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Storenvy and Etsy- what's good, bad and cheap?
What ones do you vomit at, or go back for more times and times again?

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Cool thread idea, OP.

Can anyone recommend decent shops for lolita accessories? Gloves, bows, berets, wristcuffs, various other stuff? I'd appreciate any suggestions (I've suddenly been invited to an event and don't have time to wait on taobao for stuff for a coord, unfortunately).

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There's a store on Storenvy I keep buying from since they have nice quality stuff called NoveltiQ. They have some nerdy stuff as well. Only problem is that the owner is busy right now so orders get sent out slowly. A lot of the stuff is made to order so that takes time as well.

Cake Shop Couture has some nice jewelry that can be used for lolita on their Storenvy shop.

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Etsy is okay but there are too many crap sellers among the decent ones. I miss Regretsy.

As for Storenvy, know your seller before you buy. Stay the fuck away from Spreepicky and CircusDoll, both are awful Taobao scalpers that have slow shipping and high markups.

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I think syndrome falls in that category as well.

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Pinkly Ever After was an amazing Storeenvy store. So sad they closed.

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nail arts are getting popular (again or the first time) in lolita. I've been seeing this brand pop up a lot from lolitas - http://blingup.storenvy.com/

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What sort of style were you looking at?

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syndrome's not nearly as bad imo. her rates aren't terribly over-priced and she shipped my item pretty fast. i got it in 3 weeks from china.

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Anyone know if selling on Storenvy is profitable? I was thinking of setting up a shop, but I'm not sure if it's even worth it. I might choose Etsy instead.

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For nail art, I recommend this shop! She's a nail tech from Japan and I think she does custom orders as well, so you could ask about getting nails to match a particular dress. She also ships them with those gel stickers so you can easily remove your nails and use them again. Can vouch for quality.

Related to the nail stuff, this place sells a lot of nail art stuff for inexpensive prices. There's the typical nail art stuff like gems but they also sell cool types of cabochons and charms. Not explicitly lolita but thought I'd rec anyway.

Interesting shoes/leather goods. Not strictly lolita but has loliable items.

Various lolita accessories - notable items are the batwing purse, collar, and bonnet

I think lots of seagulls know about this one already but lily of the valley sells a lot of super cute accessories. Pretty headchains, veils, jewelry, berets. Notable items are her headchains and I also think she has some super cute berets - a lattice pie/tart beret and a toadstool beret! Can vouch for quality.

Not really lolita, more jfashion-y tumblr-y stuff, thought some people might be interested. Some of the things are pretty cute.

Some very cool, very extravagant head accessories and jewelry. Definitely OTT stuff, more on the gothic side for many items. Definitely worth checking out.

I'm not sure if I've seen them mentioned on here before or not, but this is that Russian seller than creates shaped felt bags. There's a lovely violin one, one shaped like a piano, a VW bus, an acorn, jerry cans, pumpkins, deer, book bags of actual books such as le petit prince and price and prejudice. All sorts of shapes!

Gotta make a second post, still got a few more.

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Used to resell taobao stuff at an ok price, but it looks like it's mostly gone now? I found the link to their new storenvy (empty as shit) from their old one and this. Not sure whats up with that or if they're still doing business..

Tl; dr used to like their taobao sells, had stuff like a purse that looked like a milk carton, coca cola can etc. (I actually really want it now that its not up... anyone know a trusted storenvy with something like those? I don't like buying from taobao...)

Pic semi related from google

Sorry for lack of contribute, don't bookmark many stores these days

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I used to sell on Storenvy, but this new Stripe and 10% fees is bullshit

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I think everyone knows this one, Sweet Dolly House. Lots of decoden stuff and sweets themed jewelry and hair accessories. Bought a phone case once, super cute, definitely not stingy on the cabochons and got lots of compliments on it.

Lots of pretty floral headcrowns. I know that trend has become a bit overdone the past couple of years and lots of people are sick of them but there's some lovely ones worth checking out. There's also floral hair pins, combs, etc.

There's also Sweet Mildred with head accessories and some other various clothing items (JSK's, skirts, bloomers) but, a few anons in some indie lolita threads said they were having a hard time communicating with her about their orders and she was taking a very long time, others saying she didn't get their orders quite right, etc. I know there are also people with positive reviews too but the negative/neutral ones are more recent, so be cautious if you do decide to order.

I think that's all for now, I will come back later if I remember any other nice etsy shops.

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Anon, what's the fifth store?

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That's pretty cool, anon. I'm looking to wear gloves for this specific coord but I'll keep an eye on the shop.

I'm into sort of darker classic styles? Jewel tones and things of that nature generally, though specifically I'm looking to coordinate MM's St. Claire in black. Simple, tasteful accessories, maybe.

Thanks for compiling this list, anon! I'm definitely going to dig into this.

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Woops, I forgot to link it! Thanks anon. It's Lily of the Valley/SakuraFairy

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It really depends on what you want to sell. Taobao reselling and "kawaii fashion" is for some reason super profitable on Storenvy and not on Etsy. Handmade stuff will do infinitely better on Etsy.

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Seeing taobao resellers on etsy really pisses me off. You can't even filter them out by going to the handmade category cause apparently all of the plastic phone cases have been handmade by poor Chinese children.

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I think it's just the culture of Etsy. Etsy is supposed to be a place for like, hip indie handmade small business shit. Storenvy I think tries to be a hip-er version of Etsy but Storenvy to me comes off as a more "place to find unique, trendy items" regardless as to whether they are handmade by you or not.

It confuses me seeing actual taobao/chinese sellers on there though, like the cosplay ones.

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By "on there" I mean saying chinese cosplay manufactures and shit on etsy.

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Are there any stores that sell full cosplays? Or would I just be better off going to another site?

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Anyone have some good links for seashells and sea related accessories like pic related from kittywooddesigns on etsy?
(I do want it but she takes a month+ to ship and I don't have that kind of time)

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You bought Dream Marine, didn't you, Anon?

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I love you thank you


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These skirts are a reward for http://identityproductions.storenvy.com's kickstarter. I love the dragon one, but I am worried about the quality of custom print skirts. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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I appreciate the ones that resell stuff like lace and charms because fuck going through an SS just for 100 grams of lace, but yeah the ones who use etsy like another eBay can fuck right off. Also Western/American taobao resellers who hike up the prices tenfold. Hell no motherfuckers, I'm on to you.

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These are some (mostly) storenvy shops I found and am considering ordering from. I know quite a few are generic taobao resellers, but I'm not really able to order from taobao at this point in my life. Anyone familiar with them/any stories?

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Quilly lady is fucking adorbs, I wish there were more on there.

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They have the comfiest clothes! I own the my heart kill me jumper and it's my favorite bby.

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Oh my god the cockatiel. Muh baby..

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I am getting two I love the designs so much. The reward design was released but I have no feels for it.

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inuinu is good. a+ i recommend. some things might take a while to deliver, obviously, due to oversea locations, but otherwise, it's pretty cute.

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You're welcome.

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thanks for a major list of resellers

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So, just to confirm, Storenvy is mostly taobao/aliexpress resellers who hike up their prices?
I didn't see one decently priced thing on there.

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I think it was dumb why they closed
"I enjoy it but I was getting so much business it made me anxious"
lmao fuckin hire people to sew if you're getting that much business.

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Just curious, why are you "not able" to buy from taobao? Storenvy resellers hike the price so much it doesn't even seem worth the "convenience."

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How do you envy things from a persons custom store?

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No, storeenvy is mostly tumblrtards or random other girls dropshipping taobao shit for horrible prices.

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I have never gotten the "for a horrible price" mentality people seem to have towards resellers. Shipping from china is expensive plus they also tend to use SS, is not like all the price difference goes to the seller.

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They don't use SS usually, most of them speak chinese and can contact taobao sellers for drop shipping.

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Tbh they're my favourite to buy hair stuff from, my stuff came within a week and a half.


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Agreed. I used to buy from them when I knew I couldn't justify a giant taobao order. The only thing is a lot of their stuff comes in separate shipments, but that's to be expected.

They're probably not making enough for that?

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another thing i hate about storenvy
>buys original Olypmia Le Tan milk purse
>omg i have the same one! did you get it from (shop name) on storenvy?
>fuck you replica slut

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it's ugly who cares

>> No.8199489

all i hear is
>wah wah i wasted too much money on a barely functional ugly bag!

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