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As if his ego isn't getting any better

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>ad hominem
>brags about financial status
>posts Amazon wishlist to get fans to buy shit for him

Miggy confirmed for fuckboy.

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Ugh I hate that douche.

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Somebody got suckered into paying big bucks for college and got a degree in something they hate.

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Quick question, does he meet these requirements?

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someone throatchop this faggot

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he fails on 2nd and 4th requirement. He's an EMT in NYC that earns 10 bucks per hour, which is very little in New York. Not to mention, it seems he still rides on his 15 minutes fame, so he has no long term plan.

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Well I guess my disability and disability paycheck make me unworthy of opinions. Fucking jackass.

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Miggy the kind of nigga that thinks 9 plus 10 equals 21

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>Failure to fall into ANY said requirements forfeits your opinion
That's not really what he meant to say, right?

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>tfw meet all his requirements and can actually call him a fucking faggot cock sucker

>26, own place, own car
>Comp engineering degree
>already got about 40k in savings

I still go to cons though, they're fun, I just don't reveal power level or any personal info.

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Sad part is that he meant it

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And what's more sad is that his followers actually liked his status

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His requirements demand that you live at home, have no job, no education and no life plan. He then starts talking about categories I assume are in a different post.

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No no, you failed to fall into any requirement anon. You may not criticize him. Only if you move back in with your parents.

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Anybody wanna say something to him and his apparent lack of grammar understanding?

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Isn't this guy the little piece of trash that got "stuck" in Mexico and had to pull a Gofund together to get money to come back to the States?

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please don't insult us by associating us with this faggot

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Why do you guys care so much about him? Do you secretly like him?

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I don't know who he is. Should I secretly like him?

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Go home miggy

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Lmao this bitch. Like becoming an emt is even hard. it's a 1 semester college course.

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You should see the follow ups, loser just challenged him to a cosplay off of Kamen Rider

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>needs to be rescued.
Sounds like he lulled a scam tho. If you get robbed in mehiko and they take all your money they'll probably take your phone too. Lucky if they don't kill you. That while send me money via paypal so I can get home is fucking shady. No wallet means no I'd which means no way to cross the border.

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Im not a loser. I wanted to show it doesn't matter where you are in life you can still do anything better than him. Plus I don't think he can do it, retard cont even put on gloves to fiberglass shit.

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You're only a little bit of a loser. lbr.

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No hun, you're a loser. He conceded, you kept pushing, I know your mother said you're special, but I think you misunderstood her. There's more to life than just cosplay deary.

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You are my favorite type of poster, the ones that use pet names!

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Miggy quit while you're behind.

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But if you have high income and your parents let you leech off them, isn't that a better path than moving out just because?

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We all can't be Jessica Nigri

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I'm so glad someone else posted this. This literally pisses me off to no end. I cosplay and I think I know what I'm doing when it comes to cosplaying. But just because I live with my parents, and my opinion differs from his, I'm instantly wrong? What a crock of shit. Get your head out of your ass you "#cosfamous" jerk. He's the one that hooks up with random girls at cons, posts for people to buy him things on his wish list, brags about social and financial status, and over all talks a ton of shit about most Cosplayers he meets. Miggy, you're an adult who plays dress up. We all play dress up. Get over yourself. You're not elite. You got lucky.

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But I'm a guy

I dunno, its working for me. Why would I move out if my parents can buy me everything but I also make an assload of money? I don't even work 5 days a week either.

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It really is. Around where I live you do one semester at the community college and then do a six month internship. You are literally qualified in less than a year. What a fucking retard.

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I'm 29 and I still live with my parents. I have a job, I take classes, and I pay all of my own bills, including rent for my room. I have a very strong relationship with my family and there is literally zero need for me to leave, so why should I? Because people I don't care about tell me I should? They can go fuck themselves.

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It isn't, he is contradicting himself because he does not understand what a list of requirements is.

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Only a little bit, I Blame tokusatsu and girls not talking to me in middle school.
Then again not sure losers can do half the shit I've done in my life. I mean I paid off my new car, I take care of the phone bills and internet, Paid the down payment on My familys home and cover the mortgage every 2 months, visited Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos for a month and a half on my own dime, Invited across the country to talk about fucking power ranger costumes of all things, Met Keiji Inafune and asked for a interview and we talked for a hour about just about everything BUT video games.
The list goes on, Ive done plenty of cool shit in my 23 year long life and fucked it up plenty too. And yeah I want more in life and complain like a whiny pissbaby ALL THE TIME about what I do have, but I have it pretty okay and I'm cool with me.

Thing is when It comes down to it, I don't think I'm better than anybody based on any of that shit, and I'm sure as fuck not gonna treat people differently based on what they do or don't have either. Kinda makes me sick to my stomach to see there's people that look up to this guy and this is how he acts.

I challenged him to make a fucking costume just to show it doesn't matter where you are in life you can do and make cool shit. And he declined, which is fine but, Cmon if youre so damned successful why not back it up and show this fuck boy whats what. Every time people challenge this dude he just goes "LOLNO" and everybody on his page jumps in on bashing.

He keeps saying he doesnt care but I must have struck a nerve or something, my phones been blowing up, Email was compromised and had to move all my logins to a new email and its all of his followers.
Yeah I called him a few names and made a status, this ass goes the extra mile to put me on blast on his page and then got my personal info and handed it out, Im assuming it wasnt him personally but his lil personal army is having a field day with my shit.

pic related, its what I'm doing

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>Liking Tokusatsu
>being a loser

Totally nothing to do with it. Pre-Faiz KR even focuses on values and lessons that make a person successful in life.

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I watch heroes of cosplay andI dont have any idea who this is. did I miss something?

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>liking toku makes you a loser
thats not good imagination .bro

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hes the one who is dying to suck carl's dick

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Reminder that Miggy is also a sorry ass racist.

>> No.8086210

hell Gaim focused on a lot of that early heisei morals too. I love toku for morals and values shit but I will admit our lil toku community is special, hence my joke.

Also High five for somebody else whos watched pre faiz rider!! Love me some early Heisei!

fuck no, not a thing

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Can /cgl/ summon Tumblr to attack him? It would be fun to watch.

>> No.8086229


Why would tumblr even bother? That would require them to do something

>> No.8086237


Says the person who needs pepakura and someone else to 3D model for him or rip the wii models. For a person who hates CG for "stealing" practical work away you sure don't mind using CG for pepakura...

>> No.8086258

here's what I don't get, because i went to his page to look at the status OP posted, and Maki was one of the people who liked it.
so lemme get this straight: Nigri isn't allowed to say "nigga" but this guy is allowed to straight up call people niggers and nothing. damn these idiots and their logic.

>> No.8086261

Do you watch Once Upon a Time? I keep reading this in Rumple's voice.

Decade confirmed for being a shit posting, whiny, attention-whore faggot.

>> No.8086265

Someone submit him to racistsgettingfired

>> No.8086269

Any reason for them to scream "RACIST FUCKBOI errmurrgurr mah feminism" they jump at.
They love putting targets on backs and doxxing people

>> No.8086271


I thought doxxing people was our thing? Joke aside you make good points sooooo lets send tumblr his way...

>> No.8086272

>not using pepkura for toku/sentai helmets
What do you free hand that shit or what? Using means available is practical. gtfoutta here with that.

>> No.8086278


sup Decade

>> No.8086282

Don't need pepakura, majority of my shit is freehanded nowadays.

Never said CG steals work from practical effects but I do feel like its used too much like a crutch in films now of days. thats my stance on cg and practicality.

Also, Just so you know how damned stupid youre sounding, I use a 3d model and make a PRACTICAL PROP WITH IT.
If it was a computer generated effect it'd be a Photoshopped on helmet or something, Difference between practical and cg is that Practical effects are a real thing, it exists physically in our world, not a overlay on your after effects. Monster suit= practical cloverfield shit= CG
There's nothing wrong with using a computer to make a physical prop, professionals do it all the damned time nowadays.

I don't need somebody to rip the wii models seeing I was one ripping the models for climax heroes OOO - Super climax heroes.
I only pep the helmets, and majority of those wii files need a ton of work to even come out right in pep, so saying I can't even model something is pretty pathetic considering I've been doing it on and off for 5 years to get those file to work for other people.
All of my armors have been freehanded, save for one chest from my buddy Nico who does amazing work and I love his shit, He lets me work off his helmet models, I credit him every time. But even he knows I can do this shit Without pep too. The Wii models are so damned gross, you could use the as templates for shape but not much more than that unless you want totally wrong proportions.

Thing is with pepakura, it takes a lot of work after the models been built in paper. A simple model no matter how smooth is still gonna be a rough piece to work with. It takes days, weeks, or months sometimes to get the thing just right.

I dont need it, its a nice tool and it makes things faster, but it doesnt mean I cant make these things without it. Because I did, like 3-4 times now out of maybe 7 outfits?

>> No.8086286

I didnt start the thread, only came in here after I heard he posted me on his wall.

>> No.8086292


Im still trying to figure out why the hell you made a post about him. why are you so damn angry?

>> No.8086301

Maybe it has to do with the fact that he made a post saying that if you even want to talk to him about something trivial (i.e. Something not important) you have to be worth his time to do so. And to undermine people for things that may be out of their control, that's rude and ignorant. That's like me saying "Hey, unless you know how to fucking draw, don't tell me what you think is good art." Bringing your sobjective attitude towards a subjective hobby and treating it as an end-all-be-all is pretty damn rude.

This doesn't even need to line up with the fact that he's bragged about his "Cosplay celebrity fame" and whether he's being ironic about it or not, is setting a horrid example of someone who's considered a "Hero of Cosplay" (and this is for those folks who for whatever reason think that means something special, which he is tarnishing)

tl;dr - If you're gonna be someone of any note in the community don't drag your personal beliefs on other people and act like you're better.

>> No.8086305


when the hell did we start caring what "cosplay famous" people say? we did we start accepting people being ambassadors in our community. Where the hell is the official Cosplay Board of governors? When the fuck did we have elections.

why the fuck should i care what someone else says about my fucking hobby?

>> No.8086307


Not the same guy but I freehand it for my helmet work and it turns out well so free handing isn't impossible

>> No.8086308

considering the slew of fans on that status, I'm guessing a good hunk of idiots.

>> No.8086318

To be completely honest?

I hate people who treat others terribly for what they're born with and I cant stand people who treat others poorly for what they have and don't have.

People don't have control over all that shit. Life is already a huge fucking mess, why the hell do you need to go off and get on somebody's back and say " You have no valid opinions unless you have X" and make things more problematic.

Shits tough yo, why the hell do you wanna go off spouting shit like that and make others feel worse about their situations.

I know so many damned talented individuals whose opinions and thoughts on cosplay work can be invaluable to the craft, many I've met from here! Some of them are in just as bad of spots or worse than myself. Then we get this prick coming in and spouting that shit like he can do no wrong and if you so much as say something you get "SHUT UP YOU LIVE WITH YOUR MOM".

Like what the fuck even IS that?!
what the fuck does any of that have to do with their opinions?
Just goes to show hes another damned close minded person, if you dont share the same opinion gtfo faggot types.
I can get if you don't like a opinion, but their living status shouldn't even be a damned factor in you determining if it was worth it or not.

My dude! Eloquent and well put~
I could give a shit if he's E -famous or the most recent recipient of Kimmys K's all natural dick stain solution.
Its the fact he has this many people following and agreeing and perpetuating this bullshit further.
I care because I came to dress up like a Japanese bugman and have fun, not be told everything I do is shit because I live at home. Tell me its shit because its poor craftsmanship, come at me with something with weight, Id have way more respect if somebody told me my suit was shit for that instead of stuff that shouldn't be any of their goddamned business in the first place.
Its totally possible! care to share your work? I'm interested!

>> No.8086325


Well if youre okay with attacking just the costume...maaaaaybe work on your proportions. Everytime I see your stuff the neck area looks too short.

Try adjusting the shoulder area to counter that though

>> No.8086329


I agree with that but why the hell are you letting what he says bother you. The last time I checked you and him had not gotten married (either that and you didn't send me a invite you bastard) you are going to wake up tomorrow and nothing he said or does its going to affect your living situation.

you got your life to live and no one else is going to do that for you. See ya at Katsu we'll get a drink

>> No.8086331


This pretty much, why does this one matter? At the end of the day he's just a small blip in the world

>> No.8086367

Yes let's ignore the bullshit happening in community and mind our damn busines.

Funny how these famous Cosplayers and their fans talk about community as long as they don't get called out

>> No.8086372

Being friends with this guy for almost four years I can say he is something "special". He seriously let HoC fame get to his head and what's disappointing is that it's only going to get worse and most people will turn the other cheek because he is so "CosFamous/Cosplay Famous" now.

>> No.8086394

No that's >>8086197

>> No.8086481

Oh no I agree , My neck looks short in a bunch of pics and I usually do m helmets without padding, ill try padding one helmet up next and have it sit higher on my head, might alleviate the issue. Sometimes its tough getting the collar area right but Ill practice it next time.

Thank you anon, That's the kind of stuff I should expect, not getting trashed for working temp gigs or living at home.

I understand that dude, what I'm saying is who the fuck is he to even pull this shit, ironic or not its not cool to shit on people for things they cant control completely.

I'll take you up on that drink so long as you don't come at me about that Robert shit, I'm so out of it its not even funny. Heard to much from all these recent threads and him and I just don't wanna hear it anymore...

>> No.8086541

>tfw Miggy posts this shit because he's a huge fucking attention whore and people give him what he wants

>> No.8086661

When his braindead followers agree with him, then it's a community problem. And I like my community at the percentage of dumb it already is at.

The hole idea of #CosFamous as being something Ironic is actually stupid pretentious. It's one thing when you're like "Whoop #CosFamous" every once in a while as a joke, but when that's and #ThugLife are your go-to statements about everything... ugh.

>> No.8087148

Just run up to him at a con and see if he talks all that shit in person.

A swift kick in the teeth is what that guy needs.

>> No.8087168

That guy sounds like the real fuckboy, honestly.
I think Decade is mad mostly because the dudes followers doxxed him and have been harassing him.

>> No.8087258

His teeth are horrendous. Kid needs some braces, stat.

>> No.8087271

So much passive aggressive hypocrisy in one FB post.

>> No.8087572

they doxxed him? he's not even the one that should've been doxxed. even then thats our job!

>> No.8087690


Pretty much, someone gave miggy decade personal info and had his followers doxxed him.

Miggy wrote it off as "I can't be bothered with the actions of other people lulz"

>> No.8087691

what a prick

>> No.8087704


Yup, I was trying to find the facebook comment on it but he has since deleted it.

>> No.8088001

What a faggot.

I've no issues with knocking em on his ass if breathes the wrong way near me or any one of you.

>> No.8088096

He won't because this is a huge joke to him. He's going to still get his asspats and he's too beta to search someone out at a con and talk shit.

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