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Feels thread, >>8260105 old one in autosage.
>waiting for taobao order
>see a cute shirt on taobao
>too late to add to order

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>always hungry
>even when I eat a lot and don't want to eat more, still fucking hungry
>not growing or anything, just hungry all the time

this is obnoxious as fuck, I don't want to get fat and look shitty in lolita.

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You should go to the doctor, anon. You might have a tapeworm or something...

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I feel like that's unlikely, I feel fine otherwise and no bloating, weakness, pain or anything. I have a pretty fast metabolism too, so it could just be that fluctuating.

I also just like to eat, so when I'm always at least a little bit hungry shit gets hard.

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Ah, all right. I used to have a really fast metabolism, but it slowed down SUPER quick as soon as I turned 21. Dunno how old you are, but just keep that in mind. I know you said you don't want to get fat so obviously you're paying attention to this, but man, that's a slap in the face when you're used to not gaining weight and suddenly you're 5-10 lbs heavier out of nowhere.

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do you want a nose job?

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From the last thread when I said people said my thighs were hot when I thought I probably looked bad. To this person, I do not have pics of it yet. Also I don't self-post on /cgl/ because I feel like it would be the same as jumping into a tank of mutant piranha when you have multiple bleeding wounds.

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>yesterday bf showed me a pic of a new fb friend
>this guy married someone that dresses lolita but she is an ita but still salvageable if the jsk wasn't a fucking shit replica of Sugary Carnival and better coordination ofc
>i tried to say "politely" she doesn't dress well in lolita fashion
>but he was like: oh that was rude so that it means you feel to dress better than her
>so i explained she dressed in general not really good in lolita
>feel embarassed man
>to be a bit salty
>but i can't resist to criticise the ita even politely
>i try all my best to dress decent in sweet lolita even if i still feel i need to improve but at least i don't look ita and i have burando not replicas

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>Might model for L'oreal's hair show thing
>The woman wants to give me a shag
>"I chose you for this look because I think the edge will suit you well"
>mullets aren't kawaii
I'm really hoping they'll put me with literally anything else. I'd rather have my hair cut off then get a shag.
>but dat $100

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I've started to feel the same except I have completely lost my appetite but I'm physically hungry. Unfortunate my body reacts really dramatically to me not having eaten so I can't just ignore it.

>I just want to go back to the ~2 years of my life where eating was enjoyable

cgl related it's a side effect on lexapro for social anxiety which is working really well. Downside is my best friend just moved back home from college and it isn't doing shit for that so I just lay in bed instead of dressing up cute. To add to this it's raining all week so I can't even wear any of my cute summer clothes or shoes.

A-At least I can talk to people without turning bright red, right?

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>The woman wants to give me a shag
I fail to see the problem...

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Kekd, but no
It does have to do with religion though

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yeah, I'm 18 so I might need to just wait it out and try and eat stuff that's good for me when I'm hungry. I exercise a lot so it's a bit of an empty fear, but I'm not a girl who could pull off being chubby and cute.

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so you want to get a circumcision.

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>I'm not a girl who could pull off being chubby and cute.

Such a thing is like a unicorn or the end of a rainbow.

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Got my first dress today! I'm so so so stoked. It fits like a glove and could probably be worn in a non-lolita context. It works pretty well with a wig and some shoes I have, but I need some sort of socks/tights, maybe gloves or other accessories to go with it

>eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee so excite

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Been off the Zoloft for a while now, don't know how long it's been but it's probably been over a month.
On the one hand I'm feeling again and no longer completely numb.
On the other hand I'm not numb to the feelings between my legs I can't control anymore, and I'm fearful that I'll actually start feeling lonely or something.
Despite spending pretty much all my life alone, and on Zoloft.
I'm basically worried that my lack of interest in romance and relationships was just because of the meds being crammed down my throat and not actually a result of
my personal philosophies like I thought it was.
My behavior towards the subject hasn't changed though, I'm still a shut in doing my own thing and I'm still just as seclusive in public and around people.
I mean I've been working towards opening up more, but that's more towards friends and myself.
I guess I'm just saying I'm fine with being alone, I just don't want to start feeling lonely.

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Been off the Zoloft for a while now, don't know how long it's been but it's probably been over a month.
On the one hand I'm feeling again and no longer completely numb.
On the other hand I'm not numb to the feelings between my legs I can't control anymore, and I'm fearful that I'll actually start feeling lonely or something.
Despite spending pretty much all my life alone, and on Zoloft.
I'm basically worried that my lack of interest in romance and relationships was just because of the meds being crammed down my throat and not actually a result of
my personal philosophies like I thought it was.
My behavior towards the subject hasn't changed though, I'm still a shut in doing my own thing and I'm still just as seclusive in public and around people.
I mean I've been working towards opening up more, but that's more towards friends and myself.
I guess I'm just saying I'm fine with being alone, I just don't want to start feeling lonely.

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Here is a little nugget of advice that took me my whole teenage experience to find:

Never get into a relationship because you want a relationship. Get into a relationship because you want that specific person. Dating out of loneliness blows.

If your starting to feel particularly turned on I recommend investing in a good vibrator/ sex toy. You don't need another person to be sexually satisfied.

If you fear loneliness in general get a dog. Dogs don't lie. Dogs don't cheat. Dogs don't make fun of your interests or push you out of your comfort zone. They might pee on your carpet though so maybe buy a mop. If you're not good with human interaction this might be a good step in the right direction.

Lastly take time to get to know yourself off of your meds. Chances are somethings will be different. And there is nothing wrong with that. Take baby steps and try not to make any big commitments until you really understand yourself.

Good luck.

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I'm actually a guy.

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>getting a fugly haircut for only $100
My friend used to model for Schwarzkopf and they did all sorts of crazy shit to her hair but she was paid very well for it.

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>be teenager
>most of my weeb friends are childfree but not crazy about it, just don't want kids of their own
>I probably do want kids eventually
>fast forward to now, we're in our mid twenties
>fiancé and I definitely want kids at some point
Is this what growing apart feels like? But they're the only other people I know who are into cosplay and Taiwanese wood carvings...

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>Is this what growing apart feels like?
No, the real growing apart doesn't come until after you've got the kid. Then you may as well live on different planets.

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I hate life

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I'm poor and the market is saturated here so there's a lot of "I'll pay you with photos!" "I'll pay you with a free hair service!" "I'll pay you with $___ of product"

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That's usually a knee-jerk reaction to everyone expecting you to want kids, just a jokey way of expressing an insecurity. I bet if you have a kid they'll probably be more invested, because they care about you, and therefore them by extension.

Just don't expect them to want to hang out with your kid at cons. You'll probably stay good friends.

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Probably. They're already complaining that my fiancé has ruined my social life even though it's actually more due to my job.

I'd hope so. It's just that they don't just complain about children when someone tells them they ought to have them themselves (which I have never seen happen) but nearly every time they see a kid, or an image of a kid, out in public. The crotchfruit comment was most recently made when we were in a public park and a bunch of kids were playing tag a small distance away from us. The failed abortion comment was in a supermarket, walking past a display featuring little kids happy birthday cards. As far as I could tell there was nothing to provoke these reactions.

I hope they'll be more tolerant of a child if it's mine (and I wasn't planning on taking it to cons in the first place) but it worries me that they seem to have developed this frothing hatred of everyone under 18 and their parents. I worry that they'll think less of me if I do get pregnant and don't abort it.

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>I worry that they'll think less of me if I do get pregnant and don't abort it.
Unless they're literally bags of horseshit, they won't. It sounds like they're under pressure from relatives to have a child, which would explain the extreme reactions. Don't worry about it anon, tenner says that when you have a kid they'll be cooing and awwing over them. If not? Well, nothing lost, really.

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I know most of their relatives and it would honestly surprise me, but I'll take your word for it. I just wish they'd vent about the assholes pressuring them and not take it out on random children, though. It's so immature.

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Student loan comes in. Wanted to buy new OP or JSK. Everything on Lolita Sales UK is shite. It's all Bodyline and unwanted brand. Woe....

I guess it's time for yJapan.

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>is me
Wow that sort of makes me sound like one of those "think of the children" mombies. I meant like I wish they'd stop literally insulting strangers to their faces.

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>tfw cgl has made you even more paranoid and self-concious about your appearance

Thanks you salty fucks.

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If they do think less of you then they are a waste of space.

Good friends accept your decision. Best friends become godparents etc and not cynical little turdfaces who are rude about your family.

I make those kinds of kid jokes all the time, guilty. But if a friend of mine had a child I would definitely be happy for them. Hopefully they will be for you too.

>> No.8267829

Same rules apply bbgurl
You know you like it

>> No.8267836

Now that's just being edgy. I find kids annoying as fuck, especially those playing under my window and screaming right now, but 'failed abortion'? In my country that's what you call the ugliest of munters, not children.

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You're not saving your money? Holy shit you're retarded.

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Good feels: meet really cute pop punk kid. He really likes me. He saw that my room is just a giant closet and still likes me and said Id look cute in my lolita stuff.

Good/Bad feels: I recently lost most of my winter weight. A jsk i was really really looking forward to came yesterday and Im swimming in it. It would have fit okay a month ago.
So yay weight loss, but Im a little heart broken about the jsk.

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>tfw suck at makeup
>super hard
>ask my friends for help
"lol I dunno how to do makeup for you, you got asian eyes"

>makeup smudges whenever I blink
I'm a huge mess, dirty brushes, entry level makeup.

I just wanna be cute as fug.
I'm a quick learner though. hands on. maybe a store can do me up and I can go from there but I have no idea what stores offer this.

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>had to skip out of making cosplay and going to convention because spending over a grand to go to Cali to see family and gf
>bunch of expenses get shoved in my face all at once
>can't go to Cali or convention now because have to work 6 days/week 11 hours a day.
>come home tired and annoyed

>tfw see my friends preparing for the convention I so badly wanted to go with them to.

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>can't gain weight because of medical condition
>if i do ever gain weight it looks like i'm pregnant and its painful to exercise off
>forever skinnyfat until i die or can get this taken care of
why can't i just be healfryyyy

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Do you have mono lids? Have you search on YT for asian makeup/mono lid makeup/specific eyelid shape tutorial? Try using either that eye lid tape so it creates that double eye lid, or use eye shadow primer so your eyeshadow doesn't crease (if you're wearing for a long period of time). Also consider getting a good blending brush.

Srsly anon I was like that too, whenever I had some free time at home, just practise! (even at night, but be sure to wash your face etc after everything). Should be simple tutorials on YT to learn how to wash your brushes.

>> No.8267894

why are you living so far from your family and gf?

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>suddenly having excruciating headaches
>light and sound make me want to die
>no amount of pain pills help
>losing memory and sense of time too
>about to spend 1k+ on a neurologist
>if I need surgery I'll miss akon
>I already spent $300 on the hotel, not refundable

I'm a good person, I don't deserve this shit man.

>> No.8267913

doctors are theieves

>> No.8267949

This is our state of health care in u.s. doctors overbill because of the insurance companies. If you don't have insurance look up whatever procedures you have done Healthcare bluebook and offer to pay that in cash. Chances are pretty good that they will accept it instead of whatever they charged you to begin with. If you're going to an outpatient clinic though they will bill you what they want you to pay.

Good luck anon, hope you don't need surgery.

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They sound awful and immature. I'm sorry, anon. There's no shame in wanting children--it's perfectly natural and healthy to want them or to not want them. What's not okay is treating a friend like shit because they want kids one day. That's fucked up and you don't deserve that.

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>decided not to wear lolita or do a cosplay for my convention this year
>went as generic kawaii maid
>maybe got around ~6 pics taken of me in total
>used to getting at least 20
>it's not that I looked bad, people just weren't sure if I was cosplaying or what I was doing
>didn't talk to many new people in general when I'm used to friending at least five new people a year
Idk, has anyone ever went to a convention and had this happen? I just feel extremely unpopular right now.

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I have just got £3,000 yesterday and have £900 left from the last payment, I can spend £600 on whatever I want and still live very comfortably.

If you mean I should just save to buy brand new - I am going to, I look on Uk sales first for convenience

>> No.8267977

>validation from your friends matters this much to you
Well anon, are you actually ready to have a child if reactions like these hinder your decisions? People are judgmental of pregnant people no matter what their age is, it's just what people do.
So the best thing you can do is make sure you're adequately prepared to care for one so you don't eat your own foot in front of your friends. Do you have the disposable income to put towards a baby? Do you have the time?
Most people in their mid 20s don't have much of either.

I know I'm pretty judgmental about pregnancies because my irresponsible cunt "friends" from high school decided to have kids when they had no jobs, no education, and the baby daddies were barely involved after a year or two. Now I pay for their decisions via the tax pool.

>> No.8267988

Yea, I felt that whenever I did simpler cosplays or went to cons that were more party cons than Cosplay cons.. Used to getting walled at wondercon/ax and cons like that so it was just really strange when barely anyone wanted to take pics of me

>> No.8267990

Naaaah, no one wants to hang out with folks who have kids. Except for crazy biological clockers, it's boring and you get turned into a babysitter.

>> No.8267993

I mean, I like kids but it's no coincidence that I'm totally distant from my HS friends that have kids. We just have very little in common now because all they ever wanna talk about are their kids, and I just wanna talk about my hobbies and wedding planning aaaand yeah. We just can't really mesh anymore.

>> No.8268000

This is true. I dislike babies/children but would never be rude about them, especially not to a friend. But fuck if I haven't been turned into a babysitter almost immediately in some cases. And kids change you, too. Not in every way necessarily, but they're such a big part of your life that it's all you'll want to talk about at times, which obviously the baby-hating friends will neither relate to nor enjoy. Worst case, you get all religious and conservative and dull after settling down with kids, which I know isn't everyone, but you might be surprised how often it happens.

>> No.8268006

Are they members of childfree.livejournal.com ? (which is still somehow going strong holy fuck) I have never heard of anyone outside this kind of community refer to kids as crotchdroppings, mothers as "moos", etc because most people realize how socially unacceptable it is. I haven't peeked in here in years, but it's a weird little bubble of judgey people who encourage this kind of behavior. At a glance it seems tamer than it used to be, but if you want some laughs, scroll through some of the older entries from the late 2000s.

>> No.8268013

Kind of curious - does anyone have friends with older (12+) children? It seems like the biggest social hindrance to hanging out with friends with young kids is that they aren't self sufficient and so suck all of the mom's time and limit what they can actually go do.

>> No.8268018

I'm only 23, so the oldest that any of my "friends" kids are is...3? Maybe 4? And I really don't consider these women to be my friends anymore, just old acquaintances.

What gets me the most is the people who have kids and then just act like their life hasn't changed. They're still going out, dumping their kids on their parents, spending way too much money on their hobbies when they don't have disposable income... That shit makes me cringe. That's why I don't want a kid for another 6 years, at least. I want to grow as a person and become less selfish before I bring some new life into the world or adopt some little kid.

>> No.8268022

I'm in my mid-twenties. My only friends with kids that old are about ten years older than me. They're not as interested in going out in general unless it's for food, maybe a couple cons, and maybe the movies once in a while.

>> No.8268024

>if getting screamed at by your friends affects you, you aren't ready to have children!

>> No.8268030

Meant to also add that because of our age differences, they may be free to hang out at times, moreso than new parents, but aside from a few shared interests, we don't have much in common, so these friends with kids are still casual friends at best, no one I'd really miss if we fell out of touch.

>> No.8268033

>because you lack the maturity to agree to disagree and not hang around them anymore
Well, you're really not.

>> No.8268036

Kind of? The decision to bring new life into the world shouldn't be shaken by sneering idiots who use the term "failed abortions" past high school.

>> No.8268045

thank you, I hope so too! I ended up going back to my childhood doctor and paying cash/no insurance and she referred me to the neurologist I'm seeing which is also no insurance/cash payments. My appointment is actually tomorrow, so hopefully it's a simple thing to fix without surgery.

>> No.8268137

Are you old enough to use this board? Or do you just think that having kids suddenly makes you go through a biological transformation where overnight you become Stoic Mom Who Always Has The Answers? Hint: adults and adults with kids still have emotional turmoil, crave friendship, and don't want to burn bridges they've spent years building. Feeling conflicted because your old friends now have opposing sets of morals is normal behavior, no matter how old you are.

>> No.8268142

Boy you really don't know any young parents do you
Hint: "You think that's bad? Try being a MOM! XD" is all you'll ever hear from them

>> No.8268152

>Are you old enough to use this board?
>Or do you just think that having kids suddenly makes you go through a biological transformation where overnight you become Stoic Mom Who Always Has The Answers?
No, I'm just one of those people who doesn't like to be friends with people who hurt my feelings and make me feel like shit about my life decisions. You can stamp your feet about how accepting they -should- be, but they don't have to change their opinions for you. And it's likely that their opinions won't get better once they see their friend have a child and be further drawn away from them, which naturally happens when you invest more time into caring for a baby.

I'm not implying you "burn bridges" or make enemies of your old friends, but there will be natural distance once you make the commitment to start a family and they are not at that stage yet. Neither side is necessarily wrong, it's just that you're both doing different things and that's okay.
Understand now, miss? Calm down.

>> No.8268182

Good for you and sure,I agree. Still doesn't explain why feeling conflicted about old friends who have changed means they aren't "mature" enough to have kids. There's nothing to calm down about - just pointing out the extreme leap in logic here.

>> No.8268186

No you just have shitty friends.

>> No.8268196

But their opinions shouldn't be influencing you not to have children. There's a difference.

>> No.8268220

Do people not realize this by the time they turn 14?

>> No.8268251

If you're comfortable with modifying it just take it in. Taking something in is a lot easier than making something bigger. Congratz on the weight loss!

>> No.8268254

I'm just getting into doing makeup too. It took me 40 minutes to put on my eyeliner so it looked good yesterday but damn did I feel pretty when I got it.

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>Be me
>GAD is getting worse and worse, beyond the point of *~*natural remedies*~* and mere therapy
>Psych major friends trying to insist I don't need a psychiatrist

MFW. Jesus fuck, come back to me when you're disassociating so hard while driving that you honestly can't tell if you're in a dream or reality. Or when you have such intense cranial pressure and nausea that you have to take frequent breaks at work.

Sorry for not cgl related but god damn this is pissing me off. Let me at least try an anti anxiety medication as an option before you demonize "big pharma" to me.

>> No.8268269

Most people I know still don't realize most of this in their mid-20s. Humans are stupid.

>> No.8268273


My advice is go buy some E.L.F. products to practice with. They're $1 so that way it's not a huge waste to practice with.
You'll only get better by doing it over and over, so good luck with your practice!

>> No.8268283

I feel like it would be more work than its worth to take it in. I cant sew, and Im thinking it would be a pricey alteration.
If i cant sell it, I'll look into alterations.

>> No.8268287

I spent most of my teenage years dating people because I wanted to have a boyfriend. I also ended up rebounding in my early 20's because I'd just been broken up with. The relationship wasn't bad, but I still cringe about who I chose. I did it because I thought it would make me happy. But eh, some good times came out of it.

But yes, if you're lonely, get a pet. Also speaking from experience, nothing helps you more than learning how to appreciate yourself and know what you're about. Learning how to take yourself out on a "date", go places by yourself and enjoy time by yourself is beneficial. I'm married and I still do this from time to time when I'm able because it feels good.

>> No.8268307


Get asian products. My eyeliner kept smearing for over a year, then I got Etude house's oh m'eyeline, and it does not smear at all. It's a miracle in a bottle. The liquid application takes some getting used to, but I guarantee you'll have such nice and defined lines once you get good at it You won't regret it.

Also, look up asian youtube tutorials, particularly ones for monolids.

>> No.8268313

>keep all my tags from dresses and accessories in one box
>need money so decide to sell dress
>make a preemptive post on LSE saying I had the tag
>go to check my box
>the tag for the dress mysteriously isn't there
Fuck, I'm going to look like a complete idiot. I'm just going to advertise the plastic brand bag with the dress once I delete my post and sell it on lacemarket. I'm so mad that it's lost.

>> No.8268323

So you were going to try to pass it off as worn without tags...?

>> No.8268336

Huh? I listed it as worn with tags.
I thought I had the tag in my box, like all the rest of my tags, and for some reason it's gone.
So now I can't list it with the tag like I had wanted.

>> No.8268352

>moved art/craft/cosplay room down into the basement.
>have a ton of room and funnily enough, better lighting compared to where it was
>tfw I have to put everything back and reorganize

>> No.8268361

>being incredibly self destructive lately
>ruining relationships for no reason
>spending all my money on things I don't need
>sleep literally all day
>take sleeping pills every time I wake up
>I'm only awake for work and meals
>miss my ex boyfriend
>miss when cosplay was fun
>miss spending time with friends
>can't stop this self destructive rampage
>can't fix everything I broke
>why don't I just kill myself

>> No.8268369

Anon it sounds like you should go visit a doctor or psychiatrist asap

>> No.8268375

Seconding >>8268369
Please seek help, anon.

>> No.8268380

I don't even know how. I don't have insurance. I don't know how to find a doctor or anything.
I've told my family that I want help because I don't feel okay and they always just tell me "oh it'll pass. You just need to find something you're interested in. It'll take your mind off of things"

So I'm completely lost and I don't know how else to ask for help.

>> No.8268386

Can you try finding something online? Even if it's just an online community? Trust me, everything is better then sleeping all day to avoid everything.

>> No.8268402

Lolitas who spend school money on crap are the worst scum of the earth. I hope debt rapes you in the ass.

>> No.8268405

...What the fuck is your problem?

>> No.8268407

There may be a low cost psych clinic in your area...if there isn't then there are services online where you can talk to someone. It's better than nothing at all and can get the ball rolling for you so to speak.

Idk where you live or what you can afford but if you are in the usa and can get enrolled with the ACA, it covers mental health stuff. I'll be doing that after I graduate.

>> No.8268411

If you can't get professional therapy for what seems like depression to me try things that supposedly help. Like walking and sunshine and cleaning up your surroundings even if you personally don't care.

>> No.8268422

Thanks anons. I'll try to find something.

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>Make some cute jewelry for myself
>Have to invest a lot in the materials but it's okay, it's a unique idea and I figure I can make extras and sell them
>List them on etsy
>Hope to get the material cost back
>$800 in sales in two days so far

Thank you, blessed internet, for funding my new few conventions. I'm still in awe over this.

>> No.8268426

wow pics?

>> No.8268430

My problem is the fact that so many lolitas who get money for school spend it on lolita. I have heard of so many lolitas taking advantage of their grants, scholarships, and loans by throwing it away on dresses. Some people could actually use that money for school.

>> No.8268436

I feel this. I get financial aid and I hate it when I see girls bragging about spending their aid on dresses. I spend mine on books, food for survival and gas money.

>> No.8268461

Yes. Also I forgot to mention 100% of the girls I know/hear who do that say they are poor, and in their mid twenties. I really hope something terrible happens to them. I don't know why there is no social backlash from this kind of behavior, it seriously disgusts me.

>> No.8268472

I would but I try to stay anonymous on here when I post, and reverse image search is a bitch. They're basically little crafty fandom necklaces.

>> No.8268485

Yup. Only people I knew who received financial aid had awful grades, didnt even try, and spent their money on raves/black milk clothing when I was busting my ass to make Dean's List every semester and work for my extra money. It's irritating.

>> No.8268497

The UK university system =/= American university system
>Tuition fees are already paid by Student Finance Tuition Loan at the start of each academic year. You only have to pay this back once you have graduated and when you earn over £15k a year and it is staggered depending on your income. After 30 years any remaining debt is wiped.
>Maintenance Loan is available to all students but varies based on household income, location and if you live at home. This is paid termly and is repayable under the same terms as the Tuition Loan.
>Maintenance Grant is available only to students with low household income. This is paid termly and non-repayable. If you have a Maintenance Grant you will have a lower Maintenance Loan.

The Grant and Loan are used to cover all expenses: Rent, Food, Bills, Travel, etc. Most students work alongside studying too so they have even more income. It's very easy in the UK to have excess income even after all your essentials are paid. Also consider our textbooks rarely exceed £40 and can be borrowed from our universities library instead. For my degree I haven't spent over £60 on textbooks/supplies and I'm ending my second year.

Often the poorer you are the better off you become in university. E.g Friend is from a single parent household, first in her family to go to university, from a low income household and so gets extra scholarships/bursaries for all of this. She got free accommodation for her first year and ~£10k in scholarships/bursaries alone on top of her Maintenance Grant and Loan. She also works part time so earns money on top of that.

>> No.8268498

>going on vacation to thailand in two days
>should be great, right
>nope, anxious as fuck and suicidal
>don't want to go anymore but can't cancel trip bc my last trip was already cancelled due to mental health problems and insurance company probably won't help me out again
>only seeing my pdoc after the trip but to be honest i think i need to see them now bc i'm doing awful and i need a couple med changes
>also anxious as fuck because current meds made me gain weight and i have an ed
>contemplate quitting meds cold turkey
>last time i did that i ended up in psych ward so i really shouldn't do this
>don't know what to do anymore

>> No.8268500

Because feminism. Not allowed to criticize women for anything or else you're automatically sexist.

>> No.8268505

>implying a loan is some sort of privilege
Maybe if you have fucked credit or can't get anyone to cosign, but you have to pay loans back with interest so it's not like they're "cheating" anyone out of money..

>> No.8268531

>in big multi room hotel block for con
>last day
>guy from other room tells me, "a couple of the girls in my room were trying to figure out if you were single or not"
>Don't push him to find out who because I don't wanna seem like a thirsty fuckboy
>Con ends, everyone flies home and never find out who

Wish I'd asked. This kinda stuff NEVER happens to me.

>> No.8268571

>I have this problem that if I am cold I will latch onto the nearest warm thing in my sleep
>This was never a problem when I lived home, my parents' dog would sleep in my bed and he liked it
>Now I have cats and live with my boyfriend
>cats hate hugs
>They have learned to only sleep on my boyfriend for fear of hugs
>Boyfriend has learned to put up with it, and just turn on the heat
>except last night
>I latched onto him in a death grip and just snored loudly for 8 hours, would not wake up for anything.
>He got no sleep and had to go to work early this morning
I don't usually snore. I'm so embarrassed I could die

>> No.8268601
File: 492 KB, 500x260, tumblr_loaknsNqyd1qjrg7m.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tfw you find the perfect shoes for your cosplay
>Perfect color, style, heel size, every little detail, and they're within your budget
>They don't come in your size

>> No.8268653

I don't know where to meet cosplayer friends.

>> No.8268655

At cons fool!

>> No.8268659

Make him some waffles for dinner/breakfast tomorrow as a little apology. But don't feel bad, it could be worse! I sleep punched my boyfriend in the back of the head in the middle of the night....twice.

>> No.8268685

How about qt cosplay gfs then? ;¬;

>> No.8268724

You're gross

>> No.8268761

Oh please, guys who receive financial aid do this too. They spend their money on beer and video games and shit. It's not about criticizing women who do this, it's about chastising dumb fucks who spend school money on hobbies when other people could have used that money for books. I don't even identify as a feminist and I think your argument is fucktarded.

>> No.8268780

Case and point. You don't have to be a feminist to fly into a tizzy whenever somebody says anything remotely bad about women, you just have to be a woman.

>> No.8268790

My former next door neighbor used his student loans (and we live in the US where you're never getting out of paying that shit back) on animals (he had a LOT of pets), vidya, a giant TV, weed, vodka, and other shit. He also skipped out on his lease to move somewhere else nearby. We were friendly because he was a nice enough guy, but holy shit was he irresponsible. One time one of his cats ate like a 1/4 pound of weed he bought and got really fucked up.

>> No.8268794
File: 58 KB, 640x720, 1420217859667.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Confession: I don't like Kumamiki's new hair.

I can understand being tired of pink but now it looks really washed out and bad. I hope she changes it again soon.

I laughed at the JP comments trying to compliment her but saying things like it looks like seaweed. Seaweed isn't cute, it's gross.

>> No.8268814

i wonder why some cats eat weed and others dont

>> No.8268826

Because they're stupid, same reason why some cats eat poisonous plants and onions. Weed is really not good for cats, and the guy in >>8268790 sounds like a dickhole.

>> No.8268833

I'm making a lot of great progress on my weight loss from low carb diet and more exercise but can't really express my excitement to my friends. Most of them are significantly more overweight than me and while they've been losing too I feel like an awkward skinny bitch if I want to express it to them. It was already awkward enough when I was mentioning how I'm working hard so I can wear an exposed midriff cosplay confidently. One of them just gave me this look at said "Just wear a flesh colored bodysuit like I did for my _____ cosplay" and I'm like "Haha maybe."

Like those ever look good. Flesh tone tights I totally understand because it's hard for 90% of girls to have nice cosplay legs already but torso bodysuits always look awkward like trying to wear a Jasmine costume for halloween when you're a kid.

>> No.8268841

They are still incredibly stupid and impossible to respect.

>> No.8268860

You actually thirsty for cock and not hungry

>> No.8268881

Sounds like at least one friend may be projecting her insecurities.
Find a space away from them to be excited. You shouldn't feel bad about bettering yourself and being excited about it. If you don't want to risk making them feel bad, just make a blog they don't know about or post in the fitness threads here.

I hope you reach your goal and proudly wear that midriff cosplay. You're working hard for it, so you deserve a a chance to show off.

>> No.8268882

>anti anxiety medication
benzos are addictive as fuck and are not suitable for long term use. source: my dad gets them for free from the government and he abuses the fuck out of them and there's nothing I can do to stop him

>> No.8268884

Take a new pic of one that you made for yourself and aren't selling?

>i'm interested anon
>if there's cute nerdy shit I want to buy it

>> No.8268893


They don't recommend benzodiazepines anymore.

Anon would most likely get an SSRI for longer term effects or a beta blocker for short term use. Or should. You never know with the old school shrinks what they're doing unfortunately since they don't bother fucking updating themselves.

I'm sorry about your dad though. Benzo addiction is a terrible thing.

>> No.8268911

>such intense cranial pressure and nausea that you have to take frequent breaks at work

Uhhhhh anon that's not GAD

That sounds like really bad migraines maybe, or something like that. I get those and also have GAD but psych meds aren't going to help migraines. In fact they could make them worse depending on the medication.

Go see a neurologist about that.

>> No.8268915

>goes to con in regular weeb wear
>expects people to ask for you picture

You're a fucking idiot.

>> No.8268931

Go to the doctor as soon as you can, you sound beyond the point of just having to visit a psychiatrist.

>> No.8268935

Nah, not migraines. I used to have chronic migraines and this isn't how they affected me. This shit comes in waves, too, and is usually accompanied by disassociation and chest pains and what not.

Yeah, I spoke with psychologists sometime last year and they said Xanax would probably be an option posed by a psychiatrist if I went and saw one. They got me on antihistamines for my panic attacks, though, to see if they helped. They didn't.

>> No.8268941

9-5 life, though. I had to take off from work last week to put a pet to sleep. Not sure if I can get off from work, but I guess can I try to go on a weekend. I mean, it's not like a general physician is gonna be able to do jack shit for me... I appreciate the suggestion but last time I went to a normal doctor for this they gave me extra strength ibuprofen...

>> No.8268944

>leaving for convention in 3 days
>all of the main components of my costume are done
>stupid accessory bullshit is giving me more trouble than the rest of the damn costume did

not really anything dramatic but god damn I wanna be done with this costume.

>> No.8268966

Not really. Sounds like you're bitter for no real reason.

>> No.8268970

you have a butt worm

>> No.8268998

>mfw spending my student loans and grants on holidays, cosplay and PC parts
Call the cops I don't give a fuck
Needless to say, it's a better use of it than drinking every night of the week like 90% of Uni students

>> No.8269003

Loans, whatever. That's money you're electing to take out and pay interest on. It's when people blow grant money on that shit that pisses people off.

>> No.8269017

>gf doing couple cosplay with me
>doesn't like her body
>says everyone is going to make fun of her and she'll get put on a /cgl/ bad cosplay thread
>bby no pls
How do I make her feel better?

>> No.8269063

Make her excercise so he body looks less ugly.

>> No.8269071

She's been going to the gym for the last few months, but it still persists.

>> No.8269078

>sleep abuse your boyfriends
>feel bad for yourselves instead of him

>> No.8269080

Give her compliments randomly on things she's insecure about, or things that will be shown off in your cosplay. It'll boost her self esteem in addition to motivate her to keep working out.

>> No.8269084
File: 143 KB, 900x299, 2013-12-27-UPS-and-at-'em (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm waiting on the UPS guy to deliver my ruffle foot. I need it for my sanity and it says it's out for delivery.

>> No.8269085

Diet. Go in it with her. If she's exercising regularly and eating right, she'll see results. She may hit a plateau but it's always possible to lose a few more lbs if that's what she wants to do.

>> No.8269090

I'll try that!

Would love to diet and work out with her, but LDR makes it difficult

>> No.8269148

It's almost always easier to diet if you have a partner, especially if you live together.

>> No.8269154

The biggest social hindrance people with kids are boring and have less money and freetime.

>> No.8269332

>especially if you live together


>> No.8269487

And you're being really vicious for no reason at all?

>> No.8269522

No I think you're just an idiot. An idiot that's awfully full of themselves.

Tell me, why exactly do you expect people to want pictures and be your friend if you're not even wearing a costume? Did you think it was your personality or something that was making people give you attention before?

>> No.8269703

>like guy for a year
>finally get his number
>over the moon
>he turns out to be a giant asshole
>wants to fuck me behind his gf's back
>talking down to me, playing games, hot and cold

I really liked him. He was so nice in person. Then I got mad and dropped spaghetti in chewing him out. Now I just want to die.

To top it off, I have a new zit after my face was clear for two weeks. And I was wearing a white outfit and biked through a mud puddle, splashing all over my clothes. I hope I got all the stains out. Just fuck everything. I'm so upset over that guy. It's super rare that I actually like anyone.

>> No.8269716


Always get a second opinion before surgery. If a second opinion is had, there are far fewer surgeries. In other words, doctors prescribe needless surgery quite often. Please don't be a victim!


I don't want kids also. (Though I don't post about it much, except worrying if I can find an agreeing husband. I simply don't like nor want them.) Thing is women who don't want kids get called terrible things, told they don't know what they want and will change their mind, told their only purpose in life as women is to reproduce (I had someone tell me that...I slapped him.) They go online to vent. So cut them some slack and be understanding.

>> No.8269719

Why did you like him in the first place, if he was such a huge asshole? Just into bad boys?

Rather, just take the criticism about not wanting kids, and enjoy your piles of money.

>> No.8269731


>found the cutest sandals in store
>were 60, marked down to 20
>super comfortable but a little too big (6), although that's my usual size
>don't have next size down

It's hard to even find a 6. 5.5 just doesn't fucking exist. I don't have the money to special order shoes. God damn. Fuck these big-footed women for dominating the market.

>> No.8269733

Nah, you're being pretty hostile. Did some weeby maid shit in your bloomers? Calm down.

>> No.8269738

Maid outfits are really common at conventions actually.

>> No.8269746

>Why did you like him in the first place

He was super nice and sweet and even a touch shy in person. We had a ton in common and he was cute and he even seemed to like me back. Then we exchange numbers and text a year later and he's the biggest asswipe ever.

And he's on the baseball team. And I bet he told everyone what a spaghetti dropping autist I am, and they're all laughing at me. That's the most ridiculous thing ever but it's how I feel.

>> No.8269750

Why would they mock you? The sppagetti dropping autist girls are always the cutest ones.

Too bad same isn't true for men.

>> No.8269755

Call me whatever you want, you're the one not getting the attention you want. Does it hurt that much knowing nobody actually cares about you beyond your cosplay?

>> No.8269760

>Too bad same isn't true for men.
That's womens own fault.

>> No.8269771

But you are overreacting just a tad. People care about me, they're just not used to seeing me in lolita. The amount of attention I recieve in lolita is just very drastic from the attention I got. I never went before in a generic weeb outfit to experiment that, that's all. There's no need to be aggressive.

>> No.8269772

>*seeing me without wearing lolita

>> No.8269779

>talks about something that really bothers me or a problem I'm having
>"Aww that's so cute! Your problems are cute, anon"

Not that anon but this is a huge pet peeve of mine. Please don't belittle other people like this, it's not a compliment.

Especially when it's shit like "the shyest girls with social anxiety are the cutest ones" because it's just not true. A lot of men are freaked out when girls are too quiet because they expect women to be really talkative.

>> No.8269784

Well why don't you answer my question. Why do you expect a bunch of attention if you're not even doing anything interesting.

>> No.8269789

Nobody expects anything of women.

>> No.8269793

I thought I looked nice. I invested money in a good Cyperous wig, expensive shoes that looked kawaii, and the cheapest thing on my person was the bodyline outfit. I'd heard of other people wearing generic weeby costumes and having success. Idk anon, it was just weird experiencing that. Obviously I know better now.

>> No.8269798

>I thought I looked nice
Guess you were wrong.

>> No.8269800

>Not that anon but this is a huge pet peeve of mine. Please don't belittle other people like this, it's not a compliment.
Not being patronizing, or insulting in any way. It's the honest truth. Other people might feel differently, but I, and plenty of other men, like a girl like that.

I mean, I'm a bit anxious and autistic myself, and having someone who can relate seems very attractive.

Going deeper, it seems like a gender misunderstanding thing. Like how girls feel insecure over small breasts sometimes, but in reality many men prefer smaller.

>> No.8269831

>A lot of men are freaked out when girls are too quiet because they expect women to be really talkative.

>mfw super quiet
>lost weight, dressing nicer, learned to be friendly, not even necessarily shy anymore
>manage to be confident and smile a lot
>still super quiet
>still don't get asked out much

I-is that what I'm doing wrong?


Don't you just want a shy girl because it's safe for you? In other words, you are intimidated by normalfags, and seek comfort in a lower-ranked reject woman like my spaghetti self. If I want to be honest, that's why I sometimes like shy-seeming guys, because they're safe and at or under my level, while normal (alpha) guys are beyond me and I'd crash and burn as a boring autistic loser if I tried to have a relationship with them.

So it's not that you think shy girls are cute, it's that you think shy girls are achievable.

In reality, only "loser" guys like loser girls. Alphas want alphas and think sperg girls are freaks.

>> No.8269839

Or maybe people just weren't blown away by a generic weeby maid outfit. Christ anon, who hurt you?

>> No.8269869

>someone who can relate
That aint how it works bro.
Guys can like shy girls because they find them cute, or see a bit of themselves in them.
But women are different. Women generally only view men as utilities. Something to be exploited or manipulated for their own benefit. That's why despite all their talk of how strong and independent they are, women still almost always expect, nare I say even demand, that men always be confidant, assertive, responsible and independent, so that she doesn't have to. Rather than relate to a man she sees weakness in, women react with anger or even disgust. After all, why would they want a defective utility? And a shy girl if anything would demand a man be even MORE of all those things to offset her own inadequacies.

Oh hey look at that.
A literally PERFECT example posted itself while I was typing that out.
>I'm a shy girl, but I look ok and im nice and I just wish somebody would give me a chance
>You're a shy guy? Wow you're such a fucking loser! No woman would ever want you. God why don't you just kill yourself or something.

>> No.8269873

One color makeup with eyeliner and emphasis on the bottom eyelid.

There is eyelid glue... honestly I wouldn't recommend it.

One eye shadow color is about all you need though as there's not enough room to blend multiple colors, it will just smudge uncontrollably.

Your bottom eyelid is key though. Make sure to always apply a little color to the bottom.

Curl your lashes or select fake lashes with a prominent curl to them, your eye shape will often push your lashes downward.

Don't fuck around with 10,000 colors.

I had a friend with monolids and she stuck to bright 1 color makeup with simple eyeliner on the top and bottom lid. The eyeliner helped define her eyes but most her definition came from 1 eye shadow color she'd just sweep across her top and then a thinner section on her bottom.

>> No.8269883

>who hurt you?
Well it certainly wasn't a group of random people at a con who didn't ask to take as many pictures of me or send as many facebook friend requests as I wanted.

>> No.8269888

>but muh men prefer...
Nobody cares what men prefer, women are self-conscious because of other things. Literally nobody asked you jack shit.

>> No.8269890

Also... adding to that... if you are following cat eye tutorials for a double lidded eye... it won't work.

You need to bring the "point" down far lower then what your seeing in the picture... a double lid will bring the point to the side and up. With a mono lid, that cat eye needs to go purely to the side with no upward motion. Any eyeliner smudging needs to follow this.

>> No.8269894

>A lot of men are freaked out when girls are too quiet because they expect women to be really talkative.
>"Actually I'm a man and I like"

Not even him but just pointing that out.

>> No.8269895

Answer the question.

>> No.8269899

I just said I felt unpopular. Not that I was horribly emotionally stunted. Jeez.

>> No.8269901

Nobody. At most I was slightly annoyed by the self centered whining of some attention whore not getting the attention she wanted.

>> No.8269905

>whining about attention whores in a hobby about attention
Whatever. Go back to arguing about men vs. women like what you're obviously here for - arguing.

>> No.8269918

>have 7,000 dollars saved up
>no debt
>nothing to pay for this coming month except bills that I have put aside ready to pay
>so jewish I can't justify an under 200$ taobao order full of stuff I really want

Please help.

>> No.8269931


Don't you just want a shy girl because it's safe for you? In other words, you are intimidated by normalfags, and seek comfort in a lower-ranked reject woman like my spaghetti self. If I want to be honest, that's why I sometimes like shy-seeming guys, because they're safe and at or under my level, while normal (alpha) guys are beyond me and I'd crash and burn as a boring autistic loser if I tried to have a relationship with them.
>So it's not that you think shy girls are cute, it's that you think shy girls are achievable.

That's a silly way to look at it. Why is everything quantified? Based on their social "level"? I couldn't care less about that shit, and I don't think particularly highly of "Alphas" either.

I don't think shy girls are less desirable than any other sort either, and certainly, I think I have as little of a chance with a shy girl than an outgoing one.

When I'm attracted to someone, I'm not consciously or subconsciously judging their social worth. It's not so much that a shy girl is achievable, but relatable. You'd be more comfortable with them than someone else, if you share similar situations and feelings. That's basic human empathy.

I'd rather not think of people in that general of a sense. It'd be very depressing if true. I might go gay.

Both posts I replied to were about what men see in women.

>> No.8269940

What's in the order?

What's wrong with being unpopular? Do you need outside validation at all times? Did your dad not give you any attention as a kid?

>> No.8269944

>When I'm attracted to someone, I'm not consciously or subconsciously judging their social worth
Well it's sure as hell how women are judging you.
>That's basic human empathy
Well there's your problem. Stop expecting that kind of stuff when dealing with women. They don't even view men as human.

>> No.8269945

Clothes, a new bag, some purses... Mostly stuff I don't like buying for myself because I feel like it's a waste and selfish.

>> No.8269959

keep saving,you'll need that money when you're in a retirement home and the staff keeps farting on your pillows and spitting in your jello.

>> No.8269960

>wanting attention at a con=/=daddy issues

>> No.8269965
File: 7 KB, 256x256, square.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is the most hostile feels thread i've seen

anyways, not /cgl/ related but

>last week was god awful
>grandmother had a heart attack, phone was stolen, lost entire portfolio that is due tomorrow, having body image and appearance issues
>also PMSing like a motherfucker
>went home during weekend because family was visiting and wanted to have a pleasant time but ended up caged in room due to drama
>return from rough weekend and cuddle the shit out of the bf, get really gooey
>mellow after that
>live poetry reading today
>bf encourages me to go and i ask if he wants to come
>he says no, and tells me to go because we need a bit of space because i've been a bit clingy
>get mega insecure

last night he begged to me come to the ceramics studio at our school to watch him sculpt clay on a pottery wheel for two hours right after i got off work and told him i had homework to do

>> No.8269966

Then why do you want attention so bad.

>> No.8269969

That's a very red-pilled worldview you've got there, anon.

>> No.8269971

I don't really get it either anon. I think it's normal to be a bit taken aback when social things don't happen at places that are meant to be social.
I suspect a troll, or a person who never gets attention and gets pisses off when other people talk about it because it reminds them of their inadequacy.

>> No.8269973

He's a self-admitted "bit anxious" guy. Thats basically as bad as being hitler in womens eyes (if not worse since at least Hitler was confidant and assertive enough to be a leader and horribly kill millions of innocent people). Of course theyre are going viciously attack him even if all he's trying to is politely say something nice to them.

>> No.8269976

See >>8269971
Some people like making friends and being social based on superficial hobbies. Shocker.

>> No.8269979

And you need pictures taken of you and a higher facebook friend count to interact with people because...

>> No.8269984

Lol when neckbeards invade cgl
either that or it's an ugly girl.

>> No.8269986

i hate when guys give you mixed signals (people in general too i guess) its like bitch why didn't you tell me that in the first place.sorry you had to expierence a the drama!

>> No.8269988

You need an explanation for why people want pictures of themselves and friends at cons? You sound like a real winner.

>> No.8269993

The proofs right here in the thread dude.
You tried to just say something nice but because you said you were anything besides a typical confidant assertive alphamale all the women here have done nothing but hate and insult you.

>> No.8270001

>this is the most hostile feels thread i've seen
/r9k/ has been hanging out here for a couple of days. No GBP for them.

>> No.8270005

Why don't you take your own pictures if you want them for memories or showing people what you did? Or if you really want to be in them yourself and it needs to be a bigger shot than a selfie, as some random person to take it for you.

Only reason you would care so much about random strangers coming up and asking you for pictures is if it gives you some kind of validation or ego boost.

>> No.8270017

I just had the realization I'm falling out of love with Lolita. I'm not as sad as I thought I would be.

>> No.8270039

I dunno, I feel I might have ticked them off somehow. The female mind is a mystery to me.

I don't think I've said anything along those lines, have I?

>> No.8270070

I've already explained it to you multiple times, there's no mystery. You said you were "a bit anxious" and now they hate you. It doesn't matter what your intent is or if you're trying to be nice, Once you expose any kind of weakness it means you aren't as useful to women as you could be, so now they loathe your very existence.

>> No.8270084
File: 414 KB, 1200x857, 1425314013001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

S T O P L E T T I N G R 9 K D E R A I L T H E T H R E A D

>> No.8270093
File: 82 KB, 400x267, 1413938341065.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>join uni comic club despite dropping out
>requirement is 5-20 pager for magazine
>get inspired to draw some manga over the summer
>I tell bf this while all pumped up
>he tells me that I can start drawing stuff now since I have plenty of time
>I tell him that I need to set a start time at the beginning of summer as a commitment for myself
>he keeps insisting that I can do it now
>bitch do you think I can do this when I haven't drawn in 1-2 years
>tell him my anxiety and issues with drawing
>tell him that I need encouragement
>he tells me it's not his "fucking job"
>says that I need to stop with the excuses
>well thanks
>tfw no longer pumped

This is his only issue and why I didn't really say any of this to him before now. Sometimes I think my bf gets too impatient with people's slow progress and becomes an unfeeling monster.

>> No.8270107

He sounds like a dick, but you sound like a procrastinator making excuses. Why not start now? God knows you're gonna need revisions.

If it takes so little to get you "no longer pumped", maybe you weren't so pumped to start with.

>> No.8270118
File: 11 KB, 206x211, 10171018_216220605253599_5040283656600728850_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>or maybe my camera died and I didn't have the charger with me to ask for my own
Go fuck yourself now.

>> No.8270120

>I tell him that I need to set a start time at the beginning of summer as a commitment for myself
>he keeps insisting that I can do it now
>bitch do you think I can do this when I haven't drawn in 1-2 years
I mean he's right... if you haven't drawn in that long you SHOULD start practicing now. Stop being a baby.

>> No.8270125

>you take on a task
>then demand somebody else take the responsibility to make you do it.

Gee next thing you'll be buying a dog and getting angry at your boyfriend if he doesn't tell you to feed it.

>> No.8270127

It's mostly my huge anxiety. He kept saying things that made it worse and worse. I'm generally not receptive to tough love, because telling me that tons of people are better than me at drawing so why not start now does not help at all.

It's true that I'm procrastinating by setting it for the summer. I guess I just wanted some happiness thrown my way but all I got was a lecture.

>> No.8270130
File: 419 KB, 1100x650, 1341194255348.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw sales page admins are being unreasonably nitpicky

>> No.8270133

>then demand somebody else take the responsibility to make you do it.

Where is this coming from? He has nothing to do with this. I just told him what I was going to do and basically begged him nonverbally to be excited for me.

>> No.8270137

I feel like puking my guts out whenever I hear a female say

>"I believe in equality of men and women, but I'm not a feminist."

It's like saying "I believe in X but I actually don't". If you're not a feminist you are a misogynist and supporting the patriarchy - directly or indirectly.

Proof of that is the "Male Thread" that someone made to contain the local misogynists in one thread. It turned out to be a sprawling hellhole of misogyny, racism, abuse against women and terrorism.

>> No.8270140

Why do you need him to be excited for you? He's not your mum

>> No.8270145

Then you go up and ask somebody if they can take one for you.

Not having a camera yourself doesn't mean you're forced to wait for strangers to approach you and ask for pictures.
How did you even think you were making a point by saying that?

You're digging yourself into an awfully deep and contradicting hole while trying to avoid admitting you're just upset about not getting attention when you don't put in effort.

>> No.8270146

I can't tell him exciting things in my life and have him be happy for me?

>> No.8270147

Why are you policing his emotions?

>> No.8270148

Lol, you have an answer for everything don't you? Piss off.

>> No.8270149

He's not under the obligation to be pumped for you. Your level of excitement shouldn't be linked to his level of excitement; you should do it because YOU want to do it. If you don't have the personal self-motivation right from the start, then maybe you should pick a smaller/different project to work with.

>> No.8270150
File: 152 KB, 892x590, thecreed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8270153

To me it sounds like he was trying to be happy for you and support you in his own way by encouraging you to get a head start. Some people just express excitement less obviously.

>> No.8270154
File: 5 KB, 125x118, 1398432455249.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw ugly girls keep whining about attention whores at conventions
Someone make them stop.

>> No.8270160


There are no such issues in South Korea. The South Korean government actually has its own Ministry of Feminism that deals, among other things, with cyberbullying and harrassment.

In South Korea, you cannot access the Internet without your internet-service provider binding your address to your actual real life ID. When you register on a forum, etc - it is tied to your real life ID.

So if someone is showing toxic behavior towards women, the police can react to stop the misogyny spreading before it causes any serious damage.

People often stay that South Korea is the first matriarchal country in the world and look how successful it is. It is a beacon of hope and culture in Asia.

>> No.8270164

>Lol, you have an answer for everything don't you?
Is that supposed to be an insult? Yes I have an answer for everything because you said nothing but stupid, obviously logically flawed things.

>> No.8270166

But your logic is equally as flawed and stupid.
For fuck's sake you think people who want their pictures taken at anime conventions must have daddy issues.

Dammit, when does r9k leave? I want them to go and stay go.

>> No.8270167

He's not under any obligation, but it would have been nice to not be lectured and let me have my moment with even just a simple "that's cool" when I just minutes before got incredibly excited over what he was going to do this summer. It doesn't feel very good.

And there are reasons that I chose the beginning of the summer, and I have no other way to say any of them without being accused of using them as excuses. Man, I never should have said anything to him and just kept it to myself.

>> No.8270168

>Baseball players
Not even once

>> No.8270169

I didn't say that nor am do I post or browse /r9k/.

>> No.8270170

Damn, I didn't know that.

South Korea sounds like a really nice place to live in. They eat only dogs there, right? No cats? I am fine with dogs but not my kittens, haha!

>> No.8270174

You implied that in one post and yes you sound like a fedorakun in action. You're having an argument with someone who was disappointed that their weeby outfit didn't get any pictures taken. Reevaluate your life.

>> No.8270178

It's funny because you are not only trying to start shit by calling me a male, but also calling me a man for some reason.

If I were a man, I wouldn't call myself a feminist. Men can only be feminist-allies; they can never be real feminists (unless they become transwomen).

>> No.8270179

Yeah.. I can see that. I just wish the conversation didn't get so much worse.

>> No.8270183

That wasn't me. There are in fact more people than just the 2 of us in this thread.

And I would hardly call this an argument. It's more like 1 side constantly floundering around for excuse, me explaining why those excuse make no sense and are stupid, and the other side getting angry and telling me to leave because I called them out on being stupid.

>> No.8270186

Now I know why they call North Korea BEST KOREA. It may be a dictatorship shithole but god damn...

Imagine how many /cgl/ posters would go to jail behind all the trashtalk of popular cosplayers that they do / used to do.

>> No.8270189

Yeah, maybe you shouldn't have, but it's too late now. What I'm saying is just that you shouldn't feel down just because he seemed to be unexcited. You don't need his 'permission' to get excited over things. Just continue being excited over it because of [insert reasons why you were excited about it in the first place]. Like, sometimes people are not excited for my projects, but whatever, I'm not doing it for them.

>> No.8270190

>same posting style
>same attention whore argument
>that wasn't me tho
You're fooling nobody, tard.

>> No.8270194


>> No.8270197 [DELETED] 

Let's make one thing clear, you shitlords, real men are feminists. If you're not a feminist, you are just a toxic little boy who cannot handle the fact that his kind used to rule the world (and it sucked - look at World Wars, etc.) and now they don't anymore.

The future is in hands of progressives. I mean, how idiotic do you have to be to be against that?

There is a reason why you can't spell progressive without "progress".

Not that I view any of you as a threat, since you are willingly & quietly removing yourself from society and the gene pool. Nature itself doesn't want you.

The future ahead of us (the world, not you) is bright.

Just make sure not to go on a spree shooting when you inevitably kill yourself, ok?

>> No.8270200

> tipsfedora.jpeg

>> No.8270206

Thanks. I'll have to pretend it never happened and rewind back to the feelings I had before. I always wanted to start drawing again and I guess I'll start with doodling tomorrow.

>> No.8270207

You seem to have confused me with yourself, misogynist. Only misogynists wear fedoras. I am a feminist.

You go back to >>>/r9k/ where you belong.

>> No.8270210

> tipslegbeard.jpeg

>> No.8270214

>Just make sure not to go on a spree shooting when you inevitably kill yourself, ok?
Only white men go on spree shootings before killing themselves.

What are we going to do about Hispanic and black men?

>> No.8270217

>Only white men go on spree shootings before killing themselves.
Hey now, Asians have been known to get in on the action from time to time.

>> No.8270218

I am a male feminist so your pathetic insults do nothing to me, misogynist.

Being a male, I am not socially pressured into shaving my legs (or body hair in general). This is one of the many privileges that men have and women don't. This is why we need feminism.

>> No.8270220

Can we not respond to trolls for once or are the lovely ladies here so bloody thick they don't understand what shitposters are?

>> No.8270222

I consider Asian Americans white. They have almost all the privilege that cis white men have and they are extremely over-represented in our universities. There needs to be a lot less of them so that we can have diversity in our academia.

>> No.8270226

>same posting style
I don't suppose you can actually define any stylistic similarities between my posts and that one bringing up daddy issues, and aren't just using that as a damage controlling buzzword.

But even if you refuse to believe it wasn't me (why you think I would also respond to some random person asking about their orders in the same post is beyond me), it doesn't change the fact that you tried to claim having your your own camera broken or absent means you have to wait for strangers to approach and ask you to take pictures, and when I pointed out that you could just be the one to approach and ask the stranger if you're the one who wanted the picture, you just got angry and told me to piss off. Which is exactly how most of this "argument" has gone, and how you will unboubtably respond right now.

>> No.8270229

Let's make one thing clear, you shitlords, real men are feminists. If you're not a feminist, you are just a toxic little boy who cannot handle the fact that his kind used to rule the world (and it sucked - look at World Wars, etc.) and now they don't anymore.

The future is in hands of progressives. I mean, how idiotic do you have to be to be against that?

There is a reason why you can't spell progressive without "progress".

Not that I view any of you as a threat, since you are willingly & quietly removing yourself from society and the gene pool. Nature itself doesn't want you.

The future ahead of us (the world, not you) is bright.

Just make sure not to go on a spree shooting when you inevitably kill yourself, ok?

>> No.8270244
File: 49 KB, 500x375, 1383417267307.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>accidently posted in the thread in autosage oops

Dat feel when you can't get out of a binge/purge cycle about a month before con. I'm trying really hard, but I keep getting sick, inadvertently vomiting, then saying "Fuck it!" and b/ping. Which is not helping the whole sick situation. I just don't want to be bloated for the con, hopefully visiting my family will help kick it.
(Luckily I haven't been gaining weight, but I've been bloated as all hell. My face looks so fat, too. Not to mention being dizzy all the time and constantly knocking into things.)

>> No.8270259

Let's make one thing clear, you shitlords, real men are ciphers. If you're not a cipher, you are just a toxic little boy who cannot handle the fact that his kind used to rule the world (and it sucked - look at World Wars, etc.) and now they don't anymore.

The future is in hands of progressives. I mean, how idiotic do you have to be to be against that?

There is a reason why you can't spell progressive without "progress".

Not that I view any of you as a threat, since you are willingly & quietly removing yourself from society and the gene pool. Nature itself doesn't want you.

The future ahead of us (the world, not you) is bright.

Just make sure not to go on a spree shooting when you inevitably kill yourself, ok?

>> No.8270262

Wait, that's the old version. Here's the full one:

Let's make one thing clear, you shitlords, real men are ciphers. If you're not a cipher, you are just a toxic little boy who cannot handle the fact that his kind used to rule the world (and it sucked - look at Saint's War, etc.) and now they don't anymore.

The future is in hands of animancers. I mean, how idiotic do you have to be to be against that?

There is a reason why you can't spell animancers without "anime".

Not that I view any of you as a threat, since you are willingly & quietly removing yourself from society and the gene pool. Galawain himself doesn't want you.

The future ahead of us (the world, not you) is bright.

Just make sure not to go on a spree shooting when you inevitably kill yourself, ok?

>> No.8270266
File: 180 KB, 400x801, 1408485263767.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>first matriarchy county
>just 3 of the 30 or so key Personnel of the execute branch are women
>among them, 2 of the are just the "Minister of Gender Equality and Family" and "Commissioner of Cultural Heritage Administration" respectively
>men still in charge of everything else
>somehow you think women are the ones responsible for south koreans technological and economic success

Let me guess, you didn't know absolutely ANYTHING about south korea besides hearing that "no harassing women on the internet" quip in some feminist article and instantly deemed it a matriarchy in your head.

>> No.8270267

South Korea also has a female president.

The point is that all the men who serve in the government are feminist-allies.

>> No.8270269

So is Obama.

Doesn't that mean America is a matriarchy?
Who or what can you scapegoat all your own incompetence on now?

>> No.8270271

I'm fairly sure the Prime Minister is the one with all the power in South Korea, though.

>> No.8270310

>watch him sculpt clay on a pottery wheel

Oh god my sides.

I can't..I just can't...

See, this is the results of your actions. You chose to rebel against /fit/ running this board and now you have to settle for literal fucking Betas like this cause we don't want you fat landwhales no more.

>> No.8270327

>live poetry reading
You're from San Francisco aren't you

>> No.8270334

i... what...
DC actually

>> No.8270337

>men still running and in charge of the vast majority of business and political positions
>as long as they tell women "we'll get rid of those mean people on the internet", women declare them "feminist-allies" and somehow believe it means women are now in charge of the country and get to claim credit for all of it's success
>meanwhile men can just finally actually run the country in peace without a bunch of shrieking harpies bothering them

Damn that's smart of those men.
This is sort of like if you're trying to play a video game with a small child around and they keep crying "I want to play I want to play!!!" so eventually you just hand them an unplugged controller and let them think they're playing so you can finally play in peace.

Why are women so mentally similar to small children? Is it because society constantly coddles you so you never grow up past being a child?

>> No.8270349

> implying >>8270200 wasn't 100% ironic
I forgot, no fun on /cgl/

>> No.8270360

>lovely ladies

So basically, a fedora wearing "nice guy" telling women what to do, when they want to talk about feminism (an important subject on /cgl/).

Gee, I sure wonder what board you crawled out from *cough /r9k/ *cough*

>> No.8270367
File: 7 KB, 228x289, 1388523788541.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All these bitter /r9k/ shitposters make me feel glad that I'm a lesbian.

>> No.8270381

>being glad that you're ugly

That's a new one.

>> No.8270410

>and they are extremely over-represented in our universities
I enjoy shit posting that lets in the occasional joke instead of being completely serious.

>> No.8270417

Are you actually implying that American universities aren't like 60% Asian?

They are stealing space from African-Americans and Hispanics.

>> No.8270419

>>8269779 here, let my clarify what I was trying to say. Introvertedness is different than anxiety or insecurity. It's normal for anyone to be attracted to introverts and/or extroverts, that's just a matter of personal taste. I'm pretty sure what you mean to say is "I like introverted girls", which is perfectly fine.

What's not fine is saying "I'm attracted to your insecurities," because it comes off as if you don't respect the fact that their insecurity is something that person doesn't like about themselves and potentially wants to change about themselves.

I hope that kind of makes sense. It sounded like your heart was in the right place trying to be comforting but dropping spaghetti is just one of those things you shouldn't try to compliment. Like how you wouldn't compliment the way someone coughs to try to make them feel better.

>> No.8270424
File: 21 KB, 240x240, 1416016354614.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

American universities are also like 60% female.

>mfw I already know you're just going to say "well that's a good thing and in fact it should be even higher"
Come on, prove me wrong and come up with some bait I'm not already anticipating. Be original. it's not like I expect you to be capable of creating anything original on your own as a woman, but It'd be really interesting if you could.

>> No.8270431

Wait a second. Are you actually implying that this is a bad thing then?

Get a trip so I can filter you, autistic misogynerd.

>> No.8270436

In STEM fields, it's like 10:90 so your point is completely irrelevant. Universities still need more women. If America wasn't filled with conservative Christians, we'd have a free tuition for women who decide to go to the STEM field (only ~20 thousand pounds but still nice motivation + it helps to deal with all the misogyny).

>> No.8270443
File: 24 KB, 512x384, 1388704604051.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>autistic misogynerd.
Well, I guess I can give you a few point for at least making up a word. Granted all you actually did was combine 2 existing words. It's *kinda* original in a way.

Still disappointing and boring, but like I said I don't really expect much more from women anyways.

>> No.8270451

There already is.

Women simply don't care about STEM
Or simply aren't capable of it even if they did try
Likely some combination of the 2

Either way they're never in any way going to catch up.

>> No.8270465

I agree. I no way endorsed it - hell, the whole misunderstanding goes to show how bad I am with people and communicating - even over the internet. Obviously that's something that we should strive to improve.

I never complimented dropping spaghetti, just said that girls who do so can sometimes be cute.

I think we're in agreement here, it's just a semantics issue. Isn't something like this, some reasonable agreement, so much better than the /r9k/ guy and the tumblrite shouting "MY SOGGY KNEES" at one another?

I digress. Thanks for clarifying.

>> No.8270477

Doesn't matter. You're not an alpha so women hate you. And they'll come up with all kinds of things to call you to justify their hatred.

>> No.8270482

Get the fuck of this board.
Get the fuck of off 4chan. Leave the internet.

Go out and meet some people, most people (men/women) are not like this. You don't expect much from women because you're too much of a coward to go and make meaningful relationships.

You take some random troll post or a story about EVIL WIMMENZ and you internalize as reality.

The internet is an echo chamber, take it with a grain of salt. Stopped getting trolled and stop trying to troll so you can somehow verify your idiotic precepts.

>> No.8270488

But anon, YOU are "the /r9k/ guy".

>> No.8270492

>Stopped getting trolled
Tell me now, which of the multiple sentences I typed out where I talked about how I know the person i'm replying to it just trying to bait and I just want to see if she can give me anything new or original made you think I was actually falling for it and didn't know it was bait.

>> No.8270495

Wow anon you are so mature and smart, I think we girls owe you some sex. ;-)

>> No.8270497

The tone of that guy seems different from the really combative guy, though.
>sage because this is ridiculous and trolls trolling trolls

>> No.8270507

>talking about yourself in third person to pretend that you're three different people

I can't breathe.

You probably weigh as much as three people tho.

>> No.8270516

Uh, okay.

>> No.8270517

Yeah jesus christ.

Somebody mentioned "posting style" before (although they clearly had no actual idea what they were talking about) but that guys posts have a very distinctive style. He's only done like 3 of them but they're all about the same length and spacing and always filled with please and thankyous and apologizing.

Franky I'm insulted people mistake me with a pansy like him. But I guess women hear just the words "bit anxious" and go into immidiate attack mode ready to hate any man they see in case he might be the non-alpha.

>> No.8270520

>Franky I'm insulted people mistake me with a pansy like him.
True, how could someone mistake a gentleman and a real man like you for someone else who's also from /r9k/.

*tips trilbydora*

>> No.8270524

Hey now, combining words was barely original to begin with. You keep trying to use that and I might just have to start taking away points (and you don't have many points to begin with)

>> No.8270528

>"I'm not that guy, I swear"
>admits that he is the guy right afterwards

Typical male brain.

>> No.8270532

That's 2 points gone.

You're down to 1 now.

>> No.8270535

> trying to conserve my money in general
> also trying to save up money on the side to see favorite musical on Broadway during summer vacation
> someone in my comm puts up dream dress for sale
> trying to figure out how to spend $200 without becoming broke
> inb4 credit card; still trying to pay a majority off

>> No.8270634

>so you can somehow verify your idiotic precepts.
The women here are verifying them just fine by themselves.

>> No.8270680
File: 18 KB, 300x233, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kinda OTT, but fuck it
> me: "I'm gonna go on Tumblr to find some lolita coord inspirations."
> logs on
> first thing I see is drama over a Youtuber I like
> "He put on makeup horribly on purpose! He's BEING A PROBLEMATIC TRANSMISOGYNIST and OPPRESSING TRANS WOMEN!!!!!122"
> me: "..........."
> exits Tumblr

Tumblr has actually set a new record with rustling my jimmies. My stomach is actually hurting from how stupid this is.

>> No.8270685

>> trying to figure out how to spend $200 without becoming broke
It's not a dream dress for me but for cosplay-related stuff. I want to work on my costumes but I'd need a job to not fuck over my credit card

>> No.8270691

You are right. Feminism is the answer to everything. Misogyny is the wrong answer to everything. Hence, we must eliminate the misogynies and replace them with feminisms.

~Amerikwan intellectual

>> No.8270700

So try following different people?

>> No.8270703
File: 36 KB, 1908x1208, 1422996077762.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You mean we're not on tumblr right now?

Because I could swear we are.

>> No.8270705

How the fuck is /co/ more tumblr than we are

>> No.8270709

You must be new or something. I've been on /cgl/ for 5 years and we've always known that /co/ is the most Tumblr board.

It's probably because of Korra. They don't actually talk about comics with misogynistic superheroes (Superman, Batman, etc) very much.

>> No.8270711

Most western cartoon fanbases are even more heavily infested with SJWs than even cosplay and lolita.

>> No.8270714

I just posted a picture of Smurfette there and said that I liked her as a character and I was instantly accused of being a rape culture supporter. Kek.

>> No.8270730

I don't even follow those people at all. I just saw the Youtuber make a vague statement about it on his personal blog, and I followed the bread crumbs from there.

>> No.8270740

I feel like shit after watching this video
people often joke about rape on 4chan but this is seriously disgusting stuff that keeps happening to women out there, every day.

>> No.8270756

I can definitely sympathize with that woman.
>went out to a restaurant
>waiter asks me what I want to drink
>I ask for coke
>he tells me they only have pepsi
>tfw I was raped

And everyone in the restaurant, even my own family sitting there next to me, did nothing. Just sat there and watched as I was raped and didn't even bat an eye, like they'd just completely accepted rape as the norm.

Rape culture is real and it needs to be stopped.

>> No.8270763

That was some really strong stuff.

Fuck off back to >>>/r9k/.

>> No.8270771

Even my fellow sisters turn on me.

Is there no end to rape cultures torment?

>> No.8270784

Keep it for emergancies.
>Saved 6500
>Going to use it for a flat deposit
>Huge denitist bill on horizon
>Most likely going to lose 1800 for bill
>Back to saving again for another 3 years.

Takes me a month to save 900 so should be ok for now, just no spending any money again.

>> No.8270802

>walking down the street one day
>suddenly, a bug flies into my face
>scream "RAPE RAPE!!"
>crowd of people rushes to my side
>through the tears manage to tell them what happened
>they all suddenly look at me like i'm crazy, begin to all walk away
>police refuse to hear my case
>that bug, my rapist, is still out there, probably raping countless other helpless women even as we speak


>> No.8270821

this website is 18+

>> No.8270908

Anon this doesn't sound like GAD, it sounds more like a physical problem. Go to a doctor asap and get it checked out.

>> No.8270975

Sorry I went to bed. I hope you weren't refreshing this thread too late hoping for a response.

Here it is.

>> No.8270979


You are wasting what very little time you have in this world.

>> No.8270982

you will never be a qt that wears lolita because you are a guy

>> No.8270992

you sound like a mangina cuckold

>> No.8271159

Ah, yeah, I think you're all right (or more right than I am, at least.)
I guess I just assumed it was tied into my anxiety since I have been diagnosed with GAD but since it might not be, I'll see a general physician. Only thing that sucks is that I've used my sick day for the month already and I'm still in the probationary period for my job, so I can't exactly take another half day to go to a doctor. I want to say they would be understanding, but I also don't wanna get an infraction. Blech. Thanks for the advice though, everyone.

For good and cgl related feels, I do have some extra money this month even after putting quite a bit into savings. I won't go crazy since I have to go to the doctor, but I'm definitely indulging in a little retail therapy. Time4burando.

>> No.8271206

How the fuck is any of that rape.

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