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Keep it cosplay/lolita related.

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The feels thread is fucking annoying and has nothing to do with cgl or egl because the seagulls made it that way.

I wish it would just change or vanish but it's not.

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Yeah this. I miss feels threads like these:

It seems like everyone just uses it as an excuse to vent about their personal lives or their weight problems. Like who fucking cares, I want to read stuff I can relate to.

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Holy shit, was just about to complain about that, seriously fuck off with MUH BOIFRAN IS ABUSIVE.

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I don't care how nice or funny everyone thinks she is, Lovely Lor looks fucking hideous and her coords are mediocre at best.

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I'm sick of photographers who think that because they only shoot young (often underage), attractive very petite (so kawaii-ugggh) girls they are amazing photographic wizards. The majority of girls they shoot have incredibly shitty costumes...It's really annoying lookin for pics post con and there a million shitty costumes to wade through.

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THIS. She looks like literally every other AP clone since 2009. I don't understand why people are so into her.

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I hate how the UK scene is so bad and that the people who get all the attention are out for obvious sponsorship/money and are terrible ambassadors for the community.

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They blatantly acknowledge its not related too!

>non CGL related
>wall of green text about muh struggles
> CGL related
>2 lines

No just stop, if you know it's OT just don't.....

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This girl I hate threw a massive party that she invited all the regulars of our comm to and I snuck into her room and stole her Iron Gate skirt. I would have taken more, but that was all I could fit in my bag. It sucks because I can't wear it until I move, but it was so worth it to see her standing in the comm deteriorate from adamantly blaming six different people for taking it after the fact. I wasn't even one of the suspects because she thinks I adore her too much to do that for some reason.

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you are a horrible person and i hope karma comes into play for you later

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of all the things that didn't happen, this didn't happen the most

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good job outing yourself with this
i bet it won't take long for that girl to find out you took it

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>come across lolita on internet
>10/10 divine goddess need as my wife
>stalk the shit out of her
>look at every public internet page she has daily; Tumblr, DA, Twitter, Instagram
>go to convention she attends every year
>discreetly follow her while trying to muster courage to approach her
>finally do after at least three hours
>ask to get a pic with her
>notice she's holding Asuka Soryu figure and try to make conversation
>we talk for a few minutes and she's super friendly
>wait a couple weeks after con to use the fact we've met and spoke to my advantage and friend her on Face Book
>save favorite pictures to folder dedicated to her
>she will never know how much I love her

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Oh my god, I think I know who you are.

Are you fucking stupid? Do you seriously think that you are the only person connected to that circle that goes on /cgl/? I just sent this to the girl you stole from. Delete it all you want, I took a screencap. There are only two possible people you could be and I'm almost certain I know which one you are.

You can bet your ass that the second we verify it was you, there will be a public statement complete with evidence so you will not be able to just dismiss it all as rumors. It doesn't matter where you move to, any comm will know you are a thief.

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I've given up and accepted that I'm cuter as a boy than I am as a girl. It's incredibly disheartening because I want to wear nice poofy lolita skirts and cosplay cute idols but I'm stuck with ouji and crossplaying. I mean sure I'll cosplay my waifus but I can always feel people judging me and it's not a great feeling.

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Not same seagull.
How do you know that it isn't bait to accuse someone else. It maybe posted by one of the suspects in question throwing suspection elsewhere instead?

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This interests me. Are they settling this IRL right now? I want to know what happens.

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Well since I'm sure nobody with half a brain would post such a story detailing specifics about a very rare skirt theft and expect nobody to recognize who they are, I'm guessing this is a red herring bait to try to get girls in that comm who think the Iron Gate skirt was stolen (>>8080483) to turn on each other.

Hey, >>8080483, did you ever think that maybe anonymous posters don't tell the truth? If the fact about the IG owner "accusing six others" of taking the skirt is true, then isn't it entirely possible that maybe the owner just fucking misplaced it and is quick to scapegoat other people?

If not that, then how about this: If I was trying to blow smoke and mirrors after I stole something valuable and was making a "confession" anonymously about it, I'd set someone else up by including details about them like
>girl I hate
>until I move
>she thinks I adore her too much to do that
So we already know the person who's being set up carried a large bag with them that night, is going to be moving soon, and is superficially on good terms with the IG owner but isn't a very close friend. Gee, aren't these a little too-specific details for someone who probably DOESN'T want to get caught? Ya fookin idiots.

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Don't even care if it's fake or not. Feed us some more of this shitty dramu.

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>maybe the owner just fucking misplaced it
Of the implausible things that get said on cgl, including the current thread of conversation, this is maybe one of the least plausible

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How so? It's not like you have any proof. Why would someone steal something and then self-incriminate like that? Maybe the person is just trying to get the group to turn on one member because she's a bitch. Girls can be catty af.


Why is this happening?

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>this is maybe one of the least plausible
How? People misplace valuable shit all the time and blame other people for it. Do you know her personally? Do you know that she tore her room searching for it before she started pointing fingers?

Even if that didn't happen, then see >>8080584
about the point of it being fucking stupid that a thief would incriminate themselves for no reason at all.

>Why is this happening?
/b/tard raid.

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As in you wouldn't misplace fucking Iron Gate. Shit's worth a grand.

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People misplace their WEDDING RINGS anon, it's completely possible to misplace a black skirt in a messy room or a cluttered closet.

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>If the fact about the IG owner "accusing six others" of taking the skirt is true, then isn't it entirely possible that maybe the owner just fucking misplaced it and is quick to scapegoat other people?
She definitely did not misplace it. She is an extremely clean and well organized person. Not to mention, that skirt was her life. She noticed it went missing the day after the party the thief specified and she had last seen it two days prior, she said. She also said that it never leaves her closet besides when she wears it, which is only once in a while.

She did go too far with pointing fingers at people, but the thing is there were less than ten people at this party allowed to go upstairs and everyone was throwing blame everywhere. It's not like she just accused random people. She purposely spent the whole time in the second floor living room where the staircase is so that she could make sure no one she didn't consider a good friend could just go in her room or office. Her and another friend who was with her saw everyone who was on the second floor that night.

Your second theory is very plausible, though, and I will bring it to the discussion our group is having on the issue.

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Oh shit, please keep us updated. This is better than a soap.

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Wedding rings are tiny, though. A skirt doesn't fall off the edge of the sink.

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>Maybe the person is just trying to get the group to turn on one member because she's a bitch. Girls can be catty af.
Why do some people talk about being terrible like this as if it's a female exclusive thing? Men do shit like that, too. I actually can think of way more men I've known to do something like that than women.

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Y'know that's a good point.

I guess just the whole stereotype thing. I think men would rather argue and be confrontational than political and shit. Guys tend to just say shit as it is while girls have to make sure not to step on the wrong toes because of social hierarchy or w/e.

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Wedding rings are smaller than quarters. Iron Gate is a skirt. I don't know about you, but all my lolita stays hung up in my closet if it's not on my body. Loosing a main piece would take a full blown retard.

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Probably because she seems nice and funny, doesn't engage in any drama and is dressed good enough not to look hideous, yet not good enoigh to come off as intimidating. Funny and goofy enough to like her, yet not so good looking and superb at coordinating that it is intimidating.

At least that's my reason.

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75% of my friends group is male and most of them would rather talk shit about each other behind their backs than directly confront the other.

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It's like you completely chose to ignore the part where I said "in a messy room or cluttered closet."
The wedding ring analogy was meant to demonstrate that people lose significant and important shit. I don't know why you seriously think people have never misplaced a clothing article, but I don't want to get into an argument with this comm who is obviously quite assblasted and is looking to vent some steam.

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I'd wager that many of them are also gay/bi though? Or they have more female friends than male ones?

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You seriously think girls aren't as confrontational? You are seriously retarded. Go outside, please. Girls are FAR WORSE than men. The number of times I've heard a girl say confrontational shit, compared to men, is ridiculously exponentially higher. Girls love to get under each other's skin. Girls are fucking terrible.

>inb4 neckbeard hurrdurr!!!1!!one!
I'm a chick.
>internalized misogyny!!one!!
I'm not even kidding, go outside. The fresh air will do you good.

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happy to see a cosplay photographer who shot a bunch of cosplayers last year for a TV minutes end up not getting too many hits/publicity for his series thanks to the cosplayers he interviewed being flakes. sucks to be you, enjoy the loss of money!

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>part where I said "in a messy room or cluttered closet."
>She is an extremely clean and well organized person. Not to mention, that skirt was her life. She noticed it went missing the day after the party the thief specified and she had last seen it two days prior, she said. She also said that it never leaves her closet besides when she wears it, which is only once in a while.

Your point would have some truck if these events had apparently taken place in just one night, but it seems to be over several days. And if we were talking about something less rare than Iron Gate, which gets treated like it's a Fabergé egg or some shit. That whole community value of an art piece kinda thing.

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I'm sick of photographers calling themselves photographers when many of them are badly composed and exposed or their con photos are mainly just photo dumps with little to no proofing. I've seen some upload out of focus/blurry photos or just black pictures with nothing else in there

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Nice bait, mate.

>> No.8080711

I'm not saying girls aren't confrontational, but to say they're worse than guys for it is, in my experience, just incorrect. I was bullied for years by both boys and girls, but I found girls' bullying so much easier to handle, because all they do is ostracise you or talk about you behind your back. That's fine, I didn't want to hang with you anyway. But guys will not leave you alone. They constantly look for a reaction, they fucking love getting under people's skin just as much as a girl does, if not moreso.

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Also, you're probably a yank.

Can you vote? Can you hold positions of power? Can you marry who you damn well please? If yes, shut the fuck up. Someone hitting on you is not evidence of patriarchy.

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Nope. This is a group consisting almost exclusively of straight men. The only bi guy is chill as fuck. The only gay one is pretty stereotypical gay catty bitch, but he directly confronts people.

I've observed this in many male groups of friends. Some will be chill, some will be whiny little bitches over fucking nothing. Just like with girls.

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Learn to bathe for fucks sake. You smells like rotting asshole.
You know who you are.

>> No.8080726

Not that anon, but 80% of my friends are male, and I'm the only/one of two female friends a lot of them have, and they do that too.

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Wouldn't it be interesting?

>have girl you hate in your comm
>namedrop Iron Gate enough to ensure that everyone knows you own and cherish it
>host a huge party, inviting specific people and the girl who you hate
>hide your Iron Gate and deliberately accuse the others of stealing it
>post as the girl you hate confessing to stealing it, add in a bunch of conveniently implicating details
>ruin the girl's reputation in every comm imaginable

I'm not saying that's what happened, but isn't his whole situation a bit weird?

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I used to think like you, so I made it a point to only befriend males until I realized they're pretty fucking bad, too. Now I just judge people on personality rather than assuming "male=no drama" and I have many lovely lady friends. I think age really plays into it. In high school, girls can be literal sociopaths, but as they get older they really chill out. All my current lady friends were 21+ when I befriended them and in multiple years of friendship with all of them, I've only had conflict with one once that was solved without any extreme cattiness or bloodshed.

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There's too much outrage being had over a "confession" that seems so contrived.

>> No.8080736

I bet you think the Paris bombing was an inside job, too?

>> No.8080737

Why the fuck would anyone do something so convoluted?

>> No.8080740

>comparing a fucking bombing to some inner comm drama
Get over yourselves ladies!
Because attention whores. Just look at how this bullshit has hijacked the thread.

>> No.8080742

>In high school, girls can be literal sociopaths, but as they get older they really chill out
This. I had no female friends at all between the ages of 12 and 17 (my experience with bullying was the opposite of >>8080711's - some girls in my school ran a slut/lesbian rumour smear campaign against me that meant literally no-one in the year would befriend me, and because I couldn't find out exactly who was spreading it I couldn't even report it like I could boys), but my social circle's been 50-50 since college.

>> No.8080744

I can assure you this is not the case. I've known her for years and she's not one to pull something like that. Plus, she's not even willing to believe it's the girl the post criminalizes. She's actually quite shaken up right now over this entire thing and doesn't even know what to think.

I think it's possible it's a red herring, but I could believe the person would be stupid enough to think they could have gotten away with it after writing that.

>> No.8080745

How would she prove it, though? She'd have to sneak into the girls room she's setting up and plant it, right? How'd she do it?

BTW, if this is real and the ppl are talking about it IRL, are you there? Can you put our conspiracies to rest?

>> No.8080746

Nah, there are much easier and more effective ways to smear someone than throwing a party to stage a theft. Try and remember that crime novels are a bit over the top.

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>Plot twist it's been you the whole time. (jk)

If it was her they would've found it, right?

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Alternatively, there is a thief, and this is her way of casting suspicion onto another girl.

Of course, it's most likely that the entire story is made up, but speculating is more fun.

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The comparison to the bombing conspiracy theory is accurate because it's that level of stupid.

>> No.8080759

Not that anon, but where in that post did you get anything relevant to your comment? How the fuck is she saying anything about patriarchy?

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I'm literally a stalker. There's this lolita I'm obsessed with who I purposely attend to same conventions as and discreetly follow around. I go to all her webpages several times a day and have a folder dedicated to my favorite things she posts and pictures of her. I'm considering creating a fake Tumblr to pose as a lolita girl and talk to her.

I know this all sounds awful nd creepy as fuck, but if you really think about it, there's nothing wrong with it. I don't do anything to bother or scare her at all, she doesn't even know I exist. I would never hurt her, it's not like I'm a threat to her in any way.

>> No.8080767

1/10, nobody even took the first try's bait.

>> No.8080768

why tho

Capcha: spagi

>> No.8080773

I completely forgot I already posted about it.
Because she's an angel and we're meant to be.

>> No.8080781

I want to disagree with this so badly, but it's becoming true. Everytime something happens, it's always the same names coming up, dramu or otherwise. It's getting a bit tiring because most of the new people coming up are bad or just too casual to be noticed, even if they do some great work.

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Girl in my comm wants to create Post Apocalyptic Lolita this year. I just can't support that.

>> No.8080841 [DELETED] 

she had herpes II

but she said ifwe didn't go base-to-base i can't catch it

said "just the tip"

im worried

>> No.8080846

you deserve it

>> No.8080876

There will always be inner circles of people who won't acknowledge others nor accept them, thus they will just dwell inside their own little world. Eventually the world will move on and they are still in the same spot believing they are the pinnacle of cosplay.

>> No.8080877

I'm imagining people with damaged and burned burando and scarred/burned faces.
Tell her to go hard or go home, it will suck anyway so let's just make her go fully into it

>> No.8080879

Everything I'm interested in cosplaying is either super old with a dead fandom or just looks like street clothes.

>> No.8080914

I wish there was a lolita community in my area with no interest or knowledge of cosplay/anime/gaming. I am old with a classics degree and just got into for the clothes. I feel positively ancient around them.

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I wish the cosplay community at large was less infested with absolute retards. Not necessarily saying "KILL SUPERWHOLOCKSTUCK HERO 6-ZEN" or whatever fandom tends to garner the typical sources of hatred (that they usually deserve).

I'm more talking about the fact that your average congoer is still spouting ancient memes, making dated references, constantly chattering about their favorite YouTube personalities, and are immediately drawn away from any form of conversation which is either controversial in any way, or is more complex than "Shout a meme! XD". I go to about 10 cons every year, and I wind up spending time around the same types of people, and it's almost always either people I know thanks to 4chan, or people who are simply diehards for whatever media/series they like the most. I can find somebody who is hardcore into Toku and talk to them about Kamen Rider for hours and find a friend, but before I find this girl or guy, I find myself sifting through eighty people spouting THE GAME IS A LIE XDD, wearing their Attack on Titan capes and shambling about with their equally retarded friends. I've just had it with cons yielding such a dense framework of idiots, with people who have a matter of sense being so sparsely sprinkled about that it's a miracle I can ever find them.

>> No.8080969


I'm hardcore into Toku. Only reason why I'm doing Maccha Green even though I hate the series. I don't use meme either so if you're ever in the Midwest just find uhhhh a Masayoshi cosplayer.

>> No.8080975

But then she would not be able to be seen wearing Iron Gate ever again, what would be the point?

>> No.8081008

>will never let fellow lolitas + cosplayers near my clothes again

>> No.8081013


>steals skirt
>posts story bragging on cgl
>gets called out
>decides to change tune
>"Anon probably is framing them!"

Backtrack much?

>> No.8081015

Lol, what an idiot. You think if she can afford Iron Gate she can afford some fucking locks on her bedroom doors.

>> No.8081018

>expecting people to install locks on their bedroom doors

>> No.8081019

she looks like an old hag

>> No.8081030

>Hasn't worn lolita in months
>No local con
>wants to get into it again
>but I work at a hospital pushing anywhere from 40-60hr work weeks
>on my days off I just sit in and do nothing, don't want to dress up just for errands
>no local lolis either

sigh. I used to wear it all the time with a "no fucks given" attitude but that was in college. IDK what happened. I wore it out a few times and I just felt weirdly embarassed to be so fancy whilst doing such mundane things like going to walmart.

>wants to completely change wardrobe over to classic but too sentimentally attached to many sweet pieces to sell it all

>> No.8081033

If you have a group of people coming over that you can't trust enough and have to stand around guarding your belongings just get some damn locks. It's like $20 tops.

>> No.8081037

Lol, what an idiot. It's almost like you think all lolitas own their own homes instead of rent, live with others, etc.

>> No.8081046

It's a doorknob you retard. It doesn't damage the renters agreement and you can just change it back.

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File: 492 KB, 1000x749, Macha Green-from-The Rolling Girls-11498-1246896478.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Maccha Green
isn't that the super sentai/kamen ride/whatever girl from that new Rolling Girls anime? pic related

>> No.8081067

What if she did this months/years ago and is telling th secret as if it happened now

>> No.8081070

stealing an iron gate skirt at a party with other comm members seems rather specific though..

>> No.8081078

Yes I'm doing her. Don't like the show but I really like Sentai like whoa. I think I don't like the show because there's too much puking and too many bad personalities (like the bitchy loli knight girl,) but I'm trying to see how the show ends up.

>> No.8081079

ive been to a few cons but can't ever find the after parties

the con raves ive hit were kind of fun, woulda been better with sick bass

>> No.8081083

I'm watching the show right now and I actually really like it, kinda reminds me of K-ON with the girl band but I wanna see if they actually develop the characters more
But what do you mean by "too much puking"? too much gross stuff?

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> I wanted to plan a really cool trip to PAX Prime this year with 2 best friends.
> I'd cover the flight, tickets, and hotel and just let them figure out food.
Friend 1: "Let's just go to PAX East! It's sooo much closer! and we could drive!"
> PAX East is in like 38 days.
>I planned a really cool cosplay for Prime (in March) because I'd have a really long time before that convention.
>Tickets for East are sold out so I'd be buying scalped tickets
>Call me delusional for wanting to go to "The same con but more expensive" and "just for my cosplay."

The only thing I was delusional about was the fact that I thought these people would be grateful for the offer... gdi I try to do something really cool this year and now I feel like hell. Am I retarded, Anons? I realized the cost and knew what I wanted. I did a lot of research and planning and I'm just so bummed because of it now.

>> No.8081108


dont be a punk bitch. go to pax east if you want, but go to pax prime like you planned

follow shit through if it's important to you

>> No.8081109

This. I'd love to talk Latin and Greek to other lolitas since I studied them for 6 years. Maybe one day, anon.

>> No.8081112

tell them to stop being so childish anon. shits sold out, it'll probably work out at around the same price but a worse experience for you

>> No.8081113

Most people invited to cons are cosplayers or friends of those people because they often stand out/ have mutual interest as the inviter. Whenever I cosplay I'm guaranteed at least one party invite/drink although I'm too shy to ever go or accept. You could try hanging out with big groups and asking around can't hurt if you're not in cosplay.

>> No.8081126


itd be really fun to cosplay but i dont have the time or skill to put something together. thanks for the advice, where do you think the best places for jelling with people are in the cons?

>> No.8081206

Kind of silly that they're giving up free tickets/flight/hotel but if they aren't really digging the con, you shouldn't fault them for not wanting to spend the additional travel time. Unless they waited many months to tell you, AFTER you already dropped some cash on it, in which case, dick move.

Also you do realize that Pax Prime is completely sold out and will probably scalp for more than East, right?

>> No.8081210

Why are you paying for people to join you at something you don't want to be at? Personally I think your reason (apart from sold out tickets) to go to Prime instead is stupid, but it's about what you want.
Why don't you firnly decide on Prime and if that's not good enough for them just don't shell out the money for them, let them spend their own money going to East

>> No.8081211

Also it goes without saying that you shouldn't be paying their way to East. They can decide if they want to pony up the cash or attend your dream con; they shouldn't get to use you for a free ride to wherever they want.

>> No.8081282

I have Emetophobia so it would be like a homophobic person watching yaoi or a person who's afraid of snakes watching Anaconda. It kind of makes me squick and I don't consider it funny nor 'moe' like some viewers.

Like I said it's not that bad (I don't totally hate the show,) and I do love the designs and concepts but my problem again is the fact that many of the characters have annoying traits, i.e. Loli Knight selling the girl's stone just because of some damn cart. I wanted to slap her.

Unless it gets to Aldnoah Zero season 1 levels or something I won't drop it. It takes a lot for me to drop a show.

>> No.8081288

Did they tell you this before or after you paid for everything?

>> No.8081289


I'm not going to post about it in the group at all and just watch the crap go down. Maybe the mods will handle it.

>> No.8081308

I saw a local cosplayer on stage at a strip club last night. I couldn't believe my eyes and still can't fully process that she's a stripper.

>> No.8081357

not that anon but when did they begin selling 2015s tickets? the website hasnt updated since last year

>> No.8081377

Ok? So?

>> No.8081387

I fucked a guy once...

>> No.8081388

This is a get shit off your chest thread, not an elaborate and kill someone's reputation threa

>> No.8081420

>Keep it cosplay/lolita related

You just proved >>8079423 point.

>> No.8081433

If you teach me Latin or Greek I'd be your Lolita friend forever. I'm a huge nerd for classics

>> No.8081480

I decided I'm going to Prime. I'll cover them for prime if they decide they want to go but I'm okay with going solo to this con. It really is a dream con and East is fine too but it's really not what I planned this year.
I only booked at hotel and flight for myself so far.
Because these guys have been friends for a really long time and I guess I'm the type to do anything to make them happy. The reason they'd take East>Prime is because they say they're sorta uncomfortable with me paying so much but I really don't think they understand that the (scalped) ticket prices for East tip the scales in Prime's favor right now. Neither of them could afford this trip at the moment and I'm perfectly fine with covering it.

>> No.8081482


>> No.8081619

I'm great, except I'd like to find a place to watch RuPaul's Drag Race online and /tv/ won't help.

Any ideas? I don't want to miss the premiere of season 7!

>> No.8081655

A cosplayer? Doing sex work? Nice try but that's just too implausible, do we look stupid to you or something

>> No.8081660

There are plenty of cosplayers who turned to the adult industry, be it for porn or just nude photography. Stripping is not that far-fetched.

>> No.8081693


>> No.8081768

I don't think I'll ever really become a renowned cosplayer because I don't think I have any sex appeal and a lot of the industry has become a 'risque-factor' that I don't see myself doing and don't really care about.

There I said it.

>> No.8081786

I think the joke went way over your head.

>> No.8081816
File: 47 KB, 640x360, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My usual con friend group are really starting to piss me off. I only usually plan to go to maybe a couple of cons a year, because planning trips and budgeting for making new costumes is expensive. They're all bitching because they want to go to as many as humanly possible, which I guess is ok when they're getting the money handed to them by their parents (I'm also the only one with a job). I've also realised that they are literally the weeby stereotype just hanging round cons in shitty bought costumes not actually doing anything. I'm really torn over what to do, because if I ditch them then I have no one else to go to cons with.

tl;dr con friends are shitty, but I can't get rid of them right now, wat do?

>> No.8081830

Why can't you get rid of them, if they're being bad friends?

>> No.8081859

I feel like a bad lolita because I really dislike most dresses and prints. I think a lot of them are tacky or just straight up ugly. When I find something I like, I LOVE it and want it in multiple cuts and colorways. I've got eight main pieces right now from only three different releases (two skirts and one JSK each from two releases, and two OPs in different colors from the third). I obviously don't want to drop that much money on something I don't love, but I feel like the girls in my comm think I'm a huge weirdo for having the same things over and over. A couple have brought it up and kind of laughed it off, but I dunno.

I know what matters is my own happiness with my wardrobe, and I'm getting better and better at coording, but it still sucks feeling like the people I want to be friends with look down on me thanks to my semi-picky taste. Oh well.

>> No.8081876

I'm going through almost exactly the same thing anon, there are people out there who will treat you better that have good heads on their shoulders, you just have to find them! :)

>> No.8081920

Did you not get the part about her keeping watch to make sure only trusted people were going in?

>> No.8081935

It looks like the only convention I'll be going to this year is a PAX. I wanna do some not-video games costumes though damn it!

>> No.8081988

I'm the same way anon. I'm cool with other people liking stuff, but I'm like ewww, no thank you! For about 80% of dresses.

>> No.8082083

I'm like this too. It's just personal taste, not worth getting worked up over.

>> No.8082251

There's also the fact that you bitch and whine and claim you have nervous breakdowns and then get your "friends" to support your skinny ass.

And yeah, cosplay has become that. Do you know what you do?

Buck up, and become better than them. Show the world what it means to truly cosplay. and not just fake tits hanging out.

Maybe then you'll stop having these "meltdowns" and start treating people like people and not like shit.

There I said it.

>> No.8082262
File: 792 KB, 1258x684, http%3A%2F%2F40.media.tumblr.com%2Fbc609fc4e07fb8a42b81f563ba449a0f%2Ftumblr_ni5gfdbRO71syqyomo1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't stand the way she puts her nails on...

>> No.8082321

ooh we have stories of crazies that would make your hair curl, don't underestimate the crazies

>> No.8082400

I haven't had any breakdowns at cons recently actually! Thanks for asking :D

And I get that. I get that the industry now has become a risque showcase in the eyes of the media, and that it focuses more on the T&A than the Q&A. My skills as is aren't as phenomenal as I'd like them to be and I know that it's going to take time and a lot of practice to get to a point where I can say that I'm truly honestly good at it. But half of me wonders, with all of the tutorials and resources out for cosplay and the convention scene, if in the time it'll take for me to learn and /cosplay all the things/ and produce something great, the con scene will continue to grow as it has been?

The past few years conventions have absolutely blown up in mainstream media (from my pov but I'm young and haven't experienced cons pre-2000's), which is awesome because like the more fans the merrier.

But I look at where I could be in five or ten years time and wonder if the community will still be this active and if all the work I'd put towards things is worth it. If they'll be relevant and if people will care.

Its something I think about a lot but its probably just me being pessimistic.

>> No.8082404

I have very curved nails, both side to side and back to front, and that's just what all stick on nails look on me. I just gave up and got much better at fancy nail painting.

>> No.8082413

Im going to be cosplaying for the first time at AX this summer. Im going as a really cute character, but i don't feel like I'm cute enough. I feel so big and tall even though my measurements tell me I'm small.. I think. I'm so self conscious about acne scars, too. But really i just want to have fun.

Sometimes i wish cgl was a hugbox just so i could get my self esteem up.

>> No.8082436

> graduating in 1.5 years
> bought my professional domain name yesterday
> seminars on tax and invoicing
> seminars on CVs and cover letters
> seminars on portfolios
> this term is the first term that counts towards my degree
> starting to contact companies and apply for placements/jobs
> buying business cards
> all I want is to make cool costumes and maybe someone will pay me somewhere along the line

Life is getting scary, /cgl/.

>> No.8082442

god i fucking hate these fucking sleeves why did i botch up the bodice so badly i'm a fucking cranberry shoved up inside paul ryan's anus

>> No.8082445

omg are you me?

Exact same situation here, except I *know* I'm small, but I don't feel tiny enough. I'm not built with anime girl legs (those thin, Sailormoon type legs) and I feel like everyone will be staring at my tree trunk calves.

Also yeah acne scars are the fucking devil, I haven't found any product that helps fade them faster.

>> No.8082463

The fucking /fit/ fags making posts asking for what to cosplay instead of using the suggestion thread because they are fishing for compliments on their ~forms~ or whatever bullshit

>> No.8082486 [DELETED] 

Florida dude that's been going to cons since 92. Back in the day, it was a simpler time. Nowadays, a giant clusterfuck.

Can't even do cons anymore here in Florida save for Mega and Metro (I'm banned from one of them). I did Matsuri and it was ok...had a really bad panic attack. (JJBA can stop panic attacks I found out.)

You're Hanari right? The really impressive Flygon at Metrocon?

Nah tho, I want to get a lot off my chest since it's been built up for years. I'll post it later today.

>> No.8082487

finally get around to lolita and constantly being bombarded on any social media platform with weird mentally damaged people trying to become efamous or sell me some ugly ass shit. i just want to hang out with other cool people who know what they're doing and care what they're doing and look tite, damn. i don't want to associate with these grandmas with weird fake shitty personalities. with how oversaturated this fashion is somehow my whole fucking comm is just poor, blind retards holy shit. also normalfags who were never into anything even slightly weeb at any point in their life, and have no idea where lolita even came from. get out

>> No.8082488

Florida dude that's been going to cons since 92. Back in the day, it was a simpler time. Nowadays, a giant clusterfuck.
Can't even do cons anymore here in Florida save for Mega and Metro (I'm banned from one of them). I did Matsuri and it was ok...had a really bad panic attack. (JJBA can stop panic attacks I found out.)

You're Hanari right? The really impressive Flygon at Metrocon?

Nah tho, I want to get a lot off my chest since it's been built up for years. I'll post it later today. It's a doozy.

>> No.8082489

google primewire. They may have it.

>> No.8082502

I am really really over people CONSTANTLY posting in cosplay groups on FB asking how you would make an ENTIRE costume. Like, do you not know how to fucking use google first? Can you not look for tutorials or reference pictures? Like, fuck do you want everyone to just do the whole thing for you?

Sure, ask if you need advice on a particular aspect or method of doing something if you need help after looking, even I do it sometimes. We all need help or advice on occasion...But to make it so blatantly obvious that you didn't even BOTHER to search first really shits me.

>> No.8082503

>admired lolita from afar for years and years
>was poor growing up so never could get into the hobby
>am and adult now, with a stable job and stable income
>I could spend 200e on lolita each month
>but I can't justify spending that kind of money on clothes
>even cheaper indie brands like infanta feel like a gigantic waste of money that could be used in a more mature way, like put into savings or donated to charity
>end up just putting all extra money in savings and never using it for anything ever

Sigh. I wanna be kawaii but growing up poor I feel like a spoiled brat spending money on myself.

>> No.8082548
File: 67 KB, 640x360, I5FtK1Yl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"Don't like the show"

>> No.8082587

same ;_;

>> No.8082593

I really hate League of Legends cosplayers because 90% of them are dumb bitches that don't play the game or know anything about the champion they're cosplaying other than "omg she's so cute/sexy/pretty/whatever." It's all just for fucking attention and as someone who has been playing the game for 5 years it's annoying as hell, but sadly I can't ever say this shit because "omg anon, people can cosplay what they want."

>> No.8082649

Jerk photographers who commandeer chairs, don't actually use them 90 percent of the time, and won't let people sit in them for 5 minutes to change shoes deserve to have their lens scratched.

Just saying.

>> No.8082652

Dude, just do it. You won''t be in your 20s forever, whereas you have opportunity for the more mature spendings all your life.
I am not saying blow all your disposable income, but maybe allocate a fixed amount each month. When you don't spend all of that fixed amount in a month you just save it in a fund for a larger hobby expenditure later.

>> No.8082653

They changed the scene but not their behaviors. They're still as insecure here as they were on their homeboard. It's like none of them can be secure with their own mass, they gotta have some validating their effort and giving them an as spat for going to the gym and looking like a retired hulk hogan.
Worse than camwhores when it comes to attentionwhoring imo.

>> No.8082687
File: 122 KB, 500x270, 4564564564.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't worry anon your not the only one.

>Sad buyer ie. I Buy stuff when I feel down to cheer myself up
> Just got a job and paying for stuff
> can spend max £500 a month on anything
> only ever buy cheap lolita due to guilt of spending to much.
> Dream dress shows up.
> is just in budget for the week.
> buy it as soon as I see it due to being sad and really want it.
> Regret it instantly.

I can't buy anything over £100 with out feeling the biggest guilt trip.

>mfw my bill next month will be big due to BF coming over.
>more guilt about spending.

ah fuck...

>> No.8082699
File: 41 KB, 300x451, 1421104652617.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>women have no social hierarchy

>> No.8082715

I just strait up don't tolerate photographers doing shit like that. I would just take a chair and tell them to deal.

>> No.8082723

Does cosplay and lolita make people grammatically retarded? Maybe the other boards are just as bad but I swear to god every other insult post around here has a typo or four.

If you're gonna insult someone at least get shit like your/you're there/they're/their fucking straight.

>> No.8082733

Same here. I'm not even that old but I got into lolita from alt fashion, not from cosplay or anything Japan-related. It gets pretty tiring how meetup conversations are about glorious Nippon 99% of the time and a good chunk of the girls are trying to be kawaii idorus or keep talking about the next cosplay they have planned. Also we recently had a fashion show where all but one of the models wore classic or gothic and they still decided it would be fitting to play bubblegum Jpop for all the walks because KAWAII

>> No.8082738

I want to bang spoony and her floppy tits

>> No.8082744

I get the feeling there's been a recent influx of underage newfags. They also tend to use emoticons unironically and their posts are often repeats of something that was already said, indicating that they didn't read the thread or even previous responses before replying. Every time I see a post like that I'm filled with the urge to scare them off but nowadays we're not allowed to hurt each other's feeeeeelings anymore.

>> No.8082996

Anon, I felt the same way, and only recently started spending more than 80 usd on something. Think about it like this: all you are paying for is the shipping. You can literally sell your dress for the same price as you spent on it whenever you want to (if you don't ruin it and buy it second hand). So don't feel guilty, it's better than a hobby where once you spend the money it's gone ( eating out, vacations, ect).

>> No.8083014

I know a Spoony and this is concerning, are you in the UK?

>> No.8083025

>Being this butthurt about typos on 4chan

>> No.8083030 [DELETED] 

>Was supposed to go on date today
>Planned cosplay making shedule to have this day free
>Bf does not answer phone
>We were supposed to meet 6 hours ago and I don't know where he is
>Besides being really sad with him, I could not finish my cosplay as planned

I really hope he has a fantastic excuse for this

>> No.8083032

I'm still obsessed with JJ like it's 2007. I've even tried to find archives of ancient drama and cosplay pics that don't exist anymore, but I can't.

>> No.8083034 [DELETED] 

Most of the other boards are way worse that /cgl/ with grammar.

>> No.8083037

Iktf. Her drama was the best.

JJ pls come back

>> No.8083039

Most of the other boards are way worse than /cgl/ with grammar.

>> No.8083044

She's been back for a while, but she's grown up and hasn't had any drama in years.

>> No.8083049

A friend of mine crossplays tony stark and draws a terrible goatee on herself. Not just to cons, but also just out in public.

It gives me such secondhand embarrassment but I just can't tell her it looks retarded.

>> No.8083059

Lol what. I don't think board rules are preventing us from hurting feefees anymore. Though I do agree I've been getting a lot of replies that didn't fucking read what I wrote OR what the person I'm replying to wrote despite the fact that they can just hover over and see it right there.

>> No.8083067

because females.

>> No.8083081

Just send her the link to this thread:

She'll see for herself.

>> No.8083085

The saying "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" doesn't exist for nothing

>> No.8083089
File: 238 KB, 388x378, Screenshot_133.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to cosplay more, but the fact that I'm a skinny mexican trans man kinda makes it hard for me to find characters I might look alright as. My friends tell me it doesn't matter, and I should cosplay whatever I want since I'm good at sowing and makeup, but I just can't bring myself to.

>> No.8083094

What does being trans have to do with it?

>> No.8083097

They could have made such a successful reality TV show with that girl

>> No.8083106

I look super girly and have kind of a baby face, but I refuse to cosplay a girl due to dysphoria.
Which then again, isn't really that big of a problem because there's a lot of anime boys who'd fit the bill with that, but it still holds me back on some things.

>> No.8083399

Take some testosterone nigger. But I guess you won't anyway because you're a fakeboi.

>> No.8083429

I tried using wig clippings glued onto my face for a beard once and I hated every minute of it. It was itchy and scratchy, sticky, kept loosening up, and it looked like I had stuck a bunch of pubes to my chin.

I greatly prefer painted or make up beards for this reason. They feel better and can certainly look better than scraggly trim dangling from the chin like cobwebs.

>> No.8083433

or you could buy prosthetic beards from kryolan :v

>> No.8083451


OH that is so much better. thank you!

>> No.8083515

I hate mediocre cosplayers who stay in their precious little hugboxes and refuse to acknowledge or take to heart any criticism they're given, writing it off as a big bowl of vendetta jelly. They're getting constant validation from their friends and admirers so they never have the need to improve themselves and it fucking pisses me off.

But on the other hand, it makes me feel good that they're not getting any better, their skills will probably deprecate over the years while they comfortably think they're talented and worth everyone's time. While other, less humble people surpass them in skill and their growing vanity will soon alienate them from other cosplayers. Whenever I'm feeling bad about my cosplay, I skim through these fucknuggets to gain more self-confidence and to remind myself never to end up like them and keep improving.

I'm a catty, catty person, /cgl/. But that's what motivates me the most.

>> No.8083646

I know this feel so much, you're not alone anon. I cosplayed during season 2 when it wasn't popular yet and it was so fun to meet other players that recognized my costume. Now that would be near-impossible because so many people just cosplay and don't play or "I tried it and didn't like it."

>> No.8083648
File: 14 KB, 492x37, Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 7.39.28 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This rustled my jimmies way more than it should have. Are people seriously still this ignorant in 2015? Is it that hard to understand that all polyester isn't the stuff terrible leisure suits are made of??? How fucking ignorant can you be??? I'm shamefully asspained by this right now. Haenuli is indie what did you expect? Silk??

>> No.8083657

Fuuuuck I feel stupid. I thought they were serious.

>> No.8083660

You'll be great anon.

>Cgl isn't a hug box but we are not above giving you motivation.

>> No.8083665

English ain't my first language mate.

>> No.8083668

The other boards are much worse anon.

>> No.8083672


>> No.8083718

There are plenty of girls who cosplay guy characters. What I'm saying is you won't look weird at all. Plus makeup can do wonders. There's makeup for looking masculine and feminine so take advantage of that. You can have your male character look super girly on purpose and people will think it's hot. Try masculine makeup, first, though, if that's the look you want more. Oh, and practice a lot beforehand.

>> No.8083733

> I'm so self conscious about acne scars, too
Again, makeup. Practice that shit. You don't even have to wear it everyday, just practice for cosplay. Get feedback from people.

>> No.8083739

Yea we need to shoot more fatties

>> No.8083743

Agreed, anyone who talks about how they won't befriends girls because are they are the worst has generally not left high school yet.
>18+ board

>> No.8083764

Yeah, reminds me of the other day when I was hanging out with a friend and almost left my Puppet Circus in the hallway. Or the time I almost donated my Holy Lantern to Goodwill! Don't even get me started on when I left Cat's Tea Party in a restaurant bathroom and had to run back in to get it. See it happens all the time.

>> No.8083793

>implying English is everyone's first language
Never change Amerifats

>> No.8083835
File: 19 KB, 475x393, 1421070550443.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>suffered some emotional issues from my parent's divorce
>neither parent cared about what got put into my mouth, knew shit about nutrition and calorie budgeting
>started to use food as an emotional crutch
>was obese as a preteen
>bullying about my weight made me defensive
>played a lot of sports but I was still fat due to eating
>wasn't able to escape religious brainwashing that I should "accept myself" until I went to college
>educated myself and lost a shit ton of weight
>still have lots of repercussions like stretchmarks, saggy loose skin, etc.
>but I do my best to stay positive
The best part is ever since my mom stopped smoking she gained a shit ton of weight because she's surrounding herself with the food that she would surround me with.
She always blamed solely me for my weight without realizing that she influenced horrible habits and her only trump card was smoking being an appetite suppressant. Now she's fatter than me and wondering why shit is happening to her.

I know I sound like a bitch for being so against my mom, but fuck if she doesn't deserve it. Before she moved away I'd always offer to go on walks with her and she always flaked on me.
She thinks most healthy meats like seafood is "gross" and the only way a vegetable appeals to her is if it's iceberg lettuce topped with ranch dressing. No wonder I got so indoctrinated with shitty habits. It just sucks that I have to pay for her fuck ups by having a shit body that isn't going to heal back without major plastic surgery.

>> No.8083950

Anytime a girl over 20 talks about how awful females are and how they only have guy friends, I take it as a red flag. Every time I've been around one of those types, it became quite clear that they just simply couldn't get along with other girls and were the problem, be it the result of not getting over past bullying or projecting their own cattiness onto other women to deflect responsibility. They have this idea in their heads that every other female but them is an absolute monster and develop the world's most impressive case of special snowflake syndrome over it.

>> No.8083955

Most burando is 100% polyester. Bitch is fucking retarded.

>> No.8084015

I was under the impression that cotton is better.

>> No.8084017

Pretty much this. Fuck, the last "I can't make friends with other girls!!!" girl I was kind of friends gossiped about everyone else behind their back constantly, would get furiously mad at people over misunderstandings and pretend everything was ok, and ultimately deleted me off facebook twice for no reason and refused to tell me why. If that's not classic "catty female" behavior I don't even know what is. Definitely a healthy dose of projection there.

>> No.8084018


It depends really. Broadcloth (or what fabric stores call broadcloth) is usually made out of 100% cotton and it's absolute shit.

>> No.8084036

If she's a bitch, good on you.

>> No.8084039

I actually know who took the girl's iron gate skirt seeing as she told me. We both mutually hate this bitch. She's snobby, thinks she's queen and is consistently crying about her life to her closeish friends, me being one of them. She deserved it.

>> No.8084045

Basically, if they can't hypothetically get along with half the world's population, then they're the problem, not everyone else.

>> No.8084069


Who needs enemies with friends like these?

>> No.8084081


Amen to that. The UK scene is a fucking trainwreck full of attention seeking self absorbed cunts.

>> No.8084129

90% of them are toxic bitches who don't have a job and can still afford to make armor from League. The fact that they can't play for shit and only care about how sexy a character is really disgusts me.

DO YOUR FUCKING RESEARCH YOU SHITBAGS. (Seriously, I don't play League but I enjoy the storylines of the characters, so I like to research extensively about them and see what characters I like the most....So far it's Twisted Fate and Swain.)

Ok, who is JJ? This is the third time I have heard of her today.


One of the things I hate now about the cosplay community is the fact that people have gotten such fucked up egos, that they lead the younger generation around into hell and high water, throwing bullshit into them like how to "actually" cosplay, being straight is a lie and being gay is the new hip thing, and scamming others for money and other goods.

Then again it could just be the Florida cosplayers in general.....lord knows that shit is more radioactive than Chernobyl.

>> No.8084192

wow, being human and flawed is totally a reason to steal some poor girl's extremely expensive dress instead of just dropping her as a friend

you sound more like you deserve having your favorite dress stolen

>> No.8084194


You know this shit is going to backfire on her one day. I hope karma does its job, if not the comm.

>> No.8084197

like the astrology bullshit on /cgl/ wasn't bad enough, now "karma" is supposed to step in and take care of everything for people

>> No.8084217
File: 127 KB, 273x209, dontjokesendhelp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Iron Gate skirt here. I know who took me too, but she's not as bad as you all say. She's been feeling pretty conflicted about all this, and that's why she confessed. She hasn't even tried me on because of all the guilt. And, the girl that used to own me was careless and even threw me on the floor once all night. Sure, it was clean, but it still hurt, being discarded like an old replica. Like I'm just some trophy skirt.

That said this new closet smells like cat piss, so I would very much like to go back.

>> No.8084226

Because cosplayers have been recently jumping on the Twitch bandwagon, especially the LOOK AT MY TITS AND FEED MY EGO ones, 'gamers' actually get donations from their followers just to watch them stream stuff like LoL or COD? They have the absolute nerve to charge a subscription fee just to see them game poorly? The fuck is wrong with people?

>> No.8084228


Sorry, that was too colloquial of a term for you. What I meant is that anon is probably going to get it considering she hangs out with people and even endorses them to steal items of great value over petty reasons. With her attitude and her shitstirring, it's kind of bound that something will happen to her when stealing anon gets pissy at her.

>> No.8084286

There's also some guy who thinks he's the god of Smash Bros. and has a Twitch feed. What an egotistical prick. Wants people to give him things since he doesn't have a job.

>> No.8084309

>God of Smash Bros.

Lol link?

>> No.8084332

I see where you're coming from, but just because they only seem to talk about these things doesn't necessarily mean they have no interest in what you like. Maybe talk to the girls you think you may have a good chance of getting along with and ask if they are interested in the things you like. If not, maybe you can teach them some things. :)
Maybe you'll wind up making friends that way.

>> No.8084347

You have to find him on Twitch. I'll see what his name is and post it here.

>> No.8084351

I really want loli friends but I can't join my local comm because I did something really stupid a few years ago and everyone pretty much hated me so I left before getting kicked out. I tried apologizing but they wouldn't accept it so I guess I'll be a lone lolita forever. :/

>> No.8084353

Tired of seeing cosplayers and photographers abusing all these crowd sourcing sites to fund their shoots and costumes without taking any of their own costs, not to mention lyjng about their projects in various degrees, and in the end either under delivering or not even at all

>> No.8084380


This sounds familiar, and I believe the last time this comment was mentioned, there was all sorts of drama over it.

Mind refreshing me?

>> No.8084385

Maybe go talk to the admin(s) and tell them that you're sorry for what happened and you would like another chance.
People make bad decisions, it's part of life. If you've learned and matured they might be more forgiving than you think.

>> No.8084387

go away Nia

>> No.8084393

As far as I know it was a relatively small thing and was quite a while ago (I think around 2011? I'm bad with years), but maybe it did end up on cgl.

>> No.8084404


Oh please do. I need a douche to follow on there just for amusement.

>> No.8084416


>> No.8084420

Thanks. I'm going to just troll him and follow for drama.

>> No.8084936

I think Americans have the worst English. Most people for whom English is a second language are far more skilled and mindful of their writing than your average American.

And yes, I am sad that the other boards are worse. Oh well.

>> No.8085208

>Ok, who is JJ? This is the third time I have heard of her today
She used to trip here.

>> No.8085260

She only tripped here a couple times to defend herself.
JJ is a cosplayer who /cgl/ used to be obsessed with. Now she's just a decent, boring Homestuck cosplayer, but before her multiple year long break from cosplay, she was absolutely insane and posted here literally daily due to constantly having some form of popcorn worthy shit or another surrounding her. She was even referred to as /cgl/'s queen for a while until PT took over. I would actually go so far as to say that next to Yaya and JNig, JJ was probably discussed on here more so than any other cosplayer for her drama. This was from 2005-2010 until she decided to quit cosplay for, like, 2 years and came back quite calmed down. She can still be a huge bitch from what I've been told by her friends, but she's a lot more self-aware and is very private about her conflicts with others, as opposed to letting the entire cosplay world knowing exactly who she did and didn't like, how much, and why.

>> No.8085292

>Most people for whom English is a second language are far more skilled

My boss spoke Spanish and English and his English was a lot worse than his Spanish. He spoke more slang than I did. He was cool though. So it depends on the nationality. A few Chinese friends have bad English and Chinese.

>> No.8085303

It's funny because so much of the drama was because of the people she dated (Sey, Mostflogged) being equally as crazy as her, plus her friends group being so gung ho about protecting her. On her own I don't think she could have managed the levels that she did.

>> No.8085313


PT was like tail end of 2009
and i was def here for that

i don't recognize JJ

>> No.8085318

My friends always get a lot of attention on Conventions. No matter how I try to look as good as them, they are always getting the attention. I always end up with the bags when they are having a photoshoot again. This makes me sad because I try so hard.

>> No.8085328

JJ burns a lot of bridges. I wanted to befriend her at one point but I steer clear of anyone who replaces their entire social circle every other year. They're usually the problem.

>> No.8085330

I own a chinese-made YuruYuri cosplay uniform. I've only worn it once, never outside.

I'm at 21 year old man. Why did I do this.

>> No.8085342

I wore the most ita coord I can for my last meet-up for knowing how the other girls will react. They actually said that I was beautiful and that my coord was amazing. Can't stand this bullshit anymore, the colors weren't matching at all and I don't even worn the good shape of petticoat. Still don't really know if they're ita or hypocrite though.

>> No.8085346
File: 114 KB, 426x750, 1383331054248.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8085351

Uh... first of all, she never dated Sey and the entire reason JJ friend dumped her was because Sey wanted to be friends with both JJ and MF after their break up, but JJ wouldn't have it. Also, MF didn't become crazy until after she and JJ broke up, 70% of the shit people say about MF in regards to that whole thing is stuff JJ and her friends made up to make her look bad.

Google JJKou and you'll get pics.

Clearly you weren't here much at all or just weren't paying attention if you were coming to the board in 2009 and never saw JJ posted. That was a pretty big year for JJ drama, there was almost constantly a thread discussing her on here at any given time.

>> No.8085363

MF was crazy long before JJ. It just came out in full force once she rode JJ's coattails to cgl fame and people started paying attention to the shit she did.

>> No.8085370

>tfw thinking of cosplaying Monster Rancher gijinka
>torn between easy-mode Pixie that everyone will know or a Hare sub-type that no one will recognize

>> No.8085385

Hare! The nostalgia is great

>'Afro type hair isn't suitable for lolita! Get a long, straight european-looking one!'
>Afrochans who go au naturele labeled snowflakes
>White woman wears afro wig for coordinates
>Gets asspats


>> No.8085387

MF had literally no friends before she dated JJ, so there's no real evidence that backs that claim. Even JJ's old friends consider her the crazy one in that relationship, they only sided with her so strongly at the time because JJ was cutting off anyone who even wanted to be friends with Jenni. MF didn't fuel the drama until JJ had already fucked with her to the breaking point, then she went full crazy.

>> No.8085388

>Afrochans who go au naturele labeled snowflakes
receipts pls

>> No.8085393

I am fat.. but I know better that to stretch out a dress that doesn't fit. It kills the value of the dress and doesn't look good or feel comfortable.

I HATE seeing second hand dressed in the fatty lolita sales that look sad, discolored, and stretched....

>> No.8085398

So there is a girl in my con scene that is stalking me and copying everything i do. It's insanly creepy. anything i cosplay, she'll cosplay it at the next con. i started wearing lolita, so did she (even bought the same dresses i did from BL)
if i post on instagram, she will try replicate the post, same for my facebook page.
she even dyed her hair to match mine...
The thing is, she always goes around bad mouthing me, saying horrible shit about me, going around telling people i'm a cunt and a slut and have horrible taste and all sorts of bad things. But she still copies me in almost everything.

I'm kind of confused...and very creeped out.

>> No.8085404

Typically when people do this, it's because they see the other party as being a flawed representation of what they want to be... f that makes any sense. You may want to just confront her about it. Do you have any link you'd be willing to share of this?

>> No.8085416

>"I want a dress that'll fit my 50" bust, 49" waist. I have $50."
>"Brands need to cater to bigger women!" Then several people proceed to mercilessly harass Hanauli (sorry if I spell the name wrong)
>"I don't need a petticoat - my butt and waist fluffs it out for me!"
>"I can fit into this dress!" Their measurements are 6 inches above max stretch.
>insert several hundred pictures of people stuffing into dresses like 100lbs of oatmeal in a 50lb bag.
>most dress like they threw whatever they grabbed first in their closet and being fat is normally their excuse
>throwing their weight around like they are 100lbs

I'm fucking fat and cheap too you stupid bitches, but you have to be retarded if you can't see why we get a bad rep in the community.
Sage for redundancy.

>> No.8085422

unfortunately none that would give away who i am and i don't want people knowing i go on 4chan i'm afraid. I don't get why i would be flawed if she's the one copying my statuses. most recently she stole my instagram description..which was confusing as it is a massive in joke between myself and my boyfriend.

>> No.8085424

Most of the people I meet at conventions are either super duper tumblr SJW that believe we should be fighting for the rights of otherkin or the total opposite of "I hate everyone so I'm going to make a zillion racist jokes" and it's really embarrassing. I feel like there is no middle ground with anyone I meet any more.

It's annoying and it's making me less and less involved with the convention scene.

>> No.8085430

why do people harass Hanauli? I love that brand!

>> No.8085439

I don't even enjoy going to cons anymore. I always go with the same friend every year because I'm too socially retarded to make more friends there and none of my other friends have interest in going. All we do is go into the artist alley and then the dealer's room, where I watch him waste all his money on overpriced junk whilst not spending a dime myself, then we go home. We don't go to panels or anything so it's basically just spending $60+ on a badge for nothing.

It's a shame because he gets the biggest kick out of going and expects me to go with him to every con in our area because he has no other con friends either. I don't have the heart to tell him I'd rather just stay home and save my money.

>> No.8085471

>I'm a skinny mexican trans man

Pfff. I don't even know what you're even complaining about, because there are many FtMs and girls interested in crossplay who are insanely pear-shaped and can't cosplay males period. You got lucky there, bro.

As for your baby face, there is a magical mystery drug called testosterone that will fix that. You should be using the money you're wasting on cosplay to transition instead, like every other transman who isn't a tumblr transtrender. Just my 2 cents.

>> No.8085490

Maybe if she didn't prioritize her problems and make them the entire focus of the comm nothing would've happened to her iron gate skirt.

>> No.8085505

My family loves to cosplay. they prefer when we all cosplay together, with me making the costumes. Every time I end up making the costumes, theirs turn out totally awesome and mine look like total shit. I'm afraid I'm going to go to the con and people will be like "that group is great too bad their (member) is shit looolololol" even though I did all the work on all the costumes.

>> No.8085527

Hi Jenni.

>> No.8085538

>"I love that brand!"
>can't even spell its name correctly
Besides, everyone knows the best lolita brand is Angelic Beauty.

And then if you disagree with a SJW you're a bigoted nazi and if you disagree with a 2edgi /pol/tard you're a SJW. Fun!

>> No.8085588

I'm so fucking tired of guys who produce a costume with minimal effort like they think "This is close enough I'm wearing the same clothes!" call it cosplay and then proceed to think they're the hottest shit. It's the "I think I look really close to the character!" attitude coupled with minimal effort I'm annoyed at. I said guys because I see it happen with guys more often (all those fucking links in jeans and a tunic, all those decent costumes and then suddenly SNEAKERS), but I'm aware a shitton of girls do this too. Guys mostly have the problem of thinking their nasty ass greasy hair is close enough! to the character.

If you're doing it for fun and aren't too serious into it, I have no problems with you. I'm all for fun. It's the undeserved pretentious "I'm flawless" attitude people get that pisses me off.

Also goddamn I finally understand the whole "This fugly 3DPD slut is cosplaying my waifu" shit people like f/a/ggots complain about.

>> No.8085589

I hate wigs. I never want to wear them. I feel like I'd be ridiculed for not wearing them whenever I cosplay. So I wear them.

>> No.8085600

>consistently crying about her life to her closeish friends, me being one of them
Because what kind of person turns to her close friends for comfort right after her brother dies, right? Also, if you're so close to her, then I don't see how you could think she's snobby at all. The snobbiest thing she does that I can think of is voicing disapproval when a friend smokes a cigarette in front of her.

She talked to the girl who stole it last night, she admitted it. We were all discussing the possibility of making a public post about it, but maybe she'll reveal who you are if we tell her we won't share her identity.

>> No.8085626

There's a mature way to handle that sort of thing that will hopefully resolve the issue and make the comm a happier place for everyone. Hint: it's not stealing the person's possessions, you shithead.

>> No.8085642

When I get a new main piece in the mail, I get so excited that I start sweating basically the instant I start opening the package. I've found a deodorant that works well for me and never leaves stains or smells or anything, so I've dealt with it, but I always feel so silly trying on a JSK or OP for the first time while I'm sweating bullets and my fingers are fumbling with buttons and ties. Damn, body, calm down, you've done this before so many times!

>> No.8085652

Twice I have been the second girl to enter an entirely male group and both times, the first was the embodiment of this kind of female.

The first of the two I had to deal with was this hideous hambeast who made a huge deal about the fact her tits were bigger than mine, thus guys were more attracted to her. She also gloated about how she apparently could fuck any of the guys in the group if she wanted, yet all of them were absolutely disgusted by the thought of her sexually. We went to a couple cons and she always made a point of wearing the skimpiest costume she could find on eBay for less than $100 or some skanky Hot Topic dress with a cheap purple wig. After constant drama from her end regarding me, we all stopped inviting her to shit. According to her, I used my skinny bitch charm to lure all of them away from her.

The second was a fairly attractive girl who did everything she could to be "one of the guys" to the point of practically denying she was female. Anytime I died in a video game, she was always like "See?! Girls can't play video games!" and wasn't even trying to be funny, she was dead serious. It didn't matter if I was playing the hardest difficulty and it was my first time dying at three fourth the way, though, she would still say it. She was a total bitch about my lolita and whenever the guys and I had conversations about my clothes, she'd but in and be like "no one cares about that stupid froo froo shit you wear". She literally stopped conversations she was having and walked over to me to tell me that.

Both had gone on multiple tangents about how girls were evil drama goblins with hearts of sluttiness and hatred, so they never could get along with any. Projection central.

>> No.8085655
File: 234 KB, 600x800, 1407197531331.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>work at jo-ann's
>woman and her daughter come in a lot
>woman is older, extremely talented seamstress
>daughter is like 28, a substitute teacher, art degree etc
>recently learn that daughter is also a convention goer, has an artist alley booth at various cons, does some cosplay
>cool, speak with her about it, she's nice

>her mother comes in one day, daughter not with her
>I explain that I had a nice chat with her daughter about conventions and cosplay
>"Oh yes, that's great, glad you do it blah blah"
>goes on to explain to me how she made her daughter's costumes
>speaks about one costume in particular, not sure what it was, but it was apparently very elaborate

>"Yeah, she texted me a picture of what she wanted while she was in college and said 'mom, can you make me this?' Haha, it took like 3 weeks with all that tulle and corset boning. She won so many contests with it!"

>Basically told me that her daughter is taking first place in cosplay competitions that she had absolutely no part in creating

I don't have any connections or standings within the community, I do not and never have competed, I am not really in the 'cosplay politics' but it I think that's a little shitty. Those people spent years and so much money on making their shit themselves, and it seems underhanded and really sad to want to cheat at a contest that you don't even really win anything in.

>> No.8085663

I don't even like Jenni, I'm just pointing out facts

>> No.8085665

Salty much? I like the feels thread just as it is.

>> No.8085680

hahaha that's gross but also strangely adorable

>> No.8085700

Weebs ruin everything.

>> No.8085705

I've been working conventions for eleven years and the stupid is just too much for it to be worth it anymore. I'd rather go on a nice vacation and buy shiny brand.

>> No.8085706

Wear your frills, grrl! I have the same kind of hospital lifestyle with a shitty local con and an ita comm so I frill it up doing errands and give zero fucks about looking too pretty.

>> No.8085707

What the fucking fuck. Isn't it the most basic rule in any cosplay contest that you HAVE to make the costume yourself, not wear something done by your extremely talented seamstress mom with decades of experience? Her daughter's a fucking vain bitch.

>> No.8085715

Yeah, I don't attend cons mostly because of the sheer amount of morons. Maybe once every few years, but never a regular thing.

>> No.8085730

Hey, fuck you.

>> No.8085732

This so many times. I've always been a tomboy, thus I've been friends with males all my life and work in a male-centered field (like 80% males), but the gender distribution in my friend circle is around 50/50. And let me tell you - guys can be just as catty and bitchy as women and stir up drama just the same. Actually, one of the biggest drama queens I've ever met is a heterosexual man.

I've also met plenty of these "guys just get me, girls just cause drama hurr hurr I'm one of the guys!!!!"-chicks who in all seriousness think men are magical beings free of any petty conflicts who say everything straight to your face and don't overcomplicate issues. And the projection thing is real - usually the girls themselves are the drama queens they claim other women to be. And in most cases the guys just keep her around in hopes to get laid or - ironically - because they're too chicken to tell her to fuck off and instead talk about her behind her back. Some of these women initiate horrible drama over small things within other girls, then huff and puff how "THIS IS WHY I DON'T HANG AROUND WITH OTHER GIRLS YOU JUST CAUSE DRAMA!!!!".

>> No.8085742

Try being the girlfriend of one of the guys these types latch on to! Both my boyfriend and another guy in the group this girl lorded over got girlfriends at the same time and it was hilarious. She was acting like we were stealing them away from her even though none of the guys had ever dated her nor wanted to. She really viewed all of them as her personal harem or something and they had no idea. They ended up dropping her because she went completely insane towards the two of us.
This one was kind of a combination of yours, with the constant over the top sexuality but also the "girls are terrible, anything feminine is terrible, every woman besides me is a dumb vain useless slutwhore" attitude that made it less than surprising she couldn't find any female friends.

I don't automatically judge someone for only having friends of a certain gender because shit happens, but if they declare that that's (their) half the population's fault then yeah that's a pretty solid indication that they are the problem.

>> No.8085771

>girls are terrible, anything feminine is terrible, every woman besides me is a dumb vain useless slutwhore
Man I don't know, as much as I'd love more female friends (nobody to talk skincare with atm, for one) most of the girly/feminine girls end up being the "teehee cutesy and innocent lovelies" who get all their jokes from sex and the city and think anything is a personal attack on them.
It's not even about being feminine, your looks are beside the point, it's the "girls r supposed to be innocent lovelies" attitude that I can't stand with some people. And I can't help thinking of someone as a vain slutwhore if she dresses and acts like a Slav escort and her idea of humour is making fun of random people's appearances.
In the same vein, I can't stand guys who are too insecure to do anything because "it's 4 gurls so dat means I'm gay lol xD" and try too hard to be manly/players/whatever.

It doesn't really matter if the person is feminine or not, but if they act like a dumb blonde stereotype its no surprise people are going to dislike them.

I don't agree with this whole "womyn should be nice to each other at any cost, muh sisterhood" thing, if you're an annoying cunt you're an annoying cunt regardless of what you have in your pants.

>> No.8085775

Why can't fat cosplayers stop complaining that they were made fun of at cons or online?

If you're fat and cosplaying a skinny character with a skimpy costume, ofcourse people are going to laugh at you. You'll look silly, especially if you pick out costumes that wouldn't look good on anyone who isn't the size of a toothpick.
If you really want to cosplay these characters, grow some balls, ignore those comments and fucking go for it. But don't expect the world to be an all-accepting hugbox.

ffs if some anons calling you fat makes you cry, maybe it's time to lay off the junkfood and start exercising.

>> No.8085786

I haven't met people like you described since high school except for rare cases, in which other people look down on their shallow behavior.

>> No.8085800

Nobody said that all womyn should b lovlies, anon. Where are you getting that? Did this subject hit too close to home?

>> No.8085805
File: 350 KB, 250x188, 1409412775823.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cosplayer quits fb for a week because "I'm so ugly."
>rakes in pity party.
>comes back as "self proclaimed cosplay model" and schedules photoshoots.
>rinse and repeat all year.

These selfie obsessed girls throw around "ugly" So much it insults the ones who are worse off, much less never post about it. Chances are, if you do this, you're an attention whore who needs to be shot. Get over yourself and stop spamming my feed with your superficial bullshit. We never asked for you back deluded cunt.

>> No.8085824

I just said I've mostly met girls who behave as if that's the case.
Maybe my uni is full of annoying people but most girls I met there have been like this, annoying and dry with really shallow interests. I don't see what there is to hit close to home.

>> No.8085882

Hey, I didn't say I loved the brand, I just found it fucking disgusting that they harassed the every living hell out of her.

>> No.8085883

Flip that bitch for stacks.

>> No.8085888

I hate that I have to hide my activity on cgl from my comm for fear of being kicked out
I also hate having to hide that I'm actually really fucking tired of people and would rather rip into itas than sit around and pretend to love someone's terrible replica coord at a meet
And I'm fucking sad that I keep seeing former friends on here and hearing about the raging bitches they've turned into, and seeing one of my good friends posted and ripped into and called a whore because she has implants and a vlog even though she is one of the sweetest and most loyal women I know

>> No.8085898

Holy shit, this sounds almost exactly like a friend of mine, except her mom started making her costumes when we were back in high school. She's won best in show before with something I know her mother made at least most of and didn't mention her at all, just accepted the praise and the award like she'd actually earned it. I was too timid to speak up about it, and if I'd called her out on it, she probably would've made some huge dramatic thing about it. Ugh.

Anyway, that sucks, anon. Subtly slip it into conversation the next time you see the daughter, see if she has the decency to look even a little embarrassed.

>> No.8085905

Totally. I feel like my group of friends is 50/50, and the girls are pretty stereotypical in their cattiness while the guys are all shy, effeminate nerds who don't like conflict, sooo... But anytime I hang out with my normalfag boyfriend's super hetero guy friends, ALL they do is gossip and bitch and say the rudest shit about other people. The fights they get into are so ridiculous.

>> No.8085980

I've known so many women like that... man-herders. It was a huge problem when I played WoW. One broken chick with a nice rack and a cute voice was all it took to break guilds in half.

>> No.8086009

moved to /beauty/ on hachichan because it was better. tired of nigri cucks left and right here and bitches not knowing who precious and adella are.

>> No.8086012

I've seen cattyness from nerds and normalfags. Normalfags are louder and more confrontational, nerds go to /b/ then passive aggressively write about it on fb. Maturity sometimes hits others later or earlier. But it's definitely always going to be a work in progress. Humans were born fail, because women fucked up and ate that damn apple. Fucking bitches.

>> No.8086044

Here's a PSA

Ladies, if you need to rub flour on you to find your vag, you're fat

>> No.8086535

please tell us more deets

>> No.8086545

Old fat joke is old.

>> No.8086548

>Implying that the bible was true.

>> No.8086820

But then the proof she took it would be right there

>> No.8086838

You mean that one woman who God then decided to punish the entire gender, as well as just humanity in general, over.

I gotta say, I don't understand how anyone who reads the Bible can consider God a totally awesome loving guy worthy of worship.

>> No.8086887

Oh god, I had to get through this with my fiance's ex best friend. Bitch was so crazier over him than any ex I have ever had to deal with, and I've seen some shit. Another guy in the group flat out said he wasn't surprised because she always had to be "the girl". She told everyone that he stopped being friends with her because I made him (even though it was due to her being awful and no attempts to reconcile ending well) and her dad even left a couple extremely rude and inappropriate comments on pictures of me on my fiance's FB, such as saying I'm "hot, but crazy". Just a couple weeks ago he left one blaming me for him not showing up to an event of hers he wasn't even invited to and telling him to get a new fiance. She would also do this thing where she would brutally bitch me out (like without any provocation tell me how I'm a crazy bitch and he was only with me out of fear during a talk that was supposed to end in us being chill) then tell him she loved him immediately after and "not to confuse it".

I've noticed a very high concentration of these girls in cosplay circles and I kind of think it contributes to the hobby being so drama-filled. I also think many girls use the idea that women are programmed to be catty as an excuse to get away with their bullshit the same way a lot of men make it out like the entire gender is programmed to fuck anything with an orifice to get away with shit like cheating.

>> No.8087046 [DELETED] 
File: 74 KB, 500x684, tumblr_ngw7duB34f1tszhb1o1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>leave the cosplay/gaming world for a couple years to get my shit together after a crappy break up
>back then was a 4/10
>got a great job, worked out and ate healthy for 2 years
>solid 7/10
>start playing Dragon Age this year
>I want to cosplay that glorious shit
>recent promotion and constant gaming has made me a 5/10 again
>fucking shit fuck I can't find a decent balance still
>I can feel my abs under the tummy pooch fuck

Also my apartment is too fricking small to play wii fit let alone make a cosplay, moving to a bigger place with my boyfriend can't come soon enough

>> No.8087097

My friend is going to a con for the first time in years, and like many people in the community, he's got social anxiety + some social ineptitude. However, he decided to put himself out there by making a cosplay, but it looks like shit. He knows it doesn't look quality, but he insists that it's a joke costume and will be funny. Thing is, the outfit he's doing is so obscure that I don't think anyone else will realize it's a joke. I want to support my friend, and I'm glad that he's trying to put himself out there and hopefully make friends and have a good time and shit, but god, I'm embarrassed for him already; people are going to make fun of his outfit, and he's so proud of the damn thing.

>> No.8087104

have you heard british english?

>> No.8087113

There's more than one accent in Britain, you will have to be more specific.
And afaik none are as terrible at English as yanks are.

>> No.8087114

Not if she makes a new account or sells it on the downlow to someone she knows in another state who doesn't care that it's stolen.

>> No.8087119
File: 41 KB, 495x499, 1396350986665.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are boobies that powerful ? (I'm rather flat ;_;)

>> No.8087282
File: 17 KB, 480x360, 16221_763538993715385_6411096683415135582_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


and then you have someone who has the characteristical canvas face and can be any character but their cosplays are shit and they get all fawned upon. Fuck, I HATE it

>> No.8087299

As fas as the Bible is concerned, God is a flighty fucking crazy asshole who has no idea what he wants and no regard for anything.
>hey Abraham kill your son for me
>"okay then"
>LOL JUST KIDDING I was testing you
>btw thou shalt not murder, duh
>anyway isn't Satan an asshole? fuck him, you should follow me I'm cool

I have a soft spot for friendly WWJD Christians so nothing against the religion in general, but how anyone can take the Bible literally and not keel over from the cognitive dissonance is beyond me.

The men usually don't realize they're being "herded", so no. They just think they have a cool female friend who is practically one of the guys. A lot of the time they're not even attracted to her.

You tend to find a lot of girls like this in male-dominated hobbies. I don't know if cosplay can be considered male-dominated but general nerdery certainly is. They tend to be very insecure with nothing to offer so their whole identity hinges on being "the girl" in a group of not-girls. When another woman gets close to the group they see them as a usurper because in their mind they're the fucking Highlander and there can only be one.

>> No.8087383


Oh ye I have so many similar experiences in other MMO I used to play some years ago. Guild had 4 girls and two of them were "accidentally" sending all guy guild members their bikini pictures to make sure they had easy access to all drops without actually bothering to clear any harder dungeon. Boobs does the trick.

>> No.8087403

Did you get the dates for East and Prime confused? Prime is in August and tickets wont go on sale til like late May. (I'm going by the PAX I went to last year) and the chances of getting tickets to Prime is a slim one unless you're stalking the sales, they sold out in about 15 minutes last year with people selling Saturday alone for $200+.
Honestly,you can try to see if you can even get tickets to Prime, since like I said, it's a bloodbath where its annoying enough to get tickets for yourself. So multiple people you're gonna need to bust your ass.
It's a great experience, it's the 'same con' but Prime is much more eventful. Gl with that.

>> No.8087417

I think it gives the mom more of an ego boost than her daughter, imo. If she knows her dresses are being submitted into contests and the daughter is winning then she must be getting some sort of satisfaction of knowing her craft is good. Or else she wouldn't be so loose-lipped and bragging to one of her daughter's acquaintences about it.

>> No.8087419

>I don't know if cosplay can be considered male-dominated but general nerdery certainly is.
The thing is, cosplay is a female dominated hobby, but like you said, nerdery in general is more male (besides anime, that's pretty 50/50), so a lot of these types of girls get into cosplay thinking that they're going to be in the minority gender only to find out that's far from the case and having a vagina isn't enough to make them special in the con scene. The fact that cosplay is already competitive when it comes to looks and especially craftsmanship doesn't help. Many of these girls are also extremely insecure about their looks, often for good reason, and their attitude toward women is worse if they're more attractive.

>> No.8087427

What's up with all of these catty insecure women in general? You have the attention whores, you have the women who bitch at other women, and you have the petty girls that steal other women's clothing. Seriously if you can use all of that energy then why not find a job instead of begging men and OTHER WOMEN for money?

Double standards my ass. I'm starting to think that the majority of people are simple minded sheep.

>> No.8087566

>Buy blouse to match specific skirt
>Realise later that it probably doesn't match anyway
>Get it today
>It matches the details of the print

>> No.8087583

I'm tired of "cosplay is not consent"
It's 2015.

>> No.8087589

I just saw my dream dress set get sold to the crazy girl in my comm. Why.

>> No.8087601

Best friend from high school just got into Lolita and I keep pretending to be too busy to help her coord. She just made her own dress out of yellow shitty ass satin.

>> No.8087622

What's wrong with wanting cons to be a safer place?

>> No.8087670

I think I scared both my best friends from getting into lolita. One of them off handedly mentioned getting into it in a group chat of ours, and I think I went overboard with the helpful links, advice, ect. And told her to not get the dress she was looking at, cause it's from milanoo, and looked sorta bad quality in the first place. I mean, she said it seemed like too much, so I can't help but feel bad. I just wanted a cutely dressed l lolita friend.

>> No.8087671

>Implying that everyone feels the same way as you.

>> No.8087673

Ignore that fucker. He's just a shitposter.

>> No.8087695

>She can still be a huge bitch from what I've been told by her friends
Deets? I'm thirsty for reboot JJ drama

MF is a huge dramacow even without JJ. Didn't she dump a drink on someone's ex at a recent katsucon?

>> No.8088316

I'm a Homestuck, but I hate 99% of Homestucks with a passion. I get more attention/admiration for my shitty Homestuck cosplays at cons than I do for costumes I put legit effort into, which irks me; but at the same time it's hard to stop cosplaying from a series I enjoy.

>> No.8088340

i'm friendly with jj and see her at conventions and local meetups pretty regularly, but honestly haven't heard of anything. if she was once a bitch, she's really mellowed out it seems.

>> No.8088675

People pay attention to cosplays from series they like. Lots of homestucks at cons = lots of attention. If it really bothers you, try making your non-homestuck cosplay more eye-catching.

>> No.8089409

No you're totally right! It's just so easy to accept no-effort attention.

>> No.8089555

You sound a little assmad. Try reading again: if you want more attention for non-popular cosplays, you need to make your cosplay more impressive in order to grab notice from people who don't care about your series. Are you retarded?

>> No.8089855

Revenge, like hate, is irrational

>> No.8090638

Shit hits the fan.

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