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Hey in going to the LSCC Con in the Uk this year its my first con in the uk what cons should i go to and stay away from.

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Hijacking into a general Britfag thread.

Since Ame isn't running this year, what con should I go to? Are there any that actually have places left?

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Might attend LSCC but not cosplaying, i even forgot about the con , is there any other cons besides the overrated MCM comic-con

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also i heard yaya and riki are attending and judging the costume competition. im taking a guess its for the Heroes of cosplay.

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London Film and Comic Con in July

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I was going to go to Gemucon as a reluctant alternative to Ame, but I'm hoping to go to Japan Expo in Paris instead now and make a holiday of it (do touristy things in Paris as well as a few days at JE).

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Sounds like a plan.

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Don't go to MCM. LSCC is pretty nice. So's LFCC. Avoid anything affiliated with animeleague. If possible attend Japan Expo in Paris.

But most importantly, avoid animeleague like asbestos.

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Im glad there are no UK cons, keep that shit out of my country

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Are you kidding

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Seconding LFCC/LSCC. MCM is definitely the biggest, but man the % of weebs is far too much for me. For residential cons Minami is good for old fashioned convention fun. Kita is great for nightlife. Ame is ok but mostly down to who you go with. We all pray Aya will come back. Avoid Gemu and LAC like the plague. Never been to any Scottish/Irish cons.

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Can someone please explain to me the hatred with animeleague?
I don't get it. I mean, their con timetable time-keeping's pretty atrocious, but that doesn't explain it.
I mean, were they all prison guards at Auschwitz or something?

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michael towers........Need i say more

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That name and that face mean nothing.
Elaborate. Lots.
And how does one man ruin an entire organization? That shit needs context

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They tend to overwork volunteers and usually have no name guests. Basically the Lidl of UK cons. The fact Towers is an money grubbing pervert who uses his position to take advantage of teenage girls is just an added bonus!

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>Badly organised
>Generally lower standard of attendee
>Every single one smells atrocious
>Worst programme of entertainment
>Shittest locations
>Michael Towers

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Mike Towers is notorious. He has been banned from conventions in the UK - which is fucking hard to do.

Here's his ED, for once at least 80% of it is true, https://encyclopediadramatica.es/FreeSaiyan

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There was that wonderful time he managed to get the email of everyone on the Expo forums and sent out this mass email:

>"Hey, Fellow Otaku! o_o; (Noticed you around online)

>I was going through some anime boards and I noticed your name there. So I thought that I'd send you an invite to our community! ^_^

>It's located at http://www.animeleague.net/forums . We're a friendly and slightly insane community that caters for anime, artists, roleplaying, general off topicness/randomness, entertainment, cosplaying and meetups. I feel that you'd fit in really well there, so would you like to come along and check us out? ^^

>Also, and just as importantly (!), I want to invite you to the clan I have on there for British people, and is called Anglo-Revolution. It's in the ClanNation section, and the link to it is http://www.animeleague.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=35215 . Clans are a great way to get easily involved and jump in. ^_^

>I'm also on AIM. My AIM name is FreeSaiyan
>My msn name is [email protected]

>I do not check my email much, so if you wish to reply, then you're more likely to get a response if you either IM me, or register on the >boards and PM FreeSaiyan on there.

>Thanks, hope to see you around! ^_^

>~ Mike."

Completely unsolicited, so you can guess how well that went down in the UK scene. He was lucky just to have his email signed up to a billion mailing lists, and not get the law involved.

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Remember that Pwanda (or whatever the fuck it was called) shit? Basically Towers tried to make himself the head of anime culture in the UK, and Pwanda was the mascot. He forced that shit absolutely everywhere; I'm sure someone knows more about the detail than me.

Whatever happened to it?

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I was never on the Expo forums and still got that, multiple times. It must have been more than the Expo forums he got emails from.

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It's still one of the AL mascots

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>Kita is great for nightlife.
like what? is such a thing possible at a "UK Anime and Geek Culture convention"

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>banned from conventions in the UK - which is fucking hard to do.

-Go to MCM
-Observe screeching, obnoxious, neckbeardy weebs
-Observe how they come back again and again and their behaviour is barely even noticed.
-Towers got banned from this convention

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You have to be there to realize how great it is

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is it comparable to meeting up with your best friends and starting off with a few drinks and dinner at Scott's before then going to the Groucho Club for a few more drinks. then picking up 250mg of MDMA each and getting a taxi to Fabric and dancing till 6am to Andy C and Skibadee where you pick up some beautiful Brazilian girls who are here on holiday and then going to a warehouse party just off Shoreditch High Street where you cop some coke to keep you going till 10 and then finally crashing out at a house party filled with models, artists, musicians and old Etonians?

if it's not like that, i don't want to hear about it

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>Avoid animeleague
>Recommends LFCC and LSCC


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>going 2 fabric

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It wasn't AL's mascot it was some western manga nutjob who was into scientology and thought his comic transcended the mind or something, Towers teamed up with him to make the Manga Alliance to get anime conventions talking to each other, as long as they marketed AL for free.

Only group not talking to others at the time was of course AL

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Im planning to hit up Sunnycon and OneCon this year, mainly staying local to make travel easier... might hit up some others next year, but these two are the ones ive got money for this year
>mfw next to no commissions so cant afford to go anywhere...

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Does Animeleague own Showmasters or is it just affiliated with Showmasters or just run the anime sections of Showmasters events?

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Showmasters didn't want anime in their event, got left in the dust by MCM when it picked up anime and cosplay, then wanted in on the action but couldn't be arsed so outsourced it to Towers, there was a petitions worth of people warning them it was a bad move but they did it anyway

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The panda stuff emailed all the uk con organisers. It basically said " we can all together under our banner. Panda panda panda or whatever" everyone laughed and went "no". Towers obviously saw it as a good way to self promote and become part of something big. (Which none of the other cons needed to do as they were popular and what not in theier own right. They didnt need to promote something else as it didnt benefit them. Towers could use this and make himself a cult leader of sorts so he leapt at it. There was lots of delicious live journal shenanigans and forum posts back in the day. It was awesome.

We hadn't had that many lots since wildercon became tokunatsu, mogchan went crazy and that yazz guy trademarked the con name and tried to take over.

I think I'll go read the Ryan gentle ed article as well now for old times sake.

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It's always amazing when they forget to lock their secret plan posts.

The big scheme to give his hoardes of unwashed weebs "forum points" for every 50 other forums they spammed for AL was pretty classy.

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AL just runs the cosplay section of LFCC.

LFCC have had a shaky history with their cosplay organisers. Its rather unfortunate that they are left with AL to run it. Surely, there are better people available to run it.

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>Drum n bass

Yeesh. Yeah, enjoy your 'MDMA' in a club full of lads and chavs.

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Auchinawa posted their dates.
Wonder if it's same shit different venue again

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They haven't had any other, it's been AL since 2007, they just haven't cared enough to let anyone else run it

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>Each application will be reviewed and successful applicants will be confirmed by a member of the Costume Play team.

So, when is LSCC going to confirm?

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They should have already, I've just dropped out myself...

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Why did you drop out

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Three waves of confirmation have already been out.

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last one was in Edinburgh wasn't it? I think this one will be in Glasgow

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Where? I haven't had an email or seen any announcements

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To much dramu and stress, I'm still attending LSCC just not entering the competition

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Ziggy posted in the group 3 times and I had my confirmation e-mail the day after the competition opened.

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That I know is wrong as I've known all the cosplay organisers for Showmasters. AL have only had it for the past couple of years. 2011 at the earliest.

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Umm, not that anon. But from what I remember. AL were there in 2009 when I first went to LFCC

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LFCCs first cosplay events were in 09 not 07, it was definitely AL run though

>> No.7330402

Think you replied to the wrong anon seeing as that's what I've just said...

>> No.7330405

Registration doesn't even close until Febuary 3rd

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I've been attending LFCC for years and can confirm that AL did not run the cosplay in 2009. I've helped out with the cosplay on occasion and got to know thes
staff over the years.

2005 LFCC launches first cosplay comp. Run by one of the Pit crew. It is then run every year by the same guy till about 2007-08 when Emily Bastin took over. In 2009 it was taken over by a cosplayer called Lady D. In my opinion one of the best who has ever ran it. She runs it for a couple of years until she retires from it. She is replaced by Turkfox who then ran it in 2010.

None of the above had anything to do with the AL. AL didn't come into play into 2011. I didn't attend that one but know of others who did and they can confirm.

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Found this: http://www.animenewsnetwork.co.uk/bbs/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=117646

Sounds like they run/ran more than just the cosplay

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As this is a UK thread, what are people working on for Kita?

>> No.7331900

I'm just sitting crying while surrounded by bits of fabric. Starting is the hardest bit. There's still 2 months to go though so it should be fine. I'm really just excited to see friends again and hang out and party. Should be a good laugh.

>> No.7332198

Couldn't get Kita off work unfortunately, but heading to LFCC.

Any seagulls going to
ALcon (god help me)

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Kitacon is an entirely different experience to events like MCM and LFCC. Far more personal and IMO enjoyable. Kitacon especially with the whole thing being held in the hotel.

Showmasters approached Towers for his services to compete with MCM as they wished to branch more into the anime scene. The original showing of AL at LFCC was the VG section and the artist alley. I was one of the people running the VG section at that even on behalf of AnimeLeague and it went down a storm, which was great. The artist alley, not so much.

As time went on each even was almost exactly the same and boring so I eventually hopped off after the first LAC after then venue change, even went with Towers to check out the new venue initially. Due to pulling out my interest a few months before ALcon 2010 Michael Towers considered me a threat to AL or something and started treating me poorly on his forum, eventually eradicating the only section that called out his bullshit and banning people that did so on a regular basis.

More of a personal issue there but it shows the way that he treats people and why so few people stick around in his community so long.

The problem with Pandwa was that they manga was complete shit, even before the arrogance of what FreeSaiyan proposed.

Even so, ALcon 2009 was my first event and I have great memories of it - but that was due to friends being there, as people experienced with Gemucon I guess.

I swear Mike only used to talk about Bleach, Sonic and Code Geass too, it's like he has no understanding of his audience but shovelling the same few things into their mouths. That said, at the last AL event I attended Ashens was a quest which was awesome.

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I went on a whim last year, it was awesome. Nearly entire cast of DS9 and Amanda Tapping/Jason Momoa were there.

>> No.7333832

So who is still entering LSCC, any progress shots from anyone?

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Yeah I went to the Kita a good few years back and it was amazing, and I'm sorely gutted I couldn't go this year, just means I have longer to work on a costume for the next Kita. The events I'm going to this year don't require much effort costume wise, apart from LFCC. Already have costumes I haven't wore yet due to the lack of cons I attended last year, so it's all good.

Who do you all think will win LSCC?

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Kind of hard to tell without knowing who all is entering.

>> No.7334333

Seems a lot of people dropped out, think I saw a doctor doom and some Wonder Woman entering and a cheap iron man.

No big names in the community then? No Xae, Sands, Lex, Karen or Yuka?

>> No.7334473

Any idea why they've dropped out?

>> No.7334498

I'm guessing some because of time, some money, and maybe some because of Tabby now being a judge?
I'm debating dropping out myself... Knowing that someone else is planning on doing the same cosplay as you is a huge turn off. I don't think my confidence could take a hit like that right now.

>> No.7334514

Why on earth would anyone care about tabbys opinion she doesn't even make her costumes. She only got to judge because she asked Ziggy if she could and Laura turned it down first

You should still enter.

>> No.7334521

I think people are put off because she doesn't make her stuff, specially if 50% are based on the making, it doesn't make sense.

Shame, I would of liked Laura to have judged since she has legit skills.

>> No.7334525

Not clue, I just know some who said that's her reason.

I'm planning on it, but I'm not going to rush and panic to finish it in time. If I don't get it finished then I won't enter. If I do, I'll see how I feel on the day. Right now all I want to do is run for the hills but I might feel differently nearer the time hence still planning on doing it.

>> No.7334560

>Laura turned it down first
You should be careful saying things like that. I highly doubt Laura told many people this.

As it is, Tabby has been involved with her Dad's larping business since she was a kid. Do you really think she hasn't learnt how to do anything?? She is however not the most confident person, she also hasn't been cosplaying long (though she has been larping a long time), so she tends to downplay what she is capable of. She doesn't know how to sew especially well, but a lot of prop making guys don't either and no one gives them shit for it.

Anyway, being as I'm the only one here who's been to their workshop and seen them work, it should be obvious in such a small business everyone has to know how to help out with everything. Even Ross has made a troll head and he is not there to make anything.

At the end of the day, she's still a professional and has eyes. She will easily be able to tell a shit prop from a good one, so why you lot are moaning I do not know.

>> No.7334561

To be fair a judge or critic doesn't need to be an expert in practicing in their field of interest. They just need to be able to recognise the signs of skill and quality.

I'd be less worried about her capacity to judge and more her partiality.

For competitions with bigger prizes to me it seems fairer to use judges from a variety of backgrounds who aren't likely to know any of the entrants. That's not always possible though, especially in the UK where the community is so small.

Still looks like it's going to be an interesting competition. As I've said before I'm looking forward to the skits.

>> No.7334574

If it's true I wouldn't imagine the leak of info would be from her end......

I personally don't think someone who grew up surrounded by professionals and workshops full of equipment and materials could really be a good judge for a home-grown skills contest.

>> No.7334590


That being said, she has a lot of friends in the cosplay scene so I doubt she's going to be overly biased when many of them are entering. Yaya/Riki's votes will all balance it out.

>home-grown skills contest
It's a small company of about a half dozen. It's a home-grown props company.

Also that is just daft.

>> No.7334592

I agree, it doesn't matter how much you look at people making things, if you're not making it yourself its not the same, that video that was posted earlier -


Shows how much she doesn't do, until you've made a whole costume from start to finish then you cannot judge. People entering that competition aren't going to have used to professional techniques, with tools to hand.

>> No.7334608

>until you've made a whole costume from start to finish then you cannot judge

Err.. why. I'd rather trust the opinion of someone who's worked on a hundred different things, than a person who made one full costume.

She's also not removed from the cosplay community. Her knowing about various tools is not going to make the blindest bit of difference.

The video also proves diddly squat. Laura also does a lot of Admin/Community management for Artem. Doesn't mean she never makes anything.

>> No.7334617

I new someone who judged with Tabby one convention she told me couldn't name half the characters and she couldn't tell bought costume from a made one...

>> No.7334618

Being able to name and recognise characters as a judge somewhat defeats the object the entrants providing reference pictures doesn't it?

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Ai-honey, please stop talking, you have no right to talk about who can judge costumes or not.

>> No.7334624

Surely Sands joined the industry AFTER already having made plenty of good costumes, how is that remotely the same?

>> No.7334646

She doesn't watch a lot of anime (why does that matter???) and I already said, she isn't good at sewing, which is what 99% of pre-bought costumes are. Yaya and Riki can sew however, so it doesn't matter.

And all these anon's bitching are, right? Surreeeeeee.

>> No.7335998

Sands got a lot of respect for not pigeon holing herself and would make all different kinds of costumes, monsters, armour, dresses etc.. She used to win all the expo masquerade back in the day then went to work in LA for a while with one of the Stan Winston schools and now she works full time at Artem.
So yea, it's a lot different having someone like that judge whose learnt about and made costumes on their own and now has professional experience to add on rather than a girl who just sponges off her dad's company only making larp stuff.

>> No.7336148

Which is great, but plenty of people 'pigeon' hole. No one would criticise God Save The Queen for only sewing as no one would criticise Punished props for only making props.

As long as you have a varied judging panel, it doesn't matter.

Guess what? Nobody is born knowing things. We all learn stuff from each other. Laura's Mum is an artist, she learnt a lot of working with tin armour (Tira's gloves, etc) from her. It is OK to learn things from other people and in fact, entirely necessary. Even if you're going by tutorials online /that is still learning from other people/. Criticising someone for that is some incredibly retarded that I don't even.

>> No.7336186

Errr I don't think anybody said you have to magically know things and arent allowed to learn from others, not even sure how you read that.
Everyone is saying tabby is a bad judge as she's never made an entire costume on her own and her dad's company do the majority for her, no ever really has a bad word against Laura which for cgl is a pretty big accomplishment and it's because she's earned respect through making, entering, winning, and sharing knowledge over the years.

If tabby would prove she can make something on her own and branch out a bit I'm sure she'd start to get more respect from people.

>> No.7336204

"sponges off her Dad" implies that.

And I've seen literally everyone bitched about here. I saw people complain that Laura enters competitions despite being a professional (which I think is daft) but people will literally bitch about anything.

As it is; how many art critics do you know that can paint to Monet standard? How many Video Game critics /actually make Video Games/?? The answer is very few, if any. As long as you know your medium, it doesn't matter.

Is she the best possible candidate ever? No, probably not. Is she more the adequate enough and will do a sufficient job? Yes. I'd say it's a good choice myself.

>> No.7336217

The only time I've seen people complain is when people have said "Sands is entering that competition? I can't compete with that, guess I won't be entering then."

>> No.7336221

Your sheer inability to understand what's being discussed is amazing

She's always had a workshop, space, professional equipment, endless supplies of materials, and the abilities to do things on larger scales and use methods that amateur creators simply can't, on top of never having done everything herself, on what basis is she going to be fairly judging them? There's nothing in common.


A graphic designer who's a whiz at photoshop is a great judge for amateur oil paintings?
A rich kid who got a free internship at their dad's AAA game studio is a good judge for an indie game jam?


>> No.7336227

>She's always had a workshop, space, professional equipment, endless supplies of materials

Err no. Just goes to prove how little you know really. Aside from the fact Artyfakes currently resides in a big shed, it used to be a lot smaller. In fact it's only the last year they had investors so they could hire more staff (and that still.. isn't that many?). It was literally just Tab and her Dad for the longest time.

Seriously. The argument is stupid anyway, though in this case not only stupid but false.

The concept that having been around Artyfakes means she can't comprehend how cosplayers make things is so mindbogglingly dumb that I don't ever.

FYI this is actually the same stupid argument people gave for why Laura shouldn't be entering competitions. WAH WAH SHE HAS A WORKSHOP AND ENDLESS SUPPLIES.. seriously.. dealwithit.jpg

Also those examples you gave are just stupid and not remotely comparable.. the stuff Artyfakes does directly correlate to cosplay where as photoshop to fine art does not (not necessarily, anyway).

>> No.7336231

In my opinion (that doesn't mean much) I think you should wait 'til after the competition to bitch and moan, give her a chance first and see how she does as a judge. I wouldn't care who was judging a costume contest as long as they don't dick about and can tell the difference between sewing that has been done by a 5 year old and a professional seamstress, same goes for the prop work.

I say wait and see how she does.

>> No.7336242

So why didn't Tabby enter? if shes so experienced with making, why ask to be a judge instead?

>> No.7336256
File: 301 KB, 371x774, tl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7336268

Probably because she knew she couldn't make a costume by herself and would have to prove it

>> No.7336270

Exactly, it just doesn't add up

>> No.7336488

I'm sick of the more recent 'cosplayers' taking centre stage in the uk. staceyrebbeca and tabby seem to be everywhere and not sure why

>> No.7336513

She was going to and then she was asked to judge.

.. I have no idea how that "doesn't add up"

>> No.7336576

Because AL are pushing them everywhere, no other event is that tacky so they're the only ones

>she was asked

Nope, nowhere in that thread

>> No.7336722

Nope she asked, tacky

>> No.7336738

There's no proof of that. She offered, that's not the same as asking.

>> No.7336761

Aside from >>7336738 the comment in that thread was off hand and not directly to anyone organising, at that point she was wanting to enter (hence the initial comment).

You lot really aren't helping yourself not look like catty jelly bitches. Like, for serious.

>> No.7336803

I don't like the fact that you tagged my comment in your reply.

I wasn't saying anything against her. I was correcting an anon calling her tacky.

>> No.7336871

"Aside from" was including you in what I was saying, I know you weren't.

>> No.7336898

ITT: desperately trying to push the idea that coat-tail-riding should deserve all the respect that actual effort does

>> No.7336974

At the end of the day, to judge a compeition, you don't need to be respected. It's not a prerequisit. It's nice, sure, but it's not a requirement.

As has already been pointed out here >>7334561 and >>7336204. You don't need to be able to 'do' what you're judging.

Anon your examples do not represent the situation at hand. Tabitha Lyons is not removed from the field as your rebutal would suggest.

Even if she can't make anything, be it props or sewing she is not blind. She'll have seen techniques and standards and mistakes in both. Both from Artyfakes and from her friends.

She's also not alone on the judging panel. Two experienced and diverse cosplayers will also be there to lend their expertise.

No one is perfect.

I get that maybe you don't like her, or maybe you're sick of hearing about her, or maybe you wish she'd just butt out of everything but really, honestly, how many of you with that opinion of contact with her personally? Does she really affect you that much.

On the basis of the competition and her capacity to judge surely the only people with cause to complain are the entrants. And really if they can't provide all the proof and demonstration at their disposal of their talents and the efforts gone into their costumes in the form of progress documentation then that's their failing and not the judges.

I've judged competitions before and I have limited knowledge of armour, I mostly work with fabric. But we've had fursuit and quidsuit entrants where I really don't know what I'm looking at but thankfully there have been others on the judging panel who know what to look for in that instance.

Taking offense at being judged by someone you deem to be unworthy or less that yourself just screams of arrogance layered on insecurity. Either you're entry is good and that comes across innately in your construction, your accuracy, your techniques and your stage performance or it's not.

Do your best. Have fun. Life's too short.

>> No.7336979


Hey mom.

>> No.7337219

Anyone going to Minamicon, what should I expect?

>> No.7337228

It's small and quiet. Most attendees know each other but they're a friendly lot. It's got a unique charm. Most people end up chilling round the bar having a laugh.

>> No.7338220

If no-one respects the judge, no-one respects their decision.

Neither example was removed from the field, they've only experienced the subject at a high level, not a low one. Consider then a digital-only photographer judging old film photography. Both handle a camera, a lot of the art principles have got to be the same and the digital judge could be a master in their field but is still going to know nothing about managing and developing film, an absolutely fundamental part.

I'm not an entrant, sorry to burst that bubble. There's no jealousy or offense, merely annoyance at yet another badly organized mess of an event. I'm sure she's a lovely person but if not being blind is the best thing on the table then something is wrong.

If judges don't need to be in any way competent or respected and entrants should be entirely responsible for appearing to be the best no matter how incompetent a panel they face, then what is the point of having judges at all? An audience vote would be better suited in that case.

>> No.7338246

I wasn't saying you specifically were an entrant, I was pointing out that the only people for whom the choices of judges are relevant /is/ the entrants.

Once again you make comparisons that aren't correct. An audience vote is not the same as a judging panel. All the entrants have been told they get 5 minutes with the judges (pretty standard for other cosplay comps like ECG, WCS and EC) to present their progress and display their costumes for up close inspection. Something an audience is never privy to. Because an audience is never going to be able to see all the details at first glance and short of issuing each audience member with a catalogue detailing all of the costumes details and techniques used then an audience vote will never be comparable to a judging panel.

>A graphic designer who's a whiz at photoshop is a great judge for amateur oil paintings?
A rich kid who got a free internship at their dad's AAA game studio is a good judge for an indie game jam?

>Consider then a digital-only photographer judging old film photography. Both handle a camera, a lot of the art principles have got to be the same and the digital judge could be a master in their field but is still going to know nothing about managing and developing film, an absolutely fundamental part.

You're still missing the point. Tabitha Lyons has surely seen enough of props and armour to be able to have an informed opinion on the quality and techniques involved in both. Okay so she, as has been pointed out, doesn't do much sewing. Does that mean she can't recognise a finished edge or lining or carefully applied details? Does this mean she can't appreciate them and comment in a meaningful way? No, it doesn't.

Admittedly she's a weak choice, she's a bit like the Alesha Dixon of LSCC but she's not incapable.

She seemed to do fine when she judged alongside AlienQueen and Chiquita Cosplay at LFCC.

>> No.7338274

yeah but alesha dixon is perf

>> No.7338278

But she was the weakest judge on the Strictly panel with more experience with the competition itself than actual dance appreciation.

>> No.7338460

I don't who is worse being a judge, Tab, AlienQueen or that Chiquita.

>> No.7338583

Tab is an 'actress' now...

>> No.7338635

Wow ...no link to examples of their work or online portfolio? How do they expect people to donate to this?

>> No.7339065


I've seen her acting

>> No.7340334

Star in the making....

>> No.7340653

Was this made by 13 year olds?

>> No.7342490


>> No.7345068

Agreed. There are loads of other cosplayers who have been going a lot longer than them who would be better.

>> No.7347294


>> No.7347295

so anyone going to lac this weekend I herd there doing speed dating

>> No.7347357

I am, oh god...really?

Apparently they've sold a lot more tickets this year

>> No.7348388

I'm going too but by myself, as I'm on holidays from work and have nothing better to do. Having free entry as well is nice.

Speed dating and cosplay auction was a mess at Alcon, was fun to watch though.

>> No.7348515

They say they sold a lot more tickets every year but from what I Shaw last time, they where turning people away as they dint have room for them. youtube.com/watch?v=7EVt4jaAvSA

>> No.7348553

I'll be at Alcon. It's in my town so I'm hoping to get a dealers table. I do keep hearing about the shitty things that go on.
Plus I did some art for their conbook, but they neglected to tell me the image would be thumbnail sized and black and white.

I'm also heading to Mcm and Continuum

>> No.7348617

I consider attending MCM oder Hyper Japan. Which of those would you recommend?

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