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Last thread is autosaging. >>7554201

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Mana-sama just posted on his blog that K has died. Not super relevant to lolita but I know Moi dix Mois was a favourite among some.

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I can't find the words to express my horror..

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I can't believe it. K seemed like such a cool and fun guy and he was one of my favorite members of M10M. He always had so much energy on stage and this "FUCK YEAH METAL" attitude that really livened up their shows. His English MCs during their overseas concerts were so great.
I'm really sad to hear about this.

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Could someone who owns the replicas of Victorian Maiden's short boots by SS confirm their sizing for me? Do they run true to size? Is an M really a 23.5 cm (EU 37)?
I want to know before I make a WTB for them.

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Could someone help me find some decently priced, decent quality wristcuffs in pink?
I ordered some with my taobao order, was informed that I only bought one wristcuff and would need to buy another for a pair.
Fucking sold out.
Can't wait to receive my one wristcuff.

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So I ordered a jsk set from a girl a a while ago- I paid on the 29th and she hasn't shipped yet. I know she has been having family/personal issues and that's why but I'm getting a little nervous. Would it come off as a bit crazy to wait another week and if she hasn't shipped by then to email her and open a claim on paypal until I have proof of shipping?

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This is really depressing.

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It sucks when you're having problems, so being understanding is good for karma. E-mail her now, if she doesn't ship in week, threaten the dispute. If she doesn't reply in a week, definitely open the dispute!

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You're right. I really do think she's just busy. I'll wait a few days and email her about asking about shipping. I've never had someone be this late with shipping before, guess I've been lucky.

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Crying right now because I missed this. I will never have my dream dress. ;_;

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Has anyone gotten a reply from the girl on egl_sales_comm selling the AATP dress for super-cheap?

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I hate put you on a rollercoaster ride anon, but I still see that dress in stock...?

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What do segulls? I don't really like creating conflict, but I bought a pair of socks of a girl in my country off of lacemarket. Theywere described as 'very good'. I don't know about anyone else but I wouldn't class pic related as very good condition.
No there was no proof pic on the listing, but they a non sought after pair of socks, so I didn't really worry about it.
Also she over chargers in shipping by about $4.

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She may have added the $4 to cover packaging materials - it's not something I do but I think it's quite common. I'm sorry you're disappointed with your socks.

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I don't know where else to ask about this, but have any of your comms have some weird freaking meets before? Like one(ofmany) of the comms in my area has put up a Hookah meet of all things. Like what are you guys getting high? Smoking tobacco? What are they doing, and why in lolita? This was a /voted/ meet idea too. Frillies be cray cray

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You know they have hookah bars which are pretty fun places and you... don't smoke weed from hookahs... just flavored tobacco? I mean it's basically like going to a tea room, since the hookah bars around me serve food too. And just hang around and talk to each other. Seems pretty normal.

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There is lots of people who can't be around smoke areas(like myself) and it ruins your clothing. I just think it's a very strange and rather specific place for a meet up... get up in some Alice n Wonderland gear guys.

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It doesn't even have to be tobacco; You can get plain flavoured smoke vapors.

It's a pretty cool idea for a novelty, I guess. Something a lot of people wouldn't normally do?

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I don't think it is, she charged me $8 shipping .The stamp states it cost $1.40 to send and I know for a fact that the bag she sent it in costs $1.20. So she over charged by $5.40.
Would you accept those socks as 'very good' condition? Genuine question.
I imagine 'very good' as tried on or worn once with at the most slight discolouration from that wear.
Am I being to harsh?

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Not that anon, but I don't think you're being too harsh. Those socks look nasty, but then again that's just my opinion. It really depends on how much you paid for them, though. If it was a small amount, then maybe you got what you paid for.
Sorry, I don't really know what you should do. If you're that unsatisfied, you could always ask for a refund and send them back since the shipping seems to be cheap anyway.

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Opps forgot to meson that. I paid $15. Is that what is expected for that price?

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The OP is up here: http://www.maidenclothing.net/script/detail.php?id=154050074001

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Anyone know where I could find a nice, inexpensive petticoat with very minimal poof? Preferably nice materials that won't be flat by the end of the day. I'd like to give my normalfag dresses and skirts some lift but even the daily CP petticoat is too much for this.

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Tbh that's pretty cheap. Still, that's pretty gross condition to receive an item in if you didn't expect it, so I don't think it'd be totally uncalled for to ask for a return.

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They are true to size, most of SS seems to be.
I'm a EU38 and usually get a L or 24.5 (I have wide feet and need the extra .5) and they fit perfectly.

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How odd, to sell wrist cuffs not as a pair!

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It's not your fault she has problem. It's nice of you to be so understanding but that doesn't mean she can just do as she likes because she has your pity. Problems or not, after you've paid it's her duty to ship your items. File a dispute until she ships.

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So, I am curious about ODIP and Marie. A few girls have said she has contacted them with offers to return their consignment items COD. Anyone know anything else?

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I still see it as sold out for some reason.

Thank you, but I am only interested in the JSK. Several people have sold their skirts on LM recently, but I haven't seen the JSK go up for sale in the west in a while.

You should probably talk to her about the condition of the item and see if you can get a partial refund or return the socks, as the damage wasn't listed. With regard to shipping, $5 for a pair of socks is pretty standard if they were sent with tracking. Even if not, shipping costs cover the cost of not only the actual cost of postage but shipping materials and even the cost to go to the post (which is rarely taken into consideration and really should be minimal, but still).
I would focus on the fact that you were sold a pair of socks with undisclosed damages rather than that she overcharged you for shipping.

The only thing I've found that works are BLs cheap pettis after I've already deflated them a bit. Anything else is too much, really.

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Wow you read my mind anon. Also wondering on any updates since her extremely vague email she sent out last month (which didn't even explain or apologize for her disappearance )

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How would someone go about making the sides of their skirt poof out more than the front and back? I'm considering making a sort of partial petti that just has material at the sides, but not sure how well it would work. Thoughts? I want a sort of -subtle- georgian influence to the silhouette without looking too bizarre.

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I think the problem is that "very good" is a subjective term, and there was no proof photo so I can see the seller going "I said very good, to me very good means X so I'm not providing a refund". However, I do think that the seller is at fault for failing to disclose the marking and providing a picture, so hopefully you are able to get some sort of a partial refund/send back for a full refund!

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Following up, she contacted me after seeing my post. She was super sweet and apologetic. She offered me a full refund, I told her I was happy with a partial. She offered to send another pair of OTK's as well as the refund for compensation.
Very happy with how this sorted out.
I wish more sellers were as amazing as this.

After buying my first dress of a BST thread here, I have always been a bit nervous confronting sellers.
My first dress arrived dirty and sweat/makeup stained. She pretty much told me it wasn't her fault because she hadn't worn it after she bought it so it was her sellers fault. Told me to go get it dry cleaned, it would be fine. Didn't offer to pay dry cleaning or anything.

TL;DR socks I bought arrived damaged, seller was amazing and offered free pair of socks +refund.

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They are true to size but I recommend buying one size up and adding gel soles. These boots are very very uncomfortable if you walk a lot. I probably walk around 1-2 miles during events and these boots leave my feet in pain for days afterwards.

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Really? For me they are a little bit more comfy than a regular shoe with that heel height. I can walk around a con all day and yes, be sore at the end, but never had any problems wearing heels the following day. And I actually used to just think the soreness was because I rarely wear heels, not the shoes themselves. I'll probably invest in inserts though now.

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Small panniers underneath the petticoat maybe?

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Some girls in my comm wanted to go to a happy hour at a sports bar on Friday night. I'm not against drinking and lolita, but the bar mostly attracts guidos and douchebags. I feel like it's just asking for harassment......

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Now i feel so sad T___T, not anymore a fan of them but still i got really upset...

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I wear heels for my job, and I would say these are very much at the lower end of comfort range. If you're walking on a carpeted surface and have opportunities to sit and take breaks, maybe they aren't so bad. I'm talking about standing and walking on pavement for about an hour or more at a time. I only wear these boots if i know I'm going to an event that involves a lot of sitting.

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Thanks for the info/help, anons. My foot's around 23.2 cm, so even if they're right at 23.5 I should have a little room for insoles. Now to get them.

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That's disgusting and I'd be ashamed to sell socks in that condition. Not okay.

>> No.7567199

I don't think there is a problem with selling them per se, but I do think there's a problem with not disclosing the damage/overpricing them. Other than the heels/soles, they're in fine condition, and white socks tend to discolor, in my experience.
My white socks get dirty like that (though to a lesser degree) even if I put them on right after I shower and only wear them in new shoes. I always wear nude tights under my socks as well, so I don't think the issue is that they're getting dirty, really.

I do think it's ridiculous to try to sell socks like those ankle socks on LJ which are totally ruined, though.

>> No.7567232

Yeah, I was looking at Bodyline for that, are there any of them specifically that you would recommend?

>> No.7567279

They're not discolored, they're dirty. There's even an animal hair on them. My socks don't look like that, even if they're white.

>> No.7567308

Honestly there are some pink floral ones on bodyline that are pretty nice

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File: 47 KB, 500x600, Angelic Pretty Classic Garden OP3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is something that's been bugging me for a while.
What do you think about keeping the buttons of these types of sleeves open?
My arms are too large to fit into these dainty things, and I was wondering if when these sleeves are left open, does it make the coord look shoddy and lazy?
The rest of my measurements fit into AP perfectly, but because I work in a warehouse and I move a lot of things around, I've made quite a bit of muscle on my arms and they're stockier than they used to be.
Should I just stick to JSKs and elasticated sleeve holes OPs?

>> No.7567414

i personally think having the open button thing is ugly and draws attention to it, but if you really love the blouses in that style go for it.

>> No.7567415

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but does anyone know of a US based SS that is willing to buy from more places than just lolita stores? I'm trying to get my hands on some Dermablend stuff.

>> No.7567419

Could you possibly change the little loop that goes around the button to be longer/an elastic material? I had to change out the loop on a taobao dress I got once because it was too small to even get the button through it and it wasn't too difficult.

>> No.7567448

I'm not the best at sewing and I daren't try it out on a brand dress.

Mmm. I think so too. My friend traded me the Fantasy Theater OP. I love the print, but unfortunately the style of the OP is a hindrance to me.

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Tips on ironing dresses? Don't have a steamer. I'm really scared to ruin my shit.

Specifically R-series Dear Friend and Innocent World Patisserie du Paris, if that helps.

>> No.7567513

I generally put a white sheet or plain white t shirt in between the iron and the dress, but I also have a steaming iron.

>> No.7567575

If you're worried, use a damp pressing cloth (a damp flannel is fine) and iron on the reverse side where possible

>> No.7567582

Rose tulle mmm dress up on comm sales, I know people have been looking for it. No I'm not the seller

>> No.7567659

That went up for less than 20000 yen last week on Tokyo Alice, feel sorry for anyone who actually buys it.

>> No.7567682

Hookah smells like incense. Doesn't ruin your clothing. I can understand the tobacco issues though. Nobody really RSVPed to that meet anyway.

>> No.7567701

That's such a nice idea! Wanna trade places? My comm only does picnics and highteas. Talk about monotony!

>> No.7567786

Watching toddlers & tiaras and can't help but think how cool it would be to attend a similar lolita patent. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's thought it.

>> No.7567984

LM requires at least one proof photo, so definitely report her for breaking that rule.
I would also leave negative feedback and let the LM mods know that she misrepresented her item.
Also, paypal dispute. I've bought thrift store socks in better shape than those

>> No.7567992

you sound like underageb&
hookah bars are awesome, no it isn't weed, and the smoke doesn't stick to your clothes like cigarette smoke does.
Get out more.

>> No.7568004

wtf? If you're gonna go to a bar in lolita, at least go to a gay bar.
Or you know, somewhere where dressing eccentrically wouldn't seem unusual

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Ladies, why do you love Lolita? What keeps you in the fashion?

>> No.7568059

I'm pretty much new, but I have a decent amount of brand. I mostly got into it because I like the little details. I'm personally not much for prints that have nothing to the design.

>> No.7568085

Isn't that going a little overboard since they already got it resolved? No need to make a paypal dispute when she already got some sort of refund.

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anyone knows of any shops that sell good quality rectangle headdresses? doesn't need to be brand of course, can be taobao or heck even bodyline (if anyone could comment on bodyline's headresses quality it would be much appreciated). i don't see this kind of headdress popping up in sales comms very often... thank you !

>> No.7568228

Why not wear a bolero over it? Or a shawl?

>> No.7568232

Seconding this.

>> No.7568245

Maybe add a bit of elastic between the two sides and pin a little matching bow on the elastic to hide it?

>> No.7568272 [DELETED] 

Only ones i can think of.

>> No.7568285


Bodyline's ACC832 is really pretty and well made. I wouldn't buy the other one they have though.

>> No.7568292

>at least go to a gay bar
This sounds kinda fun. Anyone go to a meet like this?

>> No.7568394

An amazing seller would have disclosed the damage to begin with rather than backpedal once she's been publicly shamed.

>> No.7568401

Hang it in the bathroom whilst you're showering, the steam will get rid of some of the creases then iron the dress inside out with a cotton sheet over the top.

>> No.7568413

The western market is not the same as the Japanese market. Why is this so hard for people to understand?

Take Fragrant Rose memories for example. It sells for maybe $500 in the west, while in Japan it sells for around retail in secondhand shops but aside from the black it sells for over $1000 on auction. Honey Cake, Queen's Coach, Vampire Prelude, and even Vampire Requiem to name a few are dresses that go for a lot more in the west than in Japan.

>> No.7568415

I bought a pair of their floral wristcuffs in white, and one was larger than the other.
I wish I was joking.

>> No.7568542

If the buyer is happy why don't you leave her alone, there is probably more to the story anyway. It's bad to just assume people are scammers, when in reality most people are nice and decent.

>> No.7568549

yeah, have fun getting booze and sweat on your bruando

>> No.7568555

Apparently the US Girl sent stuff to ACEN anyway, and someone else is buying a bunch of it.

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File: 89 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n5wldv6eU31qahsqho1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lor is such a sweetie. She's nice, funny, and her coords are decent.

But why is she so ugly ;_;

>> No.7568620

I recently made a new loli-friend. She has milky planet in sax, which was her dream dress, she has the matching headbow and no other matchy matchy accessories.

Because she doesn't have enough accessories to spam all over her hair, she wants to go for next saturday's meet in a wa-loli instead. The wa-loli is red, with green and blue flowers all over, white lace trims and black obi. It looks pretty messy and gives her no silhouette imo. It looks bad on her...

I'm not very close to her but we're planning to go together as partners. So we're talking about what to wear. I'm kind of trying to tell her to wear her milky planet because it's a waste she hasn't worn her dream dress out, but her heart seems quite set on the wa-loli.


We just became friends so I can't tell her in her face the waloli looks bad on her, but she doesn't want to wear her MP, and I don't want to look like the jerk who purposely takes photos with a friend that doesn't dress as well as me so that I look better.

She's quite a sweet person so I don't want to hurt her feelings. I've seen her other photos on FB and I can tell she doesn't co-ord well sometimes which is why I'm not very confident she will look good in the wa-loli. While wa-loli isn't always ita it does require a lot of skill to co-ord it well. I can't lend her any accessories because I don't have anything that matches MP. My closet is all black and jewel tones. What to do?!

>> No.7568641

Take her out shopping for accessories to match her MP dress before the meet.

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File: 125 KB, 500x667, SDC10610.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Opinions on pic related?

>> No.7568654

That looks really off. The pink is too bright, and the collar is giving it linebacker shoulders. Just doesn't mesh well together at all.

>> No.7568656

I want that hat!

>> No.7568664

The cut of the fuku is too big.
Doesn't really match both in color, size or style.

>> No.7568667

It's not my pic, but I was thinking of doing something somewhat similar. I dunno though, it does look fairly off to me though

>> No.7568670


My comm is ranged between high schoolers to people in their late 20s/early 30s. I've only gone out to bars or done stuff like that with people I'm close to (friends who happen to also wear lolita).

I'd love to have a late night 21+ lolita meet up

>attend night-galleries (First Fridays)
>attend an improv show
(the ones in Chicago are cheap and have a bar on site)
>meet up at a tapas bar

I totally get what you mean (in fact, I had to deal with a drunk douche who randomly kissed me -ick). On the super rare occasion when I get to be with my lolita friends and go out like that, we tend to choose low-key places (bars without dance floors).


>> No.7568674

If you want it, organize it. Chicago comm has some heavy drinkers!

>> No.7568675

It's from KawaiiGoods

>> No.7568678

I think I am the only one who thinks she isn't ugly..

>> No.7568686

No I find her adorable, sweet, and plus she reminds me of a lolita version of one of my friends.

>> No.7568711

anyway we're not free to hang out until the meet itself.

>> No.7568759

I don't think she is ugly, yeah she doesn't have that little girl face that is idealized (especially when it comes to sweet lolita) but that doesn't make her ugly.

I really admire her self-confidence. No matter how many time she gets posted here, she keeps on doing what she loves.

>> No.7568767

She's pretty cute to me, I mean how other anon said. Just because she doesn't have a small girl face for lolita, it doesn't make her ugly. I just think she's really cute mainly for how sweet she is

>> No.7568771

she looks like she has a lot of fun
>so jelly

>> No.7568801

I find it funny that lolitas will get upset if they are told they are dressed like or look like little girls. Yet as you said, they idealize that type of face and they hate on girls who don't have that baby face look.

>> No.7568821

Hmm...perhaps I should. I don't usually make my way up to Chicago often. I don't think there's an official date for the mega meet yet, but it would be fun to have a 21+ meet after the main event.

>> No.7568855

I really like Lor, I just think she has an unflattering nose/mouth area...wouldn't call her ugly at all though, she's pretty average. I alos think she would look better in classic/gothic styles, because she has a mature face.

I went to a gay bar in lolita recently, everyone was pretty chill about it. I don't anyone even took a second glance. A meet there with a bunch of Lolitas sounds fun as hell.

>> No.7568874

Of course it is, Chicago is full of drunks.

>> No.7568942

Does anyone know what happened to vierge vampur?

>> No.7568976

Omg she looks like Pauly Shore.

>> No.7568977

I think she looks adorable in sweet lolita even if she has a "mature" face. I think she pulls it off because it fits with who she is, she seems bubbly, silly and outgoing.

>> No.7568986

Has anyone else not been receiving email notifications from lacemarket when you receive messages or comments?

>> No.7568993

I have that issue too. I messaged moderation about it, they didn't fix it or do anything other than basically acknowledge that they knew I was having an issue with it.

>> No.7569086

True, it really suits her personality. She does her thing and dresses well, so I respect that.

>> No.7569133

I just reserved some stuff for the first time in my life on Baby and did them separately as the socks were a last minute purchase. I got the confirmation emails and the emails telling me the prices after shipping but I've sent an email asking them if they can combine ship the items. Is this okay or am I just being an annoying foreigner who will get banned?

>> No.7569276


Is this bitch for real? I saw that same Milky Planet set with socks not selling for $300. $240 for radioactive cupcakes? No wonder she hasn't touched her lolita for a year, no one wants to pay her scalped to hell prices.

>> No.7569504

So I am in a bit of a predicament.
I shipped something to a girl overseas untracked per her request, and I planned to send her a copy of the receipt/customs slip as proof of shipment. However, my aunt passed away the night I shipped the shoes, and sending the proof photos kind of slipped my mind. I finally got home last night, and when I went to check the valet tray/mail rack where I generally keep that sort of thing, it was gone.
I'm pretty sure my boyfriend threw the receipts away when he cleaned the house, and now I don't know what to do.
The girl paid via gift, so I'm not worried about the money side of it so much as I'm worried about stress I'll cause her and the possibility of receiving negative feedback.

>> No.7569563

WHEN am I going to be able to get something from Krad Lanrete...

>> No.7569575

If the shoes go missing she won't have a leg to stand on as far as negative feedback was concerned, all you can do is tell her when it was shipped, she was too cheap to pay for tracking and paypal fees so she knew that if something went wrong she had no protection.

>> No.7570158

If they paid via gift, she can still get her money back by filing a chargeback with her bank/card company. And I'm pretty sure she can report you to Paypal for taking money for merchandise via gift payment

>> No.7570179

If she does report her, I hope the seller names and shames.
Plenty of people accept gift payments to cover their asses when buyers are too cheap to pay for tracking.

>> No.7570215

You're an idiot foreigner. In their "please read for reservations":

>Reservation article is not possible to send it out in conjunction with other your order."

In other words, reservation items and regular orders are sent separately.


>> No.7570354

The most recent getoffegl post pertaining to ODIP, "Marie: One Day in Paradise: The Saga: Based on a True Story: ~Chapitre VIII~ : The Plot Thickens", has been deleted, but is still visible through google webcache if you search for it.

>> No.7570374
File: 199 KB, 700x902, blouse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been browsing taobao for a black blouse with extended sleeves and a cravat for a while now and thus far have only come across this one.
It's alright but it looks kind of cheap. Does anyone know where I can find better looking elaborate blouses like this?
I'm looking to stay under $80 hopefully.

>> No.7570396

The items are in the same reservation series. I just did the skirt first and then reserved the same series socks afterwards separately as it was a last minute decision.

>> No.7570399

Then you're fine. As long as they're both reservation, you're good.

>> No.7570477

I wonder why the post was deleted.. if Marie had it removed or mods deleted it for some reason. It is odd.

>> No.7570502
File: 537 KB, 639x2730, T2d7APXfJXXXXXXXXX_!!13321002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

boguta lolita has one with extended sleeves but not the cravat...worth a look though I guess

>> No.7570510

There's a rule against deletion on getoffegl, so I highly doubt they'd delete it themselves. It's probably a similar situation to when she was going through btb getting things deleted for supposed copyright infringements, or her tumblr spat with Choke.

>> No.7570516

This looks awful.

>> No.7570532

They're called 姬䄂 in Chinese, hime sleeves/princess sleeves in English, not extended sleeves

There are quite a few high collar hime sleeve shirts on taobao right now. I remember because I went through the entire sheet yesterday. Go look at the sheets. You might have to add the cravat on your own though

>> No.7570782

Where can I get a Madonna crown?
It's driving me insane.

>> No.7570802

thank you very much, I was looking through the TaoBao dictionary sheet for the term and must have skipped over it.

>> No.7571225

This is the one octavekitten has, I was really disappointed when I found out it's just painted zipties.

>> No.7571348

Are you shitting me? People are paying that much for fucking zip ties that have been spray painted?

>> No.7571354

I agree with tracking but the pp fees are for the seller, when you sell something with paypal and can't pay the fees yourself, I see you a the ultimate cheapass (especially if it's a few $).

The only exception to me is if the seller didn't plan to sell with paypal and the buyer specifically ask for it, then that's fair enough. Am I the only one ?

>> No.7571356

Well gotta give credit. They're probably making bank off them. But I guess that shows how easy they are to make. Pack of zip ties, spray paint, headband, tada, Madonna crown.

>> No.7571376

It's actually a pretty good price. There is the effort of buying the zip ties and spray paint (which is illegal in some cities).and then making everything like up perfectly. If it takes an hour or two to make one, then $30 seems very fair.

>> No.7571384


Each to their own. Law of free markets say that she's perfectly able to sell spray painted zip ties for $30, but she sure as hell isn't getting my money.

>> No.7571426

How long does it usually take for the Baby online store to confirm an order? Its been a few days and I'm getting worried

>> No.7571505

I've never heard of someone requesting payment by gift just because they didn't want to pay the fees. It is almost always international buyers who are too cheap to shell out for tracked shipping.

>> No.7571520

That's shitty. Why not use like skewers or something that can be sanded/shaped more and actually require a little time/effort.

Also, her's look like shit. Just make your own.

>> No.7571572

Go to the post office you shipped the shoes from, nicely ask the person who is in charge to do you a favor and let you photocopy/take a picture of the reciep they have (a reciept always has 3 copys, one for you and the pother 2 is for them to keep)

>> No.7571577
File: 194 KB, 800x800, 1_000000000223.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just found the ETC website. Found something I NEED to knock off. (Without the weird eyelet lace at the waist)

>> No.7571623

Well, her bad makeup skills don't help anything...

>> No.7571666

Yeah, I'm gonna make my own. Fuck spending that much on some spray painted zip ties.

>> No.7571678

Is this some new tumblr thing? Looks fucking ridiculous.

Can't wait to see these fugly things paired with shitty AoT cosplays all summer.
>Levi ~Madonna version~ desu

>> No.7571757

Seeing how dead and ita-infested daily-lolita has beecome, are there any active places like it where you can post completed coords and receive feedback and concrit?

>> No.7571778

Noooo, don't give them any ideas!

>> No.7571783

Yeah, it's called the concrit thread on here.

>> No.7571797
File: 68 KB, 700x300, unnamed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What does this say?

>> No.7571798
File: 188 KB, 700x650, unnamed2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7571814

Anyone know of a good San Francisco SS?

>> No.7571824
File: 223 KB, 640x960, lor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love Lor's personality but I don't think she dresses well. Maybe that's an unpopular opinion but she really could use some concrit. I just don't know how to approach popular lolitas like that with crit because they get kittens and rainbows shoved up their asses all the time.

>> No.7571831

She's pretty chill in person, I think if you were nice/polite about it and don't call her or publicly, she would probably not make a big fuss. Can't say she would listen, though. Some of her outfits are fabulous, but others are questionable...

>> No.7571851

Cosmic is being made to order from May 24 - May 31. There's an English version of that in their online shop.

>> No.7571855

Holy shit why didn't I know that? I'm so happy.

>> No.7572075
File: 50 KB, 360x420, 130330010069.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey I was wondering if anyone had max measurements for any of meta's "apron skirts", like this one. Something with just back sheering.

I'm 86cm waist and I really want the new Patissiere Dream apron skirt, but I'm pretty sure I wont fit...
If so you think I could alter it to work?

>> No.7572097

She would take it well as long as you give real concrit and not do what everyone else does. Tell her her how "ugly" she is or because she is "ugly" she shouldn't wear a certain style,etc.

She seems pretty laid back and seems like she would be open to some advice.

>> No.7572109
File: 75 KB, 500x292, tumblr_inline_n30re7lbpV1r2893y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A seller sent me an invoice for a dress, and when I went to pay it less than 8 hours later, the invoice had been cancelled. I messaged her about it, and she said that she accidentally invoiced someone else and forgot to let me know when she cancelled my invoice.
Is it unreasonable of me to be pissed off? Are you allowed to leave negative feedback when people do shit like this?

>> No.7572145
File: 265 KB, 520x714, PUJ0003-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What does /cgl/ think of Pumpkin Cat? I've seen a few reviews floating around, but not too many.
This JSK is really tugging at my heart strings, 'cause I love the black/gold colour combo. I don't want to fork out my money though if the quality is going to be shoddy.

>> No.7572147

Is there a limit to made to order items? I'm tempted to get the sailor jsk since I wasn't able to get it last time, though I'd rather try to order it through the SF shop first.

If I manage to get the jsk, I want to sell my skirt. Will the skirt's value decrease because of this?

>> No.7572255

...Wut. So she "accidentally" invoiced someone other than the person she agreed to a sale to... how? And for some reason didn't refund that person and send the correct person the invoice? This excuse doesn't make any sense so you absolutely have reason to be angry and I'd ask the mod of whatever sale site you're on if you can leave neg for this.

>> No.7572282

Anyone? I'm kind of desperate.

There's no limit as far as I know. And yes, the value will probably decrease.

>> No.7572414
File: 68 KB, 480x640, B38OP322-b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to build a wardrobe composed entirely of nun/religious dresses.

>> No.7572431

Just realized my question may not have been clear regarding the limit. I meant, even though the items are made to order, is there still only a limited amount for sale so it might still sell out?

And damn... I'm not sure if I want to try for the sailor jsk then if I'll be losing money just trying to sell the skirt.

>> No.7572436

No, there is no limit.

>> No.7572439

She can't accidently invoice someone else unless she has gotten their Paypal. Why does she accept the other person's payment when they never agreed on the sale? Why did the other person pay for their invoice, when she should have heard it was unavailable? Why did the seller invoice twice? Sounds like she was playing two buyers at once.

>> No.7572465

What are the current trends in lolita? Flower crowns seem to be in, no?

>> No.7572471
File: 54 KB, 500x500, tumblr_m8qt19TqTs1qg5iebo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7572478

Well shit. That means everyone who wants one can get one. While that's a good thing, that also means the value will decrease if the market is oversaturated with the print. Ugh.

>> No.7572479

Peignoir, Virgin Mary crown.

>> No.7572481

Didn't happen with DDC.

>> No.7572487


Underskirts as well

>> No.7572491

Yeah so I don't think this series was as popular as DDC on release to garner a rereoease made to order but DDC didn't really drop in value after it was rereleased.

>> No.7572494

Has anyone ordered socks and a skirt at the same time from baby? Can I ask what the shipping cost was?

>> No.7572501

Did in some ways. The only pieces that sell really well/above retail are the tiered JSKs.

>> No.7572719

You guys are most likely right, she was probably just waiting to see who would pay first. It wasn't a ~*DREAM DRESS*~ or anything but still, what the fuck?
I don't really want to start drama by leaving negative feedback, but thanks to you both for reassuring me that I wasn't overreacting.

>> No.7572744

So wait, you won the dress and even though she invoiced you(first?) and only accidentally invoiced the other person they get it? Why? Sounds sleezy. Name and shame, anon!

>> No.7572749

Yeah so you need to talk to a mod and make sure you're in the right and then leave negative feedback. This is not acceptable behavior and if your story is correct then she cannot leave retaliatory negative feedback. I get you don't want the confrontation but think about her just getting away with this again and again.

>> No.7572796

I think the average shipping is usually like 3,000 yen, but that's a figure from a couple of years ago so IDK

>> No.7572830


Yeah, if you scroll down, they say that the average cost of a JSK alone is around 3,000 yen. So probably around that amount, or maybe even less.

>> No.7572866

They grossly overcharge to cover paypal fees and make a little extra. Shipping a jsk doesn't cost more than 2000 yen...

>> No.7573014

I'm so freaking happy about this. I don't think the JSK would look good on me, but I'm 100% getting the skirt now, missed it last time.

>> No.7573041

Wat? I use japonika and have paid up to 5,0000 for a skirt and jsk. Am I being ripped off?

>> No.7573053

considering I've paid around 1400Y for EMS for a LP, which was a JSK and Tights in a tote, I would say yeah, a skirt wouldn't add that much more weight

>> No.7573138

Never ordered from AP before so I was wondering if anyone care to share how much the shipping was for the cosmic sailor jsk and cutsew to tenso is, please?

>> No.7573139

it's probably around 500Y for the shipping to Tenso from AP.

>> No.7573144

Thank you very much, now I can make sure I will have enough for it.

>> No.7573160

It depends on the weight and how it's packaged, as well as your country/mail zone. A velvet dress with built-in petti shipped in a box is of course going to cost more than a simple polyester jsk with just lining (ie jetj's prints) in a plastic or bubble mailer.

>> No.7573174

When did this go up for reserve? It shows as "sold out" though the series it's with won't start their reservations until June :(

>> No.7573199

Hey guys, I have a bit of a dilemma and I really need some advice. My dad's company is having a company party and my dad is helping arrange it. Yesterday he told me that he told everyone at his job about my "super cool and fancy clothes" and that I would be there taking photos of all the guests (I'm a photographer) while dressed in lolita. He never asked me about this until after he had already promised all his colleagues that I'd be there. I know he didn't mean any harm by it, but I really don't want to be some kind of circus freak for some party, which is what I'm afraid I'll end up as. I also hate being the center of attention and I'm afraid of that too. What should I do? I will get paid pretty well, and my dad is like begging me to do it because he already promised everybody I'd be there. It just sucks because I really don't want to but I don't want to let my dad down. Opinions?

>> No.7573210

>show up in normalfag clothes
>'I have no idea why he said I wear weird clothes?'
>collect check

>> No.7573214

I was thinking of doing that but since my dad basically sold the idea of me being a weirdie really hard everybody is apparently super excited for my weird clothes, so he'll be really disappointed if I don't wear them. I'm thinking of just going "fuck it" and going as a normalfag though. It's my dad's fault since he didn't even ask me.

>> No.7573219

>go all out fanciest shit you got
>make everyone bow down to you like the princess you are
(best choice)

>still wear lolita but be toned down so it's not "that weird"
still passable for normie clothes but not making your dad look like a weird liar

>> No.7573221

>talk to your dad
>tell him about your feelings

>> No.7573288

Wear your most elegant co-ord. I'd go and do it. But first, explain to your dad that you wished he had asked you first, how put out you are and how you don't wear the fashion so everyone can stare and ogle. If the attention gets too much just start whipping out the camera and directing people to pose for photos, then run off to take someone else's photo. I guess you could take off once a sufficient amount of photos had been taken?

>> No.7573306

Possibly Closet of Frills on fb

>> No.7573402
File: 20 KB, 390x470, 34567890ß.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7573425

>if gothic
Don't wear all black, you'll be mistaken for trashy mall goth any way. Normies don't know the difference anyway. Go in coloured gothic if you must

>if classic
Go out there looking like you stepped out of ancient Europe, or like you're attending a high class theatre show or something. Going in casual classic would be boring shit

>if sweet
OTT sweet will make you look like s clown. Do it like smileyiris or herajika's casual co ords.

Dont accesorise too much, you'll be a photographer that day. If possible skip the bag altogether too. Also comfy shoes.

Avoid old school unless you want to attract all them bopeep comments

>> No.7573431

Ehhh, I have seen a few good honest crits given, its just that the people they're given to blow them off with muh style and get ass pats, hence why I said possibly

>> No.7573463
File: 162 KB, 500x483, tiiiights.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any idea where these tights come from?

>> No.7573474

Not tights. Good luck tracking them down. http://hellolace.net/wardrobe/angelic-pretty/type/socks/item/160/

>> No.7573562

I am SO mad right now you guys. That wacko Mr. Yan so dreamy-desu creep just anounced his new "tour" destinations. As you may well know, he is currently traveling South America. He decided to come to my country. Ugh. All because our comms slutty "Empress" (yes, she calls herself that) wrote him and requested his visit. I mean fuck! Out of all celebrities and influential people from the Lolita scene, we get to have YAN! Gawd I'm raging! My comm is filled to the brim with itas and cheap bitches. Now the only thing that will be known about my country is
>Cheap Lolitas
>Bodyline-chans is all we have
>Yas ass-kissers
>God aweful bitches

LORD help me I am SO mad. I'm sick of LA, WHY can't we have some decent Lolitas here. They bash Misako, they are resentful pices of shit that "HATE" brand because they think they can't affor it. The truth is they don't even reaserach fuck! I purchase Brand JSK's for $40-$100 all the fucking time! If you know how and where to buy, this is perfectly possible! WHY would you be a Lolita and HATE on the brands? The brands are what created Lolita. Arrgghhhh I can't even. I can't anymore. HALP.

>> No.7573575


ffs, it's pussies like you that allow shitty sellers and buyers to continue being shitty.

Bitch is in the wrong, she deserves negative. Just PM a mod with evidence and leave negative. If the bitch tries to start shit, you just call the mods and they'll tell her to stfu.

Or you know, be a pussy. Next time you get fucked by a shitty seller though, just remember pussies like you propagate that shit.

>> No.7573596

Pretty stupid question: I'm a gothic/kuro lolita trying to move into old school sweet. Would it be weird to have a non print jsk with a print head bow if they are the same color? Finding the right solid color head bow with the right color lace is turning out to be a massive pain in the ass and the girl I commission bows from hasn't responded to me in two weeks. But I keep finding something sort of close but with a print can it work? I generally have pretty simple coords.

>> No.7573610


A dissenting 2cents: we're assuming she invoiced you first and then the other girl later, but it's possible that there are so many items in her sales post that she didn't reallise she invoiced two girls for the same dress. egl_com_sales isn't automated after all, you still have to keep track of which item goes to which buyer yourself, so it's possible she momentarily forgot that she had already sent out an invoice for a certain dress if she's sending out a bunch of invoices for different dresses at once.

(of course, if she had just the one dress up on her sales post then it really shouldn't happen.)

>> No.7573621

Well considering old school sweet was just a color scheme of pink and white or blue and white which then transitioned to subtle all over prints of fruits/florals I don't think it will look good. Stick with solid colors or go with an all over print. You can't really mix them (at least not with the dress being solid) and have it give off an old school sweet vibe imo

>> No.7573644

Well, at least you'll be able to have fun seeing if your comm is even more desperate to throw themselves at Mr Yan than the Mexican lolis

>> No.7573708

They will be so much worse, that's why I'm freaking out so badly D:

>> No.7573719

Yeah this was pretty much what I was thinking. I just was hoping to avoid buying multiple bows new from baby. spending 80+ on bows causes me pain. I'm bad at buy accessories in general.

>> No.7573721

how can desperate and attention whores can latin americans be to throw themselves to someone like YAN I mean YAN. It's a shame to everybody

>> No.7573747

I know right. I'm ashamed I belong to these comms, I always get so much second hand embarrassment. At least I am a pretty decent Lolita, and I can assure you there are some of us who can dress properly and are not slutty whores... and we try not to mingle with the cheap crowd. Of course they hate us and call us elitists for that. Meh. I'd rather be considered elitist (which I am not) than a slutty attentionseeking whore.

>> No.7573752

guess Yan is showing the very worst of latin american's lolitas... just chill out I personally didn't know there where so many comms and countries there if it wasn't for Yan

>> No.7573754

Chokelate doesn't look like a little girl. Neither does Fanny Rosie or that amazing Russian chick. Yet pretty much anyone will agree that they look beautiful. They don't wear sweet but even if they did they'd look better than Lor.
Lor is downright unfortunate-looking (mouth and nose in particular, and disturbingly wrinkled eyes for someone her age) and it's not just because she doesn't look like a preteen. Stop kidding yourself.

>> No.7573762

I gree with what you say... Not anyone has to have a "doll" face but there are some less fortunate cases.

>> No.7573766

There is some of us with asthma, and I'm not underage. I just don't smoke nor do I like being around... because asthma okay. Plus in my area there is people who do use Hookahs for drugs and shit. Hookahs are sold along side bongs in my area, and the store owner uses it for drugs before because he asked us what shit we smoke. I do get out quite often, not everyone is in areas where tons of people smoke all the time... this is florida I'm talking about. Land of old people, tourists and potheads

>> No.7573768

I understand not wanting to go to hookah for a meetup, but just as an fyi, hookah doesn't produce smoke, it's a water vapor. I have mild asthma as well and hookah is the one thing my roommates smoke that doesn't bother me.

>> No.7573775

I think you have a pretty big misconception on hookah.
I don't have asthma or anything but I have pretty terrible lungs and most smoke bothers me. But hookah is pretty tolerable.

As a drug user in Florida, I can assure you no one really puts drugs in a hookah... especially not weed.

>> No.7573776

Then why does she always get comments saying "she looks too mature" to be a sweet Lolita?. I have also seen comments saying you have to have the baby face look to do sweet. I don't think Chokelate is beautiful, she looks like a alien. Don't really know who the rest are.

Lor too me really isn't all that ugly as people make her out to be.

>> No.7573779

God I meant smoking hookahs what is supposed to be smoked in them. I sounded a bit stupid there. I just found it rather weird that smoking hookahs is the thing most of the lolitas wanted to do, maybe one day I might try to see what the fuss is about... if it's like in a large area with plenty of cross breeze so I can breathe without worry of an attack... that'd be just embarrassing.

>> No.7573784

I guess I do, it's just vapor? Man that guy with the shop in my town must not know what the hell he's selling and/or using it wrong somehow??? He's like high all the time... I just go in with my friend for their candles.

>> No.7573801

Lor /does/ look too old for sweet because she looks old, not "mature." She has really wrinkly eyes and an unfortunate face that exaggerate how old (as opposed to youthful or fresh faced) she looks.
When people say you need to look "young" to pull off sweet well, they mean that you need to look fresh faced/not wrinkly and overtanned, not baby faced. Having softer or more cute features (i.e. not looking like a gaunt runway model) is definitely a plus, but if anything looking "baby faced" is a negative.
I've only ever seen the term used in a negative light, generally when describing a rounder faced, potentially overweight sweet lolita who was wearing a bonnet and thus looked like an overgrown baby.

tl;dr "Mature" is sometimes used to politely denote "old/wrinkly." Lor has an unfortunate man face and bad skin, and she looks much older than she is.
Cute, softer features =/= baby faced.

>> No.7573805

Or he just smokes weed...

>> No.7573817

>I don't think Chokelate is beautiful

Please, kill yourself

>> No.7573818

Yeah I meant as in he's using the hookah wrong and putting weed inside it and fucking stuff up.

>> No.7573822

Does anyone know what F+F's Night Glory looks like in real life? Any reviews or worn pics?

>> No.7573823

I don't think she is ugly but I just don't think she is that attractive.

>> No.7573828


>Not attractive


>> No.7573830

Not the anon you are replying to. Why does she get posted here so much? I actually feel bad for her because she seems to keep to herself and not cause drama.

I see no point in posting her just to repeat the same things about her, "she is ugly or "she looks like a man". Is it because she is famous and not pretty? I always think the ones posting her are jealous because they think they are prettier but upset they are not getting the same attention.

>> No.7573835

I think a lolita of bloomers were ruffled when she was trying really hard to be so ~quirky~ and e-famous by making those annoying videos and gifs. I don't think she's posted that often, really, in comparison to other e-famous lolitas.

>> No.7573836

>I actually feel bad for her because she seems to keep to herself and not cause drama.

Choke trips here in case you dont know

>> No.7573837

Ass-licker follower detected.

>> No.7573840

Jellyfat vendetta-chan detected.

>> No.7573841

I doubt the owner of a smoke shop is putting weed in his hookah when he probably has gorgeous glass.

>> No.7573842

But that post isn't about chokelate.

>> No.7573845

How does her shit taste?

>> No.7573850

I have no issues with her personally but I really don't want to see her face. So I didn't give a fuck about her until she was trying so hard to be famous like >>7573835 said. It gets annoying when you're trying to avoid seeing someone but they're everywhere. Now I don't see her around as much.
TL;DR I don't dislike her personally but I just don't like seeing her face.

>> No.7573851

The place is rather shabby, I think he's friends with the owner. I don't really like to go in there if I can help it.

>> No.7573854

Yet if she was pretty, no one would care if she was trying to be famous? Damn, I am glad I am not a Lolita, you girls are some shallow bitches.

>> No.7573855

Cry more, hambeast.

>> No.7573863
File: 115 KB, 413x441, 61857_0GSJr8RXYRKJR04.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh no, someone doesn't have the same opinion as you. What ever shall you do?

>> No.7573870

I'm not the one throwing a tantrum over someone's existence. I don't think you understand the words you're using, lardass

>> No.7573875

I just said I don't find her that attractive, you are the one who got upset over it and acted like it was impossible for someone not to find her attractive.

>> No.7573880

If she were pretty and famewhoring, at least it wouldn't be as much of an eyesore seeing her face plastered everywhere. People desperately trying to become e-famous are annoying in general, but if they're pretty or dress well things can be excused because at least there's something pretty to look at every once in a while.

I don't personally have anything against Lor, it's just that she feels more or less like a celebutante in the lolita sphere. She's not particularly pretty, her coords are pretty meh, and honestly I feel like she's kind of famous for being famous at this point.

>> No.7573884

What is with all the noobie lolitas making videos about how much they hate their comm and behind the bows?



>> No.7573918


Original anon here

Lol, even if you personally don't find her attractive , you can't say she isn't.

>> No.7573922


Didn't see this comment

>>7573863 Isn't >>7573828

Look, even if you don't find her attractive personally, you can't say she isn't.

>>7573918 is indeed me before people call samefag.

>> No.7573925


Welp, meant >>7573855 instead of >>7573863

>> No.7573986


Didn't know Sean Connery wore lolita.

>> No.7573990

At first I was like "she looks nothing like sean connery wtf anon" and then she spoke and I laughed

>> No.7573991

>44 minutes
Christ above, why do these people think anyone gives enough of a shit about them to listen to them ramble for almost three quarters of an hour?

>> No.7573997

Same girl.

"Being a Chronically Ill Lolita"

"I'm too disabled to work and not disabled enough to get disability, so I'm on a fairly low budget.
>Wearing full lolita and wig, in nice room with her own bathroom, has a computer with internet, with plushies and figures and brand dress in the background.

>> No.7573998

>4:15min in, starts crying

>> No.7574001

Not only did she rant for 44 minutes but she really was kind of the bitch in every situation she complained about.

Yeah getting stood up sucks but she handled things really aggressively and poorly. Every way she decided to react to each situation was terrible. No wonder they didn't want her.

>> No.7574004

>I'm too disabled to work and not disabled enough to get disability.
Then you're not too disabled to work.

>> No.7574010


Why does every fucking lolita ever seem to have fibromyalgia?

>> No.7574013


I agree. Also, she seemed to expect a lot of hand-holding? When I joined my comm, I just sort of introduced myself then went to a meet. I didn't need anything explained or anything.

>> No.7574015


I'm trying to resist making an uncouth stereotype about functional disorders.

Look it up though. it's interesting, definitely a very real and fascinating disorder, if not frustrating for everyone involved (especially the person with it).

>> No.7574017


I know it's real, I don't doubt that, I just think that a lot of people pretend to have it. There are some lolis who I don't doubt, it's clear they're sick, etc. But some people I feel they're just making stuff up.

>> No.7574018

question - what are all the places where people post secondhand sales? So far I've thought of:

facebook sales

any other major ones I'm missing?? Not talking about secondhand stores, just people posting their own stuff.

>> No.7574023

Am I the only one who loves nun lolita dresses but DOESN'T want this? It looks too 'sweet' rather than gothic for me.

>> No.7574025

It would have probably have been half of that length if it weren't for all that pausing.
>comparing admining a fb group to being a CEO
I think she wanted an initiation like in Finding Nemo
>Shark bait hoo ha ha

>> No.7574026

Don't know who is Fanny and that famous Russian handmade queen.

Summer much ?

>> No.7574027

I got overcharged by about 1500 yen to have a necklace shipped. And then got charged customs on the package. It's better to get a SS with BTSSB a lot of the time.

>> No.7574028

mbok, y!auctions, rakuten auctions

>> No.7574029

I don't like it either.

>> No.7574032

I don't like it either, and I am all ABOUT nun dresses. Like you said, it's just too sweet. I might change my mind if I see it in person, though, it feels like one of those dresses.

>> No.7574038

right, should have clarified, I meant the western community.

>> No.7574040

I just really don't pay attention that much about other Lolitas. I'm a lone Lolita, I don't go to meetups nor really care about the online community. I just like watching Lolita's on cgl getting their panties in a bunch over the smallest things and cause drama.

>> No.7574144

> don't pay attention that much about other Lolitas
so then how do you get style inspiration/ideas for improvement?

>> No.7574152


So I'm assuming you watch Kamikaze girls on repeat for new coordination ideas?

>> No.7574163

Research and from my friend. She is active in the community. I just find it better to be a lone Lolita because most of you girls are catty bitches and I want no part in that.

Saw it many years ago, thought it was boring and never watched it again.

>> No.7574170

You sound like a bitch. Just saying.

>> No.7574182

How? I don't make fun of others, post pictures of other Lolita's behind their back to make fun of them and start drama.

>> No.7574183

I actually agree with her on some points though. It does suck to be stood up and I don't think her expressing her disappointment at that there was no announcement regarding the meetup cancellation.

She definitely overreacted for a couple situations though, such as being accepted into the comm 2 weeks later.

Still, I don't really understand why she was booted from the "museum meetup" unless she's done a lot of other bitchy shit she's not revealing.

>> No.7574185

>most of you girls are catty bitches and I want no part in that.
>I just like watching Lolita's on cgl getting their panties in a bunch over the smallest things and cause drama.
Sounds more like you attracting your own kind than most girls you meet actually being bitches. Kind of like the guy that says "all girls are crazy" because his mommy was bipolar and those are the only girls he notices.

>> No.7574187

at the fact that*

>> No.7574190
File: 274 KB, 600x800, jetjlunedeau_03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do worn pictures of Lune d'eau actually exist?

>> No.7574194

" s " or " es " - plural
" 's " ownership

Know the difference, it may just save your life.

>> No.7574200

>and I want no part in that.
Well except for the fact that you yourself said you come here to laugh at drama, lol

I'm a lone lolita too but I'm not stupid enough to attribute the things I see on an anonymous message board to all the people out there who wear lolita. That's an extremely ignorant way to think. You're actually almost worse than others on this board since you have said you only come here for drama and nothing else.

>> No.7574205

I just find it amusing because I don't understand how some girls can be so hateful. I guess I come here to try to understand why some girls are filled with so much hate over petty things.

>> No.7574210

there are a lot of lolitas who are not hateful too.

People are just annoyed that you claim that you don't participate in communities because of "most" of us are bitchy. That's a broad statement that is unfounded given you haven't actually gone to meetups.

>> No.7574212

I think you're really reading into it too much if you think that the posters here are just consumed with nothing but extreme negativity. This isn't some kind of fiction novel, a lot of the drama kind of stops on this board and then people forget about it... It's probably almost just a place to relieve stress and frustrations for people and then they laugh and move on. Pro-tip : there are shitty people everywhere in all hobbies and fandoms, it's not something exclusive to lolita.

You seem to think you're somehow above it all and are just observing and trying to puzzle out these strange alien beings here, but you still started this whole thing saying you enjoy the drama and making blanket judgements on strangers you've never met, so welcome to the fold, you're no better than anyone here.

>> No.7574215

>>7574210 cont'd - also maybe the comm near you is full of mean bitches, which does suck and I would also be a lone lolita if that were the case. but it's not usually the case.

>> No.7574232

What comm is she supposedly even in?

>> No.7574243

I feel like >>7574212 pretty much sums up everything I want to say.

You seem to think that lolitas are some special brand of crazy drama-mongers, but we're just girls (or boys) with real life stress and frustrations. If you consider us to be catty because we vent about it, maybe you need to reconsider this hobby- or any hobby really. I can understand coming on /cgl/ to laugh at the current lolcows, blow off steam, or enjoy a non-asspatted discussion- I can't understand just coming on for dramadramadrama and not interacting with other people who have the same interests as you because there are a lot of great people who are into lolita.

>> No.7574391

Florida I think?

>> No.7574426

Totally agree. /cgl/ is where whe come to discuss the drama, because it's the only place we actually can. It's very rare that drama originates here. Drama Staters are generally identified pretty quickly and called out.

>> No.7574429

Not that anon, but I'm a lone lolita because I have horrible anxiety. It took me 4 months to be able to say anything not work related other than hello to my fellow employees and boss, I was a hikki for 5 years and just broke the cycle but it's so so scary. Music helps a lot, I want to try to join my local comm though...

>> No.7574566

> go to see new x-man
> background student in mutant school has tiny top hat and what looks to be a JSK.

now to see if there's a OMG LOLITA IN X-MAN FRILLIES post

>> No.7574576

>I vowed to never go there again.

2nd bitch lies. Nobody goes on BTB just once or twice.

>> No.7574579

>Still, I don't really understand why she was booted from the "museum meetup" unless she's done a lot of other bitchy shit she's not revealing.
I'd bet my house that she has done other shit, though. Those sorts always gloss over the shitty stuff they did to make themselves seem like martyrs.

>> No.7574603

So I bought a used jsk that's missing the shirring lacing. What are some good places/webshops to pick up a nice quality replacement? Joann's/Michael's/Hobby Lobby just ain't gonna cut it.

>> No.7574613


I don't know what you're on but Joann's has nice elastic.

>> No.7574628

I'm looking for ribbon, not elastic.

>> No.7574653
File: 416 KB, 502x683, 1385325236827.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So my legs are the biggest part of my body (pear shaped.) What do you guys think is more flattering for bigger legs--skirts that are just above the knee, or skirts that are just below it? Since my knees have that little medial region of fat, I was thinking of hiding it with longer skirts, but that would make my legs look even shorter. Thoughts, experiences?

Pic not related, I just laugh everytime I see it.

>> No.7574718

I want to leave my comm and become a lone lolita.
I want lolita friends but it's not worth dealing with the ita hugbox that is my comm. It's hard for me to wear it out on a normal basis since I like OTT sweet, but our meet ups are never that great anyways.

How do other anons deal with being lone lolitas?

>> No.7574725

>Oh my god the admin was sick and didn't see my message for like 3 WEEKS! OMG what shitty organization! Like a CEO of a company can't just IGNORE their messages and be like 'lol I was sick teehee!'
God the first girl is such a judgemental bitch. What the fuck.

>> No.7574744

im a lone lolita because i can't stand ita messes. its hard wearing lolita as is and even more difficult when theres a bunch of awkwardly dressed girls beside me. I just can't help but feel embarrassed. I go to the big events my com hosts because the ticket prices are moderate and deters itas from attending. I cant be a terible person by thinking this nor be the only one.

>> No.7574753

I bought a dress and I thought that the measurements would fit, but lolibrary was inaccurate. It's a bit too small at the bust. Even binding is no good. I have more than enough room in the waist.

Is there any good binders that could work for an 30H? Should I just give up and sell the dress? I'm really disappointed. I love the dress and I know I need to loose 10lbs but that won't fix my breasts problem.

>> No.7574759

My instinct is at the knee or slightly above,especially if you're shorter than average, and always wear heels of some kind. Long skirts may make you look dumpier than you are.

>> No.7574777

I'd think it depended on your specific legs. My upper thighs are pretty big, but if my skirt goes just past that thicker part to the thinner part of my thighs, it makes it look like the entirety of my thighs are that thickness. Just barely past my knees, my calves are a little skinnier, which also gives that look. If my skirt is at the thick of my calves, it makes my whole leg look that thick, which is no good. Back down at my ankles, it also thins things out.
So it would depend on your thin spots, I suppose.

>> No.7574799

>better to be a lone Lolita because most of you girls are catty bitches

Eh, idk. If the rest of the comm, including your friend, is able to make friends with each other, that suggests that something is wrong with you instead of something being wrong with everybody except you.

>> No.7574805

How about grosgrain ribbon? Brands use it and it's widely available.

>> No.7574810

You can't really say lolitas are mean or nice, that's too binary. I'm extremely nice and loyal to people I know but I don't really care about a random picture of an ita on the internet. I'm also mean or nice depending on context. If you post vlogs of yourself like you're hot shit and you're not, well then I'm going to be very critical. It all depends on how I perceive your attitude. Every lolita is somewhere on that nice to mean spectrum, don't kid yourself.

>> No.7574882

I'm wondering that too! I want to wear it soon, but need a bit of inspiration.

>> No.7574907

You. I like you.

>> No.7575116
File: 131 KB, 800x441, moitienewprint.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thoughts on Moitie's new print?
>a print of a kinda grave with roses and a engrish poem about the end of agony
>k passed away on the 19th
>I don't know how to feel

>> No.7575125

So, who of you got/is going to get Cosmic now that they're rereleasing it? I just snatched the skirt/scrunchy in navy, and I'm so happy because I thought I'd have to get it second hand for some ridiculous mark-up.

>> No.7575126

I'm so sad. Moi dix mois was one of the things that got me interested in Lolita fashion in the first place, even though I haven't been following them anymore for some years now. It doesn't feel real at all.

>> No.7575134

From a pure design point of view, looks cliparty as fuck

>> No.7575188

I'm planning on buying the sailor jsk in navy (super glad I don't have to pay $600 for it). Are you buying through tenso? Is it easy to buy through?

>> No.7575199

I don't care about the cross print, but I'd kill for the new rose print in other colors but blue.

>tfw I love Moities cuts, dress designs and floral prints to death but dat blue they have to clash on every of their dresses is stopping me from liking 99% of their newer releases.

>> No.7575228

I'm getting the sailor JSK in ivory.

>> No.7575323

Yep! I've never used tenso before, but you just register and verify your account, and they give you basically a japanese address to ship to that you can plug in anywhere. I hope it goes well.

>> No.7575333

Hellolace is gone, guys.

>> No.7575339
File: 489 KB, 500x375, crying.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh my God, it is!
What happened?

>> No.7575475

Seems to be working fine right now.

>> No.7575481


Not >>7575333 but I keep getting

'This domain is not configured for this service. Please add it to your account.'

Been having it since I got home about 4 hours ago.

>> No.7575508



Hope this dumb cunt sees the secrets about her today.

>> No.7575895

I'm still sorta the same as you, but the issue is there no local comm where i live, maybe there are some lolita around, but they are hard to spot, very hard even online. I broke the cycle of being sorta hikikomori but at times i return to it because i find hard to meet new friends...*lone lolita forever as Momoko?*

>> No.7577103

Can anyone point me to a sort of cheap black blouse?

Neckline doesn't matter much, but I like sheer / chiffon sleeves if possible. I'm having trouble finding anything I can afford ATM and I have a meet coming up soon.

>> No.7578859

Does qutieland need your exact measurements or your measurements with a few cm added for breathing room?

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