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I didn't see one in the catalog, so I didn't know where to post this, but thought it should be shared
but also, let's discuss lacemarket.

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I have one of the most ita pieces of clothing from Bodyline that I've been wanting to sell and I was thinking of just using a brutally honest title.

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I saw this too, gave me a good laugh. after seeing all the horror stories about the shoes themselves though, I'm almost grateful my order was one of the many that got screwed over and had to open up paypal disputes with lenore's sorry ass

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Funniest shit I've seen on Lacemarket.

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Is Dear Lonore shoes that bad or even a bad company?

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Dat astronomical clock. Fuck me no cash.

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Yeah, they have awful communication, they take a long ass time to ship their shoes out or never ship them out at all. I think a few people have been waiting over a year to get their shoes. There was also some drama about one girl who wanted two free pairs of shoes when Dear Lenore never sent her original pair out.

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I hate that I can't delete favourites from my list. The auctions ended 100 years ago but are still on the list and I can't add new stuff. Where are the mods?!

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use fucking google. there's shit loads of negative reviews for them everywhere.

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I wonder if she got her original pair. She whinged on their page that they only sent out half of her order - which would be the pair she paid for. I don't blame them for not sending her the free pair, she was a royal bitch about it.

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Pretty accurate tbh. I bought a gold pair last year, and I can only stand to wear them for about an hour before I need to take them off. They're extremely narrow. I have size 8W feet so I thought that was why, but my petite-footed friend complained of the same problems.

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Where ARE the lacemarket mods? Print replicas were banned and they're still being sold and there's still a lot of random bullshit being put up for sale

What on earth

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>Keep trying to sell a dress
>It's 50% off the original retail price and it's new with tags, never been worn, well known brand
>I have all the information in my description, I have great feedback, ect
>Do I just have bad taste?

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What dress is it?

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Yeah, that bothers me too.

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>mfw 2 bids

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Horrible. Having tiny feet, I decided to try her out a while ago. She responded instantly to take on my order (despite being secretly backlogged and her paypal being under dispute) and claimed it would only be a couple weeks max. Took my money, then dropped all communication entirely. Time goes by, no sign of them even being made, and suddenly all the other negative reviews and cases of other people in similar situations to myself begin to surface. I just barely managed to get my money back by escalating my paypal dispute (still no response from her through all this despite numerous attempts, though i heard she was continuing to accept new orders) just in the nick of time literally hours before protection expired. Never again.

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Be patient anon. Sometimes it takes me awhile to sell things on lacemarket. I had items up from October up until January until they finally moved because of tax season. Try posting it to LSE as well. I made a lot more of my sales through there. Lacemarket is just kinda inundated with items and it's easy for things to get lost.

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It also annoys me that the email notification for PM's doesn't just show you the message in the email. LM loads so slow sometimes or it takes several clicks to get over to other folders that it would be so much easier.

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I thought of bidding... they're my size and they started at $15 USD *shipped*... surely there'd be something I could do with them...

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Maybe it's just not popular, out of fashion, or the market is oversaturated with similar dresses. Or maybe your pictures just suck. Try to display the dress nicely so that it's pleasant to look at on photos. It has to be eye candy. Sometimes taking new pictures helps to lure dem impulse buyers into your sales post.

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Every time I see this goddamn blouse I think of why there should be a price-lower policy on LM sales in a certain time frame like their is on egl-comm-sales.

This blouse has goddamn visible pit stains that they chose not to disclose, was literally chewed up by a dog in their yard, and they still think they can get $180 for this? Or you know, but it now for the steal price of $300.

The worst part is that this damn blouse used to be mine and I sold it to this person a while back for $40 shipped, if I can remember correctly, so it just double irritates me for that reason.


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Someone will probably snap it up for Halloween if it's cheap.

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I'll bite. What dress, size? Post in the WTS/ WTB thread.

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I had a similar problem where I had a dress that simply wouldn't sell. Finally, after 4 months it did. I was getting to the point that I was willing to just keep the dress.

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Let me guess, rincinerate.
>copypasta link, load

This girl is fucking insane, she in particular is just one of -those- people. Several of her items are things she's been trying to overprice for years.

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>be me
>sell a JSK to some girl (from Taobao, nothing crazy expensive)
>package gets returned to me because of insufficient address
>mfw I copied exactly what was written on her PayPal
>"Hi, can you please tell me your address again so I can mail your package back out? It got returned to sender"
>I send a second message and an email, still no response
>2 weeks pass
>I go on LM to send her another message saying I'm refunding her money if she doesn't respond to me
>mfw she'd written her full address, with a detail that was missing from her PayPal information, a month ago in an old message to me
>still have her package sitting on my kitchen table, wat do?

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ooh more deets?

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Dispute time limit is 45 days now.
Your move, but I'd send a message and re-confirm her address anyway.

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I've sent 3 messages to her already and she hasn't responded. I contacted the LM facebook page about it and they haven't responded. I'm tempted to just mail her package out again to the address the way she wrote it in a message to me and a note explaining what happened and why it took a month for me to send it to her. Hopefully she could at least message me to let me know it arrived to her.

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Wait. If you send it to anywhere other than the paypal address, she can file a chargeback and win even if you have proof you sent it to the address she requested. This is what a scammer did a while ago in the lolita community (she was black, obese, ita, claims to have some sort of multiple personality disorder and hangs out in a mall all the time, dont remember her name). You need to tell her to change her paypal information.

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just sell it to some newfag on ebay or one of those weeb sales facebook groups

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Your pictures might suck, anon. Take it in natural lighting laid flat on a nice looking background. Also, it could just be not trendy right now. In that case, wait it out.

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Thats how i fucking feel with this god damn Marie Antoinette jsk. It use to go for a lot more and I've already dropped it 80 dollars less then what i originally bought it for

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> Auction ended and I had too many off brand auctions that hadn't ended yet.
> Mod deles all off brand auctions except two within two hours.

>Email mod about a potentially scammy user
>Mod emails me three weeks later "did this ever get resolved?"

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Ugh I know! Or those two fucking pairs of bodyline shoes in weird purple and sax. No one wants your fuckin shoes, please stop posting or lower your price

>> No.8240610

Do you really think she'd bother to scam someone over a $50 dress? Thank you for the information, I will try contacting her and the LM mods again before I do anything.

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>selling a dress on LM
>gets a bid immediately
>auction won by first bidder
>goes on LM to send message to winner to ask for shipping option before invoicing
>message from buyer in inbox
>"I can't actually afford the dress. Can I get a discount?"

>> No.8240713

Why do people think it's okay to do this? If you can't go to the mall and tell them when they announce the price, "I actually can't afford this, can I get a discount?" they would tell you to leave. I know dealing with people on a one on one basis is different but it's still incredibly rude and idiotic to work out a price after you commit to buying. Wtf.

>> No.8240726

LaceMarket runs like a fucking tin can floating in a ditch, but goddamnit it has taken buying and selling to a whole new level. I just really hope it ups the strictness of its policies and keeps people from pulling the same bullshit that we always hear about in these threads.

>> No.8240732

There's also the gag factor involved

>> No.8240734

I really wanted the dress sold so I offered her a $10 discount. She actually bargained for $11. Her communication was great and she paid fast though. Should I give her bad feedback to warn others anyways?

>> No.8240803


I'd personally go with a neutral feedback and definitely mention it. One, I don't think these people should get off without some smear to their reputation when they're pulling such shady shit since this stunt is nearly the same as deadbeat bidders, and two, if you never give them bad feedback, then you're actually actively encouraging them. Newbies who read your stories on here are going to come away with a moral of "well the seller was pissed but the buyer got a $10 discount and no penalties so I might as well try it on the next dress I see on LM".

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Sorry, I guess this isn't helpful to you, I just have a similar story to share.

This happened to me once, but the parcel was returned a few months after I'd sent it out (international sale). I contacted the buyer and even left a comment publicly on her own lj, thinking one of her friends would at least see it and tell her, but she didn't respond.

At that time an anon on cgl told me that the best course was to refund the girl but give her neutral feedback as it wasn't my fault that the buyer wasn't responding when I was trying to resolve an issue. I really did not want to resend a parcel out into the unknown and then have a crying buyer on my hands when it doesn't arrive.

Then New Years' and some family trips happened, and I forgot all about the package, I'd already decided to refund her and put the dress back up for sale but forgot to actually do it. Out of the blue, two months after I had tried to contact her, she finally contacts me, gives me a different address and paid for shipping again since it wasn't my fault.

In my case I write in my terms that I will only ship to the paypal address, though, so if the buyer wanted me to ship to a different address I would have refused the sale, or refunded them and sent another invoice. The long shipping time also meant that the paypal protection had already lapsed by the time I got the bounced parcel.

Hopefully your buyer responds to you soon.

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Negative feedback. Do it. Doesn't matter if you managed to find a price afterwards. If you bid or buy you gotta pay that price.

>> No.8240943

Bought a dress from a girl and it took a month and a half for her to ship it to me. I even bothered her mom about it. Sounds really crazy but from what I can gather it was a Canadian girl away at school in the states. My payment went to her mom's paypal & the dress was shipped from Canada. I waited it out because I scored a dream dress for 1/3rd the price and even got an AP petti along with it. I'm fairly certain the girl casually bought the dress "cause it was pretty" and didn't know the value of it. I'm glad my patience payed out.

Still giving her shit feedback though because it got really ridiculous.

>> No.8240997

Just send it. Be upfront about it.

>> No.8241002

>Post $15 beret up for sale
>Get message from potential buyer
> can you give me a slight discount? And can you include the shipping?
>me: lives in Australia
>she: lives in America
>So what your saying is that you want this for free?
>I couldn't even respond to this.

>> No.8241007

I had someone scam me on eBay over a $25 PS2 once.

>> No.8242131

Different anon, but I had a terrible, 3 month long shit fest with that girl and she is seriously insane. I will never do any kind of business with her again and I tell everyone I can to avoid her.

>> No.8242134

Oops, meant to reply to >>8240395

>> No.8242149

No because you accepted her request. If you'd said no and she then refused to pay then that gets a negative. You can't have it both ways, Anon. You decided to offer her the discount. You did not have to.

>> No.8242175

agreed but also it often tells me things are already in my favorites that definitely aren't. Basically the favorites system is fucked in general.

>> No.8242588

This is the really annoying part, honestly. Then you can't keep an eye on an item at all.

>> No.8242648

I wonder if the new team/owner is gonna ever do anything to improve the site..

I'm a bit miffed. I volunteered to take over the site, my message was read by Alice and I wasn't responded to...

And now this new team/owner aint doing jack shit.

>> No.8242681

Lacemarket is ruining me.

I always hated livejournal sales so I end up spending so much more on lolita nowadays.

>> No.8242682

I hate selling. I always want the buyer to leave good feedback and feel happy with their purchase. So often i end up getting a sale, feeling glad, and then the buyer never replies, so i have to relist the item. I only once ever dealt with someone who was pretty insane, she filed a claim a day after the sale and only agreed to undo it when the item was recieved. everything ended fine, but it was very stressful. Because she filed a claim when i'd just started using paypal, i have to wait to recieve payment and i don't know when that will end. blah. Too many inexperienced anxious noobs.

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Ill add more deets because i dont trust people who dont use any real photos of themself on facbeook. So heres one i found of her myspace circa 2008 if not older.
Shes arden rubicon on live journal or rubicons closet. Shes "Based in japan and Hawaii". Cant confirm if shes based in either but she recomends milano. and is probably still too fat to fit anything. I dont belief she ever attends cons.
She was the imfamous crusty ass hot topic shoes that got secrets, get off egl and occasially posted on CGL

>> No.8243394

believe she ever attends meet ups/wears actually wears lolita*
Sage for fuck ups.

>> No.8243589

I wonder how the pit stains even got on that blouse then; that shit won't fit anyone over an 88cm bust.

>> No.8243591

Do not send it unless she updates her PayPal address! PayPal protection does not apply to you if you send to a different address than one listed, even if the buyer herself requested it. She may just be a space case, but if she receives the package and files a dispute, even if you included tracking, she'll win the case.

>> No.8244036


That's why I said to leave her a neutral. The buyer followed through and the seller seems happy to have sold her dress.

Once the buyer hit the bid button, she's legally bound to pay the price on the auction, not a cent less. Since she said she didn't have the money for it, she would have gotten bad feedback anyway. The seller being desperate enough to bargain with her doesn't mean the buyer was in the right, it means the buyer got really lucky she didn't get turned down, receive a negative feedback, turn up in a vent thread, and get named and shamed on cgl.

Bidding isn't a prelude to bargaining, once you hit the bid button, pay up. If you need a discount or a payment plan that badly, work it out and ask for it before you hit the bid button, not before.

>> No.8244073

At what point is it appropriate to ask for a discount on an item? There's something I want that the seller's been re-listing for over a month without dropping the price. I wanna offer her something lower, but I'm also worried about coming off as rude because I also wanna query her shipping prices (she lives in my country, I'm a seller myself, and I know for a fact that she's charging way more than what it should cost, even with packaging).

>> No.8244130


If it's been over a month, it's pretty safe to make an offer (though it doesn't mean they'll accept). The annoying ones are the ones that make an offer on the first day, or even the first hour itself.

As for the shipping, you can try requesting a cheaper shipping method and say that it will be cheaper than what she currently charges. Hopefully that opens up a conversation on what shipping method she uses, why she uses it, and whether she seems to pad it out for a little extra profit. When I first started selling I was quite clueless and didn't know there was a prepaid envelope that I could use for lower shipping, so it might be ignorance as well.

You might have to bite the bullet and treat the shipping + price as one general price if she doesn't budge on the shipping price though. That is, bargain down the price of the item and let her have her high shipping price.

>> No.8244141

Well, perhaps she's using recorded delivery to fully protect herself against chargebacs? But the item's like $20 as it is, it'd be fucking ridiculous to insist on recorded delivery for it when I've shipped heavier and more expensive items for $3. It seems like she's just using it as a way to pad her profits.

>> No.8244159


Only other thing I can think of is she might have copypasted it from another auction.

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File: 96 KB, 640x960, rubicons_closet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

from last year

>> No.8245837

Just noticed innocentgrey's 4th negative is gone. Guess she got scared about being banned and fought it?

Which is pretty shady on both her and the mods to be honest, considering it didn't really seem like the buyer's fault and she has a repeat pattern of this jerking around buyers behavior... I really wish Lacemarket mods were more transparent about this stuff.

>> No.8245865

If it's the listing in thinking of, then it could be because your proof photo makes it look like it has a large amount of yellowing across most of the dress

>> No.8245869

That's possible you know...it's a small and light item but she might have taken the shipping estimate from someone who was selling shoes or something.

>> No.8245986

Jfc this bitch

I would honestly buy some of her shit if it wasn't hilariously overpriced. 65 + shipping for an offbrand bolero what have you been smoking woman

>> No.8246250

I'm so ashamed that before I knew any better, I actually did a trade with her. I regret it now, but I guess I learned my lesson. It sucks.

>> No.8246259

What colorway anon? And what price? I've been looking for the JSK.

>> No.8247114
File: 119 KB, 800x1066, 257494-8318-2015-01-11113653.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Using this as your proof photo

Fucking why.

>> No.8247140

Did you leave her bad feedback, anon? She only has the one negative. It details a sale and not a trade though.

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File: 11 KB, 129x144, themodernthinkerJPG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8247222

mte, poor clueless soul

>> No.8247239

No, because at the time, I thought it was alright, but looking back, I'm like "shit, I really got the raw end of the deal on that one." I was really new at the time.

>> No.8248163


Plus-size proof, I'm guessing?

>> No.8248170

I've had people ask me to ship cosplays internationally for free, when I had already offered a discount to international buyers because I knew shipping would bite them.

>$40 to ship internationally
>cos is only $35
>"can you just ship free?"
>can you literally pay to give this item to me

>> No.8248172


While technically plus sized I was surprised it had only a 90cm bust max from this pic. She must be pretty short

>> No.8248184

What pisses me off a little is when people make national shipping "for free". So they essentially include the shipping price in the product price, fine. But if you ask them for international shipping there's not discount at all. I'm pretty much paying for national shipping on top of international.

>> No.8248187

At least that's flattering.

>> No.8248206

I'm new to the fashion and looking to buy off LM in the near future.
>Advice to newbies?
>Shit newbie buyers do that pisses you off?
>Shit you wish newbies knew already? (but usually don't)

>> No.8248295

think of it this way: the extra cost is because of the additional effort required to send it over
a lot of people don't know the extra steps required for international shipments

>> No.8248326

It may be >>8244988 who wore it? I dont think those people are the same person. One may be from Hawaii while the other is in Japan?
>I imagine its a stinky sissy boy of hers who wears it

>> No.8248919
File: 541 KB, 1432x1494, Laelia_coenosa,_male-female.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please help me out.

I once saw a cutsew on LM for about ~50usd or so, but I cannot find it again. It was mint, closer to green, with ribbons in the white lace. The seller said it was AATP. I looked all over lolibrary under Baby and AATP, with no luck. Does anyone remember this listing, or can identify the cutsew?

>> No.8248955

Paying basically twice for shipping has nothing to do with that international shipping is bit more complex and even then it isnt that hard to do. Its just a subtle way of trying to get only domestic buyers.

>> No.8253398

The only extra step required is putting down "used clothing" and the value on a form. It's piss easy.

>> No.8254652


For domestic mail in the US, you can use self service kiosks, which are much faster, convenient, and more pleasant to deal with than the majority of postal service workers. These cannot be used for international, and this is the #1 reason I do not ship internationally. I would rather not have the sales than deal with my postal workers.

(That and the amount of information you need for the slip is plenty more than you imply, some of which you may not have access to from a paypal transaction if the other person doesn't have all their information written down, such as a phone number. And yes, the few times I did ship internationally, they insisted the -entire- form be filled out.)

>> No.8254669

Ladies PLEASE: If you see a seller is from Canada and you're an international buyer (outside US) PLEASE understand that shipping is going to be $35 tracked at the very least.
Don't commit to buy anything from Canada without asking shipping costs, the prices are a fucking joke. I've had so many international buyers commit to buy without asking me the shipping cost, then they obviously back out. So irritating.

>> No.8254702

SAME for shipping out of the US. Its mad expensive. People don't understand.

I even screencap prices for people and they still don't get it.

>> No.8258062

I won something from lacemarket and when I got the invoice through paypal it just says goods and the total amount. Should I ask them to redo the invoice to say exactly what it is and the shipping charges? Or is it probably okay?

>> No.8258084

Do you honestly have to walk out to a post office and fill out a form on a terminal or with a damn worker like it's 1999? I honestly can't believe America does not have online postal options. Which also don't require a phone number or any additional information....

>> No.8258276

It's fine. I've never once had somebody do an itemized invoice other than legit online retailers.

>> No.8258282

Can't you find it again? LM keeps old listings up.

>> No.8258286

Derp I'm an idiot you just said you couldn't find it again. sorry

>> No.8258287

Same for shipping outside of the EU. I already offer the cheapest method, which is registered mail with tracking. It is ok for bigger items but for small items the price is insane, sorry.

>> No.8258406

Not the previous anon but yes, it's exactly like that.

>> No.8258429

I've had people do that and discuss shipping and everything was great then..."can I have it for $100 with shipping? I can't afford $200 for a dress. we've already arranged shipping and everything so..." how about no

>> No.8258467

Does anyone have any bad experiences selling to someone with no feedback? It's my first time selling something, so I'm a bit nervous.

>> No.8258630

So many downtimes lately I'm getting pissed.
What happend to the promised revamp/bugfixes/new features? The new team?
LM is such a great site, I just wish it would improve.

>> No.8258634

What about this?

Yes. I absolutely wouldn't worry. Everyone has to start eventually.

>> No.8259071

Impossible if you work all day and have shitty postmen.

>> No.8259080

What would you guys say is the best equivalent to LM for WTB's? In terms of exposure? I feel like people who check cgl BST vs fb sales vs eglcommsales are 3 seperate and smaller distinct groups to themselves whereas LM has a much wider mix of everyone in the audience.

I really wish LM would open a WTB/classifieds section.

>> No.8259085

You don't need to have them pick it up, just make and print the label at home.

>> No.8259126

But then you still need to go to the PO and stand in line etc to mail it? I don't see the timesaver here.

>> No.8259133

>This blouse has goddamn visible pit stains that they chose not to disclose
And this is exactly why I would never buy a used white blouse

>> No.8259143

Isn't it against the rules to back out for such a reason? I would report those people.

>> No.8259202

Anon, people were claiming posting international takes sooo long because you have to do it at a terminal or with a person working at the office and simply can't do it online. They are wrong.

>> No.8259217

But you do. Read again.

>> No.8260100

But you don't? Unless you consider your home pc a terminal or postal office worker.

>> No.8264227

So did anyone else notice they just removed negative feedback from people's profile/count? What the fuck.

>> No.8264235

They...what? Really? How did you notice that?

>> No.8264244

I mean the count itself, not the feedback. When you're browsing, usually each listing will have the feedback count where the seller's name is, with the positive and negative feedback counted (for example it will say "(12, 2)" for 12 positive and 1 negative, with the 1 in red). I checked a user I know has negative feedback and the negative does not show up on their total count, though it's still on their profile.

Even though the negs are still technically on their profile page, this is bad because at a glance, you can no longer see if someone has negs without searching through their profile. For people with a lot of feedback this is time consuming, and I even think you can't see all of a person's feedbacks if they have over a certain amount. The old ones get pushed off the page into oblivion.

>> No.8264248

There are overnight drop boxes and 24-hour self serve post offices, aren't there?

>> No.8264249

whoops, that should say "(12, 1)", but you get my point

>> No.8264254

OH ok I got it now. I got really scared for a moment there.

I wonder if it's an error? It seems like taking steps backwards if that's a permanent change...

>> No.8264257

Yeah, that's why I find it really fishy. I hope it's just an error, because if not it sort of smells like someone on the mod team pushing changes trying to hide their own bad feedback or something...

>> No.8264391

>"We won’t consider any lower than the starting price, if this doesn’t sell for at least the minimum, she will be keeping it for burlesque :P"

>> No.8264630
File: 50 KB, 750x300, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well if someone has $500 to blow on a KKRRS corset then I believe them.

What I'm currently shaking my head at is this bitch with her expensive auctions where she's blatantly telling people to give up their buyer protection just so she doesn't have to pay a fee.

>> No.8264724

For a Holy Lantern, I would actually bite if I had that kind of money lying around. The need is strong. Asking for the gift option specifically sounds shady and cheap though.

>> No.8264727

Yeah the prices are fine. Asking people to risk her saying "haha just kidding the money is mine now" because she doesn't want to pay $10 out of the purchase cost is not.

>> No.8264735

But you're not allowed to charge pp fees according to paypals terms, and lm abides by those rules, so that person should and could be reported.

>> No.8264750

she's just trying to avoid her having to pay the fee. Which would probably be around $50 at that price. I sold a shitty barbie for 50 and had to pay paypal like 5 bucks for handling the money.
Seems cheap and shady as fuck.

>> No.8264765

Yeah she says she's avoiding the fee right there. PayPal charges 2.9% for sellers. It'd be like $30. If the fee is that big of a deal to her she needs to make her listing $30 higher instead of trying to get buyers to give up their rights.

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