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Previously >>7666302

Cosplayers, lolitas and other dramamongers: Confess your sins and fears and be absolved. (Or laughed at and insulted.)

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I just bought a flower crown. It's a fairly understated one, with little red-pink roses, for a religious-themed co-ord. Am I going to hell, /cgl/?

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One of my items in my wishlist is the AP's Dreamy Baby Room salopette skirt in black and i'm not even an ageplayer at all, i just love that print. But at the same time, i fear to buy that item, upload fairy kei coords online and being labelled as ageplayer with daddy issues who shit in a diaper.

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As long as it's not a fucking flower halo

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I like tacky, and I love old school. I wear black dresses with (good quality) white lace. I wear black shoes with pink dresses. I wear frilly headdresses with bangs and long sausage curls. I wear leather platformed mary-janes with lace cuffed otk socks.

Some people say they love it, and others say that it's ita. I don't really care. I'm a lone lolita anyway, and I'm really happy with how it looks.

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I don't even wear lolita but I love to stir up community drama on here. All I have to do is remember some names and make vague insinuations about a certain someone being a two-faced bitch or a fat ita and other people will fill in the blanks. Sometimes I only have to make a single comment to derail an entire thread, and at least once the comm in question accused this random chick of being me and started spamming her unflattering pictures all over /cgl/.
I don't feel bad at all. If it takes so little prodding then the comm was waiting to explode anyway, I'm just helping it along and providing other seagulls with entertainment.

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I just want this fucking dress.

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I maintain that the decline of massive platforms in lolita is a travesty. I love me some stomp-y boots.

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same. I ordered this dress fucking months ago.
It shipped out... but apparently the shipping takes a month to get here.
>why kami sama why

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You are pure evil.

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At least you'll get it. I've missed both the preorder and the leftover sale like the idiot I am.
Hopefully some will appear on LM in a few months.

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This. I love platforms in lolita. Esp gothic.

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Me too. I only really wear platforms.

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Back in high school I had a pair of 6" Demonia platforms, thought I was the baddest bitch ever. God I miss them.

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I still have 6" demonia platform boots. I was late to the platforms party, so I still have white platform boots, black platform boots, and demonia patent mary-janes with the super rounded toe. I want some lavender platform mary-janes in the same style, but Demonia only do gawth so it's forever a dream.

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Hi Flan

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Fuck no. Don't insult me like that.

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She pulled the same shit. You're insulting yourself.

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No, not really.
I'm not nearly retarded enough to spam myself all over /cgl/ and involve my boyfriend while desperately trying to become e-famous and model in glorious Nippon. All I do is poke people here and there. If no one responds, I just leave it and don't try to force anything. Flan dug her own grave and made herself into a pariah by not knowing where to stop.

Goddamn anon you have me ruffled, good job.

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Wait, what the hell happened with Flan? I don't really keep up with tripfag drama.

Oh and my confession is I say newfag and tripfag on 4chan but never say it in real life or any place I'm not anonymous.

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I find myself constantly being a bitch in my head.
For example, when i'm at a con and see an ita, shitty cosplay, or slut cosplay i instantly judge them and usually thinking something that us people here on /cgl/ say. You guys are rubbing off on me, and to be honest I'm not too bothered lol.
1. I get a good chuckle out of being a horrible person.
2. I also enjoy shitposting about certain cosplayers in my comm. Most of them get really upset about it and post something on their facebook bawww'ing about it, and once again, it gives me a good laugh.
3. I like finding cosplayers who are camwhores and scaring the shit out of them. Its surprising how many girls have chaturbate accounts, or have been capped.

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Probably not related, but can anyone confirm this actually happened?

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sounds fake as hell

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are you serious?

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sounds like one of those stories spread around in primary school about how you'll totally get your head dunked into the toilets and the ~popular sluts~ will beat you up and bully you if you don't do what they want. Do you have a source?

I actually forgot about the preorder and had to beg the owner to let me pay the rest. Luckily she did. I have the S size in Navy with the embroidery.
>thinking of selling it, I didn't want it much in the first place

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It was on this blog
She insists it's true, though a lot of people are calling bullshit

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Idk. It was in another thread so I looked up the blog it came from and yeaaaaah. Typical sjw looking at her description, posts it out of nowhere since the next few pages are fandom and memes. Conclusion: shit stirrer, or has blew a whole situation out of context. They probably gave a mean stare of something.

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More of a rant than a confession, but I'm really over all this Koreaboo bullshit. I'm so sick of seeing endless posts on facebook about their dream husbands, latest gossip on them, constantly saying "saranghae" or whatever it is, music videos, instagram pictures of them in supposed k-fashion at some shitty Korean BBQ place and changing their names to random Korean names. Guys, have a hobby/interest and enjoy it, but stop the endless spamming.

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lol what

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My best friend is the worst.
Ever since she started dating her (korean) boyfriend(nice dude, he's almost 30 and 8 years her senior but he's fun and responsible) it's fuckign oppa~ this and oppa~ that, majoring in Asian studies(focus on Korea), K dramas, K pop, going to Karaoke and singing K pop, talkign about Korean food and drinks all the time

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>supposed k-fashion
Is there even a k-fashion scene?

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If I could withstand the pain of a full back tattoo, I'd get my husbando's tattoo put on me because I'm a big fat weeb.

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Yes, but actual K-Fashion is fucking retarded.

Basically, all the poor farmers and shit suddenly got rich, and they don't know how to fucking dress themselves, but everyone's wearing it, so it must be popular!

Source : white uncle living in Korea

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Good lord where is this dress from

>> No.7692782

ista mori

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wouldnt ur husbando think its weird if u have a full back tattoo of him?

>> No.7692791

I think anon means the character has a tattoo that she wants, not that she wants him tattooed on her back.

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Someone has it up for sale on lacemarket.

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I love the look of this dress, but the idea of dressing as a fucking nun puts me off. It feels like bad cosplay...

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I miss this look so much. You just keep doing it and be happy, anon! Good for you!

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I think there are quite a few who stir up shit, comment and 'participate' even though they don't wear Lolita. When I think of them, I just smile and go admire my lovely closet full of frills.

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I don't post publicly about new purchases until after I wear them out to a meet, I like it to be a surprise. It started out as just a quirk for my own reasons, mostly because I think bed or floor pix look less nice than a coord pix...but when I saw the jelly reaction of people being very surprised in person to see that I have this or that piece, I grew to like it.
I don't really feel bad about doing it since I didn't do it to make anyone unpleasantly surprised or jelly...but I still feel kind of guilty that I enjoy their envy up close and personal.

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I'm a huge weeb but keep it under tight wraps - only my husband knows my power levels. Which you'd think would be a good thing, but I'm so good at blending in with normalfags that I don't know how to relate to my own kind. So here I am, post college graduation, wishing to hell I had just accepted my true colors and made some weeb friends while attending university. Now - except for my husband - I am all alone, I have nothing in common with any of my long time friends, and I feel like I'm too old to make new friends. All the girls in my local comm are younger than me and naturally have an easier time befriending each other.

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Sounds like you're not a weeb just an idiot otaku.

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I keep a slide show of Lolita fatty-chans to look at as one of the tricks to help me stay on my diet and exercise program. A kind of reverse-thinspo for Lolita. It's working pretty well...

>> No.7693743

maybe that is a better term.

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>read FAQ of this blog

Story sounds legit

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Thinking about this too Anon. There is nothing like a bad dressed fatty to make you want to lose weight. Not even really ecause they are fat, but mostly because they are dressed badly and have the worst attitude. And I do not want to be associated with the "bad" fatties, so why not stop being a fatty at all?

Next to them, pictures of badly dresssed Lolitas so I will think about every purchase and fashion choice twice. Reverse inspiration

>> No.7693767

My psychiatric medications made me gain 95 lbs and I think I'm going to stop taking them, fuck the consequences, I'd rather be a skinny schizo who ends up killing herself than continue to be a fucking landwhale who sobs every morning when I look in the mirror.

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Poor anon, are you on clorazil? Don't quit cold turkey, it will suck.

>> No.7693789

I have a couple flower crowns from Icing, they're cute but I don't wear them with lolita. They're for my normalfag hippy outfits.

Honestly I've never seen flower crowns look good in lolita... Sorry to say. Maybe you'll be different, who knows?

>> No.7693795

I have the nun-looking JSK that HMHM (taobao) sells. I was a little conflicted but it's really really cute.

>> No.7693803

top laff

>> No.7693827

I'm Korean and I pretty much want the whole hallyu bull to blow over. There was this white chick at school that thought it would be cute to annoy me with "Oppa~ eotteokhae~" I got fed up and told her to stop repeating what she hears from dramas and K-pop.

Deep down inside, I laugh when my Koreaboo friends post pictures of their overpriced BBQ pork belly and Korean pancakes when my home is stacked with those. I once invited them for dinner and they declined because Paris Baguette and the local BBQ joint is "more authentic Korean."

>> No.7693829

>I once invited them for dinner and they declined because Paris Baguette and the local BBQ joint is "more authentic Korean."

Top lel
But also they sound rude as fuck

Honestly, where do all these Koreaboos come from? I felt like I seriously missed something. Mybe they aren't so dominant in Europe, or I just do not get in contact with them, but I hear they exist all the time Where did they come from, and why do they exist? What did I miss??

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>mfw in high school 8 years ago before koreaboo was a thing
>mfw became close with a lot of korean students who's parents were in the US to go to grad school
>mfw learned korean
>mfw like real korean food
>mfw listened to BoA
>mfw this koreaboo shit happened and I have to hide my powerlevel because they're embarrassing as fuck
>make mistake of having friend over after having korean food
>she's an awful koreaboo
>recognizes my weird korean pot from korean dramas
>asks me out to korean bbq since i like korean food~~~
>kill me now

I just want it to stop!

>> No.7693850

Hello, fellow Koreafag.

Anyways, the ~*hallyu wave*~ turned a relative of mine into the expired visa version of Mr. Yan. He's close to his 30s but tells koreaboo white girls he's younger than 24 and offers money to pretend marry him so he can get a greencard. Of course the girls would fawn over him but then he would kick them to the curb because they would be too annoying.

>> No.7693876

Yeah if only they knew Korean men are unable to function without the coddling of their mothers.
Seriously, my bf didn't even know how to do laundry until I taught him. But he's hot so I deal.

Fuck Korean mothers.

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>Be 18 at the time
>Mom goes out of country to visit family
>Dad call for me to come downstairs
>Dad is standing in front of the washing machine looking confused
>"Anon how do I do laundry"
>Dad is 58
I gave him benefit of the doubt since he lived a time period where everything had to be handwashed but still

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I'm afraid that I'm getting tired of the social part cosplay or maybe I'm not just with the right people. I used to have fun getting the costume ready and be excited to show off my hard work and meet fellow fans. At the last con I went to, I didn't want to get any pictures taken and just wanted to cosplay my husbando in peace. It was a weird feeling of wanted to cosplay as my favourite character but not wanting attention while at a con.

>> No.7693995

FUCK, there was a leftover sale?! when?
Agh, I wanted this dress so fucking much. All my fault though, I should have been paying more attention anyway.

>> No.7693998

Are you me?

>> No.7693999

I'm Korean too and can empathize with this.
I know this guy who's Cantonese, and he changed his Facebook name to a Korean one, posts highly photoshopped pictures of himself all the time pretending he's "Korean" and telling girls to call him "oppa" and it makes me fucking cringe.

I think the hashtags are the worst though. He tags them with #beautifulboy #koreanboy #korea #ulzzang (I always barf when I see ulzzang) #selca and a million other hashtags.

I just want him (and others like him) to stop.

>> No.7694120

I'm in the same boat as you are. I still enjoy anime and would like to continue cosplay, but at this point I hate the social aspects of conventions. I dunno if it's just because I'm getting so much older than most convention goers, or what. I don't get the same feeling of community I did back when cosplay.com was big, so maybe that's part of it as well (back then I pretty regularly met new people and chatted with them or planned meet ups, but now that the community mostly depends on social media sites, I'm having a harder time keeping up).

(before someone suggests Dragon*Con, the crowds have gotten out of control there, and I spent most of last year completely miserable, The previous years were a ton of fun, though)

>> No.7694125

I've only been to one convention that was in San Francisco. I can't remember the name of it at the moment, but the convention moved to a different city.

Anyways I was attending with my asshole ex-bf, his fedora beard friend, and pretty cool friend. I really wanted to wear lolita, and had a pretty cute outfit planned, but my boyfriend kept insisting not to wear it and whined about it nonstop.

Day of con, I decide to just go in normalfag clothes. I had a meh time. I was dragged along with them to the booths they wanted to see, and I couldn't mingle with the lolitas there. The group talked amongst themselves mostly and I felt leftout. The thing that pisses me off the most was that fedora beard and pretty cool friend kept seeing kigurumis and lolitas and would tell me i totally should have worn something cute, and that I would fit in with the crowd. I was too much of a chicken to tell them "oh yeah but my boyfriend wouldn't let me."

Thankfully I'm not with him anymore

>> No.7694195

It sounds sooo fake but it would be an awesome fanfic where creepy bad things happen if you try to leave the comm

>> No.7694386

My confession is that I really want to be e-famous. I'd love to get free things and have drama surrounding me, and the whiteknights defending me. I don't know how to go about this though...it seems like it's mostly luck.

>> No.7695695

are you really attractive?

>> No.7695718

I landed a great job, and now I'm going from only getting Lolita as gifts to being able to afford 2-3 brand pieces a month. I know I should be setting aside more money so I can move out (I'm way too old to be living with my parents) but the lure of buying brand is so strong.

>> No.7695826


>> No.7696136

I have really low self esteem but...I occasionally model, I get compliments a lot, and girls are often jealous of me. So I'm at least decent. I've been likened to Amanda Seyfried and Kate Moss, if it helps.

>> No.7696145

I'm starving myself because lolita makes me feel like a blimp.

>> No.7696257

If you are pretty enough and coord well enough, you should be getting online attention already. Up your game.

>> No.7696343

Do both? Instead of buying 2-3 brand piese a month buy one and them save the rest

>> No.7696362

I'm scared to actually like my appearance because I'm worried that I'm ugly. I don't want to think I'm pretty if I'm not.

>> No.7696424

I feel the same way. Others tell me I'm pretty a lot but I'm always paranoid they're secretly mocking me. I also can't stand looking at photos that others have taken of me because I don't have any control over the outcome so I know I'm going to look hideous.

>> No.7696434

I used to always love having small boobs. It made lolita easy, cosplay easier and finding clothes heaven. But this guy I've been basically head over heels with for a year told me he really likes big boobs, and wants to fuck my big boobed best friend. Fuck you guy, I wanna fuck you. I'm strongly considering getting a boob job...

>> No.7696449

You want to get a boob job so some guy will fuck you? That's a thousand dollar operation and you won't be able to fit into all your previous clothing. Why don't you just ask him if he's dtf instead? That is some crazy logic.

>> No.7696460

I get really upset when I find out my friends have bought nice things, like new gaming consoles.

Their number one hobby is video gaming so of course they buy new systems when they come out, but it irks me that they'll save up and shell out for video game stuff rather than helping with convention expenses or paying the entirety of their bills.

Whenever they talk about putting cosplays together or the next convention, I now find myself inwardly sneering because I totally doubt their ability to pull money together for cosplay.

I get the same way when I see kids half my age with brand new iphones or new gaming consoles. I don't want those things myself, but I don't think those kids should have them either. It's a pride issue.

>> No.7696468

Sorry I'm drunk kind of...Ugh I guess I will ask him. I might as well. He's so fucking hot. Dayum!

>> No.7696473

I have started to assume that any mildly overweight girl with short hair is automatically from Tumblr and I avoid them at all costs, especially if they have thick glasses or multiple piercings.

I also cringe physically when I see atrocious cosplays at cons or weebs in public. Sometimes I will start walking in the complete other direction muttering 'nope' as I see them coming, because deep down I have the fear of being associated with them.

>> No.7696482

Don't do anything drastic if he says no ok, he ain't worth it

>> No.7696490

I know. Ugh. He's so fucking hot tho. And he thinks lolita and all my outfits are cool. Argh! It makes me so mad that my friend is all like wah, boobs suck! No bitch, trade bodies with meeee.

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>> No.7696508

Different anon but this is so incredibly relevant to anon's situation that I'm laughing.

>> No.7696529

This is beautiful, anon. My last boyfriend liked big breasts but ended up loving mine so much. Aaaah! Why can't all guys be like thaaaat?

>> No.7696536

What I hate more than Koreaboos are Koreans that think they're better than everyone because of the whole K-drama and k-pop boom.

>> No.7696579

Aww, sunbae didn't notice you?

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Thank you. As a Korean, I appreciate when people take an interest in the culture but pls don't be a boo about it. Idk how the Japanese put up with tourists coming to their country and saying "sugoi kawaii daysue neeee!!!!"

>> No.7696612

Some of my close con-friends are really shitty cosplayers and don't really look like they'll be improving any time soon. I kind of want to help them but I've just recently started entering competitions and working on bigger scale outfits and props, so I also kind of want to distance myself from them because I think i'll improve if I tackle things and figure them out on my own. I also kind of don't want to be seen around them sometimes because their cosplays really are just so shitty (They're mostly Homestuck, which doesn't help)

On a secondary note, one of my best friends from middle school is way better than I am in some aspects of cosplay, mostly makeup, and I honestly didn't expect her to get as good as she is. I'm kind of really jealous of her and I feel bad for being jealous because I feel like my frustration towards her growth is petty and childish.

>> No.7696625

Put yourself in a bus full of Korean girls and it sounds like a a combination of annoying white chicks and flock of birds at 6AM.

>> No.7696630

you can say that about any group of girls, honestly.

>> No.7696633

Yes I know exactly how you feel. Other people tell me the same thing, but I think that they're saying it to be nice.

>> No.7696635

holy fuck, you sound crazy.

>> No.7696636

she's just drunk

>> No.7696639

why do you give a shit about what other people have? the mentality you have always weirds me out. I don't get why you should look down on people for that.

>> No.7696642

so any group of girls? lmao

>> No.7696643

Don't worry. Just be like "Hey, let's date." and when you two are dating and fucking, he'll fall in love with DEM TITTIES.

Sorry, I like saying titties. That word just rolls off the tongue. Like titties roll off of mine.

>> No.7696645

Instead of being jealous, try being envious. The difference is that you want to strive to be her instead of being bitter that she's better than you. Go to a con with her and trade makeup tips.

>> No.7696646

Big boobs are ugly, anon. Be happy you have adorable small boobs.

>tfw you have what every guy has called absolutely perfect boobs that happen to be small

>> No.7696649

this is really great advice. easier said than done, maybe, but if you really take it to heart it'll help you, anon.

>> No.7696677

A-alright anon. I will up my game!

>> No.7696689

I actually have really 'nice perky boobs' as I am told, despite them being small.

>> No.7696799

I'll definitely see if I can catch up with her and get some tips from her. I haven't spoken to her in a while so I guess trading tips would be a good way to not feel so bad. Thanks guys!

>> No.7696829

People who complain about others not googling and instead just asking others constantly and then turning around and doing the exact same thing on a daily basis.

>> No.7696846

I have pretty decent skills at sewing and makeup, and my props painting borders on the OCD, but I never actually do anything. I just sit around and cry, because I'm a fatty-chan, and I don't want to go outside in anything that shows my disgusting, lumpy frame. I haven't made or worn a real cosplay in over six months now, because every time I pull out my measuring tape to start selecting and fitting a pattern, I cry. I've wanted to get into boystyle for two years now, but my bust is over 95 cms, even on a good day, and I don't want to buy shitty quality stopgaps or things I won't be able to wear once I've finally shed my blubber. All my friends are tumblrites who only hang around me for my faked personality and costuming knowledge, and I only hang around them because any decent seagull would pick me to the bone like the manatee carcass I am. I know I'll never be truly happy until I'm finally a decent weight.

>> No.7697108

That's not what jealous/envious means, though... Most people use the word jealous when they mean envious. Jealousy is a different kind of emotion that involved paranoia. Anon is already envious.

>> No.7697153

The funny thing about Korean culture is that it's basically a carbon copy of Chinese traditional, and Japanese contemporary.

Whenever I'm out with my Chinese friends we always joke about how Koreans are claiming such and such cultural thing is Korean, they always make claims to UNESCO that certain things, like Dragon Boat Festival, are intrinsically Korean.

>> No.7697193

Despite how much I like watching other people play them, I get really nervous when I play video games, especially ones in which you need to act really quickly or in which you have a chance of being killed. I tried to play Bioshock just now and the damn splicers freaked me out and I got too scared and couldn't even hit the buttons properly. It's not even that scary of a game, it's just scary actually trying to play it.

>> No.7697272

Holy fuck me too. I couldn't even finish Last of Us or Dark Souls. I guess I'll just stick to playing LoL like the casual I am.

>> No.7697314

male here,

that's really cute.

>> No.7697316
File: 2.70 MB, 400x225, 1394071710594.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>male here,

>> No.7697319


>> No.7697320

female here.

you're a faggot.

>> No.7697333

YEP I know this feel.
>Live with parents (we love each other) and big sister+her bf (we hate each other)
>Parents are very poor, so "we" help with rent, pay for our own food and shit
>Say "we" but really I just mean me
>Sister and bf are both unemployed and uneducated but still manage to earn double as much as I do
>I'm depressed and anxious and feel like shit whenever I'm at home because those two make me feel super unwelcome
>Instead of paying rent and helping my parents out with money, they use their welfare checks on video games and dresses
>Literally a new package in the mail for them every single day
>Have to listen to my sister tell my mom "sorry I have no money" when my mom asks for rent
>Parents can't throw them out cause they have nowhere to go and nothing to do with their life
>I'm being forced to move cause I can't handle their bullshit
>If they DID pay rent, I still pay more than them because (mom's words) "it's unfair for them to pay this much as they're two people sharing one check" (even though their check is my check x2)

I want to vomit every day when the mailman shows up. Just went to their room the other day (they're not home this month cause they decided to not pay rent and instead go on a holiday) to fetch a thing for my mom, all I saw everywhere was massive figures, extremely limited and expensive video game boxsets, and a bunch of other shit. It pisses me off to no end that I have a minus on my account every month from just getting by and helping my parents out with finances so we don't lose our house and meanwhile those two act like they're the richest kids on the block and complain to my parents that they have no money.

Could add so much more. I really hate these two idiots.

>> No.7697352

That's exactly how I feel!

I watched my boyfriend play Bioshock the other day and it was actually really fun. He's really nice about it and I help by pointing out things he might've missed and stuff like that. If I'd tried to play it alone I definitely would have freaked out, spammed the controls and not made it through any of the game.

>> No.7697412

>They are away
>Take their shit and sell it
>Give money to parents
>Happily ever after

>> No.7697416

...This is a ridiculous comment on every level.

>> No.7697421

I opened my mouth and made an audible "agh" at "#ulzzang"

>> No.7697525

Threaten to report them for welfare abuse. Either they start paying for shit welfare was meant for or go to jail. At least if they're in jail they can't mooch off your food.

>> No.7697532

It's really shitty for parents to expect kids to help pay the rent, and yes I mean adult children.
My parents are poor as shit but they'd never ask me to help pay rent

>> No.7697541
File: 13 KB, 250x250, 1390928843570.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gone out of my way to send anon hate to lolcows and people I don't like just to watch them try to defend themselves and bitch and cry. Its a confession because I've said on numerous occasions to others online and in real life that I'd never do that and I'm above trolling/telling people to kill themselves.

>> No.7697562

I'm one of Rosaire's closest friends.
I'm also one of the people who trolls her constantly because I enjoy having the power of being able to control her mental state.

It took a lot of asskissing to get here and I literally throw up every time I had to compliment her because she really is repulsive and looks and sounds like a man. All I have to do is coddle her and she gets me brand without any sort of SS fees and even buys me brand gifts. If I say I am desperately wanting something for an event she will buy it for me without pre-payment and doesn't make a peep when I take days or weeks to pay her back. I have my very own sugar daddy in Japan.

I know she comes here and I can't wait to see her have another nervous breakdown as she tries to find out who has betrayed her this time. She has accused and dumped a lot of innocent people when it's been me the entire time. I posted all her information here, too. I love having my very own little PixyTeri to build up and tear down.

>> No.7697567

UGHH. My old manager was like this. She's 21 and she got pregnant this year. When I said that my husband and I were going through a rough patch in finances, she suggested that I go on welfare.

She then goes on about how she cashes her checks and spends it on Coach bags and getting her nails done. She's also the type that uses her pregnancy to get away with slacking off on the job and socialize. Fuck people like her.

>> No.7697581

> mfw I spend my welfare checks on brand


>> No.7697607

Does she give you free alpacas every time you e-finger her?

>> No.7697644

I can only imagine what that disgusting rotten roast beef pussy looks like, and now I need to throw up again.

>> No.7697646

Are you kidding? I'd say if you're over the age of twenty you should be paying rent, even if it's to your parents. Especially if your parents are not financially well-off. And if you can't pay rent you should be helping in other ways like cleaning and upkeep. Why shouldn't you contribute to the home you live in?

>> No.7697650

Not that guy, but I think it's disgusting. They're your fucking kids for crying out loud.

>> No.7697661

It's just a difference in culture. I've observed that in western families most parents would want their kids out of the house by 18 or ask them to pay rent, where asian (or eastern) parents would never think of doing that.
I personally would never charge my kids rent. If my family wasn't financially well off I'll just send them money, regardless of whether I stayed in the house or not. It just works differently.

>> No.7697684

I feel the same (british, early 20s, pay rent to my parent's), whereas my boyfriend who has an asian&british family doesn't. The difference is I have a regular paying job and some savings, whereas is basically self employed and currently starting a business, by not paying rent he basically has to do a lot of the chores (e.g. shopping, ironing, washing, sometimes cooking) whereas I don't do chores as my rent covers it.

I think if adults don't pay rent, then they learn to be lazy with earning money and mooch about. Doesn't matter whether they're your kids, bills increase a lot when someone extra is in the house and some aren't willing or can afford to pay it. In the UK parents get a contribution from the government for each child known as a 'Child Tax Credit' but once that goes it means less more for the family. If you didn't live with parent's you'd have to pay rent so why does living with family make a difference? I would understand only if they were jobless, but jobseeker's allowance could be used for rent.

>> No.7697693

I've only worn a lolita coord once.

To a mormon wedding. It was a not great coord based around mozarabic chant and all the mormon ladies wouldn't stop fawning over it

>> No.7697694

Chinese parents want me and siblings to stay as long as we can, but I'm moving out in a couple weeks on my own. They kill me with kindness.

>> No.7697697

Filial piety man, it gets you.

>> No.7697774

>I think if adults don't pay rent, then they learn to be lazy with earning money and mooch about.
>>7697333 here and this is true.
My family and I live in one of the most expensive countries in Europe, my mom is quite ill, unable to work and unable to get help or money from anywhere cause the state doesn't believe that there's anything wrong with her (which is thanks to the idiots who fakes illnesses for free money). So it's up to my dad whose job is to build houses, something that doesn't really pay well (and it's also not a sought after job right now). Most of the time we can't afford to eat, our roof is leaking and we only have warm water on select days to save money, so even if my parents didn't ask me to pay rent, I'd still help out cause I feel bad.
Meanwhile, I can't see how the fuck my sister and her boyfriend can sleep at night. Not only aren't they paying my parents' shit, they're also mooching off of them for smokes, transport money and so forth. They're nearly 30, both of them.
Another story of their shittyness
>They've been away for 2 weeks now
>When I went to their room, several of their game consoles were turned on, as was their computer
Way to go, fucking up those electricity bills for the rest of us. I turned that shit off and hope to fucking god that their consoles were in the middle of a game that they hadn't saved.

I won't report them or break their shit as much as I want to, it's enough for me, knowing that my parents are sick of this too. My paycheck will go up, by a lot, next month so this pain will get smaller soon.

>> No.7697919

Anon, this is genius

>> No.7697924

oh my god please do this, responsibility-chan

>> No.7697933

It depends on where you live and what you're actually doing. My older brother started paying rent at 20 since he got a job as soon as he graduated high school, but I'm obviously not expected to do the same since I'm in uni and depend on them financially (getting part-time jobs in my country is pretty much impossible). Both of us started helping out at home when we were children, though.

>> No.7697946

Boy Anon, they sound like assholes. I can't believe they left all that shit on when you guys are in such dire straights. They need to be smacked in the face by reality. I don't want to say that your parents should kick them out, but if they won't change then I can't see any other way for them to get the message.

>> No.7697949


My husbando has a bitchin' tattoo on his back, but it's huge and I'm a baby.

>> No.7697951

What kind of tattoo

>> No.7697979

True, I'd say being a student is an exception. Also being ill and unable to work. I guess rent isn't really the issue. It's more the idea of least contributing to the place you live. If not monetarily, then by doing what you can, paying where you can and not incurring unnecessary cost.

>> No.7698080

Ask for holy grail dresses.

>> No.7698146

I feel like all of my cosplay is inferior when I see hot Asians. ;_; My Caucasian genes are too weak for cosplay.

>> No.7698149

I know nobody likes Rosaire, but... this is way too low, anon. Please rethink your attitude. She may not be an honest person, but that doesn't excuse your dishonesty at all.

>> No.7698209

I should. All of her minions oo and aw at how great she is at finding rare things. Get her to buy it, send it, then conveniently forget to pay her back?

She deserves it for being a cunt and a doormat.

>> No.7698610

I feel you, anon. I've been trying to motivate myself recently with inspirational photos. Have you tried buying clothes that are just slightly (keyword: slightly) smaller for you? It helps motivate me to try and work out more to fit into the smaller dress, or whatever article of clothing it may be. I don't know how much help it'll be for you or others, but I know it has helped me at least.

Good luck!

>> No.7698615

I don't think Koreans do that. At least not the ones I hang around (and I hang around a lot, since I'm Korean myself).

I get what you mean that Korean (and Japanese) culture is based off of traditional Chinese culture for obvious reasons, but I don't see how Japanese contemporary culture reflects in Korean culture today? Examples?

>> No.7698619

>male here,

why are you such a faggot?

>> No.7698625

I'd recommend playing Bioshock on Easy, then! On Easy mode you pretty much run through the game with max health and max eve all the time.

Even if you're jumped by a bunch of splicers (which is pretty fucking scary, I admit), you'll be able to just shoot wildly at them and you'll be able to survive easily as long as you make sure to heal yourself at the right times.

Please finish it, it's such a good game!!

>> No.7698634

>I opened my mouth and made an audible "agh" at "#ulzzang"
yeah, it's pretty cringy. I'd feel so rude to say anything to him though, so I just end up unfollowing/muting him on social networks.

>> No.7698637


Absolutely disgusting.

>> No.7698640

why do you stupid cunts think this is really "one of Rosaire's closest friends"?

I could literally copy and paste this exact message in another thread and you dumbshits would jump on this

>> No.7698649

rosaire pls

>> No.7698665


You're >>7691424 aren`t you.

>> No.7698695

I don't cosplay much because I don't have the apparent inherent desire to dress up as a character. But when I do make that decision, I get mad jellies at other cosplayers who cosplay my character.

I would take a picture of them, complement them and ask them nicely how they construct the costume, all while in my head I am just nit-picking at their costume. I feel so two-faced and petty. Of course my shit aint that great either but I do this to make myself feel better.

>> No.7698723
File: 27 KB, 313x300, 341831_1263960719384.53res_313_300[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7699285
File: 50 KB, 230x200, hello.+I+swear+im+not+following+you+_2b256c1b0e0b71fa1378f369e8be21e1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really want to hook up at cons and have sex. I'm good at opening and hanging out with all the women I meet and I met some who showed attraction. I guess all I need work on is escalating.

>> No.7699297

I'm british in early 20s, and I don't have a job at the moment, going through a bit of a weird antisocial time in my life. I don't sign on either, job centre gave me hell and made me miserable, plus people were sick of having to drive me everywhere

my dad don't expect rent and I love him for it. He has the mindset where he wouldn't ask for rent as I'm his daughter, but if I had a job I would pay if I wanted to (and I totally would want to)

Plus I help out around the house a lot. I see friends from other families get kicked out of home and parents who demand rent off their (adult) kids, and had mates sleep on the sofa and cry themselves to sleep when they couldn't afford board. That shit isn't cool

>> No.7699314

No, I'm not kidding at all. Kids don't choose to be alive - it's not their fault if their parents are poor and chose to have a kid without being financially well off.

Like I said my parents are poor but would never expect me to pay rent. They couldn't afford to send me to college (luckily I'm smart so I got a scholarship) so the least they can do is give me a free place to live.

And maybe it is a Western thing? But I'm not Asian and nobody in my family is, either. We're Murricans.

>> No.7699316

Whilst I think it's okay to expect rent from your adult kids, one of my friends has been paying rent to her parents since she was 17 even though she was still in college, and that shit's not cool. She got a job so that she could pay her own phone bill and didn't have to ask her parents for spending money and then they ~suddenly~ really needed and extra £160 a month (pretty much all of her pay).

I have a lot of friends who can't imagine ever paying rent to live at home/charging their kids rent or whatever, though, so I guess it's really situational. I know for sure that if I'd started working full-time at 16 (like I almost did) that my mother would've asked me for £500pcm + bills, but I think that's just because that's about how much she'd lose in benefits because my income would disqualify us (she was only on partial benefits because she worked part-time for like £6k/year).

>> No.7699318

Yeah.. I don't help out, either, and I'm not ashamed. I go to school full time and work part time.

Unless you count doing your own laundry and keeping your own room clean, but I don't count since that's only helping myself.

>> No.7699319

I sometimes post former friends/school mates that were really rude to me in threads about ita's/horrible make-up/bad cosplay as a revenge, just to get a good laugh about /cgl/ tearing them apart. I love how they all seem to think they are such hot shit, and then /cgl/ happened.

>> No.7699323


Agreed. I pretended to be Ashley for funs sake and some of you even wrote a wall of text response. Gullible.

>> No.7699327

I had a friend like that, she was convinced she was totally ~Ulzang and obsessed with everything korea. She even had some pen pals she called oppa.

>> No.7699341

Could you pull of the whole ''Cute but naughty imouto'' look? If so, exploit it. Yukapon still does it and still gathers attention with it. Same with OrangeCitrus.

>> No.7699355

I am pretty decent in Bioshock and games like that. I feel your anxiety though. When playing Beat em ups in Multiplayer I feel the same. So many combo's to remember, that I just start button smashing out of panic. Same in WoW and LoL, if a battle gets heated I stop thinking and sometimes accidentally start hitting the wrong buttons. I am such a noob.

>> No.7699362
File: 1.14 MB, 300x200, gif_300x200_cfa20e.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm extremely small, and sometimes I go to thrift stores in the little girl aisles since they're the ones who usually have the nice, pretty frilly skirts and such, and edit them so they fit me. No one ever suspects a thing. I sold a few of them already and made some mad cash.

>> No.7699378

am I the only one who thinks orangecitrus is not particularly cute in any way? She looks kind of meth-y even

>> No.7699379

I think it really depends on the situation. Like once I was working, my parents started asking me for rent, but we're lenient if I didn't have enough. It's a good way to start off teaching the responsibilities that come with adulthood without having to live completely on your own or being stuck in a crappy roommate situation.

>> No.7699388

Nah you are certainly not the only one. I only mentioned her, because she does this whole loli/imouto trope to gain some mad cash/gifts of MFC. I think she isn't very attractive as well.

>> No.7699812

I definitely have the cute moe look going on, but not really the naughty part. How should I go about exploiting it?

>> No.7699971

I fucking hate cgl, you guys make me spend so much money.

>> No.7699988

She's talking about camwhoring it up. Are you up to showing some skin for e-fame?

>> No.7699992

I stole jewelry from an AP store last year. Still have it

>> No.7699998

Anyway why are we calling japanese animu obsessed morons "WEEAboos"?
Does that term actually MEAN something?
Why even "boo"? I often refer to weaboos as wapanese (wannabe-japanese)

>> No.7700006
File: 503 KB, 225x225, 1404474522487.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not being able to finish Dark Souls
>male here

>> No.7700038

Ahhh probably not...I mean as long as it's SFW?? I'm doomed aren't I, haha...

>> No.7700040

Yes I am aware of how shameful and casual I am. Brb going to go cry while playing Animal Crossing.

>> No.7700043

Are you new here?

>> No.7700050
File: 20 KB, 307x352, dalewat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just gtfo

>> No.7700053
File: 3 KB, 225x225, weeaboo0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i cant believe we live in a world where someone is this new

>> No.7700058

I stole 3 rings,2 necklaces and 1 bracelet + a set of jewellry from a collection I don't even remember the name of. My friends were talking to the shopkeepers and keeping them busy in general

>> No.7700082

Sometimes I wish i wasn't so lower middle class. I live with my parents so I don't really have many expenses beside gas and sometimes food, but still I don't really make enough with my part time job to spend a lot on lolita. Like, I feel like all my loli friends have so much burando and shit but some of them are in college like me and maybe even not living with their parents. Most of my wardrobe is offbrand/taobao minus a few pieces and the ones that are brand are plainer ones. People tell me that they like my coords and that I do pretty well with what I have, but I feel like I'll always stay average-tier because I don't have fancy pieces. I see people going to brand parties and I get kinda sad because I could never afford to go to one, nor would I have the outfit pieces to look as extravagant.
I know I sholdn't have gotten into it if I'm so poorfag, but I've been admiring the fashion for so long...
How do other people do it? do some just only buy a brand piece every couple months of something? I feel like I'm doing something wrong and shouldn't try to rush it or some thing, but idk.

Also, it's hard to go to meets when they're always on day I work. My comm has a regular monthly meet as well and meets organized by comm members, but the regul monthly meet will always be on the day I work. Need to work for money for lolita but can't go to meets because of work. Figures.

>> No.7700083

I could never do that, because I'd feel so guilty knowing the shop clerks probably got in trouble for it happening while they were working.

I know it may seem like you're just sticking it to big corporations that make a bunch of money, but you ave to see how that could/will affect you and the lolita community as a whole. Renting shop space isn't particularly cheap, and if profit margins go down too far and/or stay down for too long... well, then it's back to no more brick and mortar lolita shops in the USA, which would suck.

>> No.7700091

Huh. I'm lower middle class, pretty much in the same boat as you I guess.

I just don't worry about it. I have about 10 or so main pieces, mostly brand with some nicer Taobao pieces, and I just kinda cycle through those. I've owned a lot more lolita clothes, but it seems like every time I get something new I feel the urge to sell something else.

Just be happy with what you have, I'd say. I don't even belong to my local comm - I don't care, either. Comms aren't the reason to dress in lolita, lol.

>> No.7700107

The thing is, I actually /like/ my comm and the people in it. I like seeing and talking to them.

I'll try to take on your view as regards to being happy with what I have though. I have difficulty letting go of items, but maybe I'll eventually try to let go of the ones I don't like as much when I buy ones I like more.

Still, it's real hard not to be jelly when all your buddies have all these pretty dresses and I'm stuck with plainer ones.

>> No.7700110

Also I just realized I misfired into the wrong thread. Should've been in the feels thread whoops.

>> No.7700111

Western NY lolita here and this is utter bullshit.

I wouldn't be surprised if this is someone from upstate/nyc comm trying to poison the well.

>> No.7700213

I don't like when ugly guys ask for my pictures. Sure, I let take a picture, but it's not something I enjoy.

Who else feels the same?

>> No.7700223

How do you feel when a hot guy asks for your picture?

>> No.7700234
File: 68 KB, 511x493, Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 8.23.24 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nice trips, also agreed.
Sounds like someone really wants people to hate the western ny comm.
>30 year old
>drumming up drama on tumblr instead of going to authorities and mysteriously keeping this secret for forever for no reason at all

Is this some elaborate troll...?

>> No.7700237

>steals wallet, phone, keys, IDs
>doesn't call the police
If this is real she's one dumb cunt.

>> No.7700275
File: 108 KB, 480x640, tumblr_n7s5xgOoep1qkjewco1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll leave this here.
>>"The name I like to go by is Elora Pilgrim. No this is not the name on my birth certificate, but it’s the name I like. I’ll be 30 in December, 2012. I’m FAAB, genderqueer, gray-asexual and pan-romantic. I generally identify as “Queer.” I present as mostly femme, but I have a definite butch side. I will answer to female pronouns, but I prefer “Sir” to “Miss” and I absolute HATE being called “Ma’am.” I’m white, I live in upstate NY, I’m neurodivergent and have invisible illnesses."

She's for real guys, no troll.

>> No.7700277

>Old lady
>Doesn't like being called "ma'am"
Daily life must be hell for her.

>> No.7700283

So she's an autistic tumblr landwhale who made up a story for attention. Shocker. She's probably butthurt that western comm wanted nothing to do with her and her poorly dressed, stunted friends.

>> No.7700300

Haha wow, what a nerd (jk it's cool)
You can probably get a smaller version of it if you want

>> No.7700333

fucking do it

>> No.7700340
File: 209 KB, 682x600, 1353270199436.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Examine yourself anon

Absolutely priceless

>> No.7700376

Why does it seem like every time there's this type of person, they happen to be landwhales with typically no social skills outside of tumblr?

>> No.7700424

I like it of course.

>> No.7700483

It ain't easy being evil

>> No.7700494

My parents haven't ask for rent but I feel bad moching off of them

>> No.7700499

More power to you

>> No.7700502

Whos rosarie?

>> No.7700553

no no no no anon! the same thing happened to me when I started taking Geodon! I kept taking it, started eating better and exercising, the exercise was good for my mental health and I eventually could take less meds, now I'm thin by most people's definitions, I retained weight in my hips and ass but have a small waist and decently sized tits. I used to be a landwhale, but now I eat tons of vegetables, vegetarian protein and some whole grains, exercise every day and I love my body.

>> No.7701089

You don't have to do nudes. I know OC eventually started doing them for even more cash, but at first she just did non-nudes shows. Dance a bit, maybe cuddle with stuffed animals. Guys with ageplay fantasies will gobble it up and practically throw money at the screen to see you do more infantile bullshit.

>> No.7701269
File: 1.29 MB, 296x160, 1338449522470.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>RE: the children paying their parents rent debate
My parents never made me pay rent and I hardly helped out with chores unless it was something that directly affected me, like the cat puking on the stairs or someting. I often got shit from people for mooching off my parents despite being 18+. I was too busy with studies and (unpaid) internships to get a job and so never really had money to spend, since my parents didn't give me an allowance.
However now that I moved in with my boyfriend they keep throwing money at me "for bills and food and fun things". My monthly expenditures are much lower than what they give me and I keep telling them this but they just say no no no keep it, you're our baby. Yet suddenly the same people who gave me shit for mooching are applauding me for being more independent and say shit like "see? not so easy now not living under your parents' roof and eating their food, is it?". They seem to have no problem with the fact that my parents are helping me out financially because at least I'm not living in their house, idk.

So basically by moving out and paying rent I started costing my parents more money/ ended up having more money to spend than when I was "mooching" off of them.

>> No.7702382

This comment is the /cgl/ equivalent of that urban legend about the person who had to write an essay titled The Definition of Risk for a paper, and just wrote

"this is a risk"

>> No.7702537

Okay unless you're actually a 2DQT (spoiler: you're not), then that's just gonna look like an exaggerated tramp stamp/dudebro "tribal" piece of shit.
Get a tattoo of his staff instead. That's actually pretty.

>> No.7702734 [DELETED] 

I'm shitting bricks right now. 2 months ago, I visited my boyfriend (Long-distance) and we had sex without protection. (He didn't cum inside me.)
Fucking stupid, I know, I was pissed at him for it and still am, but that's beside the point.
I've gotten my period on time since then and have not really felt any of the typical pregnancy symptoms.
'Working out for the last month has gotten more and more exhausting and my belly is just super bloated whether I eat or not.
Point is, I've been comparing my weird fat stomach to the belly of pregnant girls who are 2 months along and it matches pretty much perfectly.
Working out a lot and because of it my belly is pretty firm and thus it's pretty hard to grab ahold of it and check if it's just fat or not. I can poke it just fine and suck in pretty hard, it does jiggle when I move (and now I feel like shit for sounding like a fucking fatass, it's just my belly though), but I still can't help but wonder that something is going on here.
I'm too embarrassed to ask any of my pregnant friends/friends who are parents about how their stomach felt during pregnancy, I have no way of getting to a pregnancy test for another week and I just want to crawl into a corner and cry right now.

>> No.7702744

Gross, why do you like men who don't know how to do shit?

>> No.7702745 [DELETED] 

You are probably just fat. He didnt finish in you and you got your period, it is super unlikely you are pregnant. Next time, dont trust the guy. Either get on something yourself or make sure you have a condom so he can be protected.

>> No.7702757 [DELETED] 

Pretty much what >>7702745 said. I have a coil and a 6 - 10 week cycle, so I freak out on a regular basis, but it's always been nothing. If you're really worried, go to your doctor and get them to test you. Otherwise, calm the fuck down, especially since you had your period already.

>> No.7703551

My bestie does some pretty Ita stuff and i don't know how to tell her. So sometimes i pretend i'm asking for mutual coord advice so i can find out what she's wearing and steer her back in the right direction.

>> No.7703560

You should be outright with it.

>> No.7703575 [DELETED] 

you had your period already. And he didn't even cum in you.

Calm the fuck down, you're fucking retarded. Buy a pregnancy test if you continue to be an idiot about it to further ease your stupid mind.

Just FYI, my bf and I have unprotected sex EVERY DAY and he doesn't cum inside me. I've been with him 3 years and I'm not and have never been pregnant.

If no cum gets in you, you won't get pregnant.

Goddamn people are stupid

>> No.7703609 [DELETED] 

even if he pulls out there's still a chance for you to get preggers.

why don't people just get on BC? it's so fucking cheap and easy.

>> No.7703615

I'm a lonely ex /fit/azin (still a healthnut/gymrat, but /fit/ is a god aweful board) who mostly browses to look at pictures of pretty people doing what they enjoy when I get tired. If there weren't pretty things on this board, I wouldn't be on 4chan.

>tfw will never look skinny, despite low bodyfat percentages
I don't want to look like a viking (I mean seriously, go and randomize a skyrim nord and aply real life and you have me), I want to be a cute skinny punk skater guy with a tan with nice fluffy hair. Stuck between muscular, fat, and fake muscular. Skinny is not an option for my shape, I shit you not. Took the trip down to 12% bodyfat and sure, I got rid of the love handles, but I'm still not skinny... So I spend every day in the gym trying to get bigger or loose bodyfat so I don't look like a skinnyfat tool.

>> No.7703625 [DELETED] 

Even if you use condoms or BC there's still a chance to get pregnant.

Besides, there's always abortion for the slim to none chance that that happens.

The pill makes some people really fucking sick.

>> No.7703800

Just keep cutting til you hit 8% body fat and hope that you lose muscle in the process yo. Make sure to do cardio to kill your gains. Clen also helps make you look deflated.

>> No.7703890 [DELETED] 

> If it's not 100% effective then you shouldn't bother at all.

That doesn't even make sense. Also, the pill making you sick is no excuse for not using BC. If it makes you unwell, you try another pill, and then another, or the coil, or the patch, or the implant, or the shot, until you find something that works. And even then you should really be using condoms as well. I knew a girl who wasn't on BC because "OMG the pill gives me headaches", and guess how many abortions she's had?

Like, I have no problem with abortion if you've done everything in your power to prevent pregnancy in the first place, but abortion =/= contraception after the fact. Also, a side note to OP of the "I might be pregnant post", if you ever have sex without protection for any reason, you need to go straight to a pharmacy and get the morning after pill (within 72 hours) or go to the hospital and get an IUD (within 5 days).

Rant over.

>> No.7703893

>be me
>like to send fucked up pictures to my friend for laughs
>try to send him goatse
>accidentally send it to all my contacts
i don't know what to do besides plan to move
Myu life is a gfucking wereck

>> No.7703896 [DELETED] 

Maybe you just have a food intolerance? I am super bloated when I try to digest lactose and in the mornings. I can barely grab it/sucking my gut in hurts and when you poke it feels like a balloon though. So there are some differences between us. But you never know, maybe keep a food diary to see what triggers the bloating? Highly unlikely that you are pregnant since you got your period.

I agree with you anon. People are fucking stupid. Abortion is not a solution. Besides abortion isn't gonna prevent any STD's you can get. ''But muh boyfriend doesn't have any'' No but there are still things you can transmit via sex like yeast infections, and those you can get anywhere ranging from washing with soap to antibiotics. And pulling out isn't going to prevent pregnancy. There is still a slim change that the sperms survive (especially with some guys who are highly fertile). ''But I know when I ovulate!'' No you do not. Ovulation isn't a certain day of a certain week. Yes you can calculate when you are probably the most likely \, but that is for ladies who want to get pregnant. Ovulation can always happen at a different time then you calculated. I feel like some girls really need to get another Sex Ed class when I read things like this.

>> No.7703897

Viking, my type of guy. Don't be desperate tho, you have to accept your body. I'm a girl stuck between being curvy or being muscular, I'll never have dainty fine legs, forever thunder thighs and big booty, so I feel you.

>> No.7703903 [DELETED] 

> I feel like some girls really need to get another Sex Ed class when I read things like this.

I know that feel. Someone needs to sit these girls down and explain that a guy doesn't need to cum for you to get pregnant. Even pre-cum has sperm in it. I had unprotected sex once (because I was a retard), and I immediately went and got the morning after pill (which cost £30, which was all I had at the time, haha) and then told my boyfriend 'no more sex until I get on the pill and it kicks in'. Also people who don't know that the pill takes up to seven days to start working need to read the damn leaflet. It says quite clearly that you have to wait

>> No.7703904

Be genuinely embarrassed but lie and say you got hacked.

>> No.7703945

I'm laughing so hard right now

>> No.7703952 [DELETED] 

I only had to get the morning after pill once (luckily those things are expensive). I slept at my boyfriends place for a week or so, and then realized I forgot my pill strip. We had sex with a condom to prevent pregnancy, but it ripped apart during sex. So we decided to get the morning after pill, just to be sure. I feel like Sex ed could be better in general too. For instance I have some troubles with yeast infections down there, because I am very sensitive to UTI's in summer, and whenever I get an antibiotics treatment I get yeast infections. I didn't understand at first why I didn't go away with the medicine, until I was told that my BF needed to be treated too and no nude sleeping together/sex until we were both done with treatment, or else you can constantly keep infecting each other. They never told me that in Sex ED, same as with how bad it is to wash your vagina with soap (Again Yeast) or scented vaginal washes

>> No.7703953

*Lucky for me that it was only once, because those things are expensive.

>> No.7703961 [DELETED] 

There is always a chance for getting pregnant. But pull out method is only slighty higher risk (like 2% more likely) than condoms... Just because people dont know how to condom right most of the time.

>> No.7703967 [DELETED] 
File: 178 KB, 500x500, 1372739599771.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pal, I'd like a source, Im calling bullshit on this one

>> No.7704072 [DELETED] 

the problem is pulling out in time.it depends on a huge number of variables, like how close he is when he pulls out and how much he can be trusted etc. I've used it successfully as a sole method of contraception with a couple of partners who I trusted, but they also had trouble coming during sex anyway/took a while to come so were always well in time, but because it's so user dependent I'd never recommend it

>> No.7704076 [DELETED] 

No that's not why. It's because sperm exists in precum a lot of the time, so even if he cums outside you have the chance to get pregnant because of that.

God all you people are going to fuck your whole shit up.

>> No.7704109

I want sex in cosplay.
Fuck these pre PMS things.

>> No.7704280 [DELETED] 

See >>7704076
Pre cum starts happening from the moment the guy gets really aroused. It is the clear stuff that leaks from the penis and can contain sperm cells that have a chance to survive inside your vagina and make it to your womb. Coitus Interuptes (Leaving the church before the singing ended) or ''pulling out'' as you call is not a reliable birth control method at all. It is even more unreliable then calculating your ovulation. So for the love of your womb, get some actual birth control.

As for the girl who suggested abortion earlier in this thread: Abortion is a painful procedure, and not just mentally. So you better prevent having to use it. It is also mentally very hard, as a lot of women who want an abortion start to get doubts because they get attached to their baby, morally object against it, ect.

>> No.7704281 [DELETED] 

> unprotected sex every day with no conception

Have you both been tested for infertility? Because unless he doesn't produce pre-cum, you should've been pregnant by now.

>> No.7704291 [DELETED] 

it's just so irresponsible too. BC at any family planning place is under 20 bucks and if you can spend money on cosplay or lolita, you can afford 20 bucks a month.

I can't believe that anyone would even take that risk. It's crazy.

>> No.7704296 [DELETED] 


22 our of 100 women using the pull out method in a year of sexual intercourse got pregnant - average usage
Perfect usage - 4 out of 100

18 out of 100 women with men who used male condoms got pregnant in a year of sexual intercourse - average usage
Perfect usage - 2

Source: http://www.contraceptivetechnology.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/CTFailureTable.pdf

Im all for condoms and BC but I thought it interesting that the condom number was so high

>> No.7704302 [DELETED] 

I have seen the rates as high as 25% failure rate for pulling out. Always depends on the studies, but its significant enough that you shouldnt rely on it.

The problem with both method is that it relies on the guy. Pull out you are 100% relying on the guy to realize he is going to cum and getting out in time. Even guys who usually are good at it fuck up every now and then. Precum is dealt with by peeing between sessions, but if you are doing it more than once in a short time span that may not happen. Condoms rely on the guy putting it on right and knowing how to take it out without slipping.

I cant imagine putting my life in the hands of a guy's ability to control his penis or not. Bc all the way.

>> No.7704304 [DELETED] 

I don't trust the pull out method because of the insane amount of pre-cum I end up producing

>> No.7704333

Yeah, fuck that. My frame is too big for my ideal. Not gonna happen. I'd rather work with what I got then try to be something I can never be. Difference between 12 and 8 won't change your frame. Just makes the difference between lean and shredded.

Yeah, I've heard its some people's type, and I'm not that angry at my body. Just find it kinda hard to believe that anybody'd be attracted to the way I look. I mean it's so niche and cliche. I mean if they do, I wouldn't mind and I would enjoy the attention, but I can't empathise with it.

Just grew up watching those skinny guys play agility sports. Now my frame is perfect for powrelifting, bodybuilding, and olympic lifting, and I'm happy about that. Really good genetics for all three, and I'm cool with that, but it doesn't help my self esteem that my childhood heroes' sport is dead and I couldn't pick it up beyond an amurature level.

It's not a day to day crushing thing, it's just one of those 'at the end of the day, here's what i wish could be better' things.

>> No.7704661

I'm truly sorry and this is a terrible situation but I am sobbing of laughter right now. this is one of the funniest things I've seen in a while

>> No.7704670

Can you pretend your account got hacked or did you send a message with it?

>> No.7705112


You have the wrong friends. 90% of mine would think that is funny as shit

>> No.7705206

> Cosplay relatively noncosplayed character
> Look up pics of others attempts
> Mostly nightmare fuel
> Don't even want to be associated
> Feels bitchy but it looked like these people actually tried and failed miserably.
> Start to worry that mine is just as bad.

>> No.7705622

Do you post these pictures on tumblr or something?

>> No.7705712

I guess that would work? Maybe make a youtube account for your ridiculously kawaii videos. Self post a lot.

>> No.7705775

Hmm I think I'll try that! Anything else I should know about?

>> No.7705784

Well I am not sure, I don't have any E-fame. Just trying to deduce what other E-famous girls did to gain cash. I know Yukapon eventually did Nico Nico Douga Live or something.

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