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Last one is in autosage >>7988505

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Crying over all of the new fashion show pics, I really need Spring to get here faster. Curious when these will officially start releasing.

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as last thread is in autosage, I might post it in here as well

So many roses, AP why?
Left ones both look like Memorial Cake 2.0, the lavender version is classier while the pink seems sweeter.
The other pink print seems like it's next years horse print with that big rocking horse on it.
The only print that made my curious to see close is the right one, looks very much like a butterfly print.
But I'm also a bit underwhelmed, prints and cuts are same old story. I'd love to have more kitschy prints again but with the classic trend going I know this won't happen, but one can dream.

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Oh AP why must you hurt me so much with those pretty dresses I'll never be able to wear

> inb4 fat
No I'm way too tall to even attempt wearing one of their one pieces

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What is the proportion of seagulls who buy lots fancy prints as opposed to plainer, more daily pieces? Are there some of you that have a pretty balanced wardrobe between the more OTT dresses and the more casual?

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A teaser for next spring, yet no sign of a lucky pack. I wanted one so badly this year, I`m really worried.

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oooh, does anybody know the name of that crown purse the girl in the pink is wearing? i assume its ap.

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I'm not impressed. These are all so boring and overdone IMO. All AP's prints are starting to look the same. Are Maki and Asuka running out of ideas?

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The one on the right is apparently seashells.

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Its an AP fashion show, so yes, it's AP. And not yet released.

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I love brand novelty items, and these might be the most glorious ones I've ever seen. *sobs*

I sew pretty well (and am a touch too big for VM), so I tend to buy fancy prints and make plainer pieces. I also go for JSKs more than OPs, so they can be dressed up with elaborate blouses or toned down with simple boleros & cardigans.Maybe 1/3rd of my closet is too fancy to wear outside of a lolita tea party?

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Pretty sure most of these OPs shown will also be given JSK cuts, which are generally super easy to tone down.

I don't go for fancy OPs because there are generally too many permanent details (sleeves being a big one) you can't change or remove. I just stick to dressing up my dressier jsks. OTT dresses are lovely to look at, but with the way I wear my lolita pieces not practical, or worth the price tag that comes with them.

I'm so excited for the cake and rose prints!

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Same here anon, I'm searching every day but as Christmas grows near it's going to get busy and I'm scared I'll miss my chance if they announce it then.

The blue hat makes me think of a mariachi

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I tried to limit myself to 1 print per 3 plain main pieces and it's worked pretty well although I do have a big wishlist of prints. Currently trying to tell myself I did the right thing by not getting the btsbb lucky pack last week. Am a sucker for bunnies.

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When you make your plainer pieces, what patterns do you use? I would love VM but the same thing, am too big.

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Is it another brand or is that something AP will be releasing?! Holy shitttttttt hgnghghhhhh!

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read the thread newfag

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Sorry, just got too excited and didn't read the thread. Not new miss snarky snark :^)

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>not new
>uses emoticons

Seriously, when have you seen ANYTHING in an AP fashion show that was not AP? If you aren't new, you must be oblivious.

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>has never seen :^) used on cgl
Get a load of this newfriend.

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Sweetie, this is an image board, not your shitty blog. Here we use pictures instead of emoticons.

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If I were them I'd use emoticons just to spite you at this point, you're being obnoxious and gumming up the thread.

Clear those oldfag cobwebs out of your snatch :^)

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>emoticonfag trying to call out a user that uses cgl properly

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>If I were them

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Better an oldfag than a moron who asks what brands are used in an AP fashion show

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Gonna sounds so noob but where can I watch/see pictures of this fashion show?

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>samefagging because you're this autistically butthurt about people using emoticons
You reek of salt and autism.

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Pictures are just a matter of finding them when they are leaked. Technically photos are not allowed so it's just a matter of catching them on twitter from attendees. There's a thread in Rufflechat group on FB.

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Nah, I think I'd rather be ignorant about AP fashion shows than throw a tantrum whenever someone uses a :^), thanks.

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So I talked to someone who works at BTSSB in Harajuku. BTSSB and Toei are doing a collaboration soon. The JSK is going to cost 120,000 Yen and the reservations for the JSK will open first in North America.

I can't tell you much more, but I know everyone is going to get anxious about this.

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I only posted >>7996179 actually. And >>7996201 because I have no problem giving help to noobs who aren't retards like >>7996175
Don't hate me just because I care about board culture.

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Another tip, just move on and stop rehashing the fact that you were called out. It doesn't help your case when you shitpost to try to defend your shitposting.

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I hate you because you're a snarky cunt who's whinging about :^)

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Imo they just released too much OTT stuff in such a short time

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I'm going to go cry now.

Thank you. So there's no official photos?

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Eh a Sailor Moon collab sounds fug. Precure will be gross as well.

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I'd say I'm 3/4 plain and 1/4 fancy. Actually, probably less. I think I need more fancy things.

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>giving help to noobs
Stop aggrandizing yourself, they were just asking about a bag. You're not a hero for answering a question about a bag, nor are you for thinking chewing someone out about emoticons makes you a justice warrior for board culture. Wow.

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This rose print worries me. Could be either the next Eternal Rose Bouquet or it could be the next set of curtains for my grandma's house.

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>and the reservations for the JSK will open first in North America.
Right. Sounds legit.

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I hope it's a Sailor Moon collab and I hope it really is $1200. I would slap money down for it in a heartbeat and that would beat out all the poorfags so I'd actually be able to land a reservation. It's probably going to be a princess serenity dress or something. how do the super expensive Baby reservations usually go? Anyone know?

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How soon is this going to be released?

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Reading comprehension. I specifically did not help the idiot asking about a bag. Who was not even the first idiot to ask about the bag in this thread. Stop putting words in my mouth while you're at it. Nobody here likes emoticons, get with the program

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Everyone stop shitposting please. AP lucky pack announced.

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And Meta lucky pack.

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>cute animals
>crescent moons
>pink heart bag
So its a reprint of the last two LPs.

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There you go anon.

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Will it be in colors other than lavender ?

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See >>7996214 and just let it go.
>I specifically did not help the idiot asking about a bag.
Just pointing out that you technically did, you just did it in a really unnecessarily caustic way which leads me to believe you're in a bad mood.
>Nobody here likes emoticons
They probably did that with the intention to piss you off, since you were snarky and called them a newfag. It got the better of you.

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Dude if you are telling the truth I really appreciate it. I know what it is and now I can save up 120,000.

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No, just no.
I've waited this long for that shit? Why are you doing this to me AP?

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I'm not really liking it so far; maybe if I get a better look.

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Now I want to see the special pack and other colors

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I draft my own patterns, which is an utterly useless answer, I know. The Otome no sewing books are pretty good, but you need to already be familiar with the basics of sewing and how patterns go together. I'm hesitant to recommend commercial patterns because I change them so much to make them work - for instance, I use Simplicity 4675 as a base sometimes, but I have to change the waist length, sleeves and neckline, so it's barely the same pattern by the time I'm done.

That said, a lot of VM stuff is about good quality materials and simple lines, so it's possible to make yourself nice versions with a little time and practice.

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for $1200 it would probably be made to order so not like a normal release.

made to order's stay open for a few months normally.

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I've actually been wanting a simple pastel sweet dress for a while, like AP typical design of the last few years, but haven't had any of the old dresses catch my fancy, so this is perf.

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Is that the same blouse from last year?

>> No.7996262

I didn't. They're objectively the same person. Please calm down and get back on topic....

>> No.7996263

Do you think so?
I have been anticipating a Sailor Moon release for a long time. So I don't want to miss it. Also if it is indeed Sailor Moon this release might be treated different than previous $1000+ releases, right?

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(said no one ever)

>> No.7996269

It's the same bag.

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I thought they would release a less pastel vomit-ish set, considering their last releases... ugh.

>> No.7996281

bitch, you know that's just because it's fall and to capitalize on the religious trend.

>> No.7996291

looool my thoughts exactly. it's so ugly.

>> No.7996292

Celestial aside, their latest sweet prints (Cream Cookie Collection or Sugar Dream Dome) weren't so vomit-like, not to mention other releases like Antique Key or that last chocolate print.

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gimme dat.

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>mrw I love it

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Well fuck.
I have been laying down all my commitment to this lucky pack, three years of waiting to finally have the cash spare at this time of year, and it's a hideous fucking clash with horizontal stripes on the socks.
Thanks AP. Fucking thanks.

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120,000 yen...

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any sauce on the "learning to walk again" sweater? kinda teen angst but i really like it. reminds me of listen flavor

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I just realized this model on the left is wearing cat ears, but her dress is blurred out. Another possible cat print other than the perfume one?

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Sure! It's part of the Super Lovers set.

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Algonquins and Putumayo sets too.

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Is this serious?
The cross print has cats on it, probably that.

>> No.7996347

Yeah the cross print does have cats.

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So does the perfume one actually
I need a job, here I come my precious kitties

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All the mentors must be asleep

>> No.7996356

I'm really happy AP finally made a perfume bottle print. I always adored Mary Magdalene's perfume bottle print but I find it really hard to find in a good condition for a reasonable price, plus I'd have to have it altered. AP is much more forgiving with my body type.

>> No.7996358

It's hard to say honestly. If I were baby, I would want a lot of people to have opportunity to buy to make more money so I don't see why they would treat it differently.

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>I'm really happy AP finally made a perfume bottle print.

>> No.7996366

I don't get their position. They recently said they disapproved of people reselling prints for exorbitant prices, and that they would rather re-release prints. yet there are a ton of baby prints that got for hundreds of dollars more on the secondary market they do not rerelease.

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Early reservations for Wonderland Perfume and Milky Cross - http://angelicpretty-onlineshop.com/products/list.php?category_id=149

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Ugh people are going crazy over this and its shit.

>> No.7996405

Isn't it just for the people who went to the tea party?

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I really wish this came in more colors. Its really cute, but I'm not much into light blue.

>> No.7996411

>rose toilette
Yarf, I meant a pretty print that wasn't older than my grandma anon.

>> No.7996418

Fussing about someone who was fussing about someone = sandy poonanny, just hush, they stopped.

>> No.7996421

The last post was over an hour ago.
Get the fuck out.

>> No.7996424

What about glass bottle of tears?

>> No.7996426

What did you expect after 4 glorious releases crossing each other, then the fashion show? It was bound to make the lucky pack look poor and overshadowed. I just wish the rush of releases happened just after Halloween do I could have had more time to coord what I bought better for holiday. No time to order in accessory and unique pieces to go with the JSK and skirts. I wish I was not so long-waisted and could wear OP decently!

>> No.7996427

>this is a blue board
>that shit's normal

>> No.7996430

It just reminded me of Jummy/Drake in Degrassi.

>> No.7996433

At least it's muted chiffon and not brighter. Still not a fan.

>> No.7996434

>older than my grandma
Your rgandma is seven years old? What are you trailer trash? At least rose toilette is kawaii. MM and the new AP perfume bottles literally look like my grandmas discontinued Avon.

>> No.7996440

>telling people to hush when they've successfully fucked off
Retarded and buttblasted.

>> No.7996444

lol they're clearly a massive noob.
Diff anon but I wish maki and asuka would lay off the crack. it's like they were so busy releasing 10 different prints in one week they forgot there was even supposed to be a luckypack.

>> No.7996445

>ahh the sweet delicious taste of butthurt
>never change, faggot

>> No.7996457

Have you only been into lolita for a year then? Sure sounds like it.

>> No.7996459


Actually Baby did re-release a number of prints last year -- trouble was, they did their "past hits" rather than based on customer popularity except for Sugar Bouquet and Midsummer's. The only one that did swimmingly well was Midsummer's and Sugar Bouquet, everything else flopped. So they might be cautious about doing re-releases now.

Sometimes the prices on the secondhand market are exorbitant because there's only a couple of girls who want them really badly, but not enough girls to actually fill out a full reservation. So Baby would end up not being able to sell all of their dresses, they might end up in the discounts section, and while we like to say we like a dress for its beauty, this is going to affect the covetousness of the piece, which in turn will have girls buying less from Baby because their beloved dress might be perceived as a "bargain dress" by others. This just basically hurts Baby more.

I do notice they're now going to great lengths to make sure everybody has a chance to buy a popular piece (price tag aside). For eg Midsummer's had at least two rounds of reservations, and when they actually put the items up, they restocked at least the headbow, and I'm pretty sure they restocked the dress as well. The Madonna Lily print actually had a second and third round of reservation (for ivory and mint, I think?), it went up with both these colours in stock as well (despite selling out in reservation), and later on Baby announced a restock as well. So I think their focus is now more on giving girls as many chances to buy a dress as they can by doing multiple rounds of reservations, rather than doing re-releases. It's a good idea, since extending production of a product is much easier than rolling out an entirely new line just because a handful of rich girls didn't buy the dress when it came out.

>> No.7996461

I didn't like it.
And to me tears aren't perfume.

>> No.7996469

If it comes in pink I may consider it, pinkxyellow is my weakness.

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>yfw I'm not even the same anon and you are a massive faggot

>> No.7996489

>sounds like a whole lot of samefag

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>implying they wouldn't want to use the tears of itas as perfume

>> No.7996506

Hmm, touché.

>> No.7996544

I mostly wear classic or old school in jewel tone so my wardrobe is mostly 'plain'.

>> No.7996558

Mucho disappoint...

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>crown bag

>> No.7996564

There is also a "Marry Romance Doll" print.

>> No.7996577

This is strange. Because I work with this exact brand of flowers (Ashland spring collection) So I am wondering if this girl is just an attendee or if Angelic Pretty started using Ashlanbd flower bundles.

>> No.7996583

Sorry for posting here, but I was wondering if any of you guys have links to websites that sell nice, Lolita shoes for wider feet? I'm not really into the style but somebody bought me a blouse and dress and I don't have any formal shoes to match it, and there is no way in hell that I'm going to wear it with my everyday shoes.

>> No.7996600


I think it's certain she's a model since she's wearing an unreleased dress. AP has a habit of blinging out their runway outfits with random items though, maybe they just got the flowers somewhere and used them. The actual jsk might not come with the extra pin on roses.

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File: 666 KB, 1024x1497, 005StXbgjw1enbe9tgp1pj31b01wqhdt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And here is a better scan of different lucky packs.

>> No.7996609

There are a number of taobao sellers who will make shoes wider such as Custom House or antaina - if you don't want to deal with a shopping service, you can go through clobbao or another reseller to ask about that.

>> No.7996612

Thank you, I'll look into that now.

>> No.7996646

This is actually the best advice, in a round about way: get decent enough at sewing that you understand how pieces fit together and work in three dimensions. Lolita patterns are really very simple. There are essentially two silhouettes for JSKs.

>> No.7996650

Thank you! I'm so relieved I don't liked the blouse in the Meta pack, I really liked the dress and socks but really shouldn't be buying anything else right now...

>> No.7996660
File: 525 KB, 660x990, Charming_Camille_Victorian_Gothic_Square_Neckline_Half_Length_Sleeves_Suede_Dress_DR00162_01__64604.1407882157.1000.1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Been lurking and considering starting a wardrobe for a long time now. Checked Fanplusfriend today for the lulz and for once their original stuff seems reasonably legit? I know someone will tell me I'm wrong but I am considering this dress.

>> No.7996664

Has anyone gotten a fanplusfriend lucky pack before? I just ordered one for shits and giggles but I can't find any reviews for it.

>> No.7996674

This is the first year they have done them I think.
The shape of the skirt does not look good at all, but F+F has some decent stuff now a days.

>> No.7996684

Are there any scans of the Listen Flavor LP? I preordered one but I have no idea what to expect.

>> No.7996700

He is a guitarist for a VK band (ex Psycho le Cemu, currently Mix Speaker's,Inc.) and has modeled for AP for years. His name is Aya.

>> No.7996703

>This is the first year they have done them I think.
No, they've been doing them for like 5 years.

>> No.7996704

how do you guys deal with comm drama? ignore it, hope it goes away, let it be the elephant in the room? what about the person causing all the drama, do you ignore them too?

>> No.7996711
File: 494 KB, 1000x1489, 005StXbgjw1enbdsib25yj30rs15dwr7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I haven't found any, but I'll keep an eye out!

>> No.7996718


>> No.7996737

>praises original design
>posts replica from Milky Ange

>> No.7996746

I actually really like the skirt

>> No.7996773

Truthfully all of my dresses are either prints or pretty elaborate solids, since I favor miles of chiffon ruffles on my dresses. I keep telling myself I need some simple pieces in my closet but it just hasn't happened. The only simple piece I own is a Lief sailor OP, which is really lovely but I can only wear it a couple months of the year.

>> No.7996800

it probably will, this is just like a special set

>> No.7996807

same cut? Or will it be different?

>> No.7996828


All I want is that headbow, looks like it'd go well with Celestial.

I'm not crazy enough to bribe anybody for just that one headbow, though.

>> No.7996920

>saving 3 years for an AP happy pack
I dont think this is the right hobby for you.

I'm always excited for something actually cute I can get for damn cheap, but every year all the HPs are so ugg I'm getting jaded.

>> No.7996923

I think anon meant that she never had money to use around lucky pack season.

>> No.7996954

I think a lolita version of American Psycho would be entertaining instead of Patrick Bateman and co-workers in designer business wear, a small circle of the comm in head to toe burando.

>> No.7996956
File: 146 KB, 600x1594, img-16b2e5887b44a92945d826c607510876.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7996957

No it's not.

>> No.7996958

I want to like it since I love perfume bottles and cats, but it does nothing for me. Collab prints (sakizo, imai kira) are generally disappointing.

>> No.7996964


gurl these aren't even the same girls from >>7996328, wtf are you high on?

>> No.7996967

>wtf are you high on?
Obviously they're high on cat's tea party.

>> No.7996986



>> No.7996989

My wallet is relieved by the disappointing prints.

>> No.7996993

Not sure if I'm feeling overwhelmed or underwhelmed by all the releases...

>> No.7997045

Yep. And most skirts are variations on a rectangle. Once you figure out how to draft ruffles and add extra for pintucks, making really nice classic skirts is mostly a matter of time & patience.

You can even get started for cheap, just hit up a thrift shop on half-price day. They usually have old sewing patterns and bedsheets you can use for practice sewing. Very few people are capable of making a perfect item on their first attempt, so don't waste your money on good fabric or have high expectations; make a bunch of stuff with thin cotton to master sewing and fit, once you have a sample that's tailored to your body, you can even cut that apart to use as a pattern for future dresses!

>> No.7997062


Dayum, Aya hasn't aged a day! Looks the same as he did in the early GBLs. Lucky fucker.

>> No.7997069

Anyone know how long the reserves for the perfume and cross print are going for? My limited mobile translating is shit

Wanting to find an ss that went to the party so I can order them... Not sure how long I have though

>> No.7997105

Every time I see Tiferet's fucking fat face comment on something on Rufflechat I think of her mangling CTP and I get really, really angry.

>> No.7997107


The perfume print is the Imai Kira tea party exclusive, I think all the slots are gone. I know Chibi Tenshi still has slots for the Milky Cross print?

>> No.7997111

Depends on how serious it is. If it's like, just a girl or a couple of girls who don't like each other, that's one thing. We're only really connected by our clothes and not everyone will get along. If it comes to someone being threatening or intimidating though, mods are usually on the case as long as you let them know whats up (assuming you have proof that it happened and it didn't happen publicly). I think as long as no one is being harassed, it's just something you ignore and take the high road on.

>> No.7997121

Thoughts on special occasion dresses/OTT dresses? Are they worth it? Do you have one? Do you think they're a staple for any lolita wardrobe?

I wear lolita at least twice a week so most my coordinations are on the simple side and my dresses are well loved. I am eyeing a princess sleeved dress but I know I would only be able to wear it during special occasions (tea parties, brand events, conventions) so I don't know if it's worth shelling out the extra money for it.

>> No.7997125

How often do you go to brand events/cons/parties? If you go to them fairly regularly, then go for it. Keep in mind that you probably won't want to wear the same OTT dress for all of them though, so you'll end up wearing it less than you think you would.

I don't own one and I'd much rather buy two JSKs that I'll actually wear than one OTT dress I only get to wear once a year.

>> No.7997130

Hmm, last year I went to 3 brand events, 1 con, and 4 tea parties.

>Keep in mind that you probably won't want to wear the same OTT dress for all of them though, so you'll end up wearing it less than you think you would.

I just realized that after I had posted it, so that makes me sad. I wonder how tacky it would be to wear it every other event, but that would still only allow me to wear it about 4x a year.

>> No.7997135

The Imai Kira collab is currently tea party guest only, attendees may purchase 1 set per person. Milky Cross early reserve is also for tea party guests only, they may purchase 1 main item, one head accessory, and tights 1 of each color.

>> No.7997148
File: 55 KB, 610x396, 1349558533106.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw it's the mods in your comm causing the issues

>> No.7997150


Her dress is pink though, and milky cross doesn't come in a pink color way. A pink color way isn't shown for the perfume print either, so I'm going to assume it's something different until clearer photos get posted.

>> No.7997154

Lolis, I'm so sorry for bringing this up in this thread but I am dying of curiosity.
I haven't been on /cgl/ in almost a year now. I'm not in the lolita community at all, but I remember witnessing all this drama that went down with LadyLolitaJenny or BrolitaJenny or some shit.

Is he still around?

>> No.7997166

I used to primarily wear OTT sweet and one of the most depressing things was that I got to wear each dress once a year, maybe not even that often.

I felt my tastes changing to classic as well, which helped galvanize me into action. Now I have a classic wardrobe and many dresses I can wear on dates or to family dinners.

OTT sweet ain't worth it unless you know you'll be going to events all the freaking time.

>> No.7997167

Not really afaik, but last I saw he started a new youtube channel.


>> No.7997173


what the fuck am i looking at

>> No.7997176


Holy shit, thank you so much. I thought these treasures were lost forever.

>> No.7997201

Um when did this even happen? And does anyone know if they'll be available on the AP website at all?
They haven't even released photos of Mary Romance Doll!


>> No.7997206

Cinema doll bro

>> No.7997208


It depends on the use you get out of your lolita, I guess. I have a handful of princess dresses to dress my mannequin in; I enjoy looking at the dresses as much as I enjoy wearing them, so for me the handful of dresses are worth it to keep around for eye candy (and I can afford the price tag, so it's not like I'm skimping on other dresses to keep these).

If you want something fancy that you can wear to cons repeatedly, and which you can change up with each wear, I'd say fancy skirts and jumperskirts are the most versatile. The really plain dresses (even ones with all over or floral prints) with very little design features will be difficult to work into fancy coords as they look so plain. Instead, pick something with a border print and some decoration on the bodice, or something with a fair amount of ruffles and flounces, those are easier to work with.

For those fancy jsks and skirts, you can do a lot of different coords -- long- or short-sleeved blouse for the weather, or coord with flouncy princess-sleeved blouse or with lace gloves for fancy events. You can add underskirts and pin up parts of the skirt for an artsy look. You can add overskirts and overdresses to change things up. For a skirt, you can go with a blouse or a cutsew, or you can coord it with different-coloured or differently styled bustiers for many different jsk-type looks. So basically you'll get many more different looks out of a jsk or skirt than any kind of OP.

On the flip side, you might not want to wear the same print over and over again to several cons, no matter how creative, so if you feel like it's a hassle to keep coming up with different looks, you could always buy one OTT dress, wear it one time, sell it off, rinse and repeat for each con. It looks a bit shallow, yes, but let's face it, these are pretty clothes, and if you get the most joy out of wearing a different OTT dress to every con, who has the authority to tell you how to enjoy your own hobby?

>> No.7997209

Does anyone have any idea of the sizing on the meta lucky pack?

>> No.7997226

Frick, I was hoping any amount per tea party guest so I could find someone to buy me a set of both
Looks like I'll be paying crazy markups unless they release to everyone

>> No.7997227


Usually they do either very generously sized items or things with shirring so it fits most people. Out of all brands, Meta is probably the most generous with sizing, they are often very plus size friendly imo.

>> No.7997229

Fantastic dolly has perfume too, I think?

>> No.7997230

If you speak Chinese, you might be able to get one of the girls on weibo who went to the party to get it for you as they do shopping services on the side.

>> No.7997232

Thank you! I was afraid it won't fit me

>> No.7997241
File: 100 KB, 900x675, 219426_900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Got my Haenuli unicorn dress today and I love it but it has so many colors I have no idea how to coord it. Should I keep to navy or accessorize with lavender?

>> No.7997242

The lavender is more prominent in person than in the stock photo.

>> No.7997251

Nice jsk anon!
Go for lavender, too much navy will look boring. Maybe some yellow accents will look nice too, if it's subtle?

>> No.7997255

it looks like a dress bodyrine would make ew

>> No.7997285
File: 70 KB, 500x616, B456pHeCEAML4IL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know there are a lot of anons on here that have vierge vampur dresses on their wishlists so just letting you guys know that their Web shop is open again starting today until the 26th of December.

>> No.7997287


Story on this???

>> No.7997296

I think everyone on cgl was deliberately keeping it quiet, anon.
I made the mistake of not filtering my tumblr search by most recent, so I missed it too. I wish there was a photo of the Romance Doll set so I at least know what I missed!

>> No.7997300

I thought they hadn't even begun selling them yet, are they already sold out?

>> No.7997309

Yeah. They'll probably put something out on AP's site too, though,

>> No.7997310

Is this person mentally afflicted?

>> No.7997313


He has autism, yes.

>> No.7997322

>Meal Time OP is gone
Eh, will they restock or are they taking customizations like how they used to?

There's an ita in my comm who got a Meal Time OP customized for herself a few years ago and she's gotten too fat for it. But I know she'll never sell it.

>> No.7997331
File: 41 KB, 320x240, 45.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've never seen meal time op coordinated badly, post a picture I'm very curious.

Also You can contact them on twitter and ask.
Also they seem to do a lot of pop up shops around Japan at what seems like the Japanese equivalent to craft fairs. Does anyone know more about these kind of markets? I plan on visiting japan on spring and I would love to go to one of these since I work in craft fairs and artist alleys here in the states.

>> No.7997339

The Meal Time OP doesn't say "made to order" whereas some of the dresses do so I'm guessing it won't be restocked? In any case, I've sent her a email about it.

>> No.7997344

>I've never seen meal time op coordinated badly, post a picture I'm very curious.
^ Comes to mind.

I don't have a twitter, damn. Maybe I'll just email them.

>> No.7997350

Imagine if you were the designer of Vierge Vampur and see that. I would cry.

I just saw her tweets and she implied that she's overwhelmed with orders.

>> No.7997352

>tfw no original Classic Circus
Just toss my heart in a blender while you're at it.

>> No.7997356
File: 58 KB, 600x800, tumblr_ney2pmYDTX1qcrkr7o1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh dear lord that's awful. But it's mostly the hair and her face. With a wig and makeup and maybe a better petticoat this wouldn't be too bad.
Yeah that's unfortunate but I still plan on ordering the circus dress and bonnet and then contacting her about a burgundy version of meal time op, I would be willing to pay a higher price for it and wait up to a year to receive it.

>> No.7997360

It's just a simple coordinate. Nothing wrong with it, she just needs to do something better with her hair.

>> No.7997382

What is the print the girl third from right is wearing? I really like the colors...

>> No.7997392
File: 58 KB, 518x308, Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 1.44.48 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I should have fucking guessed.

>> No.7997412

Thank you for all your advice and helping me validate my feelings anon.
>I enjoy looking at the dresses as much as I enjoy wearing them, so for me the handful of dresses are worth it to keep around for eye candy
Pretty much hit the nail for me.

Sadly I'm a buy for keeps kind of girl. I'll go with the jumperskirt version and get princess sleeved blouses and underskirts so at least I can get as many different coordinates as possible.

>> No.7997415


>> No.7997456
File: 952 KB, 440x330, tumblr_inline_mn2c2wuCX71qz4rgp.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It just really gets my goat. There was plenty of time to do it, the budget was only $40 max.

>> No.7997475

God damn, how fucked are your finances if you can't spare a few bucks for a small SS gift? You shouldn't be participating in the first place if money is that tight.

>> No.7997504

Yes if you'll wear them. I lived in a large and fairly tolerant/fashionable city so felt relatively safe wearing OTT lolita as an everyday thing on the weekend for things like dinner with friends or going shopping or going to the theatre. I also have more friends there and going out with someone who looks more "normal" shields you a bit from any comments or harassment. I'm now living with my parents and going "what the fuck did I buy this bonnet for" because I don't particularly want stuff thrown at me or gangs of teenagers following and harassing me

>> No.7997509
File: 1.84 MB, 1154x990, comparison.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know where else to post this, but I just ordered pic related from F+F and I'm not happy with it at all. They moved the print all the way to the bottom (I was told by the rep I'm talking to this was to make it more "exquisite") and the dress can hardly fit a petticoat without looking strained (I just threw some stuff on quickly for the picture sorry). I was offered an $8 refund. I'm sure that if I send the dress back for a full refund I'll have to pay out of pocket to ship it back to China, but I feel like a bitch for wanting to be refunded like half the price I payed for it. What do?
>F+F never again

>> No.7997515

>I was told by the rep I'm talking to this was to make it more "exquisite"

It looks like they fucked up cutting material and just thought you'd be like every other weeb who orders from them and not give a shit.

File a paypal claim using the picture you posted here and they'll just refund you in full. I'm sick of f+f getting away with a bunch of shit just cause weebs can't fucking understand that when you order something it should be perfect and not shitty.

>> No.7997527

>I was told by the rep I'm talking to this was to make it more "exquisite"
>I was offered an $8 refund

Holy shit.

>> No.7997542

I will never understand why people are so quick to defend F+F, they're so shitty. I've never seen a dress from them in real life that didn't look off in some way.

>> No.7997544

>it's cheep!!11 and gooood11!!
(it's not really) but like, everyone I know who buys from them always defends them to the death for being cheaper than brand, even though it's much more expensive than most nice offbrands brands are.

>> No.7997551

wow that looks bad.
>that shade of red
>different lace from stock photo
>badly aligned blurry print

I guess that's the reason I forgot F+F exists. It's not worth remembering.

You shouldn't accept a poor product out of fear of looking like a bitch.
You didn't ask for changes to make it more "~*exquisite~*" you just wanted what you ordered. If F+F reps won't acknowledge that, Paypal should.

>> No.7997554

If I was the person at paypal looking at that claim I'd assume the issue is just that she's fat and the mannequin isn't.

>> No.7997558
File: 48 KB, 890x691, FFreplies.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My BL dresses are so much nicer than the dress I got, and BL sucks most of the time.

Does PP accept photos as evidence? Last I had a claim they didn't.

Pic is the conversation with Blue.

>> No.7997567
File: 50 KB, 542x542, B4wjwBiIgAAlQqm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The shade of red I'm okay about because red is a hard color to photograph correctly, so I guess they did to one thing right.

>> No.7997570

My friend has the skirt in grey and it looks like the stock picture

>> No.7997572
File: 52 KB, 444x287, 1417993887073.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, because the print being clearly misplaced/cut off, etc. is affected by the weight of the wearer.

Yes, that makes so much sense.

>> No.7997601

Does anyone know what happens if you don't pay Japonica's final invoice within the 7 days that they urge you to? Do they add some sort of fee or just throw away your stuff or what?

>> No.7997612

I doubt paypal will care about the height of the print. Unless you have any other experience with that, I would assume the worst.

>> No.7997641
File: 102 KB, 280x373, romance doll.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Since every year AP does a solid JSK pack that's the lowest priced one, I assume that Mary Romance Doll is their solid JSK pack.

I thought the name sounded familiar so I looked it up; turns out Romance Doll is an existing solid AP JSK (pic attached).
So maybe they're re-releasing an updated version of Romance Doll?

>> No.7997755

I love the fucking crosses but WHY only these high waisted cuts? I also love the skirt, but why no sizes?
AP does this with a lot of things lately, they never put down the measurements. Why, AP?

>> No.7998188
File: 294 KB, 800x1132, tassles.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7998195


Still meh, but I like the assymetrical overskirt on the dress jsk. Don't think it's removable though

>> No.7998220


I don't care for it. Surprised there's no wine colourway, but darn is that deep, wedgewood blue getting popular lately.

>> No.7998238

Give them photos anyway, they may officially say they don't accept x evidence but they are just human beings, they aren't judges and they will look at anything you give them.
Also DO NOT in any way imply that the item was handmade or custom made. F+F probably will but you need to make them seem like a major faceless company with a factory somewhere pumping out the same shit over and over. They are trying to make it sound like it's some custom made unique special thing for you, make it clear to pp that it isn't.

>> No.7998251

The left JSK is pretty cute.

>> No.7998259


I wonder if they will have a longer version.

>> No.7998266

I wish there was a long jsk like the Victorian Letter one, and a wine colorway would have been great. I might spring for a black jsk though.

>> No.7998268

Love the headbow.

>> No.7998281

>Put in order at IW
>Stock is already down to a "few remaining"
>Put in my order as soon as it hit the website

Come on, invoice me already you cunts. During the book print release they took a month to respond to my order, wasn't even after the book print, just some socks.

I'm hoping this is due to the small sale they're having.

>> No.7998282

This is shit and it's lazy. The tights look like they temporarily forgot they were supposed to make legwear and later had to scramble to find some clip art to paste on a mockup in order to meet their deadline.

>> No.7998291

I am loving this in black tbh. Sadly with my budget I think I will have to settle for the skirt only.

>> No.7998297

>no tassel trim
>meh cuts

>> No.7998417

Noob trying to look for some solid colored classical-ish JSKs and OPs that would fit a 34" waist, 40" bust and 5' 9" height. I was hoping to get a few custom pieces from F+F but the reviews seem very polarized. I guess I should look at Meta?

>> No.7998429

What do you guys wear under sheer/thin blouses? I'm new and one of the blouses I recently bought was thin and you could see through. It's not noticeable under JSKs, but when I try it with a skirt it's obvious. I tried wearing a camisole under but I don't like how it looks since you can tell I'm wearing one.

Should I just stick to wearing it under a JSK?

>> No.7998445


>> No.7998446

how popular do we think this will be? I'm into the black colourway, but wondering how terrible it's going to be to try for.

>> No.7998448

Check taobao, you can go to the taobao thread for help and google which lolita taobao stores do custom sizing

>> No.7998474

Meta's items with full back shirring would fit you well. You can also try Baby as well. Both brands have released good solid staple pieces in the past, so that might be worth looking into.

You should fit into F+F's standard sizes. I have similar measurements, but a little smaller in the waist. The last thing I bought was standard size and a perfect fit with exception to the sleeve length, but height may be your biggest concern. I've heard their custom sizing has been better lately, but it was wonky years back.

>> No.7998496

Only ever wear sheer blouses with jsks. They look trashy with skirts.

>> No.7998506


Gonna add Enchantlic Enchantilly, they make a lot of OPs that are shirred all the way around

Though it's a whole other story whether fully shirred OPs look good on anyone

>> No.7998528

So disappointed with AP's military style buttons. Some have random words on them, like "urban" and "dominion". They could've just chosen buttons without any words.

>> No.7998536

Only me feel that one she wear is better than the stock photo (lace and print is better), except she is in bigger size than mannequin?

>> No.7998555

???? Are you high? What are you even saying

>> No.7998558

that actually makes me like the buttons more for some reason

>> No.7998569

What the buyer indeed request i doubt?
See the conversation she with F+F staff, they offer discounts and offer refund already. (I personal like the print close to the bottom better. )

>> No.7998572

F+F shill please go.

>> No.7998573

Hello F+F, didn't know you go on 4chan!!

>> No.7998598

shit, same...just let me give you my money, IW!

>> No.7998607



so does anyone have any close up shots of the seashell print? i'm extremely curious

>> No.7998672

Its just like Dream Sky with shells. The JSK cut is the same too.

>> No.7998678
File: 270 KB, 800x1132, pop-1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Urgh so broke from antique key and celestial. Any chance this will last all year then go on sale like the birdcage one?

>Dat black dress jsk
>Dat gathered tier
>40k jpy

>> No.7998701

Apparently, photos from the fashion show are not allowed to be posted online but John posted one of the new prints.
AM shouldn't be messing up so much before the con.

>> No.7998709

Pastel sweet ain't dead!

>> No.7998779

holy mother of monkey chunk.... that prices... damn... ap is gettn too high, need to cook meth...

>> No.7998792

Photos are allowed as long as unreleased prints are blocked out.

>> No.7998797

What is up with this John dude. I have heard he's a prick, but no details. And from what I have heard about AM from people that attended the past years the people who at least run the fashion portion of the con are dicks to their guests. Any comments to confirm or disprove?

>> No.7998815

Don't know much about him, but he's called John Leigh and is the director of AM, or so he says on his twitter. He put up a photo of the unreleased prints at the party but he's taken it down now.
>sorry this isn't the dirt you wanted

>> No.7998821

I heard that he ran some arcade into the ground and alienated people and then moved on to the lolita community and people say he's doing the same thing to HLC

>> No.7998832

I know, but he didn't censor them.

"Damage" still done.
He should know better.

>> No.7998846

Nah, i'm not looking for dirt. I just don't want to support conventions that don't treat there guest very well or cause unnecessary drama.I have only heard things about AM and want to see if it's an across the board concessious or not.

>> No.7998862

Why not? Then those who think they missed out with APs short production run can feel satisfied with a similar piece.

>> No.7998873

>retail tag says Made in Japan
>tag sewn on dress says Made in China
wtf get your shit together, AP. It's not the first time this has happened.

>> No.7998875
File: 261 KB, 960x936, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

AP's Mary Romance Doll OP. Available in pink, black, and lavender, I think? I love non print dresses, so I'm going for lavender!

>> No.7998876

By OP, I definitely meant *LP

>> No.7998887

Is it gingham?? If it is i must have it

>> No.7998888

No it's not, sorry anon. Just bad photo quality and I upped the brightness.

>> No.7998999

$40 plus overseas shipping and with these new releases, I am guessing greedy won. I am sure they will be turning up with new dresses pretty quickly. I didn't join.

>> No.7999001

it's because you are quite a bit bigger than the stock photo/sample dress and with a centered motif, they did not use more fabric for the skirt, just gathered your skirt looser so it's making a weird shape. The lace is different and the color looks quite a bit different too. I'm leery of their stuff except for just a handful of pieces. I fear for the lucky packs, I really do.

>> No.7999005

Damn, that pricetag. What is it made out of?

>> No.7999008

To keep people complaining that they can't squeeze into them, maybe...if you are normal size or smaller than past AP, you will fit or have them taken in. The size range for one size stuff from AP doesn't vary terribly widely in similar cuts (no pun intended, it just kind of weaseled out)

>> No.7999010

He seems to pretend to know a lot about lolita but I'm thinking he really doesn't, just following the money train.

>> No.7999014


>> No.7999040

Did you order custom sizing?

I have it in the brown colourway Lady 85 and had no issues, looked pretty much like the stock pic (but purchased mine when Baroque Pipe Organ first came out). Now that I see the comparison I like the lowered print better. The gap between the print and the lace looks strange to me now that I compare it to the other one.

>> No.7999063


Dang, that's cuter than expected. Thanks for posting the pic, anon.

>> No.7999124

I think i'm the only one who likes the print a lot, except for the ugly socks.
>mfw i can't resist pastel vomit
>still better than the upcoming spring AP prints
>winter stuff was ok only for Sugar Dome and these gothic sweet prints like Milky Cross, the rest was fugly as hell
> finally AP is doing sweet gothic prints
>AP doing classic or brown shittery ain't good
I think i have the most unpopular opinions about AP now.
Another item in my wishlist that i would never have due to high demand and scalper prices.

>> No.7999131

How much can I expect to shell out for Sugar Dream Dome fur trim jsk in sax? Sorry if it's a stupid question, I just haven't had the time to lurk auctions lately and maybe someone here knows.

>> No.7999147

You must be new. Generally certain emoticons are acceptable on 4chan, these include :^) and ;_;. I can't believe I'm even responding to this or someone who used the phrase "preserving our board's culture" seriously. Newfags acting like /cgl/ is some super exclusive cool club is the real problem, not emoticons.
Congratulations, you successfully rustled my jimmies.

>> No.7999181

Depends on the level of seethrough, you could try flesh colored bra/camisole.

>> No.7999185

Oh yes it does. I have some blouses that fit me just fine and others I couldn't possibly ever wear. Same goes for skirts, some go up to an over 80cm waist, others not even up to 70. That's a huge difference.

>> No.7999189


You're not alone, I fucking love AP's pastel vomit and really don't like their classic-sweet stuff.
I like the print of the LP dress, but the cut is ugly

>> No.7999201

Newb here, why the two different yen prices?

>> No.7999208
File: 43 KB, 640x480, juliette.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What SS do you use for mbok?

>> No.7999215

Lower price is before sales tax (currently at 8%) and the other price has tax included.

>> No.7999225

I always just use Japonica. I've never lost an item with them.

>> No.7999245

I'm hoping that the big set has a different cut. I love the print too but that cut couldn't possible look good on anyone. I guess I'll wait until more photos are released before I decide.

>> No.7999246

I feel awkward asking this, but what's the difference between hime and classical OTT lolita?
I want to feel like a princess but... both seem to kinda suit what I want?

>> No.7999255

Do you mean OTT classic, or just OTT Sweet?

>> No.7999259

Ah, sorry, I worded it incorrectly. OTT classic. I'm not interested in wearing pink. Doesn't flatter my skintone or age (I'm 19 but I still feel I act too maturely to get away with sweet).

>> No.7999276

Hime is more associated with sweet. It's all about the big hair, rhinestones, tiaras, lace, etc, and is normally related to hime gyaru. OTT classic is usually more historic inspired and mature looking, and has usually has a jewel tone color palette compared to hime's pastels; it's more Juliette et Justine to hime's Angelic Pretty OTT lace monsters.

>> No.7999345
File: 26 KB, 345x437, yutrek6j54.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you guys think there's any way I could get away with wearing this dress without looking like a half-assed cosplay/ita?
Like just the dress coordinated like a regular lolita outfit, no character accessories, normal headbow, my natural hair, etc.
I just can't find a single photo of anyone other than Kera models wearing it for inspiration.

>> No.7999377

I've lost multiple with them

>> No.7999400

No, because even without anything the design is obviously from rozen maiden. You wont find people wearing it because it didnt do well as a series, no one wanted to buy a 300$ cosplay

>> No.7999406

You rustled mine by bringing up this dead fucking argument again. Let it go.

>> No.7999413

>no one wanted to buy a 300$ cosplay
Actually the first release of that collab sold out on reserve.

>> No.7999414

You won't be able to wear this with your natural hair. To bring it away, wear a sort of OTT gothic wig. Add a lace bow to the top section of crossing -- if you can, even remove that awful, tacky crossing. Fit a light 'underskirt' under where the black meets the petti and add more ruffles...

Basically, to fit out this cosplay you'll need skills or money. And money could be better spent on actual lolita.

>> No.7999443

guuuu kinda worried about the Queen's throne now.... the red looks so off from the stock photo too.

>> No.7999516

this is lovely, but I cannot order a dress as they cut off the bottom of the tassels on some of them and it just looks plain tacky. I love tassels annd the tights and headbow are cute but I can't justify them at all.

>> No.7999566

Act too maturely to get away with sweet? Can people act too immaturely to get away with classic? I don't get how maturity correlates to styles

>> No.7999570

Then your bid wasn't high enough.

>> No.7999590

So about IW's 15% off sale. None of the listed prices on any of their items are the 15% off price, and I'm wondering if I go ahead and put in my order today if I'll even be able to get that 15% off anyway because it can take a week for them to get back to me. Can anybody tell me what's up? I'm completely new to this, so sorry if sound stupid.

>> No.7999668

No, they didn't bid in time even though it was during their open hour time frame.

>> No.7999677

I love AP's pastel vomit shit but it looks too much like something bodyline would do. Also like you said, the cut is ugly.

>> No.7999681

Odd because like the other anon, I too never lost anything with them. I even won things just a few hours before the auction ends

>> No.7999689

I wish I could see it in person.

>> No.7999751

The print is giving me life but the actual cut of the dress is so frumpy it's killing me. I'm just stagnating in my own confused feels.

>> No.7999841

Baby hasn't put up actual stock pictures of all colorways for Esprit de la Belle Epoque A Paris.
Reservation is in 8 hours.
Does this happen often ?
Will they put up the pictures before reserve starts ?

>> No.7999890

I am also curious about this, anyone placed an order during this sale?
I would assume they would honor the sale based on the date the order was actually placed since they're used to getting backed up like this but I'm not sure.

>> No.7999891

Nope, they usually only have photos of a few sample pieces until the items are actually released. If you purchase a color other than what's pictured you have to use your imagination and hope it looks good.

>> No.7999943

I feel as though I do. I don't want to go walking around with candy plastered all over me and little carousel horses in shades of pink and lavender with fifty tiers of frills.

>> No.8000010

Um, there are plenty of sweet dresses out there that have none of those components. I'm a classic lolita as well, but I really don't understand this perception along some lolitas that sweet lolitas are automatically less mature in their conduct. It's a silly and immature assumption.

>> No.8000030

This. I wear both classic and sweet so I find it absurd with the notion that the style matches your personality

>> No.8000090
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>> No.8000094
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>> No.8000788

Well, I'm not buying if I can't see it, damn

>> No.8001066


>> No.8001172
File: 863 KB, 750x1509, ss.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some photos of the sets from AP.

>> No.8003166

I wanted to buy a JSK from Baby, Salon de thé Minette, but know all the dresses are gone from the site. They were not sold out, they're just gone. What happened? Is there any chance they're gonna put them up again?

>> No.8003174

>but know

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