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>>7409048 is in autosage - here's a new thread!

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TFW you post in Suggestion thread and people hardly suggest you but suggest everyone is cute.

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Reposting from the old thread as it was already in auto-sage then:

What is the best way to go about getting out of a relationship that you have a long-term lease on?

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Talk to them

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>people with no idea what to cosplay get more responses then you do

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What does long-term lease mean?
In any case, talk to the person and explain how you feel. It is always the best choice.

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>people who don't suggest at all gets more replies than you.

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>I post in the suggestions thread
>I get some responses
>only on reply is actual suggestions and all the others are jokes and comments

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We have about 9 months left on our renting agreement. If we break the lease we might have to pay fees or find someone else to move in.

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>tfw no kawaii cosplay gf

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Also, it will hurt your credit.

It depends on where you live. Leases are usually kind of hard to get out of. Also, this doesn't belong on this board?

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>tfw you randomly levelled up in sewing skill without realizing it
>tfw your costume is coming along so much better than you would have ever imagined
>tfw you're more scared than ever of fucking it all up

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>Learning to sew for cosplay so I don't have to keep commissioning
>Make half of skirt, looking surprisingly good
>Progress is slow because of inexperience
>Finish the other half, not fitting right
>Accidentally end up making it too small trying to make it fit
>tfw I have to scrap hours worth of work

It ain't easy being noob.

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I took a really big shit and it tore my ass and oh god

I could be really productive right now if I could only sit in a fucking chair jesus christ help me

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>tfw boyfriend got in an argument with me over what kind of superglue I use

He was genuinely upset because I prefer gel over liquid.

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>marginally competent at sewing
>making a skirt for lolita
>at the home stretch, just have to hem and do a button hole
>it'll take two hours at most to do
>tfw ran out of drive to finish

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>tfw the only responses to your question in the help thread are stupid stuff

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>have a little bit of attention, gaining a name
>make one mistake
>feels like so many people remember
>but many tell me it was okay, it wasnt even your mistake
>scared the hatred by others is making people who dont even know me hate me
>called cunt/bitch/whore/annoying
>actually gets to me
>but never actually getting any crit or concrit with what I do

Sorry this is so vague. But man. Feels so bad. I love you cgl and i give advice and want advice, but some parts are just so mean.

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>Want to start taking on commissions to fill my spare time since I moved to a boring city for work.
>Live in country with crazy high shipping prices so minimal chance of actually finding customers.

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Why would he ever want to use liquid super glue over gel? The gel one is super handy for filling in gaps when placing together structures.

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So if I read this right..
You're sharing a home with someone you're in a relationship with, you want to break up with them, but that'd mean moving out as well?
If so, gently break up with them, but remind them that you'll have to tolerate each other for another 9 months until the lease clears. Try to hold off any fighting (if either of you are the violent-type, you're fucked) and just go about it maturely.

Sage for not /cgl/

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I procrastinate a lot because I fear something either has to be perfect or not done at all, then as time goes on, I end up succumbing to time constraints and just pull something bad either late or at the last minute.

I can never bring myself to go, "here is something I need to do, it will probably be needed in the next few weeks, but I should do it right now to save myself the trouble. But trouble arrived.

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>everyone scrambling for Otakon hotels
>they try pack as many people into a room
>meanwhile boyfriend and I have room already booked
>only just his mom and brother coming too
>tfw comfortable hotel experience

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>be an ugly shy nerd guy with no friends, you guys know the type
>start attending conventions alone
>love taking pictures of cosplayers
>most let me take their pictures, some don't
>most of the time after I thank them for letting me take their pictures they just look away or nod a bit with their heads
>this one time after I thanked this south american looking girl for letting me take her picture she gave me a big smile and said "no, thank you!"
I know it's pretty stupid, but that made my day. Everytime I see her pictures it cheers me up a bit.

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Just found out that I might not go to the con I've been preparing all year.
Doctor told me that I might need hospital stay, I begged them and they said they'll try. I'm just really confused right now.

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>I don't like to play video games
>But I love watching them
>Always watch friends play
>Watch vids of people playing online
>Absolutely no enjoyment out of playing the games myself; I just like the plot and watching it unfold
>Want to talk about the game with others
>Don't because I'm not a gamer
>Want to cosplay as characters I like
>Don't because I'm not a gamer
feels batman

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Are you me? I love watching other people play games. I'm sad because my boyfriend doesn't like to play anything not on PC for the most part.

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Yeah, I don't like PC games too much.

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Cosplay feel:
> Toned Stomach
> cosplaying Neliel from bleach
> Found out pregnant
> Con is 3 Months away
> Already made costume
> Pregnant Bulge

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obviously the best solution is to get an abortion.

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You know what to do

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>>have a little bit of attention, gaining a name
>>make one mistake
>>feels like so many people remember
I've done this. I'm so scared to post because I'm afraid people might have screencapped the forbidden post I made a few months back and my life will be ruined if it's brought up again.

I just want to be nice to /cgl/ and have /cgl/ be nice back and make everybody happy so that we can dance around and make fun of sjwers together because I have no friends irl.

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>love vidya games
>ever since I was a child I wanted to play vidya games
>parents only buy me barbie games for my gameboy color
>buy all the cool games for my ungrateful brother
>This guy has splinter cell, sonic, all the pokemon games, all the gta games, etc... parents get him starcraft
>He never lets me borrow anything, parents take my consoles away if they catch me playing any of his games
>resort to free mmos
>want to buy ds because i saved enough money
>mom tells me no because it's unladylike and I'll become fat and ugly
>mom takes my money (500) and buys me some dress from Ross with it
>resort to let's plays for the stories and what-not because no games
>brother calls me a gamer gurl because I don't play any games because I'm not fucking allowed to
>I just want to play games and cosplay
Fuck my family and their shitty views.

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You must be 18 to post on this board

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Today it was nice weather, so I wore an old lolita dress that hadn't been out for a while. Good feel.

Need to give it a bit of tlc though, the bows are coming off

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You do realize that people over the age of 18 can still live with their family, right?

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>love vidya games
>played them with my father and brother
>build with my brother on Minecraft now
>play Borderlands with my father
>we all exercise 3-5 days a week
>all happy and healthy
>brother is blacksmith apprentice now, fascinated by my cosplay
>offers to take me to learn how to blacksmith
>currently hoping we get good enough to make actual cosplay armor

>your post happens, and I remember that some families are still fucking lousy with nerd-hate

Fuck your mom. Hide your money and start saving again. If you're old enough to be on this board, you're old enough to have your own money and make your own choices with it.

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>Friend wants to cosplay with me
>wants to cosplay from something I don't like enough to cosplay from
>TFW too fucking beta to suggest something else because it would hurt their feelings and they would think I don't want to cosplay with them ever

Still holding out hope that we will not do the costumes but will probably have to do it anyway and it's my own god damn fault.

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If you are 18+, living at home with this kind of dynamic going on, you have bigger problems than no vidya or cosplay.
I'd work towards getting up and outta there ASAP. Then you can work on the rest.

If under 18, yes, please leave.

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Does anybody actually care about people who don't play TALKING about the game? Sounds pretty stupid.

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Usually by 18 people don't let their parents spend their money and tell them what they can buy

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You'd be surprised. My mom was a boba dude helicopter way until I finished college.

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ahaha bona fide*
My phone a shit.

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>did you play the game?
>you're just talking about it because you're a fake nerd!! attention whore!

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Boba dude helicopter.

Drawfags, hear my prayers. Make this happen.

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Women don't owe you niceness, creepy virgin.

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I don't know about you, but in my household you either let your parents control every aspect of your life or you get beaten and kicked out of the house in a heartbeat.
Crazy Guatemalan and Mexican parents for you.

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Then if you are legal age, why don't you move out so they can't do it? Adult children living at home are making that choice. I don't feel for them.

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>Let their parents use their money
>Implying consent
Are you a sticks&stones believer or something? Don't believe guilt trippers won't take any life out of you? You avoided this painful home life, I'm incredibly jealous of you

>Bank account really old, opened when I was a minor, so mom was cosigner
>Tired of texts from her: "Oh, Anon! I spent too much money on gaudy jewelry, so I borrowed $600 to pay for the bills!!"
>Open my own account because I'm a goddamn adult
>"Anon why did you do that???"
>"Don't you trust me, Anon???"
>"After all I've done for you! I changed your diapers!!"
>Grit teeth, don't talk back or defend myself cause that always makes it worse

>Weeks later, dinner
>"Hey mom, can you pass me the salt?"
>"I don't know, Anon, can you TRUST me with that?"

She takes money from my wallet if I'm not watching it. She hates that I have a password on my computer, since "You don't trust me!!" No shit I don't.

If she wanted me to pay a monthly rent, say it. I'd be able to actually budget it in if I knew what I'd be paying, rather than noticing a chunk mysteriously gone.
But, "Anon, you don't need to pay rent!! You're family!"
"Anon, you have to lend me money, we're family!"
I think she's in denial about the fact that she's basically relying on me. Wants to hide behind promises of paying me back than me just paying her regularly.

Yes, I'm saving up to move out. I'm still recovering from what she's taken, however. I'm paying for school and working part time, so I'm doing the best I can right now.

Moral of story: Defying your parents isn't as easy as some of you think it is.
They give us food and shelter, sometimes tuition, and many threaten to take that away. Some carry that threat out and kids find themselves on the streets.
Sometimes it's easier to just lay low until you gather enough money to move out, however long that may take.

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They follow you when you go out. Want to bring home a boyfriend/girlfriend. God help you if they don't meet your parents' requirements. Hey, it's family reunion time. Time for your parents to dogpile your apartment and make passive aggressive snatches at your SO and bully them to the point your SO leaves the house. Plus, they pull that same shit on you, guilt trip you and say everything from your education to your grades (that you worked hard for) was on them.

I'm glad you didn't have to experience that, but I don't think you white people sometimes get the emotional abuse and blackmail other more traditional races go through.

Signed, an asian.

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>adult children living at home are making that choice

Yeah, no. I'm a different anon without crazy ass parents, but right now moving out is NOT an option for me. My job doesn't pay enough, and there's nothing hiring anywhere near full time anywhere around me since I live in a college town.

Don't just assume that she can pick up and move on out. If she could, she would have already.

>> No.7421610

Why do people assume that it's so easy to move out, like you are magically able to get an apartment of your own?
My friend was homeless for five months because his mom kicked him out after her divorce. You think people want a hobo for a tenant? They don't. They just scoff and say they'll think about it, and give the flat to the nice girl with loaded parents.
He only got an apartment after he basically blackmailed his college to offer him one (they refused at first because "someone else got better qualifications" but because the system works by giving dorm rooms to the ones who need them most/have least financial support first, he said he'd sue and they suddenly had a change of heart).

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>arr white people are same
girl, you've never been to Eastern Europe. Or Italy.

>> No.7421625


Apologies about that. Was thinking of the middle class murricans who post here and have no concept of familial ties. Definitely. I see the family centrism that even in the Nordic/Germanic European countries sometimes.

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THISTHISTHIS. Even if you are 18+ parents don't always let you use your own money or they "borrow" it without asking or even noticing you.
I just can't stand the stares my friends give me when I tell them I can't move because my parents just won't let me

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My father controls a sum of 10k (a little less now, after a few emergency expenses) that I inherited from a deceased uncle.

>want to go on a trip with my boyfriend and his mom
>"nope, Anon, this money is for emergencies."

>cat convulsing on my bed, need my money for emergency vet trip
>"she's fine, cats get sick, you can only use this money for car troubles."
>manage to get $200 of my own money from him
>expects me to pay it back

>car actually breaks down
>this is the precise problem I'm supposed to use the money for
>"I don't want you using this money, I'll pay for it and raise your rent."

Fucking shit, I don't know how to get control of that account with my inheritance in it.

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>Eastern Europe
Nigger don't even get me started on this one. You're stuck with your family, no matter how fucked up it is, unless they're really abusive or some psychopaths or something. You have to bear all of baba Alenka's Mexican soap opera-tier drama with aunt Nadezhda, know who hates whom the least because everyone inevitably ends up hating everybody, discern between gossip and reality and be guilted into taking care of all of them (yes, all) because we don't have retirement homes.

Worst of all? They will shame you into doing what they want you to when they need their bedpan and you fled the country to get away from them. If you have an inkling of authority over your life they will fucking make sure to take care of that too. They will forget that they beat you with a power cable as a child but always remember their sacrifices of feeding you and changing your diapers (which is an important point they will bring up whenever theirs need changing too).

"How could you study to be an optician, why are you ashamed of your family of dentists! We had tradition!"
"Why did you bring this snake into the house, all she does is eat and sleep! When are you gonna get kids? All she does is put on makeup, a good wife should cook everything for us! If you were a real man, you'd beat her until she gets it!"

"Why did you buy a house there?! Why is it so far away from us?! We are a family! What about when we want to stay over?"

"Why did you buy THAT bread? THIS bread is better! You know nothing!"

"Don't tell aunt x that aunt y told me about aunt z having an abortion! Actually tell her, I wanna go gossip about it with her even though I hated her for the past two years but somehow we still talk like old friends!"

Worst part is, on families here they expect you to stay. Moving out is considered rebellion and moving out too far away from your house an act of hatred towards your entire kin.

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He's never going to give it to you and/or already spent it.

>> No.7421656

Sounds like you should go to that bank and ask them. Or find a lawyer somewhere who will do a free consultation. Bonus points if they're the kind that deals with wills.There's got to be a way.
Anon, I'll ask my lawyer dad later if he knows. He's signed off on a couple wills in his time.

See if you can get a copy of the will, it'll help so much. Ask everyone else in the world for a copy before your dad, though.

>> No.7421660

>mfw when you check the sales comm before you head to uni, nothing excites you
>Take another look when you get to uni...
>Your fucking dream dress
>Posted 4 hours ago
>Literally a minute after you checked it at home

I haven't heard back from the seller, and someone else PMed before me, so i'm assuming I lost out. Fuck this feeling, it hurts more knowing I was literally a minute out of getting my dream dress. Fuck.

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White American pig dog here.
This describes 90% of families I know, including mine. Fucking Polish assholes.
"I never hit you! You weren't abused!" No, but you stayed married to an abusive asshole for 25 years who sexually abused multiple females in the family and you were even TOLD THIS, but no...since I wasn't hit, it's not abuse.

"You don't want kids? You'll change your miiiiiind..."
And now that I've reproduced, you're mad because I wanted more? Kiss my ass; my body my decisions.


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Anon you should ask to see the paperwork from the solicitor, or talk to them directly. Sometimes it's outright stated in the will. This is, of course, if your parents won't tell you.

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White american here
My close family is awesome, along with my mother's. It's my father's European side that is full of narcissistic, manipulative, lying two-faced people.
My uncle, my father's brother, married a beautiful Filipino woman who was full of kindness and love. For some reason she was having trouble conceiving, and they had been trying for a little while. Well my grandmother, my father's mother, went through the entire family EVERY SINGLE FAMILY MEMBER (even me and I was fucking thirteen) and said

>something wrong with that woman
>bad genes would be bad to pass down if she got pregnant anyway
>probably an STD
>more likely because she doesn't go to church
>cheating on him i bet
>definitely nothing wrong with uncle not his fault
>this is a very big deal in the family it should be everyone's business

She even called my mother's mother (who hated her and had not talked to her in over a decade) to tell her this shit she completely made up. Ended up getting hung up on, only confused her.

She would even bring this up at the dinner table during family gatherings WITH HER THERE.

The really bad part about it was that she would go on and on about it, and she did this for YEARS. It got so bad my uncle ended up losing his wife, she divorced him just to get away from that nagging old woman.

What the fuck is wrong with people?

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>> No.7421755

"You don't want kids? You'll change your miiiiiind..."
Every fucking time somebody in my family says this I want to bash somebody's brains in.
I was fucking molested as a kid. I want NO FUCKING PART in sex. But "Oh no~ You're just immature anon! XD"

>> No.7421775

Another thing that pissed me off was that my dad's sister was jealous of her own baby.
She'd show up to gatherings holding him and everyone would go "oohh the baby's hereee~" and she'd glare at everyone and say "oh everyone wants to see the baby but not me"
Wanted to tell her on several occasions to grow the fuck up.

>> No.7421780

>>7421666 here

Of COURSE everyone wants to see the baby! Most are cute as fuck (besides the whole human nature thing). I never understood the jealousy of your own kids bullshit.

>> No.7421808

Check your tumblr...

>> No.7421813

>break up with abusive gf
>all our mutual cosplaying friends are still friends with her
>she tries to force me to go to a con and share a hotel with her
>tell everyone I'm taking a break from cosplay

>I'm not
>have no cosplay friends to enjoy it with
>too scared to go to cons in case she's there
>too scared to make new cosplay friends in case of drama

Sigh. I only ever really cosplayed at cons, and I just can't afford to go on my own. I haven't even watched any anime for the last year because I always get hype to cosplay something and then realise I can't.

By the time I'm brave enough to get back into the hobby, I'll be too old to look good in it.

>> No.7421816

>feels thread

Take it to >>>/soc/

>> No.7421823

Don't look now, but your newfag is showing

>> No.7421827

Not a mother myself, but I've heard it can be difficult sharing your new baby with all the different people, when that little person is yours exclusively. I can understand where you're coming from, but try to look at it from the new mommy's perspective too. Everyone wants to hold the baby, I'm sure she feels like she might not be getting enough time herself.

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>tfw no qt passionate cosplaying gf to cuddle with

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>friend announces she's going to Megacon
>she's bringing the 4 year old
>the one that has legendary screaming tantrums
>the one who bites
>the one who runs off if you don't have a vice-like grip on him
>the one who shouts "I DON'T KNOW YOU" when she has to claim him from the poor stranger who found him
>tfw I have to avoid my friend at a con because of her violent child

>> No.7421874

>what is sarcasm

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>loner in high school
>friends with only one overweight guy in high school who enjoys anime
>introduced good anime to me and broaden my taste. Our main series to discuss is Cowboy Bebop
>got me to go to my first con and showed me 4chan
>after high school still good friends but didn't hang out as much
>hung out with him only once after college, he lost a TON of weight (almost looked like a new person), we're both less weeaboo about anime but still enjoy it. Mostly talked about music and how he's becoming a bass player for a band.
>didn't see each other again for 3-5 years

>found out he passed away last year in November due to illness, he was in his mid 20s
>some days it hits me but most days I am happy to known him

Cowboy Bebop isn't the same though...

>> No.7421965

Goodbye Anime Cowboy.
You will be missed.

For Lickraz

>> No.7421978

what the FUCK move out jesus christ

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>tfw I see girls much wider than myself fitting in Honey Cake
>tfw I'm too tall to look good in it regardless
>tfw I will never be cute in my favorite print

>> No.7422136

Get the switching JSK version, convert straps to halter neck, add underskirt.

>> No.7422173

Hey buddy; ignore this >>7421559

I know what it's like being an awkward duck who gets happy when someone is nice to me. Just remember that you're twenty-times better looking than you think you are and that anyone should be grateful you're taking the time to shoot their pictures. I believe in you.

>> No.7422235

Hi, Nia

>> No.7422286

Not Nia? Isn't she a webcam chick anyways?

>> No.7422297

Nia isn't wide at all though.

>> No.7422315

whatever you say, Nia

>> No.7422331

If you are in a loving and committed relationship, congratulations on the baby.

>> No.7422337
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>tfw apparently this Nia thing isn't dead
>tfw you can't say anything on cgl without being called a random tripfag

>> No.7422364

>be fat in middleschool
>join football in high school
>get to some modicum of /fit/
>forced to quit by parents in junior year
>gain like 40 lbs
>get into anime
>can't cosplay favorite characters
>recently lose 20 lbs
>looking better but can't seem to shed the last 20 lbs I need to feel good about myself
>want to be /fit/ but no money, no gym in my area, and no car

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I thought I was happy.

I thought I was doing better.

Yet here I am at 5:00 am still awake on the internet wishing for friends and a reason to live.

>> No.7422380

there's always a reason to live, anon.

>> No.7422396

I get the same deal. I'm so sorry for what you went through. I can't say I "understand", but I wish I could help beat them up for you.

>>7422380 this. Life sucks and it's hard sometimes but it's beautiful and you're breathing and have a chance to be alive. There are many people who would probably have loved a choice, but didn't get one. I don't mean to make it seem like they're a vehicle for some shitty "life lesson," but it's just something to consider.

>> No.7422463

Thanks, anon.

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I can't give you words of encouragement, but I can say that I feel you. 5am life-draining loneliness sucks. Maybe this little interaction will make both of us feel a little less lonely.
Here's some cute k-ons for you, Anon. It's one of my favorite scenes.

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heheh, always cracks me up

>> No.7422699

Speaking of therapy, another insufferable thing they tend to do is disregard any need for doctors and turn to witch doctors, psychics and all other bullshit.

You need a psychotherapist (panic disorder)? You're just a whiny spoiled brat, good work in the field would cure that right away! All they do is take our money!
You need a doctor for that Crohn's you have? Nonsense, vegetables are the REAL medicine!
You feel any inkling of emotion about any particular subject or person? What a pussy! Man up! In your age I was rotting in a concentration camp!

Fucking hell.

>> No.7422714
File: 44 KB, 500x612, 1394203258207.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This, and it IS true that when the baby is born the mother sometimes gets no sympathy. My dad happened to be an asshole in the way that he dumped all the work on my mom but only came to cuddle and play with me when I was born. Of course she wants at least SOME sort of a "oh, congratulations" or something, especially if those people are gonna coo at the kid and then leave her to take care of it herself.

It usually goes "aww, what a cute baby! Well, I gotta go" and then those are gonna be the same people who criticize your parenting style. I don't think it's jealousy, is all, this coming from another EEuropean bydlo whose little sister just gave birth. The mother becomes the child's servant and no one even says "good job" or anything, they just coo at the baby and criticize her, then leave.

>> No.7422732

>get really motivated
>start working on some cosplays
>meet a really nice girl
>be shy and timid like always
>miss my chance
>depression hits
>all motivation to live is gone and can't bring myself to finish the cosplay

Eventually ill finish it, at least ill have something to do to prevent me from thinking about what a miserable person i am.

>> No.7422775
File: 486 KB, 339x207, tumblr_m46cvndyJu1qbbdbi.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>decide to start working out again after a few months hiatus because getting used to surroundings (studying abroad)
>start a running schedule to increase endurance
>feels good man.
>fuck yeah maybe I won't hate my legs when I wear AP anymore.
>Feeling movitated, so check out weight lifting regiments.
>have general knowledge of lifting and proper form because of weight room class that I had to take when I was younger.
>Super pumped
>Go to University Gym
>"Wait, what if people stare at me?"
>"OMG I'm the only girl, they'll think I'm weird"
>*panic mode activate*
I was just so surprised at how quickly my anxiety reared its ugly head. I usually have a really good grip on it, so it surprised me. It probably doesn't help that I'm not that confident in my language skills either.

I still really want to add weight training of some sort to my regiment. I feel like cardio isn't enough to get me where I want to be. Anyone have suggestions?

>> No.7422781

My general experience with gyms is that everyone's too focused on themselves to care about anyone else in the room.

>> No.7422784


I feel the same about gyms. Altough im a guy. But i guess the thing that backfired on me might help you.

Cardio + calistenics. I was intending to gain weight... i lost it, at least i lost the little flab i had, so now im on a weight gain regiment.

My workout was calisthenics without a lot of break. So it was mostly endurace and not pushing heavy weights. It helped with definition, but didnt blow up my muscles like real weight training would.

No idea where you want to be tough.

>> No.7422811


Shit, i'm sorry to hear what happened to you anon. The fact they won't accept your choices is bad enough, but with that reasoning behind it, that's just sick.

My story, though it doesn't compare to yours.

I'm 21, and i've known for years that I don't want a child. My family (except my mum) pull the same shit.

My 16 year old sister wants a baby. No 'but you're young you don't know what you want' or 'you'll change your mind someday'

I know the majority of people have kids, but why can't you accept that a growing number of us don't? Times are changing. Yes nan, back in the war times everyone had a kid, because it was a requirement of you. Let's not forget that people still have kids because they feel they should have them, or it makes them less of a woman. Or how many don't want a kids, but get pregnant and end up keeping it.

My own mum admitted she only had me because of society's pressure. She admitted that if she could turn back time, she wouldn't have had kids, as she had to sacrifice her education. It's not that she doesn't love us, she always did.

One of my family friends never wanted kids, and when she got pregnant she was going to have an abortion. The father and my dad both guilt tripped her into keeping it. The father left her when it was born. She hates the baby, and she's severely depressed. She regrets letting two people dictate how she should lead her life. She wants to put it up for adoption, but she lives on the same farm as her dad, and she fears he'd kick her out of her home if she did. She's had to quit her main job, and give up her horses as she no longer had time for them. That fucked her up big time.

She refers to the child as 'it'. It's a boy, he's name's Jack. She'd never hurt him, but she has no love for him, and she doesn't want him. She knows she's now set up for a lifetime of being this kid's mother, and she can't cope with it. She has admitted that killing herself feels like the best option for her now.

>> No.7422814


Holy shit did not realise how much I wrote. Sorry guys.

>> No.7422818


Sorry, i can't forgive you, that you think this is a lot.

>> No.7422821

I'm Polish too and you've just described 90%+ of my family and interactions thereof.
Especially when it comes to mental illness. I suspect my family has been plagued with emotional issues that never went resolved because all one has to do according to them is "CHEER UP" or "DONT WORRY GOD HAS A PLAN FOR YOU."
Oh and they're Catholic too. Makes you want to hurl how people could remain so blissfully ignorant.

>> No.7422827


To be fair, field work does wonders for panic disorders.

At least any hard work/exercise does. At least it helped me a lot with anxiety, even so much that i could get off my meds without any panic attacks for years.

>> No.7422830

I was someone who sometimes stared at people at the gym, but really if anyone has the time to watch you while they're working out, it's a fleeting thought before going back to focusing of what they're doing. No one actually cares.

>> No.7422831

That explains a lot of problems that could be solved, but these types of people don't want to use common sense. The whole "god meant for this to happen" attitude makes me rage. Thank goodness most of my immediate family and my wife are atheists.

>> No.7422835

That's okay, let it out. We're all anon here.

Sounds like some serious shit going down with your friend. Hope she finds a way out of the situation.

>> No.7422836

>meet this guy
>have a nice date together
>he is everything I want and more
>he is 33
>I'm 15 years younger than him
>he still wants to be with me
>I'm really torn about it.

15 years older than me...I'm really attracted by him, I feel like it could work between the two of us. He want to be with someone calm to try and stay away from his party life (he is in a rock band and also work in luxe industry, already stopped hard drugs but still hangs out a lot), I want a stable relationship. He wants someone to love and spoil, I want a grown up man and a good lover. He wants someone to travel with, I want to see the world.
I'm really into j-fashion, usually lolita, and he likes it a lot. I'm sure he is the kind of men who showers his gf in brand. I'm not really interested by that thought, i'm not a gold digger or anything, don't want his money.

I'm really really attracted by him, and besides his age everything is perfectly ok, but still. I'm going to study abroad in a few years, and I don't plan of maintaining a long distance relationship while I'm over there. But as a 33 yo he may want to settle down and have a familly life and such. I know he will, in fact, he hinted that. But I'm not ready for this.
Plus I worry about my parents reaction about this (I don't plan on talking about him yet, but will have to do it one day).

I know I shouldn't overthink that but...I just want a nice boyfriend in a long-lastig and balanced relationship. I don't want it to fail.

Sorry for the long vent

>> No.7422841

>15 years younger
Uh, are you still a teenager? Because I'm confused. Either way, huge age gaps like that rarely work out. Relationships don't last more than a year on attraction alone. You sound like you're way too young to even be dating. And he sounds gross.

>> No.7422842

I'm 18 since a few months. He is not my first boyfriend, and I don't usually date people 'that' old. He is not gross at all actually, he as that 'bad boy' vibe which is super sexy, and he is really caring and nice.
I had dates that worked out pretty nicely (a year and an half, broke up because he was studying aboard for two years). I don't think I'm too young for dating, I'm just really, I don't know how to put that, effraid it wouldn't work out ?

>> No.7422843

18 is old enough to be dating, but that's a heck of an age gap. A lot of even same-age relationships blow up at the 18/19 mark. I'd be careful, anon. I'm not sure that dynamic is likely to work until you're 25 and he's 40.

>> No.7422848

Mine are Orthodox Christians and honestly just as bad when it comes to health issues. Only difference is that thanks to socialism they grew up with nobody says "god created the Earth" or minds Darwin or anything, and don't mind abortions or gay people all that much.
But mental health, transsexuals, everything from "the evil, weird Americans", get that shit out of the house.

>> No.7422849

The only thing is, and please don't be offended, but you really don't have much intellectually to offer a 33 yr old, you're just in too different stages of life with too much of an experience gap. No matter how "mature" you are or "cool" he is, there's nothing you have to offer a man that age... except one thing. Please just keep that in the back of your mind, that there may be a reason he can't or won't date women his age.

>> No.7422850

It wouldn't. Especially since the whole rock star thing is a red alert. I'd keep walking.

>> No.7422852

Gl anon
But gee I wonder why a 33yr old musician who doesn't seem like his maturity matches his age would want to"date"a barely legal

Proceed with caution and don't believe what he tells you on face value

>> No.7422858

Ask yourself this: What's a nice 33 year old man doing trying to bag a girl that's 15 years younger than him?
I'm sure you're a nice girl with a good head on your shoulders, but men like this RARELY have honorable intentions. They chase after younger girls because they know exactly that you're going through a vulnerable time in your life where you can be manipulated (like hanging the choice of 'love' over your study abroad program in front of your face and expecting you to side, for instance).

The only two 30 year olds that were ever interested in me turned out to be mentally unstable fucks with a shitload of charisma, until they knew they had their claws in me and could control/hurt me without resistance. I'm not the ethics police anon, I really don't give a shit if people are in truly positive relationships with wide age gaps, but I'm just telling you from my experience what this type of relationshit usually results in.

>> No.7422863

Yes I know that, I'm not offended at all, that what I think when I meet this kind of guys : 'why does he want to date someone this young ?', 'what do we have in common ?' 'how could it work as a balaced relationship with such an age gap ?'. I don't want to have a childman stucked to me, so I'm pretty wary about that too. People tend to think I'm 25, but I know my age show at least in the way I handle private things, I was a child not that long ago and I'm aware of that.

>> No.7422869

Oh I know that, but I'm pretty manipulative myself and I'm ambitious. I'll let nothing go between me and my goals. Not my own family. If he goes wild I will dump him, if he goes after me I'll send my lawyer to his ass because he tried to abuse a 'barely legal' girl. I don't really fear for my life. If he tries to control me, I'll milk his money out then dump him like the old pervert he might be.

Yes, I know, pomises don't work, only act counts.
He likes to act like he is younger (that's why I only discoverd his age recently), and have younger friends, around 27-28 usually. I think he is somewhere around 25 in his head. Like, he is really serious about music and about his real work, independant and all, but sometimes act a little bit'young', hangs out a lot and stuffs.

>> No.7422871

I bet you going to try to do A anyway

But you won't, because your not after his money, right?

>> No.7422875

My parents have enought money for me to not care about his.
But if he tries to harm me, he'll regret it. When you break up with an addict, he usually plunge again in his addiction. No money, no coke, I win.

But this is just hypotetical and to show to the other anon that I'm not in a powerless position and that he would better not try and control me.

>> No.7422893


you sound bitter. the only types of people who ever use that argument are bitter older women who can't relate that men almost always want someone younger and less bitter.

I've heard it a lot since I love dating older men. Leave everyone to date who they please.

>> No.7422895

>you sound bitter.
Nice speculation, but no.
>older women
I'm a whopping 22 years old, I know, haggard fossil status.
>who can't relate that men almost always want someone younger and less bitter
Implying you always know what men want. I was far from "telling her what to do," brat.

>> No.7422915


>not old
>calling other people brats

okay grandma, time to stop posting

>> No.7422985

when a lady gets called a 'bitter older woman' without prior warrant or evidence of such, then they immediately receive the internet right to refer to the accuser as brat, whippersnapper, young'un, or 'kiddo' if they so choose.

I'd like to know how old that anon who 'loves dating older men' is because their current concept of what men want sounds like it's coming from a twelve-year-old raised on MTV values.

>> No.7422993

She says she is 18. But I agree, "bad boy musician in his 30's" sounds like a great catch that won't involve a lot of emotional and relationship immaturity

>> No.7422996

>they immediately receive the internet right to refer to the accuser as brat, whippersnapper, young'un, or 'kiddo'

And they still sound like a sod when they're saying it.

>> No.7423023
File: 19 KB, 608x368, 1255585072843.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and calling someone grandma doesn't make you yourself sound like a 'sod'? (a piece of turf? is this even an insult? you're making shit up now.)

>> No.7423087

Just to clarify, I'm OP but not >>7422893. You have your opinion and I respect that.

>> No.7423093


Evangelical Christians I think are worse. In fact, I've seen Christians who are crazier about the whole "god has a plan for you" deal than most Catholics I know, barring my crazy Catholic aunt. At least Catholics acknowledge that science can do its own thang, but god help you if you dare question the bible's veracity in an evangelical Christian group.

What's worse is that I'm surrounded by these people, and I'm doing a health degree, and so are they. It scares me that young impressionable people are doubting 'secular education' even as they're shelling tens of thousands a year for this education. They're literally just going to take this degree and use it to convert people.

I know, I need better friends. I actually do, before I turn into a misanthropic curmudgeon.

>> No.7423276
File: 361 KB, 935x1600, scarecrow year one.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to one day attempt a Year One Scarecrow cosplay. Tfw the best sewing experience you have is making a few little plushes by hand and adding buttons to things.

>will never be this majestic and goofy batman villain

>> No.7423277
File: 128 KB, 525x700, Year One Cosplay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even if I attempted, I'd be scared I'd look like this.

>hides in corner

>> No.7423282

Jeaus Christ, that sounds fucking awful! This mentality that a woman HAS to have kids fucking sucks.
It reminds me of when my mom would call any woman who didn't have kids selfish and stupid. She even went as far as screaming at me in front of her equally ignorant friends about how I'm a stupid spoiled brat for not wanting to shoot babies out of my ass.

>> No.7423343
File: 458 KB, 544x598, tips fedora_3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


*Tips Fedora*

>> No.7423349

This makes me laugh after the 50 year old new lolita posted the week in EGL. If people can't hold their own in a discussion without playing the age card, (either way) then I don't think much of their debating abilities.

>> No.7423467

I have cystic acne along my jawline/neck area. I can normally hide it okay with makeup/my hair covers the worst of it but it has flared up so badly over the past few days that I don't want to go outside. I look like a disgusting pizza face who doesn't know basic hygiene but I try so hard to keep my face clean at all times. I can't afford to go to a dermatologist or even a regular GP at the moment and I don't know why I still have this problem after almost 10 years (although the acne was on my forehead then). I don't eat that much but I eat okay and I drink a lot of water, I practice good hygiene most of the time, especially with my face and hands. It could be stress/hormones, maybe I need to go on the pill again although I swear that didn't do that much.

>> No.7423479

>One of my family friends never wanted kids, and when she got pregnant she was going to have an abortion. The father and my dad both guilt tripped her into keeping it. The father left her when it was born. She hates the baby, and she's severely depressed. She regrets letting two people dictate how she should lead her life. She wants to put it up for adoption, but she lives on the same farm as her dad, and she fears he'd kick her out of her home if she did. She's had to quit her main job, and give up her horses as she no longer had time for them. That fucked her up big time.
>She refers to the child as 'it'. It's a boy, he's name's Jack. She'd never hurt him, but she has no love for him, and she doesn't want him. She knows she's now set up for a lifetime of being this kid's mother, and she can't cope with it. She has admitted that killing herself feels like the best option for her now.

I can sadly relate to this. I was pressured into both having sex and keeping the baby of my ex and I wanted to leave but had nowhere to go, which is why it happened in the first place I don't live with him anymore but I see my son sometimes and can barely look either of them in the eye. He acts as if he didn't do anything wrong but I have been suicidally depressed ever since.

>> No.7423500

Wow. Holy shit, that's seriously terrible.

She should give the kid to her father and say, "Here, help raise it if it's so important to you."

I was forced to pretty much raise both of my sisters starting when I was 8, so I know i do NOT want children. It's so much hassle, and then they just turn into cunts who hate you when they're 11 anyway. It's just not worth it.

I can just save all that money, have a nice house and all the video games I could ever play, and surround myself with cats who will just entertain themselves when I'm not playing with them. My boyfriend agrees it's a pretty good choice. But again, my mother tells me over and over, "You'll change your mind, anon!"

No, I won't. Your lazy ass made sure of it.

>> No.7423537
File: 97 KB, 1239x254, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7423588


Most scientists I know don't have fedoras though.

Not even hating on religion. Catholicism and even mainstream Christianity by philosophy is far more reasonable than Evangelical Christianity hilariously enough. The new pope is pretty fucking cool too.

>> No.7423596

I keep wavering on whether or not to quit cosplaying. I've seriously thought about quitting many times over the past several years - usually after getting frustrated on a particular project or seeing a particularly unflattering photo of myself at a convention. I've grown apart from one group of cosplay friends - I see them all bandwagon-ing on whatever Flavor of the Month is popular and I can't be that type of fan. Because I don't switch my fandom every couple of months I get left out of inside jokes and no one talks to me. Making costumes and going to cons is pretty expensive, and the majority of the time the panels and guests are not explicitly worth it. And although I love entering the contests, those end up being a pain in the ass. I always get on the verge of quitting it all together, but then I think that cosplay is one of the only things that is really part of my identity. I have my boyfriend and my work, but cosplay is something helps define me. Without it, I think I'd lose a big part of who I am. I don't have "special snowflake" syndrome or anything, but I think I'd be miserable and bored without cosplay as an outlet - however frustrating and emotionally draining as it can be at times.

>cosplay feels like being in an abusive relationship

>> No.7423601

Go to your doctor and ask for a prescription of Benzyl Peroxide. $10 a container will last you for two months and you'll have perfect skin within five weeks.

>> No.7423621
File: 210 KB, 500x500, t83452-.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw find 1-2 yards of white vinyl in the markdown section
I'm just so happy.

On the down side though, I think I fucked up and bought another bolt of fabric in the wrong color.

>> No.7423708

>tfw losing weight
>tfw shedding inches
>tfw 5'1 and 95lbs
>tfw starting to think I'm anorexic
I'm conflicted. I've lost like 20 lbs and I'm actually getting okay with my body, but after looking into it, it seems I've been dangerously under eating to get where I am now. That and at this point I lie about my weight to make myself seem heavier because my family really disapproves, telling me I'm anorexic and making fun of me. Healthy weight range charts and BMI tells me I'm underweight, but at 110 I was normal, but an ugly fucking meatball. I eat like 800-1000 calories a day, always counting and when I started, I knew it wasn't much but I rationalized it to work since I'm so short, didn't weigh too much to begin with, just wanted to be the standard skinny Asian, and don't carry ANY of the extra weight in my chest or ass or anywhere the average woman should. Flat chest, flat ass, I would have embraced these for crossplay if it wasn't for the fact that I'm so short. All of my weight clings to my waist, it's disgusting and I look like a little manlet. With the weigh loss, my waist is more defined and I actually feel nice, though even at 95 pounds I still have a bit of a gut . I've read that 1200 is the magic number for all adults and anything less than that is always always bad and will do damage to your body in the long run and now I'm afraid my bodily functions are screwed up or something. I know I'm going to back to bump up my caloric intake but I Also feel like I'm not going to be very happy with my body anymore.

>> No.7423713

That's funny. Polish person living in Poland here and I've never in my live heard the "god has a plan for you" thing. Not even once. It's more often "that's shit but LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MY PROBLEMS THEY ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOURS"

To be honest, pulling "god's plan" card isn't really catholic thing to do; from theological point of view it's dangerously close to the doctrine of predestination.

>> No.7423759

I'm going through that too. A lot of the same problem as you, but my big problem is the rise of the 'cosplay slutty for attention' thing. I love cosplaying from older things and elaborate designs, but I hate putting a ton of work towards something only to be pushed aside to ogle those flavour of the month and slutty closet cosplayers.
I just want a little recognition for my hard work.

>> No.7423782

I'm 99% sure I used that about 5 years ago and that it didn't do much, but my skin has changed since then so I'll look into giving it another go. Thanks, I hope it works!

>> No.7423800
File: 38 KB, 470x304, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm majoring in translation and one of my books derailed into a major fucking SJW shitfest, I can't even believe it's happening.
Like this one paragraph where it says that (paraphrasing) "translation studies are parallel to the status o women in our society because the male-dominated areas oppress both and make them seem inferior and less important"
Fuck I'm disappointed.

>> No.7423803


>flat chest
>chubby waist

Just because you're body is mainstream ugly doesn't mean there are zero people who could appreciate it. I'd fuck you in an instant

>> No.7423807

>male-dominated areas oppress both and make them seem inferior and less important
Can I hazard a guess and say that translation is historically a male dominated field? Like, you know, most things.
What the fuck, though. That's like saying engineers and firefighters are keeping the rosetta stone away from women.

>> No.7423816
File: 56 KB, 552x454, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But not anymore, if anything it's pretty much 60/40 in women's favor now, at least where I live. But the shit they spew is nuts.
It has le gems such as: "feminist translation theory", "feminist translators who emphasize their identity and personal views" (that makes you an attention whoring tumblrtard because your job is literally to translate what the writer said and wanted to say objectively, without bias and without inserting your opinions and ideologies into the text), and "the feminist translator flaunts her power and the signs of her manipulation of the text".

>> No.7423842

That's some A-Class revisionism, there. You're still learning the proper way and just handing in what your professor want's to see, right?

>> No.7423852
File: 874 KB, 864x685, 1394586326602.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm surrounded by feminists at home
>I've basically learned to cope with their bullshit
>I have mastered the art of pretending to listen and agreeing on how women are superior
>they tried to mold me into the "ideal male"
>resulted in me doing all the housework, cleaning, cooking, and still working and paying rent
>Started drinking to deal with all this bullshit
>Drinking gets out of hand
>they get mad at me
>I blame it on the fact that I'm a guy and all guys are good for are drinking and being failures
>my fucking face when they actually took that as a valid reason for my drinking and don't say shit now
>my fucking face when I have not stopped drinking since then

I used to have cystic acne back in HS
and that shit wouldn't go away
The only thing I could say actually helped a bit was taking unhealthy amounts of Vitamin A (gg Accutane)
Basically it helped out alot but after a month of taking it my lower back was hurting like a mother fucker, it's also supposed to give you like suicidal thoughts and shit but I didn't really feel any of that, I just drank more while on that shit

>> No.7423863

Luckily we don't need to agree with this, but it's usually one of the questions in exams. Just blew my mind how one can be reading into a subject so much.

>> No.7423885
File: 122 KB, 323x353, Tyrone1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>my fucking face when they actually took that as a valid reason for my drinking and don't say shit now
>my fucking face when I have not stopped drinking since then

>> No.7423916

Jokes on you I hope you fuck up your liver.

>> No.7423924
File: 393 KB, 1280x960, IMG222.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7423930

I understand you perfectly (same height and similar weight) and I felt shit for years. I also used to try cutting on food etc. never had good results and always got shit from friends who didn't understand why I felt fat/ugly (I look good with clothes on, but in a bikini you will see my belly!). I read up about being "skinny fat". I joined a gym and started lifting weights. After a couple of months I have lost the inches I wanted in my waist and thighs, even though I have gained weight back to a healthy level (you get leaner = more muscle weight but less body fat).

But most people don't believe this and would rather starve themselves.

>> No.7423946

Holy fuck. How long have you been drinking? Is it possible for you to move out/stay with a friend for awhile?

>> No.7423995

3 years or so
I actually was living with a coworker of mine after I told my "family" to fuck off. It was expensive as fuck but I was pretty happy being a neet living off instant ramen.
I had to go back cause of job cuts and I was only getting like 200 a week for unemployment which wasnt enough to live on my own
Those "I told you so" feels are the worst

>> No.7423999

I think you should definitely increase the calories you eat in a day to 1100-1200, and focus on exercising. Nothing drastic, just three times a week or so (at least to start). You could even take up something like martial arts or dance, since just showing up at a gym can feel like a chore.

>> No.7424021

Do you do it everyday? How much? Is it at all possible to move out with a few friends? I lived in a sharehouse near my uni for awhile which cost me $100 a week, if you could do something like that you'd have a lot of independence. I'm from Australia though and I'm not sure how common they are in your country. Youth hostels might be an option too but I don't know much about them.

>> No.7424022

Okay, there has to be another reason why you need to drink so heavily. When I was at the height of my benzo addiction, I thought the reason I was abusing was because of some bullshit external reason like not being good enough. The substance abuse goes deeper. Found out I was self-medicating due to an undiagnosed case of bipolar. Until you find out what's really cause this other than "being surrounded by feminists at home" you're gonna become a full blown alcoholic and alcohol will be the most important thing in your life. Get help as soon as possible.

>> No.7424046
File: 24 KB, 345x369, 1307426683560.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just bought my first Moitie piece

>> No.7424050

im really depressed
i think im wasting my life in undergrad for a dumb degree. the only talent i really have is art and i wasted my chance to apply to art school because i never developed my talent enough to make a portfolio.

i just want to move in with my boyfriend and not suck at life.

>> No.7424052

Congrats! What did you get?

>> No.7424054

Unless you're a hot girl. Then you're the ire of the entire male gym population.

But even still, if you're a male, you're going to be measured and judged. Everybody I know as well as myself scan the gym between sets, just judging people's form, strength:weight ratio, general aesthetics, etc. Nobody is not formulating an opinion of you, especially if you're female.

>> No.7424057

>$4 headband
>$10 shipping
>ships from the same city i'm in
>i guess my coord will be ok without it

>> No.7424065
File: 300 KB, 960x1280, IMG417.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pics nigga :3

Not as much as a year ago, that was when it was just getting drunk 24/7
My job was easy as fuck so it was easy drinking while working. Funny shit though, I got a raise/employee of the month after 6 months on the job drinking since I'm the happy kind of drunk and I was always helping customers out and smiling and shit
Since I look Asian people never really know if Im high/drunk/sober
I was splitting rent with my roomie which was 250 each every month
Thing was,we were sharing a Studio so it was kinda cramped
I live in Cali so everything is expensive

I'm too optimistic to consider myself depressed
but it might be the case
I dunno man, I calmed my drinking down a bit
Now I just drink coffee and pretend to be happy

Fucking sucks man
Its never too late though
If you have the time and nothing holding you back, get on that shit

>> No.7424066
File: 215 KB, 433x432, year one scarecrow icon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You don't even need to go to the doctor to get it. You can find it in the face wash aisle.

There are two brands I know of: Panoxyl and Oxy. Just look closely at labels for the 10% Benzoyl peroxide, and you WILL find it eventually. I even have a back scrubber that I use to put it on my back because ew bacne.

I suggest Panoxyl over Oxy just because it's a thicker soap that goes a long way while the Oxy I have is not too sudsy, so I have to use more, and I ran out of it really fast. Panoxyl also has bars of soap available if you like that. Make sure to use a really good moisturizer and moisturize EVERY time you wash your face with it because it really strips your face of oil.

While I'm at it, does anyone have recommendations for the scarecrow cosplay mentioned >>7423276 ? I don't want to end up looking like >>7423277 and especially with that mask once I do attempt to hroo hraa it up.

>> No.7424076
File: 641 KB, 1599x1080, 1376206460576.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

congrats anon!
I just got Melty Chocolate after looking for a really long time, and for not a bad price either!
Go us!

>> No.7424262

Thank Jesus I have an at-home gym.

>> No.7424286

As a girl who goes to the gym fairly regularly to train for a law enforcement program in college, I know these feels. I put off going to the gym for years when I was in a different program. I only really started going now that I'm in a program where you have to work out or you'll fail overall. Having a more experienced gym buddy helped a lot because I learned from what they were doing and didn't feel as self-conscious. I go to the gym alone now since our schedules don't line up. People might look at me from time to time, sure, but if you're focused in what you're doing, you'll barely notice.

This is a sappy article but it might encourage you, too. http://ericamillard.com/?p=1566

>> No.7424288

btw dude those girls you're living with aren't real feminists if all they talk about is how women are superior. real feminists are into intersectionality.
but enough of that shit. hope you can sober up, get some mediation going.

you might need antidepressants even if you think youre optimistic. if your mood isn't so good lately, or you're not enjoying stuff you used to do or doing things you enjoy anymore, you might be depressed. getting treated for depression can help manage alcoholism too. sorry for the unsolicited advice.

>> No.7424685

Oh fuck is that from Routledge's "Introducing Translation Studies?" What up maaaaaan, fellow translator here, had to read it too.

I for one think the whole book makes a mountain out of a molehill and creates useless theory when none is necessary, especially with the parts about feminist translation and gay translation which is... I mean, what the fuck, right?
I just hope Ms Sarkeesian doesn't knock on my door one night demanding to smash the patriarchy with me.

>> No.7424697

Thanks Guys! It definitely helps to know most people don't care.
I'm gonna check out this callistenics. My goal is more to definition. I mostly want to lose the flab I have, which it sounds like this would work for. Thank you~

>> No.7424728

would bang in a heartbeat/10

>> No.7424749

Solution: women only gyms. I go to a non-fancy one, most people who go there are mums and old women. Get to do the stuff I did at a regulat gym, same machines and weights, without a queue of macho men watching me (not because I'm hot, but because I'm tiny and still pretty pathetic at weight lifting)

>> No.7424767

... Sod is a pretty common insult. Anon was probably English.

>> No.7424785

> tfw a paranoid asshole ruins your best lolita friendship

>> No.7424818
File: 3 KB, 203x210, 1307396949132.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw parcelforce

>> No.7424988
File: 40 KB, 200x253, Porygon-Z.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aight well I sent them an email and my parcel moved after 71 hours of just sitting in the international hub to awaiting customs charging. Which is lame because the charge will be very little but they're gonna have their £13.50 of flesh or whatever the fuck they charge for handling nowadays

but anyway

Progress! Hurrah!

>> No.7425406
File: 44 KB, 640x480, Snapshot_20140205_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess they're just crazy or some shit.
But yeah man, at least I can say I have cut down a bit recently which is some progress
I don't know about antidepressants though, my mood has never really been good to begin with and using drugs to help improve it feels like Im dropping drinking but then picking up another bad habit
I'd rather just smoke pot lol
But thanks for your advice man, nice to see people who actually care and shit man.
If you ever go to Anime Expo or Anime California I'll buy you a beer or two :3

I'd give you hickeys all over bby<3

>> No.7425412
File: 107 KB, 841x797, 1393540273640.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I had the exact same
£8 of that is 'handling fees', Aka we're gonna charge twice weaboo faggot, and cost more than the import fees

>> No.7425430

Anime expo in Vancouver?

>> No.7425439
File: 985 KB, 320x240, theriiiing.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you're flat broke
>tfw you sell your dream dress and it barely covers rent
>tfw you didn't even get to try it on

>> No.7425452
File: 33 KB, 500x375, tumblr_ly19fqyp4n1qbdonfo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Enjoy /cgl/ because of the anonymous element and thread format
>People are generally honest and not terribly rude. Often give good intelligent feedback.
>Fat thread
>Suddenly everyone is an asshole and thinks the world revolves around them and their preferences
>tfw remember why you hate people

>> No.7425475

>be me
>have a date with crush on Saturday
>freak out
>ask my beasties and family about safe topics
>"just don't mention relationships and lolita"
>he had already seen GLB at my place
>hadn't commented on it
>lolita is my passion, can't live without it
>but dun wanna be single

My life. I don't even know if he likes lolita. Probably not?

>> No.7425482

If he can't accept you for who you are, he's not worth your time. But if you think you can change yourself to not like Lolita for him, it's your choice. You should never have to hide an important part of yourself.

Then again, it's only your first date. Just have fun and if the topic of Lolita comes up, just be honest. If it doesn't come up, no need to bring it up and have to explain it/be all awkward.

>> No.7425511

>prop gets utterly trashed by my dad
>put hours of research and more money than I should have into it
>tfw trying to rebuild it as best as it can
>tfw recalling all of the irritating memories surrounding it while repairing it

>tfw all of my buddies that I'd drag along to cons don't want to go anymore
>only one that does is pretty poor, does shoddy costumes, and a typical greasy /v/irgin type with 0 social skills
>tfw just want a small group to go around with and actually enjoy cons for once in my 3 years of doing it

>tfw don't really pay heed to typical gender roles, and want to crossplay/rule 63 my favorite girl characters
>nowhere in my room to stash girl clothes, or even just practice with make-up (even full-body, for certain characters)
>next costume is a dude with long blonde hair
>need to straighten out the wig, but I have to hide it stuffed in its box and can only work while home alone (parents have unusual work schedules, can quite literally arrive home at any time in the day, early or late)
>if parents found out, living here would be even more hell than it is
>can't simply work on the damn costume because of the inevitable backlash from parents
>tfw 19 and can't afford the moving out expenses
>tfw can't even take up learning to sew for costumes/pleasure because "hurr durr that's girly" (man fuck that I'm just making clothes)

>> No.7425512


Um. What's his power level, out of curiosity?

>> No.7425526

>rich-ass grandma leaves me a huge sum of cash, spread around my state in various banks (she was paranoid, I still don't even know)
>she dies, I'm supposed to get that cash for college, and her car
>psycho aunt has control of grandma's accounts due to manipulation
>dad somehow out-manipulates her
>he just takes my slice of the cash and it's gone
>he more than likely dumped it into his failure of an investment a few months later
>tells me she never left me anything like that, when my grandma and mom both told me she did
>he just takes my car and gives me his old piece of shit, breaking-down truck
>no idea how to verify the funds' existence, if possible

>dad wants to get me in-the-know on stocks when I'm like 14 (pretty stupid idea, I know)
>he fills out some stocks for me, at my choice
>check them occasionally on my own and they're doing solid
>he never gave me the info, again
>lord knows where that cash is

>tfw had a few semesters covered by financial aid in college
>he makes just barely enough for me not to be eligible for much aid, same with mom (they're divorced)
>going to have to start paying on my own/via loans
>hear him brag and gloat about how much he does for me when he hasn't spent a single dollar towards my college
>mom can't afford much but she helps me pay for gas (I was making <$30/week for a while and needed at least $55/week for gas to commute, excluding food costs)

God I sort of know your feel, shit sucks

>> No.7425531
File: 392 KB, 1280x960, IMG042.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


There are people who actually think lolita is a bad thing?
What even

>> No.7425538

Not high. I don't think he ever watched anything other than DBZ and I'm really unsure about his knowledge about jfash (although he seemed pretty cool about lolita, dunno, probs I'm crazy and "original" enough for him to tolerate my craziness aka jfash/lolita love). Anyway, for my sake (my friends words) "don't mention manga and anime" (I don't even watch/read that since I graduated from high school).
He knows about my lolita love he just doesn't really... talk to me about it? Like, he just nodded when he was reading through my GLB I accidentally left in sight. I tried to explain to him lolita, but he didn't seem to be much interested in it. Oh well, it's just clothes right?
Is not. It's something more for me. Source of my eternal happiness.

>> No.7425539


I love you anon, and so does God. Accept him as your saviour and these feminists shall be smitten with His fiery vengeance.

>> No.7425542


If he's fairly normal, he may be weirded out by the lolita. Then again, if you look hot in it, and he likes going to Rock places for dates, you're gonna be a-okay.
I'm a guy and I find lolita very attractive, but only on girls who have a good taste in it and aren't landwhales/disgusting and unkempt

>> No.7425547

My mother.

I feel so sorry for you. I know how you feel. My mother in the past threw out all of my gothic and lolita dresses/clothes and I had to wear the same clothes for a whole week until she found time to buy me fucking 2 ugly non-black t-shirts and a pair of jeans. I could smell myself after that week of same clothes.
Parents are fucked up sometimes.

>> No.7425554
File: 384 KB, 960x1280, 1394660738571.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I may get mad and say I hate my family but in reality they aren't that bad
Maybe I'm just tsundere or something
Do they serve alcohol in heaven?

Oh? Damn dude
What does she find so bad about it?

>> No.7425559


Contrary to popular belief, they do serve alcohol in heaven. That, however, is irrelevant, since it is virtually impossible to go by the book and get into heaven in this time and age. Enjoy your ban.

>> No.7425568

I emotionally eat my feelings, and I'm trying to lose weight. It's been a huge struggle. I try to eat well and I work out daily, but my binges fuck it up. I bought a pair of jeans that are a size smaller, and I'm getting into lolita, I hope this will help me stop. I'm desperate, I've debated on throwing up after my binges to try and counteract them. Right now I occasionally do the chew and spit method.

>> No.7425571


Try not buying any binge food in the first place. And look for another venting mechanism apart from eating. Good luck with your diet!

>> No.7425576
File: 82 KB, 600x678, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah, that would explain him a little bit. Should I just avoid the topic, as everyone says?
I dunno if I look *hot* in it as I'm wearing mostly classic, but my weight is on the underweight side. Everyone says I'm well-dressed and my coords are amazing, but I don't even wear lolita on every day basics.

She thinks it's freaky and is like "you can't wear it because I don't like it", but she's a-okay with me dressed in gyaru, dafuq.

>> No.7425583

I used to binge on food too. I just stopped buying cookies altogether and bought easy to eat non caloric snacks, like carrots and cherry tomatoes. It fills you well and it's better for your health.

>> No.7425594


If I were you, I'd try going for a normal date first - go eat dinner with him somewhere, normal clothes, non-committal stuff. If it goes well, try to arrange the next date at some place where lolita isn't too out of the ordinary and see if he goes with it. Good luck!

>> No.7425601
File: 55 KB, 537x720, This nigga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I honestly don't know shit about j-fashion or whatever
I had to google "gyaru" and these japanese jersey shore Snooki lookalikes came up and I nope'd and closed the tab
But that aside, If you paid for your own clothes/dresses you have the right to keep them, if you're underage b& or youre buying your dresses with your moms money then maybe your mother does have certain right to
take them away if not tell her to go fuck her self and tip your mini chibi fedora hat (or whatever those mini hats lolita girls wear)
P.S. post pics :3

>that feel when no cold beer in hell

>> No.7425604


You need all your senses for dealing with the hot bitches in hell. You know, them as have been stoned for pre-marital sex and ungodly promiscuity.

>> No.7425614

That's what I was planning, normal clothes, maybe some walk or something and then dinner at my place with safe topics like Snowden, uni, the universe. It's tough being a nerdy female. And thank you!

That was when I was underage, now I live away from them and I'd never let them touch my dresses!
You should google Ageha or Roma gyaru.
I'd post my pics but I'm paranoid.
Ah, I have a mini top hat my mother especially hates. It's that rococo style hat.

>> No.7425652


And now time for my own feels
>tfw no kawaii lolita gf T_T

>> No.7425658

My bf doesn't understand why I care about other photographers taking photos of my cosplays.
He has a really expensive camera and takes pictures of my cosplays, but his shots are pretty bad.
Unlike more skilled photographers, he won't tell me how to pose or take dynamic shots. They're boring and plain. He doesn't tell me things like "move your arm over there, it's covering your cosplay too much", and doesn't even inform me that my bangs look bad or something on my cosplay is falling or whatever, which is a quick fix.
When I complain that a certain angle makes me look bad or the photos make me look bad, he says "you look beautiful, don't worry" which is certainly sweet and endearing, but at the same time kind of annoying.
Most of the pictures he takes of me turn out badly.
I want to tell him "you're a bad photographer", but I know he'll just get really depressed.

>> No.7425675
File: 123 KB, 720x960, I should've tucked in my shirt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that feel when you'll never get high with a qt who dresses in lolita while listening to chill 2hu music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rrps-gIQDo8

lol that's adorable, I'm pretty much the same but with weeby shit and it isn't really cute, its more creepy than cute though
I never even have enough money to fucking buy more shit though cause my shit car keeps fucking up
It's cool, when people post pics people go apeshit over stupid shit on here.

>> No.7425699

Oh gawd I always dreamed of getting high in lolita. But then again, can't smoke so it's just a dream, man.
Idk, some ppl find my love for quantum physics quite disturbing (still less than lolita though)
I'm a weirdo lol. But it's cool, I'm pretty, so nobody cares as long as I smile. Sometimes I feel so much pity to the world //end of rant

>> No.7425704

please don't smoke in your lolita. Although if your clothes are anything like your posts they reek of speshul snowflake already.

>> No.7425715
File: 27 KB, 288x266, 1394408110027.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw finally decided to major in apparel design
>tfw uni decided to raise tuition
>tfw teacher says youre going to fail her class
>tfw uni says they will cut off your financial aid if you fail or drop the class

>> No.7425736

You can't smoke? pffft
bby, I will gently and slowly teach you how to smoke
Quantum physics? Or you know we can just get baked and watch anime or play some vidya...or just walk in the rain

>> No.7425738

I'm sorry to hear that anon. There should be a form you can fill out in the event that you fail to meet your fin aid requirements. It allows you to appeal the cut-off and/or switch majors in the event the major you picked isn't your best fit. Go talk with your fin aid office and find out what you can do. (Do NOT talk to a student worker, ask to speak to a more knowledgeable adult working there)

>> No.7425742
File: 360 KB, 400x320, 1394668134162.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw all that MM on y!auctions for 10k yen or less
>tfw you can't even afford that because you spent it all on cheap shit

>> No.7425753

Please Anon, I don't want to compete with you and your special snowflake imaginary competition.
No need for random hate,plz. We cool?

>> No.7425754

thank you anon! I'll make sure to go soon
im sorry to hear that really sucks maybe its so cheap because its not in that great of condition

>> No.7425780

Thanks anon!

>> No.7425847
File: 6 KB, 104x115, ss (2014-03-10 at 04.54.47).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This. Im Nawt like other gurls!!! smoking in lolita is so edgy <3(:

>> No.7426191

Not really board-related, but

>Step-great-uncle is dying
>Like he probably won't make it till morning
>Never was close with him
>He's always just been te lolcow of the family
>He's obese as fuck, which is why he's dying
>Can't feel bad for him
>Can't feel any kind of emotion related to the situation
>Only feel terrified that I'll be forced to go to the fucking funeral

I really don't like most people on that side of my family, they're obnoxious and generally stupid people, and I couldn't make myself fake being sad, and I'd be bored as hell, and I'd really rather not. I don't want to seem disrespectful, and the best way to do that for me is to not go.

>> No.7426207

Just go and stay quiet.

>> No.7426212

I've been really depressed recently and have been considering selling off most of my small (~15 piece) wardrobe. While I love the fashion, I rarely have the opportunity to wear my dresses out, and as a student, I don't have the budget to participate in the way that I would like. As of now, I obsessively check secondhand shops, the comm sales, and japanese auction sites to an unhealthy degree, and I think that stepping away from the fashion for a while while I sort out my life would help me decompress.
I feel stupid for *leaving lolita* when I've only been in the fashion for a year or so, though, and I'm worried that I will end up regretting selling my things.

>> No.7426246


>tee hee I love quantum physics I'm so quirky

bitch you better have a degree in physics or mathematics or you're just pissing me off

>> No.7426249

>tfw your cosplay friends do 'okay-tumblr-wise-but-not-so-good' flavor of the month cosplays

>tfw you secretly want them to show up on here to be critiqued

>> No.7426266

Do what you gotta do. I was on the same boat with my obsession with checking auctions and depression. I just put away my clothes to a place I can't see. It helps. You should also consider getting help if you haven't already.

>> No.7426279

>a place I can't see
Not in the same boat, but this.
Every time I see my dresses, I get all excited.
I'd imagine it'd be easier to suppress your lolita needs if you put them away.

>> No.7426381


get /fit/

>> No.7426401


he just wants to fuck you

Successful men in their 30's realize they have all the dating power that they lacked in their early 20's and below, so they take advantage of it and they date younger women because they can.

If you want to go for it sure, but really he just wants to fuck you, I would honestly be surprised if your relationship lasts more then 6 months

>> No.7426425 [DELETED] 


Successful men in their 30's realize they have all the dating power that they lacked in their early 20's and below, so they take advantage of it and they date younger women because they can.

This. He might even think it's a good lesson for you.

>> No.7426430

>Successful men in their 30's realize they have all the dating power that they lacked in their early 20's and below, so they take advantage of it and they date younger women because they can.

This. He might think it's a good lesson for you as well.

>> No.7426471

I can assure you you will miss the things. Just don't sell them yet. Wait few months. If you still want to sell them, you are free to do so. I had similar situation and I regret selling my dream dresses.

>> No.7426498
File: 265 KB, 480x360, 1393426428931.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

antidepressants can help fix your mood, and from there it helps you manage other stuff. pot can help depending on the person but antidepressants are an excellent long-term solution once you find the right one. i'm on wellbutrin right now and i feel better than i did before. it's still a struggle but not nearly as horrible as it used to be. i have good days and bad days like a normal human being and that's a huge step. hopefully you can figure something out too.

thanks for the beer offer. not sure if i'll be in cali soon because i live in the midwest but who knows. i have a few fellow lolita friends who live in cali, it's like the promised land of frills i guess lol.

>> No.7426510

Do it, the worst that happens is you get some really good presents and vacations out of it and a bad break-up. Don't worry about physical age, 15 years is nothing. I'm 28 younger than my husband and we're the most lovey dovey couple you'll ever find. Have fun with it, you'll both get what you will out of each other's company, and maybe it'll work out.

>> No.7426609

I feel you on the whole dead people you don't care about thing. It's awkward when people start crying on you and go, "I miss him soooo much. He was soooo great. Don't you miss him, Anon? Don't you think he was great?" "U-uh, yeah. Of course."

For the funeral, I'd say the best thing would be to go. Stay off to the side and close to people you even semi-like. You don't need to look sad, just serious/somber. Furrow your brows a bit and stare at the floor if you want to do expressions.
Get out as soon as you can, but don't leave noticeably early.
Good luck, Anon!

>> No.7426634

Already fucked him actually. I've seen better, like way better. He was thinking about teaching me some things, but I'll apparently be the professor now.

And the other side, our second and third date went perfectly smoothly, he was smart, fun and caring. We have the same kind of education apparently, so we go along well. I love his flat too, he has a great aesthetic sense, apparently he reads a lot, was into cinema before being a musician and likes good music. I really like him.

>> No.7426637

How long you gonna keep him for? And how much does he make?

>> No.7426638

28 years younger ? Oh my, it's a whole new level ! Thanks, we give it a try and it apparently can work. I don't know how long it will last but it can at least be fun.

>> No.7426643

I'm gonna 'keep' him until one of us is bored I guess, because that's how most relationships works, and I think he said how much he makes when we talked about how he didn't like his job, it was not bad at all but can't remember it right now.
I hope it will at least last a little between us, because I really feel it could work. It's really rare that I'm attracted that way by any human being.

>> No.7426644

As long as you remember to expect negative judgments, seeing as you are an 18 year old dating a 33 yr old guy who's "in a band"(not gonna lie, just typing that up makes me crack up). Remember to keep memorabilia just in case his band takes off, just so in the future when you see him on MTV you can tell your kids "I fucked him" and back it up. Have you been a song/album cover yet? Serious question.

>> No.7426650

I know what I'm going for, don't worry. As I said before, he has a 'real job' which pay well despite not being super interesting. Actually, he is working on his solo album right now, I've heard a few things and that's some good shit. He had a few 'hits' with his former band some years ago, people reconized him in the street and such (something like ten years ago, I was too young, can't remember it but the music sounds pretty familiar). He is really passionated, he dreams about leaving of his talent, but he also knows that will be really difficult. Pretty down to earth about that, surprisingly.

>> No.7426653

Sorry, was the question 'have you seen' or 'have you been in a song' ?
If the second, no, not yet. And yes, taking memorabilia, I always do that anyway. Like ciema or conert tickets, pictures of us etc. Didn't have the time to do it yet, but I always do it and keep a little box with my former boyfriends letters and pictures. I know I'll miss it when older, so I keep them just in case.

>> No.7426856

Yes, it is the second. And by memorabilia, I meant shit you could sell in the future. No ones gonna want that personal memento shit unless it's signed by him or you have proof that it was his.

>> No.7426859

Ah, don't wanna sell anything, I find it both stupid and disrepectful.
If I wanted a true celebrity, I could have one, ya know. They are not difficult to find and as long as you are pretty enought to be their new trophy, you can totally date/fuck one.

>> No.7426868
File: 31 KB, 350x409, amused fancy lady.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel sorry for any peasant without one!

>> No.7426908


If he can't deal with lolita, its not gonna last if its your passion.

Sadly, most of my friends are almost against it, not just indifferent. Where i would love to find a girl who is into it.

Its a chance youll have to take.

>> No.7426919


Home gym? What the fuck are you trying to do, become a bodybuilder?

You dont need no shitty gym to get fit as fuck. The biggest investments would have to be a bar to do pullups and maybe weights.

Skiprope and running and exercise without machines beats everything for getting fit.

But you have to sweat. And im not talking the oh this was tough, i feel some sweat pearls forming on my forehead. Im talking about niagara falls of sweat when you can barely breathe and you still squeeze out a bit more.

Honestly most girls i saw that complained about how exercise is not working didnt even give it a month, or just took a rest whenever it got a bit too tough.

>> No.7426940


*shrug* I only ever knew one of my grandparents, which is to say the father of my mother. I didn't even care when he died. It is not an issue. If people that you care about are upset by his death, just try and console them.

>> No.7426959


Honestly I have some excercise machines at home, but I prefer going to the gym.

I'm male, so idk I don't have the negative experience women might have there. But the key is to be outgoing and try to talk to other people. If you're open and easy to chat to, you won't feel like the gym is full of macho people. And you might pick up some good advice or help, too.

>> No.7427018
File: 174 KB, 500x375, tumblr_lpqd8aNsJq1qii6tmo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's been so long since I had sex that I don't even remember what it feels like anymore.

>> No.7427025
File: 203 KB, 443x737, tumblr_mfvzkqUrEa1rmw09ko1_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I actually want to cosplay (lolita who has never cosplayed before) but she's described as an "exquisite beauty" and at best I'm cute/pretty, not beautiful. I don't know where I would wear it anyway, but I love her character.

>> No.7427032

My bf expects me to give him blowjobs every day with no sexual attention in return. We recently (within the past two months), got back together. e doesn't kiss me passionately any more, he doesn't talk to me on the rare occasion of a date, and during the 3 times we've had sex in the past 2 months, he won't look at me.

What do.
He says he loves and wants me, but never shows it.

>> No.7427037

Actions speak louder than words, Anon.
Have a talk with him about it.

>> No.7427039

You probably don't want to hear this but you need to break up with you. It doesn't matter how much he says he loves you if he doesn't show it. You can do much better anon.

PS: What dickhead expects blowjobs daily without doing anything in return? Get out of there fast. There's a reason you broke up in the first place.

>> No.7427042

*you need to break up with him

Maybe I should get some sleep. Anyway, best of luck anon. You definitely need to at least tell him how you feel as it will only get worse otherwise.

>> No.7427046

you'd be fine with a well-applied face of makeup.

>> No.7427051


> obtain sexy rumpus partner that smells nice and shares a lot of common interests
> tell your (now ex) bf to suck his own dick
> have the weight of a shitty relationship lifted off your shoulders

>> No.7427086


>> No.7427090
File: 713 KB, 500x263, tumblr_m9ujhkOdIq1qcu8dco1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He sounds like a piece of shit anon, dump him and get a qt that will go down on YOU every day for nothing in return.

>> No.7427104
File: 62 KB, 368x368, 1377320055521.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Kinda hard to talk about a game without referring to actual gameplay, wanting to talk only about story does make you seem like a try hard.


As long as you arent as bad as one person my gf overheard;

>I dont buy games, I only play demos.

Ya should be good to go

>> No.7427106


For a guy, this is the scariest word that can be used in this context.

>> No.7427108
File: 254 KB, 256x144, 8023.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just now got it.


But yeah, anon, if your boyfriend continues being a dickhole, just.. teeth.

>> No.7427122
File: 93 KB, 400x267, 1377572186687.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lately something feels just a bit off about my community, like I might be missing some big elephant in the room.
I hope it's just me being paranoid, but I don't want to accidentally step on any drama landmines.

>> No.7427139

Not /cgl/ related but I have to talk about it at least once.

I fall in love with an actor. Like, a famous one. I'm not a fangirl by any mean, I like his work but nothing that much, he is more or less my kind of man but is not extraordinary, etc. But I went to a party with some friends and he was here. We chatted a little bit, I didn't even got it until he casually mentionned his work.
He was handsome, so clever and nice and fun.
I keep thinking about him, but I'm sure he will totaly forget me. I'm not that bad, cute should I say, but nothing to catch his eyes, he is out of my ligue. As english is not my first language, I don't feel smart speaking it, I can't really crack up jokes and so on.
I should just let it go, I wish I had never met him.

>> No.7427155

One of the first things you do in that situation is to make sure that "elephant", that issue you seem not in the loop about, isn't you. Once that's been settled you're in the clear for asking wtf is going on.

>> No.7427178

Who is it?

>> No.7427184

I will let you guess. An englishman, under 30, recently gained in popularity.

>> No.7427187

Are you Italian by any chance?

>> No.7427191

No, but not far. Why ?

>> No.7427196

As a drama student, the best advice I can give you is this:

Don't date actors.

>> No.7427205

I asked because

You're not going to raise eyebrows by being that European girl that throws herself at an English actor. In fact, not even by being a girl that throws herself an an actor. You could have made a good memory even by embarrassing yourself. Ah, well.

>> No.7427210

Ah yes, in english it's 'league'. Should've been more careful.

I know, I should have made a move or something. At least we had a nice chat.

May I ask why ?

>> No.7427241

>Starting to cosplay a few years ago
>Make my own cosplay, looking supbar, but gotta start somewhere
>Trying to learn make up, hoping balance myself out with a good make up job
>Preparing to walk the con, do myself up
>Ask friends for opinions, all say I look great! Fantastic! Etc.
>Actually look like shit
>Hurts to look at pictures of myself in that cosplay

I would have rather gone without the cosplay, if I looked that way. My fucking friends, though. They walked around with me alld ay like that.

>> No.7427264

This shit makes me rage. The non-sjw shit type of feminism is EQUALITY, not ~men are inferior~
Get away from them

>> No.7427273

Good luck! And don't try to hide lolita, but don't be like HEY FIRST DATE LOOK I LIEK FRILLY DRESSUS THAT ARE MONEHS LES GET MURRY N U BI ME MOAR XD

>> No.7427283

if it wasn't for the fact that you met this actor, I'd think I know who you are; you even match that person's broken English and way of writing.

>> No.7427295

I'm feeling your feel, anon.

>> No.7427298

Is my english so bad ? Also, pray tell me who you think am I.

>> No.7427304

post them

>> No.7427310

B-but I thought this was what lolita was all about?

>> No.7427321

is the actor british?

>> No.7427324


>> No.7427339

are they famous because of a prominent tv series, or mostly got famous from movies?

i'm totally just curious btw, i'm not part of the european anything community. i'm american. your english is pretty good. :)

>> No.7427341

A prominent tv show, and thank you :)

>> No.7427347

Is we akinator now?

>> No.7427351

I'm going to guess it's either Benihana Cucumber or that Tennant guy.

In which case, go back to Tumblr, Anon, and give it up.

>> No.7427353

They kept giving me the whole
>Looks better than what I could ever do!
Since they dont cosplay at all. Just talk about it.

>> No.7427356

You forgot Matt Smith and Martin Freeman. But yeah, I was thinking the same thing.

>> No.7427359

god forbid i'm curious? calm your tits.

>> No.7427360

She said under 30. It might be Smith. If that's the case, I ain't saying "Awwwwww" to your little crush anymore, Eurogirl. More like "pffffffffft".

>> No.7427361

For me I ran into friends who told me I looked great, but the pictures they took looked really bad.
And I know they could've at least pointed out "your wig is sliding back, why don't you fix it?".
My bangs look really short in all my pictures now.

>> No.7427364

Nop, non of them. I don't even watch Doctor Who, and while Cumberbratch is ok, Freemn isn't my cup of tea.

>> No.7427369

Someone from Downton Abbey? Skins?

>> No.7427370
File: 143 KB, 645x849, 1367406331600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> tfw fat due to eating out of stress during high school
> tfw trying to stop binge eating is hard as fuck
> tfw you're afraid that even when you'll lose all the excess weight you'll end up with even uglier loose skin

I just want to cosplay and wear cute jfashion... I'll have to work harder I guess.

>> No.7427372

Nop. I haven't watched these one either. I should watch Dowton Abbey thought, I adore Maggy Smith.

>> No.7427374

do some cardio, anon! you can do it!

>> No.7427378

Damn, I'm really curious. Can you drop another hint?

>> No.7427379

You know nothing.

>> No.7427387

daaamn, he's fine as hell. nice.
seriously though dating actors is probably a bad idea anyway so don't feel too bad lol

>> No.7427400 [DELETED] 

Wait, what? Who is it?

>> No.7427403


Here's the thing: you don't need to get an apartment all your own to move out. A lot of people move into an existing household with roommates, rather than get an apartment, because it's cheaper.

I live near a university, and there are big old houses in my neighborhood that have been converted to rooming houses--each tenant gets a bedroom with a lock on the door, and the kitchen and baths are shared. Cheaper than an apartment, and the landlords are often more willing to take a risk on a n00b renter with no history.

Getting an apartment and buying the basic stuff to furnish it is expensive as hell for someone just leaving home. But an apartment of one's own is not the only option for moving out--there are less expensive ways to do it.

>> No.7427405

Isn't he ? Handsome and funny as well.
In fact their is another girl in my comm who is a "fangirl" of him, so I didn't even mention meeting him at all.
I regret ot giving him my mail at least, but yes, it wasn't a good idea anyway I guess.

>> No.7427408

Different Anon, but there's not a lot of places like that around where I live. It's either dorm, apartment, parents' home, or on the street.

>> No.7427409

Aw, I was going to guess GoT but it's not a British show so I didn't.

Do you have mutual friends with him or something?

>> No.7427414

Not a British show but a lot of British actors, yes.
No, not really. It's a little bit complicated, but let's say that an acquaintance of mine invited me to a party where he happened to be thanks to his friends. I knew like three person in the all place.

>> No.7427415

jon snow i'm guessing

>> No.7427417

Because most girls they meet will be like you. Idolising/throwing themselves at them because they are good looking and are starting to be successful/well known. Ofc I am generalising, but still, its pretty pathetic to watch.

Also, how hard was it to say GoT instead of high jacking the whole thread? It just makes looks like you think its something super special, when, in reality, if you live in London for example, you come across A LOT of well known people just by walking around *shrug*

If I were you I would change your angle of approach. But good luck with your crush anon!

>> No.7427420

Talk is the cheapest shit there is; action actually takes work.

Whenever there is a gap between what someone says and what they do, and you need to make a decision, base it on their actions--because that's the real indicator of their intentions. Bosses, partners, family, friends--it's all the same. What they say is irrelevant; what they do is everything.

Your boyfriend is using you for sex, but doesn't love you. I'm sorry; that's a shitty place to be. You deserve better, anon--ditch his ass and move on.

>> No.7427508
File: 737 KB, 359x213, no.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>chronic pain finally gets diagnosed
>only medication doctor will prescribe is stupid expensive and has to be taken 3 times a day
>browse lacemarket to self-medicate with burando instead
>find gorgeous skirt
>bid once
>only other bidder BINs literally within a couple of minutes
>fuck you too, life

>> No.7427520

Dump his sorry ass. Also new rule for you, never give head if he isn't willing to eat you out. I keep a 4:1 ratio of eat:blow with my baby, he certainly appreciates it more.

>> No.7427563

4:1, bitch you cray? That better include foreplay/sexytime and not just randoms. 2:1 maybe, but I guess he really really likes eating you out.
Tru dat on the tit/tat shit though. Might as well wake him up by queening.

>> No.7427757

were you the one who bid on my swan lace skirt? :( I'm sorry anon.

>> No.7427928
File: 1.13 MB, 2592x1944, IMG012.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pot helps alot dude, but I dunno man.
I don't think my Medical would cover antidepressants, its pretty shitty.
Oh shit, how is it out there? And yeah there is some lolita out here, mainly in LA tho
I'm in the Inland Empire so all there are here are niggers.

>that feel when having to build relationships with irl 3DPDs just to have sex is such a pain
>that feel when I started playing VN/Porn Games instead
>that feel when folder is past 50 GBs

Step 1 is accepting
Step 2 is drinking
Step 3 is drinking more

>> No.7428488


4:1 ratio, shit thats fucking chuurazy.

Those better be some of the most insane blowjobs in his life.

>> No.7428492


Pot isnt for everyone and does not help everyone the same.

Its also a shitty way to self medicate depression because it does not really help the issues that caused the depression unless you are really willing to work to fix them, and pot makes it harder to start fixing things.

>> No.7429588


Yeah, that was me. All is fair in love and rori so don't lose any sleep Anon.

>> No.7431078
File: 1.06 MB, 2592x1944, IMG007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pot is cheap and easier to obtain that actual meds

>> No.7431697

i'm really angry i was like a few inches away from finishing cutting out my fabric when i realized i forgot the seam allowance

i mean, it probably won't be noticeable in the end, but i'm just really annoyed at myself

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