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Last one's on autosage >>7965789

ILD is coming up on Saturday... do you have any plans?

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Work during the day, then putting on my dream dress and having a skype high tea with my friends.

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Who even got tickets to this? Shit sold out in 5 minutes what the fuck.

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I'm enjoying the bitching about the brand main piece rule.

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I - I'd really like some help. I've ordered my first lolita dress in years (I was a young ita before, got shut down hard) and I would really like some petti advice. Someone was talking about rectangle dress cuts or something odd like that and not being able to wear a-line pettis with them?

I have an a-line petti that needs to have one layer re-stitched, and I'm wondering if it would be the right petti for this JSK? I still need to order a blouse, shoes etc and I need to order a white petti anyway, but I don't want to fuck up my first proper coord. Any advice and tips would be helpful!

Also given that this JSK is so bottom-heavy in its print, would it be best to wear solid black tights and wine red/that gorgeous coppery gold colour shoes?

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me too lol

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they deleted the rufflechat thread... I got a tea party ticket though! It was like DDC preparedness levels for me.

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I was cracking up the entire time.

Hey, that's great! I'll be at AM but the tea party just didn't sound like it was for me--that and it sold out before I could even decide either way.

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Hey anon that's a lovely choice to get back into lolita. An a line should suit fine and black tights sound like a good plan, you could possibly get a way with very simply patterned tights shoes in either colour or both would be lovely. For a blouse I think black would work and a high collar or a more ott blouse (princess sleeves) would look nice I think. I would not recommend a peter pan collar blouse. You have many options for headwear and bags. I think using the red and gold in your headpiece would tie it all together.

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I think I'm the anon who was going on about rectangle skirts, and yes, this looks like one.

You'll get the best silhoutte if you layer an A-line over a cupcake, it's the same reason AP sews a hard tulle lining into their skirts, the cupcake shape is too.... cupcakey.

You can try it with your A-line first, and see if you're satisfied with the way it looks before buying a cupcake to layer underneath it.

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Working all day, then probably sitting home in a cute coord. Luckily my comm is doing another meet the following weekend for people missing out on Saturday

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Thank you! I fell in love with it, Phantom of the Opera was probably the first non-animated musical I ever saw, so when I discovered the print.

I was considering a sort of low-ish collar since I don't want my neck to disappear (round face), and getting a short sleeved blouse since it's summer here as well as a princess sleeved longer one for the colder days.

Is it bad practice to make your own headbows? As I don't really like the rectangular headpieces that match the JSK and I think a bonnet is far too ambitious for me.
I'd love to find similar lace and dye it.

Also, is a black wig with a black jsk generally the way to go? I'd like to go for that sort of elegant classical look overall in my wardrobe, rather than too gothic. I'm browsing taobao now for bags that can bring the colour back into the top-half of the dress. :)

Thanks for the advice! I need to buy a white petti anyway, as I said. I thought the cut looked more a-line, but the top of the skirt seems to be where the 'poof' comes from (that was what you were saying, wasn't it?) As I said.. I really want to do things right. I know my first co-ord won't be 'perfect' by anyone's standards, though. But I can sure as hell try!

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>tfw dad's birthday party is Saturday

Maybe I'll just dress up anyway.

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So I'm a pretty new-ish lolita. I'm currently looking for some cute gothic headwear to kind of finish off the outfits I own. I've been sorta shopping around, but I was wondering if anyone had some good places to look that won't completely break the bank.

I'm kind of looking for alice bow type stuff since I think they're super adorable.

The main colors I own right now are black, white, and lots of wine red.

So I guess the question is where do you other ladies prefer to go shopping for headwear?

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Going for high tea with some local lolitas. I'm pumped because it's the first time I'll actually be able to celebrate ILD.

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If you're looking for a good cheap starter a-line petticoat, try victoriandressgirl on ebay. I paid I think 36 dollars including shipping and it gives a fabulous amount of poof.

Here's a picture from the side of me wearing said petticoat. Excuse the hoarder room. I took the picture in my mother's room which is the only place with a full length mirror...

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Thank you! Their largest petti is just in my size (sorry, fatty-chan here, trying not to ruin lolita ; ~ ; ) so I'll give them a go if my current petti is too long or unsalvageable!

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I'll be spending ILD insanely sick. I've been into lolita for about 2 years now and haven't been to a single ILD yet

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I wouldn't call yourself a fatty-chan. Enjoy the fashion. Be happy. That's what it's all about. When you put on your first cord you should feel fucking fabulous.

Also, if you're worried, said petticoat provides a LOT of stretch in the waist. There's a little elastic you can adjust on the inside.

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Wah, that's kind of you! And thank you for the petticoat details, I'll order one off there.
I will be as majestic as a sunrise (ノ◕ω◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Though I have one last question and I feel a bit odd asking it... Is Blackmilk way too normal-fag to wear with lolita? Since I do have large legs, I don't want to bust open a brand pair of tights and otks roll down on me even with stocking tape.

Is pick related too ita to consider?

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Is this layered or by itself?

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Who got all the tickets though? We're there really over 100 people waiting for tickets?

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My comm cancelled our ILD meet so I'll be getting dressed up and going to a new tea place in town by myself. i don't think my local comm has ever had a successful ild meet unfortunately.

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By itself. Here's it under a op with a little more fabric to it than that skirt.

I think in most situations leggings will not work out in lolita. Since a lot of shoes expose the top of your feet. It'll just look really odd to have bare skin there. The only times I think it would look fine if it's going into a boot and with an outfit where it won't make it look too busy.

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Scrn shots please?

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I'm going to tea on Sunday with a smallish group of people in the comm I'm closest to.
Decided to opt out of the big Saturday meet...I hate giant meetups, not to mention their plans sounded kind of boring.

Just waiting for someone not invited to the tea to call us all elitist brandwhores.

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I always order XL from BM because I wear my leggings hooked under my heel. I may try some of my old bodyline shoes with a pair I already own to check if I can actually pull them down enough to cover the tops of my feet when in shoes.

If this worked out, what are your thoughts on the print?

And you have the most gorgeous dresses! The petti seems to add a perfect poof to them!

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If you can make it sit to cover the tops of them without it looking odd, I'd say it would be fine. However, I'd just be concerned that it might slip and then you'd have to keep stopping to adjust it. (That'd get really annoying fast, haha.)

I personally like the print. I think it could work out in a cord where the main color is black with little accents of wine red.

A place that might be worth checking out is www.sockdreams.com they have some loli-able otks and tights there.

I'm personally very self-conscious about my knees so I stick to otks and tights. And I kind of feel they make my legs look slimmer than knee socks.

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If you check the # of kept who liked the announcement post, it was over 100, not including some seats that are taken up by significant others. I know some Australians are planning on going to AM though and hopefully they got tea party tickets. At least 10 tickets were taken up by midwest lolitas including me?

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Yes, and the waiting list got maxed out at 50 too.

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>some seats that are taken up by significant others
I really hate that shit when it comes to limited seating events like this and I hope that's not the case with this event. Unless your boyfriend is genuinely into the fashion and isn't just tolerating being dragged around, let him have a couple hours of free time while a girl who actually wants to be there can go.

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There are people in my comm just bitching to no end about the brand-only rule, but it's probably just because they're butt-hurt they didn't get tickets themselves. They can bitch at their dinky shitty side-tea parties though, their salty tears will go well with my Herb Marinated Breast of Chicken and Grilled Eggplant Tower :')

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I don't want their fatty ita tears in my quiche.

But seriously, if you can't afford second hand brand, you really have no business going.

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I bought some drill fabric today. It's quite stiff. Can I make an op with short puffed sleeves from it, or is it going to be glaringly handmade because of the stiffness of the fabric not taking well to the gathers? I am making a pleated skirt portion which is why I chose a fabric that will hold pleats well. If not, what type of sleeves will be suitable for lolita, or should I just make a jsk?

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So I see a dress a really like, but the thing is it's posted in reply to an original posters WTB post on the Facebook group sales.

Is it rude to chime in saying I would be interested in buying the dress if OP wasn't? Do I comment or message the seller privately?

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Fabric softener, wash it twice, tumble dry.
But due to the texture of the fabric, you'd be best using it for some sort of vest.

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NOLA I'm guessing? They're such entitled bitches.

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Oh why did they delete that? I was going to read the drama when I got home but it was gone.

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Is is dumb for me to ask my sister to get some wristcuffs as a Christmas present?

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Seconding >>7977271, I think making a pleated skirt and then a bustier/vest would be a great combo for that kind of fabric.

>> No.7977345

I think it's a great idea if she's asked you what you want

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I'll ask her later today if she needs any good Christmas ideas for me. She's probably not a fan of lolita and thinks of it as an expensive hobby of shit tastes.

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I managed to snag tickets for myself and my little sister (kind of a birthday present for her, I guess). Super excited, but I'm from CA, and kind of a lone lolita. How much of a circlejerk is this party going to be?

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Hope they don't run out of your delicious food, anon!

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100% circlejerk
All the serious-chans who are the type to get their brando in 1 minute from AP are going to be the ones who got tickets and get to go. And they're not going to forget how elite it is either, like they're better than the 50 people on the waitlist, that sort of thing. Make sure your coord is super unique, last year a lot of people made accessories and things to go with their coords and were very tryhard-OTT.

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>I will be as majestic as a sunrise

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I like to make accessories and whatnot, so I'll definitely try to come up with something unique.
Do you think having a rare/coveted main piece matters?

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Depends on the designers attending. Last year Putu picked out unique designs while Baby picked out pretty much full sets.

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Friend and I both got tickets. We're flying in from Florida. I didn't expect the tea party to sell out that fast though.

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You're disgusting, go back to tumblr.

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Message them privately.

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I can't wait for the drama
>bitch snags a tea party ticket and shows up in that??
>do you even blouse
>is that a replica?

>> No.7977663

Nah I do it all the time, maybe inbox them if you are nervous?
you could even make an identical wtb

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is this the cringe thread

>> No.7977963

Does anyone own that Little Dipper chiffon underskirt in "pale yellow"? Is it actually pale yellow or is it ivory? I was hoping for an ivory color, I think the white color is too bright white

>> No.7978096

I like the cut of the Sugar Dream Dome fur JSK but I want to know if the fur is removable. Does anyone own it/know?

I also think AP missed an opportunity to make some really cute jewelry in this release. I would love a carousel pony glittery snowglobe necklace hnggg

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My girlfriend is into Lolita.

Lurking this thread to learn more.

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Lurk the whole board to get a better feel for our horribly expensive hobby.
>mfw my bf makes better coords than me and imparts awesome style ideas when I'm stumped.

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I would recommend taobao. Check the thread for it. There is a spreadsheet of shops at the top.

>> No.7978126

The fur collar is removable.

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Another anon here, the print looks like it will detract from teh detail of the dress. Is the wine color a match to the one on the dress? If not, then that's a definite no.

>> No.7978144

Give her some other options along with that if she really hates it so much. I can't think of many styles besides Lolita that utilize them.

>> No.7978146

Collar is removable, but the bottom trim isn't.

>> No.7978189

My bf is really good at coording too. He follows some lolita tumblrs so he knows whatever the latest prints are and sometimes buys me some indie brand or offbrand stuff he sees on there.

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Angelic Pretty only takes Visa, don't they?
I tried to register my Discover card but it says "entered card can not be handling."

>> No.7978222

They take MasterCard too.

>> No.7978234

All I have is my bank Visa that doesn't have enough money on it and my Discover credit.

Well, fuck. No release for me.
Guess I can try to fight on AP USA's scalped releases tomorrow, but the problem is I work during that time and it's going to be tricky trying to get a break during that time and ordering from my phone. Ugh.

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What Angelic pretty pieces feature a yellow lyrical bunny? I received a full lyrical bunny jewelry set in a lucky pack but I have nothing to go with it.

>> No.7978309

Does AP ever put the sizes up before a release?

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you mean.. other than lyrical bunny?

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I thought Tenso would accept bank statements if your address differs from your drivers license?

They just denied my proof. My mailing address and shipping address is the same, the only thing that's different is my old resident address on my ID card.

I fucking have my celestial JSK with them and I want to order lucky keys, but I think I'm already fucked. What do I do?!

>> No.7978317

yes. I should of stated that.
I do know that fancy paper dolls, toy parade, and lyrical bunny all feature her

I can't find fancy paper dolls, toy parade creeps me out, and I think the lyrical bunny set is ugly

>> No.7978321

Get a new updated drivers license like you're legally supposed to?

>> No.7978345

I just moved to my new place.

>> No.7978352

not everyone can do this right away

Have you asked them if you could submit some other form of proof, perhaps a bill or bank statement with your name and address on it?

>> No.7978355

Oh derp, you already submitted a bank statement. Try again with a utility bill, though. Or ask if there's anything else you can submit

>> No.7978358

My address was different on my ID when I gave them proof. I gave them a bill as proof of address.
Maybe they don't accept bank statements as proof of address? Or maybe you blacked out something they needed in the proof photo or all four corners weren't showing?

>> No.7978365

I'll try my utility bill!

I only showed them a portion of my bank statement. I blocked out the actual credit/debit - do they need the entire document unaltered?

>> No.7978375

I'm not sure. I just know that when I sent PayPal a proof document they wouldn't take anything altered.
Try just giving them something without too personal information on it so you don't have to alter it.

>> No.7978392

I sent them a picture of my car insurance statement for proof of address. Try your lease (i'm assuming you live in a rental)?

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This is the first time buying from AP directly and I don't think I'll ever do it again... I can't even imagine what it's like getting the popular releases. I'll stick with Baby's reservations next time

Got the high-waist jsk and bow in wine and the tights in ivory

>> No.7978464

I fucking forgot it came out tonight.

You got the best version, in my opinion. Congrats!

>> No.7978470

I ended up just getting a shopping service for this because I didn't want to deal with the website. The yen is so low now anyway.
She got me the high waisted in Navy. I should have gotten a pair of the tights too.

>> No.7978482


Good Lord, woman, they speak English. Email them instead of asking us or trying to guess what documents. Tell them your exact situation and tell them you can submit an updated driver's licence if they're wiling to wait x days beyond the 30 days holding period while you get it done as well.

>> No.7978545

Thank you! It seemed, at least from the western market, that the dress's print and cut was ugly, so I thought I would have a less stressful time getting it. I'm glad I didn't take my time pondering which color I wanted more.

I LOVE that the yen is so low. All 3 items cost me under $300 USD. The tights sold out super fast, I wanted it in ivoryxwine but it was taken out of my shopping cart before the dress itself

>> No.7978626

ugh someone got two dresses

i didnteven get one

>> No.7978927

i think there's a lyrical bunny in magical etoile iirc

>> No.7978956

Jelly. My bf is a sweetheart but he has the worst taste in the world and thinks that anything over €30 for any piece of clothing is a ripoff. I once asking him to put together an outfit for me and he selected the only pair of leggings I own, sandals, a petticoat and a rather revealing tank top that I normally only wear as underwear. He also picked out a bra that would very clearly show through and above the tank top.
>tfw clothing-retarded bf

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men have shit tier taste in women's clothing get over it

i love coco rocha in this mall tier calvin klein minimalist knock off shit

i also love women in thom browne and tom ford

like some middle aged office chick who has more cats than friends

shit tier taste and proud of it

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Hey everyone!
I was wondering if I could get some co-ord advice on this skirt. I fell in love with the print and had to buy it.
The problem is, my warddrobe is mostly classic/gothic. I have a lot of jewel, dusty and muted tones but I know nothing about pastels.
I originally thought of matching it with navy to tone it down a bit but now I'm not sure.
Any ideas? I'm completely lost with this color.
I have the matching mini bows

>> No.7978994

>magical etoile
oh there is! and I have the socks too! thank you anon!

>> No.7979071

Shit, I forgot about this. I wanted the regular waist navy JSK. Oh well.

>> No.7979074

Shit nigga that's kawaii. Do you have a tumblr where you post these floordinates?

>> No.7979081

It's like when you see real dolls that have been dressed by guys. Somehow the terrible blouses with mismatching skirts bothers me more than the part where some guy thinks this doll is his wife.

>> No.7979100

>lists slightly damaged item on LM
>someone buys it
>finds another tiny flaw
>offers discount
>no reply

Should I expect negative feedback?

>> No.7979105

I would just wait! You can give them the option to cancel or to take the discounted offer. I wouldn't think that warrants a negative feedback

>> No.7979108

This dress reminds me of alchemy and transmutation circles. I think I need it now.
>sage for no contribution

>> No.7979111

thanks anon! that's actually my photo. i haven't used tumblr in awhile, but here's my coord tag:

>> No.7979117
File: 1.90 MB, 3104x1746, DSC_0056.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's exactly why I needed it, the print so witchy and cute.
Pic related

>> No.7979260

It probably helps that my bf also dresses himself really well, and had a passing knowledge of lolita fashion before he met me (tbh I think he had a fetish for it).

>> No.7979346

Are the closet child petticoats worth getting? I just want a decent pair. I've been thinking about buying from CP but I don't really want to buy anything else from taobao and I'm a bit unwilling to make a tb order just for two pettis.

>> No.7979351

I tried one on in person and loved it, unfortunately they are pretty poofy so I couldn't justify the suitcase space for it. I'm pretty sure Cadney uses them too.

>> No.7979354

I've already went to a meet up yesterday. I doubt i'll actually dress in lolita today since I'm going to work on homework and then help my RSO set up for an event tonight. Maybe if I have a little time between set up and the event, I could dress up casually. I've always found it strange how I want to wear lolita every weekend or every other day, but when I do dress up, I just want to get back into my PJs after a few hours (and I'm not the type of girl who wears leggings as pants).

>> No.7979509

I started selling items on lacemarket. Out of 5 items, for four of them, people have asked me to reserve it for two weeks or more. These items were $35 or less. Then for a brand jsk, someone request it for $60 dollars less with shipping included. Is this normal?

>> No.7979518


I was once selling a skirt for $35 (w/o shipping), and someone wanted it for $30 with shipping included.

Like, christ, just go buy from F21 at this point.

>> No.7979541

I've sold about 10 items on lacemarket so far, and I've only been asked for a payment plan once. Never had anyone tried to haggle down the price.

>> No.7979544

Yes. They're very poofy. This girl as a comparison of all her petticoats, it's pretty helpful:


>> No.7979579

I've sold about 25 things on lace market and I've only done payment plans on items of 200 or more. But I clearly state that I won't do payment plans under $150. If you can't pay at least that up front, you need stick to Bodyline or buy one item at a time or something. I have no problem doing it with bigger purchases as long as they pay it in a timely manner. I tend to do payment plans myself on main pieces over $200 sometimes when buying, but I pay quickly and never any longer than 2 weeks.

>> No.7979601

no, and personally I wouldn't reserve something less than $100

>> No.7979766

Man, I feel like a jerk if I ask the seller to wait ten hours for my paycheck to be deposited. I guess I shouldn't feel that bad.

>> No.7979801

I really like that policy I think I'm going to do that too.

>> No.7979807

It is pretty normal for people to do that. A lot of people from the FB groups use lace market, and they are flaky as fuck because there are no rules about it.

>> No.7979861

I've seen and bought from a lot of people that ask for a non refundable deposit if you're asking for holds/payment plans. If I were a seller I would personally go with that route as at least I've getting something out of flaky people wasting my time.

Also, anyone remember those screenshots where some girl was asking for a payment plan on a $30 pair of socks and when the seller declined she got abusive and set her friend on seller?

>> No.7979884

Yeah, I asked for 20% non-refundable immediately after buying. If someone can't even do that, they're not someone I would count on doing a successful transaction with anyway.

And holy shit, that's bad.

>> No.7979894

anyone got any worn pictures of IW's alison op?

>> No.7979898

Nope but you can usually hazard a guess as the cuts generally only differ slightly from series to series

>> No.7979903

think of it this way, if it doesn't fit it'll probably have a good resale value because its ap. just make sure to keep the tags on.

>> No.7979946

Brands need to release more socks and headbows.
Its starting to piss me off

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Oh my god I need it now.

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Newbie lolta here, I have a question on lacemarket etiquette:

is it okay to haggle with a seller? I've seen them relist a dress a bunch of times so i was gonna ask if I could get if for $20 less than the listed price ($100).

Pic related: dress in question.

>> No.7980304

I've haggled with sellers, and they've always been nice and either agreed or we settled on a price both parties are happy with. Just make sure you ask politely and don't get upset if they say no.

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Just got pic related in the mail. I know AP is known to be short, but I thought that was just limited to salopettes/those no waist dresses. I'm 5'2" and this thing can't even accommodate a petti without some of it peaking out..

>> No.7981048

It's a bit ridiculous how difficult it is to get a matching set. I wonder how many of the headbows and socks they have versus the number of dresses.

>> No.7981073

Okay, thank you for the advice! Someone snatched it up before I could ask though.

>> No.7981089

Sometimes I wonder if AP is just wanting to do children's clothing now

>> No.7981198

Sounds like you need a shorter petti, anon....I'm 5'2" and I've never had any problems with my Royal Chocolate Round JSK accommodating a petticoat or feeling too short.

>> No.7981212


>> No.7981215

You could always get the white and tea-dye it.

>> No.7981235

I have this and I wear it with a petticoat as well. It doesn't accommodate super full petticoats because it isn't supposed to (there's like half the fabric a typical ap skirt has). I use a regular aline and it looks fine

Also, you should have double checked the measurements on lolibrary. It's only 82cm compared to their usual 86cm

>> No.7981252
File: 340 KB, 1280x1280, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm 5'1 and it's really short on me too. I use a victoriangirldress petticoat (I think it's the size M) for mine and sometimes I'll wear an under skirt if it's feeling too short

>> No.7981253
File: 276 KB, 833x1280, 1417997540239.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So Midori wore KL's Citanul dress at her Christmas book release party. She also mentioned the jellyfish print and said she modelled her hairstyle off an attendee at the Shanghai teaparty. What does this mean for Chinese brands as a whole? Makes me wonder, whats the popularity of Chinese brands in Japan? And how did Midori get the dress? Dont think KL gifted it to her since theyre so shitty and running their business. Are the lolita names finally realizing China is where the big money is??

>> No.7981255

I'm so pissed off, lacemarket fucking cut my messages! I haven't realized that and on,y first line was sent and the tracking numbers were in the other part of message.

>> No.7981258

>being this new

KL is actually considered brand in Asia.m

>> No.7981281

Yeah and? KL has been considered a brand in Japan for a while. Plus, brand whores aren't really a thing in Japan either, Japanese lolis just know the difference between costume companies making lolita costumes and lolita companies making fashion.

>> No.7981300

So I want to buy both a pre-order item and an in-stock item from Meta. I've emailled them but was wondering in the meantime if anyone here knows if I can order them together or if I have to place two different orders?

>> No.7981322

Damn, that's disappointing. I'm 5'8", and fell in love with this, but I don't see it happening.

>> No.7981324

isn't citanul a different brand to KL?

>> No.7981330

Oh shit, not that anon but I replied to her, I didn't even see that, you're right. Dumb noob is more new than I thought.

>> No.7981415

When they got an out of order item for me, they just gave me a special link for the item and I have to add it to cart and check out as usual. I don't see why you can't add other items to your cart when you are checking out?

>> No.7981438

Eh I know Citanul is technically KLs sweet subbrand but idk the name of that dress so its easier that way. Also Midori called it KLs dress too.

Stop ragging on me and someone please tell moar about taobao brands in Japan! I remember there was a KL jellyfish in a Kera streetsnap once. I wonder if Japanese lolis have Chinese SSs?

>> No.7981451

God you are stupid.

>> No.7981452

trying to grow out my pixie cut to something more loliable but at the moment my fringe (bangs??) is stuck in some disgusting pseudo-beatles style. anyone got any ideas on how to cut my fringe so I don't get stuck in the ita thread?

>> No.7981468

That's really pretty, anon.

>> No.7981542

wear a wig until your hair grows out

>> No.7981626

Anyone have any idea as to when Clobbao's latest lolita lola black leather RHS order is going to close?

>> No.7982469
File: 211 KB, 900x1000, tumblr_ng8fkgWh4Z1qcfequo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which dress is this? I know it's IW but not much more

>> No.7982520


She's wearing the short version.

>> No.7982527


Sorry anon, I'm in the exact same boat as you and there is no way our natural hair will look nice with lolita right now. Honestly, pixie cuts aren't really something you should be wearing in lolita anyway, since they make your head look so small and your silhouette very bottom heavy as a result. We're just going to have to hide our Beatle-bowls until we have a nice bob to work with.

>> No.7982571

Oh fuck me, I don't know if I'm lucky it's up or not. Should I gamble that size L in chocolate is still going to be available in ten days when I get paid or rob a really tiny bank?

>> No.7982599

Is there anywhere to get good plus sized tights?

>> No.7982606

I recommend checking out >>7977846

>> No.7982922
File: 39 KB, 500x750, holy-night-college-school-style-lolita-op-dress-bea-31_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My two loves
>School themes
Someone hold me

>> No.7983011

What are people's general feel about replica item that aren't dresses but things like jewelry or otks?
I saw mylolitadress were selling replica socks of Angelic Pretty's Chocolate Rosette print but I'm not sure if I should buy them or not

>> No.7983033

That's not lolita

>> No.7983048

I know but there isn't a board for Otome
>J-fashion really needs it own

>> No.7983052

Are you new? J-fashion has been allowed here for some time now, make a j-fashion thread.

>> No.7983092
File: 184 KB, 727x872, holyshitwat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone posted a very reasonable thread on Rufflechat about selling items for more than they originally cost. The consensus was that it was fine because lolita is sort of a collector hobby/supply and demand/etc...

and then this girl posts...I included her profile pic because it was important.

>> No.7983096

Lorddd... I really need to join these Facebook groups, they're so fucking cringe.

>> No.7983099

she deleted it but not fast enough

>> No.7983101

Thank you for capping this. She deleted after a bunch of people called her out for being a cunt.

>> No.7983107

She wrote an apology now:
" I apologize for the incendiary nature of my previous statement (I have chosen to remove it) it was in poor taste, I have strong feelings about personal economic policies. My point was simply that exploitation and ethics are not mutually exclusive from the sale of rare dresses. I am sorry for causing waves. If you are interested in having kind and honest discourse with me on the subject, I invite you to message me privately, otherwise I abdicate the argument."

>> No.7983108

>My point was simply that people who sell lolita for more than retail are comparable to human slave traffickers


>> No.7983113

>I into big words
>I 8 a thesaurus

>> No.7983116

The fuck is she getting explotation from? What a dumb bitch.

>> No.7983117

Just a quick question: are all lolitas dumb drama bitches?

>> No.7983119
File: 294 KB, 961x492, allthenoobs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I swear it must be the holiday season that draws out all the noobs.

>> No.7983121

Only the fat ones

>> No.7983130

Are there any Reviews on mirukumas lucky packs?

>> No.7983137

>>7966876 you have a whole thread for this, don't crap up this one with this nonsense.

>> No.7983160

well, considering most noobs have the potential to get their grubby hands on a largish chunk of cash at Christmas, it's not easy to see why this happens.

>> No.7983162

Seagulls can you please share your fave japanese lolita blogs? The EGL list is so outdated and I need new people to follow for fresh inspiration. Also intrested in your favourite brand blogs. Thank you!

>> No.7983245

Ina atmospheric always cracks me up with her replies to stuff like this, I am 100% sure she's a seagull just based on them

>> No.7983266

while i disagree with what she said, cut her some slack.. at least she apologized and isn't being a major cunt about it.

please don't support her or her business. she's an awful SS and fucks over her customers if benefits her.

>> No.7983272

>she apologized and isn't being a major cunt about it.
She "apologized" in the most pretentious manner possible. She may as well have said "I forgot how stupid you cunts are sorry, not sorry" because that's the gist of what she wrote.

>> No.7983278

Diffanon but, no? Where are you getting that from? She apologized for her tone and admitted that it was in poor taste, and tried to clarify what she said.

We all agree her original comment was stupid but at least she knows when to bow out

>> No.7983282

Surface Spell is well known in Japan, don't know about other chinese brands though. Most japanese lolitas are well aware of the chinese market, but they don't bother with buying from abroad, unless the brand offers a convenient way to order from (like a Japanese translation of the website, or even better when the brand is directly brought to Japan to vendors who deal with lolita fashion. This is what LIEF are doing and they are very successful with it).

>> No.7983285

She pretty much just apologized for people reacting strongly to her post, no mention at all of anything in her post she might feel sorry about. That's not really an apology and more of a backhanded way to tell people they should be able to handle her "ethics".

>> No.7983291

She said "I am sorry for the nature of my statement" and "it was in poor taste"

Again, where are you getting this from?

>> No.7983307

No, she said "incendiary nature". And just repeated her stupid statement about exploitation and ethics. The last line is probably what brings the attitude of the post across.

>> No.7983336

So? She described the nature of her post, accurately so, as it was clearly meant to be attacking, so that means she's not actually sorry?

The last line is her saying that she doesnt want to continue the argument in the thread, and I dont see aproblem with this as I wouldnt want the thread to be clogged up anyway.

>> No.7983340

I don't think you know what those words mean.

>> No.7983350

It means that she was trying to be an agitator, anon, and incite an argument, sorry if I wasn't clear enough for you

>> No.7983357

I agree with you anon. She repeated the same statement and it's clear she still agrees with it. The only problems she sees are that she said something too inflammatory (though she reiterates she believes this) and that people were not interested in "kind and honest dialog" with her.

>> No.7983372

You can still have a shitty, offensive belief but also apologizing for saying it, which I think in her case is all we can ask, she's not gonna change her beliefs because of a handful of posts in rufflechat thread

>> No.7983693

Remind me again - how does button for angelic pretty online shop to check their stock in their shops work? can I use tenso to order or do I need another shopping service?

>> No.7983700

You need to use a shopping service that accepts COD payments. Tenso does not.

>> No.7983707

okay, that's what I thought, I just wanted to check. Any suggestions of a good shopping service to use?

>> No.7983711
File: 808 KB, 1280x2114, brad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just figured I'd post this here and share the lulz. This guy, who is like 32 I believe, goes to a local con that I also attend and pretends to be a little girl and carries around a stuffed llama everywhere he goes.

>> No.7983720
File: 222 KB, 2048x1366, no.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7983725

Girl must have a horrendous diet to have dark circles like that.
Mine are bad and have always been here, but christ.

>> No.7983726

Good to see this shit likely won't get much just for being a man in a dress. About time.

>> No.7983727


>> No.7983729

Not just the eyebags... Look at the skin and teeth too.

>> No.7983731

He lives off of welfare money because he says he can't work. He's given me a few different reasons so I'm not sure which is the one he gave the government (he says he has schizophrenia, extreme social anxiety, and anger management problems). Also, he has false front teeth and normally doesn't wear them.

>> No.7983744

knock off alpaca with knock off BtSSB dress. So good.

>> No.7983750
File: 36 KB, 519x678, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh and his Facebook fan page is facebook /SydneyCosplayLolita

>> No.7983754
File: 70 KB, 540x960, oh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no teeth action shot

>> No.7983755

>it's called getting a job

top kek

>> No.7983763

Those have to be black eyes...

>> No.7983767

to be fair, would ANYBODY hire that thing?

>> No.7983780

>first trans lolita fashion model
Yeah, never had that before

>> No.7983785

Well, who does he actually think he's going to model for? I'm confused. The only real lolita models are people like Midori or Misako.

>> No.7983816

that designer who went first at the AWA fashion show.

>> No.7983876

I'm not being snarky- maybe he is actually mentally disabled? He looks slow and he is delusional with his goals. I pity him.

>> No.7983883
File: 97 KB, 1280x720, laugh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7984115

Okay so on the 14th of last month I paid for a blouse on lacemarket and she said it would arrive in around 2 weeks and she also said she would contact me when she sent it out. She never messaged me and I have sent her two messages, both have not been read. She was saying she was having problems with her computer but it has been well over 2 weeks, should I make a paypal dispute thing or should I try to get in contact with her comm or some one that can contact her for me?

>> No.7984121

I would try to get in contact with someone that can contact her, but be ready to file a dispute before the period is up? The other thing too is if you dispute and get your money back but she returns, ready to ship, you can always send the money back and explain, I would hope that she is understanding of the situation.

>> No.7984302

Which you know, doesn't actually change anything about her shitty believes and is a void apology. To go down to her level of comparisons it's like posting "I think black and brown and jewish people shouldn't dress lolita, they are way to ugly and not cute!" and then deleting your post and writing you're sorry for all of the drama it caused but still believe what you said but only want to discuss it privately and not be questioned about it. You didn't apologize for anything, you're the one implying the community can't handle your superior opinions. She didn't apologize for comparing reselling items at a higher price to slave trade like she should have.

>> No.7984655
File: 75 KB, 800x600, mtp 73-800x600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread worth 80 bucks?

>> No.7984657

Meant dress, wow I'm retarded.

>> No.7984674
File: 144 KB, 541x302, lighting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just saw this on tumblr. Wow holy fuck lighting makes a big difference. I mean I knew it in principle but I never saw it have such stark contrast on a person.

>looks 45+ in full body
>looks 15 in face

She looks like that one fat old lolita with the cat-frames that makes those sashes and brooches or whatever in the top one.
>not vendetta don't even know her

>> No.7984750


This was pretty hilarious

>> No.7984785

$80 is pretty cheap, so why not? Although I've heard different opinions on MTP's quality, so your mileage may vary.

>> No.7984799

The lighting in those full-body shots is just very unflattering. Everybody looks bad under the right (or wrong, depending on how you look at it) lighting.

>> No.7984803

Salopetted are not lolita. Just gonna save you further trouble now. If you like them wear them but they are not long enough by design. And yes Lolita brands make non lolita clothing.

>> No.7984804

Holy shit he looks exactly like this super aggressive, fucked up juvenile delinquent I used to know in high school. If it weren't for the age difference I would've thought it was him.

The dress anon is wearing there is a JSK, not a salopette. Even AP's regular non-salopette dresses have been getting shorter.

>> No.7984807


>> No.7984823

technically i don't think salopettes are lolita by design and shape, it's more of a casual jfash thing isn't it? From what I understand AP and the like sometimes make stuff that works with fairy kei/other styles and isn't lolita.

>> No.7984855

That's a fucking jsk you moron.

>> No.7984966

He's not diagnosed with anything and can interact with people fine. He's just delusional about how he looks, like PT.

>> No.7984973

What are some tricks to disguise linebacker shoulders? Mine are like 43cm across....

>> No.7985044


>> No.7985059
File: 257 KB, 1200x1600, 34q9qnt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you guys feel about ageplay queen Yukapee being one of BTSSB's new face models?

>> No.7985069

you really think that's yukapon?

>> No.7985070

I usually think she's decently cute, drama and crackwhoring aside. But she looks odd in this.

>> No.7985075

is that really her? i'm somewhat disgusted they'd let someone so awful represent the brand. i don't care for her drama, but i don't want it to pill into the lolita community.

>> No.7985077

It says Model Natalia, which is Yukapon's name

>> No.7985078

I too am a little miss manshoulders. The best thing I've come up with is to buy blouses that don't accentuate it. Here's a list I've come up with of things that don't work out well:
Blouses with gathering at the top of the armhole seam
Peter pan collars that are wide and go out to the shoulders
Square collars and necklines that go to the shoulders (think sailor collars and nun-styled collars)
Things that HAVE worked:
Scoop necklines
High necklines and tall collars
Generally smaller collars

So basically if you buy blouses that have small collars on them you're good.

>> No.7985079
File: 97 KB, 643x960, 534186_330114580417181_1957370337_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is, her real name is Natalia Castro and she was also modeling at their fashion walk.

>> No.7985083

Well shit. She looks pretty strange in lolita imo. It makes her face look weird, especially with that stupid look she has in the first pic.

>> No.7985084

I don't even know who she is and I still want to smack that duckface off of her.

She just looks irritating.

>> No.7985085 [DELETED] 


>> No.7985107

are there any lolita dresses that are deep green or emerald green? deep greens look great on me but it's difficult to find dresses that color.

>> No.7985108

Thanks anon!

manshoulders are suffering. ;-;

>> No.7985113

>apparel search
>filter by color

>> No.7985304

Does anyone have a guide on how to order lucky packs oversea from btssb? I want to get one tonight, but it says they dont accept paypal on the lucky pack shop page? They do ship to America thought, right? Should I order one through the website and then send them an email? Should I just send them an email as soon as it hits 17:00?

>never ordering from the store itself again, i stg

>> No.7985361

it says no paypal for domestic (within japan) purchases. you should be fine!

which pack are you going for? i really want to get one too, but i will be travelling starting tomorrow so i might miss their email / the package.

>> No.7985366

I wouldn't get it. MTP's quality is meh at best and I think for that price you can spend it on some Infanta who are at least consistent with their mediocre quality.

>> No.7985458

Anyone, please share your fave japanese lolita blogs? Sorry for posting twice but nobody answered ;__;

>> No.7985513

Check out lolitahime on tumblr! She posts a lot of Japanese lolitas and links to their blogs as well!

>> No.7985525

You order through the online shop, just follow the directions for overseas ordering. You may want to create your account ahead of time, to save time when you order.

I really want the mid-tier one, but I really can't justify spending a lot right now for various reasons do I'm going for the small one with the bag. Fingers crossed!

>> No.7985547

I'm looking for a good petticoat to wear with classic dresses like those made by Jane Marple. At the moment I'm using an old, deflated petti. Does anyone have suggestions or is classical puppets my best bet?

>> No.7985557

I personally really like my Malco Modes 580. It's super soft and provides a good amount of poof.

>> No.7985570

Same, it's the perfect shape for A-line dresses, too.

>> No.7985692

How often do you think is ok to wear the same print to local meets? I feel like you shouldn't repeat a print too often but I also like wearing certain prints more than others...

>> No.7985693

then post something that's not noobish

>> No.7985699

However often as you want, anon. If you're worried about repeating too much, just switch up the other parts of the coord and wear it different ways.

>> No.7985720
File: 84 KB, 600x513, 17552_600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone here going to be trying for the btssb/aatp lucky pack tomorrow night? I've been debating it since I do like aatp, but I'm not into the overly sweet side of btssb. Anyone ever get anything terrible or amazing in a luckypack?

>> No.7985784

Has anyone here ever successfully revived a dead and inactive comm? If so, how did you do it?

>> No.7985786


>> No.7985791

The quality isn't as nice for lucky packs. No lining and like the sewing and design aren't that nice. The bag is also a stupid size.

>> No.7985804

I've seen 2 revived. One person messaged the inactive mod/admin and volunteered to take it over, the other was kind of hijacked and meets were held outside the main group to avoid certain individuals that no one liked thereby reviving the comm in part and sidestepping a problem that had it stalled. For either to work, there needs to be a few willing to come out to meet on their own if contacted by pm.

>> No.7986047

I think you're confusing happy packs and lucky packs. Happy packs are the special sets created specifically to be cheap and not as good of quality, lucky packs are a random assortment of unsold stock at regular quality.

>> No.7986072

I'm getting a jsk + skirt variety pack. Considered the premium pack, since the exchange rate is so good right now, but I don't want coats or misc. little items.

>> No.7986079


I tried both last year's (they were seperate bags last year). It's pretty much hit or miss.

The aatp bag was all blue or black, and did not come with any jsks. I got blouses, a vest, salopette and random print bonnets. One of the bonnets was a popular print and sold quickly, the other was not and took forever to sell. The vest was Lock the Pandora's memories, which was awesome. The salopette and one of the blouses was funky. The other blouse was nice but nothing great.

The btssb bag was entirely pink and nothing was shirred. What a pain. Took forever to sell off everything. One of the items was a print headbow, the print was some music notes, it was so random that I could not identify what print it was until I posted it on my fb and then it turns out someone in my comm had the dress and was looking for the headbow.

So yeah, pretty mixed bag.

Since they're doing btssb-aatp mixed bags this year I don't think they're going to color-coordinate it. It's nice that they do a seperate coat and bag set, so if you're in need of those, you could get them at a really good price.

>> No.7986095
File: 132 KB, 640x960, IMG_361622856502960.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haenuli's little comics are the best thing ever. I just had to say it.

>> No.7986099

Why do so few Lolitas invest in Lolita (or even dressy) coats, even if they live where it gets cold and wear their Lolita out in winter? It's a shame, really...

>> No.7986108

I'll probably buy one someday, but I'd rather buy a new main piece or accessories. Also I don't think most of the coats would do anything against -10 to -20 in a very wet climate(i.e the cold seeps in no matter what)

>> No.7986118

I have a lovely wool Jane Marple coat but I usually end up wearing my serious business ugly down coat. I'd rather be as warm as possible than cute.

>> No.7986123

I don't think most wear lolita in the harsh winters, I certainly don't. I'd rather just take a break and save that money to buy more main pieces.

>> No.7986131

I got one two years ago that came with a coat, two jsks (one printed and one solid), a bag, a cutsew, a pair of socks, and a scrunchie that matched the printed dress.

They were all pretty nice, but unfortunately the coat and printed jsk were pink, the socks were knee high, the bag didn't match anything I had, and the solid jsk fit me a bit oddly. I ended up having to sell it all except the scrunchie, which I kept because why the hell not.

>> No.7986247

Got myself a happy pack from btssb and I'm excited! Never ordered directly from the site itself and aggressively trying to get to the website for 20 minutes was pretty fun?? It made me feel like I was battling my way towards a cute dress, even if its probably going to be a cheap piece of shit.

>> No.7986251

congrats anon, which one?

I managed to get the premium set and one pirates and one baby happy pack. yay!

>> No.7986252

Just ordered mine!

I've gotten several lucky packs before, and last year's AatP special set. The set was lower quality, but still good for the price, and the print was really cute. The bag from last year is awesome.

As for lucky packs, I've always gotten straight AatP, so I'm a little worried that they're mixed this year. I was able to sell all my rejected items pretty easily before, but I'm also the type to keep as much as possible, so I didn't have much to offload.

>> No.7986255

I managed to get a happy pack as well! The baby one was super cute-I had to get it! The site kept crashing I was afraid it would be sold out!

>> No.7986256

>>7986252 here, I got the non-outerwear mid-tier variety pack.

>> No.7986263

so my cart glitched out and i got stuck with two happy packs during checkout.. hope they don't cancel my order :/

>> No.7986266

Same here! I'm so happy I managed to grab one of the JSK packs, considering my terible luck with releases.

>> No.7986281

The baby site is going absolutely mental, I have a high speed connection and high speed computer and it took me 1 minute to get onto there and into the lucky pack page.
>I have a shopping service though I just wanted to see what it felt lke to try and get a reservation.

>> No.7986284

Really? I've had really good experiences with them. I bought one of their chiffon blouses two months ago and I never want to take it off, it's so comfy. Their older stuff was kinda iffy, but I think they've upped their game recently.

>> No.7986295


A minute is fast.

Took me ten to get the lucky page to load. And it was already open, I just had to reload it about a million times to get the "add to cart" button to show up.

>> No.7986305

How do you sign up to baby and get international shipping/sign up, rather than domestic?

>> No.7986309

Basically, select the last option in the prefecture list (Other) and don't input a postal code.

>> No.7986314

Thanks, got my email. Where do I send them my correct country and postal code? Do I mail them? And then wait for more information on how to pay via paypal?

>> No.7986326

Shove your entire address (excluding country) into the field labelled 市区町村・町域, including your postal code or apartment #. Country goes in 番地等.

If you've already placed an order, update your address and send them an email.

Also, I botched the link, it's: http://www.babyssb.co.jp/overseas/how-to-use-the-shopping-cart/

And yes, they're going to send you a PayPal invoice soon.

>> No.7986327

How long does fromjapan take to bid on mbok auctions?

>places order with FJ 1 hour before they close
>auction closes in 3 hours
>order still "processing"

Guess I'm fucked.

>> No.7986329

Thanks. I'll update right now! I sent them an email with my full address anyway, just to cover all bases as I really like the AAtP lucky pack.

Where do I update my address? do I just 'add'? I'm sorry, this is my first time ordering from an international site. This will be my first brand order, too.

>> No.7986332

I have a friend in Japan. I'm not sure how it would work, though... I haven't asked her to buy anything for me, though now I'm really regretting not asking her to help me with Baby.

What do I put in phonetic/postal code, then? Ugh, I'm feeling dumber than a slice of cheese.

>> No.7986334

You're really new aren't you.

>> No.7986336

Yes. As I said, it's my first non-English buy, and my first brand purchase. Sorry for asking questions. Most of my items I've bought from lacemarket or got in swap/meets, as well as going through proxies like Qutieland.

>> No.7986337

You should give them at least 24 hours to respond and bid

>> No.7986366

Hit 'my page', login, and select the first item in the menu, which should lead you to a URL ending in /registrant.cgi etc. and you'll be able to update your address.

Phonetic should be an identical copy of your name. Leave the postal code field blank, it only accepts Japanese postal codes. Your postal code should only go in the 市区町村・町域 field, with the rest of your address.

>> No.7986375

My hero. It wasn't letting me put the postcode blank on the 'new address' page.

If >>7986327 still wants me to see if I can get them someone to bid, I'll leave a throwaway old email address, but it's getting late in Japan and she needs to teach in the morning.

>> No.7986441

How kosher is it to refuse a buyer because they have negative feedback? I'm going to bank that it is pretty kosher, but i just want to check.

>> No.7986443

Where? Some forum, an official site?

>> No.7986446


Lacemarket. They only have one negative feedback (no positives).

>> No.7986448

I'd refuse to sell to them, but they may leave you a negative for that.

>> No.7986451
File: 38 KB, 500x600, cosmic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just got cosmic in the mail, this exact version, and I was wondering does it have an AP tag inside the dress? I'm not sure if I just got scammed and got a replica. It's very high quality, but there isn't an Angelic Pretty tag sewn into it.

>> No.7986452

A suggestion. If it's your only negative feedback, screenshot the exchange between yourself and the wannabe buyer, as well as their negative score. You can keep it as a sidenote for the wary.

>> No.7986455


Thanks for the advice! That's actually really good - I'll be sure to do that then.

>> No.7986461

have you checked in the skirt of the dress, not just on the bodice? they often put a tag where you would usually find the washing instructions on the lining. AP always has tags though, just check again if you didn't look there before

>> No.7986462

Where did you get it from? All AP dresses/non-plastic accessories have tags sewn on them.

>> No.7986471

Oh thanks! I found it now. It sewn halfway down the skirt.
I had a mini heart attack when I couldn't see it right off the bat.

>> No.7986593

Is there anything wrong with wanting every colorway of a print? I've found one that I absolutely adore, but I feel like I'll look like a weirdo if I have four pieces from the same release.

>> No.7986604

Ah, IW finally announced a sale. It's not as good as the last one though

>> No.7986605

i've done this with a few releases, some designs just look totally different in each colourway. maybe i'm in denial.

>> No.7986644

Glad to know I'm not the only one tempted to do this. I don't think there's anything wrong with it.

>> No.7986663

The Yen has declined in value against the dollar tremendously this year so we're already getting a huge discount on new clothes. I bought a new dress from AP for $299 last month and now it's gone down to $270 the following month without any sales. It wasn't like that a couple of years ago before QE.

>> No.7986664

I have several pieces from the same series and I'm still looking for more! I'm really picky about prints so I keep to the ones I really love, and I don't see anything wrong with that.

>> No.7987867

Celestial reservation on the 12th http://ameblo.jp/ap-onlineshop/entry-11963310675.html

>> No.7987878

How do you go about making an event for your birthday when you've only met people in the comm 1-3 times?
I don't want/expect presents, I just want to go out in lolita with other people (especially since my birthday has to be delayed a month since everyone has finals).

I don't know how to express "I want to go out for my birthday" without making it sound like "It's my birthday so you people I don't really know should come out and celebrate my birth and give me shit"

>> No.7987880


Exactly like that.

>Hey, I'd really like to have (insert lolita related event), but PLEASE do not feel pressured to give gifts! I just want this to be a fun lolita themed day for all!

Or something like that.

I plan to do something like that too, so I know how nerve wracking that can be particularly if you don't know the comm too well.

>> No.7987888

A while ago I got a CP petti and its really short and oddly shaped. I stopped wearing lolita right after I got it so I didn't notice until now. I heard cp was supposed to be good so Im wondering if I just got a bad one. Anyhow, any other cupcake shaped petty recs? Preferably ones that aren't huge.

>> No.7987890

I've done it before. Just make a regular meet, but mention that you just want to spend your birthday wearing lolita and that you don't want any gifts. For mine I went to a wine-tasting and somebody got me a card that everyone signed, which was way more than I had expected.

>> No.7987893


I got every colourway to day dream carnival, but then I felt compelled to and did buy the twilight colourway as well. I didn't even like it all that much, I just felt like if I had all the colourways I should go all out and get all the colourways.

Other than that mental trap, and the lack of space/money being spent on one print instead of several, I don't see anything wrong with it. I don't usually get all the colourways, though, there's usually only two or three colourways that are my favorite. Having said that, half my wardrobe is the same print in two colourways instead of one dress per print.

>> No.7987897

If you don't want any gifts why do you even have to specify that it's your birthday?

Just make an event page for going out that day. No need to mention "for birthday reasons" (unless you really want your frilly acquaintances to know)...

>> No.7987937

Can someone maybe help me figure out how to order this reservation for celestial?
I have never done this before and am so confused.

>> No.7987948

I am making my first order with tenso with stuff I ordered from AP directly, is there any other lolita or j fashion shops that I can order from that don't ship overseas by themselves? All the shops I know pretty much offer over seas shipping as an option or you can't order because you need a japanese bank card.

>> No.7988012
File: 316 KB, 595x842, holyfrills.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How popular will this release be? I'm honestly interested in getting one of the jsks.

>> No.7988102


I can confirm you can order Liz Lisa through Tenso.

Would love to hear about other shops, too.

>> No.7988103 [DELETED] 

What do you do when your packages never arrive? File a paypal claim?

>bought Toy March parka
>it's been a ridiculously long time
>communication is spotty
>claims to have shipped it out

I'd feel like a massive bitch for getting my money back if she actually did ship it out, but now I don't have either my parka or my money.

>> No.7988112

Since the Celestial reservation is coming out, I'm guessing most girls (excluding rich people who can afford to buy both) would have to chose between this and Celestial which may make this a little easier to get. Don't take my word for it though.

>> No.7988115

Then on that same deal, I'm going to Tokyo at the end of them month and will have time to drop by the store.. What are the chances they'll have it in stock at the shop?

>> No.7988172

I don't know, I see it as a kind of opener into getting to know everyone since they might be more likely to start a conversation with me instead of the other way around(which feels kind of forced when everyone knows everyone else except for you) and I kind of just want to be wished 'happy birthday' when everyone I know is busy.

>> No.7988438

i'll be doing the same anon. whaddup

>> No.7988480
File: 139 KB, 900x600, fancypaperdolls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone have clear photo of the little bear from Fancy Paper Dolls?

>> No.7988488

I wish her and Venus would finally do porn.

>> No.7988495

Too bad I don't like that print, the cuts of the JSKs are really cute.

>> No.7988504

Hey all. I want to try wearing sweet, but I'm afraid my current stash of a-line petticoats won't give sweet dresses a nice silhouette.

Could you guys recommend some good bell-shaped pettis? I've gotten a few recommendations, but when I tried looking for review pics I didn't get very good results.

I heard the Classical Puppets bell petti was alright, but it seems like opinions are mixed on it. Thoughts?

>> No.7988607

You can stack two alines, and roll the top one up to get a cupcake shape.

AP pettis seem to be really great, but I haven't seen one in person. the CP is quite nice.

>> No.7988699

Pinning a chiffon A-line also works. Basically, "loop" up the top layer at regular intervals (so it looks like swags on a cake) and safety pin. Can't think of a better way to describe it, so sorry if it doesn't make sense.

>> No.7989383

Because lolita coats aren't warm at all and I like to not freeze to death in the winter? I actually prefer to wear my lolita in the winter than to try to sweat it out in summer.

If I remember right their FAQ requests at least 2 days processing time, for the record. But if you place the order during open hours they'll usually process it before closing.

>> No.7989773

Any other suggestions for this?

>> No.7990142

Does anyone have stock photos of Innocent World's lotta fawn fur collar? The only ones I can find are tiny ones from people's blogs.

>> No.7990491

not a lolita shop, but you can order from amazon JP sellers, most of them don't ship overseas, as well as stuff that's not books. Also bodyline's rakuten, if you're into that, and there's a lot of other cute shops on there that don't offer overseas shipping, but accept credit cards.

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