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Hey /cgl/, /co/ here. I was wondering if someone could post pics of this "spoony" person, specifically nude pics. I understand she is not well liked on this board, butt I would still very much like to jerk off to pictures of her tits.

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sorry to disappoint OP but her tits are actually small and saggy, her hips is her only redeeming quality

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Hips, then. Anything. Help me out!

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She's a sad person. I feel really bad for her. She hates herself so much that she treats everyone else like shit to make herself feel better.

Poor spoony.

Also OP, this is a blue board, meaning only sfw images.

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Is spoony mean? I've only seen picture of her and I think she's so cute, I've never talked to her or seen her post

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I didn't realize Spoony had nudes.Also, isn't she Cunt-Master now?

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She's really derisive and hateful. She trolls pretty badly as well.

It's a shame because she's really pretty and I know she's just hurting a lot right now. She's lashing out. Most of /cgl/ is.

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why on earth didn't you try /soc/ first? you should delete this thread, creep-anon.

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I personally have never seen her being mean, but I always saw her as an attention whore. Literally every post was "Here's a pic of me, lol I know I'm hideous and no one will ever love me," followed by photo of her beautiful face/ass. Maybe she really does have low self-esteem, but it's hard to sympathize with someone who self-posts lie she's a 15 yo on facebook.

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Well, I think shes over analyzed. People believe that trips/name/anyone well known has to either be NICE or a BITCH.

People only think shes a bitch for shit shes done in the past.
>never FORGIVE never FORGET bullshit

She's slightly different now, although still a hypocrite at times (who hasn't though?)
Anyway, I don't hate spoony. I just wish she would be ... (fuck whats the word?) consistent. but its the internet.

Also, there's some weird anon out there who plans to "never let spoony forget" whatever that means...freak

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Spoony is actually male.

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All these responses and no Spoony pics...

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If you google "spoony /cgl/" you'll get some pics.

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Also, you could check back in the archives. I'm sure we've had a thread where the pics were posted.

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>Is spoony mean?
She's one of the nicest people I've ever talked to on 4chan. I think she really just wants someone to open up to, and since no one ever gives her the chance, she sorta just puts herself out there a lot. It's a bad cycle.

Most of the people who "hate" her weren't even on 4chan in 07 or 08, when she was actually annoying. But it's cool to be all, "oh, it's that darn spoony again!!"

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>implying you had to be around here in 07 and 08 to see that she acts like a complete know-it-all bitch now

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I'd like to be her friend, but she's pretty abrasive to people she doesn't know.

If you're on spoony, let me know if we can talk on msn!

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She's sweet, just flighty.

She's been around the block. And has kept a positive attitude after all the shit 4chan has flung at her. If she's a know-it-all bitch, then hell, she's earned it as far as I care.

I really like her though, so eh. Bias.

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>kept a positive attitude
Yeah? So slinging shitfits and acting pretentious at anyone who every disagrees with her is a "positive" attitude? Bias is right. Holy shit.

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People shitstorm over her, and then get mad that she caused it when she wasn't even there to.

You people get mad over nothing more than half the time.

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she led anti beckii, anti dakota, anti venus crusades and was uncovered as having several hate blogs and channels dedicated to them, even as recent as 5 months ago

she currently STILL saves pics of beckii, venus, dakota, and also the russian porn cosplayer, the oishii project, that girl that got into an idol unit (keekihime?) and she spammed flan pics yesterday (according to anon) and has many pics saved of the more known underage trips

used to make threads about them up to 1-2 months ago in between threads she'd try to incorporate herself into, pretends to be their mother. their fucking MOTHER.

CREEPIEST trip of 2011-2012.

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that's sorta hot tho

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>But it's cool to be all, "oh, it's that darn spoony again!!"
Maybe a year ago, but everyone sucks up to her now. You only ever see posts defending her, praising her, etc now.
Personally, I don't like her. She's a hypocrite. Sure, everyone is, but she takes it too damn far. She changes her opinion as quick as she needs to to try and stay on /cgl/'s good side. When /cgl/ was bullying PT? She was right there, doing some of the worst of it. PT comes back and /cgl/ is warming up to her again? Spoony is PT's BFF. Same shit with Dakota. I remember Spoony started the nose job rumors and even wanted to make youtube videos in which she'd "call her out." She just wants to be the center of attention all the time. Now that Dakota threads have been dying out and people aren't as opposed to what she's done, Spoony doesn't really mind her.

I'm not surprised you'd think she's sweet, though. No doubt she wants you to love her because of your /soc/ status, and so she acts nicer towards you.

Anyway, shit thread; sage, report

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Uh no. She faked being poor. Spammed herself on various boards begging for money. Lied to get sympathy.

It turned out she was getting loads of money from the gov't, regularly, and they were paying for her apartment. Where did all the money go then? New makeup and circle lenses.

So what did she do when anon caught her out? She called everyone a monster and tried to lie her way out of it.

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>you people get mad over nothing
And so does she. It's called being human and it happens to people.
But what I can't stand is people like you acting like you're suddenly exempt from common behavioral patterns when the fact of the matter is people wouldn't get testy with you in the first place if you'd shut your mouth and let people have their dumb opinions.

No, that's creepy, obsessive, and reeks of a mental condition. Yeah I think Kooter and Penis are lying little bitches but I'd never be so caught up with someone who doesn't even matter in my life as to make a hate blog about them filled with their pictures. Ridiculous!

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>It turned out she was getting loads of money from the gov't, regularly, and they were paying for her apartment.
That's news to me then. Count me in as a sucker.

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How many are reliable suck-ups?

She got caught samefagging and forgot to drop trip on several occasions when complementing her own 'lucious, goddess-like booty'.

Not to mention all the threads that mysteriously would disappear each time she slipped up.

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>people wouldn't get testy with you in the first place if you'd shut your mouth and let people have their dumb opinions.
Just wanna point out the irony of this.

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>she bullies PT and suddenly when she comes back she thinks she's PT's BFF, always the center of attention and trying to be on /cgl/'s good side


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It was news to a lot of people, but she tried to twist it. She called everyone heartless and deleted proof of her shopping and purchases. 'I never bought anything, I struggle as is~~~ Here's the story of my superabusive past, dont worry that it doesnt actually sync up at all~~~~ i swear its true if you dont believe me youre a MONSTER and will NEVER be happy with yourself because you LACK ALL SYMPATHY for all those that SUFFER SO MUCH LIKE ME'

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Oh how clever. Would you like a medal for your mediocre jab that skirts the entire argument because you're too scared to address anything anyone is saying?

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You really want to feel intelligent, don't you?

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So... is anyone going to post those nude pics?

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She had several Youtube 'truth' accounts she'd constantly upload videos to. If you needed any media related to any underage girls on her, Spoony would be the one to go to.

She got threatened with legal action in 2009 or so because she was regularly on Dakota/Kiki's Stickam streams or whatever they're called. She posted the screencap and said 'I barely know who they are~~~ They're CRAZY~~' but in an earlier thread said she used to know them well from their scene days.

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Hi Spoony.

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bitch is fucked

i feel sorry for her, but its her own fault

cgl has warned her so many times about the unhealthiness of all of this

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You're above everybody Spoony, don't worry ;)
Don't mind us peasants.

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she was always on cgl, she had a huge sob story made up about how the government apartment she has doesnt have internet and she cant afford it, but still kept posting daily on cgl and PULL, and for many hours at a time

she was on anon more, but kept getting spotted so she just went back to tripfagging as normal

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Just go to the /rs/ and search Spoony, sheesh.
come on, don't do that. Spoony is annoying and I'd love to see that she leaves the internet, but cas is just A LITTLE MISGUIDED.

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Oh speaking of PULL, can someone explain to be what that forum is even for?
I glanced at it today and from the looks of it it just looks like a concentrated version of /cgl/ without as much cosplay and everyone's forwardly a woman. I noticed any gossip and all shitfits that have shown up on /cgl/ were on there as well.

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This is what I'm talking about. And why it's hard to believe the tinfoil hat paranoia stories you people come up with.

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Anyone remember the vicious commentary Spoony would make on Beckii, Flan and Dakota's weight?

But she never touched Venus's weight. Why the fuck not? Venus was probably the roundest of the four.

And before you say it, no I'm not any of those people. But if I was, I'd still be curious what the deal was.

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links are all dead, but thank you for the advice anyway.

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Out of all of those bitches, all of them, Flan deserved it.
In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed the big Flan v Spoony showdowns over the summer. They were great. Just because Flan and Spoony are so alike as far as personality and bitchiness.

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Really? I can reupload one that I saved here in an hour or so if you can't find any.

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Flan was skinny. I didn't understand how she would deserve being called 'anorexic' in one thread, then 'fat' in the next, and 'needs to do some serious squats' in the next and so on. Same for Beckii who was even skinnier than Flan but toned as craycray because she's a dancer.

Spoony seriously seemed to only use their weight to promote 'sexy hips' and 'firm curves' but she took it way too far with a lot of her comments.

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>why did Flan deserve it?
Because Flan was an obnoxious little bitch who spammed the shit out of /cgl/ for weeks and was equally as harsh to other people.

I think the reason why Spoony didn't touch VA as much was obvious. It's because Spoony is chubby like her, and criticizing VA would be like attacking her own body image.
Just goes to show you don't have to be a fatass to have low self-esteem.

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I love how a thread asking for noodz has devolved into the cattiest of catfights.

>> No.6281667

>implying it ever had the chance to be anything else on /cgl/

>> No.6281671

>implying that's not what it was designed to do and that any sensible person wanting nudes would have just went to /soc/ or /r/

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The person spamming turned out to be someone else entirely, posted their fb and webcam shots, and turned out to be halfway around the world... They had several guys doing it because they found it was the easiest way to incite drama, since they knew Spoony would bite like mad and Flan would of course say it wasn't her. Although as pointed out above, Spoony was seen suspectedly spamming a few Flan pic's yesterday so who knows.

I'd be interested in seeing some solid proof for your accusations.

We're all anon here and IP's aren't logged. I see the person and their mates who came out and took the blame (from the start, except no one beleived them before proof) as a legitimate source. I don't see anon blaming anon as a legitimate source.

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Holy crap we have identical boobs.

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I remember I once accused her of making a thread about herself (I posted it on the thread in question) and when I refreshed, I got 404'ed. It's so obvious, it's sad.

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Bullshit. Flan was seen simultaneously posting in WAYWT threads when all of that drama was happening.
She's a snotty little shit that got caught and now she's boo-hooing because now she's damned with her reputation. Serves her right.

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Oh, and here's some of her shitposting in another thread that exact day when she got into an altercation with Spoony. Notice all of the replies which multiple people were calling her out.

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There's a chance a janitor got to it. It's happened with Ashley and PT threads before for me.

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remove the duck!!!

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A screenshot of her posting in a WAYWT somehow prooves she was in other threads simultaneously? Where's the other threads?

Where is the calling out? I see replies but not calling out.

This is getting sillier than the Dakota thing. I don't have an opinion on Flan, but you're making it really hard for me to dislike her when there's actually no...well, proof.

I want cgl to be more cosplay just like the others here, but this drama really calls for a reality check on what cgl actually deems as reality and truth.

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there was a long period where the janitor would get to it and a few people though flan was a janitor because even hateful replies towards her would disappear even if a thread didnt

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If you weren't here to see all of those threads because you're a newfag or Flan then it's not my problem. Why would ANYONE have saved a folder full of caps about some fucking trips on a 4chan board? I only saved the most funny and ridiculous ones. If you're not satisfied with that then maybe you can go back to sucking Flan's pencil dick and shut up.

"Prove" to me Flan has ever been nice or helpful.

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a lot of attacks on flan disappeared simultaneously at one point, over a variety of threads, and suddenly stopped. i think the user was banned/warned

ironically spoony also went offline for several days after that

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I dislike both Flan and Spoony. I am the 99%.

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>if you werent here youre a new fag
>I'm right anyway though without proof
Oh god that backasswards logic.

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Like I said, no opinion on her. Not going to say she's lovely or nice, but I am going to say:

->You (anonymous) trying to say someone else that's anonymous is Flan just because that anon wasn't hating on Flan when she was online. You posted two screencaps that could have any story behind it, choose a story but can't prove it.

->Spoony body-bashing someone skinny is inappropriate in all contexts, especially seeing as Spoony suffers from a lot of body issues and claims to have been bulimic. Especially since many girls on cgl are, no shock, around Flan's weight and also find it hurtful and unnecessary.

>> No.6281747

she used to post in skincare and bbcreme threads cause she used products others havent and actually gave insight. not sure how helpful that is but i found it helpful

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If you can't prove that she's nice or helpful then who's to say she isn't what that other anon claims?
Contrary to what you think, the ball is not entirely in their court. They showed two screencaps of Flan behaving like an attention whore and a pretentious bitch and I think that speaks for something whereas you have nothing. Js.
Oh, and, caps of Spoony plz.

>> No.6281751

This is why I said cgl needs a reality check. And what do I get? Half-assed stories with no proof, and two screenshots that only show Flan is skinny and claims to work hard.

>> No.6281758

Flan would always post about how 1000 calories was enough for your body because she only ate healthy food so it doesn't matter if she only eats 1000 calories

>> No.6281761

Flan taught me the eating under 1000 calories a day dieting strategy.

>> No.6281762

Spoony helps out in a lot of hair care threads and circle lens threads.

>> No.6281763

Why would I go through and take caps of Flan being nice and helpful?
>dat logic

How is Flan attention whoring? If you look at content:
>Post 1
Posting pic of outfit and WAYWT thread, acknowledges the outfit's ridiculousness
>Post 2
Reply to something else, probably a question regarding what she does in her free time, and the reply is saged so it isn't brought to Page 1 and so it isn't seen by anyone but the person she's replying to.

This is retarded.

>> No.6281767

>This is retarded.

Of course it is. You're arguing about someone on the internet.

>> No.6281768

>post 1
>post 2

You're thick as pigshit and there's no use changing your mind.

>> No.6281770

No, she posted in weight loss and health threads about how that would fill her up more than enough because, IIRC,
'One burger = 4 salads'

Oh, and her desk job(if she's still doing it) = less energy burn, less need for energy intake.

>> No.6281775

i was on that thread, they asked her why shes a harder worker than spoony or some shit

youre the thick one, youre adding lies and cant prove a damn thing

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Hi flan

>> No.6281787

>Post 2
>Reply to something else, probably a question regarding what she does in her free time, and the reply is saged so it isn't brought to Page 1 and so it isn't seen by anyone but the person she's replying to.

um, she was actually trying to put people down in that thread and how much better she was than everybody because she's not on the dole like spoony is, i remember that thread for what that's worth.

also, flan never sages, she writes "safe" in the e-mail field to make it look like she does.

>> No.6281789

You wouldn't be so hateful if what Flan acheived didn't personally insult what you have (or don't have).

She may not have presented it as modestly as she could have (again, context matters and you can't provide any screenshots of context), but she's done well for herself. I work hard in my life, or try to, and I say kudos to her. I'm not going to say she's a piece of obnoxious shit just because she's studying and working and is still young and skinny(skinnyfat? whatever). She's not on every thread going 'I work and you don't, I study and you don't.' Unless you can prove that she is, of course?

>> No.6281790

Different anon here and that's not what they were arguing about.
Spoony and Flan were arguing at each other as usual and Flan got nasty and called out Spoony's government assistance help. Then Flan posted that and everyone backfired at her because she was being an asinine little shit that was stereotyping everyone on gov't assistance and trying to prop herself up about how great she was despite the fact that her boyfriend had helped her out immensely and let her move in with him.

Way to spin that.
I don't like Spoony or Flan, but you're an idiot if you think Flan is some innocent lamb.

>> No.6281792

Spoony has been helpful by posting about how lucky PT is for having a treadmill in her home...


>> No.6281795

she saged and i saw it

>> No.6281800

the boyfriend thing was a random rumour dude...it was posted by anon and spoony tried to spin it

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This. Glad someone gave the correct backstory to that second cap. I was waiting for someone to set that straight before people would twist that.

>> No.6281802

um, if you look at her posts in the archives, you can see she always writes "safe" in the e-mail field even in troll threads.

>> No.6281807

Where's the proof of stereotyping?

I'm going to keep saying it:

This is going nowhere and is so far offtopic, I'm going to do the smart thing and sage. There's honestly no further point, and I've exhausted myself trying to repeat 'proof'.

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>flan never sages!!!

Oh yeah? Read it and weep. She sages and gets the fuck out whenever she gets told.

>> No.6281811

i was there ffs she saged that one and specifically said sage so people know check if they needed to

she doesnt say it otherwise

>> No.6281815

Stop shouting "proof" every chance you get. The ball is in your court to provide some evidence as to Flan being "nice." If you can't do it then you have no more right to say anything.

>> No.6281819

Look at the stuff she does. I'd get off the thread too if I had degrees and diplomas to study after work. I wouldn't stay on cgl and take caps and obsess like people are doing.

You have to understand that people get sick or bored of this after a while and leave because there's actually zero point. All threads get to the 'zero point' cut off. After that, anyone that doesn't leave is just taking it far too personally.

>> No.6281822

No one is arguing that shes nice. We just want proof that shes a cunt that people are claiming her to be.
You cant refute that posting two screen caps and saying "BUT DEN SHE GOT TOOOOOOLD and SHE WAS A LIARRR" without proof.

Going to say it again in case someone posts something irrelevent like "BUT U SHOW US SHES NIIIICE"
>DID NOT say she was innocent
>I want PROOF of her evil ways

>> No.6281824

I still don't understand why people would save caps of her being nice. The people that know her as nice know her as nice and leave it at that. It's the ones obsessed that cap her, and only cap the negatives. Oh, wait. There's only 3 caps.

Good. Job.

>> No.6281828

This really doesn't prove anything. You can type anything in that box and it will be dark like that.

>> No.6281829

>degrees and diplomas to study after work

Yeah that's why that stupid cunt would go on 14 hour spam rampages on /cgl/, constantly creating and deleting threads because she was just such a "busy" girl, right?

Hi Flan. You're a bitch and you'll never erase that out of anyone's minds.
>implying you didn't come back 3 hours later to spam some more.

>> No.6281830

this this this so many times this

'i cant prove her being a cunt so you have to prove that she ISNT a cunt'
'you can prove shes nice so AUTOMATICALLY shes a cunt'

there's like one person hating on this thread.

>> No.6281834

I think I remember her saying she would browse while at work.

>> No.6281835

So it's basically going like this
>anon claims Flan is a mega cunt, which she is
>some butthurt anon thinking it's Spoony asks for proof
>anon provides some hilarious yet weak screencaps showing Flan looking like a pretentious camwhore
>other anons claim Flan is nice and helpful
>no proof of this, yet they still demand proof from other anon
>shitstorm ensues

See? Even the mere mention of Flan's name brings nuclear drama bombs.

>> No.6281836

Flan is a groce attention whore. Put that nose away, bitch

>> No.6281837


You keep spitting so much hatred out of your mouth (figuratively speaking, of course). Every time your 'proof' is questioned, you say more hateful things.

Flan isn't a cunt. You are. Prove me prove. I have 20 caps I could make from this one thread of you. You may be on anon, but you're the only one attacking her and your writing pattern is consistent.

So, caps of Flan being a cunt: 0
Caps of Flan doing something that people may get annoyed (or offended/jealous) over: 2-3
Caps of you being a cunt: 20+

>> No.6281838
File: 27 KB, 1629x151, proof.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6281841

>paid to surf on 4chan
>implying she works

>> No.6281842

Saved. And thanks anon, this is one screencap I didn't save.

>> No.6281846

No one said she's nice. Stop going on like someone said that.

Anon was asked for caps to prove their point. Anon has none except:
1 cap of Flan in a WAYWT thread. Notice the WAYWT.
1 cap of Flan saying what she does, looks like a comparison reply to something
1 cap of Flan going offline because...no reason known as there is no context

>> No.6281850

Flan so sage-poyo desu

>> No.6281851
File: 101 KB, 201x216, 1332864592891.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow, what a cunty bitchy thing to say.

>> No.6281858

Where is the connection to her being in a low level in society because of funding?

Read the whole sentence, not just the one word in it.

I read it as 'Spoony you're a lazy cunt and you still ask for money even though the government gives you everything, and your piercings are gross'. I can understand how that's low in society - doesnt work, gets money, demands more

>> No.6281860

The missing piece finally comes out. And now there's suddenly context for >>6281700
and her subsequent fleeing of the backlash that comment got her here >>6281810.

How's that for "context?"

>> No.6281864

i agree with this

if i met someone lazy who sits on 4chan and asks for money but already gets money from the govt id think that too

but then, i do very similar. at least i can accept it.

>> No.6281866

You are fucked up. You truly believe this tale you've spun?

>> No.6281867

But not everyone who is on government assistance is on a "low level in society" just because they're on hard times and receive aid.
Or, "babysitting" as Flan the Cunt would say.

>> No.6281871
File: 469 KB, 500x281, 982598.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying it's a tale
Oh Flan, you're so rustled aren't you?

>> No.6281874

There's two different sentences there.

There's no 'you're this BECAUSE you get govt money'.

The word 'babysit' gives away what you're trying to overlook. Babysit is different from 'you get some money to help you out'.

>> No.6281877

>look at image >>6281810
>then look at image>>6281700
>neither of anons shes quoting is in image >>6281700
But seriously, are you ladies holding grudges against people you never met and something that happened before summer?

>> No.6281879

being "babysitted by the government" is an offensive to say about the dole that is insulting to everyone who is recieving government assistance, not just spoony..

>> No.6281881

dude read the full sentence

>> No.6281886

To who? Flan said spoony is LAZY and BEGS for money on top of the government assistance. I think that's why the term babysit was used. Because she's literally a child sitting there all day and expecting unlimited money.

>> No.6281890

>you're being babysitted by the government
What am I missing about that part of the sentence?
That's offensive as shit Flan, get over it.
You said something incredibly fucking dumb and nobody gives a shit whether or not you meant that for "just Spoony" because you implied all people on assistance who ask for more money, or spend their money on clothes and things are being "babysitted" or are "low levels in society."

>> No.6281891

I'm inclined to agree with this.

However, >>6281860 & all,
please continue. I have popcorn.

>> No.6281893

Flan is a cunt, I can attest to that. That one contest by pedolin was proof enough. She signed up on the first tumblr, and when the second one was made she tried to enter it too, but got a no because it was late or something. Then we all know what happened after that. Flan, qurl, you really really need some cunt medicine. What you said and did to the winner of that thing was pretty harsh. She knew she wasn't that pretty, she knew her teeth weren't something nice to look at. But she was still young, you know? I seriously wanted to slap the fuck out of you.

>> No.6281896

I find it interesting that you've chosen to be the voice of every dole dependent in existence.

>> No.6281897

>spoony gets free apartment
>spoony gets free food
>spoony gets regular money
>spoony is not disabled
>spoony is not elderly
>spoony has no mental health issues (aside from insecurity and addiction to internet)
How is that not babysitting?

>> No.6281899
File: 74 KB, 479x435, 1337321697492.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you realize that Flan would probably be the same whining dreg if she didn't have a bf to help her out after she got kicked out of her house

>> No.6281903

Not Flan, btw. I'll continue to reply as anon, it's up to you who you want to feel I am.

>> No.6281905
File: 60 KB, 500x490, 3962.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




>> No.6281906

>we all know
Inclusive language used in Grad 9 persuasive essays.


>what you did
No actual detail? Whut?

>> No.6281907

I wish I would have capped it but I have seen Spoony make some comments that seem to have a racist tone to them.

I remember she asked someone why they would bother visiting England on vacation because it has no culture and she claims this is because of multiculturalism. Before that, I remember her making some remark about how England has become a shithole because of the influx of immigrants. I think remarks like that are pretty cunty but that's just me.

>> No.6281910

>Flan got free housing a la boyfriend
>Flan got help buying food a la boyfriend
>Flan gets assistance for school, probably a la gov't, bf, and family
>Flan us not disabled
>Flan is not elderly
>Flan has mental health issues

They're more alike than you think...

>> No.6281913

the bf thing was a rumour dude ffs i want to say i dont even know why you stick to it but its obvious cgl doesnt want to believe that one of their own worked for what they have

>> No.6281914
File: 17 KB, 350x277, wat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


come to /cgl/ for the tits, stay for the extra helping of crazy

>> No.6281916

This is already confirmed for false rumour.

Cgl used that to make what Flan achieved seen fake because they had nothing else to say.

>> No.6281919

flan mentioned she ran away from home young and doesnt speak to either parent

>> No.6281925

Prove it was a rumor.

So she magically acquired money somehow with no help? Likely story ;)

>> No.6281928

It's called working.

How am I meant to prove that Flan did not receive money from people in the past?

This is the most retarded logic ever.

'If you can't prove I'm lying even though I have no proof at all, then what I say is all true'.

>> No.6281930

If she's 20 now and she left 5 years ago, based on my high level mathematics, she was 15 when she left her parents.

>> No.6281934

If she had a boyfriend or got money from govt/family/etc, you guys would have had proof of it all. Don't deny it.

You have none, because it is a rumour.

>> No.6281938

The average age for Australian runaways is about 11-13. She did it quite late.

>> No.6281940

holy fuck but i suppose thats like over in the states its about 12

guess the land down under is worse

>> No.6281942

So much for having the best cities in the world.

>> No.6281944

id assume someone doing things that young would have to get themselves organised quite quick

her working and studying under 20 is no surprise - she had 5 years to build up to it

>> No.6281947

ah, so people weren't here for that. Also, I was more aiming it towards flan. but if you want to know:
Basically, there were two creators of "seagull idol" or something. She entered the first tumblr, but the owner flaked out. So, someone else made another tumblr, her entry was late so it was rejected. She turned around out of nowhere and started to harass the other contestants. There was one, though, who received all the hate. She was pretty cute, in my opinion. She had very deep lovebands and buck teeth, but it was all pretty endearing. Her name was amai something. SO, once it became obvious that this amai girl was favored, flan became very goddamn vicious. Going as far as dropping trip to mob the poor girl. Then she teamed up with cockburn and it burned even more. I mean, yeah, I wasn't really feeling the contest. But these moves were extremely hypocritical from her part. And after this girl won, she proceeded to just spam the threads with paint mock portraits. Just abuse everywhere, that girl just didn't deserve that. I white knighted for her when flanXcockburn would turn even more sour than it already was.

>> No.6281958

I remember a lot of hate threads towards Amai by ALL of cgl. I have never once seen Flan insult her under trip.

If you can show me Flan doing that, I'll change my opinion. However, she has never done anything to Amai that I or anyone else has ever seen. If any of it was true, it would have been capped.

As for dropping trip - not a single one of us can ever know who it was. You're fine to accuse Flan all you want, but end of the day it could be anyone. Even the contestant themselves to try and garner sympathy-likes. There's nothing to tie it to Flan, especially as 70% of cgl disliked Amai.

>> No.6281963

flan was barely around for that...

holy shit is this batshit insane or fucking what :\ i give up, it just seems like one person is way too 'interested' in flan's comings and goings

>> No.6281966

Okay im trying to catch up to this whole thread but before i do i want to make it clear that flan did not insult amai at all to my full knowledge (and not any other girl in the competition either)

>> No.6281968

Fucking hell. Who are these idiots demanding proof? Any regular /cgl/ lurker knows the shit Spoony and Flan pulls. Most of us don't care enough to screencap their shit. They aren't as talked about like PT, Dakota...

>> No.6281970

again, to MY full knowledge

regular lurker, occasional poster, defender of justice and fairness

>> No.6281974

Cool story bro.

>> No.6281977

>people want to know the truth
>proof provides backing to stories

I shiggity doo.

>> No.6281978

Amai was fugly as shit though

>> No.6281980

Oh but she did insult amai under her trip. I don't like making false claims. I had caps saved to throw at her when amai won but then my laptop broke down and I lost quite a bit of stuff. I know what I saw, and it was her and cockburn flogging that girl. Yeah, I admit that most of /cgl/ didn't like amai, but most of them did it as anonymous. Flan only bothered to trip drop a few times.

>> No.6281981



>> No.6281987

Flan and cockburn are the same person, I think. Cockburn always posted good stuff about flan and only said 1 or 2 bad things to 'throw everyone off the trail'

>> No.6281994

Dropping trip here.

The way I see it, Flan was not the best person on here. However, she NEVER said anything even half as awful as what I see daily from anons.

Flan answered thoroughly when asked about things like her weight or her skincare. This was helpful because she promoted a healthy lifestyle. However, it would take threads off on a tangent because vendetta always popped up and people would attack her. People would always attack the '1000 calories' thing but never the skincare. I found this odd.

Flan was proud of what she accomplished in her personal life. She only explained what she'd done one or two times. Unfortunately, it was turned into a shitstorm and she could have worded things a lot better. I agree with her decision to leave the thread, however. And I understand where she's coming from when she says she looks down on people who are lazy and beg for money - she seems to have worked for every thing she has so she detests those who just expect what she has, but for free.

Currently, there's a lot of stuff being spun around her. It still was when she first showed up, but now it's getting worse because she's said she stays on anon. So who knows which replies are hers. So none of it stops because people think 'oh she's gone lets start rumours she cant defend.'

>> No.6281996


I don't think they are the same, but cockburn is pretty pathetic for being whipped.

>> No.6281997
File: 31 KB, 1182x277, flanbeingacunt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.6281998

cockburn was on webcam. he's a guy, age 21-23, and fairly good looking.

>> No.6282002

>i had caps but dont anymore

Right. Right.

>> No.6282007

1000 calories/day is bad for most adults. What did she do for skincare that was bad?

>> No.6282008

sage for bitch bullshit and thread derailment.

>> No.6282009

She's poking fun at at how easy it is to build up Dakota status. I giggled a bit.

>> No.6282012

except she ACTUALLY wanted to be dakota status. (source is her youtube vid of her trying to speak nippon)

>> No.6282014

Well she's young and works at a desk for 8-10 hours from memory. I only eat around 1300 so its not too dramatic of a step down.

She told someone that using hand soap on their face was not great, and gave helpful tips on skincare. Cgl tried to attack her over the soap thing but gave up when everything else rang true and people saw she does help.

I think the 1000 calories got such a negative response because a lot of threads were popping up about people taking diet pills because they can't control their eating.

>> No.6282018

She's learning Japanese....why wouldn't she want to practice Japanese in an environment where she can receive international advice (from comments)??

>> No.6282021

this must mean every person speaking nipponese on youtube must want to be dakota

>never change, cgl

>> No.6282026

Not to mention she attempted to join that stupid idol contest, then threw a hissy fit and started talking shit when she missed the deadline

>> No.6282029

where is the hissy fit caps?

did your computer die and lose all the caps too?

>> No.6282034


...but...hand soap is pretty harsh for your face

...please don't hurt me /cgl/

>> No.6282036


IF Flan was such a cunt, you'd easily find it in the archives. IF Flan spammed and posted so much shit daily, AS YOU CLAIM, youd see it in the archives.

Get this shit off my cgl.

>> No.6282038

It's like, not your /cgl/, you know.

>> No.6282048
File: 35 KB, 300x300, flanfixthat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You must be a newfag if you don't remember her derailing every single one of those threads with her "pedolin" bullshit.
Sorry, I don't screepcap every thread someone's being a cunt in. It would be every thread ever on cgl.

>> No.6282050

Did Spoony ever finished her Morrigan cosplay?

>> No.6282052

>Hurr archives
Which is why she systematically deleted almost all of the threads with her drama fits and spam if she could have it. Idiot.

>> No.6282054

I don't think she's finished any cosplays.

>> No.6282072

Right. So let me get this straight:
>no YOU show caps
>prove shes NICE
>i dont need proof
>everyone knows shes a cunt
>i lost ALL of the caps i had of her but there were SOOOO many
>she post so much shit
>oh, archives? uh uh uimhhh ummmm well YOU WONT FIND IT cause uh uhm uhmmm WELL CAUSE SHE DELETED IT! yeah! she deleted it all! (oh ive got you tricked now~!!)

>> No.6282079

'you must be a newfag'
'oh you dont remember'
cant rmeember what doesnt exist actually

>> No.6282106


You guys have to be trolling at this point.

>> No.6282116

This is actually a pretty good example of what most arguments on 4chan are like and come down to.

>> No.6282119

Sorry~ We don't screencap fags that don't matter to us~ x3

>> No.6282159

you wouldnt be posting this much hate and lies and reading it all if it didnt matter

>> No.6282177

I don't get it.
People actually posted screencaps of this Flan girl being an obnoxious bitch and you guys don't consider that proof?
Oh, and btw, what have you guys posted to the contrary besides your "accounts" of what you've experienced?
Too obvious trolls/10
Nobody could be this new, and if they weren't they certainly couldn't be this naive.

>> No.6283658

>OP requests noodz of hated tripfag
>181 posts
>no noodz.

What the absolute fuck is wrong with you people? Shit, girls, get it together.

>> No.6283666

i used to have a .rar of her on megaupload

that got shut down, im going through old 1TB HDD's all day today they're old though (IDE and SATA2 era) so don't expect them to last

>> No.6283690
File: 66 KB, 364x750, 1339907883375.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've searched and found precisely two photos of her tits, one of which has already been posted, and this pic. This is fucking nothing compared to what you've all been claiming, and so this can now be said and known to be truth:
/cgl/, you are all utterly full of shit.

>> No.6283692

But that's not spoony...

>> No.6283693

i don't have the rar anymore but i'll make a thread with them on a NSFW board

>> No.6283694

That just makes it worse!

>> No.6283695

misquote, meant

>> No.6283698

Invite from /co/!
Everyone get in here and give us some inside scoop on this shit.

Nice one, mate.

>> No.6283702

i realize the irony in posting spoony in

/s/-sexy beautiful women

she really isn't that attractive of a woman, in a certain light PT is more attractive than she is, very similar body types though

if she was nicer/polite and not so attention whore like might be dating tier but not a great fuck tier


>> No.6283704

>Spoony was seen suspectedly spamming a few Flan pic's yesterday so who knows.
Link? I saw her posting Beckii Cruel and an anon thought it was Flan but I didn't see that.

>> No.6283706

I'm getting the feeling that asking for proof around here is a waste of time. Unsubstantiated bullshit abounds.

>> No.6283716


>Doesn't remember flan going apeshit all over the idol contest after she wasn't allowed in and making every idol thread into a trollfest about how the guy running it was a pedophile

>> No.6283717


since when did spoony hate Beckii Curel or VA? or is this that stalker/hater she was talking about in a previous thread?

>> No.6283718
File: 47 KB, 400x480, 1287605258205.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is this really what you guys do all day? argue about who is the biggest cunt?
i come here occasionally to see some cute girls playing dress-up, and i am feasted with threads of insecure bitches getting all worked up because someone said something mean about someone else 6 months ago or some shit.

>> No.6283721


Seems to be, seeing as I can't remember any of the shit they're talking about ever happening.

>> No.6283722

>hasn't ever spent much time around teenage girls.

>> No.6283725

She doesn't (or didn't mention it), it was in a Jfashion thread.

>> No.6283734
File: 92 KB, 400x407, 1336198687760.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>in a certain light PT is more attractive than she is, very similar body types though
Lettuce be cereal here. Spoony is joocy as fuck meanwhile PT is how do you say it .. fat as fatass? Any guy with standards knows this.

>> No.6283738


Jesus fuck, who the fuck could think a big horrible nose fatshit like PT is anything like our luscious and beautiful spoony?

PT = -over 9000/10

spoony= would bang so hard/10

>> No.6283744

i feel like that PT chick wouldn't be a bitch and would actually have fetishes

while spoony may claim to have fetishes but really just make it a joke/giggle and use them just to garner any extra attention she could grab

>> No.6283751

Reasons why I don't like Spoony:
>she's a hypocrite
>she brings up irrelevant, useless shit about her life into threads that no one gives a shit about
>surrounds herself in drama and becomes the lead instigator
>collects drama, photos, information on people to a creepy, intrusive level
>she can be malicious as shit (eg. Commenting on PT's old deviant account about being so excited to be a maid with her at a con just to spite her when she'd been rejected for a laugh)
>spent ages on /fa/ but still can't dress herself
>anyone who informs her of her faults is instantly called a samefag to make them look ridiculous and to get her saggy ass some sympathy
>she's an attention whore

We all like drama on here, that's clear. But there's a difference between watching the car burn and putting the car back out just to set it ablaze again and fling more shit on it.

>> No.6283755
File: 8 KB, 240x240, fox and the hound.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>196 posts and 22 image replies omitted

/cgl/, will you ever collectively not throw a fit over anyone remotely well known on this board? Do you not like talking about costuming and fashion or something?

>> No.6283759

So... PT and Asherbee threads get deleted but this SHIT is still here?
What the fuck, janitors. Get your shit back together.

>> No.6283768

>Do you not like talking about costuming and fashion or something?
No lol we don't. This board is mostly drama and bitching. It's quite .. something.

>> No.6283775

Didn't you know? /cgl/ hates cosplay and fashion!

>> No.6283782

They want the nudes too.

>> No.6283860

Shit, that didn't last long.

>> No.6283879

sieg you are such a creepy stalker fuck

>> No.6283947

Here are the two .rars I had saved from the /rs/, along with a few newer pictures. Also the second .rar was mostly duplicates, but I think it had some different ones. I didn't feel like going through and taking out the duplicates, so there you go.

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