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FrostCon is a week away.
Are you going?
Why are/aren't you going?
What are you cosplaying?

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>Are you going?

>Why are/aren't you going?
I'm going for my friends, fresh air, dealer buys and Animezing

>What are you cosplaying?
I don't cosplay. So just myself

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How does this con compare to unplugged? It's the only other small con I've been to.

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hard to say, i would put them about the same, unplugged had a good dealer's room (better then the DR's at FrostCon) but i HATED the venue for Unplugged....mind you FrostCon has had a different venue each year so i don't know what the venue for this year will be like.

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First year going and I have to say I'm excited to attend a smaller con! So pumped for the artist alley.

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This venue's a lot better, thankfully. Pretty convenient location too.

Don't get your hopes up. I doubt this con has a lot to offer, so if you're going, just go to see people or hang out with friends.

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>Are you going?

>Why are/aren't you going?
I'm a panelist this year.

>What are you cosplaying?
Chihiro Fujisaki from Dangan Ronpa

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Yup. Cosplay photographer and doing photos for a panel.

The con itself is not organized well but can be pretty fun depending on what's going on heard theres some interesting panels.

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I find the guest list is a few pretty good cosplayers in the Toronto area and then some random people who honestly most likely just got in cause there friends with the guy running it

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Anybody cosplaying?

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Yeah I'll be there cosplaying as Armin

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Frostcon used one of my photos for its poster without credit or permission. Just another point on the list of reasons I dislike this con.

And can we talk about how the fuck they can afford the Sheraton as a venue this year? It's one of the priciest and best located hotels in the city and there's no way a 3rd year con can afford it without a lot of outside help aka Antonio's family

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All of our guests gave us photos they had permission to use from them and the photographers.

Also my family has never given funds towards FrostCon

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Having the cosplayer's permission is only half of what's necessary. The photos are typically only to be used by the cosplayer or the photographer for their own promotion, when a 3rd party enters into it, it should require consent from both original parties.

And if you didn't have any help booking the Sheraton, then how did Frostcon afford it? You have to admit, that's quite the step up from the previous 2 years.

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>Mommy won't give me the money...!

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As I stated before the guests said we had permission to use all the photos we did. So we trusted them upon their word and used the photos they gave us.

As for booking the Sheraton we hired on a events manager who helped us iron out the contract. We've been burned too many times in the past, so we went about preventing it from happening again.

As for people think I need money from family for conventions or cosplay, I don't. I have always funded my own way to/from and into conventions. So I don't know why you people all think I get silver spooned

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Fuck you and fuck your shitty con.

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Heads up, photographers own the photo rights in Canada. You have to have their permission, but also the model's permission to show them in advertisements. The cosplayer may sign these rights over to the photographer who can transfer it.

Though it's always a good idea to ask both parties. I am pretty sure some photog was trying to sue heroes of cosplay for using his photos without permission.

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Someone sounds jello of his and other peoples hard work and likes shitting on great conventions

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>likes shitting on great conventions

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>great convention

Choose one.

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All conventions start somewhere. All shitty and small and grow into awesome works of art

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>awesome works of art

Your delusion is showing.

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that sounded pretty cringey

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>>8081942 >>8081960 >>8081972
I think this person meant to say "All conventions gotta start from the bottom and work their way up". Everything starts off shitty as a convention, but with enough time and hard work, they can become great conventions for the community

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Meh, personally I don't care for Antonio or how he runs things. I'll lobby con with friends it but definitely wouldn't pay for tickets. That and the whole GlueFetishPhotoGuy always seems to be at this one and he weirds me the fuck out.

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Good luck with that. I heard from a friend that FrostCon will be sharing the lower level lobby with another function.

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Daily reminder that Kiwi is a Antonio-friendfag with autism making them unable to contribute a single post of value on this board

Anytime you reply to Kiwi, you let Antonio win

This has been a public service announcement

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you just replied to kiwi tho.

Is it the same kiwi that namefagged like 2 or 3 years ago?

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Until you know who I am. Don't go pretending to be a doctor!

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Fuck that then. I'll spend the day doing something else.

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Only going to chill and do photoshoots.

What photogs are going?

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Hoping to shoot a video. The problem with small cons though is that everybody wears casual cosplays, with nothing too impressive.

I doubt there will be enough interesting footage for a full con converge video, so another videographer friend of mine and I are going to scout out 1-2 really great cosplayers and ask them for longer videoshoots.

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Nope, avoiding that shit and staying home.

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Choose one.

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How about I don't and I choose both

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Who's Kiwi?

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Not going, have other plans that day.

Well, even if I didn't have other plans, I still wouldn't be going.

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Yeah same I'm Zandragon Photography I know a few good photographer are going. For a smaller con I see allot of interesting armoured and makeup work there so definitely coming for shoots.

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Anyone going to Kawaii Bass after?
It's 19+ and there's going to be a decent after party.

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Antonio's been going around begging for equipment since yesterday. Apparently they need tables. TABLES.

Good luck everyone, you'll need it!

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>Are you going?
>Why are/aren't you going?
Smaller cons create better friendship connections.
> What are you cosplaying?

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>tfw people still won't be wearing deodorant this time at frostcon either

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I'll be there, haven't been before and not expecting much but meeting people is always fun. If you see a tall white guy with long hair drinking from a flask, say hi and I'll probably give you a shot.

Sure, they've been a good time in the past. It's great they're at an actual club now, the old sushi house was flavourful but had some issues.

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Captcha ate my trip, if only moot were here.

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You sound horrifying

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So, how bad is it? What's the damage?

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Everything is an embarrassment so far. No signage ANYWHERE, I've heard about (and seen) a huge lack of equipment. Apparently they've been trying to borrow things like mics from their guests. Antonio looks worried as fuck.

Venue's nice though.

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I heard a rumour they're sharing the venue space with another function, details?

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HA! Fuck Antonio and his convention.

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Panels have been abandoned. I think there was maybe one or two things with more than 3 people in them?

Also guests weren't put up at the con hotel. They're rooming them over at the Intercontinental so it's WALK WALK WALK all day for them.

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i walked by their reg area and one of the volunteers was crying that they kept her up until 4am cutting out badges

man fuck this con

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this, basically

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Was just told they aren't tracking attendance.

Guess we'll never know how many idiots paid for this shit con.

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Anyone getting pics?

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"Coat check was $5. This is what we came back to. It took about 15 minutes for anyone to find our items and people were walking out without confirming a ticket number. Pretty disgusted actually."

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Waiting for Antonio or MDA or Jax to be like "WE DON'T GET PAID SO THIS WAS OKAY"

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I would demand my money back. This is ridiculous.

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goddamn that's bad

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Oh my god. All my nightmares of this con were confirmed. Glad I didn't waste my time and money

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I was expecting it to be pretty bad

and it still was worse than I expected

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Same, I wandered around the dealers for a while looking at art, fruitlessly tried to figure out what the schedule was for events and panels, laughed at the coatcheck every time I walked by, and dipped. Highlights were bumping into you, and going to burrito bandidos on my way home.

Just woke up from a nap and heading to kawaii bass now, hype for the new venue and ready to unleash all night.

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So what were you saying about frostcon being great, fuckface?

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bump because this is better than I could have imagined

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There were so many warnings about this con

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are you the moron in the aa group on fb who keeps trying to say the con is great and the organization is wonderful because you really need to sit down

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Likely it's fat.

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Some of these stupid motherfuckers will pay for the chance to get shat on.

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they deserve everything they get

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Heard the artists got fucked over. Deetz?

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I'd like to know what bullet I dodged as well.
Was it bad?

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Fucking. Hell.

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I went to the first one 2 years ago as a panelist. Was not treated at all well and decided to never support Frostcon again. Glad to see that my decision was a good one.

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How can they not track attendance, even approximately?
Don't they make money off ticket sales and would need this number for accounting reasons?

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>Con held at a really nice location
>Well, really the basement of what could've been a nice location
>No signs anywhere pointing to where FrostCon was in the large hotel, except for one older lady sitting next to a set of escalators with hanging out small Frostcon flyers
>A dark, packed basement making for horrible photos and people just sitting down hanging out leading one again to Lobbycon
>$5 coatcheck which was essentially paying to throw your coat onto a pile of coats. Not secured whatsoever, if people had a ticket, they could go through any jackets
>People would try to go to the upper floors to get pictures by the hotel's waterfall display, which had much better light. One by one hotel staff would kick Frostcon patrons back down to the basement
>Photographers now are lugging their lighting equipment to the basement and setting up there. It now becomes even more overcrowded with with multiple photoshoot setups taking up space in the already-crowded dark basement.
>Hotel was being shared with a pharmaceutical convention on the upper floors and management was trying hard to not let attendees cross paths
>Eventually later on in the day, Frostcon had to share the basement with ANOTHER function, losing much more of the Lobbycon space it had.
>Some kind of formal function, and now middle aged people in formal attire were all making their way to the basement, crossing paths with all the Homestucks. There were confused patrons everywhere
>What >>8092078 said, panels seemed dead empty
>At the end of the day one of the staff members at the table desperately asks me if I want to buy a hat. It's a shitty blue knitted hat
>"It's official Frostcon colors! Only $15!"

It was a good sign to go. Eventually hotel staff kinda quit trying to cattle heard all attendees downstairs, so people eventually were able to move back up to the upper floors to take some pictures. Definitely not worth paying for, I don't think I ever saw anyone checking badges ever as well

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I knew it. The con was great. you guys are just haters.

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Fucking glue pervert.

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So are they doing a year 4 or have they finally learned their lesson?

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You can have fun with people in a sinking ship but it would be probably more fun if you weren't on the ship.

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what was up with that "rapper" at the after party? lol

>> No.8093817

>So are they doing a year 4 or have they finally learned their lesson?

Antonio is too dense to learn a lesson and the shitheels that attend this thing aren't any better.

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Part of the problem is being in a big downtown convention hotel. The hotel is busy doing wedding receptions and business luncheons with fat catering contracts, they don't need the convention's business. A small convention is better off in a small hotel where they can have exclusive run of the hotel, and where the hotel values their business.

Another part of the problem is Toronto is already home to plenty of cosplay-friendly events: Anime North (28,000 attendees, 4th largest Anime convention in North America), FanExpo (100,000 attendees, 3rd largest comic book convention in North America), Toronto ComiCon, Atomic Lollipop, and ConBravo.

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We kinda lack a winter con also Toronto Comicon sucks in my opinion.

>> No.8094270

But does it suck worse than FrostCon? IMO, no.

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Was there anything fun at this con? Were the guests any good?

>> No.8094553

at least Frostcon is more geared towards anime and video games which is what I like.

>> No.8094554

a lot of the panels were good, looking at the guest list i didnt even know some of them were actually guests, they didnt even have a table or anything.

>> No.8094556

That Dangan Ronpa mystery game panel was pretty fun actually.

>> No.8094559

I was a guest and I didn't have to walk at all. They reimbursed us for the cabs we took. Other than the location of the hotel and everything that went down with that, it was a pretty good con to be a guest for.

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>Other than the location of the hotel and everything that went down with that, it was a pretty good con to be a guest for.

What else for then?

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So they were able to have so much extra money for their guests to pay for a hotel and cabs, but they had nothing they could have given so that panelists didn't have to pay for admission like so many other cons do?

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- Sheraton is great location. Glad we could be the first convention to be held there.
- That lower concourse is the biggest space in that whole location. Only place we could have hosted it there.
- The hotel wouldn't allow us to post any signage in the upper levels. Or they would remove them. So we had to post someone up in the lobby.
- It bright as can be down there. What you want sunlight, go upside and take photos.
- We had asked for coat racks from the hotel. But our events manager cancelled them from our contract. So we had to work with what he got us. We would have loved to have had racks and hangers for organizing everything. And our staff were assisting people to find their coats and bags.
- Again that is out of our control and falls onto the venues and other event staff.
- Staff only reported seeing 1 hallway photobooth.
- Again we can't control how other events there work and control their space.
- That other event was a Sheraton and Starwood Resort party of some kind. They placed their own people there and not us. So we can't control that.
- Didn't see much of the front desk. So I can't really comment on what my staff might have been doing selling hats there.
- Again those hats weren't official merchandise so can't comment

- Talk with venue management and finally got they to allow our attendees to wander other parts of the hotel as to not cause a fire code issue downstairs

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DATC will always suck. FrostCon seems willing to atleast improve upon some things

>> No.8094876

>>8094204 >>8094270
DTAC will always suck. FrostCon seems willing to atleast improve upon some things

>> No.8094881

Ah most other conventions only do this for people who host 3 or more panels. Not 1 panel and leave. And that would only pay towards your nest years admission, not your current admission. Not everyone is Fan Expo or Anime North

>> No.8094887

Also adding on that MTAC also sucks imo.

>> No.8094954


AN will cover your admission if you do 5 panels. However, they do give you tokens of appreciation for <5 panels. So imo Frostcon isn't in the wrong for making panelists pay, but it would be nice if they offered panelists a discount or something else as a 'thank you'.

>> No.8094965

Fuck off, scumbag.

>> No.8094970

MTAC has improved vastly over DTAC which is just slowly dying.

>> No.8095012

How about no! I'm doing my job and setting things straight. Before people who have no idea what they are talking about start making false statements

>> No.8095054

Why are you so upset Antonio
Did somebody's convention not go as well as they thought it would?

>> No.8095073

No, it went way better then we all exected. We sold out of all our passes and coat tickets. So I'm happy with how it went

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> Sheraton is great location. Glad we could be the first convention to be held there.
>proceeds to give reasons why it sucks as a location

>> No.8095125

>Implying selling out of tickets is indication of a good con
>Not putting into account FrostCon remains the most poorly run con in Ontario, with upset panelists who were given no equipment, angry AA artists who were given zero communication for months, horrible (and expensively) run coat check where jackets were stolen, and not to mention disappointed attendee with the lack of events and cramped location space


>> No.8095165

The only place people seem to be complaining greatly about FrostCon is here. I have searched them on twitter and looked over their page and have seen a large percentage of great reviews of the show. I guess 4chan just wants to keep hating

>> No.8095222

haha wow, are you trolling? All of those things can be avoided if you planned better. Find a location that doesn't have those restrictions. People are willing to travel a little further for a con that's actually good.

>> No.8095226

Do you really expect your friends to tell you that your con sucks?
Do you expect your guests to publicly say that your con sucks? (Some of your guests told me personally that they had a negative experience. You don't have to believe me. I don't want to name anyone here on 4chan)

We are just complaining as anons because we don't want to hurt your little feelings.

>> No.8095258

most people who had good times really only had fun because of the people they were with and just hanging out. but the con itself was pretty poorly run. I personally had a good time because I was with friends, but the coatcheck and the hotel switching was not cool.

>> No.8095281

Just gonna give my 2cents for this con.

The location: In comparison to cons like DTAC where we've been pushed into an area with no space to breath, the location was pretty roomy for a small con. that being said, the amount of people there would [imo] make it a medium con.
There was a lounge in the back that people could chill at and get away from the crowds.
Just upstairs is a food court. Whats this? relatively cheap food I don't have to walk 3 blocks in the snow for?! Hell, even when the upstairs food court ran out of food there's the mall that you could walk to in the glorious safety of the path!

The Dealers room was fairly large for a small con but tbh, couldn't really find anything I hadn't seen a million times at any other con. I bought maybe one poster and a few buttons because there wasn't anything else I didn't ether have or didn't want.
I pretty much spent all my time circling the dealers room like 15 times because I was positive there had to be SOMETHING of value there. Not.

Panels: not going to lie, didn't really go to any. They all seemed pretty empty. Only one I kind of caught was the DR Murder Mystery Game. and that was only semi okay.

THAT BAG CHECK THOUGH! Not bad. Don't get me wrong, if I'm paying money, I don't expect my belonging to be tossed somewhere on the floor and have people randomly be able to go through my stuff. That being said, It's clear they didn't expect to be hit that hard. They had tables at least to store items but with the shear volume of people, they had to make do with what they had.
Now on the matter of people claiming $5 being too much.... ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? They're watching your bag so you can enjoy you fucking con dude. Most cons cost between $5-$15 son! Only failing point was they kept getting rushed and ended up having things being stolen.

>> No.8095282


All in alll; for what it is, a small con run by fans of anime, trying to make a convention that appeals to the fans, its not that bad of a con. Its a small con, a con you go to socialize with friends, not really for anything else.Maybe the dealers room but thats about it.
Good Job FrostCon, hope you learn and do better next year.
Stay Frosty

>> No.8095293


No, it was really shit.
Everyone's already said the venue was decent but that was basically the only good part about the con.

>> No.8095296

Average coat check for most Toronto clubs and venues go for 2-3 dollars. With that, your belonging are properly stored away and can only be brought out with access to it's specific ticket.
The ticket system at FrostCon was a joke- all it did was allow you inside the room, giving anybody full access to anybody's bags or coats. Things were asking to be stolen.

As for the location, there's no argueing that it wasn't crowded. The space allocated by the hotel to FrostCon was only the basement, and it was no better than DTAC. Atleast at DTAC you could roam around the center without getting kicked out by venue staff.

>> No.8095297

Top kek, more like $1-5.

>> No.8095870

Did Antonio fake a broken leg at least?

>> No.8095886

>It's clear they didn't expect to be hit that hard.

The con is just terribly planned. No excuse.

>> No.8095901

>The location
Yeah, it would be a good location if Frostcon was the only event there.
"b-but it's a popular venue so there will be other events going on!"

Yeah, then book a different date or a different location. If you knew before hand that there will be 2 other events sharing the same location, would you still book the place? Maybe, maybe not. These are basic things that the organizer needs to consider. And obviously Antonio made the wrong decision.

Are you kidding me? It's ridiculous that the items are being tossed on the floor, but what's more ridiculous is that anyone with a ticket can go in and get their bags. NO ONE EXCEPT THE STAFF IS SUPPOSED TO BE ALLOWED IN THE BACK. This is just common sense. Is Antonio autistic?

>> No.8095907


DTAC was better than Frostcon this year. I'm talking about DTAC, for fucks sake. I'm saying I would pay Hobbystar money. Fuck me.

>> No.8095912

it was pretty odd that the MTCC let DTAC attendees have free roam of the place. I actually enjoyed it much more than I thought I would, and the security was completely relaxed

>> No.8095928

Ha. Only a handful of the reviews are from my friends, the other hundred or so across the internet are from people I don't even know. So choke on that 4chan

>> No.8095936

That was the only free weekend for that space we had there until the end of April. They are always having events at the Sheraton. And we wanted to give people what they wanted and that was a winter convention in Toronto.

We asked the hotel for coat racks and hangers after I noticed the chaos coat check was in. I called for hotel event staff to come see the room and our problem. Their comment to me "Sorry we can't give you any, this is your problem. Solve it yourselves" and he walked away

>> No.8095951

you must be a moron if you couldn't foresee that
>what do you mean we are going to need coat hangers for the coatcheck?!
>just get some tables it'll be fine

>> No.8095965

We had asked for coat racks and hangers the whole way throughout the convention. All they were willing to give us were tables and chairs to set things on. I would have loved to have had them to make it easier for everyone, but the hotel was not willing to give us any. Even if we were to pay for them.

Again we did the best with what the hotel was willing to give us and the staff and volunteer levels we had

>> No.8095982

>throughout the convention
if the organization weren't shit this would have been done before
If I were in charge of the hotel I wouldn't have given the coat racks either tbh, shit is asked for on advance

>> No.8095996

If you couldn't get them from the hotel, why not bring in your own instead of risking the tables and what little good reputation you have?

>> No.8096011
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Antonio's meme game is stuck in 2010

>> No.8096048


Pick a different location. Not one that you have to be stuck in a basement with 2 other events. It's not easy to run a convention, I know that. But you don't have what it takes. Sorry.

>> No.8096066

that meme is #dank yo

>> No.8096102

We asked for them in advance and during the event. Every time I would ask, they would say no.

>> No.8096260

Did it even once occurs to you to maybe go buy some racks yourself? They're cheap and easy to find. Relying on the hotel to provide them, then doing absolutely nothing when they said no shows just how incapable you are of handling the problems that arise while running a con. I really hope you take 4chan's criticism to heart and try to fix your problems instead of ignoring us as if we're spouting nothing but lies on here. This is the only place you'll get a real opinion from someone who's not trying to stroke your ego

>> No.8096306

I will never believe or listen to anything anyone posts here on 4chan. You all are a bunch of jokes. Maybe if your brave enough you'll reveal yourself and post to our page or event page

>> No.8096307

This. How expensive could the coat racks be, anyway? Surely part of whatever money they've made could've gone to help pay for them. Then just find a place to store them for the next FrostCon or whatever.

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>have money for coat racks
>hotel wont give us coat racks

man it sucks that hotels are the only possible place to obtain such rare items.
And if only there existed places you could rent vehicles large enough to transport enough of these racks if somehow you managed to buy them elsewhere

>> No.8096410


>Faked serious injury for attention
>Threw a tantrum when you got called on setting up an illegal table

I feel sorry your Mom has to put up with you. Don't throw stones when you live in a glass house, jackass.

>> No.8096547

Then what are you even doing here

>> No.8096605

> I don't care what you guys say about me!
> proceeds to defend himself and his shitty con
Post the Facebook page and I'll go shit post there with my full name.

>> No.8096622

What was up with having purelight as a guest, she didn't even do anything...

>> No.8096634

she's friends with the people that run it, there weren't many 'guests' that were worth their salt.

>> No.8096655
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>buy coat racks for $15 each
>put 10 coats per rack
>charge $5 per checked coat
>$50 in checked coat fees per rack
>(i'm assuming here, please correct me if I'm wrong Antonio) 250 attendees = 25 coat racks = $375
>checked coat fees = $50 * 25 = $1250

tl;dr >>8095083 and FrostCon decided that the possibility of letting someone steal your jacket and/or belongings was worth them not having to give up ~30% in checked coat fees

>> No.8096664

I wouldn't even have minded the tables and things in a pile if the only people allowed back were the coat check worker.

Messy, yes, but at least things wouldn't have been stolen that way with everyone coming in and out of that room.

>> No.8096666

she was the only guest who wasn't running a table or a panel, i just dont know why she was even there, even if she was a friend.

>> No.8096714

But room rental and post-con storage needs to be factored in as well.

>> No.8096926

Pretty sure Pure light was only a guest because of being a guest the previous year when she was still Elle cosplay or whatever ( she's changed her name like three times now. IMO she didn't do anything worth having her there like no panels and no table I didn't see her once except for masquerade ... Like wtf

>> No.8097530



>> No.8097537

>Implying any of you pussies will say anything on facebook where you aren't Anonymous.

>> No.8098013

I'm less concerned about the racks and more about the fact your staff let anyone in to rummage through coats.

>> No.8098085


>> No.8098112

shes pretty useless all around

>> No.8098114

wow she was only in it for herself.. imaging that. Sounds like typical Dani.

>> No.8098126

No you dumb shit that's not the way it works we are telling you what was done wrong, you don't get to say some random shit about we being anonymous cowards just because you couldn't find a rebuttal.

Either stay on topic or don't stay if it hurts your feelings so much, either way it's as good as saying we are right.

>> No.8098252

she can't even spell the name of her cosplay right, on her instagram she apparently cosplayed 'Hunttess'

master division not knowing how to spell her character.. wow... and she even won an award.

>> No.8098300

Well it never seems like she knows much about the character's she cosplays, not shocked that she doesn't even know how to spell their names.

>> No.8099698

Fuck you, cuntface

>> No.8099738

You all can say what you want about me, about FrostCon or my cosplays. But guess what, none of it will ever bother me. I'll just keep moving forward as to even waste a thought onto the hate you all try to spread would be a waste of my time.

So no I won't be going away. No I won't be shutting up. And FrostCon will always be here to stay!

Got a problem with any of that, then I feel bad for you all. Maybe try moving on yourselves and living with it

>> No.8099744

So will you have coat racks for the next one?

>> No.8099783
File: 85 KB, 460x459, its name is antonio in case you didnt notice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>none of it will ever bother me

>> No.8099785

>or my cosplays
nobody has said anything about that.
insecure much?

>> No.8100219


You keep existing and we'll keep laughing.

>> No.8100246

You treat your staff like shit. One of them was crying how your shitty paper badges had to be cut out until 4am and you didn't let her leave.

You're a horrible person.

>> No.8100299

He also has a micropenis.

>> No.8100316

I heard the same. It's why he can't tie down a girlfriend

>> No.8100325

Who said that to you

>> No.8100336

Exact definition of deluded management.
>Amazing venue...
>... that caused all our problems

>We hired someone to make decisions...
>... Not our fault he made bad decisions.

Shit man, read what you wrote. It sounds like instead of pretending everything was amazing except things that were outside your control, you should apologize, explain what went wrong, what you learned, and if you are planning to do it again how it will be better.

Or, you could continue to be a general failure at managing and a laughingstock fucktard.

Take a little responsibility and grow your event and skillset.

>> No.8100343


Your mom.

>> No.8100344

>>8100299 >>8100316
You both have clearly been talking then to the wrong people. I know the reasons why. You just want to make lies

>> No.8100347


lol, that would explain frostcon

>> No.8100350
File: 59 KB, 600x450, 30a[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who would do anything like that?

>> No.8100364

Your an idiot if you think that has anything to do with running a convention

>> No.8100375

>This is what micropenises actually believe

>> No.8100382

First "You're" I almost never correct these mistakes, but "Your an idiot..." makes me want to cunt punch you.

Second, it probably doesn't have a direct impact, so you're right. However, read this thread and guess why this event was a 2/10 (no ball pit so +1) and why next year it will be about the same.

>> No.8100386

>cunt punch
You got that wrong, it's more like a micropenis-flick

>> No.8100393

Name name: Antonimicro.

>> No.8100421

Calling people names now. What are we, kindergarteners. I'm all for dumping on Antonio, but enough is a enough. We clearly aren't bugging him anymore with our comments

>> No.8100448

>What are we, kindergardeners?
There's no "we" here. Take your shitty cosplays and your micropenis off 4chan you cuck

>> No.8100455

So will there be coat racks at the next one or not

As bad as the past two were at least those had coat racks at their coat checks and didn't allow anyone but staff in

>> No.8100459

please dont bring up my micropenis, its triggering my autism levels to rise

>> No.8100472

>>8100448 >>8100459
If you think I need to hide behind a trip, then your dumber then I thought. I ain't afraid to make posts as myself here

>> No.8100474

Coat racks at the next one, yes or no

They can't be that hard to buy if you need to

>> No.8100478

And if any of you think your insults and name calling are bugging me or hurting my feelings. HA, keep dreaming. You all can say whatever you want, it doesn't bother me anymore

We addressed this on the FrostCon page, maybe go there and read the posts

>> No.8100483

How is it like gagging Toast with your micropenis? Is their mouth nice and soft? Are they at least using tongue?

>> No.8100494

The greatest tragedy in Ant's life is being himself.

>> No.8100496

Who the fuck is Toast?

>> No.8100503
File: 73 KB, 905x905, 10891785_10205765317037829_8535192317130434366_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


God, you're a faggot

>> No.8100549

>Ignores actual on-topic shit
>jumps immediatly at micropenis thing
Insecure much?

>> No.8100565


"A little"

>> No.8100585

You could say he's a micro-amount of insecure

>> No.8100627


>> No.8100640


All he has is the tip

>> No.8100865

it's official, we hurt his feelings

>> No.8100893

Some guy who once bought 100 micropenis dildos off eBay and sucked them all

>> No.8100909
File: 71 KB, 960x639, 1382859_10152348416948688_2051155566_n[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

he's the cuck king

>> No.8100910

>all those feet
Wonder who took this picture

>> No.8100917

Quality looks too not shit for Tom, but I could be wrong

>> No.8100929

What is heck is up with that girl's pinky toe?

>> No.8100931


>lighting is shit
>awkward angle
>full auto mode

Definitely Tom

>> No.8101036

Nah, the pic is better then his shit. Probably that creepy Asian friend of his. I think he goes by Chong or some shit.

>> No.8101038

>we clearly aren't bugging him anymore with our comments

are you kidding? look at how upset he's getting. He wouldn't keep responding and trying to defend himself/his shitty con/his micropenis if he wasn't bothered

>> No.8102066

>huh huh, yeah we sure got him good guys, but we should just totally try to lay off of him now :(

Please go back to gaggling Antonio's micropeen so you can shut the fuck up.

>> No.8102184

He started it