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Old thread >>8190204

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Have any of you guys just been so depressed that you've lost months of time, and finally when you manage to drag yourself back up it's like an explosion of productivity.

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I'm still working on dragging myself up.

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I wanted to buy this set on lacemarket a few days ago, but missed it. Now this bitch is selling it for more than twice what she paid. I'm pissed. Some people have no shame.

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If the original seller sold it for considerably less than the going value this would make sense though. That's really the only scenario where this behavior would make sense, but it happens.

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Reminds me how I bought a dress overpriced (and got terrible services even though I paid extra), and now I can't get anyone to buy it from me at a significantly lower price.

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I'm finally buckling down and aiming for my first Artist Alley table this summer!

But...I also want a real job. I've only ever had a summer job one year in high school, and a slow non-animu commission "hobby" since graduation.
If I get a real job, I'll lose significant time doing commission work and artist alley work which is truly fun to me although hard on my back.
But on the plus side I'd be able to stop feeling guilty about not working and stop having to convince myself my major is worth anything and will make up for my absence in the workplace in the past.

At least I'm really good at saving for school loans since I'm aware I have no income. I feel real guilty whenever I spend gift money on clothes despite them being almost always thrifted. Just...family won't be around forever and my resume is so sad :(

Or maybe I should get a campus job next year and quit some clubs. Idk man just wanted to share my feels.

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I know that feel

but bonus
>shit at things socially
>boyfriend tells me he tried haggling with her since I'm not good at things socially
>"comeon, I get free pizza sometimes for being so cool"
>go check lacemarket
>all these passive agressive responses
>she marked up the price

later, she removed a pair of socks and wristcuffs and dropped the price about $200 (yes, for removing socks and wristcuffs)

I asked her to put in the socks and wristcuffs back in and I'd gladly buy it but she told me she would up the price by $200 if she did so.

the incomplete set sold to someone else.

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Is it relisted on LM too? I would say report it. While this sort of thing happens, that sort of unsavory behavior seems downright predatory and I wouldn't want it happening on my auction site, personally. Don't buy things off of people just to turn around and relist them at a higher price on the same damn website, jesus.

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The price she paid was a decent deal, not crazy low, she's hella overcharging for it now though.

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I think she just listed it on egl sales, didn't see it again on LM but i could be wrong

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It's so ungodly hard. I feel like the most worthless piece of shit all of the time, and it doesn't help at all that I had to move back home to save money, when being with my parents is one of the biggest contributing factors to my listlessness. I've started to self harm again because I have no outlet anymore, and the days where I actually have energy I just want to scream at how frustrated I am as I watch all of my friends live their lives and be creative.

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>previously had been looking for trade
>Get offer, its awesome
>Close to finalizing
>Offer-er backs out
>Reply politely of understanding of blah reason, ask if she was interested in selling set she offered
>Never even opened my message

Just really put a bad taste in my mouth.
And whenever I am pissed (like I am now), my mind just floats back to this event, since I just want a fucking reply.

Real reason I am pissed
>unfinished university shit
>uni email removed, can't access
>need to update to alumni email
>read all the information and directions
>"old emails will be forwarded"
>updating email, on the updating screen "all emails have been deleted, you cannot access old emails"

I am so livid, I am shaking. I hate this fucking University and all of it's fucking bullshit.
Top it all off, I can access my "new" alumni email

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FUCKING CAN"T ACCESS. lol. Typing is hard apparently.

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I can't relate to any of my friends anymore. We have nothing in common except for liking lolita and my non lolita friends are so tumblr it hurts. it makes me feel like shit when I can't understand anything they're talking about. I'm not into Steven universe, superwholock, letsplays or video games, I dont use Facebook or tumblr and I genuinely feel like I don't belong. I want friends who I can smoke weed and drop acid with and and all my current friends are nerdy hyper straight edge sheltered weebs which was fine when I was 14 but I'm 21 now and I've been surrounded by these kinds of people my whole life and I really don't know how to make friends that are any different.
I find myself growing more distant from everyone I know every day.

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where u live babby i want someone i can toke up with in da frills.

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> mfw I was epilating my legs for an event tomorrow and I was dragged off on a very long errand
> mfw I now have one smooth leg and one hairy leg
> mfw can't epilate now because it's 1am and the noise will wake up everyone
> mfw now I'll have to do the other leg quick in the morning
I least I can rub them together and pretend I have a bf.

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I hate epilators because they're so noisy.
There's no sane way to remove body hair, all the options are shit.
>shave and have itchy legs, hair grows back in 2 days anyway
>shell out loadsamoney for waxing in a salon
>do it yourself and make a mess while not accomplishing much in the first place, and one kit is good for like one use
>sugaring is messy and takes lots of practising to get right
>threading doesn't get them all and is time consuming
>tweezing is slow as fuck
if only I had either dark skin or light hair, this is bloody torture

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God I feel this so hard. I let my legs go full yeti in winter, so when spring comes I'm always like WHY THE FUCK AM I DOING THIS when I finally shave them. Do epilators hurt very much? I honestly don't give a shit if they hurt as long as they're more effective then razors and less of a pain in the ass then waxing. Sometimes I wish I was even more of a feminazi so I could walk around with leg beard and not give a shit.

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>shit at things socially

Literally every time.

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You act as if it's hard for a girl to get a boyfriend

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You get used to the pain relatively quickly, the noise is more of a turnoff for me.

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I just don't get why they bother saying they're bad at socializing when it doesn't even matter.

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Basically >>8195366. I'm a M though, so probably not a very good person to base your opinion on. I think epilators are relaxing, lol. Noisy though. At least people think I'm sewing, rather than masturbating.

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What's an M

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It's really easy for two people who are bad at things socially to get hooked up with each other, and just never want to talk to outsiders again.

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pretty much. my boyfriend is the king of social interaction, however he doesn't know shit about lolita stuff so he fucked up.

its really nice because he speaks for me when I need him too-since I'm too anxious to talk most of the time

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no, it's easy for a girl to hook up, regardless of her social skills

for the guy it's significantly harder since he has to overcome both his own social problems and the girls.

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Someone managed to snap up an OP before I could, and I can slowly feel it becoming a dream dress, or at least a highly desired wishlist dress.
>Farewell cruel world, I have pinned my dreams on elusive old Meta.

Hahahahaha no.

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Please, explain to me which part of hooking up as a girl is more difficult with bad social skills, the "sitting and waiting" part, or the "saying yes" part.

Oh and for extra fun tell me how you think those things make it just as, if not harder than what a man has to do.

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Hes right,even hambeast get love.

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Possibly the part where sitting and waiting does sweet fuck all? No seriously. 22, never even been hit on in a way that wasn't obviously something that they were doing for shits and giggles, let alone been on a date. I'm seriously sick of this fucking bizarre idea that all females have to do is exist and guys throw themselves at them.

Officially less lovable than hambeasts. Thanks universe.

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Where do you live?

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>girls don't always get hit on and asked out! I'm proof because I've never been asked out
>except for all those times I've been asked out, but those don't count for whatever arbitrary reason I currently feel like giving

every time

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That happened almost ten years ago back in -middle school- for Christ's sake, they weren't exactly hiding it. Twits were giggling like schoolgirls talking about Nsync back in the 90s.

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>n-no girls ever hit on me
>except the ugly and fat ones but they don't count!
it goes both ways

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Girls don't hit on guys.

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The women here will claim otherwise.
But keep in mind women consider stuff like "signaling that they're interested" and all kinds of other stuff that never actually requires them to take the lead or risk rejection, to be just as hard as everything a guy has to do.

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It does matter though? You can't just talk to only one person. You can still be lonely with a S.O.

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Now for something NOT dating related!

>Friends are on a three week vacation in Japan
>Ask one of them if he can get me one of the gashapon Sailor Jupiter cameos.
>Just sent me a pic and message showing that he won it.
I know it's not an expensive item. But I'm super happy he took the time to win it for me.

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and even the ugliest of girls will get laid more times than you will
ain't that a cruel world :^)

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That's awesome anon! I miss playing the UFO machines and other chance games in Japanese arcades.

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> Only did crossplays up till now
> Decide I want to dress up as a cute female character for a change
> Cosplay is on point
> So fucking proud of it
> Find pics online
> My manface ruins the costume

I hate my face. It's perfect for crossplaying but when I try to wear a feminine costume that doesn't cover the majority of my face, I look like a transvestite.

I just want to look cute...

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>TFW constantly having to cosplay characters with masks
>at best I get to be a funny person who's just so fucking randumb at cons
>everyone else is pretty and handsome and get to be sex objects and get all the pictures

Also heres an unrelated picture that I have on my phone.

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That's fine. I just wish women would stop using virgin/loner/loser/dateless as their go-to insults all the time as if having sex/dates as a woman is any kind of accomplishment that they had to do anything for.

This probably never occurs to most women because of their egos but it is possible for a man to put in more time and effort and be more socially savvy than a woman and still be less successful than her just because she's a woman.

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Yeah. They're getting to be total tourist. Already hit the pokemon center in one of the cities and the one piece thousand sunny cruise. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jelly getting to hit all the tourist spot and indulging their weeb side.

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>I just wish women

Yeah, all women are the same, and all men are the same, ammirite?
Exactly all the same.
Get bent, nerd.

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They are.
I'm girl btw.

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I have quite literally never seen a woman not immediately pull out their "call him a virgin" card any time any kind of gender-based argument pops up.

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because we know it hurts them
else they wouldn't be here shitposting
just like 'you have a small dick'

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Hello,welcome to the internet,you are here forever.

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Yeah, like I said.
All women, right? Because most women in this world have replied to a cgl post, right?
Right guys? That'll show those women! Posting about only ones who have said mean things on the internet, because I've never met a man who has.

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>lol ur so mad
Yeah seems to be working perfectly.
Just look at the way I can't even post any more because I'm crying so hard.

Even if they've never actually been in an internet argument, if they were in one then I know thats what they'd do.
And who the hell said men don't say mean things? They say lots of mean things, but they say varied and interesting mean things. Whereas with women if you've been insulted by one, you've been insulted by them all.

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Yeah, if you've seen one women you've seen em all.
Exactly all women. Right? Just one woman for everything. Literally god came down and made janet, then cope/paste her and remained the file like 3.5 billion times.
3.5 billion janets. all in a row.

Good thing you'll never marry janet though right?
No wait, you'll still go after women. Even for how unclever they all are, even for how ignorant they all are, even for how shallow they all are, you will end up either with a janet, or pining for one.

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>Had really shit couple of weeks, work crap, money tight, apply for jobs, relationship problems, rental problems etc.
>Stress level maximum plus hormones=friends and family worried
>Home life is shit see above
>Excited about lolita meet coming up might be good to get out have fun etc. It's a fairly inexpensive/casual meet so guilt free
>Have a week day off so work on dress that's almost finished for meet. Nervous about wearing handmade but happy it and matching accessories come out pretty good
>Talk about meet, let partner know I'm excited about it etc. Partner doesn't want to come which is fine, don't ask to bring him and secretly don't want to. Half the reason I want to go out is to have sanity being around other people for awhile. Half of the stress is caused by his laziness and dependency on me
>Day of meet, still have tiny issues with dress (waist ties made but unsure where to put buttons) but fine without so all ready, everything is going ok, I'm happy with make-up for once and I feel cute
>Leave and get down street and realise no umbrella as it starts to rain
>Go home to get umbrella and partner jumps in the car
>Why you do this? You didn't want to come? "I'll just drive you there, don't you want to spend time with me?" No time now, don't want to fight just drive we'll talk on the way
>Massive fight, "Why don't we just go see a movie", "Why do you want to do x we would have more fun doing y?" Weather is terrible can't see anything, hail hits so take cover in shopping centre.
>Don't go to meet.
>Try to salvage day by roaming shopping centre with partner, try not to fight
>Have sushi, go to arcade, wander shops, I guess this is kinda like a date? Actually have a little bit of fun
>Little girls call me cute
>Better than expected? Or partner gets what he wants like always?

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54 billion.
There have been approximately 54 billion human females in the worlds history.
Lol at women thinking the entire human race just came into existence a few decades ago.

But besides that, yeah pretty much. They may as well just be copy/pastes of each other.

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Good thing you'll want one, right anon?

>> No.8195630

Meh, not really.

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you wanna know why? Because when you see a guy acting a certain way, you just KNOW he can't get laid.

Virgins, are fine. the insult "Virgin" Almost always doesn't insult virginity, but it insults how you act as a human being

When you hear the insult "you sound like a virgin" the person behind it is most likely thinking
"lmao dude's sexist as hell that attitude's why he's a virgin, no girl is gonna go near that"

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I don't get it. Are you trying to use "you're gonna marry a woman someday!" as an insult?

Cause in this day and age that's more along the lines of a threat.

>> No.8195641

Different anon, but damn why you so far.
I'm assuming >>8195232
you're far as fuck too, anon.

>> No.8195650

I'm saying its a good thing you arent going to marry or produce children if "everyones exactly the say" is your state of mind.

>> No.8195651

This isnt always true,people look at someone and assume it too.

>> No.8195653

I'm talking about on the internet silly anon. but if someone says "you look like a virgin" you probably need to clean yourself up and/or get /fit/

>> No.8195654

>everyones exactly the say
I can't have that state of mind because I don't know what it means.

>> No.8195655

Probably for the best.
See you later anon, I gotta go open.

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Man, anon, is it weird to like virgins?
I feel bad for liking them, but I cant help it.

Especially if they're timid. And twink tier.

>> No.8195659

>any man can get laid as long as hes fit
nice job of using the same logic as he did before.

>> No.8195660

I'm the anon that posted that.
I like virgins. they're cute as hell.

so shy and vulnerable all of the hnng. no its not bad to like virgins but I myself have used the "you sound like a virgin" insult to combat wizards on the internet whining about "all girls is the same"

>> No.8195661

Do you even lift?

>> No.8195663

And tall
And has a good face
And a good job
And is confidant enough to make the first move
And is smooth enough to flirt without being a "creep"
And willing to buy her some drinks or meals

But it's totally just as hard for women and if you say otherwise you're just sexist :^)

>> No.8195664

They never sound like virgins to me, quite the opposite. I dont yet have a name for them, buts the guys that have only had like 2 sexual encounters and neither of them went his way
A mans version of "a woman scorned"
Theyre just butthurt fags that hasnt realized that life doesnt go anyones way, and thinks that what he see's on facebook and on blogs is what people actually are like when in reality most people are miserable.

And virgins are awesome, they seem so "uneducated" and curious about shit. Gets me wet like a spring morning.

>> No.8195683

Where the FUCK is the janitor all this /r9k/ shitposting 'gurls are evil why am I a virgin" and posts where you can just hear the REEEEEEEEEEEE coming off from are starting to piss me off

>> No.8195691

>get laid
>not "get married"
There are plenty of women who are DTF and if you're unable to locate them then that's likely due to you being too unsavory to tolerate for a few hours, or just really shit on picking up on signals.

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>tfw you love cosplay and lolita
>parents are uncomfortable with it
>when i talk about it they have this pained expression on their faces
>it hurts me too
>mother says i'm too old for it
>she said it was a waste of money when i was younger
>father outright said he hates both cosplay and lolita
>tfw still in love with coords
>tfw i will never be a cosplay noob with a ratty wig and bad seams
>tfw i will never be a cute lolita with a beautiful coord
>tfw they don't like any other J-fashion

is like they read about weeaboos and wanted me to grow up faster or something, now i just have to watch everyone have fun

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>have to do 1-2 minute PSA for film class
>it can be on anything, and execution is up to the student
>too many ideas ("I can go to a foresty area, film pretty things and make it a PSA on deforestation and the environment! Or I can film girls at my school having fun and being silly and happy and make it a PSA on confidence! Or I can do a PSA on how to keep your information secure on the internet! Or I can...!")
>don't know what to do
>storyboards due Tuesday
The fuck do I do

>> No.8195703

>tfw wanted buy 3 short sleeved blouses by IW this spring as I really need new blouses for summer
>had already saved up for that purchase a couple of months in advance
>tfw suddenly 5 dream items pop up at the same time on yahoo auctions
>already placed a BIN for one of them
>the 4 remaining dream items are all super rare and somewhat expensive
>can maybe afford 2 more of them
>but then no more money for blouses is left
>tfw I already know how is is going to end

Every year I tell myself to finally get some nicer blouses but then some dream items magically pop up and I cave in. Maybe I should reconsider my priorities, but it's so hard to resist..

>> No.8195704

The guy is usually the type that wants to help/fix the girl. That's how I got my bf, I was a ducking mess and we started dating, and now I'm considerably less of a mess. Not saying it's necessarily the best way to get a bf but either it works out and you stay together, or the bf boosts the girl's confidence enough that she can get a new bf later.

>> No.8195705

Pick it back up once you move out. It's unfortunate that they don't like it, but once you're out of their home and spending your own money on it there is really nothing they can say that has sticking power. At this point it is bothering them. Once that element is gone, you shouldn't have too many problems with it aside from them possibly grumbling about it on occasion.

>> No.8195706

That's kind of just how middle school boys are, anon. Same happened to me and I still find it hard to believe when guys hit on me for real, but if you're a grown adult, chances are they're actually hitting on you now. Middle school boys are just assholes.

>> No.8195707

Blouses are so much easier to get as opposed to dream pieces though. Unless you're looking for a particular (popular or not) piece blouse in some cases.

>> No.8195711

I'm only interested in IW blouses. I only wear chiffon blouses and Baby/Aatp or AP blouses are too bulky for my frame, and the other brands are just not my style. And the IW ones that pop up secind hand are usually too sweet or oldschool for my style. IW also releases way less short sleeved blouses a year, usually only a handful of models. So I would say that they are a lot harder to come by.

>> No.8195715

I have one actually! It's brand new and I've been hoping to trade, but since this isn't /bst/ I'll leave my email if you'd like to discuss.

>> No.8195716


Oops, totally missed the part of you only wearing chiffon. Nevermind!

>> No.8195764

>bf is tall
>he's p good lookin'
>we both have amazing, high-paying jobs, almost the same salary
>i asked him out on date first
>we both take turns buying each other drinks/meals
>he's not creepy at all, he's such a sweetheart

hahahahaha sucks to SUCK m8 :^)

>> No.8195766

you sound pretty young. Don't worry, you'll grow up, move out, get a job, and be able to enjoy your hobbies and be able to afford it without having to ask permission from your parents first.

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Where are you from anon?
I travel a lot so if I'm ever around I'll smoke you up.

>> No.8195823

>girls don't hit on guys liek ever
>middle school, 7-8th grade
>private school, only three boys in my class
>boys have already sized up who the "hot" girls in my class are
>I am the ugly and fat goth girl nobody likes
>crush hard on the fattest, ugliest boy of the three that none of the girls in my class likes
>two other boys pick on him because they know about my crush
>always try pathetic shit like sitting at their end of the lunch table to get him to like me
>whenever we had dances I had to settle with the embarrassment of the girls trying to force the boy to dance with me when he clearly didn't want to
>one night at a haunted house I was happy to just be standing next to him and looking at the exhibits
>he turns to me thinking I'm explicitly following him and tells me how he doesn't like me and he never will
>cry forever

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Reading this thread as an autistic female, laughing at all the betas making excuses for themselves when they are unattractive/antisocial retards. Listen, men, you're not the only people in the world who have to better themselves in order to form relationships. You're just socially conditioned to be egocentric, entitled shitlords, even if you've already been isolated for your own faggotry. Lots of people regardless of gender, and for various reasons, be they physical, developmental, economic, whatever, must acquire the abilities of communication and personality, and i suggest you take a look at yourself and find your own flaws instead of casting the blame onto women. And while you're at it maybe don't lump us all together as a singular organism with a simplistic hive mind, mmkay?

>> No.8195832

I once read a blog post by this PUA former autist type who was legit complaining that he has to shower, dress decently and not smell to impress a woman.
He was even listing stuff like
>I have to iron my clothes!
>brush my teeth!
>trim my nose hairs!
>wash my dick! she doesn't wanna suck a dirty dick, the BITCH!
etc etc, most of it was like basic shit you do everyday
Combine that with the fact that most men nowadays can't wipe their ass without mommy helping and it paints a really sad picture.

>> No.8195835

You missed a bullet with that asshole. Being with a self-entitled shitbag is never worth it.

>> No.8195843

Want to buy Marine Kingdom, check AP USA and they take down the stock.

Were they put up again or what?

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Holy shit even dogs clean their fucking crotches.
>waaah i have to hide the fermented jars of semen when my mom comes into the basement
Seriously though, how can /r9k/ come into our threads saying women don't have to put in any effort when it comes to presentation/getting laid when half the threads on this board are about daily beauty regimes and dressing for your body? We're clearly putting effort it.

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fuck, i don't want to feel these feels anon. this belongs in a cringe thread really, but...
>get to middle school
>grow up thinking as soon as i graduated to sixth grade, i had to start dating because i was practically an adult, right?
>go to school to decorate locker a week before classes start
>"qt" (he really wasn't that cute, but i was 11) boy and his friend are there too
>qt has the locker next to mine
>have never met him since there were two schools combining at that middle school and he was from the other one
>talk to him, but he doesn't really respond
>i'm one of those annoyingly outspoken people so i continue to talk anyway
>he's just putting up mirrors and posters in his locker and shit, completely ignoring me
>get frustrated, feel really bold
>"we should go to the first dance together," i blurt out, kind of angrily.
>he looks at me with wide eyes, slams his locker door shut and runs away
like wtf. i used to be chubby, but i wasn't hideous. he was one of the semi-popular kids from the other school, i later found out, so he told his gaggle of douchey friends who all joked about it. luckily i was bitchy enough to not let it get to me and i always insulted them back, so it was less antagonistic and more cruel banter by the end, but i'm still fucking annoyed by it. i was put off by dating for like four years because my first go at initiating something, however immature, was so awful.

>> No.8195853

> autistic
> female

pick one

>> No.8195856
File: 55 KB, 430x604, 0e4cda48873b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Ignorant imbecile

pick one, and suck heather kuzmich's clit while you're at it :^)

>> No.8195858

let's be real here, i doubt most of the girls in those threads are doing all this stuff to specifically get laid, even if it certainly doesn't hurt

>> No.8195863
File: 48 KB, 438x632, Blonde-Subtle-Waves.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw want to try out shoulder-length waves
>tfw don't want to cut hair
>tfw none of the wigs I've tried on look realistic
>tfw have big head and only like silk tops
>tfw don't want to spend more than $350 but can't find a wig in my price range
How fucking hard is it to find something that looks like pic related?

>> No.8195868

Wow anon, you really must have autism if you thought that was a good comeback.

>> No.8195870

Very hard since it's a gradient that doesn't have bangs.

>> No.8195872

everyone is always doing everything either to get laid or make people jelly, even if they don't think they are consciously. that's just how humans work.

>> No.8195879

But not impossible? I've never bought a wig for everyday wear, so I don't really know how easy it is to buy natural-colored, natural-styled wigs, only cheaper cosplay stuff. I've been looking on etsy and stuff, but they all look fake as fuck just from the thumbnail. I'm close to giving up.

>> No.8195880

My co-worker at work used to tease me. For example:

"You ain't never gonna find no husband if you don't make no coffee!"

I know it's not much, but I heard these things constantly, and when I was trying to cope with my ex being a two-timer, it got hard.

>> No.8195882

No, most of it is basic grooming and self-maintenance, much of which is downright expected of women (i.e, removal of body hair, previously discussed in this thread) by the neckbeards who have no standards for themselves, and whilst many do so for their own personal reasons, there is still a standard of hygiene expected of civilized people. Still no excuses for the disgusting level of neglect most men who bypass this site show, just more unfair comparisons.

>> No.8195886

That's not even a gradient, plus they could just do it themselves if they get a human hair wig you fucking idiot.

Holy shit I hate when people have no clue what they're talking about

>> No.8195887

You have proved me correct and I am officially winning the autism game 8-)

>> No.8195888

maybe, but on /cgl/ my money's more on making people jelly

>> No.8195889

I'm not even the same anon, you just seem really lame. Aren't you supposed to try to overcome your disability rather than relish in it?

>> No.8195890

indeed, i was just pointing it out

>> No.8195897

it's actually thought that men outdo eachother to be liked by women and that women outdo eachother to piss other women off. i feel like that has a lot of truth to it.

>> No.8195899

Did you even read what was being talked about then? I have to assert myself even having it, even when I'm talking about how I don't think it should affect my or anyone elses' personal hygiene or social responsibility. I enjoy responding to the shit stirrers with honesty about it as it's a break from all the "he's so autistic lol he's a pedophile" crap I see on the daily.

>> No.8196036

>My city's comm caused a massive shit party here a couple months ago
>Kinda new and it turned me off from hanging out with them for a while
>Finally gather up the courage to go to meet ups because maybe they're not so crazy
>Remember that a couple of people from comm posted "If you wanted to go to a meet up, just ask! We don't exclude anyone!"
>These bitches are publicly talking about having some kind of brunch and tea meet up
>Comment about how I'm interested in going
>Get ignored
>Event was made and I wasn't invited
>"Just ask, we don't exclude anyone" they said

I give up on joining the comm as a whole but I wish I had a friend in my city to dress up with.

>> No.8196038

> battling autism

As a sperg myself this wording feels so weird... It's not like I'm trying to battle myself to a cure because it doesn't exist

>> No.8196057

>tfw severe depression
>only friend i have left is getting on a plane to residential for 2 months
>i'm going to be completely alone
>tfw spending all my money on clothing to try and give myself small moments of happiness to distract from my shitty existence

plus my eating disorder has made a startling comeback


>> No.8196068

> shoulder length human hair with minimally a lacefront
> relatively cheap
It's like you didn't read what they wrote.

Not impossible, no. You might want to try your local ethnic wig stores.

>> No.8196106

Same anon. My experience with boys and "dates" in middle school was horrible and it warped my view of what dating was supposed to be. By the time I hit high school I had been such an outcast that I jumped on the first boy who gave me attention (who happened to be an 18 year old senior dorky creep).
Only good thing that came out of it was that I got to go to senior prom my freshman year. Other than that, I had a horrible time with boys throughout school because of all the emotional damage I had collected. Kids can be so awful.

>> No.8196109

> tfw the only time someone was interested in me it was a prank

at least I got saved the trauma because I figured out it was a prank soon enough.

>> No.8196116

only people I ever dated were desperate neckbeards, twice.
Not that I want to be with CHAD, but someone who isn't a NEET and practises basic hygiene would be nice

>> No.8196117
File: 448 KB, 500x276, soooo.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

NM, but hopefully moving to Seattle in the next year. Sooooo far away.

>> No.8196125
File: 2.93 MB, 480x265, 1406326363342.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are we the same, anon? I just want one single person, my comm is a living nightmare. And I used to think the rampant itas were their biggest problem..

>> No.8196131

Oh god, I thought the itas were the problem here as well. It's too bad that the girls that can dress themselves are total cunts.

> Plz be from my tourist trap city...

>> No.8196138

>Don't want to reveal because comm is full of raging drama mongers who lurk this board like crazy.
I would love to be friends with you anon! Can post a throwaway email if you'd like to chat more, but it sounds like you're at least in a better city than I.

>> No.8196142

It might not even sell at that price, though, I wouldn't worry too much yet

>> No.8196143
File: 112 KB, 1170x801, 1422003997007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know I could just as easily assume the same about all the women here.

But like I've said even if I did assume that it wouldn't matter cause even then women are still guaranteed their pick and choose of men.

>> No.8196147

Wat. That's not true at all. My gay friend loves telling stories of girls hitting on him. They go as far as to say stuff like "I sense some sexual tension between us ~" and shit.

Inb4 doesn't count cause he's gay
You're just not good enough.

>> No.8196151

>comm is full of raging drama mongers who lurk this board like crazy
Same here. Then they would mock all the people who are excluded by saying they would have a huge meet at some Russian tea room and they're not invited.

Throwaway is in the field. Will email you back with real email.

>> No.8196152

Dropped. Sorry.

>> No.8196158


>> No.8196163

>being asked out as a joke
This would have destroyed my confidence, I'm sorry this happened to you anon.
I would never date a neckbeard AGAIN, especially an MRA piece of shit. Dated three over the course of ~6 years and I've had enough. So glad I have a normal boyfriend right now who actually likes to treat me and doesn't grasp straws about who pays for what dinner because FEMALE PRIVILEGE.

>> No.8196218

>I'm so glad I have a living ATM at my beck and call
I don't get it. Is this supposed to be some kind of groundbreaking statement from a woman?

>> No.8196226

you should of told him to fuck off

>> No.8196235

This happened to me in highschool
>Girls with Jnig hooker eyes come up to me
>"lol, Tom totally wants to go to prom with you"
>They laugh at me
>I sit there for a moment
>Look at this bald fuck sitting there talking about trucks and spitting into a water bottle
>Tell them "He's not my type, I find him utterly revolting"
>tables turned that the "loser girl" rejected him
>everyone laughs at him for it

>> No.8196241

Poor dude though, he was probably a victim of the prank as well.

>> No.8196248

anon you replied to, that reminds me of another thing

> girl yells to me "Hey I heard you kissed X at the dance!"
> tfw I tell her that I didn't even go to the dance

man I was used to getting bullied and all but jfc shit like that was just annoying.

>> No.8196273

I have feels. My bf and I have been planning on cosplaying Amethyst and Pearl for almost a year now. I was going to finish it for the con next weekend, but bf was too far behind so I'm just wearing something else.
Then the Steven bomb happened.
By the time there's another con to wear it to I'll be lost in a sea of Pearls.
Bf why.

>> No.8196277
File: 6 KB, 145x145, 1399253457827.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw just had your measurements taken
>B: 94 W:79 H:102
someone kill me

>> No.8196283

>be me in 6th grade
>most popular boy calls
>asks me out
>overjoyed, never had a boyfriend before, can't believe he likes me
>calls back 5 minutes later, reveals his shitty friend was on the other line the whole time and "JUST KIDDING I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU FELL FOR THAT"
>later find out they called every girl in our class and did this

Flashback to now and my boyfriend is his best friend and I have to go to his wedding in a month. I'm sure he doesn't remember, but I'll never forget that feeling.

>> No.8196286

the obvious solution now is to call him, pretending to be his fiancéé calling the wedding off.

>> No.8196297

Jfc, anon, you are fucking brilliant. I don't think I could sound like the ~petite asian princess~ he bagged though.

>> No.8196304

Ugh, I was such a desperate loser in highschool. I had maybe 5 crushes throughout highschool and they all rejected me or would string me along because they enjoyed the attention but had no intention of having a relationship with me. I guess I came out of highschool feeling a bit jaded about men and had some shitty self esteem issues.

I'm a lot better now. Got some self esteem and confidence, I don't put up with people's bullshit or allow myself to be treated like a doormat, that kind of thing. I'm still the one who instigated my current relationship though, and we've been together 6 years now and I am willing to propose to him when the time is right.

Point is, there are plenty of girls who put in the effort despite facing rejection. I find men take rejection a lot worse than women. I know so many guys who had some bad experience with a girl when they were 14 or something, and are still afraid of women or to "love again" when they should rationalize that it was teenage bullshit and people are adults now.

>> No.8196305

Also these things called contact lists exist now that tell you who's calling you.

>> No.8196306
File: 244 KB, 471x405, seagull attack.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8196309

I've heard of it happening but it is usually ugly girls with a lot of built up sexual frustration.Men have to initiate everything usually therefore dating is far harder for them,they have to deal with more rejection and its usually based on appearance/income,if a girl still lives with her family at 25 no one gives a shit they just assume she had something go wrong and she eventually can find a man to support her/go off on her own,if a man still lives with his family at 25 his dating prospects go down to like 5%

>> No.8196318

Because you are an autistic female that doesn't understand how east you have it compared for males,you will never truly have to work for something like a man does.

>> No.8196319

It's because their parents/society enabled them as a child, that they turn out as manchildren who can't handle rejection nor do their own laundry. Not their fault, but nonetheless, they need to break out of the vicious cycle they're in.

>> No.8196322

>women finally start getting just a bit competitive over men when men are the extreme minority

Boy that sure would be a point if women made up 90% of the wolds population.

>> No.8196327

Right? If only people answered restricted numbers! Either way, I decided to fix my skinny fat and gain some real muscle and definition in preparation a couple months ago. I can at least look good for this shit show.

>> No.8196328

the only reason it's 'easy' because there's always some man who's willing to fuck you. Not have an ACTUAL relationship of course, just pump and dump but that's what you guys forget.

>> No.8196333

This made me feel better thank you

>> No.8196337

Thats not true,I see fatasses with nothing to offer the world get married to successful men,just look at Hugh jackmens wife.

>> No.8196339

maybe they actually, you know. love each other despite that. But that's something you obviously could never do.

>> No.8196344

Lol,or maybe you know,its just easier as a female?

>> No.8196350

Um, she is a successful woman herself. She's an actress and a philanthropist.

>> No.8196364

Lol, or maybe it's just hard for you because you're such an abrasive person that people can't stand you, so you resort to bitterness and resentment but can't see that the one common denominator here is you. :^)

>> No.8196366

Maybe before she became a hamplanet,she does nothing now because shes set with an attractive rich husband,that's all it takes for a woman,lock a good man down and your set for life.

>> No.8196371

I'm a girl and have been in a relationship for four years,you bitches are just in denial and its both sad and hilarious,this is why we even hate our own gender.

>> No.8196376

please go back to /r9k/ and stop pretending to be the girl you desperately wish you were

>> No.8196379

Nope.Been a girl my whole life sadly,only older women are cool.

>> No.8196380

Must be really easy to sit back and laugh at those "manchildren" for not taking rejection well when you never actually have to deal with it yourself.

>> No.8196397

My boyfriend's mom just walked past as I was getting dressed and had nothing on front the waist down. Fuck fuck fuck, I didn't realise she was here. I really like her but now I'm mortified and I'm sure she didn't want to see that. My boyfriend thinks it's funny. Do I apologise or pretend that nothing happened?

>> No.8196398

Have a 3-way with your boyfriend and his mom.

>> No.8196400

But I just said I've been rejected. God, everyone knows what rejection feels like, but people need to know how to cope with that and not let it completely devastate them.

People need to have less of an ego about themselves, less narcissism, and be willing to see that you are a flawed person. Rejection can happen for good and legitimate reasons even when it is directed towards you.

>> No.8196407

Just like you need to accept that its easier for women,for your one rejection your male friends have probably had like ten,you should be more empathetic.

>> No.8196422

> I'm not like the other girls!
> I am unable to get along with half the world's population, and despite being the common denominator in all these failure of relationships, it's totally their fault and not mine

>> No.8196426

>boohoo back in highschool I stalked the most popular boy in school for a few months even though I was weird and ugly and eventually he told me to leave him alone

But now you think you're better because you have boyfriend, even though I'm already certain that's he's the one who asked out and initiated everything with you. Which only confirms what I've already said, that women just need to sit back and wait and they're guaranteed not just a relationship, but even the ability to pick and choose which guy they want.

So basically, I'd like to see you walk that tightrope of rejection so confidant and smugly without that guaranteed safety net of being a woman always below you. AKA the way a man has to.

>> No.8196429

Not /cgl/ related, but I need to feel.

I feel like a horrible pet owner. My guinea pig, Lacie, died a few days ago from some unknown cause. I do my very best to take care of them, I was mortified... And she was my baby. SO, I went and bought top tier food, a cage and a bunch of veggies.

Ribbon has been squeaking out in loneliness, so I went and bought another guinea pig so I could begin the quarantine process and hopefully introduce them both.

This new one, Bonnet, has a bald patch and breathes funny so I worry she's sick. I hope she'll feel better after eating good vegetables and such. I feel like such a bad parent.

>> No.8196438
File: 49 KB, 604x453, Jellyfish Judging.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> telling others to be more empathetic
> unable to understand that women have to face their own hardships too
> trying to play the 'I have it harder than you' game

>> No.8196441

So will all the assblasted boys itt please state their living status, income, completed education, and hobbies.
I want to see if any of you actually contribute anything to society and aren't just spewing hate from mommy's basement while you complete your liberal arts degrees. I really don't like little boys telling me I have it 'easy' when I have had to work to make myself financially and socially attractive to get a partner.
So, step up boys.

>> No.8196457

There's no point arguing with you because you're completely disregarding what I'm saying and my own personal experiences and coming up with your own hypothetical situations to legitimise your deluded arguments.

Anon, if you go out into the world feeling this way about women and yourself, and positing these opinions of yours, of course you're going to be rejected time and time again. You make unfair and misguided judgements and people are not going to find that a likeable quality.

>> No.8196460

considering the dude went out of his way to be a dick to me to look cool, I felt no sympathy.

>> No.8196466

Yeah sure alright, but this means you don't deny that your current relationship, the one that you think gives the authority to look down on "manchildren" who can't handle rejection, was all initiated by the man, and you faced no actual risk of rejection in getting into it?

>> No.8196482

I said earlier on I initiated the relationship. Also, I'm not the anon with the manchildren comment.

>> No.8196502 [DELETED] 
File: 2.95 MB, 2432x4320, pizza1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>buy "supreme pizza" sweater online during black friday deal at Beloved shirts
>like 50% or something it was a goat deal
>promised to receive it before Christmas
>Christmas day still not here
>weeks after still no package
>email though after like 2 months of no replies
>"hi want $5 off or a full refund? cuz itll be another month"
>fine ok
>month later
>same bullshit email
>fine ok
>so far $10 off a price that was 50% off
>finally middle of March get pic related in the mail.
>love it
>look closely and seams look as if they hired a teenage boy who got tried on a sewing machine for 15 minutes did this job.
>bad but not too upsetting
>got an amazing deal anyway so who care
>size really big and tall for a medium
>got it to be safe though
>be 34-24-36 but like baggy sweaters
>realize I have no where to wear this
>only would feel comfortable wearing this to a con atmosphere
>but what a waste...
>finally decide to wear to mall in a week.
>get to mall red faced in sweater
>used to being comfortable wearing unnoticeable sweaters/ men's shirts and baggy work pants from carhartt
>walking around
>feeling the stares
>people pointing
>nervous sweating
>feels like an episode of watamote
>some nice complement from a woman walking by.
>so nervous I cant speak properly/normal tone
>probably looked rude because of it
>sitting eating at food court
>feel faggots behind me taking photos
>hear laughing
>quickly turn around with a nervous expression
>their spaghetti spills down their pants as they run off awkwardly
>feel embarrassed as fuck
>go home sad

I have no idea how you lolitas do this I cant even go out in a sweater normal fags would think is cool...

>> No.8196501
File: 152 KB, 892x590, 1403604924685.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8196509
File: 682 KB, 1000x1474, pizza1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>buy "supreme pizza" sweater online during black friday deal at Beloved shirts
>like 50% or something it was a goat deal
>promised to receive it before Christmas
>Christmas day still not here
>weeks after still no package
>email though after like 2 months of no replies
>"hi want $5 off or a full refund? cuz itll be another month"
>fine ok
>month later
>same bullshit email
>fine ok
>so far $10 off a price that was 50% off
>finally middle of March get pic related in the mail.
>love it
>look closely and seams look as if they hired a teenage boy who got trained on a sewing machine for 15 minutes did this job.
>bad but not too upsetting
>got an amazing deal anyway so who care
>size really big and tall for a medium
>got it to be safe though
>be 34-24-36 but like baggy sweaters
>realize I have no where to wear this
>only would feel comfortable wearing this to a con atmosphere
>but what a waste...
>finally decide to wear to mall in a week.
>get to mall red faced in sweater
>used to being comfortable wearing unnoticeable sweaters/ men's shirts and baggy work pants from carhartt
>walking around
>feeling the stares
>people pointing
>nervous sweating
>feels like an episode of watamote
>some nice complement from a woman walking by.
>so nervous I cant speak properly/normal tone
>probably looked rude because of it
>sitting eating at food court
>feel faggots behind me taking photos
>hear laughing
>quickly turn around with a nervous expression
>their spaghetti spills down their pants as they run off awkwardly
>feel embarrassed as fuck
>go home sad

I have no idea how you lolitas do this I cant even go out in a sweater normal fags would think is cool...

>> No.8196529

I don't because i'm a girl you fucking moron.

>> No.8196531

When did I say this?I just don't like young women because they're retarded like you.

>> No.8196532

I guess it was a goat deal after all

>> No.8196538

I'm really confused as to why this would even cause that reaction..even once, much less multiple times.

>> No.8196539

I gave my friend an ice-cream sweater last last Christmas. She rocks it. If you're nervous about wearing weird shit in public, either grow some balls or gradually get yourself used to it (like wear slightly eccentric socks, then upgrade to a weird necktie, then an odd headdress and then wear this shirt). Most of the 'rude stares' or 'mocking laughter' is probably just you being stressed. (I find that it helps when you remind yourself that the world doesn't revolve around you.)

>> No.8196563

even if you tell them that they'll just claim you're brainwashed by "internalized misogyny".

Because god forbid anyone, man or woman, question womens eternal victim complex.

>> No.8196591
File: 5 KB, 259x194, nbvcv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>in a relationship with a guy
>but i'm not really sure if he is for me
>about some shit that happens
>not abusive, just being different or not really understanding or bit an ass sometimes
>also not super into otaku shit or japanese culture
>his looks are good for me and not normalfag enough
> he says he really loves me and me too but...
>i have a friend that i think he would be more fitting for me, also his appearance is pretty good and more into otaku shit, also better personality i suppose
>but he is with another girl
>feel bad man.jpg
I won't betray anyone or flirt with my friend and well i continue with my current relationship (but now shit happened, it's solved i suppose), but at times this feel is strong....

>> No.8196595

Break up with your bf,if you're already thinking of other men he is not right for you.

>> No.8196618

Eh, i feel this infact. But the friend i mentioned i met him before my bf asked me (i was dating) and at times only when i have arguments, i think about what if... and stuff like that. After argument is ended, i don't think anymore about my friend.
Maybe i need to suppress these feels if i want to continue this relationship...

>> No.8196636

Sorry for your loss anon I can tell by the way you talk you are a good parent. I know your baby is munching vegetables in guinea pig heaven and she loves you. Ps. The names you gave them are adorable

>> No.8196650
File: 278 KB, 300x450, tumblr_inline_n5av8c94NI1rl0z17.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>went to London for spring break, had a wonderful time
>Leave via train to get to airport wearing cute jfash outfit
>feeling really good despite being confused about trains and where to go
>finally spot my train, worried that I wouldn't get in before the doors close
>don't see anyone else getting off so i start to get on
>suddenly bald middle aged man starts screaming at me
>not even kidding SCREAMING
>calling me a "stupid cow/rude idiot/disrespectful cunt" because I hadn't seen an older couple trying to get off the train
>wasn't even close to hitting them, hadn't actually stepped onto train yet, but still apologize and the woman says not to worry, it was fine etc
>man still screaming
>when we get on the train he glares at me and says "I should have shoved you"
What the fuck, man. I was so shocked that all I could do was ignore him - what made me angry was realizing that in the whole group of people standing around on the platform/near the door no one said anything in my defense or even told him to lay off. I guess I'm just used to nosy americans like me being willing to intervene in situations.
I was honestly terrified that he was going to attack me, an obviously confused foreign girl half his height, for something as small as almost bumping into a woman. still feel kinda upset about it like god damn

>> No.8196656

>tfw no qt lab partner gf

>> No.8196657

>at least I can rub them together and pretend I have a bf
Do girls like guys with hairy legs?

>> No.8196661


Hilarious how you actually think a woman earning big money makes her more attractive to anyone.

So fucking delusional...

>> No.8196667

T-thank you anon. I just wish I could've noticed, so I could've rushed her to the vet. I'd sell my wardrobe just to have her back, and I'm trying my best with this new one. It's so hard raising small animals, people don't value them as much as dogs or cats so getting medical attention/products is so much more difficult.

>> No.8196671

Sounds like he's a known crazy folk. Main strat for dealing with them in Atlanta is realize their mental state (bad) and move on. Lots of people that should be in wards if we had enough.

Top two wyno moments:
>The one holding an "earth people are gay" sign
>The one I almost didn't see before I walked over him (sleeping next to a fence).

I always tell myself next time I'll give them a food pack or something then get intimidated at the last minute.

>> No.8196687

>tfw lolita is pointless
Got my dream dress, JSK and Skirt, got coords to match.
But my comm is so fucking shit we have about 2 meets per year. So I go to those, and the Tea Party Club partys.
>Last TPC event was fucking awful. Brought a VIP ticket and all I got was a crumpled poster. Not even early entree because they fucked up.

>Next event looks better but I'm skeptical. I don't have many Lolita friends so I'm always alone at these events.

I'm also much more into cosplay than Lolita, but I stricly don't mix the two, because Lolitas hate cosplayers and cosplayers judge for spending so much on clothes.
And I don't really like wearing Lolita daily, as I'm a really busy person and I need my jean pockets.
So my pieces are just sitting in my wardrobe, doing nothing. I don't know what to do with them, I feel like they're going to waste in my wardrobe. But I want to wear them, but don't have the fucking chance.

Do I bite the bullet and sell or keep? Or give lolita another go?

>> No.8196699


Just don't say anything. It's not that big of deal.

An accident by both parties, plus it's not like his mom hasn't seen a vagina daily for 50+ years.

>> No.8196704
File: 541 KB, 245x229, 1404957991093.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's weird was that he looked completely normal otherwise - clean, had a nice polo and some jeans on, was there with his luggage and a woman. If it had just been a hobo I wouldn't have minded since I come from an area with a lot of mentally ill homeless people. it was just shocking that such randomly rude & insulting things came out of someone who looked so damn normal.
>tfw don't want to go back to london now even though I liked it a lot

>> No.8196708

White, short hair, middle aged?
I guess he drives an Audi and shops at M&S.
Mid-white crisis, fucking ignore him, his home life is falling apart.

>> No.8196710

Living Status - Moved back with my parents before my last deployment to save from wasting rent and because I was ready to find a new place. Local housing market is bad atm, had an increase of renters recently so there isn't much open.
Income - 50k or so
Completed Education - Some college and military training
Hobbies - Comics, WWE, video games, lifting

>> No.8196716
File: 119 KB, 342x478, starswand.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>working on Star Butterfly's wand
>using foam balls for basic carving before paper mache
>had to literally open a foam ball up like a squirrel but with a popsicle stick

This wand will be the death of me

>> No.8196720

You're delusional.
Nobody wants a single mom (aka babymaker) with no job and no education. It's really hard to have worth as a stay-at-home woman with no prospects unless they're fucking gorgeous, and they better be.
>I live with my parents because my 50k means shit if I had to actually pay to live by myself and do grown-up things like budget
Manchild detected.

>> No.8196737

>All this bickering
You guys are starting to remind me of /v/

>> No.8196742

I just wish I could buy something for lolita and have it look right for once. I keep buying clothes but when I open them up they don't match right, or are too short, or too big or something. I don't want to put in all this effort of fixing them every time, I just want to pay my money and get my package and look like a beautiful princess. I'm not even fat or hideous or anything, everything I buy just looks off. So far it's all been taobao or bodyline stuff, I'm afraid to risk the money buying brand just to have it turn out the same way. I'm always so excited and happy to get a package but so disappointed afterwards...

>> No.8196744
File: 14 KB, 500x600, give up.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>missed japanese release
>found out I missed USA release
>nobody selling on any secondhand sites, not even for scalp
I'm never going to get this bag, am I?
I've thought about trading my crystal dream carnival bag in navy for it but I don't even think that will entice anybody... I'm in absolute despair here.

>> No.8196756
File: 384 KB, 250x182, Whydontwehaveboth.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like both the silky smoothness and the tickly roughness, so why not both? It's not like you shave once and it's gone forever, lol.

>> No.8196762

nigga its a fucking sweater. i doubt anyone really cared.

>> No.8196770

>My boyfriend was never beat as a kid and it shows
>"Chores? using nail clippers? dishes? You can't make me I'm a grown ass man!" type attitude
>He bites his nails and spits them all over the place
>He specifically does it more when he's irritated at me
>they got into one of my lolita shoes one day before a meet
>uncomfortable as hell

>later that day talking about future together
>he mentions kids
>I tell him I love kids but its never happening until he starts acting like an adult since I don't need to take care of two babies
>he gets mad and tells me theres no need to be so edgy
>its fucking true and he uses "edgy" and "you're only acting like this because you go on 4chan" as throwaway insults anyway

I love my boyfriend, a lot, we compliment eachother nicely. but unfortunately he just wont do chores. Or even cook for himself for that matter.

I don't know what to do.

>> No.8196779
File: 993 KB, 500x281, 2doges1pikachu.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to give you advice, but I wouldn't know what to do either. Here are some dogs for comfort.

>> No.8196780

>doesn't clean up after himself and doesn't cook
Talk to his parents. Tell him he behaves like a pig and doesn't help out. If they react badly, then do you want asshole in-laws on top of a lazy manchild? You decide.

>> No.8196782

>thinking the only way somebody can learn to be responsible is if they're beaten as a child

Sounds like you both come from stupid trashy families to me.

>> No.8196789

Obvs how it works.

>spent 18 years with physical and emotional abuse because parent was obsessive about things being tidy.
>Gets own place.
>Hates cooking bc it makes a mess
>Hates doing some of my own hobbies because it makes mess
>But when it is a mess, because I'm not being threatened about it, I'm to fucking lazy to tidy that stuff. (but all food gets cleared up same day. Dat shit nasty)

>> No.8196821

His mother did drugs when he was growing up and left him to do "whatever" and didn't put up any fight from when he talked back.

I'm the opposite, if I didn't do my chores, no going out with friends, if I left anyway my ass would be dragged back home, If I cussed out my parents, I'd get slapped.

his mom is a lot better now but how am I supposed to approach it without making her guilty for past.

if you're suggesting I not clean up after him or cook for him that does not work. he just goes out to eat, and have left dirty dishes in the room until it molded and I caved in if I don't do it. He said the only chore he's comfortable with doing is taking out the trash but it took him 4 days to take out the trash when asked. I had to follow him to get shit done. I feel like a fucking parent

>> No.8196823

>uses edgy
holy shit, that's fucking hilarious. What a bitch, you should drop kick him.

>> No.8196826

>see cute girls at cons and have no courage to talk to any of them


>> No.8196833

So what happens if you fall in love with a financially secure job, great education, looks great and you get married. Then she gets in a disfiguring car accident and is disabled for life?

>> No.8196857

I'm sorry anon, but I really don't think it's wise to invest in any future with your dude. You don't have to dump him immediately or anything, but I don't think you'd be happy in a long-term relationship. He sounds like a giant man-baby and that shit's not worth it.

>> No.8196879

What does he do if he lives with flatmates? Allow himself to get evicted?

He needs to show courtesy to people, and that includes you. I can't believe he is outright refusing to do anything, that is unbelievably bratty and childish. I despise childish people. I'm so sorry anon, but he needs to prove he respects you, and part of respect is making compromises and improving yourself for your significant other. Just because he says kind things doesn't mean he's kind especially if he doesn't show it in his actions.

>> No.8196932

Op my fella was like that, just be aware it takes time to work these things out. Going by his reaction to what you said he is feeling a bit of shame, maybe he will step up now. My chap - His mom worked full time & his dad worked abroad so he just did whatever while younger, no respect for furniture, not used to a super tidy house, would use every imaginable plate/cup before washing dishes & the nails thing broke my brain.

I just started encouraging him, tried to show him my viewpoint of how I take pride in a tidy home. Chiding (gentle ribbing) if he forgot, when I was pmsing I would not be able to hold it in & have a proper strop. Now we do chores together, after 3 years of living together we don't argue about keeping on top of tidying. Last time he went home for a week he phoned me to moan about the floors being dirty (they have 8 dogs & a cleaner, then we have 5 and we are the cleaners) and he hoovered every day he was there. He just had never gotten to live with a normal tidy person before me

>> No.8196941

So don't?
It's not hard to be amicable, if you're still attending classes just hang out anywhere there's a lot of groups of people and be cool.
How straight edge are we talking?
And how much of a faggot are you when talking to them about weed and acid?

>> No.8196952

Biseinen's can be cute.
Unless you're just flat out butt ugly, but somehow I doubt that.

>> No.8196974
File: 29 KB, 398x394, 1391994832719.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no gf
please bee my gf

>> No.8196991

>My city's comm caused a massive shit party here a couple months ago


>> No.8197005

Oh god Anon, don't make me unlock the pandora's box of my repressed memories.

>> No.8197006

Oh god, is the Houston comm like this? Totally not making me even more nervous to join them...
If they're all drama, I'll just stay a lone lolita for life.

>> No.8197012


>> No.8197023

Ah, so he was one of those people.
Yeah, believe it or not I've encountered enough of those types to know what was up with him.
Dude was clearly some type of narcissist with a history of emotionally abusing and manipulating others.
The thing about emotional abusers and manipulators like that is that they aren't some grand villain who plans out their every action, they're just assholes who genuinely believe shit like the world is out the get them or they're perfect.
The fact that his bitch didn't stand up for you shows he probably does the same thing to her at home.

>> No.8197024

>he thing about emotional abusers and manipulators like that is that they aren't some grand villain who plans out their every action

This isn't true of everyone anon.

>> No.8197026

Heh, yeah I guess I'm relying on my own anecdotal evidence.
So what are your two cents then?

>> No.8197031

>it took him 4 days to take out the trash when asked. i had to follow him to get shit done
I've seen this shit before. Dump him anon. Dump him and never look back. Don't have sex with him either cuz if you get pregnant it will makes things a WHOLE LOT WORSE.

>> No.8197058

how long did it take you to get him to do chores?
honestly if he proposed right now-even went out of his way to wow me I'd outright reject him. forgive me for going to /cgl/ about "muh boyfrian" but this is the only place I know I can talk about it anonymously.

>> No.8197183

Iktf anon
>grown up in a poor family, we had to really stretch things out to live through the month
>had to be tidy and take care of everything we had
>meet bf
>he grew up in an upper middle class family, always had everything he desired as a child
>never did chores, can't even take a shower properly
>mfw when he does the dishes they're still dirty and then he complains that it's because we need a dishwasher
>doesn't know how to do the laundry because 'lol mum's always done it'
>Thinks having acne is normal because mummy never bothered to get him treated (he's had them since he was a child!)
>uses things and leaves them wherever, for example dirty dishes on the bedside table or a milk carton on the computer desk
>after ALL of that he dares to tell me 'yeah but we men don't care about little things like that lol you're the girl'
he's not being a twat about it now that I've stopped doing all chores, mind, but Christ almighty...

>> No.8197192

A lot of people here dislike Americans.
In my town there was a Canadian woman who was once talking on her mobile while walking down the street and several people spit on her because they thought her a yank.

>> No.8197196

Oh and I accidentally forgot to write this: he wasn't yelling at you because he's 'emotionally abusive' (lol) but because you're foreign and therefore an annoying tourist and easy target

>> No.8197217

oh my god, people that have never had to worry about money I've always personally experienced to be SO lazy and messy, but I guess you can afford to be if you're rich enough to have people to wipe your ass for you OR mommy and daddy do it for you. I don't even mean people who are that rich, just middle class like you said. I grew up in a town where most of the kids were moderately wealthy and I was so surprised to learn at how little chores they did throughout the years, or how they didn't know how to do basic tasks like washing their own clothes properly.

I just...I'm not passing any judgement on any of the anons here with troublesome boyfriends like that, I understand being with someone in spite of certain annoying flaws, but for me personally I seriously just could not date someone who couldn't take care of themselves without another person. Like, being a manchild is a complete dealbreaker for me and I don't know how other people have the patience to put up with it.

>> No.8197227

Are you me anon? Omg, I have been having the same exact type of problem anon, except replace tumblr with weeb.

>> No.8197250

Like seriously I know 3 or 4 decent guys that have never even had a girlfriend, or just can't get any girls to acknowledge them.

If you want a boyfriend, take one of them, seriously. They're all in college btw, so there's that.

>> No.8197284

Or .. You could use *67 before entering the number (in the USA) and it blocks the called ID ..

>> No.8197305
File: 256 KB, 720x480, 1424250400286.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>everything I buy just looks off.
>taobao or bodyline
>disappointed afterwards ...

Seriously? You're buying low quality clothes and you expect it to look all "beautiful princess" like? I'm not even like upset, I'm just utterly dumbfounded.

>> No.8197370

You must have birth-defect tier ugliness and radiate a constant bitch-aura or something.

>> No.8197396
File: 21 KB, 250x333, candypophoodie[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just got my first brand piece today!
It's AP, I'm in love with it. I've been scared of brand not fitting me for years, so I built my wardrobe only with bodyline, handmade and offbrand.

I'm so happy seagulls, it fits so nicely it's even loose. My body doesn't even stretch the fabric.

Only thing is.. I can't find any pictures online of it or the name of it.
It has an AP tag inside, but I've been looking online for hours and could only find a stock picture that looks the same model but different colors

>bought it from someone who lives in the same city, out of impulse since I loved it

It's black and white instead of the colors in pic.

>> No.8197418

>really want to go to con
>ex and his brother run a table there

Hope my lolita coord is enough that he doesn't notice me. Maybe I'll go full OTT

>I realise the alpacasso that he bought me was bootleg
>cost him $33 bucks

>> No.8197426

Yes I really should have. I'm pretty much at my limit with him now. Sure it was kinda nice that he wanted to do something together, not just play video games at home like he normally does,but it was not what I wanted to do. I felt like he just wanted to prevent me having fun without him. Really I just need to bide my time so I can escape from this shitty life I have with him.
I might be a bit biased, but living with a similar situation I would strongly advise getting away from such a person.
>>8197031 has the right of it
Seriously it has been years and I still feel like a parent. Get out while you can.

>> No.8197455

how come you are stuck with yours?

>> No.8197466

What's your major in?

Art kind of IS a real job, if you put that much effort into it. Depending on how much you make, and how much you're able to save for when con season's over, you could probably live off that.

'Real jobs' are jobs you put time and effort into.

>> No.8197471

I got sucked in and married him. It's a bit harder to just leave, so many things to sort out. I've already said quite a bit that might identify me so .. Good luck anon. I hope you can work things out.

>> No.8197507

Do you live in the fucking backwoods?

>> No.8197512

I'm feeling fucking great. You guys should learn to not give a fuck, it's brilliant.

>> No.8197521

No, just saying

>> No.8197525

How can you 'get sucked in'?
I mean I'm not happy being married myself, but my marriage is out of convenience (see: Ukraine). I don't understand why you'd marry someone you aren't absolutely certain about.

>> No.8197575

Captcha ate my post,anyway it took about 4 months anon before he was doing chores by himself. Am typing this over breakfast and asked his opinion, he says to just shout at him a lot & it helps if you have a routine; for e.g. when we get up, he walks dogs while I clean the dogs room, I make breakfast & tidy the kitchen while he does the dishes and puts them away, he does the bins and I might put a clothes wash on so we have most of our morning routine done in 45mins or so.

Its a very common problem when couples move in together, just ask any of your shacked up girlfriends or female relatives. I felt like a nagging mother as well but he eventually came round. If you compliment each other & this is the only issue I can't see why you both wouldn't be able to work it out.

>> No.8197581

> tfw all this talk about manchildren who never do chores
> tfw 20 year old girl
> tfw never did a chore in my life

If I ever get into a relationship and move in with them I'll make sure not to be like them.

>> No.8197596

The official name is probably Candy Pop Parka. AP's parkas don't get the same attention as most of their other pieces, so that's probably why it's been skipped over in the catalogues, but it matches up with the rest of the series.

>> No.8197607

... Except that series' black was BlackxPink. Might be related to Pop Love, which actually did come in a BxW colourway.

>> No.8197685

Is chewing your nails really that bad?
Sorry for breaking off topic but I'd really like an opinion on this.

>> No.8197692

I see people bitching about it here but imo not really.
Spitting them out on the floor of your home is, however.

>> No.8197694

Holy shit that's a relief, that a lot more simple than quitting all together, been doing that shit since I was a kid.

>> No.8197695

be careful though, some seagull once got pinworms because of it

>> No.8197698

Pin worms for chewing on their nails?
I don't swallow the shit I do however bite them off because I'm a savage.

>> No.8197737

>buy fabric, excited to get shit done today
>forgot to buy thread in the colour of the base garment of the cosplay
>fabric store closed Sundays

>> No.8197739

At least get everything cut out.
>Crying 4 u

>> No.8197747

Yeah. If you're gonna live with somebody, you got to have the curtosy to clean up after yourself. It's the right thing to do, and personally I hate having to ask over and over again. It makes me feel like I'm nagging. But after the 10th time of asking somebody not to leave toenail clippings on a coffee table. It makes you just wanna shake somebody, and ask them if they we're raised in a barn.

>> No.8197766

I'm so depressed with my life right now. I can afford to buy a couple of dresses but all I feel is "what's the point anymore" and I feel like I should just quit lolita altogether. Fashion is my passion but I'm so depressed that I don't even bother brushing my hair I just tie ithe up and wear sweatpants all day.
I got my dream dress a month ago but I haven't even worn it out.
I'm just so depressed I can't even lolita anymore

>> No.8197769

It me.

>> No.8197771

typo sorry I'm on mobile

>> No.8197774

> tfw can't afford getting a drivers license
> tfw wouldn't even be able to afford a car if i did.

Public transport it is. I just wish I could have a car it would make going to cons easier since I wouldn't need to drag a fuckton of baggage around in a train and be an inconvenience to everyone there.

>> No.8197777

Maybe this is bad to suggest but antihistamines are decent anti depressants. I had a death recently and had nightmares & recurring intrusive thoughts as well as zero energy. I dont like my dr so researched it myself. Maybe worth a try? Its not harmful. They were actually the first ssri's

>> No.8197778

>wanting to pollute the earth
>not waiting until they start manufacturing better electric cars
americans have an excuse because their public transport is shit, but you don't

>> No.8197783


Great way to show how superior you are to those filthy Yanks, by spitting on them!

>> No.8197803

Jesus Christ, how unsanitary can you get?
Brits are fucking apes, not that anyone wasn't aware to begin with.

>> No.8197815

>electricity produces no pollution

Are you being serious right now?

>> No.8197818


I bet the Canadian lady apologized afterwards too.

>> No.8197823

don't get your mobility scooters in a twist

>> No.8197831

significantly less than petrol consumption, are you?

>> No.8197880

> tfw stopping with current study to pursue a different one
> tfw no idea what to pick

I don´t want to spend another year in search of something that fits with me or that I´ll actually like. I just do not want to end up like some people (nothing inherently wrong with it though) that tries out 5 different things and wastes years and years.

What doesn't help is that because I´m a sperg and spend too much time behind a pc people told me I should pick computer science, which is what I did this year, only to get hit with the fact almost everyone other then me knew 100 times more things about computers then me. Sucks even more because I actually do like some aspects of computer science but it just felt so overwhelming if you have little knowledge beforehand like most other students.

sorry for the long rant, I just needed to get this off my chest.

>> No.8197894

Yes, it's an unsightly habit, not good for your teeth and puts anything you've touched in your mouth. Gnawed nails look gross. Train yourself out of it asap.