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I'm a man who cosplays Free!

I was thinking that we should have a swimming competition between Free! cosplayers in some convention.
What do you think?
It would be epic, we could pull off a medley relay.
The only problem is swimming with a wig on.

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Uhm, don't they swim with swim caps anyway? Just do that?

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Fitting a swim cap on a wig could be problematic.

Meh, I'll just dye my hair instead.

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Err, most of the point of a swim cap is to completely cover the hair. If you're seeing the wig then you're doing it wrong.

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>Going in pool with dyed hair

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You sound like a dick head and your entire idea sounds terrible, I hope this is a troll.
>It would be epic
not even in 2009 would it have been

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You sound like a faggot.

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Don't ruin my husbando with your subpar swimming and muscles please

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I don't believe a guy would srsly cosplay Free! for any other reason than to get laid. So stop trolling.

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He's probably doing it

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Wear the swim cap instead of the wig.

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This sounds like fun, I'd watch it. You're barking up the wrong demographic posting here though

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>where's my towel
>I've been on a swim team before
>oh can you pose in the middle of this race, it would be a great photo op
>I can't swim
>my feet hurt
>I wish I was at home listening to swans

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Throws up, plz don't ruin haru or rin, I feel like only Asian guys can cosplay free and pull it off..

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How do we summon Phelps in here?

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fujotrash detected.

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We need to chant his name three time or something
> Phelps Phelps Phelps <3

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What con was this at?

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Yaoicon '14

> Goddammit Phelps, I hope you've cut your wig since then...

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Was this at the auction or bingo? Do you think he'll be there again this year? Do you have any more pictures?

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do guys who cosplay free! even watch/like it?? like i've always wondered how many of them just slap on some jammers so they can have underaged pussy fawning all over them.

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>liking free
>an anime about boys swimming

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Auction, I think. I'm not sure. I'm just pulling pics from the archive + facebook as we go, lol.

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What a tool.

Anyone who is actually legit at swimming wouldn't feel the need to show off against noobs at a con.(And probably wouldn't have time to go to a con either)

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Its so simple
Glue some exposed tufts of wig hair to the inside kek

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Phelps Phelps Phelps <3

Please notice us

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Yeah! Fuck that guy! Everyone knows cons are only for fat neckbeards and weeby lesbian landwhales!

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Swimming at a high level takes hours a day.

Sewing costumes can also take hours a day.

How many time intensive hobbies can one person have? It has nothing to do with "being too cool" for anime conventions.

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Maybe more pictures of him will draw him out.

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>armpit hair

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>Going through the effort of making the Season 2 swimsuit
>Not shaving underarm hair

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There's a chubby grill trying to crossplay Haru with bad binding out in the open and you guys are mad about a dude's armpit hair?

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Shh if we ignore it Anon maybe we can block it out

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I want a group of fit guys to cosplay Free and learn some decent theater makeup to cover their nipples and make them disappear for accuracy.

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go back to /a/

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If you found me a Free! cosplayer under 0:30 in the 50M I'd drink a pint of pool water

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His face looks weird

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Lmao fit people don't exists at cons

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I'm right at 30 seconds and nowhere near even high school team level. This is a bad bet

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Somebody doesn't have the privilege of attending California cons.

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I'm playing the odds that anyone who trains hard enough to hit that time at the age at which most people cosplay is not cosplaying, but swimming.

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Sage test.

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