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Any j-fash/lolita/kawaii youtubers? i'm severely lacking in things to watch. also discussion (no wank please)

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Anyone know what happened to Crystal Chan's youtube exactly?

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Precious Crystlan-chan seems to have all of her videos deleted after the comments under this video:


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My holy christ what did I just watch

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Does anyone know where the re-upload of her bullying video went? I know it was posted in a previous thread, but I can't find it.

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I love this

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she's my favorite fucking thing

thank you anons for showing this

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Koneecheeewoo!!! this is NekoPocky DESS!!!!

Thanks for the support anons, you're awesome.

Anyway, I uploaded some of my favorite fail BAWWLEETED lolita videos, and decided to share with you. Link coming, prepare your bodies..~

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>Bullied for being too stupid to use a spell check

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just watch dat-baka
he's alright

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Holy shit I'm super pumped
and I'm kind of fangirling tbh

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>Makes lolita makeup tut only to admit half way through that she has no idea on how to properly apply makeup..

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Why are there boxes of condoms in the background?

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So your body can be prepared.

Notice how much she brought.

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>Insists that only clothing has the ability to look ITA and not the n00b bitch wearing it..while looking Ita as hell herself -shrugs- P.S. BTB is Satan's play ground


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>bouncing camera and lazy dancing


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>Sir umm

Wait...English people really pronounce "so" that way? Shit, and I thought that was only in comedies to make fun of them.

Mind = blown

>Sage for no contribution

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She's Australian by the sounds of it.

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>BubbleGum Dess, the weird girl I actually based my persona off of..


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This was painfull to watch. Disgusting.

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your daily dose of pinky tutorials /cgl/
turn down your volume around 3:20

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That was terrifying, she had no idea how to make it look clean.

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Her makeup isn't atrocious but her commentary is horribly awkward

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my list
kota bear
R Gorey
Lovely Lor
Sunny Macabre
hello Batty
Lillith Gray
Brookelle Marie


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>music box version of Simple and Clean playing in the background
so perfect

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did you see the same video I did?

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I must have watched your beginner's guide a bajillion times because it cracks me up every single time.

Please make a video about going to meetups and/or lolita comms.

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Nyanners is fucking God-tier.





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I really liked you dog, is it a Doberman? can you post pictures of it.

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If this is really you, I love you. Please keep the videos coming.

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Can you try to make a video blowing a huge bubblegum bubble?

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I'm insanely jealous of how small your breasts are you're so lucky.

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Thank you very much! and yes she is! her name is Delilah, 3 year old Doberman Pincer, owned by my older brother who I rent a room from. She's a little butt some times but she's very much loved. Pic's posted~

Oh god I know..I used to be SUPER self conscious of my breasts as a child, but now I absolutely love having tiny breasts. I truly do feel really bad for the girls with bigger boobs.. especially in this fashion..

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Oh lord she is perfect, I love Dobermans so so much. The first dog my family ever had while I was alive was a Doberman and I loved her so much. they always have such family orientated traits that are so adorable. Thank you so much for these pictures.

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Holy fuck I'm cringing at the way she applies foundation. Why is she pulling at her skin so hard?

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nyanners is a crazy ass bitch who thinks way to highly of herself, she's been doxed already.

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> foundation not matching her skintone at all

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so pretty doe muh waifu

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nyanners pls go

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She is, yes. The community she's complaining about is Brisbane.

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She was so furious when talking that she started gasping lmao

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Why does this seem like such a weird moment in my life?
>remember all those hours watching those videos on youtube
>all the shame

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this rant is still my fav.

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>nyanners is a crazy ass bitch who thinks way to highly of herself
What do you mean? Literally all I've seen her do is make videos
She does seem a little narcissistic though

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And a gif to go with it.

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>40 damn minutes

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was really hard to listen to, but I did it. kind of funny, would have been a better greentext story

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it's too you uncultured swine!

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I don't know anything about make up, but this is seriously the blind leading the blind surely.

If you're the slightest bit into makeup you wouldn't take this video seriously right?

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I don't know, I have mixed feelings about this. I mean, obviously this is supposed to be a parody, but this girl doesn't look like she has it together?
I feel like if you're doing videos like these you shouldn't look like you live in a hoarders den yourself..

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That makeup makes her look like a tacky whore. I just want blend the shit out of her blush on my screen.

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you realize that the messy room was done purposely, right? it's a knock to all of the lolita n00bs out there who insist on making tutorials/ taking pictures of their coords and don't bother to clean their rooms first. My parody's are full of subtle little jokes like this.

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>Claims not to know how lolita meets work and doesn't want to organize one
>Complains about the way meet was organized, says how she would have done it and how it would have been done properly

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shut up and make more videos

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Ok guys, so I know Crystal Chan in real life, and she is a very sweet and kind person - the sort of person who would do anything for you. I feel bad for her that she gets ripped on so bad on /cgl/ (and the internet in general) but at the same time she's kinda asking for it. One part of me admires that she is so confident in herself that she can post all that shit, but the other part of me wishes she wouldn't because lets face it, its pretty bad (also wondering if there is legit something wrong with her which is why she has no shame posting this stuff?).

She's been a 'lolita' and a 'cosplayer' for the last couple of years, but she mainly focuses on lolita these days. I thought she'd have improved a bit by now, but unfortunately not.

Her personal profile is a goldmine, but I'd never share any of it sorry. I already feel like enough of a dick for posting this.

And for whoever was asking, we're from Australia not England.

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I really don't believe that and you still look frumpy as shit.

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And posting reaction images doesn't change anything.

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>missing the point this much

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youre so slow anon.

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Your first video was pretty funny, the second was ok but the speech impediment was just too much.

They're about as subtle as a slap to the face with a kipper

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I got dox'd once by /b/. I'm not even e-famous. It was weird. Basically they just blew up my phone and ordered pizza to my house, someone actually BOUGHT me a pizza too, which was fucking great.

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>at least she nose painting her nose black makes it 50x bigger

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Fairy-kei anyone?

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Ohh okay, thanks for the feed back. Sincerely, I want to know if I can do anything to improve my next video. I never did anything like this before so there's always room for improvement.

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The important thing is to never take criticism, because you are already a perfect desu lolita at heart!

Seriously I didn't finish the video yet but I'm laughing so hard

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What the fuck is wrong with her cheeks

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This made me so angry to watch. I feel sorry for that comm that had to deal with her

>> No.7711090

Did she compare being admin of a Facebook group to being CEO of a company?
Holy shit.
I knew she was dumb, but her whole demeanor is so irritating, I just want to kick her in the shins.

>> No.7711092

Yes I almost facepalmed at that. I repeated that when she said later on in her video that she got sick. lol She's a rude bitch. No wonder she was disinvited

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Don't get me wrong your vids are funny I just preferred the original one. It doesn't matter if there subtle or not really as long as there clever so keep it up.

I look forward to more though!

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This bitch has serious issues. I've seen her video where she complains that indie brands shouldn't be called "indie", just brands, since there is no differences in quality between taobao and "the godly few". Basically, everything is brand.


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So uh.. what was the real reason she got kicked from the group? I'm not watching 45 minutes of this bullshit

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The funny thing is from the video shes trying to paint them as these elitist bitches but she actually sounds like the elitist. She gets in some big fight with a girl over a design replica and keeps telling her its wrong and stealing and blahblah and jesus christ, she goes on a rant about it for like 20 minutes in the video. I'm literally skipping ahead major sections in the video and she's still going on about this replica argument

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Still watching this goddamn video
"So at the meet there was no welcome party, no explanation of how things worked...."
Like, is there supposed to be? In my last comm we tried to introduce people but there's not like a formal speech about rules or anything
In my new comm, they introduced me pretty well, and I thought that was awesome, but I didn't expect it.
Lolitas aren't the most socially graceful, and that goes for the people running the comm as well as the shy newbies joining it.

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So I've just finished this shit and in the end, after fucking 40 minutes of bitching, it all came down to the fact that her comm was jealous because she owned Angelic Pretty.

Hold me seagulls, I just can't.

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You're a hero
I had to keep skipping ahead and ended up skipping like 3/4 of the video
I think my favorite part is the random animals running around. I don't know if that's on purpose or they are just there but it really adds.

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Can we get back to posting lolita youtubers? I need more people to subscribe to.

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I love lolita haul videos

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that's part of the joke you nitwit

>> No.7716266

My god, how retarded can one get?

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Nice video. I'd recommend learning how to tie bows properly though.

>> No.7716411

She says in her video she has a speech impediment. She says other words with that weird "urrr" at the end if you listen to it carefully.

>> No.7716466

This is a parody, right? ...Right?

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What did you do?

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this girl used to be my favourite fairy kei youtuber, she's not the best but I always thought she was adorable
now she's all boho hippie though :(
She has the cutest room tour video too, her accessories are amazing

>> No.7717707

Very cute! These kind of videos are nice, I love seeing the little details
only recommendation is the same thing as the other, the bow

>> No.7717808

Everything about your video is perfect.
I think it'd be great to make it seem like family is involved, like pixyteri status
"my mom wouldn't take me to hot topic to get a tutu, it would've been the perfect petti, she doesn't respect my lifestyle"

also I think it's great that you take feedback so well! some girls on here go batshit over that
you seem really fun to be around

>> No.7717814

just looking at her irritates me?
She seems so unpleasant to be around, wow

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>> No.7717849

I second this list and adding
Princess peachie
Wayward mermaid

>> No.7717906

I'm in love

>> No.7717938

That last one.. scary shit

>> No.7717957

Also if you check her facebook, she left a farewall note.

I checked her page out of curiosity and browsed through her old posts. And... I don't know. I laughed my ass off watching her videos, but reading her posts made her seem really pitiful, like she just wants some friends and is really alone.

I... I just don't know how to feel.

>> No.7718613

Don't feel bad at all anon
>Hello everyone this will be the last time i will write on here. Why is that? Well the other day i got a really i mean really nasty comment

she's deleting her entire channel because of a comment, so she's leaving the fashion. She's just not cut out for it if she can't handle a comment on the internet. She didn't look good in it anyways, so maybe she'll move on to something she looks nice in.
Definitely don't feel bad, this is her making a big deal out of something that really doesn't matter.

>> No.7718622

So what was this ~mean nasty~ note?

>> No.7718629

>Wow victim complex much A bloo,bloo,bloo the girl was mean to me using sarcasm. A bloo,bloo,bloo. Lighten up, YES I think your shit at dressing yourself and Yes I will vocalize that and your weeb behaviour. I too have disabilities if you read my full comment you would notice I stated I have Aspergers to so how can I feel more powerful than someone with the same shtig as myself I can achieve that just by looking in my closet. ;) The fact that you admit you are a noob and give advice to others is just sick you are giving people WRONG advice and as I said Get the fuck better before you give out more misinformation. I mod a lot of lolita groups so yeah I give so much information to others I even give out brand to those who deserve it but cant afford it.It's SPecial snowflake pretentious trash like you that refuses to get better is the reason why you are being talked and mocked like this in other groups. I didn't want to have to pick you apart any further but looks like I'm going to. 1: STOP compensating, you will and always be poor bogan trash I can identify it in your accent.
2: If you put frills on a pig it is still a pig, you can try and dress yourself but I think there is a reason why you wear replicas you cant fit into brand. Japanese fashion is a fashion for skinny to medium builds it is a niche fashion. You can not wear this fashion if you are a hamplanet. Also being that fat can't be healthy for you I see you sweating with labored breath in your videos.
3: Another reason why you buy replicas you can't afford real brand. This is a fashion of Opulence and expense you can't be walking around wearing chinese sweat shop third tier trash that oojia put together at the last minute. Buy better quality dresses.

>> No.7718635

>4: You have the Charisma of a dead fish which makes your videos such a boor to view. You definitely do not have the Charisma to pull off 20min Plus videos let alone 10min videos. You should stick to 5minute videos at the max.
>5: Also learn to fucking JAPAN if you are attempting to use the fucking language in your username. Everyone who isn't a weeb knows you DO NOT put fucking honorifics at the end of your name. It is rude, disgusting and pretentious to other japanese you will give off the wrong impression. Change the fucking name to SPECIUL SNOWFLAKE 6000 RORITA ANGEL DESU I dont care just remove the fucking honorific you 2 bit wannabe trash. You'd think with al the animu shit you watch you would catch on by now about customs and shit.
>6: Brush your teeth more and have better hygiene that shit is gross I mean come on your teeth are yellow in most fo your videos ffs.
>7: Get better fucking co-ords and an understanding of shit that suits your body type. Looking like an over inflated basket of breadrolls serves no purpose but to make ya look like shit.
>8: Get better at showering and taking care of your disgusting oily face.
9: I'd step up to the plate but it seems you already ate it ;)
10: Maybe when you fix these things you might become an average lolita instead of the Itatastic hot mess you are.

>> No.7718665


Who wrote this comment? I want to give them a medal.

>> No.7718698

Simply put, Crystal Chan was an underage, innocent girl who didn't belong on the internet. I honestly think that it's a good thing she quit her videos because she didn't have a strong enough heart to continue on. I mean, becoming that distraught over a comment and to entirely wipe out her channel because of it? Some people can handle haters and shit on the internet and some just can't. You need to learn to think for yourself instead of fully giving into what others say about you.

>> No.7718736

To be honest this girl sounds too autistic as well.

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File: 658 KB, 851x463, replica.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

holy shit what

>> No.7718806

I was underage and on the internet for years but I handled it.

If you can't deal with haters you should stick to Facebook and not be putting yourself out there. Also you should probably stay out of the lolita/cosplay scene entirely

>> No.7718809

>the only part of the print that's messed up is this piece of mane missing!

wtf you're zoomed in on a horse with HALF A FACE

>> No.7718812

wow this girl is super cringey and annoying. I feel the urge to leave a shitty comment.

I understand not wanting to drop the money for brand but I've never understood replicas (especially shitty print replicas). Like there are so many nice clothes on Taobao that aren't replicas, in fact most replicas are the worst quality lolita dresses

>> No.7718819

This girl is terrifying. And that creepy music.. Ugh

>> No.7718820

She stated that she's has aspergers in the begining

>> No.7718821

i know, which only makes it worse and true.

>> No.7719389

That's actually a pretty mean comment.
Like the commentator is burning up inside with the hatred of a thousand suns.

>> No.7719414

Some of the girls don't look amazing.

>> No.7719428

She's making me hate the word "shameless".
And what the fuck is the second half of that video? This is some 3deep5u psychological horror shit.

>> No.7719447

Can I have your autograph?

>> No.7719448

All the awkward mincing about.

>> No.7719451

I think she was trying to make it look all whimsical or something.

>> No.7719457

I think being open to feedback is the first step in not acting like a little bitch

>> No.7719639

Only the girl laying on the tree and the one in red who danced were close to attractive. Why are lolitas so ugly?

>> No.7719727


Unfortunately, it's not a parody. But there is a parody of it.

>> No.7719824

My god I completely agree 100%. Not being able to take critic's of your work, you post online especially, makes you a shitty person..I couldn't even imagine having a big ego over these ridiculous videos I post..lol


Believe it or not, this girl is an ex friend..and I inspired her to make this video..lol Her name is Carly. She's fucking hilarious, great sense of humor.

>> No.7720818

I was hoping to see her here, Pastel Ai is so cute. It makes me sad she grew out of fairy kei cause she's perfect for it, being that little. I'm really jealous.

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File: 1.06 MB, 446x374, 1405476186306.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Using shit that is not necessary.
>Has no idea how to apply foundation and concealer.
>It's not even the fucking right shade.

What is this.

>> No.7721688

It's funny because it isn't until after she got kicked out that everything is wrong.
She just looks like a fucking bitch. Good riddance.

>> No.7721704

motherfucking dark roots
motherfucking eyebrows
motherfucking applying makeup like she's painting a wall
motherfucking everything

>> No.7721964

So did something happen with VenusAngelic today... she said that she posted a new video on instagram then everyone was freaking out hat all her videos were missing... she wrote that she made them private cause she was scammed by Creators Studio... this isn't the first time I have heard of Creators Studio and other companies taking advantage of youtubers... Now I am not a Venus fan but I really don't get how these companies are allowed to do this.

>> No.7721967

also when i went to look at her channel it looks like her videos are still up... i didn't care to check earlier so she must have got something fixed... but i wanna know more about what happened!

>> No.7722276


>> No.7722354

Wow I forgot she existed. I used to follow her when I went on Tumblr regularly but she started annoying the fuck out of me, I can't even remember why.

>> No.7723148

cute video, I got so cringey when the fashion show started though, these girls do not know how to model/pose
they also kept leaving the stage way too fast
maybe that's how it was planned, but you get like a split second for photos

>> No.7724333

It's cause she's kind of a shitty SJW reblogger, shame cause everything else she posted/reblogged was all of that wonderful mythical enchanted forest hippie type shit.

>> No.7724641

probably because they give them like no time to practice.

>> No.7727235

Who was that russian girl who used to post videos? She was quite young and would post her daily outfits and vlogs. I also remember she used to pose with fake guns sometimes...

>> No.7727253
File: 18 KB, 280x263, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this was her but i can't remember her channel/blog name

>> No.7728569

It was floretta/va. I thought she was a qt.

>> No.7729880
File: 356 KB, 500x667, tumblr_m76js3qP4H1rsp6czo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ally & Sally~
Their bio:
To become idols and spread our love for eroge around the world!
We’ve been fans of eroge since 13
….even though we like these sort of games, don’t get the wrong idea!
We can’t even say dirty words, so please don’t think we’re perverts or anything…
We’re good girls!! Even if you play eroge, it doesn’t make you a pervert!
Together, let’s eroge!

>> No.7729885

God, is that really them? They're not much to look at in their official photos but they're fucking hideous here.

>> No.7729886

ayy lmao

is she going for the Natalie Portman in The Professional look?

>> No.7730154
File: 695 KB, 763x507, whats.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7730163

Everything about this is horrible and I love it
Please play it on my wedding
And my funeral

>> No.7730195

I'm a girl who likes eroge and hentai and their "teehee we're so innocent!" thing drives me nuts, like embrace the fact that you like porn, jfc.
Also they look like they have downs, especially irl.

>> No.7730310

I hate this so much, it's awesome.
>captcha: which rthspect

>> No.7730314


>> No.7730325

Yep. Nobody would suspect I'm a giant perv but I don't pretend I'm innocent. My boyfriend thinks I'm a creeper because I love lolis but being a cute girl protects you from people judging you too hard anyway. It would be more alluring if they admitted it.

>> No.7730554

J-fashion/lolita youtube channels I follow are:

R Gorey
Rosy Waves
Princess Peachie
Lilith Gray
Deerstalker Pictures

I used to be subscribed to more but they've become inactive

>> No.7732877

I tried to talk to this girl. She never replied back. I wanted to convert her to true Lolita.

>> No.7732936


Ok, so say I were to start a lolita related channel, what content would you like to see? I've heard anons say they like unboxing videos, but you can only do so much with that.

>> No.7732943

Unboxing, but actually WEAR the shit in your videos.

I hate unboxing videos where girls just wave unworn garments in front of the camera and say "I LIKE IT"

>> No.7732951


So you'd rather someone show off the garment worn. When I think about it, most people don't usually film the new stuff they got worn, so that sounds like a good idea.

What about thoughts or opinions on new series? Does anyone actually want to hear me rant about how ugly/amazing ____ print is?

>> No.7732962

I personally don't, but some girls might. Personally I like videos of lolitas out in public just doing normal things.

Are you a Youtube partner yet? Dunno how I am, but I am, recently did just an unboxing of normalfag clothes from F21 in which I tried them on as well and it already has a decent amount of views and has made me like 50 cents lol

>> No.7732978

>Does anyone actually want to hear me rant about how ugly/amazing ____ print is?

Not if it's just the camera on you talking. You could have a segment where you compare prints or styles (with a slideshow or video of the prints/pieces you're talking about) which could include some of your personal opinions. I think that would be interesting.

>> No.7733048

I think your first video was great! The second one though I feel you went a little bit too OTT with the speech style. What I mean is you sounded more like a legitimately retarded person than deluded ita.
I second >>7717808 idea with family references.

>> No.7733071

I've watched only the first 30 seconds and already want to slap her. She is way too annoying.

>> No.7733169

she's awful

>> No.7733176

not anon you replied to, but that's awesome.

would you mind posting your haul video just for reference?

>> No.7733188

Sure, but it's not a very good video.


>> No.7733584

nice haul, for normalfag clothes, I guess. but you may want to try some actual editing, and that thumbnail is pretty ratchet if you look at it for more than a second.

>> No.7733636

Thanks for the feedback. My editing skills are lacking as hell. Any recommendation for an easy editing program? Windows Movie Maker sucks ass.

Also, lawl about the thumbnail, it is pretty ratchet.

>> No.7734484

I'd like to know what other kinds of videos people would be interested in. So vlog style outing videos and unboxings? What else??

>> No.7734496

That's.. pretty much it.

>> No.7735436

You made 50 cents from just 160 views? That's actually not bad
I want to make money off my videos but I don't know if it's worth it since I don't have a lot of subscribers or views

>> No.7735479

It's always worth it to check that "monetize with ads" button on any video that doesn't have copyright crap in it.

Do you travel ever? I notice that my Disney tour videos get way more money per view than my other monetized videos. I think the Disney ads that pop up pay out better or something. Maybe if you combine stuff like that whilst wearing lolita (not something I've tried because zomg the Florida heat) to get even more views and money.

I know I liked Lor's video of her at Disneyland in lolita!

>> No.7735918

How much money do you make from your videos?

>> No.7735932

If you can get your hands on Final Cut Pro, you're set for life
that program is amazing

>> No.7735955
File: 29 KB, 320x480, 1330103595557.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The outfit part of that video freaks me out.

>> No.7735980

why does her lower jaw lean to the left

>> No.7736052

TBH I haven't made enough money to actually get any of it yet.

I have about $30 chilling in my Google adsense account right now, but I have to reach $100 to actually be able to get any of it.

Each video rakes in about $2 after 2-3 months of being uploaded. Which, I mean, considering my videos are pretty much crap quality, that's pretty good.

I'm sure you could really rake it in if you actually put efforts into editing and what not! Good luck!

I shall look for a download, thanks anon!

>> No.7736602

This girl is such a fucking hypocrite. She says how she hates drama but the fucking cunt is starting shit herself!

>> No.7736868

i thought this was a joke at first.. then i saw her other videos
she is max annoying

>> No.7736901

Lolita Youtuber here c:
I make about $100 a month from Adsense. It's kind of annoying about the $100 hold though because some months I make like $99 and have to wait until the following month OTL

>> No.7736920

Wow. I wish I could make that much.

>> No.7736947

You go girl! I hope I can get to that point eventually.

>> No.7736953

God, this girl is clearly the type of person who seeks out starting drama from the stupidest things because either she's got nothing better to do or she thinks it's fun.

>> No.7736973

Jesus fucking christ that voice is so fucking annoying.

>> No.7736999

Thanks for the info!
The hold thing sounds ridiculous. What if it takes forever to make $100!?
How many views do you get on average, if you don't mind me asking?

>> No.7737240

I'm confused. I tried to put Adsense on my youtube but it tells me "If you want to monetize YouTube video content, please apply through YouTube directly."

How are you putting it on your youtube?

>> No.7737297
File: 362 KB, 400x556, tumblr_n9n8miFofr1te2jtho1_400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>fixing her claire's accessories hello kitty glasses like an intellectual every 2 seconds

>> No.7737315

Whatever happened to all that net aidoru shit that went on a couple years ago?
Wasn't super on topic for the board but god damn was it funny dramu.

>> No.7737363

>Final Cut Pro
do you know a windows option?

>> No.7737372


Does anyone know of another good gothic loli that makes video?

>> No.7737378

Sony Vegas or adobe premiere

>> No.7738103


>> No.7738516

I am a partner, have been for a few years.
Not sure how the new system works.

I'm sorry ;A;

>> No.7738527

>mfw I go to my channel and look at the only video I've made, but made private a couple years ago
>it's one of those "how to look like a doll videos" with outfits at the end from when I first started wearing liz lisa and shit
>so young and cringe-worthy, the makeup tips are shit and it's the most boring video ever, and the only reason I look like a doll is because I'm cute in the first place

I want to try making videos again sometimes and then I remember what an autist I am

>> No.7738805

I'd like to hear the comm's side.

>> No.7743050


What do you guys think of Fille de Porcelaine lolita project #2. I know she does random picks but really I wish there was a standard threshold. I remember time there were so many no0bs half stopped doing the contest!

>> No.7744460

Didn't see a beauty thread but I recently discovered K-style TV and Popteen's tutorial section. Are there any other television or magazine beauty based, high production channels I should be aware of?
The hosts are annoying but I do like the tutorials they offer on K-style cause they do closeup step by step

>> No.7744485
File: 100 KB, 896x504, 1406176681725.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>What if it takes forever to make $100!?

Then it just... sits there... waiting...

> MFW it's taken 3 years to reach $40

>> No.7745148

Is there anything you guys like to see besides haul videos? I'd really like to make a video showing some of my antiques, but I'm really paranoid about giving people an intensive to come and rob me or something. (Not that they'd know where my house is, but still...) Most of it was my grandma's so it has a lot of sentimental value. What's your guys' opinion on posting expensive things on YouTube?

I've also considered doing some story videos about experiences with lolita in public sort of in the style that Catie Wayne does. Video related.


>> No.7745237

showing antiques would be fun. I would watch it. I'd be happy seeing more of the person interest if the meshed with mine more tea, book and so on

>> No.7745283

I know it's probably the lighting, but she looks like a mime!

>> No.7745294

>So when's she gonna put on a wig?
>Why's she putting in hair accessories when she hasn't put on a wig yet

>> No.7745304

It's funny because with the shaky camera it looks like her dancing is shaking it

>> No.7746785
File: 97 KB, 720x960, 10602772_10152446657226865_438964066_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



new video up in a bit.

>> No.7746802

I thought I recognised the parody style! It was pretty funny. Did the original girl get butthurt about it?

>> No.7746815

I would say so, considering she bawwleated her video two days after my friend posted her parody. Luckily I saw it coming however and saved the video before it was taken down..lol

>> No.7746867
File: 1.63 MB, 260x146, b0dr3.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7748207

You are an evil anon, I like you.

>> No.7749803

>Surely it can't be THAT bad--
>that dye job
>Foundation several shades lighter than her skin
>uneven blush
>fucking eyebrows
>telling people what she cut out

>> No.7750598

Slightly OT but I didn't fancy making a new thread.
I really want to start making a cosplay tutorial (mostly makeup) orientated youtube and I was just wondering what you think are the dos and the hell nos?
I want to make a channel that'd actually be some fucking use to people and not a complete train wreck.

>> No.7750627

Don't do the generic "kawaii anime" eye tutorial
I think you should do videos that apply more to cosplayers, like how to contour, draw/apply facial hair, cover and redraw eyebrows, etc

>> No.7750681

Oh god I was planning to stay well clear of the kawaii eye shit, especially as I can't stand to see it.
I was actually thinking of doing more character specific looks to get startedand then maybe do more general stuff? I'm also wondering what people think is adecent length for videos? Ngl I usually end up skipping through most so I was aiming for maybe 5 minutes max.

>> No.7750765
File: 1.69 MB, 960x540, 1407737907121.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Goes and deletes all of your own videos
>now just re-uploads videos another girl had deleted
>congrats you are still a shitty person

>> No.7750796

She has a boyfriend. Yes I stalk her online profiles.

>> No.7751086
File: 33 KB, 350x467, img20090129_p.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you're almost there! one of the waist ties is longer than the other. otherwise the bow looks much better.

I'm not sure how exactly you're tying your bows but here's a link to help you: http://yaplog.jp/f_l_a_s_c_o/archive/270

>> No.7751118

really nice videos, btw! I wish there were detail videos for all dresses out there

>> No.7751155

mokarin is love
mokarin is life

>> No.7751338

oreogotto anon sama <3

>> No.7751378
File: 429 KB, 1053x795, 1407666628346.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any news on lilypichu?

>> No.7752591

I died

>> No.7752635

I guess I don't understand spending money on shitty items. I used to be one of those poorfags whose mother would take them to Goodwill with $10 for back to school shopping, and now I can't stand the quantity over quality thing.
I mean, you get two or three dresses that are going to break apart after you wear them twice, probably are sewn to fit a box by 5 year olds with bleeding fingers, and look like you just half-assed your way through life.
Why not just spend the money on something that you can really be proud about and will last you a long time?
Although one thing that people have to remember is to maintain and take care of clothing as well, which means proper cleaning and fixing (dry cleaners/hand washing and either having banging sewing skillz or going to the tailor). I'm still a poorfag with not very many clothes, but I still have very nice clothes that are timeless, will last me, and look very nice.

>> No.7752640

Nah I wrote it and I do not have aspergers just wanted to see her wig out and cry.
She was to much of an Ita threat and had to be stopped....Watching her delete her channel was so satisfying.... I was just so sick of dealing with her in my comm.

>> No.7752647

No, she's an attention whore "gamer gurrl".

>> No.7754041

I get the impression that she's growing out of Lolita. I used to follow her on tumblr or instagram or something and she posts images of herself decked out in completely different styles and she looks nice in them.Her youtube channel meanwhile, is still focused on lolita and other cutesy things.

Haters gonna hate and all but I actually like her videos. They're cosy.

>> No.7754449

What camera do you use? Your videos are gorgeous.

>> No.7755553

Some of those coords though... XD

>> No.7755570

Everything you said here makes you a major weeb.

>> No.7756684

Thank you so much!
I use a Canon 7D with a 100/2.8 macro lens!

>> No.7756696

Not that anon but in her defense, she seemed to tone down her ween tendencies a little after that interview where she reveals her "real" voice.

I've noticed she's less obnoxious now.

>> No.7756753

>even her fucking rilakkuma is knock off
Her fucking stuffed animal is an ita too.

>> No.7756769

Are we sure she isn't just a troll?
Like a really dedicated, lonely troll?

>> No.7757608

>if you are a hamplanet

>> No.7757913

The hair...the makeup...the awkwardness...
Why would you even upload this on the internet for EVERYONE to see and think it's a good idea?!!

>> No.7758100


I have the same, it's just jaw asymmetry. Tom Cruise has it too (look at his upper teeth). Only way to fix it (that I know) is to have your jaw cut loose, repositioned and nailed down (after wearing braces again for 6 months). No thanks... though I do get jaw pain and jaw locking sometimes, and hate my underbite. Might do it someday if I have a lot of money.

>> No.7758106

How the fuck does she have so many subscribers? She's cringe worthy.

>> No.7758139


The last video was nice too, but this one is a big improvement! The camera work is a lot better I think.

>> No.7758203
File: 943 KB, 400x225, 293093.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh my god this is tackyanimations. My weeaboo youtube drama queen is back.

>> No.7758222

I wonder what how kota lectures her BF about lolita? She seems more excited that he gets them right than he does. http://youtu.be/jOmi27DsmZQ

>> No.7758414


>> No.7758474

Lol what is she wearing?

>> No.7758482

Thank you so much! All I really did was to go outside and put the dress on my sewing doll. Risking all the neighbors to see my shenanigans.

>> No.7758492

They look like a fucked up version of John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

>> No.7758565

That poor poor boy... I can imagine she spends hundreds of hours drilling stuff into him so she can parade him around showing other lolitas how she is superior to them.

>> No.7758644

Dear god, they have a nice camera, why don't they have a tripod?

>> No.7758656

I'd just suggest getting creative and doing things outside of the box. You probably won't get many suggestions here just because combining a niche fashion like Lolita and a fairly-new media / revenue-generating platform like YouTube just hasn't been done enough. There's no basic rules to go off of unlike Let's Plays, Vlogs, or makeup tutorials.
> from a fellow, hopeful Loli-tuber.

>> No.7758670

It's so clear that she's given him the answers beforehand. His fake pauses gave it away.

>> No.7758809

Why would buy knock offs of everything oh god

>> No.7758810

Oh a twist lol

>> No.7758824

Of course she has to look the best!

>> No.7759919

when will she learn to edit her videos?

>> No.7759935

why put so much effort into your rage when you could put it into straightening your hair and losing a few pounds? I swear she'd genuinely be 10 times happier

>> No.7759945

Oh lord, the secondhand embarassment.

>> No.7759998

I am so glad I clicked through and read all the butthurt comments

>> No.7760084

Man faced main girl oh dear lord make it stop.

>> No.7761695

Hey Tacky. How's the cunt cancer?

>> No.7761839

Dunno, how's yours? 8o

>> No.7763592


Let's start!

>> No.7764224


I think the newest Neko was a bit too much. Love the part where 'mother' called for to go to lessons also the communist Angelic Pretty. But while the others were 100% for me this was more 90, just a little too OTT for me.

>> No.7764261

I much rather be a cock-sucking brand buyer.

>> No.7764283

Hmmm that's interesting feedback... and honestly, very confusing, too..O.o truly, I put the 'mother' part in because people were telling me often that I should add in her 'family' to make more of a dynamic and depth to the persona. I'm trying to listen to people's advice to improve these videos since I'm not experienced in this in any way XD;

So if you have any feedback to give me about how i can improve, then please tell me, I'd love to apply it to my next vid. Thanks for being honest though, sincerely, I don't want ass pats..lol

>> No.7764288

it is just a bit too ridiculous this time and makes her go from being ignorant to just insulting.

>> No.7764301

Oh..hmm..I didn't realize that..can you give me an example as to what specifically what said that was insulting to you? I'm sorry if you were offended, that was not my intent >~<. The character Nekopocky DESS is ignorant, egotistical, and a compulsive liar in nature, so she will say some ridiculous things. However going overboard IS indeed possible, so I do apologize if that's what I did..=(

>> No.7764305

yeah I agree with this anon a bit too much. This one felt like 'Neko' wasn't just some ignorant lolita want to be but more trying to make jokes. the cock sucking part and brands designer beating animals was too much, for me that is.

>> No.7764321

Ahhh, that's what I just figured..I didn't mean for that to come off as a /real/ legit insult, honestly. It was actually meant to show more of her personality..

Nekopocky DESS is an elitist with her giant ego, and as i mentioned above, also a compulsive liar. That's why she said what she did in this new video. I was trying to expose these ridiculous traits of hers, attempting, but now I can see failing to come across as humorous. I will try not to cross any lines again next time around, so again, my apologies for any irritation this misunderstanding has caused x~x

>> No.7764342

No it was not actually insulting as it was clearly done as a joke I just think it is funnier when she is ignorant and just an exaggeration of all of the noobs. So rather than saying "if you wear brand then you suck cock" she could say that brand is a waste of quality because you can get 2 replicas cheaper than one brand dress and they are better quality because they are custom made for you and time and love goes into each one." so rather than the fake insults (I wasn't insulted at all and I own mostly brand) she could just be noob ish. I wasn't irritated it just isn't up to par with the other videos.
The showing communism in AP logo was funny XD

>> No.7764359

Honestly it just wasn't funny.
The videos have turned from "making fun of try hard lolis who have no idea what they're doing" to "oMG LAWLITAS SUCK CAWK AND MURDER ANIMALS!!!!!!111!!1!".
It's just getting into poor taste now. What started as a satirical way to poke fun at the community...has turned into ~BE CRAZY AND SCREAM AND EXTREME AND CONTROVERSIAL to maek dem laff xddddd~
It's shit.

>> No.7764360
File: 1.83 MB, 2448x3264, DSC06496.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

...awe man, that's some really good feedback. Now I wish I could somehow add the '2 replica's for the price of 1 brand' line. I heard that excuse a ton of times before, too..dammit..lol

Well regardless, thanks allot for taking time to give your opinion, things go over my head quite often. I need all the help I can get XD

>> No.7764363

..oh dear.

>> No.7764380

Honestly, really don't like you. I also agree with >>7764359 You seem really tryhard, annoying and just dumb, there's no reason for your channel to exist, other than the fact that you pissed off that fatty. This isn't going to make you famous, just a laughing stock, quit while you're not too far behind.

>> No.7764396

Uhm...okay. Honestly, you're more then entitled to your opinion, I don't mind at all, you don't have to like me.

But truly..i'm not trying to be 'famous' o.o I just like joking around. This isn't some attempt to be Efamous. Infact, I shut my other account down because it reached 4,000 subs..lol

Ridiculous, I know. But I just wanna joke around and remind people that we don't always have to be so serious -batman pun- . I just like the idea of us settling down and having a good laugh about things. That's pretty much it. I'm sorry I offended you, though.

>> No.7764398

i have a fupa too

>> No.7764401
File: 73 KB, 400x388, 1392747367393.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7764417

Anything to be relevant right, Tacky?
>not mentioning the reason you shut down your animation account was because literally everyone in your videos ditched you and moved on the better things
>even your husband


>> No.7764423
File: 490 KB, 500x270, 1404714326074.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you seem cool, whats yer gaia?

>> No.7764428
File: 7 KB, 195x195, 8263f0f71c7e036a245d8384cff2052b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uhhhh no? I gained allot of subs actually. Plus I dumped him ;D and praise baby Jesus for it~

Also, nice of you to expose yourself as a vendetta chan from my old account XD I had a feeling, but now I know for sure..lol

>> No.7764435

GroovyFace is my gaia name, add me! I'm a friggin' n00b there, though..I'm addicted to the puzzle games..>.>

>> No.7764443

I bumped your page eh

>> No.7764464

Another feedback from me - you should do a dance cover video!
it would also be pretty funny for you to do any type of collab. Like you could transform someone into a lolita or do the significant other lolita knowledge challenge thingy with someone and then when they get an answer right you correct them. Although you would have to do it with a friend because I think nekopockyDESS doesn't have a boyfriend?

>> No.7764488

ahh yes! I have been planning a dance cover for awhile in fact. I already suck at dancing, so this should be easy~

No, Nekopocky DESS definitely wouldn't have a boyfriend, as she doesn't want ties to keep her in America when she plans to move to Japan in the future. However, she does have a crush on..someone~ this video will be posted later this week. <3

>> No.7764494

Teehee I shut down my other account cause I was too popular~~~

What a dumb bitch. You're not even meaningful enough to offend me, just a monkey dancing for bananas. Go dance for me, monkey.

>> No.7764503

Uhh no. I didn't say that. I was //never// popular. Not in a million years. I shut it down because 4,000 was just above what I thought I would ever achieve, and it simply made me uncomfortable.

And I plan to dance the dance of my people, as mentioned above. A dance cover is in my future =)

>> No.7764506

you are an asshole.

>> No.7764529

oh my god this girl managed to make a video under 10 min long???? stop the fucking presses

>> No.7764697

Loving that dog

>> No.7765814

Mr. Yan so dreamy?

>> No.7765875

Tell me about it, this bitch is so try hard it's not even funny. I bet she doesn't even wear lolita normally.

>> No.7765894

Well that's not very nice. ='(

And actually no, I don't wear lolita normally. If you watched my explanation video, then you'd hear me explain that I'm not a lolita. But merely someone who admires the fashion. I would never claim to be a lolita, either.

>> No.7765896

bbbut you own the clothes? So do you ever wear it?

>> No.7765905

So you spend money on replicas and bodyline to make shitty videos when you could've just bought some brand pieces? Wow you're dumb. Worse than those you're trying to make fun of in your videos.

>> No.7765906

You asked if I wear lolita 'normally', and the answer to that is no. 8o

>> No.7765911

No that wasn't me, I love your videos! How often do you wear it? I generally only wear it to meet ups and sometimes just on regular days and wondering if I still count as a lolita XD

>> No.7765915

Actually, you have no idea how I acquired those pieces, or for what purpose those pieces were collected for. I have allot of lolita friends, actually. You'd be surprised what people are willing to give away if their ugly enough XD

>> No.7765925

Oh my apologies, I thought you Angry-San over there =O!

In all honesty, I collected the uglier pieces just for my videos. I've bought 2 ugly dresses on my own, though. Milky Tits, when I was a n00b and didn't know any better, and a new dress I got for SUPER cheap..and trust me, I wouldn't dare pay money for these monsters now a days unless it's a REALLY good deal..XD;

I do however own one brand skirt, Twinkle Journey in Bordeaux. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but for now I just enjoy owning it.

>> No.7766174

Neko should totally do something with wa lolita!

>> No.7768698

"looking like a growth stunted child from the old timey days" and stuff like this is why I love your videos. I don't know why everyones being so harsh. Also you are just beginning so growing into videos and getting better will happen over time. You don't have to rush your progress too much, but it is good that you're open to concrits

>> No.7768807

Wait, tacky? Oh my fucking god, it's like 2009 all over again.

>> No.7768810

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2ubM7GGMH0&list=UU03Dm8qvCLe5j2noWeZDYaA&index=4 Thoughts?

>> No.7768893

First though: wow, under 20 minutes this time!
>captcha: snorez was

>> No.7768893,1 [INTERNAL] 

"en case"

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