rather than the other way because he couldn't fly
>he was not afraid of flying, but he was actually fucking banned from it due to being on parole for assault with a chemical weapon
>he kept assuring me it was in self defense
>that was when I started blocking him (finally right)
>quit the rp forum, quit so many other sites
>had a break down one day when he popped up on the 'people you may know' sidebar on FB
>no fucking idea how that happened
>never used any part of my real name for anything, used a unique email just for FB, none of my pictures were ones I used elsewhere, and all of my friends on there were family or IRL friends
>i stopped going online for a few months after that
>stopped wearing lolita for a long time
>had a period where i didn't want to leave house
>one of my IRL friends figured out how to look up an arrest record or something of him to prove to me he really couldnt leave his country

>> No.8349099

I'm still kinda paranoid that he's gonna be off probation and come find me some day. I have so many fucking throwaway emails and got 17 fake names my shit is registered to.

>> No.8349117

>(my great grandparents came from there)
>muh heritage

aside from that he sounds like a psycho, hope he never contacts you again

>> No.8349171

I know people hate the 'muh heritage' thing but like, my great grandma was still alive when this story happened. The places I was looking at I could actually walk to her house and ask her if she'd been there. They didn't emigrate until the 60s so not exactly the Mayflower or anything.

And, well, thank you. I hope so too. Right now all I have is a new FB with a fictional last name, anonymous boards like this, and some work related stuff.

>> No.8349184

I've been through stalking, not nearly that severe, but I've had multiples and I know that panic and definitely the paranoia. I've abandoned numerous accounts and I have more throwaway e-mails than I know.

I've actually made up my own mind recently that I need to stop it. You'd be kind of surprised how you feel when you turn the table around and actually start acting like -they- need to be afraid of -you-. My former stalkers hide away from me at cons now or literally don't go at all or only go partially a single day. They've actually blocked me first on my new Facebook and other social media, too. It's like they're doing the unstalking for me which is like some godsend.

>> No.8349194

Has it been difficult? For example, in my college we're required to have a FB so we could join a group there and share notes, have you had issues with anything like that, or the work related things?

>> No.8349247

Not that anon but I use a false name that only uni friends/ HS call me (close friends and family know my real name) and only introduce myself as that false name. I'm in 4th year uni and people still don't know my real name so it slips under the radar for uni facebook groups.

Work doesn't really parade my name around since I'm only a receptionist (and old grannies always forget your name) and even then they use a shortened version of my name. I also use my father's lastname for work stuff and my mothers for personal.

>> No.8349259

Jesus mary and joseph what happened that you need to use a false name for uni?? Besides, don't the teachers call you by your name and keep an attendance record with your real name? If I (hypothetically) used a false name my lecturers would know and probably wonder why.

>> No.8349287

I emailed my tutors before the term started and told them that I preferred them calling me by a "nickname" (the false name--My false name is actually a play off my last name that is really similar to a store (Im getting confused myself now)). We also use our uni id numbers to label our work. Uni knows my real name but I keep it away from friendships and online stuff.

I knew a guy who stalked a girl and he would personally tell me all the ways that he would stalk her and obtain personal info including her private photos and even her work resume and mobile + home phone number, spanning over two to three years. I was young (15??) and fucking stupid about that sort of thing back then and I didn't even know this girl, only through his ramblings. So when I stopped talking to him he threatened to do the same thing (even though I barely had a online presence) and thus began the looking over my shoulder shit. I'm 22 now and I change my password every week, every game I play has no link to other online profiles and act very suspicious towards people that ask personal questions very early into a friendship. Even worse is that I see him getting paraded around on a certain subreddit that I sometimes go on and whenever I check my old tumblr, he leaves me really agressive anon messages eluding towards my family and stuff (but really outdated stuff that I myself told him)

>should've just greentext this fucking paragraph

>> No.8349304

Which subreddit, if that's okay to disclose? If it's not one of the bigger ones I can understand if you don't want to tell.

>> No.8349319

It's pretty popular one, and he lies on there saying that he's a woman, poc etc. That's all I'll give anon. sorry :(

>> No.8349329

You really have to scare them back, anon. I knew some psycho that had an actual "hit list" and was into "hacking" and all sorts of illegal activities. I personally think he was bullshitting a lot of it, but some of it made me raise an eyebrow. He modified his car to be street illegal (not sure what it was) and was always doing shit like this. Basically he was "How illegal can I get without getting caught". The fucker actually worked at a morgue, too. Story for another time, though.

People like that are loose-lipped and incredibly sloppy because they're egotistical. You should keep logs and keep his IP, since I think tumblr shows that even "anonymously". This guy told everything to me and I guess other girls in logs and eventually faced jail time because of it. It only takes one slip-up and then you unearth everything else.

>> No.8349346

He was into that hacking shit as well. He would talk about all the dark web stuff that he found, that he was participating in some group that was actively hunting a certain type of people. He did start to get bored with stalking this girl towards the end but was picking up on harming mexicans...and going full obama is a muslim shit. I suppose he had some sort of mental illness.

It was so long ago and I've long since purged my old skype and changed computers that I no longer have it. I try not to go into that tumblr because it was so full of cringe.

I hope that my trail ran cold when I dropped the tumblr cause I don't use that same username for anything else.

>> No.8349347

fuck I supposed to tag this post not my original one.

>> No.8351345

Why, and do you have a .rar of them or something you can share?

>> No.8355426

>gropey the clown
oh god it's the guy on the boystyle thread a while ago who wanted to pass historical clothing off as ouji

>> No.8355456

Where does she put her feet when she's taking a seat?..

>> No.8355527

>best friends husband
Literally every single hardcore Christian I have ever known to cheat did it with their best friend's husband/wife. Besides my grandma. She cheated with her husband's cousin because she's just that classy.
It's because cute socks are a staple of lolita fashion and they're mostly OTK. OTKs and thigh highs are the most fetishized kinds of socks. Also, a lot of guys think lolitas are more open to discussing fetishes and shit because they tend to be anime fans, who a lot of people think are of a hive mind and we're all just chill talking about sexual things with strangers whenever.

>> No.8355529

I've always wondered that, too. I'm guessing she just sits in a way where her legs don't go under the chair?

>> No.8355575

I was actually stalked by one of the most popular dudes in my class and despite having evidence the school and the police wouldn't do anything because he was popular and on ~sports teams~. Then his girlfriend repeatedly beat me into a pulp in the locker room during gym class and they still wouldn't do anything.

The best/worst part was when me, my dad, the principal and vice principal, and the school cop were all sitting in the conference room with this kid while my dad played the graphic messages off our answering machine about how the kid planned on raping me (this was before he escalated to actual DEATH THREATS with the rape threats and for real coming over to our house in the middle of the night to look in all the windows) and him sitting there listening to himself say these things then going "nah, that's not me" and just walking out.

>principal looks at us
>"well you heard him, that's not him, there's nothing you can do cuz you can't prove it"
>bitch are you deaf

>> No.8355605

Police have the technology to test his voice versus the machine voice through a computer program and scientifically prove it was him.

Did your dad seriously just leave it at that, though? He was perfectly within his rights to threaten legal action at that point.

I was in a kind of similar situation in high school. It wasn't that extreme, thank god, but this kid was sexually harassing my best friend and he had been creepy with me before, too, so we reported it to the school. The principle liked this kid, though, and sad straight up "I know this kid and have a hard time believing he would do something like this" when she told him how he groped her tit. I had to explain how he had harassed me too in the past for him to even be open to the conversation. Finally, he seriously said "do you see with your cleavage showing how he could have seen you as inviting it?" to her. I was like "hell nah" and we told all the adults we knew would do something. A third girl found out about us telling and it turned out he has groped her and made comments about her boobs all year and wouldn't stop even though she yells at him every time. She tried to report him since she felt more okay doing it now that other girls had spoken up, but the principle wouldn't let her and took the complaint form right out of her hand, saying he already had two girls making accusations and didn't need a third adding to his trouble. The kid go one fucking day of suspension then was back in class with both of them. They were using the fact he had aspergers as an excuse to give him a slap on the wrist.

>> No.8358277

No... Its the aristocrat side of the style. Don't you dare hate on my husbandu.

>> No.8358296


>trying to make new friends with other girls in comm
>one girl is really nice so we become good friends
>she starts doing stuff like coming over to my house when I'm not home
>messages me at all hours of the day, will never stop talking to me
>buys all my second hand clothing
>gets mad when I am hanging out with other girls
>becomes jealous and starts sending me death threats
>spams all my social media with threats and slurs for months on end
>She tells me to leave the comm and she'll stop
>but this makes her angrier
>have to basically hide for months while she continues badmouthing me and threatening me
>"I know where you live"
>Police didn't help, said I couldn't prove anything despite having chat logs and stuff. I set up security cameras for the next time she came to the house

I haven't told anyone in my comm to this day, she's good friends with everyone now, I left lolita because of it.

>> No.8358301

>be at older brother's house visiting his family
>wearing lolita to show his wife
>sitting on their sofa reading book while nothing's going on
>nephew sits next to me, playing his DS
>he's 13 and autistic
>happy that he sat next to me because it's hard to tell if he even cares about my existence
>say hi, he tugs at my skirt to look at the print
>i chatter about Angelic Pretty to him until he ignores me and resumes playing his game
>continue reading
>feel movement beside me
>he has one hand down the front of his pants
>kid is masturbating next to me
>jump up and go find his parents

I'm not sure if he was creeping on me or just REALLY into Pokemon.

>> No.8358529

Holy shit, you should really call her out. If you have proof, show it all. Because she could do this to someone else.

>> No.8358537

>Because she could do this to someone else.

people tend not to believe victims if the perp isn't already looked down on, but don't let it stop you from warning others.

>> No.8358674

If your friend found his arrest info and still can do that, it might list a parole officer or some official like that whom you could contact, at the very least to know if/when he may get paroled.

>> No.8358687

I have a desk thing like that in my room and I just use it for storage, I pretty much never sit there. She might just pull her legs up onto her chair or something though I dunno

>> No.8358696

Yuck. What did his parents say?

>> No.8358699

Fuck everything about these situations, holy shit. I'm sorry you gulls had to deal with such shitty administrations in your schools. How much evidence do some adults need before believing that a "nice guy" kid did something bad? Ugh.

>> No.8358711

13 and autistic? Probably REALLY into pokemon, completely lacking an understanding of what's "appropriate," maybe also creeping on you. You did the right thing telling his parents.

>> No.8358880

It really depends on the people involved. With anything related to sexual misconduct, the people with authority make up their mind in either direction due to their own personal bias, then disregard any evidence that supports otherwise.

>> No.8359118
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Your husbandu is trash.

>> No.8361869

Kate is 5' 7". 32-27-35

>> No.8362252

That commenter was actually me. I was more annoyed with the fact that she used MF's name to sell the dress for a higher price than she bought it for. I only commented because I knew Alanah wasn't in a position to say something herself and because I knew she had been having issues with this Laura girl. Also the other girl who jumped in was sending me extremely hostile messages along with the comments.

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