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I can't be the only person who hates seeing this. I mean, in some cases, it's acceptable. For example, GoT or other historically inspired shows. But Homestuck? You don't see it so much anymore, but at one point there was a trend of Renaissance Homestucks. In full grey paint too. Is that really necessary? Post pics and voice complaints.

(No idea who these guys are. They just came up in a google search.)

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A couple years ago, there was a large group of them (about ten or so) at our local Renn Faire and they were shunned by the vendors because of how destructive and obnoxious they were. They took up all the walkways because they had to lock arms and walk side by and nearly knocked down one of the staff (she was in full costume, too), climbed on everything to take stupid selfies, and shouted curse words at people walking around with children.

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Meh. No Ren Faire is totally pure. There's always Stormtroopers, or slutty fairies, or whatever. As long as they're not being rude, disruptive, or upstaging the staff, I don't care.

>at one point there was a trend of Renaissance Homestucks

People doing fancy dreamer cosplay, or just Homestucks at Ren Faires?

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not op, but just people doing homestuck. At my local ren faire one year, a bunch of homestucks decided to have an entire cosplay meet up. it was vile... So many 12 year olds in grease paint...
a little OT, but we also have a local japanese culture festival every year that the homestucks also invade.

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Are people dressed in civilian clothes allowed to attend a Renaissance Fair?
Because if so the only peoples time ruined is themselves for not appreciating being immersed in this old world, and the OCD, muh-purity of Ren Fair fags like OP. Just ignore them.

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Op. I was just using Homestucks as an example, but I do also mean things like Stormtroopers as well. Doctor Who is another popular one (not counting things like Time Traveler weekend, which I disagree with also because it encourages this sort of thing, but that's another point entirely). Basically, anything that doesn't fit into the historical or fantasy elements that a pure Ren Faire is supposed to be. Homestucks, Hetalias, and all those other weeby things just tend to be the worst offenders in terms of behavior.

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Are you from Georgia, because I experienced the same thing every year at Ren Fest and Japanfest

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>Complains about homestuck as renfaires
>Uses pic of appropriately dressed homestucks at the renfaire

You probably didn't mean to do that, but cosplayers who mod their characters to fit in at the faire like this get an A+ in my book.

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*At, fuck my phone

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Those are homestuck characters?

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Yup. Dualscar, Redglare and Mindfang. I'd say they're more Homestuck-inspired garb. Only homestucks looking at them know they're Homestuck. I see no problem with people adapting their characters' outfits to fit the setting. I've seen Sailor Moons. Sorry, "Renaissance" (Read: Steampunk) Sailor Moons at faires before. As long as it doesn't scream out of place and look completely stupid I don't see the harm.

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Op. I used the first image I saw. I actually don't take too much offense with the Redglare (?) in this. She's not too bad. The other two, well, you can't really tell. Not the best example, but my point stands.

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A friend of mine goes dressed as Link every year. Pisses me off.

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First time I saw a Link at the Renaissance Faire I thought it was cool. Those feelings died down quickly as I realized that Link didn't fit in very well.
That being said, I think a modified Link/Link Inspired costume could work for a Renaissance Faire.

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>There are people ITT legitimately defending Homostuck cosplay of any kind, at any place.

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>boo hoo people cosplay from things i dont like

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>making point about people wearing inappropriate shit to the ren faire
>picks appropriate outfits
>'my point still stands'

bro I don't disagree but you couldn't find one pic of a greasy paint smeared overweight gamzee eating ea turkey leg instead? lazy.

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>I can't tell what the characters are from
>Someone tells me it's Homestuck

What a champ

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Yeah, but if you're going to make the effort of wearing a costume, at least be accurate with it.

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Could you explain your point better then because it makes no sense. I agree that cosplayers wearing straight up animu costumes are grating, but why do you care about cosplayers who wear renfaire garb and a wig? You'd never know those people were supposed to be a certain character unless someone told you or you knew the series well, so who gives a shit? It's more creative than buying some ill-fitting corset or piling on bellydancer clothing.

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Dumping some faire-appropriate cosplays (no guarantees on the ugliness factor)

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I really don't like it more or less because more often than not they're done by people who either a) are just finding any excuse to cosplay or b) think they're being clever as fuck (eg Doctor Who cosplayers)

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We have star trek and star wars cosplayers every year at the Texas ren fest

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This one's pretty hideous but still fits in imo

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I did a Soul Sacrifice last year, since it was fairly period appropriate. Including pic related

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Yes! Thank you! My point exactly. If you're going to bother dressing up to a Ren Faire and put in the effort to do that, then why cosplay something completely unrelated and unfitting?

My issue is when it's clearly supposed to be some kind of character that was simply poorly Renaissance-ified to shoehorn it into being acceptable at a Ren Faire. Again, original image was not a good example. The Redglare looks passing because she barely looks like the intended character. The other two? Yeah, seems like cosplay sans the grey paint to me. >>8245997 This is more like what I'm talking about. It usually doesn't look good and it's rather annoying.

YES, thank you. Both of these.

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I guess what I'm trying to ask is why do the two you don't like look any different than 90% of costumes there? The blue one just looks like the type of dress you'd buy at one of the booths (minus the spider tights which yeah look weird)

Pony girl does look out of place because of the colors but at least she made an effort to blend in. The people who run around in steampunk gear or fairy/raver shit like pic related annoy me way more.

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I have to go to a Renn. Faire but I have seen Deadpools and Link & Zelda at BlizzCon which is primarily WoW, SC2, and Diablo3 cosplay.

Those costumes (while not disallowed at BlizzCon) would've blended in better at PMX on the same weekend.

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I hate this shit so much at cons, I think I'd have an aneurysm if I saw this at a ren faire

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Could be worse. Halloween weekend at the Texas Ren Fest involves gimps in leather and bondage fairies

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My local Faire has a scifi/steampunk corner so Stormtroopers etc. aren't as out of place, but I still hate seeing Kill La Kill or Dangan Ronpa characters all over the place. They're always obnoxious as fuck, too. There are several anime events around the same time so why won't they just wear their Chinese cartoon porn costumes there?

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This belongs at a cyber goth rave, not a fucking Ren faire.

>> No.8246128

> Kill La Kill and Dangan Ronpa
> Chinese


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>tfw OP is from the NY Ren Faire

>tfw you see stupid fucking doctor whos all the time

>> No.8246132

is this your first time on 4chan? or the internet?

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Stupid teenagers are gonna continue to be stupid teenagers whether you like it or not. God forbid somebody dress up like a space bounty hunter or a gay anime swim team member rather than something normal like a wizard or a forest sprite.

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Links don't bother me because he's from a sort of Medieval-like setting. It would be like cosplaying from LOTR or GOT. While it's not legitimately Renaissance-related, it's not too out of place.

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>dat reality check tho

>> No.8246148

Doctor Who was alright at first. Until Matt Smith. Now you see about 50 or so a convention

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The people who cosplay at Ren Fests just remind me of like the weebs who show up to Cherry Blossom Festivals (or worse, Chinese New Year events) and wear cosplays.

>> No.8246198

>look at me, I'm a newfag!

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This. We're all nerds, but there's a time and place. I wouldn't show up to an anime cosplay meetup dressed as Elrond and anime cosplayers need to realize ren faires aren't the place for them.

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Last time I went to a renfaire there was a crappy Kirito cosplayer there, and he just looked so out of place. He was probably pretending he was in SAO or something, and he looked like he was having fun but I thought it was out of place.
I wish people would just stick to cloaks and elves and DnD OCs or whatever, like they used to.

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Some cosplayers are appropriate, as long as is from some that's period accurate. For example, I did the unnamed sorcerer in noble raiments from Soul Sacrifice last year. One person for the reference, most others thought I was simply a necromancer worth the necronomicon

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What a disappointment. I was hoping this thread would be filled with other people who hate this as much as I do but you're all defending it? As a rennie and cosplayer I hate it when people cosplay at Faire. Go to a convention or a meet up. You look stupid and out of place.

>> No.8248401

>"everyone is defending anime at faires"

Did you even read

>> No.8248626

Yes I did. People are saying GOT and LOTR are okay and if they try to fit in its fine but what's annoying is doctor who. Personally I hate all cosplay at Faire. No disney princesses, GOT or LOTR or anything else. If you want to cosplay at a Faire so badly put together something from Canterbury Tales or something else period.

>> No.8249272

Agreed. Faire is not the place for that sort of thing. Plenty of cons and other things to take that to. Keep the Faire pure.

>> No.8249352

And.....? Most people here agree with everything you just said, if it looks like it fits in aesthetically it's fine, if the era is off, go home.

>> No.8249447

They said that Twilight Sparkle one and Iron Man fit in! I think it should be left out entirely so no most people have not agreed with me.

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Yeah god forbid period-appropriate cosplayers taint the pure and unsullied historical accuracy of the Faire that fairies in glitter body paint and saucy pirate wenches wearing pants and shitty 'corsets have worked to establish. I personally spit on every Game of Thrones character I see. The civilians in Yankees' Jerseys add so much more to the ambiance, why can't everyone be like them.

>> No.8249547

I don't know what faires you go to but there's no fairies at the ones I'm at. And there's no obnoxious cosplayers thank god. But my friend went in his larping gear one year and I just about killed him. I just hate seeing cosplayers on my newsfeed going to faires in cosplay. At least sew a new costume that's appropriate if you want to dress up my God.

>> No.8249605

They fit in because they're wearing period-appropriate (using that term really losely... most of the stuff sold at the faire isn't really period appropriate) garb, just in weird colors. Stop getting your panties in a twist because you had to look at something slightly weird for a few seconds. Unless you're a SCA reinactor who wears proper elizabethan garments instead of the shitty off the rack corsets and pirate skirts that 80% of people have on, you've got no high horse to sit on.

You're pretty lucky then, I've been to 4-5 different faires and there is always a plague of fairies, bellydancers, or pirates.

>> No.8249635

This is also Homestuck at a Ren Faire, and one of these is in the OP picture. This group when they go at least wears clothing that is generic for the faire in colors that match the characters. There are people who aren't even intending to cosplay in far weirder (like bondage fairies and trek uniforms)

At least they aren't in gray and horns, which I have seen at the MD faire.

>> No.8249770


What Faire is this? I've been to almost a dozen across the country and there's always shitty fairies working there. Along with vendors selling bellydancing gear and generic McCalls pattern 'bodices'. Larping gear would be better than 80% of shit I see at our local faire.

>> No.8250027

Honestly, I don't care much as long as it's, like other people said, appropriate to the faire itself. At the Texas rennfest, which does multiple themed weekends (celtic, pirates, hallow's eve, fantasy, warriors, etc), I have seen multiple just bland homestuck, doctors or star trek cosplays, which I don't particularly like, but it doesn't butt frustrate me.

I'll take any at least appropriate-looking cosplay, however, since I'm aware "Renaissance" in "Renaissance Faire" is a term to be taken loosely, and is not solely about the actual Renaissance period, which is why I don't get ass-angry about pirates, or fairies, or elves.

>> No.8250039

Exactly, i mean, it not like theyre all 400lbs men in dresses with articial boobs flitting about with fairy wings like that one guy at the texas renfest that anyone who has ever been knows of.

>> No.8250052

I actually didn't see that guy, and I'm kinda glad that I didn't. I only went for one weekend, though, lol. I met some cool bros there, though.

>> No.8250055

yea, most are pretty chill, especially the pirates cove guys

>> No.8250093

>tfw I want to wear my Link cosplay to a ren faire once it's done.

a-are people going to hate me? ;_; I'm trying to make it historically accurate using fabrics/crafting methods from medieval times. but if it really bothers people i guess i'll just save it for katsucon.

>> No.8250101

Do it, bruv.

Yeah, I met some guys on the camp ground that let us try some of their homemade liqueur. Pretty good.

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I thought the Hocus Pocus cosplay was rather clever.

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As were the Knights or Khorne

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All my no

>> No.8250295

So would Monty Python and the Holy Grail cosplay be unacceptable or..?

>> No.8250324

considering ive seen people actually working Faire do it, no?

>> No.8250325

Why armor when they could have been a jester? Still well made though.

>> No.8250420


I saw at least 4 Links when I went to my local Ren Fest about a month ago. Though it was the weekend before St. Patrick 's Day, so they could've been doing it because they wanted to wear something green.

>> No.8250486

>work at a ren faire
>have to deal with a dozen shitty Doctor Who's waving their plastic sonic screwdriver in my face
>they always expect me to act surprised or shocked about it

>> No.8250854

Still better than the three Ledger-style jokers that show up to my local faire every year and think they're hot shit, but ugh. Even worse when they're 'in character'. To be fair, those are terrible anywhere.

>> No.8251243

Is it better that the one I have is the stage prop version? My cousin is married to one of the shows stage hands that sent me one of the Eccleston screwdrivers for my birthday one year. Doesn't make sounds, only lights up

>> No.8251251

Are you still trying to be "cute" by pretending to use it in front of strangers and/or talking in a British accent while using it? If so, no. It's no better at all.

/r/ing more good cosplays-at-faires if anyone has more.

>> No.8251263

I've seen totally out of place stuff from time to time but I love seeing LoZ cosplayers (bonus if something more like Twilight Princess than idk Windwaker). I've seen some subtle cosplays from things like the Harvest Moon series and similar games which is cute. LotR is pretty popular too. Imo those all fit fine.

My favorite was someone as captain jack sparrow. A+ outfit, A+ makeup. Looked like Depp in every way and even pulled off the Sparrow saunter and speech.

>> No.8251274

What if I have a natural British accent? (Also, I don't wave it around unless asked)

>> No.8251285
File: 271 KB, 1191x670, sofia_sartor_cosplay_by_princessairezen-d4yshl7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've always thought that Assassin's Creed 1-Revelations (at least, some of the side characters) could be decently passable at renaissance faires.

Outside of the Assassins, the costumes are fairly accurate for time period of the Italian Renaissance...

>> No.8251291

You're missing the point I think. 99% of people do not like when Doctor Who cosplayers try to role play with them (why is this a "thing" with doctor who fandom?). It's obnoxious and pretentious.

>> No.8251293

Some of the outfits in Twilight Princess and some other Zelda games are very fitting for a Ren fest because they're based on clothes from those times. I think the reason people get so butthurt over them is because it's fantasy or whatever. Besides, you don't see Links getting all obnoxious and loud like Homefucks and Doctor Who cosplayers, so what's the big deal?

I mean, if Zelda cosplays were so unwanted there, why would vendors being selling Hylian Shield and Master Sword replicas? There's even a vendor at my local Festival that sells little Ocarinas of Time. It's almost like they encourage it.

>> No.8251482

I completely disagree. I just attended a Ren faire not too long ago and the workers/volunteers my bf and i spoke with encouraged us to dress up next time we go, in anything at all, just for the fun of it.
In the end, there's a bunch of old people who like historical stuff and swords, a sea of normalfags who probably look at Homestucks and go "Oh, they're some sort of ugly annoying ass forest monster," and then I guess the srs bizniss atendees ITT. I agree with straight up anime cosplay not fitting in but the muh pure historical faire aspie shit is pretty sad.

>> No.8251772

Can confirm, I work there (or worked since its off season) and they have meet ups, luckily the ones i've seen seem to have their paint under control (still don't know why you'd go in full paint, it gets so fucking hot sometimes).

Also SNK cosplayers in cheap, Micheal's fake flower crowns. At least with the Homestucks i'm not looking at the same shit over and over again.

>> No.8251794

>bondage fairies

>> No.8251802

Not the actual manga series, but 200lbs+ guys/gals dressed in leather thongs and gimp suits with fairy wings. Shit you not

>> No.8251815

I don't typically role play with people unless they approach me, which tends to happen a lot surprisingly when I dress as the doctor at the tex ren fest. (There are a shit load of "whovians" working there, including the king)

>> No.8251829

That's good, but I still don't really know what you're trying to ask here. It sounds like you're trying to get a "pass" for dressing up as the doctor because you've got special official props and an accent.

>> No.8251844

Nope, I'm not. What I AM saying is that it depends on the and the people working there, but also on the cosplayer

>> No.8251845

>Depends on the cosplayer

>> No.8251847

The faire*

>> No.8251852

Well, if you get a shitty cosplayer that like being obnoxious and trying to force people to roleplay with them, it doesn't matter what their costume is, they're a shitter

>> No.8252421

Has anyone else had issues with their local faires banning/discouraging certain cosplays? The one near me likes to work pop culture characters into their stuff, so they've been trying to cut down the amount of people in similar outfits coming in. I know Jack Sparrow and some HTTYD characters are on their list. Same idea as Disneyworld I guess, if someone is there as "their" character it can mess stuff up for them.

>> No.8253259

Sometimes it depends though. At the NorCal ren faire they have a "fantasy weekend" theme where he'd probably fit in with more since its for like, fairies and elves and stuff like that. Idk about other ren faires and what themes they have

>> No.8255242

free for use of public

>> No.8255292

That's pretty stupid as unless they have permission from Disney/Dreamworks, they're not really allowed to have them either.

>> No.8259186


i like this thread

>> No.8259229

They were from the Colonial era, though. Not the Renaissance.

>> No.8259307


I see this girl at BRF throughout the entire season, and *all* of her outfits are like this. Actually, usually less. Like, raver fluffies and chainmail bikini kind of things. I think this was from the steampunk weekend.

>> No.8259977

It's Time Traveler's Weekend at Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire in SoCal. Are you fucking ready for all the shitty Doctor Who?

>> No.8261727

Maybe, but it was still fairly cute, and they showed up during the All Hallows Eve weekend, so it was appropriate, what with being witches.

>> No.8262576

I'm gonna cosplay Mel Gibson's version of William Wallace at a local ren-faire next month.


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>> No.8263706

Because the set up for the story line of Homestuck allows for it to be "appropriate" for any situation... even if that is a renaissance fair or a cultural event...

Since it is apparently a video game...

It doesn't pissed me off since steampunk and fairies are quite common at fairs as well. (Fairies I understand... but steampunk is as far a cry as Homestuck.)

I've noticed Homestuck kids are particularly annoying and a good historical costume can cost far too much for someone not to get pissed at grey paint on it...

Same with props... recreation props aren't cheap, they should not be getting paint on them.

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