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Price check thread.

Can I get a check on Krad Lanrete's Mozarabic Chant JSK in red (short version) please seagulls? I've seen it for sale in the turquoise a lot, so not sure what to price the red.

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How much will this baby run me?

Innocent World's Round Collar Sailor OP

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People have been selling it around $200, more if it has accessories. Red is slightly less popular than blue, so I'd start there and lower it if necessary. What size is it? I've been looking for one in a small.

$120 or less. Most of IW's plainer stuff doesn't hold its value.

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Uhh I needed a thread like this.

Im wondering about this IW.. among others.

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Anybody knows how much is going for the Moi Archangel op in black?

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Ok, cgl, I want to know what you would do in my shoes
I PMed a seller on facebook asking how much they wanted for a AP 2008 release of a kind of rare but not so popular piece (Ie, Fancy melody)
It has had 2 owners.
She quoted me 450.
I have seen it go for like 10,000yen on mbok
Should I just ignore her or point out that she is scalping.

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there is no good that can come from telling her she is scalping.
She will be angry and defensive that you would point that out to her. She may or may not know anyways. Idk, just ignore her.

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Just reply back and say that's a bit more than you were expecting and so you'll have to say no thank you.

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I don't think she's scalping, a lot of people are unsure on how to price older, rare-ish pieces. They think because it's old they can charge out the ass for it. I'd just politely decline and move on with your life.

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She might know how much it is, but just not want to part with it for less than that amount. People quick to point out scalping forget that it's not always junk the seller doesn't even want. I have shit that runs around $400-$500 that I wouldn't accept a dime under a grand for.

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Bumping to ask how people price indie brand items. I have a Pina Sweetcollection OP that I've never seen sold anywhere. It retailed for brand prices but I've no idea what I should sell it for now.

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fancy melody I have seen go for around 300-350, but usually only for the... the really pretty dusky pink or the red colorway?

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Either release is fine.

Also; Is Vampire Requiem still going for an ass-load?
I saw one go for around $270 recently but it was already sold so I'm not sure if that's the average or a deal anymore.

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Honey Cake Round JSK in Ivory? Looking to sell mine since I'm moving away from sweet.

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Pina sweet still goes fairly high on second hand sites like maidenclothing (10000-15000 yen) - so I don't think it's unreasonable to price it accordingly.

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This, it's like the sales version of a feeler post, where you know you should sell something but like it but then if you could get a lot more for it you would consider selling it...

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Just curious, I really like it, but I'm thinking of selling it since I think it was a mistake for a beginner piece. Not that I can't co-ord it, but it's less casual than I was hoping (I'm wanting to go for a slightly more casual/otome look). Especially since it's likely I won't have a meet to go to any time soon, and would rather have something that isn't much more "OTT" than the rest of my closet.

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Which OP? Because if you have this one, I'd love to purchase it from you...

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Last auction I saw ended at $330 for the yellow yoke JSK. I think the round one is slightly more in demand because of the back shirring, so you could probably get $350 for it.

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It's not that one, unfortunately. I know pretty much nothing about it, actually, as the stock info is long gone and as mentioned, I've never seen it sold. Pic related is very similar to the one I have, but not quite. Mine has the same color and bodice cut with side shirring, but the entire dress is made of chiffon with asymmetric tiers on the skirt.

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Thanks, I'll consider that!

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Thank you!

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IW's Westminster Choir JSK short version?

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sorry, kind of unrelated, but does anyone know the search term for antique beast for auctions?

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It's sold for around retail the last few times I've seen it at auction. The short choir is the most popular cut, I think.

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How much for AP's Chocolate Rosette skirt or even the salopette in brown?

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Has it been up for sale much? I've been looking, but I must've missed it.

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Just ask if the seller will negotiate on the price as you've seen the same piece go for x amount on mbok. If they're unwilling to budge, just be fair about it and say thanks and to let you know if they change their mind. Don't turn catty and say they're scalping, no good will come of it.

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How much is AP's Twinkle Ornament in blackxgold going for? I've seen it sets pop up in winexgold for $400 but I've seen a mintxpink go for $270 which to me is hardly seen around.

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When selling items, do you include anything like lollies or notes or such with the package? When I buy from korean brands, I always get lollies, stickers, pouches, bookmarks and other tidbits and it always puts a smile on my face. Anybody got any stories?

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I bought a skirt from the comm sales and the seller included a matching headpiece. I didn't expect it because it wasn't mentioned in the listing. I sent a thank you message but the seller never replied, I just hope she at least saw it and knew that I was grateful since it was such a sweet gesture.

Another time a Japanese seller included some candy in my package. I'd first had candy like that when I was very young, it was given to me by my Japanese exchange student. Tasting it again bought back so many different memories and feelings.

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I sold my lotta skirt last year and included a really cute H&M deer necklace that just really matched the skirt and a little note, and I never got feedback or a thank you, so I stopped adding things after that.

However I know that not everyone is like that, it just put a bad taste in my mouth for adding gifts. Personally, whenever I get a little gift I always thank the seller and it does make me happy because I'm never expecting it.

(not my picture, just pulled from google)

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I always include a handwritten note asking for the buyer to let me know they received it or if there are any issues, and requesting feedback. I have a much higher rate of feedback since I started doing it.

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What a great idea!
That really sucks anon.

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Once I had a few items arrive at the same time and one seller gave me a gift. But I couldn't remember which one gave it to me so I never directly thanked them. I feel really bad about that now. I always send a message saying "Thanks so much!" and whatnot when my item arrives and offer to leave feedback, though.

Sometimes I give gifts but 90% of the time people don't even message me to say they got their item, let alone acknowledge the gift so I haven't done it for awhile. I've had someone complain about the condition of the gift even though it was fine, though. What the hell.

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I don't sell things, but I have received gifts and I'm always sure to thank the seller for them. Once, I won an auction that was a jsk/headbow set, and on top of that, the seller offered a choice of gifts (aatp necklace, ap gloves, etc), despite the auction ending really cheaply, which I felt was really generous of them. I couldn't thank them properly myself, because it was through a shopping service, and I wish I could've.

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I used to until I started seeing people selling them. That's really shitty and makes me feel bad.

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I saw at least one on the comm sales though I think that was long. There might have been another.

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I know it was sold at $155~ how much should I expect to pay? I was eyeing one on the auction for $165 but the seller cancelled..

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What's a Roland Jacket go for these days? I know Boz sells them year round, but i'd be interested in the red one and they're sold out at the moment.

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Anyone know the price of BTSSB's Queen of Snow OP in sax? I've fallen hard for it but haven't seen it for sale anywhere, so just want to know how much I need to put aside for it. If you know the price of either JSK, that's fine too, but hnnnng dat OP.

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I've seen it being sold for ~80$ on the comm.

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/cgl/, I pose you a question. Is £100-£120 too much to charge for a JSK from a new indie brand? The fabrics would be commercially available, but the pattern would be self drafted, and the dress would be ready to ship (as in, no three months of waiting for it to be made) and available in two different sizes for a very limited run (8-12 garments max.). Please assume that you like the design, and that the dress is well-constructed from good materials and well-photographed.

I'm just turning some numbers over in my head, and would appreciate some feedback. I know this is pretty vague, but I'd like to know if I'm asking for way too much before I start putting loads of time/effort/money into it. If £100-£120 is too much, what would be the most you'd be willing to pay?

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It looks like that's 160-190 American dollars, which seems reasonable if it's really high quality stuff, but I prefer indie brands to be more like $120 or $140 (about 75-90 pounds). If you're offering couture quality stuff like 4 o'clock, that's a great price.

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Well, because the garments would be ready to ship, there would be no custom sizing option, and I won't be using luxury fabrics like 4 O'Clock. The fabric I actually want to use is end of line designer fabric, so it's still pretty good quality (certainly better than Spoonflower or something you'd find in Fabricland), and I will be spending a LONG time toiling and working on the pattern. It might be worth mentioning that the garments *should* be machine washable on a normal cycle (and possibly tumble dryer safe, but I'll have to test that - I don't want to inadvertently damage the shirring).

Thanks for your feedback!

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your edging into more than some people would pay for new indie brand territory, but if you can prove your quality in the form of happy customers and desirable prints/construction, then that should be pretty reasonable, especially for any later releases.

i would say don't worry too much if you don't get too many orders first time around, but considering brands like WAMH and whatever else get buyers i think there's a chance you won't do too badly? and again it depends on the actual dress but yeah. good luck, anon!

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Knowing lolitas, I don't think they like paying for things that aren't custom printed. I guess it depends on how elaborate/well constructed the garment is, if it will be from commercial fabric. Personally, I'm in love with non-print, detailed clothing, but for a new designer, probably no more than $120, because there isn't that level of trust, yet.

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If it's custom sized then yes I'll drop £100 if it isn't then there's no real incentive for me to buy? One of the things I like about indie brands is that I can talk with the owner and get a garment that will fit me properly as opposed to "one size fits most" To be honest I don't mind a waiting period if I'm going to get something lovely at the end of it
I can sew myself so if my ability is greater than yours then I'm also hesitant to buy, an idea would be to put up photos of your work (even if it's not lolita related) so people can gauge your skill before they buy anything
You could also have a skirt version as that tends to attract more buyers because it's cheaper and the sizing is more flexible

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Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm not going to just say 'hey I'm making this, anyone wanna drop £100 on it?' The whole line will be pre-produced, so there will be detailed photos of the construction before I even start releasing the dresses for sale. It'll be like buying a brand dress made from commercial fabric, but, you know, not brand. You'll know exactly what you're getting before you put any money down.

So, another question; does /cgl/ think that I should offer custom sizing? Would you prefer a ready-to-ship item that will have shirring to fit a range of measurements, or a custom tailored item with a (potentially) very long lead time?

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The price I'm willing to pay depends a lot on the quality of the product. If an indie brand has a proven track record of making really nicely designed and well-sewn garments, then I'd be okay with paying more, up to around 200 USD for a non-custom, nonprinted item. But if I've never heard of them, I'd be more likely to opt for a cheaper item (~$100 USD) such as a skirt for my first purchase from an unknown brand.

The Snow Field did a bunch of items similar to what you're describing but on a commission basis and charged a little more than that, if I recall correctly.

I'd prefer standard sizes because they're usually cheaper and better for instant gratification, but I usually don't have a lot of fit issues with brand items. If you do custom sizes with really nice designs you'd probably have a lot of interest. One thing to consider is maybe offering something like JetJ does, standard sizes but with an option to alter them up to an inch or two for free or a small fee.

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I will totally buy it from you for $350 if you want to sell it for that much.

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How much should I expect to pay for ivory melty royal choco cardigan? I know it was released for $155~I was watching an auction on mbok that was at 165 but the seller cancelled it

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J et J Murmure de l'Ange OP Size 1 price check?

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Price check on AatP Castle of nightmares skirt in red?
I'm thinking about $140

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I've been thinking about selling or maybe auctioning this, but I'm not sure how much I can get for it.

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I haven't seen it lately, but my best guess is retail or more, up to around $180 as it's still pretty popular.

Sold for $420 here: http://egl-comm-sales.livejournal.com/21510333.html

$140 sounds like a fair price to me.

When I see it on secondhand sites it's always priced around $300 and sells immediately. So I wouldn't be surprised if you got more than $400 for it.

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How much would the High waisted petit patisserie in brown go for?

Mine has a bit of damage (waist tie button is a bit loose, front bow is not attached but still included, no damage to the bow or original area where the bow was) and has 3 pulled threads. One near the bodice and 2 at the back. They're not very noticeable when the dress is worn or even looking at the dress from a normal distance but you can see them if you inspect the dress close up.

It's otherwise in good condition, includes waist ties. I've heard/seen near new ones going for up to $370 (in pink colourways) but obviously I wouldn't be looking that high due to the damage

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How much could I get for AP's Gloria skirt in red?

>> No.7193386

If you're selling I may be interested, email is in the field.

>> No.7193387

I sold mine for $320 about a month ago. I sincerely doubt you could get more than $350 for it.

>> No.7193421

I'll offer you 400 for it.

>> No.7193425

And yet it was just BIN'd for $450 at auction on the comm sales.

>> No.7193498

What price do you have in mind? I'm in two minds about selling

>> No.7193505

I feel really awkward making offers so what were you roughly hoping for?
Email is in the field if you'd prefer to discuss via that.

>> No.7193520

If things fall through just give a heads up here.

>> No.7193554

A dif anon, but $300

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Check on Ruins Cathedral OP in ivory? Worn once for a few hours.

Thinking about selling it and buying the skirt instead. The OP doesn't flatter my large ribcage. :/

>> No.7196694

email sent

>> No.7196733


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Think I'll ever be able to find a Dream Sky first release OP in navy or lavender for under $500?

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How much does this go for?
It's been worn several times, but no flaws otherwise.

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How much is Whipped Show Case Tiered JSK going for? A girl is interested in mine but I'm not sure on what a fair price would it be?

>> No.7197486

Is $200 a good price?

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in black with matching tote bag?

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Moitie Rose Tulle Lace OP?

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Angelic Pretty Red Swiss Dot Winter Coat
I found a seller pricing it at 220 USD
Is that a decent price?

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300-350USD including the bag.
140USD is on the low side. If you want to get more, you could realistically get 200 or a tiny bit over.
Retail or a slight bit more.
AatP version- 300-350USD
Baby version- 350-400USD
They do get listed for lower, though. These are just the higher of the prices I've seen it sell for.
>Also; Is Vampire Requiem still going for an ass-load?
No, $270 is average for even the JSK these days.

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How much would I get for Mary Magdalene's Ekaterina in Fleur Blue?

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How much will the Wicked Princess Long OP cost me?

>> No.7199243

whatever sense of good taste you might have had.

>> No.7199270

I disagree with Westminster, short Choir in blue sold out incredibly quickly, I think you could get $300 for it at least. Long blue Choir or Black short Choir would be around retail imo, and underbust/any cut in red would be under.

>> No.7199809

facebook /photo.php?fbid=10151719620387377&set=gm.777917778888756&type=1&theater

$575 + shipping

>> No.7199900

Wow that sold quickly.

>> No.7199912

There's one on y!a for 45000 yen

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I just bought a brand new with tags little bears cafe jsk in ivory for $180 AUD. Was that reasonable or did I just get a pretty good deal?

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I'm thinking of selling this dress (in ivory). Does anyone know how much I could ask for it?

>> No.7202691

That dress is so gorgeous, I'd have bought it but unfortunately I'm broke.

But really, it's stunning!

>> No.7202702

Lol god damn it. Oh well, the girl I sold it to was really nice.

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Considering selling my angelic pretty jewelry pearl one piece. It's been sitting in my closet for years and I've only ever worn it once. I don't know what to do with it.

What should I sell it for? I know it's pretty old but I've never seen it for sale so I have no idea what to price it

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File: 8 KB, 280x210, bth_eternalroseskirtpink.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How much can i ask for this AP Eternal Rose Bouquet skirt?

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File: 55 KB, 280x373, Princess Victoria Jsk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how much should I ask for Princess Victoria? It was pretty pricey when it came out

>> No.7203616

price check on IW grazia crown jsk long in black? nwt

>> No.7203717

JSK sold on Tokyoalice for 7800 yen in the (admittedly very old-school) blackxwhite colorway, so I'd say $130 or less. It's pretty out of fashion, I wouldn't expect to get much for it.

People have been selling the JSK/OP for around retail. So $200 or a bit over.

There's a slightly damaged one on Usagiyouhinten for 16k yen, and the OP sold on rakuten for 30k (compared to 40k retail). Around retail sounds reasonable, lower it if necessary.

The short blue went for 70k yen at auction recently. Most of the sales I've seen lately have been for $300-400 and have sold quickly so I'd say at the very least $400 or auction it.

>> No.7203872

start an auction at $400. It's always best to auction ones like Grazia or Puppet Circus, where they don't come up on the comm very often and the secondhand Japanese auctions are a good indicator for a BIN price because they're ridiculously high.

I'm always pretty confused as to why we have these threads as separate from the BST or Dream Dress threads. If someone is looking to buy something, or looking to sell something, why can't we just do it there? I really don't think anyone comes into this thread going "How much should I save up for dress X? I plan on buying it soon!"

I was selling a Jane Marple skirt on the comm for cheap and had already been contacted by someone interested in buying, but the day after first girl gave me her paypal address, a different girl PM'd be in a tizzy saying she'd offer me literally DOUBLE what my asking price was just because it was her dream dress. I apologized to the first girl and said i was going to go with the higher offer since I hadn't invoiced her yet. Point being, you can really charge whatever you want for a dress on the comm. You don't need this thread to tell you what to do. People will buy it or not. Are you really so worried someone will think you're "scalping"?

>> No.7203896

uh, if I'm not decided to sell a dress why would i post in the selling thread? And yeah I think there are a lot of people who post in here asking for prices to save up for a dress, a dress which probably isn't even for sale right now, but they want to check if it does come up, how much they should have stashed away. Dream Dress threads are different again, lots of people know what lotta or PC or IG sell for, but it's still a dream dress, and if someone comes along in a dream dress thread saying 'this is muh dream dress!' a lot of the times people will give them an auction link, which is again, different than a price check.

sorry I guess I didn't think there would be that much confusion in the difference

>> No.7203899

I don't trawl auctions or second hand sites and I have a big closet. If I ask in this thread I'm banking on people who do check the second hand market to share what they have seen it go for recently, since those auctions or sales are probably gone at this point. if someone is going for cheaper/more expensive than I thought it would be, that helps me decide whether to sell or hold on to it.

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File: 24 KB, 400x300, Perfume Bottle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Curious to see how much Meta's Perfume Bottle bustle back skirt in black goes for. I've been trying to sell mine with no luck, so any feedback would be much appreciated.

>> No.7204435

You can get neutral feedback for doing that, once you receive a paypal address the sale is final (unless they seem super shady and you decide to not sell to them).

>> No.7204528
File: 67 KB, 280x373, ChessChocolatePrincessOPSet-pink.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Out of curiosity how much would Chess Chocolate Princess OP sell for?

>> No.7204780
File: 13 KB, 180x240, starrynightjsk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How much would I expect to pay for Star Night Theater in blue?

>> No.7204800

Not really, it depends on the sellers' terms.

>> No.7204810

>Abide by your post type, and don’t back out of sales.
>If you have a DS post and people are attempting to make higher offers, you may not turn your post into an auction or accept a higher price than the one you stated in your DS. Please decide before posting an item whether you want to put it up for auction or direct sale, and for which price. Furthermore, once you have committed to sell to or buy from another user, that commitment is binding- so proceed with caution before entering into sales. Bear in mind that negative feedback can be left for changing a price or backing out of a sale after an agreement has been made.

>> No.7204854

It's doubtful the seller told her than she was just going to take a higher price. I've done it before, and simply told the other buyer someone else left their paypal first.

>> No.7204860

If you re-read, the poster said they told the buyer they've accepted a higher offer as they haven't invoiced them yet, which doesn't matter whether they had or not because the buyer had left their paypal. If they wanted to accept higher offers they should have done an auction with their original price as the starting price. Instead they flaked on a buyer.

If they were smart like you then they'd probably get away with that excuse but seems to be they stupidly told the truth. However if this didn't happen on egl comm sales then the buyer can't really complain much about it.

>> No.7204920

This was a few years ago so I don't think the comm sales rules laid things out that specifically, especially when all of this was done via PM not comments on the entry. But yeah, it was probably dumb of me to tell her the truth that someone had offered me more, and I wouldn't have blamed her for giving me neutral/negative feedback if she felt like it. It turned out alright though and she didn't seem mad, more amused actually that someone was willing to pay that much in a "lol NOPE" way.

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File: 374 KB, 448x446, aatp-queens coach-sk-blk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Queen's Coach skirt in black?

Scent of Rapunzel JSKs or skirt in Navy?

>> No.7205251
File: 62 KB, 280x373, mistysky.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Misty Sky in Sax? I bought it as a birthday gift to myself, but it's too short to be flattering on me. It's new with tags, and only been tried on for a minute.

>> No.7205353


>> No.7206035
File: 123 KB, 480x640, TwinkleConstellationOP-TwinklePolarisnavy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

do people even like this? I started to consider selling it, but I know everybody prefers the JSK... anyway, price check on Twinkle Constellation OP in Navy ? Matching hair combs from AP.

>> No.7206618
File: 125 KB, 529x799, 1373753615897.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

don't do it

>> No.7206636

I'm interested in Bodyline Love Nadia JSK in brown or purple. How much do you think?

>> No.7206654

I would love to buy it from you, anon. While I do prefer the JSK, the OP is gorgeous, too.
I have no idea what the going price is, though.

>> No.7206655

Navy JSK is most popular, but of all the colour is most favoured out of anything and you will get buyers.
I bought a Pink OP of this since I could never find anything else anywhere and grown to enjoy it tho, but I think forever it will be the least popular

>> No.7207292

price check on metas blooming garden. i found the jsk in black with a head bow for 400 dollars on LSE is that a good price?

>> No.7207558

Lol, no. It goes for way under 10000 yen regularly on the auctions.

>> No.7207564

In black? I have never seen it in black. Only yellow, puke

>> No.7207570

Actually, you can get negative feedback and possibly a warning for that because she backed out of the sale after the first girl left her paypal AND accepted a higher offer than the priced she listed.

>> No.7207571
File: 6 KB, 135x180, Angelic Pretty Sweet Ribbon Strawberry Shirring JSK red.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How much should I expect to pay? I found it for $150 shipped but not sure if that's a good price or not.

>> No.7207626

Yep, in black. I almost placed a bid on one that ended for around $60.

>> No.7207629

haven't seen it in a while but if you decide to sell I'd be interested

150USD sounds okay. you can try it

300 - 350 USD?


>> No.7207705

>haven't seen it in a while but
Not selling, looking to buy... so, numbers?

>> No.7207965
File: 64 KB, 333x250, ap_skirt_dreamsky_color.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm going to sell my original release Dream Sky skirt in black. What should I charge for it?

>> No.7208998
File: 116 KB, 500x427, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is holy queen actually worth $800 these days? because i've seen it get auctioned off for no more than around $500 the past few years.

unless it got a sudden popularity spike to bring it into iron gate territory?

>> No.7209047

It's absolutely not worth $800. I'd say $450 tops. It's not that rare.

>> No.7209366
File: 21 KB, 300x400, FairyTaleDress-ofw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How much does Meta's Fairy Tale usually go for? I want to sell or trade the OP and buy either cut of the JSK.

>> No.7209913

yeah no way it's $800, it's like $350 - $450 usually; $500 is pushing it.

>> No.7209933
File: 348 KB, 374x588, leif 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Considering selling this after the Christmas season. I paid $350. Is it still worth around that?

>> No.7209946

No I bought mine for $275 not too long ago. Ivory version too which is the most popular

>> No.7209957

How much can I expect to shell out for Merry-Making in the Ghost Town JSK II in red or brown?

>> No.7209966

those are the least popular colorways so probably retail or a little above.

>> No.7209972

Damn. Oh well. Hopefully February is a good month for selling.

>> No.7209980

Sweet, thanks!
I thought red was kinda popular though since a lot of people seemed to like the brighter red once they saw the photos, I feel like I see photos of it as often as I do the black and the blue.

>> No.7209987

hmm see I was on the other side of the fence that people really started hating on the red once the IRL photos started showing up and navy and black moved up to most popular? I think Navy is the most desired.

But if you've been seeing that in your experience, then try for around 300-350USD (if you're in the US of course) since I saw a JSK 1 (which I think is the less popular of the JSK styles) in navy go for 370 as a full set on egl_comm_sales this month.

>> No.7209989

Maybe... the value on the dress seems to be decreasing quite a bit. I remember when it used to be worth $500< last year

>> No.7209994

Yeah, those were the last prices I saw for it, which is why I jumped on it in August when I saw it listed for $350. Hopefully it stabilizes some.

>> No.7210660
File: 85 KB, 280x373, Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival Tiered JSK black.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

DDC JSK in black? Looking to purchase it. I think black was the least popular colorway, right?

>> No.7211007

Gloria just sold for over $700 on auction...

>> No.7211018

AP or AatP
cut and color?

>> No.7211088

AatP Navy Jeanne JSK

>> No.7211302

What could I sell a second release dream sky lavender op with hair scrunchy & barrett for?

>> No.7211306

How often do you see MM's Curious JSK go on sale? When it was re-released way back when I missed my opportunity to buy it.

>> No.7211315

I feel like people like the original lavender more. So I'd go for retail plus whatever SS fees you paid and just break even.

>> No.7211504

I've got a Marshmallow Bunny ivory jsk I never wear. I know it wasn't that popular but do you think I could at least get retail for it?

>> No.7211510

doubt it, people raged so hard over that weird forest green they added into the print

>> No.7211517

Perfume Bottle anon, thank you! I may lower the price to $130 shipped and see if I can get anyone to bite then, since I'm currently selling it at $145 shipped and no one will take it. I really appreciate it!

>> No.7211557

It comes and goes in waves, I've seen every color a couple times this year. It usually goes from around $200 at auction to $300 on the comm sales.

>> No.7211696
File: 473 KB, 454x465, hmfmuny.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

need a price check. i need to sell this bad

>> No.7211699

Vampire Forest isn't worth much, especially not the skirt. Maybe around $100 or lower? It goes for about $40 on auction, if that helps.

>> No.7211713
File: 97 KB, 300x400, perfume bottle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Price check on MM's perfume bottle JSK?

>> No.7211723

fuck me dead

>> No.7211730

I'm interested in this! Throw away email attached. Please message me.

>> No.7211884

Yeah. It wasn't a very popular print in the least. The only versions you can realistically hope to get even close to retail for are the OP and baby doll JSK in black or red.

Personally, I think that print was gorgeous, it just needed better execution.

>> No.7211895

Damn, that sounds amazing. If you're still around, anon, I'd buy it from you.

>> No.7211899
File: 19 KB, 280x373, class2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Angelic Pretty Classic Melody.
Around how much?

>> No.7211900

I saw it for sale for $350 once before and it was sold pretty much instantly. I have the skirt version and I only paid about $100, but I think that was kind of a bargain.

>> No.7212881
File: 34 KB, 280x373, 35964_900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How much would you say a Sweet Cream House skirt and headbow is worth considering it's about to be re-released?

>> No.7212928

Hey, my email's in the field, hit me up for more info!

>> No.7213175

I have the AP Royal Chocolate beret in mocha that I'd like to sell. I've never even worn it, it's too small to fit on my giant head.

How much should I sell it for? I paid $100 for it, so I was gonna go around that, but I'm not sure if that's too much? There's some girl selling it for $150 so I have no clue.

>> No.7213334
File: 39 KB, 250x333, iw_op_renoir_add.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how much should i expect to pay for IW's Renoir OP in pink?

>> No.7213351

Hard to say, Meta Pintuck stuff doesn't come up that often. If the Ivory is in good shape, you might want to auction starting at $200 to see what interest you get.

Including shipping $150 isn't bad, not a super-bargain but not a rip-off either.

The value will probably drop ~$50 after the holiday season, timing is important when selling seasonal-specific prints.

Black was the least popular but the tiered JSK is the most desired style, probably about $350 to maybe $400?

I've seen MM Perfume Bottle go for $400 but it took a few weeks to sell, depends how much of a rush you're in.

>> No.7213531
File: 12 KB, 300x400, meta_jsk_corsetstyle_color.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to make a WTB for this jsk from meta but have no idea what people would try to charge me for it. Any idea?

>> No.7213555
File: 92 KB, 250x333, ToyFantasyOP-whitexpink.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This, NWT?

>> No.7214402
File: 1.56 MB, 2592x1936, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Twinkle Comstellation skirt, headbow, socks, necklace, and bracelet? Someone is trying to trade with me and says it's worth a little over $200 which I find hard to believe.

>> No.7214549


>> No.7214601

I see the black up for 16500 on Y!J right now, so probably around that price, maybe a little higher? I think the pink is slightly more sought-after.

>> No.7214606

Emailed you!

>> No.7214646

there's a pink up for about $160 us that i'm thinking about getting, should i?

>> No.7214652

If it's a dress you really want, I'd go for it. It's not exactly a steal but it's not overpriced either, I'd say it one of IW's more popular non-print dresses.

>> No.7214766

There was a YJ auction that went a few months ago for 18000yen. I've seen it sell for more, but that auction apparently passed unseen. I remember two or three people lost their shit when it was posted to a dream dress thread with a comment along the lines of "I missed this, noooo".

>> No.7214935

is this dress serously worth that much

>> No.7214942

Woaw you really this I could ask that much for a meta dress? I was thinking around €100, because it isn't a print and meta never resells high.
But it is indeed in perfect shape, thank you for the advice!

>> No.7214949

I bought mine for $150 on here a while ago.
Someone is trying to sell one for $250 w/headbow on the comm sales, but I doubt it will sell, especially given the rerelease.
I'd price right about retail.

>> No.7214955

>thinking I was alone
>still looking for the headow only for the pink colourway
>wondering which mofo out there is with an odd pink headband
>not like its a matchy shade of pink either

for the skirt + bow is $200, maybe the socks too if you felt like being nice but honestly with socks I think 230 would be more comfortable to me.
as for including the jewelery I have no idea, I've hardly ever seen it.
but I reckon I'm a bit of a sage with TC and definitely say that entire bundle is a strong $300 and up. the jewelery is way too unique looking to just toss out you know

especially for dat there navy

>> No.7214977

She says she sold hers for $150! So my set is worth about that! Then she tells me the Moitie stained glass chiffon long OP in white is worth $600... more than even the blue version of Holy Queen.

I think I'm just going to give up trying to trade it and will keep it. I keep getting lowball as fuck offers.

>> No.7214993

Be reasonable and sell it to this Anon >>7214549 I know her struggle and pain

>> No.7214994

I'm looking for trades at the moment and think that anon wants the headbow only.

>> No.7214996

shes willing to buy the set if necessary

>> No.7214998

Is she up for a trade? Or a partial trade?

>> No.7215000

The pink headbowis in odip, no? I think I saw it there. I feel you, anon!
Hey I'm the interested anon, email is in the field!

>> No.7215004


>> No.7215145

Well I checked on hellolace and it's 3 years old and was originally about 244 USD. So now I'd say 95-120 USD. Maybe.

>> No.7215169

Oh wow, I'm so fucked then. Thanks for letting me know though.

>> No.7215243

I'm looking on a price check for:

MmM Holy Queen in bxw with small barely noticeble damage (pulled thread that has been professionally fixed)
IW Violin jsk (2009 version) in brown, sold to me as an L but I think it's an M
Secret Shop Mary Magdalene replica boots L in black, brown and red nwot
Surface Spell shadow void underbust jsk xl in red nwt
Infanta military set in black xl nwt
Aatp Vampire Requiem corset jsk lavender
Aatp Castle of Nightmare red nwot

>> No.7215532
File: 112 KB, 240x320, love moon princess stained angel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

does anyone have an idea of how much I could consider getting for this op? I have the underskirt and it's in very good condition. Thank you!

>> No.7215563

>Aatp Vampire Requiem corset jsk lavender

Do you have this?

>> No.7215576

>She says she sold hers for $150! So my set is worth about that! Then she tells me the Moitie stained glass chiffon long OP in white is worth $600

This bitch is either crazy or just trying to manipulate you to get a good deal. Your set is worth around $300 and her dress is about $300 (HALF what she apparently thinks it's worth) too. I would definitely not trade with her, she sounds dodgy as fuck.

>> No.7215577

Around $350-400? It doesn't go for that much on the auctions, but it's really popular and typically goes for more in the Western comm.

>> No.7215607
File: 16 KB, 240x320, 4010956235_480420db87.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's the going price for a Vampire Requiem JSK?

>> No.7215630


There is an anon in one of these thread that wants that violin dress. Maybe the dream dress thread?

>> No.7215648

Is that infantas butterfly crucifix?
Interested but have no idea what to offer. Can it go any smaller?

>> No.7215937

$300-350. No one gives a shit about VR anymore so much dead-horse kickin

>> No.7216416


Yes, I do.
Not sure if I want to part with it to be honest.

>> No.7216423
File: 48 KB, 250x333, iw_jsk_violin_color.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Unfortunately it's not the same violin jsk.
I have this one (see pic)

>> No.7216438

How much can I ask for Infantas Snow White jsk set in red (xl)?
It has bonnet, headbow and flowerclip included and all have never been worn because I like the blue colorway better.

>> No.7216450
File: 231 KB, 800x1066, IMG_0213.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Yes it is.
These jsk's run quite small tbh.
I also have this in green and when I displayed this on my mannequin I thought it ran very small.
The mannequin is a size eu S (eu 36) and it's only slightly baggy on the mannequin.
The measurement that were listed were 100 cm bust, but I recommend you are at least 5,6 cm under that, for a perfect fit, you'll have to be between 90 to 93 bust and <70 cm waist.
Here's the picture of the green jsk (which isn't for sale) so you can see how small it runs.

>> No.7216461

Meta can resell for okay value, it depends how much of a rush you are in. The lower you price it, the quicker it will sell, obviously. If you're happy getting a lower price, then start the auction lower - it'll go if there's demand, and if not, you'll still get what you were willing to accept.

>> No.7216463

Price check on metas twinkle journey op in black

>> No.7216788
File: 199 KB, 350x490, 1370413872349.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Goddammit Rosaire, for all the fucking drama you've created about needing money and god-knows-what else I'm honestly upset about your "Only looking for trades" attitude.
Bitch if you're looking for trades you ain't as broke as you claim to be.

>> No.7217188
File: 32 KB, 333x250, orig-13911981.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How much should I expect to pay for a Milky-chan purse? I want one so bad but I haven't seen one for sale in a while :(

>> No.7217379

I'm only looking for trades for one set, but sold $1000 worth of Lolita already and counting. Get over it.

>> No.7217382

Lolita you'll never get back because you're a stubborn idiot who is going to die in Japan.

>> No.7217385

You're so mad. Cry harder, bitch.

>> No.7217388

Use that money to pay your customers back.

>> No.7217390

Why would I be mad? I'm not the one who has to sell all her dresses to survive~

>> No.7217394

I don't have to sell them all either. I have enough rare pieces at I only need to sell a few, teehee

>> No.7217398

Ooooh, $1000, so much money~~~~

>> No.7217405

sup nicole

>> No.7217407

She was buying shit even when she was "too poor" and "too sick" to leave the house. Also isn't it hilarious how she's all over the internet now?

>> No.7217413

What did I buy? :3

>> No.7217418

Not that anon but can you just pay them back already instead of fucking around on 4chan? My lord.

>> No.7217422
File: 28 KB, 280x373, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

? Thoughts

>> No.7217453
File: 32 KB, 450x600, kokomi2000jp-img450x600-1357445477qaz53y76047.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can I get a price check on Meta's Cameo Button Velveteen JSK in black? I have one and i'm thinking about putting it up for sale but have no idea what people would buy it for.

>> No.7217488

Mbok http://www.mbok.jp/_el?u=7508484
Why were you at two releases for Midsummer's Night when your SS is closed and you are so in debt that you are several months behind in rent and bills and begging for money and you have some leg problem that you need to be on bed rest for?
$1000 isn't a lot to fall back on where you're already so deep in the debt hole and unable to work and aren't able to get benefits.

>> No.7217545

I'm not on bed rest and I wasn't at two releases for Midsummer...? Just last night. A friend asked me to try to get it for her so I did.

>> No.7217551

price check on MM perfume bottle jsk? Japanese auction prices preferably.

>> No.7217556

Retail/slightly above retail

>> No.7217561

do you want to sell it or buy it?

>> No.7217598

ffs rosaire youre so full of shit no wonder even your family has turned their backs at you if youd put as much effort into paying your customers back as you domaking up excuses you wouldnt be in this debt situation
tl;dr look at your life, look at your choices

>> No.7217609

Buy it

>> No.7217616

what about the OP?

>> No.7217629

I wasn't at the pre-reserve you fucking imbecile. There is this wonderful thing called Internet where people have these things called Twitter and blogs where they write about their experiences. That's how I know what happened.
Why would I be buying MSND for myself when 1) I am too fat to fit into it and 2) it doesn't release until February, meaning no immediate profit? It makes no sense.

tl;dr you are retarded. You showed that in the secrets thread and now you are showing it here.

P.S. I know exactly who you are, and have known for a while. It wasn't hard to figure out.

>> No.7217672

I WILL BUY IT IF YOU DECIDE TO SELL!!! Please email me!!

This is my dream dress

>> No.7217679

I just e-mail you.

>> No.7217703
File: 316 KB, 737x405, PlayingCardQueen JSK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How much for pic related?

I thought I could maybe sell it as a set but I'm not 100% sure if I want to let go of the bonnet and socks just yet.

>> No.7217709

How much does Aatp's Poison de lámour Princess JSK in red normally go for?

>> No.7217739

Aah that's good to hear. Curious as to what you want for it.
Email is in the field so we don't crap up the thread.

>> No.7217746

Rosaire, why are you still here? I'm serious, not trying to be mean or anything, but... why are you here, in cgl, when it is so obvious nobody wants to have anything to do with you here, at all, ever again? EVERY time you post in a thread, it is derailed into a drama/shitty ss/scammer thread, with people calling you out just because.

(again, not trying to sound mean, but it keeps happening. oh well.)

>> No.7217756

Some people do? I made some friends and sales on here. All I wanted was to see if I was getting lowballed. I want to genuinely participate but a certain European won't get off my nuts.

>> No.7217763

As a third party observer with no gain what so ever in this conversation, I have to say the few times you have come online the whole community here has attacked you. It was for good reason, you are a scam artist, you are selfish, delusional, and the only reason those people delt with you was to finally get their shit shipped to them after you tried to steal money.

I honestly feel that you should find a new, happier place to hang you stretched out lace at the end of the night because no good will come from being here.

>> No.7217780

I didn't try to steal money... If I had wanted to steal money I wouldn't have bothered coming back at all, hanging around, and keeping in any sort of contact with anyone. I would have just vanished, and that would have been the end of it. But I didn't do that, and I am not doing that. I'm shipping out orders. I made recent sales on here and on FB with no problems at all.

>> No.7217785
File: 21 KB, 300x350, metadimlight6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Metamorphose Dim Light Holy JSK

>> No.7217811
File: 28 KB, 240x428, 408138400.1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just know its putumayo

>> No.7217812
File: 29 KB, 240x428, 408138400.3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

saw it on the auctions and missed it. Wondering the name/ and how much generally how much it sells for

>> No.7217831

Shipping out orders? That is a lie. Have you refunded everyone too? I highly doubt it.

>> No.7217833

Nope, it isn't. I sent out 3 yesterday, in fact :)

>> No.7217835

Ummm yeah no. You probably only shipped out things you sold on Mbok whereas your customers are still not receiving their items or refunds.

>> No.7217837

Ummmmm yes. I have been sending out SS items. Only 1 mbok order paid so that was sent too.

>> No.7217840

Why won't you mail out everything and wipe the slate clean with your ss? I find it ridiculous that you are taking this long to resolve this issue.

>> No.7217842

I find it ridiculous that you insist on derailing every thread to bitch and whine at me. Like I said, I could have just fucked off with everyone's stuff and no one would have been able to do a damn thing about it, but I didn't do that because I'm not that kind of person. I am working to resolve the issue, so drop it.

>> No.7217845

Are you even mailing out the items yourself or making Tokyo Pirates do the work for you? I can't believe that you would get tattoos, go out for brand releases, when you have orders that you need to take care of since how long? I thought people were lying and butthurt when they criticized you when the octavekitten and infiniteneeya incident happened but now I know that those anons were right and you are just a liar. And just to let you know in case you didn't get the message, no one will drop this until you prove that you took care of your ss situation.

>> No.7217847

Why is she having others mail out orders if she is well enough to dick around on 4chan and go to releases? Lisa I have to hand it to you. You are a piece of work.

>> No.7217850

No, I am doing it.
I only have 2 tattoos, and the latest one I got in MAY. The first one I got in 2010. Wtf do my tattoos have to do with -anything-

God forbid a friend ask me to reserve a dress for her! 3 hours out of my time... You know I sleep for 14 or so, right?

Go ahead and believe them, I don't care. I had proof showing I was in the right and they were wrong. I know why you won't reveal your identity though, because if people knew they would flip their shit seeing as a huge amount of the community hates you too.

Don't insult the person preparing and serving your food. It's a bad idea.

>> No.7217860

Rosaire will you make me food one day please? Can you cook japanese food? I love you. Call me.

>> No.7217862

Remember guiyse, she eats just like the Japanese.

>> No.7217865

iawtc. I used to whiteknight her ass but time and time again my efforts prove pointless. She starts drama everywhere she lands her ass. Don't even get me started on Rosaire v. Btssb. eyerolls out sockets

>> No.7217868

I find it amusing that you are trying to scare me with this identity crap when you don't know who I am. I don't think a community can hate me when I am not even active outside of cgl an my local comm.

>> No.7217869

Didn't she say that she was going to sue them and get rich? What happened to the Baby incident anyway.

>> No.7217871

She had no case and knew it, but made up a rumor about BABY being bankrupt to save face

>> No.7217872

I think infinite and octave stayed quiet during the drama because they realized that rosaire was batshit insane. Smart move on their part but I feel bad for the people who used rosaire's services instead of seeing the drama as a warning. I wonder if chokelate and cadney are still friends with rosaire despite all this drama.

>> No.7217873

Hot damn. How off the rocker is she?

>> No.7217876

What frustrates me about this situation is that rosaire never takes any advice. If she was transparent about everything and had a shipping schedule that she stuck to, no one would be angry. But no, she can't prioritize to save her life and showed that she can get herself out of bed for a brand release but she can't get out of bed to run her business. But we all know that her head is so far up her ass that she can never see the error of her ways so it is the same thing as beating a dead horse.

>> No.7217880

Are people not receiving their items or refunds from rosaire? Am I the only one who saw this coming a mile away? Moaer sauce plz

>> No.7217881

Note that she has not mentioned refunding anyone back even though issuing a refund is easier than typing shit out on 4chan.

>> No.7217884

If you look at rosaire's FB page, there hasn't been any updates on her end but people are still commenting about not receiving their items and refunds.

>> No.7217885

Yepp. Plus her shit about 'I can't fit into shit why would I buy it' is total bullshit. She continues buying shit she can't wear all.the.time. Btw rosaire, are you gonna bring up your smelly vag problems this time? Might as well seeing as it's more appropriate in an anonymous online thread instead of a classy cafe.

>> No.7217890

Should keep this thread up seeing as people are not getting their items or refunds back, yet rosaire still frequents this thread. Maybe they can ask her to mail or payback while she's still around...?

>> No.7217898

You must be blind because my last update was Nov 18 where I compiled a list of the remaining people and asked anyone who wasn't on the list but had an order, to contact me so I could sort things out.

Just wait until the girl I got it for receives it and posts pics online. You're gonna be so assmad.

They're all too skurred that I will beat them up over the Internet and make them cry, so they won't say who they are.

>> No.7217900

My friend told me that rosaire is responsive to emails so I think people are working on it through there.

>> No.7217901

Yet you claimed you shipped out packages. Where is that update? I feel bad for that one person who keeps asking for a refund. Why won't you just issue one?

>> No.7217903

>They're all too skurred that I will beat them up over the Internet and make them cry, so they won't say who they are.

Don't complain about her you guiyse, she will beat your ass all over the internet. Quality ss right hurr.

>> No.7217908

Why is chibi-tenshi the only reliable ss? This is fucking depressing.

>> No.7217912

You aren't making sense. Didn't you say that everyone who needs anything was listed on that November post? It is already public knowledge who they are.

>> No.7217913


>> No.7217914

I told her I could send her a Western Union refund or an international postal money order, or wait until I have a balance in my Paypal account to refund her. She said it would cost a lot to receive a western union because she isn't a member of the only bank that accepts them in her country, and would prefer Paypal, and is fine with waiting as long as I keep in regular contact.

I emailed the customers whose items I shipped.

Yes, I am.

Brain damage?

Tokyo Pirates is reliable. She is super sweet and has awesome luck.

When they are shit talking anonymously, they won't say who they are. Or they say things like I EMAILED YOU AND YOU DIDN'T REPLY BUT IM NOT GONNA TELL YOU WHO I AM etc

>> No.7217916

Lisa drama is so juicy. I love hearing people complain about her especially people who met her in real life. I heard that she is a whiny bitch so it is no surprise that all she does is make excuses and whine online.

>> No.7217918

You are so delusional. Do you think that it is only your customers who are shit talking?

>> No.7217922

I know people are lying and pretending to be customers in distress, which makes people like you even more horny.

>> No.7217924

Nope. You should make that announcement public on your ss page so that everyone knows it is true that you mailed those packages out.

>> No.7217926

There may be people who are lying about being customers but some of us are fed up with you. We don't need to be acting like customers to show our disdain because currently, you are acting real shitty.

>> No.7217928

As if she really mailed anything. We all know that she didn't.

>> No.7217929

And you're not? I don't have any reason to act civil toward people who aren't being civil toward me.

>> No.7217931

Except I am not in the wrong and you are.

>> No.7217935

rosaire, I know my friend has an outstanding order with you. Should I tell her to email you or post on this thread? I am not sure if it got worked out but last time I spoke to her, she said that she didn't receive anything but has emailed you in the past and was waiting for a ship date. I doubt she is awake right now though.

Sorry for contributing to the derail.

>> No.7217937

And all the while Yunni is slowly cutting herself off from the Internet as more and more people from the DDC order and there on are coming forward to complain that they haven't received their orders yet, Yunni keeps saying that Angelic Pretty never shipped the items, but in actuality she never placed the order and charged 50% commission and just ran with it. You can get Liz Lisa LPs through her if you want, though!

>> No.7217939

If you are in my SS group, check the Nov 18 post and see if her name is on the list. If it isn't, she needs to contact me because it means I can't find a record of her order. Or you can, either way, mail in the field.

>> No.7217957

I am not part of your group but she uses an alias on FB and her real initials are SK. She told me a week or two ago that you and Tokyo Pirates were in touch with her but I saw this and wondered if it was better for her to contact you through here or if you guys were still in touch.

>> No.7217960

I don't know who is worse: Yunni or Lisa

>> No.7217965

Yunni. That's not saying much, though. Thankfully there's a good Tokyo in store SS now.

>> No.7217968

I actually bought the items... I just take a long time to ship. This time, much longer. Shit happens.

>> No.7217973

Ah okay I know who you are talking about. She was one of the people who contacted me and said she wanted her order transferred to TP, which is fine. Jamie had plans to come yesterday but with Sweet Cream House, MSNT, Sugar Bouquet, and the tea party dresses going up for sale/reserve, she wasn't able to make it, and now doesn't have time until next weekend.

I don't know if TP relayed that to them or not, though. You would have to ask her

>> No.7217976

I will ask her. Sorry for butting in.

>> No.7217979
File: 32 KB, 250x333, Angelic Pretty Milky Dot Chiffon JSK pink.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Milky dot chiffon JSK in pink? I want to buy it but I'm not sure if the one I have my eye on is a fair price or not.

>> No.7217980

No problem! I still need to let her know what she owes me, but it's probably pocket change since it was only a small chunk of the final item cost.

>> No.7217985

it's currently available on mbok for 18,000 if im not mistaken

>> No.7217987

How much could I ask for Honey Cake Yoke-style in yellow?

>> No.7217990

The JSK? I would say that most Honey Cake dresses I have seen are priced around $300.

>> No.7217991

Really? The one I found is 27000. I've been stalking the auctions for like a week but haven't seen another. Do you have a link?

>> No.7217996

Okay. I figured somewhere between 200-300, but that's a wide range. It would be safe to price it around $270, then?

>> No.7217998

Yellow is the most sought after color. If it has full back shirring you can get away with charging more than that

>> No.7218018

None of the HC dresses have full shirring.
Can't be eating too many pancakes while you're wearing it.

>> No.7218022

Sorry, you said full back shirring, my mistake.
The yoke version doesn't have that.

>> No.7218035

Massively sad that the drama died down ;(

>> No.7218060
File: 69 KB, 500x306, 1371944047192.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7218061

No way. I sold my ivory JSK for $350 not too long ago and would have asked for more with the amount of people PMing me that they desperately needed it. If yellow is the most popular color way then it'd be worth more than $300. I sold it to get the mint version which I spent around $275 on.

I had the full back shirring if it helps

>> No.7218063

I think ivory is actually more popular (or at least sells for more) than yellow.

>> No.7218065

Really? I thought yellow was more valuable because it's honey and pancake colored.

>> No.7218109

I think ivory is more popular. Yellow and mint comes next, and then it's pink. It's the only print where you can really see the overall print because it's in brown.

At $270 I think there will be lots of biters, but you can always start higher anon.

>> No.7218112

Bitch give your customers back their money.

>> No.7218113

OP or JSK? I'm fairly confident that if I ever decided to sell my yellow OP that I could get 400-450, at least, once I re-sew the waist tie button on. I would definitely have an auction for it.

>> No.7218121

Ok anon I will sell all their items and give them the money. They will have you to thank for it!

>> No.7218127

No matter how many "Rare" dresses you have it will never make you more beautiful on the inside nor the outside.
You really are the ugliest girl I have even seen in this world.
I truly hope you die in Japan, in your shit apartment
Alone, with no one who gives a fuck to check on you.
Your body will be left alone for weeks until the smell gets so repulsive someone calls the police
They will dump what is left of your body in an unmarked grave
or burn you to ashes and just leave you in the pit.

I think you deserve a fate worse than this but sadly this is the reality of your future.

>> No.7218128

You should probably just get off 4chan for awhile. This statement is nonsensical to the point where you must be pretty riled up to have said. Yeah, I get you were trying to say that you have their items and were trying to imply they'll be sent out in snappy comeback form, but you fell short and it sounds moronic and childish.

>> No.7218143

psycho alert

>> No.7218147

+1 pretty much sums it up

>> No.7218167

That makes no sense. So if you do wrong, and people get mad at you, you have the right to be mad at them for getting upset with you? That is very childish.

>> No.7218169

I said it was the yoke styled.
I saw an auction go for $330, but I thought that was a fluke, considering the month before 3-4 jsks had sold in the 200s.

Would $250 be a good starting point for an auction?

>> No.7218258

Wow. What a bitch move. No one said to sell people's items, just give back people what you owe and ship out what you need to ship.

I hope that no lolita ever associated with rosaire again because this was one clusterfuck for the community.

>> No.7218337

Honey cake has a cult following. People either hate it or love it - and people who love the print will pay a hefty price. You should have seen the shitfest cgl had when they missed out on low prices honey cake.

>> No.7218867

The OP came in both styles too, so you saying "yolk style" doesn't really help.

>> No.7218892

Why do you behave in such a deranged way over clothing? I'm pretty shocked.

>> No.7219197

I'm selling a very good replica if you'd like to buy it

>> No.7219367

Do you have pictures of it? The replicas almost never looked as soft to me.

>> No.7220598
File: 33 KB, 320x278, LdYu1RijJpGj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Twinkle Mermaid JSK or OP in BlackxMonochrome?
Looking to get one.

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