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Ita thread.

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>those shoes

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requesting poorly done OTT

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didnt this girl go to AP sf dressed like that?

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yeah, in a replica supposedly too. how embarrassing

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I fell like she would be passable with a better cardigan and a petticoat.

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Worst possible blouse she could have worn with that.

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"Maid Lolita"

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ok I know none of you will agree with me but this girl has a cute smile. coord would look better with a petti and a different cardigan like >>7994403

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Those shoes.

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"petticoats hold utility belts up pretty well"

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Hey. Gotta look kawaii while you're fixing the plumbing.

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Even if the non-Lolita blouse was mostly covered, that skirt elastic/uneven hem, awkward socks, cheap but non-Lolita shoes...it will take more than a cardigan and petti to fix this. Entirely too many loliables do not add up to Lolita.

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I know. I didn't say it would fix it...it would just look a little bit better.

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ahh the simplicity pattern is back

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Love this girl, but I wish she had a better posture.

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Take away that cross, star on the forehead and terrible socks/leggings.... This feels on the verge of nitpick and ita.

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I don't think she's necessarily ita. the makeup and circle lenses make her look dead inside tho

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nah I agree, she ain't got something Lolita on but she's pretty cute and I think she could easily salvage/modify her coord. At least...some parts of it.

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Ugh, these guys.

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I'm not sure I've ever seen so much shirring in one place before...her wig looks limp and messy, style it and get the fringe shaped.

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Switch the tights, take red headbow out. Still not great but that would go a long ways.

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is this from the most recent meetup?

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Who are they, are they both brolitas? Good god, the ugly is upon them!

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Those gym socks...

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She needs an overhaul. And to learn how to pose.

Jesus christ no.

I don't know what the fuck this is, but it's not Lolita. And that wig looks like it need a good brushing.

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And of course, another example in which the doll is better dressed than the owner.

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>I decided to wear the corset I made for an Elsa cosplay.

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This coord is bad, her makeup is even worse. She looks like a Mennonite on heroin.

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Just came here to post this. Can we also mention that she wore this to church?

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she is cute as hell and always look amazing

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Uh, corsets are meant to define a waist, not make you look pregnant.

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Could the pattern work for lolita if the fabric is decent?

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What dress is this? I need it in my life

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kek. "Corset". If anything, it's a badly fitted bodice.

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If anything a corset would be completely against the concept of Elsa's gown. She's supposed to be freeing herself in a fashionable way, a constructing bodice goes against a that.

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it's a rhapsody wig so it doesn't need a "good brushing"...........
the problem is its fucking purple

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these bitches are f#cked up

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It's just a tumblresque photo. I'm sure if I saw this irl it would look like a frumpy troll with no eyebrows.

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LOL a couple girls told her it wasn't lolita and she got butt mad and deleted her post

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Honestly I really like this. It's nice to see something different imo.

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at first i thought this was vendetta-chan because you posted (what looks like) a whole comm.

then i looked at the pic. wowwwww.

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That fucking fanplusfriend dr who dress. At least people knew the doge dress was a joke.

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Oh shit...I know them.
All of them.

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p much the entirety of the tea party club calender

disappointed, i expected more from them

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Fuck, I love that cat fabric. Why is the dress so atrocious?
Damn, that stings.

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geez, loki's fangirls are the worst

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I know that pose is meant to show off your nails, or whatever, but I really hate the "hands on my belly like I'm pregnant" stance.

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I think that is another print, bru. It's the one with the unicorns and columns and shit. It is even worst, imho.

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why can't bitches remember their fucking accessories?? is it that hard? that's like half your coord dude
>this would still be pretty bad though
>or possibly worse

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I cannot get over looking at the girl's poor face in the photo. It appears like she's sporting a two chins.

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You might as well make the fucking thread a nitpick one. Post more attrocities, damneet'.

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This is more of a nitpick. It's a pretty tumblr-y outfit, but she still looks cute. The only thing that really bothers me is that he layered ankle socks give her cankles.

>> No.7995245

if...if the one in sax is a girl then are those her boobs trying to escape underneath her bodice?

>> No.7995251

the main fabric is cute if a little loud and the white lace underneath is cute, without the trim it could possibly be salvageable

>> No.7995269

I love how happy he is, it makes me smile. :D
She looks like she has a great figure, so whats with that shirred mess?
"I'm totally elegant in this pose hey guys! Right? RIGHT??" nope just nope.
I think this girl really has the potential to be super cute! But I don't get why people post incomplete co-ords and expect good reaction. It's like when youtubers are like "sorry I look like a mess" or "sorry I have a cold". Then don't fucking make a video and post it until you don't look like shit, or don't have a cold! It's not that fucking hard.

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>It's like when youtubers are like "sorry I look like a mess" or "sorry I have a cold". Then don't fucking make a video and post it until you don't look like shit

Holy shit, yes I have the biggest amount of respect for Youtubers that take off when they're sick. 90% of them are so money/fame hungry they don't understand the concept of sick days. Then they upload shitty content and expect everyone to dig it.

Sage for OT but a Youtuber I like got a lot of shit recently for taking off when he was sick for like a week and a half.

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Oh god.

At least some look like they're just newbies and are trying.
Please tell me that some are new to this.

>> No.7995394

All that jelly, she is cute and rad as hell.
>inb4 lol tumblr

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was about to say nitpick but
>that ponytail

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This is the "sexy loki" cosplayer, right? This is far improved from her other outfits...
nitpick. If you switched around some of her hair accessories this would be lovely.

>> No.7995520

i'm kawaii AND sexy at the same time uguu~

>> No.7995594

I think nitpick as well. Cute other than the atrocious hair styling and meh gloves.

>> No.7995600

Yeah, if that's her at least this is a HUGE improvement from some of her previous outfits.

>> No.7995606

Has she lost a little weight, though?

>> No.7995612

The coord isn't bad (if she had accessories)

But oh my god her fucking face. Her mouth is so tiny and her chin is so big.

And she looks like a female version of this fucking autist that I work with, so I'm a little biased.

>> No.7995671

Me too. Sweetest ladies ever. Terrible dressers, but so nice.

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Fix your face!

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Scotland and Exeter seem to be the only pleb tier comms, most of the others range from decent to pretty high tier.

>> No.7996052

Is she pregnant?

>> No.7996057

The Scottish girls are actually really well dressed. The well dressed ones only didn't join in because of who had already volunteered.

>> No.7996060

I mean most of the Scottish girls.

>> No.7996061

I used to kind of want this in mint, but now I realize how cheap looking it really is.

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only the one on the far right could be saved

>> No.7996147

Naw, most are nitpick at worst. The two girls in red, and the one with the veil thing are borderline ita, the rest are average to good.

>> No.7996192

>sorted by size


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>church hat

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>dem fat black titties

>> No.7996270

second from the left isn't bad either

>> No.7996284

I wonder if the third one from the left knows her gut is consuming the railing in front of her...

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i can't even

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Just happening in mentor lolita

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these tags tho
>#images#harajuku#sonic#sanic#sweet loli#sweet walolita#sweet waloli#waloli#pastel#fashion#luga wonshu#holiday matsuri#sonic the hedgehog

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What a hot mess. Is that handmade?

>> No.7996534

Is that a man or an Italian?

>> No.7996571

I hope it's a man, poor girl if it isn't.

>> No.7996575

That's a female human.

>> No.7996578

That's a man right? they sure are ugly...

>> No.7996586

How unfortunate..

>> No.7996595

Those arms...

>> No.7996603

>mfw I have the same amount of arm hair but thin hair and no eyebrows
is this what balding old people feel like

>> No.7996618

>tfw my arms are as hairy as this girl's

And that is why I don't wear a blonde wig.

>> No.7996626

I'd totally wear a church hat with a lolita outfit.

>> No.7996633

Lol Rhapsody wigs don't look too great with Lolita in general. I don't think I've ever seen one look decent in a coord.

>> No.7996637

>Rhapsody wigs don't look too great in general

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Why the fuck is everyone giving this girl asspats? Disgusting.

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why is her bag shiny?

>> No.7997028

Fuckin damn. She needs to wax dat shit.

>> No.7997033

What? apart from the Tourist market scarf this is a lovely outfit. She just has an ugly face

>> No.7997035

The girl on the back far left might be cute, she definitely has her wig game goin on. Hoping the outfit looks cuter underneath that weird aqua sweater.
Girl front far left is pretty freakin cute, imo, she's just standing awkwardly, maybe so as to not block out the girls in the back from the picture?
And is that sexy loki in the back? That bonnet is doing nothing for her face shape.

Also, captcha just called me a Dsock. Is that similar to a Dbag? lulz

>> No.7997037

I really really love that infanta dress though, I want it too...

>> No.7997039

Far left's build makes her look like PT.

>> No.7997044

I don't know, apart from the bag and tights I like it

>> No.7997065

I can understand some people not knowing the basics -- petticoats, proper accessories, striped socks... but some of these outfits are so atrocious I can't believe people even go out in them!

>> No.7997068


Man, I wished she'd ditch the tights already. She uses them a bit too often.
Other than the tights and the bag I quite like it. I quite like a lot of her co-ords but they aren't traditional Lolita if you know what I mean.
She's very OTT and clearly has her own style but certainly I wouldn't call it ita.

>> No.7997070


Damn, that comm look fucking awful.

Ghettolita lol.

>> No.7997086

INB4VENDETTA. "Disgusting" Sorry anon but I wouldn't call this ita or disgusting, it is quite cool, fits the theme and different but those tights have got to go!!! The girl has her own style and it works. She takes concrit very well and does NOT accept asspats so I have no idea wtf your going on about. You've clearly not read the comments because the few calling her perfect she responds to them by saying that she could do better and anyone who gives concrit she accepts it well and even asks counter questions. I fucking WISH half the people on COFs took concrit like this.

Someone mentioned that and she said she will look into different tights. I get that she has a thing but I say don't overuse it. The skeleton tights DO NOT work with everything and I hope she gets that and shows it in her next coord.

>> No.7997091

Why are you confused by a shiny bag? Half my bags are shiny.

>> No.7997127



plz be a racist somewhere else

>> No.7997177


>pls be tumblr sjw elsewhere

>> No.7997180


It's nice she's willing to take concrit like that, and that she's looking into different tights.
I know there used to be a bit of dramu around her but it really seems this girl cleaned up her act and got better at Lolita too. I quite like her.

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File: 133 KB, 500x333, 1407833698526.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>So not being racist means you're a tumblr SJW now?

Don't be a faggot anon

>> No.7997185

I kinda like this, like it's more of a nitpick than ita

>> No.7997186

I didn't even see that neemo, Jesus

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Could we just post actual itas?

>> No.7997197

Really you guys? It's not that big of a deal, just shave your arms or use some hair remover cream or wax. I have arms that hairy or worse naturally and it's almost black...and I just shave them every day.
You don't have to avoid blonde/light colored wigs and cover your arms for the rest of your life or whatever.

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had to include the tags

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>> No.7997203


Calling something ghetto doesn't make you racist, fuck off with your politically correct bullshit.
>rather be called a racist and a faggot than be some pc liberal bleeding heart stink hippie.

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i swear to god if we lose yet another thread to you fags arguing over whos racist and whos not

>> No.7997219


I don't have very hairy arms or anything, certainly nothing like this girl, but shaving or using hair removal cream gives me bumpy skin.
But that is not an excuse to not do anything about it, so I bleach the hairs to make them
less noticable on my super pale skin.
But this girl doesn't look like she seems to care much about personal grooming imo.

>> No.7997220
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>> No.7997222


My arms that is, which I failed to mention. Strangely enough my legs don't go all bumpy and sensitive like my arms do, so I shave them.

>> No.7997259

Is she a midget?

>> No.7997260

/pol/ really needs to stop infecting the other boards

>> No.7997291

she's crouching, and it never looks as cute as people think it will in lolita.

>> No.7997299
File: 169 KB, 1450x722, 1909227_1523269237931181_3610244313578076353_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the collar
the bag
the dress cut
her head looking massive from the back

>> No.7997302

Ack. Girl in the middle looks put together at least. I'm continuously put off attending any meets or anything because man, they all need help. It makes me feel awful because they're all great as people.

I can only vouch for 3 as the others I do not know well. Lady next to the bigger girl is newer to lolita, as is the woman in the center. Both do a lot of costuming and victorian events but are just getting the swing of the fashion.
Far right ought to do better since she does quite a lot of lolita events and sets up things yet always looks like a noob.

The rest,no clue and just yeesh.

>> No.7997315

Her neck looks thinner too. I think the back hair photo was resized.

>> No.7997317

Came here to post this. I mean, she's cute, she has potential, but this is a disaster. I really like her hairstyle/use of natural hair, and the color of the dress, but man... that pan collar. I hate when people put detachable collars over bare necks like that, so it creates a weird triangle of naked flesh between it and a blouse...
Also when someone criticised the collar and purse she replied, "That's my favorite part of the outfit!" Bitch, don't put "concrit okay" if you're not gonna listen to any of it.

>> No.7997324


Her hair looks cute, minus the pink thingie and she has a very cute face.
But everything else is just a big no-no.

>> No.7997347

I wonder if that's why she ask for concrit through PM so she can ignore you.

>> No.7997348
File: 26 KB, 450x331, stock-photo-closeup-portrait-of-young-man-disgust-on-his-face-pinches-his-nose-looks-at-you-something-stinks-169409153.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7997357

Bloodmyer is it's

This is basic

Wig needs combing then burning

She shoops so hard

Her personality is it's too, fake and a liar to the mental disorder degree

Has changed names and comms to escape her trail of cuckoo lied

>> No.7997358

She has just been booted from her last comm and changed names

Still bat shit

>> No.7997359

Where is she from? She kinda looks like someone I know but all these fat white girls look the same...

>> No.7997361

What comm is she from? What did she do?

>> No.7997364

*ita not it's

>> No.7997370

Various north east uk comms now in the shit Newcastle one

Chucked out from the other ones

Lies, lies, lies from being a bodybuilder to a plumber and severe disabilities that made her throw herself on the floor and walk with a crutch at meets

>> No.7997372

>severe disabilities that made her throw herself on the floor and walk with a crutch at meets
lol what more details plz

>> No.7997374

Legit jelly of them endless legs

>> No.7997388

I cannot remember as there was so much she would say to different people.

I know she said her illness was so bad she had to walk with a crutch that she turned up to a meet with, made it al kawaii too

Then another time she just fell to the floor

At the time all the lies came our she admitted it was all made up

>> No.7997492


Clearly a lot of samefagging going on here but sure I'll bite.
That shit was like two years ago and she has had help since then. Even I know she was kicked out of the comm to go sort her head out and she did SO why should this matter bringing up old drama and derailing the thread when it's old news? I can't help but feel you clearly know her and have a problem with her in the past but can't let it go. I am not calling vendetta on you but your past is your past and this shit was such a long time ago so why bring it up? The girl has clearly changed and I can stand to look at her coordinates now. She was fugly with a capital F now she has some style but could still use some tips and advise.
I say give her a year. She's come back to lolita so if she's still bat crazy this new comm will make it public knowledge right? I can happily agree to watch and see how it goes.
FYI this isn't a new comm, many of them know her past and gave her a second chance. If she returns to being bat shit crazy then we'll all know and she'll vanish again. End of.

>> No.7997519

Maria give it a rest.

>> No.7997522

At first I though she had no legs

>> No.7997539

This is not ita.... it is a nitpick.

>> No.7997546

Did you even bother to look at the picture or did you just select one at random? A few of those girls are ita as fuck.

>> No.7997547

this looks like porn, jesus christ

>> No.7997557

I wish the JSK was red, not pink, because I am digging the hair accessory, just not with this dress.

Like a plain white x red JSK would look great.

>> No.7997562

I think it's her face. She has like this 'white trash' inbred face that with everything else in the pic, makes her look like a sleezy porn slut.
>dat fucking collar too

>> No.7997565



>> No.7997573

I thought Scotland was supposed to be quite good. And Oxford's shit, isn't it? Plus the north, obviously.

>> No.7997583

I don't know about her drama but she's ugly as fuck and needs to gtfo with her edgy coords.

>> No.7997586

yep your tumblr is really showing

>> No.7997639

no it's not. her makeup looks her horrible, her headwear looks tacky and cheap, the bag and tights are ugly, the shoes look cheap, everything about it is tacky and cheap and ugly, including her. it looks like a bad homestuck cosplay.

>> No.7997643

She does make porn actually.

>> No.7997644

>that filename

>> No.7997647
File: 58 KB, 850x315, whaaaat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the surreal world of vodka sama
>vodka sama

>> No.7997653

That dress belongs in the trash. The girl is pretty cute tho, she just needs a wig with bangs to balance out the forehead

>> No.7997656

Oh fuck, left my shitty trip on. Sorry.

>> No.7997662

>endless legs
Where? It looks like she has average to short legs and an insanely long torso.

>> No.7997678

>I am not calling vendetta on you but your past is your past and this shit was such a long time ago so why bring it up?

It's not vendetta, pretty sure they where just answering my question? Calm your tits.

>> No.7997710

Is it just me or do the stripes looks really distorted?

>> No.7997721 [DELETED] 

> 2 year old drama.
> Claiming its not a vendetta.
> Clearly same fagging.
> No up to date drama. Everything is fine.
> He said/ She said.

Least you got your "answer" anon.

>> No.7997725
File: 73 KB, 800x800, resized_jesus-says-meme-generator-build-a-bridge-and-get-over-it-aab5bc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> 2 year old drama.
> Claiming its not a vendetta.
> Clearly same fagging.
> No up to date drama. Everything is fine.
> He said/ She said.

Least you got your "answer" anon.

>> No.7997747


Scotland is generally well dressed, the well dressed girls just didn't want to be a part of it. See >>7996057.

>> No.7997837
File: 129 KB, 719x1280, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

here we are ladies, hot off the presses

>> No.7997846

>ghettololi comm

looks perfect

>> No.7997850

Changed? Have you read her comments on the recent Rufflechat thread? Same old bloodmyer

>> No.7997872

I mean I don't blame them clearly it was an ita magnet because that group was awful.

>> No.7997873

She also has old man face like PT, creepy.

>> No.7998071

I hope she learns to dress herself soon, because she has one of the cutest chubby faces i have ever seen.

Fuck fawn makeup, but I kind of like what she did with the wig, I'd like to see it done on a natural colored wig in a mori-esque coord.

I like the hairstyle from the front, but the back looks messy and kind of confuses me. And...is that fabric...batik? It looks like it could be one of those hippie dresses you find in Peace Love Vomit stores.

What events does the far right girl do?

It's a white background with peppermint candies on it, I think. Just shows up as pink from far away. Fabric like this really shouldn't be used in lolita. When you have such tiny prints, it blurs together if you're not up close.

>> No.7998077

And nobody wants to be up close to her.

>> No.7998078


that wording is a little tame for somebody who shoehorns herself into every photo op she can get.

>> No.7998083
File: 93 KB, 960x478, 150174_1523269237931181_3610244313578076353_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7998088
File: 75 KB, 547x720, 10698491_10104037402035985_7562495562100381219_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7998090
File: 45 KB, 517x687, 10406412_10204653605674335_4475817534130328716_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

imo, not dressing for your body type is ita. And that ratty wig...

>> No.7998098

>that ratty wig
i'm surprised by the number of people who come on here and don't know what a rhapsody wig is / looks like

>> No.7998099
File: 55 KB, 313x720, 10845992_10152425679436431_6045325521186528641_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7998101

I wish she'd curled her pigtails though, her hair looks so blah.

>> No.7998106

I just don't think you know how ita works, idiot.
Try harder.

>> No.7998109


I know what a rhapsody wig is, and they're not supposed to look matted into a lump.

>> No.7998110

it's bait

>> No.7998111

I like how /cgl/ constantly whines about discrimination just like tumblr does, but these ita threads are always mostly black lolitas.

>> No.7998114


I just don't think you know how not to be too fat for lolita, fattychan.

>> No.7998116

I see nothing wrong with this, try harder

>> No.7998117

>mostly black lolitas
is this more bait or nah

>> No.7998119
File: 912 KB, 223x145, illberightout.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey it must be hard getting old and losing all your friends, got to get attention from somewhere when having a huge tantrum doesn't cut it anymore.

>> No.7998120

open mspaint and circle the lump for me because i don't see anything

>> No.7998128


I dunno, I wouldn't say it's ita (also looks like anon just went through COF and posted whatever she didn't like.) but she could definitely present herself better. I'd say she needs to stay FAAAAAR away from ankle socks, brush her wig and iron her dress to get herself started, but not ita. I do agree people should try to dress for their body type, but some people want to wear stuff that doesn't suit them and that's life. Tbh most Western lolitas don't suit it.

>> No.7998136

this is p cute ngl
the jacket isn't quite the right shape, but far from ita imo

>> No.7998149

I wonder which one in the comm you are.

>> No.7998155

Those boots are so out of place, though. And I feel like she thought they'd work because they match her wig which makes me cringe because that's not how hair works.

>> No.7998160

people keep double posting

>> No.7998171
File: 144 KB, 480x640, tumblr_nglzeegiqJ1qij1n6o1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7998254

I wouldn't say this one is ita she is kinda cute. Though the boots can go maybe a navy pair

>> No.7998256

Weeby but not a total eyesore. Could be worse.

>> No.7998302

Yeah. Standard weeb but not an affront to my immortal soul like some of this shit.

>> No.7998342
File: 28 KB, 417x600, 2149484p09.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7998343

I feel like I recognise the girl on the far right.

>> No.7998346

I honestly like this. Looks comfy.

>> No.7998347

Lol ill stop wearing what i like when i give a fuck.
~Love that fattychan <3

>> No.7998351

Why the fuck do people do this shit with their petticoats? It's possible to tuck them up, jesus.
Theres this chick in my comm who does that shit all the time, and always with some random offbrand dress. it's embarassing.

>> No.7998357
File: 146 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_15513880597271.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7998358

And ill just make this nice trip name for future ref.

>> No.7998360

Damn, girl seriously needs to do something with those eyebrows.

>> No.7998365

not the same anon as any that you were replying to, and i don't even think your coord was bad, but this is embarrassing, just stop.

>> No.7998388


Oh god, not even that anon, but did you honestly come into a thread to defend yourself on anon, then fucking blow your cover with a trip

>> No.7998397

Whats truely embarrassing is a bunch of girls hidong behind annon then trying to act like they are better than other girls.

But then again im only trolling because i dont know how anyone can take this site seriously to begin with.

Thank you though for not disliking my coord.

>> No.7998400

this is such a nitpick because an outdoor pic like its not formal and not all lolis can afford coats that go with all their coords so
0/10 try again

>> No.7998404

Nah the thing was.... i dont care.

Pretty sure what i said to begin with was an obvious give away that it was me in the pic. Not much of a cover to blow if you ask me.

Like i said i dont take this site seriously. I usually only come here when im liked to it and get a good laugh every so often.

>> No.7998408


If you don't care, then why are you here?

>> No.7998410


Honestly, a lot of the girls on /cgl/ would probably say the same shit to your face. I would.

>> No.7998413

Are you drunk?

>> No.7998418

Ad hominem. Anon is dishonest therefore anything said by anon is a lie. Anon is a coward so anything said by anon must not be true.

>> No.7998419

>Got linked to it
>its amusing

>> No.7998423

You should be more honest with yourself anon. you can't fool anyone if you can't even fool yourself.

>> No.7998433

I think it's just how the dress was constructed and poor print match-up. If you look carefully there's a seam and the side panels of the bodice are curved on the other side.

>> No.7998439

>hey this isn't that ba---
>dem shoes and leg warmers
So close, so close. That fur stole with the coat is really cute though.

>> No.7998470

She's pretty cute. I'm not a fan of the headgear, i think she could have sized it down a bit and possibly ditched the blazer or tailored it in at the waist, but otherwise, she obviously has a good grip on the fashion.

This is cute from the knees up. Trying to figure out which face is her real face.

>> No.7998472

Also, I'm very confused because captcha just asked me to select pictures of pasta...?

>> No.7998478

learn to trip

>> No.7998534

Oops. Thanks, I learned.

>> No.7998550

Good. Anyway, I think you're cute. Just iron your dress and get some tights.

>> No.7998564

She called me hun. She calls everybody hun. That doesn't make her ita but it does make me want to smack her in the face.

>> No.7998641

Thanks hun ahaha.
Ive had my fun for the night lol

>> No.7998646

Followed the posts back up out of curiousity, You're not a fatty chan. You're obese. That has to be a replica. and the biggest boobloaf ever.

>> No.7998654

Who cares what size she is? we judge coords not people, and this is cute.

>> No.7998657
File: 49 KB, 477x720, 10857817_10205753005084578_2374598335191602467_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7998662

Is this who I think it is? That farmer's tan holy shit.

>> No.7998664

Yep its voldie

>> No.7998666

If you are going to wear a square-necked JSK with no blouse and fuckly tan lines, at least learn to use spray tan. Or, well, sunscreen. And a blouse. And probably a bolero to cover the wrist lines.

>> No.7998668

Ahhh yes boobloaf. Yeah no.

Its just called having tits. As annoying as they are. But rhanks for the lovely complimet. Congrats your insults are so creative ;p

>> No.7998671

Lmao I even said when I posted that that it's not meant to be a coordinate

Yep and I know right? I only posted it because people on rufflechat were debating about bad tanlines.

>> No.7998675

Oh god you only apparead as a trip a few hours ago and you're already nerve gridding. Just go off trip like everyone. We have plenty of board regular who don't trip. Go back begging for fame on tumblr and leave us alone.

>> No.7998680

This is nitpick. Apart from the dark pink tights there's nothing wrong here.

>> No.7998681

If you'd only have tits you wouldn't be planet shaped. Time to look truth in the eye.

>> No.7998682

Try a minimiser bra or something, maybe a steel boned corset. It'll give you a few cms more fabric and fit better... plus, corsets are awesome for posture!

>> No.7998694

she did it

>> No.7998699

Is that voldie?

>> No.7998715

Well anon was silly to post this here but why would you wear a sleeveless dress alone like that with such bad tan lines holy moly. How do you even get wrist tan lines like that?

>> No.7998727

My friends and I were all going to wear cat themed dresses to graduation, and this was the least-casual of all my cat dresses. I wasn't going to bother with a blouse or petti or anything because it was just going under my robe. And I spent the summer working on a tree farm for 13 hours a day, 6 days a week! So it's literally a farmers tan.

>> No.7998794

I eventually would like to when i have the money to buy a good one. When you have a larger chest cheap ones will give you an odd uniboob cone shaped thing.
As where in the pic wish a normal bra isnt really boob loaf just what boobs tend to look like when covered with fabric.

Thanks for the advice ill invest eventually. ^-^;

>> No.7998800

Honestly, I'm in Australia and I bought a 36 inch ( I think?) corset for like $40, larger sizes weren't much more expensive. I gave it away though, since I lost some weight and i was having to lace it up entirely to get any sort of effect, resulting in like three feet of string, or I'd tell you the brand.

>> No.7998802

Its only amusing since eveyone is getting so worked up about it.
Acting more whiny than the average tumblr blog. Like chill.
If i was trying to be famous i would not be giving myself this sorta name. Mostly im just having fin irritating the whinier of you. But allas i think i will end it getting bored with it -.-

>> No.7998805

A friend of mine had a nice steel boned one she had for like 100usd
If i get one i do want like steel boning that wont bend easy. I need a new job and save up for other things but will probably do some searching for a good one sometime.

>> No.7998816

>too fat for boots
I kind of like the outfit, though, but the headdress is too big for something so casual otherwise.

>> No.7998820

>we judge coords not people
What /cgl/ are you from? We judge people too if they're disgusting.

>> No.7998851

The comms in the calendar all seem to be Southern comms mostly this year.

>> No.7998861

Worked out where I got it from. The most obvious website name in the world.
They've gone up a bit in price, but I'm sure they have an America mother company. If they're selling corsets in Australia for $80 (and they don't bend easily, trust me) then they'll be cheaper in America since the AUD is lower and it's probably... idk american. Everything in America is cheaper, except for rent. And healthcare.

>> No.7998866

This has got nothing to do with concrit...

>> No.7998869

Is that a petticoat under a mini skirt? Sweet Jesus. That top. Just everything.

>> No.7998880

I actually think this is really cute, but it's far from lolita. More like kawaii fashion or something like that. I don't think a single aspect, apart from the shoes, is even qualified as lolita.

>> No.7998885

that tube top is not cute it belongs in the trash

>> No.7998891

Oh my god just go fucking kill yourself. You're like the new sieg.

>> No.7998892

I doubt she'll trip for much longer, she just wanted to come in here and defend herself. I don't really see a problem with that; most of you bitches would do the same if you were put into an ita thread.

Her outfit was nitpick at best for someone of her size. Fat does not equal ita. It may take away some of the delicate aesthetics of lolita, and people may not like it, but the exact same outfit on a smaller girl would be called nitpick, not ita.

>> No.7998894

Sageing because I forgot to add this to my last post, but you really should calm down. It's fair enough to come in and say 'Hey, I think I look fab' but saying things like 'I want to piss you off' is obnoxious.

>> No.7998896

A lot of people probably would; personally if I was posted I'd probably kek and ask for concrit.

>> No.7998898

I'd ask for concrit too, and as I said, this person could have handled it better but you can't blame her for coming in, not being like 'HEY IM NOT FAT' and just being like 'w/e man'.

Sill, probably a step too far from her, but hey. I was the anon giving advice on corsets too.

I don't think ankle socks look good on anyone who isn't tiiiny in the legs. Even when I was at school and doing sports, the girls with muscly legs looked weirdly short and cutoff with them on.

>> No.7998899

The "hurr durr doin' it because it's so funny" didn't help at all; just comes off as really tryhard. Fuck yeah man corsets in lolita is excellent, just gives it such a better shape.

>tfw want to wear cute ankle socks but bigger in the legs, doesn't shave because really bad irritation when I do and a huge tattoo on calf that would look awful with lolita

>> No.7998901

>graduated from the school of idiocy
Why do people think it's fun to post embarrassing and unflattering pictures of themselves on social media? Might as well finish it off with a duckface and a peace sign.

>> No.7998904

I was going to suggest waxing (I don't shave either) until you said you had a tattoo. Have you tried an epilator?

Yeah, and I said in my sage'd post that it's not a good look, especially when people see your face and can reverse search you to find your blog. But eh, maybe it's her first time and she doesn't realise the environment she's crashing in to?

>> No.7998905

It could always be the 'eyes so wide you can see the outside of my circle lenses' + 'o' shaped mouth taken from the sharp upper angle.
That's like the lolita duckface imo.

>> No.7998906

the northern comm photoss were pretty much split to me 2 were great the other 2 not so much.

>> No.7998908

Most likely tbh.

I do wax when I go out and wear skirts/have time, and I have tried to epilate, just can't really get the hang of it. I wear jeans for work and don't really go out recently so there hasn't been a reason. Plus lolwinter

>> No.7998913

I have very dark hair, so when I shave it cuts off flat and looks absolutely gross. I've been waxing for two years and there's at least a 50% reduction on my hair.

I'd be careful around your tattoo... Maybe ask your aesthetician to wax around the tat and epilate over it? I'm too chicken to epilate big areas, but you don't want your tattoo's colour to fade if you /do/ decide to wear ankle socks in summer.

>> No.7998916

not really I've been posted in ita threads a few times, I just noted any concrit which was linked to my coord and sucked it up. drawing attention to yourself with a trip is a dumb thing to do

>> No.7998923
File: 103 KB, 496x700, 1388816979366.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7998925

Yeah, but if this girl was totally new to CGL, as in someone just linked her and before she was like '4chan is scum' then tripping (because she didn't know how to do it at first, I was also the person that copied her name) would seem... logical? In a way. But her attitude after was obnoxious. I tried to give advice, but eh.

Sage because this is just getting OT. I'm sorry you were posted in an ita thread! I'm so scared of it, tbh, because I'm still big despite my weight loss. I want to be an inspiration to larger girls, but I also want to keep losing weight. Being posted in an ita thread just because of my weight is my biggest fear.

And anyway. Her attitude was more disappointing than her coord.

>> No.7998935

Yeah that's why I don't shave over the tat either, because I know my skin will itch like fucking crazy. I usually wax at home if I do, and just avoid the main tat area. Thanks for the advice though, anon!

>> No.7998936

Waxing at home isn't something I'd recommend (I'm certified) but there isn't too much that can go wrong if you don't share your wax. Just be aware of trauma and bruises you can cause by not pulling at the right angle.

Sorry your tat itches :c Epi may be the best bet for you! I've always wanted a thigh tattoo but i'm too scared of epilators xD

>sage again

>> No.7998940

Thanks anon, i'll give it a try! Just follow your dreams, apparently you just get used to epilators! ;)

>polite sage

>> No.7998994

If you keep an eye each day on their special sale page where they have corset of the day you can pick up a steel boned one pretty cheap. Also, pretty sure I saw the same ones on Ali Express for under $20.

>> No.7999003

I wouldn't get a fucking trip and go on and on about how little I care. That's just embarrassing.

>> No.7999022

It was immature but I admire her for the guts to say what she wanted and go off anon. I've only ever watched people say things about me without posting anything in response. But you know I definitely wanted to respond. I don't blame her.

>> No.7999023


I think she's working hard on everything.
She has changed a lot, not only did she get loads better at Lolita, she also seems drama free now.
I think she's quite nice, takes concrit very well, the few times I've spoken with her on facebook she seemed very sweet in a genuine way. I wished people would stop looking into the past and give her another chance.
But i guess haters gonna hate.

>> No.7999069

For 40$ that wasnt really a corset.
No. Just no.

If you want a real corset that will do you any good, you need to be willing to spend money and research. corset story (corset au is just another site for them) is the milanoo of corsets. It isnt scam worthy yet, but they are the shittiest things you can buy, they steal designs from people all the time, and you get a tube in the end.

>> No.7999080

The corset I got was perfectly boned o m o not at all a tube! I don't know what you've heard, but maybe you've heard things about their fashion corsets? I probably paid closer to $60 for it now that I look at their site, but it was definitely steel boned and definitely worked. Only problem was because it was a large size and I had fairly smaller boobs for the size I got, it didn't quite fit, but it sure as hell shrank my waist and made me stand a lot better.

Plus, I didn't buy any sort of designed corset, I bought it for under clothing. It was just black. The lacing at the back was really shitty (as I said there was like 2-3 feet of shoelace like string hanging after i'd tied it closed)

This was in... 2011-12? So things may have changed, though.

>> No.7999102

No im talking about all of their stuff. I have never seen anyone in a corset from them that looked good, and while it would give you support because of the boning, the shape it will give you is horrible. No matter what line you get it from. There is no such thing as a super cheap and good corset. Even the 'cheap' ones like timeless trends (thats around 100) are a bit meh compared to things you can get at a higher range. You wasted 60$.

>> No.7999116

I'm american idk why you would expect me to know about your two year old UK drama? Its not vandetta, I was just curious and you're clearly the girl in question. Calm your tits, people wont just forget and people bring up old drama here all the time.

>> No.7999178

Dude, the thing is, it just looks horrible. You're not a fatty chan. Voldie is a fatty chan. Fatty chan doesn't mean fat lolita. It means being chubbier than the people the fashion was intended for, which is really tiny asian women. You are fat even for normalfag standards. Good Lord, lose some weight. And I'm not trying to be mean, I'm trying to help.

>> No.7999188

>tfw I sold it for $110 to local weebs

>> No.7999199

saging because what is a 'good' corset shape? It gave me a good hourglass figure when I laced it right (or what I thought was right).

>> No.7999212

Which did you like and dislike?

>> No.7999220

Chances are that the shape you got was more from yourself than the garment itself. What shape a corset gives you depends a lot on the way it is constructed, so I cant give specifics without going into a big thing about styles, nor can I show you the issues of yours without seeing it. Corset story, corset uk, corset au are all the same brand just different sites for continents, so you can look up reviews for any of those to see issues they are having. 9/10 if you see a shitty corset in a cosplay it is from this site because it is cheap, and it shows.

If you are interested in corsetry, I suggest lucy corsetry, she has a lot of reviews about different corsets, as well as has a lot of information on her website.

>> No.7999240

You literally could have posted a picture of an ideal corseted figure. I just used mine to shrink my waist a few inches without that awful pudge sinking out the sides and over the top of my tits

>> No.7999249

The amount of samefagging here is funny.

>> No.7999291


>> No.7999325

There isnt one ideal figure. You literally can look up information that would suit your needs better than I can since I dont know what you look like and need.

>> No.7999329
File: 153 KB, 960x720, eugh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7999331
File: 138 KB, 375x500, euuuugh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7999361

Yeah i was gonna save for a good one for sure

>> No.7999365
File: 99 KB, 640x960, lul.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7999387
File: 72 KB, 360x640, http%3A%2F%2F40.media.tumblr.com%2F38ce531036cbdead3390d2b83d92a3c7%2Ftumblr_ngq2nvS9dr1u0zd4to1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>my favorite coord

>> No.7999417

>All this samefagging
Cgl please

>> No.7999427

Those tits just want to fly away from their host

>> No.7999527

>that piss-poor use of literally
language is evolving in all the wrong ways.

>> No.7999594

that's in brazil right? looks like São Paulo but I've never seen these girls

>> No.7999918

It's like she's trying to hide them with her bangs to avoid plucking them. Not gonna lie, I've done that for about a month in the past.

>> No.7999949


Left to right:
But why red? You're cute, but stop that shit and learn to coord. Also, get a real blouse. That looks like a cutsew.
Not even lolita. Leave.
Decent. Needs a petti and that collar is atrocious, but otherwise aight. 3/5
Failed fairy kei faggot. Discover taobao, newfag.
Striped socks? Kill yourself.
Actually pretty good. Cute girl, cute coord. 4.5/5
You look like you get it, but you're new, so I forgive. Decent. Burn those shoes tho.

>> No.8000104
File: 164 KB, 800x828, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Christ in heaven

>> No.8000416
File: 201 KB, 640x960, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.8000472

Oh god those are the trendy cat tights but you can't tell because they're too stretched out. Holy hell I have those for normalfag outfits and it has to be painful to wear them if you're that big. I didn't think they could stretch that much!

>> No.8000789

I don't think I know any of this girls. And I know most of the lolitas from São Paulo.

>> No.8000990


Am I the only who noticed that that's not a skirt? Or at least, it's not supposed to be? Fuck.

>> No.8001012
File: 193 KB, 656x1014, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The art of ita'fying burando.

>> No.8001178

This saddens me so much. Change the wig (ideally not a white wig), add a petti, take a photo from a less unflattering angle, and you'd be on to something.

>> No.8001868
File: 16 KB, 83x81, Screenshot 2014-12-18 at 6.42.14 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8002012

Aren't these the guys that used to be part of the LA community? I heard they moved to Oregon.

>> No.8002030

Why does she look constipated in every single photo I've seen of her?

>> No.8002040

They look like drag queen rejects in frilly dresses.

>> No.8002158 [DELETED] 
File: 207 KB, 500x500, que.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Save me from being ita and tell me not to buy this.

>> No.8002438

sweet tits somebody actually used that pattern

>> No.8002482
File: 308 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_ngebjhSaYu1tdixvco3_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Could be a nitpick but
>Pretty sure no petti
>Shooped nose
>Those fucking devil horns in front of the bow

>> No.8002486

>that tumblr filename
was it tagged as lolita?
because it does look really ita but tumblr kids have all their special snowflake fashions

>> No.8002488

Good, when you trip I can hide all your replies and not listen to you anymore. Please trip always.

>> No.8002500

Yeah, lots of other tag spam but lolita was in there too

>> No.8002935

New thread >>8002933

>> No.8003937

Tragic case of chronic ita with this one. You would think that after what, a year? that she'd at least improved a little bit but nope.

>> No.8004326

I honestly don't see anything wrong with her coord
She's really lovely and is super kind

>> No.8004327

I think the only thing wrong with this is the legwarmers and the shoes, everything else is absolutely adorable!

>> No.8004370

It's the small mouth with pursed lips.

>> No.8004372

Me too anon...

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