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How come anime/comic conventions never mail out badges. Even big events like Otakon, Comic con, AX and Dragon con don't do stuff like this. E3 and GDC mails out badges easily and doesn't have the same numbers nor is the system expensive.

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probably because they dont want to have more expenses by paying to mail it out to all the people

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ACen does, and a couple others too I think. Mostly it's just the risk of people counterfeiting badges, if they have something to go off of beforehand.

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A lot of anime con badges are pretty simplistic in design. So if you hand them out ahead of time, people have enough time to create exact replica counterfeit badges.

Personally I also think it's probably easier (especially for the younger crowds anime conventions tend to attract) because if they just have to print out a receipt and show it at pre-reg, there's no issue of them losing a badge and not being able to get a new one.

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Mostly >>7230938 but some >>7230904

Counterfeiting is a big issue for anime cons because the people that go to them are cheap (same reason ghosting is a problem). So if you mail badges out you need to make sure they can't be easily copied AND be able to track that each badge is unique. So first off you're paying more for the badges because they have to be plastic or holographic or have blacklight reactive printing. Then at every point of access you'd have to scan people in and out. All this turns into big money and time for an anime con when they can just print at con and make it harder for attendees to fake them (not stop them, just cuts back)

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It's just that for the most part convention reg systems are not as shit at best and complete shit at worst.

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Honest answer,
most anime cons are not run well enough to handle mail out registration, it would imply they need badges printed and mailed with enough time for them to reach the individual a week to two before the event.

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Not really. That varies from con to con. And any con I've been at I've heard people talking about making copies of badges for friends, or to sell for a few bucks.

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These badges look so cheap! Are they always just pieces of printer paper in a ID holder?

UK con badges are never mailed out ahead of time, you have to show ID to pick yours up, and the issue of copying badges is unheard of. I don't think many people would be able to copy accurately, remove the current name, get the correct one and laminate the badge .The badge is part of the souvenir as generally the artwork is high quality, and part of the fun is getting your conpack and your badge at reg. One of the hottest items at the charity auctions is a full set of badges (sometimes oversized).

You used to get a couple of people badge swapping or lending but they'd find themselves banned or refused badges at future cons across the UK.

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>keeping and displaying your convention badges.

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If Fanime doesn't release a statement detailing their reg process then they are going to be losing numbers

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I wish pax would do this so they'd stop selling out day one because of scalpers

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>tfw last Fanime it took 7 hours to get a badge
>one person actually fainted and had ems come

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you don't? most people at least keep them

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S/he needs to add some Vegas hooker trading cards to the lot.

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>mfw I do that when I go to Vegas too


I used to call them and send them to other peoples rooms.

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AX has been considering it by the looks of it. Theyve asked on their facebook once or twice how much people would be willing to pay.

The problem is, how does it stop someone from saying they never received it and getting a new second pass for free? Or losing it early? It also means finding more staff to work to label and mail them out, which is a lot of work.

The lines suck but I think mailing them out is risky. Very risky.

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RFID chip the badges, problem solved

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I know Kumoricon (small con) offers to mail them out. I usually opt to pick them up there, simply because you have to check in anyways.

Its an unnecessary expense for the con, with little benefit for the con-goer.

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Because they're sadists who want you to wait three hours in line with a bunch of smelly teenagers.
I hate it too.

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>mfw when you couldn't pay me enough to touch these women

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...Why haven't I done that yet.

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>line waiting
Why...why do weebs act the way they do.
How hard is it to not act like a massive retard about something you like?
You can like things WITHOUT being a faggot about it.
Why were you shouting "wobbuffet" at everyone.

I hates cons sometimes.

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But not every con can afford that. i can guarentee if every con raised their prices by 30-40 dollars to add that in, you'd be complaining about the raised prices.

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I don't even usually come on 4chan and this is my first time here and you sir don't know what you're talking about. RFID chips are literally costing in the pennies and having a scanner would be cheap as well. If they raised the prices more than a dollar per person then they're just trying to squeeze more profit

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>/cgl/ is 90% female

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