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Can we get a weeaboo story thread going?

Easy mode: something that happened to you
Harder mode: something that happened to your friends/family
Impossible mode: you were the one causing the horror

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>Freshman year, second semester
>Meet fat, socially awkward weeb
>Has a room to herself in dorms because she claimed she had psychological problems to the counselors
>Pushed the two beds together, sleeps on both of them w/ two body pillows
>Animu posters everywhere, big tittied manga chick as her nametag on the door, Japanese curtain things hanging on stuff
>Carries a notebook full of yaoi she draws in in public, gets upset when "hipsters" judge her for drawing porn in plain sight
>It is called the "troll book" because when she carries it around she is trolling people lololol
>At this point, I am getting back into lolita
>She doesn't know how to do research by herself, when she finds out I know lolita things, she asks all the dumbass new questions you can find with Google
>Too big for Bodyline, loves Angelic Pretty
>"I'm gunna buy all the AP replicas on DoL"
>"I'm gunna be the best lolita!"
>"I'm gunna be a full time lolita by this time next year, just watch!"
>Also she believes that she is the reincarnation of a gay Japanese man
>She knows this because she asked a fortune teller
>This is why she gets upset when people use chopsticks wrong, it's because she used to be Japanese
>Leaves my art school because they don't have a sequential art major
>She needs that major because she's gonna be a famous yaoi artist
>In Japan
>Also a kindergartener teacher
>Scares away all the Asain international students because she wants to date them
>"Hey, anon, you're Asian, tell me how to catch an Asian guy. Japanese is best, and Korean is second, but anything is fine!"
>"Oh that Asian guy wanted my booty"
>"My booty"
>"My booty"

Since she left my school, I haven't been in contact with her. Last I heard, though, she had met a 40-something (looks 17 though) Japanese sushi chef on the internet. He travels the world making sushi, and they are now engaged. She is going to move to Japan to live with him.

Weeaboos, your dreams can come true.

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This is a weaboo story my friend told me on Skype. I replaced her name with Anon but everything else is intact.
I had a really bad weaboo experience the other day at Walmart.
I was hanging around the star wars/ green lantern stuff just browsing around for some shits and gigs, and the stereotypical greasy haired, 14 year old weaboos that should be banned from public places are walking along. There were three of them, stalking around Walmart, like weaboos do, one with a naruto hairband, the necklace, the shoes, another trying to cosplay as L, the third trying to pull off lolita and -shudders.- Anywho, I pull my harajuku purse with all of the buttons and shit to my crotch so hopefully they won't see. Then my Japanese grandmother walks in. . .
"Anon Chan, let's go home in rike 20 minutes, ohkay?"
They dove in like fucking sharks.
"Ohmygod you're Nihonian, your bag is so kawaii, sugoi, kawaii, konichiwa, watashi wa derp chan!!!!"
One tried to glomp me o.e
"Grandmom, let's get out of here."
"But Anon chan are these your friends, they seem rearry nice."
"Lemme talk to them for a sec"
"Okay I'rr be in the parking rot"
Meanwhile they're all like "Do you have a deviantart? Are you really Japanese? You don't look japanese, you could be in a hentai though! Oh my god is that itachi's ring? Where did you get that?"
I just gave them the wtf hand gesture and stare for a bit. They left after a minute or two of this
:Not the worse experience ever, but still pretty bad for our area.

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This is a weaboo story my friend told me on Skype. I replaced her name with Anon but everything else is intact.
>I had a really bad weaboo experience the other day at Walmart.
>I was hanging around the star wars/ green lantern stuff just browsing around for some shits and gigs, and the stereotypical greasy haired, 14 year old weaboos that should be banned from public places are walking along.
>There were three of them, stalking around Walmart, like weaboos do, one with a Naruto hairband, the necklace, the shoes, another trying to cosplay as L, the third trying to pull off lolita and -shudders.-
>Anywho, I pull my harajuku purse with all of the buttons and shit to my crotch so hopefully they won't see. Then my Japanese grandmother walks in. . .
>"Anon Chan, let's go home in rike 20 minutes, ohkay?"
>They dove in like fucking sharks.
>"Ohmygod you're Nihonian, your bag is so kawaii, sugoi, kawaii, konichiwa, watashi wa derp chan!!!!"
>One tried to glomp me o.e
>"Grandmom, let's get out of here."
>"But Anon chan are these your friends, they seem rearry nice."
>"Lemme talk to them for a sec"
>"Okay I'rr be in the parking rot"
>Meanwhile they're all like "Do you have a deviantart? Are you really Japanese? You don't look japanese, you could be in a hentai though! >Oh my god is that itachi's ring? Where did you get that?"
>I just gave them the wtf hand gesture and stare for a bit. They left after a minute or two of this
>:Not the worse experience ever, but still pretty bad for our area.

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Anyone notices that the real "weaboos" most of the time are really people with a really low powerlevel?

Most of the weeaboos I met at conventions and such are really people who just watched Death Note, listen to some Visual Kei stuff and imagine living in japan with their japanese gf/bf.

I myself dont really have a story to tell, though going at conventions a lot of times I really feel emberassed/Fremdschämen that such people share the same hobby as you do...

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Most people consider weaboos to be, yes, just someone with a low power-level that embarrasses the shit out of anyone near them.
The true weaboos are the ones you want to go to Japan just for the anime, believe it's 2D sugoi kawaii yaoi everywhere, etc., such as in the first two stories posted.

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Yeah. But even then the ones who wanna go to japan because of Anime, are mostly ones who dont really know much about the country at all.

I lived there for 2 years with my chinese gf and a lot of other foreigners I met there, somehow really spend more days in Tokyo, esp. Akiba, than anywhere else.
They asked us where the best Onsen are, like in Anime XYZ. Or where to watch the cherry-blossoms in summer...
I always wonder if they are disappointed when they return, because Japan is nothing like what they see in Anime. At least not if you live there for more than 2 weeks.

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Exactly. Those are weaboos.
The difference between an anime fan and a weaboo is the delusional obsession with Japan and Japanese people, I think.

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I'm just glad that yaoi paddles have been banned from most cons as a result of these weebs.

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THIS. Even when I was in my 13yo weeb stage with yaois everywhere, I thought the paddles were downright ridiculous. What sane person could ever think it was a good idea?

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The world may never know. I used to have a friend that would carry around a Yuri and Seme paddle at every con as if they were badges of pride. He even brought his own from home to carry around at a con from out of state. He really didn't know what "Seme" meant to the weeaboo crowd that he was a part of. He thought it meant "giving" and carried it around because he likes giving gifts. He didn't even know it implied gay sex. What!?

And of course, he'd act like the most embarrassing weeb and smack girls on the ass with it. Did it to me once and I wanted to kill him but I couldn't run too well in my long dress. Augh... fuck those paddles!!

Soon after, I became very picky about my internet friends that I plan to meet at cons... lesson fucking learned in 2006.

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Impossible mode:

Okay, where do we start...

The first time I ever met a Japanese person after watching anime was probably my worst weaboo moment. I practically worshipped the ground Asians walked upon (unless they were dark skinned, because then I didn't give a fuck). So when I met a couple of middle aged Japanese ladies, I freaked the fuck out. I had been on a website that "taught" japanese and had retained some info (like three or four words) and was determined to show the fuck off. They laughed, so I guess it was a horror story for them, but I look back on it with so much embarrassment now. At least they were nice about it.


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I keep hearing those sorts of things about Japan and know it's different if you live there and grew up there, of course, and I haven't seen that much anime, but I studied abroad there and was prepared for my "delusion to be shattered" and was wrong about that. I really did have a magical time, probably because everything was new and novel, and I took the time to experience things like onsen and waterfront shrines and things like that, etc.

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Woops, I meant it was NOT a horror story for them.

Anyways, here's my second story as a lolita:

>Go to local mall all decked out in bodyline lolita attire
>Nappy wig
>Walk into Hello Kitty store because I thought I saw someone wearing a print I recognized
>"U-u-um, d-d-do you like Lolita fashion?"
>ZOMFG [email protected]#$)([email protected]

I tried to name the print she was wearing but got it wrong. Then I continued to spaz. I tried to act like an expert on lolita, but it's kind of hard to do that when you look as terrible as I did that day. I pester her now and then because I'm still excited that I met a lolita where I live. Here's one of my recent moments:

>Walk into store
>Mention /cgl/ again and spill spaghetti all over the place
>Actually use the word "spaghetti" to acknowledge my social awkwardness
>Up to my knees in pasta
>Walk out without buying anything
>Avoid the store when she's inside now

Oh wait, I almost forgot to mention the horror I've induced on the store manager (who is Japanese, btw).

>Walk into store to buy something (loli isn't there thank goodness I am such a mess)
>Talk to store manager about how cute the Sanrio characters are
>Turns out we both love the same character, yay!
>Decide to show off my broken ass Japanese
>"Little Twin Stars is Kawaii~"
>She gives me a look
>Leave the store as quickly as possible after buying some things

I haven't been there since.

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I don't...Care for you

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Please tell me you were 14 when this happened. Please.

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Do Brony stories count too?

>Otakon 2011, cosplaying Pinkie Pie on thursday
>Walking around outside, a man comes up to me proclaiming his love for PP & asks for a picture.
>I say yes
>He pulls out a fucking shoebox full of Pinkie Pie toys & merch
>Says to me, "I never go out of the house without Pinkie with me! Take a photo with her?"
>I'm given two PP toys and pose with them, trying not to think too hard about a man who refuses to go outside without his box of Pinkies.
>He tries to talk to me about his undying love of Pinkie Pie, but I beeline out of there once I give him back the toys.

I've cosplayed as Pinkie for quite a few cons and it still wigs me out that most of the people who want my picture & interact with me are grown men.

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Wow. Tell me this happened years ago and you've gotten much better since.

>> No.6943780

...Uh, sure.

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>>Mention /cgl/ again and spill spaghetti all over the place
Unrelated but I think it's so weird how people mention cgl irl in casual conversations.
Also this might not be weeaboo but it's creepy
>be dressed in lolita at an anime convention
>see one of my lolita acquaintances there
>she approaches me and we talk about things
>brings up cgl
>out of politeness and to skip going into details I tell people I prefer not to browse 4chan
>she brings up some random drama pulled from cgl about our comm
>don't know much about it nor do I care
>pretend I don't know anything else
>apparently it involves her
>I feel like I'm being underhandedly interrogated
>I have to spend the next 30 minutes listening to her speculate who the ~*~drama mongers~*~ are in the comm and how we can find them out
>she sounds deranged as shit
>if only she knew if she would just let half of the shit go on cgl her life would be so less stressful and not full of drama

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She used the word...recently...

>> No.6943784

I'm still a beginner lolita, so, sadly, no. I think I've many more mistakes left to go.

Can I please just skip to the part where I'm a perfect lolita that isn't an awkward mess?

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I mentioned it in hopes of making a 4chan browsing friend.

I thought it'd be cool to have a nice, frilly friend to have sleepovers and browse 4chan with, ya know? Sadly, I did not gain one...

>> No.6943799

Ah, I've had a similar situation happen to me, involving BTB.

It was at a comm meet and the girl I was talking with was just an acquaintance, since my friends hadn't arrived yet and we were just making small talk.

Suddenly she brings up some drama involving our con from some old BTB entries and I just smile and nod my way through the conversation.

Seriously they all talk about how they wish there was less drama so why do they feel the need to bring up every little trivial comment posted online? By complaining about the internet drama they're just bringing into our comm more ffs.

>> No.6943801

Honestly I prefer just going to soc and making an internet friend for that type of thing. As a rule I tend not to involve my irl friends with things I do on 4chan. Because if anything were to ever fall out then that drama bullshit could follow me irl, not to mention the gossip and rumors. Do not want.

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okay so
>first week of highschool, don't know too many people
>desperate for friends
>girl rides my bus, is a few years older than me and looks very nice
>she is nice, we talk a lot, etc
>months pass and I learn she likes art
>I'm really into art, always drawing in my sketchbook
>she talks about how much she draws
>she claims she ONLY draws emo art
>this is coming from someone who has a blonde half ponytail with a scrunchie, straight up ugly mom jeans, mom comfort shoes and pastel turtlenecks
>she then brings art in
>is awful terrible goff rori animu bullshit
>weeks pass, and she begins to don a single studded bracelet and a black fishnet glove calling herself emo (all while still wearing the same clothes)
>she shows me anime bible scenes she drew, and says she used a special method to design them
>i ask what method
>she tells me she draws them with her blood
>literally w h a t?!?!?!!!!
>she then tries to teach me proper methods of drawing although even though I sucked back then, I actually knew how to draw 10x better than her
>she draws emo sesame street drawings/animu bible scenes/animu roris (i kid you not) with her own goddam blood still
>of course her weeaboo goffik friends soak it up like it's great
>and she gets progressively more mom like (she looked like a mom in real life anyway) she talks down to me like I am her child
>she dons a gothic cross choker probably from claires
>finally end of school year she graduates
>never see her again
>and now- I found her on facebook 3 years later. she still looks like an awkward mom and she's still some weeaboo emo (butnotreally) person wow

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This goes beyond being a beginner lolita, and into straight up lack of social graces. Hate to break it to you. Just approach lolita as any other hobby, not some special thing where you HAVE to be friends with someone else into it. And no broken Japanese. Ever. I'm just trying to give you tough love.

>> No.6943804


The first part >>6943719
DID happen many years ago, though. Probably when I was like 12, so that incident can be excused. I hope.

>> No.6943810

Wakarimashita (sorry, I should stop joking around).

I'll try to learn how to not be a spaz anymore. I'll do my best. Thank you.

>> No.6943812

this was just a weird encounter:

my friend and I were rose and a genderbent godtier john from homestuck at a convention. someone asks to take our picture and this guy comes out of nowhere and screams at us "THIS IS IT. THIS IS GONNA BE A NEW MEE MEE. THIS IS GONNA GO VIRAL"

what the fuck? omfg

>> No.6943813

>Seriously they all talk about how they wish there was less drama so why do they feel the need to bring up every little trivial comment posted online? By complaining about the internet drama they're just bringing into our comm more ffs.
I agree so hard. It's oppressive as hell too. Now I'm nervous that if they do find out I browse here that I'll be put on the ~*~drama suspect list~*~ and then if anything ever happens I'll probably get the finger pointed at me for it. Or at the very least shunned. It's so ridiculous.

>> No.6943817

What an idiot.
I can't wait for people online to say "That's lolita, you fuckass."

>> No.6943818

Oh wait, whoops, I can't read for shit today.

Nvm. "That's Homestuck, you fuckass."

>> No.6943850

That reminds me of this one guy I know who keeps thinking he's an LOL EPIX TROLL FOR THE FTW xD because a few people got annoyed (really, confused) by this video he made of a poorly photoshopped LittleKuriboh and Vic Mignogna kissing

>> No.6943857

When I was in middle school, I was actually a reverse weeaboo for a while - as in, I hated Japan and would talk about how much it sucked. However this mostly was just complaining about anime since my mom didn't like me watching it so I had to rationalize that or something.

Then for a while I was like a weeaboo for Germany. I'd never stop telling people about all these facts I knew about Germany and would constantly talk in insanely butchered German. I was smart enough not to be all "OMG GERMANS ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN US" though

>> No.6943864

I once remembered talking to a fat weeaboo girl years ago. It was when Loveless was a popular anime and you'd see most of them wear those cat ears.

I met one of them and started to ask them what's it all about. She gives me this 10 minute speech about how having cat ears means innocence and being a virgin.

Another one was this year. I remember seeing a woman bringing her baby kitten pet walking outside the con on a leach.

>> No.6943873

Ugh, I had a friend who was obsessed with German (and still is) who hates Japan now, haha.

I'm lucky that I haven't come across many weeaboos, but there was this 22 year old in my art class who still dreamed of becoming a mangaka, which she proudly told the class on the first day. Her art was completely shit. It looked like something a 10 year old on deviantArt who just discovered anime would draw, but considering she had been drawing for years... it was just pathetic. She was also one of those people who wrote really biased anime reviews. She's more into MLP now, and constantly makes statuses about how "deep" it is on Facebook.

>> No.6943894


You sound awkward but still adorable as fuck.

>> No.6943899


I had friend's like that, but instead of Germany, it was the UK? Like they really loved british comedy and musicians and really liked union jacks and it wsa really weird

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File: 183 KB, 480x270, th-thank you.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you. That's very sweet of you.

>> No.6943905

Oh I've had a bunch of friends like that. Their interest was sorta less about appreciating English culture and more about thinking they're refined for knowing stuff about England

>> No.6943930

That seems like a much easier route to making a frilly friend.

I'll try that. Thank you.

>> No.6943931

I laughed so hard, anon.

A new mee mee.

I'm still laughing.

My face hurts. There are tears.

>> No.6943935

This is super tame but I saw some fat smelly chick buying a Pinkie Pie toy at Target and talking about someone who "lost their Rainbow Dash" and she started talking in a Pinkie Pie voice and then she went over to the weights in the fitness section and was lifting 8 lb free weights and I was trying really hard not to giggle.

>> No.6943985

Did he actually pronounce it "mee mee"?

>> No.6943996

Had something similar happen at my first con, some guy going around asking people to dance to Caramelldansen (is that still a thing? This was 6 years ago) So he sets up a camera, gets my group to stand up and get ready, takes like ten minutes futzing around with his netbook or whatever, then finally out of the shitty little speakers comes Rick Astley. He started saying stuff like IRL TROLLED LOL and laughing... I think he even posted it to Youtube.

Sadly for him most of my group was fairly internet-illiterate and had no idea what Rickrolling was...

>> No.6944002

okay, I lol'd.

>> No.6944010

I now want "That's lolita, you fuckass" to be a new EGL catchphrase.

>> No.6944030

>She knows this because she asked a fortune teller
oh well then it's legit

>> No.6944057

Does 4chan horror count?
(english is not my first language)

>five guys driving around a wheelbarrow on local con
>fat guy in a crappily made pedobear suit sits in it and screams at everyone
>paper sheets with crudely drawn 9crap "reactionfaces" glued to the barrow, you know what I mean, Derpina and all that stuff
>three of the guys wear Guy Fawkes masks
>they run around the con screaming and shouting stuff like "longcat is long", "anonymous is legion", "FOR THE LULZ"
>after the con see them running through the town, almost hitting innocent normalfolk with their stupid barrow. still screaming memes and shit
>"don't worry ma'am, we're from the internet!!!"
>the guys were probably 25 - 30 years old
>this happened in 2011

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File: 44 KB, 297x392, that's lolita you fuckass.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And it shall be done.

>> No.6944071

You mean rage faces? More than likely they're redditors, 9fags are usually just Facebook users.

>> No.6944075

Alright I'll bite. This happened to my friends and I probably about a year ago.

So I had met this guy through a friend. He wasn't all that bad looking and he as pretty nice. We went on a few dates. He was a little socially awkward but nothing too bad (or so my friends and I thought at the time). We were meeting up at ihop for a late breakfast and he was wearing a Bleach shirt so I asked him if he liked anime to which he replied yes. We talked a little bit about our favorite series but nothing too bad. No red flags were raised. He asked me if I was going to the upcoming local con and I said yes. We talked about cosplay plans and made it a point that we should hang out at the con together at some point. He said he was really excited because this was his second con but his first big con (as in going all 3 days, staying at the hotel, etc.). I told him that he should make it memorable. Oh boy would it be memorable...


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please tell me you took pics of the wheelbarrow at least

>> No.6944100

My roommate at the time (we both live in 2 different cities now but are still friends) also liked to attend cons and cosplay. A few days before the con our apartment basically became the "hub" for all our friends. My friends were coming down from different parts of the state and her friends as well. Both groups clicked instantly. My roommate and I were both thrilled because that meant we wouldn't have to deal with drama.

So about 2 days before the con is where the story truly begins. My roommate and I had already finished our cosplays for the con and we were helping out our friends finish some last minute stuff with theirs. My roommate (who we will call Nikki) is awesome with a sewing machine and was just whipping things out left and right. So as I'm helping our friends out, I get a text message from the guy (who we will call Bob). He asks me if I can hang out. I politely decline because not only am I caught up with helping finish cosplay there were guests at the apartment. He replies with a small hissy fit about how it's ok if I ditch everyone for a few hours and I won't be missed that much and why am I putting so much time into cosplay because he only spent $5 on his. I didn't feel like explaining myself to him so I just put my phone on silent and tossed it aside.
45 minutes passed and my best friend (who we will call Lily) asked if she could do stuff on my computer. I agreed. I was apparently still signed onto FB when she called me over. I had a friend request and about 40 messages in my inbox. I was confused as to who could send that many. All my good friends were at my apt. I saw who the friend request was from. It was from Bob. I added him and then read the messages. They were all from him. He was whining that I should add him and to stop working so much on cosplay and to hang out with him because I can see my friends another time. This riled me up because several of those friends I only get to see twice a year if I'm lucky.

>> No.6944102

this sounds freakishly like one of my friends...
Just tell me anon, does she live in Georgia?

>> No.6944107

I lost my shit.

>> No.6944111
File: 391 KB, 357x198, tumblr_lrf9stxW6A1qdk4pj.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it makes me sad and angry that people like this exist.

>> No.6944114

Yes, actually. Where do you know her from?

>> No.6944117

>emo sesame street drawings
What in the actual fuck.

Yeah please don't speak any broken Japanese, ever. The most weeby you can get without looking like an idiot is to say that you're learning Japanese. But I totally understand where you're coming from, anon-chan. I had a similar experience when I was a beginner lolita. Best of luck to you!

>> No.6944118

Lily and I decided to check his FB out. All his statuses were about anime and about how all the girl cosplayers at the upcoming con better be KAWAII DESU~ to his liking or he would be upset that they have disgraced wonderful NIPPON. He also kept whining about how the girl he liked (me) wanted to work on cosplay and hang out with friends than be with him. His friends had replied along the lines of "Chill the fuck out man" and "Desperate." He retaliated towards all of them.

So finally it was Friday, the first day of the con. We had to take several cars since we had that many people. As we are driving down to the hotel, one of Nikki's friends asks me if we could stop by her workplace real quick so she could get some money and snacks for the room. I agree and we pull over to the store she worked at. As I'm sitting in the car with Nikki and 2 of our friends, my phone goes off. It was Bob. He was asking if I was at the con yet. I replied no. Not even 2 minutes passed and he sent me another text asking the same question. I replied with a no again. Another 2 minutes passed and he asked the same question. I put my phone on silent and handed it to Nikki to put in my purse since I had to drive. Once we got to the hotel I had about 15 texts from him asking that same question. Finally I replied yes. He then wanted to know my immediate location. I told him that my group and I had to go find our rooms and get into cosplay and that it would take some time. He called me and began to whine over the phone about how all his friends ditched him and he wanted to hang out now. I told him no that he had to wait. The group and I were already beginning to get skeptical about the idea of him hanging out with us but we decided to give it a shot.

>> No.6944121

>Yeah please don't speak any broken Japanese, ever.

>> No.6944123 [DELETED] 

I have a few in impossible mode. None of them are really terrible but they all happened in such a short amount of time, I feel like it all comes together to be one horrible nightmare. It'll be in sequential order. You'll all be happy to know that I am a completely non retarded, well dressing loli now.

>be at anime convention
>see girl in lolita
>only ever seen lolis online, this is the first one I've seen IRL
>"Omg, she's so kawaii!" to my best friend
>she's on the phone
>I don't give any fucks at all
>follow her around for like 5 minutes till she gets off of the phone
> "Y-you're so cute. C-can I take a picture with you?"
> she looks really freaked out but God bless her because she agrees to the picture

I ended up joining my local comm, which she's a part of and I still can't really face her.

>> No.6944124

This is starting to sound interesting now. Please continue, Anon.

>> No.6944125

Stop being a weeaboo

>> No.6944126

Oh my god... does she go to KSU? I know her from my local comm. good lord.

>> No.6944129

You know I meant in real life, don't you?

>> No.6944131

I know, I was just playing.

>> No.6944134

Still a weeaboo, no matter where you do it

>> No.6944136

So I texted him to meet us up in the dealer's room. When my group and I got there, he was already waiting. When he saw me he jumped right at me and glomped me. Needless to say, I ended up on the ground. Lily as Riza Hawkeye shoved him off of me and told him to stop or that she wouldn't mind if her combat boots saw some combat during the course of the weekend. He made this puppy dog face and apologized with a GOMENASAI ANON~ FORGIVE ME PLEASU~ I rolled my eyes and introduced my group to him. So my group started breaking off into mini groups and did their own thing. My sister (who we will call Ashley), Lily, Lily's fiancee (who we will call Alex), and Nikki decided to stay with me. Ashley and I were looking at a booth with figurines. My sister was on a Vocaloid hype at the time and wanted to get a Rin. As she was paying, the two of us suddenly felt warm breath on our necks. He was literally breathing down our necks. I shoved him away and told him to beat it because he was creeping us out. He ran out of the dealer's room with his face buried in his hands. That was the last time we saw him...that day.

>> No.6944139

Um, I think she actually ended up going to SCAD, so maybe it's not the same person? Odd that they're so similar, though!

>> No.6944141
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>> No.6944142

God if it was the person I was thinking about, I'd be running for the hills. I've actually become quite close with her in the past few months and she isn't AS crazy as people seem to say she is but she's still kinda out there. But what you described is too much, even for me.

>> No.6944144

Oh, haha, I guess it's a good thing that it's not her then! Wouldn't want you to think that your friend is cray.

>> No.6944150

Nah, my friend is totally fucking insane. The fact that I mistook my friend for the person you described is proof enough of that, isn't it?
Anyways, are you in any Georgia comms? If so, I'm pretty sure you'd know who I was talking about.

>> No.6944153

We all had a good first day at the con. It was now Saturday and we had lots of things planned to do. Bob texted me apologizing for how he behaved and wanted to hang out. I told him that I would be busy for most of the day to which he responded with an ok. The day was awesome. Lily and I hosted a photoshoot, Nikki got a cute guy's number, Ashley got a bunch of merch, and Alex got a new cosplay. Later in the evening, we went to a Starbucks nearby to relax at before heading to the rave. Bob texted me if we could hang out alone. I replied with a no not alone but you can join my friends and I at Starbucks across the street.

I think the boy was truly lost or illiterate. It said Starbucks in big letters and we all saw him walk by us at least 3 times (we were sitting outside). Finally I hollered at him to come sit with us. He pushed Ashley aside so he could sit next to me. That was strike #1. He pushed my little sister. I reintroduced everyone to him and we started chatting. I forgot what we were talking about but he interrupted us with a "I'M CURRENTLY IN COSPLAY! HOW DARE YOU GUYS NOT SAY ANYTHING! ESPECIALLY YOU ANON-KUN! YOU'RE THE SUGOI COSPLAYER HERE!"

I literally could not tell who he was. No one else could either. He let out a deep sigh and said "YOU GAIZ ARE BAKA GAIJIN! I'M DOCTOR INSANO!" First of all, I don't believe Insano is Japanese. Second, it didn't look like him at all. We all nodded politely and carried on. That was strike #2. Nikki started to feel lightheaded so she went back to her room with some of her friends. At the table it was me, Bob, Ashley, Lily, and Alex. That's when the evening began to take a spin towards crazy...

>> No.6944157

No, I'm actually in California. Is she infamous there or something? I'm not sure if the girl I was talking about ever really did become a lolita, I mean, she only ever talked about becoming one... I was scared she was going to like, terrorize the Georgia comms when she went through with it.

>> No.6944160

A little bit, yes. She kinda has a bad rep for no reason, as she is crazy, but she keeps most of her insanity to herself. And thank goodness, I hope the insane person you knew found a new hobby or something.

>> No.6944164

Haha, she's probably still just watching shit tons of anime and drawing yaoi all over the place.

>> No.6944168

So it was the 5 of us at the table. All of us except Bob are big Doctor Who fans. Alex and Lily happened to be cosplaying 9 and 11 respectively. As we talk about the upcoming series, Bob stands up. He shoves his finger right into Lily's face and tells her to shut up about Doctor Who. Alex naturally gets defensive and smacks Bob's hand away and yells at him. Bob looks to me for help to which I deny because that was strike #3. He just lashed out at my best friend. I told him that if he doesn't like the topic we're talking about then he could ask to change it and not act the way he did. He shoves a finger in Alex's face and says the evening is ruined because of him. I announce that I'm tired and want to take a nap. The 4 of us bolt out leaving Bob behind. As we enter the lobby and get to the elevator. My sister tugs on my sleeve and points out towards the lobby. Bob is Naruto sprinting towards the elevator. I immediately start pressing the close door button. Luckily the door closes before he could make it. In the room, Lily is going on about how much of a jerk Bob is and we all come to the consensus that we need to avoid him. Nikki comes into my room because she heard all the commotion next door. She gives the codename "french fry" for all of us to use if he's around. So my mini group and I start getting reading to head to the rave when Bob texts me apologizing. I don't even bother responding because I'm so pissed at him. So my group and I are right at the front of the line to get into the dance when he comes up to us and starts whining that we let him cut so he can hang out with us and we can all have a DOWNRIGHT SUGOI TIME~. We refuse and he just about throws a temper tantrum when con security moves him to the back of the line. We all sighed a breath of relief but relief was only temporary.

>> No.6944171
File: 10 KB, 429x410, 49061d1bbbe1ba1232c08235c5b5585d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>baka gaijin

Hahaha let's hope so!

>> No.6944172

To the best of your knowledge, is this guy autistic or what?

>> No.6944173

We go into the rave and begin dancing close to the stage. We're all having a great time until Ashley stops dancing, her jaw drops, and yells "FRENCH FRY!" Lily quickly tells Alex and Ashley to start dancing around me so I could be in the middle of this poorly constructed circle. Bob dances over and tries to get to me but when he did he was met with someone's flailing arm due to a dance move. Bob got fed up with the act and reached right into the circle and grabbed me and started grinding right up on me. I shoved him away and stormed out of the dance and into the bathroom. Lily followed me. I started to vent about how pissed I was at him. I then began to panic because Ashley was only 15 at the time and she was left with Alex who would look after her regardless and the creep. Lily and I went back to the dance. We barely walked through the door when we saw Ashley and Alex running towards us. Apparently Bob started grinding on Alex and tried to make a move on my sister who is jailbait (we are all in our 20's except for Ashley). We all started to dance in the back of the room and it was going great until my sister shrieked FRENCH FRY.

>> No.6944174

To be honest, I don't know. I didn't care to find out.

>> No.6944177

Damn. At that point I'd have just called the police on his crazy ass.

>> No.6944182

not this anon but I'm currently taking japanese course at the uni, would it sound weeb to try to practice a bit with japanese people I met at con ?

>> No.6944186

We started dancing into the crowd. Our logic was that if we are part of the crowd then it might be harder for him to get us. It worked but then he started to get angry. His nostrils flared and he started to yell "COME BACK HERE YOU BAKA BAKA BAKA ANON!" He started to charge right at me but then Alex stood right in front of me. He basically chewed Bob the fuck out telling him that he was making our con horrible and that he was a creepy faggot that needed to fuck off before one of us got con security. Bob's face crumpled up and he started to cry and bawl right there before covering his face with his hands and running out of the dance. We enjoyed the rest of the night undisturbed. The next morning we told Nikki and the others what happened and we all agreed to keep an eye out if he was around for this con and future cons.

As we were making our final sweep of artist's alley before we would head back to the apt, there he was. Nikki grabbed my arm and began to pull me towards the escalator that headed down into the lobby. Ashley was clinging onto my arm for dear life and everyone else was behind us. We were practically at the bottom when he got to the escalators and yelled BAKA GAIJIN at us. We just about sprinted to our cars and noped on out of there. I had totally forgotten that I had befriended him on FB. I updated my status saying I had fun at the con minus a creeper. He LIKED my status and COMMENTED on it saying YOU LOOKED SO KAWAII ANON-KUN~ CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU SOON~ I blocked him on FB and on my phone. My friend that introduced me to him has apologized saying she didn't know he was that way and has since said that he has gone mental.

Funny enough, I saw him at the most recent con I went to. Nikki and Lily couldn't go but Ashley and Alex went with me. He has a girlfriend and they were walking around screaming stupid memes like BUTTSCRATCHER~ and such. Every time he walked by we fled so we wouldn't have to deal with his shit again.

So that's that.

>> No.6944187
File: 247 KB, 400x225, tumblr_lve9xfkhOJ1qjmpoo.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i'm laughing really hard at the codename
continue, poor anon

>> No.6944188

I should have but I guess we were all freaking out so there wasn't a lot of common sense going around.

>> No.6944192

Don't just bust it out on unsuspecting strangers. If you're talking to someone already, maybe it'd be okay to be like, "Hey, so I'm taking a Japanese course, mind if I try it on you?"

>> No.6944195

Well, at least it's nice that he found somebody...?

>> No.6944197

oh god someone cap this story for threads to come

>> No.6944200

Also, thank you for actually writing it out instead of green-texting it. Much more enjoyable to read.

>> No.6944201

Holy crap I just remembered this amazing weeb story from a couple years back

>be 18 yo girl (2010 I guess?)
>chatting on MSN with friend of a friend I met like, once or twice
>fat asian dude, he seems ok. Acts like a devil-may-care, hipster type
>we chat for a couple weeks, talk shit about my ex-gf, whatever. It's so platonic and bro-ly
>asks me out on MSN, out of the blue
>Don't really want to, but he persuades me

>first date
>doesn't know how to plan a date at all
>wander around the hipster district
>make him buy me a cupcake and we sit at starbucks and "chat"
>lectures me about Kamen Rider and how it relates to power rangers and stuff idefk
>tells me how he lives at home with rich optometrist parents, doesn't drive, has no plan for future
>is 21
>cupcake was good

>second date
>meet him downtown
>suggest we eat at restaurant x
>"No I don't really want to take you to a restaurant, anon-chan, because I don't want to just be a free meal and then you dump me."
>lol wut
>wander around downtown for two. hours. with heavy backpack
>can't make up his mind
>finally go to restaurant x. Food sucks.
>he walks me to subway afterwards
>plan on giving him courtesy kiss on cheek
>takes me by shoulders and kisses me right on the mouth, anime-style
>be the girl that gets a free meal from a guy then tells him 'this isn't working out.'
>no regrets

Like I cannot capture how awkward it was
sad part; now I'm 21, living at home with parents, can't drive. But I have an amazing boyfriend so it's ok

>> No.6944206

I guess like the saying goes, two birds of a feather flock together.

I'm glad the misfortune at the time was enjoyable to read. While this was going on it was all pretty crazy but now we all look back and laugh. French fry is our codename for all con creeps these days.

>> No.6944207

Why on earth would you go out on a second date with him?

>> No.6944209
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This pretty much covers 7th-11th grades of my school life.

>> No.6944210

Spot the weeaboo

>> No.6944211
File: 72 KB, 604x453, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Forgot pic

>> No.6944237

oh god... rocking the Kyo hat.
I love anime and I frequent cons, but I've never have the guts to wear one of those animu hats.

>> No.6944244

Fremdschämen = secondhand embarassment

>> No.6944245

>Bob is Naruto running towards the elevator.
I fucking cracked up at that.

>> No.6944246

A few years ago, I went to my first convention with nine friends. Half of us had just graduated from high school and had never been to a convention before. The other half were already in college, but had only visited small, local conventions. The con was a week or so after those of us who had graduated had done the whole Walk Thing, so we treated it as a sort of rite of passage of our own.

It was the first time that two of my friends and I had travelled under our own steam, without parents or a school trip to organize things for us, so we were really serious about it. We planned the trip in advance, booked two hotel rooms at the con hotel months ahead of time, and borrowed one friends' parents' SUV and another's parents' minivan (we all had small cars, so fitting five people in each would have been uncomfortable).

The drive usually takes about 5 or 6 hours, but we were hyped the fuck up, didn't take rest stops, and drove quite a bit over the speed limit the whole way, so we made it in just under four. How we didn't get pulled over or die in a horrible flaming wreck, I'll never know. Point is, we got there, got to our rooms, and were still flying on that buzz of freedom. Once we got our badges for the weekend, we split into a few smaller groups to check out the various events at the convention. Things were going great and everything was amazing, until we met Chris.

>> No.6944251

My best friend Juliet and I were in the dealer's room with our friend Lisa, ogling all the crazy merchandise that we hadn't even known existed. Lisa's boyfriend Dan and gone to a panel she didn't want to see, so she'd tagged along with us for a while. We were all pretty awestruck. There were twenty flavours of pocky in one booth (SOME HAD NUTS ON THEM! WHAT!), XXX yaoi doujin with black-out covers in box after box at the back of another (we giggled over those for twenty minutes before the guy running the booth asked us if we wanted to buy anything; we bolted, slightly ashamed), and more tacky weaboo wear than you could ever imagine (so much raschel lace. So many varieties of cat ears).

We eventually bought a lot of cheesy j-rock paraphernalia at one booth, including keychains and miniature wall scrolls that had been printed really crooked. While we at that booth, looking at buying a few neck ties with LUNASEA, L'ARC-EN-CIEL and DO AS INFINITY embroidered on them, another customer slipped in between Lisa and Juliet.

"I bet that one would REALLY look good with your outfit," he said to Lisa, pointing to a black tie in the middle with SLAVE embroidered on it. She just stared at him in response and said "Uh. Thanks." Then started to edge away.

He flagged down the guy behind the table and said "The lady will take that one there!" Lisa said "No, the lady will not." Thinking that they were joking around, Juliet laughed and added "Sorry, dude. The lady has a boyfriend."

>> No.6944252

Unfortunately, with those words, Juliet doomed herself forever. Chris shifted his attention from Lisa to her immediately and in that horrible, sleezeball-trying-to-be-charming way, he asked her if she might be single since Lisa was spoken for. Juliet lied and said yes, that all three of us had boyfriends. The guy sighed really dramatically, then put his arm around Juliet and Lisa's shoulders and said "I won't tell if you don't! We can have a four-way in my room even! I got the presidential suite with the huge hot tub."

Lisa made a face and shoved the guy's arm off, then moved down the table without saying anything. Juliet was stuck at the end that was butting up against a wall, so she couldn't get away as easily and just kind of laughed it off.

Until he went all creepy, I didn't pay much attention to him. Conventions are overwhelming, especially to newcomers, so I didn't notice much about him until I realised Juliet was stuck under his arm.

For starters, the guy had pretty hideous BO. He was wearing a Kenshin t-shirt which had obviously been printed on a bubblejet and heat transferred over. On top of that (I assume to hide how transparent it was), he was wearing a black version of those hideous, Hawaiian style shirts, with the flames at the bottom and on the sleeves (unbuttoned to show his t-shirt of course).

>> No.6944256
File: 135 KB, 472x269, Latr7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he was wearing a black version of those hideous, Hawaiian style shirts, with the flames at the bottom and on the sleeves (unbuttoned to show his t-shirt of course).

>> No.6944257

A girl in my friend group in high school always spoke with an English accent despite being 100% American. Never understood it.

>> No.6944260

Is that it?

>> No.6944261

Lisa had already moved on to another booth and Juliet was looking more and more uncomfortable the longer he talked to her. Being awkward as fuck, neither of us really knew how to get this guy to back off. I also couldn't tell if he was really that much older than us or not, because he had a stringy, unkept beard that made it impossible to tell. It was curly and greasy and resembled pubic hair rather than facial hair.

Eventually, using the excuse that we needed to get back to our group, I managed to get Juliet away from the guy. We grabbed Lisa and booked it for the dealer's hall exit. On the way, Juliet stopped to grab a booth's business card. She said they had some plushes she wanted to look at later when we weren't in a hurry. It was rather crowded, so even if we hadn't been in a rush, she would have just had to come back later anyway.

We got out the door and heaved a sigh of relief, and decided to meet back up with some of the other people in our group.

Lisa called Dan, but the area we were in was really loud and crowded, so we ducked down a side hall and into a little alcove thing so she could figure out where we were meeting everyone else. While we were standing there, I was teasing Juliet about the guy in the dealer's room.

All of a sudden, she went really quiet and started to look upset. I asked her what was up and she didn't answer me, but really loudly said "Hey, didn't think we'd see you again."

Like something out of a sitcom, he had *just happened* to walk up behind me. She had seen him as he came around the corner. I assume that he had been following us the whole time to have found us that easily, because we were off the main path. He walked up to Juliet, looking really pissed off. He then shoved a black garbage bag at her chest, turned around and stomped off.

And I mean STOMPED. Big, exaggerated steps with his knees up above his waist. Lisa busted a gut laughing, Juliet was staring at the bag in her hands, and I was just mystified.

>> No.6944263

I asked Juliet if she thought he'd heard me teasing her and mocking him, but she was busy with the bag. By the time he'd gone off into the masses again, Lisa had decided on a meeting spot (a fountain in the courtyard between the hotel and the convention hall) and Juliet had opened the bag. She was looking really freaked out, because in the bag was one of the plushies that she had wanted to look at from the booth she'd gotten a card from.

He had followed us long enough to see her stop there. He hadn't just happened to find us in the side hallway.

I brushed it off and told her not to worry, that we'd keep her safe. She shoved the plushie back into the bag and shoved that into her messenger bag, saying she needed to give it back to him if she saw him again.

Lisa said she hoped like hell we didn't and we set off to meet up with the rest of the group.

>> No.6944264

The guys had gone back to our room to get something, so we got to the fountain a few minutes before the rest of our group and sat down on the edge facing the hotel. Juliet was still pretty freaked out by the random plushie-giving on top of everything else, so we distracted her by talking about other things (mostly Adam, a guy in the group that she had a crush on).

All of a sudden, out of the blue, we hear "MIAKAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" from behind us. We all three turn to look, expecting it to be some cosplayers goofing around, when charging from the open convention hall doors is our Hawaiian shirted neckbeard buddy.

I shit you not, he had his arms out like he was trying to turn that thing into a fucking cape, and came running full tilt toward us. Forget that there's a fountain in between. Forget that it was on. He looked like he was going to plow straight through it.

Instead, at the last second, he jumped up to run along the wall. Sadly, his (seriously) valiant attempt to look like a (really not even vaguely cool) hero in a Chinese drama failed. He cracked his shin and fell face first on the retaining wall of the fountain instead.

>> No.6944268

We just kind of sat there watching him in horror. It didn't take long for him to get up and hobble around the fountain rubbing his leg, but that was long enough for me. I'd kept pretty quiet throughout because I'm pretty timid, but he'd crossed a line with the stalking.

I started demanding to know if he was fucking FOLLOWING us? And was there something wrong with him? The hell did he think he was doing, harassing our friend?

He just pointed at me and shrieked that not even Yui could separate him from his beloved Miaka and that he would call upon Suzaku's flames to rescue his beloved. The more he blathered, the more panicked Juliet looked. The guy was clearly off his nut and had decided she was part of his fantasy.

While he and I were shouting back and forth (mostly me telling him to fuck off and him screaming various Fushigi Yuugi references), the rest of our group came down from the hotel room.

>> No.6944272

Dan, Lisa's boyfriend, is a massive goof-off. He doesn't take anything seriously. So with this guy screaming that he would return Miaka to the palace, he thought it was time to play a game.

Dan started pretending to be the Red Power Ranger. I shit you not. He yelled "It's morphin' time!" and started da-da-da'ing the theme song at the top of his lungs and doing goofy spins and "transformation" shit. Adam and Alex (Dan's cousin who was with us) caught on and started doing the same.

By now, Juliet was practically comatose in shock, Lisa was cackling her ass off, and our new "Friend" was just staring at them.

It was enough to break his weird focus, though, because he started talking normally again and introduced himself as Chris. Lisa told Dan he'd been stalking Juliet and being a real sleeze, but Chris said it was all just a joke and he hadn't meant to take it that far.

Juliet and I were still really wary, but she agreed to letting this guy come with us to a pizzeria nearby for dinner, so we went with it.

>> No.6944282

On the way to the pizzeria, Chris was behaving normally. He and Dan had a chat about Power Rangers and the like, with Chris insisting that the Japanese versions are superior because they're more visceral and realistic (or something, I wasn't really listening too closely). Their conversation continued up until we ordered our pizzas. Chris said he wouldn't be eating because he had "spent his money on a gift" and looked at Juliet really pointedly. She refused to meet him eye to eye and went off to look out the window until we were seated.

When we were all getting into the booths, he shoved Adam and Richard (another friend) out of his way to slide in after Juliet. She didn't look thrilled about it given his remarks about money and gifts, but he had behaved the entire way over, so no one seemed willing to say anything. Lisa was acting like she'd forgotten the guy's creepy shit from earlier entirely.

Everything seemed to be okay, though. Our pizzas came, Chris stared at each one but didn't eat anything, and everyone was getting along. All of a sudden, he YAAAAAAWNED really big and stretched his arms up and out and right over Juliet's shoulders like before. She looked uncomfortable as fuck, and Adam (sitting on the other side) almost got clipped in the eye by Chris' elbow and looked annoyed as fuck.

Dan was starting to catch on that we didn't like this guy (took long enough), and tried to get Chris' attention to try and get him away from Juliet. He completely ignored Dan and instead, pulled her in REAL close and said "So Miaka, did you like your lil'prezzie?"

Adam went from looking annoyed to being outright furious.

>> No.6944285

>getting her a gift against her knowledge and using it as emotional blackmail

>> No.6944289

I totally know the guy in the OP.

This is weirdly personal, I don't think I've ever seen anyone I know posted here.

>> No.6944293

"That isn't my name," she told him trying to pry his arm off.

He squeezed tighter "Sure it is! You're my Baka Miaka and I'm your Tama-chan! Right?"

A sort of little scuffle broke out between the two of them, with Juliet trying to get out of this guy's embrace and Chris grabbing at her like a redneck trying to mount an unwilling ewe.

Finally, Adam's fury reached that point of overflow. He stood up, and dragged Chris out of the booth by his shirt collars. Adam's hardly the manliestman I know, but he's pretty tall and at the time was a bit on the heavy side. Chris was so scrawny and lanky that Adam didn't have much trouble forcibly separating him from Juliet. Beyond that, there was little physical contact. Adam just let go as soon as they were out of the booth and planted his ass on the end of the bench so Chris couldn't try to get back in.

Finally, just Dan said, "I think you've worn out your welcome, dude" and everyone else added their agreement. Chris "fixed" his shirt in a really dramatic fashion (including straightening the previously rumpled collar and brushing off his shoulders) before he did the dramatic STOMPSTOMPSTOMP out the door again.

Juliet was pretty much in tears from all this and told us that she just wanted to go back to the hotel. So, the five of us (Lisa, Dan, Juliet, Adam and I) told the other half of our group we'd see them back at the hotel and headed out.

>> No.6944314

Fast forward to the next day.

The night passed without incident. Juliet hadn't been able to give the plush back to Chris at dinner with everything that happened and shoved it under a bed to forget about it. The next morning, we had breakfast at a little cafe thing in the hotel, then headed over to the convention for the day.

This time, when we split into groups, Adam stayed with Juliet while I went off with Richard and Alex. We were in the anime karaoke room watching a girl butcher Ranma 1/2 songs when Alex's rang. He didn't recognize the number, but figured it might be important, so he left the room to answer.

A few minutes later, he came back into the room. His face was almost purple and he told us we needed to get back to the hotel, pronto. We booked it back to the lobby while he explained.

Alex had booked the two rooms for us, because most of us weren't over 21 and in order to book, you needed to be. The hotel had called him because someone claiming to be staying in one of those rooms had gone to the lobby and said they lost their key to the room that the girls were staying in (we'll say the girls were in 304 and the guys were in 306 for reference).

Since the rooms were in his name, they had called him to come confirm things. The only problem is that the person asking for a key was male. Not female. Alex had been informed of the situation with Juliet's nutjob and said he had a pretty good idea of who was asking for a key. When we got to the lobby, lo and behold, Chris was just lingering near the desk while the woman behind the check-in counter puttered about, taking care of other things.

He was in another of his homemade anime shirts (A scantily clad Rei Ayanami this time) and that same flaming Hawaiian shirt. I swear to you, that thing was probably the main source of his BO and cultivating a dozen species of bacteria in the armpits from overwear and underwashing.

>> No.6944327

Alex walked straight up to the counter and asked the woman if Chris was the one who had requested a new key. Chris, of course, was really taken aback. Apparently, he hadn't been informed that we were coming to confirm his identity as one of the guests. She confirmed that he was and Alex said "Right, I want security here and I want him arrested. He's been stalking my friend since yesterday and now he knows what room she's in."

He hadn't even finished (he'd only gotten to "arrested") when Chris made a dash for the door. Being a busy convention hotel, no one stopped him, because they assumed that he was just another hyperactive kid showing too much enthusiasm.

After he was gone, Alex spent a five ten minutes arguing with the woman behind the counter about the situation. Her manager came out and Alex then argued with him, demanding a change of rooms since our friend's safety had been compromised by some lunatic's delusions.

They told us that they couldn't change our rooms because the block devoted to the convention was fully booked and all other rooms had to be left open for non-convention guests. In a sad attempt to "fix" things, we were given meal vouchers for the hotel restaurant for the rest of our stay (dinner and breakfast, basically). That was it.

Alex was still pissed off and said we'd better go check the rooms. We only had three keys for each, so we had split them up a bit. Juliet and Lisa each had one, as did one of the other girls (Tracy). I messaged Lisa and Juliet and told them to both come to the hotel ASAP, since I figured we should warn Juliet about Chris finding the room out.

>> No.6944336

five to ten*

Juliet and Adam showed up first, with Dan and Lisa not far behind them. We got in line for the elevator and explained what had happened while we waited. After about twenty minutes (seriously, hotels and conventions and elevators, man), we finally got upstairs. Juliet was understandably shaken up that this guy had followed us close enough to figure out her hotel room (we still don't know how the fuck he managed that). Lisa opened the door and took a step in ... right on top of a little packet of folded pieces of paper. She picked them up, unfolded them, and yelled "BLEARGH! OHMIGAWD!" and thrust them at Dan.

He looked at them, made a face and passed them to Juliet. She looked like she was going to either laugh or cry and just threw them on the dresser, then said "I just want to go home. This is insane. HE'S SO FUCKING INSANE."

The sheets Chris had folded and shoved under the door were really badly traced drawings on hotel letterhead, of Miaka and Tamahome. Nothing explicit or gross, but enough to be fucking weird. The only change he made was that Miaka had rectangular, half-rim glasses (which Juliet wore at the time). They all were signed with "To My Baka Miaka" in a big heart, with Tamahome's "oni"/demon character.

>> No.6944346

Holy fuck that whole thing made me sick, I hope Juliet isn't traumatized from cons forever

>> No.6944347

Juliet didn't leave the hotel room until we checked out the next day. At least one of us stayed with her at any given time and everyone in our group kept their eyes open for Chris when they were down at the convention hall or anywhere else in the hotel, so they could report him to the convention.

We didn't run into him again. The plushie stayed under the bed when we left. Juliet finally started to relax when we were about halfway home. She and Adam started dating about a week later. The weekend started to become just "one of those incidents" that you tell as a story to freak people out. Lisa, Alex, a few of our other friends and I went off to college in other states. Juliet started going to the same local college as Adam, Richard, Tracy and Dan. On the third day of classes, we all got a text message from Richard: "He's here. That flame shirt fucker is in my circuits course."

Apparently, he was just as bad outside of conventions as he was inside of them. He rotated the Hawaiian shirts more regularly, at least, and never ran into Juliet on campus (mostly because Richard warned her where he was and when, so she was able to avoid him for the next two years that he was there).

>> No.6944363

That was horrifying. Thank you for sharing.

>> No.6944365

I don't necissarily have a con horror story, but just met a reeeeally shady character after we left the con to go back home. We had to take the train and subways home, and we unfortunately missed the 2nd to last tram because of a pass incident and had to wait for the last bus of the night.
It was around late 9ish and we had JUST missed the tram back to the station so we were forced to wait out in the cold for another 20-25 minutes for the next one back home.
Upon waiting for our tram, this very loud and thin individual came and seemed to be needing to get on the tram as well. He seemed like a typical junkie but didnt look like he was on anything at the time but was still... awkwardly open I guess?
Unfortunately for us again, comming back from a con, he saw our costumes and was probably intrigued at seeing our cosplays, and standing out.
He came to us and asked normal questions; why we were dressed up and what for etc etc
After asking the same questions most coslayers get, he seemed pretty normal at the moment, he just talked very loudly seemingly wanted to attract attention from other people also waiting for the train...

>> No.6944366

Yes and no. She's been to conventions since, but until he had graduated, she refused to go to any of the local ones for fear of running into him. According to Richard, Chris started dating a girl in their course, so it might have been safe, but she didn't want to risk it.

It was pretty horrifying when it was happening. We had no idea if this guy was really just joking around, if he was dangerous, or what. Plus, Juliet was one of us who was on her first real trip away. Talk about a confidence shaker.

>> No.6944370

How was it the hotel's fault that the Chris guy was being a creep?

>> No.6944374

It wasn't. The fact that they called Alex rather than just hand over a key is proper procedure. However, because conventions put such a strain on the hotel staff, their usual security methods weren't doing diddly squat beyond that. He found out what room we were in and at the time, we didn't know if he was really even a guest there, which is a scary fucking thing when you've got some dude following you around after being told off repeatedly.

Alex was mostly angry that they didn't allow us to change rooms to try to keep him from coming back later.

>> No.6944377

After he was done asking questions the air around us was very muffled, he kept walking closer and closer to us as we talked to him ( we were sitting down and he had imidietely walked towards us and stayed standing up to talk to us)

He didn't really take the hint that he was creeping us out, and as an excuse we all "huddled together because it was cold" just to get as much distance away from him as we could

We kept implying things about how uncomfortable we were, he'd walk back two steps, continue talking about nonsense and begin edging towards us again

There were people passing by us, two women needed to get by to the other side, he blocked their path for a moment, stoof in front of them and very rudely asked for their numbers (he tried to pass it off as a joke but it was obvious he just wanted/needed to get laid)

After what seemed to be another painstakingly 15minutes another person from the con came to use the tram to get back home as well, he saw us and we had wanted to talk to him to have a reason to stop talking to real life morbid shaggy

The other guy from the con was in charge if the pocky room, and while he told us what he was there for, morbid shaggy asked him very obvious questions as to why he was supposedly there and again not taking the hint at how uncomfortable our group was with him

>> No.6944380
File: 486 KB, 300x255, 2cida80.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

your wording throughout this story made me laugh.
i really hope me and my friends never run into a con creeper.

>> No.6944397

After another awkward 5 minutes, we felt bad for the Pocky seller because now Shaggy had been talking endlessly nonstop to him

And then the tram had FINALLY arrived and everyone began boarding, we were behind shaggy and the pocky guy, so when they began to approach the tram that was in front of them we BOLTED to the very end of the tram (there were 3 or 4 seperate trams) for fear of having to ride another 25-30 minutes with this shady guy

We were relieved we wouldn't have to put up with him again as we sat down, and as the tram doors were right about to close I SAW THE GUY JOGGING TO GET INSIDE OUR TRAM?

It looked like he headed out the tram when he didn't see us following behind him, but because the doors open and close quickly he could only get in the middle tram away from the one we were in.

The 2 seconds I saw him aiming for our tram really frightened me because I was afraid of him getting exceptionaly close again and being super uncomfortable

I also feel really bad for not helping out the Pocky Guy when shaggy wouldnt stop talking to him, he was really close to him too and we felt bad for not saying anything, sorry Pocky Guy! ;_;

>> No.6944443

I just remembered a weeb story as well!

>reading in library
>browsing manga sections to see whats new
>hear 3 very loud and high pitch voices
>playing very loud music on their phone and talking louder over it
>hear a very specific playlist
>hear certain songs pertaining to a certain webcomic
>being half-shy was reluctant to approach or make contact
>rare to see other people like me around my area
>decide to approach
>"are you homestucks?"
>wearing scorpio t shirt
>One in group squeals and literally bounced up and down
>last one gasps and yells loudly "OH MY GOSHH YESS!!!" while pointing
>notice one has hetalia shirt from hot topic
>turns off music from phone to start talking to me
>instantly regret decision
> instantly asked, "WHAT DO U SHIP" while coming very close to me
>meh on shipping, anything goes with me (ssdd all the way, brotp)
>all ships were "yaoi" (one did ship arasol but that was it)
>no quadrant reference, no mention of kids only "yaoi troll ships"
>one obv skipped to trolls disregarding all else
>talkin very quickly holy shit
>still talking loudly even without music, people start staring
>girl with hetalia shirt gets call from mom saying they have to go
>"do you have a tumblr???"
> ask for theirs, say i'll follow them and let them know it was me
>they leave
>never look up tumblr
>never make contact
>dont go to library for months

I haven't gone for fear of seeing them, it saddens me that the only homestucks near me aren't very mature.

>> No.6944444

>yaoi paddles


>> No.6944445

Don't really have a con creeper story, could have been though.

>Go to one of the few cons in small country
>Start being followed by Homestuckman
>Keeps commenting on how short my chobbits skirt is
>Follows me through con floor, just ignoring him
>Get to a stall, starts grabbing at my skirt
>Ohgodno... Suddenly hand dissapears, guy dissapears.
>Large man carrying a baby dressed as Finn berating him
>Homestuckman looks terrified by Finndad.
>Never see Homestuckman again, avoid Finndad out of shame.

>> No.6944449

Large wooden oars with YAOI or YURI or SEME or UKE on them. Painted or done with wood burning. Sort of like frat paddles, but much. Much bigger.

People at conventions often used to provide "favours" in exchange for a smack (or avoiding one, depending).

>> No.6944491


That sounds totally childish.

I rarely wonder anymore, why a lot of people in the "scene" are social fuckups...

>> No.6944508

>homestucks judging other homestucks for not being as obsessed with homestuck
This sure was a good weeb story

>> No.6944526

>make him buy me a cupcake
>suggest we eat at restaurant x
>"No I don't really want to take you to a restaurant, anon-chan, because I don't want to just be a free meal and then you dump me."
>lol wut
He doesn't sound that unreasonable here. He might have been recalling a past experience. Why does he have to pay for you? Did you really expect a NEET to adhere to social norms?

>> No.6944562

Even NEETs can pretend to be normal

>> No.6944565

fuck dude

>> No.6944574
File: 100 KB, 600x334, abeleek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be 21, just added another major my senior year of college
>better late than never I guess
>graphic design added, kept history
>used to be a huge weeaboo in high school/early college, gotten really good at hiding my power level
>only talk about anime, Lolita, cosplay, japan, etc. if brought up first by someone else
>first day of classes, hoping to make friends
>everyone mostly younger than me, all freshman
>sit down with a couple people, start chatting
>everything going good, really excited
>professor starts class
>“getting to know you” exercises
>hate these things, fill out the card
>basic things, name, phone number, write down that I like drawing and videogames
>get to final question
>“what is your favorite song”
>write down favorite song, visual kei song nobody’s gonna know the band
>hand card in, class over
>next class professor has Youtube open
>“hey class I really like music and so to get to know you all better I’m going to put some songs up that I’m not familiar with that you wrote down”
>immediate panic mode
>first person gets their name called, song goes up, listen to a few minutes of it
>everybody talks about it for a second, professor says they have a good taste in music blah blah blah
>second person same thing, both songs pretty tame
>“okay and anon why don’t we put your song up this sounds interesting”
>“uh professor I don’t think this song is really appropriate for class”
>“nonsense anon we’re all adults here and music is art!”
>professor types in song name and band
>chooses music video option rather than just lyrics
>Illuminati by Malice Mizer starts playing
>Gackt and Kami having sex with a harem of naked chicks
>entire video practically one giant orgy
>whole class silent, professor plays the entire thing
>professor closes browser
>“I think that’s enough for today”

>> No.6944577


>> No.6944587

>Naruto running

Oh boy, I had a friend who did that back in middle school.

I was a weaboo and even I thought it looked stupid.

>> No.6944594
File: 55 KB, 348x383, 1366689649319.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's fucking golden

>> No.6944601
File: 262 KB, 800x500, deadpool.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You poor bastard.

>> No.6944606

Finndad is my hero. And I don't even like Adventure Time.

>> No.6944623

>meet cute nerd guy in friends dinner groups
>chat and game with guy and begin typical nerd courtship
>can't make it to one dinner night because of a test and get bummed because it was gonna be killer soba night
>guy contacts my roommate through facebook to ask if I'm at the room to surprise with a tupperware of soba
>open door when he comes by and immediately have an internal freakout
>my side of the room: way too many posters of only megane bishounen
>lesbian roommate's side: way too many posters of huge titted anime and game babes
>guy: glasses and had considered going into priesthood at one point

>> No.6944643

Did this guy have curly blonde-ish hair and a problem with rocking back and forth, appearing to be on the edge of a mental breakdown?

If that isn't your guy then there is someone in the midwest who matches your description and then some.

>> No.6944648

this is the best thing I've EVER read.

>> No.6944657
File: 69 KB, 481x480, 1362802589363.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can only pick one.

>> No.6944669
File: 19 KB, 281x480, 1372645627590.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>hear 3 very loud and high pitch voices
>>playing very loud music on their phone and talking louder over it

>decide to approach

>> No.6944675 [DELETED] 

Alright, I'll bite. It was 6 years ago, and I was 11. Of course, I was weeaboo as shit, but I wasn't too bad with it, but I was with my friends. There was a creepy weeaboo friend I made too, the antagonist of the story. Let's call him Ed. Ed was a furry, weeaboo, and a fanboy who was FUCKING TWENTY at the time. He had a huge crush on me. I don't know why someone would like 11 year old me, but to each their own, I guess. I wear/wore lolita on the daily. That's why he met me. I was downtown, and he was like NIHON CHAN, LOLITA!!!
Since I was 11, I thought he was super cool. We hung out and MSN'ed eachother tons, but that all changed when the moon rose silver.
By that, I mean I went to my first anime con.
This con was in a different city, and my parents didn't care what I did at the time, so me, my other 12 year old friend, and her sister (we're all japanese) rented a room in a pretty cheap motel. Ed was at the con too, so when I set up my computer, he MSN'd me and we agreed to meet up. When me and my friend got there, he told us we were such cute 'lolicons'. My friends sister ditched us, so we had no 'adult' authority. We all went around to shops but he took a liking to my friend (We'll call her Jan), constantly calling her japan-girl, and when she told him her name isn't japan-girl, he'd ignore it and call her a baka. Eventually, my friend got uncomfortable, so we said we were going to the ladies room. Ed said he was looking at something so he'd wait for us. Me and my friend dipped and left the con for 2 hours, came back, and he was standing in front of the ladies room.
Me and my friend we're scared at this point. I'd fully processed how scary he was. So we spent the rest of the con (about 2 hours) trying our best to not freak out. When we tried to leave, he'd yell at us, telling us 'we're his dates, we can't leave him alone at the con'. Me and my friend we're so scared that we didn't go the next day, he MSN'ed...

>> No.6944677

>Unrelated but I think it's so weird how people mention cgl irl in casual conversations.
I do it. but only with current friends.
>"hey did you see *current drama* posted on /cgl/?"

>> No.6944678

me and told me he wanted to rape me and my friend for missing the son that day (I used the excuse my friend was very sick and I didn't want to leave her alone). He asked me if I and my friend wanted to be his girlfriends. I blocked him.
I saw him a year later and he was wearing a fucking Naruto headband and was just standing there by himself laughing loudly. He didn't see me (thank god).
I think the worst part of it all is just a month ago I found out he was put in jail because he raped a 13 year old .

>> No.6944680

*con not son, damn it

>> No.6944684 [DELETED] 

ya dun goff'd kiddo

>> No.6944685


>> No.6944687

>I think the worst part of it all is just a month ago I found out he was put in jail because he raped a 13 year old
Is that really a shock to you? You should have reported him.

>> No.6944690

Who is this in reply to? Which story is yours?

>> No.6944694

Alright, getting this off my chest. More of a lolita horror story than anything though.

>Be sweet lolita, owns lots of AP + BTSSB Usakumyas
>new housemate decides she wants to be a "LOLLY," asks where she can buy the same dresses
>doesn't have the heart to tell her there is no way she'll fit. She's 5'2 and 265 lbs for reference
>tries to steer her towards taobao/indie commissions

>whines for days about going to "~sparkly nihondesu and being a kawaii supermodel~~"

>> No.6944695
File: 356 KB, 480x270, THE FOK IS THIS.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I work at a fabric store and the only cosplayers I've met have been homestucks besides one girl

They're all pretty friendly and seem to be good people, but one chick said something that really rubbed me the wrong way

>girl is who is asking for a certain type of fabric is wearing a "GOT ANIME" baseball tee
>show her the fabric, cut and ring it up
>ask who she's cosplaying as
>she asks if I know what Homestuck is
>pause for a second (who doesn't know about Homestuck...?), then jokingly say "Tell me about Homestuck!"
>she lists off like 5 characters, some tumblr-AU costumes
>"Haha I don't know how they all ended up being Homestuck!"
>asks who I'm cosplaying
>list characters from Tales of Vesperia and Abyss, and Eden of the East

>looks at me really suprised
>condescendingly/jokingly says "wow you really like that anime, huh!"

>mfw Tales of isn't originally anime and she's giving me shit about having two cosplays from the "same" series

>> No.6944697

Wow you're a cunt, try paying for yourself sometime and maybe exploring some interests other than being vapid and superior to others.

>> No.6944698

She deleted the original post because she accidentally mentioned that she was underage.

>> No.6944706

Oh, okay. Underage b& on /cgl/, no surprise there.

>> No.6944710

It could also have been that it's been six years and then some, and that she recently turned eighteen... But yeah, the deletion probably means underageb&

>> No.6944713

You can tell she was pissed that he only bought her a cupcake. Just because someone comes from money doesn't make him your SD. How about going dutch or even paying for the guy once in a while. We need more gender equality, right?

>> No.6944725

I have a hard time saying no. And he was persistent.

I would have been fine doing something that was cheap/didn't require any money. My issue was he didn't have anything planned after asking ME out, and he walked me around for two fucking hours, not taking any suggestions, when I was bored out of my mind.
And I was very thankful for the cupcake, and I'm very open to talking about new things. Just not to the exclusion of any other conversation.

Did my story hit a little too close to home, boys? Are you also beta losers who think romance should be the way it is in animu, but can't even plan a semblance of an entertaining evening?

>> No.6944731

it was really weird, he had to have been at least 30

>> No.6944734

wow chill out.

>> No.6944736

Nice try, I'm a girl. And I always pay dutch or my fiance and I trade off paying for each other. The only time I ever get something bought for me without the expectation to buy something in return is birthdays and Christmas. So you would've been fine paying for yourself, as long as it was cheap? Or free... Real classy. Maybe he was fine with walking around with you, and that's all he felt like he needed to have planned? If you were so displeased, you should have said, "This is kind of boring me, to be honest. Would you mind if we did x for a bit instead?" Honestly my gripe with 80% of these stories is that if you simpering broads would make your feelings known to others instead of wrinkling your precious little noses and then writing about it on 4chan after, you wouldn't be in half these situations. Learn to tell people, politely, to shut the fuck up and leave you alone. It's not hard.

>> No.6944738
File: 26 KB, 679x427, 1370308240522.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6944740

If you have such a problem with these threads, then why are you even here?

>> No.6944743
File: 292 KB, 800x800, 1367532251564.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Are you also beta losers who think romance should be the way it is in animu, but can't even plan a semblance of an entertaining evening?
Ideals are always better than this cruel mistress called reality.

>> No.6944744

Also I should add that his sloppy kiss at the end and fixation on one topic is familiar to me, I'm not faulting you for that. Guy was an autist. But you're not exactly a princess yourself.

>> No.6944747
File: 42 KB, 400x400, 1292687668274.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>judging people this hard on 4chan

>> No.6944748

>I would have been fine doing something that was cheap/didn't require any money.
You're the one asking to go to restaurants. You should have just said no, or had "something come up" that day. For fucks sake. You wonder why some of you get backed into corners like this, fucking stand up for yourself and stop being delicate flowers.

>> No.6944759

i love how homestucks is all shipping and tumblr
i feel so so so bad for hussie but he is making tons of money off of these weeaboos

>> No.6944760

he even said he hated homestuck because of all the awful, awful fans

>> No.6944767

not sure if same anon or story jacking pony.

>> No.6944773

yeah, wow i'm not suprised
i wish he'd just never update the end. like draw the 2nd to last panel and just never finish the last one
i have a feeling the homestucks would go insane
and fight each other/cause drama
like even when there's an update there are always the posts that people make about how their theory is the only possible theory and everyone else is WRONG!!!! XDDDDDD
like, shut up who cares

>> No.6944778

I think this is actually pretty cute, anon.

>> No.6944787

I'm 18 now, I meant to write i was 18 but accidentally wrote 17. Whoops. But I didn't delete the post, I don't know where it went.

>> No.6944789

I should have and I really feel bad about it now. I was scared of how my parents would have reacted to me hanging out with a 20 year old.

>> No.6944799

based janitor

>> No.6944812

Most likely an eager janitor did it. I did read 11 years old and 6 years.

>> No.6944831


>> No.6944856

Once a really popular deviantart artist was being really, really fucking creepy to me, but I was 15 and too scared to tell him off, and was scared no one would believe me anyways. I held on to the caps for years, but they died with my old computer. That was 7 years ago, and I might give my shot at typing it out...Might not be very A+, but some weird shit definitely happened.

>> No.6944858

I never had any real horror stories, but god, my weeb stage makes me shudder.
In Middle School, I was major awkward. I hated bathing and I had a massive disgusting greasy dandruff-y hair problem, and I got idiotically offended whenever someone pointed it out. Like, I thought they were lying or something.
Anyway, I joined a bowling club, and one day I overheard the group of friends in the aisle next to mine talking about the Akatsuki(That's how you spell it, right? I was never enough into Naruto to know shit about them, though back then I pretended like I did). I zoomed in to find weebs just like me, all a year older, and basically became the little baby of the group who tried to act all "cute."
There was four of them, one being some chick with a greasy mohawk that I still don't remember the name of, who was a furry. Literally, she had this ratty, disgusting tail she brought to school every day. And would chew on it when she got bored.
The other one, let's call her F, I'm still friends with today since her powerlevel is down. She drew shitty anime, and even in High School, she wore her Hello Kitty and Naruto headbands. -c-

>> No.6944860

The third is S, who has absolutely no boundaries. For some reason she thought it was just hilarious to pull people's hair and poke them constantly. I don't even think she's out of this today.
There's another, one last one, who wasn't really a weeb. A, was just there because she had the misfortune of being a mutual friend with them all. She didn't know shit about anime, and was just there to have friends that I don't think she would have gotten otherwise, because F is basically a bitch to her, constantly talking her down and telling her how fat she is and how we're her only friends and that she has no life. A is currently having troubles with cancer and has tumors that prevent estrogen from flowing right, as well as other hormones, so she's gained lots of weight and has become more "masculine." And F is still a bitch to her, and thinks it's okay, because "we're friends."

I was in their group until they went up to High School, and I managed to mellow out in the year I was left alone. I showered more, and retired the ugly baggy shirts and the cargo pants, and have been slowly losing weight.
Upon freshmen year, I tried to reintroduce myself to their clique. I was completely embarrassed to be around them, so I ignored them for an entire year. Next year, I had classes with F, and I have a problem with telling people to get the fuck away from me, so I just sat it out and tolerated her. A, and another mutual friend that I gained freshmen year, Am, were in the class, so it wasn't as intolerable as it would be if I were alone. Especially because on days F wasn't around, A and Am would talk about their annoyances with her. Things about how F would refuse to work on her side of a school project with Am, and would get defensive every time she was asked about it. I also found out she seems to be bitchy because she has something like iron deficiency, and was supposed to take pills, but decided she didn't feel like taking them every day. -c-

>> No.6944864

Go ahead, Anon.

>> No.6944865

One day, she was particularly irritating, and decided she didn't feel like participating in class at all. When I kept badgering her to do as she was told, she told me to 'not tell her what to do,' and I snapped and called her a spoiled fucking brat. She didn't talk to me for a few days, and kept slamming things and shoved A so she would get away from me as quick as possible. Strangely, A managed to tell her this was her fault, and F accepted it and talked to me like nothing happened the following day.

Nowadays, F is interested in lolita. She bought a dress from a nearby con this year, and took pictures of herself in it. Without a wig, or any accessories, and not even a petticoat. She only thinks she needs shoes to match, that's her only concern. S I see around sometimes and try to ignore, and I found out she has a little sister that is stuck following her around and attempting to tolerate her still weeb-ness. They found a new person in their clique, an old friend of mine, who's now slowly turning weebish. I almost feel sorry for her.

>> No.6944883

Not weeaboo per se, but fuck it I'm sharing this.

>Be Finland
>Summer 2013
>Hypecon at Hyvinkää
>Female-to-male ratio about 3:1
>See about 190cm/6'2 pirate
>Fuck that's a tall woman
>That's some really well-masked beard
>Wait fuck that's an actual adult cis male

>Be alpha and go talk to him first
>Is pirate, refuses to break character
>End up arguing about his parrot
>Doesn't pick up Dead Parrot-sketch
>Give up, go play with boffers and shit

>Have fun and wander booths
>See fucking pirate again
>Try chat him up again
>Won't make eye-contact, won't break character
>Character too drunk to hit on
>Parrot still dead
>No he's not sleeping you faggot
>Give up

If you're reading this, Mr. Pirate, fuck you. You almost got laid.

>> No.6944884

Okay, does anyone remember that guy from Deviantart, Toonunit? He was pretttyyy popular, and screwed over his friend Kidchan, as well as several commissioners. Also it was found out how much of his work he plagiarized. That was after all this happened, it's ED article worthy, tbh.

Well, I suppose it was about 6-7 years ago, when I was a freshman in highschool, I was a HUGE fan of his work. Bought his art book and everything. Just a general weeb. One day, out of nowhere, I got a PM from him, and my little weeby heart exploded! His message asked me for my MSN username, because he would like to talk to me sometime. He said, he has seen me around on his page, and thought I was pretty cool. I was seriously over the fucking moon.

It comes time to add him, and at first it starts out generally normal. We talked about Range Murata and other influences in our work, and progressively starts getting weirder.

He tells me, he needs me to do him a huge favor. His friend is in a coma, and he needs my help. At this point, it starts sounding like some sort of magical girl anime type shit, except, not until he says the next part. I believed he lived in Malaysia, and he wanted me to CALL MALAYSIA, and IMPERSONATE HIS FRIENDS GIRLFRIEND THATS LIVING IN THE US. I can't remember what the entire fucking reason was?? But it was so bizarre and unreal. being 15, I'm like "uhhh, I can't do that! I wish I could, haha...." and be BEGGED. "Please, please, I don't know who else can help! etcetc", and I seriously had no idea what to do.

I finally stopped talking to him around the time he was sending me messaged like "Mmmm, i wish you could come here, I am so very horny..." and saying it was a joke.

I guess it's not quite a 'weeaboo horror story", but I've never actually told this to anyone? I kind of forgot. IRL friends wouldn't care, and he was so popular at the time, I figured people would assume I was lying. Not so great, wish I had caps or could remember more.

>> No.6944894

Maybe...he wasn't interested in you?

>> No.6944910

Ohhhh man. Her style is so cool. I wanted to learn how she did all of her paintings for the longest time when I was interested in becoming a graphic designer.

>> No.6944911

Can you please use less Reddit speak? I can barely understand the flow of conversation and I am very accustomed to greentext stories.
My first thought as well.

>> No.6944920

I have never visited reddit in my life and that story was super easy to follow. Are you unfamiliar with the dead parrot sketch?

>> No.6944927

I've heard of it but not familiar.

>> No.6945016

Those fucking people. I used to do that for attention when I was like thirteen. Years later, I met an adult man with a fake British accent who straight-up admitted that it was fake. It made me hate my past self with a passion.

>> No.6945036

Oh, yeah, it's those teaboos. The ones that think England is the holyland of hot men, Doctor Who, Sherlock, and those pictures of England they've seen on tumblr.
I know a chick like that. Doesn't fake the accent, but she's annoyingly obsessed with all things British.

>> No.6945055

I have a friend like that. We're from mainland Europe and she visits London every chance she gets. Last time I was there with her she creeped on literally every guy who looked even remotely alternative, especially the greasy scene relics. She laid on the accent extremely thick, bouncing back and forth between ridiculously posh and what must have been her idea of Cockney. I'd never seen her behave like that. It was embarrassing and weird. Then she stocked up on shitty cheap tea from the supermarket because ~English tea is superior~.
I guess that must be what it's like to visit Japan with a weeaboo. Can't say I ever want to do it again.

>> No.6945058
File: 6 KB, 219x93, 1349987054423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I made two japanese friends that were on exchange here in Austria, but I never brought up anime or lolita because I didn't want them to think that I was a weaboo.

One of them, her last week here, asked if I knew about manga. ... I denied knowing about it.

>> No.6945109

Next they need to ban the fuckers that yell "GET YOUR YAOI HERE." The landwhales know where to get that shit, so shut up.

>> No.6945139
File: 65 KB, 300x400, why are you guys doing this.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not entirely a weeaboo story, but this guy is all sorts of fucked up.

First I met him, let's call him Mike, was when I was on second grade and he was on first. He was apparently bullied by kids his age so he wanted to seek more mature company so he ended up hanging at the outskirts of our group of friends. One day a guy in our group said to him: "why are you even here anyways?" Mike just ran away, only to come back 5 minutes later to toss a huge rock at the guy who shunned him away a bit. The rock hit him in the head and he started bleeding quite a lot and he got taken to a hospital. Mike was not seen afterwards.

Fast forward 6 years, Mike ends up in the same school as I did. He was pretty tall for his age and seriously underweight, the guy looked like a damn skeleton. His hairline already implied that he was going to be bald before thirties, his back was hunching a bit and he had problems with drooling apparently. I never really spoke to Mike during those times, but I sometimes saw him Naruto running about and spurting a bunch of drool on his sleeves, but not much else.

Until I got into reading really hard and started to frequent school library. There was two computers at the school library and both of the screens were displayed clearly to anyone walking past the entrance to the library. Of course Mike spent all his time after school playing shitty hentai flash games there for the whole world to see.

Fast forward to a year ago, I enrolled into a christian academy of art (not native english speaker, I don't really know what to call it).
And there he is again, balding, drooling hunchbacked skeleton of a human being, Naruto running about, always bearing the scent of a chronic masturbator.

I don't even know what he is studying here, or is he here studying at all; I only see him around the dorm and cafeteria.

Not really a story, but might as well post.

>> No.6945142

>He shoves a finger in Alex's face
I am surprised at this point Alex did not haul him across the table.

>> No.6945146

I forgot exactly what I posted, but yeah I'm guessing janitor. I forgot if i wrote I was 17 or 11 and 6 years. Either way, I made a goof.

>> No.6945181

>neckbear attempts to wallrun
I'm fucking dying here.

>> No.6945209

This, especially since they yell shit like "GET YOUR FRESH BUTTSEX HERE" at underaged people.

>> No.6945238

I still dont get why girls love to read Yaoi and still buy tons of this shit.

Like in germany for most of the conventions they invite some Yaoi-Mangaka "normal" people dont even know...

>> No.6945239

Is that guy still going? I haven't seen him lately at cons (thank goodness.) I like yaoi but he just scared me.

>> No.6945242

I always assumed it was the same reason why straight men like lesbian porn.

>> No.6945246


But why wont they watch real gay porn then? Its not like yuri is that popular with the male manga crowd like yaoi is for the women.

>> No.6945252

Real porn doesn't have kawaii bishies.

>> No.6945266

A couple years ago at Otakon, someone was doing that and someone screamed at them to shut the fuck up and everyone erupted into applause.

>> No.6945280
File: 159 KB, 774x1032, whyme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Me as a weeb...6 years ago...

>> No.6945289

omg ur adorable

>> No.6945290

Wow, what do you look like now?

>> No.6945291

Are you actually asking why women like yaoi...?

Are you new?

>> No.6945292

you literally went to a con as a weeb?

>> No.6945295
File: 85 KB, 500x667, goingout.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, I thought it would be funny but in reality I was actually a huge weeb.

This was taken last week.

>> No.6945297

some of us yaoi fans also watch real gay porn, but yeah, there's a huuuuuge difference between pretty bishies and real men. yaoi artists don't usually draw guys with body hair, zits, anything that even a good looking real guy might have on his body.

plus asking "why not watch real porn" in response to yaoi is fucking retarded. why watch hentai and not REAL porn? why watch anime at all? watch shows with REAL people.

>> No.6945299

because gay porn is made for gay men, yaoi is made for girls. goddamn you are dumb as hell.

>> No.6945309

There is bara you know. It's basically BL for gay men. Basically two bearmodes getting it off. No sparkles, no little ukes. Just straight up buttsex.

>> No.6945317

Yes everyone, tell us your thoughts on why girls like yaoi. Surely this will break open the age-old mystery society is dying to solve.

>> No.6945320

Yes, I'm aware. Bara and geicomi are still considered yaoi (I think?) but most yaoi falls into the "by women, for women" demographic. And the by-women-for-women comics don't generally have the big muscles and body hair that japanese gay men are apparently into.

>> No.6945323

well people like different things.

like with hentai, you got lolis to women with large hour glass shape figures, and everything in between.

>> No.6945326

I consider bara and geicomi as yaoi? Basically any anime-style explicit man on man action is yaoi.

> I mean, there are bara threads on /y/

>> No.6945332

>>Go to local mall all decked out in bodyline lolita attire
>>Nappy wig
>>Walk into Hello Kitty store because I thought I saw someone wearing a print I recognized
>>"U-u-um, d-d-do you like Lolita fashion?"
>>ZOMFG [email protected]#$)([email protected]

Oh man, I read this and at first I thought I was that girl, lol! Then I continued reading and it couldn't have been me seeing as I was the manager of the Sanrio I worked at and it has been closed for nearly a year now..

But yeah, I used to be the manager of a Sanrio and I would wear lolita into work. One day I wore my Milky Berry and THIS happened to me. It was really awkward..

>> No.6945358

Oh thank god you're okay now.

Love the polka dots, by the way.

>> No.6945375

Cosplay as Ms. Frizzle.

>> No.6945430

man, i don't see the difference. yaoi is yaoi.
personally, i like it all. yuri, yaoi, bara, what ever the fuck. hentai and real porn alike.
it all boils down to is people fucking.

>> No.6945460

Bara is a branch of yaoi, usually regarded as "for men" while typical yaoi is "for women."

>> No.6945464


Whats wrong with glasses? I have glasses.

Now I'm feeling feels.

>> No.6945478

I think she's trying to portray him as the innocent nerd type. Basically, imagine Double D walking in to that.

>> No.6945493

yeah if i remember right Bara is basically BEAR-LIKE MEN HAVING BUTTSEX

>> No.6945504 [DELETED] 

Women are objects.

>> No.6945507
File: 314 KB, 2048x1357, 416156_10150923661186986_1168852884_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh the glories of English cosplay.

>> No.6945512
File: 51 KB, 636x960, 531719_10150923658526986_2068206993_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6945513
File: 236 KB, 2048x1357, 620822_10150923650571986_946115674_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6945515
File: 56 KB, 636x960, 376384_10150923651501986_1080092242_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6945516

She could fit the Loch Ness monster in her teeth gap

>> No.6945532

I don't think that's a gap in the strictest sense. I think that's an outright missing tooth.

>> No.6945560

She has a glasses (megane) fetish, her wall is covered in bishies with glasses, and the guy she hangs out with wears glasses.

>> No.6945577

people must have ridiculous expectations of japan for that to happen... like im pretty sure i would happily derp out about the food (buns, little cakes, potatoes, fish), forests, shrines, residential architecture, etc, even though those are all things i feel like are kind of superficial to like they are all reasonable?
maybe people think magical lolis are roaming around japan looking for a virgin with a big heart to rescue them from the demons by having sex with them or something? (??)

>> No.6945586

Not a story, but a fact. I'm drinking mugicha. Does this make me a weeb?

>> No.6945603


Yes, and you should commit sudoku immediately.

>> No.6945688

So, I might know of "Chris." Does his real name start with a "J"?

I might have a few stories to add...

>> No.6945695

Add them anyway, ot like the thread's doing so great anyway.

>> No.6945702

>ask boyfriend if I'm a weeb.


>> No.6945746
File: 34 KB, 413x395, laugh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6945752

Calling it mugicha and not barley tea does.

>> No.6945766

Impossible mode is easy for me, because I've been kicked out of 5 conventions in a row for being an asshole.

>A cosplayer come up to my cosplay group and ask for a picture
>I'm finished cosplaying for the day because I have the attention span of a 4 year old and want to do other things.
>Flip view around so that I'm using the screen-side camera and take picture of myself grinning like an idiot.
>Hand them back the phone and they say thank you and bye.
>Do this for EVERY SINGLE PERSON asking for a picture
3 hours later
>Some guy in security literally grabs my arm and pulls me into the security room (He was tall and I'm 100% positive there was something wrong with him.. not saying that to be a dick)
>Some guy in a suit holds up an iphone
>"Is this your face?"
>Start laughing uncontrollably
>According to him, I had 20 "official" complaints against me
>Had my badge taken away Saturday night right before the rave.

>> No.6945769
File: 29 KB, 413x419, 1333492940957.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Bob is Naruto sprinting towards the elevator.

>whining that we let him cut so he can hang out with us and we can all have a DOWNRIGHT SUGOI TIME

This fucking guy.

>> No.6945773
File: 418 KB, 160x260, t43637.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw loves England, English culture, English history
>tfw mistaken for a teaboo
I've never even seen any of those fucking BBC shows and I don't hold tea above all else, goddammit Tumblr.

>> No.6945777

hahahaha that's hilarious
I don't think you should have been kicked out for that but not my call. If you had done that to me I would have gone "mother FUCKER" and moved on

>> No.6945780

>>Wait fuck that's an actual adult cis male
>>Be alpha and go talk to him first
Does this happen at cons often?

>> No.6945794
File: 99 KB, 500x313, OhMegChan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not the anon you're replying to, but this was my first reaction.

>> No.6945800

A lot of male-character-cosplayers are actually women, so yes.

>> No.6945820

The next time I got kicked out of a convention involved ripped up some art I bought in front of a shitty artist. You all heard that story so I'll spare you this time.
>A-Kon a few years ago
>Be Kyoya in group Ouran cosplay.
>After 3 hours of everyone ever taking the group's photo my best friend (Tamaki) and I snuck away to go to the bar.
>we each had ONE beer
>Walking back to convention floor when some young teen girl stopped us for a picture.
>Holding each other's waists, head tilted in other's sholder, light yaoi shot.
>Girl starts flipping out.
>Starts yelling "I DON'T LIKE YAOI!"
>We look at each other
>Start creeping back slowly not knowing what to do.
>All the the security guy knew was two guys who's breathes definitely smelled like alcohol did SOMETHING to make this girl start shout "STOP!"
>It took some FAST talking but I explained the situation
>Security guy starts realizing that this girl is just being a drama queen.
>Friend slowly walks towards me and security guy and chimes in on the conversation.
>Just when I thought we were about to get our badges handed back my friend bumps the security guy with shoulder, grabs the passes and shouts "RUN!"

I wasn't technically kicked out but I didn't go back for the last day.

>> No.6945826

horrible, but clever. it's not like you were deliberately taking away their phones to take your picture.

>> No.6945842

>Next A-Fest
>Friday night rave
>Some guy comes up to me and asks me if I know where to find "Rave XTC" (actually what he said)
>reply "Yeah, just right out those doors on the convention floor. Shout "Where can I find Molly! I'm looking for Molly!" in a very sarcastic voice.
>The dumbass actually goes out and shouts that
>The rent a cop (actual cop) ends up escorting him out of the convention.
>Start laughing
>His friend come up me and are in my face for getting him kicked out and possibly arrested.
>Tell them to fuck off and leave me alone
>15 mins later the kid comes back inside and points me out to security
>Kicked out at 1something AM on saturday.

The 5th happening just involves some gf/ex dramu. Not really note worthy.

>> No.6945846

Please, do tell.

>> No.6945853

lmao why did they kick you out?
the guy was an imbecile

>> No.6945855

You're an asshole. They should ban you for life from cons.

>> No.6945856

Consuming/enjoying Japanese things doesn't make you a weeaboo, duh. It's about your mentality and behavior. If you're drinking it not because you like it but because NIHON CHA DESU then yes, you're a weeaboo. Otherwise you're just someone who likes barley tea.

>> No.6945861
File: 70 KB, 425x297, 1367654540119.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

C-could someone explain to an aspie shutin what Molly is supposed to stand for?

>> No.6945862

Thank god. So my thorough enjoyment of Japanese things does not in fact make me a weeb. I was a little worried.

>> No.6945864
File: 1.15 MB, 320x240, YOUDONTSAY.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6945867

I'd like to know as well and I'm not an aspie or shut in, just a bit sheltered?

>> No.6945869

often confused with ecstasy, but ecstasy is mdma + other shit

>> No.6945872
File: 87 KB, 467x700, tumblr_mhxpt3bxeV1s5ss41o1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's the street name for XTC. XTC is the drug jailbaits take at raves before they go around and dance in their underwear.

>> No.6945876

see, this is a confused negro kek

>> No.6945879

Drugs or something.

>> No.6945880
File: 167 KB, 750x750, 1358986369324.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, I think I get it.
So the boy was looking for ecstasy and just asked a random stranger about it? Isn't that kind of stupid?

>> No.6945884

not really, aspies think that you must go to a shady place and suck a negro to get it
if you aren't totally retarded, you can go around asking people and eventually someone will tell you

>> No.6945886

You learn something new about people every day. Thanks for the clarification!

>> No.6945888

I didn't even realize "XTC" meant ecstasy. Stupid druggie talk.

>> No.6945895

winners don't use drugs

>> No.6945899

I challenge you to go to a rave and NOT have a complete random stranger ask you for drugs.

>> No.6945901 [DELETED] 

get the drugs before, genious

>> No.6945903

"molly" is supposedly slang for the drug ecstacy.

>> No.6945904 [DELETED] 

I don't do drugs. I was saying it is literally impossible to go to a rave and not have someone you for drugs.

>> No.6945906

My british friend actually painted a very good picture of the typical british man.
The typical british man is a short chubby hairy man that likes to drink, smells like rubbish and owns a bulldog.

>> No.6945909



>> No.6945910
File: 753 KB, 616x705, give me a feeling so complicated.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've actually never used an illegal drug in my life. Hell, I'm never even smoked a cigarette. Only tasted alcohol twice and I'm 26 years old. How does this happen?

>> No.6945912

go use some
they're so cash

>> No.6945915

I'm in the same boat but I'm almost nineteen and also a kissless virgin. If you don't feel like you're missing out, I think it should be fine. Right?

>> No.6945916

lmao can't remember the trip i used
still don't know why i used a trip
>i'm sorry

>> No.6945918

That's hilarious, I'd give you a high five.

>> No.6945925
File: 374 KB, 450x550, 1371455725428.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry, anon. Virgin, but not kissless. A vile succubus depleted my mana in the past. My wizard powers will be limited but I will not falter until that day. Only 3 years, 11 months and 27 days to go. I must remain resolute.

>> No.6945927

>never used drugs
>kissless virgin
there might be a conection there

>> No.6945935
File: 178 KB, 500x500, 1355338906610.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not incubus

Oh, you're not a grill? That's rare.

Are you saying if I get fucked up, I'll lose my virginity?

>> No.6945942

I'm saying that if you take MDMA you'll have sex with something

>> No.6945948

I feel bad for you, son. I'm not a wizard, but I play as one on D&D nights. Hang int there, you can make it!

>> No.6945954

Blatant entrapment and using 4chan during work. Someone wants to get fired.

>> No.6945958


>being this stupid

>> No.6945965

Shit anon, are you me anon? I'm almost 20, I am a virgin, I have never kissed anyone besides my grandma, I have never used drugs, cigs, or drank alcohol.
Maybe I should just live the celibate life.

>> No.6945968
File: 64 KB, 529x386, 1367652245589.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I live with my parents on top of it, and probably will forever, with no mate or children.

The worst part is I'm a walking weeaboo story, but only at home because my parents don't mind me jumping up and down over figmas, ordering shitty Japanese snacks just to try them, wearing OTKs with everything or singing shitty Jpop. I live an alright life despite my shortcomings. Good thing I don't get out much or I would scare any potential /cgl/ people into moving away. I even have a job!

Maybe we should start a losers club.

>> No.6945969

>name was FBI
>encouraging someone else to use drugs
>implying I'm serious

>> No.6945982


I got my first boyfriend when I was 20. Never kissed anyone before except my parents goodnight, but because he was only going to be in my school for four months, the relationship rocketed from barely holding hands to handjobs and lots and lots of kinky stuff. Which is really tame in comparison to meet and bang in one night, but pretty unreal because four months before, I would have never imagined it because I was this awkward chick who thought I'd never get anyone, never mind anyone who has remotely close to my kinks.

Anyways, point is, there's always hope. I think it doesn't matter anyways being 'kissless,' lots of my friends are and we're all 22 right now. Doesn't bother them.

>> No.6945985
File: 33 KB, 480x640, 1246806309048.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

waahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha, wow that brings me back to what a horrible weeb i was/am

>2001, freshman at an all womens college
>somehow got most of the girls in my hall to watch my shitty mars live vcds and they actually like gackt
>roommate somehow puts up with me watching tsumi to batsu, dramatic neo anniversary, illuminati, etc. pvs all the time
>she tolerates me listening to the same 6 or 7 due le quartz songs I managed to download over and over again
>we make jrock puppets out of shitty inkjet printouts, poster board, and coffee stirrers for added hilarity when reading yaoi jrock fanfic out loud together jfc
>also make a master tonberry puppet so he can be the impartial narrator
>use fushigi yuugi wallscrolls as privacy curtains on my bunk bed
>skip class while attempting to get high score on ankohouse games
>stephanie ilu

>mfw turning 31 in a couple days and those fy wallscrolls are currently hanging in the cosplay room of my house

>> No.6945986

Oh but it does bother them
They use a facade but are dying inside
Don't believe me? Go to /fit/ for a while and see it yourself

>> No.6945987

Getting back on topic. More stories from a grade-A asshole.
I'll bust out some of my older stories.
>WAY back in high school
>My friends from anime club wanted to take a road trip to AX
>There was one autist in the group who NO ONE liked.
>He tried to force himself on the group.
>Everyone ignored him for the years we knew him, but he always thought that we were his friend.
>He was so exited about going to his first anime convention out of state.
>He kept emailing us these elaborate plans involving what time we need to leave, how many stops we can make, what panels to go to, how much money we can spend etc..
>We told him that there was no room and we didn't want him with us.
>Thought we were joking even though we kept insisting.
>Everyone was fed up with him a week before the convention.
>General consensus was that we didn't want him in the group.
>We ended up not even picking him up and turning off our phones.
>When we get back we are called into the principle's office
>The autist, his mother, the principle, and 4 school councelors are sitting down at the table.
>anime club is abolished and manga is banned (private school)
After he graduated he joined the army and died in Afghanistan
>from heat exhaustion

>> No.6945990
File: 17 KB, 225x225, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6945991

Why did no one like him?

>After he graduated he joined the army and died in Afghanistan
>>from heat exhaustion
Okay, I'm trying hard to hold back a laugh. God damnit.

>> No.6945992

Scribbles, Id like to take this opportunity to say that I approve wholeheartedly of your actions. Someone has to stand up and tell 'em where to shove it, and that man is often you.

>> No.6945993


Doesn't matter to me, why don't you tell them yourself?

Anyways a load of them are Christian fundamentalists and most of them are Asian fobs so that's why they aren't as easily flustered as you by a lack of action. Compared with my 2nd gen friends who are all pretty much swinging between "TOTES ASEXUAL" and "WANT TO BONE EVERYTHING ON THE PLANET." It's interesting to compare at points.

>> No.6945996

I hate that this is me. I never act on my urges but sometimes I think "what the fuck would people think of me if they could read my mind?"

>> No.6945998


You used a different trip before this one, didn't you?

>> No.6945999
File: 48 KB, 426x341, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw constant fear of people reading your mind

>> No.6946000

>projecting this much on others
Speak for yourself. Not everyone is the same when it comes to sex.

>> No.6946003

Guys are

>> No.6946004


Yeah I definitely get that too. Sometimes when I get really bored I just start thinking of sex. A lot. It especially gets frustrating when I start having to masturbate a lot to 'meet the need' and it cuts into my productivity. The only good thing about it is that I'll get this extremely high libido for a week or so but I'll be fine for the next month and a half.

>> No.6946005
File: 585 KB, 365x408, 1347395849091.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're not a good person.

>> No.6946009

I hope you die too tbh.

>> No.6946010

Not really you're just conditioned to believe that.

>> No.6946011

Little weeb tries to kill some sandniggers over oil and dies from the heat, funny af, b

>> No.6946013
File: 20 KB, 461x427, punch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ACEN 2013
>Loud fujoshis
>Interrupting my game of mahjong

>> No.6946014

You're conditioned to believe that I'm just conditioned to believe that
For years I've listened to locker room talks irl, and seen fit cry over >nogf for more than 3 years

>> No.6946015
File: 187 KB, 332x388, 1372624397157.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whoa. Watch that edge guys. You could poke an eye out.

>> No.6946017

I never claimed to be. Sorry. People always tell me I'm nice and everything but I laugh at the weirdest things.

Can you forgive me?

>> No.6946023

>getting butthurt over a random dumbfuck that died
lmao I bet you also cry when someone gets killed and it appears on the news

>> No.6946024

Not every board is /fit/ and not everyone is a horny jock that can't control his urges to bone something.

>> No.6946027

top lel
90% of fit is /a/ trying to get ripped

>> No.6946032

It's okay. I forgive you.

Hey. I cut myself just now yo. Put your trip back on wetback. You're fooling no one.

>> No.6946036

>not everyone is a horny jock that can't control his urges to bone something.
But most guys are. Not quoted anon, btw. Just face the fucking fact that the ones who can control themselves are special snowflakes who are hard to come by.

>> No.6946037

boxing brother?

>> No.6946039

Mods are mad, otherwise I wouldn't drop it

>4 bans today

>> No.6946040

Very, very few people are okay with being kissless at the age of 22.

>> No.6946041

B-but I'm from /a/ and nobody told me this. It probably just summerfags from /a/. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to go from neckbead to bearmode though.

>> No.6946042

Yes I did. You are literally the first person to ever point that out (no sarcasm)

>> No.6946044


I was talking about girls, but I know some who sometimes break down when they can't find a guy/girl who'll just love them for the way they are.

But the guys? Oh, I can tell you stories.... They're mostly of the weird variety though, and probably don't represent most of what you're calling normal desperate guys.

>> No.6946045

There's a reason I leave that place every summer


>> No.6946048


You haven't seen crazy religious people have you? Their love for Jesus will last them through their sinful urges.

>> No.6946049


>> No.6946050
File: 110 KB, 743x575, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

y-you too

>> No.6946052

Hrm, I think I'm mistaking you for another Texas trip that made a name for himself by being an asshole at cons then, sorry about that.

>> No.6946055

I think the key here is sex. Not everyone is so longing for the sexual aspect but almost all want a partner or some kind of intimacy. I'd be perfectly happy if a girl told me she wanted to date me but wouldn't have sex until marriage. The closeness and intimacy would be enough for me. The thought of hooking up with some random girl just to satisfy my lustful tendencies is disgusting.

>> No.6946056

I'm guessing you haven't done it, yes? (not being an asshole, srs)
That's puppy love, everybody wants that at first, but then you get touchy-feely and your hormones take over

>> No.6946063

>>6945925 is me.
At this point sex is an afterthought. I wouldn't mind getting in a relationship but I won't be that guy spamming sad frogs with >mfw no gf

>> No.6946069

You can't get "addicted" to something you haven't tried, b
After you feel them sand bags and dat rusty coins for the first time your mind will change
I bet my burritos on it.

>> No.6946080
File: 500 KB, 500x494, 1371614719510.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not addicted but they're just that desperate. Although most that post sad frogs have actually had gfs before. So, I guess I don't know what I'm missing. After all I still have muh 2D. My waifu will always love me, right?

>> No.6946086

Most of fit actually never hold a gril's hand, leave alone have gf

About the waifu, idk man, never had one.
But all joke aside, don't try to escape reality by having an imaginary gf (that's a waifu, right?)
I have a friend that does that and it saddens me, he's missing out on so much glorious shit

>> No.6946129

I knew a freshman sort-of clingy goth girl like that back in high school.

As for on-topic, I almost became One with the Weeaboos during my Senior year once I went out with one of the girls for a little while.
Yeah, dark times. Shit was full of yoai and Kingdom Hearts, to the point where there was a fanfic writer guy who read dino porn novels in class who put everyone (including me) as self-inserts into his own KH fanfic.
Oh, and everyone was a bit gay for each other.
Shit was whack, yo.

Weebset things I know/do now are a guy I work with who sort-of likes darker/actual horror manga and a group of guys I play vidya with.

>> No.6946173
File: 60 KB, 1162x565, weebstory.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

holy shit this is my new fav weeb story next to the asshole dj one
pic related: no one can dance that fast

>> No.6946177

barely weeb related, but 10/10 indeed

>> No.6946229
File: 469 KB, 360x458, fjjglo1_400.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I didn't fully comprehend the gravity of the situation until I opened up the music video in another tab and watched the whole damn thing.

That's beautiful.

>> No.6946347

I love these delusions they build up about Nipples. It must be so delicious to savor once it all comes crashing down violently.

>> No.6946357

>Axel plushie
>Haruhi armband

those were the days man

>> No.6946466

>Then she stocked up on shitty cheap tea from the supermarket because ~English tea is superior~.

how does that even work if tea comes from India?

>> No.6946520

english owned, thats all that matters.
How do you not know that?

>> No.6946532 [DELETED] 
File: 1023 KB, 500x4517, 1363026240307.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love all your Horrors. But this still is my favorite. Sorry.Some guy screencapt badly.

The Ursula Part 1

>> No.6946533 [DELETED] 
File: 946 KB, 499x4773, 1363026285212.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The Ursula Part 2

>> No.6946567

That's not really being an asshole though. Well, maybe to the part of the fandom that thinks everything has to be "all inclusive, don't ignore anyone" mindset...

>> No.6946666

So I'll assume he was the "That Guy" of the group then? Thats why you hated him.

Feel sorry for the poor guy.

>> No.6947034

aren't you supposed to get toned *before* summer?

>> No.6947043

ideally, yes, but procrastination appears to be something very common among people trying to get fit, so it's not until last minute that they realize they don't have the body they want

>> No.6947331

Thing is with me and my social circle is that we... well dont really know how to get rid of these types. They are annoying yes but they are harmless and mean well. A good private intervention can, has done wonders for these kinds of people.

>> No.6947337

What I mean to say is, we dont want to shun these poor bastards. We're too nice for that and like I said before they mean well, its just Good God, sometimes they refuse to improve.

>> No.6948086

Well, I'll post what I have about an old pal of mine.

> Little eighth grade me, in a new anime friend group.
> They're all in tenth.
> C, my main friend at the time, tells me about M.
> M was our groups 'China'.
> We were into Hetalia at the time.
> I was Russia, so we wanted to meet.
> Fast Forward a few weeks.
> Enter M, massive lardbeast, about five feet tall and 250 lbs.
> Says 'Aru' after each sentence, glomps me and insists on cuddling.
> Beast reeked of B.O.
> She's heavy into yaoi and K-POP.
> Deal with her shit for a better part of a year.
> Tries playing pocky game with me, wants a yaoi paddle, etc.
> Writes erotic yaoi fanfiction of KH, Harry Potter, Hetalia, anything she was into at that point in time.

> Year passes, in ninth grade.
> Has long since cut off ties with her.
> She walks around barefoot 24/7.
> Has new animu friends.
> Deadset on getting a corset.
> Still thinks I'm a mega tsundere and says we're besties.
> lolwut.jpg

Her close friend, A, is a shitstorm of weeaboo, but I'll wait a bit to post about her.

>> No.6948140


Love this.

>> No.6948169


Holy shit that wig

>> No.6948276
File: 27 KB, 500x361, tumblr_m0qvts3fBf1rrrtjuo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I'm positive that a certain "asshole DJ" will play something like this in a month or so...


Almost 100% certain matter of fact.

>> No.6950214

that sounds really fun.

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