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Post feels, rants, vents, and so on, seagulls.

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>Would very much like to attend a lolita meet in my city
>Terribly afraid of doing so because I'm a male
Time to stare at my wardrobe and sigh for the next forever or so.

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Obligatory "that feel when no cutie pie cosplay girlfriend."

Still feeling it.

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As long as you're decent, no one will care. People will be assholes online, but id befriend you. :)

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most comms are very friendly to our bros! It's all about your style, anyways.

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>tfw you find out the otaku guy you met at some con is a huge slut
>he owns figmas, watches countless anime I've never heard about, reads a bunch of manga, studies Japanese, cosplay
The thing is that he's very good looking, he even worked as a model for a while. When I asked him about past relationships and he told me he never had a real girlfriend I thought he was going to say he was a virgin, but instead of told me all the details of his sexual history. It seriously grossed me out.

>lost his virginity at 12 to a 20yo woman
>had over 10 partner before he hit 18
>had sex with 2 of his bosses, both at least twice his age
>had countless one night stands with girls he met on conventions and girls he met on college
>when I asked him about STD's he told me he "never had anything permanent"
He told me all that like it wasn't a big deal.

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Pics of otaku? I honestly feel bad for him.

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I don't wanna post his pictures, what if someone here knows him?

He doesn't seem to be a sad person, he's very into his own little world and happy about it.

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sounds like he has issues, I'll assume the whole being molested by a 20 yr old didn't help. The fact that he told you all of that is even weirder.

I'd avoid it.

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>has countless meaningless sex with older people and has stds
Yeah, he's elated in life. You're probably making this up too.

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I'm not sure about it, but he seems to be one of those high functioning autistic guys. When I first met him at the con he was complaining about not being able to find some manga to random people, but he was just too cute so I had to talk to him.

He's really clueless about social stuff and expectations.

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>tfw sway back makes my stomach stick out a little and makes my butt stick out a lot
>have to take in and cut off ridiculously large amounts of fabric when making cosplays or they'll make me look huge

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Every guy wants to have meaningless sex with as many women as he can. But most can't pull it off.

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Do you still wanna date him?

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To be honest I'd love to have sex with him and use him as my con-bf so we can cosplay together and be ultra cute. But I don't see myself having a real relationship with him, introducing him to my parents as the man I'm going to marry would be weird as hell.

This is probably what most women thought about him so I kinda feel bad about thinking the same.

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Of course he's clueless. He's an autistic weeaboo who's much more worried about kanji meanings than anything else.
He's a very easy target for shit people like the 20yo who popped his cherry. He doesn't even get people are doing shit to him.

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It seems like he's willing cougar-bait. He probably won't even consider sex with you unless you're much older than him.

You can keep him as a friend though. He seems alright.

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No, only the ones who are empty inside

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Most of his partners were about his age, only the girl who took his virginity and his two bosses were older.

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I guess you're right. The way he told me all that it seemed like he thought sex was just a nice thing he could do in between watching anime and playing videogames and that was about it.

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Where did marriage even come in? You sound like a psychopath

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Some people just want sex and not relationships. There's nothing at all wrong with that as long as you're safe and honest.

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I'm sorry if I think past short term relationships.

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>Planning a cosplay rigourously
>The more I learn about it the less certain you are that I can pull it off
>The deadline for the con is getting closer and closer
>Will probably end up putting it together in time

Every single time. It's never so simple is it?

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>you will never have anyone in your area to go to cons with who isn't a drunken arsehole

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Losing faith in myself more and more each day and I can't bring myself to be even slightly productive.

What do?

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I want to start planning out my next costumes, but for years I've struggled with staying committed to a character or design once I started on it. I get super pumped about a costume, and start ordering materials for it, then the next day I have a completely new thing I'm excited about and want to make. This has obviously cost me some wasted money in fabrics and crafting supplies. I basically can't commit to a specific cosplay, and so I'm currently afraid of starting anything new, for fear I'll change my mind about it tomorrow.

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This is me every two weeks or so, I just got out of my slump today with (I am so ashamed to admit this) retail therapy. But generally I've discovered for myself the best way to break up this down period is to start changing up my routine and once I feel confident again it's much easier to be productive. Good luck anon, I know that feel all too well.

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>TFW Katsucon is next week
>TFW I forgot to buy body paint for my cosplay
>TFW I'll just have to use watered down acrylic paint instead

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>tfw not a lot of cosplay friends because the local cosplay comms are always filled with drama from the 15 year old Homestucks who all have "anxiety disorders" which are really them self diagnosing after reading the Wikipedia pages for social anxiety disorders
>tfw the 18+ crowd is also filled with the same types of people

How do I into cosplay friends who aren't like this? Almost everyone I've met so far has been this way. Should I just keep trying?

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This feel's kind of gross, just a warning.

Ever since I was a little kid (around 4 or 5 years of age) I've picked at my skin constantly. I usually do it at places that aren't gonna be outwardly noticeable to strangers, like my toes, But the place that gets it the worst is my lips. For over 15 years I have not gone more than a week without picking off dry scabs from them.

I've started building a lolita wardrobe and I'm happy with where it's going, but my damned lips hold me back from wearing it in public. In order for them to look OK and not gross and cracked, I have to pick the skin off all over again and wear lipstick or gloss, and the next day my lips will be dry and cracked again. It's a huge vicious cycle and I hate it.

I just want to have pretty lips. They've healed enough in the past where I know they're not scarred or anything once healed, but I can't even get to that point. I desperately want to be fixed of it by mid-Spring, when I'm gonna be modeling at a fashion show... but I know it's probably not going to happen. I'm seeing a psychiatrist in a month about some other issues, so I want to bring it up then... I just don't know.

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I need to commit to an idea for a coord and make it happen rather than idly experimenting with random pieces.

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Oh jesus, that's going to be unpleasant.

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I did it on halloween, it's actually really nice considering.

I water it down to the point where when it dries it doesn't even flake or anything. I just need to make myself pale and greyish, not actually paint myself a solid color, so it's not too bad. It's just a pain in the fucking ass to hve to stand in a bathtub, paint myself, and then stand still until I dry so that I don't get any bare spots.

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Are you a hamsteak?

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Holy shit nothing fills me with rage more than a lolita who wears converses. Seriously, what the fuck?

Shoe shopping has got to be one of the best parts of making a coord. But noooope, too hard. Throw on the trainers because a quick browse of Rose Chocolat is too hard.

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Some girls have a hard time finding good shoes in their size. I try not to say anything, but yeah, you should at least make an effort.

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I think if they're cute like the AP style converse they're not so bad in lolita.

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pic and thread related


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and pic related is how I feel about it

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I don't like that either. Ruins the outfit for me. I'm too big footed for brand shoes and I'd never do it.

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No, not at all, but if I bend my arms too much, or even just put them down, the insides of my elbows, or under my arms could end up without paint. Since I water it down so much, it rubs off really easily until it's dried.

For reference, I'm doing a bubblehead nurse, so I just need a very light layer of it to make myself pale and sickly looking, rather than the homostuck type solid body paint.

I'm a girl who can't even paint my nails without fucking them up every single time, because I can't sit still long enough for them to dry. So standing in a bathtub until it dries is a pain.

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I want these so bad, fuck my big feet, are there replicas of these?

>> No.7356368

The red ones are hideous.

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Ugh, ageplayers and their daddy fetishes creep me out. If I ever called my boyfriend "daddy" I would never be able to look my actual dad in the face again.
And don't even get me started on the sissies and diaper fetishists.

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I get really upset with myself because I'm so negative about everything. I always find something to nag about peoples costumes (way above their skill level, shitty wig/make-up, doesn't suit the character at all, sloppily made costume, generally just a bad looking person etc..) and even if they were good cosplayers I'd have a problem with their personality ("I follow this bitch on twitter and I know she only got interested in this series after it got popular! stay away from my babies attentionwhore ugh") and so on. It's gotten to the point where I only have a couple of friends and even then I'm afraid my constant negativity will eventually drive them away too.
I've kind of figured that the reason I judge others so harshly is because I do not look the way I wish I would, aren't skillful enough to make elaborate costumes and generally just lack motivation to do even half of the costumes I actually want to. It doesn't help that I'm embarrassed of this hobby so I don't want to spend all of my money on it. I back out of anything that seems too difficult and never look at it again. I deliberately stop myself from doing costumes that I would look awful in no matter how much I'd love to do them, and I think that's why it pisses me off when other people are able to have fun without thinking about silly things like those and just do what they want.
The worst thing is even when I know all this I still can't stop, and I keep being judgemental of everyone who's not perfect and still hold myself back from doing some of the cosplays I really want because I couldn't even imagine dealing with looking myself in the mirror and thinking "as I thought, I look like shit".
Even when I fit the character I'm cosplaying I keep thinking how much better it'd look if I was this and that and everything but the way I am now and that's honestly just so tiring.

sorry for the stupid rant and being a little bitch

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I sort of feel this, anon. I've become much more critical mentally and now whenever I go to cons I don't see, "oh, they're cosplaying from that series and they look like they're enjoying themselves", I think, "okay, they probably should have styled the wig, the material on that prop doesn't look right" and I don't know how to stop myself. I never say these things out loud, but I wish I could just... turn this off, sometimes.

And even when it comes to my own cosplays, it's either perfect or bust, I'm never satisfied with it. Even if people tell me I look fine I don't know how to take it, and sometimes I just dismiss it. I say things like, "well I didn't do a good job with this part here" or "yeah but my wig isnt' that great". What do?

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>I judge others so harshly is because I do not look the way I wish I would, aren't skillful enough to make elaborate costumes and generally just lack motivation to do even half of the costumes I actually want to.
I think this is a very common issue, especially on this board and something I think about before I reply to the one criticizing.
It takes practice once you are in a circular rut of doing this but you need to break out of it so you will feel better.
Is something else going on in your life that makes you feel so judgmental in this area and your hobby, maybe? Sometimes futile quests for perfection in one area of your life point to that.

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i do that same thing with compliments. i can tell that it makes it really awkward for the person giving the compliment sometimes, too. it's really hard to just say "hey, thanks" but i have found that following the "thanks" up with compliments on their stuff easily shifts the conversation away from what i am convinced is the shittiest pleated skirt ever (or whatever it is that they pointed out).

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>mfw people bring their fetishes into the fashion
I never really liked that print anyways. :/

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shit dropped pic

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mix it with dollar store paint, it's not the best and you can't sweat much but it's only one day.

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I've been really excited to wear my new dress tomorrow for my birthday, but the weather is for heavy rain for most of the day, and I don't own a (waterproof) coat long enough to protect said dress. Ho hum.

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>be me
>best friend messages me on fb
>she is really sad because she realused how much of her idealism she has lost, and how much she envys peopke who have their life together, have goals, plans, go to vreat famous Universities
>her message brings me really down
>write long, depressing and cynical respind about how ubrealistic idealism really is, hiw much people suck, how we will probably never archieve our life goals and will pribably live in the neverending hell of a sad mediocre life we hate

>message marked as read
>she didnt respond, its been 2 hours

>mfw I realised what I have done
>mfw I completly fucked things up

I am afraid if her answer and i am a horrible friend and i hate myself.

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>lots of tests in my classes next week, need to study hard this weekend
>have a lot of anxiety over my husband dying or leaving me
>it becomes borderline obsessive
>I catch on and take myself to a therapist
>today we finally made a breakthrough into why I feel this way
>I hate myself so thoroughly that I don't feel like I deserve to be married to someone so great, and I'm indulging in these negative fantasies because of that
>I hate myself because of being bullied throughout school and at home, and told I was lazy, stupid, a terrible human being, fat, etc
>even though I'm an adult on my own and working hard for my dreams now, every time I accomplish something I feel like I didn't work hard enough to deserve it
>spend the last half of the therapy session crying
>feel totally drained now
>can't focus on studying, can't focus on anything
>all I want is to put on my frills and go out and have fun with some friends but the more time I waste being drained and wishing to do something else, the more critical it becomes to study

I mean I'm glad we've finally gotten to the root of the problem after months of trying, but why did it have to be so emotionally taxing and why this weekend? Oh and my insurance changed this year and now my therapist isn't covered, so I got to pay a sweet out-of-pocket today too.

>> No.7357254

>Not even dating this guy
>already thinking about introducing him to your parents as the "man you're going to marry"
No honey, thinking past short-term would be like "I wonder if this guy wants anything more than just sex". "How will I tell my parents we're getting married" is fucking nuts.

>> No.7357261

I've been feeling the same way but I'm a lolita. I don't want my friends to think I'm a dramawhore but all I can seem to talk about lately is so-and-so's ugly coord or the dumb thing whatsherface said on facebook.

>> No.7357294

>people responding
"oh! yes, I wear lolita and am into ageplay"

dont fucking advertise lolita is ageplay for you, jesus

>> No.7357305

Not that anon but wondering what my parents will think/if I could see myself married to this guy is one of the first things I think about when I consider someone I am attracted to. If I can't dredge up an "eh maybe" at the least I don't think there's a point in continuing that route

But who knows maybe you get to know them better as friends and BAM

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You don't own the hobby, asshole.

>> No.7357338

oh wow, someone's offended.
here's my reasoning for saying what I said

>yes you can do ageplay in lolita
>yes you can have sex in lolita
>yes, you can enjoy lolita in any way you want

there is a problem with people assuming ALL lolita is just fetish clothing, so for advertising
>I wear lolita as fetish clothes!
>please fuck me! I'll wear lolita and be your naughty little girl!

is a thousand steps backward for every girl that has to fight to explain that she dresses in pretty clothes in a non-sexual way.

HOWEVER, you can add on to these things
>I wear lolita as fetish clothes, but the fashion isn't for people that do, its purely for people that enjoy the clothing
YES, this is OK. make your intents clear.

because stating
"fuck me in a lolita dress"
"lolita is fetish clothing for me"

makes people think
"oh god, lolitas have daddy issues and want to be the little girl"
"fuck, all lolitas are whores, they're probably crazy in bed"

and then things like this :>>7351811 will happen.

>> No.7357381

I have the scab-picking tick too, Anon. It's been super bad lately because I'm stuck babysitting an inactive storage lot with very little mental stimulation because my boss just had surgery. There's no internet at the office, so all I can really do is read books, but it's not enough stimulation to keep me from picking at my scabs (mine are mostly from hangnails, but I do chew on my lips from time to time and get scabs there too)

I want to stop so bad. If I could have internet and stream some animu or movies or something at work, it wouldn't be so bad.

>> No.7357465

I don't try to make people assume lolita is only for girls who want a daddy. I just say that lolita is part of my sexuality and that I wanna share that with my daddy.

>> No.7357482

You are an embarrassment, please stop broadcasting this shit and making the rest of us look exponentially worse by association.

>> No.7357497


I am terrible with taking compliments too. I just assume that the comments are backhanded/not serious.

Then they were serious and I feel like a dick.

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Obviously into bratting for attention.
Put in time-out

>> No.7357544

Yeah I'm sorry you don't like my sexuality.

>> No.7357560

I fucking hate winter and I hate the shitty mood it puts me in. A part of me wants to go back on anti-dees, but the other part enjoys actually having a free personality.

>> No.7357658

you can have it, stop broadcasting this shit.
not the same anon, but damn, you're disgusting

>> No.7357727

I'm disgusting because I bring lolita to my sex life?

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Ive been putting off working on a costume for so long and I think i figured out the reason why.

Im not very excited about being this character. Th only reason im doing it is to fill in a group. I was so desperate to have another group cosplay done, where we could all be from the same thing and match, that i completely bypassed whether or not i would actually enjoy being this character. The outfit is entirely casual, but i dumped a decent amount of money on a great jacket for it, which i am now painting with fabric paint to make it work. But when I look at it, i just think "wow, i am totally slaughtering this jacket and i may never wear it again".

Im going to force myself to wear it even outside of cons just so i can feel like my money didnt go to waste. And from now on, im going to give groups a whole lot more thought. I envy the people who can casually say they will cosplay someone to fill in a group and dont seem to be bothered by it at all, because i have found that it makes me feel disgusted with myself when im not excited to be the character. i can easily spend a ton of money of an elaborate costume i will only wear once or twice a year if i love the character. Ive found that it's not worth the effort otherwise.

>> No.7357843

No, because you grandstand about it. Just keep it to yourself and quit fetish-vomiting all over people who are telling you that your level of personal disclosure is just TMI and very inappropriate.
We don't give a darn about your sex life but geez, a little discretion and yes, decorum might help. Other lifestylers roll their eyes at this kind of public display bullshit too so yep.
Now go to your room you little twat.

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>have a hard time making friends because i have trouble "clicking" with people
>makes new friend
>really enjoy talking to her
>so excited
>she hasn't been online for a few days
>oh god was i being too clingy or annoying
>oh god

>> No.7357856


He doesn't sound like a bad dude, but I'd definitely be wary.

A lot of shit can come out of the woodwork with folks like that, not even them being creeps or assholes but just, if they've got a lot of stuff to work out you don't want to fall into the role of proto-therapist. (And definitely put the foot down on proper STD testing and shit)

>> No.7357873

Sometimes I need a break from the internet and go offline for days, especially after being on for like a month straight talking to people on mumble or just irc.
Those first few days of a new friend never really let you feel the clingyness or anything like that, it's like the honeymoon phase of friendship, I hope your friend comes back

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>tfw tracking info hasn't updated in 2 weeks
I know it's probably due to Chinese New Year, but man the biggest thing I hate about ordering from China is how long they take to get it through customs regardless of a holiday.

>> No.7357944

no, its because you broadcast it.

its like if I went to a petowners meetup and someone announced that owning a dog was just a fetish for them and they were into jerking their dog off.

no, nigga, no. shut your face you fucking creep.

>> No.7357956

Isn't acrylic paint not supposed to be used on skin, non-toxic or not?

>> No.7357960

This is actually making me feel a tiny bit better.
>Friend ordered me a bag for christmas just after the new year
>month later, it hasn't arrived
>friend is moving in with her girlfriend, so no internet, and I don't think I have her new phone number so I don't know if she got tracking or not

It's coming from China, so I know it'll take a while, there's just so many "what if"s, and the thought the person she bought from might have been a scammer (youtube says otherwise, though).

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Almost always have three problems when choosing cosplays:

1. Don't like the game/show that much but really like a character.
2. Don't like the only character I can pull off that much but really like the game/show.
3. The one character I really do like, I'm not talented enough to make the costume properly.

I now have way too many plans for the number of days of a con.

>> No.7357980

>order piece of a cosplay for upcoming event
>tracking says it was delivered but there's nothing in my mailbox
>decide to wait a couple days to see if the tracking was just faulty
>still not here
>go to post office with tracking number- they say they don't know what happened to it but they'll call me back if they find info
>three days later, no call back from post office, considering contacting seller to see if i can at least get a shipping discount if i repurchase
>package chilling on my welcome mat when i get back from work
>everything turned out better then expected
I was really worried because this kind of tracking error has never happened to me before

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I was the loli whose job was "forgetting" to send her checks out. Well I picked them up today and fucking pissed because WHILE I was out getting them the fucking dress I wanted got sold.
Whoever bought Sweet Cream House in Brown... Fuck you. Fuck you and all you're worth. (nothing personal I'm just pissed off.)

>> No.7358893
File: 49 KB, 500x281, gimmegimme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>making pattern for Thranduil-cosplay
>working on le mock-up
>pain in arms, cramps in shoulders and neck but finally finished all the seams
>look up reference again
>forgot one of the seams
>will have to redo everything

>> No.7358907

Right there with you, anon. You don't see every woman outside of Lolita whose feet are over a UK 6.5 running around in cons and cocktail dresses. If anything, shoes should be the easiest part of the outfit to source, especially considering the recent popularity of the more twee styles.
I only wore cons with Lolita once, and I was literally going out to play catch in a field.

>> No.7358908


Oh god, you too? I wanted the brown pleats double collar blouse and I came home from work to find it gone.

>> No.7358913

I'm pisssed because I've been waiting for EVER with it sitting in my cart. I was constantly texting my boss (who either didn't respond or promised to send it out the following day) and I come into work and...
"Oh! Anon-chan, here's 3 paychecks and your tax information, oopsies!"
wow thanks I feel so good knowing that everything needed to steal my identity was sitting in a plastic pull drawer for a month.

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I'll soon have to decide on a study (I had to redo a year so I'm a bit older) and nothing interests me. I've gone through lists and descriptions and all sorts of information on studies but I just can't find anything.
The problem is that I HAVE to make a decision soon and I just can't make one because I have zero ideas of what I want.
It frustrates me because this whole situation made me realize that I have no ambitions or dreams for the future, or any expectations at all really. Everything just feels like a huge blank and it sucks.
It's a stupid feel but one I'm annoyed with nonetheless.

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Are you fucking me...? Now Angelic Pretty won't let me checkout with the other items I wanted! It keeps logging me out! I'm going to fucking cry I swear to god.

>> No.7358934

I pick at scabs all over my boobs. I just can't stop and I don't try and stop because I know I'm not going to be showing my boobs to anyone. The only time I consider stopping is if there's a character with a slightly lower cut top I may want to cosplay. I usually change my mind to a more covered up character.

>> No.7358941

I tried a different browser I cannot believe this is happening I am going to scream. I went through all this fuckery to get my fucking checks to buy a fucking dress and a fucking headbow and I can't even fucking check out fuck this fuck everyone fuck everything I want my fucking dress.

>> No.7358953
File: 170 KB, 358x359, 1371014841206.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uhm... Update, sorry you guys are getting a real-time playthrough on my struggles... But the order went through, I ended up getting the JSK and headbow in ivory instead of brown. I'm calm now and I can proceed to eat dinner.
I'm having happy feels, I'm finally going to have over 20 main pieces (OPs and JSKs is how I'm counting, minus my sub-par quality first dress) after collecting for about 4 years. (being a student is suffering) I just have to wait for this order and another order and all will be right in the world.

>> No.7358985
File: 10 KB, 236x122, 1391904090457.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>best friend meets guy
>they enter every contest and win because of yaoi fanservice
>end up at same local con
>feeling pretty confident in my fully lined and serged costume even though im fatty status
>the judges won't look at my actual costume and instead ask me about why i like the character
>friend and boyfriend win best in show with fraying car upholstery capes and street clothes under

>> No.7359011

That feel when you really like a lolita dress, but worried it'll be considered ita.

Being too worried to wear lolita out since I'm older and concerned to look like age play pastels.

Being too broke to afford anything fun and school sucking the life out of me.

I have a low self esteem, this doesn't help considering I second guess EVERYTHING.

It feels like I'm whining.

>> No.7359035

I'm glad you managed to get hold of a dress in the end, even if it wasn't the colourway you really wanted!

>> No.7359042

Fatties don't deserve happiness. You make the world ugly.

>> No.7359048

Which dress is it?
Several lolita designers have said you will never be too old. I believe this.
Not whining.

>> No.7359052

I feel like all I do is make people dislike me even more each day.

>> No.7359058

Thanks! I can't wait till it comes in! I'm hoping that it'll be easy to wear casually. A lot of my pieces are pretty fancy so I don't get to wear them out much.

>> No.7360270

Girl, run away. There are like three red flags in that description of him alone. He's not the only attractive weeaboo you'll ever meet, plus he probably has more STDs than any three others put together.

>> No.7360294


>> No.7360324

Jesus christ, fuck off.

>> No.7360351

fucking hell, did your friend apologize?
I mean, if I was your friend and won, I'd be like
"my costume is shit, I know that anon, you worked so hard it and it shows. I'm sorry it ended up this way, your costume is great"

and I would share the prize if I got one.

if your friend was just like "woopee, I won" and completely ignored the fact you tried your damndest, dump that friend. seriously.

what con is this?

>> No.7360407
File: 32 KB, 651x451, 1311573403318.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>35ish in waist (i dont know exactly but it was large.)
>getting /fit/
>eat 1200-1300 cal a day, exercise daily
>make decent progress
>31 in waist now
>hit rut
>why am i not losing weight anymore
>"youre not eating enough, anon!"
>increase intake to 1700, try to eat as clean as possible
>change work out routine, lift 3x a week
>barely any progress
>been like this for 3 months

So. Frustrating. I lowered it to 1600 cal. a day a few days ago. I just want to fit in a size 7 before spring break, goddamnit!

>> No.7360411

I hit a similar plateau and had to change up my work out routines as well as increase calorie intake.

I added more weight lifting. Number on the scale changed very little at that point, but I lost more cms from the waist. Good luck!

>> No.7360439
File: 489 KB, 500x375, 1389353201370.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>found dream dress for a steal
>it arrives, legit
>stinks of air freshener/something overpowering
>find little stains on the print
>put on gentle wash to get rid of smell
>stains are more obvious when wet
>they're all over the fucking print

Once it dries properly I'll have a look again and get in touch with the seller, but frick, is it so hard to say that something has marks on it? I would probably have bought it anyway because it's hard to find, but knowing what I'm getting is always fun.

>> No.7360466
File: 977 KB, 500x346, 1391973177872.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>My dream boy asked me for a date
>Became bf
>We were the happiest
>Started to say I'm pretty fat
>I'm 170 cm tall and 50 kg weight
>Start a diet
>Also he didn't leave me go out without makeup, or a pretty dress (trousers are banned of my closet by him)
>He says what must I do, and how, every second. If no, he gets angry.
>Still losing weight
>"You're still fat"
>He doesn't let me go ut with boys
>Then simply I can't get out
>"You're fat" "You need to lose weight" "You're ugly" "You need more makeup"
>Friends open my eyes
>I left him
>I was 40 kg weight
>Now discover he's a pig, an stupid retard.
>I lost a big part of my life with him


>> No.7360477

that's disgusting and i'm so sorry something like that happened to you

there's still plenty plenty plenty of time for you! please enjoy life for yourself, anon, you can do it! and i'm sure you'll meet someone actually decent soon enough

>> No.7360481

At least you moved on, anon.
It could have been worse, you could have realised it 5 years later or something.

>> No.7360519

>upset her boyfriend doesn't let her date other men

>> No.7360525
File: 808 KB, 500x289, tumblr_m7i43kcaMv1qiq1olo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buy 3-day pre-reg tickets to con
>give friend hotel and grocery share
>end up only going on saturday for almost 4 hours due to an accident on the way to the con
>friends go to hotel room and leave me alone at con
>ask for friend to pay me back
>"this is such short notice, so you might as well just ask everyone else to pay you back.."
>ask other friends for a share of what i paid for
>they make excuses
>divided up it'd be $7.50 a person

>> No.7360526

>upset she can't date other men with boyfriend

honestly you sound like an entitled bitch who likes to play victim

why are men forced to date you? you'd call them a loser otherwise

fuck society

>> No.7360528

She obviously meant that he wouldn't let her have male friends or such

I'm so glad you got out of that while you could, and don't worry, you have plenty of life left!

>> No.7360533
File: 1.34 MB, 320x210, ku-medium.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw sad a lot
>I have a ldr and bf is currently on exchange student shit in Ireland
>he promises he has sunday off to skype the whole day
>wait whole day to skype
>he has to go shopping and come back 2-3 hours later
>ask him if he can skype now then
>he says he has to cook dinner
>should had seen this coming since he's done this shit a couple of times already
>hate myself for looking forward to nothing
>panicks because I got angry at him
>still waiting for him to respond to my messages

why do I angst so much

>> No.7360537

Going out with other guys does not mean dating them.

Like, "I'm going out with my friend to the mall!"

Regardless of gender, you're still "going out."

Saying that you're "going out" with someone and meaning "dating" is what you do in... middle school.

>> No.7360544

you such a fucking idiot I hope you get run over by a goddamn horse.

>> No.7360554

Mean I can go out with male FRIENDS


>> No.7360557

can't *

>> No.7360563

>upset that the only girl that ever dated him was an ugly fatty
>upset that she still looked 10x better than him

did she end up leaving you? with your attitude, I'd imagine you dying alone.

you should be flattered though, you're the top hated tripfag around these parts.

you tried oh so hard to earn it too.

>> No.7360565

Going out with a male friend = you're chating your boyfriend
Totally logic
*You two sound like ther stupid boyfriend*

>> No.7360572


>> No.7360573

I'ts okay, anon, most of us know what you meant. Ignore those cunts, I'm happy that you got out of that horrid situation.

50 kg at your height is not fat in ANY way.

>> No.7360618
File: 33 KB, 442x447, 1333331406320.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sieg caught samefagging while being a faggot
I'm so shocked.

>> No.7360635

>this faggot samefagging while completely lacking in even basic reading comprehension
least surprising event in /cgl/ history

>> No.7360708

Tell this to him, not us.

>> No.7360714

it was seig. he's a shitposting troll that trips.
its ok hun. we understand the full extent of his stupidity.
you were just unlucky enough to have to witness it.

>> No.7360756

>>35ish in waist (i dont know exactly but it was large.)

Damn women and their crazy measurements!

Male here, I have a flat stomach, some abs if I flex and I would be surprised if I was under 36-37.

Look on the bright side though, you are improving yourself either way. Assuming you are lifting more weight, or doing more reps, running further/faster. Even if it's not reflected on the scale or the tape measure.

>> No.7361243

This happens well too often whenever I go to cons. I usually like taking pictures of Miku cosplayers. Then something then this happens.

>Be at con and see a well done Rolling Girl Miku Cosplayer
>"Hi I really like your outfit. Rolling Girl is a personal favorite of mine"
>Obligatory "Thanks" reply
>"Would you mind if I took a picture?"
>"Oh and can you do the PV pose?"
>I gesture the pose
> She does it then right as I am taking the picture out of fucking nowhere random shitty Vocaloid cosplayers bomb my photo
>They all apparently know each other and insist on taking a picture together.
>I never got my single shot. But say thanks anyway.

I REALLY fucking hate it when this happens.

>> No.7361253
File: 1.53 MB, 2304x3072, IMG_1402.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This happens well too often whenever I go to cons. I usually like taking pictures of Miku cosplayers. Then something then this happens.

>Be at con and see a well done Rolling Girl Miku Cosplayer
>"Hi I really like your outfit. Rolling Girl is a personal favorite of mine"
>Obligatory "Thanks" reply
>"Would you mind if I took a picture?"
>"Oh and can you do the PV pose?"
>I gesture the pose
> She does it then right as I am taking the picture out of fucking nowhere random shitty Vocaloid cosplayers bomb my photo
>They all apparently know each other and insist on taking a picture together.
>I never got my single shot. But say thanks anyway.

I REALLY fucking hate it when this happens.

>Pic related the only half decent shot I managed to get that whole con.

>> No.7361432

tfw you can't make cosplay friends no matter how hard you try.

Is there a secret behind it or something? I've been going to cons for almost 5 years and only have a handful of "friends" that are closer to other cosplayers and tend to forget who I am by the next con. It frustrates me to no end seeing people who just started going to cons less than half a year ago have tons of new friends while I'm still going to cons with my non-cosplayer friends.

I swear in my area you gotta be pulling out cosplays every month and making it your priority in life to make friends (I don't take/share fanervice-y cosplay selfies every day, have a page or a -cosplay name- like 90% of my community does, I just try to live my life with cosplay as a hobby every once in awhile)...

>> No.7361453
File: 981 KB, 500x220, pheobe01.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good feels for the first time in a long time!

>My best friend and long time cosplay companion had grown distant but are now talking and hanging out like old times
>New co-worker is also into anime and cosplay, so new cosplay buddy
>Interview for a new job that I really want on Tuesday

I've been in a depressed slump for a couple of years now, but things finally look like they're looking up!

>> No.7361460

>*My best friend( and long time cosplay companion) and I
Derp on my part.

>> No.7361524

Are you actually me? This was like reading a biography of myself in relation to cosplay.
It's probably too much time spent on cgl, but I honestly can't and don't know how to stop and it's ruining cosplay for me. I automatically just nitpick and find something bad to say about other cosplayers when I'm not even half as talented as they are (which in turn, makes me want to stop cosplaying and it's just a horrible cycle of negativity).

>> No.7361559

both my body and face are shit so i don't even know why i bother cosplaying still. my face would be decent but i have a huge nose with a bump on it (imagine typical polish nose) and a buttchin. people tell me i'm cute/pretty all the time but it's really hard for me to believe it because when i see pictures of myself i just compare them to way better looking girls than me and feel like shit about myself, even with tons of makeup

my body would be okay too but it's so.....lumpy, i'm not even fat, i would be a very ideal chubby/curvy pear type which is my favorite body type but i have a flabby stomach, currently my measurements are 34-26-39 but my fat stomach keeps me from doing cosplays which bare the stomach.

i'm not a good seamstress and my machine is pretty much on its last leg and i cant afford a new one, i buy most of my cosplays and they usually fit me wrong and i have no means to alter them

ive done a few photoshoots/gotten nice pictures which ill post on facebook/tumblr then delete a while later because i just look ugly in all of them

and im starting to lose a lot of cosplay friends too. it sucks

>> No.7361566
File: 662 KB, 400x225, 139018823492366.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I also found out today that my new qt 3.14 co-worker is also into watching entry-level anime! She told me she just finished watching FMA:Brotherhood and asked me to give her some recommendations!

>Have you seen Attack on Titan?
>"I just finished watching the first episode last night!"

I'm going to gradually mold her into a weeb worthy of /a/'s praise without her even knowing it. We'll start her off with the mainstream works and eventually make our way to the true masterpieces.

>> No.7361568
File: 162 KB, 1440x810, 1336437576387.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>love precure
>want to cosplay from precure
>tfw all the girls are like 14 and twigs and you'll be called a whale for even trying to cosplay them

>> No.7361582

I understand your pain! I'm even super tall and have huge boobs, so I can never realise my dream of becoming Sunny...

>> No.7361583

I feel like my friends are making a point of it to compliment me when I cosplay because they know I'm not getting as much attention from other people because I'm not as good looking as they are. It's really sweet of them but sometimes I just feel like 'don't even bother, thanks but I know I'm not as cute as you so don't worry about it'

>> No.7361592

get a soft baby brush and rub them with vaseline every night. it'll clean up the dead/scabbing skin and leave less to pick at as it heals.

>> No.7361594

>usually have pretty terrible self-image
>yep, stereotypical girl who thinks she's fat and ugly
>been feeling really pretty for the past few days, dressing up nice and playing with new makeup tricks
>suddenly enough self-esteem to get back to work on a costume I'd shelved for months

Not so good:
>agreed to be part of a friend's cosplay group
>don't really care about the costume but sounds fun
>buy 80$+ of materials
>same day am told that the group had a falling out and no one is doing these costumes anymore
>god fucking damn it

>> No.7361603

You could politely tell them they don't have to do that. It does sound a little patronizing. Just thank them and tell them it makes you a little uncomfortable or something chill like that.

Semi-related-ish, I have a friend who puts a lot of work into her costumes, but she's not particularly attractive. I do less difficult stuff but am cute/in shape, so I get more attention, and she's visibly sour about it and sometimes compliment-complains. Shit sucks because I genuinely love her work but don't want her to feel like I'm faking any support or anything when I say her costumes are great. Meh.

>> No.7361625


>> No.7361681

> 22 and never had a girlfriend
>nervous around girls
>Try to socialize more at cons
>Not as nervous like I used to be
>Funny to be around(thank god)
>every girl I meet has a boyfriend or doesn't want a boyfriend

Why does it have to be so hard to find a single nerd girl?

>> No.7361697 [DELETED] 
File: 488 KB, 500x243, jonghhyun_2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>start hooking up with qt alt boy
>he finds out I'm into lolita
>he's actually interested about it, asks questions, etc
>"hey anon we should both dress up some time and hang out!"
>mfw its been my dream to go out in full sweet loli with scary looking boyfriendo
my kokoro can't take much more of this, guys, it's getting hard not to see him as just a fwb.

>> No.7361721

A friend of mine did something with crayons?

>> No.7361731

This so much. Finally you put it into words better than I could

>> No.7361743

Well I've been talking to this other guy I know is a virgin(according to our mutual friend). He isn't a model he's pretty sweet and into the same things I am.

Now I gotta pick one of them to pursue something more serious.

>> No.7361748

Are you sure that you aren't making any progress? A lot of times, your weight may stay the same or even go up because muscle weighs more than fat

>> No.7361769


>110 pounds at 5'6

That's underweight actually. Sounds like he fed on your insecurities big time. What an asshole.

Note to self: feed on bishes insecurity. It works!

>> No.7361803


Let me guess, the virgin is fat/ugly. Otherwise, you'd be all over him and it wouldn't be an issue. Hump and dump the model, and then make the virgin a man. Very simple.


You could have asked /fit/. They'll tell you intermittent fasting, keto and ECA stacks. Or you could go ham and try out DNP. Research this stuff, nerd

>> No.7361969
File: 341 KB, 720x450, a803.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>me again


>> No.7362686

tfw fucking freshman 15.

School and work really overwhelmed me during my first year so I stopped cosplaying til I properly transitioned into the workload. Now that I'm looking into getting back into the hobby a year and a half later, I am extremely embarrassed of how much weight I put on and how I didn't notice. I can't believe I thought I was fat when I was in high school, looking at old cosplay pictures, I'd gladly take that for what I have now.

No need to tell me to get off my ass and hit the gym, I've got a schedule up already and am determined to get myself back on track.

>> No.7362712

>to wierd to be around normal people
>to normal to be around wierd people


>> No.7362772

sadly those types of people are going to stick around even after your mid 20s.

>> No.7362794

Oh gosh this. Every fucking time I go to a cosplay meetup/event, I feel so out of place because everyone's so obnoxious and constantly talk about mindless things and it's honestly too much for me. I can't hold a decent conversation about a series with anyone without them just being like "omg my feels I'm so done with life." Going to meet ups these days is like seeing a tumblr tag in real life.

Then on the other hand I'm always considered the "weird" friend just because I watch anime and play video games. Why is it so hard to find people that are in between?

>> No.7362803

Tfw on my way to work right now.
Tfw life feels like its finally putting itself together.
Holy shit guys, a job that's on my career path, ill have all of my degrees, and (if I manage my time well in school) ill be married in two years.
So long retail, fuck off management, fuck off ghetto ass fucknuts, and fuck off shitty retail payscale.

>> No.7362807

What color do you need? We can meet up and ill give you some if I have it. I have mehron spray too.

>> No.7362836
File: 191 KB, 583x581, 1356493228714.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My facebook news feed is now full of Jnig bitching/whiteknighting, complete with awkward 4chan mannerisms and an ugly fat tranny.

>> No.7362841


I know EXACTLY the thing you speak of.

All you can do is keep trying. Eventually there will be a normal person in the sea of special snowflakes.
On the bright side the people you are trying to avoid out themselves quickly so you don't waste time getting to know them only to find out about some fake issues they are "dealing with"
Those types always insert their pills, issues, fake story into the first 5 minutes of conversation cause they want you to know how special they are.

Had I been a little more savvy back in the day I wish I would have just got up and left the moment someone thought knowing someone for 5 minutes was the appropriate time to bring up their "meds" and "daddy raped me" stories.
Letting someone know that shit isn't welcomed and cheapens the fact that some people do have things happen to them can nip that inappropriate behavior in the bud.

>> No.7362849

Thanks anon, I'll try that. Hate the smell of vaseline but it'll be worth it.

>> No.7362857
File: 48 KB, 743x526, Carmex-Lip-Balm-coupon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Buy a soft toothbrush (they come in different hardness: soft med and hard)
Buy some CARMEX (original formula) pic related ($3 USD)

Near the end of your daily shower gently brush your lips with the toothbrush. Use the shower cause it's wet and your skin has had time to soften in there.
As soon as you get to your room put on the carmex.

Play a game with yourself to not bother your lips for 30 mins. Then 1 hr. Then 2 hours
Just do other shit like clean up the room, sew, browse beautiful lolita coords, play a video game.

Reapply a little more Carmex after 1 hr if needed.

You'll be healed up and looking normal in less than a week.

>> No.7362860

>and then stand still until I dry so that I don't get any bare spots.

Use the hairdryer in the bathroom.

>> No.7362877
File: 152 KB, 900x837, sad_chibi_by_nittieve-d33qo1r.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Don't go on /cgl/ in over a year
> Finally self confident enough to start working on a cosplay again
> Visit /cgl/ for posting in progress threads
> Oh look, everyone's doing that one cosplay I'm working on
> Oh hey, I'm a land-whale according to /cgl/ because I'm not ~kawii ana/mia desu~
> mfw I hardly have the energy to do my cosplay anymore

>> No.7362881

i have this too and maaan
ive been picking less now that every time i think about it i just reach out for a lipbalm.
buy a pack of super moisturizing lip balms, and
put one everywhere you go
(ie 1 next to your bedside, 1 in the handbag, one in the spare handbag, another in the car glovebox or w/e, another in the bathroom) and moisturize them every time you think about it

a reccomendation is to put something like Lucas Paw Paw ointment every night and in the morning for uber hydration. >>7362857 gave some great advice too, soft exfoliation should be good too.

but yeah reaching for the lipbalm nearby is exactly what i do now when i think about it, an havent been bleeding and cracked as much ever since. you want to keep your lips plump and juicy as much as you can right?

brb grabbing my balm now, you got me thinking about it again haha

>> No.7362882

not many people are ana/mia thin who post picsyou know. everyone wants to hate, so if you remember that you know there isnt anything terrible about you.

>> No.7362884

like anything specifically terrible. just people coming home from a rough day of real life and want to vent via getting angry or gossip or pick on people to vent themselves out via anonymity

>> No.7362962

samesamesame. I'm lucky enough to have a couple friends who are around the same area on the scale, not total spazzes but still a bit odd to most people.

>> No.7362964

/cgl/ actually seems to have gotten less pro-ED and stick thin girls since I started visiting a few years ago. You rarely see sickly thin girls posted here who aren't torn apart. Maybe you're just fat and bitter.

>> No.7363038
File: 488 KB, 500x243, jonghhyun_2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>start hooking up with qt alt boy
>he finds out I'm into lolita
>"hey anon we should dress up together sometime!"
>tfw my dream has been to walk around city with scary metal boyfriendo while dressed in sweet lolita
my kokoro can't take much more of this, you guys

>> No.7363085

omg our hearts are bursting
plz post pics (if not to cgl, at least to your local comm)

>> No.7363160
File: 30 KB, 400x273, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> tfw you want to cosplay, but are too poor
>tfw you want to cosplay, but are too fat

I give up.

>> No.7363168

>someone sending me a secret santa
>gets stuck at customs right before christmas
>sent back to the sender
>he tries to send it again
>tfw waiting patiently to see if it'll arrive
God fucking damnit

>> No.7363205

Don't want to burst your bubble, but if it becomes a regular thing, consider it over.
Speaking from experience.
First one was when I was on exchange, he cheated, begged me to stay with him, NOPE.

Second was (ex)bf on exchange.
communication slowed, then stopped.
Month later he was dating a new girl.
We even 'broke up' before he left.
First real love, been 2 years, still hurts.
I might still love him, and I hate him, but I'm happy with who I'm with now and I wouldn't go back to my ex even if given the chance.

>> No.7363210

>>been a lazy faggot my whole life, never in shape to do decent cosplay of characters I actually like
>>finally get in shape, looking pretty great

Is it weird cosplaying at this age? I feel old as fuck compared to most people at cons.

>> No.7363232

I dunno about you, but most girls wouldn't date a virgin.

>> No.7363242

>he's reusing moves that he used on the last girl he fucked on you
>"oh well >whatshername< like it"
>he's comparing your pussy to hers
>"hers got so much wetter"

Depends anon. Some girls love virgins.

>> No.7363248

It depends on the girl.
Some girls like virgins because they like teaching him how to do things right.
Other girls prefer to lay back and get fucked, so they'd like a non-virgin.

>> No.7363250


Well, I know one area you could cut out a lot of spending.

>> No.7363252


I dunno. I am 26 and planning my first cosplay.

If it's weird, let's both be weird. Then it will be slightly less weird.

>> No.7363255


the last girl he used for practice so he could be ready for the main event.

>> No.7363257

laying back and getting fucked/teaching the virgin what to do are not mutually exclusive things.

>> No.7363258

Has this ever actually happened to anyone? Surely nobody is that autistic, even on 4chan.

>> No.7363265

There's plenty of guys that think all girls like it the same way.

>> No.7363267

Yea. Friend of mines boyfriend did just those things. He told her how some of the stuff he tried the last girl liked it and some other stuff they did. She wouldn't tell me everything but...yep.
>I knew both girls.

>> No.7363292

>extremely insecure.
>afraid to get pics out on the internet because i dont want to be the next PT
>shoop everything because too afraid of a negative opinion


>> No.7363305

There are plenty of chubbies around, even on /cgl/. To become the next PT you'd need to have her attitude and and drama-ridden personality. Her looking like she does is only really funny in the backdrop of all of her insanity. Otherwise she'd just be unfortunate looking.

>> No.7363351

>born into poverty
>war breaks out
>war ends, even poorer, parents divorce, dad takes most of the money to splurge on his mistress, mom and I move to grandma's place
>finish high school, still poor, don't even have welfare
>move to another country, can't study yet (language barrier and since I lived in bumfuckistan no one wants me with my high school diploma)
>still on welfare, can't get a job

I'm sick of being poor. I don't even loli or cosplay or anything, just casual jfashion from ebay.

I don't know what to do anymore. Only way I ever got anything is because I had one rich friend whom I knew since childhood and she got me presents.

>> No.7363359

>had over 10 partner before he hit 18
Woaaaaaah there, slow your roll. Anyone who's had that many dicks is a complete cock-hungry whore. Trust, he'll leave you for the next guy good looking he meets. It's not worth it.

>> No.7363385
File: 29 KB, 500x470, 636587547.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"body acceptance, HAE" bullshit catching on with people in my life
>tfw they're telling me that my dieting doesn't work and exercise is *literally* torture
And for a group of people who apparently don't care about weight THEY SURE SPEND A LOT OF TIME TALKING ABOUT IT

It's only a matter of time before their jealousy and insecurities get projected on me. "Go eat your salad and be sad, running is bad for your joints, boys don't want girls who are too skinny"

It wouldn't be the first time it's happened.

Doesn't matter to me, they're not in my immediate circle of friends and I don't care about them. It just makes me uncomfortable how quickly that mentality is spreading.

>> No.7363393

holyyyyyy shit, please post pictures, I'm jealous

>> No.7363404

that's not body positivity, that's fucking dumb. saying "guys don't want girls who are too skinny" is the exact fucking opposite of body positivity.
real body positivity is "oh hey you're trying to lose weight and be healthier, go for it. good luck."
those people are just idiots from tumblr. good luck, anon.

>> No.7363410
File: 268 KB, 654x1064, 1391721785288.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


All this working out and putting on a costume is killing me. All I wanna do is put on a maid suit as a dude and be admired by women. But that won't help my crippling social skills and it won't help me find a girlfriend. I've developed a fetish for people who do trap or reverse cosplay. All I want is someone whom I could love.

>> No.7363419

Somehow I'm always that friend that has to start the conversation, that has to be the one that thinks of things to do and stuff like that. It's been quite some time since I decided to just stop being the first one to make contact for a while and see if they'll reach out to me and they don't.
While I get it that there are people who aren't comfortable with starting convos, it just sucks to always be the one that has ask and make me feels like it's all just one-sided friendships. A lot of these friends are online so online convos are a big part of it since meeting up irl generally isn't an option.

>> No.7363427

Shoop a little less, lose a little, shoop less, lose, meet in the middle. Just do it for yourself, not some faceless anon mob.
But you always run the chance people will make fun of you if you post on the net no matter how thin, pretty, etc. They do to others.

>> No.7363437

Erg. What is HAE? Some new bullshittery like FA? I googled but no dice.
I have some peripheral friends like this too, I try not to engage with them much.

>> No.7363442

Healthy At Every Size. Basically some fatties think because there are some atheletes that are overweight (think weight lifters and such) that every fat person can be healthy even if they stuff their faces full of hostess cakes.

>> No.7363443

It makes me so happy to know there are other chubbies on here trying to better themselves. I can fit brand, and am very serious about making cute coords, but I'm a paranoid little shit and don't want people laughing at my weight

Good luck to all of us trying! You can do it, guys!

>> No.7363458

Just walk into the 2% normalfag part of /r9k/

>> No.7363467

My relationship is fizzling out and my boyfriend isn't making an effort. He seems to want nothing to do with me and I just constantly frustrate and annoy him. He'd rather be on WoW and talking to his guildmates than talk with me.

I'm giving it a bit longer, but I have a feeling we're going to break up soon if things don't improve. Seems like he's waiting for/pushing me to be the one to do it.

I'm half considering talking to his guildmaster and asking if she knows anything about whats going on with him, since she talks to him more than I do these past few weeks. (no theyre definitely not together)

>> No.7363468

yeah, HAES doesn't really apply to people who are morbidly obese. the whole thing is being taken really poorly out of context by people who have never learned anything about nutrition in their lives. you *can* be overweight and still in ok health up to a certain point but most people using the HAES excuse are putting their lives in danger and excusing their behavior with bullshit.

>> No.7363500
File: 606 KB, 500x257, 1388520841815.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw so many characters I can't decide who I want to cosplay

>> No.7363526

I'd punch a guy who said that to me, but since I enjoy taking virginities it's their future girlfriend who might hear that about my preferences.

>> No.7363533

The trouble with healthy at every size is people concentrate on the "at every size" part and ignore the "healthy" part. The difference between someone who is overweight and healthy vs. overweight and unhealthy is the choices they make around their lifestyle. So yeah, you can be in the obese BMI range and healthy - but you sure as fuck aren't going to be sitting around stuffing your face with crap and vegetating in front of a TV or computer screen 24/7, you'll be probably meeting or exceeding healthy exercise guidelines and recommendations about healthy eating and nutrition. And this is exactly what people forget, the fucking HEALTHY part.

>> No.7363551
File: 6 KB, 200x291, 1358509673528.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My. Fucking. Wisdom. Tooth. FUCK

Like the fires of a thousand supernovas, on the verge of the ultimate apocalypse.

>> No.7363567

Anon that makes me feel a lot better actually, thanks. I guess everyone in this hobby is pretty weird so it doesn't matter how weird I am.

This is so frustrating, especially considering I worked hard as fuck to become what I am now. I'm not the hottest person on the planet by far but I'm definitely in shape and I love the results. The general public is just so misinformed about health, everytime I talk to one of these people I can barely resist throwing a mountain of information and fact checking on them. They don't listen anyway, because according to them being fat is some mystical curse that defies logic.

>>don't wanna overtrain myself, better take it easy
>>don't wanna enter starvation mode, gotta eat more
>>i don't overeat i'm just a foodie! i can't imagine a life without "X ridiculous calorydense meal"

I'm getting mad again. Shit.

>> No.7363581

Exactly this. My gym buddy is 5'10 and 220 pounds, probably obese by BMI standards but the dude can squat 400+ pounds and beats my more visibly fit self by a whole lot in every lift. And despite his massive gut he's about equal with me in cardio and endurance since we go hiking a lot. Most fat acceptance proponents never do a minute of exercise in a week and assume they're "healthy" if they eat some greek yogurt once in a while and can make it from their desks to their cars without collapsing.

>> No.7363588

>tfw skinny and couldn't imagine life without sweets and ice cream

Granted, I eat only one helping of dessert per day and healthy otherwise (at least as much as I can for my budget), but it's still something I enjoy too much.

>> No.7363614

Agreed. I know a guy who is in his 40s and looks like a typical middle aged man who enjoys his food and beer a bit much, yet his half marathon time is faster than me in my mid-20s.

>> No.7363626

I'm talking about people who eat a footlong meatball sub for lunch everyday or 2000 calories worth of creamy pasta for dinner next to a rotisserie chicken and then complain about a "thyroid condition" being the reason they can't lose weight.

I mean in all honesty you're probably skinnyfat but could easily shape up if you put some work in. These people that ruin their bodies and then act like it's not their fault, though... god. Nobody is holding the fork to your mouth. Human bodyweight is just basic thermodynamics.

>> No.7363629

seagulls im going cry

> have always been a little too poor for lolita
> slowly starting to get into it
> see the cutest skirt (r-series dear friend)
> omg I need it
> I NEED it
> painfully saves up for it slowly
> sold out on taobao. its ok. breathe. its still in-stock on qutieland.
> finally save up enough
> so_excited.jpg
> out of stock on qutieland
> no
> nonononononono.

I posted on the bst thread. hoping for the best. hng.

>> No.7363650

>one helping of dessert per day
What kind of pig are you?

>> No.7363656

Yeah, I'm skinnyfat and really weak to boot. I did hike over 17km in one day without stopping though, so I'm not THAT much of a weakling, but the thing is I'm awfully poor and underweight. I try to eat healthy as much as I can but sometimes my budget just won't allow it. Then I get lectured by my friend about eating organic and home-grown, when she is rich and lives in the 'burbs with her own garden and orchard and I can't afford buying fresh every day from a store.

>> No.7363675
File: 28 KB, 480x295, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the hell happened to cgl?? I've been on 4chan for 5 years and have lurked cgl for about three of those. I don't understand why we have so many non cosplay threads now.

We gave a shitty 50s vintage fashion thread and how to wear a corset thread. Shouldn't this shit be in /fa/? I understand make up because we all need make up help for cosplay, but cgl has been off lately and it's really bothering me! Why don't the janitors delete those threads that have nothing to do with cosplay or Lolita?

Do w really need three separate threads for fat lolitas, black lolitas, Asian lolitas, etc??

TL;DR Too many off topic threads aren't deleted but all the good threads are. This place is turning into a shithole

>> No.7363680

Thing is, /fa/ is a fast board and a lot of goobyninjas and fuccbois don't have any interest in the vintage women's fashion. The board is mainly men's fashion and anything else would get buried in a matter of seconds.

>> No.7363683

>tfw skinny and eat 3500 calories a day without exercise and still 5'9 115lb

thank you hypoglycemia

>> No.7363684

...Eating two scoops of ice cream per day is being a pig to you?

>> No.7363685

>tfw at a con with a guy I like
>tfw we start talking about sexual history and I learn he has had casual sex


>> No.7363692

Corsets are used much more in costumes than fashion. Also many characters have body shapes that just don't exist. For an upcoming cosplay I needed to put on a corset and stuffed DD bra to get the right look.

>> No.7363712
File: 193 KB, 500x500, 1392070556332.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>i'll never be as cute as any of these japanese girls.

>> No.7363727

Yes, eat healthier food and limit your ice cream to one or two servings per week.

>> No.7363734

judgey much

>> No.7363736

Is that girl really 20?? Fuck my shit genetics

>> No.7363737

Ok, corsets for cosplay make sense, but the vintage fashion thread is really random. The "post your doll thread tee hee" and draw one are even worse.

>> No.7363744

Umm not OP, but not everyone is into casual sex. Maybe she wanted a serious long term relationship? You can't do that with people who only want sex

>> No.7363751
File: 32 KB, 520x348, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not who you are asking but yep, I'd be a blimp in no time. 2 scoops are also not likely a single 1/2 cup serving either. One small scoop is. 74 grams. There are 4 servings in a pint of H├Ągen Daz and even then each is about 300 calories each, 2/3 of it being fat. Not something I'd ever consider letting into my diet more than once a month if that.

>> No.7363752

Just because someone has HAD casual sex doesn't mean they don't want a relationship at some point. I've worked short-term jobs when I've had too much going on in my life to take on something full-time. Does that mean I don't want a serious career later on? Nope.

>> No.7363759

Holy shit. I could eat a whole family pack no problem and keep my emaciated figure, I just don't since it's not exactly healthy and I wanna gain weight. And my thyroid is fine too, I just have a weird metabolism.

>> No.7363760


not the anon you're replying to but I think that if you meet someone who has casual sex and you're not into casual sex both of you view sex differently. One person sees it as a pursuit of pleasure another as an intimate act of love. It can make a rocky relationship

>> No.7363762

Well, we don't know the whole story, so..
I agree that everyone who's had casual sex doesn't want a serious relationship but it does seem a lot of them won't chill out til they're older or something bad happens. You sound like you're a casual sex person speaking from experience .

>> No.7363764

I'm not that anon, but I eat healthy, eat lots of sweets too and look fine. Honestly, it's no big deal if you actually burn the calories you eat.

>> No.7363766

It's not about how you look. You can be skinny as a stick and load your body with shit.
>mfw you probably stuff your face with GMOs
>mfw I have no face

>> No.7363772

I'm glad you don't because you are right, it isn't healthy for anyone to include this in their diet except as just occasionally as a treat if no weight issues. Most people are clueless regarding serving sizes and count calories etc. way lower than they actually eat by estimating rather than weighing and measuring until they can estimate pretty well. It's a skill not a virtue or obsession.

/fit/ would likely tell you to do a bulking diet and start lifting to gain healthy, prettily firm mass but I'd research it.

>> No.7363773

Think again. I don't live in the US and only buy in farmer's markets.

>> No.7363778

Ice cream from farmer's markets?

>> No.7363780

I don't know, from what I saw most of the US 'portions' are the size of a goddamn airplane (when I went to NY I had to share a single cookie with my sister) and the ingredients aren't better either. Where I live, everything is strictly regulated and there's no hormones in cow milk that would fuck up my thyroid and cause me to expand into a zeppelin.

>> No.7363782

Ice cream can be homemade, anon.

>> No.7363783


I've had tons of casual sex from 15 to 21yo and now I've been in a ltr for 2 years with mt bf. The funny thing is that I am his first.

>> No.7363786

>2 years

>> No.7363788

When you get older you'll realize that two years is actually a long time. Yes, even to grown-ups.

>> No.7363789

That's just it, the sizes in cookies and fast food, etc are ginormous so of course you think 1 cookie, one serving, right? Flip it over and the nutrition info is through the roof of in some drinks, etc, it says it's 2 or more servings. Very deceptive. A 'small' cup of ice cream at Coldstone or a Starbucks Tall (small) sweetened thing with whipped cream have as much carbs and fat as my entire menu for a day.
A 'bowl' of ice cream is about 3 servings according to the pkg but lots of people eat 1/2 to 1 pint of ice cream as a 'serving'.

>> No.7363790

I've done both. Been in a 3-year relationship, took a few years off to myself with occasional casual sex, heading back into what will likely be a long-term relationship again. Sometimes you just meet people you're only sexually attracted to but with whom you are not otherwise compatible. Sometimes circumstances would limit things from becoming long-term. The person I'm seeing now has mostly done casual things but I think they've never had someone dedicated to them enough to form a mutual commitment. We don't really care about each others' sexual history as long as we're both clean and tested.

When I was in my first long-term relationship, yeah, I was in the "sex is sacred!!1" bandwagon too, but I've known so many friends who went from one long-term relationship to another and get wistful over missing out on casual fun since they never gave it a shot. One of them is stuck with someone who doesn't satisfy them in bed but is amazing as a partner, so I feel pretty bad for them.

>> No.7363793

It's still full of sugar and fat.

>> No.7363797

/fit/ would tell you to meet your macros and do squats. Also eat oats.

>>tfw all these seagulls talking about fitness and knowing their shit

It makes me proud.

>> No.7363802

What's a macro, /fit/-kun?

>> No.7363806

Well yeah, here 'one serving' is closer to one actual serving. That's when I say 'one helping of ice cream', to me it actually does mean two scoops. I just eat smaller portions, but there's no reason to leave out dessert if you exercise moderately, don't eat hormone-infused crap and instead make it yourself.

>> No.7363809

I wish /fit/ wasn't so unfriendly to just normal chicks doing healthy diet and exercise to be healthy and look nice, sometimes yes, for fashion or cosplay. I'm into it, gym too but I just lurk there.
Though I do think about a kawaii workout gear thread.

>> No.7363810

I'd be so here for a kawaii workout thread

>> No.7363811


>> No.7363819

Excess of fat and sugar isn't healthy no matter if it's natural and many people don't have the calorie deficit to spare for it to not make them gain. If you do then great. Go for it. I'm not saying it's the devil. But it's one of the very first things to cut if someone have any weight issues they are working on.

>> No.7363830

One bowl of Ice Cream isn't "excess". As if this person thinks desert is totally great for them? You're making a fool of yourself.

>> No.7363839

Macronutrients are proteins, fats, and carbs. Someone with a defined dieting/workout plan usually has a bretty guud idea of how much of those they want to eat. I think the math is something like 4 calories/gram for carbs and proteins and 9 calories/gram for fats. You need roughly 1 gram/pound of bodyweight if you want to gain muscle mass, the rest is dependent on your size and shape.

Everyone there is just gay as fuck, they only want to look at thick, juiced, tight man butts. You can find relevant advice if you lurk enough though.

>> No.7363844

1 gram/lb of bodyweight of protein**, oops, kinda key detail missing there.

>> No.7363850

Wait, so if I want muscles I need to eat 100 grams of protein a day? Frankly that seems excessive!

>> No.7363852

I meant an excess of sugar and fat in a healthy diet in general is not optimal if someone has a weight problem. And yes, a bowl a day is just that. I'm not sure I have heard of any healthy diet that includes 2 scoops of ice cream every day. To me that is foolish. But I'm not going to continue talking of it, regardless, it's not my argument so...

>> No.7363858

>have a kind of shitty day
>go to bedroom to put on pretty dresses
>everything just looks fucking awful on me
>sickly looking because its winter
>fat because fucking fat
>have an even shittier day
>eat feelings
>feeling worse than in the first place

>> No.7363867

I've been lurking hoping just that. Learning about macros but not finding something in a low carb diet and gym routine for women's weight loss with a good macro formula I can follow for fat loss. Still looking but kind of new to it so pretty ignorant.

>> No.7363875

>Don't have any cosplay friends
>Go to cosplay meet in hopes to make some
>Kinda of feel out of place because everyone is fangirling over tumblr posts and memes and I'm not too into doing that irl
>By the end everyone is best friends and is now following each other on tumblr and spamming each other on facebook
>Except for me
>Try to get in on conversations but end up being ignored/given a small response
>Convinced they all hate me
>Got invited to the next meetup
>I want to go to try again but scared that I'll just end up awkwardly on the side and wasting my time and money again since it's over $60 for me to get there and pay for food

It was all just really discouraging. I'm just trying to make cosplay friends since none of my con friends actually cosplay but I already feel like giving up if this is what the community is like...

>> No.7363890

> I'm not too into doing that irl

Maybe.. try? If you're actually aware of the memes or you're into tumblr why not talk about it with them. It seems like a common subject amongst everyone, and if you're into looking at memes online or tumblr in general why wouldn't you join in on the conversation.

You're probably not going to see these people every day, and if they're anything like the majority of the cosplay community, they mostly converse online.

Don't exclude yourself just because you're not into doing it "IRL"

>> No.7363892

>missed last Lolita meet due to something coming up.
>snowy and grey outside with yukky slush everywhere.
>feeling fat and plain
>sweets cravings so much
>eat strawberries with stevia-sweetened Greek yogurt instead of junk
>decide to organize and categorize my Lolita closest this week and choose creative coord for next time.
>feel much better.

Decide this needs to become a thing and that strawberries are good for the blues.

>> No.7363893

I don't know about that, I've been on /cgl/ since 2008, and it's pretty similar. Fewer thinspo threads, and maybe a tad more politeness towards more normal sized pictures, but I'm a girl who is bordering on under-weight, and has been put on a feeding schedule, but I have large hips and breasts, and the ONLY place I can be shamed for being too big is still /cgl/.

at 5'7" and 110 lbs with 42 inch hips, I should really REALLY gain weight just to protect my joints, but my ribs don't stick out, and my face isn't sunken and skeletal, so I'm pretty much always called fat here.

>> No.7363894

It is somewhat excessive but it's meant to be a kind of catch-all for different body types. Personally I eat about 80% of my bodyweight in grams of protein and it's fine but I'm definitely not as big as I could be. Diet is actually the largest part of gaining muscle though.

Also when I say "per day" I'm being a little strict I guess, the protein intake window after a workout is between 24-36 hours so as long as you get enough protein during that and then eat enough calories to cancel out whatever you burned during the workout, you will gain.

Low carb is fine but honestly I'd recommend avoiding it, it's a hassle. I can't outline you a whole diet but I will say that

>>chicken breast
>>various fruits, bananas especially
>>cauliflower (grate some and use it as a replacement for rice, srsly, shit is cash, smells like feet when you're cooking it though)

are all really good, healthy foods. Get crafty with oats and you can replace shitty supermarket bread almost entirely. Gym routine is up to you but as always I recommend squats for dat ass.

>> No.7363909


You realize everything you eat came from some sort of genetic modification, right?

>> No.7363911
File: 779 KB, 832x1200, ch_418166_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Have my best friend during 10 years
>Best friends forever, like sisters
>We loved pretty cure (season 1)
>We will cosplay as them
>She as Nagisa and me as the white dressed one (not remember the name)
>Planning during 5 months
>We learned to sew together, we taked the measurements to each one
>Finally the day
>(first convention ever)
>She doesn't come
>She doesn't answer my calls
>Went to convention alone
>see her here.
>with a girl of our class
>the betch is dressed as me
>my "bf" look at me so nervous
>"I forgot to say... I'm comming with bitch-chan"
>(Bitch-chan who have a lots of money and started to buy expensive goods to my friend *cough*)
>Feeling bad as hell
>Bf lost

>> No.7363919
File: 211 KB, 802x506, 1392076933707.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7363923

> Have chronic insomnia
> Have ambien scrip
> Taking ambien turns me into a drooling zombie all day
> Throw up if I eat after not sleeping all night
> Don't sleep or eat probably 3 days out of each week
> Be on a diet on the days I do eat
> Work out regularly
> Still A chubster
> Be 21 and too old for this shit

>> No.7363924

well now you can sew and get better friends that wont betray you

>> No.7363927

not eating and sleeping is probably contributing to the problem. pretty sure forcing your body into mini-starvation modes for three days a week, each week, is just causing you to store more fat.

>> No.7363937

>listening to /cgl/ when they think "ugly knees" are a basis for insulting someone

Don't listen to /cgl/.

>> No.7363946

Oh I would, but I barely go on tumblr so I'm not aware of most of these memes and honestly don't find them that funny That I don't relate at all to conversations based on tumblr slang like "i'm so done omg my feels."

>> No.7363967

I'm REALLY sure it is. I have no doubts in my mind that if I slept and ate regularly, I'd have been down to my goal weight years ago. That being said, it's not really a choice, and that sucks.

I really try to eat, and it's been getting a little better, I basically do the BRAT diet on days I don't sleep, and then supplement nutrition by mixing a calorie-high protein powder into milk, and then putting that in my tea. It doesn't taste great, but it's one of the few things I can consume a LOT of and keep down. The three days aren't in a row, for example, I didn't sleep Thursday--> Friday last week, and I didn't sleep last night (Sunday--> Monday) I can get OK sleep in between, and try my best to eat well when I do.

This whole thing is just a huge fucking hassle, and I wish sleep studies could actually help me.

>> No.7363982

This, I' sick of these "vegan health experts" who talk out of their ass.
People in some parts of the world literally can't survive without food that wasn't altered in some way, and your local farmer is doing it too. GMO doesn't mean "injecting with poison", or are you going to tell me to stop putting "evil chemicals" into my body when I take an antibiotic and instead eat a carrot?
Some people.

>> No.7363986

But my weight is normal. Seriously, stop talking.

>> No.7363987


100g of protein is only like a pound of meat

>> No.7364018

Dude, I live where the sun literally don't shine and the only "vegan" and "organic" thing that can grow in this temperature are shitty berries. I've never SEEN a living chicken in my life and the stuff I eat would be about 70% sauteed reindeer if I were to only eat what was available here. Maybe some berries and rhubarb.
Winter here lasts for a really long time, too. I only eat what my supermarket offers when it comes to greens, so I must've ingested GMO food at least a few times.
In the EU where all of that is strictly regulated, nothing bad will happen. At all. I've never seen a fat person in my life, either, and I can guarantee I could eat more than anyone here. Like someone here said before, if you exercise you can eat whatever as long as it's somewhat diverse.

>> No.7364045

>mfw suddenly regretting all the fabric colors I bought for an upcoming cosplay
>what if it's all the wrong color

>> No.7364049
File: 734 KB, 250x171, dammit.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>at work
>around noon, get a text from friend
>"hey fanime hotel reg is up!"
>"i woke up early today to try to get a room, the site even crashed a few times!"
>"good luck! i'll cross my fingers for you!"
>tfw I've probably missed out on rooms a long time ago
>tfw I'm hearing about people booking like five to fifteen rooms at a time

Goddamn it. If worse comes to worse I'll ask my aunt and uncle to help my trio locate a room, they travel all the time for business and are bosses at booking affordable rooms just about anywhere.

>> No.7364078

Nice job licking Monsanto's asshole.

>> No.7364079

I hope not, because I'm doing my first costume at age 30. I wasn't willing to mess around with it until very recently, which is when I took weight loss and my appearance seriously for the first time in my life. Now I'm healthy, teen movie-transformed via contacts and haircut, and actively hoping to rock it.

>> No.7364126
File: 37 KB, 300x470, 1392081570958.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7364140

I fucking love this cap'd

>> No.7364158

What cons do you go to?

>> No.7364176


>> No.7364181

or i could learn to fucking read, sorry

>> No.7364183

>try to start losing weight since I'm getting a little flabby (again)
>decide to cut out all the sugary crap I eat
>feel ridiculously tired and can't concentrate when I don't eat enough sugar
>give up and eat fuckloads of sugar again

I know it's a habit I need to break, but I've been trying for years and I just can't do it. Is there some kind of trick to this?

>> No.7364192
File: 819 KB, 1768x2672, 1380697759967.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you will never have a qt historical reenactment bf to recreate this painting with

>> No.7364200

When I was eating a lot of really sugary junk food, I started to slowly transition over to fruit. The sugar is pretty much the same, (though fruit has less calories and more nutrients) but I found that then it was easier to eat less sugary stuff when most of the sugars I was consuming was fruit.
>im rambly, switch to fruit and then try to cut it out

Also, try eating more protein!

>> No.7364203

I have this same problem anon. It really blows. I just try to moderate the amount of everything I eat and set calorie limits, but if anyone else has a better solution I would love to hear it.

>> No.7364217

The more I get involved in lolita, the worse of a person I realize I truly am.

>> No.7364220

>have super "normal" boyfriend
>likes Star Wars and Firefly, but that's the extent of his "nerdy" interests
>has never said a single negative thing about my cosplay hobby
>seen photos, says I look cute
>moved in together
>now too embarrassed to work on costumes with him around even though there's no reason to be

I'm so annoyed with myself. Like, I could be working on plenty of things right now, but he's at home, and I feel so weird about it, and I don't know what I can do to stop being so fucking awkward and unable to do something I love around someone I love. Fuck.

>> No.7364224

My husband and I have been together for a total of 8 years now (married for going on 3), and he still gets embarassed if I read his fan fiction.

Do you have a separate room to work on your things? Maybe that'd help?

But I guess that's a little different than openly making a costume.

>> No.7364242

Oh nooo, haha! No, we have a pretty small apartment, so I'd be working right in the main area. I guess I'll just have to force myself to go pick something up and get to work. It's kind of cute to think about it being him, though. Thanks for that flipped perspective.

>> No.7364246

Why is that?

>> No.7364329

This is a good sort of feel I suppose haha.

>Tfw average looking girl
>Tfw nothing that special about you
>Tfw still get fanboys at school no matter how average you are

Speaking of said fanboys:
>Tfw fanboy is genuinely amused by your quirky ways
>Tfw he says you act just like an anime character
>Tfw he says you remind him of Yuno Gasai
>Tfw he's willing to interrupt what you're doing to talk to you out of a strong desire to talk to you

Having these feels isn't always nice, but they're kind of endearing after a while and it feels nice to know someone cares, even if they're ugly and kinda creepy.

>> No.7364334

not underageb&, btw. just 18 and still in school because I'm fucking retarded

>> No.7364395

Tried mindful eating? As new agey and weird as it sounds, it does make you stop and think about what you're about to eat.

When insomnia, exercise?

>> No.7364413
File: 15 KB, 300x300, 2dd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>make first lolita friend
>talk to her for a bit, we have a good time
>I'm always so freaking shy around her because I'm not used to having female friends and I'm absolutely horrified of fucking things up
>she stops talking to me for 3 days
>oh god what did I do, we used to talk all the time, I messed up, there goes my only female friend
>fuck its been a while omg I'm so sorry I don't know what I did
>out of the blue she IMS me on facebook
>she's pregnant

thank god she doesn't hate me, and I'm super happy for her and would like to help in any way I can.

>> No.7364447

Because I feel like such a fake bitch. My inner dialogue is so foul, even towards myself. I know it's supposed to be a fun fashion, and I love dressing in it, but deep down inside all it's become is a barometer with which I judge myself and others.

>> No.7364448
File: 147 KB, 609x217, punpun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You remind me of that Louie C.K. bit about the word "faggot."

>> No.7364456
File: 23 KB, 434x418, uwotm8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Just finished first cosplay (for Katsu)
>Took me a year because I kept changing shit around and deciding it was terrible
>Finally kind of like it
>Still terrified it's bad
>Probably gonna keep fucking with it until the day of the con (this Friday)

>> No.7364473

You're going to lose her anyway. Female friend who get pregnant dedicate the next five to seven years to their kid and can't do much of anything.

I would choose clothing and massive extra income and sex whenever I wanted over a kid anyway. Not to mention, I don't want my body wrecked.

>> No.7364499

Not to be Debbie Downer, but I agree with this anon >>7364473

Pretty much all my friends have kids now, and I do not see them at all. It's a rough life. My best female friend right now is probably my recently made lolita friend who is like 7 years my junior. T_T

>> No.7364512

>Tons of casual sex 15-21
Damn, you slut

>> No.7364518


>> No.7364527

You're an idiot

>> No.7364536

And you're a rude cunt.

>> No.7364538

That's a shame, what has soured you? Is your local comm horrid? Don't you still just enjoy the indulgence in the frills?
I step back every once in a while and just look at the Japanese media, magazines and such and ignore the comms entirely.
Then I remember why I first started to love Lolita.

>> No.7364548

Well, I'm someone who cosplays with my SO ,so I guess that's not so bad for me.

>> No.7364551

>>tfw on paleo diet and cannot eat sugar at all

It was hell, anon. I know that feel. Now I savor the taste of just a banana or a glass of juice.

As far as cutting things out of your diet, try any kind of starch. It's loaded with carbs and leaves you feeling hungry when you eat it. Replace maybe half of your carb intake with protein - ground beef is an easy alternative, that or chicken breasts. Maybe raw salmon if you've got a local asian market.

>> No.7364560

Oh, and on that note, try cooking meat in apple cider vinegar. Ground beef especially tastes fucking great in it. It's not quite sweet but it's close.

>> No.7364570

Hi, I'm the OP to that other post, not >>7364536. I know I'm being stupid, sorry if that didn't come across. My last boyfriend I lived with was also a cosplayer, so I never thought twice about it. I think this is mostly adjusting to sharing my space with someone new, especially someone who isn't interested in cosplay.

>> No.7364581
File: 871 KB, 1126x1001, 1333113875189.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all those weight problems

Let me help you guys out

>> No.7364584

Not everyone has sugar withdrawal symptoms but I sure do and it sounds like you do too. I have to do just fruit as another anon suggested, then ease back on even that. The key is to stick to it then and not let sugary things creep back in on a regular basis. Just an occasional treat once a month or so.

>> No.7364585
File: 1.14 MB, 992x967, 1324857922771.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7364590
File: 273 KB, 1600x1113, 1335994704498.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7364595

Cut that starchy bottom row right off entirely and I'll take it!

>> No.7364597
File: 301 KB, 940x1619, 1334696977528.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7364601
File: 50 KB, 480x720, 1392092759876.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7364604
File: 69 KB, 610x610, 1386477377-zyzz[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's all I have, remember to pray to Zyzz every night - /fit/

>> No.7364667

I do still love the fashion, and I love the girls in my comm. Maybe I've just had my attitude soured by spending too much time here.

>> No.7364704


Where do you live?

>> No.7364718

That sounds likely. Take a break for a while or if reading for content and drama and bad views just creep in, try something more uplifting (I enjoyed the top tier threads and I hide a lot of threads) or stick to the better content threads, maybe like shopping or such. It's not all shitposts and snark.

>> No.7365283

sounds more sexually liberated than you

basically a politically correct way to say that your libidos and levels of kinkyness will not match.
make into fwb and force condom, or just friendzone.

>> No.7365289

>Sex must always have an "attacker" and a receiver"
>"A horrible immoral pedophile woman ripped the virginity out of the clutches of an innocent 12yo"
>"all mention or exposure to sex or sexual acts below the totally nonarbitrary age of 18 will lead inevitably to emotional scarring and them turning into a crack whore"

How conserva-cis-minded can you be?

Yes, he's a male equivalent of a whore.
If he doesnt want to end up alone without s partner at 40 he just has to find a female whore who wants to settle down. I hear there's a quite a few of them out there.

>> No.7365294

>never believed that the approach "you must constantly make a woman doubt herself and tell her there's something wrong" worked
>mfw you walked straight into it
>mfw only through friends you realized he was doing shit

damn son I gotta try that shit, except obviously your bf wasnt strict enough on limiting your contact with your friends

>> No.7365299

round up people and do a "precure grown up" group cosplay

anything becomes more acceptable as a group cosplay

>> No.7365306
File: 417 KB, 1900x1200, 1389719869315.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Holy shit another /fit/bro.... I'm not the only one. I wonder how many are here.

>> No.7365325


even assuming that selective breeding of animals and plants doesnt count as genetic manipulation (think milk cows and carrots. They used to come in non-orange colors)

when a GMO is tested to bring in genes that increase resistance to disease or extra nutrients, the mountain of tests and checks they must undergo is huge. The real danger of GMO's is accidental cross-pollination with weeds to create hybrid superweeds that are resistant to diseases and weedkillers.

The kicker however is this: there are a lot of other normal practices in the (vegetable) food industry that would seem opposable for the same reasons, but because they get no media coverage nobody cares.

Hell, food regularly gets xrayed for sterilization, and its harmless, but you rarely hear people going ">eating irradiated food enjoy your tumor" even though its the same idiot brand of logic.

>> No.7365330

these are informative but boring
have marilyn manson tell you the same thing.

>> No.7367156


>> No.7368555

NJ and I travelled to NY.

>> No.7368630

>Tfw SJW Tumblr Creepyshit Pastelbat wannabe moron tries to "educate" you on the fashion you have loved and been involved in for ages.

>> No.7368640
File: 993 KB, 250x250, reasonable chuckle.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dropped mfw

>> No.7369452

You're simply unattractive to these girls. Work on your social skills. Work out, eat properly. (Protip: Facial aesthetics is largely dictated by your body fat percentage. Make sure that you put on some muscle mass first though before losing fat) Dress properly.

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