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Is there such as thing is too risque?
with the popularity of KLK and cosplayers building their entire fan base on T&A when is it too much?

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It's always too much.

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All it takes is one wardrobe malfunction and cons everywhere are going to start banning these displays.

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I think there's such a thing as too erotic for an all-ages con. If I had kids I wouldn't care about them seeing plain old nonsexual nudity in appropriate places, but I'd prefer them not being exposed to really eroticized, nearly naked costumes. As an adult woman, I'm not wild about the effect they can have on the atmosphere of a con.

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>I'm not wild about the effect they can have on the atmosphere of a con.

Save it for after 8pm.

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Hasn't this already happened?

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I'm in agreement with >>7539726.
Save that shit for late night stuff or private photoshoots. Kids don't need to see your T&A.
If it's an 18+ con though, who cares. It's still kind of awkward but it's not like there's any real issue.

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I don't care what cosplayers wear for shoots or hoe risque they are but at cons, if it's anything less than what you'd see at a beach then they should not.

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Cosplays like OP's should be reserved for private shoots or cons like Dragon*Con where it's more targeted to adults.

Anime cons still have a demographic primarily of young teenagers. You shouldn't be risking a nip slip/loose labia/ass crack in your cosplay when they're are kids around and it's so dumb to hear people use the excuse of "IT'S JUST A BODY" to try and get away with it.

Bitch you ain't dressing like that to "express yourself", you're doing to it for sexual attention and cruising for a dick to ride later in the evening. You can wait until after 8PM to find that.

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*there, not they're, I'm herp derp

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Slightly OT but I will be cosplaying one of these outfits(Satsuki from Kill la kill) and I feel bad about showing all that skin but I love the character so much I couldnt resist. Would carrying a towel or blanket or something to wrap around me when Im not taking photos help? It would stop me from freezing my ass off too and give me somewhere safe to sit.
>inb4 just don't wear it you slut
I'm doing it because Satsuki is my queen 10/10 would waifu and I've already poured so much money, time and effort into it I'm not about to stop now.
>Shouldn't have done it in the first place
Shut up and just be happy you get more A&T to fap to.

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Agreed, and I know the girl in OP's pic and she only wears that costume to comic and sci-fi cons that are targeted for adults.

Now, that whole shit with the Air Gear Ringo ribbon cosplayer... that was horrifying.

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I know that one con we had a thread about banning KLK transformation ones from the con floor (Momocon? Was that it?) said it was fine if you wrap a blanket around you to get from place to place for photoshoots. You should be good, anon.

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>all these excuses
Wear what you want but Satsuki has as many reasonably outfits as T&A ones.

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Completely agree. I really appreciate how you realize that nudity does not necessarily mean sexual.

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I'm kinda doing the same, cosplaying Pino and will use her pigtails to cover up if need be. I fucking love the alien rapist, mecha AI.

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Someone posted her Satsuki outfit modified with a detachable skirt on her bottom for modesty. It was made in a way that didn't detract from the entire costume and I heard people were appraising her idea. You could do something similar.

Sorry can't find pic. Good luck anon

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I'm calling shenanigans on the "young teenager" demographic. Who cares how much skin is showing? Let people do it. If they want a dick to ride, I'll gladly provide them with one, at their request. If they just want to show off skin, sure. It's no skin off my back.

Chances are, the average kid knows where to find things of an erotic nature, and how to hide them too.

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Public nudity is legal in most urban centers in the US. (i.e. where most conventions are held)
Let that sink in for a minute.

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Admit it, it's asking for it

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I'd like to see more petite and flat girls doing costumes like this. I don't really think something like Yoko or OP's lady is sexy.

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Asking for people to stare at you and want pictures, yes. Asking for people to harass/assault you, no.

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What upsets me is that men look at this and call all cosplayers sluts, there's this growing attitude that we're all whores and you see it everywhere on the internet these days. "Oh, she's a cosplayer, she's easy."

I just don't like that it rubs off on all of us. I don't want to be thought of as some "whore" with "daddy issues".

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How much did it appraise for?

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>tfw 75B
>average is suffering
Cannot be delicious pettanko or huge boobs either. I'd do all the skimpy flat cosplays.

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But when you think about, average is pretty good. You get more variety and neither binding or padding are impossible.

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Who cares? Who are you to judge? You're not the body police.

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You enjoy rape.

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>boo hoo think of the poor men, they can't help but act like creeps, stop tempting them ;_;

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fuck off back to tumblr.

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Do other girls legitimately enjoy getting eye fucked by every single overweight creep at the con and being judged as a slut by everyone else?

I always wondered what drives them to such self-abuse. Is attention really this important?

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>I always wondered what drives them to such self-abuse.

It's not really that surprising when you consider how many women in this sort of scene are into kinky stuff, particularly masochistic sexual fantasies.

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They are women who never got attention from opposite sex when they were in school.

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>wear a cammy outfit
>get pissed when people look at your ass


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Last time I went to a con, a chick who came as Zero Suit Samus started blatantly hitting on me, flirting, etc. So we went up to my hotel room, starting getting frisky, then she asked for her payment. I what.jpg'd harder than I knew was possible and she clarified by asking for 500 bucks. I asked why I would give her 500 bucks, and she said "to fuck you". I what.jpg'd even harder than before and asked her to leave.

So, what the fuck happened? How am I meant to tell if a chick is a hooker or not?

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Yep, she was from /cgl/ alright.

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>asking for money for sex
Sources say she is a whore.

So did you kick her out or did you beta and drop $500 for her baked clam?

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I already outright said I told her to leave, what do you fucking think?

I got to feel her tits and make out with her before though so that was pretty sweet. After that though I got drunk and ended up banging some chick dressed like Triss Merigold

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>I already outright said I told her to leave
Doesn't mean she actually left you dumb beta bastard. How many STDs did you get?

>> No.7540490

On the contrary, I had the STDs before that night!

But seriously I had pubic lice at the time.

I didn't pay the hooker.

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wait, so you had sex with some other girl with pubic lice? D:

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Wow, what a coincidence! I dressed like Triss Merigold and had sex with a guy at a con, then got pubic lice. Then pregnant. Congratulations, you owe me child support.

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>public lice
Gross. Shave your bush you fucking monkey.

>> No.7540569

Lol, oops. Meant pubic. But in your case, same difference.

>> No.7540570

>Triss Merigold

Girls play The Witcher?

>> No.7540599

shave ur publics

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Some people never get positive attention, whether it's in school or everyday life. Others probably just like the character and don't give a shit about stares.

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>Do other girls legitimately enjoy getting eye fucked by every single overweight creep at the con and being judged as a slut by everyone else?

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oh, so she's just a massive bitch.

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> Not realizing this before.
> Can't pick up on attention whore signals

Isn't this /cgl/? Lurk moar.

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You know she loved every minute of it.
Now she's going for "modest" which is even more laughable.
People who do these types of cosplays in public are shameless.

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Hey, Shamelessness is a skill. You say it like it's easy. It's not easy to be totally devoid of shame.

It takes time and will power to be able to dress like a slut and walk around without getting embarrassed.

Do you know how many dicks she had to suck to work up that level of shame tolerance?

>> No.7540721

this coming from a person who looks like an overweight office woman....

>> No.7540723

>It's not easy to be totally devoid of shame.
Huh? All it takes is a narcissistic, slutty personality and bingo--no shame at all.
It's not like some people consciously work at that, they simply don't give a shit because they think they're better than other people.
Dick sucking aside, she's a self-centered cunt.

BY THE WAY, I wanted to ask this: Isn't this the same chick who claimed her zelda shit got ganked in Oakland? Or am I mistaken?

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Where is she from, she's cute

>> No.7540729

>All it takes is a narcissistic, slutty personality and bingo--no shame at all.
Which takes time and effort to build it.

>> No.7540735

Pretty sure she's the one.

>> No.7540736

I know a lot of people who have a narcissistic and slutty personality but still feel shame. They simply have different values on what is actually "shameful"

>> No.7540737

>Which takes time and effort to build it.
I disagree, I think some people are raised to think the world revolves around them. I don't think she's even slightly aware of how shitty she is.

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Wow this girl has been wearing this costume for 3 years at every con. It must reek.

>> No.7540743

Astarotte no Omocha, it's a cute show though it sounds perverted

>> No.7540753

Yes. It's the same girl who claims her costume is worth $4,000.

>> No.7540765

She remakes it every time she wears it.

>> No.7540783

Ah, this compulsive liar.

It's all coming together now.
Btw- What ever happened to her little campaign? Was she successful in swindling people out of their money?

>> No.7540812

No she hasn't.

>> No.7540905

You can be an attention whore without being a giant asshole.

>> No.7540910


she asked for $1200

she made $2585

>> No.7540956

How do I become a sugar daddy for a hot cosplay grill? Just offer it to randoms until someone bites?

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>Is there such as thing is too risque
yes. the line is just a lot more blurred when you're not a uggo

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>she made $2585

>> No.7541199

>Is there such as thing is too risque?
Nope. If they aren't violating public indecency laws then it's nothing you wouldn't see at a beach. Besides I'm all for nudity anyway. The more desensitized people get to it, the sooner we can stop having threads like this which are filled with pointless tripe spewed from puritanical people too concerned about what other people are wearing.

>> No.7541205

>implying there's no difference between nudity and highly eroticized outfits meant to induce boners
Don't even pretend like you'd fist bump the 300 pound landwhale exercising her right to "desensitize nudity" in a public setting where children are present.

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Are you that fat bitch who dresses up like hinata every year and takes every opportunity to show us your gross flappy titties?

I see that girl at every local con I go to, everyone except the desperate virgins are sick of her shit.

>> No.7541220

She looks chubby in the thumbnail.

>> No.7541221

Isn't the picture in the OP a Witchblade cosplay?

>> No.7541223


>If they aren't violating public indecency laws then it's nothing you wouldn't see at a beach

This point is invalid since cons are private and therefore allowed to set their own dress code. Its like some restaurants require you to wear a suit, others a collared shirt and then some are just any shirt and shoes. I personally like the after 8pm or 9pm rule, its a good middle ground that will satisfy both parents of younger children and the people wearing these skimpy costumes.

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Jeez her description
Her body isnt even gorgeous to be honest

>> No.7541347



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RIGHT!!! That bitch is one sandwich away from Jenny Craig rehab. She needs to go sit down somewhere, stand up, then sit down then stand up like a thousand times, pronto.

>> No.7541892

Fucking grotesque. Is that a man post sex change op?

>> No.7541894

Chubby my ass anon. The bitch is FAT. LOL

>> No.7541901

Hello grills do you like your tits being played with? Just wondering

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>> No.7541922

w-why not

>> No.7541932

Not by you.

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>that chick
Go home ana-chan

>> No.7541938

Oh I didn't know that we've met before

>> No.7541942

Would you like a random guy to come up to you and start playing with your ass?
Same reason why we wouldn't want someone we don't know that well to play with our tits.

Unless you mean with your girlfriend or someone you know really, REALLY well. As in, you've know the chick for years and just wanna have some fun or want to learn the ropes. In which case, it feels nice to get a little massage but don't fucking squeeze the shit out of it. And don't go too rough on the nipple, dammit!

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On the topic of risque cosplays -

I'm a girl who plans to cosplay the demifiend from SMT: Nocturne at some point in the future. It'll be a genderbend since I don't really see any other ways of doing it - I plan on wearing a long wig and have it cover up my boobs - Underneath will be wearing some nipple pasties to be on the safe side.

Is this acceptable?? I've never done any revealing cosplays before but I love this game and just really want to do this. Working out all possible solutions here that doesn't include "wear a bra" as I think that ruins the design a lot.

>> No.7542020

If you can manage I'd wear something more than pasties, like a stick-on bra.

>> No.7542023

Do you realize how easily hair moves? Turn to the left, bend over slightly, and boom your coverage is gone

>> No.7542032

Have some sort of fabric covering yourself while not in a photoshoot/masquerade. In the rare case someone complains about it, just tell them you don't think it's appropriate to walk around completely exposed with kids around.
IIRC, don't they make skin-tone bras now? With something like that, it'd be more acceptable while also staying loyal to the original costume.

Also, like >>7542023 said, hair moves super easily. Even just a slight gust and, BAM! Nip slip. Make sure you've got it secured somehow.

>> No.7542045


>but I love this game and just really want to do this

Can you at least be honest with your intentions? This is the biggest problem I have with risque cosplay, its not the lewdness but the dishonesty in why you want to wear that type of costume.

>> No.7542049

??? what evidence do you even have that she's being insincere about her love of this game
am i being trolled

>> No.7542052

She probably actually likes the game, and wants to cosplay a chara she thinks is cool.
What are you, from /r9k/?

>> No.7542053

I am trying to work out ways of making sure the hair sticks, we'll see how that goes. Thinking of styling the inner layer of the wig to death so that it becomes stiff enough to stay in place, as a start?
Both my boobs will be painted black, so I don't necessarily think I'd need a stick-on bra on top of that, but I'll look into it!!
Also forgot to note, I'll be wearing it either at a 16+ or 18+ con. Still worried I'd get complaints though so I want to do what I can to avoid any potential trouble.

>> No.7542057


A slutified genderbent character, now where have I heard that before...Oh, but of course its out of the love of the game just like all the other ones...

>> No.7542060

it's not sluttified, IIRC that's what the character looks like (bare-chested). honestly, putting them in a bikini top or something would be sluttifying it. go be angry somewhere else
have you not played the game?

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File: 219 KB, 720x480, 1386204081692.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


But it's not actually slutified? Demi-fiend is shirtless in the first place.
I'd say go for it, or cosplay his pre-transformation hoodie outfit.

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File: 144 KB, 808x2400, Hitoshura_demon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Welp, sorry that I want to cosplay from my favourite game.
There are two female characters in this game, one of them is my least favourite character of all time and the other I just plain and simple don't care about. On the other hand, the design of the main character is cool as all fuck and since I got to choose what route to go with the MC, he's the only character in the game that I don't think is a massive dick.
I could cosplay any of the monsters or creatures but then I'd just be considered a Persona cosplayer and that's really not what I'm after here.

>A slutified genderbent character
Well then, tell me what you would do with this design?
If my intentions with this was for everyone to check out my hot boobs then I wouldn't have changed a damn thing and would have kept the hair short.

Not even sure if I'm being trolled right now.

>> No.7542076


If I were doing this cosplay for a con I'd go for a skin-coloured long sleeved shirt, bind, and paint the markings onto the shirt. What's cool is that it gives you extra option of adding EL wire if you like the green outline glow on some of the fanart, or you could paint it with glow-in the dark stuff and be all glowy wherever there's black light (or at the rave)

Gonna be honest here. First it's a genderbend and second you're insisting on walking around naked even though two people above suggested skintone bras and stick-on bras. The genderbend part comes across is plain lazy and the insistence on being naked does come across attentionwhorey.

Still, it's not my body and I'm not the one who has to deal with all the judging and negative attention, so do what you want.

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File: 91 KB, 600x750, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe draw the designs over something like this. It might end up looking cheap but it's an idea

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File: 126 KB, 480x640, AlphaKimoriComiket42.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You could try something like this?

>> No.7542104

Do thie skin-tone bodyuit thing, just make sure your coloring is better than >>7542081

>> No.7542126

I have a horrible body when it comes to crossplaying so Im not gonna bother going down that route. I am taking all advice and never said no to the idea of stick on bras? Will consider everything once I get started.
Have also considered getting a transparent bodysuit as it will be way easier to cover up if I do. Lots of options here, crossplay is just sadly not one of them in this case.

Will make the hoodie as well to cover myself with when Im not doing any photo things.

>> No.7542373

just posted this on a cosplay group to see the reactions, top kek

Normalfags think she's a bitch as well, but that might be because she isn't overweight.

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it has been mentioned so it shall be...

>> No.7545618

i don't know if its the fact that i have a thing for latinas or the fact that the last time i got some action was 8th grade (24 now) but i would berry my dick in tunamelt-chan
(i'm ashed yes but i can't help it)

>> No.7545640

that doesnt count as sexual harassment you stupid faggot

>> No.7545653

to internet feminist it does.

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File: 1.15 MB, 1939x2715, Cosplay_of_Mystique_DragonCon_2011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Not if she's hot

>> No.7548445

She needs better nipple covers and it looks like she has on a pad. I still like it though.

>> No.7548451

I'm not crazy about the nipple covers/pad, and the sweat running down her chest. I totally get that cons can be blisteringly hot, but I think a body suit could have been a better choice.

>> No.7549082

Yes. You shouldn't be wearing a costume where a slip of your intimate body parts is highly likely to a con. It's just gross. Not everybody wants to see that.

Kind of combining what some other people have said; yes, if there is a nip/labia/butt slip, it is just a part of your body. But it's not the same as nonsexual nudity. If a part of your privates falls out of a sexualized costume, that is a lot different than just walking around naked.

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File: 8 KB, 300x137, 1382364635742.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Part of me admires this... individual of indeterminate sex... for just going out there and doing it, and it looks like they're having fun I guess. Plus it makes me feel about 15,000 times better about my own body image as well.

But the other part of me can be summed up by pic related.

>> No.7552897

I like how they have to say "Please don't rip this one down."

If I saw that at a con I know I would.

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File: 59 KB, 412x280, Cyqe3TQ.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Her flabby ass is gonna pack on 20lbs within 5 years so enjoy all that topkek now.

>> No.7554997

Looks like she's answering a question, not just saying it randomly. I don't think there's anything wrong with what she said, jeez you guys sound like /r9k/ about yoga pants.

>> No.7555000

That's entirely dependent on skill level. I've seen extremely skimpy costumes done well by people who know about pasties, fashion tape, and sheer undergarments.

>> No.7555060

I have a question about pasties. Do you make them yourself? Should I heat them or is it okay to use a raw pasty? I'm vegetarian so does it have to be a traditional Cornish pasty or is a modern Indian-inspired veggie one acceptable?

>> No.7555081


>body hair shaming


>> No.7555131

>being this tumblr
He had fuckin' crabs you dimwit, pretty much the best way to quickly get rid of lice is shaving the area along with topic treatment. At that point it would have been both gross and stupid not to do it

>> No.7555151


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