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tell me your stories of what happened when you went out in Japanese fashion.
the good, the bad, and the "meh"

>Bonus points:
if an outdoor occurrence had to do anything with that godawful "living doll" episode on My Strange Addiction

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Last Friday I had a good experience. I was walking through the food court at the mall when a little girl comes running up to me.
"Oh my gosh I love your dress!"
"Thank you, I love your Hello Kitty watch."
Thanks, she's my favorite! My grandma is going to take me on the carousel. I like the ponies. Bye bye now!"
As I was walking away I heard, "Grandma, mama, look at her dress! It's so gorgeous! "

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>tfw over 6ft tall, body of adult
>tfw barely 17
>tfw always accused of ageplay and fetishism in public
>tfw even mom thinks it's a fetish
>tfw I'm easily the best dressed in my comm
>mom doesn't know how lucky she is to have a good lolita as a daughter

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>mom doesn't know how lucky she is to have a good lolita as a daughter

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I was walking in japantown in SF last week and saw a girl in full maid outfit with her friend. Black hair and tan skin, I know you're here.

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>barely 17

underage plz go

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Such extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof

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I had a cashier at Michaels freak out over my outfit, mainly my tights, and then asked if I had a coupon. I told her no and she said that I was so pretty I should have one. When she rang me up I got one of my items 50% off. Thank you, Michaels cashier lady! She probably did that for other people too, but it made my day.

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I dunno why but i get much warmer responses when i wear old school than anything else.
I wore my red ap heart pocket jsk with a puff sleeve blouse and black mary janes the other day and got way more compliments than when I wear sweet or even classic.

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I went to the cinema with some friends last friday. I wore somewhat casual sweet loli. Two girls behind me were obviously talking about me, so I felt slightly nervous, especially when one of them approached me.

Turns out her friend was too shy to ask me, but she wanted to know where I got my coat. Boy was I relieved. I was so surprised that I sort of blacked out, I told them I bought it online. I honestly didn't know where anymore, but I do know it now.

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I either get asked if I'm cold since most of my dresses and skirts are short on me and I just wear tights or thigh high socks or get compliments

My dad hates it though

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I went out to the bars on a Thursday night in Classic lolita with a friend, also dressed in Classic. My dress was super-basic, brown underbust, cream blouse, and boots.

Nobody was rude, a few people told us they liked our looks, and we were just going from bar to bar looking for good live music, walking down the street, and this girl across the street starts *screaming* at us.

"IT'S NOT HALLOWEEN BITCHES! IT'S NOT FUCKING HALLOWEEN! I'M GONNA FUCK YOU UP!" Her friends are holding her back from crossing the street and she keeps screaming and trying to get away from them so can, presumably, come kick our asses. We hurried along and they dragged her the other direction, so nothing happened, but I seriously thought that kind of shit was /cgl fake bullshit.

I was a little scared--she sounded genuinely pissed, not like she was joking, and they were full-on holding her from lunging at us.

Dressed in lolita for over five years and this is the first time something that bad has happened.

On a good note, I was once lost in Union Station in Chicago in lolita. I was running around the same place over and over again, and this very, very stoned guy approached me, and said, "you are, like, the most beautiful fuckin' thing. You are... everything. You're looking for that exit," and he pointed the way I needed to get out.

Thank you, friendly stoner. I appreciate the help and the compliment.

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ITT: narcissists who actually believe when you go out into public people actually give a shit how you are dressed

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that sounds absolutely horrifying. if that happened to me id cry my lil eyeballs out.

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Feel really sad for you rn

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Don't worry. It's just a made up story. Same as everything else in threads like this.

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I went out with my Milky Planet for the first time yesterday and you wouldn't believe the crazy ass stares I got. It wasn't even a full blown lolita coord; casual lolita at it's best, and I still got stared and pointed at. I mean, I didn't give a fuck (derp, I'm going out in a poofy ass skirt that looks like Lisa Frank designed it) but I did notice it. Kinda hard not to notice....

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Mmm...I'd hate to break it to you, but this is an 18+ up site.

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Yikes, sorry that happened anon! But yeah there are people like that and I don't know what's going on with them.

I had a lady with a fucking baby carriage give me shit for wearing pic related with a normal black slacks/dress shirt out on the street once. I was like 6 feet away from her and she looked like she wanted to fight me. Her friend was looking at her like she was crazy.

Then again, I guess I'm from the hood so...that's...to be expected? Actually, that's not an excuse. This was closer to a nicer area near me.

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>Kinda hard not to notice....
You get used to it, and then you end up not noticing at all. Whenever I dress up and go out, people I'm with have to point out when someone is staring or taking a picture. I might be grade A oblivious, but I just don't notice that shit anymore.

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>people telling me I look cute left and right
>kids telling me I look like a princess and that they love me
>people asking for pictures and ask where to get clothes like mine wherever I go
I feel bad for you. I'm certain you don't know this feel.

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awww! what a party pooper! my dad thinks its nice that i dress "like a princess". i think hes also glad i dont dress like a slut -__-

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>"you are, like, the most beautiful fuckin' thing. You are... everything. You're looking for that exit," and he pointed the way I needed to get out.
Ok so the crazy lady trying to fuck with you sucks and is scary but this is really sweet. I love the stories where people go out of their way to help you, in loli or not. Like the one someone posted the other day about the older man on the train keeping hooligans away from her and then wishing her a safe trip.

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I get the same when I'm in classic. Maybe it just looks more like stuff you can buy around here, or looks more 'proper' or whatever. I can bounce around in Victorian florals and lacy blouses and get nothing but compliments but one pink carousel skirt and the world loses its mind.

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>Godfather wants me to visit wearing lolita
>Have to ride the bus to the hospital
>You can see where this is going
>Wear toned down Innocent World
>Girl makes eye contact with me and starts laughing loudly
>Woman smacks her across the leg
>"You shut up! She looks nicer than you!"
>"Yes nana."

I opened a book and pretended not to hear, but thank you, Nana.

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Oh I get what you're saying and I don't notice 90% of what people do (being goth in a redneck state for so many years helped lol) but this trip was weird. It was like they were going out of their way to make a point of staring and pointing at me....so I take that back. I guess I did give a tiny fuck. Oh well.

>inb4 then dress normally
Meh. It's whatever. Comes with the territory.

>captcha unrelated but funny. Make up your mind Captcha; wallet or handbag?

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Love this nana

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Sweet lolita looks a lot like ageplay from someone who doesn't know what they're looking at, to those of you questioning why you only get mean comments or don't receive any compliments when you're out in pink.

When I was much younger, I saw a lolita getting on the subway in Paris. I wanted to take her photo without looking like a creeper, but decided it couldn't be done, so I didn't try. She looked nice.

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How do lolitas fair taking public transportation? I have to take it everyday but I've seen too many almost stabbings to even dare dressing up and traveling.

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I've gotten some compliments in fairy kei outfits, mostly about my tights and skirts. It always makes my day.

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I don't have any horror stories, but I've only taken public transport in lolita in San Francisco and Los Angeles where there is a large lolita community.

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sounds like she was from /cgl/ to be honest

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I always stand at a corner closest to the door when I take the train unless the train is very empty. I haven't had anything significant happen to me, though.

The last insult I remember was from a 2edgy4u teen who said i looked like a 'fake-ass doll.'

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Yikes, you've seen them personally?
I have to take public transport to get anywhere (NYC) and I wear lolita fairly often, which means a lot of traveling solo in frills. At most I have people coming up to me to ask me about it, sometimes I get a row of seats to myself because no one wants to sit next to the weirdo in pettis.
I do like it though when I get on a train and people smile at me though, makes me feel like I'm brightening the day up a little, especially since the metro is kinda drab.

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Nana is the guardian angel of lolitas everywhere.

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The worst part is that I wouldn't be afraid if a girl came chasing after me to pick a fight, but if I were wearing an expensive dress I'd just be completely defenseless...

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Jeez all dat jelly. I hope that bitch feels better soon. That way she stops projecting.

I went to the mall in an AATP dress the other day and this one group of ladies were snickering at me.

I almost got angry when I noticed that they were all wearing yoga pants, uggs, and had heavy makeup to try and hide their wrinkles (didn't work)/badly bleached hair. Then I just felt bad for them, laughed, and walked away, leaving them dumbfounded.

Just stay confident. There's nothing wrong with wearing lolita. They're the basic ass hoes.

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Just scream "Bitch this dress costs more than your weave so if you damage it I'll sue you to fucking high hell and back", then whip out your phone to record it.

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Reverse lolita story: One time, this lolita on the NYC subway was dead ass staring at my boots. They're kind of flashy buckled combat boots, so I thought she was taking the holier more alternative than thou approach, since I've encountered sassy NYC bitch lolitas before. Then she smiled at me and told me she loved them and we had a lovely fashion moment.

Thank you sweetheart lolita~

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>sometimes I get a row of seats to myself because no one wants to sit next to the weirdo in pettis.
This is the best one of the best things about wearing lolita on the metro.

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Not Lolita related, but I just got back from Magfest and was heading out the elevator on Saturday night in a different hotel than the con. Some random person was like "what's going on?"
And I respond "video game and music festival at the national harbor"
He still goes "ok, because I know Halloween is over"
Why is that always normalsfags responses? Like its so inconceivable anyone would want to wear more than just tshirts and jeans every single day if their life. No shit Sherlock, it's January.

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Yeah I don't live in the most upstanding area and I ride for a long time so I see loads of different people and there's always some (for whatever reason) asian wannabe gangster causing trouble.

>> No.7283019

This warmed my ice cold heart.

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>This dress costs more than your weave

>This dress costs more than you

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You should bring a tiny notebook with you and put a check under the headline "originality" every time someone says that and make it really obvious so that they get confused.

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He thinks I'm going get raped because it's not jeans.

>> No.7283072

I get a few odd stares mostly. Only two other things stand out to me.
1. Some kids begged their parents to sit on the seats opposite so they could sit next to the 'pretty princess lady'.
2. Some lady insisted on fixing my hair for me (it was windy that day and I hadn;t had the opportunity to straighten my hair or my hat) and wanted to talk about 'the old days when girls dressed more like you'. It was mildly uncomfortable but pretty sweet.

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You need to fucking slap your dad across the face and bill him for some pepper spray and a pen-knife.

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not lolita related, but here's a few times that I've gotten harrassed for wearing normalfag clothes
>wearing a skirt in november
>group of teenagers come up to me
>"HA! what a freak! aren't you cold? why are you wearing a skirt?"
>I just raise one eyebrow because this is the stupidest shit

>wearing adventure time jacket, it was cold and rainy, so I kept the hood up
>some guys across the street yell at me
>start laughing with eachother
>are you fucking kidding me, there are mallgoths everywhere and you have to scream at me for wearing this jacket?

>wearing jeans and a tshirt to go shopping
>put a big bow in ponytail
>worker snickers at me, says that's only what little girls should wear
>at the time it was a popular trend in my city to wear big bows in your ponytail

and there, there is proof that no matter how you are dressed, normalfags will go out of their way to insult you if they think you are anything out of their little cookie cutter ideas of "normal"

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>go on bus wearing an AP salopette
>woman (in her 40s, about) asked me if I'm going to a halloween party (it was a week before halloween)
>I tell her no, its a japanese fashion
>she tells me its the cutest thing ever, sits in an available seat
>I pull out my 3ds
>she pulls out her 3ds
>40 year old with a 3ds how freaking awesome
>tells me my animal crossing house was really cute

everything was cool

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This is the thing of dreams.

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>parents go on vacation to italy
>see two lolitas at carnivale
>show me a candid photo that my mother took of them
"look anon! its the fashion you wear!"
>mfw my own mother is one of those annoying paparazzi and is actually proud of this
>mfw I know the girls must have saw her take a photo, she has the biggest, bulkiest camera and that isn't sneaky at all.

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are you like hideously ugly or something?

>> No.7283366

nope. just tall. (5'11)

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Be my wife.

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>meetup at art museum
>wonder why there's so much traffic today
>mutherfuckin LOLLAPALOOZA that's what
>goddammit nobody better barf or spill something over my dress
>luckily the general public attending the exhibit event were dressed up too
>later after we get food and leave for our car, every hipster streaming out of the park
>then someone recognizes that we're lolitas in their drunken haze (thanks drunk girl for saying goodbye!)

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I live in an area dominated by little fucking scumbags and so I'm quite used to getting the rude looks/shouts if I'm wearing anything out of the ordinary. One day this little white like 16 year old starts trying to pick a fight with me until one of my friends who was at least a foot taller than her got in her face and scared her off. Bitch was lucky I wasn't wearing my bodyline otherwise I would've smacked her.

>> No.7283492

sorry to go off topic but
>tfw no short cute chubby lolita gf that I could treat like a princess while wearing kodona

>> No.7283511

To be fair everyone takes pictures of everyone at carnivale. I don't imagine they would have minded all that much.

>> No.7283688


I was at that meetup too! Only my experience went more

>get out of meetup and am lost in Lollapalooza crowd
>fuck, where's my el stop
>hopelessly lost in Chicago in lolita
>walk with giant crowd for several blocks, end up at stop I need
>Thank you random drunk music people

Then I went home with some friends and got so shit-faced I passed out with my head in a garbage can. My boyfriend still has pictures of me unconscious in my bloomers and blouse with my head in the garbage can. Good times, good times.

>> No.7283709

Sounds like a fucking moron who isn't informed about how rapes occur

>> No.7283711

I think I will. I just find it hilarious that's the only line they can think of. "it isn't Halloween, anon"

"Oh my gosh. You're right! I must go home and change this instant. You should too"

>> No.7283716

Pretty much this. It's crazy but I guess harassed in the most normal pants, long sleeved shirts with boots outfits. It boggles my mind.

>> No.7283722

It's ouji, you newfag.

>> No.7283739

Oh, man, that was such a weird night.

I mean, I've worn lolita long enough to understand that people will get curious, occasionally rude, and that drunk people will be drunk people, but damn, it was honestly uncomfortable when people got too close for comfort - wearing lolita or otherwise.

I remember that girl, but not as much as I remember the people who wanted to take photos with them. I'm fine with that because they asked for permission and it comes from wearing something out of the ordinary, but it was kind of uncool to have folks wrap their arms around my waist like we've known each other for a while.

I also recall some guy trying to get me to join his charity organization. It took a while to shake him off. Man. I don't know why people seem to think I'm approachable, even when I'm not in lolita.

>> No.7283761

Btw, if you're reading this at some point, I just wanted to let you know that I doubt I'll be visiting downtown very much this semester. The usual crowds have lost their charm and I've got around 18 hours to complete upon graduation. It's gonna suck.

Also, I just realized how much Six Strings suck no matter what they're doing. I was dragged along there at New Years listening to some old geezers play country covers (the best part was that the guitarist looked like Heisenberg/Walter White).


Aw. I wish I was that drunk girl at lolla. Then again, I probably would have recognized any lolita in the Chicago area. It sucks that the best/bigger meet ups are around music festivals. I can never decide which one I want to go to more.

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i get asked if i'm cold since it's 30 degrees celsius here all year long, but that's for any fashion including lolita.

>> No.7283789

>i've been in the fashion for 7 years
>still don't give a shit
ok, I'll call it weegee for now on

>> No.7283792

That's perfect because the year of weegee was extended through 2014. The world is your oyster now, anon!

>> No.7283793

You still call it kodona? A made up term by shitty westerners?

>> No.7283878

Haha, Luigi.
No, but seriously is that how ouji is pronounced? I've never had to say it aloud.

>> No.7283882

It isn't pronounce oh-jee?
And Ouiji, as in Ouiji boards, are pronounced wee-jee?

>> No.7283884

It's pronounced oh-oo-gee

>> No.7283886

I think.

>> No.7283999

Anything that isn't completely ordinary tends to confuse most people. Hell, at my uncle's wedding we were told to wear traditional middle-eastern clothing. So when I was leading four of my younger cousins to the ballroom we got on the elevator with a women and her two sons. The older one got really awkward and was rapidly looking over and back while the women was just staring intensely. After a few seconds he spoke up.
"... So. What's with the ..uhhh get-up?"
"It's for a wedding."
"Oh.... ok."
At that point my two older cousins starting giggling from awkwardness, and after taking a single step from the elevator they burst into laughter. When I turned around to scold them, I saw the kid standing there, shell-shocked, as the elevator closed.

>> No.7284003

Same here! Its either I suit it more or its just what people in my area preferred the aesthetic of. I love wearing both regardless.

>> No.7284007



Click "listen to" on the japanese version.

Seriously /cgl/ learn how to use phonetics next time.

>> No.7284009

how do you know it was the shoes?

>> No.7284012

No, not always ageplay, if they dont know about it they just assume daddy issues/mental disability and treat you as retarded.

>> No.7284018

>At a fast food place near a con waiting in line to order
>Wearing gothic lolita
>Man asks why I'm dressed up
>He's friendly, genuinely says it's nice
>Leans over and pokes me in the forehead
>Fucking pokes me out of nowhere, making a boop sound effect
>Walks off looking incredibly happy

I still don't understand

>> No.7284023

sounds better than a nickname for your ingrown testicle

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It's always bugged me the 5th panel says off-brand instead of replica, someone fix that yo.

>> No.7284186

On Halloween.

>> No.7284197


I like you.

>> No.7284204

After the millionth picture some old guy took of me I raised my phone and took one of him. He got really fucking mad, threatened to beat me up and sue me because "you can't just take pictures of someone". Then he screamed at his friends because they started laughing

the best thing that happened to me and a friend in greentext because I suck at english:
>walk on sidewalk
>a driver stops on a red light next to us, five really drunk looking guys stare at us, the usual hollering and honking starts.
>driver gets mad because we don't react and throws an opened, full can of coke at my friend
>she dodges it and manages not to stain her dress
>picks it up and throws it through the open car window just as the light turns green
>can see coke splashing everywhere, driver screams, accelerates and crashes into the car before him
>we run off and laugh for ages

>> No.7284214

> be me
> lolita at convention because panel was that day
> with 10/10 lolita waifu
> dealer's room
> waifu is browsing
> I'm at next table
> notice little fedora guy staring intently at waifu
> he doesn't notice me
> he swallows
> palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms spaghetti
> starts talking to browsing friend right next to him
> really, really loudly
> "I wish I had a lolita girlfriend! They're so pretty!"
> I'm full on staring at him
> he only has eyes for waifu
> waifu only has eyes for sweet sweet anime merch
> doesn't help that she's hard of hearing
> "If I had a lolita girlfriend, I'd buy her all the clothing she wanted! ANYTHING! I love lolitas!"
> stops talking
> back to staring
> I can hear the doki-doki from here
> no cherry blossoms for you, Fedora-kun
> Waifu-sempai didn't notice
> walks off to friend of hers she noticed three tables down
> Fedora-kun heart will doki-doki no more
> "All the lolitas I know are BITCHES!"
> gently smacks hand on table for emphasis
> knocks over figurine
> walks off fast when table owner gets up to tell him to stop

Hot damn, I love conventions.

>> No.7284311

I sometimes see lolitas in Paris, and sometimes people from the comm (même des filles habillées en moldues) come to great me because, yay, loluta fellow. That's nice, I like how most lolitas are easy to talk to

>> No.7284319

Jeez, my dad does that too. He is a lawyer, he should know better about how rape happens but...yeah, still pretty conservative (funny enought for a black man)

>> No.7284330

you, you're good.
so are you.

I am now picturing boystyle weegee.
its what /cgl/ would of wanted.

>> No.7284331

is this legit?
give deets if so

>> No.7284336

Why would you be cold if it's that hot?

>> No.7284348

At least 80% of people here WISH that was the actual case

>> No.7284370

>Walking to caf on campus
>Approached by woman dressed up as Betsy Ross
>She asks for a picture together
>She wants my email to send the photo to me
>Sure whatever
>Hands me a pocket sized American flag and leaves
>Check email later
>The picture is the header for a young republicans group
>Link to why gay marriage is wrong and a picture of a frilly lesbian

I laughed for ages.

>> No.7284372


Some stranger had a brain fart. There's no deets to give.

>> No.7284374

> meetup of 12 girls
> someone asks for a picture
> we all pose
> mall cop walks over
> "Hey, nice cosplays!"
> one girl explains that they're not cosplays
> mall cop is walking away, nodding and talking quietly
> "Yeah, cosplays."

>> No.7284405

on a similar note as your first story

>early august
>go out in sandals and black chiffon dress
>big hat on the head, organdy petticoat, all airy and nice
>"yo it's a bit too hot for all dat black gurl"
>he's wearing long jeans, dark t-shirt and sneakers
>"still dressed more appropriate than you boy"

>> No.7284447

> "you can't just take pictures of someone"
I love this so much, something similar happened to me a while back.

>In restaurant dressed in lolita with some loli friends
>a group of girls staring and laughing, start taking photos on their phones really obviously
>take my phone out and take a picture of them
>they look horrified
>''did you just take a picture of us?''
>''oh sorry, is it wrong to take photos of people without asking?''
>notice them shooting me dirty looks the whole time after

Other than that there's nothing that really stands out, people stare or snicker, occasionally get genuine 'I like your dress'. And of course little girls calling you a Princess makes up for all the shit

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File: 6 KB, 615x579, aroused mare does this.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Take it as a warning: Lesbians is cool, but frilly lesbians is bad.

Soggy silk bloomers are a bitch to clean...

>> No.7284471

for the love of god, I need to see this photo, please, link this, or post a cap of it, blocking out your face.

>> No.7284474
File: 212 KB, 815x523, caramelpops_dannah[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But if you're a bunch of people in silly costumes, you must be a passing troupe of entertainers, or frilly clowns doing a performance, and so are supposed to be photographed and laughed at.

>frilly clowns
Imagine Gropey in a lolita dress, that would be so badass. He wouldn't take shit from anyone if they started shouting at him for wearing *different* clothes.

Pic is nicest from "clown lolita" search on Google.

>> No.7284528

Goddammit people are so cute.

I went to tea with my mom last week with the express purpose of getting pictures of my Milky Planet JSK and wearing out my new coat. The girls who worked there flipped out and really liked it- and there were a few little girls having birthday parties. I knew they were looking, but that's okay, I mean, I look funny, why wouldn't they?

One little girl asked for a picture with me, then the others. It was cute. Then some little girls from another party came back to stare at me, and were REALLY loudly whispering.

"She's so weird! She looks so dumb."
"Oh my gosh, look at her shoes, that's so weird."

I turned to smile at them and they collapsed in fits of giggles and said, "She's STARING AT US!"

I was like five feet away. I said, "You can talk to me, I don't bite?"

And she said, "Yeah you do, you're weird!"

The girls I took pictures with told them "No, she's really nice, she's not weird."

The whole thing was very strange. I wasn't insulted, I mean, they're kids. But damn, it was sad to see little girls already so jaded. They couldn't have been older than 8.

>> No.7284549

I'll see if I can dig it up. This happened a while ago.

>> No.7284552

Yeah some little girls are so mean...The other day an little chubby 8 years old told me that I was super fat and I was ugly. I had to bite my lips so bad to not answer that at least I wasn't overweight like her, it would have been really mean and stupid.

>> No.7284559
File: 231 KB, 500x366, tumblr_m520hrvssm1qhcxym.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thank you anon

>> No.7284566

>shitty westerners
lawls becauz ninhonjo things r wayy kewler than stupid western things ^ _ ^

>> No.7284568


>> No.7284654
File: 40 KB, 600x750, 122-6107-0_color_0072.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wear himekaji and this was probably the strangest reaction I've gotten. I mentioned a bit of this in another thread a few weeks ago.

>wearing pic related and thigh highs
>doing some Christmas shopping
>found a lot of good presents
>10/10 day so far
>eating a quick lunch
>man in his 40s/50s sits across from me
>"Um, hello?"
>"I'm sorry to bother you, princess, but I couldn't help but notice how adorable you are. Are you alone, sweetie?"
>"Uh, no, my dad's in the bathroom."
>"That's a shame. I was hoping I could be your Daddy, baby girl."
>u wot m8
>he asks for my number
>"Are you sure you're with someone? I saw you in a few shops by yourself."
>leave the rest of the Christmas shopping for another day

I've gotten swagfags and such hit on me before and I just ignore it but knowing that this guy was following me in a crowded mall freaked me out.

>> No.7284663


Well, as my high school teacher once said "children are pure evil."

On a more serious note, she probably got it from shitty parenting. Sometimes parents are absolute bitches, don't filter what they say in front of the kids or don't teach them well enough not to say stupid shit to strangers, and kids just parrot them. Seriously, kids don't have a morality meter until at least ten or eleven. I'm sorry you had to deal with bratty ass kids though. Kids in general grind my gears (no I'm not a kids person).

>> No.7284669

Dude you were being propositioned to be a sugar baby.

>> No.7284682

I would be slightly creeped out but also slightly intrigued by such a proposition, so long as the guy looked decent and clean-cut.

>tfw you have the hots for silver foxes but know it'll never happen

>> No.7284761

I think he was more into the DD/lg thing. I'm a lesbian so I would've declined either way, but he was not an attractive older man, I assure you.

>> No.7284796

I lol'd so hard

>> No.7284801

Uh yeah, whatever. I'll continue being a Lolita couple with my wife.

>> No.7284845
File: 19 KB, 360x240, spaghettidh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was dressed in fairy kei the other day at the mall and saw a guy in decora and he ran up to me and gave me a high five! I was so shocked seeing someone else in Jfashion where I live that I didn't hear what he said at all and I said "y-your outfit is great too!" and said I never see anyone else dressed like this around where I live and I ran off and said bye and spaghetti flew out of my pockets and hit the walls. Why couldn't I have been normal and made friends with him? I guess next time I see someone else in Jfashion I'll have to be more prepared.

>> No.7284852

>guy in decora
Rare specimen indeed

Who knows, Anon, you might run into him again someday.

>> No.7284865

I would of thrown my tray of food on him. What a disgusting piece of shit.

>> No.7284867

Men who do this shit are always creeps. If a girl wants to be a sugar baby, there are websites from that .

>> No.7284873

It's weird, because girls the same age have been enchanted and sweet and think I'm a pretty fairy princess or something... And then these kids were being like. I dunno how to describe it, like little rude teenagers. It was the strangest thing.

I did have a dude once come up to me in a mall (I had some time to kill before a local convention) and say, "Hey, dogs aren't allowed indoors." And when I went whuh?? He said, "You're the dog."

He had a kid in either arm. I just kind of wanted to say... Dude, really? Right in front of your kids?

>> No.7284875

Maybe, I really hope so! He seemed like a cool guy and noone dresses Jfashion around here at all so it was a ridiculously rare occurrence.

>> No.7284878

Geezous Christ, who says that to a total stranger??? What a piece of human trash
Sorry that happened anon. He's probably a miserable shit who threw his life away, had kids and is a bitter sandy dickhole about it.

>> No.7284879

Typically little girls learn behavior like that from their mothers - if their moms are bitchy and gossipy, they start acting like that long before their peers. I went to elementary school with a couple of girls like that, and my mom later told me that they were chips off the ol' block (small community where everyone knew everyone).
Really sad how parents poison their kids.

>> No.7284889

Yyyyop. Once upon a time I studied in Japan and wore Lolita a bit of the time there (like... when we went to Harajuku and a few other days)... When I came back I found a picture of a dog in a tutu tagged with my name. It seems to be a common theme.

That's what my mom said, too. I teach little kids how to sew, and I can instantly see that by how they're raised. 8 going on 18 kind of thing.

The frustrating thing is, that's 'encouraged' by saying, oh how smart and how witty and etc etc.... When they're about the same smarts level as girls their age, but speak like bitchy little preteens.

>> No.7284906

>hey! hey you mangas! hey heeeyyyyyyy MANGAS HEY
>we pretend not to know what a manga is
>you know, chinese comics and stuff! slutty little schoolgirls! manga!
>Sir, are you implying a 60-year-old man like you reads comics about slutty underage girls
>fuck you

>> No.7284911

nice one

>> No.7285091
File: 498 KB, 500x375, sakura_pillow_laugh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Clever, anon!

>> No.7285103
File: 89 KB, 1024x1024, 137405175622254.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bet you do look like a dog.
Just like this one right here.

>> No.7285118

I went to a small pub that was holding a show for a Misfits cover band. Since I was going to meet my boyfriends friends for the first time I decided to wear a very simple classic coord (black skirt+pink blouse). When my boyfriend left for the bathroom a drunken fellow came up to me and told me I was the most beautiful girl in the world. He left quickly when my boyfriend came back, but I had a good laugh. I'm glad not all drunk guys are crazy.

>> No.7285123

>black skirt and pink blouse

>> No.7285131

I would really like to see Gropey in lolita.

>> No.7285156

It was an MM skirt. I don't really understand what "Casual Lolita" is so I said Classic.

>> No.7285207
File: 378 KB, 480x270, 1385597143502.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wait he stood there after the high-five to try and talk and you ran off all embarrassed? but that sounds like the first episode of a shoujo anime, anon-chan, you're automatically destined to run into him again

>> No.7285215

Gropey would be a perfect lolita

>> No.7285229

That's actually really sad, she probably said that stuff because it's been said to her. Kid's tend only to know insults from experiencing them.

>> No.7285232

What the...

Dude no what the fuck why would you do that he didn't do anything wrong you shouldn't even scream if they haven't hurt you. Just because you don't agree with somebody's lifestyle doesn't mean you have the right to be cruel to them. How would you feel if somebody reacted to you the same way just for wearing lolita and jumping to conclusions about you? Yeah, fuck you, you soggy cunt.

I'm not even a sugar baby and I know you're a fucking lunatic.

>> No.7285236

>Implying all older men know how to use the internet

>> No.7285264


If someone comes up and sexually propositions me, in public,there's something fucking wrong with them and they need to learn some fucking decency.

>> No.7285266

My dream encounter right thur.

>Milky Planet JSK
Dude, those little kids were probably just super jealous. You get to be a princess and they don't. Take it with a grain of salt. Sorry you had to meet such rude kids.
>''did you just take a picture of us?''
>''oh sorry, is it wrong to take photos of people without asking?''
>notice them shooting me dirty looks the whole time after

Hoooooo, that was nice.

>> No.7285269

I have a story where I was wearing something similar

>be wearing short black dress and black thigh highs with maryjanes
>walk into a grocery store with my roomates to do a beer run
>fat mexican guy in his 30s-40s just stops in his tracks
>says "oh my" and mumbles something under his breath that we couldn't hear
>stares directly at me for the longest time, eyes freaking bulging out of his head
>boyfriend is just like "ok........." and we walk away

it was something, but it was creepy as hell, nothing like what you went through though, I'm glad I was in a group.

>> No.7285277

Did they shout at them? No.
Did they hurt them? No.
Did they get angry at them? No.
Did they force them into anything? No. They were clearly able to walk away unscathed.

It's a little old man, you don't throw food on little old people. That's something you just don't do, no matter how much you disagree with their life style. It's not like he told everybody in the building that he wanted to have sex with her, either.

>There's something fucking wrong with them and they need to learn some fucking decency

Pot, kettle. All you have to do is walk away like the OP did, not hurt anybody.

>> No.7285278

How about, go fuck yourself. If I'm at a mall shopping for my family and someone sexually harassing me like that, I'm not going to smile and be polite.

I have to believe you're a troll

>> No.7285280

m8 did you have a bad experience hitting on a girl? An older dude hitting on a young girl AFTER being told her dad is around waiting to get her is creepy and predatory and while *I* probably wouldn't throw a tray of food I can see why someone would react that way.

>> No.7285281


I agree with >>7285232
They didn't do anything wrong, they were sexually attracted to anon.
If they harassed anon by touching them/saying sexual things, that's different. By the sound of it, he seems to be relatively polite.
The worst he did is stalk anon a bit, which IS creepy.
Although honestly, he probably just didn't want to talk to anon about it when she's busy and in a crowded area like in a store and waited until he had a chance.

I'm also not a sugar baby.

>> No.7285283

Haha, wow, you guys are all so fucking crazy.

Why don't you just walk away? There is absolutely no need to hurt ANYBODY physically if they have not done so to you.

If you still don't see it that way, fine, but at least think before you do things because that guy will walk away saying "All I did was talk to her." and you will be charged with harming the elderly.

>> No.7285286

>oh how smart and how witty~~~
I hate that so much. Especially because it's usually just parroting.

I have a third cousin, he's a cute little boy but he says the most morbid shit and everyone thinks its cute. "Grandma... when I'm older, you'll be dead."

His father was anti-social (as in legit ASPD), his mom's a mortician. Even though his father's gone, kid's predisposed and showing it, and his grandma tells all these stories in a "oh he's a kid genius" tone, because he didn't believe Santa could travel all the way around the world in one night.

>> No.7285288

>The worst he did is stalk anon a bit

>> No.7285289

Why exactly are you defending someone like that ? Do you have issues? Seriously

>> No.7285290

she's not 5 anon, calm down

>> No.7285291

The tray throwing is what got me angrier than anything.

But guess what, I'm female, so you can stop with the ad hominem arguments here. I'm just saying that walking away is just fine.

>> No.7285293

No, I think it's just as fucked up that he was harassing her like you said, but you don't go fucking hurting people if they haven't hurt you.

>> No.7285295

>it's okay to sexually proposition a young girl because you're old. Awww

>> No.7285297

Thank you for seeing things my way.

>> No.7285298

I don't think that throwing food on people is a reasonable, decent reaction. Saying something along the lines of "fuck off" and clearing out, on the other hand, is. Or, alternatively, find a store manager/mall security officer and tell them that some dude is creeping.
Either way, throwing food is not a decent reaction to that.

>> No.7285299

Listen, you need to stop samefagging up this thread as someone saying "I would have thrown my tray of food" shouldn't get you this pissed. By the way, this guy isn't elderly. He's in his 40s or 50s. He does not need kid gloves and you do not need to react this way to hyperbole. Anon didn't suggest attacking what you think is an innocent old man. And you are projecting a whole lot of what you think of dudes like this onto him. It's okay if you're into silver foxes/sugar daddies but this is not whatever you're envisioning.

>> No.7285301

Spilling food on someone isn't hurting then unless its hot soup. Approaching someone like that is just gross. I don't understand why some guys feel like they can just bring up sex so casually with a woman they've never met. As a rape survivor, this wouldn't have gone well with me .

>> No.7285302

Old people can flirt with anybody they like. Just because they're old and creepy doesn't mean that they've stopped living, so it's not a fucking crime against nature for him to flirt with a young lady.

He was pushing it by insisting that she was alone, but, like I said, throwing food at and hurting people is neither a valid nor civilized response. Walking away is much easier and if things really get out of hand, don't overreact, tell mall security.

>> No.7285305

>as a rape survivor
nonononono thats how threads get derailed (sorry you went through that anon, but from my experience bringing this up has NEVER went well)

some people think he deserves a tray of food dumped on him, some people think that they wouldn't of gone that far to do that. who fucking cares.-newsflash, people have different opinions
more stories please. less of this bullshit

>> No.7285308

It's not just guys, plenty of people do this shit and it's because they don't really care, they're just being completely bluntly honest. Some people are just like that.

>> No.7285309

I saw the post where anon said that he wasn't a handsome man. I've also mentioned before that I'm not a sugar baby, so again, stop with the ad hominem arguments.

This is the LAST time I'm saying this: All I'm trying to say is that hurting others isn't a valid or civilized response. Just walk away or call security, lest you want criminal charges on your record as well.

And if it's a hyperbole, why is everyone trying to justify themselves so aggressively?

I'm not justifying the dude anymore. Yeah he was fucking creepy, but all you have to do is WALK AWAY. That is all.

>> No.7285312

I've been molested before and I still wouldn't react by throwing food. That's what a goddamn monkey does.

Throwing food isn't going to stop rape from happening. Walking away and calling security will.

>> No.7285315

This, holy fuck I was going to say this.

Also >>7285301
>rape survivor

Really? Not only did you not have to mention that and turn this into a pity party, but now you sound like one of those crazy fucks who thinks being raped is worse than dying.

Holy fuck I hate humans.

>> No.7285316

I've had three girls drop change at my fit telling me to buy some decent clothes for myself. They were, like, 11 at most. I didn't say anything at the time because I was so shocked. Some kids these days, eh?

>> No.7285317

I think people are pissed off because she shouldn't have to walk away from being creeped on, and if she'd walked away and this guy took it further people would wonder why she wasn't louder. Also, it's annoying when you pretend like this was an exchange she wanted--like an argument that got out of hand she should have walked away from.

You emphasize being a girl and not being into this shit, and it's almost more annoying because you're not going to see this shit as a problem until it happens to you and I guarantee you won't handle it well

>I'm not justifying this dude anymore.

Why were you doing that at all?

>> No.7285319

feet not fit!

>> No.7285320

For sure.

>> No.7285322

Not the story or food throwing anon, but he was wrong for that. There's nothing wrong with choosing that lifestyle, but he was inappropriate about it. It's not okay that he followed a young girl around and approached her sexually when she was alone. She felt threatened. Yeah he didn't physically harm her but he compromised her feeling of safety. Of course he's going to be judged and reacted to negatively. She wasn't jumping to conclusions. If it was me, I wouldn't throw food on him. I would kindly tell him "not interested" and if he persisted, tell him to leave me alone or I'd get security. The lolita analogy doesn't really work because we're dressing in certain clothes, not soliciting anything from anyone.

>> No.7285323

what style were you wearing?

>> No.7285324
File: 38 KB, 444x322, 1357413512218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to be angry, but I'm also shocked. What the hell.

>> No.7285326

I agree with you, anon. I don't think it's smart to react to someone hitting on you by throwing a tray of food at them. I'm not saying that what he did is totally acceptable, but there are much better ways to handle that situation, like using your words.

>> No.7285328

>it's almost more annoying because you're not going to see this shit as a problem until it happens to you and I guarantee you won't handle it well

I'm not that anon, but you're one of those, huh. As someone who is asked those kind of things on a daily basis by people, I can tell you, walking away does enough, if they try to take it further then you speak up. There's a huge difference in being a pussy and knowing your own personal limits.

Also, I for one don't think that was that bad, he didn't touch her or anything he just said something which honestly, isn't that scary or bad. You're the kind of person making people not think this is a problem because you jump the gun and tell people to cry rape at the drop of a fucking hat.

>> No.7285333

I wouldn't bother. One of the first things they did was say "I'm not even a sugar baby and I know you're a fucking lunatic". I think a lot of people are responding to how over dramatically defensive they're being of old man and getting distracted by whatever else they're pulling out of their ass as a supplementary argument. It's making those refuting her heated and she's trying to make them look irrational.

>> No.7285335

>She shouldn't have to walk away

Should she just stand there and wait for the dude to keep talking? I think she did just fine walking away.

>you pretend like this was an exchange she wanted
When did I do that? Nobody should get creeped on.

>you're not going to see this shit as a problem until it happens to you and I guarantee you won't handle it well
Tell that to the old dude I walked away from at the grocery market last week.

>Why were you doing that at all?
Because I was blinded by rage at the thought of someone throwing hot soup onto an old man until I reread the post. In that I'll admit that I was very wrong.

I was not in saying that she should walk away, though.

>> No.7285338

>cry rape

Nowhere in that post was rape mentioned, 2/10, predictable post

>> No.7285342

At the time this happened I was into Gothic. This happened at the local elementary school when I was with a childhood friend picking up her little brother. I think it would have happened if I were wearing any style of lolita, honestly. The town I grew up in is full of close-minded individuals. Most younger girls scorned those who didn't wear yoga pants and ugg boots. Though, I did have some good experiences during my last year of high school.

>> No.7285345

How the FUCK do you read that and think someone threw hot soup. Your lack of reading comprehension isn't an excuse for anything. How are you BLINDED so much by rage on THIS board that you can't comprehend a post that was a single sentence long

>> No.7285350

Woops, looks like I derailed a thread, sorry~!

I was kinda joking though because someone mentioned hot soup in the thread. However, trays CAN contain hot soup, it's not impossible. I'm not going to argue about that anymore, though. Have fun with the fucked up thread!

>> No.7285353

oh god, I got something similar
>out w kawaii friend one day
>some young guy stops us to ask for pictures, a lady comes along and does so as well
>she is nice and asks 'oh why are you dressed like this'
>he cuts in before either of us can say anything
>it's an anime thing. They dress really sexy... I've seen the videos, if you know what I mean
>both of us too shocked to do anything
>he walks away and the lady looks really creeped out

>> No.7285354

And you sound like a sandy cunt

>> No.7285357

I told this one on the last thread, but I figured it won't hurt to post it again to try and save this thread:

>standing at the train station
>group of guys pass by me, they laugh at me "hey bo-peep where is your sheep?" mocking tone, blah blah
>I look over
>"Off looking for your manners."
>guys stop laughing, they walk away in silence

>> No.7285362

Oh god I wish I had as much confidence & wit as you.
I just kid of wimp out and try to ignore it.

>> No.7285364

I remember you anon.

your post was one of my more popular ones when I first started the blog

>> No.7285365


The only people I'm morally obligated to be polite to are cashiers, small children, and the handicapped. If you're a fully functioning adult and you say creepy shit to strangers, except to get some rudeness in return.

But I'm not the anon that would have tossed her tray--food's expensive.

>> No.7285367

so you're giving cashiers an a-ok to be assholes??

>> No.7285371

Where did they say that.

You need to get out or try harder

>> No.7285372

Sometimes I do ignore it as it really doesn't bother me much, these guys just made it too easy for me.
Don't worry, it might come with time of hearing the same shit over and over again.

Oh, you added it to the blog. Cool!

>> No.7285374

reposting this one because it really rustled my jimmies when it happened

>go to mall with best friend, we’re both in lolita
>she’s short, has a full bust
>I’m tall, tiny bust
>she’s wearing a floral skirt and I’m wearing Toy Parade
>we walk past a Jewelry stand
>the male stand owner, comes over to us “may I help you ladies with anything today?”
>he smiles at my friend, then stares me straight in the eye and says: “if both of you are ACTUALLY ladies” with a smug ass condescending grin

>> No.7285375

Knew it. You should have admitted that shit like 5 posts ago. It's fine, have a good day, anon

>> No.7285378

I add almost all stories, I don't get a lot of submissions, so I'm here creating these threads for more content, and the fact I actually find jfashion in public stories entertaining as hell.

>> No.7285380
File: 107 KB, 612x1023, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Still my favorite story. That one and the one a lolita told about some ghetto bitches saying "Hey red riding good, where's your sheep?"

>wasn't wearing red
>Red riding hood has no sheep

So funny.

>> No.7285381


Honestly? Rehearse it. I just imagine the top, say, 5 things people say to me that are outright rude, and come up with clever replies, and practice saying them in the bathroom/shower/doing the dishes/whatever. Say them OUT LOUD.

I've found "wit" is just recognizing trends in conversation and having well-rehearsed one-liners in your back pocket as needed.

Go forth, my loli-chan, and snark freely.

>> No.7285390

This doesn't have to do with anyone else, but:

>be at giant, important meetup wearing Super Expensive Brand New print dress
>starts pouring
>flail and scream at boyfriend that dress is RUINED, RUINED
>he panics and gets cab, we leap inside, I'm in tears poking at my dress
>mfw I realize it's only "running" at the seams
>mfw when it's actually just the fabric *underneath* showing through, there's extra fabric in the seams
>mfw the dress is fucking fine and I'm a hysterical idiot

The boyfriend was actually kind of mad at me for that one.

>> No.7285395

Riding hood* damn it phone.

>> No.7285396

Hahaha, aww, hope the rest of your day went better and bf wasn't too pissed

>> No.7285402

At least your dress wasn't ruined

>> No.7285405

Do dresses with prints actually start to run in rain?? I'm just a lurker with no money, but I've always wanted to get into the fashion

>> No.7285406

Did you report him because fuck

>> No.7285409

Yes. Red colourways are frequently the ones most notorious for this, but quite a few prints run when wet.

>> No.7285412

Some do, some don't. Sometimes we have threads about it. It's important to know for cleaning your dresses as well

>> No.7285456


There are a few. At the time, there was an AP dress that ran really badly--I want to say it was the first run of Sugary Carnival?? So my panic was partially from gossiping about that all day and it was on my mind. It was some dress that would literally melt if water touched it.

There's a thread in EGL of what prints you can wash and which run. I haven't heard of anything having serious problems from major brands in 2-3 years.

>> No.7285464

Milky Berry in white and second run of melty chocolate were more notorious in print running.

>> No.7285521

this is what I hate.

If am willing to drop $300 on brand, I expect to get what I pay for. not runny prints, or itchy fabric.
and with bodyline, I can fucking throw that shit in a washing machine no problem, no worries.
the prints aren't as gorgeous as brand, and most dress designs can't fit pettis very well or look ugly, but I don't have to worry about runny prints. I'm not saying bodyline is better by any means, but seriously, I expect to get what I'm paying for when I spend a lot on a dress. not itchy, runny bullshit.

>> No.7285554

is it this?

Oh alright then, but I kind of agree with>>7285521
because my first thought would have been that I could just throw these super expensive dresses in the wash without really having to worry about anything. Thanks for the tip/warning

>> No.7285634

Elizabeth Bride of Death runs. Believe me. A torrential downpour just about ruined my red dress.

>> No.7285642

Pay hundreds of dollars for a dress that can't even be washed. So glad I'm not a Lolita

>> No.7285652

>Melty Chocolate
>runny print
I lol'd, hat's pretty ironic given the name

>> No.7285695

Wait how do you even clean a dress with print that runs? Do you just never wash it?

>> No.7285698

Spot cleaning and dry-cleaning, generally.

>> No.7285725


Dry clean. A lot of your stuff is best to spot clean and dry clean anyway.

Not to be gross, but when I wear loli, my dress doesn't touch my skin at all. I rarely wash my dresses because they're more like coats or something--just an outermost layer.

Bloomers? Blouses? I wash those after every wear. But the dresses? Meh... if I spill on them or the pits smell, and that's it.

>> No.7285729

That's not irony

>> No.7285988
File: 51 KB, 500x555, moemoe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

didja find it yet anon?

>> No.7286005

Isn't it because the print is called -Melty- Chocolate and it's color melts and bleeds through?
Maybe it's not irony though and instead is a coincidence.

>> No.7286129

irony is when a situation ends in a way that is unexpected or the opposite of what you would normally expect. a print with "melty" in the name that literally melts away is just a funny coincidence.

>> No.7286188


Super expensive stuff in general is also super expensive to clean. Even nice work clothes always need to be taken to the dry cleaners. I agree with you on runny prints, but I'm not really sure where you're getting the idea that you can throw everything in the washer.

>> No.7286361
File: 156 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7286413

What >>7285406 said. I would've demanded to speak to his boss. Or at the very least loudly call him out on his behavior if there were a lot of people around.

I usually avoid conflicts but an employee saying such a thing to potential costumers is too rude to let it slide.

>> No.7286428

he was the boss. it was his jewelry stand.

>> No.7286444

If it's a mall, I supposing they still have to pay some sort of fee to sell there right? I have no idea if malls have overall managers but eh.

>> No.7286457

Oh I took the melting as ironic because you wouldn't expect it to melt through like it does.
These things can be hard to get though so I'll just trust you on this one lol

>> No.7286469

exactly, not much you can do.
you bet your ass I would of asked for this guy's manager if he was working at a store.

that reminds me, a common lolita in public experience I get
>store employees practically following you around the store asking "do you need any help finding anything" regardless of how many times you tell them no

>> No.7286471


Isn't that store employees in general?

>> No.7286476

if I'm in normal clothes, they back off once I say I don't need any help, but If I'm in lolita, I've noticed that they tend to hover around me more, asking if I need help multiple times.
even if I'm in a store for just three minutes, even if an influx of potential customers walks in, they always rush over to me, and hover around me.

one time, there was this girl who was trying to get some actual help, but the store employee was too busy hovering around me to notice her.
so when she asked me, for the third time now, if I needed any help, I said; "yes, this young woman over here seems like she needs your help, I on the other hand, am just browsing."

>> No.7286590

This happens to me too. I'm assuming they think I'm going to steal stuff? Which is ridiculous because that would be the worst shoplifting tactic ever.

>> No.7286594

It's sometimes a culture thing.
When I was in the Mediterranean, a lady would be following me across the store despite my basket being obviously full and it wasn't like I looked like a hobo, I was in normalfag-mode. She kept that saccharine sweet smile plastered on her face and chirped up "do you need help?" every goddamn ten seconds, I just wanted her to leave me alone.
But home in Northern Europe that kind of thing doesn't happen much. The clerks stay behind the counter or wherever they were and ask you once if they really see you being indecisive or struggling with something.

>> No.7288426


>> No.7288743

Haha, I still laughing at her turning some middle aged creeper into a "little old man".

>> No.7288750

Just look at them really condescendlingly and say "Well your one to talk" in a mocking tone.
Prepare for fight.

>> No.7288775

you could hide a lot of shit under your petti and in your bloomers.

I can imagine the stealthiest of lolitas, bumping into a table full of things, and instead of things knocking over, they just dissapear as she passes.

>> No.7288815

It's true, I've used this tactic before, for sneaking things in rather than out though, but anyways...

Now I wonder if that's why modern fashion is all slim-fit skin tight stuff, so no one can hide anything under their clothes.....

>> No.7288827


I've already heard that Lolitas are supposedly horrible people but I didn't believe it until now.

>dress in clothes that look like you're the sextoy of an old rich guy
>dad is actually concerned and doesn't like seeing his little girl this way
>"FUCK YOU, DAD! I'm never going to get raped, groped or harassed in any way!"

And then you slap him and demand pepper spray and a knife from him.

Fuck you, ungrateful brats.

>> No.7288835


That was cute

>> No.7288837

>dress in clothes that look like you're the sextoy of an old rich guy

nigga are you high or just trolling? lolita doesn't look remotely close to hugh hefner's girlfriends' clothes. stfu.

>> No.7288841

gr8 b8 m8
I'd r8 it 1/8 dont h8

>> No.7288844


>implying that's bait

I bet you're even one of the people who think that the hook in the "bait images" is bait. Idiot fuck.

>> No.7288851

look at this widdle guy try so hard, how cute

>> No.7288854
File: 19 KB, 400x266, 52[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7288855
File: 36 KB, 200x199, 03683854.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7288858

are you high? lolita is like dick repellent to most guys.
I wouldn't touch a bitch wearing frills with a nine foot pole.

but whatever floats your boat man, good luck affording one.

>> No.7288860


Where did I say I wanted one? Fuck those, they literally do everything just to get their hands on new dresses or some shit and are even more brand-dependant than jocks and preppy girls in fucking high school.

>> No.7288863

Bodyline uses itchy fabric not brand, all of the brand I have ever owned has had soft good quality fabric.

>> No.7288866

well your clear anger and obvious fetisizing of the fashion makes it seems like you you got shot down by lolitas, and are trying to troll this thread to make yourself feel better.
or perhaps you are from /r9k/ and got rejected by the female species in paticular, and came to the "girl board" to release your pent up anger about how the only girlfriend you have had is good 'ol righty.
either way, its not that hard to pick up your desperate attempt to troll.

>> No.7288868


It's neither.
It is the fact that this girl's dad is concerned about her well-being and that he doesn't really like seeing his girl wearing these clothes and what do you know, one of those people on here suggests that she should slap her father and make him buy her pepper spray instead of dressing better/good.

>> No.7288872
File: 30 KB, 640x505, causes-of-rape-graph.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

please, take a look at this.

>> No.7288874


Thank you for this highly scientific pie chart.

And well done for ignoring "groping" and "harassment".

>> No.7288878

i don't agree.

>> No.7288879

then what causes those? same shit. gropers and harassers. not that hard bruh

>> No.7288880

all brand isn't made out of clouds.

>> No.7288882


And the chances of "gropers" and "harassers" to grope and harass a girl dressed in those clothes is a tad higher than, oh gee I don't know, in case of a girl dressing in regular clothes.

>> No.7288886

doesn't matter what you wear, creepers gonna creep dude.

self defense is the only way to go.

>> No.7288901

WTF 40 is not elderly

>> No.7288926

you either had probability on your side to somehow pick all theses baby but soft dresses or you just don't own many dresses at all.
> pic related: creamy quartet and its texture

Fabric quality is not defined by softness in the least.

>> No.7288929
File: 461 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20140109_230533.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

*baby butt soft
> dropping pic related

>> No.7288932

BTW its not itchy, just rough.

But no, I'd expect a refund from the brand if my dress ran, there be no excuse for that.

>> No.7288948

But it isn't.
Show some actual evidence proving that how "normal" the clothes you wear influences how likely you are to get sexually harrassed or raped or stop posting.
If anything, you'd probably risk being caught more if you tried to touch a chick covered head-to-toe in matronly Victorian clothes. She's probably fucking crazy and will scream her head off or try to stab you. Not worth a feel of those tits, m8.

>> No.7288966


Not the anon you were arguing with, I think a better word than "soft" is to say Baby's fabric drapes well. Bodyline's fabric drapes like cardboard, you can practically fold it into origami and have it keep its shape. Baby, AP and Meta aren't quite as stiff.

Or I may just have terrible luck and all 4 of my Bodyline skirts/dresses are just worse than all 4 of my btssb ones. Admittedly that's not a big wardrobe.

>> No.7288968

yeah, I think you just had poor luck with bodyline.

>> No.7288977

I can understand that, the drape is definitely far more superior than Bodyline I had. The dress I photographed is also thicker and not at all translucent in the light.
I definitely experienced a BL blouse that could do that! Its the collarless fully shirred one they're still selling ATM, definitely like cardboard. The only other BL I had was that merry go round one + wasn't so cardboardy to me but definitely thin and lackluster.

>> No.7288990

original anon, bodyline is itchy as fuck, what I was trying to say is, at least it doesn't run.
I always am super nervous when I wash my brand.
"what if the sparkles come out"
"what if it runs, theres no refunds on this"
"oh god, what if the soap dyes the brand (yes, I've had my clothes be dyed by soap before)

and with bodyline its just, "toss it in a protector bag, put it in the wash on cold"

brand has superior quality than bodyline, but for $300 I expect better quality than having my dresses run, be uncomfortable to wear, have scratchy material (mainly oldschool brand items were like this)

I expect to get what I paid for. I expect not to have a heart attack if I go out in the rain wearing brand, I expect things to be well constructed, and not sewn on wrong, I expect good customer service.

but when I don't get that after shelling out that much, I'm kind of pissed.

>> No.7289572

You're sort of right. A survey of inmates in for rape said they didn't really care what their victim looked like, mostly. They just needed someone they could drag to a secluded place quickly and easily. They aimed for girls with ponytails most since it's easy to grab, and long hair. Then clothes with easy access to their vagina/whatever they're aiming for. Not 'slutty' clothes, clothes they could easily get through. So dresses, leggings, pants, anything without a belt or layers, since those apparently waste precious time.

Classic lolita or Matronly Victorian Clothes have a few layers, so it would be difficult.

Other rapists usually already know their victims, so instead of counting on speed, they'll count on trust and usually have a secluded area in mind already. Their house, a friend's house, their victim's house, etc. A lot of those don't see themselves as rapists.

>> No.7289660

>title of chart
>Causes of Rape
m8 this aint first grade

>> No.7289735

I've generally only had good experiences in Lolita. The only bad things I can think of off the top of my head were when some girls followed us into a shopping centre just to shout at us, and once when some girl in "cosplay" (quotes because not all cosplayers are crazy) kept shouting after us because we wouldn't respond to her frantic shouts of 'LOLI GIRLS. LOLITA-CHANS! LOLIS.'

Lately there's a woman and her son that I see a lot while waiting for the tram into town. The first time I saw them the kid kept saying really loudly 'That girl's hair is pretty!' (I was wearing a lavender wig), and the mother told me I looked like a princess. The kid is in awe whenver he sees me, and myself and his mother have a little smile and nod. It's the cutest thing.

>> No.7290930

I went to visit friends in socal, and it freaked me out because no one gives two shits over there.
no one says a damn word.

you socal gals are lucky, you got jfashion shops, anime fig stores in your malls, japantown, koreatown, chinatown, fairytale boutique, AX, ALA, and people don't act like fucking bufoons when you wear street fashion

>> No.7290949

not lolita, but Jfashion like fake knee high tights, panda purse and japanese dress that resembles a sailor dress

>enter into the bus
>guy look at me and says "cuuute"
>ignore him
>guy start talking with his friend
>keep ignoring him
>my stop, i have to get off the bus
>give him a look "stop trying get my attention like that"
>guy blushes

>> No.7290970

I've seen lolitas here and there and at movies. Most of them are pretty young, like college student-ish, but I think the most interesting one I saw was one who looked kind of middle-aged? Definitely in her 30's. She sat at a table at a cafe and a few minutes later a bunch of people I assume were her husband and kids came and joined her. Very interesting.

It was a cute coord. Brown sailor-style getup.

>> No.7291438

Could've at least said thank you when he called you cute...

>> No.7291441

>Dressed in sweet lolita.
>Guy runs up to me 'Hey Alice asdgflisgcb'
>Laugh at him and walk away.
>5 minutes later brain finally translates the garbled speech as 'please may I get a photograph'
>Feel like an absolute bitch.

>> No.7291445

Doesn't this sound like the most artificial conversation/made up story ever to anyone?

>> No.7291455

Really it was more like nervous giggling 'cause I didn't know what to do. But to him it most likely seemed like I was laughing at him...

>> No.7293252

It happens but your realized it so...
But poor guy indeed

>> No.7293640

Well hey if he decided to call you "Alice" and you weren't wearing a blue dress, he probably wanted a photo to make fun of later.

>> No.7293653

Or he just didn't know what else to call her so his mind jumped to the only lolita-ish thing he knew.

Pretentious bitch.

>> No.7293654

Someone's having a bad day.

>> No.7294392

that's not pretentious...
She even said she was too nervous to respond and felt like an absolute bitch afterwards

do people on this board not read responses or something?

>> No.7294422

Obviously you didn't and missed who I was responding to you fucking retard.

>> No.7294808

Different anon but 8/10 made me laugh

>> No.7294816


>> No.7295720

love these threads. bump for more stories and less drama

>> No.7296854

Id actually really like to see a classic clown themed coord. I hate that people tried to make "Circus lolita" a thing but individual themed outfits aren't a terrible idea. Sage.

>> No.7296889

the guy in the story was NOT a "little old man": he was in his 40's.

>> No.7296904

>having enough aspergers to not even think to thank someone when they compliment you or know why you should thank them

>> No.7296909

Don't buy prints if you are actually worried about this. Seriously i have a decent sized brand wardrobe and live in a tropical country so it rains a lot and this has never been an issue for me though i mostly own solids or florals. Also most plain cotton AP can be "Thrown in the washing machine" just like your bodyline.

>> No.7297395

>13, first Lolita dress, black bodyline OP with a white apron and a black and white headdress.
>shopping with my mom, feeling awesome in my super cool bodyline dress
>looking at Pokemon cards, suddenly hear "hey you! Get back to my house! I'm not paying you by the hour for nothing!"
>turn around, see old man looking at me with a big smile on his face
>a few moments of silence pass, with my nervousness building by the second
>suddenly yell "yes sir!" And walk out of the aisle.

>> No.7297412

haha that's actually really cute

>> No.7297471

Have you ever been to an American mall? The employees are often like that first lady, but everywhere. UGH.

>> No.7297502

I'm short and chubby and wear lolita
(5"0" and 125 lbs)

i didnt know people like short and chubby

>> No.7297509

Anon are you me? We can be chubby loli twins!

>> No.7297518

Marshmallowlita unite.

>> No.7297698

WEll, chubby for /cgl/. Keep in mind. IRL I'm told I'm normal or skinny. Also a matter of proportion and how your weight is distributed.

>> No.7297999

Kind of know this feel. I'm crazy about Lolita fashion and got my exgf into it, really miss it. I'm not into the princess/sugar baby/ageplay shit or anything (don't even like sweet stuff, more into Goth/Classic/pseudo-victorian/etc), I just think the outfits are super cute and since I'm a dude and can't do anything with them myself I enjoy dating somebody who does. Shit, I want another GF who's into the style.

>> No.7298228


>> No.7298539

I was dressed super casually in a black velvet AP JSK that has a print with white ribbons. That was my only loli piece, everything else was just like a black loose cardigan, tights, matching scarf, black suede boots, etc. Really the only loli thing about it is the shape of my silhouette from my petticoat.

I wore it to the last day of fall semester classes and got a lot of compliments for it, with a lot of, "Why are you dressed so nice today?" since I usually wear t-shirt and jeans to class. I also saw Frozen later that night so it was a good time to wear lolita.

>> No.7298574


The chances that some beta faggot rapes his female friend at a party or in a lone moment is much higher then some random strangr raping a girl because she wears some frills.

>> No.7298577
File: 73 KB, 400x388, 6656432799.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me
>shy and introvert
>get into Lolita
>"Fuck it, this clothes cost so much money, I have to wear them more then once or twice a year!"
>Uni starts, gather courage to wear toned down casual outfits
>Weird stares from everyone
>No one talks to me
>Introvert personality isn't helping
>end up being friendless weirdly dressed loser

Still wear Lolita sometimes, but feels bad, man. Everyone stares at you if you come to classes in something else than jeans/tshirt like you were mad.
I wish I would not be so socially awkward...

>> No.7298580

See this is what happens when you don't hide your frillevel.

>> No.7298582

I have to agree with you. That is downright creepy. I find it especially creepy since he asked where her father was, as if she was underage. I've dealt with a ton of pedophiles in my time and I'm both surprised and disgusted that so many seagulls are defending this guy. His proposition was violating and unwarranted.

>> No.7298587

It's intimidating for most people to talk to you if you're dressed much "fancier" than they are. But you can teach yourself to talk to people and be more outgoing.

>> No.7298603

>harrassed for wearing normalfag clothes
>walking through the mall one night at the end of September
>like 65 and rainy when I went in before sunset
>wearing bootcut jeans, a t-shirt, and a completely normal brown jacket with a faux lambskin collar
>some guy shouts across the mall at me
>Just keep walking and pretend it wasn't directed at me.

>> No.7298690

Hey man, I know those feels. I wear OTT sweet to school every day (senior in high school in small town Maine) and people act like I'm the weirdest thing they've ever seen. Naturally, I only have one or two friends haha there is a freshman who likes to compliment my "cosplay" every other day at lunch though. Mixed feelings, but its nice nonetheless. Don't get discouraged. Fuck those people, do what you love.

>> No.7298717

This is actually my fear, so I always just plan to start out the school in more fancy, but still obviously j-influenced normalfag clothes, then slowly switch over to incorporating lolita.

I'm a theatre major at a liberal arts school, though, and my first day one of my classmates asked me if I make cosplays when I mentioned sewing, so it's probably expected that I'll be dressing a bit out there.

>> No.7298720

>lolita meetup of about 20 girls
>little girl hiding behind her grandfather tells me she likes me the best out of everyone, and tells me my dress is pretty
>I tell her "I think so too, it reminds me of a princess dress. did you know every girl is a princess?"
>her grandfather looks at her and says "It's true, and you know, you're my princess"
>she gives off a cute smile and I wave them goodbye

>> No.7298730

Not really.
Maybe it's just me being a sperglord, but having some old guy yell at a 13 y/o child to get back to their house is creepy as shit. I get he was making a maid joke, but I'd be skeeved out.

>> No.7298739

>at asda doing some food shopping
>Spy a familiar silhouette at the entrance
>Heart skips a beat, I'm so excited at the prospect of j-fashion people actually existing in my town
>Get close enough to see details
>Black and white lace monster
>Fishnet tights
>Shiny pink doc martens

>> No.7298864

The joke is kinda funny I guess but still widely inappropriate and creepy considering he was an old man and you were only 13.
The way you handled it made me laugh though, it was cute.

>> No.7299166
File: 312 KB, 1200x1600, 11125651545.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not lolita, but he cleans up nice <3

>> No.7299187

Not bad, but I don't see what the fuss is about. 5/10, backup husbandu at best.

>> No.7300376

I was in Japan, in Harajuku, and this Japanese kid, like 10 wants her mom to take a picture of her with me with her ipad. Her mom was like "Wow, you like cosplay?" I think she was surprised a foriegner was wearing lolita. The girl called me cute, but she was probably being friendly.
Later that day, somewhere else, a high school girl pointed at me to her classmate and said I was kawaii.

>> No.7301009


>> No.7301173

he looks like one of those neckbeard atheists tumblr won't shut up about.

>> No.7301343

He's a decent guy irl apparently. I don't think its the most flattering picture of him either.

>> No.7301359

Gropey is bro-tier. He does give away contests and politely shoots down drunk seagulls who want in his clown pants.

>> No.7302949

That's Gropey?

>> No.7303789

An old picture of him, yes.

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