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And after he fucked her this little fella dumped she.
Critical Hit!

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Seriously, why the fuck do we not have a PT general stickied?

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>Sarah @pixyteri Just finished reading Ore no Imouto at Hastings over a small hot chocolate w/ Kris. Ugh that butthead......

>Sarah @pixyteri My back and entire body is hurting omg. I think I twisted or strained something in my back. Technically I had two workouts last night.

does this imply she fucked Kris last night?

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he can def do better than PT

even if he is a chubby chaser, plenty of hotter chubbies out there

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I think he really looks strange.
Not in a Funny way. Like a murderer or something.He looks a little bit like Issei Sagawa.

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Oh lord. I posted that first tweet in the last thread, and I didn't even make the connection to the second one.

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omg i did not put two and two together.
i cant even say wtf anymore JUST A WEEK AGO she was crying about how much she hates chris and she was over him.

good lord pt, just keep doing the same bull shit over and over you fucking tard.

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He looks like one of those greasy, gross metalheads to me.

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I immediately thought of James Holmes when I saw him.

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I thought the same thing. Looks like they could be brothers. Creepy shit.

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Good god I see that too.

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>moe drills
I laughed, you got me.

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>Sarah @pixyteri Not the best but at least I went to the gym insteading of working out at home and on the trail!!
>Ashley @RobeauREMiX @pixyteri you should check out myfitnesspal--it's free and can track food and exercise. :)
>Sarah @pixyteri @RobeauREMiX thanks but those things don't really work for me thanks tho!!

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Thank god I'm not the only one.

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But what happen to the red head he was dating....?

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Holy Shi ....

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He was in love with a red head stripper, I don't think they were dating

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>being in love with a stripper
What a winner.

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Goddamn, if he had short hair it'd be even worse.

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better point is that why do these guys keep fucking PT when they make it obvious they hate PT and try to cut her out of their life?
i guess they don't want to cut their dick out of her vag but still her pussy must be that good for them to keep going back.

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I guess he force PT to wear a red wig.

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>implying PT would have good taste in men

Actually, that reminds me. Does anyone know what her ex Matt looks like?

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Krisu-sama, nya~

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No one has pictures this was in the before days, in her hayday of livejournal when she had Matt... hell she could have made him up because even back in the day she would post pictures of everything but never posted a picture of Matt or talked about him or the break up.

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>Moe drills

I lost it right there. My fucking sides.

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I'm surprised she hasn't latched herself onto some kawaii-asian guy yet though.

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No asian guy wants her or gives her any attention or else she would have.

I think she'd be in prison if an asian guy gave her the time of day.

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Well she has flirted with other asians but then questioned if they really where 'asian' as they said they where. She seems to only like other guys who are pretend looking asian.

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That's Kris

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yes but he looks asian just like PT.

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he looks like a caveman

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Because our mod/janitor sucks.

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So she's back to fucking Kris. I'm not surprised. PT is doomed to being nothing but some ugly, weird, desperate guy's cumrag on call. Don't worry though. At some point she'll get desperate enough and probably purposely get preggers as an attempt to keep her fuck buddy around. Fuck, I wouldn't put it past her to go get sperm from a donor bank and do it that way. I give it another year or two.

Soon my fellow seagulls, I predict we'll be in for a delicious Queen Pixyteridesu-sama drama treat of epic proportions.

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>not including itai which she learnt had more than one meaning lately

>O-oh Krissu-kun-sama itaiiiiii ne~ Watashi wa itai desu~ kissu-ne? chu chu~

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Looks like that caveman in those old ads (insurance or something?)

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I am so ready for a little PT prince or princess.

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All I need is the queen in my life

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Seriously, the resemblance is almost uncanny.

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Hang on one second.... the stairs behind James in OP...


Also, PT's face looks nice here.

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I love PT.

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>Also, PT's face looks nice here.
What? She looks fucking terrible. That photo isn't flattering in the slightest.

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They do it because PT despite her claims is easy. I think she is one of those women who thinks if she just lets a guy sleep with her, then they will automatically be in a relationship. So, she lets guys use her, then is surprised that they don't want anything more than that and flips out. Then she gets crazy and clingy and they decide to move on. I actually know someone else who does the exact same thing.

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Oops, I meant to download a different photo... no, her face does no look nice here. It looks... stretched?

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>some ugly, weird, desperate guy
I didn't get the memo that said PT was now a pretty girl with a well-adjusted social life.

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She isn't but I have seen of decent looking guys with ugly fat girls. PT's personality will scare off any decent looking males.

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you guys... my OTP is Pixyteri x Random Kpop Idol. Please make this happen.

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Cause that's a terrible thing to do to a person, even PT?

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Not really. PT's fame I think has grown so excessive that she might actually rival non-shitty famous cosplayers like Yaya and Adella.

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Sarah @pixyteri
I'm almost 30 I'm scared I'm apparently living impossible dreams and I'll never have a life for myself yay broke :/
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>moe drills

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Sarah @pixyteri
Researching Geisha and Geiko makes me sort of sad. I love traditional Japan however what am I? A modern American Geiko? Not possible
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2h chococat @chococat212
@pixyteri other things in Japan you can be! You seem interested in pinup have youever thought of office lady guarve You may get many 日本人のファン
1h Sarah @pixyteri
@chococat212 office lady gravure? Eh no thanks I'll do my own gravure lol
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She is really serious about that dumb ass geshia shit? What is so great about being a fucking geshia.

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shit up date

I think PT is having small break down. I guess having sex with Kris-chan didn't help her spirit.

Sarah @pixyteri
Sigh left work early :( I just...bleh...I'm a disgusting 30 yr old with no husband or career....
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She might be. She apparently was going to look into being a pharmacy tech. I let her know it would be a bit of work to get certified and what not. I did offer to help her, being one myself. Have a small feeling she'll decline because it means she'll have to put forth some work before hand, which is sad. It's a decent job and can even be a career.

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She has said she wanted to work in pharmacy tech before and some one did the same thing you did and PT just cried and screamed about how you guys where ruining her dreams.

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you all make fun of her anon-samas desu, but the most loyal me-sama truly believes in the most excellent and romantic true love saga of chris-sama and sara-yukiko-rukia-texas-to-nihon-no-hime-sama. separated at birth from her most glorious ancestors and heratiji, pikushiterisama has fought most valiantly to win her beloved from the hands of orihime the redheaded stripper, and now her and the supa sugoiii chris sama can begin their destined lives in the true homeland, japan as mangakas and kawaii gravure idorus, as soon as she quits her job at target and gets someone to fund her kickstarter~
It's exactly like ichi of my mangas~
(pictured- the crissu-sama of my dreams. I hope I have a crissu-sama-san of my own one day!~)

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This is how pt really sees James.

>> No.6381629

I'm a little new to the PT thing. Why exactly is she "famous" here?

>> No.6381630

The same thing that's so great about being a fucking gravure model.

It's out of her reach and looks glamorous. She knows it'll never be something she'll achieve, but she can always blame her failure on someone else, which keeps her from completely sinking.

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...Wasn't she 27?

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she is the ultimate lolcow pet for cgl.

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>Sarah @pixyteri My back and entire body is hurting omg. I think I twisted or strained something in my back. Technically I had two workouts last night.

What does workout even mean to her? Raising a mochi to her mouth?

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But gravure modeling never looks fucking glamorous, its only a few strips away from soft porn, hell it is pretty much soft core porn. Most of her dream jobs are mostly sexual kinda of whoring jobs.

>who didn't hug you enough sarah

>> No.6381643

She's 27, but everyone keeps saying she's "almost 30". If I had to guess, I'd say that's finally rubbing off on the way she looks at/talks about herself.

>> No.6381645

She is 27 but she looks 40.

>> No.6381649

She has been talking about that since she turned 18. In her old lj entries when she turning 18 she was boohooing about how she was 18 and she felt her life was over and she wasn't good enough anymore because she wasn't young enough.

>> No.6381651

Ah, yes. I remember that. It's sad. She seems to live in this bubble where she believes everything will be handed to her with no effort on her part. I do think she would actually like it as a career. If she could get into a hospital she wouldn't have to deal with customers. She would have to study, study, study, and get some experience at retail level for it though. She barely puts forth the effort to do things she wants so I sadly don't see her taking me up on my offer. I hope she does. If she passes the test even getting hired as a clerk she could make more than minimum wage. If she got promoted to tech she could make more.

>> No.6381652

when she says "gravure", it's almost certain that she means betty page/dita von teese pin-up style shit, because that will let her flaunt her real woman curves desu.

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If only she were that classy. This is an example of her gravure.

>> No.6381664

he has lovely hair

>> No.6381667

I guess but her gravure isn't pin up, I remember one of her fans said she should do pin up and PT got super offended because PT thought pin up was slutty or something offensive.

And PT does mostly japanese gravure poses that barely look nice even on japanese girls.

>> No.6381668

... does she have a super tiny head, or is that just a bad picture? I know she's really small irl, so for a head that size to be on an already-little torso...

>> No.6381671

... this is PT we're talking about. Anything where people pay attention to you is glamorous. Particularly since she seems to have the impression that those girls (and geisha, for that matter) get paid to do nothing but lay there and look pretty.

>> No.6381674

Her boobs are so fucking weird. The seem to start really high up. They're sagging so they look like they're further down her torso. If they weren't saggy, they'd be almost armpit level.

>> No.6381676

Shit. That's even more depressing.

>> No.6381685

>@kelseyyates 私は大丈夫ない。。それは秘密です。女プラブレムス。
>@__chiquita_ えええ。。? なに? 。。かわいいない。 もう、TMNTすごいです。
Love it when she tweets in japanese. Also she favorited that first tweet for some reason.

>> No.6381693

She edits her images weird but it could be the angle. I do know she has enlarged her head so she looks smaller.

Her tits are pretty saggy and adding on the extra fat around them, makes them look weird. Doesn't help her in the least that she's wearing a too small bra. Her breasts might look decent if she'd just get a bra with the proper support and stop buying Walmart and Target junior size bras.

>> No.6381704

What sucks is that polkadotted bra in the last pic is a Victoria's Secret bra... If you're going to drop $40+ dollars on a bra only to buy the wrong size, that's just a waste of money on her part.

>> No.6381714

What do the moon ruins translate too?

>> No.6381721

it's broken and incorrect but the first one says that she's not okay and it's a secret. 'Woman problemzu"

second one is equally broken and asks what and says it's not cute. and that TMNT are sugoi.

nothing special.

>> No.6381725

ordinarily it would be, but I'm pretty sure she took that picture in the fitting room.

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File: 1.81 MB, 2133x3200, 1331338634735.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well she has a UTI so that might be hr 'woman problems'. I have a feeling she got that UTI from not peeing or washing after sex.

Unless the VS fitting room allows you to use a sheet as a backdrop for your crappy fatty gravure shoots...

>> No.6381734

Along the line of:
>@kelseyyates I'm not okay. It's a secret. Women problems.
>@__chiquita_ eeh, what? It's not cute. TMNT's awesome.
I wouldn't tweet in Japanese with the level she has. She can't into negative form, for God's sake.

>> No.6381739

dat line from working out

>> No.6381743

Dat as- Wait, never mind.

>> No.6381745

What the fuck is with her always having bandages on? I notice she often has quite a few bruises too.

>> No.6381747

ferp ferp, nevermind. The one near me has a wallpaper like that, so i hoped...
hope is a dangerous thing, when it comes to pixyteri...

>> No.6381756

Bandaids are kawaii.

>> No.6381774

what's her skype?

>> No.6381775


Masen? I'm new to Japanese, but is that what you mean. I'm always trying to learn more.

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all hail the queen

>> No.6381793

Oh my god she is crying about she hates the taste of cranberry juice and she can't go to the doctor for her UTI. Um bitch that is best way to fucking fix a UTI, has she been having the UTI for a while and thats why she need to go to the doctor?

and her twitters

Sarah @pixyteri
@chococat212 just the style doesn't sound appealing too old ladyish I might be getting old but I'm young at heart and like younger styles
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1h Sarah @pixyteri
I at least want to go to Japan before I die...
1h Sarah @pixyteri
@ChickenButtz I have a savings for Japan but knowing my luck it'll be gone soon depends on my tax return....
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God that wouldn't even be a good pose for a thin person to do.

>> No.6381804


WHAT! Cranberry juice is delicious!

>> No.6381805

other anon but short negative form would be 'janai'
not directly 'nai' for that

>> No.6381808

>savings for japan

just take yo ass to chinatown
we all know she is not going through with it.

>> No.6381821

>I might be getting old but I'm young at heart and like younger styles

She just tweeted about how she was an old fat loser. Make up your mind.

>> No.6381829

Can't be VS, you're not allowed to try on underwear without anything on underneath for hygiene reasons.

>> No.6381845

I know this comes up in every thread, but how does she not have enough money for Japan. I'm aware that she probably doesn't want to go deep down inside, but in the unlikely case that she actually does, she's doing something terribly wrong. I mean, my family's going to India in December, any my 16 year old brother and I are paying for our own tickets. My brother's only been working part time for a year and he can afford it with plenty left over, and he's spendthrift.

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gahhh I have that exact same bra. :/

>> No.6381864

she spends alot of her money on shit from Japan and cons and cosplay.

>> No.6381873

,,,dude, why are your parents making a 16 year old pay for a trip to india? That's a little harsh...

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File: 206 KB, 1066x1600, 1352077853914h.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you try to discredit her with your bad photoshops, but we all know pt's actually thiiiis kawaii

>> No.6381885

what is she even trying to do here? It's like interpretive dance.

>> No.6381889

I'm aware of that, I'm not new to PT, but I still don't understand. She works, in her own words, usually over 30 hours a week. Google tells me minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, which is still over $200 a week. She has no living expenses - no board, no bills, nothing. She has no insurance, sure, but you'd think that a sensible person would save little bit for that sort of thing. I know PT isn't sensible, but I'm sure someone she respects, like one of her brothers would have suggested that maybe she does put a little aside each week for an emergency. Even so, with what she spends, she shouldn't be completely broke. I couldn't spend my entire weekly paycheck even if I tried.

>> No.6381890

sounds like my dad, he does this. Or he'll make us pay him back if we borrow money. I learned alot about saving and shit from this.
PT could have used this when she was younger.

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File: 8 KB, 513x83, PTuti.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe if she didn't spend her money on kawaii desu crap...

>> No.6381899

I forgot to mention that we're Indian, and so we have most of our family there. They've already paid for about 5 or 6 trips there for us, and it's not like they're forcing us to pay, we offered. And both of us can afford it, so it really is no big deal to us.

>> No.6381902

yea it yook me 6 months to spend 300
she has no sense of saving or she does it all wrong. Plus she has no real motivation to save. if she did she could have went to Japan 3 times over.

>> No.6381906

but for a family vacation? It's not as if he can refuse to go, since he's 16. Wouldn't it make more sense to pay his ticket and make the kid save for college? That's what my family did

>> No.6381910


She also eats out a lot and seems to be a bit of a hypochondriac. She always seems to have to run off to the doctor for every little thing, then is surprised when she ends up with huge bills. Perhaps she is sick sometimes, but she does seem to need to see doctors an abnormal amount for someone who doesn't have any chronic medical conditions.

>> No.6381915


She admitted to being 27 last year and then quickly corrected herself to say that she's 26

So that would make her either 27 or 28 now, depending on which version of her story you believe

>> No.6381918

Oh, that makes more sense then . That's really mature of you guys! (I don't know how old you are, but I'm guessing late teens/early 20s)
Astonishing how some people are responsible so young, and others never seem to be in their lives...

>> No.6381926

wtf, UTIs aren't even that bad. I had one for a year and never realized it, thought I was just fucked up.
Cleared up about a week after I started treating it, too. It's not like you're dying of cancer PT goddamn

>> No.6381929


Yes, but PT doesn't buy just cheap things. She buys mangas and candy that have to be shipped, sometimes internationally, she always seems to be buying new costumes, and you have to consider her furisode thing, obis, and all other related things as those couldn't have been cheap. Someone once added up her bills for just one month for unnecessary items and it came into the hundreds of dollars.

>> No.6381934

Thank you. If you really care, I'm 20. We were brought up to be really responsible, and we didn't have everything handed to us. Though one of my cousins wouldn't even get himself water if he was thirsty until he was well past 20.

Funnily enough, our parents are paying for our tuition, they put a lot of value on our education. I go to a commuter university and my brother will probably go there too, and I do pay for all my transport myself.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled PT drama. Sorry for derailing it.

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>> No.6381986

UTI's aren't that bad, just drink cranberry juice or go to the local pharmacy. They have OTC stuff for that.

>> No.6381992

Exactly. You don't have to see a doctor to even have the test done, any more. You can get a test at the pharmacy that works similarly to a pregnancy test.

>> No.6382016

Try saying that when you're pissing blood clots after a day of chugging water and cranberry juice. Not UTIs can be fixed that easily.

>> No.6382041


No, fuck all of you - you have never had a bad uti. I suffer from them regularly, and they are fucking agony. DAGGERS UP YOUR URETHRA. PEEING BLOOD. Needing to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes but dreading it because barely anything will come out and it's burning stabby hideous pain, and you known it'll happen again in the next 5 minutes.

They can come on FAST, and I've had to miss work because I literally cannot be too far from the bathroom and cope with the pain.

Dunno if PT has a bad one, but fuck you all for assuming you know what it's like.

Yes I mad, it's the bane of my life.

And cranberry juice does nothing, lrn to home remedy. Baking soda in water.

>> No.6382042

>VHS Tape

Oh god there's a sex tape isn't there?

>> No.6382068

Correct me if I'm wrong but don't geishas start out at like, age five or something?

>> No.6382075
File: 5 KB, 294x171, killer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is that.......?

>> No.6382081

had one for a year without treatment? that's fucked up... i'm pretty sure UTIs can get all the way up to the bladder and kidneys and do some serious shit... damn anon

>> No.6382083



>> No.6382086

stop being so filthy then

>> No.6382088

>not going to the doctor to treat a UTI

That dumb bitch. If you don't go to a doctor about a UTI, chances are you're going to fuck up your kidneys and end up paying more money in the long run. I don't know how much a visit to a quick care center in Texas costs but she should go regardless. At least the antibiotics they prescribe to treat it don't cost much. It's a fairly common infection and the meds are around $8.

>> No.6382095

*nod nod* anon so smart~desu :3

>> No.6382109

Calm your pee hole, we are probably right in that PT is lying about how bad her UTI is. Pixy starts crying about how she is dying constantly and needs to go to the doctor all the fucking time.

>> No.6382112


Fuck off, it has nothing to do with my hygiene. If it was as simple as staying clean and peeing after sex, I'd be blissfully uti free forever.

>> No.6382119

why do girls always bring up their own shit in PT threads? no1curr

>> No.6382120
File: 130 KB, 344x472, tumblr_m60405IyLh1r3topao1_400.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ITT: jealous bitches mad cuz PT gettin moar action then all ya'll

>> No.6382133

I'm speaking from experience.

>> No.6382148

He looks like a fucking idiot. But then again anyone who fucks PT kinda has to be.

>> No.6382173

most of this uti talk confirms /cgl/ as a dumb board

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File: 135 KB, 247x223, 1352075371463.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are just now figuring this out!?

>> No.6382212

Oh man, I have interstitial cystitis, a chronic inflammation and destruction of the bladder tissue that seems to have developed after having a uti for like a year when I was 9.
I'm in pain every single day and even after years of treatment I'm not better so I really fucking know how bad a uti can get y'know?
Utis seem to lead to pelvic floor dysfunction if you're in pain all the time so she really has to get this fixed soontime. Obviously my case is unlike yours but it CAN lead to some horrible shit.

>> No.6382225

Yah I had a UTI lead to a kidney infection :/ and I didn't know what it was.

>> No.6382233

Yeah man my mom had to be treated for over a year when a UTI traveled up to her kidneys. All sorts of damage occurred.

>> No.6382313

Excuse me my fellow bitches can we stop talking about UTI's and get back to PT? kthanks

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File: 39 KB, 303x600, 1322907191063.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We can.

I wish she would dress like this more. She's so cute here. I also miss her long hair. I hope she grows it out a bit. She would look better if she'd just style her hair, even a little, instead of that dull, greasy, flat mess she usually has.

>> No.6382332


>> No.6382336

Hahah, look at her up on her tippy toes. It's kinda cute.

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>> No.6382358

It's really sad that going to Japan is her goal, her dream. Why not it be travel the world?

>> No.6382366

>Sarah @pixyteri I think I'm developing a fear of college and job hunting....the idea of looking for new work scares me

Of course it scares you. You only have a few choices left and you keep fucking everything up. Soon you won't be able to work because you'll have a shitty reputation no one will want to hire you.

>> No.6382367

everyone shut the fuck up about your pissholes

>> No.6382369

Speaking of her job, he said she had a meeting recently. Someone was giving her a evil look. Any idea who it was?

>> No.6382372

damn bitch, you're like internet explorer.

>> No.6382382

>You only have a few choices left
But she doesn't. She could go back to college if she wanted to and get a degree in something worthwhile.

>> No.6382386

more like middle of nowhere iphone but yeah ok

on topic tho, who actually ordered stuff from her?

>> No.6382410

>Women problems.

How is it women problems? Guys can get UTI's, too.

>> No.6382417

She mentioned a teaching position in Japan with preschoolers and whining about changing diapers and about them being clingy.
Why on earth would clingy children be a bad thing? PT you so stupid!

>> No.6382423


>> No.6382434

It's worse for them a lot of the time also. My bf had one, it was not fun for either of us.

>> No.6382447

Damn that sucks. No bro should go through that, no broette should either.

>> No.6382469

Given those suspicious stains on her own underwear in photos I'm not surprised she would complain about changing diapers...

>> No.6382503

I feel weird that I can understand this feeling even though I just turned 22. I'm dreading Master's programs and I know I can't pass a drug test. What the fuck, man.

>> No.6382509


Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if PT had a sex tape, but I think those were mostly unrelated purchases. I suspect the collar was for her kimono, the tripod is for her "photo shoots" as the leotard likely is. Who knows what the VHS was.

>> No.6382521

Dunno. Probably a coworker. It wouldn't surprise me if we ever find out this coworker is a red headed female. PT always came across to me as that girl who says catty comments just loud enough for the person to hear, then acts like they said nothing. Could be she does what a girl I know tends to do: go on huge vague rants about somebody then says, 'Oh. I didn't mean you. Teehee!"

I'm pretty sure she probably pissed a coworker off, hence people being cold to her.

Then again PT could have gone TMI mode to attract a mate and now everybody is avoiding her because she's weird and gross.

>> No.6382529

VHS was probably an older tv show, movie, or anime. I know she bought the Mermaid's Forset saga on VHS.

>> No.6382587

That takes work. She won't exert herself to do anything. She won't work full time because she won't be able to do all the shit she wants to. She won't study to be a pharmacy tech because that takes away from PT time. The sad part is, she could do so much and still have time to do shit she wants to do, if she'd just grow up, work full time, and move out. She won't because nobody will hand that shit to her fat little stumpy fingers for nothing.

Then she blames everybody else for everything that goes wrong. She always makes some half ass excuse why she can't work full time, move out, go to Japan, get a better job, work somewhere using her college degree, etc.

>> No.6382588


Would she even get that far? She's not exactly hard to do an internet search on. That's probably also why JET didn't take her.

Though I can't imagine PT being near small children. Trying to be like the small children, maybe. but...

>> No.6382596
File: 78 KB, 640x427, 525327.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found this on her cosplay.com account.

>Yuki, looking highly annoyed at Ryuichi's antics. ;d I love this photo. Misu is Ryuichi, and my boyfriend is Yuki~ Taken at Onicon by Sky Pirate!

>> No.6382601

I realise that she's too lazy and 'needs' time to herself for her hobbies and 'studies'. But if PT got some sort of huge wake up call, there are options out there for her to get her act together and sort out her shit.

>> No.6382606

>Sarah @pixyteri I at least want to go to Japan before I die...

>> No.6382607

google Pixyteri Jet forums or Pixyteri Ithinkimlost forums. Its fucking embarrassing and full of second hand embarrassment.

She did not even make it past the letter review with our making a fool of her self on the forums using her pixyteri name where the other forums where able to google her name.

>> No.6382612

Matt was blackish?

>> No.6382616


>> No.6382621

Old LJ entry she made after being rejected for JET

>> No.6382623


>> No.6382629

No but it makes sense. Black men love them fat white wommins.

>> No.6382630

Nope. Makes me wonder if she accepted it or convinced herself that he was a really dark Asian or even part Asian man.

I've always pegged TX as being very against black/white relationships.

>> No.6382648

Only found her profile.

>> No.6382649

It's indisputable that white women can only be satisfied by thick masculine black cock. Miniscule white and asian cock is nothing more than a joke to them, even if they say they "love you no matter what".
They will constantly think about fucking big strong black cocks when you aren't around, and it will only be a matter of time before they act on it.

>> No.6382661

This is PT we're talking about. She's proof that once you go black, you can go back.

Or does it only count when the subject is sane?

>> No.6382675

maybe out in BFE but I've lived in TX my whole life and never seen anyone "being very against black/white relationships"

>> No.6382695

maybe when you're older

>> No.6382714
File: 63 KB, 480x640, 719147.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like this photo of her... oddly

>> No.6382721

he does look like james holmes

my hearT

>> No.6382736

But she'll be an old hag if she gets older anon! Then she can't be a kawaii, curvy, sexy, gravure cosplay idol!

And she can't teach! Would take up too much time and however would she get discovered? Plus, they would confuse her with one of the students with how kawaii and young she looks in her seifuku. No silly anon. She must only go when she can afford it but first she must she perfect her native language, traditional dress, and eat more mochi.

>> No.6382752

Wow she looks so... not large.

>> No.6382760


Holy shit, is that her?

>> No.6382764

No, someone else with her ex.

>> No.6382768

I can see that lady's boobie

>> No.6382783

I know what 'chu' means but I skimmed the text and read it like the 'choo-choo' sound.

>> No.6382793

Oh holy fuck I didn't even notice. Her nips are totally visible aren't they? How did SHE not notice?

>> No.6382796

PT did too but still left the photo up.


>> No.6382811
File: 70 KB, 534x720, ptchrischan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anybody else imagine Kris being that creepy guy at the strip club who stalks his favorite stripper? You know the type. It starts out as him buying lap dances and him badly flirting with her, then moves on to him giving her love letters and gifts, and finally he stalks her everyday. Then he gets banned from the club, acts like the male version of PT on whichever social website he's on, and goes back to fucking PT out of desperation.

>> No.6382818
File: 41 KB, 337x450, 1121868.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She wasn't always so large.

>> No.6382820

ugh, he is disgusting. Literally one of the ugliest, creepiest guys I've ever seen.

>> No.6382822

That troll face.

>> No.6382825
File: 38 KB, 450x600, 695124.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6382828

That's a stomach I'd kill to have now. She really has packed on the pounds, hasn't she?

>> No.6382834


>> No.6382835

She looks really good here.
>PT decline
>No more shine

>> No.6382837

He must have been real desperate for free pussy

>> No.6382838

long chin, stubby arms..

good lord, he's a male PT.

>> No.6382840
File: 156 KB, 443x353, jgdfkgtd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What happened?!

>> No.6382870
File: 249 KB, 957x1304, NEWANDIMPROVEDTIFA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She lost her joy for life :(

>> No.6382873

Mochi is what happened.

>> No.6382874

not really. ive always suspected it with people pretending to know shit that can easily be debunked but all this "utis aren't bad! theyre harmless" talk just verifies it for me.

>> No.6382891

Glad to know I'm not the only one. Plus he looks so ugly, disgusting, and creepy... and like a total douche.

>> No.6382909

I might be moving to Japan in a few years. I am wondering how butt raged /cgl/ would get if I let her stay at my house for a week or so.

>> No.6382910

pretty sure everyone here wants her to go to Japan

>> No.6382911

I don't think /cgl/ would be "butt raged" at all.

>> No.6382912

oh god. moving to japan next year. the ideas you have given me.

>> No.6382922

I don't know about that, anon.
I think there'd be massive jelly.

>> No.6382925

I'd seriously just like to see her finally go and get it out of her system.

>> No.6382935

Not at all, not when it comes to PT. It's what we're all waiting for.

>> No.6382939
File: 1.16 MB, 206x297, 1331338772999.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to see it. She won't go though. Unless you're a very, very close friend she might take you up on it. Otherwise, you're some mean ol' /cgl/ bitch and might be tricking her. Doesn't help she knows deep down that Japan isn't the place she wants it to be, like in her manga and anime.

>> No.6382943

But many have expressed their anger that she can't save up on her own.

>> No.6382947

Yeah, I figure I would message her and say I would really like for her to live her dream, but I would like to establish a friendship first. I have no interest in exploiting her for lulz.

>> No.6382953

It's why we get angry. We want her to go, for various reasons. But she fucking refuses to actually save and do it. No. For PT there is always a fucking reason to spend money or even dip into her 'Japan savings'. Frankly, I think she goes to the doctor all the fucking time just so she can have an excuse on why her savings are so low. I highly doubt, a majority of time, she's even sick. I think she goes to these expensive ass doctors so she has a $300-400 dollar bill and an excuse to not have much in he savings for Japan, which she's been saving for since forever.

>> No.6382954

damn seeing her old pictures makes me feel really bad about how much she was picked on online about how chubby she was then. She was chubby-ish and she did have some terrible ill fitting cosplay and didn't listen to suggestions and had a ugly kind of face but damn she looked so much more normal and cuter back then. No wonder she doesn't listen to anyone now.

>> No.6382959

As someone who doesn't know either and no history bias, he looks like he could do a LOT better.

What was he thinking?

>> No.6382961

I don't know. He is young though, only 19-20. I have no idea how James and PT met, anyone know?

>> No.6382967

Probably Hastings.

>> No.6382972

It's weird. I really wonder what he was thinking and what he found attractive about her. She has this fanboy named Julian who was supposed to meet up with her at San Japan, but she kept "missing" him.

>> No.6382975

You can make all the assumptions you want. Not to be the whiteknight but this sort of thing is dangerous; you make baseless claims about someone and people eat that shit up like you're a fly on the wall. I am not much better for bothering to follow her drama, but I honestly think it's sad how anyone can say anything about her and many people will push it as a fact.

>> No.6382986

In person, PT's not nearly as grating as online. She's actually quite quiet and latches unto people. If you have a common hobby, like games, she'll show her powerlevels, but she's more enthusiastic than weeb. It's only after some time she lets the cray cray show. If you wouldn't know about her internet history, you'd think she's just one of those shy people who are a been loony, but harmless. She doesn't shitalk people either, altho she will complain. But it would be about ordinary things, so you can just tune them out.

>> No.6382991

Except, anon, she has made countless excuses for not going. I doubt she does purposely go to the doctors just so she doesn't have money for Japan, but it sure seems like it. For instance, several people gave her advice on how to get better, and she didn't it and give various excuses everytime. Instead of simple low cost things she went to the doctor a few times. PT has had various ways to save for Japan, and she would do those things if she really wanted to go, but she doesn't. For instance, she spends a great deal of money on various stuff (cosplay and junk food) she doesn't need. If she stopped spending as much, she would have that much more in her Japan savings. People have suggested her picking up extra shifts, a second job, or even getting a full time job. She doesn't under the claim of it will take too much away from her hobby time. No offense anon, but if something is a dream (as much as PT claims visiting is hers) one works hard on it. And who knows, maybe she's just trolling seagulls by constantly complaining about not being able to go so she can go in peace without anons constantly giving her advice on what to do.

>> No.6383066
File: 45 KB, 665x420, 136.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.6383098

u wot m8
If you're referring to the ear cuffs, Ashley sells them - not PT.

>> No.6383108

PT tends to sell her old j-fashion clothes and cosplay.

>> No.6383183

He's good looking, PT must be a catch.

>> No.6383187

>PT must be a catch.
>a catch.

You're funny, anon. I like you.

>> No.6383223

She's the equivalent to ten catches actually, enough to feed the entire igloo for months

>> No.6383256


>> No.6383284

Pretty sure she was out with her brother. Not exboyfriend Kris. Seems really unlikely.

>> No.6383291
File: 85 KB, 720x720, Rottweiler_IMG_8331.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6383374

I thought he looked like a murderer too holy shit. he looks like james holmes.

>> No.6383403 [DELETED] 
File: 356 KB, 450x600, JBreview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright, which one of you did this? Fess up! I had a laugh.

>> No.6383405
File: 343 KB, 446x594, JBreview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright, which one of you did this? Fess up! I had a laugh.

>> No.6383442
File: 1.65 MB, 290x260, 1329700763509.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




>> No.6383470

I laughed too hard at this.

>> No.6383505

>read greentext

>> No.6383516

My god she used to be, not thin, but not huge either.
PT PLEASE go back to this it would help her out so much health-wise, looks-wise, getting a mate, even a better job! No one wants to hire someone that could have a heart attack any day now.

>> No.6383539
File: 350 KB, 500x344, 1336769084687.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lost my shit

>> No.6383574

This is what I imagine too. I've heard people say that she seemed nice and she was always cooperative in her jobs, she was just a bit dorky at times.

I spoke to her a few times on msn and on tinychat and she seemed sweet and normal, she'd get excited over weeb things but it was to a normal level. She only got mildly worked up when things like "Asians are tiny and thin) are brought up.

I think she treats certain things (her twitter, livejournal, etc) as something to totally express a bunch of things that she should maybe keep quiet about. I don't think she's really as bad as she can seem at times.

>> No.6383602

her body actually looked really good here wow.

>> No.6383612

What the fuck is up with the bandaids? Every fucking picture she has a god damned adhesive bandage on her!

>> No.6383614

Im pretty sure she said she had a bandage fetish or something along those lines once.

>> No.6383625

bulge in front... what's with that???

>> No.6383691

his watain shirt gets me every time. what a fagggg.

>> No.6383694


Not butt ravaged in the slightest. Please, taker her and ensure that her weeb dreams are shattered when she realizes Japan isn't all mochi and gravure. Then she'll become a normal fucking person and /cgl/ won't keep making these threads.

>> No.6383739

Haha, it's sounding like a better idea every day. Too bad it wouldn't be for at least two years though.

>> No.6383774

I'm sure you'll go to Japan sooner than PT ever will on her own

>> No.6383798

yeah, but dat chin
If I were her, I wouldn't smile like that for pictures, it only makes it worse

>> No.6383849

She thinks she has an auto-immune disorder. Ha ha ha. Bitch you are just fat and unhealthy. You seriously don't think any doctor would have picked up on that? With all the useless wasteful blood tests you've had done, and all of the visits to the hospital? Plus, she loves to say the doctors just love to lie and shit so people will pay more money to keep going back and do more tests. Don't you think they would make more money if you actually had a disease or something that was making you sick? Aside from the disease of not being able to stop stuffing your fat face with mochi and sugary shit.

>> No.6383953
File: 24 KB, 396x304, 1336025661585.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why..should anyone give a fuck?

>> No.6383959

Because she is our queen, you filthy plebeian.

>> No.6384038
File: 93 KB, 532x800, lol graveyards are hilarious.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bumpan with some vintage PT

>> No.6384046

for PT's taste, there is no other country in the world enough kawaii as Japan to visit.
She didnt even knew about the big Haiti earthquake, go figure.

>> No.6384055

She didn't know who Osama Bin Laden was, either.

>> No.6384062

I have a pretty wicked autoimmune disease and other then Chemotherapy about a year ago I haven't even much touched a doctor since so that makes no sense to me either. When her organs start turning to rocks with a real one maybe she'll learn.

>> No.6384113

looks like her ass grew along with her delusion.

>> No.6384314


Eh, she just hates doctors because they all keep telling her that she is overweight and needs to try to get healthier and because they won't tell her that she has low blood pressure which she is desperate to hear so that she can have a reason for eating all the junk she does not exercising more.

tl:dr - PT hates doctors because they are honest with her about her weight and eating habits.

>> No.6384322


Well, given that she thought people should just get over it, and was annoyed that people were mourning 9/11 on the one year anniversary, that isn't surprising.

>> No.6384368


>> No.6384401
File: 663 KB, 514x630, ohgod.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't properly rotate this shit but you get the point.

>> No.6384447
File: 12 KB, 420x363, 54747.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bow to no man.

And by that I mean she looks like a man.

>> No.6384454

I lel'd

>> No.6384491

Look at that bingo wing. My God, I have a feeling even if she loses weight, she'll have unfortunate t-rex bingo wing arms.

>> No.6384518

jesus christ

>> No.6384529

I always wondered what happened to this friend of PT's. It seems like she just disappeared off the face of the earth or something.

>> No.6384544

My god this is awful. Mfw "daijoubunai" and "kawaiinai"

christ this is like Japanese 101. daijoubu is a noun and needs 'ja' before a negative. kawaii is an adjective and needs to be conjugated to as "kawaikunai". idiots.

>> No.6384615

If you think THAT'S bad, check out her old Japanese blog. If you know any amount of Japanese, it will make you cringe.

>> No.6384657

>8 Entries Written

>35 Corrections Made

Oh lawdy

>> No.6384678

Not an apples shape like everyone thinks

>> No.6384730

How can PT correct someone's Japanese when hers is so abysmal?

>> No.6384786

There is absolutely no way she would go. She has to keep her "dream" of taking Japan by storm alive or her current life loses meaning and she would have to come up with another delusion or break down completely.

I don't think she would go with even her closest friends, she would back out at the last minute with some excuse. You would have to push her to get her onto a plane I bet, and probably take her to some more remote area of Japan so when she gets back she can go "Well I still need to go to Tokyo obviously to make it big because country people are so hidoi desu."

>> No.6384908

She has trouble even with the most basic expressions too.
(PT's )私はうまれる29七月。
watashi wa umareru 29 shichigatsu.
I be born (incorrect, casual form) 29 july .

How can she she not know that J-verbs usually go at the end of the sentence? It doesn't look like she even bothers to look over what she's writing.

I can understand her having trouble with more complicated sentences as she's a beginner but this...

>> No.6384928

This one's even worse:

>> No.6385105

you guys know that PT loves free hand outs. If you help her get to japan she will never learn

>> No.6385117

She never takes hand outs. She's been offered hand outs plenty of times.

>> No.6385125

I've never seen something like this before, I mean from someone who use Kana & Kanji.
She did say on her blog that she doesn't watch a lot of anime nor read manga and I don't think she does other things to expose herself to actual Japanese. So there's no way she can tell if some wording "feels wrong".
But even that doesn't excuse herself to overlook the most basic grammar rules.

>> No.6385145

How long has she been studying Japanese, anyway? I've only been studying seriously for a couple of months now and even I can tell how atrocious her grammar is.

>> No.6385156

probably 10+ years on and off

>> No.6385166

Wow, that is just downright pathetic.

>> No.6385175
File: 130 KB, 800x600, learn-japanese-and-hiragana.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She says she's been "studying" but more than likely she's been buying grade-school learning books, not doing any of the exercises, just flipping through to look at the pretty pictures and learning only whatever characters/phrases she finds appealing.

>> No.6385190

>Doesn't watch anime or read manga
Bullshit PT!

>> No.6385191

Even Google translator would spout out better Japanese than her. This is barely a sentence. The English equivalent would be something like "Friday on, January 4, that is snow is there"

>> No.6385195
File: 125 KB, 500x434, 1321754115322.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like so many things she does, she pretty much half asses it. If she even does that much.

>mfw I have that hiragana book
I notice she tends to only learn words that she can apply to herself. For instance, she learned a few words about the body and illness when she was sick a few weeks ago.

>> No.6385214

Oh lawd this blog. This entry is killing me.

>At first, I was upset because we did not get to sit in the たたみ room. We would have had to make a reservation, and Ryan forgot. :( I wanted to sit せいざ, the traditional way, while eating the ごはn。
>It was such a big bowl, I couldn't finish it! But I did slurp a bit of the noodles, because it was easy, and also because I have read it is Japanese tradition, and polite.
>The women working there wore kimono (or what appeared to be they may have been yukata) and were very polite. I spoke to them in what few Japanese words I know..(はい、いえ、こんにちわ、おねがい、etc)
>Before I left I said "ごちそさまでした" :D I think this is how you would write it. I made sure to bow too! It's still awkward for me at times since it's the US!

And then to a commenter she says
>I'm not otaku, and feel the same way you do about otaku. I barely watch anime anymore except the old school ones I grew up with, and nothing wrong is liking the culture. There's definitely a difference between loving/understanding the culture and being obnoxious about it...
>the terms otaku and weaboo are especially harmful and offensive to me, because I am neither. I was around when anime/Japanese culture was shown in America, but not super popular as it is today. Plus I work super hard to continue learning the language and culture!

>> No.6385238

Holy shit, that's awesome.

>> No.6385239 [DELETED] 

>the terms otaku and weaboo are especially harmful and offensive to me, because I am neither.
If I didn't know better, I'd say that was PT.

>> No.6385257
File: 15 KB, 362x286, 73f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh god what is this? There's so many errors it's not even funny. I'm a Japanese minor, and even all the weebs in my past classes had better writing that this shit because most of them actually attempted to learn the language.

>> No.6385262

>tl:dr - PT hates doctors because they are honest with her about her weight and eating habits.
Most delusional fat people are. Have you not seen some of the fat acceptance and thin privilege stuff on tumblr?

>> No.6385273

Her name's Alissa. PT has her on facebook. I don't know if they're still in touch, but she seems nice and not weeby.

>> No.6385275

whoops *than

>> No.6385457

>the terms otaku and weaboo are especially harmful and offensive to me,

>> No.6385462

she acts like otaku and weaboo is the same like nigger

>> No.6385513

To her is it, because when you call her a weeb you're basically calling her a nasty inferior pure white Americlapityfat and denying her true heritage. You're also implying she knows nothing of her native land and culture. You're implying by using such racist terms that is in fact not half Japanese.

>> No.6385540

>>She did say on her blog that she doesn't watch a lot of anime nor read manga

What? I thought she was super into anime and religiously watched/read BLEACH and stuff like that?

Although, I get the feeling that even if she did watch it a ton, she would be into dubs.

>> No.6385646

She's so uptight about that shit man. One time I was talking to her on skype about Magibon and I accidentally let slip something about her catering to otaku, and she acted like I threw out all her mochi.

>> No.6385661

I bet she just closes her eyes, puts her hands over hear ears and goes "UGUU UGUU UGUU UGUUUUU" whenever someone whispers the word weeaboo.

>> No.6385715

When I mentioned the term "otaku" she got all mad and basically went "just because someone likes cute/japanese/anime things doesn't make them an otaku! Its such an insensitive thing to say to someone and I could block you!!"

>> No.6385718

They don't follow you in there and check. I never even pay attention to that.

>> No.6385778

I'm glad I'm not the only person in the world who prefers the subtitles. For some reason, so many of the people who dub anime (especially women for some reason) can't into voice acting...

>> No.6385804

I've only ever heard people say they prefer subs.

>> No.6385817

really? I guess I hang out in the wrong forums. all the people I talk to seem to prefer the redubbed ones.

>> No.6386152

Yea you are hanging out with 9-14 year olds that can't read. watching subbed anime made me learn to read FAST

>> No.6386878

bampu our delicious queen

>> No.6387299
File: 3 KB, 107x150, dddfgh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.6387360

wtf is with the tiny pic?
PT will never learn will she?

>> No.6387806


>> No.6388434

Bump fer mah queen!

>> No.6388548

PT on politics

>Sarah @pixyteri I don't know If I should vote today I know nothing about the election I'm so uninformed

>Sarah @pixyteri i don't know anything honestly...today is election day and I don't know if I should even vote....

>Sarah @pixyteri I'm sorry, U.S.A. I normally do my duty....but....

>> No.6388556

PT on her job

>Sarah @pixyteri How am I supposed to get a good paying job..full time, management, or salary....when I get sick all the time? ;_;

>Sarah @pixyteri Haha says I'm not taking my job seriously or i wouldn't have been written up. It was an unfair write up I was trying to help customers.

>@****** What was your jobs reason for writing you up?
>Sarah @pixyteri @****** leaving my area when no one else was covering but I could watch my area and help customers. Sigh I don't know....

>Sarah @pixyteri Just picked up my Dr note for work. Now getting dinner. (don't get lunch break at work today!) then work 5-10 pm

>> No.6388595

PT on family and culture

>Sarah @pixyteri To be a geisha or Geiko it's strictly in Japan. But I swear I will learn everything I can here in America before I go and be better lol

>@n******* @pixyteri foreigners can't become maiko/geisha though :c

>Sarah @pixyteri @n******* exactly what angers me. What about Japanese Americans or Half Asians? It just pisses me off they'd keep out their own.

>Sarah @pixyteri i probably couldn't even have a baby now if I wanted I'm always sick....:(

>Sarah @pixyteri no I don't have many friends and my parents normally don't allow visitors...

> Sarah @pixyteri I'm still sick yet yelled at....what am I, an animal with no rights?

> Sarah @pixyteri My room is a giant mess....disgusting mess but I been so sick :( I need to clean it and my car. Before the faire.....

>Sarah @pixyteri Haha says my new hair looks artificial. Yeah, sure. My natural color is dark brown so it can't be too artificial >>>

>Sarah @pixyteri Hmmm I want to learn about The United Kingdom and England since someone I care about online is from there..!!

>> No.6388611

Haha = mom? No more oka I guess

>> No.6389082

someone she cares about it from the UK. Oh god, watch out UK.

>> No.6389135

I'm guessing that's the guy who sent her the doujin a while back. I wonder if she'll start thinking she's British now. I can just see the tweets...

Cheerio govna'. Haha says I can't go out and eat at my favourite pub. Mum says I can't have a spot of tea.

>> No.6389158

Please let PT think she is British! Please please please!

>> No.6389733


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