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What are your thoughts on this? Who do you want to see chosen?

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I'm sad to see John sticking his lumpy dick into the kawaii ambassador soup, and I'm not exactly thrilled by the idea of any of the girls who are being considered as USA ambassador. The only person I think I'd really be okay with would be cadney, but it's probably going to be someone awful like Kate or Batty and that really, really sucks. There are so many other talented lolitas here, they're just not fame-starved and don't constantly try to inject themselves into the community's spotlight and therefore get overlooked by people like John who are out to get their dick stroked.

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Is a very terrible idea.
But I'm curious who is going to get chosen.

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Cadney is the Canadian ambassador...

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I've said in previous threads and I'll say it again. The JLA is how Misako is expanding her brand and continuing to book (paid) appearances abroad. It makes perfect sense that she'd align with AM. They have invited her out for something like the past three or four years. It's a set gig. And that's what the JLA is actually about. Not promoting an international community. It's about getting her more work.

This. Is. Her. Job. And the people who are personally affronted that she went with two (admittedly, extremely shady) business people are naive to think it's not to her advantage to do so.

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Oh, I am an idiot
I actually meant misslilith, what the fuck brain

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I don't know if Kate or Batty will be chosen though?

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>shady business
deets pls

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I find that it is cool USA will finally get an ambassador. I'm really excited to know who it is. I can't attend Anime Matsuri because I live really far but have always wanted to go because of their huge lolita guest list.

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Nobody knows, obviously. Hence the news about the big announcement.
But they're both in the running, along with yanii, Brookelle, and a few other fame-hungry girls.

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>supposedly rigged game tournaments
>bankrupted their past business (Planet Zero)
>notorious for abusing/not paying Japanese guests at AM
>basically bullied HLC mods into kicking out people who tried to keep them under control

Check the archives. There are lots of details.

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Please use the archive. We don't need to rehash all of this shit for one newbie. Plus, there's way too much to even know where to start, you've gotta do your own digging.

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Wait I missed something they didn't pay the Japanese guests?! Who?

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caption it

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They apparently never paid Nightmare's appearance fees, only the flight tickets and accommodation. Maybe that's been rectified by now, but there were posts about it in past threads.

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It doesnt matter who I want chosen since they wont win. Its just people who tumblr,instagram and facebook their asses off and bully their fb friends that will win.

I won't be surprised if its one of the HLC girls: Lilith Jess Brokelle or Becky.

Outside of them either Kate, Batty, or maybe Yanii.

I'm not a fan of any of them, but the best dressed imo is Becky.

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Really? But there was youtube video of them thanking AM and that they had a fun time. I find it weird for a band to thank a company if they didn't pay them.

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Unless there's solid evidence, /cgl/ posts mean jack shit

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it'll probably be becky consdieriing how close she is to the leighs

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They are going to pick Becky, she models for GLW, is an HLC mod and is AM staff. It definitely will be her.

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ever heard of a contract?

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Are they only picking one person? I don't know why I thought it was like 2-3 people.

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... dude. They're Japanese. Japanese celebrities are masters of polite fronts. You don't sink to the level of the assholes who abuse you. You thank them, and then never, ever go to any events they hold ever again.

Half of the guests who they have slated this year were announced without their consent/a contract, and because they feel obliged to their fans, they won't back out. Even though AM treated them like garbage.

They ditched Reika at the airport with no translator, didn't tell her what gate or desk to go to, or anything. She went on twitter to get her fans to translate/navigate for her. It was a disaster. And she's still coming back this year, because they announced her early and she doesn't want to disappoint her fans.

I just pray to god these poor people get a decent state-side manager, since I've heard AM tries to bar them from coming along with their talents.

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...so instead of checking the archive, you ask cgl to post about it again. Because cgl posts mean jack shit. Your logic is flawless.
There are plenty of posts in the archive that include screenshots, links, and other sources for their information.

Oh yeah, I forgot about Becky. I actually don't mind her so much either, but she's been nothing but great to me I may be a little biased.

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yeah. Congrats Becky, we all know you're the winner.

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Its only one person his time around from what I've heard. They might pick more in the future but lets hope not.

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Maybe Misako is only letting them pick one. We can only hope.

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God that ad is such a mess, that shoop is horrid and what is proofreading

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Ugh does any one really even give a fuck about the kawaii embassador except Misako and the actual person who wins? Their heads will only get bigger as if they are some sort of worth while celebrity for only owning and wearing some clothes, and the community is really not getting any positive benefit from this

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That looks like our friend Maggie in the back

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I think the Mexican lolitas are benefitting from Daniela's example, because she's actually working to improve that community's overall perception of what "good lolita" looks like. The mylolitastyle site is a good resource for the Mexican lolitas (who clearly need the help, lol).

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Each Japanese prefecture gets one (or more?) as well as some major cities around the world.

So if one is picked from Houston, it's going to be the Ambassador for that area. It would be very strange for her to pick multiple from the same city. I really only see them picking more than one working if they pick people who traveled out for the others.

Source: http://jlolita.org/

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If they pick someone really unsuited, can we all just walk out in protest?

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She picked 3 from the same province in Canada. No representation in any other province. What she does doesn't make any sense, sometimes. France has 3 too.

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I love that you can't register into the association if you were born after the year 2000.

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If they pick Becky, Houston will technically have 3 ambassadors because >>8096925 .

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Deneice (and possibly John) streaming in 30~ mins. Obviously gonna talk about this.


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The other two seem to be the advisers who help them pick who the ambassador is?
Oh, really? That's unfortunate...

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If you were born after the year 2000 you have nothing to contribute to the lolita community at large, it's an awesome rule.

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lol I wasn't being sarcastic. I actually meant that I really do like that.

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just like the CR one, shitty as fuck

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How about Lor? She's not as pretty but definitely more likable.

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Who do you think is the most "famous" lolita in the USA right now?

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no one

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Lor isn't very experienced and doesn't do much for the community at large... She just makes videos.

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milkteamilk maybe? but most people don't know her by her face.

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Mintymix? She's been under the radar though as of late

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I didn't mean to sound like I thought you were complaining, I just didn't know how to word it any other way lol

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So you Seagulls gonna ask her the hard questions or complain in your little circlejerk?

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What should the responsibilities of the kawaii embassador entail and how would you like to see one improve the community? In the USA I don't really see anything someone can do.

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like the last 3-4 years

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If they're choosing for each different state, or region at the very least, Misako would get tons of publicity.

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Lor is popular; but I feel like they have to at least pick someone face-cute (it is KAWAII ambassador). I think she dresses well;... I feel like she doesn't have the ins the other girls do. Maybe I'm just too newfag; but has she ever won anything?

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LOL they're not going to complain to her face. All those girls who bitched still entered the fashion show and still going to AM. I find it so hilarious and I'll bet brand they are going to apply for this shit too.

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Who wouldn't? I mean, no one else is bringing in brands and lolita guests.

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While I agree that most people in this thread are still sucking hard at the AM teat (the threads I've seen on Facebook are all populated by people listed as "attending" AM as well), I don't think direct complaints would have any affect. These people have a buttload of staunch defenders who want efame. So even if someone did go to the stream and ask questions about the situation, they'd be attacked by whiteknights or banned, rather than being given anything resembling a straight answer. Look how easily they took over the HLC Facebook group.

People like the AM founders and the majority of lolita scammers are really similar in personality. They can walk all over everybody else, and that's fine. The moment they're confronted with their own faults or wrongdoings and it's bullying, browbeating, or oppression.

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She's been really active on Instagram, facebook and even worked with Misako back October for Hello Kitty con. I don't know why people have been saying she's been inactive. But I think she is the best choice. She also stays out of drama and is kawaii as hell

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HH and Tokyo Rebel both do

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>I don't know why people have been saying she's been inactive.
There's been some posts in threads about outstanding orders pertaining to her shop/a lack of restocking/etc. So I guess people assume that she's inactive since she's not selling?

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you can make an account with a throwaway email.

you can make a new account in 2 minutes.

Cant hurt to ask the question.

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I mean in the southern US

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Have you seen the anti-AM drama? These girls are raging but still giving money to a business that they absolutely deplore. Bunch of hypocritical bullshit.

If I hated shit and didn't want anything to do with it anymore I fucking drop it like trash.

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Southern US isn't really the hub of lolita in the US, which is why this makes zero sense.

>> No.8097245

my vote goes to Lor

>> No.8097251

ellejay? or parfaitdoll?

I feel like I only know old school e-famous US lolita

>> No.8097253

Why? She doesn't do anything.

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... I wasn't the original person, I was just pointing out without real evidence cgl posts mean nothing. Because they don't.

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Ok, so she's clarifying that she's not a lolita ambassador, but instead she's honorary and is saying that she is managing the kawaii ambassadors from around the world!?!?

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What makes them qualified to manage the other countries kawaii ambassadors?

>> No.8097277

She just clarified that they're not managing other ambassadors, but that they have access to other ambassadors and can more easily bring them to the US/Anime Matsuri and make lolita-related events more "official".

>> No.8097278

What a load of horse shit, I'm sure all the ambassadors are so happy they now have a manager!

>> No.8097281

Wtf is HLC?

>> No.8097287

You'd think she'd be able to pronounce words like "sakura" correctly.
It's "sah-ku-rah", not "seh-ku-rah", honey.

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Nobody because the title itself will only feed the ego of e-fame hungry Lolitas if one of the many known ones from the US gets chosen. The whole concept of it is idiotic.

>> No.8097295

Houston Lolita Community.

>> No.8097296

The houston lolita comm. I think the AM staff forced out the non AM staff leaders and basically took over?

>> No.8097298

Lol she just snubbed all of the western licensing and dubbing companies that helped them in the past, that's fun.

>> No.8097300

do we really want fucking psychopath Lynda to have any more reasons to power trip

>> No.8097303

Doors apparently opening an hour earlier than usual.

Hopefully this is to give volunteers some breathing room instead of one huge wave of people rushing through the doors.

>> No.8097305

>Mexican lolitas (who clearly need the help, lol)

this. People are so scared of being rude to each other they won't call out obvious itas.

>> No.8097311

She's laughing at her own jokes and trying to get pointless hashtags going. I'm cringing so hard, jesus.

>> No.8097315


Ahh thanks. Canadian here, not too familiar with american comm abbreviations.

>> No.8097318

>"It is not about the most kawaiiest lolita kawaii person".
You heard it here first folks.

>> No.8097321

They're looking for someone who is good at organizing and running shit.

heaven forbid.

>> No.8097327

I just want her to say "kawaiiest" about five more times because I don't think people got it.

>> No.8097329

because they can't manage time themselves. That poor girl.

>> No.8097331

she seems to inspire a lot of young lolitas, and i'd rather her get the position than someone like kate

>> No.8097336

Ugh wtf?

misslilith is self-absorbed.

>> No.8097349

She's painfully shy with strangers, but that's very different from self-absorbed. Honestly, considering her age, the size of her wardrobe, and the fact that she's from Houston she's really down-to-earth...Jona had a bit of a bad influence on her but that's been less of an issue lately.

>> No.8097354

Good point. I'd rather see an actual frog get the position than Kate though.

>> No.8097371


She is not shy at all. She loves the fact that people fawn over her because she's the only decent gothic lolita around. She is 20 years old, mom buys all of her dresses. Her and Jona are still besties like no other.

Is she a great lolita? Awesome. One of the top girls out there.
Is she a great person? I'd beg to differ.

I'd rather have a good lolita to personality ratio for a kawaii ambassador.

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I would hate actually talknig to her in person, she keeps laughing at herself like she's fucking hilarious.

>> No.8097392

So she loves attention she gets and has her parents buy her shit. She's born into a rich family, I don't think many people wouldn't take advantage of that for their hobby. She sounds like a spoiled young adult but what else is there that makes her a horrible person?

She's nice enough to new people that I wouldn't mind her as a kawaii ambassador but I think she's too reserved to be able to do it imo

>> No.8097420


Agreed. I'd rather have a kawaii ambassador who wasn't a blatant spoilt young adult who relies on mummy's bank to fund her Lolita lifestyle & life in general. Someone who works hard, isn't full of themselves and has a genuinely kind personality would be ideal.

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Please god no not parfaitdoll

>> No.8097502

her who?

>> No.8097534

Deneice, the livestream was a cringefest.

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I hope people call her "Dee-nice" when they meet her because that is a stupid way of spelling Denise.

>> No.8097569

Ellejay is insane and not a good lolita.

>> No.8097570

I'm wondering what people consider as contributing to the community? I'm not interested in e-fame, too fat and ugly for that, but I am curious what I can be doing as a lolita to improve my community or contribute to the fashion/culture?

>> No.8097574

Producing items to wear. I guess you could count making "inspiring" coords and making trends but fuck that. In fashion you either make clothing or wear it and the ones making it are contributing meaningfully.

>> No.8097598

The trendsetters and those who inspire others also contribute to the community, just in a different way. Those who create clothing and accessories would have a much more difficult time gauging community interest without popular lolitas cranking out photos and videos.

>> No.8097602

Adding to this to say that the positive or negative feedback that flows through the community in general is also extremely helpful to those who create the physical elements of the fashion. Don't discredit one side or call their contributions to the fashion less "meaningful" simply because you're bitter about the nature of efame.

>> No.8097604

I'm not bitter about efame, I'm excited about people who make clothing.

>> No.8097605

I'll be interested to see who is chosen. Has anyone been very happy or satisfied with any of the choices so far though? All I've heard is why they are bad choices. Maybe Cadney wasn't held up as a bad one but mostly everyone else was/is? Makes me wonder just what the criteria actually is.

>> No.8097606

Promoting/hosting lolita events, making lolita blogs/websites/youtube, moderating communities, educating the masses. Something like that.

>> No.8097609

What do you mean? The ambassadors that are already chosen or the ones that were mentioned on this thread to be picked for the US?

>> No.8097611

>I'll be interested to see who is chosen as the first US ambassador since many people seem to not like the other international ones so far.

>> No.8097615

sorry reading comprehension not here today.
From what I hear people like Arthreal, Mila, and Ruby.

>> No.8097617

I think this whole hate on girls who are supposedly e-famous is getting old.

In the normal fashion community bloggers, gurus, and reviewers are great ways to spread trends, share brands, and review products. The community embraces them. Yeah some people just do it for the fame but who cares. I for one am happy people want to spread the love for our fashion and share their thoughts. There are less and less bloggers popping up cause of all this hate and it's really killing our growth as a community.

>> No.8097631

Who's Jona?

>> No.8097636

oreo nipple girl who puts stuff in her butt

>> No.8097638


>> No.8097641

If this ambassador is going to represent, I feel it's fair that she should like a little bit of e-fame, especially if she's hosting events a doing public speaking. Just that if she morphs into Justin Beiber's ego I'm done.

>> No.8097646

and seriously being "famous" in Lolita is nothing compared to true e-fame. so hating on and saying these girls are "e-famous" cause you're mad they promote themselves and have people that like them. by doing this you are just putting them on an even higher pedestal. good job your helping their fame

>> No.8097647

I like the few GOOD ones, both in Lolita and on other topics.
There are just so many bad or useless ones. Vanity projects.
Guru Gossiper gives the basic reasons people love to hate youtubers.

People want to see a certain level of quality and actually expect some useful information or decent entertainment in exchange for following and investing the time to watch this stuff.

I think Lor is an entertaining youtuber but pretty bad at trying to seriously explain things in any coherent way. But then you have the chick doing Kawaii Fashion School and is barely understandable to others who spekee de inglish and tries very hard to ignore the gothic side of things in favor of her kawaii subject and plays heavily to sensationalist topics but then tries to come across as 'srs bsns researcher' at the same time. Ugh.

>> No.8097652

She needs to be self-possessed enough to not spaghetti and be awkward in public speaking and old enough to travel alone without parents or parental supervision. That eliminates a good 1/2 the candidates right there. Boom.

>> No.8097655

Yes but Lor is trying. And, so are so many other girls. No one is perfect and everyone has their own opinions when teaching about fashion. Just cause they may have a slight differing opinion on parts of the fashion you completely disregard a person trying to support the community.

Yes there are a few girls who blog and make videos that you can clearly tell are trying hard to be popular in a sort of fake way. But, they are still working hard on their content. Most of these girls I see accused of e-fame never once said all they want is to be "top lolita" and not do anything to earn it.

>> No.8097658

I feel the need to point out that even though this may be the first official US ambassador, I can guarantee it won't be the last. Even if whoever they chose at AM is a major disappointment, there are other girls from other parts of the country that still have a shot at representing the US too so it's not a supermassive deal to me.

>> No.8097663

I do think Lor is trying, and I think she's a good lolita. Just not a very good representative FOR Lolita because she's pretty inarticulate and not a very good teacher or very good at explaining things seriously at all. Very distracting to try to watch anything she does that isn't just for fun. She doesn't relay information in any kind of linear fashion so it's pretty hard to follow her on any serious subject.

>> No.8097665

But, is there really anyone who is going to get it perfectly right? Everyone has their own views and for the most part Lor does get it right. Not saying she is my pick for Ambassador cause she is not. But, I wouldn't be upset either if she was picked. It's hard to find someone who doesn't break some rules. But, isn't that the perfect image of what the USA is anyways? We are a country of rule breakers and boundary pushers and that's what makes us great.

>> No.8097843

She might be a little weird, but she at least treats guests well and actively defends them when cons don't treat them right.

>> No.8097849

Lor isn't a good choice because it's totally not the sort of thing she's trying to do. She makes cute videos, she makes funny videos. She has a great personality and can dress herself fine. She's not a bad person or a bad lolita or anything like that. I like Lor. But I don't want Lor in that position because Lor isn't a leader. A trend setter, yes. A charismatic person, sure, but she doesn't lead. She answers questions with "I don't know, ask someone else" fairly often, and that's totally fine! She doesn't have to be a lolita guru, but it's not.... it's just not a good fit.

>> No.8098078

lor is also Canadian, right? It doesn't help that some of the best dressed lolitas in the US are foreign exchange students

>> No.8098123

All I can do at this is laugh. Anyone who has fallen from AM's graces will not be allowed to be a lolita ambassador. This is rich. AM isolates and demeans people just for disagreeing with them even in the most polite ways like. "Maybe it's be better if you did it this way." They won't take suggestions, they won't improve the basic fundamentals of their convention... Their ANIME convention. This will be a train wreck.
Becky will get chosen hands down. This will be a pagent.
Also the chosen lolita ambassador will work with AM? That means funnel more money into AM'a pocket so john and deniece can brag about going to japan even more. Oh and Hawaii. And Europe to take three photos.
More promises, more broken promises, more shady bullshit.

>> No.8098576

milkteamilk/fyeahlolita is the best example I can think of. She gives advice, tends to steer clear of drama, usually dresses well, is active in her comm, and organizes events. Plus her blog is a resource godsend for newbies.

>> No.8098589

I agree. She's really sweet in person, too, not shy at all. I hope they will have two or three more Ambassadors, preferably up for a general vote, not decided by just one comm.

>> No.8098606

You guys know they have to apply to be the next KA. Make sure your candidates know that and they sign up (if they chose to do it). Otherwise hoping they'll be picked isnt doing anything if they don't apply in the first place

>> No.8099111

She's not Canadian, she lives in California. She just visits Canada a lot.

>> No.8099216

Loved reading this thread...realistically though, the AM people have already chosen their ambassador. This kinda thing is an inside job. That's just how it works. It's who you know, not really an application process.

>> No.8099224

Why do you think she visits there? She lived there for a period of time, and has family there. She wasnt always in Cali.

>> No.8099242


>> No.8099283

A+ description

>> No.8101683

Can we also talk about how much of a scumbag John is in general?

-Staff member commits suicide last year. John uses his death to promote his convention and to thrust himself more into HLC as a moderator.

-Actual screencap of him somewhere where he promised a moderator ( ex mod now ) a spot in the fashion show because she was working under him. So if you're not part of his staff/kissing his ass you are unlikely to be picked for the fashion show.

>> No.8101685

-Also how he responds to someone not replying back to him through email/online messaging. He just shows up in front of their house. Totally not crazy right?

-Has told Misako and probably pressured her into make him and his wife "honorary Kawaii ambassadors". Also told Misako to pick one of his staff as the winner, so no surprise there.

>> No.8101686


-Recently took out all the Indie Lolita brands out of the artist alley for no reason. No refunds, keeping money for himself.

-Most likely wrote off the shoot in Hawaii with Misako by visiting a random hospital and called it charity.

-Last year doesn't send back Baby's leftover stock for at least weeks. When returned, clothes reeks of bad B.O. and damaged as if people were wearing them multiple times before returning them.

>> No.8101688

-Doesn't want handlers to come with the Japanese special guests. Last year leaves them with no one to show them around or where to go, doesn't feed them, attendees end up bringing food to Akira.

-Also announces guests before signed or even before getting approval to force guests to agree to come. Because they are already announced Japanese guests feel pressured and doesn't want to let down fans by canceling appearance.

-Also heard of John making sexual comments to many girls, even though he has a wife. Who by the way he uses in all his promos with himself, because what normal non-megalomaniac wouldn't do that?

>> No.8101690


-Tea party last year. Some girls come up to the guests to ask for pictures since John was just hovering around them the whole time and not letting anyone approach them. The next tea party ( the day afterwards ) announces that if anyone approaches the guests they will be kicked out of the event.

-Also heard his previous business had to do with competitive card tournaments, where he would pay off someone and get them in the tournament in order to get a slice of the profits.

A lot of this is what I heard from others and such, but some of these I know for a fact, and that John is indeed crazy. The best attendees of this year can do is boo off John and try to take any photographic evidence of further shit he tries to pull of so he can be reported.

>> No.8101706

You think they'd chose a KA at their SF and NY shops...

>> No.8101716

How in the fuck has Misako not realized this guy is a big fucking weirdo, hasn't anyone told her, or is she just completely oblivious

>> No.8101719

KA and Misako have nothing to do with Baby. This is a completely separate venture for her.

See posts up thread. This shit is all about making money. She doesn't care if they're giant weirdos or whatever, so long as they keep paying her appearance fees on a regular basis.

>> No.8101828

Can we just burn AM to the ground now?

>> No.8101849

>-Last year doesn't send back Baby's leftover stock for at least weeks. When returned, clothes reeks of bad B.O. and damaged as if people were wearing them multiple times before returning them.

So who are you that you know all of this? Like seriously, no one but an insider would know this, IF it were real which I highly doubt

>> No.8101906

I also really want Lor to be ambassador. She seems like she would be great. Of most of the e-famous lolitas I find her to be the most genuine, and least surrounded in dramu. She tries her best to inspire lolitas and be inclusive, whilst also having good style and having fun. I think these are great traits for an ambassador!

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Isn't it obvious? /pt/ forever!

By the way, to anyone lost in the staminarose debacle, go here https://lolcow.farm/pt/

>> No.8102034

Do you really think I'll say who I am? Let's just say I know people who are insiders and have worked with John before. Also I don't want John showing up at my house if he figured out who I was lol If you don't think it's real though, why don't you ask John why Baby refuses to return back to Anime Matsuri after how shitty they treated them? Also ask them why Nightmare will never perform in America after how awful John treated them as well. It's obvious how terrible this guy is, it's not like it's not a well known fact lol

>> No.8102093

As much as some lolitas might like that, gaining 4k-5k attendees each year says thats not happening anytime soon.

>> No.8102099

Yep. The tea party sold out in about day. I actually wanted a ticket.

>> No.8102151

That's because John told his staff and HLC first about the tickets, so pretty much only a few tickets remained for outsiders. Because that's totally fair and reasonable.

>> No.8102182

Well it's just a rumor until it's proven. Why should I believe an anonymous poster that doesn't provide any proof for the claims? I love drama as much as the next seagull, but claims like these need to be backed up.

> inb4 ask john about blablabla
That's not proof

>> No.8102237

How am I supposed to give proof when I learned a lot of these things from other people? I'm just relaying what I heard. Some of these are assumptions, but I know some like the used and damaged Baby stock is fact. The people I heard these from work in the industry and told me their stories of working with John, and all of them are not pleasant. But I'm not going to out my friends. You can believe what you want, but do you really think I could have made all of these things up? Well you could and I wouldn't care less, I'm just trying to inform others that don't know how shitty Anime Matsuri and John is. ( I was also at the tea party, so I know that's true. Anyone leave else that attended could vouch as well )

>> No.8102267
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>> No.8102271
File: 605 KB, 1125x2001, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8102278
File: 382 KB, 1125x2001, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8102284

This isn't actually her job...

>> No.8102286
File: 361 KB, 1125x1668, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because using someone who passed away to promote your association is totally not disgusting right?

And does everyone not remember when the mods stepped downs because they were tired of all the corrupt crap with dealing with John as he pushed himself further into the community?

>> No.8102322

Correct me if I'm wrong but >>8102267 >>8102271 >>8102278 seems more like he's explaining himself for something? Like people said something, sorry, but this seems like it is just a piece taken from a larger story.

>> No.8102338

Doug is the person who passed away. Stephany and Tati were the mods who stepped down after being tired of being pushed around by John. This was around the time John made himself into a mod.

>> No.8102352

Yep to add to that, comm members were annoyed at John for not following the one post a day rule, and trying to make exceptions for himself even after he was warned many times by the mods that quit. He pretty much declared himself too important to follow the rule, that the community owed him, ect.

>> No.8102360
File: 545 KB, 1125x2001, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Other mod that stepped down.

>> No.8102363
File: 402 KB, 1125x2001, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8102390
File: 144 KB, 959x580, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All of this can be found on the HLC Facebook page, but you'll have to scroll quite a way down to find these posts.

>> No.8102393
File: 552 KB, 1125x2001, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just a few examples of how shitty AM is and how they treat the community members and staff.

>> No.8102459

I don't think baby refused, More like AP probably contacted them and they dropped Baby because AP is more popular. So more popular means more money from Lolitas.
If Baby didn't like them why would they have worked for them for three years straight and then refused. That doesn't add up. And don't just say "japanese ppl be too polite for 3 whole years."

>> No.8102474

No one contacts John lol He announces they are coming before even signing any contract with them. I don't know about the previous years since I only attended last year, but I would be pissed as fuck if I found my property returned damaged. Do you think Akira wants to go? No, but they forced her to come by announcing it before she can say anything. That's how they get most of their special guests to come.

But the point I'm trying to make here is instead of arguing about proof or what not, there is plenty, can we instead talk about ways to boycott this convention from both the inside and out? Especially for those that already bought tickets that are not refundable and are still going, but want to know some way of boycotting John?

>> No.8102517

I doubt that. Some dick goes on to HLC to announce 3 new brands before they get signed? You give him too much credit

We want proof because it's important and solidifies the reasoning.

To boycott the con best is to support other Lolita events like Palace of Princes that is happening a day before AM. Take their crowd and money then go for their fashion guests.

>> No.8102556

Some proof I would need people involved to speak up, especially people who used to be involved in the staff/community. They would have more proof than I do. I can't get solid proof about how all the contracts work, but I know that John isn't doing it in a business like manner. The best way to get caps and such would be to message the ex mods, but I don't want to drag them into this unless they are willing to do so. I don't know them personally, so if someone does and would like to ask their side of the story that'll be great.

>> No.8102580

If they don't have a contract they can and will shit on him if they don't want to attend. Literally nothing forces them to come, just because he announced it, not even Japanese people are THAT polite. That's just bullshit reasoning. In that view, wouldn't the German tea party that is hosted in his name already have announced AP?

>> No.8102582 [DELETED] 

Actually, Baby did refuse. I'm not inside on AM, but I know some people in Cali. The stock AM got was sent for the fashion show and boutique, then slated to go to the SF store after the fact. So Baby sent their US manager to run the booth at AM to ensure that the stock was handled properly, because they've had issues with conventions before. There was some kind of miscommunication, and rather than sort it out, AM called security. Baby didn't take kindly to their staff being escorted out of the convention, but that wasn't the final straw. AM apparently tried to go over SF/Baby USA's head to get a store located in Houston. Baby said "talk to the USA branch, that's how this works" and because they'd alienated the manager at said branch, THAT was the end of it.

AP's apparently also having misgivings, because of SF AP/APUSA being treated in a similar fashion. I don't know Lynda, but I doubt she'd take that shit sitting down from the stories I've heard.

>> No.8102744

You people know that the badges are transferable right? As well as AM does offer refunds.

>> No.8102808
File: 1.20 MB, 600x338, 1411250866467.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


You do that.

Meanwhile 20,000+ people will enjoy the convention, not giving two shits about some lolita dramu.

>> No.8102937

Wasn't Mr. Isobe and another Baby head at AM the last time they went? Yea they went for three years, but they stopped going after the bosses came. Weather the damaged is a rumor or not their treatment of guests and other volunteers seems to have enough solid evidence. Maybe AM pissed off the wrong people.

>> No.8102999

Isobe didn't attend last year only Baby designers did.
No, it has to be documented proof not hearsay. It doesn't work that way.

>> No.8103083

All of the shit being posted about John and AM here are true. There are caps everywhere

>> No.8103132

Then post them

>> No.8103140

Oh look KA apps are open. Who is going to apply to this rigged contest?


>> No.8103141
File: 26 KB, 500x339, tumblr_mi6su2UkzF1roqr5so1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

can someone please submit a troll application for PT
>applications now live
>doesnt matter anyways, grats becky/kate on the win ok bye

>> No.8103164
File: 70 KB, 400x400, 1419383635412.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Assuming I'm thinking of the right person, I can't believe Kate is even being namedropped in this thread/considered for something like this. Like a year ago it seems she was another 'nobody,' what did she even do to become 'relevant' and up for being something like kawaii ambassador? She has "contributed" nothing that I'm aware of, and she's generally unremarkable in terms of coords and personality (at least as far as I can tell online). What is she even known for, other than the clashing hipster glasses she used to always wear?

>> No.8103184

g8 k8 b8 m8

>> No.8103207
File: 136 KB, 480x854, 1356644143494.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how. how did this happen?

>> No.8103212

theyre right though

>> No.8103248

It was the glasses. It's why I know of her, it's the first thing I mention to other people, and it's the main thing people talk about on /cgl/.
They're just magical, man.

>> No.8103253

Honestly you have to give her props for being able to get herself known like that. Initially she was just that girl who wore unfortunate glasses with every coord that cgl bitched about, but she kept pressing that button until a bunch of us developed a raging hateboner for her that translated into her getting more exposure. And after taking off the glasses and a few style adjustments, she's relatively e-famous for the sake of being e-famous and almost looks legit enough to be a candidate.

I personally think she's tacky, but well played Kate.

>> No.8103302

I'd apply, but can't afford to fly to TX for the less than likely chance of possibly getting the title. If they let the person know ahead and gave them time to plan for it, then maybe. It must be another part of their plan to make sure one of the HLC girls gets appointed.

>> No.8103389

When you say raging hateboner + glasses I think of that fat girl wearing Wonder Queen in the grocery store. I forget her name but someone said she runs an indie brand. If only they had a fat ambassador position lol.

>> No.8103404

I can't give a first hand source but I remember reika tweeting about being left at the airport at the wrong terminal alone and Akira blogging that some attendees did a burger run for her lol. I think nightmare might have tweeted some stuff too? other then that reading peoples one star reviews on the anime matsuri fb page are hilarious

>> No.8103510

Twitter is public, post the tweets or gtfo

>> No.8103518

Man that would be stupid if they didn't weed through applicants. Can you imagine all the weebs they would have to deal with? And it says Misako is going to interview applicants? She would be there all con interviewing people.

>> No.8103532

Did you get a confirmation email or something that says your application went through?

>> No.8103542

seems b8

>> No.8103546
File: 100 KB, 490x653, gdayjohn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8103557
File: 71 KB, 468x391, DrHorribles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8103582

>Twitter is public
Not if they're protected, you'd need screenshots and those can be fiddled with... but yeah post the tweets if they are public.

>> No.8103589

twitter is a bitch to go back and look through, but if you find Reika's tweets somewhere between March 18-21, 2014, you'll find it. It was also posted on her facebook, but she deleted a few days after she posted it.

>> No.8103593
File: 86 KB, 487x460, 1418263012184.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I gaggled


>> No.8103633

Original discussion: >>https://warosu.org/cgl/thread/7435316#p7440317

Looks like the tweets got deleted, though. Or anything I can find from the archives.

>> No.8103639

wow hi john or butthurt member of HLC
「腹減った~( ;´Д`)」
sorry, my japanese is bad but I think that's where she's talking about people bringing her burgers, it's on page 187 of her blog. I'm wading through reika's mountain of tweets to see if she deleted that lost in airport tweet or not even though enough people remember it that it's dumb to say it never happened.

>> No.8103645

akira's blog i mean

>> No.8103646

You're a much more petty man than I could ever be, anon, I applaud you.

>> No.8103657

thank you anon, i'll take that compliment for all it's worth.
akira's blog was easy, at least i could kind of estimate what page that post would be on by date, gave up on reikas twitter though.

>> No.8103727

This. I probably would have been ok with her before she moved to California just because at least she looked like a well-dressed lolita and well involved with the Chicago community, but now she's just a reverse ita.

>> No.8103764

We might have friends in common, anon.

>> No.8103834

Every time he posts, he talks about himself or his wife. Whydo they do that? A con isn't about them....

>> No.8103963

Did you really just copy paste? Thats not any proof. Link to the entry. Why would you waste your time to find a year old post and not link to it?

Even directly after the con when the airport thing woukd have been fresh no one could produce the tweets. If there is so much proof sbout all of thus shit start supplying it, oyherwise I'm inclined to believe you're just pissy you didn't score tea party tickets or something.

>> No.8104029

Lol we found one of them John or Denise

>> No.8104031

Look at this newfag.

>> No.8104068


>> No.8104147

wow ok you're even lazier bc u dont even know how to google??? I closed the tab by accident but just bc im petty af i'm going to go alllll the way back to akiras blog to get the link for your lazy ass. also the reason nobody posted caps of reika's tweet is because it was easily viewed in twitter? Idk maybe someone else can sift thru all of the 1000000x threads about how fucking shady john & denise are to find it.
enjoy. there's also a pic of the fucking cheeseburgers themselves or w/e if you need further proof.
>implying i'd want to waste my money on a ticket to that clusterfuck

>> No.8104185

absolutely based, I admire you

>> No.8104248

maybe no one posted them because its just a bunch of shit some anon started spewing on /cgl/

The same way AM owes the George R Brown millions of dollars from year one and that's why they will NEVER be able to use the convention center again...oh wait.

>> No.8104405
File: 78 KB, 720x540, 1420207146119.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whoa, don't have a seizure because someone asked you to verify some gossip.

>> No.8105081

I'm not, I just thought it's stupid to insist it never happened despite multiple people mentioning it just because no one wants to wade through reika's however many k twitter. idk you can believe w/e you want but the evidence of John being shady is ridic

>> No.8105085

What the fuck is a "kawaii ambassador" and why should I care?

>> No.8105086
File: 78 KB, 636x434, hlc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If she leaves HLC, does this screw her for KA?

>> No.8105088

Mah nigguh

>> No.8105116

Secretly, I hope Lilith and the mods that stepped down from HLC will make a new comm.

>> No.8105142

At this point KA is so tainted that nobody with integrity should want it anymore. I feel bad for the girls who had been picked already because who will take it seriously after these people bought their way in so blatantly?

>> No.8105152

She wasn't top running anyways.

>> No.8105156


>What are Kawaii Ambassadors? JLA reaches out to various countries by appointing unique international Kawaii Ambassadors. Kawaii Ambassadors are Lolita community leaders, specially appointed by JLA and Misako Aoki and responsible for sharing Lolita culture with their respective communities. They help connect their local communities to Japanese fashion brands, organize Lolita tea parties and events and act as a Lolita fashion resource. Currently there are 12 Kawaii Ambassadors from 8 countries.

>> No.8105421

Didn't submit one. There's no point if I can't make it to the con.

>> No.8106349

>-Also heard his previous business had to do with competitive card tournaments, where he would pay off someone and get them in the tournament in order to get a slice of the profits.

Fighting games. And the rigging was representatives for SBO in... I want to say 2008? 2007? Though they've been implicated in other instances too (2011 SF4 drama) that show they already has a reputation. (He's probably done it with cards too though? A lot of the shops that host fg's do both.)

Amongst other old threads/posts on the web talking about it. Everyone in that community knows about this, but obviously there's not a lot of overlap with lolitas for the news to get around and it's old drama anyway. Ask any player who was around back then, they all joke about how John hightailed it once PZ was forced to shut down because of the money he owed (obviously he didn't, but he did vanish from that community).

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