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I didn't see one in the catalog, so Lolita Pet Peeves/ Vent Thread?

Tell us what's grinding your frilly-gears

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I just bought a cute BTSSB cardigan, and it came today. It looked pink in the seller photo, but it's a really weird peach colour that matches nothing in my closet. I'm super sad.

I also have to get off my ass and sell a ton of my stuff (Like the AP donut bag that has been lurking in a cupboard for like a year now.) but I'm too lazy to take proof photos.

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? Organizing skirts last weekend
> realize the hem of one of my skirts is coming loose in places
> pull skirt out
>realize hem has been repaired before (with that iron-on hem tape, so you don't see it from the outside or anything)
> was sold to me "in escellent condifion"
> no mention ANYWHERE of repairs
I'm not sure whether to be more pissed at the seller from the comm sales for not stating this or at myself for not noticing for five months.
I like the skirt but am thinking about selling it, because I don't want to ruin a MMM skirt if something goes wrong.

Still, sellers who don't disclose the condition of a garment as honestly as possible really get to me.

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I just mailed a package (late) to another country. The fucking shipping was ridiculously huge, and when I tried to talk to the post office worker about my other shipping options, he just kind of... ignored me? Basically kept saying there weren't any other options, even though I goddamn know they are.

But I had to ship the package TODAY, and there's a fucking snowstorm starting (again) so I paid enough shipping to send the fucking dress to the moon and back.

God. Damn.

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You might want to give the seller bad feedback. I understand your reluctance to mess with it, but if there's a seamstress or repair store in your town, you can often get excellent work for decent prices.

The side zipper was ripping out of one of my skirts, and the area around it was so threadbare I couldn't fix it. The lady I took it to got it repaired in a week and I can't even tell what the fuck she did. It's like a magical gnome came in and fixed it, it looks so good.

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>bought skirt
>seller says modified to x inches in the waist
>that's my waist size
>receive it
>5 inches smaller than originally posted

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I live in a small town and am worried out "good" might not be very good, if that makes sense. (I'm just super paranoid.)

This transaction was five months ago, which is one reason I'm so pissed at myself for not seeing it sooner, so I don't feel like saying something at this point would be right. I'd hate if someone did that to me. Then again, I'm really honest about condition.

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> Buying a REALLY CUTE lolita dress
> Sweet Lolita, soft pink (beautiful colour)
> Receive it
> The pink it's like STRONG NEON pink
> Cheap lace, cheap bows and cheap details (not as photo)
> Go to Ebay for complaining
> Seller disabled his damn account

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>Buying lolita on ebay.

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Ebay is not a good place for buy lolita?

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Have a picture of the dress? Maybe we can help you.

Next time, stick to buying to places like closetchild, mbok, yahoo auctions, egl, and the facebook comm.

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No where is, don't buy lolita. Its like a badge of female autism

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It's been so cold and dark all month that I haven't been able to dress up at all. I can wear tights in 10 degree weather but I not -10. Not only that but the dark weather has put me in a weird shit mood and I spend all my time sleeping and I don't want to go out. I turned down going to the Kyary concert because I don't think I can handle that at the moment. Spring needs to come already :(

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What about fleece-lined tights? I love them. Sometimes I go with a pair of my fleece lined tights and then stirrup tights on top of that. Gets you the double layer without the toes all pinching

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I've been hearing good things about those but every time I go to buy some my size is all gone! I bookmarked a link my friend gave me. Maybe I should see if they've restocked yet.

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Do it. I bought one pair, wore them for a week, went back and bought four more. I wear them pretty much every day, cycling through.
Great for wearing under pants for ultimate heat, too

>> No.7339746

If you're in the US, Rue 21 has them, and they're all over ebay and amazon.

>> No.7339755

Thanks, both of you! I'll have to go shopping this weekend! A Rue 21 just opened in the mall near me a few months ago.

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>girls in comm take all pictures at meets
>never post them online

It's been months man, I just want to see my fucking pictures.

>> No.7339769

Have you asked recently? They might of just forgotten.
Or perhaps the quality of the shots was low and they didn't want to post them.

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I still hail the idea of fleece or flannel bloomers. Bloomers are super easy to make. Keeps your ass warm as hell.

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I got a pair of dear celine's fleece bloomers and they're SUPER warm. It's just my calves and feet get so cold that I can't tolerate it. This polar vortex shit needs to end.

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I have Freshly Picked Strawberries because I snagged the OP at one point, and can't find any accessories from the set ever anywhere. Am I doomed with horrible timing? I don't know but I just want to coord the shit out of this dress weh

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>a troll replying to a troll
>how cute

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Yeah, mismatched pinks are so frustrating. I used to check eBay a lot hoping for loliable finds (cardigans, blouses, etc.). A beige blouse ended up being very peachy, and a bolero I bought ended up being neon pink. I was lucky recently with a chiffon blouse though - ended up a very pretty light pink!

I should get around to getting the donut bag too. price?

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I just opened a package and a dust of spices and/or possibly dirt came spilling out. The bag the seller put my item in is littered with sprinklings of this stuff. Also, the item is WAY larger than stated.

I'm not happy AT ALL.

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Take photos of the dirt and also photos where a measuring tape is clearly visible. Ask for a full or partial refund depending on whether you want to keep it.

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Thanks! I've done these things and sent it to the seller. I want a full refund, seeing as the item is just too big for me to wear.

I noticed the she has "no returns" on her sales terms, though...

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Bought an IW JSK second-hand and though the garment looks fine it smells really strongly of some sort of perfume or body spray, to the point where my hands smelt the same for a while after handling it. It had also been scrunched into a jiffy bag and is wrinkled as hell.

I know perfume is nowhere near as bad as B.O. but I'm new to buying from a sales comm and was just thought it was a given to wash the garment and package it carefully.

I know it's a simple matter of washing and ironing it, but I'm apprehensive because the print is in a light colourway but also has red in it so there could be a risk of it bleeding.

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name and shame!

>> No.7340870

Seller terms don't mean jack shit when it comes down to issues, honestly. If you can open a paypal claim, her choices are refund you and get the item back, or lose both the item and money, so you have the upper hand.

>> No.7340871

That's probably why the original owner didn't wash it first, she was afraid it'd run. So now it's your problem.

I don't think most people wash their dresses before sending them.

>> No.7340872

You have the option of reporting her to the mods if she refuses to comply as well. If you're reporting her on egl comm sale in my experience oh_tralala's a pretty competent mod to report to.

You can file a paypal claim as long as you're in the 45 day limit

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>Bought skirt
>It arrives and has stains all over it
>Seller says she never noticed the stains
>Seller offers to take it back or refund it
>I think I can take out the stains
>Seller gives me $20 refund
>Keep skirt
>Still finding new stains
>Realize the bow pin has damaged part of the skirt
>The bow itself is falling apart

I should have just returned it...ugh

>> No.7340881

Get it dry cleaned then. If this is too pricey try dry cleaning sheets and febreeze anti bacterial spray

>> No.7340883

>See dream dress pop up
>Not enough extra funds saved up for frills because broke college student
>Frantically take on freelance work and hope nobody buys it first

Why this

>> No.7340886

I think you're probably right. After all, nobody wants to be the one to ruin a dress by washing it.

Thank you, I'll try that. :) I was thinking about hand-washing and just treading lightly, but it may not be worth the risk. The seller did give me a very good price for it so in retrospect, I don't mind paying a little more for dry-cleaning. Thanks for the advice!

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Honestly you would be surprised how good a professional seamstress is, even in your small time. They do it for a living. Sewing isn't rocket science, they know what they are doing.

>> No.7340908

You can always test an area that can't be seen with a damp cloth

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What rubs me the wrong way lately?
People who keep suggesting Vivienne Westwood 3 strap shoes with co-ords.
Yes, there're gorgeous.
Yes, you're right that they'd look good with this co-ord.
Yes, you can find them second hand.

But for some people, these shoes are:
- out of the price range
- need shoes within a month
- don't like the idea of buying second hand shoes
- have large feet or have feet that require inner shoe support
- don't want to wear heels for the event
- don't actually come in a color that would compliment the

It's like this shoe is a quick answer for when you don't want to think harder.
I can't do anything with my hair- Just buy a wig
I can't match this dress well- Just buy all the matching accessories the brand put outs
I can't find shoes- Just wear VW 3 strap shoes

>> No.7340953

lol if it's just the hem, it shouldn't be a problem. you could probably do it your self, but any seamstress should be able to take care of it. if you're still worried check yelp or some other place with customer reviews listed

>> No.7340981

Yeah, I noticed this happening a few times, but not that badly. It's a mild spasm of a fad, like any other. Before that it was the Mojo Moxy and such shoes, now it's starting to be Fluevogs (kinda has been, but).

>> No.7340989

Holy shit just give up already.

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>tfw every time you ask for help in any sort of thread it gets completely ignored, even when you bump it
>tfw when someone finally gives you help, its the shittiest adviice that you have ever seen, and would look awful if you took it

its been 7 months, and I still have a gorgeous dress that I haven't worn, and still haven't found a hairstyle good for me-and when I took the only advice I was given in those months for hair I looked like a mongoloid

I'm never going to get help, am I.

>> No.7341051

Then fucking figure it out yourself. Anon's aren't obligated to be your personal stylist. People get paid to do that.

>> No.7341056

>tfw any post you do get that's not shitty advice, it's you getting nagged at for some stupid reason.

>> No.7341071

sorry I can't magically be perfect through the hundreds of tutorials I've went through and tried. sorry the only classic lolita dress I have is giving me trouble because classic isn't my style
also sorry you have a swarm of angry bees in your vag too.

>> No.7341077

Let me guess, blunt bangs?

>> No.7341080

I'm sure you can figure out something simple on your own.
Anyway if it's ok with everyone else just post it here. I promise to try my best to give you advice at least.

>> No.7341108

Yup. And if you point out that people are giving you shit advice or going off tangent about something that isn't remotely what you asked, god help you. Welcome to cgl.

>> No.7341119

excessive piercings in any kind of lolita. I think it looks awful and I cringe every time I see some edgy scene-ish girl who thinks they look good in lolita with pieces of metal all over their face. I've seen it done tastefully, it's just very rare.

>> No.7341123

I'm so torn. I went to the doctor's today after putting it off for around two years for what I believed to be depression. I read up on it, researched the medications, and was going to try to talk to my doc about a specific kind that didn't have any debilitating side effects for me.

Then he totally blind sides me and diagnoses me with BPD instead. Needless to say I am shocked and completely neglect to talk about my thoughts on meds because I haven't done any research on BPD meds! He ends up giving me a prescription for pills with the same side effects I was trying to avoid (exhaustion and increased appetite). I'm already tired all the time, and I was so committed to eating healthier after putting on some holiday weight... I'm so scared of being unable to fit into my dresses in a month's time.

I'm seeing a psychiatrist in a few days though which I assume will start being a regular thing, so I guess if the pills end up not working for me as far as side effects go I can change my 'script easily...

>> No.7341130


Did you not express your concerns to him when he prescribed you the pills? Surely he could at least consider something else he could prescribe instead?

>> No.7341135

yes. oh god. the horror. multiple people told me this, and oh god why. at least I was smart enough to buy a wig, but still.
with simplicity, I've figured out how to do my makeup do to tutorials, and finally found one that worked right on me, but when it comes to hairstyles the hairstyle I want most never looks good on me-so I find it best to have someone else's opinion.
also been trying to find a good "try hairstyles on online" site as well
asked for help here >>7340226
and just reposted my request here >>7341122
I'm not that catty to point it out, but even with shitty advice, I'm thankful that at least someone tried, and no matter how much I hate it, thank them for it anyways. a gift is a gift, whether its a pair of ugly socks or that perfect present you asked for.

>> No.7341148


>I'm thankful that at least someone tried, and no matter how much I hate it, thank them for it anyways.

I super like you already anon. You seem pretty sound. I can't offer anything in beauty/hairstyle as I'm just a newbie myself, but I hope you get your ideal style soon.

>> No.7341157

Yeah my local post office worker often try to upsell services too.

When the buyer pays in Paypal, invoice the buyer and choose "Goods". After the buyer pays, click on "print shipping label" and select whatever shipping option you want. Just print out the label and stick it on the package and drop it off.

>> No.7341160

Friends getting into lolita and ignoring all your advice...

>> No.7341166

He kind of just walked off and returned with a prescription TBH without even consulting me about it first. My doctor's office is... kind of weird, not so good in customer service. Plus I WOULD rather be happy than skinny if those are my only two options... If I'm even slightly disappointed by these meds I'm gonna change them of course, but I wasn't just gonna complain about the meds because they make me chubby. I'll leave that kind of bitching to someone who's being paid to listen to my problems for an hour, hehe.

>> No.7341170

I know that feel. I literally made a little book called "dos and donts of lolita" and stapled it together and gave it to someone.
she wore milanoo regarless, with plain flats, and no petti. the little booklet included where to shop for everything...

its not your fault anon. if they choose to crash and burn there is nothing you can do.

>> No.7341178

Don't worry, if she's like any other attention whore, she'll forget it when the next fad comes along.

>> No.7341181

That's why it annoys me.

>> No.7341247

Dont just start taking pills before seeing a psych first!!! I'm serious, I did it the wrong way, and I've had friends that have done it the right way and it's helped them so much. See the psych and don't take the pills if you have any doubts, because for me and my close family members, it DOES just make us more tired and unmotivated and gain weight. Like, can't fit into lolita properly level of weight gain.

You're not alone anon! There's lots of methods to help yourself, don't get discouraged and don't feel you have to do one if it doesn't seem like what you're going to want!!

>> No.7341274

When people bitch at a lolita because her face isn't quite good enough for them.

Fucking stop it. I'm not even a lolita and this shit is boring as hell. Bitches look like they spent ages on their makeup, stop whining because their nose is slightly too big.

>> No.7341307

That's a pretty shitty doctor. If you're going to a private practice, you might wanna consider a switch.

>> No.7341333

whenever someone spells "petti" as "petty"
it's the stupidest thing to get angry over, but it gets to me every single time

>> No.7341337

Also misspellings of 'shirring'.
I also got irrationally angry over that one crazy ita who was trying to trade her 'bodyline shuggery carnavil'.

>> No.7341338

Walgreens has them too, in a bunch of colors as well!

>> No.7341340

I know Target has them as well

>> No.7341370

it's a petti thing to care so much about

>> No.7341371

i get angry at the word "pettiskirt"

>> No.7341375

File a paypal claim and get your money back. Item not as described.

>> No.7341389

Seconding the fleece-lined tights. I've been wearing them with thigh-high socks over top all winter (it's been around -35 on average this year) and it's been fine, honestly warmer than just jeans or something. Alternatively, I would recommend wearing some thermal leggings (if you can find some that aren't too baggy) and wearing socks or thicker tights over top.

>> No.7341396

When people criticize things like full sets/skeleton tights/Chocomint stars because they're "overdone." Who cares? Doesn't mean it doesn't coordinate well.

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>> No.7341410


>> No.7341414

I can't deal with shuggery. It makes me feel a bit SHUDDERY if I'm being honest.

>> No.7341416

Maybe we should have an anal sex themed print. Buggery Carnival.

>> No.7341420

I don't get why people always spell it "sheering." It isn't pronounced "sheering."

fluffyrabidkitten says pettiskirt so there's another reason to hate it.

>> No.7341424


>> No.7341431

Oh my god. Someone draw this.

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>buy first piece of burando from BtSSB!
>it arrives really fast
>I can't stop smiling as I carry the package up to my room
>tear that sucker open!
>hastily put on dress
>sweet jesus, this is uncomfortable
>breasts totally flatten
>bodice too short
>oh god is this what boobloaf is
>I have 100 maybe 102 cm bust, max is supposedly 108 cm
>yeah right
>how the hell do other fatty-chans squeeze into brand?
>really like the dress on, think it's cute despite pancake boobs
>a little worried it probably looks worse than I think it does
>probably seeing what I wanna see because I don't wanna give up my first brand piece
>oh god I can't take it off
>move boobs, get out the way
>I'm going to be stuck in this dress forever
>I'm going to have to cut my way out of this dress
>I'm going to end up tearing this precious burando
>eventually manage to peel it off

Ya know, I was really thinking putting on a brand dress for the first time would be a more magical moment.

>> No.7341440

>fluffyrabidkitten says pettiskirt
supposedly, when she backpedaled that mess, a 'pettiskirt' to her is NOT a petticoat. I don't know. I think she meant something more fairy-kei that looks like a petti but you can wear it alone? but I cannot begin to delve into the workings of that mind.

>> No.7341453

Max measurements are just that: the max possible it can stretch. They aren't the max flattering fit. Generally sheering is in the back and the front doesn't stretch, so you're still gonna have as much room in the front of the dress as that Japanese model. I'm a 96cm bust, but due to my proportions (back v. bust size) I've yet to find a single brand item that is flattering on me. I stick to skirts.

>> No.7341459


... it's pronounced "shurring" right? Now I'm paranoid.

>> No.7341462

I really thought I was the only one that was bugged by that, thank you anon.

>> No.7341478

I have a similar bust measurement. What was the piece so I know to stay far far away from that cut?

>> No.7341481

I'm sorry that happened to you, but I'm laughing so damn hard at lines 17-20

>> No.7341491

I pronounce it "Sheer-ring."

>> No.7341493

It's shurring, think of it like the word stirring.

>> No.7341495

Buggery Carnival.

>> No.7341517


did you do that on purpose

>> No.7341520

Yes. Pannier bugs me too. This is the real world, not Bodyline.

>> No.7341841

> package stuck at sorting facility since the 25th
> pissed because I paid for EMS shipping

And my second parcel:

> tracking it online
> realise local delivery is being done by some shitty contractors
> wait around all day for my package, the guy finally arrives at 5pm
> open up my package and realise the shop has sent me the wrong bag
> email them to sort it out but it's already closing time for their store
>it's now the weekend and they won't be able to get back to me until monday

>> No.7341850

This was really entertaining anon.

>> No.7342030

The one that gets me most is when people say 'weary' instead of 'wary'. You can't be weary of something; it makes no sense.

>> No.7342034


I'm weary of people saying 'weary' in place of 'wary'.

>> No.7342036

Uhh, "weary" means tired, and pretty sure you can be tired of something. For example: I am weary of your excessively stupid postings, anon

>> No.7342040

Ah yes, I seem to be retarded. My point was I hate it when people use 'weary' to mean 'cautious of'.

I think I should go back to bed.

>> No.7342044

have you tried a binder? I've heard they're really good for this kind of thing.

>> No.7342051 [DELETED] 

Actually you can be weary of something. Weary means tired.

>> No.7342066

Don't forget "can't find matching otks - just wear Verum tights!" I hate this trend so much.
They are cute on their own, but paired with a busy print on a dress? Nope.

>> No.7342080


I think I paid way too much for my donut bag at the time, so I'm not sure how to price it. I was guessing around £60?

>> No.7342081

link to chiffon blouse please?

>> No.7342114

just finished watching the 1962 version (from your pic). good movie

>> No.7342117

I was waiting for someone to get the reference.

>> No.7342229

Target has them, but only in black. I have gotten some from tj maxx also.
Fleece lined tights are a godsend. They do tend to pill easily and one pair likes to stick to my petticoat

>> No.7342251

That picture though.

>> No.7342285


Changing your weight is one thing. But complaining about actual bone structures is just stupid. When insulting the face, that is grasping at straws.

>> No.7342310

This. I can lose all the weight I like, but the fact still remains that I have a large nose and, to be honest, a large ribcage. It makes JSKs very difficult.

>> No.7342324

The ribcage, not the nose.

>> No.7342359

I hate my nose so much, and i actually wouldn't care if someone criticized me about my makeup or my coord. But my nose is something i can't easily fix.

>> No.7342372

>no where

>> No.7342398

When the mods delete a thread that was just getting good.

>> No.7342434
File: 104 KB, 490x493, 1390793775542.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah. I just find it hard to believe that it could even stretch to 108 cm, it was so difficult to stretch to 100-102cm. Not as forgiving as I expected. Maybe I'll try a skirt next time!

It was the Cherry Rose JSK, the lucky pack dress I think.

I'm glad my misadventure entertained you!

No, I haven't tried a binder. I wore a sports bra because I heard that was the next best thing after a minimizer bra, but it couldn't save me from boobloaf. I'll look into it. Thanks for the tip!

>> No.7342443

The term "colorway".
I know it's 'correct' and blah blah. But it sounds retarded as fuck and people who say it sound slow.

>> No.7342444
File: 42 KB, 420x636, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ughhhh THIS THIS. This is a fucking pannier. A completely different shape.

She's actually not far off (for once). A Pettiskirt is something teeny girls wear that you wear alone. It's usually a fluffy chiffon or nylon instead of tulle or organza. Not as stiff. People DO wear them under skirts, but they're almost too full to put under anything.

>> No.7342454


Oh anon, I feel your pain! I have almost your measurements (98cm atm). I want to lose some weight, because that feel when your boobs wont fit 80% of burando. ...;_:

Try Innocent world, they run a bit larger.
Baby also has some fully shirred JSKs you can get for cheap especially at auctions/closet child which will easily fit your measurements. Pretty sure you will be able to find some skirts too.


Are binder seriously that good? I mean, sure, they might reduce your boobs, but will it leae you looking good or like a fatty who squeezed into a binder? I just cannot imagine that they leae your boobs in an acceptable shape.

>> No.7342456

I was hoping we'd end January's wardrobe month on a good note.

>> No.7342483

When your petticoat bunches up and gives a godawful bustle effect at the back.

>> No.7342489

Bunches and bustles? I only wish. Mine runs and hides under my ass (yes, I have a big butt) making the back flat. Also, when I walk my petticoat sticks to my tights and sucks back in between my legs so after a few steps I have a wad of organza between my legs. And no, a slip doesn't help the problem. I have tried.

>> No.7342523

Not OP, but you're the one who sounds like a fucking bitch.
>abloo bloo people won't help me dress myself

You're a failure who needs their hand held. That's your problem. This is cgl, not your personal stylist.

>> No.7342526

Exactly. I think as long as you like them and they're worn right.

>> No.7342558

Soo I drew something on cgl that was pretty popular and get notes on it all the time on tumblr. So many people message me "do you do commissions" and I say yeah sure, we can talk prices and stuff

and it never goes past that point. ever.

I'm happy to draw things if people want but it never even gets to the discussion of how much it would cost or whatever. I hate getting people asking for art or what-have-you and never actually follow up. I don't even think my prices are that outrageous.

I'm just really sick of being baited for jobs. I had some guy at Riot (league of legends) message me for a project and then he straight up just stopped contacting me after a few "I'll get back to you when we have more details!" emails.

>> No.7342732

I make dresses and I am so, so sick of people telling me that they can't afford it and asking me to go lower, like half the price.

>> No.7342758

tumblr is just full of teenage brats who like having the power of asking for work from people but don't have any money and don't actually plan on commissioning anything. This happens SO MUCH.

>> No.7342765

I've noticed how a lot of artists are putting up information to basically explain that that kind of shit is not okay, and worse, when people specifically try to buddy up with them to try to get art out of them.

>> No.7342780

I'm not a fatty chan, but I have larger arms for some reason? I bought my first btssb op, and it fit perfectly, except for the arms. One of the most deflating experiences of my life....

>> No.7342789 [DELETED] 
File: 25 KB, 300x300, 1390589581380.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They were probably expecting deviantart mspaint tier pricing, and got spooked off when the price wasn't $5 tops. Or when you didn't offer an ART TRADE with them, when they draw Katy Coope shit.

>> No.7342798

I have this one dress that I've asked for help coording lots of times and never get help on, and I feel really bad because all of the stock photos and I can't seem to find a good way to take pictures of it, but I can still never seem to get anyone's help. Why did I think getting a non-print brown dress was a good idea, and why won't anyone help meeee?

>> No.7342799

>tfw someone told me their art would cost $50

>ready to go through with it
>suddenly, fuckton of financial problems
>can't afford shit
>never respond back

I'm sorry

>> No.7342805

That's not a big deal to me. I prefer if people say "Hey I thought I could afford it, but I can't now, sorry!" It's happened before, I'm okay with that.

It's when I get messages on DA or Tumblr or Twitter asking me if I do commissions and I say I can and then they NEVER CONTACT AGAIN. If you're not interested or unable to for whatever reason after we talk about prices I completely understand that.

I just hate when people feign interested at all.

>> No.7342893

it might not be that your arms are fat; most brand items have typically tiny arm openings.

>> No.7342910

brown goes great with ivory, pink, sax, lavender, pure white, mint green... you can really go anywhere with it.

>> No.7342939

Bizarre. What did the Riot guy want you to draw?

>> No.7342951

I have no idea since I never really got details. I posted a Lulu skin idea that got really popular on reddit/deviant art. He said there was some project and that he would give me more details as he got them...

aaaaand then the emails came fewer and fewer with no info, and then nothing.

>> No.7342992

what's wrong with it? it's a term used in the fashion industry, it's not just a lolita specific word.

>> No.7343002

I once got halfway through sewing a dress from someone, then they emailed me asking for their money back because they'd found someone who would make it 'for cheaper.'

>> No.7343004


>> No.7343008

maybe try getting some anti-static spray? I have problems with this all the time, and it's really awkward to rearrange your petticoat in public

>> No.7343014

It truly is a female fedora.

>> No.7343026

Use of the term 'female' always makes someone sound like a neckbeard.

>> No.7343031

Thats your autism kicking in.

>> No.7343036

I'm sorry. It's just I'm used to fedoras talking about how females should go an make a sammich. It provokes a bad reaction in me. Shouldn't have gone off on one like that. Sorry.
And yes, it probably is.

>> No.7343037

UGH yes. My purse always weighs down my skirt and ends up making my petti bunch off to the side, so I'll have a huge lump in the back and then no fluff on the side. Or my coat will do this. It's so irritating.

Jesus. What the fuck is wrong with people.

>> No.7343039


>> No.7343042

Or when you end up with front-booty because of a heavy coat in the back.

>> No.7343045

>tfw I finally got my first apology on this website.
That was heartwarming as fuck.

>> No.7343056

yep thats the one

>> No.7343062

Yup, that one too... these dresses are not made to be on the go.

>> No.7343117

Not the person you were asking, but 'female' has a sort of dehumanizing connotation to it imo

>> No.7343122

It's so fucking pathetic to hear nasty creeps refer to women as "females". Do they mean human females? Like, human women?

>> No.7343124


I was always told to refer to people as 'men' or 'women' instead of 'male' or 'female.' Builds better rapport, sounds less like you're a robot taking down someone's details.

>> No.7343161

i hope you didn't give them a damn dime

>> No.7343193

Well, if it's a OP, it's like, not super likely I can manage a blouse (maybe something loose with a low neck), so my non brown is basically like... tights and accessories, which feels weird?

>> No.7343205

ah, well there you go, then. i can get why you feel that it would be awkward, but i think it could still look okay?

>> No.7343213

I don't know what it looks like so I have to take shots in the dark, but...
If it's a short-sleeve OP: Cardigan? Bolero? Perhaps a belt will help tie it together a bit?

>> No.7343245
File: 93 KB, 450x600, 4911_600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sleeveless OP, dark brown, with atypical polka dots.
And a cardigan/bolero sounds like a good idea! I dunno if a belt would look good on it-maybe a small one.

>> No.7343247

I think it's a very pretty dress, but I think it could look okay if I figure out how to wear it right!

>> No.7343267

it doesn't look brown to me, but i would go with multi-size pearl accessories in sky blue, with a light blue cardigan/bolero and tights. using multi-size pearls will echo the bubble pattern.

>> No.7343306


>> No.7343320

>dolluxe lashes
>20 dollar shipping

Is this normal man?

>> No.7343324

Brown with blue? Really? Ehn... Pink, yeah.

>> No.7343328

i went by the color of the dress in the picture, which doesn't look brown at all. it could just be my shitty monitor though. pink definitely, or lavender.

>> No.7343331

No, that's a total ripoff, unless it's for a dozen or more packages.

>> No.7343347

That's not the dress in brown, that's a black version, there's very few pictures of it in brown.

>> No.7343397
File: 75 KB, 900x762, 1362271771838.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>So, you dress in an alternative fashion? how's your relationship with your father?

hmentdr incompetency

>> No.7343444

I seriously had to go double check my photos to make sure you weren't talking about me. Sometimes I just forget.... but I'm in the clear THIS time! politely ask though, that's what my comm does to me haha!

>> No.7343865

Someone in the Brisbane comm trying to start shit yet again.

crawl back into your fucking hole please.

Shut up, sit down and scrap out your sandy cunt.

>> No.7343868

my pet peeve is the brisbane comm. they're tryhards.

>> No.7343874
File: 475 KB, 588x579, 1379695823226.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


scrape maybe?

>> No.7343876

tell us more anon.......

>> No.7343877

I should specify, deerstalker pictures and anything they do.

its getting old and overdone, and its just circlejerking to the highest degreee.
I'm a murrifag, and I'm annoyed by it. multiple girls are.

>> No.7343887

>take camera to meetups
>people bitch if I don't document every minute of the meet
>if I do stay behind the camera for most of the time I don't get much thanks
>tfw you can't win

At the last meet I had two people thank me. Only one person offered to take my photo when we were doing outfit shots. Everyone else used my pictures without giving me credit.

I'm tempted to stop taking my camera and people will just have to take their own damn pictures.

>> No.7343889

Deerstalker doesnt do anything Brisbane anymore?
Pretty sure Brisbutts are almost dead now

>> No.7343894

ahah lol they are Sydney property now!

>> No.7343900

I don't get this mentality.

Why don't you just NOT watch the things they make any more? It's not really that hard to avert your eyes. Even if their work is posted in multiple places, if you watch an ad on t.v you would just change the channel right?

I'm sorry but people who say things like that don't really have a leg to stand on so to speak.

If it's annoying you and you don't ignore it then you have no body to blame but yourself.

Just seems so illogical. :/

>> No.7343905

equating the vast majority of cgl anon with posesing any kind of logic.

... ...................... ..... ....


>> No.7343921

howabout they stop spamming every social media site with their overdone shit nonstop?

sorry, you're too tryhard.
but by putting yourself out there, you better prepare your anus for negative reaction, which *gasp*
suprise, by pushing your shitty videos so much, you're getting!

>> No.7343945

I can understand criticism or negative reactions, that wasn't what I was getting it. Everyone is entitled to there own opinions. I just don't understand how people get to the point that they let it affect them so much when they can so easily ignore all their media/attention posts.

If you are going to be on any kind of social networking and or internet site you expect to be spammed with shit eventually. I don't see how their advertising techniques are any different from others simply because their subject matter is predominantly lolita based.

I'm sorry, it just baffles me. If they were advertising a new type of cookie I doubt anyone would bat an eyelid. :/

>> No.7343987

but just the mere existence of a potential irritant is fuel to the loli fire of rage

>> No.7343991

hahahahah ^this

>> No.7343993

ten thousand burning suns!!!!!!!

>> No.7344239

My fucking petpeeve is secrets thread being deleted.

>> No.7344247
File: 1.90 MB, 245x276, vBraDPZ.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stop deleting our fucking threads, janitor! This is /cgl/, not a tumblr hugbox.

>> No.7344252

So I'm not the only one mad that the secrets thread is gone.

>> No.7344264


Dunno why the janitor couldn't just delete all the racism posts instead of the whole thread..

>> No.7344265

everyone's pissed off that the secrets thread is gone

janitor's bein a little shit

>> No.7344267


My pet peeve is the janitor being a ban happy cunt.

>> No.7344284

Was the racism the issue? Then just ban the fucking weird ass EUfag. Biggest pet peeve is the Janitor.

>mfw janitor has a lolita advice tumblr that deletes anon hate, too
>mfw banned for this post.

>> No.7344289

Janitors can't ban last I recall, only remove and suggest bans. But yes I agree janitor needs to slow their roll.

>> No.7344303


Pretty sure that's false, a lot of people got 1 day bans for posting in that modern day lolita (book) fashion thread when people posted tumblrs of people who claimed to be nymphs and some anon claiming she wasnt sexually abused when she was 11.

>> No.7344327

That's literally what I'm referring to, I got banned for defending Lolita the novel within the context of Lolita the fashion. They can definitely ban us.

>> No.7344334

All ban talk aside, that sounds stupid as fuck.

>> No.7344373


My pet peeve was two scammer threads been deleted after a certain someone resurfaced. Is a certain someone the janitor or something ffs.

>> No.7344392

I mean like, people were misunderstanding Lolita and saying its about a child seductress, and I was just like "no not really" and got banned. It wasn't THAT much in the context of fashion but like, why tf else would we even have been talking about it?

>> No.7344503

I dislike them because I do find their content bland and their stuff is constantly spammed by newbies in the group thinking they're the first ever to post what they do

>> No.7344562

It's not the certain someone that gets the threads deleted, its the trolls that follow her that get the threads deleted.

>> No.7344667


Are you referring to Rosaire? I was actually talking about Marie. If you're also referring to crazy M, I must have missed the troll posts.

>> No.7344712

Rosaire and Marie are not the same person.

>> No.7344907

Nowhere did that post remotely imply they were...?

>> No.7344930

>buy a lot of 2nd hand skirts
>they're ALWAYS missing the back bow

what do you DO with it?! eat it?

>> No.7344948

I feel you, anon. I purposely underprice my stuff just for that reason...I'm afraid that people won't want it if I charge more.

>> No.7344952


The same damn thing happens with LBC and the donut pin.

>> No.7344965

I thought this was going to be a gripe but i measured myself and then
>gained weight
>kind of upset
>measure myself, fearing the worst
>it all went straight to my ass, doesn't affect lolita at all

>> No.7344971

they can request bans, and usually they go through. I remember there was a thread where everyone was complaining about the janitor, and the janitor banned everyone in it.

>> No.7344977

>make post on egl comm sales
>flood of approvals pushes post to second page within a day

The only reason I posted it to the comm sales was because I thought listing it just on lace market wasn't enough, but I might as well have just not posted it.

>> No.7344984

I haven't bothered posting sales to EGL in over two years. Not only is it a pain to search, but it just keeps getting worse. Because the queue is jammed for days, by the time a moderator gets around to approving posts, yours is likely to end up on the third page within minutes of being put up.

>> No.7344990
File: 51 KB, 292x294, 1384653318083.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>buy used tea parties
>be told they are a cm bigger than my feet
>person selling the tea parties tells me she is my size and they will fit
>ok thats fine, buy them
>tea parties arrive, huge as fuck
>gurl had fat feet, idk, shoe is way to wide for my feet
>tell her to give me a refund or give me some equivalent handmade stuff for the same value she supposedly make
>she says yes
>today she literally tells me to fuck off, because this is how "internet sales" works
>tells me to be thankful I didnt get fake tea parties in a complete different colour and size
>I ask for trade
>she says no, she cant trust me, maybe I dont send her the tea parties and scam her
>ask for refund then
>she says no, she already spent the money and wont deposit me and expect me to send the tea parties back... because I may scam her
>mfw I made a bank deposit and I cant do shit about it
>tell her ill just sell them online and she didnt need to get that catty attitude
>she tells me she is to professional to let that happen, she will make me a petti and a headbow to trade for the big shoes
>already not getting wtf is going on
>tell her no, that I dont trust her and that I will resell them to someone that actually fit in those tea parties
>she insists in making a petti and a headbow to show her professionalism and how she never disappoint customers
>afraid she is going to send me shitty stuff and get away with the shoes
>tell her i rather resell them
>she snaps again and tells me that she doesnt care and she wasnt going to do any deal with me anyways

Holy shit what is wrong with that girl.

>> No.7345011


I never say this but I think you need to name and shame.

>> No.7345021

Errr it's not her fault the shoes didn't fit, nothing you can do about it. You can't really get a refund from her for that. Everything else was tl;dr

>> No.7345027

Related. It kinda makes me wonder the point when I look at a brand or taobao site, and their measurements also list the hip measurement. Why does it matter?

>> No.7345033

I know, you should read it all.

she is not from the comm sales, she is from the shitty country Im currently living, so I doubt she even speaks english lol

>> No.7345038

>not her fault the shoe didn't fit
>told the shoe was only a cm bigger than her foot, shoe ends up being really wide (tea parties are generic enough at this point that the sizes are pretty average all around)
>everything else was tl;dr
>crazy fucking seller

Are you serious right now.

>> No.7345043

I only post because I got that whole approved access thing and so I can time my sales post to be after a flood of posts

>> No.7345080

Okay Master in psychology speaking here. First of all, don't self-diagnose, there's a reason people have to study 5 to 8 years. Second, diagnoses are more like categories, not well defined illnesses so don't put too much value in the diagnosis. Third, doctors are horrible at this stuff, go see a psychiatrist for EVERY psychofarmaca you take(even for dosis changes). Fourth, if you've been having this problem for a long time, it is best to combine medication with therapy. Medication is good for your symptoms but it won't make you better again, at least not in the long run. Combined therapy and medication have shown the best results.
Sorry for the long post, I just have to react to stuff like this.

>> No.7345093

That's such a nice thing of you to do!

>> No.7345140

I want someone to make me one.

>> No.7345174

If it helps you guys at all, I as a buyer only browse brand tags so the 'pushed back posts' thing barely matters since almost never will there be that many posts on a brand tag that there are new posts on page 2-3.

>> No.7345199
File: 26 KB, 346x500, 20130603143013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm sorry I've gotta ask, are these what you're referring to?

Because if they are, they're pretty cute. But I don't think they go good with lolita. Though I've never seen a coordination with them.

>> No.7345202

I have a friend who refers to it as 'dolly dresses' and one who continually calls herself a 'loli'. It makes me cringe.

>> No.7345211
File: 385 KB, 942x942, Michael.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think they mean the ones that don't have the bows. I do see them suggested a lot. I'm working on an outfit right now with the shoes you've posted in pearl white, however, because the dress has a weird mix of ivory chiffon and pearly white organza ribbon. Still trying to figure out legwear for it, because the tights I had planned are a few shades too dark.

>> No.7345216

Dif but I took "cm bigger than my foot" to mean length-wise. They didn't end up fitting because the shoe was too wide, not because it was too long or too short for their foot. It's not the seller's fault they didn't ask about the width.

>> No.7345240
File: 93 KB, 540x720, 1391394418148.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Really? There's a LOT of outfits with them, and they work well with more mature looking outfits.

Pic related, these are the blue ones.

>> No.7345280

yes but the shoes where clearly stretched because I already own another tea parties and they fit in width.
She didnt say any of that, and when I told I would just resell them because I didnt want anymore trouble with her, she got all mad again and insisted me to return the shoes and dont resell them.

>> No.7345287

I think the style looks fine, but the blues not matching here bugs me.

>> No.7345308

Perhaps the kitten tights here?
This store has quite a range of printed tights.


>> No.7345310

Diff anon but can they work with sweet too? Tea parties just look ugly to me.

>> No.7345311

>1 week before con
>spent at least a grand on my brand new BTSSB coord
>today cramps start
>tfw I won't be wearing my outfit, because I'm on the rag, and don't want to ruin it. Fucking fuck.

>> No.7345319

Why can't you just say period or menstration? I don't get this "on the rag" things people say.... It seems childish.

>> No.7345325

There's no particular reason? It's just terminology? I don't say it because I feel uncomfortable saying period, It's just regionally what's said?

>> No.7345335

Ah yeah, I didn't mean to make it sound like I self diagnosed? I've just been aware I wasn't mentally healthy for awhile, and had some of the signs of depression. I NEVER told anyone about my fears and I wouldn't tell anyone I had it without an actual diagnosis, if that makes any sense? I just researched that in particular because it seemed the most likely suspect. Thanks for the rest of your input though, I realize now that going to a regular doctor first was not my best decision, but at least its opened the door for me towards a legitimate psychiatrist so I can get official answers.

Meanwhile I tried the meds I was prescribed for a single day yesterday and it exhausted me to the point where I was awake for about 3 hours total yesterday...

>> No.7345336
File: 4 KB, 125x122, 1242290567059.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>implying wide feet are fat feet

>> No.7345340

I usually use a tampon, plus really thin pad/panty-liner and wear bike shorts to keep my underwear from shifting at all. Have yet to bleed on any of my brand.
When changing the tampon, it helps to get a small handful of toilet paper ready so you can immediately wrap up the used one after you take it out. If you can remove your petti beforehand that will make it easier to keep your skirt out of harm's way.

>> No.7345345

didnt mean to offend anyone with wide feet, seller just happened to be overweight so I just assumed her feet were wide for that reason.

>> No.7345346

>I'm on my periods oh nooo
Your life isn't over. Learn to use thick pads and wear tight bike shorts to prevent it from moving. Damn you're dumb

>> No.7345347

that's a good idea about the bike shorts. I hadn't thought of that. Thanks anon.

>> No.7345351

Not particularly dumb, I just hadn't thought about bike shorts. I've not been in the non-ita lolita category for long, and this is my first brand coord. (Other than replica shit)

Thanks for the advice though!

>> No.7345359

Feet are one of those areas that chub up on the top. I'm actually an average build, and my feet are incredibly wide, simply because I have a wider frame.

>> No.7345383

Fucking ita bitches who think they look really cute in lolita when they just look bad, but won't take any advice. It's even worse when they think they have any business critiquing somebody else's coord whilst their own efforts are just embarrassing.

>> No.7345412
File: 89 KB, 600x600, zACXhlo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm the girl who took her mother's word in lending a dress to a girl (my mother backed her up, having taught her for years). You can check the old thread for the whole story as to why/for what/etc.

Well, update. Finally got my dress back, and I can tell why she didn't want to give it back. Stains everywhere. There were dirt stains on the INSIDE of the dress, and even on the skirt lining! The white collar had makeup and food stains on it, and it looked like a pig fucking rolled around in it!
None the less, I've been using various washing and stain removing techniques the past week, and it's finally starting to come along. The only stain that's left is a food stain on the collar.
Also where it laces up in the back, one of the loops was tearing off. I fixed it, but I still don't know how she managed that...? I had taken the ribbon out months before I lent it (It's hard as shit to tie it without help), so I'm imagining she must have pulled on it trying to get the dress off one day.

Moral of the story, I don't care how sweet/nice/trustworthy someone is. I'm not lending out any of my shit ever again.

>> No.7345416

details on going to get it back, did she cry?

>> No.7345418


You talking about fluffyrabidkitten?

I wouldn't mind her if she just wasn't so rude to everyone else and then turn around and be self righteous about the whole deal. Hypocrisy, she is.

>> No.7345425

threads like this


i just want to go in and comment 'yes'

>> No.7345428

Send her a cleaning bill for your time. That shit is beyond rude.

>> No.7345429
File: 86 KB, 560x450, 1391399280319.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sure, I think they can work great with more hime and rococo sweet stuff.

Better? Worse? I think when it comes to color not matching for fact of lighting affecting material surfaces, you just have to let it go. But that's just me, and I like mixed textures anyway.

>> No.7345431
File: 11 KB, 240x200, 1391399392849.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

did you make her pay you back for the stains? what a pain in the ass

>> No.7345433

They keep them as secret trophies, maybe?

>> No.7345437
File: 199 KB, 350x490, 1371012766377.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes. She cried. According to my mother, she called her over after class, and told her that she had to bring the dress back or she would be calling her parents. (I thought she was one of my mother's older students, but apparently she's only 15?)
She started to tear up and cry, promising she'd bring it in the next day, just anything but calling her parents. Apparently the mother was fed a BS story by the daughter, and the mother ended up calling. Saying things like, "I don't see the problem. My daughter said she already returned the dress." Etc. etc.
Well. When the mother found out she didn't return the dress, she screamed for an hour at her daughter and apologized profusely to both my mother and I. The girl also started crying when she returned the dress and ran out of the room because she was so ashamed. It's damn good she's ashamed, hopefully it means she doesn't pull this shit again.

I decided not to because she is young, and if the screaming fest my mom heard over the phone is any indication on how she punished when her mom got off the phone, she's paid enough. If the stain doesn't come out of the collar in the next wash, though, I will be sending her a dry-cleaning bill.

>> No.7345449

I know for skirts I'll sometimes take the waist ties off because they look weird with the blouse or cardigan. But I have a designated box that I fold and place my waist-ties in when they're not on my dresses or skirts. So I'm guessing those people are unorganized and lose them.

>> No.7345466

>wearing tight shorts on your period

you are begging for an infection

>> No.7345473

>implying wearing tight clothes for a few hours will cause an infection
do you even know how periods work
you're not going to get an infection unless you never change your pad/tampon
it's not like you wear tight shorts all the time either

>> No.7345475

Um... No . I wear fitted shorts to keep my pads in place since I don't wear tamping

>> No.7345478

And no issues with it.

>> No.7345480


Not if you change frequently.

>> No.7345482

She actually ran out because she didn't want to realize what a shit she is.

>> No.7345485

How fucking new to periods are you?

>> No.7345491

You're so full of it. Vulvas have a sensitive pH balance, so having the basic blood rubbed into the ut by a pad and right clothes can give you an infection. Best to avoid that shit if possible.

>> No.7345508

>lending things

i read your lend story however long ago and cringed so hard at your mom being so doe-eyed and trusting with that girl. protip for all: never lend anything to another person. no matter how close you are, no matter how much you love them, no matter how respectful they are to your face. as soon as you lend something, consider it now in destroyed condition, IF you ever manage to get it back.

life advice, not just lolita advice. i lent a lot of things to best friends over the years - it made them happy and me miserable every time. now i'm the scrooge bitch but with my books/disks/games/clothes all kept in great condition.

>> No.7345534

Thanks, but yeah at the end I put how I learned my lesson, haha. I've come to terms that, yes, I can sometimes be too nice and that makes people take advantage of me. (I think I got it from growing up with my mom.) But if me starting to not lend out my stuff makes people start thinking I'm a cold bitch, then they're not the kind of people I want in my life, anyways.

>> No.7345536

Wow I'm dumb, you addressed it to all. Not just me. But yeah, I'm pretty much backing you up on this.

>> No.7345626


Are you from 1800 or some shit?

>> No.7345710


No, just an idiot in my comm.

>> No.7345723

bloomers/tampons? maybe even cotton-y short-shorts under the bloomers?
I know how you feel, usually the first 3 days of my period I won't wear lolita either just in case

because back before tampons/pads, they used rags.
you were literally "on the rag" for your period.

lol wat

>> No.7346062

So it's just an outdated term then. Ok. Just always seemed kind of sexist sounding, so I always used "period" since I was 12.

>> No.7346199

>a girl add friend
>few days later girl talk about how mean it's to call someone an ita
>friend respond saying that nobody in his right mind would ever say it out loud to anyone
>girl's friend butt in and start telling bullshit about how much he knows lolitas and how they're all spoiled litte brat
>my friend start to argue with him with sensible argument
>he seems to understand
>girl is posting deerstalker picture's secret life of lolita video (we're not native englishe speacker, I believe she doesn't understand half what's in here) on the ita topic
>friend trying to make her understand it's a joke
>look at her pictures
>milanoo pinkXwhite monstruosity with basic make up and no hairstyle
>friend pm me to vent because it get on her nerves

>> No.7346201

Surely the ridiculous acting tipped her off. Even without speaking English perfectly, the campy/diabolical eye-rolling and laughter of the cat-eared character and the solitary tear of the queen bee character would give it away as a parody.

>> No.7346209

What dress was it? Pics?

>> No.7346219

I still use on the rag myself, lol.

>> No.7346368

My feet are wide as fuck and I'm 31-23-32. My shoes are always too big in the back and I always look like I'm playing dress-up and it gets pointed out to me on the regular bawwww.

>> No.7346388

I want pics of this dress.
>she cried

I'm satisfied

>> No.7346408

i have dresses i've had for years and worn to multiple meets that aren't stained; did she go dicking around at the mall or climbing jungle gym equipment with friends or something?!

>> No.7346441

Once, a girl in my local comm accidentally gave her laundry bag away to a charity shop instead of the charity bag and it contained shitloads of brand. I still cringe when I think about it.

>> No.7346454

When you have a really huge ass you have to account for the amount of rise you get at the back. I'm 5'1 but reguar j-fashion taobao is out of the question for me because I need an extra 6" of length at the back.

>> No.7346455

That's what she gets for being an idiot. How do you fuck that shit up so bad? And why would you put your brand in a trash bag type thing.

>> No.7346476

I don't know, that's the awful part of it.

>> No.7346527

Lots of cheap brand for the rest of the comm tho?

>> No.7346552

That's awful!

>> No.7346727

I'll see if I can get pics of the really bad foodstain. It's in the wash right now, but when it comes out I'll see. I'll also check if any of the stains on the inside are left. I forgot to check for them the last few washes.

>> No.7346799

Just realized I fucked up and left my email. Thank god it's spam e-mail.

>> No.7346855

Admit it, if you found heaps of brand in a charity shop, you'd cry with joy. Even if you didn't like the dresses, think of the resale value.

>> No.7346859

... I had completed a payment plan on Milky Planet re-release OP but the girl told me her mother accidentally donated it to a charity shop. Could this be the same girl?

>> No.7346869

I don't remember Milky Planet, but it could be. Did you get your money back?

>> No.7347076


>> No.7347186

But the reality is, the store may have either binned or sent the clothes for textile recycling.

>> No.7347248

I'm 200lbs and I have tiny feet, hands and feet don't change when you get fat, you don't just magically start getting big everywhere.

>> No.7347257
File: 70 KB, 600x600, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Snug compression shorts can actually make cramps feel better. Pic related.

>> No.7347263
File: 20 KB, 300x300, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"Oh, you got a new dress? What's the max stretch on that?" Asks local almost every damn time. Nuuuuuuu!
And I am a cunt and say idk. Yes, I am.

>> No.7347264

Am I the only one that gets bothered when someone replies to a sales post with just "pmed"? As a potential buyer I'd like to know if someone else has already put a claim in for an item, it's not too hard to just say "pmed about ___", is it?

>> No.7347269

I hate how terrible the online lolita community is. We could have decent people, give actual concrit, and not flip out every time someone is a little experimental with the fashion. Instead we have people having a bitch fit if someone is too thin, too fat, not asian or european, not perfect at coordinating, is too newbie, too old, etc.

Most lolitas are to scared to even be part of the community. It's just sad.

>> No.7347283

I like egl, Daily lolita, harajuju, certain FB groups for Lolitas and lolita bloggers. I only see what you describe in the wank comms or once in a while a little bitchfight among individuals. I don't think it's terrible at all for the most part. Recent examples in any above mentioned comms, please?

>> No.7347288


The lolita tag on tumblr says otherwise. They have their hugboxes, don't you worry about the special snowflakes.

>> No.7347302
File: 115 KB, 643x640, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chicks who aren't even wearing the fashion making secrets, stirring drama, making lolita blogs, holding forth on things like their speshul a Lolita feels.
Just no.
If you don't wear the fashion, take a seat. And shhhhhh....you aren't in the hobby, you just think you are.
Pic related

>> No.7347309

god, this. it's like the opposite end of the lifestyle crowd - one side is screaming LOLITAS R LUVLIES and the other is furiously snatching wigs and crowing about how many sugardaddy dicks somebody sucked to get the new print

>> No.7347324

I don't take anyone seriously until I've seen a pic of them in at least a beginner coordinate. There are more of these gals flapping their gums that it seems. No you don't have to plaster yourself over the net but I'm suspicious if there's NO evidence you aren't just sitting and typing in a beanbag eating Cheetos in your sweatpants dissing actual Lolitas due to jelly. Not that I don't like Cheetos. But, the clothes, yes, you need the clothes to do the thing. Oh, and wanting to come to a meet but have no clothes. No. Just no. Ah, now I need a cupcake, it grinds my gears almost the worst, this kind of thing.

>> No.7347330

When I lost weight I went down 2 shoe sizes, and I only lost around 50lbs. Maybe different people have more/less fat deposits in different places?

>> No.7347340

It's just slang. To some people it's normal, to other people it's not. Most people around me just use "that time of the month" or something vague.

>> No.7347345

Guys, guys, you're both right. Some people are more sensitive than others to friction from pads.

>> No.7347354

This. I was having recurring UTIs (as in, I had one probably 85% of the time, and they were so uncomfortable that I began missing school and meet-ups because of them) and couldn't figure out why. Finally my clinic set me up with the women's health doctor, and she told me I basically needed to wear looser clothing and only use tampons or those little cups when I was on the rag.

>> No.7347372

Aw, I'm sorry anon! I'm really glad my comm is so chill, our usual photographer takes some group shots, outfit shots, a few action shots, and hangs out the rest of the time!

>> No.7347374

I actually really enjoy their videos...

>> No.7347385

Tell them you're refining your camera settings technique so at the next meet you will only take this, this and that kind of shot but that's it. (You decide). Discretely watermark. Start enjoying only photographing what you want again. I had to do this for doll meets.

>> No.7347408

I don't even understand the dumb I've come across this past week. This one bothers me the most because not only has it happened to many people but it has happened multiple times in the past.

> Post wardrobe
> Never expressed about letting any of my closet go or selling soon or the likes of it
> People asking me to sell my shit to them
> GDI, is this not a wardrobe post?

>> No.7347419

I get that shit every time I post up pictures of my rare and very sought after bjd. People are just dicks.

>> No.7347429

Wow, that's a pretty strong reaction towards that medicine! Sorry if I came over a bit strong.. I really hope you feel better soon, you seem to be on a good path. The fact that you're taking these steps says a lot!

>> No.7347450

There was a bit of discussion in the old wardrobe thread over whether this was okay or not, reaction there seemed pretty split.

It's definitely obnoxious if people are being pushy or begging, but personally I don't see the harm in just asking- I know I have a few pieces that I'd probably be willing to sell if I knew there was interest in them but cba to make a sales post.

>> No.7347472

Damnit you beat me to it...

>> No.7347477

What does "Lolita" mean in the context of this board?

>> No.7347481

My preferred terms are riding the crimson wave, shark week or "I've fallen to the Communists"

>> No.7347494

I think if you can't handle BtB or /cgl/ you 1. don't even have to acknowledge that they exist 2. are a wuss and probably shouldnt leave your tumblr hugbox because people aren't nice in the real world either

Same, I lost a shoe size after losing only 20lbs. It's less common to not gain/lose a shoe size when your weight fluctuates.

>> No.7347503

Knowing this, I think I'd just add 'not selling wardrobe pieces at this time, thanks.'
Or in your case, drop the hint that you are. It's a grey area but personally, I'd be kind of taken aback if I was hit up to sell something just because I did a wardrobe post.

>> No.7347635

I think it really depends on the tone used. I frequent a collector's forum and most posts of that kind are along the lines of "If you ever decide to sell [x], I'd be very interested in purchasing it from you". But it's common etiquette to not make those kinds of posts on a thread where someone is making a brag about their acquisition - I would think a wardrobe post is in the same kind of "Look at all of this cool shit I'm really proud of owning" category, and I personally consider it bad form to try and stick your hand into another's collection when they're talking about how happy they are with it.

>> No.7347645

cgl is neutral evil, and staminarose is chaotic evil

>> No.7347683

Look this is pretty simple.

You bought a pair of shoes and knew the length but not the width. This is both of your faults.

If the shoes seem to be honestly stretched out, you can file a PP claim and return the shoes on your own dime and get a refund, or maybe try to get the shipping comped since they are not as described (stretched). While you really should have asked first if they were wider than how tea parties usually fit for any reason, or just all the measurements (length and width), this is only 50% your fault.

It is her fault for not including the width measurements in the first place. If returning them as Not Described or even Damaged doesn't work in regards to her covering the shipping back to her, you are just going to have to cover it. She basically loses out on shipping them to you, and you lose out on shipping them back to her. She sells them to someone else, you get a refund.

Unfortunately you both lose out for assuming things instead of asking for all the information.

>> No.7347737

Are you new here or are you trollin

>> No.7347747

No, they are making a clever, sarcastic observation about too many references to the 'other' kind of Lolita in the thread, if I'm reading it correctly.

>> No.7347751

I like you. Only time I've smiled all day.

>> No.7347760

I found a haul of IW blouses once.

>> No.7347771

This makes me wanna cry

>> No.7347788

Now I'm curious which doll you have. I have a couple of older, rarer ones but with DoA rules, haven't run into that.

>> No.7347889

I realize this has been posted about to death but I feel like I have been seeing her more and more often on my fb feed recently and it's really getting on my nerves...

Fucking Kate Davis and her obnoxious giant black glasses frames that never go with anything

>> No.7348019

Innocent World runs larger, but looks terrible on large busts. i have a busty friend who keeps on buying IW stuff and I keep buying it off her because it looks awful and empire waisted.

>> No.7348040
File: 583 KB, 495x764, 1366055673101.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If I didn't actually like my job, I would have quit by now.
I'm still a student, so my workplace thinks it can get away with just ~forgetting~ to send out a month and a half worth of checks. I've had an AP order sitting in it's cart for god knows how long, (thankfully nobody has bought the items I'm getting...) waiting for these checks to come in. I know it's childish because I don't have food or gas to worry about (my parents help me out with food and gas costs because I'm a college student and my job doesn't pay too well.) but I'm still mega pissed that I cannot put in my order my a whole new AP coord because:
>"Oh, anon-chan, we have $600 worth of checks here for you? Oh my! Wow, how about that."
>"Uhm yeah can I have those?"
>Doesn't respond for 2 weeks no matter how much I contact my floor manager (who's also in charge of paychecks)
>Finally I get pushy
>All I get is, "come pick them up tomorrow. we'll mail them out if you don't come."

wow was that really so hard? I haven't gotten a check since BEFORE CHRISTMAS. I have been asking for my money for over a month. My money. My money that I want to spend on pretty dresses.

It's even more a punch in the stomach because this is my reward to myself for dropping 15lbs. I've always fit brand, but never as well as I would have liked to, so I've been working on losing weight but this is all the reward I get.

Also not quite lolita related but I enjoy the usually menial task of sorting dead fish. I don't like it when someone from a different department tells me to redo everything, even though I got the go-ahead from my manager. I should have been paid extra for that bullshit, I had to work through my lunch break.

>> No.7348046

Not to mention it snowed like a mother fucker so I couldn't even pick up my checks. (The snow plows didn't come till about 10pm)

>> No.7348047

This seems probably illegal. No HR to speak of or are you working illegally or something?

>> No.7348076

Nah, not illegally, it's just my floor-manager thinking she can be lazy about my checks and having a very elusive department head. There are too many department heads (all that act as managers, which causes some crazy inter-department shitfests. For example, the whole fish thing, I had one manager telling one thing and another telling me something completely different, but I still had to listen to both of them. I ended up finding middle ground, but still.)

I can KIND of feel for her, since our main guy who did pretty much everything (checks, PR, floor managing, etc. etc.) had recently quit. But still, one week is understandable. Over a month? No. Not at all. It doesn't help I have the biggest baby face. So not only am I actually the youngest person in the department, but I look a lot younger than I am. Which leads to people thinking they can just step all over me.

>> No.7348085

>It doesn't help I have the biggest baby face. So not only am I actually the youngest person in the department, but I look a lot younger than I am. Which leads to people thinking they can just step all over me.

I definitely feel you there anon, and honestly, you have to be a bit bitchy with them or else they really will. Stay on them about it every day if need be until they're in your hands.

>> No.7348102

Thanks, haha. Usually people don't pay mind to my baby face because I'm a pretty average height, just about 5'5". But for some reason when I moved states all of a sudden height didn't matter? I'm not used to being treated like this at all.
I'm going to wait it out for three days, since the post might be a bit slow from the snow and that's when I'm working next... If the checks are not in my PO box I'm going to see if:
a) they actually mailed the checks out
b) they didn't. If this is the case, I'm sitting there till they give me the checks.

>> No.7348498

Why do you use a question mark after every sentence? I don't get this? They're not questions?

>> No.7348699

I do it sometimes to show my intonation is going up as it would if I asked a question. I don't know why people do it all the time though but I see it done on Tumblr so I think it's just another instance of shit typing.

>> No.7348830

Some insecure people talk like that as if seeking approval with each sentence. It annoys me. On a board, posting like that is an affectation Like Capitalizing Every Word, using special fonts or emotes. Not good.

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