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Is there Dota cosplay yet?

Other than that one Brazillian who dressed as Bloodseeker and the unfortunate CM at TI2.

>Side question:
Why is Dota so unpopular among cosplayers?

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probably the community
dota is one of the most hateful communities ever to new people and new people are probably the ones who are going to cosplay
i only figure that lol managed to not be completely hateful (they still are) by the sheer luck of new people running into other new people.

i'm just glad that i had a bunch of friends who wanted me to play and didn't mind me asking questions about stuff. ironically, they wanted me to play so they wouldn't have to deal with idiots. they knew i'd listen to their suggestions at the least.

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Yeah when I first got into Dota, it was also through my friends, but they still hated the fuck out of me / raged at me whenever we were losing.

I think the second game technically fixed this a little bit, because of the way matchmaking works - if you play with your newfag friend, then you are very likely to go against a team of newfags, which is a free win (which always boosts ego, so you get better stats and that helps you stay ~POSITIF~) usually, so it's good motivation to teach them to tolerate newfagness.

But that's just playing the game, cosplay is still outside of that, I'm mean surely not all League or Heroes cosplayers also play the game. That would be silly.

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It can really depend on the game though, like even in low matchmaking games you can get cunts who rage at every mistake, but occasionally you'll get a bro team who'll help you out and let you know what to do. Moreso on the US servers, I dunno what it is about the EU servers but everyone is always so angry.

I was meant to be doing Windrunner with my boyfriend as Antimage for Gemucon but I don't think that's happening anymore which is a shame.

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Tbh, one thing I noticed is that Americans are much, much more friendlier than Europeans.

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Dota 2 is newer and not as popular due to the increased difficulty and higher skill ceiling of the game. It's must less newbie friendly than LoL, and cosplayers in general tend to not be the hardcore video game types, not so say there aren't any! It's just much less often so.
Also there are a lot more characters one could realistically cosplay in LoL than in Dota.

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Yeah that's pretty true, plus most of the players on the EU servers are usually Russian. While they can be really good players, they're not exactly helpful especially if they don't speak English. Also like >>6490909 said, there's not a lot of Heros in Dota that are cosplayable, especially for guys or if you can't make armour.

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Like that guy just said. I think it's due to most of the characters being non-human. I also think it's due to the more "serious business" community/fanbase DoTA has, compared to like LoL or something. I think that there will be tons of WRs once the community starts to gain momentum.

I'm planning a DK myself.

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There are some cosplay's you can find from Dota ages ago, but remember Dota 2 is still in some weird beta/notbeta stage where it's not open to the public.
Once Dota 2 goes live and is free to play, then we may see a lot more people cosplaying it as it becomes more popular / accessible.
Whereas LoL has been free to play for like 2 years give or take.

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I'm going to chalk it up to character design as well. League characters are more humanoid and therefore a lot easier for newer cosplayers to pull off (Reverse Annie, Lee Sin rank up there with easy outfits) and for DOTA you gotta do some serious craft foam and armor work

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I have 6x dota2 keys if anyone wants one. I'm gonna go to work in a bit so either be fast or wait till later tonight if you want one :3

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Why not use them for making fake accounts?

Anyhow, if you want, you can send them to me, steam name: ALLAHU AKBAR (the one with the picture of mohamed on it, from Kabul).

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I wish there were more Dota2 cosplayers out there cause a lot of the character design is super interesting. I think once the community grows some more, we well begin to see more and more cosplay.
Another reason might be that Heros in Dota tend to lean away from Human-like qualities thus making them harder to cosplay as opposed to say Leagues Champions.

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>making fake accounts before the game goes live
>hording invites to yourself rather than giving them to other people to experience the joy that is Dota 2
Shame on you.

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I'll post some that I have though..

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I would give them away, but as a typical Dota player, I have no friends :(

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I just hock mine for tf2 metal

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Because the people wi the skill to make the costumes for complicated characters aren't good or would be shamed by the dota community, and those that are good at the game aren't attractive enough or have the skill to make the cosplay.
I would only want to cosplay the heroes I'm good at, and all the heroes I'm good at are out of my skill level or not my body type. I SPEAK FOR THE SHADES

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This dude was at AUSA. Only Dota cosplay I've seen in person so far.

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Any good Windrunners?

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It's not animu enough compared to LoL and it's not casual enough compared to LoL and WoW. These are the same reasons LoL and WoW have so many females compared to Dota 2.

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this and Leagues has more skimpy female champions who would get them more attention if they cosplayed them.

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Aw man, I would actually pay for a tall, slim gorgeous female to cosplay Queen of Pain...Hnnngh.

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But yeah, Dota has QoP as far as skimpy cosplays go, but then Windrunner, Crystal Maiden, Drow Ranger and Lina are all moderately covered but still damn hot.

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It'll happen eventually, we just have to sit back and wait...

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Yeah I'm surprised it hasn't happened already, I'd do it myself but I'd be awful so I'm sticking to Windrunner as she's more my bodytype.

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Well dota has BM who actually walks around COMPLETELY naked, like the slut she is, but luckily the way her animations are you never see her vagina.

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indeed. Isn't Dota2 becoming free to play? If that happens when I'm sure we'll see a surge in cosplay as well.

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Yeah, and they won't be charging for characters, just cosmetic stuff

And its super easy to get invites anyway

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I've been watching my boyfriend play, but a little unsure about getting a invite because of the community. So I think I'll just watch others play and cosplay it from afar

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the american community is mostly ok, you don't even have to talk on voice chat on pubs (like less than 10% of people do that), and there's no such thing as 'stalking someone because it's a girl who beat me at a game' like in Call of Dooty
just don't play on European(=Russian, don't let the names fool you) servers, because you'll feel really alienated, the most communication you'll get is bliyat cyka, pidaras, dno, etc.

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That's exactly as I started out, is your boyfriend gonna teach you to play? If you do ever start, feel free to add me on steam (same as tripname) and we can play sometime :)

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Personally if you do decide to give it a go, just be honest. Most of the people who rage, rage at people who claim to know what they're doing and are doing it completely wrong. If you just mention that you're new, people tend to be more helpful (yes a few people will give you the OMG WHY ME routine, but realistically if they weren't terrible they wouldn't get matched up with new players as well).
Just play defensive/cautiously and try to avoid dying, as long as you don't go 0-10-0 in the first 10 minutes you should be fine.
Also if you ever visit /vg/ there's a link to an intro for new players, so familiarizing yourself with the very basics wouldn't hurt.

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oh ok, I just heard a lot of bad things about it, but I guess the same can be said about other communities as well..

I haven't asked him too but I'm sure he would. Well I live in N. America so I don't think we could play together could we?

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Sounds a lot like Leagues community...
inb4 "u take that back!"
but yea I might give it a shot, I'll check out /vg/ thanks.

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you kidding? it looks awesome

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well of course he looks different in dota 2 but it looks like a pretty good representation of him in warcraft dota... though it begs the question whether it was actually a warcraft cosplayer instead

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>tfw I sent an invite to every 'pro' player (read: verified on dotabuff)
>only PGG accepts
ples be may friends seagulls, i'm lonely

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hi friend, sorry for the inconvenience, but I couldn't tell which mohamed you were from the rest of the mohamedes. Please hold up a sign that says "HI /cgl/" or something similar so that I can differentiate you from the rest of the ALLAHU AKBARs. Again, I am deeply sorry for the trouble I may have caused you. I wish you and your family a happy holiday and GOD bless.

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pls do this instead

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To be fair, I'm quite certain that there's only one with a name in all CAPS and who states that he's from Kabul, Afghanistan, but I'll try.

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oh yeah, looking at some of the characters leads me to another thing about dota 2: the designs look fucking stupid. maybe it's because i played regular war3/ft dota but the dota 2 designs, being that they had to change them because hurr blizzard, all look retarded.

i wouldn't want to cosplay something that looks stupid.

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I kno rite. He was my favorite new(est) hero in the original.

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So if he completely becomes useless after 30 minutes, should I just build a bunch of low level ganking items on him?

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He's not necessarily bad past the 30th minute mark, it's only that his usefulness drops a lot when you start to make killings in enemy's base since it lacks trees to make an effective entry, escape or just general movement. Best way to play him is buy starting items including stout shield, then rush arcane and then ignore vanguard and go straight for bloodstone. If you get one before the 20th minute mark, it's gg, since you can spam skills over and over again, and it will only get better with time, provided your team wasn't feeding too hard. Also, you should go preferably safe lane, even with support for easy life, to get level 6 as soon as possible. It's vital for the hero to start with (even if just a little) level advantage, and he needs the gold, so he can't (contrary to what Valve says) really play support to someone else. By far the best hero to compare him to is Storm Spirit - just like him, Timber needs farm to get as soon as possible level 6-7, and then it's just ganking time, and just like Storm, Bloodstone is a godsend for him. It's even better for Timber, because it provides delicious additive regeneration, which helps greatly since he can't keep up with intel heroes natural regeneration, which can be boosted just by % mana regen (so Storm doesn't actually need to rush Bloodstone, and can even do without buying it at all, going for something like Orchid first, for example, whereas for Timber it's just pure perfection). As I said, once you get it, you can spam everything over and over again, and you will get exponentially better at it, get more moneys, and then you can just adapt to the opponents lineup. Even in late game, you can still push like mad, just tp somewhere with boots, push like man, and when they come five to counter gank, then you can just take it like man thanks to passive and chain away, most of the time.

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Everyone starts out this way when they had a Dota background going into Dota 2 (nostalgic).
It just takes getting use to, the feels will come back in due time.

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My deepest apology oh kind sir. On further inspection I believe I have discovered the account of which belongs to you. If you could please take a brief moment out of your busy schedule to clarify this snapshot for me it would be most appreciated. Furthermore, I like to send you a couple of these keys for your troubles. Have a wonderful day sir and GOD bless.

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ja wohl

Das is me. DEATH TO AMERICA! (b-but you can still be my f-friends even if you're A-American)

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I see now. Thanks anon. I think I'll play a few today and see how that works. I'm sorry I'm not replying in as long a tldr as you said, but thats good info to know. Thanks man.

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Well I made an account today so we'll see how it goes. Here's some more cosplay.

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>"oh my, finally some windrunner cosplay, looks pretty good in thum-"
>open image
is that even a woman

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I don't want to believe this is real. Someone shopped that face onto that girl.

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u still have extra invites Soup?

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yeah, he couldn't send me invites in the end because he was racist against my religion(=can't have more invites sent when you already have Dota 2)

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Racist fuck.

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