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What's the weirdest thing your cosplay has been mistaken for?

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my first con many years back, AWA, I saw an Alucard cosplayer, and was pretty sure it was a Carmen Sandiego cosplay.
I shouted at them
the cosplayer turned around and looked at me utterly confused and slightly horrified.

I still feel shame.

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oh god this is hilarious

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Fatty-chan, cosplayed pic related, makeup and all. Got asked if I was Bulma.

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Several years back one of my friends was Mokou from Touhou, and some dumb kid thought she was Inuyasha and came up raving about how much they loved the show. She had to be physically restrained from punching him.

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I wanna cosplay cherry SO BAD! You got pix gurl?

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I wish more big cosplayers would pick Cherry. I saw someone do her pixel dress once and it was one of my favorite cosplays ever tbh.

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>She had to be physically restrained from punching him.
My friend who cosplays Cirno gets mistaken for Rei alot, bitch is insulting muh waifu Rei ain't the strongest.

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What's this from, anons?

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I dressed as Sally Ride for Halloween and got asked if I was Luna Lovegood in space.

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Usually people ask "Are you supposed to be genderbent Jack Frost?"

But my favorite was "You are the worst Daenerys I've ever seen" To be fair I was holding a BEWD dragon plushie at the time

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It's a band, check them out on YouTube.

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Music Icon. (Sort of)

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>citing tv tropes
Come on now.

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I was cosplaying a Homestuck troll at a con once and got called the following things:
-"Are you from Twilight?" (See also: Vampire)
-One of those furry blue aliens from Avatar

The last one I will cherish always.

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Where the fuck were you cosplaying, at a con under a damn rock?

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I had a mascot costume of Maromi from Paranoia agents one Otakon. A couple of kiddos maybe 8-10 years ran up and hugged me saying "Yay Gloomy Bear!" I just gave them hugs and danced around wondering how the fuck these kids knew about Gloomy Bear.

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Once I was eating around the area with friends in cosplay and some shady looking dudes asked if we were porn stars. I don't know what they would have said next if we said yes.

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could've been when homestuck actually wasn't a big thing?? Which would've been like 3-4 years ago but still

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Genderbent Jack Frost? Really? Not only is Kisara's design really not at all similar to Jack's but fans of RotG would have grown up with Yugioh, how do they not recognize her?

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I'm a lolita but i got mistaken for a prostitute once
pretty fucking weird since i cover more skin than your average bear
(i was also in sweet-classic)

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I mostly meant it as a joke but whatev.

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Eh she shows up late enough in the series that a lot of the Saturday morning cartoon viewers have stopped watching before she even showed up. And dont forget the tumblr fueled fanbase for RotG made up of 13 year olds. Makes me sad though, YGO needs more love.

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About 5 years ago I cosplayed as a scout from TF2. This older guy walked up to me and asked if I was "some kind of a Girl Scout or something". I told him "no" and walked away. I got about 20 yards away from him before I realized that, technically, he was right.

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I went to a comic convention as John Constantine from Hellblazer, people still asked me if I was Castiel or the Doctor. I can understand Castiel slightly more, considering they literally wear the same trench coat, because the creator of Supernatural was obsessed with Hellblazer, but the Doctor Who one just upset me. Those coats look nothing alike, and Constantine is blonde. But I guess people are so used to shit tier "let me just throw on any trench coat and any color of converse and say I'm the Doctor" cosplays that they don't even know the difference anymore?

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Cosplaying Sailor Moon, got asked if I was Lady Gaga

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Sorry my joke detection abilities are kinda poor sometimes. But forreal, unless you lived in the middle of nowhere, finding a con without homestucks would be like a miracle

Puns are super effective on me though, hah.

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>be big boss/naked snake for halloween at uni
>get asked if I'm actual military due to MSF and Kojima patches, despite eye patch.

>later that day in actual army combat uniform to do actual army things, complete with name tapes, unit patches, murrica flag
>be onna bus, get asked why I don't have cool gear for my costume

>I can't win

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Cosplayed on Halloween, got asked if I was dressed as Lindsey Lohan.

Someone else asked if I was supposed to be Amy Pond, which I suppose is miles better than the former.

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Was Sailor Mars, got mistaken for Wonder Woman.
A few cons back, I cosplayed Stocking and a little girl ran up to me going 'Twilight Sparkle! You're my favorite pony!'' it was too cute.

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>be at mcm comic con
>cosplaying pic related
>walk by some gaming website journalist and his camera crew
>they pull me aside and ask if i'll talk to them
>okay why not
>"so you're zelda, right? how long have you been a fan of the games?"
>explain I'm not actually zelda
>guy looks embarrassed as fuck
>awkwardly walk away

how the fuck did he manage to think I was zelda?

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We were having a photoshoot in the mountainpark in Kassel, Germany. It's the greatest location you could imagine for all Tolkienverse-stuff: An artificial landscape made by some pretentious count in the 18th century, including artificial mountains, large rivers and lakes, waterfalls, aqueducts and even artificial ruins.
We were just a small group, my gf me and our best friend cosplaying as elves (Legolas, Glorfindel and Thranduil) and taking pictures.

Of course there were many people there but folks in Kassel are used to seeing cosplayers at least once a year and everyone likes elves. Especially well-behaved ones like us. We answered many questions, people took pics with us and then we went about our business.

The best thing was one old man approaching me and telling me I was the nymph from greek mythology that fled from a satyr and turned into a bush to hide from him. I was so flabbergasted, I simply agreed. (Also he was that kind of "old people"-cute that makes you go all "d'awww" and simply agree, even if they tell you that manga is actually a fruit)

Pic related, mfw I'm a nymph

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I once was dressed as Faust from Guilty Gear and I was ask how I got past door security dressed as a klansmen.

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I went to my first con as Quote (from Cave Story).
A girl saw me and told me I was a very shirty Pokemon Trainer.

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I once got asked if I was cosplaying a deer fursona. I was a sawsbuck gijinka. Understandable but the only furry esque thing I had on was some antlers I made. No tail or ears

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My friend and I were dressed as a pig and a creeper from minecraft. We were walking to otakon and a black dude approached us. He kept on asking us if we were dressed as sex bots.


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Cosplaying as pic related.
Got told i had an awesome Elvis cosplay by 2 different people during the con.

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>cosplaying Osiris
>people keep calling me Black Adam
To be expected
>some kids thought I was a Power Ranger
And by kids I mean mid-late teens

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Towa from DNAngel, got asked if I was a slutty nun

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I cosplayed Nowaki from Junjou Romantica a few years back (pic related). At least two people thought I was Sebastian from Kuroshit......

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dude, are you making fun of Kuroshitsuji while cosplaying Junjou Romantica?

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I was wearing mori around a con last year and someone asked me if I was cosplaying Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle. I can't even begin to describe how little my coord looked like her outfit.

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Did a female Castiel cosplay and got mistaken for the ROD girl several times. I can see the mistake and can't at the same time because if I was trying to be Yomiko i'd be wildly inaccurate.

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Celes Chere from FF6 mistaken as Hannah Montana. Three times in the span of 20 minutes by different people in the convention area. It didn't help that I was probably the oldest person at the con.

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>"I love Sailor Moon!!"

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Not me, but girlfriend was cosplaying Takarada from Kill la Kill at a con this weekend.

Had a Ciel cosplayer come up to her and ask if she was supposed to be Grell. Probably the highlight of my weekend.

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One of the most important things from Grell's arc is the color red..

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Exactly. I originally thought maybe it was just someone who had watched an episode or two with a friend and got dragged into the cosplay, but their costume was actually really well made...

They said "the pointy teeth" threw them off, apparently.

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>wear any type of seifuku
>instantly sailor moon
I know your pain. I'm getting tired of correcting people.

>> No.7508451

> boob shoving waistcoat
> ribbon instead of tie

No wonder. No would would ever guess you were suppose to be Cass. You can do better anon

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>wear blue lolita dress with apron


surprisingly no one called me alice.

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Homestuck isn't a thing in my country. I saw only a handful of cosplayers and never in the same con.

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Lucky bastard. Also, you're awhore for cosplaying that!

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Oh, I'm not the cosplaying anon. Just commenting on the "OMG HOW CAN THEY NOT KNOW HOMESTUCK" comment.

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Cosplay morrigan, a kid calls me batman.

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Holy shit, that also happened to one of my buddies too! except that it went opposite

>ranted on Mokou and complained how terrible her Genderbent Inuyasha cosplay turned out

I couldn't help but LEL

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you sexy batman now

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>All these Takarada's popping up

It's making me nervous about my own. Hope I can match up.

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>cosplayed as Mariah last year
>got mistaken for Red Riding Hood

Oh well, I was fat and petite for her anyway.

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went to a con out of cosplay once and people were asking to take photos of me
i was really confused and declined until halfway through the day someone explained that they thought i was velma from scooby fuckin doo

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>"omg i love the ace attorney games!"

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>cosplay most perfect human specimen (see pic)
>constantly gets asked if im elvis

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I was cosplaying Quote from Cave Story. Got mistaken for Marvin the Martian.

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Cosplayed Ox King and about one in ten people called me King Yama. I rarely bothered correcting them, 'cause it's been awhile since most con goers have seen DBZ.

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>wearing Sophie cosplay for Halloween at work last year
>getting coffee at the nearby cafe
>customer behind me is a fat ugly middle aged man
>"what are you dressed as, an Amish hooker?"

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>genderbent Jack frost
Fuck this new gen

>my friend made a joke that when they cosplay Alucard, they want to play the Carmen Santiago theme song on a phone to confuse people.

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Dressed as Hanako from katawa shoujo, scars and all."Oh, I love highschool of the dead." People kept mistaking me for Saeko from highschool of the dead. I don't even.

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Haha, that fake geek guy.

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I went to my first con at age 16, and it was an event I was hightly anticipating at the time. I had already been sewing clothes since I was 9 or so with my mother, and when my friend who had been to cons before told me people often dress up, I immediately went to work.
Months I spent slaving over my pride and joy, having my friend help me out with the wig (she's great with wigs, but I had never worked with them before.)
My mom drops me off the day of the convention, I'm so excited, can't wait to bond with people over mutual interests and hang out with some friends. I see a lot of cosplayers, I'm excited. Someone walks up to me:
"Dracula! lol come suck my blood!"
>uncultured swine

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Went to a con dressed as Electabuzz, got called Pikachu all day.

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Oh hell no. I'm a huge corpse party fan. How do they even make that mistake?

[Kudos in making the best girl. I'm making Yoshiki this year.]

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>Look! Its Memoirs of a Geisha!

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It was multiple people throughout the day. Granted it was tiny con in tiny country. Worst was the girl wearing the sailor moon tshirt being extremely excited to get a photo of me because she loved sailor moon so much.

[awwww yeah best guy]

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I started cosplaying League of Legends since season 1, I really suck with sewing and I was cosplaying the following:
1. I was sona so I got called Miku a lot
2. I was Ashe and someone asked if I was Sylvannas

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>Pic related is my cosplay
"OH LOOK IT'S (Connor/Ezio)!!!"

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My Akemi Homura cosplay was mistaken for Hatsune Miku 3 times.

>> No.7508726

This happened to me in the same cosplay but they thought I was Octavia from MLP

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shittyy closet cosplay, try harder and dont selfpost. And for that matter, dont genderbend and dont wear a fucking corset, Castiel wouldnt wear anything sexual anyways in the series so it doesnt make sense. jesus.

>> No.7508741

I was Mikasa but I had my jacket off and some guy asked if I was Rukia. I said no and he snapped a picture while I was replying..
I can see how the hair might look similar? But that's really it

>> No.7508759

When I cosplayed Celes two different people thought I was Lady Gaga...

>> No.7508761

absolute shit.

>> No.7508846

Urg, that's so awkward did you just stand there as they gushed?

>> No.7508866

>Driving to a convention in Sophie and Howl cosplay.
>Registration expired that week, got pulled over.
>Cops dumbfounded, guy at window is deer in the headlights, his partner on the side of the car has had his sides sent to orbit.
>Poker face cop asks "So what are you Mormons doing today?"
>"We're not Mormons, just going to an anime convention."
>They let us off scott free.

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Once dressed as May from Pokemon and a girl kept on calling me Zelda.
Dressed as Kanaya (Homestuck) and had the chainsaw prop with me. Some sweaty neck beard kept on asking if I was from lollipop chainsaw.
Once as FemSpy (TF2) and someone asked if I was Audrey Hepburn (which was only flattering)

>> No.7508955

My friend and I had just arrived at a convention and were in the parking lot when someone came over and asked me if I was cosplaying Mikasa. I wasn't in costume at all, literally wearing a sweater and sweat pants since it was a long drive and I have black hair..it was an awkward experience for all of us.

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>"Hey look, it's Korra"

I don't even how did you

>> No.7509109

Priceless. I'm guessing the Howl was only in the white shirt and black pants, no pink jacket?

>> No.7509118

Why... Just how..

Lost all hope

>> No.7509121

What fucking character would they think you were? The closest I can think of is Adrian, and she's blonde.

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>> No.7509292

I was dressed as Hatsune Miku for a con a couple of weeks ago, it was the end of the day so I took my twin tails off, they're heavy as all hell after 10 hours of nonstop wear. I'd left the con by then and was walking to my bus stop to go home when suddenly - "Whoa! Sailor Moon! You look awesome!"

I mean sure I'd understand being maybe mistaken for Sailor Mercury because of the short blue hair, despite the clothes being nothing like a senshi outfit, but Sailor Moon? Really?

>> No.7509306

You would be correct in guessing that. His jacket was in the back seat.

>> No.7509309

10/10, anon.

>> No.7509315

I guess people thought it was some gross ageplay fetish thing? Goddammit I hate the general public.

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>"Are you that kid from Burger King Kids Klub?"

...fucking what...

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I was cospalying Stocking from Panty and Stocking at a local con once and was asked multiple times if I was cosplaying Twilight Sparkle.

>> No.7509385

>cosplay Kenji
>get called Harry Potter

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>Cosplaying Alice in Wonderland - Disney version
>Mom with kid walks by, kid is super excited
>Mom: "Yes, she's a pretty nurse isn't she"

>Cosplaying Kaworu Nagisa, non plugsuit version
>"Are you supposed to be Prussia from Hetalia?"

>On my way to con to meet with friend very quickly
>Not cosplaying, it's winter so I'm wearing my brown winter jacket and some jeans. Got short blonde hair
>"Are you supposed to be America from Hetalia?"

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Went to my first con outside of my country last year (which I am going to attend again this weekend) where I cosplayed as Gray from Fairy Tail. Pic related.
A Lucy cosplayer that I started talking with thought I was cosplaying L from Death Note.
How, why and what?

>> No.7509445

maybe they meant sailor moon as in the series, not the character and they didn't know sailor mercury's name?

>> No.7509451

Now that I think about it, that was probably the case.

>> No.7509470

Yeah, sometimes people just shout the series if they don't know the character. It's more complicated when the series is a characters name
>boyfriend be zangetsu
>"Hi Ichigo!"
>"It's Bleach!"

>> No.7509531

you're cute.

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>girlfriend dyed her hair purple w/ pink stripes
>I can't unsee Twilight Sparkle

>> No.7509547

So your friend had to be physically restrained from punching a kid who just made a simple mistake?

>> No.7509556

It seems to normal fags, if you're wearing a wig then you are lady Gaga.

>> No.7509576

I got mistaken for Mako from 'Kill La Kill' in a seifuku.
To be fair, it looked exactly like her one.
I have a blonde pixie cut though...

>> No.7509603

I know that feel. I went a Abra and got called Pikachu.

>> No.7509606

I know that feel. I went as Abra to a few cons and got called Pikachu many a time.

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>cosplay as Reno from FF7 (game version, so blue suit)
>could not get the zappy rod prop to look right before con, so I just left it at home
>in line for registration
>"Are you ______ from League of Legends?"

I've never played LoL, and I don't know the characters, but who would be the closest to that?

>> No.7509658

The closest I could think of is Ezreal, but he has blonde hair.

>> No.7509676

I went as Rude and they just mistook me for that Hitman guy.

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>Went as Niijima from Kenichi
>Guy: Are you Shinji Spock?
>Me: Not really...
>Chuckle to myself with how silly of a mistake that way
>Another Guy: Whoa are you Shinji Ikari Spock?

I wish I knew more Kenichi fans

>> No.7509762

Yeah, seeing that. Doesn't even have the rattail, and my wig was fucking bright crayon red (too bright for the Reno, admittedly)

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File: 943 KB, 500x230, tumblr_m83tnqLOt31qkngtmo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Be cosplaying Kiki and Tombo from Kiki's Delivery Service
>'Oh my god I love Earthbound!! You make the cutest Lucas and Paula!'

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I cosplayed corset elizabeth and I was asked by about 4 people is I was meant to be the TARDIS.

>> No.7509786

The photoshop on this picture is horrendous.

>> No.7509787
File: 13 KB, 122x339, ngbbs4a20729bba94d.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guy looks like he'd belong in Jet Set.

I laughed reading this one

>> No.7509788

To normalsfags, anyone with bleach blonde hair is lady gaga.

>> No.7509791

You look familiar but I can't tell because of all the shoop

>> No.7509799

Oh, that's not me. That's just an image I got from google images.

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> "Cute genderbent Spiderman!"

>> No.7509913

>mom, grandmom and I all work at living history museum
>every time we break out the ball gowns to go parade around during festivals we get confused for characters
>mom is brunette in dark blue/purple gown
>has been called Belle, Cinderella, grown up Sofia, Sarah (from Labyrinth I guess?), generic "are you a princess?" or "are you a vampire?" and occasionally they get kind of close calling her Scarlet (at least its the right time period)
>i am also brunette in red ballgown
>also apparently Belle, vampire, Mina (Harker I assume), Marie Antoinette (?!?), Mrs. Lovett, and someone has simply yelled 'PHANTOM WOOOOO' at me before so I'm guessing I look like Christine.

My other dresses just get confused people trying to sound smart and tell me what period I came from. Its a very plain very rough farm girl dress from early Victorian era and has no hoop which seems to really throw people off. I've had people argue with me that I'm really supposed to be colonial because no one would go out without a hoop at that time. I'd like to know how they thought farm girls did all their work in a hoop, its hard enough in petticoats.

>> No.7509918

Is that Alex Rowe's first mate chick from Last Exile?

>> No.7509920

>Last Exile

>> No.7509933

...how. How.
What does a black-haired girl in a purple outfit have in common with a blue-haired girl with twin tails and a black/blue outfit?

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Chocolate bar monster

>> No.7510164

I guess this is the opposite situation, but when Hetalia was first getting big I saw a Japan cosplayer and thought it was Mio Sakamoto with pants.

Super embarrassing.

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> Where are your glasses, Weevil?

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> cosplay pic related at an anime convention
> random cosplayer comes up to me
> "Oh, that's so cool! You're supposed to be the lead singer of Tokio Hotel, right?"

I know they both have funky hair, but come on

>> No.7510203

At least it's the same franchise?

>> No.7510286


>> No.7510304
File: 77 KB, 437x700, joe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Are you the biker from Hotline Miami?"
Initially had no idea what they were talking about, but later understood the confusion.
>still hasn't played HM

>> No.7510367

>wildly inaccurate
>because your Cas cosplay definitely isn't, even for a genderbend

>> No.7510401

I think it's the vest anon. Castiel doesn't ear that and yomiko does even though hers is brown. you would have been fine dressing in his regular outfit, there's no need to feminize it more people can tell you're a girl.

>> No.7510466

when people don't attach a photo of their actual cosplay, I always wonder if the mix-up or confusion could have been justified and they just don't want to show cgl their inaccurate cosplay

>> No.7510644


>> No.7510945

>go as Chrono from Chrono Trigger
>get constantly called Gohan
>people ask if I'm from Chrono Crusade

I really don't understand why people think Chrono Trigger and Chrono Crusade are the same series, but at least I understand the Gohan one. Same artist and all.

>> No.7510999

Haha, I cosplayed Scout once and got asked if I was a DJ a few times.

>> No.7511007
File: 116 KB, 1191x670, eren_jaeger_by_vik_visual-d64kgyj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Luke Skywalker right?"

>> No.7511014

>go out with friend in lolita
"hey, its Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj!"

if you're white and in alt fashion? Lady Gaga.
if you're black and in alt fashion? Nicki Minaj.

Normalfag logic.

>> No.7511049

This. Fuck normalfags, and fuck Nicki, Katy and Gaga for their "edgy" bullshit.

>> No.7511138
File: 6 KB, 114x171, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People thought I was Hannah Montana.

>> No.7511144

>Baww people don't get my edgy niche fashion choices! Don't they realize I'M the special snowflake and not some slutty pop star?!

>> No.7511389

Cosplaying Antonio Lopez from Tiger & Bunny. I got asked if I was Wolverine.

>> No.7511435

>cosplaying Atom Eve from Invincible
>Oh hey Saturn Girl!
Yeah okay, fair enough I guess, at least she's pink?
>Are you Breast Cancer Awareness Girl?
...wait what

To be fair, I have a thing for the D-listers and I tend to go for the less well-known characters, but...wat. Just wat. Also I shudder to think of the number of times people assumed I was a furry when I cosplayed Squirrel Girl.

>> No.7511450

>this. Fuck normalfags
alright I can agree with this
>and fuck Nicki, Katy and Gaga for their "edgy" bullshit.
woah woah woah slow down their tiger, its what pop stars do, let them wear what they want its not their fault normies are retarded, without them there we'd probably get called something else.

>> No.7511451

It's more like "Fuck pop stars glomming onto already solidified alternative fashion subcultures and making themselves out to be the pioneers or progenitors of it to the uninformed public at large", but have it your way anon.

>> No.7511469

Fuck you. All this annoying Supernatural shit is NOT COSPLAY.

>> No.7511476

>tfw same

>> No.7511478

Jesus christ, Castiel is such an easy cosplay, just bind and wear a wig. No need to genderbend unless you're a lazy fuck. I don't care for this show or its fandom but my friend made hugeass unfolding wings for her Cas which were a damn fine piece of work, but because of shit like this supernatural cosplay is looked down upon.

>> No.7511482

lmfao anon, that poor guy. "i was so sure that was a TF2 cosplay..." and poor you.
I made the same sort of mistake once, I cosplayed a character who is often confused with another similar-looking and similarly named character from the same franchise, someone called me the right name and I corrected them before my brain caught up. Open mouth, insert foot.

>> No.7511490

That makes you sound not bitter at all! You couldn't possibly think your special snowflake style is only for you! How dare these pop stars appropriate your uniqueness???

>> No.7512079

I recently cosplayed from Chrono Crusade and people were asking me if I was from Chrono Trigger...

>> No.7512087

>tfw you're the one who mistakes stocking for twilight

I've gotten better, at least... I think...
>it's the hair, I swear

>> No.7512093

Please tell me you were the couple from Sakura-Con. I never got a picture, but if so, you two were just so adorable.

>> No.7512094

Go to a con dressed as usual (punk-goth)
> Hey, can I take a photo?
> You're cosplaying as Misha, right? You did so good!
But ok
Everyday people mistaken me for Misha or even for Rachel Alucard.
Second day I wear some "regular" clothes my bf lend to me
I was sick of stupid weaboos

>> No.7512100

I wore Maudie from Brave to ALA.
an older woman recognised my friends as Merida and Elinor(?)
And then asked me if I was Mulan.

Then I wrote Kaoru Kamiya to Sakuracon and two younger girls thought I was Mulan again!

>> No.7512102

Maybe you should give up and cosplay Mulan.

>> No.7512114

Already have.
I'm just gonna wear black wigs with all of my future cosplays and say they're all Mulan.

>> No.7512118

This is not exactly a mistake , but...
Hapenned less than 1 year ago
I'm asian but I live on some European city
I went to a con, with a shitty cosplay; was my first and it was just bad done
must say I'm "cute" /not want to seem pretentious/
I participated on the cosplay contest; I didn't had anything prepared; I just go on stage for make some typical poses of my character
Then another girl, cosplayed as the same character as me, did an awesome interpretation, and her cosplay was 100% perfect
She was not ugly but not cute, just normal

The jury choose the winner
The other girl seems pretty shocked
I was choosed only for be "kawaii" (judgues told to me)

I asked to jury if I can decline the first place, and they said there was another chinese girl in the second place who will be the winner (and with crappy cosplay too)

So when I left the scenery, I gave all the prizes to the well done cosplayer and apologize a lot
She seems shocked again and cannot accept the gifts
I insisted
At least we share them

That's how I met a very good friend

>> No.7512250

What the fuck? How do you even mix up those two?

>> No.7512292 [DELETED] 
File: 147 KB, 682x1024, 38c4edb9-eaf2-4363-ab5b-9940dc227.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this thread. my sides are in orbit

worst for mine was having my Mariandale mistaken for Miku

>> No.7512299

this thread. my sides are in orbit

Mariandale mistaken for the massive numbers of miku cosplayers

>> No.7512312

Very easy to mix them up, Sniper Joe isn't exactly too recognized

>> No.7512332

sounds like yellow fever to me.

>> No.7512355
File: 472 KB, 1280x708, tumblr_muqa44EDTq1r257fdo2_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>Power Rangers

And personally
>>steam punk boba fett
This steam punk fad makes people think that anything bronze is steam punk. I'm not even bronze, I'm gold.

>> No.7512616

>taking my son to a con
>I'm in my suit cos work
>people keep thinking I'm Doctor Who

>> No.7512847
File: 22 KB, 393x345, 1391125005072.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>local con
>boyfriend and I are Okabe and Kurisu
>walking around dealers hall
>no one has recognized us all day
>suddenly, someone yells from the back of the crowd:

Thankfully, a few people recognized us later.

>> No.7512870

This is a thread for mistaken identities

>> No.7512887

Dressed as Rorschach. Lifted my mask to drink water mistaken for "Black Guy From Walking Dead"

>> No.7514035

They are saying their Lydia from Beetlejuice was mistaken for a genderbent Spiderman

>> No.7514074
File: 353 KB, 800x800, frank.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Cosplaying Stein from Soul Eater
>Lots of fans
>One walks up, says "I'm a big fan of Austin Powers and he loves my Dr. Evil costume"
>mfw he was serious

>> No.7514076

>Every Mandalorian is Bobba Fett

This shi

>> No.7514097

The strangest was probably when I was cosplaying Riza Hawkeye, got asked if I was a character from ATLA not once, but three times.

>> No.7514472
File: 111 KB, 960x720, 303680_125505887587996_1818733214_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Hey aren't you from Adventure Time?"
>"What are you supposed to be? A clitoris?"

>> No.7514501

>anything bronze is steam punk

>sweeping porch of museum in colonial era dress
>passing car

>dress as Amelia Earhart for Halloween (was so cold, so wearing a hat scarf and jacket was awesome)
>hand out candy to small children
>random parent

>wearing brown pants and beige jacket at mall
>mallgoth kids thumbs up me
>uh... charlotte russe?
>they are dissapoint

>go to steampunk event with friend
>make attempt to be steampunk fairy
>walking through city to event
>someone runs up excitedly
>i give the fuck up

>> No.7514634

You sound like a fantastic person. This made me happy to read. I just hope those judges have since been replaced...

>> No.7514644

God dammit

>> No.7514646

>adventure time
...what.. Even non Pokefags know who Magicarp is.

>> No.7514771

cosplay had heavy armor

>> No.7514813

Were you at Sakura con by any chance?

>> No.7514854

Anyone who looks at Magikarp and asks if it's a clitoris has never seen a clitoris before.

>> No.7514860
File: 407 KB, 446x600, tumblr_lr36wsKsY51qko9s6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Wearing pic related, walking through uni campus early Saturday morning (it's abandoned) with photographer.
>Dude walks by across the street.
>"You on your way back from prom?"

It was a fair call. I've also been asked if the glasses I'm wearing (huge circles with a 2.5" diameter) are prescription.

>> No.7515114

I never watched Soul Eater and often forget it exists, so every time I see a Stein I automatically think it's a cosplay of that doctor from Gregory Horror Show. It doesn't even make sense and I know it's wrong as soon as the thought runs through my mind but... every time. Without fail.

But also how does anyone ever mistake a character with hair as Dr. Evil? He's bald and it almost defines him. Then there's the matter of the giant head bolt.

>> No.7515136
File: 95 KB, 893x512, every-time.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whenever I see a chick cosplaying as Junko, I always ask them if they are dressed up as Suckerpunch

Sometimes they laugh, sometimes they don't get it and tell me what they are cosplaying, other times they get all bitchy and get offended

Always funny

>> No.7515139

I always ask them if they are a skullgirls character

>> No.7515142

>When I wasn't cosplaying
Are you Egoraptor?

>Cosplaying Kenji from Katawa Shoujo
OMG, it's Harry Potter's dad! (forgot his name)

No shit, I got dragged into a photoshoot.

>> No.7515146

As the Warden
>Gamzee in a suit
>the Once-ler
>the Penguin, the Joker, and the Riddler
>Willy Wonka

As a genderbent Kamina
>genderbent raver!Axel from Kingdom Hearts

As PaRappa the Rapper
>scraggy/scrafty gijinka
>DJ KK from Animal Crossing
>someone from Hamtaro

>> No.7515158

I really wish Supernatural cosplayers would just put a modicum more of effort into their shit, because they're bringing my Castiel cosplay down with them and it's getting really annoying. The stuff is so shit tier it makes me question if they have eyes. No, just wearing any old trench coat does not make you Castiel, did you not even look at a reference image before you bought yours? His trench coat doesn't have a storm flap, it doesn't have epaulet belts on the shoulders, the yoke in the back goes straight across, it's double breasted, the sleeves attach at the collar, not the shoulder... It goes on and on and on. And for christ's sake, go to the effort of getting a fucking men's suit, it's not that hard. And style your goddamn hair, lord... I spent too much time and money on my costume getting literally every detail screen accurate to be lumped in with a bunch of shit tier nonsense when I mention I cosplay from Supernatural.

>> No.7515177

Was showing pictures of Sakuracon to older people/parents friends. One lady said she was in Seattle and loved seeing all the costumes. said "One girl was dressed up as Nicki Minaj." I'm pretty sure there was no one dress up as Nicki Minaj. /oldpeople

>> No.7515184

Thanks for the attention to detail anon. But honestly I see too many Cas cosplays to even care anymore. Cas will only stand out to me if they are in a group cosplay with a Sam and Dean.

>> No.7515188

It's nice to see you know what kind of trench he has on. I mean, I'm just sick of seeing SN cosplayers in general at ANIME CONS. at least at Comic cons, it makes way more sense. All the women are cosplay SN just look like shitty trans or dykes and i hate it.

>> No.7515197

Exact opposite for me, went as Biker. It was a bit dark but some guy came up to me and was like, "SNIPER JOE?!" and I'm like "Nah".

He looked so disappointed, and I felt bad.

>> No.7515198

My sides.

>> No.7515202

Those designers couldn't be further apart... You're just being obnoxious.

>> No.7515205

>>I'm a HUGE boba Fett fan. He's my favorite!

At this point I'm used to being called boba fett or boobie fett but the power ranger or robot will forever boggle me

>> No.7515206

character designs* I meant to say.

>> No.7515208

That's a battle you're going to lose, though, anime cons haven't really catered to simply anime cosplayers in ages. The moment you start saying live action cosplayers aren't allowed, you're opening a whole can of worms to where vidya and the like are no longer allowed either, and at the end of the day, you piss a lot of people off and lose about half of the cosplayers at a con, some of the more impressive costumes along with them. Simple fact is, you're going to have a lot of them for as long as anime cons are more widespread and affordable than any other genre of fandom con, and that's just a fact of life. I'm sorry that cons are no longer a place for the animu purist, but they haven't been for a long while.

>> No.7515212

Except Video games and Japanese con culture have always had a place together. How many games growing up (at least someone born in the 1980s like me ) are Japanese? My first two systems were SNES and Genesis. Japanese games dominated the market in the 1980s and 1990s, so it's only logical to see them at Anime cons. Western comics and Tv shows have no place being there though. it's just irritating. It would be one thing if they were a small occurance, but lately, they've been huge groups and panels, taking over shit.

>> No.7515231

Boo hoo, no one is going to care. You sound like a purist snob. The con is not going to kick them out so long as they pay, so get used to it, sorry.

>> No.7515456

>PaRappa the Rapper
Really? hamtaro?
/cannot stop laughing/

>> No.7515467

EVERYTIME I cosplay Sailor neptune, people mistake me as Sailor Mercury
I HATE Sailor Mercury

>> No.7515488
File: 155 KB, 720x960, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Run a booth at artist alley. So this is the only photo I have of my cosplay, and it's not even a good ideal shot but,...

Whipped together a Asuna cosplay since the second season had just come out. I was constantly told I did a bad job as sailor moon. I mean, I know my top was a little low and since then I've had more time now to fixed the ears and such.

I had one girl who told me I shouldn't add my own creative spin by giving sailor moon elf ears :/
I was quite hesitant to dress as asuna again, till the Americans caught on to the SAO phase.

>> No.7515497

>Cosplaying as Viola from The Witch's house
Oh! Alice in Wonderland!!!

>Ran Yukumo cosplay
Ninetales gijinka!!!

Fuck you

>> No.7515504

but... but how. Neptune has long curly teal hair and Mercury has short navy hair. I don't even.

>> No.7515517
File: 171 KB, 547x1211, Nurarihyon-no-Mago-nurarihyon-no-mago-14940920-2560-1631.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

While cosplaying as Kurotabo from Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan, someone asked if I was Miroku from InuYasha. That's an easy mistake to make. But then MULTIPLE PEOPLE asked if I was Yondaime from Naruto. I don't get it, is there some priest outfit Yondaime wears at some point in the series??

>> No.7515597

>bitch with pigtails in skirt+tie
>bitch with pigtails with skirt+tie
no, YOU'RE being obnoxious

>> No.7515602


>> No.7515604


>> No.7515616

Second cour =/= second season

>> No.7515619
File: 30 KB, 288x445, punie_7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"christmas elf"

>> No.7515620
File: 28 KB, 120x149, uh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Babydoll isn't even wearing a traditional tie though. Not to mention they still look absolutely nothing alike, outside of wearing short skirts and pigtails.

>> No.7515621

You sound like an autist

>> No.7515623

what if it was just a loose interpretation of it?

like making a PB&J but it ends up with honey and raisins

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