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hello i dont usually post on this board but there are some okay cosplays posted here occasionally

what are the gender %'s of /cgl/? i suspect it along with /fa/ and /ck/ have the highest female population on 4chan

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/fa/ and /ck/ have actually pretty low female posters, especially /fa/.

/cgl/ is probably 70/80% female, /ck/ is probably bout 30% female and /fa/ 5%

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I don't know anymore, they say were mostly female but whenever there's /cgl/ meet ups only 2 girls show up, 3 if you're lucky.

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im female. but keep in mind we are also the lolita board which is probably a 99% female popoulated fashion

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Right cause all women love clothes and cooking
I don't know what boards have the highest female population other than /cgl/ but I'm pretty sure the yaoi boards and some other porn boards are up there. Also /soc/

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>/fa/ and /ck/ having any females
Really? If you spend any time there whatsoever you'll see they're almost entirely male, and try so very hard to assert their manliness despite the board topic. It's almost sad

You're probably right on the money with us though, mostly women (since the boys don't look too good in frills).
I'm sure there's more of us on other boards who just don't let on our genders, since it's not relevant and just causes drama half the time (I used to frequent /pol/, but reckon I'd have been burned at the stake had I ever mentioned it)

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im not being sexist, it was a statistic i read on /ck/
i suppose you think all men like /sp/ /v/ and /o/ or something

but why do you have fap threads then, are they just populated by the males of /cgl/ or are half of you lesbians or some shit

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That's because the meetups are usually shit, we know only the guys show up and thus don't bother coming. I know I don't.

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They're for the guys, both ones just stopping in (guys get confused to see this board is actually about sewing and shit and not just women in skimpy outfits) and regulars and there are also more than a few lesbians here. Girls also sometimes take over those thread and post dudes instead.

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girls can appreciate other sexy ladies without pulling the 'no homo' card. Fap is fun for everyone

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I've tried to go to one or two, but in the end I chicken out.

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>males or lesbians
Try both of the above.

Certain people/demographics tend to stick to certain threads though I find? Like you're not gonna find the men in the middle of the lolita sales/dream dress threads most of the time, but the fap and larp threads tend to draw them more

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>there is fap threads for girls too
On the same note, I wish the fap threads had hot cosplayers with equally epic costumes.

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Probably because girls know that all the guys will show up and all of the guys go to see QT lolita/cosplay girls and therefore we don't show up because nobody wants to talk to fedora neckbeards.

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its probably apparent that im male
i saw the threads about 'brolitas'
i actually enjoy reading some of the threads here even though theyre feminine maybe im just trap material

i always have trouble seeing women as having a more lustful side maybe im just sheltered

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Humans regarding their gender are not pure to begin with, stop pretending that the porn boards aren't dominated by either one or aren't perverted.

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Who would want to meet up with dudes from 4chan anyways?

But yeah, you answer OP I would say /cgl/, /y/ and probably /cm/ have the highest population of female users. The last two because of content, /cgl/ because of the egl half is pretty much all girls, and about half of the cosplay side.

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The brolita threads are mostly about us gossiping about them and posting the very few good/decent ones. There are crossplay thread that mostly have guys, but the cosplay half is fairly divided evenly.

But yeah you're quite jaded, if you think girls don't have a sexual side.

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We have a thread with masturbating lolitas right now, lol.

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>meeting random dudes from 4chan
>telling your comm you go on meanie bitchie /cgl/ where there is always an ita/nitpick thread and dramu

I'm honestly more curious about why the 2-3 girls even show up.

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have you looked at /fa/ or /ck/ for even two minutes? I think there are like 3 girls on /fa/, at most

I think /cgl/ has the highest proportion of female posters based on census threads we've had, but I'm pretty sure /adv/, /soc/, /an/, /cm/, and /a/ have quite a few ladies as well

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>highest female population
I really hate this mindset. It's why a lot of guys come here and frankly they're all shit. They come here because "it's a chance to meet girls who are nerdy and desperate!"

>/fit/ here, *some bullshit opinion*
>be in girl thread talking some girl stuff
>"as a man..."

I seriously believe that 50% of the board is men and maybe 20% men pretending to be women.

Also, I'm pretty sure /d/ and /adv/ have the highest female population.

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/d/ has a female population but no way it's one of the highest lol

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Male here, I'm pretty sure this is a female dominated board though. I just come here for tips on sewing and materials, not to look at skimpy outfits which is only a tiny amount of the threads so I guess that's why not that many guys come here.

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it's not

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Well to be fair, attetnionwhores do almost the same thing any place they sense a large community of desperate males.

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Problem is, females on here aren't desperate. 4chan's draw is the drama and the anonymity, not because they're lonely.

So that behaviour on this board basically reinforces that 4chan males are loser idiots for trying it.

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I said "almost" the same thing. My point is how they both go places they believe are full of desperate members of the opposite sex, and needlessly bring up their gender in their posts when it's not asked for. Their goals are usually just different.

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So long as the males realise they're basically digging themselves even deeper into the loser hole.

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sieg, we're still waiting for you to kill yourself

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I am so scared of nice dudes hiding a madonna whore complex

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I wish that all males who browse /cgl/ would kill themselves.

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Same. Especially since I'm actually a virgin, I'm scared they just want me to be their pure waifu or something.

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Yeah, we definitely have a problem with that on...well, I don't know which boards, but it's definitely a problem!

The girls there are mainly in it to attract people to their webcam channels. So in a way, you're right.

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They just need to stop announcing their gender at every opportunity. It doesn't add anything to the conversation and makes people uncomfortable.

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>As a male, I think...
>Guy here,...

Just fucking kill yourself you useless piece of trash.

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As a man I am deeply offended by these statements.

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CGL is probably 90% female


are the boards that have a higher female population than most,

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/ck/ is full of male amerifats who don't know the difference between macaroons and macarons and think smearing stuff in homemade BBQ sauce is cuisine.
And /fa/ggots won their name for a reason.
Neither of them are female board, try /y/ instead.

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>/jp/ again

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What about /u/? Am I only girl there?

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There are actually a lot of girls on /ck/, you can tell. The atmosphere's been pretty hostile towards them, lately, though.

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That's because /ck/ is shitpost central.

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I /u/ too!

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It depends on if you're lumping in the neckbeards who travel here from other boards to either get their rocks off with yet another "all cosplayers are whores" or "give me fap material" thread. I don't consider these people members of /cgl/, and when you take them out of the equation the female population shoots up way above 50%.

It's sad though; there's so many of those threads now, it's really shifted the culture here from craftsmanship and drama to lol lol skanky tits lol lol. Really wish everyone here would stop taking the bait.

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we don't care, faggot. just leave.

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>it's really shifted the culture here from craftsmanship and drama to lol lol skanky tits lol lol. Really wish everyone here would stop taking the bait.

like those cosplayer drama threads that come up all the fucking time... I end up just hiding those threads because it's the same rehashed fucking thing over and over again. don't you faggots get sick of that shit?

"omg look at her lack of butt lele xD"
"her titties are TOTALLY fake"

it's the worst lol

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Read again. Drama used to be about bitches being backstabbing bitches. Today any drama is about fake tits and who can give the neckbeards the most fap material. Cosplayers haven't suddenly become drama-free golden angels; it's just stopped being posted here in favor of fap contests.

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you can't make me lol

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It's not like I was disagreeing with you... that's why I said
>don't you faggots get sick of that shit?

As in don't you neckbeards get tired of posting the same rehashed shit over and over again?

Like every cosplayer drama thread that pic with Yaya's flat butt gets posted every time, as if no one has fucking seen it.

It's almost like no new drama is happening, they're just finding shit that already happened just for the sake of wasting their time talking about it.

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Can't have everything I suppose lol

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Sorry, misread your reply then.

Yeah it gets old and just reaffirms the stereotype that all cosplayers are sluts. Meanwhile any threads that don't involve the "professional" cosplayers get baleeted for being off topic.

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This. They're just attention whore beta fags ruining this community.

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I'd say there is a high female ratio just because of the way anons address each other. In a lot of threads I see people use "her" and "she" when talking about other posters. Many posters mostly assume other posters are female when gender is not specified. (I know I do.)

Compare this to other boards where you are automatically assumed male if your gender is not specified. So regardless of the ACTUAL ratio I would say that it is a female board culture.

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I've been mistaken for a male whiteknight many times when sticking up for hoes.
I need to stop whiteknighting hoes.
But mah feels.
I don't want to bang them.
I want to be them.
But then, what's the point in being a cosplay idol desu?

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Don't you need to actually get attention to be an attention whore

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/y/ has the highest female population of 4chan, then /cgl/.

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/y/ has a pretty big male population though.
/cm/ probably has the highest amount of females.

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/cgl/ is proof that girls aren't the only ones who get all special snowflake when they're the minority gender in a hobby.

>> No.7984929

I feel like /a/ seems to have lots of girls, but they tend to keep gender out of the discussion

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Yeah, I forgot /cm/ exists, they're probably 99% female, where /y/ is like 85-90% female.

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If it has a penis, kill it, and live eternally forever in bliss.

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/ck/ has a pretty low female population seeing as they're mostly butthurt neckbeards with an inferiority complex making fun of their girlfriends (lel) and mothers and perpetually whining about how "gurls r stoopid n dey cant cook xD wimmin nowadays amirite xD"

/fa/ is that, just with fashion and little rich daddy's boys.

Compared to /cgl/ and places like /cm/, the female population there is really low.

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But I love my dog.

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/a/ can be pretty impressively retarded if they know you're female, no matter how relevant it is to discussion.
>someone posts thread asking what character you're gay for
>someone posts female character
>another anon comes in flailing about how no one cares about her fake lesbian shit and she needs to go back to tumblr

Obviously, a bunch of people told him to shut the fuck up and called him a faggot, but still.

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b-but I thought they were all little girls

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Wanna make a wish?

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I wish for all Kyubeys in the universe to spontaneously die.

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Not very original but..

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Fuck you Kyubey

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If this wasn't a blue board..

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I'd like to see you try

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>screencaps, image macros and general posts calling my gender incompetent
>afraid to even say my gender for fear of being insulted or called an attention whore

Well this was certainly a fascinating experience from the other side of what I usually see.
But now when do I get to experience the reverse beta orbiters and whiteknights?

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be attractive and selfpost and maybe then you might

>> No.7985219

>But now when do I get to experience the reverse beta orbiters and whiteknights?

Won't happen unless you're exceptionally hot.

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But girls don't have to do all that. They get it just for saying they're a girl.

Oh well I guess

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i said i was a girl in adv and nobody whiteknighted me lmao

maybe u dont have to be super hot but i think u do have to selfpost to verify they arent whiteknighting for someone with a fake vag

>> No.7985249

Eh, I was thinking more of how it goes on other boards.

>> No.7985250

If you're below average and you selfpost, people mock and bully you, being a girl won't save you. But grass is always greener I guess, keep believing that all girls are inherently pretty just because you ignore the ugly ones.

>> No.7985264

Yes, exactly. That's what's known as "privilege".

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I miss Blue, sometimes. He was good male poster

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>anon almost learns a lesson but then posts his trash opinions anyway

>> No.7985330

>anon tries to make a joke but self-righteous womynz get mad anyways

>> No.7985331

You say that, but honestly, /cgl/ has significantly dropped in "taking the bait" shitposts that destroy good threads. I know some people don't like the mod, but I stopped coming here a year or two ago because every other fucking thread was

>Why is this the meanest and most horrible on 4chan and why is it because you're mainly women?
>obvious underagebanned shit
>Soooo....sugardaddy thread, sluts?
>[racism bait intensifies]
>On a scale of 1 to 10, how much inferior are females to men?
>invaders fgeneralizing us and fighting sjws that aren't actually here

Just on and on, and /cgl/ would fall for it every. fucking. time.

Things aren't perfect, but they're way better than before. I don't like the daily fap and feels thread, but as far as bait goes, we're doing really well.

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key word "tries"
it wasn't funny

>> No.7985336

Maybe you just have a shitty sense of humor

>> No.7985344

>typical male
>blames his own shortcomings on everyone else because it is never his fault
Pretty sure it's you :^)

>> No.7985349

>The minority is not allowed to have an opinion

Check your privilege!

>> No.7985353

This. Cgl used to be basically unreadable

>> No.7985354

And I'm pretty sure you're just a bitter legbeard misandrist

>> No.7985523

>bitter legbeard misandrist
just kek

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There are some men, but lolita being an alternative fashion, you get more lesbians.

>> No.7985845

Here are my observations:
/cgl/ is really like two boards in one, and tbh the gender makeup is really split between the two. One half of the board is lolitas, which is definitely a good 90-95% female. The cosplay side of the board is much more of an even split between men and women. So assuming that there is an equal ratio of cosplayers to lolitas (not accounting for those who do both, this isn't really sound statistics, just guesstimating) we then come into a little below 75% female.
Fap threads and the like are almost always made by men who only come to this board to fap.
And then there is a good significant population of men who come to this board to shitpost as stereotypical caricatures of feminazis and sjw, and those are my absolute least favorite people on the board.
Almost all threads that should have gone in the help thread are started by men.
>tl;dr this board is a majority female, however not as overwhelmingly as some claim and a lot of the cosplayers and shitposters are men

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>Fap threads and the like are almost always made by men who only come to this board to fap.

>> No.7985984

>fapping to this board
lol how desperate (and also ignorant of the plethora of other things available to you on the internet) do you have to be

>> No.7985991

I'm female and lurk /ck/, /fit/ and occasionally a couple of other boards. I mostly lurk here too, but will occasionally post, usually about things people seem genuinely curious about, not the wank threads.

>> No.7986034

So what other boards do you all go to seagulls?

>> No.7986037

Mostly /biz/, /ck/ and /diy/ nowadays. Used to go on /fit/ a lot. I go on /r9k/ when I want to feel better about myself and /gif/ when I need new sexy times material.

>> No.7986038


That's why most girls on cgl think the fap thread is male shitposting, and simply hide it.

>> No.7986042

I only post on /cgl/. However, I lurk /pol/, /s/, /a/,/lgbt/, /ca/. All for very different reasons.

>> No.7986044

I mean /c/. Ugh

>> No.7986053

Mainly just /cgl/ and the buyfag threads over at /a/. Occasionally I do visit /cm/, /jp/, /vp/ and /d/ though.

>> No.7986076

mainly /lgbt/ and /u/. I'll also lurk on /co/ /mu/ /fit/ /a/ and /x/

>> No.7986086

/ck/, /a/, /u/, sometimes /adv/ when I'm bored, I used to go on /fa/ even though they have no female threads that live, but now it's just cancer. There's no point in going unless you want to collect photos of models.

They rarely even talk about fashion now, and no one there models or is in the industry So you can't even discuss about that.

It's all:
>post ur model-fu
>hair advice thread "you look ugly m8"
>fit threads that are either "LONDON" or "your fit is shit
>photo dump of the latest bandwagon style
>photo dump of tattoos
>cop threads
there's no actual discussion

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It's just like /cgl/!

>> No.7986113

maybe on the cosplay side, but the lolita's always talk about new releases, trends new/hated/liked etc, so no not like /cgl/

>> No.7986121

waht the fuck are you talking about
/fa/ has plenty of discussion its just very diluted with shitposting most of which is hilarious

>> No.7986138

>mfw I'm in the majority groups for everything except for introvert/extrovert and sexuality

>> No.7986144

ha! i hadn't even considered the
>telling your comm you go on meanie bitchie /cgl/ where there is always an ita/nitpick thread and dramu
aspect of a /cgl meet up

>> No.7986172

It's why i won't go. I'm not active in a comm but I sell at AAs so yeah

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>"mfw" with no face
>single and extroverted

>> No.7986217


The last two post-meetup threads some other lolitas already explained they're not going to show up to cgl meets because of that. I don't know why this comes as a surprise to anyone when the comm bitching threads are full of girls who don't want to say what comm they're from in case they get outed.

>> No.7986240

/a/, /u/, /y/, /tg/, /wsg/

>> No.7986243

/x/ and /d/ seem to have the most females after us. Though /x/ may have changed when /pol/ decided to crossboard

>> No.7986264

/a/ and /d/

>> No.7986267

It's interesting to see other people here like /d/. I just wish there wasn't so much futa, I find it boring.

>> No.7986268

What manner of /d/ stuff would you prefer

>> No.7986270

>I just wish there wasn't so much futa, I find it boring.
Saaaaaame, oh god. And they invade every fetish, too. There's no escape.

>> No.7986274
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Sooooo much more

>> No.7986275

/a/ and /vg/, somtimes /vp/.

>> No.7986278

Anything but futa

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>> No.7986286

Fucking this, I even like futa most of the time, but there's nothing "alternative" about endless "futa but they have this small specific trait" threads.

I wish /y/ was more open to /d/-tier shit or /d/ was open to more gay shit. Sometimes I want the gays and the weird fetishes.

>> No.7986290
File: 62 KB, 670x720, 1411141473982.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7986521

/a/ /d/ and /x/

>> No.7986529
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/co/, /v/, /vr/

>> No.7986534
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/co/, /d/, /tg/

Sometimes /ck/, but only for pictures

>> No.7986535

/n/, /int/ and occasionally /p/ee (but don't stick around because people there are pretentious eejits so far up their own arses they see the light on the other side)

>> No.7986543

/an/, /adv/, occasionally /fit/ and /co/.

>> No.7986750

I mainly only visit /cgl/, although sometimes I'll go on /vg/ and /fit/

>> No.7987058

I visit cgl, vp, toy and vp regularly.

>> No.7987153

I just really get sick of the gender war bullshit.

But I suppose some side has to win.

I hope it's mine.

>> No.7987158

>nothing "alternative" about endless "futa but they have this small specific trait" threads.

This is how I feel about all my friends who say that they are into "kinky" things.

You mean you're into BDSM? Yeah, sure so are a bunch of people. You're not in the minority.

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Sharpie in pooper or GTFO

>> No.7987247

But that's dirty

>> No.7987371

How do they invade genderbender bender threads? I'm asking cause it hasent happened yet for me.
/d/ is open to gay though. They will show you futa no matter what though. Personally I only like futa if its proportional and well drawn.
Bdsm is hard subject for /d/ mostly because it can be /d/ but not always. Pretty much difference between hardcore and regular bdsm. Also most those specific futa threads probably should be on /r/ though.

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File: 1.92 MB, 371x316, Dumbfounded llama.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw into hardcore BDSM
>like to be shocked, cut, want to try fire play
>dream is to do an interrogation scene
>hear coworkers gush about how hot and kinky Fifty Shades of Grey is
>mfw I realize what is considered kinky by the average person

>> No.7987408

I know that feel so much.

>> No.7987422

I just mean that kinky should mean anything and instead it just means BDSM. I mean look at fetlife. It's supposedly a site for "fetishists of all kinds" but it's really only BDSM.

BDSM has become the go to "I had a hooker shit on my chest" for normal fags who want to look edgy in the bedroom.

>> No.7987433

What? You aren't looking at the right parts of Fetlife if you think it's mostly BDSM. Fetishists are what I see on there most often and there are tons of active fetish specific groups. It feels like I get a million emails a day about new threads in my panty fetish group.

>> No.7987438

>implying I actually go to fetlife
>implying I'm not talking out of my ass
>implying I'm not just tired and shitposting to sitr up something interesting to kill the next 2 hours
>implying my fetish is even real

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File: 147 KB, 500x744, 2010-04-15-smile.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I... okay.

>> No.7987460

Does this lead to something good?

I've only read the SJW pages from this comic.

>> No.7987477

Hatefucks and marriage.

>> No.7987532

I haven't even touched the book nor do I intend to.
Is there a reason it's a bestseller outside of being edgy?
What does it contain that makes it edgy, is it just vanilla BDSM?

>> No.7987538


It's like a teenager's view of what BDSM is. It's just weird not entirely consensual shit written off as 'BDSM.'

Also, terrible writing. Voice smooth as crunchy caramel toffee my ass. (I unabashedly like to bash bad writing, sue me).

>> No.7987565

Am I the only one who laughed at this and understood the joke

>> No.7987580

It's not even BDSM, it's like what you think BDSM is when you're 13.

>> No.7987991

As a man I think you might be.

>> No.7988018

>high female population

I really wish there were more females posting on it. You can hardly post a little thread on handbags or womens clothing or whatever and then have whats probably really 90% of the population there shit on female fashion and get no contributions.
Posting it on /cgl/ you really can't since nobody cares or knows about good quality normalfag clothes.

>> No.7988021

>I think there are like 3 girls on /fa/, at most
I have a feeling that there are a lot more, like maybe 20 at a time, but hardly post or drop by often because
>A. 99% are about mens clothing
>B. They're too scared to post about female fashion (I dont mean post pictures of themselves - attention whores are their own niche) but just about female clothes.

Funny when I keep bumping into threads about girls dressing shit, or girlfriends dressing shit, or how /cgl/ clothing is shit. I agree, can you guys start making welcome some more posts on female fashion and give your sage advices?

>> No.7988023

It wouldn't really be relevant either, unless it was ae a thread that was something like normalfag brand in jfash or something.

>> No.7988024

/ck/, /x/, /fa/, /biz/

>> No.7988025

Whats in those cups?

>> No.7988029

Yeah. When normalfag clothes get posted, it's normally what cheap stuff was found on eBay or AE. It's cool and all, but I can get cheap fast fashion anywhere when I go to the mall. Some good quality brands recommendations, especially stuff I can't access in my city, is all I ask. At least with normal clothes, especially shoes, I want them to last, because I aim for timeless. I only know about brands like Fluevogs because of the loliable shoes.

Where can I get me some good quality female shoes is even harder than finding info googling for males, as they actually have some good blogs set up about finding good quality things.

>> No.7988247

I can understand all of those things except cutting.