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Which one of you lovely lolis was hitting up the UWM Union today?

Nothing in the catalog, so, obligatory find-a-friend thread. Seagulls find your flock.

>lolita, cosplay, fan, etc.?

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no man, you wan't to know why we don't have them?
its because of /fit/ and their shitposting.

plus, you need to set down some rules. like:
>cosplay, Jfashion, and/or lolita?
>a/s/l (to be as specific as possible, also state that you are from the western/northern ect part of state, mention your country, so on)
>other interests/hobbies?
>email/skype/tumblr (you can also put this in the email field)
>what kind of things would you like to do with your seagull friend?
>other info

Helpful tips:
>post a picture of something you are interested in (or screenshot your tumblr archive and post that)
>state if you are in a relationship to ward off frillseekers and those seeking dat cosplay booty
>know that if you are male, stating that you are a single male is not going to get you many friends-it makes you seem desperate. keep it casual

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are you going to anime milwaukee?

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We have them all the time...?

Your specifics are helpful though. I just went for simple and easy instead of filling out an entire application.

possibly. I was supposed to be on staff, but after seeing how they're running it...maybe/maybe not. Its close enough so I'll probably check it out.

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Like half the lolita comm goes to UWMilwaukee so you kinda gotta be specific with what style she was wearing.

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without rules the threads usually turn into "find a seagull gf" invaded by /fit/ and /r9k/
>We have them all the time...?
well, we USED to have them all the time.
basically /fit/ would crosslink to our thread saying "look! its an easy way to find /cgl/ sluts!"
and all the last threads went downhill. if you don't believe me, check the archives

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I'm going to anime milwaukee!
It's my first con and I'm kind of hoping to meet some other lolitas. Maybe if I'm lucky, a snail mail pen pal! Anyone else going?

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Stop being an ass. The guys from /fit/ are hot and always welcomed on /cgl/

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Any lolita's in or near Toledo?

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/fit/ pls go

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it's 4:20
holla back

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I'm going, too. I'm not a lolita, but I'm really interested in the fashion.

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Not Toledo, but Ohio. Down at Miami University if you know where that is.

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Not from Toledo either, but from Columbus. You're close to Michigan, have you thought of looking at joining the Michigan comm too?

A lolita friend of mine is in Stockholm right now.

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Me too. I could never afford the clothes, but I'm still crazy about the fashion. Are you there all 3 days??

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19/f/ 703 NOVA/northern virginia DC area
newbie lolita, anime
death metal, cooking

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they're as welcomed in /cgl/ as /r9k/ is.

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>cosplay, Jfashion, and/or lolita?
mostly jfashion, just getting into lolita
21/f/USA, very northern Minnesota
>other interests/hobbies?
tattoos, doctor who, takato yamamotos art, my cat,Pomeranian and pom-corgi.
skype in email field
>what kind of things would you like to do with your seagull friend?
chat mostly since its really unlikely that any of you are going to be within 400 miles of me, but on the off chance that anyone was close enough then shopping trips and any fun outings would be nice
>other info
I cut hair for a living and between my full time job and my fibromyalgia i dont have time or energy for much of a social life

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The first two! I have to work on Sunday. Maybe we should have a mini /cgl/ meet up or something.

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22, Trans-human non-binary Xi, Denver Metro Area
>lolita, cosplay, fan, etc.?
Cosplay for now, though I'm starting to get interested in Lolita because it's pretty and I see it in my Japanese animes, and I'd like to maybe do some brolita stuff in the future.
Anime and Manga first and foremost, some vidya but haven't had as much time for games between training, work and school. I also play Football and Rugby and so am training a lot for it. I enjoy lifting the most (inb4 /fit/ pls go). I also am a big sports fan and am majoring in Math and Econ, so am pretty interested in economics (commodities trading, quant and 'metrics specifically). Pls b my friend.

Pic related, gladly taken by my waifu, don't hit in me silly girls.

I doubt I'll find any Coloradofags though.

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>implying /fit/ can even talk to girls
>implying /fit/ is attracted to anything without a penis

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21/f/Vancouver BC
>Lolita, cosplay, j-fashion
Mostly j-fashion(mori and otome) but I have 2 Lolita jsk and 2 skirts right now so I'm just building my wardrobe.
I like cosplay, but I haven't really gotten to it yet.
Baking and drawing though I really want to learn how to knit.
>what would you want to do?
Hang out, watch anime or other things, and since this is Vancouver, eat out. I know plenty of cheap ish eats especially in Richmond .

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>22, Trans-human non-binary Xi, Denver Metro Area

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Dont give it attention, just ignore it

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Why not make a /cgl/ dating thread then? Seriously, I'd be up for that. Lolita seeking husbando material over here. I wish a lolita dating site was actually a thing.

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if that is really your picture, I like you. honeslty, I don't hate /fit/ guys just because they're from /fit/. its if you act really annoying, think the world wants your dick, and call girls fat/ugly when you're rejected, or shitpost in /cgl/ is when I dislike you.

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Make it a thing, make it a pay-site, buy dat burando girl

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Lighten up m8

I'm not even looking for a girl really lol, it'd be gr8 to have a bro to go to cons with and stuff. My buddies are all either complete normalfags or /a/bros, but not very social. It'd be cool to find someone like me to watch sports and anime with ;__;

And /fit/ mainly shitposts in these threads for laffs because we are autistic, not because we hate you guys (though I don't, because I am on /cgl/ quite often for cosplay advice because I'm a newbie). The /fit/ guys who do shitpost tend to be the ones who've been lifting for less than a year though abd haven't had much luck with girls because bad social skills, but whatever. A requirement of these threads should be to show that you have an interest in anime, vidya, comics or J-Fasion though, to weed out the DYELs. Because it's those guys that lift for girls, not for themselves, and that is terrible.

And here is a pic of my full collection, shit quality I know.

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shit didn't realize there were seagulls in my area. I used to live a block away from UWM. We should have a meetup at anime Milwaukee for sure

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20/F/BC Canada. I know there are plenty of lolis from Vancouver that go on /cgl/, but I'm looking for someone outside of Vancouver, more towards Abbotsford. I'm so lonely out here.
>lolita, cosplay, fan, etc.?
Mostly lolita, some cosplay.
I love anime, manga, and video games but I promise I'm not a weeaboo.

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>that fatas fatass arm
> 70% of /fit/

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>cosplay, Jfashion, and/or lolita?
cosplay and starting lolita
>other interests/hobbies?
anime/manga, free!, art, knitting, reading, I want to get into needle felting and other crafty things, but I haven't gotten around to it
>email/skype/tumblr (you can also put this in the email field)
my lolita tumblr is cloudedeyes.tumblr.com, and you can find my main through there
>what kind of things would you like to do with your seagull friend?
it'd be nice to talk about anime or lolita and if you live close by it'd be fun to go shopping or cosplay together. I'd like some con friends, too; I find it hard to make friends at cons because i'm pretty shy
>other info
I am probably fujoshi trash

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Not fat just bulking. But seriously, I was 235 when I took that pic, about 245 now, but also 6'5 so reasonably lean, but aesthetics isn't my goal, strength and stamina is. Most of /fit/ is hungry skeleton though.

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I'm so sorry for you anon. My fat friend and his boyfriend live there right now, and ice visited. It's nothing but Christian hicks and kids with nothing better to do so they smoke weed age cut themselves

Seriously I went to his bf highschool for a few days just wandering and being a hair model, and no less than 10 girls talked about hire they smoked and cut themselves and had xyz mental disorder

I technically live in maple ridge, but that's only some times

>> No.7343702

Gay apparently turned into fat

*my gay friend
I wonder if you know them. They're both pretty identifiable

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What part of SoCal are you in? And what do you cosplay as normally?

>> No.7343717

I'm in the inland empire, around an hour from LA.
I usually cosplay female cute/moe characters or shotas because of my face shape/body type.

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Another Stockholmer here. Got Skype?

>> No.7344043

There was and probably still is a dating thread up from before.

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18, f, Central TX
>lolita, cosplay, fan, etc.?
Both, though I love lolita more.
Baking, decoden, anime, getting into sewing, fairy kei, cult party kei, nutrition,
I've been kind of admiring lolita and cosplay from afar as I'm currently in the process of losing weight and want to look my best before I get into it. We could be work out buddies if you're losing weight too.
If you're down with Iraqi Crime too that would be pretty neat

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Definitely seconding this mini meetup idea. :) We should plan a little something. My email is in the field if we want to exchange info or something.

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Going to be in Hillsboro, OR, for two days next week. Wondering if there are any Portland/nearby area lolis that want to meet up for dinner Fri night.

Have no Facebook but I'd like to meet some people while I'm there.

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So am I! I'm in Ontario. Do you have a Skype/throwaway email?

>> No.7344481

>All these WI people
here i thought there were like 3 of us maximum

>> No.7344509

>lolita, cosplay, fan, etc.?
I'd love to buy some lolita, but there's no way I can afford that shit. I'm into decora and jfash in general. I've cosplayed a few times as well.
Anime, video games, drawing. Pretty typical /a/ shit.

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Its too cold outside right now, we've all gone into /cgl/ hibernation.

>> No.7344535

But its always cold in WI, always

also somebody should make an AMKE thread

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Here you go anon:

>> No.7344708

18, F, SoCal (Ventura County)

>lolita, cosplay, fan, etc.?
Jfashion / lolita. I love AP to hell and back.

drawing, hanging out, dressing up, chillin', im a pretty normal human behing. My current favorite "thing" is monster hunter, my favorite game ever is skyward sword, my favorite anime ever is CardCaptor Sakura and Yuru Yuri.

Mainly I'm looking for a gal pal to hang out with in Ventura County, and go malling. I don't mind making friends with girls who arent into lolita/jfashion yet but are interested.

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If you weren't in Colorado I'd hang with you at cons

>> No.7344936

tfw no lolita to balls deep in god I hate quebec if only parkdale and etc west tdot hoods didn't cost so much to live
the joys of 4chan but unlike /r9k/ people on /fit/ stick to/have goals

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>cosplay, Jfashion, and/or lolita?
closeted lolita, I love to collect the clothes but never wear them because I´m shy and I´m too scary too be judged by others
>other interests/hobbies?
cooking, cake design, drawing, doctor who, J-Rpgs
[email protected]
>what kind of things would you like to do with your seagull friend?
finding other closeted lolitas or lolita girls in general with common interests :3 an e-mail friendship would be great!

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>cosplay, Jfashion, and/or lolita?


>other interests/hobbies?
non-japanese fashion, writing/reading, cooking, harry potter, makeup and hair, anime/manga (although i'm not watching or reading anything right now)

my throwaway email is in the field!

>what kind of things would you like to do with your seagull friend?
a casual g-chat or email friendship! i don't have many friends who are into lolita, so i'd love a friend who is up for talking about new releases/difficult coords/etc.

>other info
i'm also trying to get more use out of my 3DS, so a fellow lolita who games is cool!

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>cosplay, Jfashion, and/or lolita?
Cosplay and lolita


>other interests/hobbies?
Reading, video games, cooking & baking, make-up, music, writing, movies, walking & exploring

E-mail is in the field above!

>what kind of things would you like to do with your seagull friend?
I'm in the middle of sewing my first cosplay, but I would really love a cosplay partner to do things with. I've always wanted a friend who would dress up with me and we could talk about anime and video games.

>other info
I love going to shows and I'm a pretty decent drawer. I'm insanely busy during the week, but I don't work or have school during the weekends, so I'm sometimes free if I'm not visiting my boyfriend.

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>cosplay, Jfashion, and/or lolita?
Cosplay. I haven't done any but I'd like to get into it.


>other interests/hobbies?
Astronomy, reading, paleontology, anime, video games

Throwaway in email field.

>what kind of things would you like to do with your seagull friend?
Enjoying conversation!

>other info
I'm trying to learn Japanese at the moment so study buddies/someone to practice with would be neat!

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Anyone here live in Japan? ..

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Go away Rosaire

>> No.7349877

>babby cosplayer, trying to get into classic lolita or possibly otome/cult party kei but i'm really into jfashion in general
>i like art, thrifting, sewing and crafting

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>tfw the only hawaiifag

>> No.7349925

go away faggot that needs to call out someone they don't like.
as we discussed this in the "/cgl/ goes full retard" thread, its the most annoying shit, and you're doing no one any favors.
seriously, fuck off, stop calling people out, rosaire or not, and think about your life.

>> No.7349928

>inb4 rosaire

I know you absolutely would LOOOVE to namedrop again, but I'm not, so don't try to hard, okay hun?

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>19/M/Michigan (Lake Orion)

>Looking for a con-going friend, or just online friend. Preferably someone who likes group cosplays and prop-building

>For cosplay: Prop making, trapping (new to it), and whatever piques my interest near con time
>Besides cosplay: Dancing, writing, movies, travelling around, and vidya/anime

Ask for contact info, if you don't mind

>> No.7349966

>cosplay, Jfashion, and/or lolita?
Cosplay (new to trapping, and enjoy making props a lot)

>a/s/l (to be as specific as possible, also state that you are from the western/northern ect part of state, mention your country, so on)
19/M/Michigan (Lake Orion)

>other interests/hobbies?
Anime/vidya, dancing, travelling around, writing

>email/skype/tumblr (you can also put this in the email field)
[email protected] (ask for other contacts)

>what kind of things would you like to do with your seagull friend?
Go to cons, build props together, hang out, and just be friends I guess

>other info
Go to college in Flint, like doing things, love con raves.. not sure what else to put here

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