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Help me out /cgl/. Are there any good tutorials for making giant regent pompadours? I'm thinking of making a Space Dandy cosplay, and I want a respectably huge pomp. My hair is long enough for it I'm sure, but all I can find are tutorials for regular mortal human pompadours.

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On that note, have there been any Space Dandy cosplays yet? I know it's not a terribly difficult costume to pull off.

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>mortal human pompadours
i lol'd but have no help
maybe some kind of support wire?

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Lots and Lots of Hairspray.

Check out the leader of the Rockabilly Dancers of Harajuku Park

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Yeah man, now that's a pompadour.

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One of my friends made her pompadour and posted these stages which may help you? But I don't know if OP wants a wig or to style your own hair.

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There were a few of varying quality at Katsu.

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