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Secrets be up. Hopefully I didn't totally bone it again.


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whose shop is this and why hasn't it caused a scandal yet/

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Lady Sloth

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Aww they were all boring.

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Sorry to everyone about the late Monday, by the way. I went full retard this week, I swear. (I also woke up today and thought it was Sunday and shit my bloomers.)

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last weeks were boring

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boring this week too

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I sometimes have to make sure I'm on egl and not childfree

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You're always full retard, so we're used to it.

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I feel kind of terrible about one of the secrets even though it's positive, because the person has had on secret posted about her before that was false and never really deserved all that negative attention, so with that kind of experience I don't think she'd want to have any association with BtB, positive or not....

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People really loveeeee to give lectures and see themselves talk down to other people.
That's all I gotta say about the comments this week. Not that it happens any other week but when the secrets are this slow and few it's definitely more noticeable.

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It's number 24. The secret that I was referring to before was posted when she first joined the community, and it accused her of being a slut and underage, both of which are untrue, but it sparked a huge, hundred comment debate. She hadn't even known about BtB at the time, but someone on Tumblr told her. She took it really graciously, but it was just a horrible thing to happen to such a nice person.

Now there's comments popping up about how the secret this week is pro-ana and EDs, which I'm sure is untrue as well, because the image in question was posted along with a status about eating right and exercise.

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I remember seeing LS posting the pic up as winning coord of the week/month/whatever, but I didn't see her making any mean comments about her.

Are there any screenshots around?

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lol I know who this is, I went to high school with her. she was pulled out for a whole year because of her eating disorder. my ass if she's "exercising and eating right" because the last time I heard she still purges and starves herself.

>mfw girls with ED lie to make people who work their ass off feel like shit.

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its obvious that you're talking about yourself

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This girl should be banned. If she's posting off topic shit like this, and too broke to buy any of it, it would be for her own good.

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>mfw girls with ED lie to make people who work their ass off feel like shit.

More like lie to cover up the ED so they don't get admitted to hospital for the 45,894th time.

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That skirt would be too short for a fatty anyway.

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Just wear leggings and then it's not a big deal anymore. Problem solved.

And IMO, I don't like hearing anyone constantly bitching about how they can't fit into this or that. Me and my friends go shopping sometimes and this bullshit always happens, and they're size 2, size 6, and size 4. But it never fails, every shop turns into a damn soap opera.

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OMG that's hilarious.

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I wish people who put that much energy into bitching that they're too big for a garment would expend it elsewhere, like jogging around the neighbourhood or tidying up their fucking gardens or walking the dog.

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That Krystal girl's profile pic looks like she is trying to stuff a cake on her mouth or something.

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Oh this girl... I've seen her do this shit all the time. Aka the random commenting on sales posts 'oh that's so nice!' or, the BEST imo is I've seen her comment on WTB posts:

>Oh I have that item
Poster goes on to say they are PMing her for details about buying
>No I don't want to sell it, I just wanted to tell you I have it. And it's great.

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She probably is.

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Oh good lord. Looks like I dodged a bullet when she backed out of my sale.

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>No I don't want to sell it, I just wanted to tell you I have it. And it's great.

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Well I'm not going to say that she isn't a good buyer once committed... but it's obvious she is either flaky as shit, or just comments to... comment? Or brag maybe? Dunno.

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Well she seemed pretty committed to my sales and backed out. I won't be selling to her.

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ah ok, then yeah, obviously won't be selling to her either in the future

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Dear lord she's stupid. I hate it when people take every opportunity to call people out like this. Self righteous shit right there. The comment did come off as a bit insensitive, but the bitch asked for it. She made a sob story on a sales post and instead should have just asked politely what the measurements were without giving out her life story.

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What's all the crazy coming from the Poland Comm? Anyone know?

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Oh my fucking god. What a bitch. The way she gets offended by someone answering her question and telling her dieting helps.......god fuck wow.

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I feel like if someone DID make a community for this, I'd be the only person making vectors for it.

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All of my fucking rage. Fat bitch was looking to stir up some shit since the beginning.

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Is she joking, or this stupid?

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I want to believe that she is being sarcastic, but she's spewed some really retarded shit in the past too.

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im okay with this (pls make fabric available)

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I would, but I'd need to alter the pattern of the print to make it repeatable so it wouldn't look off.
that and it's not right to make money off someone else's design.

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so.... who's gonna get the dead chick's dresses?

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anyone e;se seriously think about if they died, who'd get their dresses?
I have dresses I'd want to give girls in my comm if I died, but I'd also want them to pick so they don't get stuck with something they dislike...

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I'd be buried in one of my dresses. I've already informed my family of this, they can pick whichever they like.

Other than that...I don't know where my dresses would go, and I have a sizable amount. I'm not close enough to anyone in my comm to give them away, but then one girl who would have the most significance from them probably wouldn't wear them.

Where does your loli go after you die? I don't want to take it with me. Maybe I could tell my family to sell it to offset funeral costs.

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I have, yes. I already told my best friend she gets the lot, to distribute everything amongst the rest of our friends as she sees fit. I live with my boyfriend, so I've told him this as well.

It should be noted, I've got lots of health issues, so talking about that sort of thing isn't that dramatic. I actually have been discussing seeing a lawyer to draft a formal will recently because of some of the problems I have/have had/will likely encounter.

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I don't think I want to be buried and I'd hate to just get cremated and have that dress be burnt up...I love my comm a lot, so I hope they'd want stuff from my closet that they liked to remember me by...

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rofl i love that she told her to go on a diet. All my brownie points.

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What if you died in your burando. Would anyone want to wear it afterward? Imagine that sales comm scandal.

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Why is everything that dhfunk says is really dumb?

I want to see what she looks like.

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Just looked her up.

Good GOD.

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All my rage. Why do so many fat bitches wanna be told how pretty they look and how being a lard ass isnt THEIR fault and we should all be so nice to them and cater to their needs? ugh, so annoyed

>I never fit clothing i like
>maybe a diet?

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did octave steal something?

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Personal preference. I would want to be buried in my first lolita dress, a gothic beauty that my mother bought me. The rest...I guess I wouldn't care, I would be dead.

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She caused a lot of shit with a few friends talking shit about a shopping service that ended up being lies.

>> No.6816177

Steal, no. Badmouth a shopping service and lie about certain points of the transaction, yes.

Unless there's new drama I missed, anyway.

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I have had a long grudge with how stupid she is. She also called me stupid for a post I made, then didn't reply when I corrected her stupid. Her coords all look like shit, too. One of her favorite ones had a crappy cheap top hat. I lol'd.

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I thought she was a nazi at first because of the "88" icon. Turns out she's another tumblr sjw.

>> No.6816192

I actually wondered the same thing. So why DOES she have the 88 icon? ~*~Irony~*~? Birth year? What?

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still don't understand the no kids thing besides hurr breeders

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>>blouse with an OP

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God what a derpy face.

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They're annoying. I go to meets to kick back and have fun. Also, bringing your kids is fucking rude.

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Oh. Nice.

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I don't necessarily mind the blouse with the OP, some girls do it to be more modest.

But that blouse is atrocious.

>> No.6816226

blouses under ops make me upset, as do detachable sleeves that come with some ops.
>lookin at you chess chocolate

>> No.6816228

She looks perpetually stoned.

>> No.6816231

even a restaurant?

>> No.6816232

Same here, bleh

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>Why do so many fat bitches wanna be told how pretty they look
Out of curiosity: Would you wanna be told how ugly you look or something? Or would you prefer someone to give you a compliment or not say anything at all?
And considering I rarely hear a fattie pander for pity about their weight not being their fault, or that everyone should stop to cater to them, I'm going to take this cherry-picked whinge that you call an argument and blow it out your ass.

Point is the seller was RUDE. That's right, rude.
And you're rude too.
Idgaf if she was whining about shit not fitting her, the snide comment was highly inappropriate and very unclever. Akin to telling someone thin who's complaining about not being busty to "EAT A BURGER FLATTIE :D"

You know it's wrong.
>inb4 tumblrfag or sjw
>because how dare anyone say your attitude was uncalled for~

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Why do restaurants make a difference? I like kids, but a lot of people don't. To drag along your little bundle of responsibility is just rude. We're not your daycare center, cunt.
You can't talk about adult stuff around them or bitch about what a slut another loli is.

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>potential customer gushes about item
Oh it's this size
>oh it'll never fit!
Oh if you like it so much, maybe that is good motivation to diet!

Was that really so hard to see why they said that? Why is she commenting on shit with no intention to buy on a sales forum? I would be confused as a seller too.

>> No.6816245

To be fair, that seller is based in Singapore, and it doesn't look like English is their first language, and I'm sure the culture there is much different from ours

>> No.6816247

Because no one fucking wants to play babysitter.

Ever tried having a normal conversation without being interrupted every 3 mins by little timmy or jane?

fuck that bullshit

>> No.6816248

Yes. Let me eat in peace.

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Sounds like you may be a landwhale yourself.

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Don't bitch about how tall you are, then get pissed when people agree. Don't expect society to adjust to your fat. Learn how to deal with being fat or lose some weight. This bitch went on about her weight, and then got pissed when someone suggested a diet would help.

>> No.6816252

Obese people are virtually non existent in Singapore. They would tear that fattie a new one.

>> No.6816253


Erm English is our first language here, although as with every other country, the standard varies from person to person.

>> No.6816255

Dat photo

Fat acceptance is really annoying. Damn it, tumblr fantards. Stop your preaching. I'm a size 6 and i'm happy. If I ever looked like the woman on the right, oh dear lord..

>> No.6816256

The girl started shit first. It's not like she said "I'm interested in buying. What are the measurements?" and the seller said "it's freesize but YOU'RE TOO FAT GO ON A DIET".

It's EXTREMELY RUDE to comment on salespost about how "oh its so cute! i wish i had the money/could fit in it/etc", basically you have no intention of buying (other than bumping on FB). She just wanted to complain about shit not fitting her because she's ~plus sized~.

>> No.6816257

She was hijacking someone else's post to make it about herself and fish for compliments. If you want to throw a pity party do it on your own wall.

>> No.6816258

What does my physical appearance have to do with someone else's attitude?
Or is this boiling down to playground tactics:
>yeah well your opinion is moot because you're ugly and I hate you~
If you wanna justify this behavior, fine. But give me a GOOD reason, not this "haha you must be a landwhale" shit. If you wanna spew such loud opinions then grow the spine to back em up.

>because complaining about how you don't fit something is asking society to "adjust" to anyone's body type
Get real.

>> No.6816259

I hear you but that's silly to get a babysitter to go sip tea

>> No.6816262

>She was hijacking someone else's post to make it about herself and fish for compliments

Now THIS is understandable. THIS is a reasonable complaint.
Not this "hurr fattie just wants us all to accept her landwhale rolls" bs.

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You are either trolling or really fucking stupid. When a person is selling something, you are not supposed to bitch about how fat you are on their page. You comment if and only if you are a potential buyer. Jesus fuck wow fat ass. The sales page is for conducting business, not posting irrelevant shit on items you don't intend to buy to gain sympathy for how fat you are.

>> No.6816269

You know what's rude? Taking up a seller's time to whine about your personal problems. Nobody gives a shit, so keep it to yourself.

>> No.6816273

Then stay home with your baby. Also, teens charge very little. I used to get 2$ an hour, and I was happy with it.

>> No.6816274


I don't think her comment was snarky at all. In fact, I think fatties tend to be the ones who take offense to everything that isn't cater to their self-esteem.

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>When a person is selling something, you are not supposed to bitch about how fat you are on their page.
So how hard (or autismal) is it to just explain "I'm sorry you cannot fit this item, maybe next time?" And if she does it again then get a fucking mod to explain the rules to her because obviously she don't get it.

It's hilarious to me because half of this passive-aggressive bullshit could be solved within five minutes if you just held back your fate hate and used your heads.

>Taking up a seller's time to whine about your personal problems.
It's a facebook comment. The only time a seller has to waste is reading it, responding to it, or contacting a mod. None of which should take any seller with good reading comprehension over two minutes.

>> No.6816279


This. She was stirring up shit and then going back to her fb like "OMG guys this girl was totes mean to me! she should accept my fat"

captcha: andstph thickness

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What do you mean everyone isn't a liberal? :( People who don't think like me make me depressed.

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>> No.6816285

>I don't think her comment was snarky at all.
Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but whoever was the secretmaker turned it towards that kind of light. It's the truth.

So if that girl didn't have a reason to feel victimized before, she kinda does now. And this sort of bitching is what enforces the 'bully' mentality some people have (and rightfully so in this case). So you, unfortunately, betray your own cause.

>> No.6816287

Yes, we should suffer because you chose to breed , so we cant enjoy yourselfs with your spawns roaming about the area.

My sister has a kid. We cannot had a full conversation unless her child is sleeping. And even then, she seems really out of it
have fun with all that.

>> No.6816290

She wasn't being rude to begin with.
>>I'm so fat, I with I could fit into small things.
>>Perhaps a diet? I don't know what you want from me.
>>Wow, I know never to buy from you.

What was she expecting? Did she hope to go out with the sales woman or something?

>> No.6816291

what the actual fuck....

I have a friend on /fit/ who would have a field day with this bitch.

>> No.6816292

>She was stirring up shit and then going back to her fb like

Yeah people never use Facebook to emotionally validate themselves in altercations ever.
What drugs are you smoking? I could use some.

>> No.6816294

you SHOULD take it with you. omg, that would be the best drama ever... wear your favorite dress and surround your dead body with the rest. accessories, bags, etc. all buried with you. it would be especially good if you had limited edition or rare pieces.

i can imagine all the lolitas who would cry at seeing burando go unused with a dead body... it would be a last epic troll. :D

>> No.6816296

Yeah, i dont get what exactly she wanted that poor girl to do.

>> No.6816297

>Perhaps a diet? I don't know what you want from me.
But she didn't say it like that.
And another shocker: People can easily misinterpret what people mean and what tone they say it at on the internet.
This is nothing new.

And who cares if some girl throws a shitfit over a misunderstanding on her facebook page? Really?

>> No.6816298

That doesn't make it okay. It makes her a dramawhore.

>> No.6816300

>on her facebook page?
It wasn't her page. She went elsewhere to "spread the word". Bitching on your own page is your own prerogative. Bitching on group pages because you got your feelings hurt is fucking stupid and part of why I have notifications for groups turned off.

>> No.6816301

You do realize you're complaining about "dramawhores" when the secretmakers are doing the same damn thing, correct?
And that this situation could easily be solved by asking a mod to explain to the girl that the buy/sell page on facebook is for business inquiries only thank you kindly, ...?

>> No.6816302

The seller had to read it, reply in hopes that she wants to purchase it and not just complain, continue to reply so she's not seen as rude, then has to spend time doing damage control/apologizing because attentionwhore got upset the seller didn't kiss her ass.

it is not the seller's fault the item does not fit her, and in no way were her replies rude - she showed extreme patience towards someone who was obviously not going to purchase.

it wasnt even this, literally
>how do you know when you didnt ask measurements
>oh well its freesize so if you cant fit into usual freesize things then yeah its too small for you maybe you can diet so you can wear the clothes you want to wear

I don't give one single fuck that she's fat. she was rude, and got mad the seller didn't bend over backwards for her and gave her the honest truth.

>> No.6816303

Seriously. Piss off. That fatcow was being a bitch and because she's fat, it's okay, and you're defending her? you're the dellusional one.

>> No.6816305

I don't see how the seller was rude. She came off friendly and conversational to me. She even apologized after.

Never selling to this girl.

>> No.6816306

>She went elsewhere to "spread the word"
Okay sorry, but since the posting link was cut out I can't see where she's posting this but I assumed it was on her page.
My bad I guess.

>> No.6816307

Do you honestly not realize why the fat girl is in the wrong? Like, really? The sales woman actually worded it much nicer then how I wrote it. I also use dresses as motivation to lose weight, it's quite common. So why is she bitching? The fat girl is a retarded bitch who needs to get over herself. (and so are you).

>> No.6816308


I really don't think the fatty is a victim. Fatty was beating the bush about her weight, the seller suggests something that will help, fatty blows it out of proportion by bringing it to fatty comm.

If a friend is whining about a problem, and you know the solution that can fix the problem, wouldn't you suggest it to her? That's what being a friend is about. The seller was trying to be nice and helpful.

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You're all bitches.
And it's hilarious that you think making a dumb secret about it and then chewing her ass out on 4chan puts you above her behavior.

>> No.6816311

>The fat girl is a retarded bitch who needs to get over herself. (and so are you).
>who needs to get over herself
Oh I get it, you're being ironic.

>> No.6816314

We are anonymous. We did not start this drama, she did. We're just talking about it and laughing at how retarded she is. Why are you defending her with every inch of your life? She was being a bitch.

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>run out of argument
>"well you're a bicth"
>thinking only one person is replying to you
youre wrong get over it

>> No.6816320

Don't talk about things that happen, you low life. Seriously, you could be eating or something.

>> No.6816322

>We did not start this drama
>"We didn't start it first so that makes it okay"
No it doesn't. You're complaining about drama while still perpetuating it, and doing nothing reasonable to solve it in typical dramacow fashion.

Stop beating around the bush about contacting the mod.
I'm not defending her as a person, I'm bitching about the way you guys are handling this because, as usual, your passive aggressive shit is getting you nowhere and you wonder why shit goes on the way it does and why people make victims of themselves.

>> No.6816323

I even don't think it was that... A customer asked about an item, said 'oh I'm too big for that' and then the seller (thinking that the customer really liked the item) suggested something to help the buyer make up her mind about buying it... I think it's just as simple as that.

>> No.6816325

>implying you haven't been calling me a landwhale, a whiteknight, and a dramawhore this whole time
Look, at the very least don't be a hypocrite. Because if the logic were insults=no more argument then you girls would've puffed out awhile ago.

>> No.6816328

For people who are complaining about the seller's response: Have you guys ever been to a high brand store?

Because the seller's respond is way nicer than what you will get from high brands.

>> No.6816329

did you even read
>implying only one person is replying to you
i didn't say shit about you man.

>> No.6816330

We aren't complaining about the drama, though? We're eating it up and laughing at what a stupid cow the fat girl is. Are you the fat girl, or can you just relate well to her? You sound like someone who likes being offended and misinterprets social situations easily. Why are you so pissed by people talking about stupid people within their community? NO FUN ALLOWED, SAID THE COW.

>> No.6816332

Does anyone have pictures of said fatty? I'm just curious.

>> No.6816333

>Because the seller's respond is way nicer than what you will get from high brands.
A high brand store is a business with it's own set of rules. Not a facebook page run by a bunch of teens and college students. And let me tell you: If someone starts shit in there they handle it on the spot.
They don't piss around and go on BtB and make butthurt little secrets about their opinions and then complain about the defensive behavior.

No, they'll tell ya to either buy something or gtfo. If they don't forcefully remove you completely.

>> No.6816339

I'm pissed because you're whining about how this girl just oh so ~*~bugs the shit out of you~*~ on the sales comms yet you do nothing to resolve it.
It would take you a full five minutes to type a message to the mod and explain the situation.
Then POOF, no more weird fat whining girl to ruin your day and get your bloomers ruffled.

>> No.6816341

Are they fucking serious right now?
I... I can't believe someone would actually think that's a logically sound idea to have.

>> No.6816345

Shut the fuck up. For one, I don't have a facebook account, two, I'm sure she's been reported, and three, we aren't whining. We're marveling at her stupidity. Nothing she does actually bothers me, it just amazes me how people like this can exist.

>> No.6816349

>I don't have a facebook account
Haha okay so you're worrying about something practically irrelevant to you.
>I'm sure she's been reported
Then what's the issue?
>we aren't whining
But you were!
>Look at this fat bitch trying to impose her fat rolls on us like we've gotta accept her or something ewwwww
Give me a break.

>> No.6816359

Oh god, you guys make me feel bad for bringing this bitch up. So many rustled jimmies.

>> No.6816363


Discussion = Rustled Jimmies XD

>> No.6816364

Okay then, why do you care so much about us talking about how stupid she is? Why are you so concerned with us being concerned with things? Seriously, are you the fat girl?

>> No.6816365

I'm curious too now..

>> No.6816366

I wish there's more delusional piggus in the community. I always have a laugh out of the stupid shit they say. Just imagine them screaming MAH PRIVILEGE while chowing down another burger with melted cheese all over their keyboard, and frantically making a tumblr post about how it's society's fault.

>> No.6816367

>Okay then, why do you care so much about us talking about how stupid she is?
I already said I don't care about talking about her as a person but the way you are handling the situation.
>are you da fat gurll xD
Yeah, because she totally seems like the type with good grammar and cgl know-how, don't she? Shut up.

>> No.6816368

I didn't realise telling each other to shut the fuck up was classified as discussion.

My apologies, please continue.

>> No.6816370

>*doesn't she
Whoopsie daisie.

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>> No.6816375

That's unfortunate.

>> No.6816376


WTF? Someone get that wig off the little piggie. That's animal abuse.

>> No.6816377
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oh lordy

>> No.6816381


You can still see her double chin from that myspace angle.

>> No.6816386
File: 544 KB, 900x791, MH-fan-art-monster-high-23620500-900-791.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Half-assed attempt at a monster high cosplay methinks.

>> No.6816387
File: 21 KB, 384x512, 37027_10201043829082770_1084778057_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She seriously looks like my friend in a wig. Awful

>> No.6816393

Eh, cgl's seen fatter. She doesn't even look as big as some of the better knows plus size lolitas from this picture.

Which makes me think her whole shitfit is even more bs, because seriously, you're not THAT plus size so you don't even need to be digging for stupid plus-size acceptance points and you shouldn't even have that much trouble finding lolita to fit. Lazy ass.

>> No.6816394

oops, known**

>> No.6816395

I'd help! I'm not even a lolita, but I love the prints, and I'm quite handy with graphics.

>> No.6816405

I LOL'd so hard

>> No.6816406

you're being absolutely ridiculous. stop it.

>> No.6816423

I can sort of agree with this actually, not necessarily speaking for Singapore, but certain phrases are taken differently when English is a second language.

Recently I was conversing with two people about a performance that a Japanese woman was holding. She was telling us to come by and support her work, and the second person mentioned that they were happy to go and assumed it was a different type of dance/performance. The woman replied that it wouldn't be "the right event for them then" but hoped that they would go.

It sunded negative, though I knew what she meant was that it wasn't that kind of performance, and leaving it more to the other person to decide if they wanted to go.

>> No.6816426
File: 252 KB, 600x939, 742388326.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school... I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy

>> No.6816431
File: 137 KB, 269x232, mean_girls.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6816433

>an hour since that was posted
>argument is over
>still talking in the present tense
I didn't know it was possible to be this autistic.

>> No.6816439

Why is this old drawing kind of arousing?

>> No.6816458


I know you're trolling but this makes me laugh.

>> No.6816462

Yeah, but there wouldn't be enough cake to go around because the fat bitches would eat it all.

>> No.6816464

So? Not like you wanted that cake anyway because you know you might gain an ounce. Have some water instead.

>> No.6816466

Why thank you. Now I'd also like it if you could stop pushing me out the way to get to the cake.

>> No.6816467


I fucking love cupcakes, fried food, and all kinds of junk food. I eat that shit everyday, yet I'm still a size small. You jelly?

>> No.6816469

>You jelly?
Of course not; I already ate that.

>> No.6816470

too bad you purge

>> No.6816471

Fuck, you want jelly too?

>> No.6816474

You may be small, but your cholesterol levels are high.

>> No.6816484


I eat in moderation, also gym times are fun times.

>> No.6816492

>eat that shit every day

Is this a new meaning of the word 'moderation' that I wasn't previously aware of?

>> No.6816502

It's the modern definition of moderation that allows unhealthy eating habits to persist

>> No.6816692
File: 131 KB, 550x464, d34BupF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shit is going down about Lady Vickie in the plus size sales group if anyone is interested. Her secret was secret #27.

Her statement upon leaving the group:
"I leave this group, you are only spiteful tongues. Look you in a mirroir before of judge the others. You have ugly souls without feelings.
You will not miss me!"

And she made two statements on her personal Facebook /Lady.Vickies

>Here are the badly translated versions.

>> No.6816695

>First one is about the group itself:

Lolita plus size is the group's most anarchic I connaisses sale. The first secret of my pancreas that I had came from this page. I had not done an album, I just followed suit. But to say "stp create an album", they had to go through BTB is much easier than having a speaking that comes kindly ask.
Today I get a second secret. Where we forget the way to flood my head (or not), saying that my pancreas are hideous and I have to stop. But WTF! They could not take care of their ass? Between the large size dress cut like nets potatoes and pathetic mentality, I seriously began to wonder if the secrets of the round are not finally won (yes I mean). Because, well, I've seen bad girls in Lolita, but frankly, what is it? "hey look, I'm round, I'm Lolita, and I farts because I dare?"
I'm not going to stop what I'm doing. It pleases some people and not others. That's the rule and I respect! So kidding me peace. This group I will leave because ultimately my sale or my purchase goes to 10% there. So I do not lose much there.
I'm nice but I think slaps get lost TT "

>> No.6816697
File: 478 KB, 500x264, tumblr_lji99qQllA1qa1id2o1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Second one is about BTB:

Starting today I decided to boycott BTB! It can say anything, I do connecterais me again on this site! This site is the devil who wish I did not play with the devil, I prefer cottoyer angels.

>I lol'd.

>> No.6816705

It was erased by the mods!
Wish I screen capped it.
It was just basically a hugbox after her statement she posted in the group though.

>> No.6816708
File: 105 KB, 1600x900, 404.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is now coming up when you go to her Facebook page, too.

Looks like a disabled account.

>> No.6816710

>The first secret of my pancreas
>dress cut like nets potatoes
>I'm round, I'm lolita, and I farts

Best translations ever

>> No.6816713

I have to agree. I lol'd.
But you get the jist of it I suppose.

>> No.6816729

For a social justice warrior I like how you threw in the autism insult. Very abalist of you, you privileged fuck.

>> No.6816734

>Bitch Bitching about bitches bitching about bitches
Fuck, this is basically bitchception let me get my soundtrack before we add another layer to this.

>> No.6816738

My best friend died and she left most of her wardrobe to me. She was really sick so she knew she was dying and she gave her clothes to our comm. We'd wear them when we went to visit her in hospital and it made her really happy. She died two years ago and we still try to meet up on her birthday (or at least within a couple of weeks either side, depending on schedules). A lot of us wear the things she left us at those meet ups. I miss her so much.

>> No.6816756

Damn you! Beat me to it.

BTW, as a parent, I realize not everyone likes kids. To people who are bitching that it's mean, NO. It IS rude to assume your spawn are automatically invited. Would you do that for a wedding? Hell no, so don't do it for a meetup. And if said meetup is in a tea house, you can bet that Little Billy is not going to sit still and break that shit.

>> No.6816776
File: 59 KB, 494x479, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Caps for everyone!

>> No.6816777
File: 42 KB, 485x478, 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6816780
File: 53 KB, 403x632, 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6816784
File: 28 KB, 421x296, 4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6816785

Reading the secrets always makes me sad...

>> No.6816786
File: 47 KB, 720x576, 1318472653160.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I blocked Alexis because she wasn't hugboxing with us

The best part of waking up is drama in your cup!

>> No.6816794

>less hugboxes and more reasonable thinking pls
my goddamned hero

>> No.6816800
File: 272 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2013-05-05-23-10-15.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look who popped up. Our friend from earlier on!

>> No.6816828

seriously it's fucking 4chan, we're all just having fun/talking about people we'd like to avoid in the future.
if you think /cgl/ is the place for bitching and discussion, maybe you should lurk more or gtfo.

also, on shitty buyers:
who in the world would think they could buy dream fantasy for $150, much less that specific jsk/colourway.

>> No.6816848

It's the Livejournal 88 change that caused a lot of backlash from comms because it removed titles from comments.
It's been so long since that's happened the question is why she still uses that icon when LJ will never listen to them.

>> No.6816886

When I visit a friend who is a mother, I expect to spend time around her child, doing child appropriate activities, and generally being child appropriate myself.

When I go to a lolita meetup at a restaurant, I expect a lolita experience. Not screams, tantrums, messy eating, "so because we only signed up for afternoon tea service like the host clearly stated, I cannot order from the kids menu and make this reservation end up costing more for her because I failed to pack Cheerios?!!!!", or having to carefully watch everything we say or talk about around your child...

>> No.6816890

I made that secret and I'm plus-sized. Girls like that piss me off because I don't like that they give all of us a bad reputation. We aren't all self-pitying and whiny like that. I don't bitch about being fat because I know people around me don't care and I'm fine with that - I understand why they don't care. It makes people feel really uncomfortable when fat girls (or guys for that matter) complain about being overweight and they don't know what to say.

If it really bothers her so much, she should do something about it instead of living her life through her computer screen and reaffirming her self-pitying tendencies by garnering support from other whiny fat girls on Facebook. I have been dieting for 3 months and exercising regularly and have lost 30 pounds already (another 40 to go). She could easily do the same, but she's lazy and wants to play the victim.

Another thing that annoyed me is that there was one girl who tried to explain to Ari the cultural differences between Americans and Asian people and Ari got pissed and was like, "I'm not sure why you think I don't know that. This is still rude as fuck blahblahblah." I really don't think the salesperson meant any offense to her.

>> No.6816893

This is why I'm afraid to join the lolita community

I'll just hoard all my clothes and wear them by myself

>> No.6816899
File: 107 KB, 475x356, 993893.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Girls like that piss me off because I don't like that they give all of us a bad reputation.

Why do you let this bother you and what makes you think a minority of one kind of person speaks for the majority of others?
A person who would seriously look at someone who's fat and say "hahaha I bet they're just like x fattie who was whiny an annoying," then they're being the bigots. It's unfair for you, especially to consider it your duty, to put down every annoying bitch and asshole out there because you're afraid people will judge you the same way. If someone did that, then they're the ones who are wrong and not you for just looking a certain way.

And you're doing good with your weightloss. You're nothing like a person that sits around and whines about their weight, so why even categorize yourself in the same league when you're not? Don't apologize on the behalf of the fat community, let those kinds of people fend for themselves.

>> No.6816901

this is sad and touching. i'm sorry about your friend.

>> No.6816920

>It's unfair for you, especially to consider it your duty, to put down every annoying bitch and asshole out there because you're afraid people will judge you the same way.
I don't know where you got the idea that I do this often. I've only ever posted 3 secrets in 3 years and this is the only one about fat people. I don't feel like it's my duty to put people down.

>Why do you let this bother you
I'm sure you have things that annoy you, whether it's someone talking loudly on their cellphone about their vaginal infection or someone sneezing without covering their mouth on the bus. Why do you let those things bother you? I'm not just annoyed because I feel like I'll be judged based on their actions; I also feel it is extremely obnoxious to post an unrelated comment like that on a sale, whether it's a comment like what Ari wrote or someone saying, "Omg so cute" or "Wish I could afford it."

>Don't apologize on the behalf of the fat community, let those kinds of people fend for themselves.
I didn't apologize for them. I'm saying that it's shitty that fat people are just lumped together as a whole and stereotyped and I don't want to be associated with the type of girl Ari is.

>> No.6816931

>I don't know where you got the idea that I do this often.
The fact that you did it once and still say stuff like one person is going to give the fat community as a whole a bad rep is plenty enough.
Well yeah and other people think she's being obnoxious too. But that's not the part I'm concerned about in your statement.
>I'm saying that it's shitty that fat people are just lumped together as a whole and stereotyped and I don't want to be associated with the type of girl Ari is
I get that, but what I'm saying is that the people who do this are wrong. And you shouldn't be going out of your way to even think about them.
Chances are if these people are grasping at straws like that to hate all fat people because of some things a few fat people do, then they're not worth it and their opinion of who you are associated with (truthful or not) shouldn't even cross your mind. But I know, that's easier said than done sometimes.

>> No.6816939

This secret broke my heart a little.

Don't people in Japan think that all lolitas have mental health issues?

>> No.6816943

People in Japan think that anyone who's slightly different has a mental health issue. Until they're famous of course...

>> No.6816948


There is something wrong with people who take friendly advice ("You can't fit the clothes but you want them, why not diet?") and blow it out of proportion, act rude to the seller, then turn around and bitch about it to their friends.


>> No.6816957

Oh my god that's heartbreaking. I'm so sorry for your loss.

>> No.6816961

You're doing it wrong.

>> No.6816965

"*breaks out a ukulele*
Failita, Failita,
you make my life complete-a
Failita, Failita,
You're an awesome mod!
*bows* "
what the fuck? Worshipping mods?

>> No.6816972

If you're gonna try to stir the pot you could at least sage correctly, dumbass.

>> No.6816973

>what the fuck? Worshipping mods?
Especially when they're a cunt like failita, yeah I know it's bizarre.

>> No.6816975

I'll bet it's a 19 year old... maybe one outfit, maybe 2--definitely bought a lucky pack--who has ventured into the wankier sides of the LJ lolita community because they now consider themselves a mature adult who knows better than those silly newbs who think lolitas should be lovelies.

>> No.6817009

That image.... She'll wrinkle the fabric
dumb bitch..

>> No.6817016

you dont have to make money off of it then! donate all proceeds to a charity or something.

>> No.6817019

Oh god forbid! It's not like she can just steam or iron them out!

Oh wait.

>> No.6817020

aren't all the mods cunts?

>> No.6817024


>> No.6817028

Obnoxious and oversensitive.
Lady Ari's "wah i'm so fat i can't fit this curse my curves lololol" comment in the first place was completely unnecessary. And I get the seller's comment - I mean c'mon, in the j-fashion community people use clothes as motivation to lose weight all the time. She was fawning over the skirt, so I think it was a natural suggestion to make given the context.

>> No.6817050
File: 234 KB, 740x1100, 1255059299787.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...oh shit. I do have a few rare pieces, though nothing like Classical Puppet Doll Carnival whatever. Just some really old Meta pieces, that people probably wouldn't care about.

But to have my last wishes be "I desire to line my coffin with my lolita (ALL OF IT)". Oh man, that would be hilarious. I doubt anyone would take pictures though, that's kind of weird, and I would want to the lolis to weep at their loss anyways.

You know, because I very very rarely resell my dresses, I've used jokingly on occasion that I'm the place where dresses go to die. This puts that saying in a whole new light.

>> No.6817086

I was the anon who was complaining about my rude/mean obese stepsister in the awful gal thread. Since she ran out of unemployment and is living on welfare, she spends all her time at home on the internet and has finally discovered tumblr. She likes to drop thin privilege in front of me all the time. I just ignore it, out of respect for my stepmother, and the fact that I don't think my stepmother even realizes it's an insult.

Insult me all you like, bitch, it won't make you any thinner!

>> No.6817245
File: 496 KB, 300x166, tumblr_lmnq3pvWqt1qi54ezo1_400.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


So uh. Alexis here, sup?
Did I come off mean? I was trying my hardest not to while trying to get a point across. Really curious because when I LOVE arguing with this bullshit, but I don't want to come off as mean. Alas, I always seem to do.

Also I guess 'mad" wasn't the right word. I was more so annoyed at the hug box.

Also thanks so much for screen posting this lmao. I like how Terry basically said the same thing and gets likes.

TL;DR Hugboxes scare me.

>> No.6817253

Also, I love how she automatically thinks it is about them being fat.


>> No.6817262
File: 708 KB, 260x146, 1364724961405.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>b-b-but why is Terry getting the likes and not me? ;-;

Because Terry has mastered the art of tactfully giving criticism while neither coming off as aggressive nor too sympathetic. Compared, you look like the ankle-biting, yipping pooch trying to stick your head in the middle of drama by relaying back quotes from the fucking secret thread itself (as if nobody can just go look themselves) and using buzzwords like "hugbox" which is so vague it might as well mean nothing.

Someone handled it better than you did. How's that for validation?

>> No.6817286

I agree with what you were saying

I'm pretty tired of the whole "everything needs to be sugarcoated" mentality in the lolita community anyway

>> No.6817287

Think before you type, if you re-read it and it comes of bitchy don't say it. Go to thesaurus.com and find a softer word/phrase to use.
But if you're attitude is coming off "I don't wanna be nice to speak my opinion!" which is really reflected in your posts. So you either deal with being a bitch or take that chip off your shoulder and learn to be more tactful.

>> No.6817294

It's becoming that way in the entire world practically. People are starting to be so scared of criticism.

>> No.6817304

>others have always been tolerant of people who speak to them in rude, aggressive, and condescending manners of course
Dream on.

>> No.6817306
File: 483 KB, 500x275, tumblr_liswwfIBHy1qcqfgc.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks guys.
I really mean it.
I do sound like a bitch. I've always been blunt.

I'll try the thesaurus thing. Too much internet hardening. Need to watch more soft kitties.

>> No.6817322

Failita isn't that great of a mod. She's kind of annoying and I have more respect for the other two new mods, especially after the porn thing they had to deal with, and for Midnightstroll.

>> No.6817506

You mean TwilightCircus and Hellodahlia, right?
They both are decent enough mods.

>> No.6817596

>Classical Puppet Doll Carnival
Are you fucking serious? I doubt you own any brand.

>> No.6817604

I-i don't know.

>> No.6817638

That is the single stupidest post I've ever seen.

>> No.6817679

Sarcasm anon, sarcasm.

>> No.6817801

I can only assume things like this are said by Christians where they say god made their body that way, and by that logic, thin people were made thin. So in their mind, no one earned or caused their body to be that way, it's all gods doing.

>> No.6817805

Some blouses can look fine with some OPs... Just not *that* blouse and *that* OP. Those look terrible together.

>> No.6817817

Ugh! Can we stop with privilege already? FFS! This shit is just a huge bawwfest over who has a harder time living. The whole concept of privilege is a stereotype in the first place and it's not constant in every area of the world, in a specific country or even local areas. It's shit. All of it is shit.

>> No.6817821

>Donna makes money off letting people watch her eat.
Donna is a gross freak show.

>> No.6817823

Ick, her blouse OP combo bitch face is like...fug. She looks like a mcdonalds employee.

>> No.6817828

Its almost good that the stupid bitch who wrote that is headed towards an early grave.

>> No.6817842

> Defends whiny fat people who could change.
> Insults a mental disability.
What a cunt.

>> No.6817848

>calling each other cunts and bitches in a drama thread when the fact is you're all cunts and bitches
I lol'd. What denial.

>> No.6817853

It was one of the requirements on the application.

>> No.6817856

Not denial that im a bitch but i wouldn't insinuate that someone had an incurable mental disorder, that shits pretty low.

>> No.6817861
File: 67 KB, 2000x2000, 1342923092669.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>insinuate that someone had an incurable mental disorder
You're on 4chan. Just reminding you.
>muh fate hate
>but don't touch autism tho that's mean QQ

>> No.6817926
File: 952 KB, 500x281, tumblr_m61g28AJIA1rqcu9eo2_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Wow, that's some indirect body shaming there."
> complain about how clothes are always to small for
> well, y'know you could always loose weight ie. deiting

ugh the girls defending her are just sad

>> No.6817955

also not fat hating, just pointing out its pretty fucking dumb for an SJW to be calling someone an auti. You mad, im not one of the anons who was tearing you a new one for defending that fat chick: I couldn't care less. Stay mad.

>> No.6817974


autist detected

>> No.6818154

>implying I'm an sjw
>implying you aren't buttraged as fuck
Okay autist.

>> No.6818165

What are you still doing here?

You can defend her as much as you want but you aren't going to change anyone's mind

>> No.6818170

Wow were you seriously lurking this even on the second page? Damn you're feisty mad. Let it go.

>> No.6818177

That was like my second post in this thread

I have the tab open and I get notifications when there are new posts

It's time to stop posting, anon

>> No.6818186

>I have the tab open and I get notifications when there are new posts
So you were lurking it. And only your second? More like your fifth, or eleventh. Lol. You first.

>> No.6818189

>I get notifications
>autist script

>> No.6818192

You know, we're anon, so you can believe whatever you want, there's not a way to prove it or w/e

I'm just curious as to what you are getting out of this

It seems like no one above agrees with you and you just keep coming back?


>> No.6818197

Actually they kind of did when I told them to contact the mod, too bad your autist self interprets that as me sticking up for the person.
If you're anon then what are you getting out of arguing with me exactly? You can leave whenever?

>> No.6818203

>stirs shit from hours ago
>gets mad when the troll comes back for more
You're being an idiot, could you stop?

>> No.6818209

Who is arguing? I'm asking questions in a calm manner, unlike you who is obsessed with constantly insulting people

Lol, not mad. I'll stay as well, I like secrets threads

>> No.6818211

>calm manner
>getting this upset when someone makes autism jokes on 4chan
Please lady...stop.

>> No.6818214

That person called names too. You get mad when someone calls you a rightfully labeled autist but you forget that whole time they've been called an sjw, a whiteknight, a fattie, and all this other shit.
Should they sit around and bawwww about how they were insulted? Double standards much?

>> No.6818215

I like how the best cgl can do now is "omg u so mad"

Like how is it a difficult concept to comprehend that it's normal to type a few words and be total calm

>> No.6818218
File: 1.02 MB, 190x167, popcorn1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because you are this mad and you're being ridiculous.

>> No.6818220

Legit question: Why are you calling someone else an sjw when you're getting angry that someone made an autist jab?
You sound like the sjw

>> No.6818222


Sure, whatever you say

I am aware that people were calling her/him names, I literally just showed up here at the end because anon kept constantly coming back here almost two hours after the last post to start more crap and I was curious about it

You guys will latch onto anything I swear, lol

>> No.6818224

>kept constantly coming back here almost two hours after the last post to start more crap
Well the least I can say for them is that they actually saged their crap unlike you. Your argument really isn't this important, and it's funny considering you do the same exact thing.

>> No.6818226

I never called that person a sjw. My first post was before the plus size sales shitstorm and the second one was here: >>6818165

I really wish we had IDs here

>> No.6818227

She is an sjw, that's why she's getting so pissy while trying to tell us how calm she is. In fact this argument is so damn unimportant, that she actually has notifications turned on just so she can respond to every post.

>> No.6818231

Well it was on the second page I figured it didn't really make a difference, I wasn't resurrecting it from the last page or something. Also you're not saging either?

I don't care about social justice, like at all? What is going on here lol

I literally just posted towards the end, I was lurking up until then as my earlier post said

I don't really see what the big deal about notifications is, they're really handy for taobao threads. Why are you reaching so far to find stuff to pick at

>> No.6818232
File: 74 KB, 479x435, 1337321697492.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>notifications for 4chan
They actually have this?

>> No.6818233

>Also you're not saging either?
What's the point if you're just going to bump it anyway?

>> No.6818236

An sjw and a shopping addict. It's getting scarier as we go.

>> No.6818237

But I'm not...?

Mmhm, If you go into settings you can turn them on

Lol cgl I love you guys

>> No.6818238

>But I'm not..?
But you totally were~*~

>> No.6818240

I was and now I'm not, so I'm not going to start bumping it again for no reason silly

>> No.6818242

As you sage...

>> No.6818245

I hate when conversations go like that
>Hey I'm sorry for saying this to you
>Well yeah but it was still uncalled for
>I know and I sincerely apologize for it
>But you were totally unprofessional and arrogant right there!
>Yes, sorry for the inconvenience.
>But you were acting wrong!

If someone's apologizing to you be less of a bitch and take it you fat bitch.

>> No.6818246

Bump just to spite you both <3

>> No.6818250

Oh, you!

Yea, the seller seemed to be at least making an effort to make amends and she just kind of... shat all over it?

>> No.6818488

Or to keep warm in winter. PrincessPeachy mentioned in one of her videos that that wearing a blouse under an OP helps in winter because of the layers.

>> No.6818491

we finally know what lolitas are afraid of


>> No.6818493

Also, in Asian countries they tend to be much more blunt and straightforward about your size or appearance.

>> No.6818531

Not to mention, the person setting up the whole thing will have to cut through the back of the dress in order to put it on the corpse. So the dress is technically already destroyed once you see it on a body in state.

>> No.6818561


>> No.6818575


>> No.6818785

Jesus Christ. At that point it's not about "beauty" or "a preference" anymore, it's a fetish. And fetishizing that kind of obesity is just not cool, in the same way that fetishizing anorexia is just not cool. The lady on the right has people who pay to watch hear eat, presumably so they can get off. Encouraging someone to eat themselves TO DEATH so you can get your rocks off is not okay, and it's not any kind of love worth fighting for, Would it be looked at in the same light if they were people who were paying to watch a bulimic purge? They're creepy fetishizsts, not harmless chubby chasers.

>> No.6818791

my name is anon and I'm a feeder

>> No.6818807

Pretty sure lolitas with an actual pedophobia are rare. Most just don't want wailing, smelly, vomiting piles of shit near them in meetings, whether it's a weeaboo landwhale or a 1 year old.

>> No.6818814

This is what I do and it's fucking amazing, never join a comm or go to events sparingly that way drama won't chase your tails.

>> No.6818816

so they're neets?

>> No.6818856

As a plus-size person, I think this girl is totally on the wrong and an idiot to boot and should STFU. Is telling someone to go on a diet EVER a good idea? Probably not, it will probably cause offence, hurt or drama. But on the other hand, wtf is this idiot talking about on another person's sale post? Bitch, you didn't ask for measurements, you had no intention to buy, you just wanted to baaawww about how nothing fits you. This is your problem, no one cares. The seller didn't say "lol fatty lose weight". They said "well maybe this is good motivation for a diet"? which is in part true, since lots of girls use that as a motivation. Lots of us have gotten fed up at one stage or another with not fitting into things we wish we did and decide to lose some weight to get a dream dress or something.

Is it a tactful thing to say? Nope. But at the end of the day, this chick chose to make a stupid comment on someone's sales post and she got a stupid comment back. If you are not considerate enough to respect a sales comm's rules and a seller's time, why should they be respectful and pussyfoot around your feelings? You kinda get what your behavior warrants imho.

>> No.6818864

Fatty here, if I posted the same way that girl did, and I was told to diet to fit what I want to wear, I wouldn't feel bad. I'd look at myself and know she was right. It would push me harder to work out and get to the way I want. At this moment I'm fat, I love my body and I love me. I'm still gonna work out and get in better shape so I can enjoy my life to the fullest.
So no, the way she responded was bad. She made herself look like an idiot. She ran crying and looks like a dumb cunt. Fuck her and fuck you.

>> No.6818959

They are TOTALLY blunt about your size.

I was at a department store in MBK in Bangkok. The shop assistant told me that because my breasts were huge I wouldn't be able to fit any of the clothes, and that I should try elsewhere.

Blunt while trying to be helpful

>> No.6818977

>I wouldn't feel bad.
>I wouldn't react in a certain way so therefore I can't fathom people reacting differently than me
>so fuck you
Typical self-centered bitch logic.

>> No.6819006

The bitch who cried about being told to diet is just as self-centred. She didn't give a flying fuck about wasting the seller's time or about posting her irrelevant stupid pity-party comments, and yet she expects everyone to respect her feelings about her body and throw her a body-positivity party or something. If she just wants to go on and on about what a tragedy it is that nothing fits her she can do it on her own or her friends' walls not on people's sales posts. Sales posts aren't there so insecure bitches can fish for compliments and get pats on the back.

>> No.6819011

I never knew it was this possible to be so sensitive about someone crying about their measurements.

>> No.6819046
File: 113 KB, 597x597, 562607_10151354740617011_963151766_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is so idiotic, oh my god. If you are shopping on a gyaru sales page and you are looking for gyaru type clothes, know that it is a style originated in Japan. So know their sizing. "Free size" in Asia usually means size XS-M. I'm a small M and certain Liz Lisa clothing items won't fit me. Do I cry on the comm sales about it? No because ain't nobody got time fo' dat.

Her friends want to talk about rude and unprofessional? Wasting the seller's time (like >>6816269 said) is probably one of the most annoying things you can do in a sales post. Do you go down to the mall and cry to the employees there? Understand your body and know what fits it well and what doesn't. I wish I had the patience the seller had. Poor girl tried so hard to apologize (mind you, she knew those girls aren't even potential clients) and still got bashed about how, "Oh, but you came off as rude." Take the apology like the fucking adults you should be. The seller wasn't even being rude. If you're complaining about nothing fitting you it leads people to believe that you're unhappy with yourself. Also, starting a pity parade on your comm's Facebook wall is obnoxious, grow the fuck up.

One last thing, you want to say, "Curse your curves"? Sweetheart, these are not curves. My sister has curves, okay. She has a fairly large chest, a very small waist, and large hips. I can't even tell where your waist is. Try again.

>> No.6819072

I like how she got on a high horse about the other mod removing a secret for being a personal attack to deflect the fact that she did the same thing.

>> No.6819081

That woman looks about 40, the hair doesn't suit her.

>> No.6819100

I'm glad she doesn't fit into Liz Lisa. Now there's one less crazy person who will ruin styles they don't understand.

>> No.6819109

Her face looks like she was invading somebody's house and they woke up and started beating her with the ugly stick.

>> No.6819419

Polish lolita here.
All those secrets popping out are some incredibly lame vendettas directed at Sariel and Lady Sloth.
Probably some whore from Sariel's comm doesn't like her and must constantly let the world know about it. No one cares about Sariel here anyway but the some people thinks she's a "lolita leader of Poland". (this is really pathetic because Sariel is a very mediocre lolita, so wtf? )

As for Lady Sloth: There was some crazy bitch who was conflicted with LS (as well as a lot other people) and got banned from the comm. It's probably her silly vendetta again. None of the rumours or things LS was supposedly saying about her customers were ever confirmed.

>> No.6819533

As long as she's not doing it publicly, I don't see the problem. Seamstresses aren't companies, they have lives and opinions just like everyone else.

>> No.6819633

I don't think any of the mods really know what they're doing lately as far as what they are suppose to remove and shit or people are bitching about pressing charges on them.

>> No.6819729

Way to be a bitch and gank stuff off her private Facebook page (rant and pics) and splash them all over a public forum because "Waaahhhh, fatties be getting a bad name cause her!" Seriously. Un-friend her ass and be done with it. You dont have to listen to her rambling if you dont like.

>> No.6819779


>> No.6824058

Psych student here and I want to remove Mia Carla's brain and destroy it because it's of no use to her or anyone else.

>> No.6824067


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