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What is /cgl/'s opinion on cosplayers who cosplay mainly (or only) from flavor of the month shit?

Does it bother you? Does it not bother you? Are you "guilty" of it yourself?


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i hate bandwagon only if it's affecting my fandoms.

i really dislike this whole 'cosplay anything and everything cause freedums' movement that's going on. i miss when people cosplayed things they liked not just liked to look at, there's a difference and cons somewhere along the line stopped being social events and started being giant all day photoshoots

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Attention whores.

But as long as it's not sexy rule 63 bullshit I'm not too bothered by it.

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It's annoying. I'm sure there are real fans of frozen, but that shit don't belong at anime cons to begin with. And yes, you can like something, but wait til the fires die down to cosplay from it. I love AOT, but I refuse to do it at a con. I may do a private shoot etc. there are more things to cosplay from than the flavor of the month. I get the excitement but its irritating to see 1,000 clones of bad store bought cosplay.

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I think there's a blurred line between 'cosplaying because it's the flavor of the month' and 'cosplaying because the excitement is fresh in your mind'.

Me personally aside I think it's impossible to say whether someone is 'band wagoning' unless you actually know the person. Like I do know people who desperately wanted to be 'the first xyz' and started on costumes just from promo artwork. And at the same time I know people who are shying away from the costumes 'because everyone's doing it'.

I know people who look for characters with a certain aesthetic, red hair for example, and resolve to like a character they know nothing about because it's got red hair and it's being produced by Disney or Marvel or Pixar or some other big name that means it's going to be a widely marketed and or recognised character.

Personally I find that attitude irritating and try to avoid it where possible.

Do I look at huge groups of AoT cosplayers and think 'wow they need to get some other interests'? No. I think they look cool and having been in both large and small fandom specific photoshoots it can be a really positive experience to find so many people interested in what you are. It was the same with Sword Art Online, Bleach, Naruto etc.

If someone is mainly doing flavor of the month, then surely they're kind of on top of their cosplays so they get into something and make the cosplay in time for them to find something new to pursue. Getting irritated at that would probably just be jealousy from less organised people. And there's no rule, as far as I'm aware, saying 'you must have diverse interests, you can't only cosplay current things I demand you cosplay this obscure thing to validate your existence'.

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Also OPs Anna is wearing the child Anna costume gloves from the Disney Store. Cute but they don't fit her hands.

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>cosplayers who cosplay mainly (or only) from flavor of the month shit?
That's like 90% of cosplayers right now.

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Flavour of the month shit is popular for a reason: mass appeal. I don't really fault people for enjoying things that a lot of other people enjoy. Some of my cosplays from over the years definitely fit in that category; FMA in '06, Ouran and Tsubasa in '07, Code Geass in '09, PASWG in '11, MLP and Doctor Who in '12, Madoka in '13, etc.

I've got more obscure costumes as well but I figure there's kind of a timeframe to fit your costume into before the bandwagon passes. Some series become well-loved classics you can revisit 10 years down the road, but others are kind of flash in the pan and if you miss the boat, you end up looking kind of dated, like if you did D.Gray-Man this year or something.

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I loved Frozen, and I'm planning on cosplaying Coronation Elsa and Winter Anna at some point, but I'm definitely gonna wait a year or so until everybody's over it.

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Generally, I stay away from band wagons because they tend to come full of Tumblr drama, especially the "me first" and "special snowflake" attitudes.

But I can see what >>7303684
is saying about waiting. Sometimes waiting for the fandom to tame itself isn't the best decision. You may lose all interest in cosplaying that character by then, or maybe the fandom will become so damaged that anyone who cosplays from it will be treated poorly (like Homestuck).

There is a benefit to cosplaying from flavor of the month because you'll get a ton of recognition and there may be less drama to deal with. And you'll tend to get compliments regardless of how well or how poorly done yor costume is.

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It bothers me a little to be honest. And by that I mean people who hop bandwagons all the time and don't seem to have interests of their own at all. They get bored with the old thing the second a new fandom explodes over everything and never talk about it again. I remember when I was younger and all my friends used to do that and it was so annoying, it always happened literally overnight.

I don't know if it's just because they're easily excited or just want to belong, but it kind of takes away from the value of the series and makes you question their intentions because you know they'll just end up abandoning the whole thing after just a short while. Like SNK, it was a huge fucking thing during the anime's airing time, but after the last episode, it took like a month for everyone to completely forget about it and move on to Frozen. I don't know, I might be a huge fan of several series for years and talk about them equally. Isn't it kind of hollow to get bored with everything in such a short amount of time?

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>if you miss the boat, you end up looking kind of dated, like if you did D.Gray-Man this year or something.

I laughed because it's so cruel but so true. Poor D. Gray-Man.

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This is hard to answer.

It's flavor of the month for a reason. It's fucking popular. So you're going to see a lot of it.

I have a few friends that are Disney fanatics and LOVE Frozen so it makes sense they cosplay from it.

And if they don't do it now, they'll get less recognition or people caring. Imagine putting all this work into a costume but no one really cares because the fad's over. Bad feels.

At the same time though, jumping on the bandwagon JUST for attention. Like cosplaying from previews. That shit's whack.

I have mixed feelings.

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I'm still kind of bummed that I missed the boat on that one. I had a bunch of plans for it that didn't pan out, and then it hit the "every costume you see anyone wearing is mass-produced" stage, where you'd just blend into a sea of black and white vinyl even if you tried your hardest to make it yourself.

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If it is well made, and the person knows who is he/she cosplaying, i see no problem.

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This only bothers me if the series isn't even out yet.

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Honestly, I was tempted to take on an Elsa cosplay, just because I love her ice dress.

Then I realized tht not only is it going to be the most overdone cosplay of 2014, it's also way beyond my skill level, and I'd end up looking like shit.

I think... it's inevitable, that there are cosplays like this, because series come and go, and popularity fluctuates. But I also think it's stupid as hell that there's a certain timeframe in which it's odd, or outdated to cosplay a certain series.

Like, my first cosplay was Sakura Kinomoto. Everyone loved it, because she's an older character, and a lot of people know her, and it's acceptable to cosplay her at this point because she's sort of a classic anime character.

But if I went to a con dressed as, say, Maka, or Celty, people would think, "Someone's a little late, aren't they?"

Well, no, I just like the character and haven't had a chance to cosplay her until now. What crawled up your ass and died?

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I think it's really dumb if the person is ONLY cosplaying from bandwagon stuff as soon as it comes out or before it comes out so they can be ~~cosplay famous~~. Courtoon as seen in >>7303543 is a good example of that. It seems like she only cosplays what's popular on Tumblr and Deviant Art.

But if you cosplay it because you like it and not just because you want reblogs/favorites, it's fine in my book.

On a second note, does How to Train Your Dragon count as bandwagon? As a Scandinavian person I love the HTTYD series.

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I don't mind if it the people genuinely like the thing.

I've known quite a few people though who have jumped onto costumes and series only once it becomes popular and only because it is popular. Quite a few of them actually have called the stuff shit beforehand but changed their mind as soon as it was seen as a 'cool' thing to cosplay. For example someone I know thought Jojo was stupid and wanted nothing to do with it but now because all their friends are cosplaying it they are now doing a bunch of costumes from it.

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Of course it's annoying to see too much of one or two things at a con, but in some cases, you can't really blame them.
Like when SAO or PMMM came out. They're really popular, so you just kind of expect to see a lot of them.
(With things like Homestuck, it's been on hiatus for a while and should be ending hopefully sometime this month (it keeps getting delayed). It's a sick old horse that needs to die already. Like I don't mind a few Hamsteaks meandering about, but there really shouldn't be such big packs anymore.)

But for people who only cosplay things for that "First!!" appeal, or just want hordes of recognition at a con, that's pretty much what I'd call a bandwagon.
I remember when the design for Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw barely came out, and we already had a thread up by someone who wanted to cosplay her. Bandwagon.

I forgot what else I was going to say, but basically: popular != bandwagon

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I really dislike people cosplaying from reference material or promo pics before the actual series/game/movie/etc has even come out. That's clearly a grab for attention, which I don't usually care if that's all you're in cosplay for, but it's a little more desperate than usual, imo. Otherwise, eh, I don't really care if someone just wants to be part of a bandwagon, if that's how they want to spend their money/time. I'm rarely interested in bandwagon-y shows and whatnot anyway.

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She's actually admitted herself in conversation that that's why she does it, to advance her own career by being fandom-known. I don't blame her, it's a good strategy, but it leaves a really bad taste in my mouth.

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Just do it. I have a huge and growing cosplay list since 2004. I'm still trying to do older cosplays before I get too tired of the cosplay scene. I would even do dgray man since Lavi has been on my to do list since 2006. Hell, I'm finally doing ff9 and Naruto this year. Excited for that.

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I don't know how to feel about it.

I kind of feel like there's the whole hipster mentality where it's like, "if you like or cosplay from something popular, you don't actually like it, it sucks because it's mainstream, etc". Which kind of bugs me since pretty much everything I like is mainstream.

Yet, there is some truth to that statement. I've seen people fandom hop any time there's something new, and I feel like that makes it all the worse for people who genuinely like the series, or worse, people who genuinely like a series, find another thing and genuinely like that too, yet all get lumped together with the 'wagoners.

So, I'm not sure what to say, really.

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Because heaven forbid people just like whats popular? You do realize the more popular something in the more accessible it is for people and therefore easier to watch/play/read. If your tastes constantly line up with what is popular that doesnt automatically mean your following some trend to be 'popular'. Am I jumping on a bandwagon if my friends recommends a series that is popular so I watch it, like it and then cosplay from it? Or must I only cosplay from super underground hipster snowflake stuff to be a true cosplay. Not really understanding this logic.

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It's annoying as shit because it proves they just want attention. It's a shame when they could be putting their talent into more interesting costumes.

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It doesn't really bother me when others do it, but if I feel like it's overdone then i'll stay away from it myself.

Example: When sword art online was just coming out and really popular I decided I really wanted to do a kirito cosplay. Then I went to AWA and saw them EVERYWHERE. There must've been 35 kirito's at that con. SAO is likely my favorite anime now, I love that .hack "set in an MMO" style, but the overabundance kind of turned me off from doing it.

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If something is popular and a good character then a lot of people are going to want to cosplay from it.
I see nothing wrong with this.
What I hate, though, is when people cosplay from something that hasn't even come out yet. They can't know if the movie/ show is even good yet. (I know someone who cosplays, usually tarted up rule 63 shit, to film premiers to try to get celebs to notice her and it is truly annoying) You can't claim to be a fan of something that you haven't seen yet,, and slutting up a non sexual character is just attention whoring.

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I'm still cosplaying from that series at some point, missing the boat or not.

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>SAO is likely my favorite anime now
What's it like having truly shit taste?

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That's not very nice.

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I don't mind what other people do, it's their money/time but it does seem desperate to bounce between ultra popular things JUST to try and be relevant.

I personally only cosplay things I really like enough to merit a time and monetary investment simply because I have a tight budget that I must stick to. If what I really like happens to dip into "flavor of the month", I can't really help that. I may put it off for a while, like I did with Attack on Titan stuff, and I make sure that what make is top notch.

I guess I'm one of the weird ones who is in cosplay for the craftsmanship aspect because it's a way to relieve stress and a good place to direct creative energy. I wear my costumes at cons because it's fun, compete occasionally to see how I did, but I mainly go to cons to hang out and just relax. Basically I'm too old to give a shit about cosplay fame and attention, it's a hobby for me, come what may.

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/a/ is
that way. mind the door.

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all the shit i've seen this girl do since avatar has all been I guess...bandwagony. but I guess you could say that for their entire group so whatever.

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SAO is inferior to god tier series .hack//
Liking SAO more than .hack// is disgusting

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Do it anyways. I was one of those mass produced costume buyers and cosplayed Lenalee forever ago-- thinking about making it now since of course they made Lenalee's shittier than the male costumes my friends bought from the same people.

It was fun and I think people tend to appreciate it a lot for the nostalgia factor.

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Aw, thanks for the encouragement, anons. It might happen someday. Need to go back and reread my dusty manga volumes.

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You all sound like fucking cosplay hipsters.

>I liked x and was going to cosplay x but now everyone likes x and is going to cosplay x so now I'm not going to.
>Too mainstream man.

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Nothing wrong with a little strategy.

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Losing confidence due to a flooded market or not wanting to be compaired or lumped in with 'flavor of the month cosplayers' = hipster.

Can't look left or right for labels on this board.

If you're not one thing you're another.

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>tfw I love League of Legends and play it regularly
>there are always huge waves of random girls cosplaying new champions as soon as their splash arts are released

I'm looking at you, influx of Jinx cosplayers.

I know it's elitist, but fotm cosplaying is just really irksome. Is it too much to ask for you to be an actual fan of something before you cosplay a character?

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Tumblr is
------> anywhere but here
Fuck off. Thanks.

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play a real game (DOTA 2) you fag

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Her hair looks really greasy.

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>Is it too much to ask for you to be an actual fan of something before you cosplay a character?

It is now.
If people ask you to be a fan first then they are just calling you fake. Calling people fake fans is a taboo now.
Plus you must be just jealous.

So yeah, you can't ask people to be fans. They'll just call you mean.

If you want people to be honest to goodness fans of the shit they have on you'll need a time machine set to pre-2001.
Why 2001? Because that's the first time promo art for FFX came out months before the game. For the first time you saw Rikkus and Yunas showing up WELL before we even knew the character or the game. That was the first time I ever saw that happen.

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Then cosplay from .hack instead. SAO sucks and it's the poor mans shitty . Hack because .hack's costumes are tough to make.

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>For the first time you saw Rikkus and Yunas showing up WELL before we even knew the character or the game. That was the first time I ever saw that happen.
That's actually a really good observation you make there..
Some of the first cosplays I've ever seen were Rikkus and Yunas.
It never really occurred to me why there were so many attractive girls that were fans of Final Fantasy.

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Dear god, I saw this image on tumblr with too damn many reblogs. Crossing my fingers nobody tries to cosplay it 0-e

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Eh. I'm long past the point of caring. As long as they produce good, well-shot, and well-executed cosplays, that's all that matters to me. I'm not going to meet these people or anything so who they are or why they cosplay something is not any of my concern. I'll just kick back and enjoy the cool pictures they've produced and that's that.

If the cosplay sucks, whatever, I usually expect the first few cosplays of any new design/character to suck anyway.

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>tfw someone posted this on facebook asking for opinions if they should or not
>tfw your friends say Go For It!

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It's cute to look at and I can see why someone would want to cosplay it, but the concept is what bothers me.
It doesn't fit the show or the character at all and should be regarded as a joke.
Like, if that was a design for anything other than AOT, I wouldn't have a problem with it.

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>not liking the kawaii fan design

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I'm done with tumblr and all their shit.

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Yeah, god forbid someone just cosplay something they actually like even if it's not a perfect cosplay, right. It only matters if it's good.

cgl, you did this to yourselves.

>> No.7305119

It only matters if it's good.

>> No.7305134

I don't mind Courtoon's cosplay choices, but am irritated that she either doesn't know what the character acts like or simply doesn't bother to try and get in-character. Her Tinkerbell breaks this mode SLIGHTLY but other than that, they're all just "Courtoon in an X costume."

If she's looking to become "fandom famous" like Anon earlier said, she's going about it poorly. It takes more than saturating yourself in popular costumes to get a real name for yourself beyond blind Likes from the young fandom crowds on Deviantart and Facebook.

>> No.7305376

lolol sometimes i forget how retarded this board is

>> No.7305697

>Like SNK, it was a huge fucking thing during the anime's airing time, but after the last episode, it took like a month for everyone to completely forget about it and move on to Frozen.

...where have you been looking, anon?

>> No.7305717

>cosplaying because the excitement is fresh in your mind

I have this problem, so I feel like I'm unintentionally bandwagon hopping when in reality I'm like some kind of terrier. I also tend to head towards newer series because 9 times out of 10, the fandom for the other thing I love has gotten way out of hand and I'd like a break from that crowd until it calms down (see, KH, Kuro, Homestuck especially). Getting into something new is like a nice fresh start, especially if it's something I really enjoy enough to cosplay from.

>> No.7305892

Source? Because I've never seen her display anything remotely close to that sort of attitude.

>> No.7305991

Cosplay and let cosplay. I personally usually wait for things to calm down a bit at the risk of less recognition because I don't want to plan out a cosplay just to a month later realize I was mostly just excited about the fandom and the fact that everyone enjoyed it at the time and scrap my work.

If you do a good and original cosplay people will take notice even if the interest has died down.

>> No.7306044


I agree. I can say the same for all of IMT.

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I feel like they all have pretty decently constructed costumes and props but a few of them have the most inflated egos and I stopped following them after a while

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Ugh a girl in my community cosplayed Elsa when just the waist-up images were available (Not even the trailer my god) and after watching the movie she missed so many details even her braid was on the wrong shoulder. How can you "love" a character when you know nothing but a waist up image?!

>> No.7307283

Do you have pics?

>> No.7307342

Nah, her costume sucks but she doesn't deserve to be posted here. She's not the only one here to do it completely wrong either.

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The ask wasn't worded very well but the intention was to compliment and be nice and the response has me rolling my eyes... like get over yourselves, seriously.

>> No.7307356

Wow what a bunch of cunts. I knew they had really bad attitudes, especially Nina. But they at least have the decency to fake nice to their fans most of the time. They've gotten almost Yaya levels of bad and they're not nearly popular enough to get like that.

>> No.7307388

You haven't been around her enough then. It was in person, so you're just going to have to take an anon's word for it. Again, at least she's somewhat smart about it.

>> No.7307464

Honestly, I think it would be kind of fun to cosplay it just as a joke, especially if there were other joke cosplayers from SNK with you, but I realize it doesn't fit. Seems like more the thing to wear to a SNK meet, rather than just as a general costume at a con.

>> No.7307592


EXACTLY. That's how I fucking feel. They are just...I dunno, undeserving of their attitudes.

Again, I like most of their craftsmanship, it's not bad at all for the most part.

All I ever see is them circlejerking about what cosplays theyre gonna do and what SUPER GREAT PHOTOGRAPHERS ARE gonna work with them and just.

Who the hell cares.

Sure its exciting, but its constant. that's why i stopped following them. turned more into a popularity contest for likes than a hobby.
Where do they meet all these random people from that just magically show up to like everything they post. are they underage fans? whatever I dont care anymore. (I think that's also the same for any aspiring facebook famous cosplayers lol)

Its like the other anon said, it leaves a weird taste in my mouth. Like if you were to hang out with them in person theyd all be really catty...
I think that Nina got a bigger ego over the years, but I guess they all have, as well.


>> No.7307618

I can't speak for Nina, but Brenda and Megan are honestly some of the nicest cosplayers I know. Maybe not the most courteous reply to a compliment, but they've responded very humbly and graciously to plenty of others, and one screencap doesn't automatically banish them to Cunt Island.

>> No.7307619

I said Nina because wasn't she the one that freaked out at Colossalcon staff? I remember they asked her to take down a video where she told people to go to cons without buying badges and she said she would sick her fans on them. Their costumes are decent, but they also pick pretty easy costumes. None of them are anything too detailed or interesting. They always play it safe, which is why their costumes are so boring.

>> No.7307634

I was the anon who mentioned what Courtoon said and honestly they're really nice and fun to hang out with in person, if a bit full of themselves and they do good work. I just don't like their philosophy/how they handle the hobby personally.

>> No.7307639

Yeah, she did. Her tags on her post said something like "I have thousands of fans, are you kidding me?" and whatnot. She's painfully awkward in person though if you don't give her the special treatment she seems to expect.

>> No.7307725


what IS their philosophy?

>> No.7307732 [DELETED] 


>> No.7307739

linked wrong comment, sorry

>> No.7307741


i dont think they need banishing.

that whole group just feels like theyre more popular than they actually are.

>> No.7307751

Oh wait, sorry that was mostly in response to >>7307356

>> No.7307779

I really want to do Coronation Elsa, and I have a friend who wants to do Coronation Anna...
But I don't want to be a bandwaggon cosplayer. Which is stopping me from making them right now.

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Nice crop.

Everyone knows tumblr is all about the tags.

And surely tone couldn't be misconstrued in text.

>> No.7307842


Start now, but take your time to make it perfect.

>> No.7307857


Hey, I'm going to clear something up here.
Anon: I'm pretty sure I know who you are, and I'm saddened that you made those things about me. But please, if you recall, you are the one who made those assumptions about me at first, by saying something along the lines of "You make costumes super quickly, so you are able to get the newest stuff out right away, so you have a lot of content", after I said something about how your craftsmanship was far better than mine. To me, that sounded like a compliment and I thanked you. You continued to say something about how that's how I got "likes", and to that I didn't really reply. But never did I say it was a philosophy or a strategy. I understand how you could think that, but it's really important to me that you know that has no truth to it.

But in actuality I've been working on Anna for months and months... Frozen has a special place in my heart, because as someone who works in Animation, Frozen was the first Disney movie I got to see being made in person.

Honestly, I wouldn't speak up on these things, unless it was something that really struck me. But as a person who wants to make a life working in animated storytelling, trust me when I say every character I cosplay is because I adore them.

Sorry for the novel.

>> No.7307896

gosh stop being so full of yourself, y cant you like obscure things and not the popular shit? rude.

>> No.7307901

I'm pretty certain I'm not who you think I am, because I've never had any comments to you guys about any of this since I don't really think it's something worth bringing up, it's simply a difference in points of view. What I mentioned happened in a large group conversation that was had in person once, and I definitely recall you saying something along the lines of cosplaying certain characters to get in with the Nick/Cartoon Network staff.

I don't have much of a problem with it beyond the fact that I cosplay for different reasons and honestly, it makes me sad as a slight oldfag to see cosplay be used in this way. But I can understand why as well, realistically creative fields are cutthroat and you do what you gotta do. I can't hold that against you. I just personally would never do it.

And that's all else I'll say about it, because I think it's getting pretty blown out of proportion.

>> No.7307912

Wait a sec, man.

If we all start to like obscure shit...won't that....make it popular?

(The hipster stank is strong in this thread)

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I know that feel. Being an Animation student, I've been following Frozen in its production process since 2011 and I ADORE that movie. I have all of my materials and have begun working on Elsa's Snow Queen dress, but I'm just waiting for the hype to die down before debuting it because I don't want to be a part of the dumb bandwaggoning.

Oh, and so I can actually, you know, take all the time I need to make something nice and accurate looking.

>> No.7307918

just drop this shit already.
nobody cares about them.
or their dumb asks.
they're perfectly normal cosplayers.
leave it at that.
we all do / say shit that people dont agree with.

its nothing to wet yourselves over.
anything can be misconstrued over the internet and come off as bitchy.
let them jerk together
and post on the Internet
like all the other cosplayers do.
the end, goodnight

>> No.7307919

I'm sorry CGL is a pile of Alistar poo.

>> No.7307928

DONT EVEN talk 2 me u uncultured swine.

>> No.7308794

They're all in this thread and talking about it on their FBs with "SORRY BUT NOT SORRY THAT I LOVE COSPLAY OK?!?!? I ACTUALLY HATE ATTENTION" posts.

>> No.7308819


>> No.7308821

I love you, God.

>> No.7308825

Anything new from Dreamworks is bandwagon, anon. Sorry to burst your hipster bubble.

>> No.7308828

Oh wow yeah every single one just about. All capslock sarcasmrage.

>> No.7308857

someone posted in a group there were going to cosplay it and asked for other 'magical girl' inspired SNK characters to go in a group. I am still shuddering.

>> No.7308890

why is everyone so mad.

cosplay is cosplay.


>> No.7308912

This Anon gets it.

>> No.7308914

b--but muh non mainstream cosplays, anon

>> No.7308921

I'm allowed to be mad at shitty lolita versions of anime characters. I'm so done with Lolita versions of anything.

>> No.7308957

>real game

>> No.7309204

Bandwagon hopping is stupid. I've never seen the point of cosplaying something just because you want to be The First, without even knowing the character's personality or knowing what the whole costume looks like. To me, cosplaying is all about bringing one's beloved characters to life. I could never cosplay as a character I barely even know; to my mind when you're cosplaying a character you're sort of representing the series and the fandom -- you're one of those Madoka/Dangan Ronpa/JoJo/etc. people.

HOWEVER. Cosplaying something that's currently popular/new has its benefits. I made my first Magi cosplay when the first season of the anime was still airing and thanks to that many people recognised my cosplay and I had a lot of fun. I didn't cosplay from Magi because it was popular but because I love the character I picked. However, because of my "right" timing I got to meet other Magi fans, take awesome cosplay photos with them, discuss the series and make new friends. That would probably not have happened if nobody had known about the series. What I'm trying to say is that when a series you really really love has its moment of popularity you get to have more fun and your hard work gets praised more than when you're cosplaying from a series barely anyone knows. I'd like to (and probably will) make a cosplay from Ouran High School Host Club since it's one of my favourite series ever but I'm sad that the fandom has sort of died down and when I cosplay from it nobody will know what's going on and I probably won't meet any other fans.

>> No.7310119

You do not have to explain yourself to anybody, least of all to anyone on this board. Anybody who forms an opinion on you or anybody else based on something somebody said on an Anonymous message board about them is pretty dumb.

Anyway OP, I don't understand why anybody cares about what other people choose to cosplay. I'll admit the hype of something sometimes turns me off to cosplaying a particular character, but that's just my personal preference and usually has more to do with other reasons in combination with them being popular to cosplay at the moment. For example, I really wanted to cosplay Jinx from LoL and Sasha from SnK, but when the fandoms exploded with folks wanting to do the same, suddenly it made me think about "well is really worth my time and effort if I don't even really suit Jinx all that much" or "do I really want to waste my time on sewing the SnK uniform if I can just buy the outfit?". But sometimes I love a character and their design so much that I don't care if it's popular at the moment or not and will do it anyway. I'll probably still cosplay these characters at some point when the hype dies down.

But if other people like to cosplay popular characters purposely or just because "wow they like stuff a lot of other people like imagine that", it has literally no effect on me either way. People can cosplay what they want for whatever reasons they want and I really don't give a shit.

>> No.7311095

I disagree. HTTYD was good and popular, but it wasn't nearly as over-cosplayed as, say, Rise of the Guardians.

At least not in my area.

>> No.7311533

Log Horizon is better

And yeah SAO and PMMM were so overhyped and bandwagoned on, even though they weren't very good.

Wanna see a true representation of bandwagoned shit I don't like? The comiket cosplay area. Full of girls whoring themselves out in panty shots and boob shots in whatever the new waifu flavor of the month is.
I even saw photos of 2 shipgirls make out in front of everyone. If that isn't the true definition of selling out and just cosplaying for the attention of the masses, I dunno what is.

Kantai collection is almost like the plague and I hope it stays in Japan and dies out. Same with Super Sonico. Who in the right mind would cosplay those and feel empowered? Imbeciles and attention whores, that's who.

>> No.7315222

Your area is different than mine then. I saw Astrids literally everywhere after the first movie came out.

Speaking of How to Train Your Dragon, did you guys see that one girl/guy/it who made the extremely egotistical Kickstarter project for their Hiccup cosplay? It was successful. Fuck, I was hoping it wouldn't be.

>> No.7315267

I agree with this, when I see Bleach or Naruto cosplayers now, I feel like "really? you're still cosplaying that?"

>> No.7315287

See, I view Bleach, Naruto, FMA, and Death Note as classic "babby's first" cosplays. They're still sold cheaply and available online making them easy series to cosplay from for newbies. When I see someone cosplaying from any of those series that have long since passed in favor and combine it with their gestures/how they act, I can assume the cosplayer is very new. If it's an old costume someone pulled out and wanted to rewear for nostalgia purposes, they don't have that newbie excitement of "OMG IM AT A CON IN COSTUME!!", you know?

>> No.7315428

Oh god, it was?? I can't believe that people bought into that shit.

>> No.7315441

what you mad because you play pussy games?
IE: Dota 4 babies: LEague of Legends edition

Seriously if it required any amount of skill to play league of legends the fan base would not be so large.
On another note why would you play a shitty knock off game when you could play the original (much prettier) game???

>> No.7315536

What about people who cosplay stuff that's popular but under represented and calculate their costume choices base of that ie Kuzco, Master Roshi etc? They could be seen as Bandwagon cosplayers as they're going after stuff that's very popular but have the added benefit of getting all the atttention.

>> No.7315555

Pfft, whatever. Maybe people have money issues and don't get around to shit til later? I don't think there's an expiration date on when to stop cosplaying a character you always wanted to make. I personally wanted to wait til I got better at sewing and wig work. Why so mad?
I'd rather see people cosplaying what they like, even if its years old rather than the same shitty bought costume over and over at every con.

>> No.7315564


As a person who plays both League and DotA avidly, I would say that it's untrue that League requires no skill. It's a lot less risky than DotA by a wide margin but it's certainly not braindead in terms of execution.

>> No.7315571

Then you must hate nostalgia cosplay or anything earlier than current gen. Guess you have beef people people cosplaying Harlock, Sailor Moon, old 90s shows and such

>> No.7317257
File: 21 KB, 301x381, im_not_even_mad_obama.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah, good point

lol chill down, anons. I just said that's the feeling I usually get with it.

Yes because obviously that's the same. I hate all non-new cosplays.
No actually, I usually cosplay from old school anime's, recently did one of Princess Mononoke

>> No.7317263

>old school
>Princess Mononoke

Didn't realize things from the early 2000s were considered old school now. I'm expecting like late 80s/early 90s at the latest.

>> No.7317304
File: 35 KB, 440x440, hipster-mermaid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sorry, I didn't realise you liked it way before I did

>> No.7317306

>14 years ago
>not considered old school

go with your time, grandma

>> No.7317318


Just saying it's not exactly old school. That shit is still regularly cosplayed to this day. I saw three at my last con alone.

>> No.7317333

Tell that to someone who got mistaken for Korra constantly. Then again, the cosplay scene here isn't very big and my cosplay was probably the oldest one around.

>> No.7317338

If you're going by that logic, I see a lot more Sailor Moons than Princess Mononoke's

>> No.7317395


Then those people are dumb as shit, They don't even look alike.


Sailor Moon's transcended into Classic Anime, dude. It's never gonna die and there's only going to be more now that the new anime is finally gonna drop. Compare it to something like Fushigi Yugi...that's old school.

>> No.7317425
File: 278 KB, 320x600, 1390294940957.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kantai Collection has already spread to the US. ALA had at least one Shimakaze, which is the worst, sluttiest design of the whole thing. I wouldn't care if I saw the other characters though.
Sonico, though, I want to see more of over here. She's the cutest fucking thing ever and I want more girls with the actually right body type to do her. I don't even want that swimsuit stuff, just the classic cat hoodie and T-shirt is perfect.

>> No.7318637

>liking Sonico
I don't think you have room to be criticizing anyone's taste.

>> No.7320955

You probably started this thread hoping people would defend you and your pathetic excuse for cosplaying.

>> No.7320969

She got an anime though.

>> No.7320981

it's shit

>> No.7321510

so is your face

>> No.7323640

Semi-on-topic: I just want to say that I just saw Frozen and it really is one of the single best things in the world. I thought I was going to think it was overrated bandwagon shit, but it ended up becoming my second favorite movie of all time. For those of you who don't want anything to do with it because of the massive fandom; do yourself a huge favor and don't be the special snowflake who has to avoid anything extremely popular. You are doing yourself a disservice by not seeing this film. 11 minutes into the movie and you'll be crying your eyes out, assuming your not a soulless hell beast.

Tons of people wear non-anime cosplay to anime cons. It's not just Frozen...

>> No.7323717

>And yes, you can like something, but wait til the fires die down to cosplay from it. I love AOT, but I refuse to do it at a con.
You're just as bad as the flavor of the month types, just on the opposite end of the spectrum.

>> No.7323721

If you actually cosplay from the books rather than the movie I will love you forever. Adorable books will never be outdated.

>> No.7323725

Yeah and we rip them apart on this site, so if you want validation for Frozen cosplays, you're not going to find them here.
Also Frozen was mediocre at best and so not worth the hype

>> No.7323727

What does tumblr even have to do with that post? If you're going to try to insult people at least TRY to make sense, please.

>> No.7323859


Maybe you should take a look at all the anime that exists using this magical tool called google and form your own tastes instead of waiting for others to spoonfeed you.

>> No.7323865

>No actually, I usually cosplay from old school anime's, recently did one of Princess Mononoke

>old school
>Mononoke Hime

Not only is this not old school, it's mainstream as hell. There is literally no difference in cosplaying Mononoke Hime and cosplaying Ichigo from Bleach. No. Difference.

>> No.7323866

People who bandwagon aren't people who like it because they like it, they like it because they want to get attention since they know so many other people like it.

Riding the coattails of popular series' for attention is way different than just happening to like something popular. And especially when you're involved in the fandom you can tell who cosplays because they like it and who cosplays it because they want to be liked.

>> No.7323868

I'm a long-time Sonico fan and that anime is nothing but otaku-phile pandering garbage.

>> No.7323882


>long time sonico fan

There's nothing to be a fan of, she's a mascot character aimed at idiots who buy figures of characters they don't know. She herself is 'otaku-phile' pandering garbage. And by 'otaku' I mean 'niwaka'.

>> No.7323891
File: 79 KB, 300x300, NekoPOP-Super-Sonico-Covers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you an idiot? She has had atleast 3 albums out for a few years, as well as a few 4coma. Not to mention a few games, which are eh as well.

>> No.7323893

Frozen was okay, but it's just another Disney CG movie. Tangled got the same hype, as did UP and Wreck it Ralph. Each time people were like "OMGGG BEST MOVIE EVERRR!!!"

>> No.7323896

So we can't cosplay at all? Great.

>> No.7323914


It doesn't make her any less of a mascot character. There's still nothing to be a fan of.

>> No.7323937

>has three albums
>nothing to be a fan of
Ignore facts
repeat statements
shill harder

>> No.7323944

Thank you, anon.

Honestly her seiyuu, Ayano Yamamoto is really an adorable singer, and I was pleased to find out that her and her Ayano have quite a bit in common, in that both of them are gravure idols, so I don't feel bad liking Sonico as a character, since the seiyuu is pretty much playing herself.

>> No.7323948

>doesn't make her any less of a mascot character.
It does though, she was only the mascot of a concert in 2006 and became much more fleshed out shortly after.

Saying there's nothing to be a fan of is like saying there's nothing to be a fan of gravure idols for, or art for that matter. Just give it a rest.

>> No.7323957


It's just stupid to say that the anime is 'nothing but otaku-phile pandering garbage' when that was exactly the point of her being a mascot character. But continue spouting off your low-powerlevel shit.

>> No.7323970

Doesn't mean I still can't like her musically rather than for a character. The anime sucks, deal with it.

>> No.7324028


The anime is perfectly in keeping with the rest of the Sonico franchise. Yes it sucks, deal with that.

>> No.7324030

That is the very definition of a sad attention whore. We will all gather round to laugh at her.

>> No.7324041

Awwww shiet

>> No.7324066

>fushigi Yuugi
>my childhood
Mah nigga

>> No.7324071

How so? Anon just doesn't want to be lumped into the massive AOT cosplayers. I've played the waiting game before and cosplayed something else. Nothing wrong with that.

>> No.7324090

Omg the Wreck it Ralph was the worst!!
>be me, a long time gamer for 20 years
>omg anon, you like games of the video. This movie is perfect for you
>ok sure why not
>rent it at home because I hate movie theaters. Watch it.
not bad, it was fun. I liked seeing some Nintendo and sega and other characters on the screen, but aside from Ralph, I didn't like anyone. The forced relationship between that fix it Felix guy and the army sci if woman was kind of rushed and random..... The cg was pretty, but I didn't get people who were like "omg I saw it 4 times!!"

>> No.7324093
File: 7 KB, 211x152, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>basement dwellers defending their 2d waifu so hard

>> No.7324097

Bitch, I'm a girl. Try again. Oh, wait, you probably think that all girls are femineminist idiots who hate the idea of titties and ass.

>> No.7324994


>implying this isn't true

it's the reason tumblr landwhales use words like 'moeshit' to describe anime they don't like.

>> No.7325029

Which doesn't make any sense since they're all fujoshits that then turn around and do the same thing with their bishie husbandos. I don't get it, man, you're all the same level of pathetic otaku, can't you get along?

>> No.7325034

I like so called 'moeshit' and i'm not fucking friends with those kinds of landwhale tumblrtard fujoshit morons.

>> No.7325063


>implying /a/ is equal to an inferior fanbase

>> No.7330448

ugh. i hate her

>> No.7330466

I knew what I was getting in to
I wanted cute fluff and got it

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