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Hail thee, knights and ladies of the seagull standard! Art thou any among ye faire rats? Dost thou don thy faire garb? More to the point, have ye any faire gossip to regale?

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Aw man. Always wanted a thread like this, but too scared to selpost. So here's a random lolita at a faire instead.

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I have a lot of friends who bitch to me about garb at Renn Faire that isn't historically accurate or fantasy or some shit like that.

But don't tell them, my garb is from early 12th century! The scandal that would happen if word were to ever get out!

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Do most Ren faire's start around the same time? My local one starts this weekend and i'm super excited.

Also for some reason many ren fest's look alike idk if thats just me or what.

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Depends on the location/weather. In the midwest they are usually in the summer because winter would be too cold. In warmer places that's not an issue. A lot of them look alike because a few of the bigger faires are owned by the same corporation, and also quite a few of the performers travel a circuit and show up at several faires through the year.

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Gonna hit up the Kansas City Renfest in a week or two. Going as two costumes: Indiana Jones and a generic Scottish kilt guy.

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these are so out of place on ren fairs/larps/fantasy events....if you're gonna wear lolita, at least wear something more neutral than these busy prints

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I've been to Scarborough Faire in Texas twice. Both were really fun but the heat kind of sucked ass since it was during the summer. I'd like to go again some time with friends and have a nice home made gown to wear.

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>indiana jones
why do people do this
I hope someday I can go to a ren fair with a dress code

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What are your thoughts on stuff like this, where the guy is cosplaying Marty McFly. (Apparently no one at the fair got the joke though) I've also seen Dr. Whos.
I agree that something like Indiana Jones wouldn't make any sense but a time travelling character could be funny if it's not too overdone, like having 18 Dr. Whos running around a ren fair would be annoying but one might be funny.

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I just find it annoying in general, it seems kind of special snowflake to me or even lazy depending on what you're wearing. I enjoy the atmosphere of a ren fair and it's off putting when someone has to shit it up with their dumb cosplay.

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Going to Bristol and/or Holly in September, so I should get off my ass and finish my outfit. And by finish, I mean start, because all I've done is draft the bodice and get my fabric.

Gossip, I have none, but here's a suggestion. Pack yourself a cooler and tailgate in your car for an hour or so midday. It was miserable last year - blistering hot and full of cranky dehydrated people. We had beer, cheese, crackers, carrots, hummus, and the like - way more refreshing than turkey legs or soup in a bread bowl. Pack extras if you want to make friends.

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The Ohio Rennaissance Festival is fucking awesome. Do all ren fairs have a castle with torture devices and displays that scared the fuck out of you when you were a kid? seeing that dude getting his intestines cranked out stuck with me, man.

I bought a ZUN hat last year. In high school we'd take trips there and everyone would come back wearing real fox tails and I was like "yes I'm allowed to be a weeb today". I still have mine, matches my hair color, and I secretly wish I could still wear it.

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I heard of AoT cosplay at my ren faire last year...

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There is never just one Doctor running around. Cosplayers are just irratating. Partly because there's no creativity (the stock 'wench' character is even better because at least your fabric choices are somewhat unique) but mostly because they all say the same stupid junk, acting like they're the first one to come up with it. Look, I'm not going to act all puzzled with technology when you whip out your plastic screwdriver. Nor am I going to wonder about your relationship with the Queen.

Homestucks though, why? Why would you paint your sweaty bodies grey and rub up on highly ornate costumes that cost hundreds of dollars? Leave that shit for cons, where people at least expect some body paint to be present.

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Because it's a fandom for 12 year olds. You might as well be a juggalo to be honest.

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I find that guys "armor" way more disturbing

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>1 week open air medieval faire & larp
>decent terrain, beautiful landscape, actual castle ruins in the vicinity
>but raining all week long
>mud grass horse shit everywhere
>spot a local lolita comm wearing surprisingly nice coords, walking around
>me cringing at the tought they dresses and shoes and everything might be ruined

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at least he's trying instead of
lol borrowed moms puffy vest lol I'm mcfly le time traveller dudes chillin in muh jeans!!! be scared simpletons I'm from futuretimes!!

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yeah but I can ignore random idiots. But idiots who think they actually wearing historical garb because it slightly resembles something from a film, if you see it from far away during night that's rustling my jimmies way more.
Kind of a pet peeve for me

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Please tell me they didn't wear the military uniform

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Other than the obligatory "ye olde homecoming queen who wins all the costume contests turns out to have been fucking the organizer all along" dramu, not much.

Is that Uttate? Fucking Uttate.

Not that I can really complain about anachronisms since my local event is basically anything goes at this point. They gave the scifi types and steamfags their own corner on the grounds as a containment zone because the stormtroopers and crappy cardboard-box-on-a-bicycle 'airships' were getting out of hand and clogging up the walkways. Last year I saw a group of Naruto cosplayers, various incarnations of the Joker and at least two neon coloured fursuiters. I'd rather have a bunch of people in casual clothes than this. Even lolita is much better than this as long as it's not OTT sweet, but of course it always is.

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Cosplaying to the renfaire is stupid but I've seem some faire appropriate fandom inspired outfits posted here before. Anyone have any pics to share?

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I saw some while working at my local one. It was, of course, a shitty flower crown armin in military uniform with a super shiny mustard yellow wig.

I wouldn't mind AoT people if they were in their civvies but just ugh..

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"I wore normalfag clothing and no one knew who I was 'cosplaying'!"

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I haven't been to O Ren yet, but the GLMF just ended. It is great, but man do they have some drama. They put lolita comms to shame.

Are we dishing drama about cast members here? I don't think anyone would be here to contribute stories, but I only have a few about the older cast members.

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None are mine but i've seen this before. Forget who the character is

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That's not Uttate and doesn't look anything like her.

I hate: lolita (that isn't on theme somehow at least), cosplay, and steampunk at ren faires. There are always a pile of Dr Whos, Star Trek people, idiots with goggles on top hats, and assorted other goofballs running around. I can barely tolerate the furries if they make some effort to costume themselves in a way that makes sense. I'm also sick of: chain mail bikinis, random "arabian" belly dance concoctions, and women with their tits squeezing out of their corsets. I have no problem seeing a nice pair of tits but not when they look like they are in pain as well as being horribly inaccurate.

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I really want BARF to become great again, but with all the money that Jim Peterson puts into MIRF [and in general him being a dickwad] I don't think that will ever happen.

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Spotted this one myself (that's the "official" Robin Hood crouched there with his excellent cover, about to rescue Will Scarlett)

I heard there was drama about the new Queen Elizabeth at NYRF this year.


Maybe my ren faire is just 2kewl but we have cheese and fruit plates, hummus, chicken pita, and all that jazz these days. I think they got bought out by some company that really spruced the place up, built better permanent structures, including a ton of coffee-places and an Italian frozen soda stand. They got rid of the Mudd Showe though.

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I'm eager to go to a renfaire, as I've never been to one in my life but they are RIGHT up my alley. Does anyone have a recommendation for where to buy a nice dress for this type of event? I don't want to drop literally hundreds of dollars on it, but I could tolerate <$200.

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Can you sew at all? You can save money by making some of the pieces yourself - skirts and chemise are very basic patterns.

Otherwise my advise would be to thrift a couple of long skirts to layer, as well as a "peasant blouse" to stand in for a chemise, then spring for a nice bodice from an etsy seller or somewhere like Crimson Gyspy.

Now if you want something fancier or more accurate (the above will go along with what a lot of people wear to faire but is not technically period accurate) comment again and I'll adjust my suggestions accordingly.

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I'm not much of a seamstress, and I enjoy supporting people who craft. I don't mind spending outside my budget if it means getting something nice while not going over the top - I don't want to roll up to Ye Olde Club dressed like a queen. Simple/well-made/pretty is my ideal.

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Museum Replicas ins't bad. I've bought some of my pirate garb from there.

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But muh holy grail.

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What about Evil Dead Ash cosplay at a renfaire?

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Honestly, I'd go to the fair in normalfag clothes - there tends to be at least one really good costume vendor and a dozen or so selling plain skirt/bodices/doublets. Pendragon Costumes, for instance, hits a fairly large circuit and their bodices are very nice. Some faires also have rentals so you can try out various styles for a day.

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That is actually a Homestuck character. Some people do know how to dress appropriately.

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All our medieval faires are run by reenactor nazis and have dresscodes, it sucks.
100% historically accurate outfit but you have hair dyed in an unnatural color? "Wrong" century/country (Roman soldier, medieval Japan etc.)? Really elaborate fantasy costumes? Full price.

Greasy slob in a cheap velvet "medieval" dress + tennis socks in Crocs = zomg teh middle ages, free entry.

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I refuse to believe that your not exaggerating. There is no way people are that stupid.

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I dress up as an elf for local ren fair

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*for the local ren fair

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Does anyone use a mud guard on their gowns? I only discovered the use of these a few months ago, but it seems very sensible if you plan on wearing the outfit a lot or if the paths are always sloppy. What do you make them out of? Everyone I found mentions linen velvet, but that seems crazy expensive.

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Advice on proper faire attire? I'm making an emerald herald costume, and since dark souls is *obviously* more inspired by the dark ages than renaissance, would wearing the costume to a local ren faire be a huge no-no? Pic is E.H btw

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her right eye is purple

just a heads up if you wanted to go that far

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I'm not sure how it is at most faires, but by and far the ones I've been to are more based on fantasy and movies and just slap a Queen Elizabeth actress in there somewhere to say its renaissance. There's usually actual faire-employed actors playing Robin Hood and Jack Sparrow at the same event as the Queen, so fuck if they even know what time period they want to be. As long as your costume falls somewhere between those two, you're good.

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I have a question about the SCA. I'm looking at joining, but I noticed on the site/wiki/whatever for the local group, there's character pages for many members. Most of them are just information on their rank or a short blurb on their history, but one guy has a very spiteful sounding warning to not associate with him on it. It doesn't sound like its "in game" either. I've already met this guy outside of the SCA so I'd like to know what the deal is and whether he really is a dick in disguise. I tried to ask someone but they never got back to me on it. Is the SCA really against sharing drama like that or are there some equivalent to /cgl/ for it where I can find out whats up? You'd think they'd share more to keep unwanted people out.

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I've only just joined myself, and everyone I've met has been super friendly and helpful. There are gonna be dicks in any club/society, but chances most people will really dislike them for it. It could be part of the guy's persona to be a jerk, though that would be pretty weird if it was. Maybe ask the Seneschal if he is for real or not, something about how you are a bit confused/intimidated/put off by what he has written? They are usually pretty happy to clear things up because they want new members to be comfortable.

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Gah I meant Chatelaine not Seneshal sorry

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Mr. and I go at least once a year. I really need to remake my stay/bodice/whatever, possibly make Mr. a Rincewind costume too.

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The chatelaine is who I asked. I'm trying to not seem like I'm drama-mongering but there's a good possibility of running into this guy again (he doesn't seem to still be in the group, but we run in the same social circles). Its also heavily bothering me that he uses the same name in SCA as in real life, not his real name but he actually introduces himself to normalfags as his SCA persona? That seems really really weird.

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I can sew and follow a pattern but I'm a complete illiterate when it comes to fabric.
What would you recommend for pic related.

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Mine starts up this weekend also!

Maryland has their run from Aug 23 to Oct 20 every weekend, Saturday and Sunday. I've never been to any out of state but I'm sure ours is pretty nice, I mean heck Jousting is our state sport believe it or not.

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Do you need recommendations just for looks or are you planning to wear this to a faire?

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Ideally, I'd do a silk crepe de chine. However, if you want it to be a little less expensive and easier to wear, a heavy jersey knit would be lovely. Half rayon with the other half cotton/spandex has the best drape in my experience, but play around at a fabric store to see what you like.

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I'll be sewing it for my doll, so the fabric doesn't have to be easy to wear or to clean...
Thank you.

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Then I agree with >>7769553 and maybe splurge on the silk since you shouldn't need much.

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Is that you? You're rather pretty.

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It's really sweet that you both go together! I wish my hubby would do that with me (and enjoy it).

>> No.7769670

He's really gung-ho about it (he plays DnD and was the one who asked me to make him the wizard costume).

>> No.7769681

Yessir, that's me. Thank you!

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Do Ren people have intertwining communities liike jfashion does?

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>> No.7769824

I am not sure if I used the correct term, but like how there is thee lolita comm, but theere are also comms specific to cities? but the entire world wide comm are still related

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>tween pls go

>> No.7770136

Oh trust me, I plan on taking a lot of time with this outfit and making it as great as j can.

>> No.7770231

This is pretty much the only acceptable example though since, well, Marty is a time traveler.

>> No.7771177

I don't find "time travelers" acceptable at faire, whether cosplayers or steampunks.

>> No.7772152

>>They got rid of the Mudd Showe though.

....but it's the greatest show in Earth!

>> No.7773082

The Michigan Ren Fair sucks donkey balls.

For the most part, its nothing but shops selling all sorts of retarded shit for breathtakingly high prices: imagine any "costume" item in a dealers hall; thats the quality/price level. The rest are either selling useless shit, or "battle ready" wall hanger swords milled out of solid steel stock on a milling machine. And that's it, it's awful. The biggest unique "attraction" is a single ventriloquist who does the "Ded Bob show," which might be amusing except this guy literally does THE EXACT SAME ACT LINE FOR FUCKING LINE EVERY YEAR. Going on god knows how many fucking decades.

The only things I've bought there were musical instruments; a neat little clay ocarina and a renissance style flute. Even the "jousting" event isn't amusing enough to sit around in the heat for.

Avoid. Avoid. Fucking avoid.

>> No.7773121

Take that experience, but put it in Florida without the permanent structures and you have BARF. But at BARF there are a few good shops, I've got a corset from middle school that still looks brand new and a good pair of leather boots.

You do have to remember that most of this time this is people's lively hoods. So that's why the pricing is high.

How's the royal court? And the chess match? I've heard they are at least good.

>> No.7773127

>reenactor nazis
>not nazi reenactors
Consider yourself lucky because those are far worse.

>> No.7773146

So earlier it was mentioned that there is drama with the New York Ren Faire Queen? I noticed that the Queen who had been there for years was changed this year. Anyone know why?

>> No.7773522

we have Ded Bob too at the NYRF. I don't think he's funny. There was a new mime/magic show this year that was spot on. Mr. and I are gonna try to see other acts that are new. (There's some dungeon thing but that costs extra)

>> No.7773838

>Looking at "Braveheart" style thick cowhide leather cuirass on ebay.
>$300, free shipping to anywhere in U.S.
>No monies.

brb pawn shop, because shit would look swell with my all-wool tartan kilt and moccasins.

>> No.7773924

I used to be a part of a hema group in Sydney who used to do shows at Winterfest and Ironfest. People are generally too excited about seeing actually swordfighting to call us out for doing 14th century systems.

>> No.7774197

Having worked the Florida Renaissance Festival myself this year and I did go most of the weekends last year, let me tell you what is good and bad about it:

Having to work the fair meant I had be in character 100% of the time the fair opened and closed. You have to deal with parents who start drinking at about 12 or 1pm and have to deal with drunk assholes late in the day before the fair closes. The kids themselves aren't too bad unless they are in their teens, then they think they can be cool and break into areas they are not allowed or make fun of the workers there.

Having to work it: The people themselves are a mixed bag of helpful, nice people having a good time or old timers/crews that have drama with other crews. It is just fine for the most part, but some days are better than others.

Shopping wise, it is just better to buy online unless you TOTALLY need to buy something there you can't get anywhere else. It kinda blows. No one really has cards and if they do, they don't have websites, just a number to call. Many places have great items, just at prices that no one but drunk people will pay for. Do note, don't buy clothing there unless you are ready to drop anywhere between 30 or 45 for just a basic shirt to anywhere around 600$ for the coats there. Also the Wooden mug place there is a total rip, just get that shit on Etsy for less.

As for cosplayers, I saw homestuck kids a few times there this year, a few Links, a few back to the future ones, and some randoms. They were not too bad, but to me, the homestuck just made me roll my eyes

>> No.7774225

The local Faire is a port town so I usually choose a different world culture each time I go.

As long as it's period correct, meaning fashion of the era or before because the poor weren't up to date, you'd fit right in.

>> No.7775556

That sounds odd. My impression of those sorts of character blurbs is is more to show what areas and time periods the person described is interested in and has researched. I'd ask the chatelaine about it. But by all means go to some stuff organized by your local group (an arts and sciences meeting or sewing event, etc). Don't wait because you don't understand everything or don't have any garb or what not.

I got involved with my local group earlier this year and have not regretted it at all. Everyone is so helpful and friendly.

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>> No.7776201

>highly ornate costumes that cost hundreds of dollars?

Hundreds, or depending on who it is, thousands. You get into some crazy money in the nobility gear. Depending on the peasant, you might just add some new dirt.

>> No.7776357


I don't do Ren Faires, but I have a friend who makes his own armor for jousting and stuff and it's not historically accurate. Myabe that dude just made his ugly armor so he doesn't get the shit kicked out of him swordfighting?

>> No.7776387

Actual protective gear for hema stuff tends to not be historically accurate. People would rather be safe than look good.

>> No.7777485

The SCA is probably the closest thing. Its world wide, breaks down into kingdoms, baronies, shires, etc. Every group has a leader than in turn answers to the next tier up. And I can confirm there is very similar gossip, certain groups being known for drama or shittyness, elitists, the ren-equivalent of itas, fetishists (its just bondage instead of age play), etc. The drama just varies more as there's a more equal amount of men and women, as well as a much wider range of ages. I was with a fringe group for a while that had so many break ups, splits, drama, and stupidity that it drove me out. Literally within the space of three years there was usurping, the group split in half, someone tried to fuck someone else's wife, someone stole an entire pirate ship on a trailer (a full size ship made as the camp fort), numerous passes were made at the two underage girls and immediately passed off as "just kidding", and one of the main founding members turned out to not exist at all. How no one ever realized she wasn't real after 7 years of 'just missing' them at the ren fair I have no idea.

>> No.7777490

Oh no this is the second group I'd be joining, first one just wasn't SCA. I have enough garb to last at least a week without doing laundry, depending on season. Its just this particular dude just seems to keep popping up in a lot of different scenes within the area. I've never head back from the chatelaine so I'm assuming its old drama and he'd best just be avoided.

>> No.7779559

I want to make a court gown but I have no idea where to start.

I mean I can sew and what not, I'm just wondering on where to get patterns? Anyone have any good tutorials or write ups?

>> No.7779616

Do you have a certain country and timeframe in mind? There are differences between an Elizabethan court gown and Saxon, and things change a bit depending on what decade you're aiming for.

As general advice, I've had good experiences or heard good things about Margo Anderson, Reconstructing History, and Tudor Tailor. I'd say TT is the most accurate for Tudor/Elizabethan you can find, and RH has the widest range of periods/countries.

If you don't need it to be absolutely accurate, I would say that some of the Simpilicy costume patterns are decent. Also if you are planning to join a faire cast they will probably have some guidelines you have to stick with. There used to be a good review site of historical patterns - let me see if I can dig it up for you.

>> No.7779621

Here is the site http://www.gbacg.org/great-pattern-review/index.php

And there should be a "for example" somewhere in my first sentence. Obviously there are more courts than just those two examples.

>> No.7779768
File: 980 KB, 500x281, 1406927967504.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ahhhh, this is perfect thank you <3

I am going for Tudor/Elizabethan court and I've already found a few good recommendations just browsing through the site :D

>> No.7781493

I too share this feel. I'm kind of a costume history geek and I've always wanted to go to a renfaire in full attire, but it just seems way less practical than going to an anime con; they're usually held in the summer, it's too damn hot to be wearing layer upon layers of clothes, and I don't want to get mistaken for official cast members.

My google-fu is failing me.

/re/questing video of a black guy's experience at a renfaire.

>> No.7784763

Thirding the history geek feels. I used to handle the fashion collection of a small museum. I managed to get everyone who worked there into some decently accurate Victorian duds. Whenever I went to some kind of steampunk or dress up event I'd wear something way more cutesy or comfortable, because fuck it I'm not going to wear my silk taffeta bustle gown to a crowded hot event and have 500 strangers touch it and get their con crud and Steam Powered Giraffe glitter all over it.

Now I've never attempted to make an elaborate Tudor gown (though it would be nice) for pretty much the same reason plus ren fairs have that lovely atmospheric mud. I still go, but in airy washable cotton hankerchief skirts and fairy duds.

>> No.7784839

If in addition to being historical costuming enthusiasts you are interested in making pre-1600's clothing, wearing it to events and talking to folks with similar interests I would suggest looking into your local sca group.

While not everyone is perfect in their garb or has that as their highest focus there are those who really get into that aspect.

>> No.7784879

I've tried the SCA thing, it really wasn't for me. The local one is primarily concerned with fighting and beer and there's very little emphasis on costuming or... anything that isn't fighting or beer (or sex) really.

>> No.7785053

>Those wings
>That collar
>That flower crown
>That FUCKING flower crown
>Those wings
>That cheap dress
>With that blouse

>> No.7785061


Those are some pretty ballin' threads.

>> No.7785063


Serious question, does she have Down's?

>> No.7785086


Quite frankly, I'd give the knight more shit about his armour than I would Marty.

That thing just screams "cheap larp knockoff". He'd be better off with jus the chain.

>> No.7785113


>Leather cuirasses


>> No.7785123


>That armor

From top down

>Unprotected neck
>Inadequately protected upper arms
>Unprotected elbows
>Inadequately protected forearms
>Unprotected hands (leather gloves do jack shit)
>Inadequately protected thighs
>Unprotected knees
>Inadequately protected shins
>No padding beneath the chainmail, dude is asking for punctured skin
>Chainmail beneath plate, as opposed to wearing voiders
>Pressed sheet metal riveted onto leather, as opposed to actual forged armor

I guarantee that dudebro does not walk into any fights dressed like that. He also did not make that armor himself, as I've seen it in stock with online "armor" dealers.

By the looks of him, I'd say he's just cosplaying a medieval Judge Dredd. In which case, he does it right.

>> No.7785126


There's a pdf out there called "the Medieval Tailor's Assistant", it deals with the more common garbs from 1200 to 1500, for both men and women, and includes headwear.

>> No.7788200

Any MO/KCfags gonna venture the the KC ren. fest tomorrow?

I wanna beat on some dudes with my foam claymore.

Also what is a good "boxer short" style garment to wear under my kilt?

I don't want to become a sex offender so I don't go full-scot. I am thinking of cutting down some drawstring pants and using that as an underwear.

Might upload pic(s) of my costume in a bit.

>> No.7790206


That's why they started wearing kilt pins after Queen Victoria got flashed at a parade on a windy day. (And when is it not windy in KS.)

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