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Lolita gifs maybe?

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That's a maid.

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That's Peachie isn't it?

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I don't consider peachie a real lolita. Someone that only has bodyline and replicas is not a true lolita to me. It's fine to have them, but not when it's your whole closet.
>also think shes kinda ita/outdated but w/e

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That's disappointing to know. I always thought she was cute. Personally I have no respect for replica owners.

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And here we have the shallowness and ridiculousness of lolita fashion summed up in two comments.

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it's like saying you are a fan of louis vutton and chanel but only have the 30 dollar chinese knockoffs bags. It's ok if you don't get it.

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I'm not even a lolita you know. I simply don't respect people who support replicas and fakes, whether it's lolita or high class brands.

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Since when did brand names become a part of personality?

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>it's like saying you are a fan of louis vutton and chanel but only have the 30 dollar chinese knockoffs bags.
But lolita is an overall fashion subculture, not a single designer. So it shouldn't matter if someone has Bodyline, offbrand, or replicas so long as they get the aesthetic correctly.

Just because you throw these silly analogies around doesn't mean we have to accept them.

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Peachie is the sweetest. How she spends her money is none of your business. Fuck off and find somewhere else to stir up drama, this is a gif thread, not a Peachie thread.

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as I said, it's fine to have all those things but your closet shouldn't be made up 100 percent of those things. You aren't really supporting the brands that actually make and push the fashion forward, you're just replicating the look.

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Isn't it double standard if you let someone get away with supporting replica just because they're sweet? Just saiyan~

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She probably is. No one is talking about her personally, just her in respect to lolita fashion.

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>get away with

What am I going to do? Call the police on her? It's not a matter of letting people "get away" with anything, it's the fact what she decides to spend her money on is her business and nobody else's. So long as she's not advertising it as the real thing, I see no issue here. No matter how much people whine, people aren't going to stop buying replicas.

I personally don't support replicas, but I'm not going to shit over people who do.

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Shh, it's ok. Don't get so mad over the internet. Since you know people will still buy replica no matter what, you should know you can't stop people from looking down on those who do.

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Her mannerisms annoys me. She's trying too hard to be kawaii.

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But have you actually taken steps against replicas? Have you mailed Angelic Pretty about Oo Jia, DOL, etc. to tell them "hey, these people are replicating your designs"? What have you actually done to oppose replicas beyond whine about them?

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>shh its ok
Wow, way to display your frothy vag.

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AP already knows but there's nothing they can do really when it is international.

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Why would I do that?

I simply said I don't respect those who support it. I don't consider it whining.

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How so? Surely copyright over their artwork and shit means they're able to do something? At least a cease-and-desist sort of deal?


But why don't you respect them? If you consider it art theft, why aren't you working against it?

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Different anon.
You're an idiot. Bitching/whining but won't do anything about it. Good god I feel bad for your comm.

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Nah, in China they don't give two flying fucks about copyright which is where all the replicas are made. A cease and desist would probably not even be opened.

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Because pursuing legal action from different continents for something like this is impossible, especially when the replica makers are in china, land of the replicas. Like they'd give a shit about a cease and desist?

people still haven't got their money from maikodolly (which seems to just be stateside!), cling123 is missing thousands of merchandise from an SS in japan and getting legal action is taking her over a year.

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Different anon
Just a friendly reminder that cgl is a cesspool of oojia whiteknights. We can continue disliking people who buy replicas, and continue liking people who choose brand, bodyline or indie original designs.

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land of replicas china doesn't give a shit hivemind

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Why can't they take action, though? Surely that shit's illegal, regardless of whether it's international or not? What with Chinese customs really cracking down on replicas, I'd have imagined they'd have been able to do something.

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MaikoDolly is irrelevant, seeing as everybody was too fucking dumb to get the police involved in the first place and expected Paypal or the fucking mods to fix everything.

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>ITT: pic related

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shut the flying fuck up and just post gifs, jesus.

we have had a replica debate before take it somewhere else for now. I just wanna see cute shit.

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I don't have respect for them because they don't have the money to buy the real thing, so they settle for fakes and replicas. Sorry, I think it's trashy.

Also I have to admit I was trying to get a reaction from you since you were so mad over it. It was fun.

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You really believe that??? Hahaha. The Chinese postmen are just happily opening your boxes and taking home what they find fancy. Lol. Even if the big brands spend all their money trying to pursue oojia, firstly it don't be enough money; secondly oojia can just evade the fuck out of it because she is in China.

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>stating my opinion in one sentence

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If she had only replicas I might have agreed, but she has non-replica bodyline pieces too.

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>Also I have to admit I was trying to get a reaction from you since you were so mad over it. It was fun.

I'm not actually mad at all. I just think people should let Peachie be.

Also this whole "tee hee! I made you mad!!" business is just pathetic. Like, not even worth anything more an eyeroll.

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>stating your so called oppinion all over the internet and most likely everywhere you can. No ho, don't lie. You're bitching anywhere and everywhere.

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That means you're just as pathetic as me for replying. :D

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Holy fuck will all you asspained idiots shut the fuck up and post some lolita gifs? Go make another thread for the replica debate.

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I can be honest with this. I have not whined about this anywhere, since I'm not even a lolita.

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I thought 4chan was 18+. When did this shit start? Its like a phrase that doesn't mean anything anymore.


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I'm hiding this thread. Thanks for ruining this thread everyone! Good job!

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Oh don't let the immature little cunts win, go get ye some gifs and join in.

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>real lolita
Lolita is a style. If you wear clothing that falls within the constraints of the aesthetic rules of the fashion, and you identify as a lolita, you are. It's an objective fact.

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Also being a fan means liking them. If you like the aesthetic of louis vuitton and chanel, even if you only have replicas, then you are a fan.

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basically >>6766469 and chinese customs cracking on replicas of famous designers like vivienne westwood and chanel due to outside pressure, has nothing to do with China lol
also language barriers, how are japanese speaking AP going to get legal help and pursue the chinese speaking replica makers?
that is why i also included cling123, who is more relevant since her case is actually international.

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I don't consider you a real 4chan user unless you post on all the popular boards like /b/, /v/ and /x/.

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>implying i don't or didn't at one time
>/x/ mentioned and not /a/
you dont know SHIT

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China's copyright laws are notoriously lax/not really enforced since ultimately the Chinese believe in making money and replicas sell well, plus whoever owns the factories probably owns a government official or two as well. The police do have a presence at the big replica markets but sellers are largely unpoliced, and just put their direct replicas under the counter and their very slightly modified replicas on display. The other side of the coin is of course that China believes in saving face, so it has to be seen to be doing something which in this case is opening parcels and letting postal workers take some stuff they like which is of course handy because they can track and collect statistics on how many contraband items they've seized and be seen to be 'doing something'

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You must be 18+ to be on this board

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You are seriously fucking retarded.
Have you ever heard of Louis Vuitton? Probably the world's largest producer of luxury goods? They spent around $20million or more every year in anti-counterfeit measures, and still aren't able to stop fakes.
If LVMH isn't able to stop counterfeiters, what makes you think a fucking tiny company like AP, with probably less than 100 employees total and profits that aren't even a drop in LV's bucket, would be able to?

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>left OP
>right the thread

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Not even that anon, but because lolita is a niche and is replicated on a MUCH SMALLER SCALE than fucking LV for a way smaller market. High fashion =/= lolita, comparisons don't make much sense.

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Somehow, I really love seeing lolita's in motion. It makes them even more magical?

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It does. Really wish I had a lolita friend....oh well.
Where are you all hiding?!

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I hope by the time I get home from work I will see pretty lolitas floating about instead of this shit storm.

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How do you make gifs like this anyway? It isn't blurry at all but it still looks like it only consits out of a few frames, so it have to be framed photographs. But how does the movement look so smooth in the end? Do you repeat the movement several times, photograph it and combine all to the gif in the end or is there another trick? How does it work?

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11/10 post

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from what i understand some cameras can take multiple consecutive photographs instantaneously

>> No.6766753

I can do this with my camera as well, but the pics always turn out to be blurry with that mode. So I thought there was maybe a better way to do it.

but even in that >>6766490 pic, this cant be the solution anyway, since the camera position moves with every shot/frame and it is beyond me how the gif could be so crisp and sharp in the end without a fixed camera.

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Do not gif a fuck about any of this.
Just love gifs.

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Well, that's all I've got. The other one was a duplicate file form another thread or something.
I hope someone posts something I haven't seen before so that this wasn't a big waste of my time. It seems a lot of people here are just drama hungry.
I want cute moving gifs!

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Oh this never gets old. What was she even thinking?

>> No.6766869

I thought this said ass painted at first...
lol I was very confused.

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what is this from?!

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>you're not a lolita if you can't afford expensive burando

not even a loli and that is mean

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One of SF's lolcows, Gwen (also known as nipple-chan for throwing a fit on BtB and pretending it wasn't her) at last year's Cherry Blossom Festival for the BTSSB Alice-themed contest.

>> No.6766889

Is this a bodyline maid outfit?

>> No.6766924

Yes, yes it is. It's very sad.

>opens her closet
>$5000 goes to $1000 when you realize it's all cheap shit and replicas

>> No.6766927

Camera setting. Otherwise you can take a video, import it into photo shop and export out a gif.

>> No.6766929

Oh my god, that's her?
Poor SF, why do they have so many weirdos?

>> No.6766934

True. But I have to admit, she makes the cheap crap look cute.

>> No.6766937

Doesn't matter. She rocks lolita better than some girls in brand

>> No.6766938

>Also being a fan means liking them. If you like the aesthetic of louis vuitton and chanel, even if you only have replicas, then you are a fan.
It's like if a cosplayer buys a costume and is snobbed by others who made it instead.

>> No.6766941

>She rocks lolita better than some girls in brand
She's wearing a maid dress.

Some white-knights...

>> No.6766955

There are lots of lolitas who don't own one single piece of high priced brand items.
I bet you're one of those "lolitas" who talk shit about poor lolitas online, but you don't own one single piece of brand yourself.

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Oh, my bad. I thought that closet of dresses she was presenting were hers. I didn't know this was the only picture of her on the Internet. Gee whiz, I really messed up.

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It's a large community, so ratio-wise, the number of weirdos is okay (mostly the triumvirate of ita: Gwen, Melissa, and Tiferet). But yeah, they really stand out and them being there makes me not want to go to meets and events, which sucks because everyone else is wonderful.

>> No.6766971

Don't you guys have Phil, too? Or is that the SoCal comm?

>> No.6766975

Oh yeah, no, we do have him, but I've never seen him at a normal meet, I think he just does cons and AP-hosted events, so he's easy to avoid.

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this gif is hypnotising

>> No.6767194

Where's this gif from? I need some back story..

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Is that Misako hitting someone?

>> No.6767883

Dang I was thinking of going to a meet-up. I hear about Gwen and the other crazies but I didn't think they were that bad. Do they go to every meetup?

>> No.6767891

I know she acts all fragile and overly kawaii

>> No.6767901

I agree. If Peachie can afford all that bodyline and replicas can't she save some money to buy some brand dresses?

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I made this gif >>6766552
It's Midori hitting someone with a bouquet

>> No.6767967

Whoa, she's hot.

I would totally buy her burando if she slept with me.

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I have nothing against poor lolitas and originally I said bodyline/replicas are fine...just I don't think your closet should be 100 percent comprised of that. I said nothing about being poor? or even implementing that?
brand is only expensive if you buy retail. I've paid bodyline prices for some of my brand, so...
with that amount of shop/filters anyone can

>> No.6768509

What/when is this from?

>> No.6768547

One of the Harlem Shake videos.

>> No.6768633

She has ME, so she is fragile

>> No.6768641 [DELETED] 

That looks like Midori Fukasawa.

>> No.6768652

I don't consider you a real lolita, cause you're a bitch.

>> No.6768717

This is how all lolitas should look.

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I know it's not lolita, but I could watch this gif for days it looks so delicious

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Most of them the meets. However they pretty much keep to themselves, so if you don't initiate conversation it's fine.

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Best gif ever, whenever I don't want to wear an outfit because it's too outlandish or whatever, I think about Momoko saying this. Life is too short for boring clothes.

>> No.6769143

lolitas are bitches though, get with the program

>> No.6769169

I feel like this is the perfect lolita silhouette, I wish I could achieve it!

>> No.6769197

get a petticoat? malco modes 582.

>> No.6769200

I know, I wish there was more brand that actually hit taller girls at the knee ;_;

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File: 985 KB, 300x169, pockets gif.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6769718

Does anyone have any gifs from that Lolita video where two sweet Lolitas are firing a gun riding in a shopping cart and just doing weird stuff outside

>> No.6769766

>just I don't think your closet should be 100 percent comprised of that.

And that's perfectly fine, but you can't say someone who dresses in the style, has the aesthetics, follows the rules et cetera "not a real lolita" based on what you think is ok or not. Because the style is defined by those rules and she follows them, therefore she's a lolita. As >>6766492 said, it's an objective fact.

>> No.6769847

replica = poor cheap whores
stop eating so much and go save some money or stick to offbrand shit
poor and cheap trash itas

>> No.6769852

no she is a replicator

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>> No.6771053

That's kind of rude. People who wear replicas all the time are most of the time itas but it doesn't make them poor cheap whores. Have you seen those replicas oo jia makes she charges over a hundred for those ugly replicas. They have the money but are too stupid to buy second hand or get some bodyline shit.

>> No.6771079

Just because clothing is inexpensive doesn't mean it can't look good. Beauty is not something you measure in dollars.

>> No.6771443

she lives in her house and can barely have enough strength to go outside, why would she buy brand, so she can sit around in her house in it?

>> No.6771449

that's a shitty excuse, since she seems to have enough energy to take 1000+ photos of herself blinking to post on the internet in her bodyline

>> No.6771459

You realize she's fucking disabled, right?

What do you care if she wears Bodyline?

>> No.6771461

Does someone being disabled change how one should consider their dress sense? I don't have a problem with cheap clothes or replicas but explaining a person's preference to cheaper clothes by saying they're disabled is silly.

>> No.6771491

>or stick to offbrand shit
Not the anon you're quoting, but there's a difference between cheap knockoffs and affordable indie/original TaoBao brand clothes. There's nothing wrong with going for the cheaper option if the clothes still look good, but replicas cost more than they're worth and are tacky.

>> No.6771497

They were talking about her energy levels, and yeah, that has a lot to do with her disability.

>> No.6771562

So? That still has nothing to do with whether or not she wants to buy brand.

>> No.6771638


>> No.6772234

Maybe she doesn't want to.

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File: 53 KB, 400x393, mailbox17.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A part of me wants to cosplay Mail-tan really badly. I think it'd be hilarious, but would people get it?

>> No.6772641

Disability in relation to affordability options, not preference, fool.

>> No.6772676

Being disabled doesn't mean you're poor. What the shit are you on?

>> No.6772681


>> No.6772713

disabled and yet has enough time to take hundreds of photos of herself every day, life must be so hard for her

>> No.6772722

>disabled and yet has enough time
What else should she do with it? If she's disabled, it's not like she's wasting time taking photos that would otherwise be spent at work.

>> No.6772735

wish i was disabled so the government would give me money to buy replicas...

>> No.6773010

I don't think that's a fair thing to say. You don't know her money situation.

>> No.6773077

Actually peachie feels brand isn't worth the money, she is happier with the cheaper stuff.
Two other girls in her comm with similar disabilities as her, both have brand, wether they bought it new or second hand. It has nothing to do with being disabled, it is just a choice.

>> No.6773090

Boy, I hope you don't have any self made items in your closet.

>> No.6773093

Lolita isn't about brand you ingrate, it's a look, a style. It has brands but it doesn't mean the brands are the style, they just replicate it.

>> No.6773100 [DELETED] 

This is such bullshit.

lolita started on the streets of Japan? Do you think they all worse brand? No... The point in of the fashions that originated in the 90s were expressionism, creativity, rebelling against the strict pressures to conform.

They MADE their own dresses, they wore what they could find. They worse brand, or they wore whatever they could afford. And it's was beautiful...

What the HELL is wrong with you people? You're RUINING LOLITA! You're making it lose all creativity and spirit until it becomes as soul-less as any bullshit fashion.

>> No.6773101
File: 16 KB, 320x240, bing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is such bullshit.

lolita started on the streets of Japan? Do you think they all wore brand? No... The point in the fashion that originated in the 90s were expressionism, creativity, rebelling against the strict pressures to conform.

They MADE their own dresses, they wore what they could find. They wore brand, or they wore whatever they could afford. And it's was beautiful...

What the HELL is wrong with you people? You're RUINING LOLITA! You're making it lose all creativity and spirit until it becomes as soul-less as any bullshit fashion. If the original lolitas were to look at you now... or even most lolitas living in Japan. It's not the bodyline and replica wearers that would be called "non-lolitas".
It's the fucking snobs that spend all their fucking money on brand and think that makes them a good lolita.

>> No.6773102

Western lolitas are all fucking trash.

>> No.6773105

That's bullshit. You ever met a lolita in Japan? The majority of Japanese are ALL about brands and labels, lolitas are no exception.

>> No.6773106

You get it! Someone actually gets it!
Lolita DID start out being made by hand! That's why there's patterns in Bibles! To help lolitas sew their own things! Lolita was about self-expression, not owning each new print. Prints weren't even a thing to begin with!

>> No.6773114

Street fashion is not a fucking popularity contest. You idiots treat it like you're in fucking highschool and OMG guise! Lisa has the hot new whatever it is. That's why comms are a joke. All of you act like bratty little highschool shits starting rumors, with your secrets, vendettas and backhanded comments. All of you are just immature brats with money.

>> No.6773129

Considering that some of the brands started in late 70s-early 80s, then yes I bet in the 90s that at least some of them wore brand.
And in Japan, Bodyline and replicas are very much looked down upon.

>> No.6773135


Thinking you're superior because you can afford to spend all your money on brand instead of important things just makes it obvious that they're either.

1. Flashing daddy's credit card.
2. flashing boyfriends credit card.
3. flashing husbands credit card.
4. have to idea how to spend money sensibly.
5. Have a job to pay for lolita, but are so completely shallow and self-absorbed that they have no problem spending thousands a month on their clothes.

>> No.6773136

Replicas obviously, bodyline, it's a sex shop. Handmade? No. Like I said, it's not a popularity contest. It's a street fashion that started in Japan to try to combat conformist society and promote individuality.

>> No.6773137

>thousands a month
You have no idea how discretionary spending works. Even if someone spends $500 a month on lolita they'd build up an insane closet within a year. You don't need to be Paris Hilton for this shit.

>> No.6773141

Oh noes, someone doesn't like the same thing as I do, what a disaster.

Some people like lolita because they just want to wear pretty dresses. Some people like lolita because they want to collect an impressive wardrobe. Some people like a bit of both. Chill the fuck out, you sound like a 13 year old.

>> No.6773144

So you're bashing someone who was telling off people who were bashing someone else for not being ~true lolita~ just because they don't own brand?

Did you read the thread?
You are like balls to the wall stupid.

>> No.6773150

I never said that handmade was looked down upon. In fact, GOOD handmade items are highly praised.
Replicas and Bodyline are looked down upon because they're crappy. By wearing them, you are basically saying "I don't care about lolita, I just wanted to wear some cheap crap with no effort". It shows that you have zero interest or devotion. And as superficial as it may sound, that's important.

>> No.6773152

But lolita's not really about devotion it's about looking out of the norm, yet still within the lines of the fashion.

>> No.6773153

I'd say that putting effort into your appearance and having some devotion in the fashion is a necessity

>> No.6773156

So then Peachie, in OP's gif doesn't look like she's done so?

>> No.6773158

Since she only wears Bodyline and replicas, no

>> No.6773160

It's funny that you probably wouldn't think this way if you didn't know they were bodyline and replicas.

>> No.6773161

Your post was needlessly dramatic. I agree the brand isn't the be all and end all, but there's no need to be such a child about it. People on BOTH sides of the replica/brandwhores debate need to calm the fuck down and have a lollipop or something.

>> No.6773164

It wasn't even my post you idiot, you just seem stupid. It's not a debate about replicas vs brandwhores anyway it's about people being ~less lolita~ Also if both sides need to calm down go further up in the thread and talk to those idiots.

>> No.6773165

It's pretty easy to tell...

>> No.6773168

I already did mang. But hey, if you think people should be screaming and wailing about OMG YOU'RE RUINING LOLITA???!111??!1!!!!??? then i suppose we just have different views on what being an adult is.

>> No.6773172

I think that bitches do ruin lolita, and I agree that everyone needs to calm down, but you sounded like an idiot with how you went about trying to 'calm the flame' so to speak.

>> No.6773176

Well what if I felt that fat girls ~ruined lolita~? Would I throw a tantrum about it? No, because guess what? You can't control anybody else's behaviour. If other people are remotely capable of ruining a hobby for you by having different opinions to you, you need to reconsider your attitude to that hobby.

>> No.6773187

Thinking this way just allows shitty people to stay shitty and not think they're wrong.

>> No.6773201

Shitty people are always going to be shitty, anon. It would be nice if one good telling-off made people stop being shitty, but it won't. You're better off just washing your hands of it. Bitches gonna bitch.

>> No.6773204

Weren't you leaving /cgl/ about sixty years ago?

>> No.6773212

Original lolita here!

Sorry but everyone I know that wore lolita 10+ years ago feels the same way. Wearing knock off copies of brand clothing is far far less creative than just wearing a nice dress in an interesting coord. It'd be great if there was more sewing like there used to be, but replicas and bodyline are sucking the 'soul' out of lolita, not the fact that people don't like them

>> No.6773226

This thread is just stupid.

Lolita is going to be different to everyone who wears or even tries to wear it. There's no reason why any should be half as upset in this thread.

I appreciate the asthetic but I mix and match for more of an otome-influenced wardrobe then a straight lolita one. Does it make me less of a lolita? Who gives a shit? I love my clothes and their potential. That's what is important to me. Peachie doesn't want to buy brand. That's okay too.

The only solid rule of lolita ever would be a damn petticoat. Can't think of anything.

>> No.6773236

I don't think there's anything wrong with having a closet full of bodyline. Replicas are another thing, though. If you like the print/design so much you should at least try to get the original first.

>> No.6773239

That is the best feeling in the world. I don't buy new clothes too often, but oh, my glob when a skirt or dress has pockets~~

>> No.6773335

>complains about unoriginality
>defends replicas
you what now

>> No.6773465



>> No.6773466
File: 30 KB, 579x476, uwo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


*gasp* Anon!

>> No.6773493

For some prints, like puppet circus, this is near impossible

>> No.6773521
File: 8 KB, 180x135, 174717_130541770347060_5306766_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>say this same exact thing to someone regarding replicas
>they say "oh i have puppet circus"

>> No.6773561

she is a replicante

>> No.6773581
File: 31 KB, 320x184, 1301296781665.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6777325
File: 985 KB, 320x136, fistground.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6777353

stop being a stuck up cunt not everyone can afford AP.

>> No.6777416

Then don't buy AP

Seriously it drives me nuts that people think there are two types of lolita:
>$600 brand
>Shitty $40 replica

No, there are a HOST alternatives: Indie brands, Taobao brands, Bodyline, Anna House, F+F, secondhand, etc.

Half of my closet is brand and I have only ever paid more than $200 for one dress. The other half is made up of those other brands. I don't own one replica.

While I don't necessarily care what ohter people do with their money, I hate that excuse.

>> No.6777459

the person they're replying to pretty much said all of those don't count

>> No.6778058


I was hoping SO HARD someone made this into a gif!

>> No.6778153
File: 580 KB, 262x448, gettingdressed.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6778155

I was screaming at this

>> No.6778177

oh gurl...we don't want to see you in your underwear. And this dress up wasnt very impressive either.

>> No.6778185

man. shit outfit to make a dress up of if you're going for a lolita outfit...

>> No.6778189

You really don't wish that dear. Getting easy money sure but all the fucking pain it brings isn't worth it. I'd give anything to be like everyone else...

>> No.6778201

You don't want that. I have so many cardio and nervous system problems that it effects me daily. Not something you'd want for the dinero.

>> No.6778214

Do you have any better ones?

Not attacking, I just find watching the whole process quite mesmerising. I think my only real complaint with this one is that I wish she smiled more!

>> No.6778217

yeah inb4 I'm calling her fat, which she is not

But this gif really shows how much bulk lolita can put on when applying more and more lolita type clothing. That's why I'm afraid in investing in a lolita coat because it will make me look bigger.

>> No.6778241

I think the .gif is rather good at showing how different types of clothes and combinations can make you look bigger or smaller.

If you're worried about a coat making you look big, I rather dislike double breasted coats because I feel that makes the chest look broader. Go for a single breasted coat with a distinct waistline.

>> No.6778242


I have AP's Royal Chocolate short coat and it is SO BEAUTIFUL but makes me look so fucking fat.

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