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Are fashionable are you outside of cosplay? Do you do any japanese fashion? normal fashion?

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I rub leaves all over myself while covered in honey.

Is that effay?

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Lolita, sometimes branch to dolly-esque stuff, and currently building up a secondary wardrobe of casual taobaoish/normal mature&feminine fashion.

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Poser. You'll never be a real tree, you're just embarrassing yourself

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Dont listen to that rude anon, they're all BARK and no bite.

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God no. I wear lolita when I can (read: when I have the energy, which is hardly ever), but other than my lolita clothes, I have two pairs of black skinny jeans, six or seven plain black fitted t-shirts, and a couple of band/fandom ones. I'm so bland it hurts.

Gotta sort my shit out when I go to uni, though. Dress cute erryday. Might just get rid of all my t-shirts and wear blouses instead, to start with.

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I dress cute and put together outfits when I can. But most of the time I throw on whatever is clean. See: sweatpants and baggy t-shirts.
But I watch the weather to see when I can wear my cute skirts and tights. On days when I don't have to stress so hard, I'll dress up, like weekends when I'm going out.

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I just let myself believe that fashion is for tall skinny white girls. Saves me a lot of money.

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In an awkward state where I rarely leave the house, and when I do I end up going to the free school gym so I have to dress in a way that's easy to change and not wanting to carry sneakers/pants/shirt around all day.
Not many chances as of late to dress up. So when I DO I go all out

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Alternating between that hipster/spring-girl=cute-dresses look and jeans + t-shirt. It depends on how much effort I want to put into looking nice.

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I'm not even fashionable in lolita, never mind out of it. I exist in skinny jeans because I'm pretty active and I don't really go anywhere worth dressing up for. I wear lolita if I want to look nice.

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I wear business attire, mostly. Tailored blouses, pencils skirts, blazers, cashmere sweaters, that kind of thing.

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I really don't get this whole "effort" argument because unless you're really obsessive about hair/makeup and live on one end of the extreme or the other, throwing a dress over your head is a lot less effort than putting on jeans and a t-shirt, especially if the dress is one you can wear without a bra and it's flowy enough that you don't have to worry about selecting appropriate underwear that won't show through.

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shaving is the effort

otherwise I agree

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i dress in lolita on the weekends (when i feel like it anyway) but during the week it's not practical for me. i'm a nanny. children are messy. and garments with pockets (okay who am i kidding, i mean just jeans) mean i can have my phone on me at all times for emergencies.
i used to dress really weeby, and a bit young for my age, but after watching our glorious queen for so long, and realising i'm her age, i just feel weird in a lot of that. like classic lolita is still okay, and some sweet, but all the FRUiTS-style stuff i used to wear i just can't anymore without thinking about how awkward people my age look in it. even most of the clothes at target and h&m i'm just starting to think i'm too old for. and i want to move onto a more professional job, which is probably going to mean grad school or other training (seriously flight school sounds fun if i can pass the medical exam), so i'm starting to shop for grownup clothes anyway. of course, i'd also like to move to a different country, but i've already got too many clothes for that, so i'll have to start getting rid of stuff like mad. the more weeby stuff is going first obviously. maybe i'm finally growing up. i'm also finally learning what's best for my body type (skinny jeans, v-neck shirts, certain dresses), and some days i'll be told i dress nicely, but other days just "interesting".

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>wearing a dress with out a bra
>wearing anything with out some kind of bra if you're not completely flat

Do people do this? I mean I am basically a plank but I still wear something to shape/keep in place

All I can think of is 13 year old girls who just started developing pointy boobs and just haven't had time to get a bra yet. It just seems like one of the basics when you are a girl/woman.

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>shaving is the effort

tfw you're a gorilla without shaving

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some women have relatively small and nicely shaped breasts and it's really unnecessary

I used to date a girl who was like a b cup, perfectly round, she never wore a bra and you honestly couldn't tell unless she was like, playing volleyball or in a freezer room. but I wear a c cup and I could/would never.

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I honestly don't know how people can't take the effort to do this either. It takes all of a few seconds.


Fucking this, oh man. I wish it didn't take so god damn long to shave my legs, or I wish I wasn't so lazy about it and kept up with it so it didn't take so long. Winter time is fleece lined tights and man legs time for me. I'm just glad my boyfriend doesn't care about it.

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Really? I rarely wear a bra as an A/small B and I see lots of backless dresses in the summer, and bustier dresses, and shelf-bra dresses...it's pretty easy not to wear a bra with a dress.

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Well I am an A as well (european sizes) but I feel uncomfortable without something hugging my chest kind of. So I wear either a bra to make it look like I have boobs, or a form fitting tank underneath whatever I am wearing, or something similar. But of course if it's a bustier that will do the trick on it's own I guess. I just never wear those because I don't want to draw attention to my (non existant) boobs.

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I hate the idea of not wearing a bra with dresses/tops.. Doesn't feel right. Also it's really easy for me to tell when someone isn't wearing a bra, either I can see nipples or the chest area looks a bit 'funny'.

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