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So, my tumblr dashboard is blowing up with OMG 4CHAN IS ATTACKING US and it got me thinking about the lolita community on different sites, and which are better for what.

These are the main ones I can think of, let me know if I'm missing any: /cgl/, Livejournal comms, Facebook, tumblr

>what do you consider the pros and cons of each for the lolita community?
>which do you use regularly? why/why not?

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I really miss the days when LJ was active. I think it was the best format for this and other communities.
Tumblr, I don't fucking understand. It's decent for disseminating information but then again not really. My dashboard gets hundreds of posts daily and I don't even follow all that many people. I feel like I could really easily miss a new release or some important information because it's so hectic. How do people deal with this?
It also has no comment system so I feel interaction on tumblr is really poor... but maybe I just haven't utilized it too well.
Facebook is fine but it's kind of hard to find lolita communities on it. I don't even know what the main lolita facebook page is, or if it even exists. EGL and other similar LJ communities always linked to each other - EGL linked to sales, brand comms, and every sub comm imaginable. sailormoonfans was always associated with serasell and smcollector. I don't even know where to sell sailor moon stuff any more so I just list it on ebay (but that's a whole other rant)
tl;dr I'm an oldfag and I miss LJ's heyday

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Being someone who browses 4chan on tumblr right now is like being a non-radical Muslim in th US watching Fox News

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They're massively fueling the fire. /b/ would have gotten bored already if not for all the hysterics over there.

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What the heck is going on? I don't /b/ or tumblr
But seriously, when are people going to learn that responding just makes it worse?
If 4chan/the internet decided to attack me for some reason tomorrow I would just go on vacation for a week. I guarantee by the time I came back every single person would have forgotten about me already. It's not that hard.

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If I followed the story correctly, a bunch of feminists from tumblr decided to "raid" /b/ yesterday to, I don't know, enlighten the special board about how horrible and mean they were.

The /b/tards jumped at the opportunity to do something and spammed gore/weird porn/cp/etc. on tumblr with SJW tags like feminism.

I honestly found it rather humorous.

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I looked around and it seems like the original post about the feminism raid was a fake from /pol/ posted to troll /b/
Seriously, when is moot going to delete /pol/ again, all the most recent faggotry is all from there. And now they're even trolling other boards on 4chan..?

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They just can't control their EDGE.

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NO it's a containment zone like /mlp/

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They're clearly not being contained if they are directly trolling other boards now
could just get better janitors for /new/ it's not like janitors are paid or anything anyway

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Agreeing with this.

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Bringing it back in the first place was a mistake. Better to cut the cancer out now before it takes over completely. They'll move on to some other *chan derivative like they did last time, after a few weeks of being butthurt over it.

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Honestly, considering all currently used platforms, Facebook would be the best to keep up with news and releases, if there was such a community/page. I'd personally prefer a public page since it would stop newbie help posts and general chatting. I'd rather help and concrit to be contained in separate communities from news.
Tumblr is a mess. I feel only private groups really work, but they support a really small amount of people until they become intolerable.

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Tumblr Pros
>Pretty picture posts pretty common
>Can usually filter shit easily to prevent from seeing certain lolitas/unrelated content

Tumblr Cons
>If people don't tag, can't always filter posts
>Not all blogs are 100% lolita-related, so get extraneous stupid Teen Wolf and Supernatural posts slipping through when not tagged properly
>Constant "TRIGGERS!" and social commentary posts that aren't always tagged sometimes slip through

I come to Tumblr for pretty pictures, not your personal causes. If I want to read about any of that, there are other sites I can use.

4Chan Pros
>Pretty pictures are organised into threads
>Positive threads more common than you'd think (draw threads, coord advice threads, etc.)
>Anonymity can be nice when wanting to ask a question/join a discussion
>Find out all the drama without getting involved in any of it
>Auto-archiving is nice

4Chan Cons
>Exact opposite of Tumblr SJW posts pretty regularly made, which gets annoying because of that tryhard nature that comes along with it
>Negative/annoying threads more common than good (how do I sell my panties online/get a sugardaddy/become a cam girl?, how do I get qt3.14 cosplay grill?, /fit/ here, rate me, etc.)
>Can't pre-filter threads about things I don't care about, so just have to keep hiding them when they pop up

So basically, better for discussion about things you don't want to ask publicly (how do I wash my socks, guiz?), but that also means you get subjects that no one in their right mind would discuss publicly (how do I get a daddy, guiz?).

LJ Pros
>Used for a long time, huge archives of information
>Better communities have posts tagged/sorted into memories
>Posts have a variety of formatting options

LJ Cons
>It's dying
>A lot of communities are *too* large to be well-organised and tagged, so searching for a specific post can take forever, especially if it's older
>a lot of information is just plain outdated

But I've used it for so long, I don't feel like I can just dump it.

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Another pro of 4chin is concrit, and it's also where Tumblr falls short.

As for LJ, people just stopped posting. It's weird because I see the kink meme shit and whatever active (albeit now it's on dreamwidth and not LJ, but it looks about the same) but muh mori girl community is practically dead and abandoned.

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I use tumblr, Facebook, and /cgl/. I'm too new to lolita and missed the LJ days. It's pretty much exactly what >>7658100 said.
>Tumblr: Pretty pictures
>/cgl/: Legit concrit and drama
>Facebook: Lolita news.

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I use mostly /cgl/ and tumblr, although I'm mostly on tumblr for the fandom shit. I've pretty much given up on lolita there.
> /cgl/ pro: concrit, delicious drama, cons: drama, trolls
> tumblr pros: pretty pictures, cons: whiny teenagers everywhere, itas everywhere

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I've been considering creating a tumblr account for the pretty pictures but really want to avoid all the sjw type stuff. You anons seem to know your shit, any tips for filtering that stuff out in the most efficient way possible?

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avoid personal blogs. Most people have "art/photo/whatever" only blogs, so you can avoid their shitty opinions.

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I instantly unfollow anyone that does SJW shit. My feed is quite nice so far.

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Do you guys just follow shitty people? I use tumblr but am very selective with who I follow because 1) everyone in the community reblogs the same shit so I only follow those who maintain a good blog and 2) tumblr is a site that I go to to view pretty photos and destress/waste time, not deal with a bunch of twats/sjws.
I'm also not in any fandoms (personally hate all fandoms on tumblr in a very base sort of way), which protects me from a lot of this bullshit, I guess. Tumblr sucks as an online community hosting site, but it's great for following individuals, keeping a personal archive of outfits/styles/etc, or following shop-specific blogs.
I only browse LJ for the sales posts and the occasional laugh. It's dead other than around wardrobe season, which is still a very fun thing.
Facebook is great for keeping updated and interacting with your community, if you have a FB. I have wanted to deactivate numerous times in the past few years but have stayed for my comm.

I use /cgl/ every day for concrit, news, gossip, and help. Honestly you seagulls saved me from what could have been an awful first coord and a long ita stage.

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Great, now we'll have more SJW retards here.

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look through somebody's archive before you follow them. get an idea of how frequently they post, what kinds of content, how many shitposts they make per month and decide from there. blogs dedicated to [x] subject where the admins have other blogs that contain their personal business are the best. if you're following a general blog that posts lots of stuff from different areas, i like to ensure they post about 3-5 subjects i'm interested in, just to keep the ratio of good:bad up.

sometimes you follow someone, its good for the first while, then they gradually change into blogging shit you don't care about. if they tag stuff and you can be bothered fiddling around with addons you can filter it out, or just unfollow them. unfollowing isn't an insult or a crime, don't feel obligated to keep somebody on your dash if you don't like their content.

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>everyone with a tumblr ITT saying they're tired of SJWs

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Are you fucking retarded? That sentence itself says they have plenty of SJWs, and this raid, is obviously conducted by those same SJWs.

Get a brain, retarded bitch.

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>it literally says "Great, now we'll have more SJW retards here."
>now we'll have more
>have more
>not everyone is one
>retard that can't read confirmed

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not that anon, but could you politely refrain from repeating yourself? both times you were actually wrong about what OP and that other anon were saying. one blatant "i'mma start some shiet aww yeuh" response was enough, faggot.

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I'm new to the whole FB thing, what are the good Lolita groups to follow? I just reactivated after a long social networking hiatus.

>> No.7658453

You cannot read. I don't care about what OP was saying, but that anon's post is completely wrong and accusatory.

Saying that there will be more doesn't mean that there are already a huge number, just that they exist.

You bitches are so fucking good at making imaginary content in posts to respond to.

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It's why I only follow artist blogs that don't try to preach their opinions

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>mfw followed a scanlators blog
>mfw she posted this bullshit about magi
>what the flying fuck bitch

Unfollowed as fuck.

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You can filter some stuff on 4chan. I've put in enough filters so I never have to see feels threads, sugar daddy/cam girl, and a few obvious troll shit.

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i'm not sure how you could make the connection that a thread full of people denouncing SJWs (and countless people in countless threads before it doing the same) means that this board is ~ever~ going to be a hospitable place for future SJWs, but alright, you can keep digging your heels in about weird semantics.

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>none of the people who said such were aggressive about it
>they just simply unfollowed them on tumblr, nothing more
>implying you can unfollow them on 4chan

Nice ruse, retard.

>> No.7658485

And no one except you said anything about it being a hospitable place for them. And its cute, because you think people need to be comfortable to hang out somewhere online. You'll see girls on r9k(some of our tripfags go there too), ohhh but its not hospitable for them! that means they cant hang out there!

Yeah, nah.

>> No.7658492

being aggressive about it on tumblr is a terrible idea, but people are aggressive about it here all the time. pop into any popular fandom's cosplay thread, or lolita community or cringe thread. stop losing your shit, anon. seagulls hate the kind of tumblr you're so worried about, and those people never stay because they get torn apart when they come here.

>> No.7658499

Even if they do get torn apart, you will see them there defending their cause to the very end. I know you've seen it here, I've seen it too. Its not about fitting in, its about making themselves feel superior and elevate themselves onto a higher ground to these "meanie weenies".

>> No.7658504

nahh, i know what you're saying, but they only show up about as often as spergs from other boards. i checked some of the "raided" tags today and saw five minutes' scrolling of puppies and kittens and rainbows and "stay safe 4chan is coming i am SO SORRY if you got triggered i am here 4 u", but absolutely none of the gore or whatever that was supposed to be spammed there. apparently they're trying to set up a petition to shut down this website, but none of them are coming back here to "defend" themselves. least of all, to /cgl/.

>> No.7658514

You're going to want XKit. It'll be your lifeline when swimming through Tumblr's nonsense.

It's an extension that has things like a blacklist (so you can block post that have certain words in them), you can outright block posts from appearing ever again, you can reblog things faster, organize things better, etc.

>> No.7658515


Is triggering a real thing?

>> No.7658521

Yeah. Something can bring back a traumatic event or something. I block stuff like self harm and EDs, not because I'll have a panic attack or something, but it can be very upsetting.

>> No.7658534

uh, one time my fire alarm broke and we were a bit stoned and nothing would turn it off except to take it out of the ceiling, and now i've got an irrational worry about setting off the fire alarm. it's pretty intense, actually.

i wouldn't go to a website where a shrill, randomly-timed blare will sound, and then continue to go to that site while asking repeatedly for the website to stop using that feature. "triggering" on tumblr, if i'm a piss baby and use it like an entitled renounced-oppressor, is like me going to a website like that but having "WARNING, ALARM WILL SOUND IN TWO SECONDS" pop up before the blare, but still complain and collecting others to complain with me until the blare becomes more gentle, with the intention of eventually removing it. could just go to a different site, or make my own website, but no.

and that is what a "trigger" is. something traumatic that you could avoid if you wanted but choose not to en lieu of making others stop talking about it.

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I used to get severe anxiety over reading posts about rape and also some MRA logic and feminist posts. I've never been raped or anything but is so viscerally, disgusts me to my core that I would literally just sit there in shock, trying not to cry, I'd be upset the rest of the day. If I saw too many negative posts in one day I thought about killing myself quite often.
>inb4 "weak"
I got better but really, I was depressed all along, probably just looking for excuses. It's a slow process, trying to get away from that sort of thing. It took me weeks to block it all out and months to fully get over it to the point I could actually engage on the internet again.
So yeah, triggers exist and actually affect people, and the people affected by them are sometimes trying there best and just want to be able to look at fashion or animu bullshit and forget about their stupid psychological problems.

>> No.7658545

Well I guess to say something about a "community",
Behind the Bows is nice that I get to see drama, and then can ask for more details here.
Though the drama hasn't been all that great for a while.

Somewhat off topic,
does anyone know what all those removed images in BTBs were? That chick is in my comm, and I'm really curious what people said about her!

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After reading Muv Luv I cry every time I see twizzlers.

>> No.7658574

Lapin Chocolat? Isn't she some kind of cam whore, or is that someone else? If she's a fat hispanic chic, probably due to someone calling her out for being a cam whore.

>> No.7658583

Yes, for generally traumatizing things like suicide, self harm, etc.

However, Tumblr likes to turn every single fucking thing on the planet into a trigger to the point that nobody even knows what it means anymore. Tag your plants, tag your fish, tag your insects, tag your fucking eyes and scopophobia, add numbers after the tags... And then in usual Tumblr fashion, bitch at anyone who doesn't tag things. It's bullshit.

>> No.7658586

Is she hispanic? I thought she was Asian. And damn, a cam whore? I am out of the loop.

>> No.7658611

I was just guessing off of random pictures I've seen of her, maybe she's Asian, dunno. But yeah, she's a camwhore by profession. As noted by these other peeps:


I've seen the pics. It's not pretty.

>> No.7658618

Everyone mentioned it at the same time,
but I follow her on lapinchocolate and creepyhime. Is this on tumblr or somewhere else that she camwhores?

>> No.7658637

I'm pretty sure I heard that she has a separate tumblr that she posts porn pics to, but that she also has a video feed on an actual camwhore for money websites, which is how she makes her living. The tumblr pics (i think is the creepyhime one, yeah?) are just an offshoot of her taking pics of herself while camming.

>> No.7658658

I just saw on one of her blogs that she had to delete a very special blog of hers due to her sponsor's request. It was the perverted one, I bet. Guess with all the attention she is getting on /cgl/ and BtB the sponsor wanted none of it.

>> No.7658660

Wonder why they didn't just drop her altogether. Must be nice living in this day and age.

>> No.7658684

She probably has a lot of followers, I'm not sure why else. Maybe the owner is a friend of hers.

>> No.7658701

That makes it seem like you aren't living in the same age! Ghost?

>> No.7658716

Is there/has there ever been a lolita presence on reddit? Or is downvoting too mean for lolita lovelies?

>> No.7658717

Yes. Yes it is. I used to think it was just Tumblr bull crap until my therapist told me that I myself had issues with triggers.

However, my therapist is helping me work on it and I'm doing the best I can about it. That's a huge step away from a tumblrtard who's running around crying because the color orange reminds them of some person they don't like.

Keep that in mind. Don't let those faggots mess up your perception.

>> No.7658724

Xkit/Tumblr Savior will make your life SO much easier.
I follow 800+ people, and a TON of them post dumb SJW shit but I just blacklist certain phrases/topics/etc and they're gone (And I can still enjoy the NON shitty things they post)

>> No.7658787

vaguely. there's a subreddit, but it's full of noobs and shitposting and rarely has any actual content.

>> No.7658832

A trigger is a real thing in psychology. However, in the official definition it's generally used in regards to things like PTSD from war and other life-threatening situations and whatnot.

>> No.7658925

Thats where its only used. Everything else is playing pretend

>> No.7659709

Food porn has caused me so much guilt that I've purged on a near empty stomach on more than a few occasions.
The important things are, if something makes you do that, blacklist anything people may tag it with, get help from a professional and don't blame someone else for posting something harmless to 99% of people. It's my job to get over this, not someone elses job to make it nice and comfy so that I never have to get better.

>> No.7659726

>The important things are, if something makes you do that, blacklist anything people may tag it with, get help from a professional and don't blame someone else for posting something harmless to 99% of people. It's my job to get over this, not someone elses job to make it nice and comfy so that I never have to get better.

This. I've been triggered plenty of times on Tumblr but hey, it's my problem. What do I do when it happens? Suck it up, (try to) deal with it, blacklist the tag. It's not that hard but for some reason most tumblrites have this idea that they're ~fragile, pure, sad flowers with LEGITIMATE PAIN!!!!1~ everyone should aspire to watch out for.

>> No.7660687

Does anyone still use Lacebook? I only see people post some coords but there's not really a true community.

>> No.7660738

I think most people got sick of waiting for invites and the hype died down.

>> No.7661675

>but people are aggressive about it here all the time
>aggressive about it here all the time
Sure they are. Mad delusions, girlie. Take a good and long hard look at the SJW crew going on itt: >>>7660544

>> No.7661722

I would like to create something Lacebook if I could. I can do up the design but I don't know how to code a website.

>> No.7661724

something like lacebook*

>> No.7664897

>Trigger warnings are designed to help survivors avoid reminders of their trauma, thereby preventing emotional discomfort. Yet avoidance reinforces PTSD. Conversely, systematic exposure to triggers and the memories they provoke is the most effective means of overcoming the disorder. According to a rigorous analysis by the Institute of Medicine, exposure therapy is the most efficacious treatment for PTSD, especially in civilians who have suffered trauma such as sexual assault. For example, prolonged exposure therapy, the cognitive behavioral treatment pioneered by clinical psychologists Edna B. Foa and Barbara O. Rothbaum, entails having clients close their eyes and recount their trauma in the first-person present tense. After repeated imaginal relivings, most clients experience significant reductions in PTSD symptoms, as traumatic memories lose their capacity to cause emotional distress. Working with their therapists, clients devise a hierarchy of progressively more challenging trigger situations that they may confront in everyday life. By practicing confronting these triggers, clients learn that fear subsides, enabling them to reclaim their lives and conquer PTSD.
—“Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: An Assessment of the Evidence,” The National Academies Press, Institute of Medicine, Washington, D.C., 2008

>> No.7664911

They should have opened up invites after a time. How dumb to make it and then just let it die.

>> No.7664927

I know how to, but I dunno if it would be worth all the work if it just remains dormant forever.

>> No.7664948

I follow Lolita Updates on Facebook. The mods actually do a good job removing irrelevant posts such as coord pictures, concrit advice, newbie questions, and scammer reports. Pretty much all of the posts are on-topic and about buying-related lolita news: upcoming releases, ongoing sales, lucky pack release announcements, store openings/closings, current reservations, etc. And there's a fairly good spread of updates for brand, Taobao, and indie.

>> No.7664961

> Comm page(s) in your geographic area
> Lolita Updates
> Closet of Frills: Daily Lolita Coords
> Rufflechat
> Lolita Sales in English
> Lolita Sales - Worldwide

Lolita Updates has good info on recent releases and lolita-related news.

Daily Lolita has lots of coord pics if you're into that kind of thing. The quality is really variable. Don't read user comments because most of the people providing concrit are noobs.

Rufflechat just got started recently. Supposedly acts as a community for general discussions. Not sure yet whether it's going to be that good.

The two sales communities have a lot of overlap and you can run into shit buyers/sellers (at least at a higher frequency than on other platforms because the mods are useless and don't enforce rules). But every once in a while, you can run into a good deal. I'd say my luck on there is about 50/50.

>> No.7664965


This >>7664911. By not ever opening it up (even slowly) while the hype was still there, they've effectively killed it. Since it already seems small/dead, current members will be less likely to post, turning it into a new sort of LJ, and even if they do open it, I don't think the excitement is there for other (good) members to come and save it by posting.
Lacebook, a fairly good idea, was ruined by the over-exclusive twats who ran it.

>> No.7664968

the scopophobia one I really don't get. All my drawings get tagged with scopophobia and theyre 2d animu drawings....

>> No.7664971

I think it could still be revived with a more open enrollment (screening members to weed out creepers, of course) and themed topics and some small competitions. That's all it would take. I still have hope. They erred on the exclusivity side, yes. But it could still be something with a bit of a change.

>> No.7666826

okay what's with adding numbers after the tags?

>> No.7666915


It won't show up in the main tag. I only see purpose in it if you're making an original post, since reblogs don't show up in tags.

>> No.7667469

While confronting them is best, said confrontation should be done in a controlled environment for the safety of the person.

>> No.7667505

that's honestly not how it works. no-one default tags anything with any sort of trigger unless they're nice enough to do so for a follower who asks. i'm in mutuals with a couple irl friends who have severe issues with birds and feathers and such, that's about the only "unusual" thing i tag. it's really not as crazy and as big a deal as everyone makes it out to be.

>> No.7668345

I like to follow different Lolita youtubers!

Lovelylor and Lillith Gray are my favorites!

>> No.7669291

I want to like Lillith because her videos are so good, but her voice and stupidity drives me insane.

>> No.7669342

This this. I was literally the only person in my last comm to be on lacebook, how fucked up is that? Lolitas post pictures to get epats (not that there's anything wrong with that) so intentionally restricting the number of likes you can get by nature is a completely retarded idea.
I agree with this for silly things like scopophobia or whatever it is. What could be more controlled than your room, looking at a picture that isn't real on your computer? Also these bitches never seem to go to therapy or anything.

>> No.7669346

Follow as many people as possible. Find a blog you like and follow the people they follow/reblog from.

I think I'm following something like 2500 people at this point. Everything averages out, I've got a pretty diverse portfolio that's probably 50% animu vaporwave, 20% JFashion, 20% porn, 10% miscellaneous.

My dash has new stuff on it every time I refresh (and it's difficult to find something I missed if I scrolled past it). I get pulses of different kinds of material depending on what time it is (timezones) and who's posting.

It's better to follow in aggregate, IMO. I'm the only one I know who does this but I don't have any of the same "tumblr SJWs err where" problems everyone else seems to.

>> No.7669349

How the fuck do you keep up with it? it drives me crazy knowing I might miss something important like friends thoughts or something

>> No.7669351

I like the youtubers too or at least people who post a few coords. I'm not picky which site as long as I know they actually wear Lolita. Too many armchair Lolitas blabbing on sites these days when they don't even wear the fashion.

>> No.7669366

I do this, except I'm currently at the maximum number of blogs you can follow and I've gotta go through and prune my list to get rid of people who are inactive or don't post stuff I like anymore.

>> No.7669758

>something important
>like friends thoughts
They're never that important. Sometimes they'll like one of my pictures and I'll visit their blog to catch up.

There's a limit?! What is it? I'm at 2,165 so I figure I'm good for a little while right?

>> No.7670458


I think that's just her voice lol.
I'd like to find more but there doesn't seem to be that many! (worth watching at least)

>> No.7670471

I like tumblr for looking at lolita and seeing a lot of pictures in one area, since they stockpile in tags nicely

I like /cgl/ for seeing critiques and lurking to better my own coords, and for hearing horror stories and drama

I like facebook for actually meeting people in my area in groups

Cons of tumblr: shitty coords everywhere, and every suggestion falls on deaf ears

Cons of /cgl/: y'all are batshit crazy

Cons of facebook: I barely use it

I only use live journal for shopping

>> No.7673744

Yeah it is. Anything can be a trigger depending on the event. It's ptsd-related.

That's a gross overstatement. A large number of blogs don't tag their shit at all. Some people go crazy with it, but that's tumblr for you. I've been triggered by people not posting graphic self harm images, but I unfollow them immediately and calm myself down. There's no reason to tag every little thing.

>> No.7673746

*not tagging.

How do you follow so many people? I have about 450 right now, and I can barely keep up because most of them are very active.

>> No.7674008

I think she's Filipino (if they look more asian than Hispanic, they're at the bottom of the asian hierarchy) and she's a legit camphor according to that linked tumblr... so prob never buying anything from her ever for sanitary reasons.

>> No.7674932


This is exactly what I need! I want to keep following certain people because I can discover unreblogged and really cool images, but I don't give a fuck about their personal lives and their SJW posts; also, posting minority lolitas just because they're racial minorities instead of because they have really good outfits is just bad taste.

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File: 40 KB, 256x256, mircisalolita.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looking for IRC lolita communities. Anyone know where to find these elusive things?

>> No.7675722


Try the 90s.

>> No.7675763

Yeah, IRC's pretty much dead outside of tech and filesharing comms these days.

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