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Pic related. 555 c'mon now.
•Biggest cosplay/lolita pet peeve ?
•Have any pointless ones?
•Which pet peeves do you hate people for having?

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Wrinkles on other people's clothes. It's just so uncomfortable to look at.

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The skirt length of most Sailor Moon cosplays. They're always way too long. I know the skirts are unrealistically short but when people are running around in nudist beach kill la kill shit I think people can handle a couple flashes of your panties for a better looking cosplay.

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Michi-Chan is dumb as fuck. Take what she says with a grain of salt.

Take it from someone she used to stalk.

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tell us tell us tell us

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>using large bandaids as nipple covers

first of all, the outfit should have been made well enough in the first place that you wouldn't have needed to use them, and secondly, they shouldn't stick OUT of your outfit. geez, do you WANT to show off your breasts so bad that you even need your nipples to be exposed?

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I hate how lazy people are about doing research on construction of costume/props. They want to be spoonfed everything. People literally want you to give them a link to a tutorial that will step by step tell them how to make their obscure ass costume... Shit like that doesn't exist. It's called inferences and common sense. Use your damn brain, for fucks sake.

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Plain cotton blouses. Brand or not that shit sucks.
Peter pan collars, the bigger they are, the worse they look.

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I love Peter Pan collars, but yeah, once they get a certain size. No thanks.

Also, fuck cap sleeves. They don't look good on anybody, and I swear when I'm thrifting for a cute blouse, it's got cap sleeves

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I saw the thumbnail and thought it was Mr. Yan.

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Well if only they made the costume right even if their "panties" did show it was part of the white part of the costume? Skaters and Ballerinas show their butts too? Or if they're super scared to make the bottom on the inner white leotard have tiny shorts to feel more comfy.

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cap sleeves make me look obese even though my arms are only about 9.5" around
you mean the leotards? Yeah I also assumed their "panties" was just that. Their outfits are supposed to be Gymnist/ballerina like anyways.

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People who don't wear makeup with their cosplay or lolita.

Sorry, but even if your character doesn't appear to have makeup, you should still at least wear some foundation + powder, mascara, and lip gloss. Just something.

Seeing people with really great costumes, but with rocking a 0 makeup dark circles rosazea pizzaface look, just honestly pisses me off.

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Also people walking around cons with these.

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Forgot image, lol.

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Yeah, by panties I meant the leotards.

I could also come up with about 3000 other sailor moon cosplay pet peeves but that one drives me the craziest.

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i totally agree. why don't these people just invest in some cheer bloomers? they aren't hard to find.

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speaking of sailor moon, I hate most sailor moon wigs. The odango are almost always too big and too low, while the hair falls are way too thin and not long enough.

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>using pvc to attach tails

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>new lolita/cosplayer says "give me C&C!"
>more experienced people give C&C, generally fairly gently

>princess seams

>that awful puckering that lolita brand embroidery gets over time

>too-tight knee socks in lolita resulting in knee muffin-top

>buyers who want tracked, insured international shipping, but don't want to pay more than $10

>costumes that utilise hand-made items and store-bought items without bothering to ensure that the colours match between the two

>all the Sailor Moon cross-over costumes lately
>Sailor Eeveelutions
>Sailor Adventure Time Princesses
>Sailor Disney Princesses
>Sailor Homestucks
>Sailor Comic Characters
>Sailor (Insert other fandom here)
I mean, I don't mind this stuff as artwork because it can be silly and funny, but as costumes they generally look shit. I mean, Sailor Moon costumes rarely come out looking great to begin with, but adding other series on top of the mess just makes it exponentially worse.

>Wig malfunctions that are easily prevented
>untrimmed wigs
>natural hair showing from under wigs that don't even have modified hairlines
>wigs sliding off/back because not secured at all
>wigs literally falling apart in the middle of the convention because of rush jobs

>stripper heels used for a costume for no discernible reason
>character doesn't wear any heels
>character doesn't need extra height

>kigurumi cosplays
And I don't mean mascot kigurumi pajamas just being work, I mean people in "cosplay" as a character in a kigurumi. I can't even explain why on this one, it just pisses me off seeing "This is Yoko if she were to wear a cute kitty-cat kigurumi!" shit.

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>•Which pet peeves do you hate people for having?
I have a particular peeve with the people who don't like wigs.
I see it as like.. they only watch realistic/live-action things or they think we're talking about Party City quality wigs. If so, their newbness shines like a beacon.
But really, it's annoying. It's nothing to be proud of if you so-boldly hate something that 8/10 makes a costume look better, specifically anime costumes.

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This really killed a lot of the joy of cosplay for me. I don't mind explaining some bits and pieces here and there, but so many people would just flat out ask the most vague questions, or want you to explain the whole damn thing. All the while making it pretty obvious they're totally new at making anything (so you might not want to try to make more advanced stuff so soon unless you have a lot of drive and are willing to put some work into it)

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>they only watch realistic/live-action things
I find that hilarious, considering how many shows use wigs/hair pieces because the actors' normal hair isn't fabulous enough without enhancement.

Prime example:
>Game of Thrones

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Most people(NOT ALLl) who say they are trans men and like cosplay (mostly tumblr yaoi girls) never want surgery and never want hormones, only bind with cosplaying, make no effort to look male or be male.
These people piss me off and I wish they were just shot into the sun, because it's an embarrassment to real trans and queer people. It just seems like they watched to much yaoi and can't get over their vagina or something.

Also this screen shot kinda unrelated but people who list all their problems and stuff to make them seem more interesting.

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Oh yeah the sex worker thing as well. Like wtf why are you putting that on the internet.

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Aaah I know, right? Sometimes when they're really cute (and cheap) I buy them anyway so I can alter them. If they're plain white cotton I might find matching fabric and otherwise I look for chiffon in that colour.

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this image hurt to read. at least they transitioned, thats all i can say.
or at least that's what transsexual implies instead of transgender.
if they're someone who hasnt had hrt or surgery and claim theyre femme then thats just as bad as the 14 y/o gendertrenders.

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If there are feminine men in the world who are still men then why can't there be feminine trans men? I'm just curious, I have a friend who is a cis male cross dresser, he isn't a trans woman and has no desire to be though? what's the difference exactly?

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ugh me too op especially those tumblr sjws who tell people its okay to stretch out brand and shitty punk/cyber lolita is ok because its your ~*~personal empowering style~*~

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Also Fiver is pretty cool, (inb4 HAHA HI FIVER) Truscum trans people are needed on tumblr to stomp out the 13 year olds who think being trans is a trendy label and that they can make up their own gender (demigirl/boy for example) and pronouns (bun/void/stem/leaf/fawn/starself)

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Seriously why do people write that shit EVER?
The only redeeming line is the one about cats and passion tic-tacs. Nobody cares about the rest. I mean seriously it's bad enough that the only somewhat worth writing line in this post is about tic-tacs.

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cosplayers that don't even bother to read the source material for their cosplays

I guess it only really pisses me off when they cosplay /co/ characters. like you'd think the comic book industry would be booming now because look at all these fans!!! look at all the cosplays!!!

but noooooooooo

I just don't get it why would you cosplay a character you don't love and if you do why don't you even bother reading their source material it's just tragic. the power girl comic (worlds finest) hovers at like 20k monthly sales you'd think w/ all the cosplayers and 'fans' she'd be in one of the biggest selling comics but nooooope

And don't start w/ that whole 'fake geek girl' shaming shit the only people that care about that are 'fake' geek girls

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god that transtrender shit pisses me off so much. I'd feel so bad if I was an ~actual~ trans and had all of these shitty teenagers pulling all this shit

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but deadpool is funny and random!! i don't need his backstory to wear a deadpool zentai with a horse mask and flower crown

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It bugs me that I sometimes see this here, too. People still insist that all wigs look like shit, that they can always tell when someone is wearing them, and that costumes would look better without them.

I always hope they're trolling, but statistically there has to be at least a few that really believe that, and it frightens me.

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>nobody cares
It's tumblr. They do care.

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It's Tumblr. They care only enough to elevate their own status. I.e. "This person I'M reblogging is a transexual! Clearly that makes ME a tolerant, important person!"

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When the feels/pet peeve threads smoosh cosplay and lolita together. Or the fact that they have to share the same board. I don't even bother reading because I don't give a crap about cosplay.

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they try to tell me im genderqueer because i like pink things and leopard print
like no, i'm pretty damn binary trans

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People who are actually trans have gender dysmorphia, which means that their brain feels uncomfortable with their body because the genders don't match. You can have women who like to dress in a masculine way but are perfectly okay with having a female body, and so aren't considered trans. But with a trans person i.e. a person who would be uncomfortable with their female body you wouldn't expect them to embrace their femininity so completely, you know? No issues, no trans.

It's also that this person apparently puts no effort into being male aside from saying "btw I'm a boi". What's the point in that?

>> No.7598574 [DELETED] 

Not every trans person has dysphoria, and the level of it differ too. Like if you are a trans male and you have buff figure from the get go, you probably arent going to have as many issues as the trans male with the big tits. Not everyone wants to change their genitals when the result is meh at best too. There is also the non binary trans people who may or may not have issues with some parts of their bodies depending on what they identify as. Although >>7598105 use of truscum is a thing where trans people tell other trans people if you dont have dsyphoria at all you cant be trans.

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I think it's because /cgl/ is pretty much J-stuff general, but the social/fashion aspects of it instead of NEET things like /jp/.
It's an interesting point that you bring up, though, because I always see cosplay and lolita smashed together, but the result of it is cosplayers going, "Ohh lolita looks so pretty, I want to get into lolita!" and that's where nearly all itas come from, yet lolitas never seen to care much for cosplay or they used to and grew out of it.

But maybe moot thinks a lolita/jfashion-only board would be too slow.

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It's because being labeled a tomboy isn't spechul enough.

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>Not every trans person has dysphoria

Having dysphoria is basically the definition of being trans. If you don't feel any discomfort at all towards your physical sex, you're not trans.

>> No.7598613 [DELETED] 

No it isnt? All dsyhoria is is a title they put in the dsm to classify people who want to transition. Not all trans people will want to get hormones, especially if their identity is neither male or female, and some have their own ways of dealing with it.

Definition of trans is someone who doesnt identify with the gender they were given at birth. You dont have to hate your body to decide you dont agree with the label that it brings.

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>gender they were given at birth
You mean sex.
Trans is someone whose gender doesn't line up with their sex. Gender is the mental identification, sex is the stuff between your legs.
If you don't have dysphoria, you might as well not bother slapping a trans label on yourself, because at that point, it's just a preference. Trans is a mental condition.

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When did 4chan become Tumblr?
>No one cares

>> No.7598641 [DELETED] 

>as in, transitioning from one state to another
>"Not all trans people want to transition!"
If you don't want to transition you're by definition cis. That's like saying you can totes be gay without being attracted to the same sex.

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Yeah we've had this discussion before and it's generally thought that separate boards would be too slow. We also have enough in common with sewing and wigs and makeup that the two interests go together well enough.
It kind of sounds like you're saying lolita>cosplay which I don't agree with, but I do agree that most people who do both at the same time tend to be not so good at lolita. It's weird.

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>You dont have to hate your body to decide you dont agree with the label that it brings.
Oh, you're just one of those people that think someone must be trans because they don't like their gender role stereotype. Don't worry, you'll stop hating pink when you get older.

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Trans doesnt come from transitioning. Trans- is beyond so it means beyond gender. The definition of trans does not include transitioning, it has never been so.

>> No.7598672 [DELETED] 

Trans also means opposite and is nearly always used in that definition. Especially if it's used in conjunction with cis.

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I am going to be honest and say I never really knew who some comic characters were until I saw some cosplay of it
like deadpool, I went out and bought a recent game featuring him and I feel in love with the character, later I was told I was fake for liking him because I didnt read his comic and then when I did I was still called out for being fake because I "forced" myself to read it that I didnt actually like him

how do I beat this "fake nerd girl" bullshit, also I hate that name and the word "nerd" in general, why the fuck would I want to be associated with real nerds in a positive way anyway I dont fucking get it

also btw finding the first comic for marvel charaters is confusing, I dont know where to start and what is even the next book, there are so many spin offs I dont even know what series everyone is supposedly reading now anyway

>> No.7598680

Or elitists just look down on them because they're not carbon copies and actually have some creativity. Imagine that.

>> No.7598684

That fact you care this much just proves your one of those sad fake nerd girls trying to prove your nerdiness

>> No.7598723

Yeah, but those are full lace human hair wigs that cost thousands of dollars each, so that's not really a fair comparison. Most lay people don't realize they aren't wigs.

>> No.7598739

Crossplayers that don't bind. If I see boobs it's shit.

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Seconding Kigurumi cosplays. I've only seen one n person that has worked.
>pic rel, but not this untrimmed crap

>> No.7598804

People who go "oh cosplay is just about fun! every cosplay is good! you can approach me any time don't be nervous!" but don't actually live up to their words in person. Just be honest.

>> No.7598827

I'll agree that poster sounds like they're trying too hard. Though that's kind of the trap of Deadpool, it's a stupid character to take seriously, it's a stupid character to 'love'. If someone is trying to make you reevaluate your chops for not knowing enough Deadpool factoids who cares? Just start referring to the character as Spiderman.

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It really doesn't make sense to me why someone who doesn't experience gender dysphoria at any level should be considered trans.

Without having that disconnect from your physical sex, it seems to me to be more about social ideas and gender roles. And if you don't fit into that, cool. Why do you need a label such as "trans"?

Hell. I struggle with gender dysphoria and have all my life. I'm seeing a therapist. But since I (at this time) have no intention of medically transitioning, I don't even use the word "trans" anymore. I have GID. That's what I tell people.

>Pet Peeve Related to Trans
People who make every character trans/genderqueer especially in cosplay. It's like an excuse to not even try to do a genderbent cosplay.

>Pet Peeve General
Girls who crossplay as their yaoi ships AND make a display of it. It just gets creepy and sort of gross IMO.

>> No.7598864

My BIGGEST cosplay pet peeve...guys who don't shave when cosplay characters that do not have facial hair.

I use to have a pic of a Touga and Utena (Rose Bride varient) where the Touga had a goatee. It. Was. Awful.

It's facial hair. HAIR. It will grow back, guys.

>> No.7598871

I agree the whole excessive PDA at cons in the name of cosplay kinda disgusts me

>> No.7598872

My biggest pet peeve is when people cosplay from something they know nothing about and are just using it for the hype train.
This commonly seems to happen with women I know and fucking League of Legends.
I've asked at least a good chunk of them for their account name so we could play. I was always met with "oh I dont play! I just know this character is popular and I wanna cosplay it teehee!"

Like the god damn Jinx hype train that won't die and girls who have not even touched the client just go "popular character GOTTA COSPLAY IT FOR POPULARITY".

>> No.7598873

People who say replicas hurt brand because "they're small companies!" but then scare away all new/potential lolitas AKA new brand costumers

If you honestly want to help brands get bigger and better, stop making the community so damn small and toxic. Get those bitches hooked on brand, damnit, don't just throw them back.

>> No.7598876

The Jinx train is because she has a flat chest. That's it, that's all. The Get Jinxed video launched it all. I can't tell you how many people I follow on Tumblr reblogged that without clearly knowing what it's from. Hell I wouldn't be surprised if they thought League of Legends is the name of a band.

>> No.7598887

Every time I see LoL cosplay I wonder if they actually play

>> No.7598899

>That's like saying you can totes be gay without being attracted to the same sex.
No, that's like saying you can be gay without ever having a penis up your anus.

>> No.7598903

You tumblr summerlings have gone full retard about this

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scalpin hoes
>original from AP was $70

>> No.7598998

Why does her name seem familiar....

>> No.7599012

This so hard. I knew a girl who was auditioning for a hs panel as john and had zero binding and didn't bother changing her voice or styling her wig. When I said I wasn't sure about auditioning because I can't speak very low she actually told me it didn't matter. Like wtf this is a panel.
Then she threw a tantrum when she didn't get the part.

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No, that would be like if you said 'you can be trans but not transition,' which happens in multiple cases.
Gender dysphoria is literally just feeling uncomfortable with your sex, and feeling like you're supposed to be a different gender. If that doesn't apply to you, you can't be trans. No ifs, ands, or buts. If you're not uncomfortable with your sex, you have no reason to say you're a different gender, unless you're a transtrender who wants to pretend they're 'unique.'
If that's the case, you're no different than the people in the 2000s who would claim they're 'TOTS BI, GAIS' and then outright say they'd never date someone of the same sex.

To stay on topic, pet peeve: Bad fabric choices. Usually they're based on what's cheapest, but that doesn't make it look good. Pic related, those cloaks are meant to keep them warm, you think that fabric is going to do shit? Come on. Not to mention that it's optional, so why even add the cloak if you're going to cheap out on the fabric?

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>1 year before a con, invite a friend
>Omg my first con, what should I cosplay What are you cosplaying Anon?
>Wait I know, I'll cosplay [insert character way above the newb's skill level
>6 months before con
>That's way too expensive and difficult, I think I'll cosplay [insert another expensive and difficult costume]
>3 months before the con
>You know what that's too difficult too, I think I'll just do [insert more reasonable cosplay but not something they can afford]
>1 month before the con

Every time. Every fucking time. Half of them just end up doing last minute closet cosplays. It's like people don't understand that this isn't a Halloween party and you're not *required* to be in costume.

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>the patterns don't match
>the colors don't match at all!
>wrong shade of X
>mismatched pinks..blues....reds....
>but color X isn't even in the dress!!
>but X isn't even part of the theme!

and so on.

there's a huge difference between say, wearing salmon peach-pink shoes with a dress containing only cool pink tones and deliberately combining analogous shades in the same outfit, mixing color, 'color popping' and accenting in interesting ways; and the use quirky pattern mismatches.

The otome type aesthetic is not for everyone but please, stop getting your knickers in a twist and acting like like these girls are clueless and have no semblance of style. You may not like it, but they know what they are doing.

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I am like this, this is so guilty.
'Cept I end up doing something good in the end.

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I don't see how they couldn't. All of the background material/interviews the cast has done, they talk extensively about those wigs. Particularly Emilia Clark.

But they're good wigs, you're right, fair enough. How about shows that do a crappy job with wigs, like Arrow and the crappy blunt fringe thing they put on Kelly Hu for the first season?

>> No.7599363

err, quite a while ago. Don't you pay attention?

>> No.7599376

The trap of Deadpool is that depending on the writer, some comic runs are good, and others are "lel so randum XD". So, even if you read the comics, they could be the "wrong" ones.

Always ask /co/, even if you don't follow their recommendation (some people like eating shit/randumb Waypool) it'll give you something to go on.

Also, DC and Marvel comics sucks massive balls; capeshit sucks balls.

>> No.7599379

My only interest in LoL is Jinx and Jinx porn.

I am a DFC afficionado, my loyalties lie with tiny titties.

>> No.7599384
File: 83 KB, 398x600, tumblr_n69u343SIR1td0j2eo1_400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>all the Sailor Moon cross-over costumes lately

>> No.7599389

I agree with you but I actually think this one is cute. At least it looks well made and not tacky.

>> No.7599398

I've seen the other photos of this one, and it's pretty awful.

>corset is store-bought and sausage shaped
>corset material is a blatantly different quality to the other pleather used
>bow is tucked into corset for unknown reason
>brooch is cardstock with gold pain and plastic flat backs glued on
>design doesn't have a sailor collar, kind of defeating the whole "Sailor Moon" concept
>'just glue some gears on it and call it steampunk' actually taken seriously
>'skirt' is one of those burlesque-esque bustle things and shoddily made

... and I could go on.

>> No.7599401
File: 144 KB, 600x1114, steampunk_moon_by_sailor_serenity-d5bc0dx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is the artwork it's based off of, by the way.

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r u trying to summon miss piggy?

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The biggest problem with cosplaying Usagi is so many people try to pull off a shitty character from a shitty anime they haven't seen since they were five.

When really, in order to be a good Usagi you basically have to be a ridiculously flawlessly beautiful goddess.

I hope we see some better cosplays once Sailor Moon Crystal starts.

>> No.7599430

I bought this last year and I'm pretty sure it was around $80 but even then yeah she's a scalpin' ho.

>> No.7599472

get a load of this newfag

>> No.7599480

Is that her original name? I just remember watching it on YTV and her name was Serena or something.

>> No.7599490

>being this new

>> No.7599497

Serena is the english adaptation for at least the US and UK (not sure if they changed it for the other countries it aired dubbed in their language). Usagi is her original Japanese name, which translates to 'Rabbit in the moon' or 'The Moon's Rabbit'. In the manga when they were still keeping with the English names, they called her Bunny, which made a lot more sense than Serena, lol.

>> No.7599507

srs... ?

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>> No.7599515 [DELETED] 

Transtrender logic

>> No.7599520

> mocks people for being weeaboos
> mocks people for not knowing common knowledge about anime

/cgl/ logic

>> No.7599547

People get mad about the kind of coords in your picture? Maybe they're the ones who don't know how to match colors... They're probably spoiled by the matchy-matchiness of lolita.

>> No.7599568


Deadpool got a new ongoing a couple of years ago starting at #1 it's pretty good just read that

the deadpool game and a lot of the 'lol deadpool so wacky and random!!!' pics you see floating around tumblr and written by mark waid and are the worst worst worst iteration of the character and you should feel bad for liking

>> No.7599711

i hate this. i hate the art style, the anatomy, the fact that her damn hair tails are way too fucking short. everything.

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>> No.7599722

daniel way is worse ughh

>> No.7599733

Agree, it throws off the proportions that made the original so appealing. My favorite SM cosplayers tend to have the right skirt to bodice proportion -- not quite the same as the originals, which aren't humanly possible and all, but a similar overall shape. They can just wear shorts underneath, after all.

>> No.7599739

The corset and boots just seem incredibly arbitrary in color/design. Might be a lot more acceptable if those were white and less "arbitrary buckley steampunk". (Also oof that art has really rough composition and is super stiff looking, if this person posted here I think the AA thread would tell them they weren't quite ready to sell at major cons.)

>> No.7599742

I fucking hate teenage girls dressing up as adult/middle age men.
Girls who don't mind, draw on messy facial hair, don't wear a wig, who just wear plain clothes and go 'Look at me I'm [x, y, or z popular character]!!'
You know the ones I'm talking about.

>> No.7599745

>shitty anime
Ah come on now, it actually hasn't aged that badly (i rewatched a bunch to get hyped about cosplaying Pluto at some point soon). If you can ignore the budget-related shortcomings of animation it's still quite funny and watchable.

>> No.7599850


oh lmao I had a brain fart I meant daniel way not mark waid

I don't think waid has ever written deadpool

>> No.7599856

If I had a dollar for every superwhoshitlock cosplayer who is guilty of this, I'd be able to afford my dream dress and all the accessories that go with it.

>> No.7599882

>so many early filler episodes.
>fucked the story so hard.
>fucked up the character personalities so hard.
>fucked up on the villains so hard.
And I know the final episode came out before the final manga but
>fucked the ending so hard.

It's a cute anime for young girls, but man, did they ruin most of the story. Dub and original. It hasn't aged bad because it was already pretty bad.

>> No.7599905

Chubby or overweight girls cosplaying thin characters. Alternatively, skinnyfat faggots cosplaying Jojo, or any other series with built characters. Also, uggos trying to sexy cosplay.

>> No.7599910

Irrational hatred for Sailor Moon's buns on the side of her head instead of the top.
No need to post a photo, it's basically all of them.

>> No.7599919

I really dislike new/casual SM fans
I know I shouldn't, but I just.. do. I'm sorry. I just don't think you "love" Sailor Moon all that much if you stopped watching it when you were five and started again when Tumblr picked it up. Also, they are inevitably horrible cosplays. The best SM cosplays happened when it wasn't all the rage. I'm glad people are having fun with it and being nostalgic and all, I hate being an elitist fan, but I miss the really beautiful, detailed cosplays with a ton of thought put into them. I WANT to see good SM cosplay and it's just not happening anymore.

>> No.7599938

That is my biggest beef with any and all steampunk crossovers. Anime characters/manga characters/comic characters/whatever go through dozens of concept sketches before a final draft is decided on. Meanwhile, "steampunk" fan versions get two drafts tops and always throw brown corsets, bustles, and gears in for no reason at all.

Characters with really memorable or signature colour schemes (in this case, Sailor Moon's white, blue and dark pink) should not be fucked with. Steampunk does not have to have brown by default.

My second biggest beef is that steampunk is supposed to be based on historical fashion, primarily from the Victorian era when we hit the industrial revolution, as fueled by steam. Having influences from other cultures is cool too, but all this lazy add-a-corset-and-a-burlesque-bustle-skirt pisses me off. So much.

>> No.7599945

When I was first into Sailor Moon, I didn't know how to sew or have a job that could fund cosplay. I did horrible closet cosplay outfits and wore rose earrings and left strands out of my ponytail to look like Makoto, though. Man. I probably got made fun of so much through middle school without knowing it.

I see this whole revival as a chance to cosplay as the characters I never got to when I was younger, now that I know how to sew properly and have a job that can support that aspect of the hobby. So while I understand your impatience with tumblrturds, not all of us who are just now cosplaying from the series are doing it for that reason.

>> No.7599947

HER BUNS ARE ON TOP OF HER HEAD. ON. THE. FUCKING. TOP. NOT. THE. SIDES. They aren't right above your ears or sliding halfway down your stupid fucking face. It's not that hard. It's not that hard.
To be honest I'm thinking about making my own line of Usagi wigs, way underpriced for my time but done actually correct just so people will stop doing this fucking horrible looking bullshit.
Yes, I am very angry.

>> No.7599955

I totally understand. Actually I did the same ~closet cosplay~ when I was in middle school and way into SM, lol. Rose earrings from Claires and I had brown hair so I was totally Makoto, rite?!?!
But the Tumbrltards are a special breed. I don't know, but I can just sniff them out. I've seen really bad cosplays, but from true fans I could actually talk to. I would rather meet them over tumblrtards who think their Sailor Moon is the best ever and going to get so many reblogs and don't know shit about the series.
I really do wish I wasn't such an elitist.. like I'm not this was over any other fandom and I feel really bad about it. I try to distance myself from the SM community just because I know I'm such a fucking asshole and want to ruin everything.

>> No.7599961

I feel like Sailor Moon cosplay has always been a bit iffy like that, though. There've always been a lot of girls who try to use it as their gateway to fame (which is just silly).

I'm mostly looking forward to finally cosplaying from the show because a local convention has Mitsuishi Kotono on the guest list, and I thought it might be fun to get a photo with her in costume.

...as you can see, I'm as lame as I ever was in middle school. Lol

>> No.7600025 [DELETED] 

Being a fem male and being a yaoi trans is different, cause they don't bind and go around with tits out, they don't want surgery or to change their bodies or look like men in anyway ever. Even if you wanna look like girly, you'd still want a male body under if you are a trans male. Otherwise there is no point in saying ur male. If nothing about you is male.

>> No.7600034 [DELETED] 

I don't care if someone has dysmorphia or not as long as they want surgery to become a man or want hormones at least. Otherwise without surgery hormones or dsyphoria you can't be male. You need at least one of these things in my book and I'm not transcum I just have a brain and know some people are just jumping on the band wagon with this, in fact I know at least 3 people who said they were trans and now say they are straight females.
It's just getting into yaoi way to much. (btw when I say surgery I mean at least top surgery I understand why you wouldn't want a penis made of leg skin)

>> No.7600039 [DELETED] 

>btw when i say surgery i mean at least top surgery i understand why you wouldn't want a penis made of leg skin
god bless you for understanding. i fully intend to go through with hrt and chest reconstruction, but i dont want any knives or skin grafts down by my bits. i'll stick with what i got down there. doesnt make much difference considering im a gay trans guy and no gay dudes are into me (kind of understandably), and im not sexually active anyway.
yet people have the gall to claim i wont be a real trans man if i dont go through with bottom surgery. like, fuck you, those end up disastrous a lot of the time, im not taking that risk.
sage for way off topic.

>> No.7600046

I like you.

>> No.7600052 [DELETED] 

If you go on hormones or have surgery and you didn't have dysmorphia before you sure as hell will afterwards.

Especially for transguys, I don't think transtrenders realise how much of a huge difference t makes. I've gone from having no visible body hair on my thighs/stomach to a proper snail trail and almost all the way up my legs in a year. Tell me that wouldn't fuck up your average yaoi fan girl.

>> No.7600056 [DELETED] 

It seems to me that transguys' treatment with T goes more rapidly than transgirls' treatment with E. Is there any truth to that or are the changes in transgirls just less visible?

>> No.7600057 [DELETED] 
File: 307 KB, 500x429, tumblr_mb5j9piv2H1rqxgho.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I agree with this so much I think I'm goin save it on my computer and post it everywhere on the internet.
"I will look like a girl, act like one, use the girls bathroom, wear a bra and panties, long hair, girly voice, and get mad if someone calls me miss" I mean if a dude was crossdressing and someone called him miss he wouldn't get fucking offended. Cause he looks like a girl duh, you gotta see that coming. Trans people WANT to pass as their desired gender more than anything. So even though some things are stereotypes of what a male should be a trans male won't really care.

>> No.7600064 [DELETED] 

Transgirls can grow small breasts.

>> No.7600068

Yeah, I'm aware. I'm talking about body hair and muscle and stuff. Transguys seem to change quickly, probably because they're gaining things (hair, muscle, fat) as opposed to transgirls who are losing things much more slowly (hair, muscle, fat).

>> No.7600085 [DELETED] 


Basically for transgirls they're trying to undo puberty but transguys are causing it. T does a lot more to the body and a lot more visibly.

>> No.7600146

Read "The Circle Chase". It pretty much sets up Deadpool's character and should honestly be required reading for any Deadpool fan.

>> No.7600170

Oh you sweet summer child from tumblr

>> No.7600187

People who try to "Loli-fy" everything. YOUR INHALER DOES NOT NEED FRILLS OKAY?

>> No.7600193

I watched Sailor Moon when I was like 8 and it was on TV. I didn't think it was interesting enough to go back and start watching when I was 15 or 18 or whenever I started liking anime. It was just never on my radar.

>> No.7600197

the deadpool game is terrible

>> No.7600257

nigga I'm probably older than you are

>> No.7600307

Doesn't make you any less of a summer child

>> No.7600630
File: 630 KB, 1280x997, tumblr_mwn19ieOR91qdiamso6_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This reminds me of the shitty Attack on Titan lolita cosplay(pic related).
Apparently some crap cosplay site picked it up and made their own versions of the design, and the author of the design got super pissed. It was hilarious, she legitimately said things like how it's 'not okay to borrow from someone's design' and shit, not realizing how hypocritical it is to say that as a damn fanartist.

>> No.7600798

That sultry vamps person needs to jump off a cliff already. She has no idea what lolita is supposed to look like, does she?

>> No.7600808

Hahaha what do you expect shes black

>Sultry Vamps is the leader in elegant Princess Wear. Custom
Sweet Lolita Couture designs.

Expressing or arousing desire; a sultry look, a sultry dance. An attractively passionate nature

Fun loving free spirit! Unwittingly seductive, feminine, charisma. An attractively passionate nature

My sides, this age play bs

>> No.7600816

i've seen some of these co-ords numerous times in the 'nitpick' threads and a fair share of other co-ords by the same girls.

>> No.7600822

Looks fine to me, I like the caplet.

>> No.7600837
File: 18 KB, 326x442, your incompotence is shameful.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>fandom lolita
>"looks fine to me"

>> No.7600916

i guiltily admit i think this is a cute outfit without the bondage straps

>> No.7601243

There are times where a chubby chick will talk shit as if you can't hear them about how much of a twig a skinny person is and how uptight they are when said person isn't even trying to offend anyone. As if they feel like they have to compete.

>> No.7601258 [DELETED] 

They try to tell me im genderqueer.
nah im a transman ON HORMONES who's just a huge faggot who likes girly shit.

>> No.7601268

Just because it's fanart doesn't make it right to steal a design without at least asking permission.

Imagine some comic book or cartoon creators stole designs from fanart and passed it as their own? there would be a riot. They would technically be in their right to do so, but it's skeevy as all hell.

>> No.7601273

>Fat girls who claim to be body positive but then are all "hurrdurr, real women have curves"

>> No.7601279

>Fat girls who talk shit about skinny and even slightly chubby girls about how they're really beautiful and said skinny girls calling themselves beautiful is offensive.
>Fat women who think their arm rolls are muscle
Stop deluding yourself, you'd lose you breath running a block. I'd respect a fat woman with low self esteem more than a landwhale who's has their head so up their ass that they talk shit about anyone that's more than 10 pounds thinner.

>> No.7601315

Followed by
>skinny girls were mean to me so I'm alloooowed waah.

I was raised to be nice to everyone and "it's not always their fault don't be mean" but fuck that, I was done being nice to whale beasts long ago when I realized they're all just jealous miserable cunts who just want to put me down.

>> No.7601336

Fat bitches like that piss me off.
im fat, but i KNOW im fat and not sexy and thats my own damn fault for not putting down the chips and going outside for a walk.
Now i've got severe back and knee problems but i still dont blame skinny girls, and i think anyone who does is a dumb cunt who should off themselves.

>> No.7602223

When people writ "sheering" instead of "shirring"

Are you retarded

>> No.7602285

You have this terrible facebook page with ''HIPS AND CURVES NOT SKIN AND BONE !'' Yeah way to go, insulting thin women is! Body acceptence! Saddest things are all those followers are not even near curvy, they are a curve. The rolls cover their hips too.

>> No.7602974

I like you

>> No.7603016

>Walk by Tenth Doctor cosplayer who looks more like a butch lesbian than anything
>She's doing a terrible accent
>hear people muttering "wow, that's the best Tenth Doctor I've ever seen!"

>> No.7603057

To add on this anyone who at all liked Matt Smith. I stopped watching for all three of those seasons because wow that was a fucking disaster.

I eventually tried to watch it because my roommate at the time was watching it but I made it through about a season and a half before I gave up again. What a train wreck.

But little tumblr bitches all be like
>omg bow ties

Thank god for Capaldi. I have high hopes that I may be able to watch this shit again.

>> No.7603072

that creepy fuck got three god damn seasons?

>> No.7603090

Yeah I don't get what was so great about him myself. I hated him from the moment he said "bowties are cool" since only douches say shit like that.

>> No.7603122

What's with the idiots who just wear plain suit coats and the wrong kind of bowtie while trying to do the 11th doctor? there's soooo many people who don't even try

>> No.7603125

i met someone who claimed to be a lolita in their tumblr profile. but she only wears casual lolita with handmade skirts and "loliable" plus-size blouse. she doesn't do anything for her hair or makeup either. what is the point as identifying as lolita if you're barely doing anything relevant to the fashion and can't make yourself one regular coord?

>> No.7603127

i figure it's the same as the idiots who wear whatever they can find in their dad's closet for any cosplay.

>> No.7603318 [DELETED] 

Are you me?

>Love 9 and 10
>Hate 11
>mfw 11 gets the most episodes

>> No.7603407

I swear most people I talk to likes 10 or 9 more than 11. Only autists and weirdos like 11. I seriously could not get into watching the series after they got rid of Amy and Rory, because without Rory or Amy there to carry the show it sucks because Clara is so boring and 11 just can't carry a show on his own.

>> No.7603455

I want to say Rory was wasted on such a shitty doctor but I think he'd have been overshadowed by a better one and wouldn't have been as great. He carried two whole goddamn seasons on his shoulders.

Only good thing about Matt Smiths run.

Also fuck River Song. I hated her in the silence in the library shit and she never stopped being terrible.

>> No.7603463

Finally someone else gets it! River song has always been gross and lame. The fact that she's canonically paired with the doctor makes it worse ugh. Silence in the Library was probably her least annoying appearance, because she couldn't pull as much of her shit.

>> No.7603473

The thread about wearing lolita to work, especially at places where it'd stick out or be inappropriate, like at tech startups.

I'm a feminist, but, switch the genders. A guy who wore dandy style (or fuck it, even lolita) to work, even done well, would be laughed at privately and in the thread. Would so many people have posted supportive comments if the person had suggested wearing cosplay to work? Or fetish gear? Or all-Goth clothes? Or fuck it, even /fa/'s goth ninja shit? Being "quirky" does not help professionally, in most cases.

Dress for your job and to get ahead in the workforce if you want to be taken seriously. During the work day, lolita is not appropriate. If there's a costume day, or Halloween, or a work event somewhere where it'd be appropriate, fine.

I've seen lolitas working in the wild. How do I know they were lolitas? They wore lolita to work and stuck out like a sore thumb. One girl I saw was working in the dining hall, nobody else was wearing lolita or inappropriate shoes or a shit ton of makeup and jewelry like her, and it was cringey as fuck.

There's jobs where lolita is probably fine. Working at a brand store. Hot Topic. Maybe a sex shop, it'd depend, most people there have a uniform but if you're willing to make it sexy, maybe they'd be okay with it. A self-owned business (not that it won't effect sales). Maid cafes. Lolita cafes. Maybe modeling (but that's not your own wardrobe usually) or doing guy-with-camera style modeling where you do the kawaii equiv of cheesecake shots. Work at a place where corporate culture encourages or allows lolita, like ModCloth.

You can also do a job where you telecommute, and just wear business clothes for meetings.

As a feminist, I believe people should have the right to pick what they want to do without gender being an issue. It doesn't mean I can't criticize other women's choices though (and they can of course criticize mine). But if you want to work a traditional job, leave the lace in the closet.

>> No.7603479

>implying lolita is a sex thing

fuck off

>> No.7603481


Not implying it's a sex thing. But, a sex shop is a place where it'd be fine to wear it though, given that there are some people with a fetish for it. Acknowledging others might find it sexual doesn't mean I think it is, or that it is at large.

>> No.7603488

I don't know what kind of sex shops you're visiting but I find they tend to lean more towards selling products and less towards selling the employees.
I don't think even a sex shop would find it appropriate. I find their employees are usually just in more casual wear.

>> No.7603491


The indie one in my area has a woman and her mentor running it, and they wear fetish wear every day. The younger one wears schoolgirl.

>> No.7603627

>"omg bow ties"

i cosplayed the eleventh doctor a year ago with a friend who made a great tenth costume

i shit you not i had at least 5 people walk up to me and say "lol hurrdurr bowties r cool" and then they walked away?????

we spent most of that con hiding from the other embarrassing doctor whooaboos.

(i will never stop cringing over the fact that people thought 11 was my favourite doctor when he definitely is my least.)


also the fucking party city quality fezzes that people wear. you can't call it a cosplay if all you do is wear a shitty fez and bowtie that isn't even the correct colour.

>> No.7603639

You are a fucking idiot.
>Implying people give a shit that you are a feminist or that it makes your point more valid

Captcha: swine foesngl

>> No.7603677

My brethren!
I often felt like I was the only one who liked Rory at all. Other fans I talked to hated him for getting in the way of 11 and Amy's ~tru wuv~.
Fuck this fandom.

>> No.7603715

im more insulted that moffat made the doctor a genocidal sexist cunt. i'm only familiar with new-who and even i know that's not right.

>> No.7603721

>Everyone happily forgets that time the 10th Doctor killed all those Sontarans, the time the 4th Doctor tried to kill all the Daleks before they were ever created etc.

>> No.7603727

yeah but he wasnt happy about it

>> No.7603781

falling for bait how new are you

>> No.7603782

i don't even watch dr. who and i hate 11.

>> No.7603813

You're a troll, aren't you?
The fanartists themselves steal designs of characters and fuck with them as they please. They're in no position to complain about others doing the same to them.

>> No.7603837
File: 440 KB, 500x445, 1342054045235.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>work in office
>wear lolita often (mostly sweet)
>getting a raise next week
>getting paid vaykay

keep being boring

>> No.7603849


Yeah gosh, the optometrist anon who wore lolita to work stuck out like a sore thumb and was so outrageous she should be working in a sex shop.

Seriously, she looked more like someone who dressed conservatively than anything else. Hell, she probably dresses more conservatively than some doctors I've seen (lol leopard stilletos and skirts shorter than mid-thigh). Get that stick out of your ass.

>> No.7603938

TECHNICALLY Luke Rattigan killed all those Sontarans.

>> No.7604011

idiots who want to try and be fashionable (j-fashion and normal) who pester me about my hair/beauty routine and then, when told, say "oh I could never do that I don't have the time" like bitch I tidied my sewing table while my face mask set and I did four loads of laundry before washing my hair mask out. you don't have to stop doing stuff while beatuifying, you'll just look a bit ridiculous in your own home.

>> No.7604030

I know how you feel anon, I only did my LoL cosplay once I've played my account to Lv30 and got a rank to make sure I was a proper fan of the game. A lot of the other LoL cosplayers I know are under levelled or in bronze. It'll be nice to met people who's into the game as much as they're into the cosplay.

>> No.7604037

He's the best of the worst around
Oh, Rattigan
Oh, Rattigan
The rest fall behind
To Rattigan
To Rattigan
The world's greatest criminal mind!

>> No.7604377

oh my god please tell us

>> No.7604421
File: 26 KB, 450x450, 1290932790032.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shit I had forgoten that song existed. Mfw.

>> No.7604518

Rory is great. Probably my favorite part of Matt Smith's episodes. You must only talk to the doctor who equivalent of weeaboos then?

>> No.7604669

I was one of the ones who talked about wearing lolita to my job at a startup.

I think it just really depends on the workplace culture and the people you work with. I don't feel my coworkers respect me any less / take me less seriously because of what I wear. On the contrary, they admire my individuality. Plus, everyone at my job has their weird quirks and "sticks out" in some way.

That said, I feel lucky that this is the case, and I agree that it certainly wouldn't be appropriate everywhere. I'm just saying that it depends on the people you work with.

>> No.7606653
File: 441 KB, 535x734, dress.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

People selling shit costumes for high prices because 'I spent that much making it!' despite how shit it is.

Pic related

>> No.7606715

How did she manage to sink $200 worth of materials into that? The fabric itself looks plain as fuck and lace isn't THAT expensive if you know where to buy it. Are the closures made of gold?

Also that colour difference is noticeable as fuck, what is she smoking.

>> No.7606725


>small upper-ruffle panel


>> No.7606732

.....She couldn't wait to buy more fabric in the same color?

>> No.7606733

>So, I was going to sells this dress to my school's costume department, but they don't seem to need it anymore, so I'm trying my hand at selling it here! It was originally priced at $400 but now I'm dropping it to $200. It is a size 4 civil war ball gown, perfect for Victorian balls, cosplay, or just plain fun!

>> No.7606743


>I'm a feminist
>As a feminist

Speaking of workplace etiquette, if you want to be taken seriously anywhere in the world outside of your uni campus and Tumblr, you'll learn to stop prefixing sentences with this.

>> No.7606748 [DELETED] 

Off topic but is anyone else having issues with the front page not updating and the catalog not updating either? I even get the same banner every time I refresh and the latest posts on the front page are from Sunday.

>> No.7606835

They cannot be serious.

>> No.7606896

How do you not realize how hypocritical you sound?

>> No.7606942

Wanna know my pet peeve?

It's fucking rosaire. Not rosarie. Fuck. Off.
>inb4 hi rosaire
I'm not rosaire, but if we're gonna shit all over her we should at least have the name right.

>> No.7607156

Long-time cosplayers that stopped bothering to learn anything new after 2008.

>> No.7607159

I had to read this 3 times to understand what you were saying

>> No.7607773

>Tell someone about a con and how much fun it is
>Suggest they go
>Sunday evening, they're bitching about how no one invited them to come to the con

I think we all know one of those people. That and:
>Tell them about it every year

>> No.7607841
File: 444 KB, 152x98, penguinslap.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> mfw I'm that person

I always seem to forgot the date of the con when they draw near, miss them, spend the next 2-3 months reminding myself of next year's date andddddd rinse-repeat.

>> No.7607848

I feel you, anon
I also have very few con friends so sometimes I'm never reminded at all

>> No.7608719

well league is a shit-teir moba game so you cant really blame them for not playing, but i get what you mean

>> No.7610227

You know those "other girls vs. me" graphics that sometimes go floating around Facebook or Tumblr or whatever? There's a girl in my lolita comm above the age of 12 who actually thinks that way.

About "preps" and "normies". About other lolitas. About everyone, even her own family.

It drives me up a wall, because she never talks about anything but how marginalised, misunderstood, and ~*~different~*~ she is. I want to shake her and tell her that no, she really isn't all that different from the rest of us. She's just jumping to judgemental conclusions. She thinks she's being bullied and ignored, but she's really just segregating herself unnecessarily from the rest of the comm by being ridiculously rude to everyone around her.

>> No.7610255

Oh anon I know exactly what you're dealing with!
>"I'm so special and unique and other girls are such superficial bitches, sigh"
>she says, to a group of girls
>"Why is no one clamoring to be my friend? See, I was right! Superficial bitches hate me because [insert topic of insecurity]!"

They're like female Nice Guys without the sexual aspect or the violence... hopefully. She'll either grow out of it or die alone. It's up to her.

>> No.7610261

... there are people who still use the term "preps?" Are you kidding?

>> No.7610301

When people post extemely vague WTBs and then proceed to reject every single item offered to them.

>> No.7610311

Even better:
When people post really specific WTBs and people offer them random shit outside of their requests.

>> No.7610318

Pretty much nailed it, really. It's hard to make friends when you're insulting the people you want to be friends with.

I wish like hell that I were. I can never tell if she's being ironic or not, but given her attitude on everything else, I assume it's a "not".

Then again, I also wish like hell that she'd either grow up or leave, but she still insists on coming to meets.

>> No.7610543

>I've asked at least a good chunk of them for their account name so we could play

>Stagger towards them spaghetti dripping from your fists and stutter out something about wanting their username
>Surprised when conveniently none of them seem to actually play the game

>> No.7610643

/cgl/ pet peeve - when /fit/ guys make their own threads with shameless photos of themselves in a really sad ploy for attention.

second pet peeve -- when it actually works

>> No.7610655

third peeve

when they're super fucking hot so I don't know how to feel

>> No.7610657

They're attention whores, posting half-naked pictures to a board known to be full of women so that these women can tell them how omg hawt!!11 they are and stroke their ego. Like male JNigs. Feel free to look, but try not to encourage them.

>> No.7610670

Even better:
Leaving lolita sale and people are asking about trades.

>> No.7610708
File: 187 KB, 848x544, 1398122501596.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When a cosplayer gets somewhat-good reception of a cosplay and starts acting like they're the *OFFICIAL VERSION* of that character.

I'm seeing a lot of Ragyo cosplayers do this just because their wig isn't shit.

>> No.7610714

Holy shit
I girl I'm friends with on facebook does this for Merida

and then she talks shit about all the other Merida cosplayers in all competitions and is like "omg the elbow puffs are too high what a fucking idiot"
and then she doesn't even take her glasses off or wears contacts for photos
she just badly photoshops it out

>> No.7610715

*a girl I'm friends with on facebook

>> No.7610886

Oh my god... I think I know who you're talking aboot...
Her name starts with A.. Right?

>> No.7610910

dang same but irl

>do 20 min gym or running erry day
>while listening to music or audio books
>cook all my foods
>usually breakfast is oatmeal I prep before since not morning person
>otherwise setting up meals just takes like 10 mins and then just set on stove for a while
>just dick around on internet or clean or something while waiting
>do hair/face mask once a week
>takes 5 min for face to 1 hr for hair
>just do other chores, duh
>only thing that takes a while and can't multitask is straightening hair for 30 min
>get asked how I lost weight/acne or got good hair
>then they dick on the internet for hours every day

shit irritates me

>> No.7610961

My pet peeve is not so much the scalping, but the EMERGENCY DS OMG LIFE SO HARD EMERGENCY

Who the hell cares? It's not any more likely to make me
1. want to buy your shit
2. pay more out of pity

Just list it normally. The 'emergency' aspect is superfluous, and makes me not want to buy anything from you because you seem like someone who flips out and panics.

>> No.7611002

pretty much this.
i honestly do not care.

>> No.7611021

I think that came from egl days where people would comment OGMMM Y WULD U SELL TAHT!!!!1 I WULD NEVAR!!!11 so instead of having to say "yeah well I need a liver transplant so I need funds quickly" sellers started tacking their sales reasons onto the posts.

>> No.7611022

I suppose I can understand that.. but it's still annoying and mostly unneeded.
If I like your stuff, I'll buy; if I don't, I won't buy.

>> No.7612573

>friends organize a Cosplay group plan
>friend says you can be your fave character; first choice
>get excited
>ask about group weeks later
>"oh but (other friend) is free this con! So she's being this character!"


>go to Facebook to check photos and pics to plan conventions
>look at the group same friend has you in
>has three others tagged
>ask why
> "even though I asked you first others wanted to do it so I just couldn't say no!"

I probably shouldn't get irritated but that's not how Cosplay partners work. This is how I've cycled through 7 Zeldas; they all replace me then don't even bother doing the Cosplay.

What gets better is when said friend drops out of the group and you go to replace them because it's your planned group it's suddenly "I'd be hurt if you replaced me! That's my character."
How do I win really

>> No.7612636
File: 91 KB, 500x553, 1387751235688.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nice b8 m8

>> No.7612704


>live at home because too poorfag to move
>also, due to stupid laws there'd be no government support for me
>work 20 hours a week
>go to Uni/study
>work Friday/Saturday, because no classes there, and I can work 2 days instead of going to work everyday while also having classes
>budget my money
>rarely eat out, don't go partying every week, rarely buy new normalfag clothes
>carefully choose each piece I own
>sell everything I dislike/doesn't fit
>buy mostly secondhand/cheap auctions
>get asked how I can afford Lolita/burando
>then they dick on the internet for hours every day

shit irritates me

>> No.7614612
File: 85 KB, 376x386, 1397678881277.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

People who post progress photos of every tiny thing.
I'm talking like
>"Here's the pattern that I sketched up!"
>"Here's the materials I cut out lying in a pile!"
>"Here's the glue I bought to put my prop together!"
>"Here's my wig that just came in the mail!"

>> No.7614939

People into lolita/fairy kei/pastel goth who blog about it 24/7, whine about how fat/depressed/poor they are, then shitpost selfies and act like if you don't give them a like or a compliment they're gonna cut or sthm.

Alternatively, they do all the other stuff but they're "Kawaii Swag"/Kandi Kid. Kandis are terrible.

>> No.7615484

I never got the appeal of the tacky-bracelets-five-year-olds-make thing.
At all.

>> No.7615500
File: 251 KB, 800x353, 1400303858897.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When people say "selca"
its the most weeaboo shit ever.

>> No.7615671
File: 142 KB, 636x1019, 1390927392352.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When bitches owe you money and don't think they have to give it to you.

>> No.7615675

>People taking photos when it's obvious that no-one in the group is done posing.

Shit, at least wait for us to stay put and THEN take a photo.

>> No.7615689

Where'd that come from anyway?

>> No.7615690

its the japanese way to say "selfie"
I think.

>> No.7615708

Asians love to condense words.

>> No.7615739

It's self capture

>> No.7615742


>> No.7615743

They're usually not that attractive and are insecure faggots.
Some r9k tripfag keeps posting here and he's confirmed for being insecure as shit in spite of keeping up that 'hahaha i'm so confident' bs.

>> No.7615822

Well, to be honest those kind of bracelets have some history behind them. It didn't really start out as a fashion statement to appeal to people's tastes. People started wearing them in the early 90's as a raver bonding thing. Now today's youth have watered down, played out, and lost any real meaning to "Kandi" (when people started calling it this, I Don't fucking know, we just called the beads for gods sake)

>> No.7615826

I know that kid.
he's an absolute shit and doesn't hide the fact.

>> No.7615845
File: 63 KB, 320x306, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

someone did it cause "firsties !!1!" and just ended up looking like shit

>> No.7615854
File: 15 KB, 320x90, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hate it when someone does a cosplay and then whines about someone more instafamous than them doing it afterwards and "wahh i don't feel special now that famus cosplayers are copying me ;;;;" you get me /pic related

>> No.7615935

Wait. Isn't that the one AP designer walking away?

>> No.7615941

Either step your game up or don't bitch, god I hate people like that.

>> No.7615962

More Korean than Japanese
It's definitely a koreaboo thing

>> No.7615975

>i can never seem to get my wig bangs to stay as i style them, maybe need more gel
>smudged make up in pictures (my pictures)
>constant worry that my foot-wear won't hold out even though it always does so i walk kinda weird for a good portion of the day

>the constant worry that my over the shoulder bag's weight is squishing does my petticoat
>that same bag's weight is giving my skirt a weird 'down slope' section where the bag is
>the wind....just everything about the wind in lolita sucks

>> No.7615978

Anon, depending on how you're trying to style bangs, using just a little tiny bit of tacky glue to hold the ends together (like for spikes) or "got 2 b glued" hairspray for sideswept bangs you want to stay in the same exact position.

>> No.7615979

i'll give that a try, thank you.

>> No.7615981

Yeah it's an official AP booth. Asuka's in the foreground while an AP employee mans the booth.

It's just a funny photo, that's all.

>> No.7616006

idk, even though it's commonly associated with Korea, I heard the term in normalfag circles long before even instagram. It's been only three or so years since "selfie" replaced it.

>> No.7616009

I really, really hate the "transmen" cosplayers who would rather spend all their money on their cosplays and conventions but don't invest a dime in hormones.

You can't just dress like a boy and then expect people to treat you like one.

>> No.7616086 [DELETED] 

Speaking of, I'm a /fit/ guy who wants to fuck lolitas, preferably in-costume. Any advice on how to go about it?

>> No.7616102 [DELETED] 

Do you want to fuck actual lolitas who wear it as a fashion or girls who cosplay lolita-esque outfits? Big difference. The latter are easily found at cons whereas the former are a lot harder to track down without you seeming like a creep (because honestly, you kind of are).

>> No.7616111 [DELETED] 

Yeah, I'm not really into the con crowd.
> a lot harder to track down without you seeming like a creep
Well yeah, that's exactly the problem. I doubt it would work to just walk into one of your meetings and stand in the middle doing BB poses. Like are there any particularly popular hobbies around here that I could take up to "accidentally" meet someone?

>> No.7616120

Anon, try spritzing your bangs with a little Got2bGlued spray. I did this at the most recent con I went to and my bangs stayed put all day, even though it was windy!

>> No.7616297
File: 28 KB, 487x267, feels.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>Tell them about it every year

Yup. I hate that the same people don't even bother taking the time looking up conventions in their area, too. They spend half of their lives on facebook, but apparently, never used google as a key word search engine.

>> No.7616299


omfg, this. These are two of the many reasons why I've stopped posting on the egl comm sales.

>> No.7616327
File: 82 KB, 182x243, 1364870671136.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My group made our skirts short enough and we kept hearing other girls talking shit about seeing our "panties" (i.e. our LEOTARDS) the entire convention. Christ.

That's my peeve: people talking shit about you in costume within earshot, especially if it's something as asinine as "omg doesn't she KNOW we can see her PANTIES" when your skirt is an accurate length, and you're wearing panties over dance tights over panties (or in the case of senshi, a leotard over dance tights over panties).

>> No.7616369

>Cosplayers that seem bipolar or are just attentionwhoring to the max on FB with statements like:
/// 5 minutes later

>Hearing the "I'm a poor college student" excuse in context of wanting to buy something for cosplay
>Super buttmad feminists within the context of cosplay
>People like JasonTerror on cosplay.com for all the reasons
>Being Asian, getting spotted by run-of-the-mill weebs while out in public, and them approaching me trying to be my friends or attempting to speak to me in shitty Japanese they learned from J-pop and anime. Not even Japanese.
>Wanting to start a new costume, but being to tired after work to do so. Vicious never-ending cycle.
>Owning multiple seam rippers and measuring tapes, but managing to misplace them all

>> No.7616467

Better than the people who post progress reports, but don't even make their shit.

> Omg I finally bought my costume!
> My costume isn't here yet, so here's a pic with just my wig! Teehee!
> OMG!11!1!! IT'S HERE.
> *posts a dozen "WIP" pictures*

>> No.7616472 [DELETED] 

Dude, if it's just a fetish, go on fetlife. There's plenty of lolitas on there from what I've heard and you don't need to beat around the bush.
I mean, you COULD start wearing Kodona/boystyle but unless you're boyish as opposed to mannish, it'll look weird.
Also it's more expensive than just joining a hookup/dating site.

>> No.7616474
File: 751 KB, 1001x2169, heelsdonotyordlemake.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>stripper heels used for a costume for no discernible reason
>character doesn't wear any heels
>character doesn't need extra height

Definitely my biggest pet peeve. Pic related.
>massive fucking wedges
all of my why.

>> No.7616476

Pisses me off to no end. I'm a transguy myself and when people tell me "oh, I can't afford HRT, all my money is used on cosplay" that's a sign to back right the fuck away and cut contact.
Sick of transtrenders at conventions. If you're a guy, fucking dress like it. Wearing lolita and makeup and fem cosplays don't help your case and don't make anyone take you seriously.

>> No.7616483 [DELETED] 

post a pic I am available

>> No.7616491

I am genuinely willing to bet good money that the reason you don't get any usernames is not because these girls just happen to not play an _incredibly popular_ game (i.e, not your secret club, it's casual as hell), but because they don't want to be accosted for their usernames by people they don't know.

>> No.7616499

this is happening SO MUCH on instagram lately.

>> No.7616509
File: 57 KB, 453x604, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Those last two.

Also seriously, measuring tape, seam rippers, and scissors. I live in a studio apartment. Da fuq they go? Sewing gremlins I tell you.

>> No.7616524



>> No.7616527

>studio apartment
>loosing everything
I lost a fucking waist tie how the fuck did I do that my closet was like MICROSCOPIC where COULD IT BE? It was barley deep enough to fit a hanger in and had sliding doors and I'm still so fucking mad about that.

I think that apartment was just cursed, I could never find anything in it. I have 12 fucking meshing tapes, I could never find any of them and forget about scissors or my collection of seam rippers.
I don't know if I just have more space in my one bedroom and therefor have more room to be organized or if I just moved away from the fucking gremlins but I loose less shit somehow.

>> No.7616533

> if ur cis womyn, u no allowed to bind!!!!
> binders r for trans only!!!!

It's one thing if it's a giveaway you're hosting for trans people, but if a cosplayer is asking for binding tips or where to buy one, don't tell them they're not allowed.

Binders don't grow on trees, and they're not rare. They're mass-manufactured, more than likely in sweatshops, which by the way is the only reason to discourage people from buying them.

>> No.7616583

My closet has also eaten a waist tie. I think there is an alternate dimension somewhere full of mismatched socks and waist ties, because that's the only explanation I can come up with.

>> No.7616904 [DELETED] 

>posting before sunrise on a Sunday
Sorry girl, I think you're on the wrong continent for me.

>> No.7616906 [DELETED] 

I'm in the US...?

>> No.7616908 [DELETED] 

Yeah, and I'm in the EU.

>> No.7616911 [DELETED] 

Well my dreams are now officially crushed thanks to a giant ocean

>> No.7616929 [DELETED] 


Location, Anon? I'm in Europe too.

>> No.7616938 [DELETED] 


>> No.7616940 [DELETED] 

My peeve is when people shit up the thread for hookups.
Exchange emails and go away for fuck's sake.

>> No.7616942 [DELETED] 

my pet peeve is jealous virgins

>> No.7616945

Not jealous, I just like on-topic posts.

>> No.7616947 [DELETED] 

nah, you're jealous
go jack off and go away for fuck's sake

>> No.7616952 [DELETED] 

Still more action than you'll get.

>> No.7616954 [DELETED] 

nope, I have sex with actual people, not just my hand

>complains about off-topic posts
>continues off topic shitposting

>> No.7616956 [DELETED] 

Oh you silly girls, don't fight over me~
Really, could you at least keep it down until we find out if that Eurololi is in my strike distance?

>> No.7617003

My Fray Check always likes to go on adventures without me.

>> No.7617030

>Bodyline lucky packs

>> No.7617469

>Girls who crossplay as their yaoi ships AND make a display of it. It just gets creepy and sort of gross IMO.
Yes, it's so awful.
If my job can allow dressing as i want i don't care if i dress lolita, goth, punk, fairy kei or other fashions. Unless it's a job when you have to wear an uniform, your clothing get damaged or dirty or you are too unconfortable to wear alt fashions, it's acceptable to not wear your favourite style. Maybe at work you don't have to use a wig, tons of makeup, OTT sweet or classic, but a more toned down version, maybe also going for darker colors like black or red, especially if you dress sweet lolita or use a solid jsk/skirt, etc... There are lots ways to dress lolita to work without looking too much. Also some goths have to tone down their styles during work time unless they have a alt boutique or a tattoo shop and related jobs allowing full-alternative looks, even OTT.
I find creepy the part when you said a person wearing lolita fashion could work in a sex shop.... what are you smoking?? Lolita isn't a sexual fashion.
The only part i agree with you is this
> I believe people should have the right to pick what they want to do without gender being an issue
But reading what you have said after, i'm again disappointed. Even i'm a feminist, but i disagree in almost everything you have said. Not every feminist is the same infact.

>> No.7617541

>"I don't care if my cosplay is shitty, I'm having fun in it and you can't stop that!"
>makes multiple complaints about the cosplay community not accepting terrible cosplay
>whines about people not praising their cosplay or getting pictures taken
>still keeps chanting the "I'm having fun regardless of how I look!" garbage hoping that one day people will overlook how shitty their cosplay is

>> No.7617558

>lose sewing item
>buy new one
>find the old one in an obvious place

>> No.7617619

And it's always AFTER you finish the project or just about done.

>> No.7617620

I have like 6 pairs of scissors due to this. I either can't find any or have all six laying about getting in my way.

>> No.7617680

I would've been a bitch back and be like "well, fuck you, I'm accurate"

>> No.7618543

White people in j-fashion.

Most of them are horse faced to hell, can't stand the look of it. Some are cute though, like yukapon.

>> No.7618570


Is it to "slutify" up in the Nigri way? They'll get more attention or something?

>> No.7619952

The sudden influx of cosplayers who just want to be famous and don't give a shit.
The ones who make their costumes to look nice from afar but lack in craftsmanship. It's the 'heroes of cosplay' generation where everyone wants to be famous and 'that person'

What happened to cosplaying because you like cosplaying?

>> No.7619955

When people act like cosplay critiques are personal attacks.

I get that it may be rude and unwarranted, but deal with it maturely.

>> No.7620148

>casual cosplay

Biggest pet peeve, because almost every casual cosplayer just slaps on a wig and demands the same amount of recognition and appreciation as people who actually put time and effort into their costumes.

>flower crowns
>men dressed up like little girls

>> No.7620185

ohmygod. Does she have a facebook page?
I've gotten in a bad habit of following fucking retarded people on facebook because I love watching them flop in their stupidity.

>> No.7620283

Not cosplay or lolita related but,
I hate how CGL derail threads easily.

>> No.7620474

All these idiots I somehow have added from various cosplay events

>People drawing freckles on is appropriating them and it upsets me!
>People who don't need glasses shouldn't wear them for cosplay!
>12-17 year old 'transmen' in womens clothes and make up every day
>Unstyled wigs thrown on out of the bag everywhere
>People getting together gushing about all the couple cosplays they're gonna do and breaking up 2 days later
>People bawwing about anon hate/cgl existing/'everyone hates my cosplays i suck i'm quiting cosplay'

What have I done, am I just getting too old to deal with this bullshit?

>> No.7620521

>men dressed up like little girls
That was funny at first, until every hairy/fat/buff guy started doing it.
Like I can get they're just doing it to be funny, but it's gotten so old.

>> No.7620623

This so much this. It's why I personally go up to some of the bad cosplays and give them a compliment on something they did right about it, along with subtle hints to help them out.

>> No.7621229

>Idiots who mistake Renaissance Festivals/Chinese New Year Parades/Local Japanese Cultural Festivals as an excuse to cosplay

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if someone showed up to an Oktoberfest as Hetalia Germany

>> No.7621242

Back when I was a stupid Hetalia weeb, me and a friend would constantly try to find excuses like that to cosplay. I'm so glad there was always something that kept us from doing it, that would've been painfully embarrassing..

I don't mind a ton if it fits the event, but there's a lot of people who have a low gauge for what "fits" means..

>> No.7621307

I feel your pain. I've recently added a friend of other cosplay friends; she seemed very sweet in person, if really awkwardly shy and fragile. She's constantly posting shit about how cosplayers using bronzer is racist, how she's not a good cosplayer herself bloobloobloo, thin girls shouldn't cosplay thick characters because thin privilege but the opposite is just fine, and then asks "why does this bother me can someone help me figure out why I'm so sensitive?" etc.

I'm usually not so short-tempered with people, especially those younger than me and those I'm not close to, but this chick is just one of those people you want to scream at to toughen the fuck up and stop being so sensitive about everything, I guess. Had to hide her posts to avoid telling her how annoying she is. /rant

>> No.7621350

>goes to Japanese festival
>bring your kimono or rent one here !!
Some girl comes as Stocking from PSwG...
And it was cringe so I left

>> No.7621364

I remember once wanting to show up to a Ren Fest in some sort of futuristic-looking outfit, pretend to be from the future, talk really slow to everyone and be some sort of condescending jackass from the future, but damnit, all the guys who think they're clever for cosplaying The Doctor made me not want to do that.

And maybe a bit of common sense too.

>> No.7621368

Weebs ruin everything

Don't ever do that.

>> No.7621369

Both of the local Japanese festivals here (one for cherry blossom viewing, one for summer) have cosplay and fashion shows now. People don't even blink any more.

>> No.7622148

If someone suggests to cosplay a character and you're not fond of it, don't make a huge deal out of it even if it's a character you dislike or hate. Just... don't listen to it.

>> No.7622284

Same. That's why I clicked on the thread.

>> No.7622294

It's the same where I live. I kind of hate it, because if you think the cosplaying weeb attendance was bad when the festival was just general Japanese culture, it fucking exploded when they decided to cater that group. They totally disrupt everything else with shouting their broken Japanese and acting like everyone there is an anime character. I know it brings money for the organizations holding the festival but I wish they never allowed it.

>> No.7622295

Actually, some renaissance faires have special days for this. I know the socal one calls it "Time Traveler Weekend" or something. A quick google shows that a ren faire in Pennsylvania is also going to be doing a day theme like this later this year. And one in Florida.

So it's not really all that clever. But you should probably try to stick to the event rather than deliberately try to be that one special snowflake.

>> No.7622795

Fucking brown in steampunk everything

>> No.7622832

"Lolitas" who are nothing more than Itas wearing cheap lace monster dresses from those usual online cosplay stores and places like Milanoo with cheaply made plastic Hot Topic accessories, cat or bunny ears, stripe stockings and carry a tacky knock off kawaii inspired bag because it's so rori.

No matter how much advice you give them they just won't stop. I know one girl who does this and it hurts my soul, even more so when she calls it a "cosplay" and reckons we should do a Lolita cosplay with other lolis in future at cons. It's seriously a lost cause.

>> No.7622987
File: 328 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2014-06-18-19-45-49.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This shit. Seriously, why are you here?

>> No.7623183

Pet peeves & general annoyances:

>People that communicate in sounds, like Nya! and/or rub up against you to say they want something.
>People who touch you without your permission... especially your hair.
>People whose sexuality is their defining factor. "I'm a LESBIAN artist", etc
>People appropriating trans ideals because edgy. "I'm a lesbian trapped in a Man's body!"
>Cosplay hypocrisy, like complimenting someone to their face and then trashing them later for "stealing" your costume idea.
>Smoking when you ask them not to.
>People not telling you when your make-up is messed up.
>People that make you guess their character.
>Stalkers, especially when you were polite to them and they think you want to be their ~Bestest Friend~ DESU!

>> No.7623190

seconded, almost left thread when it wasn't

>> No.7623198

>People making up speshul snowflake terms for themselves (demiboy, starself)
>People fake having mental illness: "I have DID, my other personality is a gangster from the era of prohibition!"
>People that feel their stupid thing is as legit as gay or civil rights: "FURRY DISCRIMINATION ABLOO BLOO BLOO!"
>Bullshit concepts like "transethnicism" or "otherkin". People thinking these are legitimate issues and getting offended if you don't think so.

>> No.7623201

I think you mean "I'm a femme lesbian who is a man trapped in a woman's body"
Because what you said is someone who is a man but wants to become a woman and is sexually attracted to women.(hence they would be a lesbian after transitioning)

>> No.7623204

Oh god me too.
>I have no money
>I have no job
>I will pick up a really expensive hobby and whine incessantly when I obviously can't afford it!

>> No.7623231

You know this seems like bait but imma let it pass watch attack on titan you will understand that those are cannon and essencial thank you

>> No.7623244

No, I'm talking about transtrenders, not actual trans people. People that are just doing it for the cool factor.
I had one of these people say, "I am a lesbian trapped in a man's body" before.

>> No.7623292

It's just the fact that she felt the need to post in two separate groups to draw attention to this fact. What was she expecting, to be showered with free burando?

>> No.7623328

I know someone who tried to visit Auschwitz as Hetalia Germany.

>> No.7623336
File: 117 KB, 640x960, 10456223_461609157308971_7030521856510521188_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shitty, excessive contouring drives me bats.
This girl, sineddonuts, and a few others whose names escape me are the worst offenders.

>> No.7623373

yeah every time I see that girl's photos it's like either she's late 20s/early 30s and trying to hide it, or, more likely, she's early 20s/late teens and is really overdoing it, which makes he look much older...

>> No.7623587

no. anon please tell me youre joking.
captcha: struggle nsitedto

>> No.7623639

An I crazy or has she posted the same coord to CoF on Facebook like three times now? I'm pretty tolerant of the sceptre things everyone is all about lately but she has the ugliest one I've ever seen. Unless I'm just noticing multiple people have these ugly cake dildos and I'm completely overlooking the person holding them.

>> No.7623665

i fucking hate scepters

>> No.7623666

In one of her photos my husband was looking over my shoulder and asked me, "Is she sucking on that thing???" I hate to explain it was the new stupid fad.

>> No.7623762
File: 52 KB, 540x720, 10455252_873959022618512_1434783152567264461_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's been wearing a lot of similar stuff lately and she's only really got one pose, but she's got two posts on CoF right now wearing that dress and the two coords weren't really different enough to merit two posts in my opinion.
I really wish she'd stop pimping her social media so hard, at least until she gets her shit together a little better. I liked the dessert theme she was going with originally but her three A-Kon coords were clusterfucks and most of her coords could really use a run through the nitpick thread.

>> No.7623793

her face looks like a burned doll

>> No.7623806

Ick...I guess in the right light that makeup might look okay from one angle, but I'll bet it looks awful in person.

>> No.7623851

Have nothing to say about her makeup,
she's a cute girl, but overdoes it.

But the scepter thing, think she was advertising for her job, because in their booth they had either the same scepter, or a similar one.

>> No.7623865
File: 209 KB, 1978x1446, corset.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

when corsets stick out like this
pic related (I can't draw)

>> No.7623867

why is her wig black
you can't even see the shirt details which are the best part

>> No.7623882

-Steampunk Cosplay versions of ANYTHING makes me cringe
-When you have a character with detailed makeup (I'm talking to you shitty homestucks and adventure time cosplayers) make the effort to apply makeup evenly. There's a thing called makeup setting spray you know.

-Ruining any nice coord with shitty payless shoes that don't match
-Fucking ugly peignoirs
-long petticoats that make them look like rocketships

>> No.7623908

>flawlessly beautiful goddess
She's 14

>> No.7623971

>part-time job desu

>> No.7624256

The effing kawaii international contest in which everybody and their mom is participating.
Just stop.

>> No.7624273

am I weird for being annoyed by those girls who just wear corsets with like t-shirts and jeans?

>> No.7624277

no, i hate that shit too, especially fake corsets on fat girls!!

>> No.7624283


I once saw a guy wearing a corset with a business shirt and pants.

>> No.7624288

I would wear one under a T-shirt and jeans. It makes me look like I have an actual figure, I don't really see the issue.

(If you mean they wear a corset over the top, then yeah, that's kinda weird. You can lace it in properly over jeans so what's the point?)

>> No.7624351

Ugh I hate that too. I'm so tired of everyone on my friends list begging me to vote for them.
Its like UMM NO! I thought the whole point was to pick the best dressed, not a popularity contest. Or a fucking guilt trip contest.
I see them begging people who don't even know anything about Lolita into voting. Its just a big peeve of mine.

>> No.7624460

>reborn moon princess
>future queen
>eventual eternal guardian of the universe
>also technically 16 by the end of everything

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