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want to cosplay this but don't know how yet. Does anyone have some inspiration/examples for this?

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Your options are to make it gijinka, or to make a fursuit.

Pick one?

Most people just carry around a Kero plush as Sakura, I don't think anyone's really cosplayed as Kero.

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I think you could also make a kigurumi, it could be cute

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Probably not what you wanted in terms of an example, but it is cute anyway so...

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>lazy as fuck
>kero is a guy

eeeeegh this is painful.

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I actually really like this design.

Maybe not so much Mr. Slickback, but the cute vest, almost like a butler?

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But instead of chicken wire or paper mache, try using uphostery foam and plastic canvas.

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Agree actually! I enjoy seeing gijinka designs go more toward a formal look instead of a "cutesy" hoodie look you often see. Vests, collared shirts, ect.? Yes please!

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This looks like some kind of horror movie

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fuck, my ovaries! That baby is adorable.

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Agree that Kero it´s huge, and the ilumination doesn´t seem to be the best, but the fursuit and the staff the girl´s holding look pretty awesome. Do you have more photos anon?

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Oooough I love this so much.

I want some awesome dad to dress his kid(s) up as tiny Keros and be big Kero.

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It'd be super cute if the Keros that are with a Sakura had a similar style as her outfit. Like of she's in [pic related] figure out an outfit to match. If you're gonna gijinka, you might as well make it cute and not a boring hoodie with wings.

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