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Old one died.

Post cgl-related feels here, or just any feels.

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>had plan to work on costume for most of the day
>everything is going fine for a while
>suddenly can't find my painter's tape
>i always put my stuff in the same spot so i know where to find it later
>someone must have taken it

i'll just buy a new roll tomorrow, but damn...
i hate it when people tale my stuff without telling me, specially if they don't give it back or they forget where they put it

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God, fucking, damnit /cgl/

How do you get over that initial hump of embarrassment?

I've been pushing cosplay back for so many years just cause I'm scared it'll be so bad and embarrassing

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It will be sad and embarrassing, anon. Even if you do your goddamn best and everything seems perfect to you, you'll look back in a few years and cringe. It's like part of the admissions process. Research the shit out it, do your best, and then just have fun!

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>Japan is obsessed with England and America
>to the point they use English everywhere, >random phrases of english are commonplace, even in advertisement
>Japan tries to emulate American/British looks often
>you do the opposite, even just as a joke, or use a Japanese word in a conversation which you don't know if there is an English version of.
>or even try to emulate a Japanese style
"weeaboo bitch"
"stop trying to be Asian"
"act/dress normal, jfc"
"its only cute when Asians do it, when anyone else does it, its gross"
"Japanese people don't do the opposite, why are you doing this" (I get this one the most often)

pic related. explain this shit if Japanese people don't do the opposite.

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>big lolita/jfash meet in April
>consider going in lolita
>there's a skirt I like so I post a WTB
>later decide to be mori instead
>buy everything
>day later a girl responds to my WTB
>buys skirt anyway
>back to square one

I guess I'll let the weather decide which I wear that day!

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>going to university next year
>all excited about being accepted to first choice
>look at tuition
>won't have any disposable money for cosplay & lolita

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>beautiful cosplayer in community
>message her on tumblr for quite awhile
>we have shit ton in common, same major, same uni, same interests
>she stops talking to me and just gives me bad vibes
>she probably thinks I'm some creepy stalker weaboo
>I stop talking to her
>con is coming up
>that awkward moment when I'll finally talk to her irl
>I'll probably just avoid her at all costs

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>be horribly curious person
>be bored
>decide to stalk bf's cling-crazy ex's facebook to see what she's up to
>discovers make-up blog
>no pictures of actual makeup on her face
>nails are shoddily painted
>format, what format
>tfw that petty satisfaction that you're the better gf in every way
>tfw you get all the pets now

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>really love anime and otaku stuff
>go to several anime conventions
>always alone
>feel sad when I see so many people with friends and when I see couples being all happy
>always leave the con feeling rather depressed
Why can't I have nice things too?

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I noticed this a long time ago. It's to the point where I don't give a fuck about it anymore.
>asians getting plastic surgery to look more like white people
>that's okay
>white girl uses black winged eyepencil and camera angles

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>pic related.
1.shes wearing japanese style clothes and is using a western icon
2. inb4 her light hair makes her want to be american. No. Does a blonde person dyeing her hair black make her look asian?
3.English is turning into a universal language, Japanese is not.

Now, this is racist: "its only cute when Asians do it, when anyone else does it, its gross", so it should be disregarded.

You may want to consider that foreigner is an insult in Japan. They are not as "obsessed" as you think.

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My Japanese friends know and admit this and think its so damn funny that gaijin call other gaijin 'weeaboo'. At my weeb-iest moments with them, they just think it's funny and cute. So do their relatives. They are super-curious about American things and ask me all kinds of hilarious stuff about the US and I do same to them about Japan.

The most anti-gaijin Japanese friend I have still doesn't think I'm a weeb.

This kind of shit is just a western thing westerners shit on other westerners with. Ignore it and enjoy your interest in Japan. Maybe get a Japanese penpal.

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>in danger of being kicked out of rental home because of boyfriend's shitty attitude
>coaxing him to act better and it's working
>if it doesn't permanently we're gone by the end of next month
>we move back in with our parents probably, can't afford anywhere else
>probably the end of our relationship if that were to happen
>at the same time, living with parents again would allow me to save more money, buy more lolita, and be able to stay in my current college without trouble
>so I can't help but hope just a little that things sink

I feel awful... his attitude has improved lately, which is great, but I still feel like I wouldn't mind leaving. I guess I'll just sit it out and see what happens.

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I wish i could just have more alone time instead of having friends and weebs cling to me whenever they see me at cons.

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its bugs fucking bunny you tool, that's western as shit 112

see >>7433785

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It sucks when your alone time is 100% of your time.

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That or
>being harassed by beta orbiters who only act nice to you to get in your pants

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>being harassed by beta orbiters who only act nice to you to get in your pants
I wouldn't have this problem.

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Be glad, I'd prefer to be 100% alone than face this awkward confrontation when I tell them I'm not interested and they go full r9k.

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Glad someone else knows this feel. I wouldn't care so much if they were honest and forward. The ones who hover over you for months, bugging you with "friendly" messages, thinking they're scoring points with any pleasant interaction between the two of you, and not actually giving you a chance to set the record straight... the worst.

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>Get involved with group of friends who start to cosplay
>Group Cosplays. Yay.
>Basically everyone works at what they're best at
>Mostly help with props and projects requiring paint
It was cool since I had a few years of auto body custom painting under my belt and all the equipment needed
>Drama begins between a couple of girls
Who looks better in what costume and a guy getting caught in the middle of it. Poor fuck.
>Friends lost.
>Want to start branching out into robot design costumes
>A few of them have a huge problem with this
Part of it was that nobody ever got around to helping me make a costume to actually be part of the group. I tried my hand at sewing but it never turned out well and I didn't think it was too much to ask for help making a costume if I was pretty much making/painting props.
>Lose MORE friends
>Got promoted soon after. Higher salary, less time for props and painting.
Turns out a good chunk of those people only hung around so they could get some free work done. Hind sight is a bitch.
>Don't even feel like cosplaying anymore.

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>japanese style clothes

Hooooooold the fuck up, nigga.

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>enter /cgl/ thread expecting drama
>there's no drama
Feels bad man.

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That feeling when no cutie pie cosplay girlfriend.

I feel pretty lonely and I feel like I'm deprived of affection.

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>Poor 1st uni student who loves lolita and has a pretty decent wardrobe for someone who has been into it for less than two years
> No longer lone lolita and active in comm.
>No job because of health and study requirements. Tried to do it last year and got very sick.
>Wants job so I can afford things, I have to miss meals sometimes because of my financial situation but also so I can afford lolita and save.
> Have always found it really easy to get a job.
>Applying but not sure if it's the best idea.

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>annoyingass guy at club at school
>typical hungry skeleton with geek hair and weird speech
>I sit down, he gets up to sit closer to me
>thinks everything I say outloud to the group is to him so he responds to everything I say
>sits so that I can't talk to my friends, unintentionally blocks them off
>I go home a weekend, he asks how my cats were, wtf how do you remember me saying i had cats
>one of those people who likes every single thing you post on facebook
>I get up to find something on the computer, he gets up and follows like a fucking puppy
>go away pls
>"no after this I'm going to the gym and exercise and swim"
>"oh i wish I would've known I would've brought my swim trunks"

also finally I buy Bodyline's seifuku because of sale, am afraid I'll look like a total fatass

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Jesus, anon. That's a really bad stage-4 clinger you have there.

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I don't think that her problem is that she has a stage-4 clinger.
I think her problem is that in her home she has ANTS EVERYWHERE CALL THE EXTERMINATOR

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What should I do seagulls?

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If you get sick from working and miss meals to afford Lolita, you have a bigger problem than affording fashion. You might want to look at that.

Tend to your studies and creatively coordinate what you have this semester, take a summer job and buy wisely with your earnings.

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I can just be thankful he isn't creepy or -too- autismal, just overly friendly stage-4 clinger. I'm getting tired of answering stupid questions about myself, "what anime you like what bands you like oh you do art? you must be good wow what are you working on now what dance are you learning next hows your spring break oh lemme call you to find out arent you glad you gave me your number"

I'm gonna have to tell him to chill out in club this week.

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I'll be your girlfriend a-anon, e-mail is in field, you know what yo do from here

>> No.7434179

Health, your studies or lolita.

Pick two.

>> No.7434190

A-are you serious? Hold on, where are you from...?

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I wasn't that active in lolita last year, just work (20 hours a week) plus fulltime study and my health detierotated partially due to underlying problems.

Currently it's all three as I'm not working. I still have clothes to wear, time for studying and can attend meet.I'm just not sure if work,study and health can happen.

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To stay on topic
>lonely as fuck
>friends are all far away and broke
>its up to me and my wallet if i ever want to see anyone i have in my life
>most of them seem to not really care when we do hang out
>have very little interests in common
>all those feels

So yes I am serious. I'll answer all questions you might have if you send me a mail - If I do happen to live on the other side of the planet, then it's at least nice to have someone to talk to who likes the same shit as you. So with that said, relationship status is obviously not guaranteed, but we seem to want the same thing in one way or another.

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>achieve and maintain desired body type


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I had this situation where I would always be looking for scissors. I only ever used them in the craft room, yet they would migrate as far away as the front porch, outside the house. Being a bit absent minded I always thought maybe I took them out of the craft room and forgot to put them back. I even buy new ones when I can't locate any of the old ones, then come across the older pair later on, which makes me think I must really be getting even more forgetful.

This goes on for a couple of years, until one year I overhear my brother telling his friends "Look in the craft room. The scissors always migrate there for some reason. It's like magic, I don't know how it happens". Then his friend grab a pair of scissors from the craft table, take it to the living room where they use it, and then leave it there.

Well at least I'm not really being forgetful after all.

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>not actually giving you a chance to set the record straight
"Setting the record straight" requires no opportunity nor chance. It is something you just do.
While that type of guys do often have an overactive imagination and tend to see flirting when there isn't, if you never show them that you clearly aren't interested, of course they're gonna stick around.

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I feel like there is no escaping the grasp of patriarchy. Men are fucking scum but they will stay in power forever.

>> No.7434358

Yeah, but then you get the, "Gosh Anon, I wasn't hitting on you, wow you're so conceited." and then they continue to cling because they've "cleared the air and clearly aren't attracted to you anyway so it's okay to say creepy shit." Fuck those guys.

Now for some feels
>tfw first cosplay event in months
>tfw everyone is really nice
>tfw the longer you stay, the cattier everyone gets
>tfw everyone is secretly a two-faced bitch

Well fuck, so much for new friends.

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>doubting that patriarchy exists

>> No.7434386

Yep, you just can't win.
If they ask much later and you reject them, you were "LEADING ME ON!!!" and sending "mixed signals".
If you say it straight up the first time they start pulling their shit, you're a conceited whore who only thinks men are all the same, and "he totally wasn't hitting on you". By now I just stopped giving a fuck and would rather be a conceited whore with a piece of mind than an object of adoration to a deluded man child.

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>local anime convention coming up in 4 days.
>have most everything ready (just have a couple small things to touch up
>excited and nervous since i offered to do some zombie makeup if people needed it.
>also won a photoshoot contest along with 4 other people and have no idea when it's happening yet
>husband is coming with to the con for the first time ever. Actually going to dress up as well
>dont know how i contain all these feels.

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Letting them know that they only get to hang around adoring me if they buy me things. That conveniently scares most of them away right quick.
The few who take the bait become tolerable because it's then an exchange.
Once there's more than a couple, the stronger (with more cashola to throw around) chase the weaker (and poorer) off so the problem becomes both self-solving and slightly lucrative.

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iktf man. I wish I could be a retarded weeb so I could have a herd of other retarded weebs to hang out with.

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> always the person that needs to start the conversation or anything at all
> stop doing that because I'm sick and tired of it
> nobody starts talking to me out of themselves

feels bad man, I always seem to end up being that person.

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I actually think this is some male troll who is trying to convince /cgl/, by being obnoxious, that feminism is bad and that there is no patriarchy.

Patriarchy *DOES* exist and we need feminism, for many reasons.

>> No.7434517


Different anon, this just gains you the reputation for being a gold digger or a whore.

>> No.7434584

Always reject them the moment you notice they're trying to get into your pants. Maybe some (especially blacks) will give you butthurt comments like that, but most men respect a woman who is str8 up like that.

>> No.7434586

Aww anon I'd start conversations with you. I'm really interested in people and I find that by active listening you find out a lot about people!

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Are you me, anon?
Even my old friends have completely forgotten about me, and then whine how we never talk.

>> No.7434611

We do need feminism, but we don't need lipstick feminists which tumblr snowflakes are. There's being a feminist, and there's being a whiny brat who whines about not being able to fuck as many guys as she wants without getting a reputation as a woman who fucks lots of guys.

>> No.7434616

>always tired
>start missing uni classes only a few weeks into semester
>miss the day that my boyfriend and I were supposed to go shopping for anniversary presents
>will have to do it a couple of days after anniversary
>scared that I'll miss class again tomorrow

I'm so sick of always being tired.

>> No.7434619

Feminism is taking a horrible direction, we need to start bridging the gap instead of widening it, and we need to stop stereotyping males in the same way we don't want to be.

Egalitarian is where it's at, stop dividing the sexes and unify everyone.

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Dude, they just keep hanging around and being creepy and hoping my opinion of them will change.
I'm married. It won't. Some of them seriously think so highly of themselves that they genuinely believe they can get me to cheat on my husband. That's just rude, but they don't care because "that's just an obstacle xD".
If I didn't want to keep things civilized I'd personally kick their ass until they go cry to their mamas how all women are sluts ("except for you, mommy").
One of them (there was two, in a span of several months) posted a status how he got rejected and one of his FEMALE friends said "you should have gotten the girl ;("
I'm not a piece of cake here, he 'should' have gotten a punch in the face and a restraining order!

>> No.7434631

were two*
I'm not illiterate I promise

>> No.7434639

I've done this, and still had guys persist. There was a guy yesterday on the bus bugging a girl with the twenty question game, then as soon as she said she had a boyfriend, he stopped talking to her, and then sat next to me to pull the same thing, I cut him off before he could even start and he still tried. Some are just dumb as a bag of rocks.

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>cute friend that I have a crush on wants to cosplay
>suggests that I cosplay with her
>tfw my shit looks would guarantee that I would be incredibly uncomfortable 100% of the time, even if the costume was decent

>> No.7434646

Not a whore if you don't sleep with them though and not a gold digger if they decide to hang around and pay the dumdum klingon tax.
Granted, it's an odd scenario sometimes but overall, it's effective.

>> No.7434674

no, you need to cut back on lolita is the thing, if these are your problems. The fact that you skip meals to afford lolita is foolish and contributing to your poor health more than likely. Dress with what you have and get your life back on track. I smell a troll

>> No.7434689

She can't really be that cute if she wants to cosplay with an ugly fuck like you. Unless she already friendzoned you and you're doing her fingernails and shit and this is supposed to be your reward.

>> No.7434708

So fucking what? Just reject them every time. Maybe they'll get used to it.

Stop playing a fucking oppressed victim because some men want to pump semen inside you.

This is what rampant feminazism does to women. "Wah, wah, wah! Men are hitting on me! Wah, wah!"

In the 90s, women actually used to be normal human beans about it. Like Bob from Frasier would always hit on Roz and she'd just brush him off instantly. She never blogged about it on the Internet and cried "P A T R I A R C H Y" because of it.

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>be lonely and sad
>be desperate for comfort
>hug dress form to feel better
>tfw feeling even worse
>don't let go anyway

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>Bodyline package is on its way
>Might be a little to big for a dress I got because winter blues made me a little marshmallow-y
>it's finally getting warmer outside
>just starting to get back motivation to work out and ride bikes.
>Might go to more meets because I have friends into lolita now
Hopefully I'll feel less awkward now that I know a few people in the local comm, and even though I've gained some weight recently, I'll feel better knowing I'm trying to get it back off again.

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>worried that friend is getting bored of you
>awful at making more friends

>> No.7434759

I don't skip meals because of lolita, I am a lolita and skip meals because I am poor. It's usually own the day before pay day.

>> No.7434779

1) I wasn't crying patriarchy, I'm not even a feminist
2) It doesn't seem to work
3) I'm venting, as this is a feels thread.
4) Frasier is a sitcom and not real life
5) Stay mad.

>> No.7434793

Well men are the ones who have to make all the moves on women so that's the price you pay for the privilege on playing the passive role in dating.

>> No.7434806

>tfw boyfriend developed a servitude fetish in response to my delving back into gothic lolita
>calls me his queen

>> No.7434813

>human beans

>> No.7434819

> friendship with one good loli friend is ruined because her boyfriend is paranoid

We're not each other types and I'd never leave my girlfriend for anyone. I tried to talk to him about it, but he ignored me and decided to take it out on her.

I don't know, man. I wish he wasn't homophobic like this, but now that I look back, I'm not surprised.

>> No.7434838

>anxiety ramping up
>missing class near midterms
>can't focus on anything
>keep getting randomly sick
>go see tiger and bunny movie on saturday
>actually had fun for once
>get home, stub toe so hard it's broken
>will probably irritate me through spring break trip to see LDR boyfriend
>have to spend 13 hours on a bus to go see him
>midterm and crazy amounts of work due the day i leave

>> No.7434848

Take an insulated lunchbag full of ice packs with you for your foot on the bus.

Take painkillers for it.

Take a hot bath if you can (If you live at your university I guess that's not possible) or just soak your foot in a hot epsom salt bath.

I broke my thumb playing hockey in gym class in high school, and those all helped a lot with the pain.

Maybe you should take a semester off if you can? Let yourself recoup, relax, and generally just feel better. I did that this semester, and I'm in so much better shape than I was. I was like you, always getting sick, missing classes, etc. and taking time off has really helped.

Hope you feel better, anon. Stress can really mess up your system.

>> No.7434864

> I have to miss meals sometimes because of my financial situation <<<but also so I can afford lolita and save.>>>

That's what you said. So which is it?

>> No.7434865

When Winter is over and I know that any day now I'll be stuck camping for a month on top of some mountain somewhere, in the middle of some huge wildfire, cutting line for 12 hours at a time. For a month. Without ever seeing a bed.

Fuck yeah, firefighting

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>Entrance exam in two months
>Have NINE (9) books to study from
>Not one
>Not three
>Barely finished first one
>Reading them slowly since I'm a foreigner, have only moderate grasp on the language
>Tick tock, motherfucker
>Shitting my pants
>This is gonna be my only chance of leaving the shitty country I'm now in, so no pressure or nothing
Deliver me Lord from this nightmare, why am I such a retarded faggot

>> No.7434902


What's it for? I know your feels. I had five textbooks to study from, and I finally just reverted to one. Just have a systemised schedule and try to get through them as quickly as possible. I find that reading multiple times beats going through it once slowly. Most of all, remember you have two months, which is sixty more days. Just take things one day at a time, and I can't emphasize scheduling enough.

Best of luck anon! I believe in you!

>> No.7434907


my toe has a bruise on it so i hope its healing at least somewhat, its not major but im going to the doc's office today for an x-ray and maybe to splint it or tape it. not sure what else to do besides ice and that.

i keep thinking i want to take a semester off but i don't know what that would mean long-term as far as graduating. i kind of just want to get my degree over with, but i'm actually really concerned i'm going to end up dropping my major for not keeping my GPA high enough. i'm scared. i should talk to an academic advisor soon.

thank you, kind anon. you're really sweet. i appreciate all the help.

btw you're brave for playing hockey, i'm a big fan now but the shit the players go through is absolutely ridiculous. i'm always in awe.

>> No.7434914

Thanks anon, that made me feel better!
I need it to get into a Norwegian university, and I'm Finnish with meh Norwegian skills.

>> No.7434961

what about those friends that go "we should really hang out again anon!" only to always expect you to be the one to plan something?

>> No.7434975

I wish I had even that :C

>> No.7434984

It was really late when I wrote that and I now realise it doesn't make my actual situation clear I meant I want a job as I'm poor and have had to skip meals somedays. I also want a job to fund lolita and to save money.

There has been one time where I have been a little irresponsible when I got more money than usual and bought lolita, and ended up running out of food for lunch on the last day of the fortnight.

>> No.7434997

don't worry anon, it's nothing to be happy over really. At first you think it's nice because they seem to not hate you, only to realize they're not actually going to do anything other then saying 'lets hang out sometime!"

>> No.7435024

> tfw I'd love to go to a con and start selling my art and make friends and have fun
> tfw Dutch and there are only a handful of other artists at cons selling stuff

I want to move to America

>> No.7435057

For whatever reason all my favorite artists are in Canada so I'm sharing your feelings all the way in the States, friend

>> No.7435077

Lets go to Canada together anon, a bunch of artists friends I have are Canadian anyway.

>> No.7435145

Ahh, it was actually just like gym class hockey!

Our teacher was a personal trainer, so we had to go hardcore or we'd fail, and hockey is one of the few sports I'm not awful at. I went head to head with one of the actual hockey players on the team and ended up getting my thumb caught between our sticks.

It really sucked, because I'm a majorette, and thumbs are like... necessary. I had to compete baton0less for two weeks (which got my team brownie points from the judges - an injured teammate participating is always good for that) and then it hurt like a bitch to practice.

As for graduation, just taking off a semester wll just push it back a semester. As long as you have the will to go back after the semester off, you should be fine. It'll refresh you, and probably give you a new motivation too.

>> No.7435230

Feels, feels...

>Started Uni last year
>Living at my parents, because rent is too damn high
>Also because I wont be thousands of Euros in debt with student loans this way (and since I am studying German&English I am pretty sure it will take some time until I earn decent money anyway, haha)
>Work 10-20 hours a week
>All my money goes right into Lolita

I feel kinda bad about it, but I cannot stop. I know this is the perfect opportunity to save money for later; I have about 600€ in savings but nothing else. As I said, almost all my money goes directly into Lolita/other selfish stuff... Because its the only thing that makes me happy now. Buying and wearing Lolita brightens up my day a little when I have to walk to Uni again, spending 8+ hours there most likely not talking to anyone and feeling shitty in general. Thank god we have holidays right now, the thought alone of going back and tacking responsibility and walking around alone etc etc makes me want to throw up. Yeah, guess there is a bigger problem here... Gonna have to work hard next semester to become a more mature responsible and less beta spaghetti person.

But also
>talk to friends
>"Anon you have so much money!"
>Bitch its called work

>Talk to other Lolitas on a forum
>"Lol you buy brand?! I would never pay 300€ for a brand dress!!" / "So you are buying a lot of stuff, are you rich?" / "Wah wah brand is so expensive" / "Its stupid to pay so muc for a brand Lolita dress xD Let me tell you about my third Bodlyine order I made this month!!"

Cant win here, I guess...

>> No.7435231

Well, not to be rude but... If you didn't buy lolita you could afford your own apartment.
Just saying.

>> No.7435235

Ahahah I don't think so.

10-20 hours a week isn't enough to pay rent, and buy food, and pay the rest of the utility bills. It's not. I get that, and I can barely afford to pay my car insurance and gas.

>> No.7435244
File: 27 KB, 443x417, 1307394721568.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Practising fawn makeup for costume party next week
>Fire alarm goes off
>Oh god
>Have to go outside in half-done shitty first attempt makeup
>oh god no

>> No.7435255

That's what you get for doing fawn makeup in the first place.

>> No.7435259

I'm sorry but this is making me laugh.

>> No.7435261

tfw im heading out to a fire right now

>> No.7435262

I know. Next time I'll build a fursuit instead

>> No.7435268
File: 56 KB, 478x483, 1336936687970[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>always wanted to do cosplay
>also don't want to look cheap either
>can't think of who to cosplay
>6 months until next anime con
>"I'll have enough time to think of what to cosplay"
>3 months until the convention
>"I'll have enough time to think of what to cosplay"
>1 month until the convention
>"I'll have enough time to think of what to cosplay"
>convention is tomorrow
>oh well I'll do it next year

>> No.7435269
File: 372 KB, 646x756, 1379694528037.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.7435274

Do you go to Tennessee Tech?

>> No.7435276

I wish I could go to more cons with my boyfriend
I love him and all but I went to a con recently without him and I finally had a blast. He's clingy and it's so hard to talk to anyone else. He always wants to do things I don't want to do and gets pissy when I want to do something else.

>> No.7435278

As >>7435235 said, my salary is way too low to pay for rent alone which is crazy high here. It is almost impossible to get a room in a student dorm too.
I could afford to live alone if I would work 20 hours, take student loans so I would be in debt after I finished studying and which wohld also be a burden to my parents as they would need to pay a part to supprot me (and I have 4 other siblings and a house to pay) - also, even then I would barely be able to pay for rent, food, electricity etc. and would probably lead a shitty unhappy life which loans I would have to pay the next 15 years or so. No.

>> No.7435285

*without my boyfriend sorry

>> No.7435303

Kill yourself

>> No.7435310

I'm in the same boat re: clingy. One time I went to a con with my boyfriend and I went to do my own thing because I don't take shit and he ended up sulking for the entire weekend in a corner in the hotel room. Next time, I made him cosplay with me. This really helped his attitude at cons because it made him actively participate in con stuff (and he didn't feel like dead weight to me at the con lol).

>> No.7435318
File: 294 KB, 1058x800, 1341627026654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel like I'm going fucking crazy.

>be overweight my whole life
>always the ~fat girl~
>landwhale my way until I'm an adult
>weighed 220 pounds at 5 foot 4
>finally take control of myself and get down to 155
>still overweight
>it's been months and my weight won't change
>hate the way I look in the mirror
>still see 220 pound me
>gigantic stomach still
>stick out from the sides
>arms are still obese girl levels and overlap
>too embarrassed to go outside over my body
>anxiety makes me think everyone is staring, laughing and judging me
>spring is coming so I can't hide under my jackets anymore
>family claims I'm small
>told I don't need to lose anymore weight
>they've said the same thing when I was near obese levels
>boyfriend doesn't understand how I'm ashamed and embarrassed over my body and calls me tiny
>all I think about is how ugly my body is
>obsess over it from when I wake up until I go to bed
>I still see landwhale me
>I just want to be a fucking healthy weight for the first time in my life, feel comfortable in my body for the first time and wear cute j-fash
>exercise almost daily and eat well now
>weight won't come off no matter what I do

Picture isn't me.

>> No.7435320

We do both cosplay, usually from separate series. But this does give me an idea, maybe I could convince him to join more cosplay groups or join some myself. He's just so ridiculous sometimes. The last con we went to we were halfway through the dealers room (the only thing I really wanted to see at the con) when suddenly he decides to drop everything and leave to go do something else and got mad that I didn't want to. He also insisted on perusing the dealer's room together but at his own super slow speed, right before ditching me, which meant I didn't even get to see the entire thing before it closed.
Maybe it's petty but he does stuff like this all the time at every convention. He also argues with me when I don't want to go to panels. I'm not sure how to go about convincing him to join cosplay groups, though, as he's in more contact with cosplayers than I am.

>> No.7435326

I'll never be a real girl and as a result miss out on a ton of cosplay and will just get fetish'd.

>> No.7435334

Yeah I always feel the same way. I only like going to cons as a staff member now because at least I have something to do instead of wandering around by myself wondering why I bothered coming in the first place.

>> No.7435347

I'm willing to bet you aren't losing those last lbs because you're stressing out over it. I'm in the same boat atm, and passively working out and accepting my body for what it is at the moment has really helped me break my plateau.

>> No.7435376

Uhh... he sounds more controlling than clingy to me, anon. If doing cosplay together doesn't improve his attitude, I think that going solo to cons will be best. (Either that or making him stay in a different hotel with his friends and clearly drawing boundaries for the con beforehand, but I don't know how good you guys are at communication.) Best of luck to you, anon. Take no bullshit and stay cute.

>> No.7435398

I'm pretty sure the people fapping to biological females in full cosplay might be feitshizing the costumes, not the genitalia. Unless you're looking to do things that would show off your natural body, just get good at passing.

>> No.7435409

I can pass decently right now just seems like everyone thinks I'm dtf since I'm crossplaying

>> No.7435423

Everyone thinks you're dtf because you're cosplaying, never mind the crossplay. And a lot of guys will think you're dtf just because you look female.

Stick in there.

>> No.7435458

>finally gathered up my courage and asked out my crush
>cool girl who also likes anime
>she begins to get too clingy
>the amount of physical contact she likes to make is uncomfortable for me
>if I look off for even 15 seconds she starts to ask me if I'm bored of her
>going to anime north with her, actually want to go with other people
What do I do? Frankly I want to break up with her, but we only recently started dating and I was the one who asked her out.

>> No.7435468

Sounds like my ex. After our breakup, I went to a con and spent like 60% of the time alone. It was glorious. (sage for no contribution)

>> No.7435477

You can do it!
I know those marshmallow winter blues, best advice I can give is make a move to vegetable soups and swap any white bread for rye or a darker heavy loaf.
What pieces have you ordered- Can any have the elastic taken out whilst you trim down?

>> No.7435478

How about you, y'know, talk to her?

>> No.7435496

...Just tell her that she's being a bit too clingy and that you're not used to it. If she gets upset over it, say that you guess the relationship just isn't for you and that you're both too different.

>> No.7435516

>obsessive stalker
>better than anything

>> No.7435523

>4 days from con
>wearing a mask/balaclava combo
>wake up today with busted eye
>tfw going to be uncomfortable all weekend

>> No.7435534

I think I forgot to mention that she's really sensitive. She'd almost definitely be hurt if I said anything like that to her. I still want to be her friend, but as a girlfriend, she's a bit too much for me... Thank you for the suggestions anyway, I think I'll talk to her about it.

>> No.7435542
File: 121 KB, 662x807, 1383269268262.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw calves are too fat to fit into cute boots.

>> No.7435545

Cosplay used to be something I really, really wanted to do back when I first discovered it a decade ago. I had such a long wishlist of characters from Dreamcast and PS2 games and lots of early 21st century anime (mostly Gonzo) which I fell in love with throughout high school and wanted to cosplay once I was able to afford it.

Now? I'm ready to give up.

I just don't feel up to it anymore, I'm completely lacking in motivation. I have a cosplay I've been working on, but I feel like dropping it and just spending my money on things I still feel like I can enjoy.

On the other hand, when I look through my wishlist, I still really want to cosplay some of these characters, but I still don't have the motivation to do it..

>> No.7435627

>calling Frasier just a sitcom
Opinion=discarded. Fucking pleb.

>> No.7435636

My wishlist is useless, I never cosplay or start on anything on there. Whatever I cosplay is new and not on it at all. Maybe you're one of us non-wishlist people.

>> No.7435727

>Watching Frasier and thinking it's good
Typical Americlap.

>> No.7435736

Hey anon I am very similar to you except > I am 5'8 I was 195 (in 2011) although my family were always unkind about my weight.
> I went to 145 in the same year my Mum since then has always been fine about my weight telling me I'm small/good weight.
>My Dad was not and even when I was 127 he still called me fat.
> No matter what weight I've been I have always saw myself as fat, that everything is wrong and too big.
>Since 2011 I had been constantly thinking about this, even slightly harming myself over it.
> My boyfriend (since end of 2011)has always been so loving and caring about my weight and body. Finds me attractive and sexy.
> When I was 127 pounds told me not to lose more weight like my Mum.
> Horrible thoughts constantly.
> For long periods of time I would not go to the beach because I was too worried about my body and for month long periods over the years I have denied my boyfriend from seeing my body.
> Told for years by boyfriend and family to get help. Also relationship with food was very bad and at times quite restricve and eating "bad things" made me extemly upset and punish myself.
> Towards end of last year finally see someone as starting to get bad again, calorie counting and feeling extremely awful.
>Be unknown weight now (140?) but in a much better place after seeing someone for a few months about all of the issues.
> Checked everyone's BMI when weighing suitcase in the middle of normal range for bmi, slight to the larger side by .2.
> Dad can believe the fact I am normal says am I on the fat side of normal. Dad has been clinically obese but now in the normal obese category.
> Moved away for uni, still feel bad about body less often but I now live in a sharehouse with one really athletic girl who is the same height but skinny and girls about 5'-5'4 who are all small.
>Still fat.
>Wants to be 120 pounds still. Be slim and normal and beautiful.
> Not sure if I'm ever losing or gaining weight..

>> No.7435750

If there are only a few then you'll have less competition, especially if you are good and can travel even a little.
US artist alleys have become pretty much full of crap, look at some pix and you'll see what I mean.

>> No.7435755
File: 26 KB, 466x432, 1348193874605.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>was progressing to delicious cosplay body
>exercising regularly
>so close
>suddenly ~*SPRING BREAK*~*
>no access to gym or forced diet restrictions
>binge eat cause I could
>gained a few pounds
>come back from break a week ago
>do my best at the gym
>include new workouts
>yesterday think about eating better for less bulk
>conveniently, boyfriend/gym buddy suggests new 6-hour calorie food routine that he's also doing
>decide to do it today
>food is much more satisfying
>tfw almost back to pre-break body

Willpower and stubbornness, guys.

>> No.7435756

I'd say if you are too poor to eat sometimes then you shouldn't be thinking about buying Lolita at all. Especially if working compromises your health and I assume, your schooling. Why would you risk that? Take a summer job to fund your life decently for the rest if the year and forget about Lolita for a while and just wear what you have already. Necessities before luxuries, you need to eat and be able to go to school w/o being sick.

>> No.7435766

> Oh, fuck yeah, finally!
> Easy outfit for a beginner/first cosplay
> Has a weapon - I just want to make props
> Same height, fit enough to do it
> Character's chill enough that being in character is no problem
> Most importantly, I wouldn't feel uncomfortable either!

And then

>Well, fuck. Ryuko has already been cosplayed the shit out of this year.

>> No.7435777
File: 101 KB, 719x549, 1395100807157.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I finally started regularly doodling again after years of depression

My feet are too short, and as a result too "fat" for many nice boots that are the proper length.
>need cowboy style boots for a later cosplay but the style doesn't fit my feet
I might go as big as I can without making them look like clown shoes.

>> No.7435778

>human beans
I'm laughing at you, anon.

>> No.7435781

Anon loves you too, as a person,

as a human bean

>> No.7435787
File: 114 KB, 250x313, tumblr_mhh1t9267z1qk2wr3o2_250.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7435791

I do understand I am only doing three subjects this year instead of four like last year and started seeing a doctor about my health again..got that b12. Last time I'm not sure exactly what was wrong all I know is that I was extremely b12 deficient and got diagnosed with something else later on in the year. I won a small scholarship for uni and I'm in Aus so our summer break isn't until November. I just dislike being poor so much and having lack of food at times and lack of savings. I will also need an operation soon but thankfully because of health insurance I will probably not have to pay much/at all, but health insurance is rising to just under a $100. I definitely have cut back on lolita. It's just hard living with my current financial state maybe I'll get better at it. We had a careers counsellor present a lecture the other day she was extremely fascinating so I think I might go and talk to her about it all. I'll probably see the normal uni counsellor too talk about the surgery/time off etc.

>> No.7435794

You know when you remember someone you haven't thought of in like a year or even a few years and you're like, "hm, I wonder what happened to that person." It's like that.

>> No.7435799

I do not. You got a similar situation?

>> No.7435807

Instead of spending on Lolita, why not sell your dresses, put some of that into savings, buy a nice capsule wardrobe and some cute things and accessories, maybe save one or two dresses you really like to wear as otome, and use the rest on your doctor, food, and whatever else you need?

>> No.7435810
File: 2.34 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that fucking feel when one of your figures fallen over during cleaning and SNAPS THE HAND CLEAN OFF FUCKING ARSEWANK CUNTSHIT BALLS

rip sephiroths good looking hand, you will be missed (or at least until I can get the broken ball out of your wrist and replace it with a tiny screw)

>> No.7435819

Aww I don't think I could. I have sold a few but many were dream dresses and although I'd only been in the fashion for a bit over a year I have some pieces I couldn't pass with, some that took an extemly long amount of time to find. However there are some things which I'd happily sell so I might do that. I have half of the scholarship money coming in soon so I might pay off.a few months for health insurance and buy some giftcards for the supermarket. I might think about selling some items I don't love as much but I don't think they would be worth too much as they are non print dresses.

>> No.7435822

*many of my dresses are dream dresses. Seeing a doctor is free for me as a student so that's a good advantage too.

>> No.7435895
File: 73 KB, 400x388, feelsbadman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alright, well... here's a feel that's been on my mind lately...

>1.5-2 years ago there was a post in a certain conventions facebook group for adding friends, I normally just ignore those but this time I figured, "Sure why not?"
>Add three or four people
>Occasionally like a post one of them makes
>Don't actually talk to any of them at all besides this one girl and I really didn't talk to her THAT much
>Eventually just remove them all one day aside from that one said girl
>Some time later I was cleaning up the ol' friends list
>see her on list
>Haven't interacted with her in months
>She hasn't posted in what seems like forever
>Remove her, zero fucks given
>Literally two fucking days later I shit you not
>See a post in that same facebook group for a cosplay fundraiser
>"Cosplay for A Cure"
>First line in that post: "when 'Girl who I just removed's name' was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer..."

>... Oh my God...

>There was a voting system on a website(I don't recall the name off the top of my head) to get funding and media attention for their cause I voted for them everyday.
>Got other people to vote
>>Felt pretty guilty
>I usually don't care when I remove someone or they remove me but damn I felt like a shitbag.

>Fast forward to a few weeks ago
>Find out that girl died of her breast cancer

>Feels bad man

I can't say I really knew her well at a and she was almost a stranger but when you do meet someone, someone you met through conventions/cosplay scene at that, then find out they died it it still sucks.

>> No.7435940


>> No.7436129
File: 104 KB, 800x1101, 1317611071519.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have been working late recently because boss likes to schedule as much shit as he can
>am payed salary so I get shafted
>also work competitions that go till 8 or 9
>have barely had time to even go to the supermarket

>received two traffic violations this last month
>once for running a red light, once for not stopping for a stopped school bus
>both were near misses that I decided were safer to pass rather than slamming on the brakes
>will cost me around $600 plus an increase in insurance
>hoping I can at least contest the stop light

>keep fucking dying in Dark Souls 2
>only have one effigy left and already at 50% HP
>can't seem to progress past the wharf or sentinals



>> No.7436225

I know this feel, and it's horrible because I'm super shy and have a lot of trouble rejecting people. I was never well liked or pretty until, like, my junior year of high school and it's really hard to adjust.

>> No.7436227
File: 76 KB, 1920x1080, 1395004403445.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have to wake up early in the morning
>but I wanna browse 4chan some more
>it's 3:30am now

>> No.7436231
File: 56 KB, 348x297, 5332728_700b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7436235
File: 2.70 MB, 328x190, 1394992052823.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7436237
File: 15 KB, 500x281, 1395113757919.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think I'm getting over my ex.

But then I have moments where I wonder what I'd do if I were to run into her again. What would I say, what would she think...

I guess if I were truly over her, I wouldn't be thinking about that. I shouldn't... care about that, and even the thought of seeing her again in some manner shouldn't phase me.

>> No.7436244

>being a shitty driver
>bitching about the consequences of being a shitty driver

>> No.7436245

>have barely had time to even go to the supermarket
>Time to play vidya


>> No.7436246

No one cares about your Beta male problems, Beta virgin faggot.

>> No.7436248
File: 18 KB, 350x373, tumblr_m8b6rcMvWu1rp82rr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've felt this basically every day.

>> No.7436250
File: 32 KB, 380x380, 1394726602953.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, okay.

>> No.7436257

There there, buddy. I'm local and did the C4AC voting on Aviva too. I didn't know her but a number of my friends were C4AC volunteers.

>> No.7436264

I was the same way about my ex for a while, except I actually did run into her at some point and all I did was stand there, confused that she even approached me.

It's normal to consider "what if"s, as long as you don't want the person back.
(also keep in mind that missing attention isn't the same thing as missing a person)

You might still have a slight attachment, especially if the break-up was recent, but try to let yourself get distracted. One day, you'll pause and think, "When was the last time I thought about her?" Then you'll truly be over her.
There's nothing wrong with these thoughts as long as they're not frequent and you don't dwell on them.

>> No.7436271

>couple saturdays ago marked a year since my dad passed away
>spent it with boyfriend and friends trying to cheer me up because I live super far away from home and can't be with family or visit the grave
>manage to have not a completely miserable day
>next day mom calls to tell me that the family cat that we have had since I was 4 has a brain tumor and has to be put down

Nothing in my life ever seems to have good timing recently. I mean I know that my pet cat was old but did it really have to happen on that day? I should just accept that March is never going to be a good month for me.

>> No.7436276
File: 449 KB, 189x199, 1395114417613.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


TRY 6:15 AM

Okay yeah bed now good night my fellow 4chan insomniacs.

>> No.7436279
File: 25 KB, 500x375, forever.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7436874

playing the procrastination game right now
I wish I was able to get myself to work earlier but it always ends up like this, I envy people who manage to do everything on time.

help me /cgl/

>> No.7436912 [DELETED] 

I feel like I cannot stop sniffing on my penis. I haven't showered in three weeks and I masturbated multiple times each day. It's all a mix of sweat, dried semen and piss. The fact that I haven't changed my clothes at all (in my PJs all the time, never changing to anyhting) doesn't help. You may think it's a disgusting stench but to me, the smell is exhilarating.

>> No.7436915


>> No.7436939

I was bitching about the fact that I made those mistakes, not the consequences. Thus why I'm mad at myself for not being able to get gud at driving here. It's a lot more stressful driving here than where I'm from.

I didn't play vidya on those days either. But otherwise, sorry if I don't feel like going to the store at 9pm after working all day. I like to do something besides work, sleep, and eat, like most people.

>> No.7437009

It's a legitimate feel in a feel thread.

>> No.7437020
File: 78 KB, 342x274, tumblr_mea24b9hdV1ru3id0o1_400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>want to lose weight to get a better cosplay body and feel sexy
>stuck living with parents because the job market sucks and rent is suckier
>parents live in a shitty small village that doesn't even have so much as a library
>shitty small village is located in the snowiest fucking part of the state
>have no car so can't drive out to nearest gym, and can't even walk around a block without freezing to death
>trying to cut soda and excess snacking out of diet at least but still feel like an unsexy lump of porridge

>> No.7437048

I'm really bummed about this right now.

>not a huge anime fan, only watch sometimes
>cosplay mostly video game stuff
>from a corner of the country with no gaming conventions except PAX East
>manage to get a ticket to PAX all weekend with anime-con friends
>super pumped, have always wanted to go, this is my con
>friend bails on PAX for other anime convention, sells ticket
>other friend bails, hotel room opportunity is gone
>bf can buy one of the tickets and go with me, but now we don't have a room and it is probably too late to get one

I don't even know what to do other than feel hurt and/or awkwardly room with strangers.

>> No.7437049


There are still a lot of thongs you could do. Buy a home trainer (treadmill or anything), if that is too expensive try work out videos on youtube, browse tumblr or >>>/fit/ for inspration to ork out at home.
Seriously, it is not that hard, you can do it, Anon!

>> No.7437052

I'm 100% sedentary and I've lost 10 kgs in the past 8 months (62 - 52). Here's what I do

-1 regular low protein low carb meal a day
-High fiber low sugar fruit smoothie (banana, nonfat yoghurt, blue/strawberries, ice, 1/2 cup milk, agar powder for extra fiber)
-Lots of green tea whenever I feel hungry

I still snack and eat out on weekends, just 5 days a week keeps me down. I also play lots of video games, find something that sucks you in and keeps you occupied so you don't boredom eat. Don't keep snacks around the house, buy more fruit and veg. If you have to do lots of prep and cooking to eat it'll deter casual snacking. I started out going to the gym but it gave me skin outbreaks (sweating + unhygienic environment triggers my eczema). Sometimes I go for a walk or do wall sits if I feel like it. You can also try regular core exercises at home with just a mat and some tutorials.

>> No.7437087


I agree with this anon, there's tons of options at home! You can get a yoga ball, or some weights, take up amateur ballet, or you can do some good ol' fashioned squats. The internet's your oyster!

>> No.7437103

Thanks for the push guys. I'm gonna see what I can do either this week or next to get myself on the right track.

>> No.7437104


...you do realize that fucking everyone hated bulldog and only kept him around out of pity? And he lost his job for being a giant creep

>> No.7437206

I probably inherited my mother's thyroid disfunction. My brother has it too, and I am getting tested next week.
It is nothing really bad, it will not really affect my life, and I would not mind it too mich if it wasnt for the fact that it is probably fucking up my hormones forever.
Last year, I got really bad acne all over my face, my back, my cleavage - bruning, inflamed, red spots fucking everywhere, worse than alle my acne in my teenage years. Even worse, I started to gree facial hair - not only a lady stache, now, thick, black, long hair on my chin, dozens of them. Hair growth increased everywhere on my face, my cheecks, chin, even my fucking throat. A fuckton of hair, long, and slowly turning darker, making me look like a stereotypical 14 year old boy with bad unhygenic skin and acne trying to grow babbys fist beard. No matter how much I pluck them, it is just impossible to get rid of them - there is so much, and they leave kind of a stubble; if you touch mich chin it feels like touching said 14 year old boy not having shaved for 7 days (which is why I wont let anyone touch my face anymore). It is disgusting, and worst, I guess the only way to get rid of them might be through laser sessions for hundreds and hundresd of euros. And if I inherit that disfunction, it is probabyl going to get worse - and I am terribly afraid of going bald like my mother does.

Shit sucks. Guess I will have to swallow pills for the rest of my live and stop buying Lolita to save up the money to get rid of my facial hair. Great...

>> No.7437262
File: 205 KB, 500x375, suicide2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seconding this, except I'm a lesbian. I've gotten so many gross comments and questions from this time and time again from guys who won't take "Sorry, I'm gay" for an answer.

Sometimes I feel like I should just become really fat and butch so I won't have to deal with it. It's very upsetting and hurtful to have people disrespect your sexuality or fetishize you for it.

>> No.7437273

You....I like you.

>> No.7437306

LOL that sounds like my brother, except he usually calls all women sluts after the party girl he picked up at a bar cheats on him (usually with one of his "friends") We keep telling him bars are not where he should be trying to find a real relationship, especially in a college town.

>> No.7437314
File: 144 KB, 253x436, Yukko.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw my mother works at an arts college that offers costume design
>i can get in for free if i wanted
>should i give up a year of my life taking courses that won't help further my career but will improve my cosplaying skills?

>> No.7437351

>Used to be obese
>totm only came maybe 3 times a year, very light
>lose weight
>more frequent now
>cause hormonal migraines
>cramping like a motherfucker
>can barely move
>suppose to be cosplaying at a local joint tomorrow

Being a woman is suffering.

>> No.7437371

Does anyone have any "cures" for really bad cramps? I have no medicine.

>> No.7437375

Heat up some water and pour it into a water bottle to put on your lower stomach/cramp area. Or if you have a heating pad, that works too.

>> No.7437384

This doesn't get rid of it completely for me, but pacing with a hot water bottles helps, as well as a hot shower. If it gets really, really, really unbearable, then masturbating (or sex if your partner doesn't mind the blood) helps a little bit, even if it gets your mind off the pain for the time being.

>> No.7437387

>tfw you really want your best friend to cosplay a couple new outfits with you at a con in a few months
>tfw they make good money working a few freelance hours each week and spend the rest watching tv
>"eh, we'll see if i have the time, anon"
Stop being a lazy fuck and cosplay with meeeee

>> No.7437394

Thank you, the hot water bottle is comforting so far. I've tried masturbating during my period before and it actually caused even more cramping. Go figure.

>> No.7437631

Your friends are pretty dumb to give up PAX for an anime convention. You should go to the PAX/PaxPassExchange Reddit and look for people selling hotel rooms. Around this time, a lot of people drop out and are trying to fill in rooms/sell tickets, so definitely tell your bf to buy a ticket ad look at it.
Then after PAX, laugh at your friends for picking an anime con which is probably nothing special over PAX.

>> No.7437760
File: 332 KB, 538x719, I tell you whut, verily.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that feel when you're all ready to do some casting and you've got everything except the fucking mixing cups
>that feel when the nearest grocery store is a half-hour walk and your car's in the shop

>> No.7437784

Sometimes I feel tempted to say I have a dick. Nothing else helps. If you say you're gay they just counter with "you just haven't had a real dick before ;)". So prove them wrong, say you're a pre-op transsexual and watch them run like fleas from a wet dog.

>> No.7437787

There and back, or one way?

>> No.7437798
File: 475 KB, 320x180, 1394554586312.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>sugar daddy found someone else

>> No.7437847

Oh man, definitely had this happen just last weekend. Ended up yelling at one guy because he kept going "well what can I do about that?" I told him he could have a vagina, but he didn't seem too keen on that.

>> No.7437853

I'm scared too anon. We will get through first cos!

work at the library! you can do research and get paid to sit there.
yay pets~

I've only gone with a couple friends and sometimes by myself, but it's really tiring try to keep track of everyone and attempt to make sure everyone is happy when you go with people. Sometimes being alone at cons is a much more rewarding experience, you don't have to cater to other peoples needs.

fuck them. They weren't real friends. Maybe take a break, but don't let people walk over you like that.

Yes. if you have the opportunity to do something that makes you happy, you should. I hope you do take it! That sounds amazing!

>> No.7437858

didn't read

stop acting like an entitled bitch

they have the right to hit on you, as many times as they want

at least they're trying- they wouldn't be if society (and by society I mean women) didn't shame them for not having a bitch to fuck or for being virgins

you reap what you sow

>> No.7437862

Yoga stretches and keeping active help mine. If I curl up in bed and stay I hurt worse and feel stiff and sore too, even if that is my first impulse.

>> No.7437863

>haven't finished my computer science project that was due a week ago
>have tons more work piling up
>going to LA next week for spring break
>terrified of staying with my friends from high school because they go too hard
>I can't keep up and I don't really want to.
>I don't know how to sew

>> No.7437872

>muh society

>> No.7437873

Are you fucking trying to defend autistic clueless immature retards?

>> No.7437884

No by society you mean other guys that shit on them about it. Girls don't care if you're a virgin. Girls DO care when they get blamed for the actions of assholes.

>> No.7437951

One way. I wound up sucking it up and going anyway.

Good: exercise.
Bad: I lost an hour of work time and most of the sunlight on my porch. Mostly I was just kicking myself for forgetting something that easy.

>> No.7437959

>Girls don't care if you're a virgin.
Except they do. Anyone who's been on /cgl/ long enough knows this. Like holy shit, do you care a lot. It's nothing compared to guys making a little fun of their friends who are virgins.

Don't try to fool me, I've been here for more than 3 years.

>> No.7437973

>yfw I'm a virgin fetishist
if you don't like blanket judgements about you stop making such stupid butthurt blanket statements towards others

>> No.7437978

Yeah sure.
>muh anecdote is more important than mountains of evidence in the archives alone (which only reach like 1.75 years back)
Plus you are probably trolling anyway just to "win".

>> No.7437989

Studies have found that the majority of women consider male virginity a deal breaker.

Women do care.

>> No.7438044

Oh... Oh God...

>> No.7438048

Link to said studies?

>> No.7438057

It's probably a lot more "guys who don't get any are likely to be ugly" than "women want experience", though.

>> No.7438064

I confess, I find it weird when guys are still virgins after certain age, or who have never had a serious enough relationship before. I personally wouldn't consider it a deal breaker, but I know a lot of girls who would, such results don't sound unlikely at all in my experience.

>> No.7438066

Sources plz.

>> No.7438071

>Does a date’s height, debt and virginity really matter? 71% of women are not likely to date someone shorter than themselves; 42% of singles would not date a virgin (33% of men and 51% of women); and 65% of singles would not date someone with considerable credit card debt (>$5K).

>> No.7438079

An actual link would have been more helpful, so here: http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/02/05/tx-matchcom-singles-idUSnPnMM53260+160+PRN20130205

>> No.7438080

Shut up I'm busy shitposting.

>> No.7438089

At least one of you is sincere.

>> No.7438100

Well, yeah. It's not discriminatory, but it makes you wonder what the problem is, if a guy is older than 20 and never had a relationship or any experience.

At the same time, I've never met a girl who asked a guy if he was a virgin. In most stories I heard, the guy offered the info for no reason, and that sounds kinda pathetic in most situations. It's off-putting.

>> No.7438105

They shouldn't the the woman know before they have sex with them?

>> No.7438112

If you're getting along fine, why would it be revelant to share? It seems like a lot of guys lose their confidence after sharing the fact, so perhaps it's better to keep it to yourself for a while.

>> No.7438116

I'm sincere too.

I feel nothing but contempt for virgins and I love making nasty remarks about them in real life to make them feel bad and insecure.

So yes we hate virgins.

>> No.7438117

Is it off-putting if a woman admits she's a virgin before they get into anything sexual?

>> No.7438119

Not always. Virginity is the same as being short. Doesn't matter how handsome you are, as a short man, you literally don't exist to most women if you're below 6 ft. This is such an undeniable problem that they even made an article about it on Cracked.com, which is usually a feminist hellhole which spits upon men from up high and puts pussy on the pedestal. Then again, it was written by Gladstone, who is Jewish, so he's the only author who will get published no matter what he writes.

>> No.7438121

What if she asks about past relationships? Lie to her?

Thanks for being sincere.

>> No.7438122

I know only two guys who told me that they were virgins. Both out of nowhere and unprompted declarations.

One was a guy who obviously hadn't taken a shower in a week and bragged about how he's gonna lose his virginity to his girlfriend (who was mega ugly judging from pics). He never mentioned actually losing it, so I think he failed.

The other was some beta who was the clingy no-personal space type. He was like 27 at the time he told me.

>> No.7438124

Men have no problem with female virgins.

>> No.7438126

Is this a trick question?

Most guys get extra horny if you tell them "i-it's my f-first time, p-please be gentle" (which is how they interpret it no matter how you actually said it).

It's just a fact of life, female virgins are desirable, male virgins are fucking scum. Deal with it losers.

>> No.7438129

Oh, /cgl/ you never fail to entertain me. Well actually you have, since fap threads are no longer allowed.

But hell, at least here I can always make sure I remember that women are bitches.

>> No.7438131

Sometimes. I've had both reactions to my case, guys who think it's cute, and those who thinks it's a joke. The pressure on girls isn't half as bad though. I had more harrassment from girl friends than from any guys.

If she asks, definetely be honest. If she's asking, it's important for her to know, and a relationship shouldn't start like that, right?

>> No.7438133

By the way, don't even bother responding that "oh I'm not like that, I love short guys!~" if said short guys are Asian males. Asians are usually shorter than white women plus you're dating them because you are mentally ill (yellow fever) anyway, so you don't think straight as if you would with a short white man.

>> No.7438135

>If you're getting along fine, why would it be revelant to share? It seems like a lot of guys lose their confidence after sharing the fact, so perhaps it's better to keep it to yourself for a while.
More like their girlfriends start treating them like shit and they love their confidence.

>> No.7438138

Yes. Ever had a woman who thought like a virgin? It's like a huge gamble: if you take her virginity she might become clingy or think you both will be together forever. Also you'll need to take the reins because sex will not be great for a while. It's a big responsibility to be a first.

>> No.7438148

>If she asks, definetely be honest. If she's asking, it's important for her to know, and a relationship shouldn't start like that, right?
Of course. It's important for her.

Who cares if the guy thinks he can be open about being a virgin to his girlfriend? Fuck him, she will think it's gross and he deseves to get dumped for expecting her to be understanding about it.

>> No.7438153

Not a trick question. See >>7438138
It's just, should you go with the flow or mention it before anything happens? I man, both male and female, I think for the most part it'll be obvious you're a virgin.

>> No.7438157

>It's a big responsibility to be a first.
Yeah, right. Most (attractive) girls lose it these days at the age of 11-13 to the popular guy a few years older than them. Obviously, they don't become clingy because it's often the same guy for multiple girls.

Also, any man who says "ew, virginity is putting me off!" is a confirmed mangina who gets laid once per year tops. Even though the sex is worse, you have the extra gratification of being "her first" - the first man to taint her with your seed. Shove that "clingy" bullshit up your ass; there's nothing preventing the alpha from just pumping and dumping you after he took the only valuable thing you had (we even have real life, /cgl/ examples - Voldemort and DerpQueen's brother / Matt - you think he felt bad about it? LEL no! the only one who paid the price was Voldefart - it took her sanity and she became an Internet whore).

>> No.7438158

Is it really such a big deal for you, anon? If it is, of course you should share, as well as you should feel free to ask her about it too.

>> No.7438160


Kill yourself. We hate you and nobody will love you virgin fucks.

>> No.7438164

You said men shouldn't care. Then you say they should.

Virginity isn't a big deal, but someone who thinks she should dump her bf for being a virgin is a red flag for me.

>> No.7438166
File: 1.77 MB, 300x174, 1395148382520.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>seagulls taking the "MUH VIRGINITY" b8
Seriously, you're responding to this shit, why?
What does this bullshit have to do with ANYTHING?

>> No.7438167

>Voldemort and DerpQueen's brother / Matt - you think he felt bad about it? LEL no! the only one who paid the price was Voldefart - it took her sanity and she became an Internet whore

Well at least she lost her virginity to a real man, not to some worthless beta. Plus, I never liked her anyway, she was a talentless shitty cosplayer who only got attention because "oh my god this is such pure cute girl where can I ask her out". Now that she's a slut literally nobody gives a fuck about her and everyone calls her out on how shit her cosplays are (rightfully).

>> No.7438172

well, [male] virginity is a big causer of feels - feels of disgust among women who are in the presence of a male virgin (a girl can tell, even if he doesn't tell her; it's instinct), and insecure feelings among men themselves

plus, male virginity is the #1 cause for misogyny, that's an undeniable fact

>> No.7438173

Fuck yourself.

>> No.7438177

It's all about approach anon. When I say to hold back I mean not to go spaghetti with a random girl.
If this is an actual relationship, and you think she should know, then she should.
Each relationship is different, there's no advice that is fail-proof. And I agree with you, that tells a lot about her personality, and is well deserved red-flag.

>> No.7438178

I'm fat :'(

>> No.7438179

see? what did I just say?

misogynistic scum

>> No.7438181

You mean misandric, anon.

>> No.7438183

>I reply to myself because nobody else will :^)

>> No.7438184

Stop reminding Voldie of this incident, she might actually kill herself one day, not just post about committing suicide on Twitter. Nobody wants that!

>> No.7438191

Because women have to lower their standards because you're a failure.

>> No.7438192





>> No.7438193

/cgl/ women proving once again that the female gender is completely awful.

>> No.7438196


>> No.7438200

You sure showed me.

>> No.7438202

I just don't get what's the big deal and why women consider it a dealbreaker.

Isn't something like how caring he is more important than that? My mother was my dad's first girlfriend and I'm pretty sure he was a virgin. They went through many things that would make most people break, my mother became blind and depressed for countless years but my dad was always there to support her.

But most women would look down on my dad for staying a virgin up until his 20s.

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